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Gil fell back into a deep sleep. His dream involving Doctor Sam gave way to another. He was back in his own house, on his own world, giving his wife, Beth, and his twin girls, Maggie and Sarah, a kiss before they drove off.

He watched the car drive down the road, until it was out of sight. As he turned to go back into his house, he heard the loud sound of a car crash, and immediately raced down the road until he came upon a wreck.

It was his wife’s car, and it was on fire. The flames were out of control, and he couldn’t get to it. He kept screaming the names of his wife and daughters, but to no avail. He just screamed and screamed for someone to help them, but no one came.

It wasn’t until the Beth of this world had come into the room to check on him. His screaming woke her up, and she ran to make sure he was ok. Martin and Steve were so exhausted that they never heard a thing.

Gil woke up again drenched in sweat and tears in his eyes. Beth knelt down to get closer to him, and asked if he was ok. It took him a a few seconds to get his bearings, but looking up at the beautiful, friendly face of the giantess seemed to calm him down.

Beth noticed the stain on the blanket by his crotch, and Gil instinctively threw it off to the side. She looked at him with sympathy. She knew what had happened, and knew he would be embarrassed if she mentioned it, so she tried to silently reassure him that he was safe and everything was alright.

By now, Martin and Steve were awake, but not fully aware of what had gone on. They just saw Beth kneeling over Gil, and they immediately stood up to make sure their friend was ok. 

They could see that he was, and then they looked up at Beth for some explanation. Even kneeling, she was about 3 ft taller than them. She told them that Gil had a terrible dream, and was screaming, and she came in to make sure he was ok.

And then she stood up, and said good night to the three of them, and went back to her room. By then, they were fully awake, and the sight of Beth in a nightgown caused bulges to form below the waists of Martin and Steve. God, she was beautiful, they both thought.

But they quickly turned their attention to Gil. They asked him what had happened. Gil told them about his dreams, omitting the one he had about Sam. And as he described the one involving his wife and daughters, Martin and Steve looked at him strangely. 

Gil didn’t understand their reaction, so he asked if anything was wrong. Almost in unison, Martin and Steve told him that they had dreams involving their wives and children, but instead of a car crash, they lost sight of them in a thick, dense fog. And were trying to find them when they were woken up.

Gil thought it not only strange that the three of them had dreams involving their families in which they lost them, but that it was statistically impossible that they would have them at the same time. But he was fully awake, as were his friends.

Beth had left the door open enough for them to leave the room, so the three made their way out to the living room. The seats of the sofa and recliners stood about 8ft off the floor, meaning that they were 2ft above their heads. 

Gil had an idea. He said that he would boost Martin and Steve up, and in turned they would reach down and pull him up. So that’s what they did. 

The sofa was so big, that the three of them could lay end to end across and reach from one side to the other. Gil looked at the clock to get the time. 5am. He didn’t know how to turn the TV on, so the three made themselves comfortable on the sofa and fell asleep.

A few hours later, Beth had come out of her bedroom, and peaked into the spare bedroom. She didn’t see the men, so she made her way to the living room, and what she saw melted her heart.

Gil, Martin and Steve were asleep on the sofa, but the sofa was so massive compared to them, that they looked like 2 year olds taking a nap. If she had a camera she would surely have taken lots of pictures. But she thought the three were very handsome. But she also knew that they were not from her world, were still a little confused about everything, and she didn’t want to take advantage of them. She hoped that they would be able to find a way back to their own world, but if not, she would take care of them. She knew that they couldn’t be alone in her world. They were too fragile compared to women.

Beth went into the kitchen and started making breakfast. She thought that the three guys must be hungry. She was going to surprise them. She made omelettes for herself and the guys. Of course, due to the size of the eggs, theirs was made using only one, and was divided into three equal sizes. 

By now, Gil, Martin and Steve woke up due to the aroma coming from the kitchen. They cautiously hopped down from the sofa and made their way to see what was going on. 

Like last night, Beth was in her nightgown. She turned and saw the three just staring at her with utter disbelief on their faces. She asked them if everything was ok. The three snapped out of trance and quickly looked away, telling her yes. 

Beth told them that breakfast would be ready shortly, and afterwards, they could take showers, and she would wash their clothes. With the aroma of breakfast swirling in the kitchen, it made the three realize how hungry they were. 

Beth made their plates, along with cups of coffee. She led them to the sofa, where she lifted them up onto the seats, and went back to get their plates. The men were eventually able to handle the plates. It was big and heavy. They knew how to handle the cups. 

Beth went back into the kitchen to get silverware, then suddenly realized how big the forks were. She had nothing smaller. So she brought three out, and apologized to the men, saying that they were the only size she had.

The men took the forks, which were the size of hammers back on Earth. It took a while for them to come up with a way to use them. But they did, and the breakfast was delicious. Gil complimented Beth on her meal. Beth smiled and said thank you. 

And once the meal was over, and the coffee was finished, Beth turned the shower on, and set up soap and shampoo to make it easier for them to use, and provided each with what were hand towels to her, but were large enough for them to wrap around their body.

And she took their clothes and washed them. By the time Steve was done with his shower, the washer was finished. And the clothes were put in the dryer. So the three had to spend an hour with nothing but a towel wrapped around them. And unfortunately, Beth had gotten in the shower, denying the guys one more look of her magnificent body on that nightgown.

The three of them were so focused on a conversation they were having about Beth and Sam’s stunning, indescribable beauty, they never noticed her standing in the hallway listening to them. It made her smile. She was finding them attractive, even at their smaller sizes, and now she knew that they found her to be the same. But she reminded herself that they weren’t from her world, and that put a damper on her mood.

Once the dryer was done, the three got their clothes and got dressed. Beth told them that she was going to take them to work with her. Gil asked why, and Beth pointed out their size, and the size of her apartment, and said that they wouldn’t be able to do anything unless she or another female was there. 

Gil looked around and knew she was right. So he told her that when they were at her work, if there was anything that they could help with, just let them know. Beth gave a warm smile and said she would. So out the door they went, on the way to the building from the day before.

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