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Gil Hodges, Martin Milner, and Steve Miller were still trying to fully understand what the girls had said. They towered over the three, but were only 14 years old and still growing. They looked at one another with a growing fear in their eyes. If they weren’t hallucinating, and it wasn’t a dream, what kind of world did they land on, and more importantly, what kind of life would they live if they couldn’t get back home.

Mary opened the door to the building. It was at that exact moment that the three men truly saw the scale of this strange world. The door was at least 20 ft tall, and had to be 10 ft wide. But what really set them on their heels was that the door knob hung over their heads by a good two feet. They could never have imagined such a door being possible, except for those being used at those super secret military bases.

But if the size of the door left them speechless, what they saw next nearly caused them to pass out. Mary had opened the large door with ease, and then the three men saw five women, obviously older than Mary and Margaret, and both their incredible beauty and their immense size. Each of them with blonde hair, blue eyes, and bodies that looked like they came from the Greek Goddess Athena herself. 

And the men realized that when the women stood up, they only came halfway up their thighs. The three astronauts started to back up in fear, until they hit the brick wall known as Margaret. The young girl could see the fear and panic in their eyes, and tried to reassure them that they would be safe. 

Gil finally regained his composure enough to stutter out a question of how the women got so big. Margaret looked at him with an amused look on her face. She told him that history books taught that the Goddess Hera had created the world, and every splendor it had to offer. And that she created women in her own image. 

Gil asked her about the men, and why they were so small. Small? Margaret asked. Yes, replied Gil. Margaret explain to him that men had experienced an unexplained spike in the heights over the last century. They used to be a lot smaller. Now they seem to regularly reach heights of around 6’, which is tall for them. 

The other two astronauts had been stunned into silence by what they had seen. Martin asked her how tall did the women get on this planet. Margaret replied that women grow to about heights of 14ft, 15ft. In fact, she and Mary were over 10ft and still growing. Martin could see the excitement in her eyes. 

The three men were still talking to Margaret when one of the ladies came over and joined them. She introduced herself as Beth, and held out a hand that dwarfed Margaret’s, whose hand dwarfed the men’s.

Gil was afraid of attempting to shake her hand, because at her size, she could crush his and not even realize it. 

Beth could sense what he was this, so she offer two fingers for him to shake. She asked the men their names, and where they lived, and if they had any wives, sisters, or mothers that she could call to come get them.

Gil replied that they were astronauts from the planet Earth, and that they were on a space mission when the capsule experienced a mysterious space cloud and they lost communications with mission control. They landed on what they thought was Earth, but obviously there were wrong.

Beth looked down at the men and thought that they were pulling her leg. She then looked at Margaret, who confirmed part of their story by describing the odd looking object that landed just off the coast. 

Now Beth’s interest was piqued. Mary had come over and confirmed Margaret’s account. Beth said that she and couple of the ladies in the building would check out the object in the ocean. But now, she wanted to get the three men taken care of.

She used the phone to call a doctor friend of hers and asked them to come and check out the visitors. And within 20 minutes, the doctor arrived. Gil, Martin and Steve were just as stunned by the doctor’s appearance as they were with the ladies of the building. 

As tall and proportional as Beth, but with brown hair, she reminded Gil of an artist’s rendering of Aphrodite. She was stunningly beautiful, just like Beth and her co-workers.

Beth introduced her friend to the three men. Samantha, or Sam. They men could call her by whichever name they felt comfortable with. As Sam was pulling out a giant clipboard with equally large paper forms, Beth had four chairs brought over. One for Sam, the others for Gil, Martin, and Steve. The seats were over foot above their heads.

Since Beth already knew that the men wouldn’t be able to reach the seats, she quickly, but gently, lifted each of them onto a seat. Gil realized that the way she picked them up, they weighed nothing to her. She could have picked the three of them, at nearly 200lbs a piece, at the same time and not even come close to straining a muscle.

Dr Sam took her seat. The astronauts were placed near the very edge of their seats, allowing their legs to hang down. But their feet stopped halfway down the front, still around 5 ft off the floor. Gil, Martin, and Steve never felt so small in their lives. 

Dr Sam asked the men questions and wrote down their answers. Every topic was covered, medical histories, allergies to medicine, what was their last height, weight, blood pressure readings. Everything the men told her was written down quickly and correctly. She turned and asked Beth if there was an empty room that she could use, and Beth led her to the unused conference room.

Dr Sam asked Gil to follow her into the room. Gil hesitated, leery about following such a large women into a room alone. Sam assured him that it was necessary, and that if he wanted, he could bring his friends in too.

The leerieness left Gil long enough for him to feel embarrassed by what the doctor said. He was an astronaut, trained to explore, and encounter the unknown, and here he was, afraid of following a lady into a room.

He hopped down off the chair. The height of the drop nearly caught him off guard, but he steadied himself and went with Sam into the room. She lifted him up and placed him on top of the large table in the room, and asked him to get undressed. 

Gil wasn’t sure what she was asking, and Sam, seeing his look, assured him that she needed to examine him thoroughly. She told him that it was her job to make sure he was healthy, because the last thing she needed was for him to be carrying some sort of illness that could infect the population.

Gil understood her reasoning, and slowly started to shed his clothes. Sam turned around to give him some sort of privacy. Once fully free of clothing, Sam turned around and reached into her bag. She brought out the biggest stethoscope that Gil had ever seen. In fact, it was almost as long as his arm.

Sam checked his eyes, nose, throat, and ears. She felt his glands, abdomen, and testicles for any unusual lumps. But what shocked Gil was that for someone her size, he had never been examined by someone being so gentle. In fact, he was embarrassed, because as Sam was examining his testicles, he felt his member get erect.

Sam saw it, but never said a word, and just continued with her examination. She gently checked his reflexes, and took his vitals. Everything checked out. Gil was healthy, and free of illness. He was good to go, except mentally. He found that when Sam was doing her examination, he was getting highly aroused. He was embarrassed by his erection, but relieved that Sam never mentioned it.

By the time Sam was done with Gil, Beth had knocked on the door. She entered before Gil could get dressed. She had clothes with her. She apologized to Gil. She had brought him a shirt and pants to wear. Unfortunately, they were the clothes of a 8year old girl, so the shirt was pink, and the sweatpants grey. However, they were very large on him. But he was grateful. The outfit he wore for the mission was really uncomfortable, and feeling heavy on his body.

He looked down at his new clothes, and was actually relieved that he didn’t have to walk around naked. These clothes were extremely large on him, but they were acceptable. He just rolled up the pants legs by 6 inches so he wouldn’t trip, and tried his best to tuck his shirt as far down his pants as possible.

Once Gil was done, the other two men were next. Dr Sam thoroughly examined both, and proclaimed that both were healthy. And each one came out the room dressed the same as Gil. 

As Sam was giving her report to Beth, Gil couldn’t take his mind or eyes off of her. He was married, with a family on Earth, but here, he couldn’t get the beautiful, giant doctor out of his mind. 

As Sam was talking to Beth, she glanced and saw Gil looking at her. She turned her head back to Beth and continued talking. But she was very aware of Gil. But she had to go to work, and would catch up with Beth later on.

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