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Gil, Elizabeth, and Samantha had definitely felt that somewhere, somehow, they had met before. But they couldn't place the exact time or nature. And before the three of them could discuss matters further, a delivery van pulled up in front of the girls’ house. Sam said she would handle it, leaving the other two still at the table.

As they watched the blonde haired woman walk across the lawn, Gil took a chance, and asked Elizabeth if he could take her out to lunch the following day. And much to his surprise, she said yes almost immediately. 

They set a time for 12 noon. Gil would ask his neighbors across the street, who had a daughter the same age as Maggie and Sarah, to watch the girls for the afternoon. 

With that, Elizabeth stood up to leave. Gil showed her to the door. They said their goodbyes, and he watched as she entered her house. He felt a happiness that he hadn't felt in a while. He walked across the street to his neighbors to make the arrangements for the next afternoon, then went into his bedroom to make sure he had clean clothes.

The rest of the day was like any other day. Gil ordered pizza for dinner. He had informed his girls that they would be spending some time with the family across the street. Maggie and Sarah had an indifferent reaction. They weren't close to the girl across the street, but they said they would go. Gil thanked them. 

After dinner, Gil made popcorn, and he and his daughters watched a monster movie on tv. The film was over, and the twins went to bed. Gil started watching the 11pm news, but found that he was having trouble keeping his eyes open.

Eventually, he fell into a dream. He came upon a man and woman sitting on the edge of a cliff. He was in awe at seeing the figure of the female in front of him. She was so much larger than the male, yet he didn't seem frightened at all.

They were just talking, when suddenly, both stood up. It was then that he truly saw how massive the woman was. The man only came up to the halfway point of her thigh. And in the blink of an eye, she scooped up his small body and threw him over the edge and into an abyss. He heard the man scream, and saw that the lady had vanished.

Gil woke up. He had absolutely no idea what time it was. He looked at the clock. 3:30am. He forced himself up off the sofa. He turned out the lights, made sure the doors were locked, and went into his room. 

Next thing he knew, the sun was shining upon his face. Opening his eyes, he looked at the clock. 8:00am. He got up and made his way to the kitchen, getting a much needed pot of coffee going. He needed a shave and shower. He was taking Elizabeth out for lunch at noon. He felt like he was preparing for the first date of his life.

Once he had the cup of coffee in his hand, he knocked on the girls’ door to get them moving. They were going to the neighbors’ house around 11:30, and they both needed to get washed beforehand.

Gil felt a tinge of both anticipation and nervousness. He found himself looking at the clock constantly, trying to will it to speed up. And before he knew it, the time had arrived to take Maggie and Sarah across the street. He thanked his neighbors, and returned to his house to make sure his teeth were brushed again, and he used mouthwash. A little dab of cologne, and he was ready to go.

He walked next door, and knocked. Opening the door was the sight of someone that took his breath away. Elizabeth, wearing a tight fitting white dress. It accentuated her tremendous figure, and Gil had feelings that he had not experienced since he entered 7th grade and discovered that girls had beautiful bodies.

Elizabeth stepped outside and locked the door. She explained that Sam had to take care of an emergency at work. Gil held out his arm, and Elizabeth grabbed a hold, and he escorted her to his car.

Opening the door, he complimented her on how beautiful she looked. Elizabeth blushed, and said thank you, then returned the compliment about the suit he was wearing. 

Once they were in the car, Gil drove to an Italian restaurant in an older part of the city. He parked the car, then opened Elizabeth’s door and escorted her onto the sidewalk.

It had become a beautiful day, and on the warm side. So Gil ditched his jacket and loosened his tie. He asked Elizabeth if she wanted to walk first before eating, and she said yes. 

So they walked along the older, rustic shops and buildings. And as they walked, Gil felt Elizabeth’s hand take hold of his. They just walked and talked as they enjoyed the warm sun. 

Elizabeth casually mentioned about some strange dreams that she had been having over the last couple of weeks. Her words piqued Gil’s interest. He mentioned that he too had been having dreams. He told her that they seem to involve strange worlds, giant women, and a mysterious cloaked lady.

Elizabeth listened intently. She told him that her dreams had been very similar, right down to the cloaked lady. She had no idea of who she was, or why she was dreaming about that particular world. 

Gil understood exactly what she was describing. He had those exact dreams. He didn't know why.

But he was sure that Elizabeth was part of them.

They came to the end of the block. As Gil turned around, he found Elizabeth close to him. Suddenly, he was fighting the urge to kiss her. His battle was unsuccessful. He moved his head ever so slightly and placed his lips on hers. He got no resistance.

Both immediately felt a powerful shock permeate their bodies. But their kiss never stopped. A whirlwind formed around them. Clear images of a much larger Elizabeth and a smaller Gil, Beth and Sam and Chiet Val, Maggie and Sarah. 

The images were overwhelming the two of them. Memories, as real as the kiss they were sharing, had overtaken them. Finally, their lips separated. The whirlwind and images were gone, like nothing had ever happened. Gil and Elizabeth just looked at one another in silence, each trying to process what had just happened. 

They walked back towards the restaurant, each feeling a little uneasy. But Elizabeth was especially shaken, and tightly held Gil’s hand as they neared the eatery.

Once seated inside, the waitress came for their drink order. Gil ordered a beer, and was very surprised when Elizabeth ordered a double whiskey on the rocks. She needed something to help calm her down.

Once the drinks came, Elizabeth looked at Gil, the memories that flooded into her head still present, and asked him a question in which she already knew the answer to. ‘Were they real’?

Gil nodded his head. Elizabeth had seen herself as a giant, and it brought back all her insecurities about her height, which was 5’8”, taller than average. It made her stand out. 

Gil took a nice long swig of his beer and told Elizabeth that she looked incredibly happy in that world, and incredibly beautiful and sexy.

His words stunned her. Never before had a man ever said those words to her. But Elizabeth could tell by his tone and the expression in his eyes that he truly meant every word he spoke. He was a true gentleman, on this world, and the world from her memories. 

With even more memories coming to her, she asked him about Beth. Gil told her that she left him and the girls, joined some commune, and gave him a quickie divorce. Elizabeth was relieved. Her only memories of his ex-wife was that she was a bitch, who used her size to abuse and hurt the man sitting in front of her. 

Gil smiled at her, and asked her if she remembered that she was the mayor of her town, and Elizabeth said yes. She rather enjoyed that part. Then Gil asked her a serious question- did she want to go back to that world?

Elizabeth thought for a moment, and said that she did, and then asked him the same question. Gil said he wouldn’t mind, as long as his girls could come with him. Elizabeth was surprised by his answer, pointing out that he would be no taller than the middle of her thigh.

Gil looked her in the eyes, and said that he didn’t mind. He had fallen in love with her, and as long as he had her and Maggie and Sarah, he would be happy. He told her that his happiest memories of that world was the time they spent together, either making breakfast or dinner, or talking early in the morning, or just being at work.

Elizabeth blushed, and joked that she never showed him the proper way to use the strap on. And as soon as she said that, she realized the terrible mistake she had just made. Gil physically recoiled at the image of the strap on, his memory of being assaulted with one by Beth still strong in his mind. 

Elizabeth apologized profusely and started to cry. Gil took her hand, and told her that she did nothing wrong. The most important thing was that they found each other, and it didn’t matter what world they were on, he just wanted to be with her. 

He stood up, took a napkin, and wiped away her tears, kissing her gently, but with feeling. He told her that he loved her. Elizabeth was lost in his words, her feelings going from abject horror to one nearly causing her to become wet between her legs.

While they were lost in their passion, they never noticed the lady who was sitting at the bar, watching them. In fact, she had been watching them ever since they got into Gil’s car. She was happy. She had always looked out for Elizabeth, and only wanted to see her happy. And she had a lot of respect for Gil, since he was willing to sacrifice true happiness for the sake of his family. She had absolutely no respect for his wife, who she found could be so easily manipulated that it wasn’t funny. Plant a seed in her head, and watch it grow into a weed infested field. Now, all she had to do was see where the couple wanted to be.

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