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Gil had come back into the living room. The uneasy truce between the two giantesses had been reached. There was an intense dislike between Beth and Elizabeth, and Gil felt it. It hung in the air like the odor of rotting fruit. Maggie and Sarah sensed it also. They loved their parents and really liked the lady whose place they were staying at. But both of them felt that it was their mom who was wrong. The way she treated their dad, the words she spoke to Elizabeth, if their mom acted nicer, they could have stayed there forever. 

It was approaching 10:00pm, and Beth sent the girls to bed. With the three adults remaining in the living room, the tension was as thick as sludge. Gil was starting to feel out of place in both the apartment and the world he landed on. He got used to the immense size difference between men and women, and loved that the females were extremely caring and gentle. But the way Beth had behaved once she arrived showed him that he didn't belong there. He needed to be with his family, but not because of any implied threat that he would never see his daughters again. He wanted to have a normal relationship with his wife, but her power tripping attitude had made it impossible at his current size. But as intolerable as Beth had been, he was afraid for Maggie and Sarah. What would happen if they started behaving like their mother? They were sweet, loving girls. But if they accepted how Beth was acting as normal, what would happen to the boys of this world? What would happen to him? If they started treating their father as their mother did, he would truly be in hell. And he didn't know if he wanted to live a life like that.

And then there was Elizabeth. The sweetest, kindest soul that he had ever known. She had graciously taken in the three stranded astronauts without question or hesitation, and was always willing to listen to what was bothering him, even if it involved sexual desires involving her friend, Sam. She never got jealous, or upset, or angry, and treated him with such respect and as an equal that he wondered what life would be like if he was single, or never saw his wife and daughters again. And having to decide between his family and her was a choice he wishes that he never had to make. But he chose his family, knowing full well what his life would be like with Beth. He didn't want to abandon his girls.

Gil was the one that suggested they call it a night, as he didn't see any reason to prolong the tension any further. Both Beth and Elizabeth agreed, and went to their bedrooms. He followed his wife as he saw his hostess close her door. But once the couple were in their room, and the door was closed, she opened hers slightly, just so she could hear if Gil was in trouble. 

Elizabeth had zero trust in Beth. She knew that it didn't take much to set her off, and she doubted that Gil had given her any reason to become his tormentor. She had talked to Maggie and Sarah when they were making dinner, and she got the sense that their home life was a good one. Except for the new friends that Beth had been hanging around. They seemed to be filling her head with nonsense. And she just behaved like she believed every word they told her, and now she was emphasizing some new found power over Gil. She started to feel a little depressed about how the situation had deteriorated, and how she was powerless to help Gil.

Once Beth and Gil entered the room, she started to get undressed. She looked at her husband, feeling frustrated that he wasn't capable of satisfying her sexually. He noticed her gaze. He asked her what happened to her? Beth was surprised that he would be so bold as to ask her a question. She wanted to know what he meant. He said that she had always been very supportive of him and the girls, and seemed like she loved them very much. Now, she was treating him like the enemy, or worse, like she no longer had any respect for him. He felt that he was nothing more than a small child to her.

She sat on the bed, and looked at him. She told him that she had always put his career before hers. There were a lot of things that she wanted to do, but since she was a military wife, her dreams were pushed to the very back while he was learning to visit the stars. It was frustrating to her. So one day, she met a lady at the supermarket, and found out that she was going through the same thing. And the more they talked, the more they had in common. And she knew friends that were in the same situation. So they would get together and talk. Eventually, they decided that they were going to put themselves first. They had seen what was going on all around the country. And they loved it.

Gil knew what she was talking about. It was the onset of the very vocal and radical feminist movement. But he was also surprised. She had never mentioned that she was unhappy or felt like she was unimportant. If she had told him, he would have supported anything that she wanted to do. And he told the giantess that was sitting on the bed, but she ignored him and continued.

She and her new friends were going to start taking control of their own lives. And it wouldn't involve him. But she was having second thoughts, especially when his capsule disappeared and she thought that he was lost forever. She was upset. She felt confused about things, but had to remain strong for Maggie and Sarah. They all feared that they would never see him again. But then they ended up on this strange planet. And when she saw him, she was happy. Then it dawned on her. With Gil and the rest of the male population basically no taller than three year olds compared to the women, she realized that she was in paradise. A world in which women were the physically dominant sex. She believed that there was no reason to consult men, or ask what the felt, or even how the felt. What her and her friends discussed, how they wanted the world to truly be, was now in front of her. And she was going to make the most of it.

Gil just looked at her. It was like he went to bed with an angel and woke up with a monster that was possessed by the devil. And the only thing that he could think of was why? Why not divorce him? She could find her own happiness, if she was really that miserable at home, and feeling oppressed by being married to him.

She mockingly reminded him about their wedding vows. The part that dealt with the better and worse line. It may be worse for him, but it was so much better for her. Then she told him that there would be no divorce. The Space Agency’s big, strong, astronaut was going to learn his place in a society that she was going to change. Gil thought that she was insane. He said that he didn't want Maggie and Sarah following her off the cliff. She reminded him that he had no say in the matter. She was going to make sure that they knew their true position in life. 

And she laid back on to bed, and before Gil knew it, her long arm reached out and grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the bed without any effort. He tried to struggle, but it was no use. She lifted him up, and mockingly told him to give ‘his little woman’ a kiss. Gil tried to fight it, but found his mouth swallowed by hers. He started to have trouble breathing, and she noticed it too, and slowly broke off her kiss, enjoying every second of his panic.

Gil gasped for air, as Beth put him on the floor, mocking her ‘hero’ for not being able to handle a little kiss from his wife. She got up off the bed, and went over to get the strap on. She could see the fear in Gil's eyes. She wanted to know if her man was up to satisfying his wife, but he was still out of breath. She went back to the bed and laid down. Even laying on the bed, she held the object over his head by a couple of feet. She told him not to worry. He could have the night off from trying to pleasure her. But he was going to pay attention.

She smiled at him as she slowly rubbed the strap on all around her inner thighs. Her hand completely encircled the device, with fingers to spare. It took him two hands, and he could just about wrap them around it. She kept looking at Gil as she continued, mocking his size. She eventually moved closer to her vagina. She gently inserted it inside, and slowly pushed it further in. She maneuvered it in and out and in rhythm, occasionally looking at Gil and making sure that he was paying attention. She just kept moving it, picking up speed. She was going faster and faster, and starting to moan as she could feel the climax building. Gil noticed the discharge oozing out of her as she just continued. She eventually climaxed, letting out a loud moan, letting everyone in the apartment know what had happened. She looked at him with a smile that reeked of superiority. He just looked at her, feeling humiliated. She had just let him know, and emphasized the point, that he was too small to ever satisfy a woman again. In fact, she no longer needed him for sex. He would be there to serve her and the twins.

Beth told him to come to the bed. Gil refused, and just laid on the floor, with his back to her. She briefly thought about picking him up and laying him next to her, but she decided to let him stew in his humiliation. She would look for a place to live in the morning, and leave that apartment for good.

Elizabeth had heard the muffled voices of what went on between Gil and Beth, then heard the loud moan. She guessed at what happened, and why. She felt her blood pressure rise to a dangerous level, as her anger and hatred rose in unison. Beth had better never be in trouble and need help, because she would let her suffer. Elizabeth started crying at that thought. She had always been taught to help people in need, but Beth was the first person she was going to let suffer. And it caused her tremendous anguish. As reprehensible as Beth was, she was a person just the same, and should be treated as such. But the way she treated Gil made Elizabeth start questioning everything. Society had taught that men and women were equal, and each should be treated with respect by the other. And yet, this woman had come from a strange land and upset her life like no one had before, with abhorrent ideas about men and women. It had caused her to develop a headache. She laid down and closed her eyes, thinking of the hell Gil was living through.

Elizabeth got up before the alarm. Her mood had not improved. She slept poorly, and when she dreamed, it was always of Gil being at the mercy of Beth. She wanted that lady away from her in the worst way, but she knew that Gil would be on his own. She sighed. There were no good choices.

She brewed coffee, went back down the hall and knocked on Gil's door, letting him know the time. He had work to do at the office, and Elizabeth was going to make sure he was there with her. She heard Beth stirring, and when she knew he was at the door, she opened it for him. He half-heartedly said thank you. She knew his mood was one of resignation. He had given up. She felt like crying. He was always upbeat and full of humor and jokes and great advice. The man that came out of the bedroom was none of that. She asked him if he wanted to help her make breakfast, something that happened often before Beth arrived. He absentmindedly said yes, and followed her into the kitchen.

She made him a cup of coffee and picked him up and placed him on the counter. But she saw distant eyes, with no life in them. She asked him if he was sure that he wanted to help with breakfast, and he automatically said yes. So he made the toast, and got the plates out. The mood in the kitchen was somber, like someone had died. But he handled what he needed to do, and once done, Elizabeth lowered back down to the floor. Gil took his plate and sat at his table, eating in silence. She did the same. Once the meal was done, both got ready for work. As they were about to leave, Beth had come into the living room, asking for a kiss from her husband. He dutifully complied. Beth was enjoying the scene, while Elizabeth stewed. She curtly told Gil that it was time to leave, grabbed his hand as gently as she could, and led him out of the apartment. 

Beth smiled to herself. She thought that Gil acted like a perfect little boy, obeying her with his kiss. Mission accomplished, she thought. Now it was time to work on the town. She made breakfast for herself and the twins, making sure that they were awake. Once they were done eating, they dressed. Beth had looked through the directory, and found a couple of real estate agents that she would visit, looking for her place.

Beth and the girls left the apartment and walked to the first place on the list. An elderly woman greeted them, and took her information down. Beth was looking for an apartment or house with 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen. The lady asked her if she was married. Beth replied yes, then asked her what that had to do with anything. The lady replied that any house or apartment in which a man would be living must be set up for him as well as all females. That included furniture, a bathroom and shower, his own kitchen, and other arrangements. 

Beth thought the lady was joking, until she saw the lack of humor in her eyes. Beth said that she didn't need that set up, she was looking for something for just herself and her girls. The lady asked about her husband. Beth said that he would get used to living in the apartment, so it wouldn't matter. The lady looked at her, and said that it was the law. All residences must include a setup for males. Without exception.

Beth was getting agitated, calling it a stupid law, saying why should men be treated like that. The woman looked at her, and abruptly told her that she couldn't do anything for her, and asked her to leave. Beth stood up like she was insulted, and left the office with Maggie and Sarah following behind.

Her mood didn't improve any with her visits to other places looking for an apartment. They all told her the same thing. Security almost had to be called at the last office, as Beth became extremely belligerent by the fact that everything had to include things to make it easier for Gil to live there. She wondered what kind of fucking place she was stuck at. Men, Men, MEN!! Everything had to accommodate MEN! They walked back to Elizabeth’s apartment, with Beth seething in anger. 

And her mood went further south when Maggie asked her why couldn't they live in a place that would make it easy for Daddy to live there too. By then, Beth's frustration boiled over. She looked at her daughters, and said that someday, even stupid girls would learn that they are superior. The twins felt hurt by her words. Their mom had never yelled at them, and never said things like that before. They didn't know what was wrong with their mom, but she had definitely changed.

Once Elizabeth and Gil got to the office, he automatically made his way to his table and started working on the files. No coffee, no interaction with anyone, just silently and with his head down. Once he was situated, she picked up the phone and called Chief Val, and explained what was going on. She said that Beth was looking for a place to stay, but that Gil would be going with her. She described how seriously screwed up the situation had become. She wanted to know if Chief Val could keep an eye on the situation as soon as they knew where the new apartment would be. The Chief told her to consider it done. She was not going to let another man face any situation that may put him in danger.

Relieved, Elizabeth thanked the Chief, and hung up. She saw Gil just working away, and went to go check on him. Sat sat down on the floor, still towering over him by a good three feet. She gently asked him how he was doing. He said good. She told him that if he ever wanted to talk, or needed to, she would be there for him. He didn't even look up at her, only quietly saying thank you. She told him that she was sorry. He wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying, and absentmindedly responded with ‘hmmm?’ She repeated that she was sorry that he was in the situation that he was in, and that she couldn't help him.

Gil looked up at her, his eyes still blank, and told her that it was ok. He would be fine. But he didn't really believe it. And Elizabeth knew better. She just looked down at the sweet man in her presence, and thought of how his life was going to be. Beth was blinded by a combination of ego and power, and wouldn't listen to reason. She just looked at Gil as he continued to work, and without realizing it, she started to rub his back. 

Gil noticed what she was doing and tried to subtly shift his body. Elizabeth finally noticed what she was doing, and quickly removed her hand, apologizing for her actions. Gil looked up at her and saw that she looked embarrassed. She noticed that he looked a little more alert than he had been. He gently placed his hand over hers and said that she had nothing to apologize for. He knew exactly what he was getting into, and he didn't want her to feel sorry for him.

With his hand still on hers, and hearing his words, Elizabeth just kept thinking about what a wonderful man Gil truly was. She didn't know if the boy she loved as a teenager would have been as sweet, or as caring as he was. He just kept his hand on top of hers, as if to reassure her that he would be alright. But as he continued trying to comfort her, without thinking, she bent down and kissed him, gently on the lips. Gil was caught completely off guard, and without realizing it, he returned her kiss with one of his own. They felt the electricity, and were starting to get lost in the moment.

They suddenly broke their embrace, each apologizing to each other. Gil and Elizabeth acted as if some sacred trust was broken. It was totally out of character for the both of them. Gil would have never thought of cheating on Beth, while Elizabeth knew that she was to never interfere in the relationship of other people. But here they were. They were both slightly embarrassed by their actions. And promised themselves that they would never do that again. But Elizabeth noticed that life returned to Gil's eyes. It made her happy inside. But she didn't know how long it would last.

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