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I decided to drop a short chapter, only because I want to try and explore different avenues with the story and characters. Hope you enjoy!

Gil was still laying on top of Beth, and found himself dozing due to her gently rubbing his back. He found it simultaneously to be extremely odd due to her tremendous size, and extremely relaxing. But it was also a feeling that he wasn’t sure that he would ever feel again. And Beth was also drifting in and out of sleep.

They were both startled awake by the sound of Elizabeth’s door opening, and her footsteps heading towards the kitchen. They also heard the door to Maggie and Sarah’s room open and their footsteps following Elizabeth’s. But they quickly fell back into a rhythmic sleep.

Elizabeth started brewing coffee when she noticed the two young girls waiting outside the kitchen area. She smiled at them and asked them if they wanted to help cook breakfast. Both grinned and said yes. And once Elizabeth had her morning coffee, the girls got started on the meal.

But the twins had questions about this new world, and Maggie asked Elizabeth about the size differences between men and women. Elizabeth explained to her about the world they found themselves in, and how the size of women and men had always been about the same, except that the heights of men were greater now than 100 years ago. Scientists couldn’t explain their growth. 

Sarah asked how babies are made, which caused Elizabeth some hesitation in answering. She realized that the girls were only 10, but were very curious, so she delicately explained the process, leaving out the strap on description. She didn’t know whether the girls totally understood what she said, but she wasn’t going to volunteer any additional information.

Beth woke up to the sensation of Gil sucking on her nipples. She was really enjoying the feel of his tongue rubbing over the tips, causing her to silently moan. She just lifted him up and brought his face to hers, and gently kissed him. She also noticed his bulge. But she remembered what Elizabeth told her about how women could accidentally hurt men without realizing. So she tried to be as gentle as possible moving her tongue around his mouth. 


It had been a while since Elizabeth had children in her apartment. Mary and Margaret, the two girls who were part of the beach patrol were probably the last, and they were basically the same age as the two girls in front of her. But she enjoyed the company. She had gotten so used to Gil helping her that she was afraid that something would be forgotten. But Maggie and Sarah had a much easier time maneuvering throughout the kitchen than Gil did, only because of their taller size.

Beth and Gil decided to join the crowd in the kitchen. They quickly got dressed. Beth kept thinking of how cute Gil looked at his size compared to her. He was always the big strong Astronaut hero on Earth, but here he was as adorable as a three year old. Beth bent down and picked him up and gave him a kiss, which he returned with passion. 

Gil was so wrapped up in his kissing Beth that he never noticed her opening the door and heading towards the kitchen. It was only when he heard his daughters burst out laughing that he realized what was going on. To Maggie and Sarah, it looked like their mom was holding a toddler. They thought it was funny seeing their father look helpless in their mom’s arms. And it made Gil feel a little uncomfortable. He was about to ask his wife to put him down when she started to talk to Elizabeth. Gil tried to get Beth’s attention, but she was deep in conversation, and absentmindedly handed him off to Maggie, who held him up by her face. He felt like he weighed nothing in her arms. Gil told her to put him down. Maggie looked at her mom who was still talking, and carried her father out to the living room. Gil was getting mad. He started yelling, and loud enough for Beth to hear him complain, and she told her daughter to put her father down. 

She came over to see if Gil was ok. He was still hot, and reminded all three females in front of him that he was still the husband and father, and expected to be treated as such. Beth bent down and apologized, but also reminded him that his daughters had thought that he was lost forever, and were only excited to see him again, and that he shouldn’t carry on like that. Gil was going to say something, but Beth put her finger on his lips, and said that she considered that matter settled.

And she went back into the kitchen, followed by the girls.

Gil was speechless. Beth had never acted that way on Earth. They had always valued each other’s opinion, and raised their daughters as a team, or as much as his military commitments would allow. But this was something different. He felt that she kind of treated him like a little kid, and he didn’t like it.

Elizabeth had also seen what happened, and it made her a little upset. She just wasn’t used to seeing a man disrespected like that, especially by his family. She really wanted to say something to Beth, but knew it wasn’t her place. People just didn’t get involved in other people’s marriage or personal issues unless they were asked to, or there was imminent danger to someone. This was neither. So she just served breakfast, and whenever was asked a question, she forced herself to sound cheerful and engaged. But silently she really felt bad for Gil.


After breakfast, the girls cleaned up. Elizabeth offered Beth an outfit for the day, and suggested that the twins take showers first while she washed their clothes. 

While Maggie was in the shower and Sarah was waiting, Elizabeth told Gil that she didn’t need his help at work, and that his family was here, and to enjoy his time with them. Gil was a little disappointed. He had been looking forward to working on the destruction box, because it made him feel useful. But he was glad that he was with his family, although how he was treated earlier was still stuck in his mind.

The showers were finished, as was the laundry. Elizabeth gave Beth her work number and a spare key for the apartment. She asked to see what kind of money Beth had. Beth pulled out her wallet, and after inspection, Elizabeth said her money should be fine to use at the shops, and if there were any problems, the shop owners could call her at work, and she would take care of it. Beth thanked her hostess, and watched her leave for work after saying goodbye.

After the door closed, Beth looked at Gil and once again thought about how cute and adorable he looked. She moved closer to him, and bent down and scooped him up, pressing his body against hers, which took him by surprise. He turned towards her face and asked her what she was doing. She told him that she just wanted to hold her husband close. Gil reminded her that he was her husband, not her child. Beth thought for a few seconds, then put him down, apologizing. She said that she didn’t know what had come over her. One minute she was fine, the next minute she was thinking about how fragile and precious he was, and needed to pick him up. 


Gil looked perturbed, but accepted her apology and tried to give her a hug. She rubbed his head, and asked him if he wanted to explore the town. He said yes. So after making sure that everything was off and put away, the Hodges left the apartment to walk through town.

Their first stop was a clothing store. Upon entering, Beth asked to speak with the manager and explained the money situation. The manager examined the currency that Beth had, and determined it to be acceptable. So Beth and the twins bought several outfits and other women’s wear. Gil got a couple of new outfits as well. Beth paid, and they were off on their tour. One thing that Beth and the girls had to get used to was having to walk extremely slow so Gil could keep up. At points, Beth was getting frustrated, and Sarah mentioned to her mom that it might be better if she carried her father, to make the tour quicker, but she said no.

They came upon an ice cream shop that Elizabeth had mentioned. The twins got triple scoops of chocolate, Beth got a single scoop, and Gil got the man-sized single scoop of vanilla. They found a table with chairs that could accommodate males. So they ate their ice cream, with Maggie and Sarah excitedly talking about how great it would be if they could live there forever. Beth tried to mute the discussion by reminding them that they had friends and family on Earth, while Gil tried to ignore the topic altogether. He was really praying that they could return to Earth, so things would go back to normal.

Elizabeth had gotten to work in a quiet mood. Witnessing the scene with Gil, plus the fact that he wasn’t there, left her uneasy. She had only known him a couple of days, but she felt really close to him. She really enjoyed their talks, and his ability to freely discuss topics was something that she knew Martin and Steve weren’t comfortable with. Plus, Gil was a good worker, and without him being there, the office felt empty.

With the shopping out of the way, Gil and his family headed back to the apartment. It was nearly 11, and once inside, Beth put the TV on for the girls, and led her husband back to the bedroom. Once the door was locked, Gil knew what was up. His wife produced the strap on and told him that she wanted to see him use it. Gil tried to object, but Beth was already naked in front of him, so he knew he didn’t have a choice. So he stripped, put on the strap on, and made his way in between Beth’s legs.

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