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Gil and his family followed Beth back to her apartment. She went down to the spare bedroom to get it ready, then went to the one used by Gil and his friends to get it ready for the girls. Being that everything was scaled to the size of women, Beth and her daughters, Maggie and Sarah didn’t think anything strange, until they saw Gil walk into the living room. His size, as compared to the furniture, caused his daughters to giggle.

Beth Hodges gave them a look which told them to knock it off, but then looked at Gil and stifled her own smile. He may have been big and strong on planet Earth, but here he looked like a three year old. She wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, so she instinctively reached down and picked him up and held him against her hip. 

Gil started complaining, and loudly, causing his wife to realize what she was doing, and put him down, apologizing to him. He told her that it was ok, but there were things about this planet that she needed to understand. She should talk to Beth, who would explain all.

This world’s Beth came back into the living room and let everyone know that the spare rooms were ready. But she realized that with both women named Beth, it would cause confusion, as they wouldn’t know who Gil was talking to when they were together. So she told everyone that they could call her Elizabeth. That way they would know who was talking to who.

Beth told Maggie and Sarah to go into the bedroom. The kids wanted to stay in the living room, because they were secretly plotting a way that they could pick up their father, but now that would have to wait. So the girls went to the bedroom. Elizabeth and Beth sat at the kitchen table, while Gil sat on his sofa in the living room. Elizabeth was sure that the new visitor would have plenty of questions. And so she asked her if she would like something to drink. Beth asked if she had any wine. Elizabeth said yes, and produced two glasses.

Beth asked her hostess about the world, and about the size difference between men and women. Elizabeth explained about the town, saying it was called Heraville, and that women were always this size, averaging about 15’ in height. Men used to be smaller, until they experienced an unexplained height increase, which left them about 6’. She explained that the world was created by the Goddess Hera, and she made women in her image. 

Beth wasn’t sure she heard correctly, and asked about the Goddess Hera. Elizabeth said that Hera had created many worlds throughout the universe, and this was just one planet. Beth wasn’t sure if she was joking, but decided not to question her beliefs.

Beth asked her how men and women get intimate, and Elizabeth told her about the strap on, describing it in detail. Beth thought it was a joke, until Elizabeth excused herself, went to the bedroom, and returned with the item. Beth's eyes widened. She had never seen anything that big. Elizabeth explained that it was the only way men could penetrate a female. To have children, sperm from men were injected into the ovaries of women in order to fertilize their eggs. She also explained that a woman had to be gentle when handling a man’s penis, because of her enormous strength, she ran the risk of hurting a man accidentally, maybe even doing enough damage as to prevent him from producing sperm. Beth couldn’t imagine being that powerful, but she thought of how small Gil looked next to the furniture, and realized that Elizabeth was probably correct.

She also explained that, on her world, men and women were equal partners in running a household, and raising children. They each had equal say in decision making. Beth said that with women so much bigger and stronger than men, she would have thought that women would be the dominant sex, and what they decided was the final word. Elizabeth said that had never happened. All relationships were based on love and mutual respect. Women would never hurt men, never treat them as anything less than equal. It just wasn’t their way. Beth thought the whole planet to be too old fashioned. To her, since women were physically superior in every way, they should be the ones running things. But it wasn’t her world. She was a guest, and act accordingly.

With the glass of wine finished, Elizabeth asked Beth if she wanted Gil to borrow the strap on for later. Beth was tempted, and thought why not. She was interested in seeing how it all played out. As long as Gil was up for it, it may be fun. But that was for later.

Elizabeth looked at the clock. Almost 5:00. She excused herself from the table and started to make dinner. Gil automatically asked her if she needed help with anything, and before she could say yes, Beth offered to help with the meal. Gil looked up at his now towering wife, and said that if she wanted to help, she could, and he went back to the living room.

The two women started the baked chicken meal. Elizabeth asked Beth what life was like on her world. Gil had mentioned some of the things, but she wanted a woman’s perspective. 

Beth told her that there was a burgeoning movement dealing with women's liberation. She told her that while she supported it, she couldn’t really do anything, because it might affect her husband’s career. Elizabeth asked her what was a women’s liberation movement. Beth told her that it was a movement that aimed to make women equal to men in all aspects of society. From jobs, to pay, to deciding what to do with their bodies, and whether they wanted men to be involved in their personal lives. They could just have sex with men and dump them the next day. It would be the woman to decide.

Elizabeth found the whole concept extremely repulsive. Men and women were equal partners on her world, and it led to a tremendous amount of love, goodwill, and peace. It sounded like on Beth’s world, women wouldn’t be happy unless they felt superior to men. How could people raise families in that kind of environment? And relationships based strictly on sex? Where was the personal intimacy that people needed? She silently shook her head. She felt sorry for Gil. If she felt that way, then she should have never married him. Gil was a sweet, sweet man. And yet in front of her stood a woman who spoke callously about love and marriage. She would tolerate Beth out of respect for Gil, but she couldn’t see herself being friends with her.

Dinner was an experience. All the females were at the large table, while Gil ate at the table scaled for his size. With the girls engaged in conversation, he was feeling a little invisible. Elizabeth made sure to try and include him in the discussion, but he was basically ignored by his wife and daughters. He was convinced that it was because his family was excited about being on a strange planet, and were focused on learning as much as they could. 

 Maggie and Sarah both said that they couldn’t wait to explore the town. They asked Elizabeth if there were any McDonald’s around. She was confused. Beth explained that McDonald’s was a popular fast food restaurant on their world.  Elizabeth smiled and told them that there weren’t any places like that, but there were ice cream parlors that also served sandwiches. The girls looked at each other and then their mom. Beth said that they could go tomorrow. The girls were happy.

After dinner, Elizabeth started to clean up and Beth offered to help. The help was accepted and appreciated. One thing Elizabeth noticed was that she missed Gil’s presence in the kitchen. She had grown used to his help. She even looked forward to it. Beth seemed nice, but that talk they had before dinner rubbed her the wrong way. She thought that maybe she was overreacting. Beth wasn’t from her world. She needed to keep an open mind. But if Beth did anything to hurt Gil, she would act.

Wait, did Elizabeth just think that? Did she really think about defending Gil from his wife? Was she even thinking at all. Another tenet of her world was not getting involved in someone’s marriage problems. And Gil and Beth weren’t even having problems. She needed to wipe those types of thoughts from her mind.

After the women cleaned up, Gil started feeling really tired. Too many nights of little sleep was finally catching up with him. He was ecstatic that Beth and the twins were here with him, but he just couldn’t keep his eyes open. He excused himself and headed towards the bedroom. 

As he was leaving, he heard Beth ask him where he was going. He turned around and looked at her, and said he was tired. He hadn’t been sleeping well, and with the excitement of the day, he just couldn’t keep his eyes open. Beth looked a little disappointed. She was looking forward to spending time with Gil later on, and possibly trying out the strap on. But she excused herself to Elizabeth, sent Sarah and Maggie to bed, and joined her husband in bed. 

Gil finally got up on the bed when Beth joined him. She quickly undressed and joined him. She gave him a long passionate kiss. She told him that she was afraid that she would never see him again. But now that they were together, she was going to take care of him. Gil was nearly asleep, but a wide smile crossed his face. He buried his head in Beth’s quite ample chest. She caressed his cheek, and within seconds, he was snoring. She continued to stroke his cheek as she closed her eyes and soon fell asleep also.

Elizabeth had watched Beth follow Gil into the bedroom, and was really shocked to feel a tinge of jealousy. She had grown close to him over the past few days, and really enjoyed their talks. But now that his wife and family were there, it meant that she would have to fade into the background when he was with his wife. She went to her bedroom and laid down, hoping that Gil would be happy.

Beth woke up to the sensation of Gil rubbing his hand all over her body, examining her larger, and more proportional physique. She was getting slightly turned on by the feel of his small hands gently caressing any area that he could reach.

She smiled at him, then lifted him up on top of her and brought his face in front of hers, then kissed him, gently at first (remembering that Elizabeth stressed how much stronger a woman’s body was compared to a man’s), but with some passion to it. Gil tried to return the same, but his face was being overwhelmed by the much larger tongue of his wife. He just did the best he could. Beth broke the embrace, and simultaneously both told the other that they loved them, which brought laughter among the couple. Gil just rested his head on her chest, and started to gently caress her left breast. She closed her eyes and held him gently against her.

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