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Beth left the men’s bedroom, and went back to hers nearly in tears. She would never hurt them, or do anything that would put them in danger, but when Gil woke up from his dream, he looked at her like she was pure evil. She didn’t understand why. She tried to close her eyes, but Gil’s reaction played over and over in her mind. She was able to doze, but she couldn’t fall into a deep sleep again.

Gil calmed down enough for Martin to ask him if he was alright. Gil replied yes. Martin asked him what he dreamt about. Gil said that he didn’t want to discuss it. And Martin saw by his look that it was best to drop it then and there. Gil told his friends that he was going out to the living room, and that they should get some sleep. And with that he went out the giant door and sat on his sofa. 

Beth heard him leave, and was torn about whether she should try and talk to him, to make sure he was alright. He obviously needed a little space, but he was also on a strange world, and he might be afraid, even if wouldn’t admit it. 

Beth gently came out of her room and went into the living room. She could see Gil just sitting there, with a blank look on his face, deep in thought. She sat on the floor next to him, and asked if he was alright. Her words startled him, for he never heard her enter the room. 

He looked up at the very beautiful, but very sad, giantess. He knew his reaction when he woke up was the reason for her misery. He tried to reach out and touch her arm, but it was just out of his reach. So he did the only thing he could think of. He just started talking, saying how there was this very beautiful lady of the house who was even more beautiful when she smiled.

Beth looked at him kind of funny, not knowing whether or not he was joking. Once she saw he was serious, she gave him a huge smile. It was then that Gil told her everything, about what he thought he saw walking home, and his dream involving his wife. He apologized for his reaction, as the shock of seeing his wife in the dream, behaving exactly like Sam, made him disoriented when he woke up. 

Beth grew quiet. Gil, Martin And Steve were having weird dreams since they got there, but Gil was being especially plagued by them. She didn’t know why, and more importantly, she didn’t know what to do. But she reached over and hugged him and thanked him for opening up to her. Both had calmed down enough to try and sleep, so they both went to their rooms. 

Gil didn’t know what time it was, but he heard Beth get up and head towards the kitchen. He got up and went to the kitchen to help with anything that she might need. Beth was brewing coffee, and he just asked her if she needed his help. She smiled down at him, and crouched as low as she could, picking him up and putting him on the counter. She told him that she was about to make breakfast, and if he could take care of the toast and plates, she would appreciate it. Gil gave her a salute and ‘Yes, Ma’am’. That brought a smile to both of their faces.

While she was making breakfast, Beth couldn’t help but feel a little sad. She had three men staying with her that were not from her world, yet she felt as close to them as to the boy she loved as a teenager. They were open and honest, and made her laugh, and most of all, made her feel like the most important person in the world. 

She knew that they all had wives and children on their world, but she thought that if just one was single, and didn’t mind staying here forever, she would make him happy, and would be able to have children, and raise them together with a man she loved. But she had seen their eyes when they talked about their loved ones. She knew where their hearts lay. It wasn’t with her or this world. 

But she also thought about Gil. She had become closest to him, due to all their late night talks. She felt bad for him because of all the bad dreams he was having. They were causing his lack of sleep. Plus he missed his family. And that must have caused him heartache.

Beth sighed. She thought about how the men missed their families, and wondered if she would ever meet someone who would miss her as much. Their wives were the luckiest girls in the world. She didn’t know how or why the three men were there, but she would be as supportive as possible for as long as they were there. 

Once breakfast was finished, and the dishes cleaned up, the four of them took their showers. The water felt refreshing to all. Once finished, they dressed, and headed out the door, with Beth assuming her usual position as lookout.

It wasn’t until they got to the office building when they saw both Chief Val and Doctor Sam waiting for them. Gil noticed how excited the Chief was. But what he had also realized was that he wasn’t affected by Sam’s presence like he had been. He didn’t know why, but he was glad. Once they were inside, the Chief called a meeting with the ladies of the office. Sam joined them.

Chief Val wanted them to know that they had caught the groups of girls responsible for the attacks on men. The extra patrols paid off when a security officer noticed that a man got separated from his daughter, and proceeded to the area, and caught the first group cornering the poor guy. His daughter showed up, relieved, and told him that ‘mom said he wasn’t to leave her side’. 

The second group was following two boys who were out with their sister. Security noticed the suspicious behavior, and followed them. They were making a move to separate the three, and taking the boys into an alley, but were apprehended before any male was hurt.

There were congratulations and hugs all around. Beth asked Chief Val if she wanted to retain the extra officers that were hired to find the gangs. Chief Val said that she would. It is better to be safe than sorry. Beth told her to consider it done. 

Once Chief Val left, Doctor Sam talked for a few minutes with Beth. Then she asked the three men if it would be ok if she did a follow up interview with them, just to make sure everything was ok. The guys told her it wouldn’t be a problem.

Steve was first up, followed by Martin, and Gil went last. The first two interviews went fairly quickly. Once out of the room, they headed for their table in the corner, out of sight from the front desk. Gil was next, and Sam noticed the bags under his eyes. She asked him if he was sleeping ok. Gil said no. He was having a lot of bad dreams (he didn’t dare say that they usually involved her), and he couldn’t explain why. He was getting up early and going to bed late. Sam said she could prescribe something to help him sleep better. Gil told her that he would try anything. 

While Gil was in with Sam, Martin and Steve were busy with the destruction list when suddenly they were surrounded by a gray fog. The cloud disappeared, as had the two men. At exactly the same instance, a woman and her two daughters had entered the building. Beth said hi, and wondered if she could help them. The woman said they were lost. They didn’t know where they were or how they got there. Beth thought the lady was kidding, but saw that she was generally perplexed. 

Beth explained where they were. And said that if she needed further assistance, she would walk her over to Security, which could probably help them more. Beth asked the women her name. The lady replied that her name was Beth, and her twin girls were named Maggie and Sarah. 

It didn’t register with Beth from the office about the names. She told the mom that she knew a man who had a wife and two daughters with the same name. Both Beths laughed at that thought.

Gil came out of his interview with Sam and headed for his table. He didn’t see Martin or Steve there, which was very odd. He headed towards Beth’s desk when he stopped suddenly. What was before him was impossible, but there nonetheless. He said Beth and both ladies turned and looked. Gil recognized his wife, and ….

Gil woke up on top of the conference room table, with the room spinning all around him. Once it stopped, he noticed Sam was checking his vitals. He looked to his right and saw Maggie and Sarah with dumbfounded expressions on their faces. He turned and saw Beth standing there. He looked further left and saw his wife just staring down at him, her face with the same expression as her two daughters.

Gil wanted to know what happened, and Sam explained that he fainted. They brought him into the room, and she examined him. Everything checked out. Gil just kept looking at his wife. Suddenly, he remembered Martin and Steve. He didn’t see them in the room. He asked Beth if she knew where they were? She had a worried look on her face. She couldn’t find them anywhere. It was like they disappeared. He turned towards his wife. She was immense, just like all the women in this world. He sat up, still unable to take his eyes off Beth. He asked that everyone leave the room, except for his wife and daughters. 

Everyone left, leaving Beth and Maggie and Sarah. Gil hopped down from the table, but failed to account for its great height. He landed and fell face first onto the floor. Beth came to him and helped him to his feet. 

They both stood up straight. He only came up to just past the midway point of her thigh. He looked at his children. They were 10 years old, yet he didn’t even come up to their developing chests. He guessed that they were close to 9 feet. Maggie asked her mom why their dad was so little. Beth had no answer. She looked down and Gil. He looked up at Beth, and tried to give her a hug, but couldn’t reach her waist. 

She bent down and picked him up and gave him a hug, only for him to struggle in panic. Beth didn’t realize that Gil was frantically trying to get free. She couldn’t help herself. She was overjoyed at seeing him. She released him and saw that he was on the verge of turning blue. She asked him what was wrong. He couldn’t catch his breath. He was gasping, until finally his breathing regulated. Beth picked him up again and brought his face to hers and just started kissing him. After a few seconds, Gil started squirming. She put him back down, and once again, he couldn’t catch his breath. 

Once he did, he looked at the girls in front of him. Beth was just as beautiful as she always was, and yet her body was different from how he remembered. Gone was any hint of the body that had two children, and in its place was one that he had grown accustomed to on this world. He was in awe of her new body.

He explained that he was still the same size as when he last saw them. It was the females of this planet that were bigger. And they were tremendously strong. He explained that somehow their physical bodies changed to adapt to their presence on the planet. He told Beth that when she hugged him, he absolutely couldn’t breathe. She gasped. She didn’t realize that she had put him in danger. He said it was ok. And then they simultaneously asked each other how they got there.

Gil explained about the mysterious cloud that surrounded the space capsule, and how they lost contact with ground control. They decided to do a manual landing, and ended up on this planet. 

Beth told him that it was breaking news when mission control not only lost contact with the capsule, but it completely disappeared from their radar. She and Martin and Steve’s wives panicked. And cried many tears, thinking that they were lost forever. 

So one day, she and the girls just wanted to walk to take their minds off the tragedy. But while they were out, a strange fog surrounded them, and next thing they knew, they were outside the office where they were now. She asked him how long he had been there, and where he and his friends slept. He replied just a few days. But he had absolutely no idea how he, or they ended up there. 

Gil said that Beth, the lady from the office, had taken the three of them in. There were no accommodations strictly for men, so they had no other choice. The three of them slept in a spare bedroom. And they came to work with her, because her apartment wasn’t set up for them to use. And they were actually working, going through old files, making sure that they were complete so they could be destroyed. 

Gil informed them once again that on this world, all the women were much, much bigger than men, and much, much stronger, so when they had to interact with males, they had to be careful. Maggie and Sarah looked at each other and smiled. Beth had seen their faces, and reminded them in a stern voice that they were to behave, or else. The girls saw that their mom was serious, and promised they would. 

Gil asked his daughters to go out to the main office and have a lady named Beth come in. Maggie and Sarah did as asked, and soon Beth had entered the room. She had a worried look on her face. Martin and Steve were missing, and there was nothing to point out what happened to them. She had called Chief Val and informed her of the situation. Chief Val sent a bunch of officers to the streets to search. Knowing there was nothing he could do, Gil introduced his wife, Beth Hodges, to the lady that had taken care of the three men. The two started chatting, with Gil’s wife thanking her for all she did. The other Beth said it was never a problem, and that she was happy that he was able to reunite with his family. They were all he talked about. Beth Hodges asked the other Beth about the size difference between men and women. Beth from the office said that she would explain later.. Gil’s wife looked down at him and smiled. The two giant ladies seemed to quickly develop a rapport. Beth from the office asked her if she needed a place to stay. She had one more spare bedroom, and it wouldn’t be any inconvenience. Until Martin and Steve could be found, the girls could use their room. Gil’s wife said that she couldn’t impose, but the other lady insisted, telling her that she realized that they were strangers in a new world, and she wanted to make sure that they were comfortable.


Gil had been thinking about his two friends. It seemed like they disappeared about the same time Beth and his daughters arrived. What if…? He had a theory. He used a break in the Beth and Beth’s conversation to posit a possibility. He told the women that he suspected that Martin and Steve returned home. He didn’t know why, nor could he guess as to why he was left there, only to have his family mysteriously arrive. It was the only explanation. The office doors were too big and too heavy for them to open, and someone in the office would have noticed two men walking out the door. There was no other answer. 

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