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Gil was unusually quiet once they got back to Beth’s apartment. Normally the most talkative of the astronaut crew, he was deep in thought, and not paying attention to the others. She was going to make dinner, and asked Gil if he wanted to help. Beth didn’t need his help, but wanted to get him alone and find out what was bothering him without the others knowing.

Gil absentmindedly followed her into the kitchen. Beth picked him up and put him on the counter, and as she was getting everything ready, asked him if something was bothering him, and if there was something, was it something she did. Gil just said that nothing was wrong. Beth could tell by his halfhearted answer that he wasn’t telling the truth.

She moved closer to him, and bent down slightly to be eye level with him. She told him that he could be totally honest with her. He just had to trust her. Whatever was going on in his mind, she just wanted him to tell her, so she could help. Gil looked at her blankly and again told her nothing was wrong. Beth knew it was pointless to push the issue, she lifted him down off the counter and asked that he leave the kitchen. She didn’t want him to go, but she knew he was distracted. And distracted people in the kitchen led to injuries.

Gil returned to the living room and just sat on a cushion on the sofa. Martin and Steve were also sitting, and Martin asked him what was going on. Gil said nothing. Martin said that was bullshit, and wanted to know, telling him that what affected one of them could affect all of them.

Gil looked at his friends, and told them that while they were walking home, he swore he briefly saw Beth and the kids across the street, but when he looked again, they were gone. He wanted to investigate, but was stopped by the Beth of this world. He understood that she wanted to keep them safe, but the image he saw was almost real. And it was killing him knowing that there was a possibility, though infinitely small, that they were there.

Martin and Steve looked at him with sympathy. They knew he was having terrible dreams, and was sleeping poorly, but to have it in his mind that his wife and kids were on this planet was a sign of a possible mental breakdown. The best they could do is ask Beth if she had any alcohol, let him have a drink, then put him to bed. Martin thought he needed sleep more than anything.

Beth made a quick, easy soup for dinner. Since Gil wasn’t talking, Martin and Steve carried the conversation with her. They talked about something that was mentioned by Mary or Margaret about the Goddess Hera creating this planet. The men thought it was silly, but were trying to find out more about where they were.

Beth said that yes, Hera was the Goddess of the planet. She had created women in her own image, and they were grateful that she was a benevolent Goddess. Martin asked her how was she able to create all this when her husband Zeus was the supreme deity of Mt Olympus? Beth didn’t understand the question. She told them that Hera was not married to a man named Zeus, whoever that was. The Goddess Hera created many wonderful worlds, where men and women lived in harmony. It was her will.

Steve chimed in, asking if Beth found it odd that women were so much larger than men. She replied that it was the way it had always been. The evolution of the population happened according to Hera’s plan. The Goddess had blessed this world with health, prosperity, and peace. Martin and Steve could see that Beth was getting a little annoyed that they weren’t understanding what she was saying, so they both raised their cups and toasted the Goddess Hera, and that brought a warm smile to her face. 

Gil just sat there, still deep in his thoughts. Over and over he kept asking himself if what he saw was real. They only way he would be able to get his answer was that the next time he thought he saw him, he would have to be quicker than Beth. It was his only opportunity to know one way or the other. 

Once Gil was finished eating, he excused himself and went to the bedroom. He was as exhausted as he had ever been, even with all his military and astronaut training. It was the long days and lack of sleep. He silently prayed that any dream he had wouldn’t involve Sam. He needed to keep his mind on Beth and the twins.

He was passed out by the time Martin and Steve came to bed. They enjoyed getting a chance to talk to their giant hostess. They also realized that they should have been more respectful of her religious beliefs, and both did apologize to her for their attitudes. She told them that liked telling them all about Hera. Since everyone on the planet believed the same, it was a little different actually being asked. So no harm, no foul.

Gil tossed and turned like he was on a ship in the middle of a hurricane. He woke up. He saw that he was in the bedroom, and he saw Martin and Steve next to him, sleeping soundly. Gil felt relieved. He did not have a bad dream. So he laid back down and fell into another deep sleep.

A short time later, he was awoken by a noise. He immediately thought someone was trying to break into Beth’s apartment, so he sprang up and went out to the living room, expecting trouble. He looked around, and saw everything was in order. Just a sound, he thought.

So he made his way back towards the bedroom. But the hallway seemed a lot longer than he remembered. He kept walking, but the room was still far away. He thought it strange. 

Then he saw a familiar light coming from a bedroom at the end. He followed the light. Entering the room, he saw the candles on the floor, but they were dimmer than he remembered. He looked around and didn’t see anyone or anything, so he turned to leave.

As he was walking out the door, he heard a noise. Quickly turning, he saw a towering figure at the back of the room. It was a female. He thought of Sam, but it wasn’t. The body wasn’t the same. He stood there as the figure came towards him. Gil admired the beauty of what was in front of him, the perfect breasts, the beautiful lines of a perfect body. 

The figure reached him. Gil was overwhelmed by a desire to kiss what was in front of him. He looked up, but the face was hidden in the shadows. He started caressing the thigh in front of him. The figure laid down, and he moved to her breasts and began to suck on them. They were as magnificent as Sam’s, yet there was something strangely familiar about them.

Gil made his way up to the figure's face. He started kissing her lips. He continued to kiss, and with passion. But like the breasts, the lips were also strangely familiar. It was then that the candles grew brighter, and Gil finally saw the face, and he let out a scream. It was Beth, his Beth. His wife, and she was immense. 

Martin woke up Gil. His screaming had gotten his friends up, and also woke Beth. She came in and tried to reassure him that it was only a dream, and noticing the tear running down his face, gently wiped it away. She asked him if he wanted to go to the living room to calm down, but Gil gave her a strange look, like he didn’t trust her. Beth saw his reaction, and felt hurt by it. She wondered what could have he dreamt about to cause his reaction.

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