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Chapter 7

“Holograms!” came the deep, rich, confident voice of Perona. Katherine felt herself freeze in place upon hearing her “assistant’s” answer for where A&W should take its multimedia marketing products. It was already bad enough for Katherine, even without Perona making a splash at the meeting with this flashy new idea. Right now, Katherine had to stand on her tiptoes just to remain face-level with the middle of Perona and Remilia’s thighs, which were continuing to thicken and lengthen with each passing moment. The truth was never clearer to Katherine than it was now: Junko was cruelly draining her height and size, and, to add insult to injury, the demon girl was then funneling her size to Perona and Remilia (and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the women in the room). Katherine couldn’t believe how tiny and puny she was becoming, even as she gawked and marveled at the incredible height, the luscious curves, and the astounding beauty of Perona and Remilia. Both of them had already been attractive before, but now, they were both drop-dead gorgeous, and put Katherine’s visage to shame.

But it wasn’t just their bodies that were inspiring the meeting now — a ripple had gone through the meeting at Perona’s ambitious and unexpected new suggestion. Katherine was totally thrown for a loop; the Perona she knew probably didn’t even know what holograms were, let alone view them as a potential product for their multimedia marketing! How on earth had Perona pulled this idea out of the air!? Katherine had no idea, but pretty quickly, even as she was still shrinking next to Perona and Remilia’s growing pillars, she realized that she needed to come down HARD on this idea, to save face in front of all of her “subordinates,” and to convince Stella that she, and not Perona, was in charge of the office.

“Holograms!?” Katherine laughed sardonically. She was horrified by the sound of her thin, weak, high-pitched voice, but she pushed on, ignoring it — she had something to prove, and fast.

“Yes, Katherine…holograms,” said Perona coolly, bending her head and angling it down past her huge breasts, so that she could actually see her “boss.” “I can already tell that you have a problem with my idea, so…heheh, why don’t we just go ahead and get your objections out of the way, huh? Before I elaborate.”

Katherine mouthed up at Perona, who was still growing next to her. She noticed with a creeping sense of helplessness that Perona’s hand, even though her arm was all the way extended at her side, was almost exactly even with Katherine’s head. Perona’s hand…it was all too crazy…Katherine realized that, if she had wanted to, Perona could simply spread her hand outward, move it slightly forward, and palm her entire head. Perona seemed to have gotten the same idea, because Katherine saw that she was eying the top of her head, and had started spreading and flexing the long, powerful fingers of her hand. Katherine spoke up quickly, to try and distract attention.

“Th-that’s…that’s just crazy, Perona!” she exclaimed, looking out with a desperate, pleading smile at the rest of the meeting. “I — I mean…hahahaha…holograms!? L-like…like in the movies and everything!? C-come on Perona, heheh, we’re, uhhh…w-we’re in a serious meeting here and…and everything! And…haha, like, you uhhh…you’re throwing out all this…l-like, umm…ridiculous nonsense, and…uhhh…I mean, heh, have you b-been watching, uhhh, I don’t know…Star Wars…or something, recently!? Hah, cause, uhhh…th-that…that would explain the crazy ideas, wouldn’t it??”

“Oh dearrrrr,” sighed Junko, who was now standing in front of the big conference room window, staring off at the city below. “The saddest part of these jobs is when my little projects just do all the work for me…I can tease, torment, and torture until the cow come home, but when tiny, pathetic little Katherine makes a bigger ass out of HERSELF, there’s nothing I can do. I can not even begin to express the depths of my boredom at this current moment. It is as deep as the furthest depths of the deepest ocean trench, and as profound as the enduring mystery of the stars that twinkle furtively in the night sky.”

Katherine couldn’t make heads or tails of Junko’s bizarre speech, but she didn’t have time in any case. The awkward silence that permeated the meeting room was more embarrassing and upsetting for her than any sort of derisive response. It was clear to her that she had just mortified herself. She looked over at the middle of the thick, luscious thigh of Perona, directly even with her eyes now. Up, up, and up she looked, until finally, she saw her “assistant’s” eyes peeking down at her over a massive mound of breast flesh. Katherine was so far down now that she couldn’t even see Perona’s full face. But she could see enough of Perona’s eyes to know that she was delighted at Katherine’s pathetic attempts at rebuttal.

“Is that…really all you have to say, Katherine?” asked Stella, the disappointment dripping from her voice. “Cheap jokes and empty rhetoric? Is that really the best that my…*cough*…my “Office Manager” can provide?”

Katherine burned inwardly and outwardly with embarrassment, but Stella’s challenge only made her double down more.

“B-but…but Stella!!” she burst out, taking a step away from Perona’s huge body, just to try and escape from the direct size comparison. Right away, however, she felt a huge, powerful hand wrap completely around her shoulder, holding her fast with unassailable force. Without even looking, Katherine knew that Remilia had stepped in and prevented her from getting away from being sandwiched in between the two growing, burgeoning beauties. Katherine shuddered as she felt Remilia’s strong hand completely engulf her shoulder AND wrap around her entire upper arm, all at the same time. That’s how big the 18-year-old had become, compared to her increasing puniness.

“But…j-just…holograms!?!” Katherine exclaimed, plowing ahead despite being so obviously overpowered. “I mean…Stella! D-does that idea, like…uhhhh…deserve anything other than…than cheap jokes?! Like…come on, hahaha!”

Stella just sat there for a long moment, giving Katherine a look of genuine disbelief, before turning her eyes up to Perona.

“Care to answer your…uhm…your “boss,” Perona?” Stella asked. At the word “boss,” the other women around the table muttered in laughter. Simply looking at the comparison between Perona and Katherine was enough to elicit this reaction, but when Perona started speaking, her words only served to underline, in bold-face lines, the disparity between the two of them. Perona glanced down at Katherine, held fast by Remilia’s effortlessly powerful grip, and Katherine got a sense of foreboding. Her eyes glanced nervously over to the window where Junko had been before — she was expecting the demon girl to start mocking her all over again…but, true to her fickle nature, Junko had disappeared again.

“You can’t get out of this,” whispered Remilia down to her, and Katherine felt the teenager’s other hand reach down and encompass her other shoulder in an iron grip. Ever so surely, with a slow, voluptuous motion, Remilia pulled Katherine backwards, until she felt the middle of the the thick, creamy thighs pressing into the back of her head. And even still, as the firm flesh pressed into her, Katherine could FEEL it growing — Remilia was getting taller, bigger, thicker, everywhere, and Katherine was STILL shrinking. But now Perona was inhaling again, inflating her mighty bosom, to respond.

“Well, ladies, you heard the…uhm…haha, the supposed “expert opinion” from my “boss” there, haha.” Perona stepped slightly in front of Katherine, to face the rest of the meeting room, in the process treating Katherine to a view of her gargantuan ass, which rose up above Katherine’s head, growing and ballooning visibly with each passing second. Katherine felt her clit twinge again as she once more noticed that she was unwillingly wet — her eyes darted desperately around for Junko, seemingly of their own accord. In that moment, just looking up at Perona’s giant ass (which Katherine could now only reach if she stood on her tiptoes), she felt a surging lust, a lust to be ravished, to be squashed, to be dominated by Perona’s big, strong, enormous body. And strangely, in the midst of her lust, she looked around for Junko, because her eyes were hungry for the demon girl’s body. To her horror, the smaller Katherine became, the hornier she was getting. But Junko was still nowhere to be seen.

“Unfortunately,” continued Perona, in that same deep, rich, and confident tone that commanded attention, “Katherine has once again shown that she has…how to put this politely…come up SHORT when it comes to innovative new ideas.”

The women around the meeting room table all laughed out loud now, their enlarged breasts jiggling and bouncing against the smooth conference room table. Even Stella had cracked a little smile at Perona’s obvious dig. Katherine’s face turned bright red, but she was too aroused and desperate to come up with an answer. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because Perona was continuing, and would have easily drowned out Katherine’s puny, high-pitched voice.

“Holograms aren’t even the “way of the future,” as some less ambitious marketing firms would have you believe,” said Perona, using her hands skillfully to gesture and emphasize her words. Silver bracelets jangled on her firm, womanly arms as she talked, and Katherine couldn’t help but notice that a single one of Perona’s bracelets would have easily fit around her thigh.

“Holograms are being developed NOW, right this very moment,” persisted Perona with fresh energy, “And they will play an enormous role in determining the future of so many different products. It’s up to us to get ahead of this curve, and aggressively make our multimedia services available to up-and-coming tech companies who have bravely decided to forge a new path ahead, into the great unknown. Anyone who jumps into the deep end and develops new cutting-edge technology is ALWAYS taking a massive risk that their endeavors will fail, but I’ve seen plenty of evidence to suggest that the development of holograms, especially from radical start-up companies like Braden, Inc and Rubik’s, just to name a couple, will have vast payouts in the end. And you know what, ladies? I think we owe it to them to make our services available. I’m not even talking about the sensible economic choice — that much is clear already. No — I’m talking about going beyond the simple nuts and bolts of marketing. I’m talking about choosing to join a powerful new technological movement which will change our world for the better.”

The murmurs of assent were now rippling through the meeting room — Perona’s impassioned and well-delivered speech was clearly having a powerful effect on the women present, and the nodding heads and excited mutterings showed how impressed they were with Perona’s presentation. Stella looked especially impressed, and her lips were pursed like they always were when she was so pleased that she was trying to prevent herself from smiling. As Perona talked, Katherine felt Remilia’s thighs slowly beginning to encompass her head. She was getting smaller, and Remilia was continuing to get bigger, as Perona made a stronger and stronger case. Katherine was in full panic-mode now. She had to do something drastic to stop all of this in its tracks.

“This…is…this is just r-ridiculous!!” she yelled, and she started desperately pulling and straining against Remilia’s grip, in a feverish attempt to wrench herself free. She had gotten the wild idea that she was going to get free of Remilia, and then, in a grand, dramatic gesture, jump up onto the conference room table, where she would at least have a stage, and would then proceed to eviscerate Perona’s idea with such style and panache that Stella and the other women would have no alternative but to applaud and recognize her true position as Office Manager.

Unfortunately for Katherine, was actually happened couldn’t have been further from her plan. As she jostled and yelled in Remilia’s grip, she suddenly felt her feet leave the floor. Before she knew what was happening, Katherine realized that Remilia had picked her up, and was lifting her like a child in front of the whole meeting. Her face, already red, blushed an even more intense crimson, and she struggled and fought desperately, now kicking her skinny little legs out wildly in the air, trying anything she could to wriggle free of Remilia’s strong arms.

“Hahaha, what was that, Katherine?” laughed Remilia, squishing Katherine’s face in between her firm, buxom, developed teenage breasts. “What was it that you were just saying was ridiculous?”

“I — I w-was SAYING…ow! I was saying how…how SILLY it is…t-to…to even THINK of…of s-saying the things that…that P-Perona…was just…”

“Mmhmm…how SILLY it all is…riiiiiight,” chuckled Remilia. Katherine could feel the teenager’s large body quivering and vibrating all around her, since she was completely sandwiched in between Remilia’s big, bountiful tits. Her legs were dangling right around Remilia’s knees, and it was apparent to everyone how utterly dwarfed she was by the young woman’s luscious, growing body.

“What else is SILLY Katherine, hrmmm?” inquired Remilia, bending her face down so that her full lips were now hovering right at the entrance of Katherine’s ear. Katherine felt herself seize up once again — she knew that Remilia’s silent, implied threat was that she was going to thrust her long, sensuous tongue deep into Katherine’s ear again, right in front of the meeting. This prospect terrified Katherine, because she was already so hopelessly aroused that she KNEW that such an action from Remilia would totally push her over the edge and make her cum. She had already been embarrassed enough…the thought of being forced to CUM, in front of Perona, in front of her boss…in front of EVERYONE…was unbearable.

“Are YOU silly, Katherine?” asked Remilia, raising her voice enough so that everyone could hear. “Because, liiiiike…you’re a “grown woman” who’s just made a total fool out of herself, in front of everyone, and now, you’re being displayed like a little DOLL by the teenage niece of your…heheh…your FORMER assistant. How does that make you feel, Katherine…huh? How does it make you feel, to be soooo, so short and tiny, so unimaginably PUNY, that I’m literally not even holding onto you anymore.”

“Wh-what!?” cried Katherine, aghast. She had been about to protest Remilia’s talk of Perona being her “former” assistant, but this new information, that Remilia wasn’t even holding onto her anymore, made her reassess her situation. How was she being held up!? Her legs were still flailing and kicking in the air, and her head and upper body was still lodged in between Remilia’s breasts.

Remilia seemed to read her mind, and Katherine felt a shadow fall over her head. Remilia had extended both of her hands outward, and was now waving all ten of her fingers teasingly, first over Katherine’s head, and then directly in front of her face. Katherine could barely believe how long and powerful Remilia’s fingers looked, but she was now so aroused and helpless that she didn’t even have the mental capacity to process what was happening. All she knew now was that Remilia was keeping her suspended in the air by the sheer power of her breasts alone. And, like an idiotic, childish fool, she, Katherine, was kicking and flailing fruitlessly, looking for all the world like a pathetic child in one of those body slings that parents wore. Except Remilia didn’t have a body sling — all she needed to hold Katherine’s little body up were her breasts.

The rest of the women were now laughing openly, not even bothering to try and hide it anymore. The spectacle before them was simply too ridiculous not to react this way. Katherine could feel her power draining away with each passing moment, and she realized, from the way that the flesh of Remilia’s breasts was slowly, inexorably encroaching on the ret of her head, that her shrinking, and the young woman’s growing, STILL hadn’t stopped. Katherine again looked desperately around for Junko, to beg the demon to make her shrinking stop. At this point, Katherine didn’t care how crazy she looked anymore — she just wanted it all to stop…the humiliation, the degradation…all of it.

“Haha, say hello to your “Office Manager” everyone!” laughed Remilia. She grabbed one of Katherine’s small little hands in her giant fingers and forced Katherine to “wave” to the meeting.

“Hiiiiii!” piped Remilia, miming Katherine’s newly-high-pitched voice. “She says hiiiiii, everyone!”

“Heheh, hiiiii Katherine!” joked one of the women, playing along with Remilia’s game.

“Hello, boss!” chimed in another woman, her busty frame shaking with laughter at Katherine’s expense.

“Sooooo happy to have you here, Katherine!” laughed another woman. “You’ve contributed a lot of valuable information today!”

“I’ll say,” muttered Stella, “Although perhaps not exactly the information she was MEANING to contribute…hmmmm…in any case, back to business — Perona, I’m loving it. Tell me more. Give all the hologram info you’ve got. Why should it be the future marketing territory of A&W?”

“You hear that?” came Remilia’s hoarse whisper in Katherine’s ear. “Your boss is disgusted with you…she’s already moving on to BIGGER and BETTER things…and here you are, stuck in between my big tits, kicking your legs like a pathetic little schoolgirl. Why don’t you give a listen while auntie hammers the final nails into your tiny coffin?”

Without warning, Remilia proceeded to thrust her tongue deep into Katherine’s ear again, just like she had done the previous day. Now, however, it was not in the private corner of an office hallway — it was right in front of an entire meeting of all essential A&W staff…and Remilia just didn’t care. She twisted and gyrated her huge tongue deep, deep into Katherine’s ear, writhing her tongue lewdly inside her narrow ear canal. Katherine gasped out loud, her mouth wide open in a bizarre mixture of horror and ecstasy. Her little body was starting to shake, and she knew that it would be impossible to stave off a powerful orgasm. She shut her eyes tightly, her mouth still open and quivering uncontrollably. Maybe, just maybe, she could manage to stop it from happening…maybe, if she just —

“Hey hey hey!” came the quick, staccato sound of Junko’s chipper voice at her other ear. Katherine groaned out in despair, knowing full well that any chance she had at resistance now was going to crumble into ashes.

“Nooooo,” Katherine whispered, trying to shake her head, “No, no….noooooo!”

“Is that any way to welcome the guest of honor to this veritable Banquet of the Ears?!” laughed Junko, flicking her demonically-skilled tongue with inhuman speed across Katherine’s exposed earlobe. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say that you weren’t happy to have me showing up like this. Haha but I DO know better! I can smell the wet musk of your cunt from all the way across the room. Good GRIEF, Katherine, I didn’t realize you were such a helpless little beta sub ALREADY! Hahaha, I was always going to turn you into one, but lo and behold you turn out to be one underneath, without me even having to lift a finger, or…flick my tongue! Aaaaalalalalalalalalalalalathathathathathathathalalalalalalalala!!!”

Junko moaned with lewd and lascivious energy as she flicked and swirled and probed her tongue around the outer crevices of Katherine’s ear, just as Remilia was thrusting her tongue deep into the other one. Katherine knew that the demon was only buttering her up, waiting for the climactic moment when she, too, would thrust her tongue deep into Katherine’s ear canal. But that didn’t stop the hapless woman from moaning out pitifully, in wordless, begging agony that was fast becoming usurped by pure, forced, submissive pleasure. But for Katherine, it wasn’t “real” pleasure — it was a kind of hopeless abandonment to her primal urges.

“Well, to begin with,” Perona was saying, glancing over at Katherine before smiling and continuing, “Holograms aren’t simply the projections of people, like they’re shown in the uhm, haha, the movies that Katherine erroneously mentioned. No, a hologram is actually a real world recording of an interference pattern which uses diffraction to reproduce a 3D light field, resulting in an image which still has the depth, parallax, and other properties of the original scene.”

“Oh wow…so the possibilities are…well, endless, then?” Stella asked excitedly, deeply impressed with Perona’s knowledge.

“Waalalalalalalathahaththallalala….mmmmm, taaaassssty,” whispered Junko dirtily in Katherine’s ear, licking and lapping at it hungrily as Remilia forged ahead in her other ear. “Just LISTEN to her go, Katherine! My god, she probably weighs about four times as much as you now.”

“Exactly!” answered Perona, glancing sideways again at the helpless moans that were coming from Katherine, before once again grinning and continuing. “So my overarching point, ladies, is that if we commit ourselves to providing hologram manufacturers with our multimedia services, we’ll be opening up our company to unimaginably diverse fields of interest and profit in the decades to come. There are countless applications for hologram technology that are literally on the verge of becoming mainstream — I’m talking about applications in fields as diverse and multi-form as art, data storage, interferometry, microscopy, biosensors, security products, like, for example, high-security hologram protection for credit cards…the list goes on and on. It’s time to be BIG and BOLD, ladies…not….haha, not like the ideas we’ve heard from our…previous Office Manager.”

“You couldn’t have said it better, Perona,” announced Stella, joining in the other women in applauding Perona’s dynamic ideas. “From now on, haha, and I think this goes without saying, YOU will be the Office Manager at A&W. You’ve clearly shown today that you have the vision, the tenacity, and the will to propel us into the future. And as for you, Katherine…”

“Ooooo, showtime!” cackled Junko sexily in her ear, and suddenly, the demon had thrust her long, sinuous, powerful tongue even deeper into Katherine’s ear than Remilia’s was already. Katherine’s entire body seized up violently in between Remilia’s tits, and her eyes rolled back into her head as her mouth opened further still, like she was having a grand mal seizure. All she could hear was the loud slurping of both Remilia and Junko, mercilessly probing the inner depths of her ears. It felt like they were both licking her brain, scrambling it into a useless pile of quivering jelly.

Katherine came. She came and came and came, over and over, so hard that she squirted, leaking ejaculate out in a dark, growing stain in the crotch of her over-large clothes. Remilia’s mocking laughter was echoing somewhere above her head. Junko was shaking her head back and forth like a rabid animal, her tongue still deep in Katherine’s ear, as she made the loudest and most licentious noises of all.


Katherine had no idea how long she came, or what was happening during her relentless orgasms. If she had been aware, she would have seen a roomful of tall, buxom women staring at her in silence; some of them watched fascinated, like they were at the zoo, while others looked on in disgust. Stella was smiling wryly, shaking her head, as she watched her former star employee dissolving into a pathetic mess in front of her. When Katherine was finally able to open her eyes, Junko was gone, and all that was left was the sexy, curvy body of Remilia behind her, shaking with laughter.

“Like I was saying…Katherine,” said Stella, her voice rife with disapproval. “I’m demoting you. You’ve shown yourself to be wholly inadequate to the task today. You’ll be working for Perona from now on.”

“And the first thing I want my new assistant to do,” intoned Perona richly, “Is to get measured. Put her down, Remilia. Let’s see how tiny she is now.”

Katherine felt her skinny body lowered down and forced up against the window. Remilia handed Perona a measuring tape, which Perona quickly measured Katherine with. Or, at least, after she measured herself and Remilia.

“Rem! Oh my god! You’re 6’9!” cried Perona. “And I…I’m the same…just a little taller, actually, heheh…not quite 6’10…almost!”

“That’s insane!” laughed Remilia, as the rest of the women laughed and chattered amongst themselves, comparing their enlarged, beautiful bodies.

“Now…for my little assistant,” chucked Perona, leaning down, down down to measure Katherine, who was so exhausted and humiliated that she just stood there helplessly, feeling that this must truly be rock-bottom for her.

‘Oh but it isn’t rock-bottom,’ said a voice inside her head…Junko’s voice…or her’s? Katherine didn’t know anymore. ‘It’s not even close.’

“Hahaha, well I might need to hire one more little assistant,” laughed Perona, “Just so I can have ONE normal-sized person! Get this, Katherine: you’re not even THREE FEET TALL anymore. You’re 2’11.”

Katherine’s blood ran cold, even as she could do nothing but stand there and gape, staring forward, straight into Perona’s knees.



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