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Author's Chapter Notes:

This actually is broken into chapters, i just find that the mobile site is really not user-friendly. So please dont feel you have to read it all in one go


 Chapter 1

Patrick lay there restless considering ways to end his torment, as he listened to the loud snoring of his captor. He had never hated anyone until he had the displeasure of meeting Lexa. The girl was a gothic nightmare plus thirty pounds as Patrick would say. It had only been four months since she did this to him, but to him, it seemed like an eternity. He lay there tied to the hamster cage next to Lexa's bed, with no means of escape.

 It was cold in the room but by now he was almost used to it because she didn't want to go through the trouble of giving him cloths. Finally though, he had a chance of escape.

For the first time Lexa was going to take her little slave to school with her because she thought she had finally broke him enough to where he wouldn't try to get away. She also had been having a bad week so for her own personal pleasure she wanted him.

He looked across the massive dark room at Lexa's purse and wondered if he could push one of the zippers open. He looked at his legs that still rippled with muscle. "I may have just enough." he whispered. "Who am I kidding, I have to be strong enough."

Patrick's eyes grew heavy as he drifted into sleep. His body ached from the stress of the day on his body along with the scars from her razors.

As soon as Lexa got home her "fun" began with Patrick. First he would have to lick the sweat from her body, and then he had to rub her feet. These were just a few of his demeaning tasks of the day but finally the worst was being constantly abused by a girl with no sense of human decency.

The first time he was raped was like hell. Lexa forced him against her crotch and humped him, crushing him with every pulse. Patrick was lucky he was alive after that. Had it not been for the fat on Lexa's hand to absorb the blow, Patrick would have died.

This whole mess started just like any other day, after Patrick got out of school, he headed to the gym half way across town. But as he pulled up to the complex he saw a young girl about a year younger then him sitting on the curb crying.

This girl was one of those over weight emo chicks you see at a comic-con. The type with short jet black hair, pale paper white skin, and cloths five sizes too small. But being the nice guy Patrick was, he got out of the car and sat next to her and began talking to her.

"Hey are you okay?" Patrick asked with concerned eyes.

He got no reply from this girl who was still balling her eyes out.

"Are you hurt?" Patrick asked.

"You wouldn't understand." She finally snapped.

"I can try, I've got time." Said Patrick sympathetically

The girl looked at him confused, for whom was this guy sculpted by what appeared to be god himself, to come and talk to her. She finally said. "Well, Okay. But it's a long story."

"Like I said," Patrick laughs "I got time."

As she spoke something just didn't feel right to him but he couldn't put his finger on it. She told an outlandish story about how her boy friend of seven months told her to meet her here so he could propose.

"He said he would come down from Nebraska to propose to me at his old stomping ground. I was so exited but when I got here he was no where to be found." She cried.

"Oh sorry to hear that." He said as he slowly got up.

"Maybe he sent you instead?" the girl said to her self.

"Um I'm pretty sure he didn't" Patrick answered as he turned his back and walked to his truck. Suddenly he felt a needle go into his back and he shouted.

He pulled out the needle and turned to the girl who stood there smiling. Something was off as she along with everything else began to grow.

Before he could comprehend what was going on, the once 6'4 Patrick stood at three inches tall. He screamed as she lifted him out of the pile that was his cloths and laughed. "Silly boy, no one can hear you scream. You're mine now."

From there on Patrick was a slave.

Visions of freedom flashed in Patrick's mind as he slept. In these he found himself laying on a beach in isolation. There was nothing but him, a chair, cold beer, and the sound of his favorite music.

Turquoise waves broke on the shore line as the warm sun glistened in the sky. The sand was white and soft as silk. No more Lexa to darken his door way.

Patrick knew it was too good to be true, but really didn't care. This was truly the only escape he had from the monster that controlled his life.

Soon however the ground under him began to shake violently and began to crack. His heart sank as he began to sink into the sand. He tried to get out of the chair but he found himself paralyzed.

He awoke to find Lexa shaking the hamster cage. "Get your ass up." she ordered.

"I'm awake." Patrick said then he muttered. "Fat bastered."

Lexa undid the bread ties that were used to shackle him and pulled him out of the cage. She was already dressed in her usual torn up black jeans, equipped with chains, and her shirt that was five sizes to small.

Patrick got shoved tin the side pocket of her purse, next to a pen and a quarter. But soon all the light was gone as she zipped up the bag. In the darkness he would sit and think of how to get out.

Chapter 2

For a while Patrick was thrown around in the bag as Lexa moved. She was proud of her self, now that she had a guy who would always be by her side. In her mind if she couldn't have a real boy friend she would just make one.

Romance wasn't her thing, nor was having any social skills. Her only friend was this girl named Rainy, who suffered from split personality disorder. Lexa was also into anything magical and mythical. On several occasions Patrick got called a fairy.

"What's that Patrick? You love me and never want to leave my side?" Lexa asked as she looked at her purse, despite the fact if Patrick really did say that she couldn't hear it. "I love you too and don't worry; I won't ever let you go."

From the hallway next to her room she walked out to the garage and flipped on the lights. Her parents had already gone to work so the only car parked was her red Porsche her daddy bought her.

As she plopped onto the leather seats she began to hum some unintelligible song. Lexa laid the purse in the passenger seat and cranked the ignition. And as if it were cued a lady gaga song, Bad romance, began playing.

The cobble stone drive way turned into asphalt and the large beautiful stone house faded in the distance. Housing became more congested as she drove through town to the school.

The campus sat on a ten acre plot of land, mostly for athletics. At the center was a large boxy brick High school. As expected with high schools. The parking sucked, with people in two spots at the same time and crappy drivers a plenty.

Lexa parked in the closest spot possible, to the front door. She grabbed her various bags and when inside the school.


Patrick pulled him self together as the bag settled on the floor. He quickly felt around the bag for the pen. After moment of searching, he found it.

Patrick only stood half as tall as the pocket so he had to shimmy up between the sidings. The pen dangled from his right hand as he climbed up the the sliding part of the zipper.

He wedged the pen between the small crack at the end of the zipper then pushed the bottom of the pen so the top pried open some of the track. Sweat drenched his face as he put every thing he had into it. But the zipper only opened enough for his head and possibly his arm could get out.

Finally after a moment to catch his breath Patrick poked his head out to check his surroundings. The purse was sitting in a chair inside a class room next to Lexa. She was asleep on the desk as it appeared while the very monotone teacher gave a lecture.

Lexa was seated on the middle row of the right portion of the room. In front of her from what Patrick could tell, was a row full of students and behind was row with three girls who looked like they were texting. The girls were pretty but were the least of things on his mind right now.

"Maybe I can push my way to freedom." Patrick said as he sank his head back into the purse. He placed his feet against the zipper and held his balanced him self against the bag with his hands. Keeping his folded legs together he began to push.

The zipper inched (or rather millimetered) open. Finally there was a gap large enough for Patrick to squeeze out. He hesitated before sticking his head out then thought to himself. "There is no way I can make it out without being seen. I just got to wait for ether nature to call her or the bell."

Patrick stayed wedged up high enough to escape but allowed his body to sink lower. To survive, he realized he would need to play it smart. Controlling his emotions would have to be his priority for now.

After almost a half hour the bell rang. It startled Patrick enough that he almost fell. Things began shifting below him as Patrick found it hard to maintain balance.

As soon as he was sure he was in the hallway, Patrick poked his head out. A sea of never ending giants surrounded him as Lexa moved through the hallway.

She moved towards a row of lockers of to the side and Patrick saw his chance coming. Lexa stopped in front of the row of lockers and began cracking the combination lock. Patrick pulled himself out of the purse and jumped.

It was like slow motion as he fell away from Lexa and closer towards the white tile ground. Thank fully no one saw him as his feet hit the floor.

He looked to the river of feet hammering the floor and looked back at Lexa who had no idea of his little prison break. "I got to run through them, then find a foot to catch a ride on." Patrick said shaking his head.

With one deep breath he darted into the walk way, running as fast as he could dodging every almost crush. All the running and jumping out of the way was making his legs burn. He looked for a shoe he could easily hop onto without being detected.

Finally his chance came as a boot came crashing down next to him, he followed this boot and jumped on, letting sweet momentum take him. Patrick gripped a loose shoe lace for dear life.

Every jolt of every step, almost threw him off. It was like riding a bucking elephant and Patrick hope this eight second ride wasn't going to be his last.

The scenery twisted and turned before him along with his stomach. But between jolts he could see a pair of vending machines off to the left. Once he got close enough he decided he would let go.

"I have never been happier to see a snack machine." Patrick said. The person whom Patrick was holding onto came within two feet from the machines and turned to get in his or her locker.

Patrick jumped off and ran for the cover of the machines that were elevated, by legs, about five inches. Dust flew every where as he slid under the machine. Quickly he got to his feet and scurried to the back.

He sat with his back to the wall and laughed." I'm free! Thank god, no more torture. " Patrick set his head back and took a deep breath. Then after his nerves died he fell asleep.

Suddenly Patrick awoke as a cold object rolled up and hit his foot. His eyes shot open when he realized that it was a quarter that some one dropped and had rolled to hit him.

Standing in front of the machine, was a pair of feet in flip flops, obviously a girl judging by the pink nail polish. She was bending over and Patrick's heart sank. This girls hair touched the floor when her hands did, so this wasn't Lexa who kept a pixie cut, that and this girl was a brunet.

Her face came into view and she was gorgeous. She had high cheek bones nice plump lips and deep blue eyes. But instead of lust, Patrick was afraid. He had his back against the wall and his knees were shaking.

The girl saw him and her mouth dropped and her eyes got as wide as bowling balls. She fell backwards and screeched. Patrick covered his ears and curled into a ball

Chapter 3

This girl saw how afraid he was of her and crawled closer to the machine and in the sweetest voice she said. "Hey, I can tell you're scared, but please don't be. I won't hurt you."

Patrick didn't move he just sat there shaking. "No, not again." he muttered.

"Do you have a name?" she asked.

Patrick considered telling, then moment later gave in. "I'm Patrick." he managed to whimper.


"Patrick?" she asked softly. "I like that. Listen, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to help."

Patrick actually looked up at her and sheepishly said. "Do you promise?"

The girl smiled and said "yes I promise. Can I pick you up so we can find a better place to talk?"

Not knowing what to think of her Patrick accepted, only because it looked to him like he had no choice. Her large warm hand wrapped around him took him up. She then took her quarter with the other hand as she got up off the ground.

Patrick was trembling as she held him. The girl kept her sweet reassuring smiled as she put her quarter in the machine. "Sorry but I'm having a mountain dew attack. But I'll take you to my car after this, ok?"

Patrick nodded.

She removed the bottle from the slot and proceeded to carry Patrick out the side door down the end of the hall. The hallway was empty and Patrick wondered how long he was asleep.

"I guess I never told you my name." She said as she pushed against the door. "My name's Brittany."

The air outside was warm and the evening light was orange. Patrick asked. "Brittany, um, what do you plan on doing to me?"

Brittany looked at him confused. "Well, I want to know what you are first and second if you are human I want to help you get back to normal."

Patrick was hesitant but said. "You... want to help me?"

She chuckled. "Yeah, that's what I said." she noticed the worried expression on his face and that he was still shaking. "Some one hurt you didn't they?"

Patrick didn't respond to that.

"You're safe now, don't worry." she said

She placed Patrick on her shoulder as she unlocked the door to her Chevy impala. Patrick was impressed, this girl had some taste. Her sweet scent was intoxicating to Patrick as he took it in.

Brittany sat down in the leather seat and buckled her self in. "I'm gonna take you home okay, and you don't have to tell me every thing right now. I'll let you get your head straight."

Patrick was still afraid but he was also becoming curious of her. "Okay."

She took him from her shoulder and placed him between the seat belt and her waist. Brittany cranked the ignition and the beast that is impala, roared to life.

"I am impressed though." Patrick said.

"With what?" Brittany asked.

"You have some taste when it comes to cars." Patrick replied.

Brittany laughed as she pulled the black beauty out of the parking spot. "Thanks, I love this car. It's got character."

Patrick smiled and thought to himself. "She just might turn out to be a good girl after all, but still, at any moment I could be her next toy." that thought made him shiver as Lexa popped in his head. At first she was sweet but soon after the girl did things to him that no man should go through.

The clock on the dash read fifteen till four, "was I really asleep that long?" Patrick said to himself. Then he asked. "Hey, Brittany?"

"Yeah, what is it?" she cued.

"Why are you just now leaving the campus? What made you stay?" Patrick asked.

"Well, I manage the cheerleader's and mascot's equipment, so I had to put their stuff in the locker rooms. Then I decided to get a drink and now here we are." she replied.

"Oh, that's cool." Patrick said sheepishly.

At a red light Brittany finally opened the soda bottle and took a swig. Patrick looked at the bottle thirst fully. Lexa would never share with him, so why should Brittany be any different.

"You want some?" she asked seeing his fixed gaze at the bottle.

He hesitated "um, yeah if that's okay."

She held the bottle close enough to her side so he could grab the rim and tipped it so he could drink. When he was done she placed it in a cup holder in the center of the dash. Then she places her hand next to Patrick and patted his head with her finger.

She muttered. "What did they do to him?"

The rest of the drive was quite, except for Brittany humming who was singing softly to the radio. Patrick liked her singing; it was to him nerve calming. But he was still unsure if he could trust her.

After about ten minutes they were pulling into her drive way. She set him on her shoulder next to her neck as she got out and brushed some of her hair over him so no one would see him.

The house was a decent sized mobile home, with a wooden deck and gazebo. The mobile home was white with a flower garden along the front side. All and all a nice place. Patrick figured the property to sit on about two acres.

"So this is it." Brittany said throwing her bag on her free shoulder. "I know it's not much but hey it's home to me. Oh and my dads probably half asleep on the couch, so until I get to my room you will have to sit there."

To Patrick the home was massive on the out side, like a great castle. It sort of reminded him though of his old rent house he had lived in before, well, he was taken.

Patrick became more nervous as she opened the door. "What happens if I get seen?" he thought, "no, I have to try to be brave."

The front door immediately opened up into the living room. It was dark but Patrick could tell that there was a blue carpeted floor. The figure of a man lay in the sofa to the left facing a large flat screen TV. He looked up at Brittany with eyes filled with a longing but he forced a smile.

"Hey daddy, I'm home." Brittany said.

"Hi, darling, how was your day?" he said.

"Good, I kinda had a long day today so if you don't mind I want to take a nap." she replied.

"Okay, oh and don't worry about fixing dinner, I took care of It." her dad said.

"Oh no, where's the fire extinguisher?" she joked.

He smiled and said. "No smart ass I didn't cook, I just ordered some san Juan tacos from the gas station. I'll go pick them up around five."

"Okay, well when you wake me up could you please knock, because, well it's that time of month again." she said laughing.

His nose crinkled with some slight disgust. "Okay, that's more then I wanted to know."

Brittany laughed as she walked down the hall to the right of the living room. Patrick was holding in his laughter, so not to blow his cover. But Patrick knew that there was something off with her dad. Like the old proverb, the eyes can never lie.

Brittany's room was the last door on the right. Her door was decorated with pictures of beaches and mountains. She also had her name spelt out in colored lettering arched in the center of the door.

Chapter 4

As she opened the door and flipped on the lights, a simple room stood before them. There was a full size bed in the right hand corner with a blue bed spread. Next to that was a night stand with a lamp. On the other side of the room were a vanity mirror and a tall wood dresser.

"And here we are finally." she said shutting the door behind her. "Like it?"

Patrick looked around "No cage, thank god. This is definitely not Lexa's room. So now I know she's a normal girl, but would a normal girl treat me like a slave." Patrick thought to him self, and then said "It's nice."

"Thanks." Brittany replied, walking towards the bed. She then took Patrick from her shoulder and cradled him in her hand. Brittany laid her bag at the foot of her bed and laid down on it, setting Patrick on a pillow next to her.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Patrick sat cross legged on the pillow and watched her body rise and fall. "So what now?" he asked with some hesitation.

"I don't know, I wasn't joking earlier about having a long day, so I am tired." she said.

"Like how, if you don't mind me asking?" Patrick asked with reserve.

Brittany turned her head and looked at him and as she did Patrick looked down and tensed up. "Well for starters, I... um are you okay?" she asked concerned.

"Yeah I'm just not...used to ... nice, anymore." Patrick cried.

Her gaze was fixed and she was now heart broken. She flipped onto her side and rubbed his back softly she said. "You won't have to worry about that any more. You can tell me any thing, I won't hurt you."

Patrick looked into her eyes and realized finally, he had nothing to fear. "Thanks ... and I think I'm ready to tell you my story."

"Okay, just let it out." she cued.

Patrick cleared his throat then started. "My name is Patrick O'Conner; I was a senior at Calvary high, a starting center back for our football team. I was one of those guys that never let popularity to get to them. I guess you could say that I just didn't care what people thought of me.

It was late February but unseasonably warm that day. Foot ball season was long over but I enjoyed lifting weights and keeping fit. So in order to do that, I would go to the gym every day.

One day, I pulled up and... I saw this girl crying on the curb. I got out of my truck and I sat with her trying to figure out if she was okay. But it was a trap, I think, for her to lure someone in. any way, she told me this completely crazy story so I was trying to bee line back to the truck.

As I got up she injected a needle in my back and shrank me. She then took me to her house and... she said not to worry every thing would be fine she just wanted to play. I tried to resist that entire day but I was powerless.

She stripped me naked and she..." His heart raced and he began to feel sick with embarrassment. "She... she raped me." his eyes filled with tears. "I couldn't stop it. It was like hell. Had she not been so fucking fat I would have died." Patrick hid his face in his hands. "It wasn't the last time either, it happened every night. Some times four times a night."

Brittany's mouth fell wide open. She scooped him up and held him to her chest. "I'm so sorry." she cued. Brittany had no idea what to say after that.

Patrick hid his face in her chest. He couldn't believe he was crying, always being the none emotional type. But it felt cleansing for him, like a vale had been lifted.

"Who was it?" Brittany whispered.

"Her name is Lexa." Patrick groaned.

"Lexa!" she exclaimed "You mean the quite emo girl. I think I‘ll go have a talk with her."

"No! Please don't." he yelled. "There is no telling what she would do to you."

"I know but, some one needs to stop her." Brittany reasoned.

"There has to be another way." he cried "I couldn't live with myself knowing I got some one hurt."

Brittany though for a moment. "Okay, I won't. But some one has to be supplying her with that chemical she used, because she is a klutz when it comes to being in a lab."

"I don't know who it could be though. She never said anything about it." Patrick said.

She sighed. "Okay, well just keep positive, I'll think of something." Brittany laid him back on the pillow and looked up at the ceiling. Her expression changed to gloominess as se spoke. "I just can't understand why anyone would want to do that."

"I wish I knew." Patrick muttered. With his eyes getting heavy Patrick laid out. For the first time in months he had a soft place to sleep.

Brittany looked back down at him and saw him eyes shut and asleep. "Looks like he's out." she thought to herself. "I can't blame him. Why would Lexa do that? I get she has no friends and all but my god, rape? Is she really that desperate?"

She then covered Patrick up with part of her blanket and stoked his torso. "Such a cute little guy. No wonder he was so afraid of me, I could probably crush him without much effort. But I would never." Brittany kissed his tiny face and fell asleep.

Chapter 5

Patrick awoke and all the lights were off in the room and Brittany was no where to be found. He lay there thinking about her.

"She is so nice, but why. I'd hate to think that this is too good to be true. There is something off though with this house. There's like a sadness that keeps lingering around." Patrick thought to himself.

He sat there wondering what could the source of that sadness could be. He thought back to the father's sad face. "Did I see a ring on his finger? Maybe, so he may have just divorced her mom. But then why is she so bright and happy around him. Brittany is so sweet and innocent, but there is an inner darkness, I think." the wheels in his mind kept turning until he heard the door knob turn.

Quickly Patrick buried his head under the blankets to hide. As the door shut Brittany called out as quite as she could. "Hey sleeping beauty wake up. I brought you some dinner."

Patrick poked his head out to see her standing next to the bed, clutching a paper towel. "Really, there better be something in there or I'll be pissed." hey thought to himself.

She sat down next to him and laid the paper towel in front of him. "I hope you don't mind eating a left over burrito."

Patrick was exited. "I haven't had much other then tuna and Vienna sausages for three months." he said grabbing up the bits of tortilla and meat. "Have never liked tuna or those sausages from hell."

Brittany laughed. "Wow, that's sounds disgusting."

With his mouth full of food he said. "Mmhm."

"I would have starved to death." she joked.

After swallowing, Patrick said. "I nearly did no joke. That first week she was like here eat this, it needs to last you a week though. It was a can of tuna topped with a sausage. I had never had a Vienna sausage before so I tried it and threw it backup. And so I refused to eat.

She noticed I was getting weaker and less energetic, and then realized I wasn't eating. Asking me nicely to eat that crap didn't work so she forced it down my throat saying if I threw it up she would break my legs. So I ate." Patrick shoved another tortilla in her mouth.

Brittany wasn't laughing anymore and looked at him with disbelief. "She threatened to break your legs? Why didn't she just give you something else?"

Patrick looked down as he said coldly. "Apparently I'm less then human to her. She said I don't disserve that luxury."

"Wow, but that's so... she did that... my god she's a fucking monster." Brittany was really getting mad at Lexa. "No you're not less then human." she grumbled. "You're a somebody."

"You think so?" Patrick said hopefully.

She rubbed his back with her finger. "Of course you are. You're some one to me."

"thanks." he said blushing.

"Aw, is some one blushing?" she laughed. His cheeks got redder. "That's adorable."

Patrick looked away and said "a so whets your story?"

"Mine?" she asked.

"Yeah, no offence but... things just seem a little.... Off." he said with some hesitation.

"Oh, well I guess its only fair." she sighed. "It's true what they say, you know, every rose has its thorn. Mines just... when I was about five I lived in a house near Dallas Texas with my dad and... mom.

Mom, she was something else. Just really strange says my dad, but he loved her any way. Momma always wanted a boy and hated that she had me. One day I was coloring in my room and she came in yelling at me to get in the tub. Soon he was dragging me to the bathroom and had me stand in the tub.

She locked me in there for like an hour then came back with a gun. I just remember being really scared and my dad coming home and rushing in. then she wouldn't put it down so he pulled his gun and shot her."

Patrick felt bad for bringing it up saying. "I'm sorry you had to go through that. I can't imagine having to watch that. "

Brittany took the paper towel now that Patrick was done and tossed it in the trash bin below the night stand, and then said. "Don't worry about it. Really I don't blame any one for it except my mom, but she was... sick in the head. That's why I just don't have the heart to hurt any one. If I hurt some one, that would make me just like... her."

He rubbed her hand. "And you're not like her, I can tell. When I looked in your eyes I saw...innocents, think that's the word for it."

Brittany smiled and held him up to her face. Her plush lips covered his face as she kissed him. She felt so... alive right now, like the first time you learned to ride a bike on your own or how the first breath feels like after a long dive.

With that one kiss all of Patrick's nerves faded away. The fire that once burned in his heart, long since passed, was now building in radiance. For once Patrick felt not afraid but joy.

What was mere seconds felt like hours until finally Brittany pulled him away? "Sorry, I don't know what came over me." she said hiding embarrassment.

Patrick glanced downward. "Yeah, no, it's fine."

For an awkward moment they sat there not really looking at each other. Finally Brittany said. "We both like it didn't we?"

Patrick laughed. "Yeah."

Brittany also started laughing.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door followed by Brittany's dad's voice, "hey, who are you talking to?"

She quickly hid Patrick behind her back and answered. "I was just... on the phone with...a friend."

In one of those knowing sarcastic voices her dad said. "Okay, I think I know whets going on here."

Brittany replied. "What do you THINK is s going on dad?"

"My little girl's got herself a boyfriend." he laughed.

"Oh, what ever." Brittany laughed.

"I guess I'll leave now." her dad laughed.

"You better." she joked.

Patrick and her listened as his foot steps went away from the door. As soon as she knew he was gone, Brittany sat Patrick in her lap. "Gosh, that was a little too close." Patrick said.

"Yeah, I know, maybe we should talk out side." she giggled. "The old man means well, but we can't have him knowing about this."

Patrick replied. "Yeah, I don't want to be sent off to a lab and probed for until I die."

Brittany grabbed him and got up. She asked. "There is a little pond out back along a trail, you want to see It.?"

"sure." he answered.

Chapter 6

Brittany carried Patrick, hidden against her thigh, out through the back door. Her dad, who was watching some basketball game, hardly noticed her as she walked by. "Dad I'm goin to the pond, I'll be back before dark okay." she called as she stepped out the door.

Her dad merely grumbled in approval. It had gotten about ten degrees cooler now that the sun was just on the horizon. The wind was light and subtle on the wooden deck.

"Wow, I wish I had a deck like this." Patrick exclaimed as his eyes traced the wood.

Brittany, less enthusiastic said. "Yeah, dad and I, mostly him though, built this last summer. I really like coming out here in the morning, it's so peaceful."

"I bet." he replied. "So where is this pond?" he asked leaning over her palm, eyes fixed on the horizon.

Pointing to the pasture in front of them, "do you see that hill? Just over that is the embankment where I like to sit."

Brittany stepped off the deck and began walking towards the hill. The grass crunched beneath her feet as she moved through the field. Looking at the dry grass break apart below him, Patrick thought to himself. "That could have been me if she wasn't.... no, I got to stop thinking like that. She's not like Lexa."

At the top of the hill Patrick could see the water line below. Around the water was a sandy bank, witch appeared to him like a beach. "Hmm you know I bet I could toss you into the water from right here." she joked.

"Um, I don't want to try it. You can win that bet." Patrick laughed nervously

"Come on Patrick it would be fun. For me of course, but still." she laughed

"Well I don't like you're your idea of fun!" he unintentionally snapped. "Oh, shit I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell."

"Gosh," she laughed "I was kidding, so what IS your idea of fun."

"What, you're not mad I yelled?" he looked up at her in confusion.

She rubbed his head and said "nope, "

Brittany sat with her feet in the water and her but in the sand. Patrick lay out next to her.

"My idea of fun, well, I liked to fish, play sports, and go to the fair." he said.

"Hmm do you like water slides?" Brittany asked with a devilish grin.

"Yeah actually." he said; as she grabbed him it registered. "Hey wait, that's not what I meant.

Brittany laughed as she set him on her leg and sent him sliding into the water. She bent her foot up slightly to keep him from being completely submerged.

Soaked, Patrick balanced himself on her foot. "Just wait, I'll get you back." he laughed.

"Really because you look like your all washed up to Me." she said smiling.

Sarcastically Patrick said. "Ha ha ha, you're so funny. Well you know what?"

He jerked on a piece of her short leg hair. Brittany jumped a little.

"Ouch!" she squealed, and then she leaned forward and knocked him off into the water. Her hand was ready just incase he didn't resurface. But when he did them were both laughing.

Patrick dived down and found the wettest, nastiest clump of goo possible scooped some up and resurfaced.

"Eat this!" Patrick called as he threw the goo at her lips, but his aim was off and he ended up planting it on her chest.

Wiping it of she laughed. "That's it munchkin, tsunami time." she held him in the water and began splashing him with big waves.

"Ah, that's cheating!" He yelled playfully.

"My pond, my rules!" she chuckled.

They played for about forty five minutes until the sun was red and distant. Brittany had mud all over her shirt in little speckles, but Patrick, who once had pale white skin, was now looking like the king of Africa, he was so dirty.

Brittany took him from the water and started back home. "We got to do that again sometime." said Patrick.

"Yeah, but now you look like Canye West." she replied.

"But you know what they say, once you go black, you never go back." Patrick snickered.

"Wow," Brittany said chuckling. "What are you; four years old... oh shit I have to hide you in my shirt now!"

" Wha..." before he could say any thing Brittany had dropped him in-between her cleavage.

Brittany was really uncomfortable as Patrick moved around in between her boobs but as she crested the hill she saw her dad sitting on the deck smoking. "Stop moving, my dads on the deck he could see you..." she whispered.

Patrick sank back down to where his face was almost completely covered by her massive breasts. "Sorry, I "m just a little cramped in here." he whispered back.

Brittany just brushed her long brunet hair over her front, instead acknowledging him.

"Hey, Brittany... why are you so... dirty?" her dad asked as Brittany stepped onto the porch. Patrick felt every step as his enclosure jiggled.

"Well, I kind of slipped on some loose rock and fell in." she said.

"Nice." He said sarcastically.

Brittany chuckled. "I'm sorry, I'll go get cleaned up."

"Good girl." her dad chuckled.

As soon as they got in the house Brittany bee lined for the bathroom. Quickly she pulled out Patrick from her breasts. "Sorry Patrick I had to think fast. I hope I didn't crush you too much." she giggled.

"I'm okay, just wasn't expecting that." he said as he tried to stand up on her hand. He fell over from dizziness, after every attempt so he just lay back down,


Brittany plucked him up by the waist and set him on the sink counter. "Well that was one way to second base right?" she laughed.

Patrick rolled back and laughed

Chapter 7

The bathroom had white tile with black grout. Parallel to the marble colored sink was a white tub with gold painted knobs. A large oval mirror hung over the wash basin.

Brittany shaved of a piece of soap from the bar on the sink for Patrick and filled the sink with warm water. "You're not touching any of my things with that crap on you." she said.

"Oh darn, that was my whole plan." he joked as he eased into the water.

Brittany turned her back and started her own bath, "yeah, no, you'd be sleeping out side." she replied.

Patrick couldn't help but watch as she started taking off her shirt. Her skin was tan complexion and nearly flawless except for the sun spots on her shoulders. Practically drooling over her now, Patrick had to make himself look away.

"You know, I think tomorrow I should try to see if Lexa is buying that chemical from some one at the school." she said as she unhooked her bra.

Patrick replied. "Yeah, but who would be able to do..." he stopped mid sentence as he peeked over at her. She was completely naked with the only thing covering her was her waist length brunet hair. "... That"

She sank into the tub and turned to him. "I got no... hey were you watching me the whole time?" she said smiling

"No, I promise... i'm not ... I mean... you're just... Damn." he said, now red with embarrassment

Brittany chuckled. "You're such a boy."

Sheepishly he said. "Sorry."

"I guess its okay seeing how you're naked now 24/7." she said

"Yeah but still..."

"Don't worry about it."

"Okay." Patrick trailed off

"So as I was saying," she said lathering her body with soap. "I have a few ideas of who could be making this crap."

"Who?" he said hopefully.

"Well..." she sighed. "There's the obvious science academic team, this guy named Charlie who is like super quiet but he's like got the brain of a super computer. And then there is the German."

Patrick rinsed him self and asked. "Every thing those academic teams do is monitored by a chaperone so I doubt they are involved. What about this Charlie kid?"

"He if you saw him in a lab would blow your mind. He's a super freak at this stuff, we were supposed to be making a model of a chemical compound out of food and well... he made some Sudafed in his basement." she said.

"That's not cool." Patrick replied. "So what's with this German?"

"The German, is his nickname first of all because he speaks in I think German to every one but teachers. His real name is Damien Tronoski, and he's just... shady. Sits by him self a lot. But occasionally someone sits with him for about ten minutes then leaves."

"Bad people skills maybe?" Patrick joked.

"I think so."

Patrick thought for a moment. "Tronoski doesn't sound German, my uncle only taught me Danish though."

After they were clean Brittany wrapped her self in the towel and carried Patrick off to her bedroom.

She put him on the night stand while she dressed and her back was again turned to him. But her body was the least on his mind as Patrick thought back on Lexa.

"You look constipated." she chuckled.

"What?" he said now noticing Brittany hovering over him.

"Finally, I was getting tired of the silent game."

"Sorry I was thinking..."

"It's fine but, do you want to go with me tomorrow?" she asked.

"Where too?" asked Patrick

"The school, gosh you need to pay attention." she laughed.

"Yeah, but do I have a choice really?" he asked

"Well duh."

"Yeah that's right; i'm just not used to that."

She sat on the bed and placed him in her palm. "Look if you don't want to go or do something, tell me. I won't make you do anything." she then ran her finger down his back.

He looked into her deep blue eyes and smiled. "Thanks."

"Yeah no problem, you are my friend now right?" she said

"Not for just that but, for every thing." Patrick chuckled.

"Oh, well, if I were in your position I would want you to do the same thing. You would do it right?" he said

"Well," he Patrick teased.

"You would right?" She repeated.

"Yeah probably, I guess after the initial shock wore off, I would have done you the way you did Me." he said coolly

She laid back ad sat him 0n her warm chest. "Yea, at first though I was thinking about ether or not you were real, then the look in your face just... broke my heart." she said.

"I was pretty scared, I'm not going to lie." he admitted. "Some one else may have tried to take advantage of this."

Stroking his back she said. "Probably about half the girls at that school, all a bunch of sluts running around hooking up with a guy then rips him to shreds. Just so they can play with the next one. No offence but you might have ended up someone's little sex toy."

"I really don't want to relive that any time soon." Patrick said, now feeling uncomfortable.

"And I will never let that happen." she said.

"I'm glad, because, that stuff isn't fun." he said.

"Or even right in the head." she added.

Patrick snickered," no but sometimes I wonder why Lexa is like the way she is." his downcast expression showed it all.

"I can't help you there." Brittany answered.

"True, because you're just..."

"I'm just what?" she asked smiling.

"Sweet as pie." Patrick said quickly.

"Aw, that's so cute." she cued.

"But honoree as all hell." he laughed.

She playfully flicked him in the back of the head. "I said you're cute but I never said I wouldn't lock you in a drawer." she said.

They sat there for an hour talking until they both fell asleep. Patrick lay there nestled in her cleavage Brittany was curled up as if to keep any one from taking him. These friends could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Chapter 8

"Hello?" Patrick called. "Can any one hear me." he was standing in the darkness inside his old room. An American flag hung over his bed, next to his computer desk. He was at his normal height now.

"Where are you people?" he called again. The somber echo was met with nothingness.

Black figures danced across the wall now. Soon these figures began laughing. Patrick stood there with wide eyes, petrified. "Who are you?" he asked.

Suddenly all the figures engulfed him and began dragging him beneath the floor. He fought to get free but it was no use, darkness took him.

Soon how ever he found him self on a soft pad of some sort. It was warm and plush. "I told you I would never let you go." thundered a voice over him.

Patrick looked up to see Lexa hovering over him. "No. "He cried.

She laughed at him and then pulled something from her pocket. "You should have been a good little boy and stayed home." she opened her hand to reveal Brittany who was laying there screaming. "Now look here, I have two little toys to play with."

"No let her go, please, this is between you and me." he pleaded

"I'll let her die" she said as she stuffed Brittany in her mouth.

"No!" he yelled.

"No!" he shouted as he pulled him self from sleep. It was dark in the room. Patrick figured it was around midnight. He could feel Brittany's warm hands around him and heard the sound of her pulse.

She was hovering over him watching him like a hawk. "Hey I tried to wake you, I heard you screaming."

"I'm fine." he said panting.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yeah, just a dream. "hHe sighed. "What time is it.?"

She picked her phone up off the night stand and looked at the clock. "It's like four in the morning."

"What time do you have to be at school?" Patrick asked.

"In like four hours, do you want to talk about it?" she asked with concern.

Right now, just... never mind its stupid." he said.

Brittany curled up with him lying against her neck. "Just tell me. "
"Okay, just tell me you won't go near Lexa." he pleaded.

She smiled and pulled the blankets over them. "I promise me wont."

Patrick lay back against her neck listening to the vibrations of her breathing. The sound was somber yet soothing as he eased back to sleep.

Brittany woke up at about seven that morning feeling something wet on her neck. SHe swabbed the damp area with her finger and remembered Patrick fell asleep on her neck. She quickly looked to see if she had accidentally crushed him, but to her relief he was still resting peacefully.

"Wow, He's going to give me an anxiety attack." she thought to herself. "He's just so small." she gently held him to her chest as she sat up. "Must be scary for him to be like this. I hope I can help him, but what if I can't."

She thought back to her mother whom kept her in a constant panic. "That was nothing compared to his story, I wasn't raped. No matter what I can't abandon Patrick."

Brittany stroked his belly then laid him in the mounds of blankets on the bed so she could get dressed. After she was dressed, she went into the bathroom to do her hair.

Early morning light gleamed through the window onto Patrick as he awoke. He looked around him but saw the room was empty. As he through off the blankets, the cold morning air wrapped around him.

About that time Brittany walked back in she was wearing a v-neck shirt and a pair of blue jeans, with her brunet hair over her shoulders in her usual fashion. Instantly Patrick felt warm again as he watched her walk across the room to the night stand. She took her I-pod and a pen off the stand and shoved them in her pocket then glanced over at Patrick.

"Oh, you're up." she said.

"yeah." he said with some slight nervousness. It wasn't a scared nervousness like he had when he ventured out from his prison, but it was more... affectionate.

"So you ready." she asked.

"Yeah so what's the plan for today?" Patrick asked.

Brittany scooped him up said. "First things first, we have to watch Lexa and see who she's talking too."

Patrick felt sick as his nightmare flashed in his head. "Really?"

Brittany rubbed his back and said. "Yeah but don't worry we won't actually be that close to her, so there is no danger. Plus even if she does see you, I won't let her touch you."

Patrick muttered. "But it's not me I'm worried about."

Brittany plucked Patrick up and held him over her breasts. "Sorry but I think this is the easiest way for you to see what's going on, so ..." she dropped him in her shirt and adjusted her bra to where Patrick's head was poking out, but hardly noticeable...

"Well, maybe it won't be so bad." Patrick said. Brittany just chuckled and left for her car.

The black impala zoomed down the highway as they traveled to the school. "Hey Brittany?" Patrick asked meekly.

"What's up sweetie, erm I mean Patrick." she said

"Did you just call me, oh never mind, but what happens if this isn't um reversible?" he asked.

Brittany didn't look at him when she said. "Don't talk like that. We will get you back to normal. There has to be a way."

"But what if there isn't, we need a back up plan." he said.

Brittany stroked her hair back. "If that happens, I... want to take care of you, because I ... care a lot about you." she admitted.

Patrick for some reason was exited about that but then there was that one thought running in his head so he had to ask. "I can't let you spend your whole life looking after me... I don't want to hold you back from what you want. I want to know you're going to be happy."

"That's sweet but, the thing is, I really enjoy you being around." she said

"But for how long, I'll just be that rock weighing you down." he said looking down cast.

"I don't care, this is what I want to do." she said.

Patrick wasn't so sure but just accepted it.

Brittany then said. "You know, you got to start looking at the positives. Yeah there are a lot of what ifs and a lot of maybes but look, you got..."
She stopped like she had more to say but was holding back.

"Do you love me?" Patrick asked.

Brittany sighed. "Yes, I love you okay. I know it's stupid, I haven't known you that long but I do. Deal with it."

Patrick laughed. "Guess what though."

"What?" she asked.

"I love you and I... do you want to be my girlfriend?" asked Patrick.

Brittany smiled." I'd love to."

Chapter 9

Resting between her breasts with his head the only thing poking out, P trick felt horribly exposed. As Brittany walked through this sea of giants Patrick worried each moment brought him closer to his worst fear, Lexa. .So far however, no-one was aware of him not even Brittany's friends who frequently stopped to talk to her down the hall way.

"Oh no, here comes Tiffany again." Patrick thought to him self. The tall lanky girl known as Tiffany ran up and hugged Brittany around the neck. All Patrick could see was black for a moment.

"Oh, my gosh, Brittany!" Her voice rang. "He said yes!" Patrick was not impressed as he became oriented again.

Brittany sounded surprised as she said. "That's great! See I told you."

Patrick looked off to the side as the two girls talked. Tiffany started "yeah so I was in government and Chad totally..."

A distinct smell caught Patrick's attention as he trailed off the girls oh so interesting conversation. He looked off to the side of the towering tiffany and saw a kid, about eighteen with a clean cut military look dressed in black pants an a navy blue button up shirt. Next to him was none other then Lexa.

Patrick stared in shock and fear. He had to assure himself he was safe as he studied the two. "Brittany will keep me safe." he thought to himself. "I got to focus, I have a mission here."

Lexa and the man began talking, but they were not speaking in the expected English like Patrick would have guessed. "Jag har brug for mere." Lexa pleaded

"What did she say?" Patrick gasped. "That's Danish for ... I need more."

The man spoke. " jeg gav dig nok til un test. Det er, hvad du onskede."

"Enough for a... test. She's working for this guy?" he thought to himself.

Lexa said. " der var overbevisende."

The man answered " resultatlose?"

" inconclusive? My ass, she is lying to this guy. That means, I won't be her only target, she wants more." Patrick said in his mind, shocked.

" Fine Lexa, we have a deal. But I want payment." the man said.

Suddenly Brittany turned and started for her next class. Patrick was busy processing it all. "First Lexa asked for more, then he said I gave you enough for a test, that's what she wanted. A test? Gosh that bitch is a psychopath."

Brittany sat in the back corner of her English three class, not listening to the teacher as she lectured on direct objects and other grammar lessons from hell. " hey Brittany?" Patrick asked quietly.

" what baby?" she whispered affectionately.

" I saw Lexa talking to your German. He is the dealer and on top of that he isn't even a German, he's Danish." Patrick said. " but from what I heard , It sounds like he has no clue about this."

Brittany said almost too loudly. " what? Tell me every thing."

Patrick took a deep breath and said. " Lexa apparently bought a test sample from the German slash Dane, for a test. She used it though on me for her own reasons and now she and he have a deal for her to get more. Lexa is going to do this to a lot more guys."

Brittany wanted to gasp but she knew it would draw attention. " We can't let that happen, even if there is no cure, this has to end."

" I know and we need to act fast." Patrick said.

" You can speak Danish right?" she asked, and Patrick nodded. " I can get him to sell to me if you coach me the words in Danish."

" I'll have to be hidden behind your ear I guess." Patrick said. " but yeah and I'll even translate for you."

Brittany smiled as the plan formulated in her head. " hiding you won't be a problem at all." she said as she twirled some strands of her hair.

Looking around first, Brittany quickly pulled Patrick out of her cleavage and sat him on the table, covering him with her hand. A few minutes of waiting went by before she placed him behind her left ear concealing him behind her long brunet hair.

Patrick gripped the plush ear tissue and balanced himself on her shoulder. " Can you hear me okay he asked.

" Mhm." she replied as she checked her self with a small makeup mirror, to see if he was hidden enough. After sifting her position a few times she was satisfied that no one could see the little guy behind her ear.




The bell sounded so suddenly Brittany jumped in her seat. Thank fully, Patrick was able to maintain balance. She got up slowly and collected her books and made her way to the loud hallway.

Patrick was jarred by every step she took and soon he found him self slipping from her ear. Quickly he grabbed some hair strands and held on for dear life. " hey, I need you to stop. I'm loosing my balance." he shouted. Brittany reached up and had him lay on top of her ear in an awkward position.


" Hold on I see, Damien over by his locker." she whispered. She practically sprinted over to him. " Damien!" she shouted.

Damien, surprised, turned facing Brittany. In a shocked manner he said. " hej Brittany, kan jeg hjaelpe dig?"

Patrick translated immediately. " can I help you.. Now say jeg horer du har en kimisk for faldende objekter." Brittany repeated. Then Patrick told her. " that was I hear you have a chemical for shrinking objects."

Damien looked at her with a blank expression and wide eyes. " hvem har fortalt dig?"

Patrick said. " who told you, say Lexa taler meget for sig selv. Or Lexa talks a lot to herself."

After Brittany told him , Damien looked angry and cursed Lexa's name, then switched his speech to English. " what can I give you to keep your mouth shut?" his thick accent was very prevalent.

Brittany replied, " I need two things from you if you don't mind."

" Yes but tell me in Danish so the walls will be less inclined to listen." Damien said.

Patrick whispered. " har du en kimesk til at vende det faldende kimeske, or do you have a chemical to reverse the shrinking chemical."

" yes of course, that was what I started first, but what exactly do you need?" Damien said.

" I need every last drop of both." she said.

" No!" he said

" Please, Lexa is going to do horrible things to people. She's a monster." Brittany pleaded. .

Damien answered. " and what proof do you have? How can I trust you, maybe you're the monster I need to watch for."

Brittany ripped Patrick from her ear and held him in front of his face. " this is why," she yelled through the now empty hallway.

Damien examined Patrick in astonishment. " No, what have I..." she whimpered.

" She did this to him among other things. Things I dear not repeat, they're so vial." her voice softened. "Please, I love him, just help me."

Damien was now enraged as he punched his locker. " Day after tomorrow, meet me at my house on 24th Oak avenue. it's the first house on the left. Don't worry, I'll help you and Lexa will never Be aloud to buy from me again." he stormed off down the hallway cussing in Danish.

" That went well." Patrick said as he pulled himself together.

Brittany held him to her face and kissed him, then laughed. " lets go to lunch I'm starving."

Chapter 10

Brittany sat with her friends at her usually table during lunch, with Patrick nestled in between her breasts. Every chance she got Brittany handed Patrick some food. None of the girls at that table noticed him thankfully.

Tiffany the girl from earlier that morning was talking to the. "Yeah so I was texting Robert last night and I was trying to see if he liked me."

She was pretty Patrick thought but as her story progressed he soon lost interest and his focus shifted towards the back left corner of the cafeteria. A chill ran down his spine as he noticed Lexa sitting with a very awkward looking girl.

He couldn't hear any thing but he could tell that she was upset by her reddened face and slumped over body. The awkward looking girl grabbed her hand and began caressing it gently. From her lips it looked like she was saying. "Don't cry, were still here for you."

"That must be that one girl she is friends with. What is it... Rainy?" Patrick thought to him self. Lexa covered her face and appeared to be crying. Patrick was laughing to himself. "And so the mighty have fallen."

His laughter faded into anger as he thought "come wipe up the tears. You can take beating a man when he's down but you can't take your own problems. Pick your self up and go show them why I fear you."

Something built in the bottom of his heart, something Patrick wanted to fight with his entire being. "I'm not feeling sorry for her am I?" it started to become clear to him. "No... no she's a monster." he then looked up at Brittany, who was busy with her friends, and was reminded of her own tragedy. "How is it she is so... nice when Lexa is a tyrant. Maybe monsters are made not born."

The bell rang and interrupted his thoughts. Soon he found himself being jostled around as Brittany moved. Soon he became disoriented again until he found him self with her in yet another class room.

"How are you holding out down there?" whispered Brittany.

Patrick looked up and smiling said. "Yeah just don't get up so fast next time."

"Sorry hun, I forgot you were in there for a little bit" she answered playfully. "Don't worry I just got this class then athletics, and were out of here. "

Patrick answered "you forgot about me? Gee thanks."

Brittany patted his head with her finger and whispered. "Oh shut up, you know you would do the same."

Patrick said. "So?"

Brittany giggled a little bit. "Is every thing alright Mrs. Westbrook?" Called the teacher in the front of the room.

"Yeah I was just... day dreaming." Brittany answered. The teacher turned back around to write on the board, muttering to herself.

"Sorry." Patrick called but she just nodded.

Looking around Patrick could see the class room was full of people sitting and copying notes as the very monotone instructor talked. It reminded him of his old school. He always considered Calvary high a prison with its white colorless walls and strict dress code.

The last day he was there, he remembered himself wearing his blood red Polo shirt and navy blue slacks. Both of those being his school colors. The Calvary Trojans, is what they were, not the most creative name but he guessed it worked.

Many of Patrick's friends had graduated the year before, so Patrick found himself quite alone despite being stalked by an army of adoring female fans. All the same, he thought, they all just wanted to say they were with the foot ball star of Calvary. Most guys would have killed to be in his place but to Patrick it was a curse.

All he was interested in was being with some one he could actually enjoy talking too. His parents were no help either. The first girl he brought over, her name was Elizabeth Flores, was not an attractive girl to say the least, but Patrick enjoyed the company. His dad took one look at her, took Patrick aside, and told him, "son you need to drop the slop and find your self a real woman." Elizabeth heard him say that and left Patrick's house in tears. She never talked to him again.

"Do I even want to go back to that?" Patrick thought. "I know Brittany won't be a problem for my dad but still... I don't know that I could face that." he took one long deep breath and tried to assure himself. "Even if they reject her, I doubt she'll leave me."

Between the gently rocking from Brittany's breathing and the monotone voice of the teacher, Patrick drifted into sleep.

Patrick finally woke up and found himself string up at Brittany's face. He noticed that they were now sitting her car and he was lying on her hand. "My gosh you can sleep." she said.

Patrick slowly stood up. "Yeah I seem to do that a lot now. Before I got this small I never used to sleep this much."

"A side effect I guess?" she answered.

Patrick smiled. "I guess so, but then again what else can I do like this?"

"true." she laughed. She then sat him in-between her wait and the seat belt and cranked the engine. "Do you want to go do something tonight?"

"Like what?" he asked.

"Promise me you won't get Mad." she said sweetly.

"Why would I... what did you do?" Patrick asked.

Looking into the rear view mirror she said. "Well... while you were asleep I had to go to athletics and help out the basketball team... and..."

Shocked Patrick said. "Please tell me you didn't let any one see me?"

"It's not my fault really." she said.

"Brittany! What happened" he shouted.

"They need an extra girl for a scrimmage so the coach told me to throw on a jersey and so I went into the locker room and started getting undressed when... Tiffany walked in to get her shoes. She saw you and long story short, for her to keep quiet I had to agree to sleep over tonight and I had to bring you."

Patrick brought his hand to his face in frustration. Brittany reasoned. "Just one nigh, don't worry it will just be me, you and her."

"Can we trust her?" he asked.

She replied. "I've been friends with her for a long time and I know I can trust her. Besides in two day it won't matter because you'll be back to your normal size."

"Fine I'll go." Patrick said.

"Thanks and don't worry she's really cool, you‘ll like her." Brittany said.

Patrick muttered. "Famous last words."

"Please don't be mad at me." she pleaded.

Patrick sighed. "I'm not mad at you, I just don't feel... comfortable with this."

"Trust me, I won't let any thing happen to you." she said.

"Okay I'll trust you." he said.

Chapter 11

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"And your sure every things going to be okay right?" Patrick asked nervously as Brittany neared the front door. He lay across her right ear hidden by her hair, looking though the split of a few strands at the large brown wooden door.

"For the fifth time, yes." Brittany chuckled.

For every knock on the heavy wood door, Patrick's heart dropped. He kept trying to reassure himself that every thing would be fine, but his nerves got in the way. After a moment of silence the door came open.

There stood an eight year old girl looking up at Brittany. A bright smile flashed across her face as she said. "Hi, Brittany."

"Hey, Sarah, would you please get your sister?" Brittany asked.

"okay." the little girl turned her head and shouted. "Sissy, come get the door."

From some where down the hall they heard tiffany shout. "Sarah how many times have we told you, don't answer the door with out a grown up." her booming footsteps rattled the hallway until she appeared in the door way. She then turned to see Brittany. "Hey Brit, come on in." then looking at her sister. "You go play with your dolls or something."

The little girl looked angrily at her and said. "You big jerk face." then she stomped on Tiffany's toes and stormed of.

"Ouch you little bitch" she cried as she grabbed her foot. Brittany and Patrick laughed under their breath.

"Baby sitting again?" Brittany asked.

"Unfortunately "she replied then asked eagerly. "Did you bring it?"

Brittany cocked an eye brow and said. "Don't you mean him, and yes." Patrick was a little embarrassed and looked downward.

"Yeah sorry" she said standing straight up again. "Lets go to my room so we have some Privacy!" shouting the last part down the hall.

"Gosh." Patrick said to himself watching the blonde headed giantess.

Brittany followed Tiffany as she walked down the cream colored hall adorned by miscellaneous pictures in wooden frames. Tiffany's curly blonde hair bounced on her shoulders as they walked to the end of the hall to her room.

Her room was similar in size to Brittany's with a bed in the right corner with a red bed spread. On the floor sat a cot with a few pillows and a large white on blue flower design. The carpeting was dusty grey looking color, not very appealing at all. Next to the cot was a large computer desk with a lamp, monitor, and a key board.

Tiffany walked in and plopped onto the bed while Brittany , carefully shutting it behind her ,set her bag of cloths on the inside of the door, then sat on the cot. The cot rocked under her and Patrick nearly fell off her ear.

"So where is your tiny little guy?" Tiffany asked in a perky voice.

"Hidden, but let me just warn you, he's really shy around new people." Brittany said. "And don't try to grab at him."

Patrick rolled his eyes "she's talking about me like I'm pet hamster."

Tiffany answered. "Okay, I won't scare it too much."

"Him." Brittany corrected her

"Him." Tiffany repeated.

Carefully Brittany pulled Patrick from behind her ear and places him in her palm. He felt terribly exposed as he sat upright staring at Tiffany. Shaking nervously he said. "Hi." Tiffany dove forward and looked at him closely and Patrick fell on his back and scooted as far back as he could. "Whoa!" he cried.

Brittany pulled him back closer to her as Tiffany said. "Aw, it's so cute." she attempted to prod Patrick with her finger but Brittany held him to her stomach. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"For one, if you call him an it again, I'm leaving." Brittany scolded. "Second, he's a human being not some new toy. I don't care how small he is."

Tiffany pulled her self back and looked at Brittany in confusion. "Sorry I just got carried away."

Brittany opened up her hand revealing Patrick who was holding on to her tightly. "Maybe you should apologize to him." she said coldly.

Tiffany leaned forward and looked down on Patrick. "Hey little guy, I'm sorry I scared you. I just get a little carried away sometimes; it won't happen again I'm sorry."

Patrick looked up at her and let go of Brittany, then said nervously. "Um, it's okay."

Tiffany looked at him with remorse as she said. "So you are a real person. Now I feel really bad."

"Don't worry about it... no harm, no foul right?" Patrick said.

Brittany laid him on her thigh and said. "This is why no one can know about this. Just imagine if I don't know the CIA got to him. He would be probed and tested on like a rat."

"Well don't worry, I wont tell any one." Tiffany said. "So how did this happen, if you don't mind telling me?"

Patrick and Brittany looked at each other then Patrick said. "I'll tell you but I want to leave some parts out okay."

"Sure, yeah, I don't need to know every thing." Tiffany said.

"You don't need to know any thing. " Patrick thought to himself before he stated. He told her every thing except the rape part witch he hinted at. Like Brittany was, Tiffany was completely appalled

"That little bitch." she said. "What she can't find a real boyfriend so she has to go and do that? I‘m sorry Brit but I would have had to kick her ass."

"Yeah, well he didn‘t want me to so I let it be." Brittany said. "I want to though."

"I‘ll do It." tiffany said.

Patrick sighed and told her. "Look I appreciate it, I really do, but I couldn't live with my self if this..." he pointed to himself. "Happened to you."

Tiffany smiled at him. "I understand, but all I know is, she can't get away with this. I want to help you any way I can."

"That's the thing; she won't be getting away with it, because the day after tomorrow I'll be back to normal." Patrick said.

"Really?" tiffany asked. "How?"

Brittany spoke up. "I'm really sorry but that's what we can't tell you."

"Oh, well if yall got this under control, I guess I‘ll stay out of It." she replied. "But any way, do yall want to go play rock band or something?"

"You got rock band?" Patrick asked in excitement.

"Yeah, but I don't know how you're going to be able to play it." Tiffany said.

"I'll think of something." He replied.

Brittany picked him up and stood next to the cot. "It's still in the game room right." she asked. Tiffany stood up and started walking to the door.

"Yeah lets go." she said opening the door. Brittany followed Tiffany down the hallway passing the open door to Sarah's room. Glancing over Patrick saw the dark headed little girl sitting cross legged on the floor in front of a pink and white doll house.

The hallway ended as it came to a door in front of them and to their left a living room with a large couch next to a recliner. Tiffany opened to door in front of them and stepped inside. "So here we are." she said energetically.

The game room was a garage converted into a den with a TV., air hockey table, a shelf full of movies, and various game systems. IIn front of the TV sat a love seat big enough for two large people.

While Tiffany fiddled with the console Brittany and Patrick made themselves comfortable on the couch. "I call drums." Tiffany called

"Fine I get the guitar." Brittany said. "Pat, do you want to try the mike?"

Eagerly Patrick said. "Yeah, But just to warn you, I'm no Luis Armstrong."

"Who?" the two girls asked.

"You know the guy who sang what a wonderful life." said Patrick, but the two just looked at him like he had two heads. "It starts off like, I see fields of green, red roses too. Gosh I know you two have heard it."

"Oh, right, yeah, then it's like, then I think to my self something..." Tiffany said as she handed Brittany the guitar and sat the mike next to Patrick.

"Never heard it." Brittany admitted.

"Now that's just un-American." He said jokingly.

Tiffany laughed as she retrieved the drums from the corner. "We'll look it up later." she carried the drums back and sat Next to Brittany on the couch and began scrolling through the options. "Since yall are the guests, yall can pick the song."

"I don't care, I'm fine with just about any song on her." she replied.

"Do carry on by Kansas." Patrick said. They scrolled through the songs and found it. "Okay Yall get ready on this, once I get going there aint no stop."

The two girls laughed as he bent over the mike and got ready. Patrick shouted into the mike, "Carry on my way ward son, there will be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more!" his voice just barley registered on the system but it was enough. Soon he laid his forehead on the mike and bumping his fist with the beat on Brittany's leg.

Brittany and Tiffany found it hard to keep up as they kept looking down at Patrick, who was maybe a little too zealous in his singing. He finally looked up to sing his next par. "On the stormy seas of moving emotion, tossed about like a ship on the ocean, I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high."

"Oh my go that's so cute!" Laughed Tiffany as she missed the beats.

Five songs and a Pint of sweat later they finally ended their game. As Tiffany got up to turn off the console she asked. "Do yall need some drinks because I sure do?"

"Yeah I could go for a drink," Patrick replied. "What about you Brittany?"

"yeah." she answered. "We got to do this more often."

Tiffany turned and looked at Patrick with a big smile. "I don't know what to say other then that was flipping amazing."

"Thanks." Patrick called as she started walking towards the door.

When she walked out Brittany moved Patrick over to the empty seat on the couch and said. "Hey I got to go to the bathroom, will you be okay by your self?"

Patrick laughed. "Yeah she's coming right back and where am I going?"

"Okay." Brittany said getting up.

He watched as she walked away looking at her perfectly round butt. He smiled as he thought. "Wow did I get lucky with this one. I guess there is always a silver lining and this is proof enough." he looked back at the large TV when she shut the door. "Just one more day."

He sat there for a few minutes before he heard light foot steps, "thank god, I was beginning to think they got lost or something." he said to himself.

The door creaked open slowly and he saw two little eyes peer through the cracks. "Oh shit Sarah, I forgot!" he thought. "Um, I guess play dead right?" he fell limp as the girl came trotting in.

"Where did every body go?" she asked her self, while examining the room. "Guess they're too grown up to play these games, oh well." she started to turn around when she spotted something on the couch. Patrick's blood ran cold as her gaze fixed on him. "Oh look, a doll"

"Oh shit," Patrick thought to himself as he was lifted up like a rag doll by the little girl.

"EW what's that." she said looking at his exposed crotch area. "Gross he's naked. Hmm maybe we should play dress up."

"oh great, I have a feeling this won't end well." he thought as he was carried away.

Chapter 12

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Her smile shot wide as she thought about Patrick's' singing. What a week this had turned out to be for her. One day she's just a normal girl in a normal school, then the next she's saving a guys life and putting an end to a crime against humanity.

"Just when I thought my life couldn't get any more important." she thought to her self as she walked into tiffany's game room. Tiffany was sitting on the couch sipping on a cup of soda.

"So where did yall go?" Tiffany asked in a playful tone as she handed Brittany her cup.

Brittany looking puzzled asked. "What do you mean yall Patrick should be right th..." looking over the couch seeing only Tiffany. Brittany's eyes got wide as she began looking in-between the seats. "Shit where is he?"

"What do you mean?" Tiffany said getting up. "Wasn't he with you?"

Frustrated she replied. "That's kind of why I asked you. Crap he's not here."

"Oh shit." Tiffany in startled realization. "Where is my sister?"

"Didn't you tell her to go play with... her... dolls'" Brittany said. "You know, I did pass her in the hallway."

Tiffany sighed "let's go check." she walked out the door down the hallway followed by Brittany.


Patrick went cold as Sara yanked the doll jeans up his body. "God those are really let me assure you!" he yelled in his head. A look of disgust ran over Sarah's face as she pulled them back off his legs.

"Way too small." she said. Sarah searched through her doll collection in her doll house until she found another pair of pants. This time they were plad shorts. Patrick was not impressed at all when he saw them.

In his head. "No not plad, god it's so gay and ...ouch!" the plad shorts were yanked up with even more force then before, but these seemed too big so the shorts were thrown to the side. "Not even the Nazi's done this to THEIR POW's, where are you Brittany?"

Suddenly the door creaked and Tiffany poked her face through the door. "What do you want?" Sarah scoffed

In a sweet voice Tiffany said. "Hey little sis" she looked right at Patrick with a reassuring glance. "I wanted to say I'm sorry about earlier."

Patrick mouthed "help me!" tiffany nodded in response.

"Really?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah really, what is sister's for.?" she said as she walked into Sarah's room towards her little sister.

"Are you drunk?" the little girl asked.

"Were did you hear that word?" Tiffany said sitting next to her sister with her arm around her.

Sarah looked down at Patrick and began fiddling with his body. "Mommy asked daddy that one time when he came home and started acting weird." Tiffany put her hand under Patrick and looked at her sister in confusion.

"Well no in that case I'm not drunk, but you have to understand, that isn't a good word to say." Tiffany explains as she slipped Patrick into her hands.

Sarah stared at her sister intently. "Then why does mommy say it?" she asked.

"well." tiffany thought about it for a second." because they don't eat enough vegetables. You see when you don't eat enough of them you start to become mean. The first stage of meanness is using bad language and when you do become mean no one will ever want to play with you."

"So you're like that because you didn't eat yours?" she asked. Tiffany glared at her but gave in and agreed.

Looking at Patrick tiffany asked her sister. "Isn't this Brittany's doll? where did you find it, she‘s been looking all over for it?"

"Oh, is it, I didn't know. I just wanted to play with it for a little while." she admitted. "It's not very fun though, I can't find a set of cloths to play dress up with him. Nothing fits right."

"I'll see if I can find something, but I'm sure Brit wants this back, so I'll take it to her. If you're lucky squirt, she's let you play with It." she said as she got up with Patrick in hand.

"Okay." Sarah said as she continued to play.

Brittany was waiting patiently out side the door. She had a worried expression on her face but when she saw Patrick sitting in Tiffany's palm she knew everything was okay. "So what happened?" she asked.

Shutting the door behind her Tiffany said "Sarah was playing dress up with him so had a talk with her until I was able to get him back."

Patrick piped in. "you told her the worst lie ever though. Come on Vegetables, really? "

"Hey you got to do what you got to do." she laughed.

They started down the hall towards the tiffany's room and taking Patrick from tiffany's hand, she asked. "So are you okay, she didn't accidentally hurt you right?"

"Other then the fact I may never be able to have kids, yeah." Patrick replied as he held his crotch.

Brittany laughed. "What do you mean by that?"

"She tried to force some pants on me and it went down hill from there."

Brittany held him closer to her lips and said "oh do I need to kiss it and make it feel better." as she kissed his mid area.

Tiffany laughed at them saying. "Gosh you two, get a room."

Embarrassed Brittany lowered Patrick saying. "Sorry, I kind of forgot where I was."

Patrick was silent however, as he thought to him self. "Did she almost try to-?"

Interrupting his thoughts tiffany yawned. "Shoot what time is it?"

Brittany looked at the small wrist watch and said. "It's like half passed ten."

Tiffany turned back towards her sisters' room saying. "I got to get her in bed so just wait for me in my room. "She disappeared into Sarah's room and Brittany took Patrick into tiffany's.

"I'm sorry I let you get taken." Brittany said.

Confused Patrick looked at her and said. "Look you had no way of knowing that would happen."

Opening the door she replied. "I know but, it could have been prevented, besides I‘m the one who made you come."

"Brittany, darling, don't worry about it please. Other then that, I've had fun an now I have a new friend." Patrick reasoned. "Stuff is going to happen and at some point, no matter what size you or I may be, we'll be dragged into certain situations. Eventually, however cheesy this sounds, love will find a way."

She smiled down on him and said softly. "But the point is, I said I wouldn't let any thing happen to you." she laid down on the cot with her face hovering over him.

Patrick sighed. "And you did a good job, had I been there any longer I would have been bleeding out my ass right now."

"I love you." she said

"I know." Patrick replied

Brittany giggled, kissed his face gradually getting lower before she stopped on his crotch. She then licked his groan. Patrick groaned in pleasure, but before they could get any farther, they heard Tiffany shut her sisters' door. "I guess we'll have to leave this to another time Brittany said.

"Yeah." Patrick sighed.

Walking through the door way tiffany asked. "Since the kid is in bed now, what do yall want to do now?"

"Finish the job." Patrick grumbled to himself.

"I don't know we could do our nails or something." Brittany suggested.

Tiffany sat at the end of the bed and said. "Yea okay. Actually I did get some new aquamarine color from bed, bath, and beyond last weekend. A little pricey but hey oh well."

"Awesome!" Brittany exclaimed.

"Great." thought the less enthusiastic Patrick.


Moments later the girls had gotten in their night cloths and sat on the floor bare foot. Patrick sat on Brittany's foot painting Brittany's, while Tiffany paints her own toes. "So Patrick what was your old town like, you never did say?" Brittany asked.

Chuckling Patrick said. "Shitty. Calvary was one big pool of rich pricks and snobby women. My dad was absolutely no exception."

"You're from Calvary!" Tiffany said. "My cousin lives there."

"What's your cousin's name." he asked

"Elizabeth Flores, have you met her." she answered.

Patrick' hands went cold then he said. "Never met her."



"When we do get you back to normal are you going to go back home?" Brittany asked.

Switching nails Patrick thought about what he wanted to do. "I have to for a little while and set things straight, but let me ask you something now."


"I need some cloths so tomorrow, if I promise to pay you back, can we go get some. " Patrick asked as he picked up the brush and hopped onto Brittany's other foot...

"Sure, but you don't have to pay me back." she said.

"Oh can I go, I have to get out of this house." Tiffany asked.

Patrick looked at her overly excited face and wondered what he'd be getting himself into. But before he could interject, Brittany said. "Sure, why not. We could even go see that new Indiana Jones movie."

"They made a new one!" Patrick asked. "Gosh I missed a lot over the past few months."

Chapter 13

Patrick lay there snuggled next to Brittany on the small cot. Neither of them were in the mood for sleeping as they whispered in the dark to each other. Tiffany on the other hand was snoring above them.

"Baby." Patrick whispered. "I told you what I want after I'm normal again, but honestly, I want to know what you want."

"What I want?" she asked.

"Yeah, I mean if this is ever going to work out, me and you. I have to know how you feel, what you want."

She sighed. "You won't like what I have to say though and I don't want to hurt you."

"Brittany I've been beaten, tortured, and degraded. I spent the better part of four months, living like some kind of animal. As long as I know you care, there is nothing you can say that will hurt me."

"I do care...but," she hesitated. "Honestly, I... don't want things to change. I love having you around and well..."

"Are you afraid your going to loose me?" Patrick asked

A tear rolled down her face "yes, I'm afraid you'll want to move on and forget about me. I know you have a life you want to live and I want you to live a happy life but I don't want to watch you fade away like a good dream in the night."

Patrick kissed her hand witch lay over him. "No matter what, you will always have a place in my heart. If I owe you anything it's that much. Had it not been for you, I would be alone wondering the world not really living, just surviving."

"Do you promise you won't hurt me?" she asked.

"As you answered me before, yes I promise I won't hurt you." Patrick whispered.

She craned her neck and kissed him. "I love you."

Wiping the wetness from his face he answered. "I love you too."

(Warning explicit content, if you want to got sip tea now and read Dr. Seuss's green eggs and ham until this scene is over, this is the time to do it)

Brittany rolled over with her face now hovering above him. Her finger began rubbing Patrick's crotch area. She smiled as he moaned with pleasure. After he was nice and hard Brittany began licking him head to toe. After the fifth pass she began to suck on his erect crotch.

Patrick hips bucked as he slipped into a daze of bliss until finally he came. But Brittany was far from over as she licked him clean and dragged him under the blankets towards her pussy witch was already wet. Patrick became worried as flash backs from his time with lexa popped in his head but these ideas were soon pushed aside as Brittany flipped on her back then shoved Patrick in her panties.

Obeying his primal instincts he began humping her crotch but as Brittany became more aroused it proved not enough. She gently gripped his body and began using him like a dildo. Her face became flushed as she covered it with a pillow to muffle the sounds of her moans. Patrick moved his legs along her hot wet walls causing Brittany maximum arousal, and finally she peeked.

When she finished Brittany licked her juices off Patrick and laid him on her stomach. Both were breathing heavily. For the moment they sat there, Brittany stroking his back and Patrick kissing her belly.

(Okay put Dr. Seuss down now)

Once they were both fully themselves, Patrick crawled up to Brittany's chest. Her skin felt as soft as sand on the beach and was just as warm. She giggled as he sat on her right breast. Patrick said. "I can't believe that just happened."

"What cant you believe?" she chuckled.

"We just did that in you best friend's room, on her cot while she slept right next to us."

Brittany winked at him. "What she doesn't know won't hurt her."

"Very true, lets just hope there aren't any stains we have to explain." they both laughed.

Brittany took him up and set him by her neck then said. "Let's get some sleep."

"Agreed." Patrick yawned, while he nestled against her neck.


Patrick stretched out on the pillow, His back popped several time but it felt good. As he opened his eyes he saw the morning light shining through the window onto the ceiling. He rolled over onto his side looking at Brittany who was still very much asleep.

His eyes then shifted to the bed where Tiffany slept. She was leaned against the wall wide awake texting on her phone. "What time is it?" he thought to himself.

Looking away from her phone Tiffany called. "Good morning little Guy." even in the morning her voice was sweet and energetic.

Rubbing his head Patrick shouted. "Good morning, um not so little girl." Tiffany crawled over to the edge of the bed and picked up Patrick from the pillow. She sat him in her lap as she sat back down and said. "You and she can sleep forever almost."

"What time is it?" he asked.

"It's like ten thirty, "

"gosh." he then looked at Brittany. "Do you think we should wake sleeping beauty?"

Sarcastically she replied. "Gee I don't know tom thumb?"

"Oh ha aha ha, you're so funny; you make me laugh long time."

Tiffany laughed. "Yeah let's wake her up." she grabbed a pillow off her bed and tossed it at Brittany.

First a grumble then Brittany growled. "Son of a- cut that crap out!"

"Are you awake yet?" Patrick called.

"No!" she grumbled, burying her head in the pillow.

Tiffany tossed another pillow at her. "Come on, we actually have to do something today. Get up."

"Okay, I'm up." Brittany moaned.

"Good I've been waiting for the two of you since nine."

Patrick sighed. "That's too early for me on Saturday."

"Agreed" yawned Brittany as she stood on the floor next to the cot. "So what's first?"

Tiffany replied, "First I'm flipping starving so let's go to McDonalds or something."

"Starving are you?" Patrick mocked.

"Let me get dressed.' Brittany said. "Then we'll go okay?"

"Yeah!" tiffany exclaimed.

Tiffany was just a little to excite for Patrick's taste. He hopped off her lap and began to stretch. "So, are you always this happy?" he asked as he popped his back.

"mostly." she laughed.

Chapter 14

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"Ma'am like I said, we aren't serving breakfast any more." the mans frustration started to show. "We do have good lunches though."

Patrick said to Brittany "I don't give a damn what we do but we got to get out of here before we're banned from every McDonald's with in twenty miles."

Brittany chuckled under her breath. "I know." then to tiffany. "Come on lets just go some where else. You are causing a scene. Again."

Half yelling, "no, I'm not causing a scene; it's this kid over here. But fine if you want to go then let's go."

Tiffany took her foot off the brake and turned from the drive through. "The nerve of some people."

Patrick laughed at her from his perch on Brittany's shoulder. "That was great."

Brittany looked at tiffany with disbelief. "Honestly we can't take you any where." tiffany smiled and just looked at the road. "I mean come on, you knew it was eleven."

"I just wanted a Mickey D's breakfast." she protested." and if I can bitch and moan to get it I will."

"And how did that work out for you?" Patrick asked.

Tiffany laughed "shut up."

"Let's just get to the mall." Brittany said. "I don't think I can deal with another fast food bitch fit." Patrick laughed as tiffany stuck her tongue out at Brittany.

The high way twisted in front of them as they neared down town. As the roads became more clogged with cars, Patrick moved him self to the more comfortable spot between Brittany's breasts.

After a few minutes of driving the glass roof of the mall became visible against the city buildings. Patrick recognized it immediately. "Hey isn't that the New Age mall? My dad used to take me there when I was a kid, during some of his business trips."

"Yeah, actually. Does it bring back good memories or something?" Brittany answered.

He said. "Nope not a one, like I said he took me there during business trips. Which meant I go wait on the carrousel while dad goes and works."

"Wow what a jerk." tiffany said. Brittany smacked her on the shoulder causing her to yip.

"You know, she's right my dad is a prick." Patrick laughed. "I hate that man."

The parking lot was packed when they got there. Finding a spot took the better part of ten minutes but finally Tiffany settled on a spot near the middle.

Carefully getting out with Patrick nestled in her cleavage Brittany asked him in a whisper. "Tell me again you won't leave me." Her face was filled with mixed emotions.

"I will never leave your side. Even if I have to glue you to me." Patrick said looking deeply in her eyes. A small smile shined through her face, reminding Patrick of what tomorrow would bring.

"You two coming?" tiffany called as she waited by the trunk of the car.

Brittany looked at her and smiled. "Yeah, I was just... oh nothing" she said walking towards her.

"Yeah... nothing..." Patrick muttered.

Tiffany started. "You know I've been thinking..."


"That thing about Robert. Ever since last night, for some reason makes me want him more. I don't know if it's seeing how you two care about each other, but I think I want to make that step with him." she said.

"Go for it." Patrick replied. "Does he like you?"

She sighed "yeah I ‘m like ninety percent sure. But he won't ask me out."

Patrick said. "Some guys just need a little push, so I say you should invite him over, get him to open up and next thing you know, bam you got your self a guy."

"But what if he doesn't want that?" she asked with some desperation.

Brittany answered. "Then you'll have a good friend."

"I guess that would be cool." she sighed.

The automatic doors pulled open as they walked up sending cool air surging past them. Before them was a river of people walking about. The white tile floors shined with a waxy gloss. On either side of them were shops lining the walk way.

In the center of the large walk way was a large map of the mall. But the girls just walked past, knowing exactly where they should go. The walk way opened into a larger area with a carrousel adorned with flying elephants and painted horses. Patrick sighed as the memories of his youth surged back. "No dad that's cool leaves your son to finish your work."

Too busy thinking; he didn't realize that Brittany had turned into Dotz, one of those teenage girl stores. "Oh Tiffany look, they have my scene jeans!" Brittany called running over to the manikin.

"Wow, I love them!" She said grabbing a pair off the rack next to the manikin.

Patrick snapped back to reality and protested. "Hey, wait I thought we were going cloths shopping for me!"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we can't either." Tiffany laughed.

"Yeah it'll be fun." Brittany reassured him.

Patrick sighed. "I'll take your word for it."

The next two hours were full of stopping and going. They wove in and out of shops; so many that Patrick lost count. Finally their endeavor ended at the food court. Patrick picked out for himself a pair of olive green cargo shorts, a black t-shirt with a Celtic cross symbol on it, and a pair of grey Nikes.

Sitting on the edge of Brittany's tray Patrick said. "You two are exhausting."

"What, how?" Brittany asked.

"We spent half of our time running back and forth between stores." Patrick said.

"But you liked it." Brittany laughed.

"especially when You fell of that rack into the that poor lady‘s shoes." Tiffany added.

"That wasn't my fault." Patrick laughed. "I was looking for a pair for me and that damned little kid with her just happened to knock me off."

"I'm just glad I saw it in time." Brittany chuckled.

"I still can't understand why that woman smacked you." Patrick said as he ate some more of the roll next to him.

Tiffany laughed. "We almost had to get crunck on that lady."

"Oh god!" Brittany laughed. "Don't remind me. I even said sorry"

"You tackled her to the ground for the most part." Tiffany added.

"She squealed like a pig too." Patrick laughed. "You should try out for foot ball with those moves."

"Okay so maybe I went a little too crazy." she said.

"A little." Tiffany laughed. "We can't take YOU any where."

"Shut up, Mrs. Fast food drama queen." Brittany laughed.

Tiffany smacked her arm then said. "At least no one got hurt."

"I think you scarred that dude at the window for life." Patrick said. "But any way what time is this movie?"

Brittany pulled her phone out and looked through her notes. "At about two. Shit we should go now, its already like one forty."

"Lets go. " Tiffany said getting up with her tray. Brittany grabbed Patrick and shoved him in her shirt then got up.

"I hope this is as good as the eighties versions." Patrick said.

"Me too, dad and I watched them all the time when I was a kid." Brittany said. "To bad the v.h.s broke."

Patrick smiled as he said. "Oh the good old days when vhs was still cool."


"I never had a vhs" Tiffany said. "I was too busy running around the house and playing with the cat."

"That explains it "he replied.

"Explains what." tiffany asked.

"Oh, nothing. " He said looking off into the distance.

"Maybe your insanity." Brittany giggled.

"I feel so loved!" Tiffany said.

There was a movie theater inside the mall about fifty yards from the food court. Cinemark movies, read the sign above the escaladers. "We need some popcorn." tiffany finally said as they stepped off onto the lobby.

"But we just ate." Patrick said.

Tiffany put her hand on her hip and said. "But you can't watch a movie without popcorn."

"Well I'm not eating it, that Pi-king chicken was enough for me." Brittany said.

Walking towards the concession Tiffany said. "You two are getting to be buzz kills."

"And you're the fattest skinny kid I know!" Brittany called to her as she walked to the ticket counter. Approaching the counter she said to the ticket lady. "Three- I mean two for Indiana Jones. I just can't count today." smiling nervously.


During the movie Patrick sat on the popcorn. He found himself eating some despite being stuffed. The girls were extra careful not to accentually pick him up instead of popcorn, but it still kept Patrick on edge. All and all the movie was good enough, but to Patrick it had nothing on the original.

"Harrison ford got old." Patrick said as the Porsche sped down the high way.

Brittany smiled. "But he's still got it."

"What, back problems?" Tiffany laughed. "I think his golden years are up."

"True." Patrick said as they turned into the housing complex that Tiffany lived in.

"I think I'm going to just get my car and go," Brittany said "my dads probably wanting me back ASAP."

"Honesty Brit." Tiffany said. "No offense but I think he needs to find himself a woman who will treat him right."

"Easy!" Patrick said."

"No it's okay." Brittany said to him. She then turned her attention to tiffany. "You're probably right, but that easier said then done. I don't think he can forgive himself for... well you know."

Turning on to her rode Tiffany said. "Yeah but what will he do when you're gone?"

"I don't want to think about it." Brittany said.

"We'll think of something." Patrick said rubbing her cheek from his perch on her shoulder."

The car came to a stop in the drive way and the girls said there good byes. Brittany and Patrick loaded up in her impala and drove away. "You going to be okay." he asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." she said. "I just worry about him you know. He's the only family I have, except for my mothers' family whom I've never met."

"Yeah I can understand that." Patrick laid his head on her neck. "But sadly enough though, I've never been a big family man." Brittany said nothing and Patrick continued. "Your dad will be happy knowing that you're happy. I saw it in his eyes, he loves you very much. As far as him needing another woman, that's up to him. Right now he has you, but that doesn't mean you need to take care off him. I think if you just live your life and find happiness, he'll feel complete."

Brittany's eyes reddened. "I really hope so."

"I love you baby." Patrick whispered in her ear.

"I love you too." said her shaky voice.

The rest of the way was quiet. Brittany pulled her car up into the drive way. Her dad waves from the porch. In his left hand was a white envelope.

Patrick slid down into her shirt as she got out. Walking to the porch her dad called. "Hey, one of you friends came up and wanted me to give you this letter."

Stepping on the porch and taking the letter she asked "Who was it?"

"I never got her name she knocked on the door I answered she said she was a friend of yours and to give you this. The girl was chunky, had short dark hair, and was wearing some cloths that looked to small for her." He said. "She walked off as soon as I took the letter. It was very strange to me but hey I‘m too old to understand this stuff right."

Brittany looked at the letter. "Yeah, yeah sure, I'm just going to go open this inside okay, and then I'll make you some dinner."

"It's only four, hey are you okay." he asked.

"Yeah just a long weekend." she said as she walked in the door. "I'm fine, but thank you."


Looking at her confused he said to himself. "Okay?"

Brittany went straight to her room shut the door and sat the letter and Patrick on her bed. She began pacing back and forth. " Brittany." Patrick said but he was ignored. "Brittany." but still no answer. "Brittany!" he shouted.

"What do we do now? She knows where I live." Brittany said turning and facing Patrick.

"We say the course." Patrick said. "Let's just read the letter, maybe it's not as bad as you think."

Sitting next to him. "I'm too scared to open it."

Patrick grabbed the sealed part of the envelope and began to rip. "We can't be scared the rest of our lives, at some point we have to stand up."

Brittany took him off the envelope and opened it her self. "Fine but, she still knows where I live. I don't care if she gets to me but now she can get to my dad too."

"Every thing will be okay." Patrick said as she pulled the letter from the torn envelope. As she read in silence her eyes got wide and worrisome. "What does it say?"

"It says, Brittany, you have my pet and I want him back. The fool Damien opened his mouth but don't worry I wasn't concerned with him. All I want is my pet back, and if I don't get it, I'm going to hurt you. Then I'll hurt him. But if you're a good girl and give me what's mine you will both be fine."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Patrick said.

"We have to get you back to normal as soon as possible." she said trading the letter for him to hold.

Patrick said. "Right now we're safe as long as your dad is here; he won't let her do anything."

Brittany hugged him to her chest. "I know but still."

"Just think of this as an idle treat okay." he said hugging her back.

"okay." she replied.

"Lets just finish the day and tomorrow it will all be over," Patrick said as she kissed him.

Chapter 15

Patrick and Brittany spent the rest of that day waiting for something to happen. Brittany sat with her dad in the living and watched a couple games with him even though she hated baseball.

Time seemed to pass so slowly to Patrick, for as every soldier and officer of the law knows, when you wait for an attack, every second of peace is to be cherished. But none came that evening. Lexa never even drove past the drive.

At around seven Brittany walked into the kitchen with Patrick in hand, and began pulling stuff out for dinner. Opening a pantry door she said. "I don't know how long I can wait around."

"I know what you mean." Patrick said as she grabbed some pasta noodles off the shelf. "But let's just enjoy the time we do have."

"I guess your right; all this worrying is just going to make me sick." Brittany said as she lifted Patrick on her shoulder. "I think I'll make daddy his favorite tonight."

"And what would that be?" he asked.

"I don't know what it's called I just throw some tortellini pasta together with some tomato sauce and sausage toped with some mozzarella cheese." she said.

"Damn!" he said.

"I know what you're thinking but I don't do it often and this is a good occasion." she said filling a pot with water and placing it on the stove.

"But won't be a little suspicious if you only do it on a special occasion?" he asked.

"I'll think of something to say." she answered.

Patrick thought about it for a minute while she pulled a can of sauce and a roll of sausage out of the refrigerator. "Your not planning on showing me to him right?"

Brittany didn't answer immediately "no but now I have an idea."

"No." he said.

"No what?" she replied.

"You're not going to show him me, not tonight please." He said.

That's not my plan at all." she laughed. "No I'm going to give him some story about how I want him to meet you tomorrow. He'll think I'm buttering him up or something."

He sighed in relief. "good." then reality hit him. "Oh now I have to meet him tomorrow, great."

"What is it too sudden?" She asked as she dumped the pasta in the boiling water.

"Yeah just a little bit." he said. "I don't know give me a day or two from tomorrow."

"Fine, but you don't have any thing to worry about." she said starting to brown the meat.

"It's not him I'm worried about though." he said.

"I okay I'll give you till the day after tomorrow." she said.

"deal." he agreed.

After she got dinner cooked Brittany slipped Patrick in her shirt and called her dad into the kitchen where a small round table sat. She sat the serving pan in the middle of the table with two plates and two forks.

Her dad seemed pleased but he had some reserve as he asked. "Um, Brit, what's the occasion? We never have this stuff unless there is something going on."

Sitting at the table she had a nervous smile. "Well dad, I have to talk to you about something."

Taking a bite of the pasta. "Yeah what's going on with you?"

"Dad," she hesitated. "I have a boyfriend."

He smiled. "I figured that much, so when do I get to meet this mystery man?"

"How about, the day after tomorrow?" she asked as she ate.

He sat there a second and thought about it. "Yeah, I could do that, but if I don't like him I'm going to let you know okay."

"Thanks' daddy." she said joyfully. "Don't worry you'll like him."

"I hope so for his sake." he grunted.

She glared at him. "Daddy!"

"What?" he said.

"Be nice." she said. "He's a good guy."

"I know but you're my little girl, no matter how old you get." he said smiling. "It's a daddy thing, you know."

Brittany sat in the kitchen well after they were done eating. They talked about his work and her school along with his ranting about the cubs. But by around nine Brittany decided it was time to go get ready for bed while her dad did the dishes.

Patrick sat on the bathroom counter while Brittany brushed her teeth. She had offered him some leftovers from her dinner but Patrick just wasn't hungry. He then said to her. "You know what; I think my body is having a bad reaction to that shrink formula."

With a mouth full of tooth paste she asked. "Why what's wrong?"

"I'm tired a lot now, I don't eat like I used to. Maybe I'm just paranoid I don't know" he said.

Spitting into the sink she said. "It would make sense. You have a smaller body mass and a slower metabolism, I'm guessing, because as long as you have been here, you haven't used the bathroom once."

Patrick thought about it for a second. "Yeah now that you mention it. I just hope there is no permanent damage."

"Me too" she said as she rinsed her brush. "Let's just go to bed and not worry about it until tomorrow."

"agreed." he said. "So what are you planning tomorrow after I'm back to my old self again?"

She lifted him on to her shoulder and said. "Honestly, I'm not sure. What do you want to do?"

Playing with some strands of her hair he said. "I know what I don't want to do if that helps."

"What's that?" she said as she walked out of the bathroom towards her room.

"I want to lay low for a few days, until I know Lexa won't come after you or me. So really I don't want to be seen much." he said.

She smiled. "That will be interesting."

"Hiding from the people trying to find me and bring me back home? Heck yes." he said.

Brittany shut the door behind her as she walked into her room. "Kind of ironic huh?" she said placing him in her palm.

"Yeah just a little bit." he laughed.

"But we still got to make it through the weekend hun." she said setting Patrick on her dresser.

He sighed. "Yeah." He then looked in aw as Brittany pulled off her shirt, "what are you doing?"

Standing in front of him wearing a black bra she smiled saying. "I'm getting changed, what's it looking like I'm doing?"

He covered his eyes as she pulled down her shorts. "Warn me next time."

She laughed. "Maybe I don't care if you look. I see you naked all the time."

Pulling his hand from his face he said. "I guess your right." as Patrick looked at her he was aw stricken.

She stood in front of him wearing nothing but her underwear, smiling at him. Her hair was brushed over her left side, framing her body. Brittany's skin radiated in excellence, appearing like the goddess Aphrodite herself.

"So why can't my little lover see me as I am?" she asked.

He smiled. "You make a good point."

Undoing her bra. "I thought so," she giggled. The bra fell freely to the floor revealing her nipples. She plucked him off of the dresser and dangled him in front of her face. "Now be a good boy and promise me again you won't leave me after tomorrow."

A little angry at the question he said. "I'm not like that. If this is what this is about put your cloths back on. I told you, I love you; your beauty has nothing to do with it. To me it's a plus. I love the way you care about people, I love the way you laugh, I love your intelligence, I love the fact that you would save a guys life you didn't know. You give me reason. I wouldn't trade your personality for any amount of physical perks.-"

A warm moist kiss interrupted him. Pulling him away she said. "That's what I wanted to hear. I've never had a guy talk like that about me; I don't want you to stop. "

Patrick was a little surprised saying. "Then why didn't you just ask?"

"A lot of guys would lie just to get into a girls pants." she said, then quickly added. "No pun intended."

He smiled. "But I'm not a lot of guys I'm Patrick O'Conner, one in a million. And what do you mean by not a lot of guys talk to you like I do?"

She lay on her bed with him on her chest. "Well, let's just say over the years, I've been the girl in just about every guy's fantasy. One unparticular was a freshman named Randy. He liked me a lot, but he was one of those unsocial types, I guess you could call him a nerd. Every day he would just sit across a room and stare at me for a long time. "

"I don't really see where you're going with this." Patrick said

"Okay I'll get to the point. I asked him about it one day and he told me he liked me. He said I was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. I agreed to go on a date with him, long story short he tried to play me so he could get in my pants. I broke it off and now I have a hard time trusting people." she said.

Thinking it through. "So what was so different about me?"

"Honestly it was you balled up in a corner scared out of your mind." she said. "On top of that, you never made any advances per say towards me. I guess treat me like a person and not like a peace of meat, then give me your love, is what wins my heart."

Patrick laughed to himself. "In a weird way, we can thank Lexa for that first part."

As night time weariness crept in Brittany turned out her light and snuggled up with Patrick on her bed. She was still quite nude but the blankets dispelled the cold night air. She kissed him several times as her eyes got heavy. "You know this could be the last time for a while we can do this."

"In that case, this is the final count down." he said pressing himself closer to her chest.

She giggled. "I love that song."

"You know that one but you don't know what a wonderful world." he said.

She yawned. "You love it."

"Yeah I do" he said. They both drifted into a deep sleep. There love was now strong as concrete. They danced in each others minds with soothing rhythm. Its strange how blind love is, but in the end true love never fades in the twilight.

Chapter 16

The morning light had just pierced the horizon, as Patrick opened his eyes from his sleep. Brittany loomed over him in the darkness still in her world of dreams. Wiggling out of her grip he thought to him self. "Do I want to go back to my normal self?"

Finally free he stood on the mattress just under Brittany's chin. Warm vapor steamed from her nose creating a sense of light headedness for Patrick. "It wouldn't be fair for her though." his eyes were fixed on her darkened face. "She has a life to live, and... so do I."

Patrick walked up to her closed lips and leaned forwards to kiss them. "Sleep well my princess." he then rubbed her chin. "I got to go through with this despite my own secret wishes." he sighed in the silence, as he sat up against Brittany's chin.

A low hum sounded deep from Brittany's throat, startling Patrick. He turned side way and looked at her eyes. She still slept like a log. Patrick stood facing her. "What was that about?" he asked himself.

He then looked down the length of her body and was reminded of her nakedness. The blankets were only covering her waist, leaving her torso exposed. His hormones were going crazy as he stared at her bosoms.

The cold was making her nipples hard, coaxing Patrick to come closer. The sirens call of her body stripped hem of all reason as he felt along her soft skin. As his hand passed over her nipple Brittany hummed in pleasure.

Suddenly she rolled on her back taking Patrick with her. Hi rolled off her breast into the middle of her chest. Picking himself up he starred down the valley that was his lover's body.

"I only live once right?" he thought to himself as he stepped from Brittany's rather bumpy rib cage, to her tummy. The various muscle groups covered by her skin gave a strange texture for Patrick to walk on.

As her diaphragm rose he lost his balance and fell on his but on the middle of her stomach. Brittany moaned a little as the tickling sensation crept upon her. Patrick crawled onwards to her navel.

Brittany's eyes slowly opened as she was awoken. She could feel something, or to be more correct some one crawling on her stomach. "What is he up to?" she thought as she raised her head slightly.

She saw him inching towards her belly button like a fox stalking a rabbit. She smiled as an idea formulated in her head. "So he wants to go exploring does he?"

Crawling past her naval Patrick's primal desire beckoned him. He failed to notice Brittany's hand creeping up behind him. Finally coming to the edge of the blanket he stopped and wondered if he should continue.

Nature got the best of him as he lifted up the blanket and crawled in. Brittany's whole body trembled as he crawled on the ever more sensitive flesh. Biting her lip she grabbed the bulge in the blanket where Patrick was and forced his body flat against hers.

Patrick squirmed trying to get free but her hand was just too much. She lifted him and the blanket then dropped him in her free hand below. She brought him to her chest and gently set him down. Smiling she said. "What do you think you're doing?"

Rubbing his head "Um," she cocked an eye brow. "Spelunking?"

She chuckled. "Oh really? But the cave is closed right now."

Patrick gave a nervous laugh. "Sorry it's just- um- you're- shit."

"If that's your way of saying you're sorry, it's okay." she laughed. "Besides I prefer kisses in the morning to, well you know." she kissed his face twice leaving him soaked in spit.

Wiping his face Patrick said. "That works. I really am sorry I just couldn't control my self."

"Its fine, I know you mean well." she said holding him as she got out of bed. "Besides when your girlfriends the size off a skyscraper." she trailed off.

"That reminds me." he said with his face as hard as stone.

"What?" she asked. "Oh yeah, today."

"Exactly." he replied.

She kissed him again. "I love you no matter what happens."

"I love you too, no matter what shape or size I take." he said. She kissed him again and set him on the night stand. She walked in front of the dresser to get dressed. Patrick watched her ever so closely taking every second in as if it were his last.

"This is real isn't it?" he asked himself. "It's been so long since I was normal, how do I go back." Brittany turned facing him as she put on her bra. She smiled at him taking his tiny body in. "She's the one I can feel it. I'll marry her one day." a wide smile shot across his face.

"I wonder if he feel me in his heart like I can feel him in mine." she thought, clipping her bra strap. "I may be rushing into this but it feels so right. I guess I'll know for sure today right?"

After getting dressed Brittany took Patrick off the nightstand ad sat him on her shoulder. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail behind her black Evanescence shirt. He caressed her neck as Brittany walked down the hall.

Her dad could be heard snoring from the other end of the three bedroom house. Brittany left her dad a note on the table telling him where she was going, then she picked up the house phone and called Damien's house, after finding it in the yellow pages.

"Hey Damien this is Brittany." she greeted. "Can we meet you this morning? Good. I‘ll be over ASAP. No you don't have to make us breakfast. I'm sure. Yes. Okay, see you in a little bit."

"Looks like every things going to go as planned." Patrick said. "But I wonder, how did Lexa get your address?"

Brittany thought for a moment, then. "Well according to that letter Damien let something slip about me. Knowing that you're with me she could have looked my address up in the yellow pages, that or Facebook."

Patrick asked. "You have a Facebook? I didn't even know you had a computer."

"Yeah I have a laptop under my bed I just thought it would be rude to be on the computer while I had a guest over." she said.

He then asked. "You actually posted your address, too?"

She laughed. "Yeah because what's the worst that could happen, right?"

Patrick sighed and slapped his forehead. "That's just awesome. I swear the world will end because of these social network sites." he then began to laugh. "Fuck me."

"Look it won't be long until you are back to normal, so we can deal with it later right?" she said reassuringly.

As Brittany walked to the front door a surge of emotion shot through Patrick. Was he exited or scared, dreading the moment or basking in bliss, he didn't know. "Let's just get this over with" he sighed.

Cool air brushed past them, whistling along the grass. The morning was cloudy and ominously quite. Every one of Brittany's foot steps beat along with Patrick's heart as they neared the Impala.

"Do you want to listen to some music?" Brittany asked starting the car.

Patrick looked at her dumbly, sitting between her and the seat belt, before any thing registered in his head. "Oh, what?"

"Music. Do you want to listen to the radio?" she repeated.

"Yeah sure, I need something to calm me down." he said. "I don't care what it is."

"There isn't anything to worry about baby." she said patting his head with her finger. "It's all going to be over soon."

"At least this chapter of my life." he said. "Most of witch is better left forgotten."

Brittany smiled. "Then I better be in the part you remember."

"Always" he said smiling.

Brittany pulled out of the drive way and started for the main highway. She looked back at him for a second and asked. "How do you think your parents will react when you come back from nowhere so to speak?"

"Just depends I guess." he said. "On how I return."

Brittany frowned but was still watching the road. "I'm guessing you and your parents are..."

"Not on best terms." he said. "My dad thinks I'm never up to his expectations, always the let down.'

"Why do you think that?" she asked.

Patrick chuckled. "He said and I quote, the O'Conner Family Is and will always be the most successful. He's got a huge yacht to prove it."

"What don't you in his eyes amount to." she asked.

"He wanted to get me a job as a part time secretary in his firm, I told him no and I got a job at the Bass Pro shop." he laughed. "I don't like the kind of girls he wants me to like, and the last thing is that I want to be an electrician"

"What's wrong with that?" she asked.

"It's not his ideal plan for me." Patrick said. "But on a lighter note, maybe I'll have some leverage with him now."

Brittany chuckled. "He better like me because I'm not leaving."

"Patrick laughed. "As long as you're Pretty and rich, he'll like you, but I don't give a damn if he does or doesn't. I love you that are what matters."

After a few minutes of jamming to the radio they finally made it to Damien's house. It was a nice two story with lavish Greek columns lining the front wall. The wooden deck was painted a malted blue witch complemented the white of the house.

Damien sat on a porch swing hanging over the deck. He wore all black as always and smiled as he saw Brittany through her window.

He walked to the curb where the car sat and Brittany rolled down the window. "My friends, I'm glad you have made it." Damien said.

"We didn't have the choice of not showing up." she replied.

Damien laughed, "Yes, well let us change that today. But you must not get out right now for I shall take you to where my little shop of horrors is."

"Okay you lead the way I guess." she said smiling.

"Lets hope your clunker can keep up with my motorbike." he laughed walking to his bike in the drive way.

"It's on now!" Brittany shouted.

Patrick laughed. "Did he just dis our ride?"

Kick starting the bike Damien laughed at her. "I think he did Baby" Brittany said with sparks flying in her eyes. "I'm going to make his little bike look like a kids toy when I'm done."

"Just don't get pulled over." Patrick said. Damien pulled In front of them and revved his engine. Game set, ready, set, and go.

Chapter 17

Damien led them into a large pasture miles from here he live. Rocks slung behind the tires of the Impala as they drove down the gravel road in the middle of the pasture. The twisting and turning was making Patrick sick to his stomach. Brittany was having trouble keeping up with Damien on this terrain.

Finally they came to a stop in front of a shack. It was made of sheet metal and was windowless. " how the hell can he work in that?" Patrick asked examining the building. " It's down right tiny."

"Well your one to talk." Brittany laughed as she unbuckled the seat bet..

Patrick laughed. " not for much longer."

Brittany held him as she got out. Damien walked over to her and said. " Alas this is my work shop." they followed him to the door of the building. " my father owns this cattle ranch here and using some of his funds I built this with the help of the day laborers."

Damien pulled a key from his pocked and slid it into the lock on the door. Stepping inside Brittany and Patrick were surprised seeing a corridor that sank beneath the ground lined with stairs. " If you are wondering, yes We did dig this out so I may have a decent lab." he said very proud of himself, as he shut and locked the door behind him.

They followed him down the stair where they came to a large room with shelves of physics an chemistry books. His beakers and flasks were neatly organized on various tables. On the other side was a large black board with arbitrary scribbles

"how can you afford this?" Patrick asked.

Damien chuckled. " well my little friend, my Father is one of the richest men in the western hemisphere right now, thanks to your stock market. Father always loved my fascination in science so I asked for a lab and he graciously agreed." then he looked to the ceiling at the overhead lights and said. "believe it or not but all of mine power is generated by solar energy, I used to convert into kinetic energy then used that kinetic energy to power my generators."

" Jesus Christ!" Brittany exclaimed. " you don't play!"

" I'll say" Patrick said.

" its good to boast some times no?" Damien chuckled. " but now to the reason we are here. Follow me please ."

he lead them through another hallway witch came to a room with a shower, a few crates, and table lined with testing equipment next to an ominous yellow colored liquid in a vial. " as you requested, I have all me serum ready for transport except for this vial of growth formula."

" Thanks, " Patrick said. " For every thing."

" Don't be silly this is all my fault any way." Damien said.

Brittany smiled. At Patrick. " I think we can say some good came out of this right?"

Patrick looked at her deeply. " Yes, in fact I wouldn't have it any other way."

Damien smiled at the two and through the smile shown with a lust. " You know, many a night I have prayed for the love I can see in your eyes right now."

Brittany said . " there is always Lexa." Patrick and Damien laughed at the thought as Brittany placed Patrick on the table next to the vial.

" No I don't think that will be happening any time soon." Damien chuckled. " so without further a due let us start the treatment."

Brittany kissed Patrick on the head and whispered " I love you" in his ear, then stepped back away and watched as Damien took a eye dropper and sucked some fluid out of the vial.

" you may feel some discomfort but it's just because of the rapid change to your body." Damien said bringing the eye dropper next to Patrick's head. " Injection will be too risky so just open your mouth and say ah."

" Ah," Patrick said as he opened his mouth. A jet of lukewarm bitter fluid rushed into his mouth. The taste had him gagging as he tried to swallow. For a moment nothing happened.

Brittany looked frustrated as the wait dragged on." Why isn't it working?" she asked.

" It was taken orally that's why Damien said. " give it a second."

Suddenly Patrick slowly began to grow. Six inches to a foot, then three feet. Getting to big for the table he hopped off and fell to his knees continuing his groth until finally, Patrick was back to being 6'2.

Brittany rushed to his side and embraced his neck "how are you feeling?" she asked.

" yes do tell." Damien said.

Panting, Patrick said, " I'm- so- tired." dropping to one side.

Damien was not surprised as he said. " your body used a lot of energy in the transfer it may take some time fir your strength to come back."

" how long?" Brittany asked.

" I don't exactly know for sure." Damien replied picking up Patrick's arm. " lets get him to the lobby up stairs at least."


Weakly Patrick laughed. " I'm six two now and I'm still being carried around."

" only difference now is your heavy." Brittany said .

Damien asked. " while you were in your shrunken state were there any side effects now that I'm curious?"

" I could go days without eating" Patrick labored. " I slept more then I used to."

" I see." Damien said. " That would make sense, smaller creatures do sleep more and don't require a lot of food."

" Your really taking notes on this?" Brittany asked. " hasn't this convinced you to stop your research?"

"I'm a scientist, I must know the answer to life's riddle." Damien replied.

At the top of the stairs they laid Patrick against the wall. Brittany sat next to him holding his hand. " it's finally over." Patrick said. Then he turned his head to to Brittany. " can I have my cloths now?"

"yeah sure." she said. " hey Damien would you mind getting the bag from the back seat of my car."

" certainly" he replied.

" hey something just occurred to me." Brittany said as Damien unlocked the door.

"what?" he asked.

" how many of those needles did you give to Lexa?" she asked.

Opening the door Damien said. " I gave her five, why.? Oh shit." looking in front of him he saw Lexa with two syringes in her both of her hand. Before he could react she stabbed one in Damien neck.

Brittany screamed as Damien fell backwards on the ground clutching his neck. Rapidly he began to shrink under his cloths. Lexa laughed. " looks like I caught a brake this time." Damien crawled out from under his cloths and lexa raised her foot over him.

" no!" Patrick shouted, Brittany dove for Damien but she was too late Lexa crushed him out of existence.

Chapter 18

"You monster." Brittany screamed on her knees at Lexa. Tears poured down her face like a rain storm. "You killed him!"

Lexa kicked Brittany in face forcing her to the ground. "Don't blame me, all you had to do was hand Patrick over, then Damien would still be alive."

Patrick stumbled onto his knees and shouted. "Don't listen to her It's not your fault. You hear me Lexa, It's not her fault. Damien died because you wanted a slave, isn't that right."

Lexa laughed. "No he died because he was a pest. But at least I got Brittany's name from him. Now I can have two toys to play with." suddenly she leapt on top of Brittany and stabbed her with the needle.

Brittany tried to resist but it was hopeless, she wasn't strong enough to push Lexa off of her. Brittany screamed as the liquid coursed through her veins.

"Please stop this insanity." Patrick pleaded as he watched Brittany shrink into a minuscule size. "Don't hurt her please." tears welled in his eyes.

Lexa stood up towering over Brittany who lay there trembling. She laughed. "You would make a good doll. You're so pretty, but I don't think Patrick needs to have any thing to look forward too. I do need to punish him after all."

"No!" Patrick shouted as Lexa raised her foot over Brittany. Brittany screamed as Lea's foot hovered above her." don't It's me you want, take me just let her go!"

Lexa looked at him and laughed. "I will have you whether you like it or not, so say bye to you little girl friend."

"No!" Patrick lunged forward with a sudden burst of energy and toppled Lexa over on to her back. They rolled out side on the ground. Patrick beat her as hard as he could until she grabbed the other syringe from her sleeve and tried to stick him.

Grabbing her arm before the needle could go in Patrick twisted Lexa over and shoved her arm into her back. The brawl finally ended when he stuck her in the back with the needle. She cried in pain. "No, not like this, I was supposed to win."

"Guess again bitch." he yelled as she shrank under him. Lexa curled up in a ball, scared witless and Patrick smiled. "Don't worry I'm not going to kill you. I have other plans." he picked her up and wrapped her in her cloths just tight enough to where she couldn't move.

Satisfied, Patrick walked back inside the shed. He found Brittany covering her head and curled up on the ground. She was crying hysterically. Patrick bent down and picked her, cradling her against his chest.

Patrick whispered to her. "Its okay baby, it's over." She hugged his chests and cried. He kissed her on the head and said. "I love you no matter what."

"Don't let go of Me." she whimpered. "Patrick -I love you too."

Patrick carried her down stairs to the room with the Growth serum. He caressed her and wiped away her tears. Brittany blushed as he felt over her most sensitive parts. Now she had no more doubt about him leaving her, she knew he was true.

"Patrick?" she said.

H whispered back. "What babe?"

"I-I-'m sorry I ever doubted you." she said. She was afraid she was about to cry again so she looked off to the side.

Placing his finger under her chin he said. "Don't worry about it, I understand."

She smiled and held on to his finger." It's strange when the shoe's on the other foot isn't it?"

"Always is I suppose." he said. "But now there is nothing to be afraid of. I got you, and no ones taking you away from me."

"And no ones taking you from Me." she said.

They got into the testing room and Patrick set her on the table taking an ample amount of care not to hurt her. He then took some of the yellow liquid in the eye dropper and sprayed it in her mouth. As they waited Patrick felt his strength coming back, noticing his legs stopped shaking under his weight.

Brittany grew back to her original size and leapt off the table. Her face had a huge burse on the side of it where she had been kicked but other then that she as fine. Patrick held her in his arms and they kissed each other.

"You know, we still have to do something about Lexa." Patrick said. "But I don't want too kill her, because I'm not a murderer. Got any ideas?"

Brittany with a mischievous smile said. "She likes dolls right? Maybe she needs to become one."

"How do you plan on doing that?" Patrick asked.

"Remember Tiffany's little sister?" she asked.

Patrick laughed. "Oh yes, lets do that."

Hand and hand they walked back out until they stood in the doorway of the opening. Brittany grabbed her bra and panties and slid them on as Patrick looked over Lexa. Lexa shook with fear as he poked her with his finger.

He laughed at her every time she flinched. "Looks like the shoe is on the other foot."

"Please let me go, I'm sorry." she begged.

Patrick laughed. "But Lexa you're mine now little girl. But I'm not the one you need to be afraid of."

"What are you going to do?" she cried.

"There are a lot of things I could do, but then again what is power? I could kill you, but then you wouldn't learn any thing and I'm no murderer unlike you. I could break every bone in your body, but I'm not cruel like you. I could let you go, but the punishments for murder are typically lethal injection. You see right now your life is in my hand like mine was in yours. Power is having the ability to choose who lives and dies but can restrain from their temptation."

She was crying now and it pleased Patrick to see her this way. "I treated you good, I loved you. I never hurt you." a sour taste filled Patrick's mouth. He spat on her in disgust.

Brittany joined Patrick after getting dressed and looked at Lexa. Lexa kept saying. "I was good to you."

Brittany shouted at her. "Good to him? Bitch you raped and tortured him for months! You wouldn't know well if it bit you in the ass!"

"What are you going to do to me?" Lexa whimpered.

Brittany smiled. "Since you like dolls so much, I'm going to make you one."

"No, please no!" Lexa screamed.

"You are going to be a child's play thing for the rest of your life." Brittany said. "But I'll make sure you don't get treated the way Patrick was."

Lexa whimpered. "All I wanted was some one to love me."

"Babe I'm going to let you handle this while I get my cloths on." Patrick said. Brittany nodded and watched him go to her car. He grabbed his bag of cloths from the back seat and began to dress.

Brittany looked back at Lexa and said. "You have no clue what love is."

"How could you know?" Lexa yelled. "I could only dream to be as pretty as you are. Love comes easy to girls that look like you."

"No the only thing that comes easy is guys looking for some pussy. I've never been loved by any one like Patrick, except for my father."

"Then what is love?" Lexa asked.

Brittany lifted her up face level and looked in Lea's eyes. "Love is a lot of things. Love is when you can feel that special person in your heart. It's when you know every thing will be alright as long as that person is right there. It's when you trust that person with all your life and they do the same for you."

"Then you doom me never to feel that?" Lexa said.

"There is always hope, but I didn't doom you, you did that you're self."

Patrick walked back over. "You stay here I'm going to make it look like an accident inside. We cant burry him unfortunately."

"Okay just- oh never mind." Brittany called after him. She then looked at Lexa. "If you escape, we won't look for you, because your punishment will be over. Don't expect us to un-shrink you either."

"Fine, just let me am." Lexa sighed.

Brittany got up and went to the car. She looked at Lea's car witch was parked behind hers. Something was eating at her from the back of her mind but she couldn't put her finger on it.

She put Lexa in the back seat then stood outside waiting for Patrick. After a few minutes he walked out carrying the crates from the lab. Brittany rushed over and opens the trunk for him. They loaded up the car and then left to go, this time Patrick was driving.

"Where to now?" Patrick asked,

"I would say to drop our prisoner off, but I feel like I need to go to my house first." she said in a worrisome voice.

Patrick sighed. "Yeah that and we need to make sure Tiffany is onboard with our plan."

"True." she replied. "But there is something else I have to do."

"I think you're just tired." Patrick said.

"maybe." she muttered.


They pulled up to Brittany's house and something felt wrong. The door was open and her dad's car was still parked on the side of the house. The two got out and went in the house.

"Hello?" Brittany called. But there was no answer. On the recliner was some cloths hastily tossed on. "Daddy?"

Patrick heard a crunch underfoot and then looked down. There was a note that had been crumpled up and left on the floor. Reading it he could tell it was the one that Brittany had written earlier. "Um, Babe?"


"I think Lexa was here." he said. "Here is the note to your dad."

"Oh no." She gasped. "She had five needles but at the lab she had three, she used one on you a while back so..." she began looking under the furniture and under the cloths. Patrick did the same. "He's not here!"

"Shit look." Patrick pulled a pin from under the couch, it was stained with blood. "It looks fresh enough."

"Daddy you can come out now, we're not going to let her hurt you, you're safe." she called franticly.

"Keep looking, ill get Lexa to talk." he called as he ran out the door to the car.

Patrick threw open the backdoor and grabbed Lexa. She shook as he yelled. "Where the fuck is he?"

"Who?" she asked.

"Brittany's dad."


"Speak now or I'll rip your legs off."

She shrieked. "Freezer."

He dropped her in the seat and yelled. "if he dies I swear I'll make your life a hell on earth." he then slammed the door.

Brittany poked her head out the front door. "What did she say?"

He shouted. "He's in the freezer."

Brittany ran for the kitchen and nearly ripped the handle off the freezer as she opened it. She looked around until she spotted an open bowl. Looking in she found her dad naked and taped to the bottom of the bowl.

"Oh my god." she screamed as she took him from the bowl. "Daddy is you okay?"

He coughed for a few seconds as his daughter held him to her chest. Shivering him finally answered. "w-what's-s going on?"

"I'll explain later but are you hurt?" she asked examining him in her palms now.

"n-no, just c-cold." he coughed.

She kissed his face and held him to her chest. "I'll warm you up."

"Who was that person, who did this?" he asked. About that time Patrick walked up behind Brittany with a vial of growth formula. "Wait no who is he?"

Brittany looked over her shoulder at Patrick and smiled. "This is Patrick my boyfriend."

"Hi, Mr. Westbrook." Patrick said.

"What's going on?" Mr. Westbrook sighed.

Brittany started. "First lets get you back to normal size then I'll explain every thing." she said taking the vial from Patrick. She took her dad into his room, leaving Patrick to wait.

"Oh boy!" he thought to himself. "This should go well. Not,"

Minutes later they returned, Brittany took her place next to Patrick and her dad stood facing the two. "So tell me this story, I don't care what you did together, I don't want to know right now."

"Let me start." Patrick said. "So about four months ago-"


When they got done talking Brittany's dad seemed please as a smile ran across his face. "You know kid." he said staring at Patrick. "You're alright. I don't mind you dating my daughter as long as two things don't happen."

"And those are?" Brittany asked.

"One, there will be no messing around in my house or any where else, I don't want to be a grandpa any time soon. And last, we never speak of this day again."

"You have my word sir." Patrick said.

"Mine too." Brittany added.


That evening Patrick and Brittany took Lexa over to tiffany's for her punishment. Sarah was ecstatic to have gotten a new talking doll even though she had been told that she had to treat the doll like a pet hamster. After a few rounds of guitar hero Brittany and Patrick left.

"This was one heck of a weekend." Patrick said laying his arm over Brittany's shoulder.

She giggled. "Yeah it was, I feel like Nancy drew or something."

"Who?" he asked.

"It's a story book character." she said.

"You know story book characters but you can't tell me the names of some of the most famous singers in the world." he sighed. "What are we going to do with you?"

Brittany laughed. "It's not my fault."

"I know what I'll do." he said.

"What's that?" she asked.

"I'll shrink you down and force you to watch old music videos of all these legends." he chuckled.

"Then I'll shrink you down afterwards and make you give me a back message." she said.

"Oh kinky." he joked. "And then later we can-"

"- oh my." she laughed. "Now I know I'm going to have to lock you up."

"Chains and whips aren't my thing." he said. "Nah but hey can we go some where before going to your house?"

"Like for real or-"

"really." he said.

"Okay, where to?" she asked


They pulled up to a nice looking house and Patrick told Brittany to wait for him. He walked up the drive, looking at this one particular truck that sat there. He smiled at it, seeing himself in the paint job.

Walking up to the door he took a deep breath. Patrick Knocked twice and waited. The figure of man about his height loomed through the glass. The man looked at Patrick with a blank expression, and then opened the door.

Patrick said to his own surprise. "Hi dad."



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