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Author's Chapter Notes:

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I slowly open my eyes and it appears that I am resting on a soft, cotton percale duvet cover. As I gradually observed the enormous room, everything seems to be very similar, then I grasped that I was lying on a recovery table in Dr. Rao’s health center. Afterwards, I heard a soft, yet overpowering voice, “Good, you’re awake, the procedure went well, as I’ve predicted.”

I see Dr. Rao towering at the side of the table as I scream, “What happened?”. I started to shambling to get off the table, all of a sudden, it seems like that I am falling off a cliff. Thank goodness, I was grabbed by a gigantic supple hand and place back on the cotton percale duvet cover.

I calmed myself while staring bewilderingly at the giantess, as Dr. Rao starts to explain the situation to me. “I am really pleased to tell you that I’ve successfully shrunken you and you’re merely 7 cm (2.8 inches) tall, that’s approximately the length of my middle finger. Your weight is at the most one ounce, probably less. The only drawback is that the procedure is absolute irreversible”.

I pondered on my situation, given that I got the perpetual dose of the Longevity injection, I could actually live out my life in my desire. Normally, it would be a nightmare to be shrunken to just about 3 inches tall, but, because of my eccentricity, I was actually in high spirits! Impulsively, I opted to thank Dr. Rao for her hard work.

Surprised by my gratitude, Dr. Rao apologetically replied, “I guess that you’re very welcome, please know that it's nothing personal”. I embarrassingly interjected, “Genuinely, I really appreciate that you have shrunk me. If you will excuse my peculiarity, I need to tell you that I have a squash obsession and I really enjoy being physically subjugated!”.

Dr. Rao lighten up and started clapping her hands and laugh, as the acoustic waves blasted my eardrums and caused sudden sensorineural temporary hearing loss. She started to explain, “I forgot about your fetish, I actually read that in your file. Wait a minute – can you hear me?”. As she realized what occurred, she wrote a note to me, “Sorry, I overlooked that you are feeble, but the wonderful healing ability of the Longevity should start working in a bit.” Sure enough, I regained my hearing in just a few minutes, as Dr. Rao talks softly cheerfully, “You see, it works well indeed!”.

I exclaimed, “Wow, it is brilliant! Cheers to Dr. Rao!” Dr. Rao bowed and start smiling, “Please call me Laura from now on, we are friends!” Then she continues to make a joke, “If you don’t start to call me Laura, I will deliberately clap right next to you!”. We giggled together.

Since it is a challenging effort to make my voice audible at my newly diminished size, I politely yelled, “Laura, please clap right next to me anyway.”. Laura being perplexed, “Could you repeat that?” I eagerly shouted, “Please! Give it your best shot!”.

Laura grinned and without any further question, she starts clapping literally right next to me, as the overwhelming sound waves forced me to tumble on the soft, cotton percale duvet cover. She kept on clapping for at least 20 seconds and the clapping came to an end.

Just in a minute after, Samantha Cook walked in, smiling, “So, I figure that the procedure went well. I heard the cheerful clapping as I was walking here!”. Laura making every effort not to burst out laughing, “Indeed, it went flawlessly!”, then, she lightly pinched out a teensy-weensy patient gown and placed it next to me. As her feminine finger (approximately the same height as me) kept pointing at the minuscule gown, I got her meaning and started to put it on. By the time that I got robed, my hearing has returned.

I started to thank and explain to Sam about the wonderful reality that I can actually live out my life satisfying my desire. I told her about my eccentricity regarding my squash obsession and I really enjoy being physically subjugated, so, I am really grateful! She smiled and warmly replied, “Splendid, this company is like a family to every loyal employee, so welcome to the family. Anyhow, I must emphasize that your job is to be the test subject and I understand that Laura hasn’t fully tested the physical healing aspect of the new procedure.” I replied cheerfully, “The best part of this shrinking procedure is that it is irreversible and I like to thank Laura once again. Honestly, I am eager and ready to fulfill my tasks.”.

Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any likeness or resemblance to any actual person, living or deceased, or to any factual occurrence is merely coincidental. Furthermore, be aware of the categories. If any of the categories causes you any distress or uneasiness, proceed at your own discretion.

Author’s addendum: I am hoping to offer a feminine standpoint in my works of fiction. Please understand that a lesbian relationship is about the deep connection on every level, from communicating and discussing problems to various unimaginable romantic pursuits. No-one appreciates another woman’s bodies better than a woman herself. Having said that, please note that my writing method is from a perspective of lesbian-feminism. Since there are various types of lesbian relationships, I would like to highlight that my partner and I are in a femme/femme relationship. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my creative writing.
I sincerely hope to offer a feminine standpoint in my works of fiction. Please review, as I am a novice. I would like to get your feedback and suggestions.

With much appreciation, Theresa Yuen.
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