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The man grunted, his hips thrusting upwards as he reached climax. The prostitute working his manhood didn’t pull back and continued to deepthroat him as he blew his load down her gullet.

“Holy shit,” he said as he lowered himself back onto the seat. “That was fucking incredible.”

The woman rose up her head, letting his wet, softening dick flop onto his jeans.

They were both sat in a car, the man behind the wheel. His seat was pushed back, giving her the access she needed to give him, in his opinion, the best blowjob he’d ever had in his entire life.

“You’re the best bitch,” he said, grinning.

The bleach-blonde woman wiped her mouth and gave him a scowl.

“Sorry, but it’s true. Best fifty bucks I ever spent. Might try the hundred dollar full service next time. See what those hips can do. If it’s anything like those lips then you’re underselling yourself.”

“Yeah, you do that,” she said as she climbed out of the car.

Sophia Moreno watched as the car drove away before turning on her heels and walking into the night. This was not how she had envisioned her life going, but she had needs. She wished it was only money, but it wasn’t. Deep down inside her was a monster, an insatiable demon that needed to be fed. She was like a succubus only she didn’t kill the men she derived her sustenance from. No, she left them wanting more.

Sustenance was perhaps the wrong term. Sophia wasn’t literally feeding from them, but rather using them to dull her out of control desires. She didn’t know if it was connected to the fact that she hadn’t had a menstruation cycle since being reincarnated, but something had happened that made her libido near uncontrollable.

Being a lady of the night was far from glorious work, but it paid the bills, gave her benefits and eased her frustrations. It helped that she was hot, and knew it. She always had been with her trim waist, big tits and thicc ass, but she had always felt insecure about it. At least until her own body had decided she needed to constantly fuck. It was like a drug that she couldn’t get enough of and it had helped ruin her life.

Hell, who was she kidding. Being able to grow into a giantess was what had ruined her life in the first place. She was just doing what she had to in order to survive.

In her line of work, anything went. She would suck and fuck in any hole, though she only had a single rule:

No recording.

If anyone recorded her, the service was off regardless of whether they had paid for a happy ending. If they got rowdy about it, she beat the fuck out of them. Being incredibly strong had its benefits.

Even so, she didn’t really like her line of work. She had nothing against sex workers, it just wasn’t what she enjoyed. If it wasn’t for the relief it offered her, then she would give it up in an instant. She couldn’t, though, she had tried. Her body began to shake, and sweat poured off her like she was jonesing for heroine. Sex had become her drug, and she was addicted.

Perhaps it was the evil side of her showing its ugly face. Perhaps the Entity of Light that had given her superpowers had been right, that she had taken an aspect of the Darkness within her and it was manifesting itself in the form of needed sex on a constant basis?

Did it really matter where it came from, though? What she needed was a cure. So far she was only managing to hold onto her sanity by getting her fix, but she knew it couldn’t last forever. Her self-hatred was starting to affect her work.

Her thoughts fell onto Mark from college. She wondered if he had survived Boston? If he was here with her, then she wouldn’t have a problem. She could just fuck him and get it out of her system.

Sophia heard the sound of an unfortunately familiar SUV slow down and begin to crawl behind her. She didn’t need to look around to know who it was. Though she did step off the road onto the grass.

If there was one thing she hated about this town, it was the scarcity of the sidewalks.

She gritted her teeth as she heard the sound of an electric window.

“Look who it is,” the voice said from behind. “Everyone’s favorite cocksucker!”

Despite knowing she shouldn’t, Sophia stopped and turned around. It was Perry, the local pimp and nightclub owner, and he’d had his eye on her for a few weeks now. Sat beside her in the backseat was another girl, and friend, she knew from the streets who went by the name Cassidy.. Whether or not that was her real name, Sophia didn’t know, though she doubted it was considering that she looked Asian, or at least half-Asian. Though with tits like hers, she was definitely busty for an Asian girl. What she did know was that she had thought that she was a friend, someone who could be trusted. Now, seeing that she was sat in the car with Perry, gave her second thoughts.

“Not interested, fuck off!” she said, hoping, but knowing he wouldn’t get the message.

“A girl like you shouldn’t be alone. I can offer protection.”

“I don’t need protection,” she said, turning back around and continuing to walk. “I can take care of myself.”

“That’s what they all say until they end up with a slit throat. Then they ain’t saying much at all.”

The car continued to pace her, which was bad for her. It meant she couldn’t go home, not without letting him know where she lived.

“I can handle myself,” she said. “Now fuck off!”

“So I’ve heard. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to have some security? We could offer a place where you could offer your services without fear.”

“I said I’m not interested.”

The car moved past her and stopped. Perry clearly wasn’t used to being turned down.

“A cocksucker as good as you will bring in the cash. You could charge three times the amount you do.”

Sophia stopped in her tracks and folded her arms under her large bust. “I’m not interested in being your sex slave. Besides, calling me a cocksucker over and over again isn’t the sales pitch you think it is.”

Cassidy spoke up for the first time. “It’s not really as bad as you think. Perry’s good to his girls. Besides, from what I’ve heard you really are a good cocksucker. I’ve had to up my game.”

“I do this because I have to.”

“Don’t lie. I know girls that weren’t into this line of work and they were shit at it. You’re skilled which means you like doing it. Whether you accept it or not, on some level you love this line of work.”

Those words hit a little too close to home for Sophia. She did enjoy it, not because she wanted to, but because her body craved it.

“Bullshit!” Sophia snapped.

“Come on, don’t be like that,” Cassidy said. “You know me, and I know you. We go way back.”

“We go back what? Four or five weeks?”

Cassidy was dismissive. “In this business, that’s a long time. Come on, girl, we could be fuck buddies. Two girls with big tits. We could be a duo. Could you imagine a nice thick dick between both our tits? We’d bring in the big bucks. We’d be rich.”

Perry smirked. “What do you say? Pretty good offer. I’d make you both lots of money and in turn you’d make me lots of money. Everybody wins, and not one person loses.”

Sophia wasn’t buying it. “I say no.”

“I’ll cut a deal with you. You get to keep fifty percent of your earnings.”

“I keep one-hundred right now,” she pointed out.

“Yes, but any man could rape you. They could kidnap you, murder you and leave you in a ditch. With me, you have protection, a safe place to stay. Hell, you won’t even have to pay rent as long as you keep bringing in the green. What do ya have to say about that?”

“I say no, because I don’t need or want any of that. I know what you’re like.”

“Not to a girl like you. Cassidy knows how I treat the hardworking talent. Besides, the other girls around these streets aren’t too happy with you taking all their customers.”

“Then they should get better at it,” Sophia muttered.

“They’re good, but you’re great,” Perry said. “You don’t just have the skills, but the body to match.”

Cassidy agreed. “He’s right. Don’t you wanna fuck dudes in a nice place instead of their shitty car?”

Honestly, Sophia didn’t want to be fucking random dudes for cash at all. The streets reminded her that this wasn’t what she wanted to be doing with her life. She feared that a cushy place with all the amenities might help make her forget that.

“No,” Sophia said. “Fuck off, Perry and go hound someone else. I ain’t buying what you’re trying to sell me. I’m not your whore and I never will be.”

Perry slowly shook his head. “You are such a disappointment. I will be in touch. I will make you an offer that you can’t refuse.”

Sophia held back the urge to roll her eyes at the cliché line.

“If you change your mind,” Perry continued, “you know where my club is, right?”

“I know where it is and no, I’m never going to take you up on your offer. I’m only doing this for as long as it takes to get back onto my feet.”

“You’d get there a lot faster with me,” Perry pointed out. “Six months and you’d be able to get a place in a better part of town. Hell, you might even learn to like it. You’re a good girl, you’ll do what’s right.”

“In six months I’ll be out of here,” Sophia promised.

“Be that as it may, I am still offering you a job, one with many benefits. Hell, I’d pay you to be a dancer.”

“You mean a stripper.”

“Of course. For someone who works the sex trade, you seem very demeaning towards them.”

Sophia hesitated.

Perry tapped the side of his head. “Just think about it.”

With that, he rolled up his window and the car drove away.

Sophia stood there and watched as the car disappeared from sight. As far as interactions with Perry went, it had been by far, one of the nicer ones. He was usually a lot more coarse towards her, probably because of how each time she turned him down, she generally got more and more vulgar towards him.

In a strange way, the interaction had been refreshing, even if it was unwelcome. Still, she suspected that he wanted to keep up appearances in front of Cassidy.

Not wanting to be followed, Sophia took the long way home.

The moment she was in the door, she stripped off her clothes and took a shower. She needed to scrub off the grime and self-hatred. She felt dirty, and not in a sexy way.

Done, she washed her mouth out with mouthwash before she stepped back into the main room and stared at the wall in silence.

She longed for the days where Brooke would be waiting for her in the old apartment up in Boston. She hadn’t known it before, but her best friend was her anchor. She missed her dumb jokes and, in retrospect, her obvious flirting.

“I miss you,” Sophia said before she headed into her bedroom.

After closing the door, she pulled open her bottom drawer and pulled out her dildo. With a deep, quivering breath she laid down on her bed and rested the tip against her womanhood.

Her thoughts fell back onto Mark, the guy from college, as she began to slam herself hard with the dildo. No matter how hard or fast she went, her yearning didn’t ease. She needed sex, actual sex and sucking dudes off and dildos weren’t doing it for her.

An hour and five orgasms later she gave up due to fatigue and went to bed feeling unsatisfied.


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