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Eren did not usually frequent bars. They were loud, the drinks were more expensive than going to a liquor store, and above all else it was very dangerous for “specks'' to venture outside their usual cordoned off sections of modern society. 

Of course the government claimed to protect their rights, but in practice the gargantuan people who comprised the other eighty percent of humanity treated specks as vermin. 

And it was shortly after ordering his first drink he began to regret his decision. The bartender reluctantly took his request, but only after a stern look from her manager who briefly came out to see what the fuss was about.

While she was preparing his drink with the set of speck-sized cups and glasses that probably had never been used by the employees before today, a pair of regulars at the bar glanced over at Eren sitting on the table in a tiny chair made their move. 

They slinked closer just as the bartender was turning around with his cocktail. She noticed the two but consciously made the decision not to warn an exasperated Eren, who by now had realized she was intentionally dawdling. 

“Here.” The bartender said bluntly, setting a thimble sized glass in front of him rough enough to slosh some out of it. As she spoke the two women who had crept over towards them subtly took their seats behind him in the chairs reserved for normal sized clients. She stifled a chuckle while noticing the young man reaching for his wallet. “It’s on the house sir.” 

“Uh... thanks I guess-.” Before he could ponder why the clearly hostile woman would give him a free drink, Eren was flying through the air. His startled yelp that might have alerted someone nearby to come to his aid was cut off by a mouthful of sugary sweet booze that smelled strongly of strawberry.

One of the two gigantic women deftly tossed him into her strawberry margarita which to Eren was like a large hot tub. He struggled to swim his way to the top for a breath of fresh air, and to call for help when he was bludgeoned by a massive object. 

The other woman, who was giggling madly forced a straw into the drink to push Eren further down away from oxygen. While he was still recovering she began to furiously stir the drink, generating a whirlpool of ice and speck as Eren’s tiny body was bashed against the inner glass walls like a billiards ball.

To any onlooker it simply looked like a pair of tipsy young women enjoying a Friday night having fun. A more observant watcher might have noticed the hapless speck being drowned in rum by the pair, but if one such person existed in the bar nobody cared enough to interfere. 

Conveniently the bartender decided now was a perfect time for a smoke break. If her manager asked she never saw a thing. She raised an eyebrow as the girls cackled maliciously while allowing the speck a few desperate breaths to avoid ending their fun too soon. It would be a shame if he passed out in the first few seconds while they had him all to themselves. 

After a few agonizing minutes passed they decided they had enough of the distraction. There were a lot of cute boys on the dance floor they could be spending time with after all. Deviously both women fished a badly bruised and gasping Eren out of the drink where he was stuffed into one of their purses.

The bartender watched as one woman hurried off towards the ladies room, while the other placed a generous fifty dollar tip on the table for her. It was not necessary to buy her silence, but the bartender would graciously accept a tip considering the entertainment she allowed them to have. 

“Quickly! Before someone sees us!” Sylvia cooed, struggling to contain her excitement. It had been a long week but this made it absolutely worth it. “Find an empty stall.”

The bathroom was deserted with the exception of a single locked bathroom stall, with a pair of teal high heels wobbly keeping up some woman who appeared to have had one too many considering the nasty noises they heard as she wretched.

She would be no issue they imagined.

Alice was still giggling like a madwoman. She did not hold her liquor very well and was the type of drunk who found everything hilarious. The blonde did not even wait for Sylvia to lock the door behind her to rifle through her purse and snatch the dazed speck from beneath a bottle of perfume. 

Eren groaned in pain, his vision beginning to sharpen just in time to see a set of bright eyes looking at him. He had no time to really look at his tormentor before he felt an excruciating pain from his groin as a finger longer than his entire body reeled back before slinging forth as Alice flicked him directly in the balls while he hung upside down.

The girls laughed loudly as he let out a cry of pain, tears welling up under his eyes and dripping off his brow into the foul smelling toilet hundreds of meters below lined with brown skidmarks. He eyed it warily, realizing what the girls intended to do.

“No no no!” He managed to shout at them hatefully. Alice waved her hand with him while he thrashed about, mocking his feeble effort at fighting back. “You fucking bitch! This is murder!”

Sylvia was almost crying from laughter at this point. 

“M-murder?” She managed between fits of laughter. “As if it’s murder to flush a bug down the drain.”

“Hey record this I want to show it to Stephanie!” Alice said giddily, and tried to wiggle her phone out of her pocket with her other hand. “She hates these little fucks.”

“You people are monsters...” Eren shouted, among other obscenities as he could do nothing more than wait for the inevitable as he hung over the toilet which was to be his grave. The two women temporarily ceased their abuse to film it, and he was too frustrated at the world to care that this was how it ended.

Drowned a stinky toilet by two vicious women who didn’t know the faintest thing about him, other than that he was scum for being born a few inches tall. 

Alice had finally managed to pull her phone out when the bathroom stall suddenly swung open. It moved with enough force to slam directly into Sylvia, who was swatted aside into the adjacent wall of the stall, painfully thwacking her head against the door then the wall.

She went down clutching her already pounding head from the adrenaline and booze, opening her mouth in a silent cry. Alice spun around on shaky legs, allowing both her and Eren to witness who had kicked the door open.

Another woman stood in the doorway, wearing a cocktail dress the color of the sea. She stood a good few inches taller than Alice in them, although judging from how she compared to the door itself Eren could surmise she was a rather tall woman. 

Her almond shaped eyes were bloodshot and hazed, with jet black hair clinging messily to her porcelain cheeks. From her expression she was clearly very drunk with smeared make up, and a stain beneath her lips indicated she had indeed been vomiting in the next stall over, but despite that appeared to have another emotion plastered on her face.


The mysterious woman leaned against the door she had kicked open, unintentionally or perhaps very intentionally pressing Sylvia’s face into the grubby side wall of the bathroom stall as the woman still reeled in pain from the earlier blow to the back of her skull. 

She looked directly at Eren, before turning her attention to Alice who was still holding onto Eren with a shocked expression on her face.

“L-let *hic* him go...!” The woman demanded, her words slurred almost to being unrecognizable along with a pronounced foreign accent perhaps intensified by her stupor. “Now!”

“Who the fuck are-.” Before Alice could finish her sentence, the stranger was upon her. As Eren had previously noted she was substantially taller than most women, Alice included. Moreover her tight fitting party dress revealed her feminine curves were enhanced by a toned, athletic physique.

When the stranger punched the much shorter Alice, it was enough to shatter his assailant's jaw and send several of her teeth flying to different corners of the bathroom. The light behind Alice’s eyes went out like a candle before a hurricane, before her cranium bounced off the rim of the toilet seat.

Alice’s body seized up, unconscious and possibly with some permanent damage from the impact of her fall. It was fortunate that Eren was not in her fist, or he might have been crushed when she tensed up, and he also landed on Alice’s stomach, safely in the folds of her dress.

Still dazed Eren struggled to his feet on the pliable surface of Alice’s belly which was uneven and difficult to walk on. His savior quickly honed in on him and reached down to grab him between her fingers. It took her a few tries, she was seeing double after all, but eventually she breathed a heavy sigh of relief upon feeling him safely pressed against the palm of her hand.

To Eren’s surprise, even though she was plastered, her grip on him was not restrictive. Instead he immediately recognized it as being the practiced technique used by certain educated folk who dealt with specks frequently and knew how to hold them in a safe, secure, but not oppressive manner. 

She brought him up to her face, the rage gone, now replaced with concern.

“H-hey there little *hic* guy, are you okayyy?” She asked in a gentle tone that was still difficult to read with her accent and drunken speech. “It’s alright now... t-those two won’t hurt you...”

“I... don’t know what to say. They would have killed me.” Eren breathed. She bit her lip sympathetically while steadying herself against the wall. “Thank you. Thank you so much I-.”

“I just did the right thing!” She insisted a little more sternly than she probably intended. Realizing her thunderous voice was at a volume way too loud for comfort she softened it considerably before speaking again, hiccuping as she did so. “I’m T-Tae... why don’t I take you somewhere safe... a-away from here?”

She burped, turning her head away just in time to avoid blowing a cloud of foul smelling air towards him. Determination seemed to be the only thing keeping her upright. 

Eren took a moment to think. He was still very shaken up by the encounter, and at the moment he did not feel safe walking amongst the giants without someone to watch over him. He had no idea who Tae was, but he owed her everything.

The speck nodded. 

“I’ll take ya back to my place... t-t-till I *hic* sobre up and can... do stuff...” Tae stammered. As she was turning around to leave the bathroom stall she noticed that Sylvia was still conscious, but laying on a heap on the ground in pain.

Her eyes narrowed and she raised her foot above the girl’s head, before bringing it down and driving her stiletto heel directly into Sylvia’s cheek, puncturing a deep hole into the woman’s face and perhaps crushing several of her teeth. The brunette mewled in agony and clutched her now disfigured face, not even reacting as Tae maliciously treated her to a firm kick in the midsection that was rewarded with a satisfying ‘crunch’. 

The titaness muttered something in some type of Asian language, from her tone Eren could only assume they were something degrading. Tae spat on the still unconscious Alice, who was coiled up against the toilet still.

Tae lost one of her heels on the way out of the bathroom, leaving her in just pantyhose to protect her feet on one foot. She decided it would be easier to walk out sans shoes and kicked the other one off as well, letting it clang against an opposing wall. 

Most in the crowd ignored her as she left. She was sure to keep Eren hidden from view in her hands, cupping him like a precious artifact from prying eyes. Tae pushed past several dancing club goers and wandered out in front of the bar then took a sharp left, in the direction of her apartment. 

As she did so she bumped into the bartender as she was returning from her smoke break. Tae muttered a half hearted apology to the young woman, who brushed it off as a woman who had one too many to drink. She had no idea what she would discover if she went to clean up the bathroom before her manager could potentially figure anything out.

There was a strong nip in the air at night, Tae was barefoot on the cold, dirty ground, and several blocks away from her home. However nothing could hope to prevent her from reaching her objective. 

Eren did not know what he expected his savior’s apartment to look like, but whatever it was it most certainly was not the place she arrived at. A luxurious high rise with ultra modern amenities. Tae breezed past the exterior security guard, who bowed his head respectfully as the woman strolled in. 

His eyes briefly flicked over the speck she was carrying, but if he had an issue with it made no note of such. She opened the door to her home, revealing an expansive penthouse befitting a billionaire.

She walked directly towards her expansive living room, gently setting Eren down on one end of the expensive looking embroidered leather couch that comprised the centerpiece of the space. Tae set her purse down on the ground, and slowly descended into a sitting position on the other side of the couch, across from Eren.

Eren opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Tae passing out on the couch, face down and arm hanging off the end of the sofa. She immediately began snoring very loudly, and it was at this point that Eren realized she was absolutely exhausted. 

It had been a multi-block long walk in the cold without any shoes and several drinks in her system, well past midnight. How she had made it so far to carry him to safety was nothing short of miraculous. 

In doing so Eren was left alone trapped on top of a total stranger’s couch, with no means of getting down or contacting anybody. His phone, wallet, and keys were all lost in Alice’s drink earlier that night and were probably flushed down the drain by the bartender by this point. 

Nevertheless, the couch was comfortable and had an abundance of soft pillows. In her last waking moments it had been clear that Tae realized she was about to lose consciousness and she made the effort to get as far across from Eren as possible before she did so, ostensibly to avoid rolling on top of the speck while she slept. 

“At least I’m alive.” Eren muttered to himself, cursing his idiocy for daring to go to a bar in this wretched world that hated his kind. Indeed if not for her he would be dead right now. The thought was haunting to say the least.

In the silence he had to himself it began to hit him how close he was to dying. Everything he had ever worked up for in his life, from his education and career prospects could have been over. None of his friends would ever know what had happened…


The realization was like a punch in the gut. He bit back the tears, but in the wake of Tae snoring he began to sob uncontrollably. His soft cries lasted for several minutes as he wallowed in the unfairness of the world before mercifully sleep found him at last.

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