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Story Notes:


This is a pornographic fetish fantasy centered around VORE, SHRINKING, DOMINATION and HUMILIATION. It contains VIOLENCE and ABUSE.

I'm doing something different from what I usually do here. Each chapter in this story will be a self-contained epsiode. There is no guarantee of future chapters ever being added. All episodes will belong to the same timeline and contain at least one shared character, but will not be in chronological order. Tags strictly reflect the content already in the story.

This is a work of fiction; All characters are original and were named randomly. Any resemblance to real tiny humans, living or dead, is purely coincidental. I, the author, hereby release this work into the public domain, retaining no rights to it to the full extent permitted by law.

"Hey, who's that?" Michael asked in a low tone.

Bruce didn't even look up from his phone. "Hmmm?" he asked.

Michael elbowed him in the gut. Bruce wheezed and bent double, his focus clearly on protecting the device in his hands. "That girl over there," Michael said.

"You asshole!"

"Don't be a baby," Michael said.

Bruce straightened and frowned at him, already recovered. He had a lot of cushioning. "Who?"

"There. In Rhyne's classroom." Michael pointed again and Bruce peeked through the open door across the hallway.

"The one with the big tits?"

"The one with the glasses."

The girl in question sat in the front row. She had curly red hair and wore these big, square, nerdy glasses. The prescription was so strong Michael couldn't quite discern the color of her eyes from where he was. She seemed to be following "Killer" Rhyne's lesson with rapt attention, anyway. Or pretending to, at least. The teacher didn't react kindly to distracted students, and he could virtually murder anyone with his sharp tongue. Michael had seen more than one student reduced to tears after he was done with them.

"That's... uhh..." Bruce rubbed his temple with his free hand. "Theresa? No... Hmm. Tess. I think."

"Tess? Are you sure?"

"Not really. Why?"

Michael bit his lip. "She's kinda cute..."

"Is she?" Bruce asked. "Well, if you say so." His attention was already drifting back to his phone.

Michael's gaze remained on the girl. He could understand his friend's doubts. She wasn't particularly hot. It was hard to tell, since she was sitting, but he figured she was on the short side. He couldn't see the contour of her boobs under her drab sweatshirt, and that's pretty much all Bruce cared about anyway. She had a small face with a pointy chin. Why had he noticed her, even? He tried to tear his gaze away, but he just couldn't. "Nice ass, anyway," he muttered. Bruce didn't point out Michael couldn't even see her ass. Or maybe he wasn't listening anymore.

His friend wandered off to their next class, but Michael held back. In the classroom across the hallway, Rhyne was finally wrapping up his lesson. A minute later the class was standing and putting their things away. They clustered into groups, talking to each other, not hurried. It was their lunch break, he realized. Which meant they were not in his year. Eleventh grade, probably. He should have asked Bruce. Bruce knew everyone, or at least every girl. He even had them ranked.

Michael waited by the door until the girl walked out, hoisting her backpack. She was alone. Which didn't necessarily mean she was a loner, or even unpopular. But judging from looks, maybe she was? She walked by him without noticing him. Taller than he expected; just a bit shorter than him. Her legs were shapely inside her jeans. But she wasn't out of his league. The opposite, if anything. He was sure he had a chance with her. He hastened after her. "Hey. Hey!" He hesitated. "Tess?"

She halted and spun around. Her eyes, beady behind the lenses of her glasses, quickly scanned him up and down. She looked like a startled rabbit. "Yes?"

"I, uh." What am I doing? She has no idea who I am, Michael realized. "I'm Mike."

"O- Okay?"

The last stragglers from her class passed by them, ignoring their exchange. His own classmates were long gone; he was skipping his last morning class. He dismissed the thought. "How would you like to get some ice cream later?"

Her eyes widened. "With you?"

"Yeah," Michael said, straightening. He knew he was no supermodel, but he was confident in his looks. He had gentle brown eyes and a pleasant face framed by neatly trimmed and combed hair. A single stud earring gleamed in his left ear. He took care with his choice of wardrobe, clean, fashionable jeans and t-shirts, even though the weather was a bit cold for them. But they exposed his biceps, and why else had he been doing those push-ups almost every morning since the beginning of high school?

His efforts had earned him two girlfriends so far. He'd gone quite far with the most recent one, Bea, but she'd broken up with him two months ago. The bitch. Just thinking about the things she'd said to him got his blood boiling.

"This is a surprise," Tess said, bringing him back to the present. Her mouth was curled into a small smile. "I didn't expect... We haven't met, have we?"

"Nope," Michael said, giving her the most winning smile he could muster. "I'm a senior."

"Oh." Her smiled widened, revealing a small gap between her front teeth. So cute. She was completely relaxed, now. "Shouldn't you be in class, then?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to talk to you."

She nodded. "Thank you, Mike. I'm very flattered..."

Michael groaned inwardly. This was where she turned him down.

"...and I'd love to go for ice cream with you," she said. "I love ice cream. Meet you after school?"

A warmth suffused him, spreading throughout his body. He was irrationally happy. He knew nothing about her, but he knew with absolute certainty that he wanted her. Don't fuck this up, he thought to himself. "Yeah. Outside at four."


Tess carved another spoonful out of her icecream and stuffed it in her mouth. She wasn't kidding. She did love ice cream. Michael nibbled at his single scoop. He couldn't eat too much or he risked getting fat. He stared at the girl sitting across from him. Blue, he realized. That was the color of her eyes.

"Sho," Tess said with her mouth full. She swallowed. "Tell me about yourself. Who is... Mike?"

"Oh. Um." He thought. "I'm an average student. Not super into sports either... I like hanging out with my friends..."

"Sure." She waved her hand. "Anything you don't have in common with literally everyone else?"

He blushed. The answer was no. "Well, I... I'm into clothes," he said desperately. Bea hadn't given a damn about his interests. Nor he about hers, to be fair.

"Fashion? That's interesting," Tess said. She shoveled more ice cream into her mouth, finishing her chocolate scoop. "Yum."

"What about you?" he asked. Quickly, before she asks for details. "Favorite TV show?" That was a safe subject, right?

"I don't watsh TV. I read a lot of booksh, though."


She swallowed again, rolling her eyes. "Don't worry about it. I can tell you're not the type. How about music?"

He perked up. "I listen to music."

"Of course you do, dummy... Which music?"

"Billie Eilish?"

"That's your type? What about, uh. Muse?"

Michael hesitated. "Maybe you can introduce her to me. We could listen to her songs together."

Tess buried her face in her hands and sighed. "It's a good thing you're handsome."

"You really think so?" Michael said, smiling. This was more familiar territory. "You're attractive too." Or at least he was attracted to her, somehow. Which was the same, wasn't it? She smiled back and dug into her second scoop. She'd ordered four.

They sat there together while she finished the ice cream, chatting amiably. Since they had so little in common, the conversation quickly turned towards school gossip--teachers and students alike. His eyes wandered from her eyes, across the rims of her glasses and along the curve of her chin. The loud conversations of the other patrons, the screaming children, the drawer of the cash register, all faded into the background, unimportant. Then the ice cream was gone. He rested a hand on hers and left it there while they talked. She didn't acknowledge it, but she didn't withdraw hers either.

He found out to his surprise that she knew who Bruce was. Well, maybe he shouldn't have been so surprised.

"The creep," she said.

"He's not so bad..."

"You say that because you're a boy."

By then the ice cream shop had almost emptied and the woman behind the counter was giving them the stink-eye. Michael noticed that the sun was setting outside the big window. He had to get home. Crap. He really didn't want to be away from Tess. Or talk to his parents about the class he'd missed.

He squeezed Tess's hand. "So, er. Would you like to meet again soon? I mean... outside of school."

She raised her eyebrows behind her glasses. "I think we *could* meet again," she said. Then her mouth curled into a mischievous smirk. "Or you could come over today."

He gaped at her. "Today? I mean... It seems a little soon to-"

"My father will be working late," she said. He shut up. Surely she wasn't implying what he thought she was implying? She let the silence hang between them for a few seconds before continuing: "If anything happens to me no one will find out until it's too late. You should be a gentleman and walk me home."

Michael resumed breathing. That made sense. She just wanted him to walk her home. She wasn't going to be that easy. He ran a hand through his perfectly groomed hair. "I'd be delighted, m'lady."

"Ew, don't say it like that."

Michel took out his phone and wrote a quick message to his parents about an imaginary study session. They exited the shop into the quickly darkening street. The server slammed the door closed behind them. Michael chuckled quietly. Tess took his hand and, before he registered what she was doing, stood on tiptoe and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth, barely a touch. He still tasted the caramel ice cream. The corner of the frames of her glasses bit briefly into his cheek before retracting. She grinned. "Let's go, my knight in shining armor. Down the street, five blocks."


It took them some time to get to Tess's place. She lived in a nice neighborhood where all the houses were detached and surrounded by a walled patch of garden. Her own villa was three storeys tall, with black slate roofs. The sun had completely set now, and the night was dark and quiet around them. They hadn't seen any cars for two blocks.

Michael whistled. "Nice place."

"Yeah. Dad works in a bank."


Tess entered a long string of numbers into a keypad and a small door next to the front gate clicked open. "Thanks for escorting me," she said.

"No problem," Michael said, eyes lingering on her face. "See you tomorrow, then?"

"You're not coming in?" She pulled the door open a little further.

Michael followed her inside without a word, as if hypnotized. They crossed the garden and went into the quiet house. She hadn't been lying about her father getting home late. His heart hammered in his chest. He was painfully hard. It was obvious, too. He hoped she wouldn't notice.

They stepped into a vast living room with a huge home theatre and three long couches arranged into a U-shape. To the right, an open plan kitchen, fully decked and spotlessly clean. Like, the "we pay people to come clean this every day" type of clean. There were family pictures on the wall. An ugly lot, all in all. Compared to them Tess was positively beautiful.

"So what can I get you?" Tess asked, tossing her backpack into a corner. "Want a coke?"

He hesitated. "Err..."

He'd been to Bea's place, of course. It had taken her weeks to invite him. This was all going so quickly, he was a little dizzy. He couldn't read Tess at all. Or was she just oblivious? Had she really invited him all the way here just to offer him a coke? He turned to the massive TV. Maybe she wanted to watch a movie. She probably had Netflix in there. They could huddle together and grow a little closer, and have a second date tomorrow. And he was going to show restraint through it all, be a perfect gentleman.

Tess slid behind him and grabbed his crotch.

"Wow," she said. "Little Mike is ready to go, huh?"

He tried to speak, but his breath caught in his throat. He turned around and kissed her, open mouthed. She kissed back. Once again the glasses dug into his face. His tongue met hers and she squeezed harder. His dick pulsated against her hand. Don't come don't come don't come, he thought desperately.

She let go and took a step back. "Let me show you my room," she said.

Michael grunted in assent. She beckoned and he followed her up a flight of stairs, and then down a hallway full of bookcases. He barely registered them.

Her room was big, easily more than twice the size of his. There were more bookcases, some beanie bags and a large, fluffy looking bed near a corner. Instead of the childish, feminine decor he had expected, the room had more of a goth feel to it, or so he thought. Some of the shelves had candles on them; one sported a skull. The posters on the walls showed pale, black-haired people and bands. Instead of a desk, she had a wide black table against a wall, with two more candles on the far corners.

Tess didn't turn on the lights. Instead she produced a lighter and lit the candles. Michael stared at them. "N- Nice room," he said, turning to Tess, but she was already undressing. He hastened to untie his shoes and kick them away, then removed his t-shirt and pants. Soon they were standing in front of each other, both completely naked except for her glasses and his stud.

Her body was another surprise. He had already noticed she was thin, with pretty legs and small breasts. Now he could see her arms and legs were covered in slender but prominent muscles, as if she exercised frequently. She didn't have a single pubic hair; it had all been meticulously shaved. Her flat belly had a large circular tattoo on it, inlaid with star shapes and lines, and surrounded with symbols he couldn't understand. Elsewhere it might have been tacky. But here, amidst the dark decor, lit by the faint, flickering candlelight, it seemed fitting.

Tess knelt in front of him. "What a beautiful penis," she gasped, taking it in her hands. "It's the largest I've ever seen."

Michael blushed, inordinately proud. "I, uh, I have a condom in my-"

"Shut up," Tess snapped, and put his dick in her mouth. He felt her warmth, her sliding tongue. And, far, far too soon, he orgasmed, groaning. He didn't pull out, and neither did she pull away. He couldn't help it. He thrust his hips forward, sliding his penis into the back of her throat. And to his surprise she threw her arms around him and locked him in place. Her throat moved as she swallowed.

"I'm sorry," he said as his eyes focused again.

She finally let go and stood, licking her lips. There was a little color in her own cheeks, now, barely visible in the gloom. "What for?"

"I was a bit quick... Err, maybe I can-"

"You say a lot of nonsense, handsome Mike," Tess said, and pointed at his crotch. "Look, you're ready to go again!"

It was true. He was already getting hard again. Somehow he still felt in top shape. He felt like he could go all night.

Tess gave him a small, hopeful smile. "So what now? What are you going to do?"

He grinned widely. A quick squat and he'd swept her off her feet and into his arms. She gave a small shriek. "I think I'll do *you*!" he growled. She laughed and slapped ineffectively at his hard pecs. He was incredibly thankful for all the push-ups now. Step by step he carried her to the bed and dumped her unceremoniously there. She bounced once before coming to a rest.

"Open your arms and legs," he ordered. "Sprawl them open." And she did. He laid down with his head between her legs. He noticed in passing that a few centimeters above her vulva, where her pubic hair should have been, she had three little moles in a row, on the left side.

Cute. So cute.

He licked her the best he could, given his lack of experience. He found her clitoris with the tip of his tongue and tickled it. She groaned, quickly getting wet. He gave her a final caress before getting back on his knees. She was still sprawled on the bed, arms open at both sides, smirk on her face. Her eyes riveted on his through the square lenses. He bent down and pinned her arms with his hands, immobilizing her with his superior weight and strength. He laid on her and inserted his penis in her, smiling triumphantly. Finally. He had her. She was his. He was a conqueror. A king.

He thrust with his hips and a wave of dizzying pleasure irradiated from his penis, spreading throughout his entire body. Holy shit. He thrust again. And again. Her vagina was warm and tight around him. Squeezing his powerful member. He was lost in the moment. The candlelight flickered around him, he couldn't see well. The heady smell of the smoke mingled with sex clouded his thoughts. Another thrust. And another.

Then he felt her raise her right arm, pushing him away as if he weighed nothing. The room slowly tumbled and his back hit the duvet. Tess had moved with him; they were still connected. Her perfect thighs moved forward and she sat firmly on him. She smacked her lips.

Michael chuckled. "You bad girl..." He started to sit up.

Tess raised her hand and slapped him in the face, pushing him back down.

"Hey!" He touched his cheek, feeling betrayed. It smarted. "What the hell?"

"Shut the fuck up," she said. She was moving again. Another wave or pleasure went through him, robbing him of his strength. He struggled to move, to throw her off. This wasn't... He wasn't into this. He was the man here, wasn't he? He wanted to be on top.

But she was surprisingly heavy. Ignoring his struggle, she kept moving, pleasuring herself on his dick. A third wave of mind-numbing pleasure, a few seconds later, and he orgasmed, ejaculating inside her. "Ah..." The dark room swam in front of his eyes, and he let his hands drop by his sides. His back was sweaty against the warm duvet.

Tess adjusted her position, sitting on him more firmly. Little more than her outline was visible, looming over him. The reflection of one of the candles flickered on her glasses.

Then she bent forward and he could see the little smile plastered on her face. She reached for his nipples and pinched them both, hard. Sharp fingernails bit into them.

His shriek was very unmanly. "What are you doing?" he sputtered, indignant. He tried to push her hands away. "Stop that!"

She squeezed harder. "Is that how you beg?" she asked.

"Beg? Ah! Ah! Stop! Please!" He clawed at her hands. They were big, and strong like a vise. He couldn't move them. "I said please! I'm not into this shit!"

She chuckled. "Your dick says otherwise, loser."

It was true. He was rock hard again. Had barely deflated, really. And she was still making him feel as good as the first time, fucking him with abandon. Every time she rocked her clasped fingers tugged at his nipples. Her nails dug deeper into them. He was afraid she'd tear them off. But a minute later he came anyway, inside her once again. He couldn't see if he was still ejaculating anything; Surely by now his balls must be emptier than his bank account. But Tess must have felt it, because she stopped, straightened and spat on his face. The gob landed on his cheek, right next to his mouth, and rolled down the side of his neck.

"A- Are you happy now?" he said. His nipples were still hurting a little. Her weight squeezed his waist against the mattress. How had he ever thought she was small? "This... It was awesome, and thanks, but I... I think I've had enough..."

"But I haven't, dickhead," she said. She lifted her ass, pulling away from his penis, which against all odds was still erect. He sighed with relief and started rolling out of the bed, feeling pinpricks in his thighs from the lack of circulation.

Tess's ass came crashing unceremoniously into his face. Pain pierced his skull from the weight. "You must be deaf," she said.

Michael couldn't breathe. "Mphhm!" he said, trying to speak. He slapped the mattress urgently with his hands and legs.

"Oh, get over yourself," Tess said. She rolled around and squeezed her vulva against his mouth. "Show me you're good for *something*, at least. Make me come." He sucked the air trapped there while she laid down on top of his body. He felt her breasts squeezing around his penis, trapping it against his pubes. Something tugged at his mind. There was something wrong. But he was too dizzy, too numb with pleasure and pain. His conquest had turn into a nightmare. At this point he figured he'd just do what she wanted as quickly as possible, go home and never see her again. He started licking.

Tess bit lightly on his thigh. "Faster," she commanded. He licked more desperately, reaching up for her clit, but soon she bit him again. He felt a stab of pain when one of her canines pierced his the skin, drawing blood. "Mmmm!" He tried to kick, but her arms were wrapped tightly around him, keeping him in place.

"Use your whole mouth, idiot," she said. "Not just your tongue." She raised her legs, increasing her weight on his head. He did as she commanded. He felt her tighten, and finally she moaned, just once, and stopped moving. "Ah...."

Michael wanted to push her away, but was distracted by her taste. It had turned into the sweetest nectar. The most powerful aphrodisiac. He inhaled deeply from her vagina and felt another wave of pleasure go through him, the most powerful so far. He ejaculated immediately.

The world lurched just like before and his eyes unfocused. For a moment Tess's weight smothered him. Then she raised her head and went for his penis, licking his sperm with her huge tongue. She had to slide out of his face to do it, and he could finally breathe again. He glanced sideways at the dark shape of her body, lying alongside his. Afraid to move. She was propped up on her elbows while she sucked him, her left arm squeezing the side of his abs.

And that's when it hit him. The impossibility of it all.

It wasn't just a matter of strength. This girl was shorter than him. He was sure of it. Or at least she had been. It should have been impossible for her to bite his thighs while her vulva was on his face. But not only had that happened, the body lying next to him...

He sat up. "What is... What's going on?" he muttered weakly.

Tess looked up from his erect dick with a final lick. She grinned at him. "Took you a while. You're the stupidest boy I caught so far." She turned around and knelt in front of him, straightening her back.

Her genitals were far too close. Her compact breasts hung above his face. She was big, far too big. What the fuck. A primal instinct nudged at him. He turned and jump out of the bed, ready to run away naked if he had to. But the floor wasn't where he expected. He stumbled and fell flat, breaking his nose. He got back on his feet, moaning in pain, and peered into the gloom around him.

Tess wasn't too big. Tess was normal. He was the one who had shrunk; his body was as small as a child's.


"What the hell. What the hell." Michael touched his nose and immediately dropped his hand, wincing. He took a few steps in a random direction. Where was the door again? His feet touched his discarded jeans. He couldn't put them back on. They were adult-sized; he would have needed the clothes of an 8 year old right now.

Candlelight shone on something in the corner of his eye. Tess's glasses. She'd gotten out of bed and was on him in two steps. He looked up at her face. She seemed amused.

"What did you do to me, you..." Michael's eyes were level with the tattoo on her belly. The mystical looking tattoo with the unreadable symbols. "...you fucking witch. Turn it back!"

"Why?" she asked.

He gaped at her. "Why? Why? I can't stay like this! I don't want to be a... a fucking midget!"

Tess shook her head, her eyes sad. "You aren't even asking nicely..."

"Please. Please turn me back."

He reached to grab her hand, but she shook him off. "Beg."

"Beg?" He stared at her for a moment. His nose was throbbing. He needed to go to the hospital. Slowly, he lowered himself to his knees. "Please. I'm begging you. I'll do anything. I'll have sex with you again if you want to."

She laughed as if he'd said a joke. "Now grovel!"

He laid down on the floor. His penis slapped against the wooden floor and was trapped beneath his body, as hot and hard as it had been when they started. "I'm groveling," he said. "A- Anything else I need to do?"

Her toes were suddenly in his field of vision. "Kiss my toes. Call me mistress."

Pride spiked in Michael's chest. "You're really fucking full of yourself, aren't you?" he asked. But Tess raised her foot and nudged his nose with it, and damn, did it hurt. "Augh! Fuck fuck fuck. You bitch!"

"Rude." Tess stomped on his head, pressing his jaw against the floor. The impact coursed through his whole skull. "You're a waste of a human being. The least you could do is treat your betters with respect." She raised her foot and used it to roll him onto his back. Then her other foot came down on his crotch, eclipsing his shrunken penis. He gasped and laid very still, but she wasn't trying to crush his dick - not yet. Instead the foot moved up and down, left and right, rubbing his shaft.

It only took ten, twenty seconds. He orgasmed, his body going stiff. It didn't matter how exhausted he was. It didn't matter that almost nothing came out this time. The pleasure came, only it was starting to feel more like weakness, like he'd just run a marathon. He tried to keep his eyes open, tried to focus. His back shifted on the floorboards and he knew he'd shrunk a littler further.

"Do you get it now, you shitstain?" Tess took a step forward. Her body loomed briefly above his face, one foot on either side of his chest. "How powerless you are? How insignificant?" She raised a foot and pressed it against his mouth. The sole was wet from the puny amount of sperm he'd just produced. "Lick it."

And Michael did. He stuck out his tongue and licked his own sperm from her sweaty, dusty foot. He didn't swallow it, though. His pride was difficult enough. Maybe she'd look away and he could spit it back out.

But Tess surprised him by bending down and hauling him up, suspended by one hand. Her slender muscles were taut with the strain. They didn't seem so small anymore. "Don't think I don't know what you've got there, you worm," she said. Her mouth opened wide and she sucked on his face, pulling the sperm and saliva from his mouth. "Ahhhh..." A sigh of contentment. She licked her lips. From this close he could see her face clearly, despite the darkness. She was flushed with vitality. Like she'd just waken up after a good night's sleep and had the best shower of her life. She looked, in a word, prettier.

A moment later she let go and he dropped to the floor, buckling his knees by instinct to absorb the impact. He grunted in surprise.

"Perfect height, little slave," Tess said. He was only as tall as her legs, now. She planted her feet more firmly. "Lick me again. You can't be the only one having fun here. Honestly, I'm getting jealous."

"I'm not having-" he started, but she immediately frowned down at him. Best to play along for now. "...Alright. Uh, mistress. Anything you want." As long as I get through this nightmare, he added silently, and went to work on her clit again, standing on the tips of his toes.

Tess beamed. "Was that so hard? I guess even you are capable of learning. You're almost as smart as a dog." Her hands were touching his hair, gently scratching his scalp. "Good dog. Who's a good boy?"

Once again her juices made him excited, acted like an aphrodisiac. Even without any other stimulation he still orgasmed, almost at the same time as she did. But he'd been right - the pleasure was getting fainter. He felt once again like he was taking a beating, and he shrank further. Tess's fingers disentangled from his hair and a moment later his face was halfway down her powerful thighs. But he could see. He could move.

He could move and, for a few seconds, she couldn't.

He didn't think. He just bolted for the door. Clothes be damned. Size be damned. The door had a mirror behind it. His face, reflected by it, was panicked. Desperate. He gave a little hop and could just barely reach the door handle, tugging it down. It clicked open and he sprinted out into the book-lined hallway. Escape. Call the police. He looked like a little kid, if a weird, adult-shaped one. People help kids, right? Someone was bound to listen to him.

He was rushing down the stairs when he heard Tess come after him. The door slammed against the wall. Her feet stomped noisly on the floorboards. The front door was just ahead of him. Desperate, he sped up, but his foot landed badly on the last stair and he tripped, falling on the floor next to Tess's backpack.

Damn. Get up. Get up. Keep moving. He stood, unsteady and felt a chill on the back of his neck.

WHen he turned around, Tess was squatting right behind him. Her slap almost lifted him off his feet; his back slammed into a kitchen cabinet.

"I was wrong," she said. "You're dumber than an animal. I'm done being nice to you." She hauled him up and draped him across her shoulder. Stunned, he didn't react as she hauled him back upstairs. His jaw bounced on her ribs. His feet rested on her breasts. His dick was snug against her shoulder. He felt like a naughty child being carried by his mother.

But Tess wasn't done yet. The only warning he had was the whooshing of her hand slicing the air before it struck his bottom, hard. Very hard. The smacking noise reverberated in the broad stairwell. Pain blossomed from his ass. "Ah!!!" He quickly bent his legs so his feet didn't touch her breasts, but it didn't matter. Her hand came down again. And again. And again. A single smack from her hand was enough to strike both of his buttcheeks, and she wasn't holding back. "Damn it!... Please!... Stop that!..."

They were back in her bedroom. Tess closed the door behind her and, with a final smack, dumped him on the black table.

Michael took a shuddering breath. A candle flickered right in front of him. His ass hurt as much as if his skin had been stripped right out. He didn't dare to roll away, didn't dare to put any weight on it. To his left, Tess was messing inside a cabinet at the bottom of one of the bookcases.

"Ah, here it is," she said. He turned his head, trying to see. She was coming back holding something in her hands. There was a click, a spurting noise, and then blessed coolness in his ass. For a moment he thought she was treating him, and was pathetically grateful.

Then there was something else. Something hard. "My smallest dildo," Tess said, "for the smallest boy." She sounded smug.

"No. No no no. Please! Mistress! I beg you!" Michael said. The words rushed out of his mouth. "Please don't! Please! I've never... I'm... I'm too small, damn it!"

In response, she pushed. "Ahhh!" he screamed, but she didn't stop. One of her hands held down one of his thighs and the other kept pushing it in. His asshole tore. The pain was excruciating. The big, long, hard object was pushed deeper, up his anus, until Tess's fingers brushed him and she finally let go.

It was too much. His nose hurt. His ass hurt. He felt like a rag. What had he done to deserve this? Why did she hate him so much? He hadn't hurt anyone. Michael curled into a fetal position and cried, sobbing quietly.

"Ahh..." Tess sighed. She grabbed one of his hands and pulled it away. He tried to curl tighter, but only her tongue brushed his face. Licking his tears. "Look at you," she said excitedly. "Just look at you! You were so cocky this morning. And now here you are. Naked, crying, with a dildo up your ass." Her breathing was heavy. "This is what I like to see!"

She straightened and then pulled his legs up. He couldn't resist. Could barely think. She fiddled with the dildo, rubbing it against his prostate. His stiff dick jumped wildly and he orgasmed. His body shrank, but the dildo didn't. He was impaled even deeper, and his ass was stretched further. He could feel it bleeding from the tears.

Tess laughed. "Amazing! That's the stuff!" She tossed something away. Her glasses. They bounced on the wall and came to a rest on the floor. "Won't be needing those anymore!"

"M- Mistress! Please! I'm begging, please! Take it out!" He groveled pathetically on the table.

"Sheesh, okay." She grabbed his ass with one hand and pulled the dildo out with another, a little too fast. It came free with a sucking noise. Liquid poured after it - blood, lube and feces. "Hm, and you won't be needing this anymore, either," Tess said. And, with a quick motion, she tore his earring out.

Michael barely even flinched. He was beyond that. He just laid there, crying quietly, dimly aware of Tess cleaning his ass with a damp cloth. Then he was grabbed by the armpits and placed on the floor, where his legs immediately buckled into a kneeling position.

"Look at me," Tess said. He craned up his head. Tess loomed ahead; a vision of health and beauty. Kneeling, he didn't even come up to her smooth knees. Her thighs were hotter than ever. Her breasts, far above, round and perfect. And her jawline was gentler, fuller. Her eyes were large and blue, and were trained directly on him.

"Y- you're very beautiful, mistress," Michael said, looking away.

"And you're a pathetic rag, little slave. As it should be." She squatted by him. He stared at the tattoo on her belly, between her legs. "The succubus spell," she explained. "Took me forever to get it right. It brings boys to me. Worthless virgin boys like you." She chuckled. "Yeah, that was a surprise. You didn't seem the type at all." She poked him playfully on the chest. "Anyway, you were caught in my web from the moment we met. Destined to be mine!"

She grabbed him again and straightened, hoisting him up. He gazed at her wonderful eyes. "Your life force makes me better," Tess said. "Healthier. Hotter. Bigger. Stronger. More powerful!" She tossed him on the bed. The pain in his ass flared up. Then Tess climbed on and sat on him.


He had a vague memory of being annoyed when she rode him, what seemed like a hundred years ago. Now it would have been impossible for him to penetrate her. Her ass was so much larger than him it covered most of him. Only his head and his feet were free. He looked up, along the side of her body, but she wasn't interested in him. She was looking down at her own breasts, teasing her own nipples. She moved her ass, rubbing it on him. Crushing him into the fluffy, sweaty duvet. They could both feel his treacherous dick, eternally hard, trapped against her skin. She rubbed... rubbed... rubbed... And he orgasmed.

Michael's legs and head retreated deeper under Tess's ass as he shrank. She covered him completely, now. He laid there while she finished, immobile, unable to breathe. He thought of his empty life. His family. His mediocre grades. All so distant now, compared to the reality of her. Tess. His mistress.

Tess got up and fished him out of the duvet. She could grab him with one hand, now. He wondered idly what was next. She placed him on the table and stood the dildo she'd used on him earlier next to him. It was thicker than his leg and reached higher than his knee. "Would you like some more of this, bug?" Tess asked.

"I would die, mistress," Michael replied.

She looked disappointed. "I was hoping you'd be more scared," she said, and sighed. "Don't break down on me now. I'm having so much fun with your tiny, miserable body..." The wind of her passage whooshed around him as she made her way across the room. He heard the squirting noise again - much louder to his tiny ears - and braced himself.

Something slid smoothly up his ass and dug into his insides. Not the dildo, obviously. Tess's hand uncurled and withdrew; there was a moment of trepidation when Michael thought he might fall all the way to the floor, but he didn't. His legs bounced against the sides of her other hand, which she brought up to her face. The object in his ass was her finger.

"There. I turned you into my finger puppet. You're OK with that, right? You don't mind becoming an object for your mistress to play with?" She wagged her finger, shaking his body. His dick jumped wildly. His head bounced back and forth. "Yes? Good! No one can say I enslave boys without consent!" She chuckled at her own joke. When she saw he wasn't going to say anything, she stuck out her tongue and licked his face.

The organ curled around it, smothering it, preventing him from breathing. Was that it? Was she going to kill him? But the tongue retreated soon after. "A final kiss for my boring, well-behaved puppet," Tess said. Her hand dropped abruptly down and he found himself facing her nipple. "Now return the favor, Mike. Lick it."

She was calling him by his name. Was that a good sign? Or a bad one? He craned his neck forward, trying not to move the lower his impaled body, and kissed the areola. But his effort was wasted. She giggled, a surpisingly girlish sound, and curled the tip of her finger, moving it inside him. His penis jumped again even as he was pulled against her breast.

It didn't seem so small now; It was the size of his whole body. He opened his arms and legs and hugged it tightly, making her grunt in approval. He opened his mouth wide and kissed, licked, rubbed his teeth on the nipple. He was perfectly focused on his task. His purpose. He didn't care what happened to him anymore; he was powerless about it, so it didn't matter.

Tess's finger moved apace with his mouth. Pleasuring herself through him. Waves of painful ecstasy coursed through him. His back arced when he orgasmed, catching Tess by surprise; he nearly fell off her finger, except he shrank right back onto it. The breast grew even bigger in front of him.

She gave an excited squeal. "We're almost done, little mouse!" She bent down and placed him on the floor. He craned his neck to look at her. Her legs stood like tree trunks. Her vulva loomed far above. Big. So big. He barely cleared her ankle now. She was like a building to him. Like a force of nature. Like...

"Like a goddess..." he said.

"YES!" she said, picking him back up. "You could have tried to run away just now, slave. You could have found a hideout I can't reach. Live out the rest of your days looking at me, eating the crumbs I drop on the floor. But you didn't! You've really learned your place!" Her thumb moved down to his penis and rubbed it gently. Another orgasm. He was only a few centimeters tall now. He fit in the palm of her hand.

"Not much left of you now. What do you say, cockroach?" Tess asked. "Should I keep going until there's nothing left of you? Until you're as small as a mite and I am big as a mountain to you? Would you like that?"

"I- If that's what you want, mistress!" Michael shouted at the top of his lungs. He grabbed his dick and started to masturbate. "I'm all yours!"

"You're all mine!" she shouted back. She raised her hand to her face. He barely had time to register it approaching. Her mouth was open. He felt a sudden thrill.

The next moment he was inside. Her teeth clamped shut around him, leaving him in the dark. Saliva was flooding the space around him. Her tongue curled up, moving him to the center. He bent down and gave it a little kiss. As if in response, she tipped her head back and he rolled down, helpless. Into her gullet.

She swallowed.


Michael couldn't feel his body anymore. Everything was darkness. But he was still conscious. He still knew who he was.

Then the world resolved around him. He was in Tess's room. It was enormous around him, the size of a warehouse. He couldn't move a muscle. He didn't *have* a muscle. But he was aware of his surroundings.

He was on Tess's skin. On her pelvis, where her pubes would have grown.

He had turned into a mole. A cute little mole. He tried to scream, but of course he couldn't. He had no mouth. He was just a part of Tess now. To his left, he could feel three others - Tess's previous victims. He had no way of communicating with them, but he knew. They were there, too. Watching. They'd seen everything that had happened to him.

Tess moved to the door of the room and flipped on a switch. The room was flooded with electric light, which banished the flickering shadows cast by the candles, as if they'd never been there. Now it was just a normal room - a rich, weird teenager's room, but a normal one.

They all examined her body in the mirror. It wasn't just her face, her eyes. She had changed in other, subtle ways. She was more attractive. Taller - maybe as tall now as Michael had been this morning. Even her breasts were a little bigger. She cupped them for a moment, looking smug. Then she turned around and snuffed all the candles. She fetched a bag from a cabinet, collected Michael's clothes and put them in it, tied it closed and dropped it by the door.

Did she know? Was she aware that he was there, that he remained conscious? As if sensing his question, she stopped moving for a moment and placed a finger on him. She knew.

Then she turned off the light and jumped into the bed. In a few minutes she was sleeping like a baby.

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