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A roleplay between myself and Just_Ryan that took place in the past several weeks or so. Basic premise is: a regular girl receives a power to grow as large as she wants, except.. she's not exactly "regular", having dreamed about this exact scenario for years...


As for the plot.. yeah it's slow and sure takes its time to get anywhere - but we had plenty of fun stuff happen so.. idk, if whoever likes story based stories then maybe they'll find it enjoyable ^^


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Published: February 11 2021 Updated: February 19 2021

1. The Intro by FluffyRose [Reviews - 0] (1880 words)

Hii everyone!

First time posting anything like "a story", but I've been role-playing a bit here and there, so figured.. why not try uploading one of the more interesting plots? Not sure it it'll work or if anybody finds it enjoyable or even sufficiently readable, but.. idk, I'm certainly enjoying it myself so far, so.. here it goes!

Oh, and yes - I did ask the RP partner if he's fine with it, before posting this. Just_Ryan was.. well, still is I suppose - we're going at it every now and then, so I may add chapters with any new developments! ^^

As for the structure: it would take way to long to rewrite everything in a proper 'story' format, so I'll leave it as is.. unfortunately tenses and POVs are mixed up a lot - even going as far as using second person a lot when referring to the partner, so it may be difficult to read, but.. yeah, maybe somebody finds it readable&enjoyable! :)



The general idea was to skip the "discovery" phase and jump more or less straight into action, since I'm usually playing as a character that is new to sizeplay and all that - which is fine for longer rps, but pretty much sucks when you have to start "exploring" everything all over again with every new DM.

We also fast-forwarded the growth itself and details of how it happened, to get to the more interesting bits. The basic background was that he found a magic genie lamp giving wishie thingie - and his first wish was something trivial like a sandwich or a billion dollars or.. yeah, something trivial. Then the 2nd wish was to bring me over to his place - and he then gave the third and final wish to me: we didn't care about mechanics, it simply worked. And I wished (of course) to, a direct quote, "be able to grow anything I want, including myself!" - and with that the lampish plot-device was gone, and.. nothing else changed really... So we drove away, to some empty field to "test it"


Rose, 21yo, normally 5'3", playful and carefree - has been dreaming of being huge for years

Michael - or Mike, 23yo, 6'3", laid back and pretty easy going, can be a bit short tempered at times, but generally is quick to revert back to his apathetic lifestyle

I suppose the funniest part about this particular RP was that it was "meant" as a quickie to get to know each other's likes and preferences, but.. well, "kindda" outgrew that particular premise! :)



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