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[my pov]

"And?" - I chuckle while I get closer to the ocean, step after step - "Maybe I like 'distracting' men hihi! Nah, I'm just kidding, but you say realistic.. fine, let's be realistic: there's no way for me to find a changing room around here. I mean, they don't build them my size, now do they? And.." - I want to mention growing one to my size, but.. nah... It would simply solve the problem, or at least there could be some solution built around that - and I actually kindda do 'want' to be 'seen'? So to speak? Maybe just a glimpse here and there, but... "Tell you what though, if I turn my back towards the land, then you shouldn't be able to see.. too much, right?"

"I guess unless there's like a cruise liner in front of me or.." - I scan the ocean ahead, all the way to the horizon: "How come there aren't any ships? I mean.. wasn't it supposed to be like a popular.. traffic.. oh..." - I say as I realize that... They appear to have closed the ocean, just for me.. or at least as far as I can see from my height.

And that realization alone makes me really horny...

[Officer pov]

"Ma'am please don't make light of such things. I have a daughter around your age and, as a father, I would be absolutely appalled if she were to be seen naked by thousands of soldiers."

The officer tried a different approach, one similar to what Michael had done to deter her from eating his men earlier.

"What would your father think if he saw you exposing yourself to the county?" Thankfully not only did they clear the water of ships but also restricted the airspace around the base for miles, ensure as much containment as possible.

[your pov]

He calmly raises an eyebrow at your remark. This reaction strikes you as being made by a man, who upon hearing word "No" spoken to him, needs to check the meaning of it in the dictionary. For he probably hasn't heard it in quite a while...

Still, he replies in a very similar tone to before - one of factual statements and unquestionable logic: "What about all the havoc her size inflicts upon the world? And it's only just starting. Except, of course, you have no idea. You're sealed tightly in this safe bubble of roleplays and stories, where everything turns alright in the end, where you can always start anew with a fresh city, country or.. world."

"This" - he points to down at the ground - "is the real world. There's no 'undo' button, no 'rewind'. When people die, they don't come back. There's no spell to resurrect them, no magical..." - he sighs and massages his forehead. This is the first time you see him show any resemblance of anything close to an 'emotion'. Other than raising an eyebrow or two anyway... "Fifteen people died already. Two in her mouth.. right in front of you, but that's not all: three were unknowingly stepped upon - best we can tell she had no idea at least, six died in various traffic accidents that can be directly attributed to her 'arrival', two were gunned down by some idiot going berserk shooting down the street and shouting it's the end of days. Plus the said idiot himself. And one.. let's not talk about that last one."

"But all of these can be directly attributed to her 'growth'. And the list is inevitably going to get longer, and the counters will only increase. I don't want to just end your 'fantasy'. Frankly, this madness has to be stopped for the good of the country, and the world."

[Colonel's pov]

Now was my turn to smirk. The emotionally stable man finally exposed a chink in his armor, a weakness that I thought I could use to my advantage despite his obvious years of experience and knowledge. "But that's just it isn't it? Its not a story...this is reality so all the rules apply. You can't stop her now...imagine what she'll do if she figures out you're interrogating me."

I paused to gauge the colonel's reaction before continuing.

"I'm sorry about all the people that died...I really am...but sometimes...what's the expression...oh yeah! You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. It's not like she killed those people on purpose, and even if you told her about it she'd probably feel terrible."

I stiffened up as your powerful voice echoed through the room, something about...being naked? I quickly composed myself before continuing.

"Trust me, when she grows bigger....and she will...she'll still be the same person on the inside. The person I love!" I don't know what compelled me to say the last bit, but I didn't regret saying it.

[my pov]

I giggle "Oh I sure you would.. but do you really think she would..." - I think about it quickly: the situation is rather weird and I'm used to the idea of being huge, so: "Or maybe she would mind it, but don't be so sure about that hihi! Plus! I mean.. it's not like.. and ohh, my dad would be hella mad! I just.." - I blush madly, just thinking about it. But it only makes it feel even better: "I hope he sees this hihi! I mean, just to mess with him, sorry dad.. umm, if you're ever watching..."

I bite my upper lip, close my eyes and try to calm down thinking if this is really what I want to do. It all boils down to.. why the hell not?!? There's simply no reason against it and so...

"This!" - I announce, then remove my t-shirt and turn around to face the bases and towns around them- "Look at these babies hihi!" - I cup my boobs playfully and massage them a little - "Aren't they adorable? I mean.. aww, don't worry I don't mind and in fact I.." - for a split second I wanted to order everybody to look at me, but.. maybe that would've been too far. So instead I add: "Uh, it's just some bare skin hihi!" - and I blush, except luckily not as much as before. I turn my torso left and right to make sure everybody gets a chance to see... Yeah, and I bet it must be quite a sight to behold!

[Officer's and soldiers pov]

"Miss...please dont!-....." He knew what was coming before it actually happened and sharply turned his back on you. Your excited sheiks of joy echoed throughout the entire county, advertising your topless body to the surrounding area.

The soldiers stationed at the base, along with the two on the boat all looked up in sheer awe. Some even began cheering while others were too dumbstruck to do anything but drool. One thing is for certain...each and every one of them were feeling their manhood harden as they stared at the biggest breasts in all of existence.

"Miss Rose...please...cover yourself up...this isn't appropriate behavior for some...one..." Even the officer couldn't resist looking over his shoulder towards the erotic display and partially fell under the same spell as everyone else.
"You're...I mean my..." He mumbled, unable to formulate a complete thought or sentence.

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