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I had hear your entire side of the conversation and breathed a deep sigh of relief that help was on the way. Yet a small feeling of guilt had begun to creep it's way into my subconscious. If we actually went through the plan with the rope then that would mean putting more lives in danger, and after convincing to spare...well attempt to spare the marines that...well most of the marines that were about to be eaten, that was a risk that I just wasn't willing to take.

"Tell them to cancel that rescue operation...I'm going down.." I said firmly in my best action movie star voice before opening the throttle up as fast as it could go. The submersible lurched forwards toward the bottom of your stomach, soon entering the wide opening that led to your large intestine.

"I'm going to need such a long shower after this..." I said after a while of traveling. The odd colored walls around me had started to narrow, if that was possible, signifying that I was approaching the small intestine which would be the longest part of my triumphant journey so far. "Say...part of you is enjoying this isn't it? Be honest with me."

I tease, for the most part: "What? Why? They've already prepared it and everything, so.. come on, we'll go down the next time, or.." - I chuckle - "If there is a 'next time'. Oh well, you sure you don't want to see if they actually do have enough rope? I mean... Actually, I have no idea where I was going with this hihi! Nah, I'm just messing with you, but.. I don't really need to, like, you know.. go?"

You words did little to ease my growing resentment, yet I had said I was going to do something and that usually meant the was no talking myself out of it. "It's too late to turn back now. I'm already in your small intestine...I think, and it's probably a good thing you dont have to...go...gross. I dont need anything blocking my exit if you know what I mean..."

I continued onward, down the twisting turning passageway that wove it's way through your core like a labyrinth with only one way to travel. I had lost track of time, and after a while I started to wonder that with all the fancy bells and whistles on this submarine...why they didn't install something that could play music, not that I was likely to get receive reception in here anyway.

"Just do me a favor and try not to...you know...fart or anything okay? I've had about enough of natural gas propulsion for one day."

"Uh, sure? Except I'm not sure I can control it just like that..." - then I think about the whole thing, you.. in my intestines... - "Wait wait wait, stop, um.. there's like a camera in there, right? Can you record, uh.. sir? That, um.. military guy? Are you still listening.. or, you know, on the call and stuff?"

[officer] "Yes ma'am?"

"Can you like.. explain Mike how to record and.. send the video on my phone?" - I grin, then add: "I wanna see it hihi!"

[officer] "Sure, it's.." - he explains you what to do, and remotely launches some app on my phone. At first I find it a bit creepy.. but in the end it's not 'my' phone, but.. yeah...

The officer explains some complicated set of instruction that required logging into a certain program on the subs computer...which for some reason required me to create an account before I was able to live stream exactly what I was seeing. "You seeing this? Do you have any idea where i am right now? What you're making me do?" I use a joystick to pan the camera around to give you a panoramic view of what I'm currently experiencing.

"That! You see that!? I'm pretty sure that's some pieces of...dung..." I shuttered as I compared the size of the matter stuck along the sides of the passageway to the submarine. "I think I'm getting close to your colon. The air looks...thick..." An even narrower path soon appeared in front of me, symbolizing that my journey was nearing its end.

"There's no air silly, just water and.. I guess 'dirty water' and some leftover food. And yeah, you're almost there... whoa, that's actually pretty cool! I never thought I would see.. and um, can you like.. swim closer to the walls? Can I see how big everything is compared to you and all that?" - I watch the video feed mesmerized, then whisper unwittingly: "Soo cool..."

"Closer? I think I'm close enough, besides...there isn't really much to see besides the occasional speck of...dung..." I still couldn't bring myself to say poop, but I obliged you by maneuvering the vessel closer to the walls until you could see the large veins barely visable along your intestinal canal and into your colon. "That close enough for you? I swear, even when I'm literally inside you...you're still finding a way to make me feel smaller than I already am." As if on queue, I drifted dangerously close to a large chunk of poo that partially blocked my path, but thankfully I was already close to the side and able to pass by it relatively unscathed. Although I'm pretty sure the sub was going to have a nice brown skid mark down the right side. "Gahh...that was to close."

I eventually passed through the final leg of my voyage before arriving at my next obstacle. "Hey Rose...uhh... little problem here...you see this? I'm guessing that your sphincter." I panned the camera towards the enormous wrinkled wall to show you what I was dealing with. It was clinched tightly with only a few narrow paths to travel through that I would risk bumping into, or worse...getting stuck. "Would you mind...unclinching yourself. Can you do that? For me? Please?"

I giggle when you 'almost' get stuck in a tiny bit of excrement... But then I see the sphincter and: "Whoa, that's.. must be pretty scary hihi! I mean, for you anyway, or.. oh well, sure, I'll just slip a finger..." - I actually push right hand down the back of my pants, but then: "No, that won't really work. Besides, eww..." - I complain, then realize: "Hihi, I suppose now I get why you were so reluctant to.. yeah, um... hey military guy?"

[officer] "Yes ma'am?"

"Oh don't call me mom, I have no kids or anything like that!"

[officer] "I.. uh, I mean it like-"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, it's just that.. a miss, or Rose will do... Well, friends call me Rosie, okay? Anyway!" - I add without waiting for him to confirm that and chuckle again.. 'ma-am'... - "Yeah, anyway: can you like plant some explosives on the entrance to-"

My little yellow submarine...yes that's what I've decided to call it, like the Beatles song...floated patiently by your exit point as I listened to you question the officer. "Explosives? Why do you need explosives? Just...relax and it'll open on its own."

"What? No.. I don't think so? You wouldn't squeeze through or.. not in the submersible anyway. So about these explosives, um... how do you think?"

[officer] "Well..."

I giggle, it's definitely an unusual situation - even for the soldiers and stuff. I add: "Do you have any like.. explosives experts? Or, demolition specialists?"

[officer] "Ma'- I mean, Rose, miss.. I.."

"What? Isn't military like the experts on blowing stuff up? And.. open?"

[officer] sighs "I really wouldn't advise this path of-"

"Yea figured, they're afraid of my bum already!" - even though it's basically a massive tease, I sigh and think about it.. no, explosives probably wouldn't work: "How about.. like some kind of a crane? Or maybe a tank to... Um, I don't know?"

[officer] After a moment of awkward silence "I think the best way will be for him.. I mean, for Mike, to leave the submersible and squeeze through. There are emergency suits-"

"Are you serious? You actually wanted them to use explosives to blow open your sphincter? What kind of stories do you read?" I asked in disbelief before turning my irritation towards the officer.
"And you...you actually expect me to...squeeze through her sphincter? Like...without the sub?" I literally face palmed as I tried to come to terms with my challenging dilemma. Having come this far and seen so much...I knew part of me would regret not seeing this through to the end.

"Rose...don't say a word."
"Officer...tell me where the emergency suits are..."

[Officer] "Are you sure?"

"No!...I'm sure! But just tell me before I change my mind!"

The officer proceeded to guide me through the proper way to retrieve the emergency suit and put it on. I double checked to make sure my helmet was secure before I stepped into the airlock. "One small step for man..." I started to say as I depressurize the airlock and opened the outside door leading into the unknown.

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