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I wasn't afforded the luxury of another tour of your mile long body before I was deposited on the wet sand next to the remains of the nearly 40 foot vessel. My toes sunk into the sand as I looked at the ship, then back to you, then back to the ship to start inspecting the remains more thoroughly.

[Sanchez] "But miss Rose, a phone? For your size? Is it-"

"Oh shut up, just.. bring two of those you gave Mike, it's fine. It'll be fine" - I assure and sigh. Of course I'll grow just it up to my size, so silly. Then add: "Unless you have some better model, like.. Mike mentioned his was pretty fancy, but.. you know..." - I wink in the direction of where you mentioned the bunker was.

[Sanchez] after a moment of silence "Miss.. yes, we'll do that then, yes." - and his shaky voice makes me giggle.

I turn my attention back to you and as you start walking around the boat, I think.. then suggest: "Maybe I should turn it a bit so it's easier for you to climb or..." - I bring my finger down next to the boat, but once again it surprises me how tiny it is and: ".. or maybe better not, yeah..."

After being once again reminded of just how enormous you are compared to anything, I moved towards it and climbed up the rope ladder as I did before until I was on board.

With no whimpering captain around to distract me, I began rummaging through the leftover boxes of cargo.

Several cases of soap, dozens of bottles of shampoo, bath salts, deodorant, razors for both men and women...everything one might need for personal hygiene.
"Well done Sanchez...very impressive haul..." I said to myself before tossing box after box overboard and onto the beach.

When I think about it, I recall how you only mentioned bringing soap from the containers, but maybe: "Hey, while you're there, you can see if there's like.. some moisturizer, and maybe organic based water softener? Some aromatic oils wouldn't be bad too, maybe some shampoo in case I need to wash my hair?" - I look around the ocean.. this area is pretty shallow, no way I'll be able to wash my hair here. But better be prepared: "Oh, and a hair conditioner, of course.. actually, take a few shampoos so I can pick one that'll feel best. Maybe a few different moisturizers and oils too, like.. whatever you can see in there, bring it hihi!"

Finally soldier-guy mentions a helicopter and I look around to keep track of it. A simple movement and the weak little thing might crash! Oh well, I signal them to: "Land next to the wreck- I mean ship, Mike's in there somewhere, I think?"

I rolled my eyes while listening to you rather hefty demands: "What does she this is? Some kind 5-star hotel delivery?" The logo on the side of the boxes showed the name of a local super market chain, no doubt this particular shipment was ment to go to them rather than to the whims of an oversized princess.

I watched you signal the helicopter before it started towards me and hunkered down behind the stack of boxes to avoid getting pelted by the sand as it landed nearby.

[Me] Stepping out from behind my cover and flagging down the pilot: "Beckham was it? Good to see you again so soon."

[Beckham] "Mr. Dunn...I don't know why they keep sending me on these flights. Next chance I get...I'm asking for a transfer. I'd rather clean the latrines than keep making these suicide runs."

[Me] "Relax will you? I told you she wouldn't hurt us, just...try to avoid buzzing around her ears like an annoying gnat and you'll have nothing to worry about...probably. Now you got somebody in there that can help me load this?"

On queue three unknown soldiers slid open the side doors and jumped out, each one looking paler than the next and started loading the boxes into the chopper.

[Me] Hops in alongside the soldiers and signals to the pilot: "Alright let's get going. Its rude to keep a girl waiting." One of the soldiers taps me on the shoulder and hands me a bag containing the new phones and headset which I put in my ear and pocket accordingly before the helicopter starts to rise and fly back towards you.

"Mike, can you hear me? I mean.. yeah, that's pretty obvious, but.. did you get your phone and all? Can you talk? Um, so to speak.. but you know what I mean!"

I see some commotion around the helicopter, as if they were loading a bunch of stuff.. this is promising.

The earpiece crackles to life and once again I can hear your unrestricted voice clearly: "Yep I hear you just fine. Go ahead and hold out your hand and I'll let the pilot know to land there...I don't think he wants to go near your tongue again." -Looks at Beckham and makes sure he understood- "Unfortunately...I couldn't find any water softener...whatever that is...or aromatic oils?...people actually use this stuff? But...I did find you some generic brand stuff, should be good enough...not bad for such a short notice."

The pilot goes through the startup sequence and we're about to fly up.

"Oh, that sounds.. I guess it's still better than seawater? Maybe?" - I see them dumping boxes of some stuff.. - "Wait, is that like.. soap? All of the same brand and stuff?" - I sigh and roll my eyes, then:: "No need to dump bunch of that stuff. One bar will do, dump everything else and shoo. Um.. and the phone too hihi!" - I wait a bit until you load everything back up and explain: "Just put them on my hand some distance away from one another and let me know where.. oh, remove any covers or wrapping - no need to grow trash and all that."

When the helicopter takes off, I concentrate and grow the absolutely minuscule phone and soap: at first only a little, then pick up the bar and finish growing the phone. I switch it on and: "Oh, neat! Yeah, this one is much better, I mean.." - I scroll the screen, launch an app or two and add: "Smooth and fast. Now if only I could rootjail it and-"

[Sanchez] "What was.. miss Rose, did you just..."

I pause, unsure what he meant - then I realize: it's the first time I ever grew anything since I arrived here, so I explain: "Yeah, I just grew it, why?" - silence - "Don't tell me you didn't believe me? Oh well, your loss! Or.. something like that, anyway..." - I grow the bar of soap and put the phone away. For now anyway - the earpiece is good enough to talk.

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