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When we arrived in her driveway, I got back into her bag. As she carried me, I felt Shannon leave her vehicle, head up the steps in her building, and enter her home. She placed the purse on the table, opened it, grabbed my little form, and set me on the table.

"Hang on," she said, releasing me from her gigantic, thin hand. "I have to use the bathroom." Her enormous body disappeared down the hallway.

I checked out her apartment. It was an absolutely great place for a person her age. She had nice leather seats, a big screen TV, an impressive looking computer and LCD screen, among many undoubtedly expensive items. Her kitchen was spotless, and the table I stood on was very clean. Actually, the whole place was very spacious and neat. Clearly, she was a very independent and responsible young woman. Then I remembered why I was here; the case! She's a lawyer, I had guessed, no wonder her place is amazing. I was used to the science team treating me well, but this was a great new environment nontheless. She walked back towards me from down the hallway.

"Great place you've got here," I said to her, as she played with her hands in effort to dry them after the bathroom.

She smiled her beautiful smile.

"Thanks! I hope I was gentle enough with you on the ride here," Shannon said, as she sat down at the table on one of the chairs.

"Yup it was fine, you actually handle much better than most of the scientists," I told her, "some just throw me around like a small toy, not knowing how different life is for me."

"It must be so strange, to be so small" she said.

She crossed her leg, and began to remove her high heels. Despite her thin frame, she still had very thick, very beautiful legs. They were covered in dark hose. She started rubbing her feet. I became very distracted by her looks once again, and decided not to stare and spark up some conversation.

"So, have you lived her long?" I asked.

"Just moved in a week ago, actually," she answered. "I'm not here often because I'm working so much, but I love being here and relaxing."

"For sure, for sure," I said.

"I'm hungry," she told me, "have you had anything to eat?"

"No actually. I'm starving," I told her.

She made herself a sandwich, and even fastened a tiny one for myself, which was still humongous to me.

"Hope it holds together," she said. "I've never prepared food for a tiny person before," she said with a laugh.

"No, this is perfect," I told her, as we began to eat.

This suddenly felt like I was on a date. Maybe it was just because I hadn't been alone around a woman in so long, so I felt the need to impress. But it's not a date, I told myself. Sure, she was beautiful, I thought, but we're here to help my legal issues, I reminded myself.

"So," she began, "what does it feel like for you, being a miniature man?"

"Everything about me is the same actually," I explained to her, "but the world is just, massive now."

"Interesting," she said, " and it must be nice to get out of the lab finally."

"Oh, for sure." I told her. "Especially coming to a nice place and eating a great meal like this. It's like a long-needed vacation. Thanks for everything."

"No problem, it's my pleasure" Shannon said down to me. I'm falling in love, I thought to myself.

"I first heard about you in the newspaper," Shannon told me. "At first, I thought it was very strange they chose prison inmates for the experiment. Then I did a little research on what had happened to you, and I just couldn't believe you were never given a fair trial."

"I can thank my ex-girlfriends father for that one," I explained to her, "he pulled some strings and made sure I was put away as soon as possible."

"How horrible that must have been," she said, "to be framed like that."

"Yup, she's, uh, a bit insane." I explained.

"Well, I guess so." Shannon said with a laugh.

"Though, if she hadn't have done it," I said as I thought hard about it, "I never would have went through the experiment," I realized.

"And you never would have met me," Shannon said with a smile, looking down at my tiny body.

"Very true," I said with a smile back.

"I had a bad break-up recently too," she began, "though nowhere near as bad as yours I guess."

"Oh," I said, "are you alright?" I then asked.

"I'm fine actually," she told me. "It was just very sudden. He ended it out of the blue."

"He dumped YOU?" I said in playful disbelief, "I think that officially makes him even more insane than MY ex."

"Aw, that's sweet," Shannon told me, as she placed her elbows on the table and leaned in closer to me. If this were a date, this might be the part where we kiss. Too bad I was so small.

A couple hours flew by, and we hadn't even discussed my case once. It was shocking to me how fast time flew by as I spoke with this gorgeous girl. With us both recently out of long-term relationships, my shrunken situation, life at the lab, we had a lot to talk about. I hoped I could continue spending time with this girl, even after she returned me to the lab.

"Hey, want to watch a movie?" she asked me suddenly.

"Oh, obviously," I said genuinely, "but shouldn't we start working on my case?" She laughed.

"Come on, you've barely had any fun since being stuck in that lab, just live a little," she told me.

I'm in love, I thought to myself. She was right. I hadn't had any fun since both prison AND my time at the lab. I was finally going to take it easy.

"Sure, why not? What do you want to watch?" I asked her.

She quickly reached out her enormous hand, and grabbed me. Her entire fist enclosed my body, as she carried me into the living room.

As we sat and watched the film, I sat cross legged on her enormous thigh, atop her black skirt. It was incredibly comfortable, sitting on her gigantic, soft leg.

We alternated between watching the film and making humorous comments to each other, it was the most fun I had in a long time.

She had been sitting up with her legs crossed on her couch for the entire length of the film, but by the time it was over she had fallen asleep.

"We should watch another," I suggested, but she didn't answer. I looked up and noticed she was no longer awake. She looked so beautifully peaceful as she slept.

Well, this is kinda weird, I thought to myself. What am I supposed to do now?

Suddenly, she shuffled in her sleep, and turned her body, uncrossing her leg. The sudden movement was too much for my small body, I was unprepared. As her legs uncrossed, I fell between them, and landed softly onto the couch cushion below.

I landed on my feet, and looked around. To my right was her right thigh, and to my left was her left thigh, creating an enormous barrier of panty-hosed flesh. In front of me, was the edge of the couch, and a far drop to to the hard-wood below. What was behind me, was truly something to behold.

I turned around, and I was staring up into her skirt, and noticed her pink panties. Her massive crotch stared back at me and intimidated me. Her pussy was probably at least twice the size of my body, maybe more. What a sight this was, I thought to myself. I may have been a tiny man, but I was still a man, and my urges were taking over. Seeing her gigantic nether regions overwhelmed me with excitement. I wonder if I could physically pleasure her at this height? I wondered. I wanted to step into the darkness of her skirt.

Nah. I couldn't do that, I thought to myself, it's just plain wrong. Though it was hard to look away from the beautiful sight, I turned around, and tried to figure out how to climb out from between her immense legs. Oh no, I thought. What if she wakes up and sees me down here? She'll think I'm some kind of pervert, trying to get a glimpse of her.

I looked up at her massive thighs, and contemplated climbing up one of them by grasping her panty hose. But what if I tickle her and she wakes up and sees me? I thought to myself.

I looked down at the floor from the edge of the couch cushion. Nope, I realized, too far down. I was stuck in between her legs. What if she closes them up? I wondered. Would they crush me? I became very scared when I considered what could happen to me down here. She could crush me in her sleep, and would never even realize.

Maybe I should try to wake her up, I thought, and just explain to her that I fell down here. Yeah, that could work, I thought. It was better than her finding me down here on her own.

"Shannon!" I shouted, as loud as my tiny voice possibly could. "Shannon, wake up!"

Suddenly, she moaned in her sleep, and her gigantic left thigh began to shift. Oh fuck, I thought to myself, as her legs began to slowly close in. Her thighs were about to collide, and the enormous walls of flesh would surely injure me, if not kill me, I thought.

"Shannon!" I shouted again, with no avail. There was no way I could jump down from the couch, I realized. So as her legs ran parallel and began to close tighter, I was forced to run under her skirt, and pray for safety next to her enormous crotch.

I ran as fast as I could and bumped directly into her vagina, covered up by her panties, as soon as her legs closed up completely. The force of the top of her thighs squeezing together squished me into the fabric of her underwear and pussy, and I was completely incapable of movement. With her legs bearing down on both sides of me, her crotch behind me, and the roof of her skirt above me, I was completely trapped. I couldn't believe I was enclosed in a giant woman's nether regions.

"Shannon!" I shouted as loud as humanly possible. "Shannon, wake up!"

I had to wake her up. If she were to apply any more pressure, she might smother me down here. As I pressed up against it, her vagina emitted an intense and naturally sweet smell, but it was very strong. The pressure of her thighs on my small body was overwhelming. I tried yelling her name once again, but with no success. My tiny voice must not be loud enough, I thought.

The pressure of her legs was holding me against her underwear so tightly, I figured, she must feel me my small body down here. Maybe if I tickled her, I could get her to wake up and release me. With my legs incapable of moving, I began to run my small hands alongside her inner thighs. Her skin felt so soft, and I tried as hard as I could to tickle her.

I heard a faint giggle from her, outside and up above the fabric of her skirt. She had felt it, I thought. But then, the pressure of her legs only became tighter. She must be contracting in reaction to my hands. As her thighs tightened, I felt immense pain in my lower legs. Any more pressure and she would crush them, I realized.

She shifted her thighs suddenly, and for a moment I was free. I was released, but had nowhere to go. I panicked as I struggled to find a safe position, when her legs closed up on me again. This time, her thighs forced me even deeper into the soft fabric of her panties, and I was slowly being squeezed into her enormous vagina. I struggled to avoid being pressed so tightly into her crotch, and my hands rubbed up against the top portion of the lips of her pussy. I fought to climb up, and through her panties I had made a lot of contact with her enormous lips. As I continued to try avoiding being crushed, the fabric became very damp. Had I inadvertently began to stimulate her? I wondered. Her legs continued to press me against the wall of her underwear, as liquid began to seep through the fabric. Will this wake her up? I wondered.

I felt an intense vibration from her enormous body as she released a great utterance of pleasure. Then suddenly, her legs opened up again, and I was released from the grips of her thighs. I turned around to run out of her skirt, when I noticed her enormous hand slowly moving in towards her pussy. I was unable to avoid her monstrous fingers, as they made contact with my body, and pushed me back into the wall of her underwear. Is she really pleasuring herself in her sleep? I wondered. Do women do this?

Her strong fingers rubbed my body up and down inside her crotch, brushing me against her vagina.

"Shannon!" I tried to scream again. "Shannon, wake up! Stop!"

She was still deep asleep, I realized. Suddenly, her thumb and forefinger lightly pinched me, gripping my entire body. I kicked and squirmed to try and struggle myself free, but it was no use. She had grabbed me firmly, and her hand began to push aside the underside of her panties, revealing her enormous, naked vagina in front of me. The very pink and very monstrous orifice was gushing vaginal fluid, like it was very hungry. Before I could react, her hand pushed me inside, and began to thrust me in and out, in and out, over and over. I took breaths in between thrusts as I tried again and again to avoid more insertion, but it was no use. The mega hand shoved me repeatedly into the top portion of her vagina, and each time it sent me in deeper and deeper.

As I was forced increasingly deeper into her gaping pussy, I feared this would soon kill me. What if she shoved me in and never pulled me out? What if I got stuck? I would surely suffocate or drown inside her mighty pussy. The liquid continued to seep out like a very thick geyser, and it coated my entire body. I screamed non-stop, but half the time my cries were muffled by her enormous vagina as I was placed inside it. Was this really how I was going to die? I wondered. As a human dildo for a giant sleeping girl?

Her moaning from up above increased in volume, and she began to gasp again and again. It may have been crazy, but I decided to stimulate her even more, and maybe she would wake up. Each time her fingers forced me against her enormous clitoris, I began pinching it between my arms as hard as possible. Then I began to hit it, and wrestle with it, trying to get her attention. The closer I felt to suffocation or drowning, the more my adrenaline took hold. Her breathing and moaning from high up above continued to get louder, and I believed my efforts were working. I fought and struggled against her enormous clit for what was probably ten long minutes, and she was moaning louder than ever before, and her skin was very moist with sweat. I continued to stimulate her, when suddenly, I heard her loud moaning turn into a full-on scream, and her vagina began to throb.

"Oh my God!" she had yelled, as I heard it echo through her entire apartment. She had to be awake now, I thought.

Even more juices began pour out of her vast vagina as her lower muscles began to contract. Her hand released me from it's grip, her legs opened up, and I ran out of her skirt, and back onto her couch cushion.

She continued to scream and play with herself as I ran out. I was soaked from head to toe. My clothes and hair were absolutely drenched, like I had just jumped into a pool. I turned around and looked up at her.

"Shannon down here!" I yelled up to her. Her eyes opened up, and her cries ceased.

"James?" she exclaimed in pure bewilderment.

"What are you doing down there?" she asked, in between very heavy breaths. She was sweating all over.

"I fell off your leg and you forced me, uh, you pushed me... into you... while you were asleep," I explained.

"Oh my God," she began, "I hadn't realized." She ran her hand over her forehead.

"Why didn't you call to wake me up?" she asked.

"I did, but you didn't hear me," I explained.

"Uh huh," she said, still trying to catch her breath. She sounded unconvinced. "So you just happened to be up my skirt, rubbing against me?"

"I already told you, I fell down!" I said, to make her believe me. "And you're legs were about to crush me, I had no choice."

"Well, I don't know" she began, "seems very convenient for a little guy like you, to end up down there by coincidence."

"Hey, I almost died!" I shot back up at her, "you almost smothered me inside your... inside you." She looked a bit disgusted.

"This is too weird," she announced, "I have to go change."

Her enormous body sat up from the couch, causing me to fall over onto the cushion, and she made her way down the hall.

I stood up atop the massive couch, soaked from head to toe in vaginal fluid, unsure of what to make of all this.

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