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Story Notes:

This is yet another reupload of a now deleted story from the defunct author ThomThumb  which I decided to reupload like, much like his other story 'My Marriage to a Giantess' for readers to enjoy. 

Two months before I had met Shannon, I was convicted for a crime I didn't commit.

My psycho ex-girlfriend was to blame. After our bad break-up, she told me she had left all my belongings from her house in a duffle bag for me to pick up. I drove over to pick up my things, and finally be done with this girl for good. She handed me the bag, which was filled with mostly a lot of my clothes and a few bathroom accessories. Little did I know she had hidden some of her rich-ass parents most precious items inside the pockets of my clothes. It was mostly jewelry; a necklace, bracelet, a few rings. Robbing her was the last thing on my mind when I went over to her house for the last time, but the cops decided otherwise. After I pulled out of her driveway, she called the police, and told them I had broken into her home while she was away. The cops pulled me over on the highway on the way back to my house, and sure enough, they found all of her parents valuables stashed away in my bag.

Her parents never liked me. And worse yet, her dad was a police detective, and knew a lot of powerful people. In short, they made absolute sure I was put away. Not a few days later, I was sitting in my prison cell, trying to wrap my head around how my ex could do this to me. She was truly fucked up, I concluded, as I tried to keep my head on straight and started thinking of how I could get myself out of this mess.

A few weeks after my imprisonment, word was traveling fast around the yard about a project some scientists were working on, and the state decided that us inmates were the perfect candidates for the experiments for this particular project. They were working on a shrinking machine. Apparently the scientists had been experimenting on apes for years, and now believed the shrink machine was ready for human test subjects. Before I knew it, dozens of bulletins for volunteers were posted throughout the prison. I figured, why not me? I signed up for the program, as did about twenty other convicts. After the project coordinators decided it would be too costly to test on all of us, they decided on one, and it was me.

Not a day after I heard the good news, I was strapped up to a chair, awaiting the blast of the shrink ray. Before I was tied down, the scientists asked me hundreds of questions, mostly having to do with my health and family history. Turns out I fit the profile and was the perfect specimen for the test. The procedure was to take place in the prison warehouse. It was right out of a science fiction film; a small crowd had gathered to watch, dozens of scientists holding clipboards surrounded me, and the large shrink ray was placed in front of me. After things had settled down, the head scientist began discussing the legalities of what was about to happen.

"Do you, Mr. James West, agree to the terms and potential consequences for this procedure?" he asked.

"Sure, have at it," I replied.

"A simple yes, please," said the scientist.

"Yes." I said.

The people in the crowd were all staring at me, the prison guards kept close watch, and the scientists continuously jotted down notes. After a few simple questions for me, the head scientist announced the time had come to begin.

"Thank you for your patience," the head scientist told the crowd, "we may only have one shot at this, so we must make sure it's done right."

I was suddenly very nervous, and began to sweat.

"Starting the countdown," one scientist said to the others, as he began to call out the numbers.

"5.... 4..... 3.... 2...."

I held my breath.

"1... Engage."

A switch on the wall was thrown, then the shrink ray began to shake light up with color.

A humming noise heard throughout the room increased in volume, and a bream of blue light shot out of ray, and struck my body.

I had never been struck by lightning, but I had guessed this might be what it felt like.

A powerful surge of energy travelled through my body. I screamed, overwhelmed with pain.

The light emitting from the shrink ray and my body filled the entire room, as the crowd covered their eyes.

This exposure lasted for about ten seconds, then I felt a change in my body. It felt as though I was curling up into a ball, but my body remained in the same position. My limbs slipped through my restraints. I was really shrinking. Over the intense noise of the shrink ray, I heard a collective gasp from the crowd watching me. Then, I began to pass out.

"Stop the machine!" I heard a voice yell over all the noise. The ray had stopped, but I was still falling into unconsciousness, and then I blacked out.

When I awoke a minute later, the group of scientists had gathered around me. I was on the floor. I looked up at each of them. Then the head scientist, with a startlingly loud voice, spoke to me.

"Can you hear me James?" he asked.

"Just fine," I said back.

"How many fingers?" He asked me, holding up two digits on his left hand.

"Two," I replied.

I tried to sit up, still very dazed.

"Did it work?" I asked.

"Oh, it worked alright," said one of the other scientists.

I sat up, and glanced around. I was about two inches tall, sitting in the middle of the seat of the largest chair I had ever seen, surrounded by giants. As I glanced up at their faces, it was like gazing up at a living, breathing version of Mt. Rushmore.

"How do you feel?" one of the giant scientists asked me.

"Fine, actually," I told them, as I moved my body around to make sure I was still able to function.

"Ladies, gentlemen," the head scientist said to everyone in the room, "this is a most joyous day in the world of science. I present to you, the worlds first shrunken man!" he announced.

Stepping away from me, he revealed my tiny form to the crowd of people. They all gasped at once, then began to applaud excitedly.

And just like that, I became a part of history the generations would never forget.

I was quickly brought to the university, where the scientists lab was located. They were very careful handling my tiny form, and they made sure each of my needs was met. I was like a celebrity amongst them, and hundreds and hundreds of people came to see me at the lab. Scholars, researchers and all kinds of people wanted to see me and ask me questions. I was now "James West, the first shrunken man." It was great, and I was so glad to be a part of the experiment.

The next two months of my life were excellent. But still, despite all my fame, my charges for robbery still hung over my head. As soon as people learned I was a "thief", their opinions of me always changed. At first during my interviews, I would tell them I was innocent, but they never believed me. I eventually stopped denying it. The research team who looked after me believed me to be innocent, but there was still nothing they could do about it. As far as the country was concerned, I was still a convict, despite my shrinking. How was this still relevant? I would wonder. Even if I was rightfully accused, how could I possibly commit crimes at this height? The whole thing was ridiculous, but it was unchangeable. I tried not to think about it, and just tried to enjoy my new life.

It was all very tiring, trying to stay on top of all the meetings and interviews my scientist caregivers took me to. After a week of non-stop publicity, I was finally left alone inside the small house the scientists had constructed for me. The research group decided to go out for lunch.

"Sorry you can't come with us," one of my scientist colleagues told me, referring to my restrictions to most of the outside world. As a thief, despite being a very small thief, I wasn't allowed many freedoms unless properly sanctioned by an authoritative official.

"It's alright, I need some peace and quiet anyway," I told them.

They locked up the lab and went out to eat. As I sat alone on my tiny bed, I finally took the time to reflect on what had happened to me. Life as a shrunken man, I thought, what a strange way to live. I really couldn't complain, I thought, because the team had given me everything I needed. A house, food, water, everything I could want. It was a bit annoying, being cooped up in a laboratory all night and most of the day, but it was okay for the most part. It was  actually an improvement from my life before, and it SURE as hell was an improvement from prison. I was content with my situation.

I was about to turn over for a quick nap, when I heard the slamming of the lab door shut. Had one of the scientists forgotten something? I wondered. The sound of footsteps grew closer. Then, a beautiful female voice.

"Hello? Mr. West?" the female voice asked.

I walked out the front door of my miniature home, and the most drop-dead gorgeous and gigantic woman I had ever seen was standing in front of me. Though my house was placed on top of the lab countertop, this woman towered above me like a building. She wore a black business suit, and it fit her slim figure so well. As small as I was, I could still tell she was very tall. She had long blonde hair, and the prettiest face that had ever seen, which was looking down at me. She had one arm latched onto her purse, and she was staring at me with pure fascinaton.

She might have been another journalist, though I hadn't remembered an interview scheduled for this time. She looked to be in her late-twenties, still young, but she looked like a professional... something. I wondered who she was, after a few amazing seconds of staring. Her beauty alone was intimidating, but she was also massive. The scientists I had stayed with for so long were large as well, but this was the first time I had ever truly felt in the presence of a giant person. I couldn't stop looking up at her, she was breath-taking. I must have looked so stupid, being so tiny with my jaw down to the floor, I thought.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, "I've seen you on TV, but to see you in person is truly amazing."

"Oh, haha," was all I could say. She was astoundingly pretty, and I was very nervous.

"Hi Mr. West, I'm Shannon," her sweet voice said from high above. "I want to help you with your case."

I was still lost in her pretty face and amazing body, but I tried to focus.

"Oh- uh- really? What case?" I asked her, stupidly.

"The case against your conviction," she said.

"Wow, really? That's great!" I shouted up to her, excited.

"I believe you when you say you were wrongfully accused," she explained, "and I really want to prove your innocence."

This was too good to be true, I thought. Maybe now I could finally be a free man again.

"Really?" I asked. "You think I can prove I had nothing to do with the stolen items?"

"Yes, I can," she said, "I've been working on your case for weeks. I called the lab and they told me you were free to discuss it with me for a while."

"Are we going to go through everything right here in the lab?" I asked.

"Actually, this may take a while," she said, "and I have all my work at home."

"Oh, so you'll come back later?," I asked.

"The team actually said I could borrow you for a while and take you back to my apartment," she explained.

"Really?" I asked in excitement, "I'm really allowed to leave the lab for a while?"

"Yes, yes," she said, "they're completely fine with it."

I was overjoyed. Spending time outside the building was one thing, but I would also be with this gorgeous girl.

"It should take about a night or so to get all the information I need from you," she explained, "then I'll bring you right back."

"Sounds good to me," I told her, trying to hide my anticipation.

"Alright, get in," she said, holding open her enormous purse, "I'll take you there."

I walked off the counter and stepped inside the giant leather bag.

I felt her gigantic form carry me out of the building, jump into her car, and she drove us away.

I climbed out her bag on the long ride back to her apartment.

"You really believe I'm innocent?" I asked her, curiously.

"Of course I do, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't," she explained. I was flattered she took such interest in me.

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