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So what would you do… if your long time known childhood friend suddenly asks you to shrink yourself and get insider her pussy as it was nothing? That’s what actually happened the other day to me, a pretty weird situation if I say so myself.

Her name is Laura, and she is a simple and kind girl, or that’s what she was supposed to be anyways.

I spent all my childhood with her, going and getting  back from her home was the usual, but when we turned 16 she started to avoid me a bit, not to say when we were 18 years old, she barely even talked to me at that point.

But even so she came the other day and so suddenly came by, made her way inside my home as it was nothing, checked if there was anyone in house and blurted these words.

“Hey so… I kind of want to umm… shrink you down and kept you a whole day inside my pussy…”

And of course that took me by surprise…

Shrinking technology of course wasn’t something that new, it was developed some years ago and it’s been proved to be pretty much secure, but the whole fact that Laura came to aske this all out the sudden was something that took me hard.

“Um… come again?”

She blushed, as if she didn’t want to repeat it but even so did it again.

“I was asking… if I could shrink you… and leave you inside my pussy for a whole day… geez, why you make me repeat something like that?” Laura was kinda mad but at the same time I could notice she was pretty embarrassed about it.

“Oh… uh… ok… sorry if I had to ask but, why?” I was clearly concerned and to be honest in my position who wouldn’t be.

This girl barely talks to me these last days and comes by telling me he wants me inside her pussy, and shrunken to no less…

She of course hesitated to answer me but.

“I, well… you’re the only person I can ask to do this"

“Huh? Why me?!”

She was blushing even more.

“I've been into this… for a long while now…”


She let out a deep sigh.

“I wanna know… how is to have a tiny… inside me…”

“Whoa, you’re serious?”

She nodded with embarrassment.

“I had watched videos of it on the internet and all that stuff… and I don’t know, got into it pretty much instantly…” she was hesitant to tell me more or not but as a sign of trust she continued with it “I've been having fantasizes of you as a tiny… inside me as well…”

“…” I was left in silent for a moment but I guess I could understand a bit better this.

Laura is just so shy that she wouldn’t just go and ask me to do this in any day, she must have took some real courage to get here and tell me this, but I wanna be sure of something first.


“Ummmm… excuse me?” she asked confused.

“Since when do you have this kind of fantasy?”

“Uh… ummm… some years by now…?” She avoided to make eye contact with me when saying that.

So that must have been why she was starting to avoid me from some real time by now… I mean, we never actually had a problem in our friendship and until now whenever we get the chance to be together we didn’t have any real problem, so she probably couldn’t see me into the eyes and that was what made her be apart, and the frustration from that just made her come and tell me what what’s been bothering her this whole time but…


Taking in consideration she was a nice and pure girl into my eyes until just a few minutes ago makes me think that you really don’t know a person until you actually do?! No, that’s not the point here… what should I answer?!

She started to move her gaze around the place while playing a bit with her arms out of nervousness.

I guess I couldn’t let her down, I’m not against some pussy either but to think it could go like that… yeah, kinda surreal.

I let out a sigh “okay, I’ll let you do what you want"

Her eyes light up “YOU WILL?!”

I nodded “yeah, I mean… if you want to do that I guess I can help you with it…”

She smile sweetly “oh my god! Do you think we can do it now?! I SO WANT TO SEE YOU SMALL!” she made a sign with her fingers as if she were holding something tiny between them.

(She wants us to do it now? This girl WAS impatient about this! But I guess that I have nothing else to do for today…)

“Sure, just let me send some messages to some people to tell them I’m not gonna be available today…” I saw her eyes shining with excitement “maybe tomorrow as well…” I said in a lower voice.


(So she did have a shrink ray with her all this time? Was she planning on kidnapping me if I didn’t agree? That thought it’s kind of scary not gonna lie but I know Laura was just really excited and would have been heartbroken if I didn’t accept this…)

I made the right choice I guess.





After a good while and after some shrinking process started to be done… we went to my room to hang out a bit while I was shrinking… thing that takes some real time by the way…

I got to be half my size in less than 10 minutes, approached the height of 2ft. While we were just joking around, then at 4 inch. Tall I started to clearly see… WHOA, I’M FREAKING SMALL!

“So ummm… how small were you planning to do me anyways? At what size did you program that thing?”

Laura blushed for a moment…

“o.. mim…” she mumbled.

“What was that?” I asked.

“One… millimeter…”

I… could only let out a *gulp* when I heard those words at the same time I felt my body still shrinking.




I found myself in a warm and moist surface, the whole place had some really weird texture on the ground, the smell was also something to say… an erotic odor in the whole place, and she shaved for sure that I can at least tell… I mean… I was just standing at 1mm. Tall on top of my childhood friend, Laura’s pussy…

“This is kinda incredible” I said to myself touching the ground.

“Hnnnn… don’t move that much over there… it tickles…” she said.

(Is this she being sensitive down here or is she being excited over there?)

I was standing just on top of her outside left labia minora, or that I can think at least… though I could clearly see her clitoris from right where I was just standing.

“S-So… how does it looks down there?” She asked curiously with a clear blush on her face.

“I gotta say… this place is lovely… I can even see your clitoris over there…”

“Hnnnnn… please don’t say stuff that embarrassing…” she was seriously dead blushing over there.

(Seriously? You were the one who had this idea and the one who JUST ASKED?!)


“I… wanna know how sensible can I be with you like that… can you please ummm… check out my clit?”



I walked all the way to her clitoral hood, the sexy smell and the moistness getting stronger as I was going there…

And there I was… standing at 1mm tall before the giant 2cms. Clit of Laura…

“Oh my god… this thing is actually huge…” twenty times my size, clearly a small part of her body but still… it was… a pretty wild sight.

“Hnnnnnn… I can’t  believe… my clit is so much bigger than you… hnnnn" Laura was clearly enjoying this, I could sense the sexy aroma intensifying so much, she must want to touch herself but she’s  not doing it cuz I’m here?

“Wait a bit, I want to touch it for a bit…” of course, her whole thing made me wanting to actually tease her with this.

“W-wait! I’m ummm hhhnnnggg!” she complained to late, I was already rubbing both of my hands on her giant clit, she must at least had felt that or otherwise wouldn’t have that reaction.

I got so into it that I actually ended up leaving a kiss on her clit… and told her.

“Hey, I just kissed it!” I exclaimed.

“WHAT?! Oh my god… oh my god… oh my god…” her voice was trembling for sure.

“I mean, it is so nice a rubbery, knowing it is a part you Laura, is kinda cute" (even though is fucking big from here!)

“S-stop! Don’t say more! Or I might end up…. Hnnnnn!”

This teasing is actually hell fun for me… maybe if I just take a little…

The world started to tremble around me, her legs started shaking for sure…

“I can’t believe… he just… bite me… oh fuck… I can’t hold it anymore!”

My entire world was shaking, maybe I just made a big mistake when I did bite her clit just for fun…

I saw a giant shadow looming over me… “oh no" what’s all I could think.

The giant fingers of Laura were coming for me, trying to take me away, her moistness pussy was enough for her just to pin me against her finger and take me away from her clit.

I could see her face at the distance, seeming excited, nervous, hell red out of embarrassment that just made me think she looked so sexy and cute at the same time.

Then I saw below me… her other hand came and instantly with one finger started fingering her own clit… at the same time she used other fingers to open wide the amazingly beautiful and sexy canyon that was her entire vagina…

Then it hit me… that place was hell giant for me… it was literally the  size of two soccer stadiums or more just inside her… it could take entire buildings inside and it wouldn’t be enough to fill the space…

“Ummm… Laura… thinking this a bit better…” I looked up at her but her face was full of… embarrassment, nervousness… and a bit of guilty?

“I-I’m sorry… I can’t handle it more…” she said with sorry in her trembling voice…

Her lips parted away even more as she made the finger I was in starting to get closer and closer the gigantic cavern that was my childhood friend’s pussy.


“I promise I’ll take you out…” she said.

“…” I was looking at the abyss of her sexuality.

“Try not to get lost in there please…” she said nervously.

“…” I was looking at the giant pussy of a horny teenager, looking at me with hunger.

“And… please don’t get close to my womb…”

(When you see up close at the abyss, the abyss looks at you as well)

And suddenly, she shoved up her finger inside her, with me on it… closing her legs with force at the excitement she was just getting.

“Hnnnngggg so small… to think something so small is a person… and to think they’re inside my most intimate place… HHNNNNGGGG!”

I was pushed deep inside Laura, her finger carrying so far from the entrance, the things that hit me from an instant went in full force as well… the smell of sex was intoxicating even stronger than before, the darkness was surreal and everything was freaking moist and wet… she must be really excited about this…

Suddenly… her finger pressed me against her inner walls… the wetness and squishiness got me for real.

I was being rubbed against my friend’s pussy inner walls… the thought itself is exciting but the real deal is even better, I was trying to contain myself this whole time cuz it was Laura who I was doing this with but right now I can’t stop these urges.

Her fingers pressed me hard, my whole body being engulfed by the lust of her skin, she was basically rubbing her pussy against me… that’s a really hard lewd thought not gonna lie.

“Hnnnnnnnn…” her voice sounds muffled inside here but I can tell she’s moaning a bit… maybe her other hand is doing a lot of work on the outside?

Then as much pressure she was doing, it disappeared as she pushed her finger away from me… her walls started to move as well as her finger was doing a lot of space…

I found myself stick to her wall, completely covered by her wetness, with my face buried into her.

“Fuck it, I’m gonna enjoy this as well"

I started to rub my body against her wet lustful skin making sure to enjoy this at its fullest.

“Hnnn this feels good" I said as I was being overwhelmed by her hormones.

I felt another movement around me but then again, I’m inside Laura’s pussy and of course this place is gonna be moving if she’s touching herself that much as I saw earlier.

Maybe she doesn’t want to do inner masturbation cuz I’m already here and she doesn’t want to hurt me, funny enough I think the pressure she did with her finger earlier could have been enough to kill me so I guess I’m more hard to kill when I’m this small.

“Hnnnnyyah…” I heard a muffled moan from her, she definitely is enjoying this.

(Touching herself that bad on top of my own bed… and with me inside here as well… is it me or I am in a really good situation right now?)

As a result from that last moan of hers, the inner walls started to move again, leaking a bit of fluids around me.

“Gross… I’m fully covered in her juices by now… is she for serious going to cum with me inside her at any moment?”

“Hnnnnn it feels so good… please… can you… bite me from there as how you did it before…?” Her outside muffled voice sounded tired, maybe panting… is she for serious here?

I did as her command anyways and started biting her walls, they tasted just exactly as how one would expect, like flesh covered in those juices, the texture was also really good to bite, something I couldn’t get tired of and of course her hormones just made me go full into doing it more and more.

“EEEK!!” Her reaction was too cute! I can’t even see her face from here but I can tell she’s doing such a cute embarrassed face “w-wait! S-stop!”

Her whole pussy was shaking, she must be touching herself real bad out there, is she for serious here about wanting me to stop? Her actions say another thing…

I keep biting her insides with full force, I couldn’t stop even if I didn’t want to, I was so into this that my mind couldn’t really process anything else than please Laura’s gigantic cavern… no… to please this goddess pussy that so wanted me inside here…

(Am I going insane? Maybe, but anyone would go insane as well if they were in my position too… I mean… Laura is insanely beautiful... and me being inside her lady parts… yeah, I can’t control myself with something like that!)

“N-no! I told ye… to…. Hnnnnng!”

Suddenly… I got what she meant… she couldn’t contain herself and I only did worst for it…

Her juices started to leak from everywhere in a sudden instant, her pussy walls started to compress around me, she was unknowingly squishing me with her insides, or maybe she did know this was going to happen and why she told me to stop but…

“Hnnnng!” she wasn’t stopping either, she was clearly touching herself even now… probably real hardly touching her clit and her outside labia…

And with her walls squishing me from every side… the only thing I can do is…

I bit her walls again and again, I couldn’t care less, and she was enjoying herself so I should as well…

“Hnnnnnnnggg please! More! Hnnnnng!” her walls were doing even more pressure than before… was she closing her legs with full force just now?! The pressure was insane, she must feel really great right now…

So I did as she just said and keep biting and biting…

Each bite was made with full force, I was doing all my best to please my goddess here… and then it came, like, for real.

The walls compressed as hard as they could, my whole body was being engulfed in her sweet skin, being pressed everywhere by her insides, everything was leaking juices at this point, I was basically swimming in her juices by now, and then my head was starting to fade out…

“Please… please don’t drown… hnnnnnnnnnnngggg!!!” A begging, loud, excited and muffled voice was all I could hear before her pussy was filled up with her juices, pushing me along their way as they were doing so.

In just a moment…

“HNNNNNNG!” Laura came twice in just an instant, not even inserting her fingers even once besides at the moment she shoved me inside her.

She came and squirted flooding juices on top of my own bed, letting me out for once in that same instance.

“Haah… haa… hah… I came…” She said panting.

I, for the other hand, felt hell tired after that and fainted over there out of exhaustion.

“I… hope… he’s fine…”




“…” what is this feeling? I feel like this warmth below me, It feels nice...

“Hunnnn…” I heard a booming soft sound that made me react.

“Huh?” I slowly came back to my senses as I was opening my eyes “where am I?”

I opened my eyes to see the giant face of Laura a bit away from me, it was really big for sure.

She looked back at me and then smiled.

“Oh, you’re awake, I’m so glad you… didn’t drown with my… cum…” She kinda got embarrassed of what she was saying in the middle way.

“Huh… I see, so I got dragged away"

“P-pretty much, yeah" she said with a nervous smile.

“It was fun”

“Huh?” she was kinda surprised by that sudden statement.

“You might felt bad about what you just did to me, but I had fun Laura, it was actually a pretty good and exciting experience just now”

“A-are you… telling me the truth…?” She asked with a weird struggling expression.

“Yeah! I mean… your insides were pretty nice"

“I-I told you to not say such things…” she said while blushing.

I was planning on standing up for a moment but I felt the ground being too hard to stand on and suddenly fall on my face against it.

“Ugh...  what the hell is this…?” I said looking at the pinkish ground I was on top of.

“That… w-would be my nipple…” she said as looking away, embarrassment in her tone of voice and blushing red hard.

“Oh uh… okay” I looked around me and suddenly get to see my surroundings, I was on top of her right nipple.

Fuck, I never pay too much attention to her breast since they’re not that big but at this size even her nipple standing is even too high in height… like if it was a two buildings store… and in diameter it looks like… another stadium?

“It’s so fucking big…” I said surprised.

“Wh-what are you even saying? It’s just my nipple… geeez… how can you be so freaking small compared to it…”

(Oh, she enjoys this size difference it seems… well shit…)

“But then again… my boobs would look like mountains to you huh?” she smiled while blushing.

“Weren’t you a B cup though?!”

“I mean… yeah… but does that matter…?”

The sudden shadow of her hand loomed over me once again, as her giant finger came at full speed over me.

I was pinned against Laura’s giant nipple…

“I mean… you’re so small I could play with my nipple without even knowing you were there… actually, that sounds kind of exciting… but that should be another day…”

Her finger lifted me from the ground, I was suddenly stuck to her finger as if I was nothing.

“Well, I guess we should continue this on my home… we don’t know when someone is gonna come to your home so it would be safer and easier if I just take you with me" she said all that with a smiling face.

“Huh… guess that’s fine by me…”

“Okay then! It’s settled!”

She stood up while having me still stuck to her finger, then I get a real good glimpse of her full body, she was completely nude over there.

“I have to put on my clothes again…” she said.

Then suddenly her finger moved in a real hard speed, going downwards, in a sudden instant I saw again the opening of that gigantic cave for the second time of this very same day.

“Oh god…” I said looking at the gigantic beautiful monster “Laura! You’re not planning on…”

“What? You agreed to spend an entire day inside my pussy didn’t you?”

“Yeah but-“

“Don’t worry~! I will take good care of you down there! And I mean, I won’t be touching myself for a while now… so make sure to get comfortable down there…”


“No butts! It’s my pussy that it wants to eat you!” her finger got real close to her gigantic pussy while saying that “and it’s my pussy that it’s gonna have you for sure~!” and saying that as if nothing, she shoved me once again inside her wet and lovely cave.


“Have some fun in there! I’m sure I will when I get home"

She then left me all alone in her giant inside, as while she was taking her panties on again, taking her skirt and her T-shirt and putting them all on once again.

Leaving my room with a happy dumbass smile on her face, lovely thinking of her own tiny friend, trapped in her giant pussy as if nothing, humming a cute song as living her best friends room, taking all her stuff in the process of leaving the place.

All that time just thinking one thing “I so want him to get to enjoy my inside as it fullest, we’re gonna have so much fun~”


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