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Author's Chapter Notes:

Natalie receives some bad news from her husband about her vacation next week. And after getting a life lesson from their mother, (her stomping their tiny home to bits), the twins get another does of their mom's punishment in her slippers.

-A Change of Plans -

Added Jan 3, 2020 [Feet, Footwear, Humiliation]

The school district had just called Andrew Beaumont’s company and wanted him to install a transportation system at the new high school being built. They accepted his bid for an Beaumont system, which was starting to gain national recognition for being the best in the business. 


“Can’t you get started after we get back?” asked Natalie.


“I don’t want to lose this bid, it’s a huge account, Nat,” said Andrew, “and they want to redo all the existing school systems to make them fully integrated, and they want us to bid! This could be worth a ton of money. I don’t want to screw this up. Besides, I won’t be able to enjoy myself knowing all this is going on back home.” He stepped forward and put his hands on his wife’s shoulders. “But I will be happy knowing my wife is enjoying herself at a resort in Florida.”


“You have like a hundred people that work for you, can’t they get started on it while you’re gone?” she asked again.


“Nat,” Andrew said firmly, “do you like having nice things? Do you like driving nice cars? Living in this big house?” He looked her in the eyes and his wife sheepishly shook her head in agreement. “Then I can’t go. That’s the price we have to pay for the life we get to live.”


“Okay fine,” she said, pouting. “But can I leave the twins here with you? It could be just a girls week for me and Aubreigh?”


“Babe,” he sighed, “no. I will be working. I won’t have time to look after them. And if it’s not you looking after them, it’s usually Aubreigh, but she’ll be gone too. They have to go with you. Besides, they don’t have a place to go anymore. You destroyed their habitat.”


Natalie pursed her lips and looked away in embarrassment, “Oh yeah…”


“And what the hell was that anyway? You fell on it?” Andrew said, shaking his head.


"Yeah,” Natalie said, turning and walking away toward the fridge, “like I said, I fell on it.”


“Nat,” Andrew said coming up behind her, “it’s not just about the money, you know. You have to be careful. What if you had crushed one of the twins? How could we ever live with ourselves?”


“Okay geesh,” Natalie said, turning around to face her husband, “like I said, I’m sorry. And the twins weren’t anywhere near it when it happened. But that’s why I don’t think it’s a good idea for them to come. It’s too risky. What if they get hurt?”


“Both you and Aubreigh will be there, won’t you?” he asked, rhetorically. “They’ll be fine.”


“Alright, alright,” Natalie said, dropping her arms in defeat. “I just thought they would feel better. We were just talking about how much safer they feel at home.”


“No Natalie,” Andrew said, shaking his head. “This isn’t about you being concerned about the twins. This is about you being selfish.”


“I am not!” Natalie reacted in appall from her husband’s accusation.


“Yes you are, Nat,” he said, getting stern. “You need to accept those kids as family, our family. Those are our children, and they love you. And I hope you still love them.”


“I know…,” sighed Natalie, brushing her husband's arm, trying to calm him down. “I do love them, and I’m trying to accept their situation. But it’s just so difficult. I didn’t think things would turn out this way.”


“Neither did I…,” Andrew said calmly, “but it’s been a year now and I’ve made peace with it. You need to do the same.”


“Of course,” Natalie said, hugging her husband and smiling. “I will take them on vacation with me and it will be the best vacation those two little ‘bugs’ have ever had.”


“Please don’t call them that,” Andrew whispered softly into her ear. “I’ve told you before that I don’t like it when you call them that.”


“I’m sorry,” Natalie whispered back. “I was just trying to make a little joke to lighten the mood. This whole crazy thing has been hard on both of us, and you’re handling it amazingly. Between the twins shrinking last year, and now the business is growing faster than we can keep up with. You’re amazing.”


Natalie and Andrew hugged. Natalie was right, this unfortunate situation of two of their kids was taking a toll on Andrew even if he didn’t recognize it. He had gotten into the business of designing and building integration systems for tinies and normal people long before the twins caught the shrinking virus. But once Thomas and Julia succumbed to it, it became personal to him. He poured himself into his work. It became his passion. But also because of that, he was very hands off with the twins, dumping most of the parenting to his wife and normal sized daughter. He understood that his wife had a reason to be overwhelmed, but he did little to acknowledge it. Most of their arguments ended with him telling her that she needed to accept things and get over it. Then he would go right back to doing nothing to help her. After a year of this, Natalie had a fair amount of resentment toward Andrew. And unfortunately for her shrunken children, she took out her frustration on them.


Natalie and Andrew explained to their three kids the change of plans and what was going on and why their dad wasn’t going along. They understood, but were still bummed out, especially the twins. They weren’t sure if a week with their mom on vacation is what they wanted. But when Aubreigh saw that the twins were having some trepidation, an idea struck her.


“Hey, I have an idea,” she said, after letting her parents finish. “Why don’t we take a couple of Thomas and Julia’s friends along?”


“What?” shouted the twins and Natalie in unison, completely shocked.


“Yeah, I mean,” Aubreigh shrugged her shoulders, “since dad isn’t going to be there, me and mom will probably be doing lots of stuff together. But if we had some friends there for Thomas and Julia, we could let them do their own thing and we wouldn’t have to worry about them getting bored or lonely.”


“Aubreigh!” Andrew said, smiling. “That is a fantastic idea! See Nat? Didn’t I tell you how smart she was?”


“Yeah…, you sure did,” Natalie said, thinking to herself. The idea had merit. With the twins having their friends there, it would almost be like having a vacation without them. Maybe this wouldn’t be too bad of an idea.


“I could bring my friend, Ben,” said Thomas excitedly.


“Yeah and I could call Carmen,” Julia said.


“You should bring your friend, Sohpia,” said Thomas, “she’s hot!”


“Thomas!” Julia punched his arm.


“There’s plenty of room guys. Why not invite them both?” suggested Aubreigh, “I could bring my two shrinkie friends, Chloe and Nate. They’re a really cool couple I’ll be going to school with this fall.”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa…,” Natalie put her hands up in the air panicking, “that’s seven shrinkies. I can’t have that many people wandering around the floor of the condo.”


“Mom,” Aubreigh said, giving her the side eye, “the more of them, the less you have to do. They can take care of themselves, besides, I’ll be there to help.”


Natalie pondered for a minute. “All right fine,” she said, giving up. “But we are leaving at 7:00 am sharp tomorrow morning. I have a spa appointment for the afternoon that I cannot be late for. It was booked weeks in advance.”


“Aubreigh, do you know all the twins' friends?” asked her father. “Maybe we can call their parents to see if they’re free for a last minute vacation? And if so, we can go pick them up together so I can spend some time with you before you leave again, huh?”


“Dad,” Aubreigh chuckled, “they’re shrinkies, of course they’re free, they have no life.” Aubreigh suddenly caught herself and looked at her brother and sister in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any offense by that.”


“Great!” responded Andrew. “And I can try out a new transportation device we finished a few days ago. It’s actually the one I want you and your mom to take on this trip, so it will be a great test drive.”


“Hold it!” Natalie snapped at her husband and daughter putting on their shoes to leave. “What about the twins’ school work?”


“Well, you can help them finish, right Nat?” Andrew asked, again, sloughing the parenting off to his wife again. Natalie felt a twinge of frustration shoot up, but she suppressed it behind a smile.


“Actually,” Aubreigh said with a smile, “we finished up just before you came back in the room.”


Natalie was amazed, and a little shocked. She looked over at the twins who were standing next to a gigantic closed textbook.


“Sorry mom,” Thomas smirked, “but Aubreigh is just way better at explaining things than you are.”


Natalie squinted at her tiny son. She was ready to bark a reprimand to him but was distracted by the commotion of her husband and daughter leaving.


“Ok, great!” said Andrew. “Glad we’ve got that straightened out. Let’s go Aub, we’ll be back in a couple hours everyone.”


They walked out the door and slammed it shut. Natalie was feeling a weird mix of emotions. So much had happened in the past thirty minutes. She had taken out her frustration on her kids' habitat, she found out her husband wasn’t coming on vacation with her, and now she was somehow bringing a total of seven tinies along with her.


“Mom, are you doing okay?” Julia asked.


“Listen to me,” Natalie said, towering sternly over them, “you and your friends are not to speak to me, or bother me, at all on this trip. This is my vacation too. If you need something, you go to Aubreigh. This is one vacation where I don’t want to see any tinies. And that includes you two. Is that clear?” 


“You are being ridiculous,” Thomas scoffed, crossing his arms.


“Is that really too much to ask?” Natalie asked. “To not want to see or hear from you on this trip that I’m being forced to take you on?”


"Okay, now you’re just being mean mom,” Julia snapped, shaking her head with tears welling up. “Why are you even taking us with you then?”


“Your father seems to think we need to spend some bonding time together,” Natalie said, completely exasperated. 


“I don’t want to go with you,” Julia said, “you’re being horrible!”


“Yeah,” Thomas sneered, “mom of the year award right here.”


“Alright, that’s it,” Natalie said, slamming her palm on the table, scaring the shit out of the two teenagers. “We all need to calm down here. So… I think you two need a time-out, and I know just where to put you.”


She reached for Thomas and picked him up with her fingers.


“Ouch!” he yelped. “Mom, you didn’t ask for consent to pick me up!”


“And I didn’t ask for it earlier when I picked you up off the floor either,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I swear, it’s only when Aubreigh’s around that you even care about that bullshit.”


With Thomas in one hand, Natalie reached down with her other hand and pulled off a slipper. She brought it up to meet her tiny son being held captive between her fingers on her other hand. Thomas looked in horror down the cavern that was his mom’s house shoe. The soft fuzzy insole had been smashed flat from the weight of her feet. The arch was the only part of her insole that was still soft, the rest of her insole was the perfect imprint of her sole, all the way down to the indents of her five gargantuan toes.


“Mom! No!” he kept begging. True, he always begged, but it had never once changed Natalie’s mind when she had decided to punish her children. “You said if we got all our homework done then we wouldn’t get punished!”


“Well, there’s been a change of plans, now hasn’t there Thomas?” She tossed him into her shoe and watched him tumble to a stop halfway down her insole. The heat from his mom’s foot was still radiating from within the giant footwear. And the smell was still strong, like sweat mixed with lotion and various oils. He didn’t bother getting up because he knew what was coming, but he heard his mom’s thunderous voice call down to him.


“Come on Thomas, stand up!” she said playfully.


Thomas didn’t know why she insisted on doing this part. It was just a waste of time to him. But he did as he was told and stood up. He was hoping that if he readily obeyed his mom that his time in her shoe would be brief. Like clockwork, as soon as he was standing, Natalie smiled down at him and tipped her shoe back, letting Thomas tumble over himself and landing in the toe section. His giant mother laughed from above.


“That part never gets old,” she smiled to herself.


Thomas had never been in these slipper’s before, he was usually stuck in the black ones that had an enclosed heel. Since these grey ones had no enclosed heel, a lot more light made it inside. He could see clearly the imprints of her toes around him and realized he was laying in the print of her big toe. The heat was even more intense and the smell was even stronger by her toe section. He sat up, trying to shake the dizzy spell from his ride down his mom’s insole when he heard her speak yet again.


“Now, Thomas, you may have noticed these particular slippers, don’t have an  enclosed heel,” Natalie said condescendingly from above. “So because of that, I am going to have to put my foot back in so you don’t escape.” Natalie spoke with mock trepidation as if she had no choice but to do it this way. She smiled sheepishly to herself and listened for his little shouts of protest. “Now, I know you’ve only been in my shoe with my foot one other time, so I’ll plan on being gentle again...for now.”


As Thomas yelled and tried climbing out of the shoe, he saw his mom’s five monolithic toes come into view by the opening. The light went dim as her toes inched their way into the shoe, sliding over the soft fabric to get into position. Thomas braced for impact but just when they were about to hit the shrunken boy, they lifted up and hovered over his tiny body. For a split second, Thomas wondered what was going on, but then they came crashing down on him, smashing him into the soft flesh under his mom’s toes.


The toes emanated a strong heat and sweet vinegary smell that was familiar to the shoe. They were clammy with perspiration which only got worse as Thomas struggled beneath them. His mom flexed her toes a few times, each time slowly manipulating his tiny body into a more comfortable position. He eventually found himself under the arch of his mom’s toes. Being surrounded by the heavy weight of her sole on one side and the bulbous flesh of her toes on the other, there was nowhere he could escape. He was completely encapsulated by her foot flesh.


“I can’t believe you!” Julia shouted. “I understood why you did this last time, but this is unfair. You can’t treat us like this!”


“And now you, Julia,” her mom said, ignoring her words, “I know this will be your first time doing this, so I promise to be gentle with you too.”


Julia’s mom plucked her up with her fingers and reached for her other slipper. “I might not be able to change your situation, but I sure can make the best of it.” She gently set her daughter down on the fuzzy insole of her shoe. The tiny girl was panicking and becoming short of breath, but the giant woman above just reassured her that everything was going to be alright.


"Now I’m going to tip my shoe back,” her mom said from above, tilting her shoe ever so slowly, “and you're going to end up where my toes go.” Julia clawed at the fuzzy surface as she slid down her mom’s insole. Her mom’s smile grew bigger. “I think Thomas finds it helpful to go under my toes so he doesn’t get hurt,” her thunderous voice boomed. 


“What?!” screamed Julia, still not believing what was happening. “Under your toes?!” The light in Julia’s world diminished as her mom’s foot came into view.


A slight twinge of guilt pierced Natalie as she heard her tiny daughter screaming from within her slipper. Nonetheless, her foot kept coming for the tiny girl without missing a single beat. Natalie felt her toes press into Julia’s body and trap her just in front of them. Natalie furrowed her lips and lifted her toes. She shook her foot until she felt Julia’s tiny body slide safely under her toes. She set her toes down on the shrunken girl with a smile. “Much better,” she cooed, “that’s a lot  safer for you.”


Down below, the two twins couldn’t hear a single word their gigantic mom said. They were too busy being squished under the soft flesh of her toes. The air was moist and humid and both teens were sweating profusely under the intense pressure and heat. Thomas was angry and violently punched against his mom’s toes, which he doubted she could even feel. Julia, on the other hand, was heartbroken from having been treated this way by her mom. Julia began to cry, thinking about the love this giant person should have been showing them, but wasn’t.


Up above, Natalie was completely oblivious to her children’s anger or sadness. To her, they were out of sight and out of mind. She was just enjoying sitting at the table and having two minutes of peace and quiet, not having to wait on her tiny children, or having to watch where she stepped. Natalie took a deep breath and buried her face in her hands. After holding back a few tears of her own, she started to feel calm and she felt at peace with things again.


Natalie sat up straight and pulled herself together. She began to think about what she had to look forward to in Florida, even if she had to cart along a group of tinies. She felt the tiny children tickling the underside of her toes. Chuckling softly to herself, she yawned and stretched her legs.


“Ok, alright,” she smiled, “you can come out now. Time out is over now,” she laughed, wiggling her toes for fun.


But it was anything but fun for the two tinies trapped under her monstrous toes. Julia found herself compressed into the slipper’s insole under untold tons of her mom’s toe flesh. Meanwhile, Andrew’s haphazard movements combined with the moving toes caused him to get mistakenly edged between two of his mom’s colossal toes. When they stopped wiggling, he was completely surrounded by soft skin that held him tightly in place.


Natalie slid her feet out of her slippers and waited for her teenage shrinkies to emerge. She saw Julia crawl out pretty quickly, but didn’t see Thomas. At first Natalie thought he was being defiant and was just about to call down a reprimand to the tiny boy when she felt something tickling her toes.


“What in the world?” Natalie said, noticing and feeling the tiny boy struggling to pull himself out from between her toes. “Ew Thomas! Get out from between my toes!” It was a sight Natalie had never seen before, she almost barked another command, but she held her tongue. She really quite enjoyed the sight of it.  She smiled in amusement watching him try to escape. Eventually, Thomas pulled himself free and tumbled to the ground, landing before his mom’s giant toes. 


Natalie wanted to be disgusted, but she was too amused by all the commotion. She had put Thomas under her feet only once before, and Julia just this one time. But she had never seen it, never witnessed what it was like for them. She had never even once imagined or pictured what their struggles must have been like.


“Now that five minute time-out wasn’t so bad now, was it?” Natalie said, recomposing herself and staring directly at her tiny children huddling together at her feet. “No I didn’t think so,” she said, assuming their silence to be agreement. But in reality, they were just scared. Natalie’s feet moved swiftly and entered her slippers again. Just seeing her toes confined and hidden away from them made the tiny teenagers feel safe again. Although they knew she could do whatever she wanted with them… it psychologically soothed them.


Natalie stood up, her feet boomed loudly around her tiny kids as she moved.


“Now, let’s get you guys cleaned up. You probably smell, sorry about that,” the giant woman laughed as she plucked them both from the floor. “Now remember,” she said, looking at the terrified teens in her hands, “not a single word about this to your father, or Aubreigh for that matter. If you say even a single word, you will have no idea how angry I will be with you.” Natalie didn’t move her gaze from the scared tinies. “Do you understand?”


“Y-yes, ma’am….” they sheepishly muttered in reply.


“Good,” said Natalie. “And just so there is no confusion, I will happily do that again to you, or any of your little friends if you guys bother me for anything stupid on MY vacation. So tread lightly, do not push me. Just stay out of the way and be respectful and you will be fine.”


The twins nodded solemnly. They were not looking forward to this vacation at all.


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