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“Oh my, you are quite the specimen, aren’t you, Omega-Man?”

“You’ll never get away with this, Dr. Destructette!” Although he was confident in his delivery, Omega-Man hadn’t budged the pillory holding him in place. The immense technological wonder that held his neck and wrists in place had resisted being wrecked like nearly everything else Omega-Man had ever sought to destroy. Tanks, destruct-o-bots, giant destruct-o-bots, even an alien mothership had all been rent asunder by Omega-Man’s super strength, but contained in the evil doctor's latest fiendish machine, he could only offer meager displays of resistance.

“Oh my, and who will stop me, Omega-Man? You? Here, let me help you with that. I will stand right here, in front of you.” She walked up to the man secured in her invention. “All you need to do is reach out and grab me. I have no super powers. No super strength, no super speed, I cannot stop bullets with my…” The doctor bit her lip as the back of her fingers caressed Omega-Man’s cheek, down to his jaw and chin. “Stupidly chiseled face.” She crouched a bit to look Omega-Man in the eyes. “You know, if you agreed to wear one of my Subservience Devices, I could be talked into letting you out and having some fun with you.”

“Evil is never attractive, Dr. Destructette, and I’ll never be your puppet!” Omega-Man spat back.

Dr. Destructette’s expression fell. “Well that is disappointing, but sadly, not unexpected.” She stood back up and walked a few feet away. “No matter. In a few hours, you won’t be an issue anyway.”

“You’ve never been able to defeat me, Dr. Destructette, and this time will be no different.” Omega-Man, still completely defiant, retorted.

“Oh my, but I will, my dearest super hero. But before I do, I would like to demonstrate to you my latest invention!” She exclaimed. “Behold!” She spun back around to the hero, hands wide in display, her lab coat flying open to reveal the back turtleneck and pencil skirt beneath.

Omega-Man couldn’t really look around the room, his neck still very thoroughly held in the stocks, but he did afford a cursory glance around with his eyes.

“Uh…the thing holding me?” Omega-Man asked, genuinely unsure. Dr. Destructette was never subtle, and nothing that arced lightning or shook the ground when it walked had appeared.

“No, you colossal idiot! This!” She stamped her flat-clad foot onto the brushed metal floor. It rang out, but again, no crater, no explosion, no lightshow, and no saw blade wielding killbot.

“I don’t get it. Have you finally gone both mad and crazy, doctor?” Omega-Man asked flatly.



“I shouldn’t have expected a filthy, do-gooding, moron such as you to understand, still, I am disappointed. No, Omega-Man, not the restraints holding you in place, although they are magnificent! I am referring to this metal disc we’re both standing on!” She exclaimed.

“You made a metal floor?” Omega-Man asked.

“No!” She stamped her foot. “No! No! No!” Each word brought another stamp of her foot. “This is the deployment field of my new Quantum Throughput Siphon Filter Device!”

“You are going to need to work on your names, doctor.” He said.

“Yes, well, you may be right about that, but I don’t think I need to explain this one to you, instead I will show it to you!” Dr. Destructette announced. “I have found a test subject for the device, one I think you may be familiar with. Bring in the test subject!” She shouted.


From somewhere, off the metal floor, came the intermittent but regular squeaking of a poorly lubricated wheel, followed shortly by the sight of one of Destructette’s incompetent lab-assistant robots pushing a two wheeled hand truck, with a black cloth covering something, or rather very clearly someone, on it. From under the cloth, the person was trying to scream, but was very muffled.

“Omega-Man, let me introduce you to my test subject.” Dr. Destructette walked over to the hand truck. “The perpetual pain in my posterior;” She seized the cloth with both and ripped it free with gusto. “Mara Millicent!”

Under the cloth, strapped to the hand truck in various places, mouth crammed with a rubber gag, and completely nude, was the ace investigative reporter for the Weekly World; Mara Millicent.

“Mara!” Omega-Man called out. “I mean, uh, Miss Millicent!”

“Oh save it, you super-buffoon!” Dr. Destructette snapped. “I know you two are more than familiar with each other.” Destructette tossed the cloth aside. “And who wouldn’t want to rut around with this nosey reporter?” She clutched both of Mara’s breasts in her hands, squeezing them hard enough to push the skin from Mara’s chest between her fingers. “With these massive, magnificent mammaries?” Her hands released the squealing reporter, but quickly reasserted themselves by sliding behind Mara’s backside. Mara’s eyes shot wide. “And this … this ample, amazing ass?”

“Leave her out of this, Destructette! She has nothing to do with this.” Omega-Man yelled, pulling against his bonds.

“Hardly, Omega-Man.” Dr. Destructette said, still pressed up against Mara and squeezing her buttocks. “Even if it weren’t for her numerous…” she clapped a hand hard onto one of Mara’s cheeks. “Slanderous…” another clap of palm on cheek. “Poorly penned pieces on my work.” Both hands slapped into Mara’s ass.

The bound woman in the hand truck garbled something other than a squeal of protest.

“What? I can’t understand your prattling with that ball in.” Destructette said.

“I think she said ‘if it’s written then it’s called ‘libel’, not ‘slander’” Omega-Man offered.

Dr. Destructette looked up at the woman she was fondling. “Ooooh, and a pedantic jerk to boot. But that’s okay. She’ll get her’s tonight too.”

“What are you planning to do, you monster?” Omega-Man screamed.

“Let me demonstrate! But first, I know it can be hard to get perspective for you, Omega-Man. At seven foot two, by your official biography, all women must look short to you. Lab-Bot, bring the test subject closer to Omega-Man, I don’t want him to miss this.” Dr. Destructette walked with the hand truck until Mara had been wheeled right in front of him, only inches from his face.

“Have you no decency, doctor?” He asked, closing his eyes and trying to turn away from Mara’s nudity.

“Oh save it, I know you two have spent more than one occasion stuck together at the hip. With her, cradled in your arms, your strong arms, while you took your… your… and you just…” The doctor was no longer really speaking to Omega-Man, or even Mara Millicent. As she continued her breathing became shallower and more rapid. “And then you’d throw her on the bed, grabbing her by the waist and squeezing her while you kept on…” Her eyes had glazed over. “You kept on slamming that…”

“Doctor!” Omega-Man interrupted. “You are demented!”

“I… I may be, but my device works, and I’ll show you firsthand!” Dr. Destructette proclaimed. “But first, I’m going to show you it in action on Ms. Millicent here.” She stood behind the hand truck and grabbed Mara’s breasts from behind.

“Like I was saying; all women must look short to you, even Ms. Millicent here, with her six feet of stupidly annoying sexiness.” Dr. Destructette continued to knead Mara’s breasts, as Mara struggled in her restraints. “But in a few moments, Ms. Millicent will demonstrate what’s going to happen to you, Omega-Man. And once I’m done with you, Omega-Man, you’ll be looking up to even someone of my relatively diminutive stature.”

“You’re doing this because you’re jealous of her height? Because you’re not even five feet?” Omega-Man asked incredulously.

“I am five feet tall!” Dr. Destructette shouted.

“Not according to your profile at Pemmbrooke Penitentiary, ‘miss four foot eleven and a half’.” He retorted.

“It’s close enough, you… you…! Nevermind! It won’t matter in a few moments anyway! Let’s begin, Lab-Bot, my tools!” Dr. Destructette screamed.

A few moments later, the cobbled together lab assistant pushed a cart into view. Dr. Destructette took from the cart a pair of nitrile gloves, pulling them over her hands, and snapping them snug against her wrists. Then came Dr. Destructette’s tools. In one hand a curved vibrator complete with ridges, flanges, studs, and a wide-flared base, in the other a large glob of some unidentified, slightly translucent gel, already beginning to melt against the heat of her hand.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Omega-Man protested, renewing his struggles against the device holding him in place.

“Observe, Omega-Man.” Destructette instructed.

She stood next to the hand truck and began to slather Mara’s exposed pussy with the gel coating her gloved hand. Mara squirmed in her bonds, and screamed, but it did nothing to stop Destructette’s hand from rubbing over her labia, from her fingers from spreading those lips and then probing into Mara’s vagina, smearing a rapidly warming slime over and into everything.

Dr. Destructette wasn’t just clinical with the application of the lubricant, she also took her time to play with Mara’s clit. Destructette’s hand and fingers slid up and down Mara’s sex, her middle two fingers parting Mara’s labia again then hooking into her vagina, plunging deep and then pulling back out again.

Mara’s screams were interrupted with moaning as she couldn’t fight the stimulus.

“Here, we’ll need to have this removed before the next stage.” Destructette said. “But you’ll need to hold this for me.” She smiled sadistically as she turned on the vibrator and brought it down to Mara’s now lubricant soaked vagina. Mara was able to offer little in the way of resistance as Dr. Destructette slid the now buzzing and pulsating thing into her Mara’s vagina. Dr. Destructette worked sadistically slow, letting Mara agonize over ever bump, every flange, and feel every spasming jolt the toy could offer. With only a bit more effort, Destructette pushed the bulge near the base of the didlo into Mara, eliciting a deep shudder from the reporter.

“Very good, please don’t drop it, the sanitization process is rather expensive.” Destructette said before standing back up and forcefully popping the gag out from Mara’s mouth. “There we are, no danger of that being an issue.”

“You’re sick!” Mara shouted, now free of the gag.

“Now, now, Ms. Millicent, let’s not be mean.” Destructette grabbed the base of the dildo and began pulling it out. “After all, you and I are about to get very well acquainted.” She didn’t wait for more objections before beginning to work the toy in and out of Mara’s pussy. As she did, she occasionally allowed it to pull free, and buzzing, slide its way up her sex.

“Ms. Millicent, we don’t have all day, if you would.” Destructette began working faster with the dildo, and added her own gloved fingers to Mara’s clit in vigorous, kneading circles.

Although taxed with fear, shame, and her own efforts to escape, Mara’s orgasm came relatively quickly under the skillful fingers and advanced technology that Destructette brought to bear. She had no freedom to move, but even still in the throes of the orgasm her eyes and teeth clenched while her limbs were held stil. As she did, Destructette slid the dildo free and tossed it back to the cart, where the robotic assistant still waited dutifully.

“What is your sick game, doctor?” Omega-Man shouted from crotch-level with Mara’s still quivering vagina. “Why do all this?”

“Observe.” Destructette said.

It didn’t happen immediately, but surely as Dr. Destructette spoke, Mara’s whole form started to change. Mara moaned, and she looked disoriented. At the same time Dr. Destructette also started to look poorer, and fell over onto the cart, breathing hard. The straps seemed to loosen as Mara’s skin pulled away from them. Before long she had sunk down in the hand truck, falling to the floor. As she fell free of the hand truck, she crawled over the last strap.

“Mara! Mara!” Omega-Man called out. “What happened to you?”

“She’s have some of her strength and size siphoned away from her.” Destructette said, recovering from her sudden fit. “Oh my, I didn’t know it would feel like that.” She stabilized herself on the cart, pushing herself up. With a practiced ease, she stripped the nitrile gloves from her hands, casually tossing them away.

“You monster! What did you do to her?” Omega-Man asked.

“As I said, you moron, observe.” Destructette said.

She reached down and pulled Mara completely free of the hand truck and pushed aside with one hand. The cart went crashing away, skidding along the floor before crashing into the wall of the laboratory where it shattered into dozens of pieces.

“Oh my, well I suppose I should’ve expected that. Behold, Omega-Man, your once statuesque girlfriend!” Destructette drug Mara up to her feet, with one hand, as the reporter suddenly only came up the evil doctor’s thighs. Destructette used one hand to cup Mara’s head and keep her standing, despite her unstable stance.

“You shrunk her!” Omega-Man exclaimed.

“Not only shrunk her, her strength and size have been siphoned to me!” Destructette loomed over Mara, standing in front of Omega-Man. “It worked flawlessly, and clearly I have benefitted from the increased strength, although it doesn’t seem much in the way of size was transferred to me. My shoes feel a bit tight though.” She kicked off her shoes, revealing her black thigh high socks. “Lab bot! The measuring tape!”

The robot rolled over and extended a tape measure next to Destructette.

“Five-two! I’m five-two!" Even holding onto Mara, Destructette excitedly pranced about in place. "It appears there are significant diminishing returns on the height, but I am definitely much stronger. Quickly, measure her. Oh my, two-one. I dare say, Ms. Millicent, you’ve shrunk to very nearly a third of your height.” Destructette gloated.

“How? Why?” Omega-Man asked.

“Very simple, Omega-Man. As I said before, this surface we’re all standing on is the device itself. Anyone who orgasms while on this surface, within a few kilometers or so vertically, will have their strength and size drained, then transferred to a party designated by the device earlier on. Me, in this case.” Destructette stretched up, still holding on to Mara while she did. “I must say, Omega-Man, this feeling is intoxicating, I’m looking forward to continued testing.”

“Release her and reverse the effects, you monster!” Omega-Man demanded. “Or you’ll regret it!”

“Regret it? Maybe, but definitely not today. Who do you think will come to your aide, Omega-Man? The only other superhero in the city is Giga Gal, and she doesn’t know where either of you are, not that she’d be likely to stop taking selfies and pushing merchandise to actually come and help.” Destructette lifted Mara up into her arms, taking a few steps back to allow Omega-Man a view of what was happening. “But enough talk, let’s see what the second phase of the test brings.”

Dr. Destructette deftly spun Mara over, and brought Mara’s crotch up to her mouth. The doctor took her glasses off and flung them aside while securing the reporter by the back with one arm.

“Omega-Man, what’s happening?” Mara pleaded.

“Mara! Don’t give in! I’ll get you out here!” He responded.

“Not likely.” Dr. Destructette interjected. “I should continue using my tools, but this is too good an opportunity. Let’s see if this one can last a bit longer, hmmm Ms. Millcent?”

“Wha?” Mara asked before taking in a sharp gasp as Destructette’s pulled Mara’s crotch into Destructette’s waiting mouth. The suddenly smaller woman squirmed in Destructette’s embrace, but Destructette’s lips pulled at Mara’s sex, Destructette’s tongue dipped into her vagina and probed around her labia.

Destructette pulled back taking a breath and licking her own lips. “Oh my, that’s better than I had anticipated. For such a bitter reporter, you don’t taste half bad. I can’t wait for the third phase.”

“Third phase, what do you mean?” Mara asked. Her answer was Destructette’s mouth latching onto her privates again, this time aggressively licking deep into the folds of her labia. Mara moaned and resumed kicking, but Destructette was just too large to stop.

Every stroke of Destructette’s tongue over Mara’s clit and down through her sex brought another wave of moans from the captive reporter. Destructette’s tongue was unrelenting, her lips were unyielding, and she was unaccustomed to the strength she had. Her tongue soon slipped passed her vagina on it’s passes and worked its way into Mara’s rectum. Pass after pass Destructette salivated over Mara’s sex, she sucked at Mara’s clit, even gave it a playful nibble, but before long it looked like Mara’s pleasure was building to it’s threshold.

Destructette worked her tongue into Mara’s clittoral hood and sucked Mara’s clit into her mouth where it was held between Destructette’s teeth and probed further by her tongue. This time there were no restraints to prevent Mara’s orgasm from rocking her entire body. Her hands clutched at the waist of Destructette’s pencil skirt, just looking for purchase, but in her agonizing bliss pulled the skirt and it ripped.

“Oh I can feel it working already!” Destructette exclaimed. “I want to watch it take effect on you!”

This time Destructette was ready for the surge of pleasurable energy that hit her. She stayed on her feet and spun Mara back around, holding her under the arms while the shrunken woman’s sex continued to drip.

Again, as last time, after a short delay, the reporter began to shrink again. As she shrunk, Destructette had to readjust her grip, from holding Mara under her arms, shifting to only need one hand wrapped almost completely around Mara’s chest.

As Mara shrunk, Destructette was only vaguely aware of her own transformation. As before it was much more subtle, but she could feel the turtle neck tightening, her bra and underwear more constrictive, her socks creeping down on her thighs.

When it had ended, Destructette held in her palm a reporter no bigger than her pinky nail. Destructette closed her hand around Mara, and let out a laugh, prolonged and deranged. “It worked flawlessly! Lab bot!” She ordered. “The measuring tape!”

The robot returned, measuring tape in its clamps. It quickly gave a readout for Destructette.

“Hmmm, only five-three.” Destructette mused. “It appears there’s significant diminishing returns when siphoning, however, that may owe more to the decidedly base nature of Ms. Millicent's biology." Destructette turned back to Omega-Man who hung slack jawed in the restraints. "Fortunately, I have a second subject right here in the lab, who will be helping me with advanced testing.” 

“Lab bot, bring me a chair.” She walked toward Omega-Man, and by the time she was comfortably close, the robot had brought her a chair which she sat in without even checking that it was there.

“We’re almost done with phase one testing, Omega-Man. I’m afraid you’re really not going to like the final part of it.” Destructette paused, as though something had just occurred to her. “I almost forgot, I need to see how this most recent success has affected my strength.”

Destructette considered simply shattering the chair, but then she’d have no were to sit. She was certain that siphoning Mara would put her no where near the strength of Omega-Man, so breaking his restraints was out of the question. Then it occurred to her.

“Oh lab bot?” She called.

Dutifully the robot rolled over to her, where she delivered a blow with the fist not holding Mara. The robot ceased to exist as a cohesive thing and instead became parts, all independent of each other, all flying away from each other at the same time in a crescendo of exploding metal and circuitry.

Destructette laughed as she sat back down.

“Well, strength successfully calibrated, I’d say. It appears that what is pulled from the source is mostly converted to strength rather than size in me.” She paused again. “Still these clothes are getting uncomfortable.”

Without getting up, she slipped the lab coat from her shoulders and hands. Although she had grown, the lab coat was originally way too large for her anyway, and still slipped off with relative ease. The turtleneck did not go as easily, or at least not as cleanly. Destructette started to pull it off over her head, realized it might not fit, and resolved to instead grip it with her free hand and simply rip it free.

“Ugh that’s slightly better.” She said. “I don’t suppose I could count on you to help me with these and not bite?” She extended a socked foot toward Omega-Man’s head. The super hero tried his best to turn away, but with his neck in the pillory there was only so far could go before her clothed toes ran down the side of his head. Still he shook his head furiously knocking her foot away.

“Fine. Be that way. But don’t say I didn’t give you the chance to cooperate.” She said, sounding a bit rejected as her free hand set about pulling down the socks and casting them both aside.

“Ah, so much better.” She said, reclining as far as the spartan metal chair would allow. “Now where were we? Oh yes! The final step of phase one of testing!”

Destructette sat up and leaned forward. “Take a look Omega-Man, this is the power of the siphon device.” She extended her hand and opened her fingers to show the diminutive woman curled up in her palm.

“Mara!” He exclaimed.

“Not so loud, Omega-Man, she’ll be a bit sensitive to loud noises, although I should say, that won’t matter soon.” Destructette trailed the index finger from her free hand around the woman in her palm. “I suppose I should be gracious, give you one more chance; so how about it, Omega-Man? Will you put on one of my submission devices, give yourself over to my service entirely, be my tool for utter domination of this world, and my toy to use as I see fit?”

Omega-Man seemed to consider it. He looked to the woman in Destructette’s palm.

As if on cue, Mara pushed herself up to her hands. “Don’t do it, Omega-Man! You have to beat her!”

“I’ll never give in to you, doctor.” He said defiantly. “Do your worst.”

“Oh my, such resolve. My worst, you say?” She asked, plucking Mara off her palm with her thumb and index. “My worst has gotten much more severe, Omega-Man, but if you insist.”

Destructette brought the reporter up to her lips, causing the shrunken woman to start screaming.

“Shhhh. Shush now. Screaming won’t do you any good, Ms. Millicent.” Destructette said, holding the woman only a few millimeters from her mouth as she did. The shushing was like a blast of hot air, every word after washing over her with heat and humidity. Mara did not stop screaming. “I must say, Ms. Millicent, I’ve enjoyed the past few minutes with you, and while I’ll admit to a fair bit of envy for the height and figure that you had…” Destructette’s free hand had made its way under the band of her panties and was busy at work on her own pleasure. “But I think I like you like this even more.”

Destructette pursed her lips and pushed the tiny woman into them, letting the relative softness of her kiss envelope the reporter. Then she opened her mouth and tossed Mara in. Mara screamed briefly before Destructette’s teeth and lips closed, sealing her in.

“Spit her out!” Omega-Man demanded.

“Mmmm. Oh ‘y. Mmmm.” Destructette moaned, her hands at her cheeks in shock at the surprising flavor and sensation of feeling a tiny woman flailing about on her tongue. “Omega-Man, Ah don’ think even you could ‘ake me miss out on this.”

“Spit her out right now!” Omega-Man cried.

“Oh you cannot be serious. I gave you a chance, many chances.” Destructette said, her tongue heedless of the woman in her mouth. Every syllable caused the tongue to batter and beat at Mara’s tiny body. When Destructette wasn’t taunting Omega-Man, the tongue would pin Mara to the roof of Destructette’s mouth, rubbing Mara over the hard palate, the tongue would then toss her into Destructette’s cheek, where Destructette would suck on her entire body, the force of which was unlike anything Mara had ever experienced, instantly depriving her of even the meager oxygen to be had in the cavernous mouth and applying such crushing force that Mara was sure she’d black out.

Just as Mara felt she was passing out, the pressure released, and the tongue found her between the cheek and teeth, violently fishing her out from the pocket and returning her to laying on the tongue. The darkness gave way to sudden light and Mara looked up to see Omega-Man’s face looking back at her. He looked distraught. It was then that she remember she was on a tongue and began scrambling forward, trying to escape the mouth. Soaked with Destructette’s saliva, exhausted from being abused and assaulted by Destructette’s tongue, and trying to fight for purchase on a living, writhing, slimy tongue, her progress was agonizingly slow. She slipped and faceplanted into the tongue more than once, causing Destructette to chuckle, a rumbling that shook Mara’s world. She made it over the teeth and just passed the lips before Destructette shut her lips around Mara’s body, leaving the reporting hanging limp half out of the mouth.

“‘Ay ‘oodbye!” Destructette mumbled around Mara’s body.

Mara reached out to Omega-Man. “Omega-Man, save…” She was cut off from her plea for help as Destructette sucked her body effortlessly back into her mouth. With no delay, Destructette tilted her head slightly back, showing Omega-Man her neck as she immediately rolled Mara to the back of her mouth and in one super-human gulp, swallowed the shrunken reporter.

“Nooooo!” Omega-Man cried out, watching the slight bulge disappear from Destructette’s neck before it even passed into her chest.

Destructette leaned back in her chair, her hand idly stroking her stomach just below the cups of her bra. She spent a few moments just sitting in repose, enjoying the sensations of a shrunken human in her gut before she glanced up, as though she had just remembered Omega-Man’s presence.


“Phase one; complete. Shall we begin with phase two, Omega-Man? I want to see how the siphon device works on a superhero.”

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