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The Guard stares at the red, white, and blue of the flag high up on the pole affront the building. Staring blankly, he watches the flag melt softly in the wind, the colours against the morning sky. Being on watch at this time drains him. Gun heavy in his hand. His hair beneath a black cap, uniform heavy in presence. He stands in wait for the part of his day he needs. He knows his girlfriend will be here soon. 

“When's your shift endin?” the guard stationed beside him asks. Thick sweat layered his face. Polluted red cheeks under nasty eyes. He hated this man. He looks to him the disgust showing on his face.

“So you just started then, huh.” The man tries again. He doesn't answer. 

His face softens at the sight of her red car. He sees her heels and tights first from below the door. As she stands, her frame grows tall. A deep blue navy dress cinched at her waist falls to just above her knees, and a white lab coat draped over her arm. She begins to stride toward the building a heavy briefcase in hand. Smirk across her face. 

“Come with me.” The Scientists’ tone is flirtatious as she brushes past him. 

The inside of the building is stark and white, smelling of chemicals. He follows behind his girlfriend watching her body move as she walks. She is toned, the soft curves form her. Her legs are long and defined. She inputs a series of numbers on a keypad and a sliding door sways open. Her hand is intertwined with his collar before he can react. Pulling him into the room, she locks the door. 

Her office is warm compared to the rest of the facility.  Her laboratory is visible through a glass wall opposite her desk. A chestnut coloured couch sits in the middle of the room where she leads him. Throwing her lab coat over the couches back panel, she lays him down, straddling him. Her dress rising up her legs as she does.

“You looked like you needed me.” she quietly teases into his ear. She runs her hands down the length of his uniform. She breathes him in as she presses her body into his. Kissing down his neck. “How long have you been waiting for me?” 

An alarm rings out through the complex. A scent of metallic cold hits the noses of the couple, making their eyes water. The Guard could see a thin white mist coming from the vents around the room from the couch. He notices it has pooled on the ground. It has been leaking for a while without him noticing. 

The Guard swiftly rises with his girlfriend in arms. He places her onto her feet and begins to jog toward the door with her in hand. 

“Wait!” she tugs against him. 

He ignores her and continues. He feels her pull again. 

“Look.” she coughs.                   

He follows her arm to the laboratory. Three masked Scientists stand with tablets affixed to their sides, writing, recording. Soldiers flank them, guns pointed towards the couple. As they look, the couple's vision begins to falter. The Guard watches as his girlfriend collapses to the floor. His head spins, his eyes grow heavy—the cold floor pressing his cheek being his last sensation.



He wakes to find he’s restrained to a bed. His frame feels heavy, a deep indentation present underneath him and his feet and knees now hang over the edge. The Guard rolls his head to the side seeing his girlfriend, bound to a bed beside him and slightly luminescent. He notices that her crossed legs appear longer, more defined, and clean. The couple has grown to around 15 feet. He watches her jerk against the restraints. The fury on her face shows as the bindings straining on her wrist turn her skin white. A crackle comes from the corner of the ceiling.

“It’s no use.” the speaker announces. “We only needed stamina and resilience, you weren't supposed to grow bigger, how are we supposed to control soldiers that powerful.”

“I told you the serum wasn’t ready yet, it’s too unstable. We knew the effects were irreversible, we never knew their magnitude.” The Scientist says through gritted teeth. “So, why did you test it on us?” 

Another crackle.“You and your partner gave us a perfect opportunity to test both genders.”

“So what now.”

“We’ll be re-working the project, and you two will be disposed of.” The intercom falls silent as the Guard tenses in anger.

His girlfriend looks over at him for the first time noticing he has woken. Her face is tense but mellows when she meets his eyes. 

“It's alright, we’ll be okay,” he says to her. “I'll get us out of here.”

He expected her to nod in agreement; instead, she broke the restraints around her wrist in a brief instant. Untying her legs, she slides off the side of the bed. What he saw was magnificent. 

Her body had grown to where her head was touching the high ceiling. She would soon have to crane her neck to fit. Her skin was smooth and luminescent, giving off an angelic hue, and her legs looked powerful and lean. Her hair had grown a little longer and was now silky. Her navy dress hitched up to her hips, beginning to tear against her. Her breasts spilling from the top of its low collar. Her shoes are missing, he thought they wouldn't have fit anyway. The tights she is wearing have become nothing more than fishnets, each circular tear marking red lines in her skin. He watches her bend down to tear them off. He feels a sudden sensation hit his stomach, he feels himself grow in reaction. She looks back up to her boyfriend to see that he is angelic like her. With a small throw the tights she just ripped off land on him as she begins her walk to the door. 

He watches her fiddle around with a panel on the wall. With the anticipation of escape, the Guard feels his body expand once more. The restraints around his wrist begin to grow uncomfortably tight as the bed frame creaks under his growing weight. His own uniform constricting him, he wishes he could rip it off. 

A click and the door the Scientist was messing with slides open. She disappears into the hallway, leaving her boyfriend bound. 



The hallway is littered with stationed guards. They all turn their heads simultaneously as a 25-foot giantess leans her back against one of the walls. In her hand, a squirming man is trying to free himself.  

“You know I have always thought,” the Scientist says in mockery as she turns the man around in her hand. “Of what it would be like to devour someone. To feel someone who has wronged me sliding down my throat. Feeling powerless against my force.” 

The guards in the hallway raise their guns towards the giantess as she moves the man to her mouth. She extends her tongue to touch his cheek, her heart races. She feels the man's hands pushing and sliding against her bottom lip as he tries to flee. A low giggle comes from her stomach as she pulls him away.

“But not yet.” Clenching her hand shut the guard's body goes limp. “I’m still getting bigger.”

She throws him to the side and pounces towards the other men, snatching up a couple in each hand, bringing them together in a solid clap. Scooping up another man from his legs as he begins to fire at her. Dangling him upside down in front of her face, she grins.

“Those bullets aren't doing anything, but you know that don’t you?” 

The man begins waving his arms. “Please, put me down, I’m sorry, really sorry.” he pleads. 

The Scientist lets out another stomached giggle and hurls him down the length of the hallway—his body ragdolling against the farthest exit slumping onto the ground.  She turns back to the hallway of men and spots the guard that was stationed outside with her boyfriend. 

The man watches the giant scientist begin to reach toward him in a methodical movement. Running was fruitless once her hands swarmed him.



The Guard, now free of his restraints and clothes, watches his girlfriend pick up the man he hated most in his brigade. A rush of pleasure runs through his crouched form as he enjoys her show. 

The couple has grown to 70 feet, barely able to fit inside the confines of the expansive hallway. His girlfriend’s clothes have become ruined cloth draped across her form. He moves towards her. She looks at him, her eyes screaming delight.  

“My love, look who I have.” She holds up the panicked man playfully for him to see. “What would you like me to do with him?” 

The Guard looks to the under underwear strangling her hips. Reaching for her frame he grasps at her waist, pushing her into a laying poising causing her to prop herself onto her elbows, the guard still in her hand. Reaching for her underwear, tugging them free. Kissing down her stomach in tandem, he hears a soft moan come from her and a yelp from the guard whose hold has become tighter. One of his hands trails up her body sliding over her now exposed breasts, grazing past her nipple, to her neck, pulling her face closer to his.

“Give him to me.” He demands. 

His girlfriend grins through sly eyes and squirms in glee as she hands the guard to him. He pauses to take the man from her. As he does, he places a corner of her underwear into her mouth. In one motion the imprisoned guard goes from squirming in his hand to bound in her torn underwear hanging from her mouth like a trophy. 

“We will have some fun with him soon.” The Guard says to her, pinching the cotton tied man between his index and thumb. He leans in further toward his girlfriend, staring at her lips.  

A weighted gush of air comes from the vents startling the two giants. The same white mist begins to pour, floating its way down to the floor. The Scientist looks around the hallway frantically before landing on a small man with his hand pressed against a dark panel. The guard is smiling through blood-soaked teeth. In a rage, she batters him away, his body spraying into pieces.

“He must have sent out an order.” She looks to her boyfriend who is looking at the panel. 

“If I'm right about where they put us.” The Guard pauses to catch his girlfriends eyes. “We are deep underground.”

Her brows furrow as she bites her lip in thought. “The only thing I can think of for releasing the rest of the serum is an overdose.” Fury builds within her. “They are trying to kill me with my own creation.”

He wasn't fast enough to stop his girlfriend from punching through the ceiling. A few bodies make their decent past the two giants along with some of their equipment. Through the breach, the Scientist climbs. 



The couple's growth becomes evident to them as they squash everything in their pathway up. Their bodies easily carve out cozy space as they break through floors of underground offices and laboratories. Staff back away to the walls seeing their workspace smashed open to a cavern containing lustrous beings. Interior lighting from the cross section of floors cast a rippling romantic light across the couple. Reaching 110 foot in height, the boyfriend calls for his partner who is toying with a handful of scientists. 


At the sound of his voice, she piques up at him. Rubbing her lips together, she drops the handful of people, causing them to fall down the length of their multiple stories of accent. Unaffected, she makes her way over. She takes two large steps and is next to him. Leaning over, her hands on either side of his body, she looks up at with curiosity. Without thinking, he looks down at her chest. It is coated in a thin layer of glistening sweat. 

“Open your mouth.” The Guard instructs her. 

Slender strands of saliva expand and break as she obeys. Her tongue moving slightly over her lip. The corners of her mouth twitching. Her boyfriend places the guard he was stationed with on her tongue, feeling a quiver in response. He looked no taller than an inch in his palm. Meeting her eyes, he places his hand under her chin, forcing a small amount of pressure upward. Gently her mouth closes. 

“Don't swallow him yet.” 

She nods in response. 

He wraps his hands around both sides of her face and pulls her into him. His lips meet hers, running his tongue along her mouth, an open invitation she accepts. Sliding his tongue into her mouth, he presses the man down, letting her sense him. Her hands make their way to his hair. Their tongues rolling the guard between them. The vibrations of his wailing sounds emanate through thick saliva. The Scientist releases her hold to grab her boyfriend's hand. She moves it to her chest. The soft flesh of her breast moulds itself to his hand. His other hand moves to her neck.

“Swallow him for me.” 

The gulp of her throat sends him berserk. Reaching around, he jerks her onto him and cradles her rear. “Do you want me, right here, right now?” 

She moans her response into his ear. “Yes.”

Picking her up and switching positions, he presses himself between her legs, pulling them up and around him. Her back crumbling floors and ceilings to dust until it is flush with the walls as he stands in the pit of their wreckage. Looking down at her amongst the destruction, he notices someone hiding behind a now unrecognisable machine. He picks the tiny woman up and brings her towards the Scientists clit. He holds the sobbing woman just in front of the opening.  Glancing up at his girlfriend as he thrusts himself into her pushing the woman inside.

A sharp pang of electricity shoots through the couple as their size quadruples. 



With the first glance of sunlight, the couple has risen to 440 feet, shattering through the building. 

Their bodies intertwined with each other as the Guard thrusts slowly. With each movement, the size of the couple grows 100 feet more. The building collapses as they toss and roll in pleasure, knowing everyone who wronged them is now beneath them. The power they misplaced in the couple working against them. 

The giant man grabs his girlfriend and pulls her up, manoeuvring himself to lay beneath her. As she sits atop him, bits of debris fall from her skin and tiny people cling to her hair. He plucks one away, dangling him. His girlfriend takes the bait and swallows him whole. The Guard watches her throat as he cums slightly inside of the Scientist.

Another ricochet of energy surges through the couple as their size doubles. They lay across the building completely enveloping it at 1140 feet. 

The giant gropes his girlfriend's chest as she bounces her body up and down. The remaining people clinging to her hair fall onto the Guards' stomach and the ground beside him. The Scientist leans over and places her hands on either side of his head as she grinds. A small pressure rises in the Guards' stomach as he nears climax. 

The giantess begins to touch herself as she moves. Her index finger circling her clit. He feels her tighten around his shaft. 

“Cum for me.” His girlfriend whispers in his ear. 

A hand falls to the debris, grasping the rubble, as the other grips her thigh. The Guards' hips flex upward as a moan escapes him. He'll drown the girl inside if she hasn't succumbed already, he thought to himself. One last flex, a warm jet of pulsating pleasure is released from him. Watching her boyfriend cum ends her—feeling the thrill of obliteration—an orgasm sends her to a rapture of her own delight. 



The couple had been laying there for a while before they stood. Looking below, the ground seemed almost comically far away. The Guard spots the flag post he remembered staring at stationed in front of the building, bent, but still standing. He bends down to lightly yank it from its pole. The two of them were now so far away from anyone that could have tried to wrong them. There was no one left alive in their bed of ruination. 

“What now?” The Scientist asks, examining the horizon. The Guard looks up from the flag to her. 

“All I needed was you.” He replies. 

She looks back at him smiling softly, a small hint of mischief in her eyes. 

“Then, we walk.”

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