The Tunnel by Thatgirlyouknow

This nightclub is some people's greatest dreams. And other's nightmares. Come be a part of the exclusive clientelle, or maybe part of the entertainment....

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Story Notes:

This story will be pretty explicit. Most things go, but not the 'dirty' stuff. No peeing, scat, etc. I like my tinies nice and clean for use, before and after. 

These stories won't usually follow the same people twice, and likely won't interconnect beyond the location. 

Enter through the doors of the city's most exclusive nightclub: The Tunnel.  Beyond these red double doors lies an experience like few have ever imagined. Rules have little meaning here, for those who are able to pay the price. And for the rest? This night-time adventure can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


1. Sarah and Beth by Thatgirlyouknow

2. Jeff's Point of View by Thatgirlyouknow

3. Chapter 3 by Thatgirlyouknow

4. Eve Explores by Thatgirlyouknow

5. Beth Revisits Floor Two by Thatgirlyouknow

6. Sarah and Level Four by Thatgirlyouknow

7. Helen Red by Thatgirlyouknow

Sarah and Beth by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

This chapter follows friends Sarah and Beth, who won a VIP pass to The Tunnel in a contest.  These two will get a couple chapters dedicated to them over time. Not necessarily in order by chapter.

Beth and Sarah knew tonight was their night. Together in the apartment they shared, the two had spent almost two hours getting ready for tonight. Somehow Sarah had secured a special pass for the two of them to get into The Tunnel, the most exclusive nightclub in the city.

"Maybe even the world!" Sarah exclaimed again, putting on her earrings. Satisfied her outfit was complete, she stepped back and looked at herself in the mirror.

The tall blonde had put on her tightest black dress, a short piece that hugged her curves and ventured a little lower on her legs than she wanted. But tonight she planned on hiking up that tiny dress enough that no one would have any doubt what she was after in the club. She didn't tend to strike out anyway, but this might be her only chance to get into The Tunnel. A girl had to plan for the best!

Sarah leaned forward, checking out her earrings. The silver jewelry shone nicely, the shape of a treble clef hanging off her earlobe. Inside the swirl of each earring a tiny was stuck, hands encased in the silver, forever held in the spread-eagle position for Sarah's occasional amusement. She laughed and shook her head. Under her ears the two tiny women screamed for mercy, but of course all she heard was a faint yell. If she could have heard their words she would have laughed even harder.

"I know," Beth said as she walked in to the room, "You've only said that about twenty times tonight."  

Unlike her blonde friend, Beth was a striking redhead with blue eyes. She had also been ready twenty minutes ago. Her outfit wasn't as stylish, but she knew her looks were more than enough. Where Sarah wooed with her height and butt, Beth wooed with her eyes, hair, and breasts. B's weren't anything outstanding, but for a girl who knows how to work them they're more than enough.

Forgetting her earrings, Sarah pulled back from the mirror. 

"Okay, okay, I get it. I'm excited! Sue me," she said.

"Are you finally ready?" Beth asked, grabbing her clutch purse. 

"Almost," said Sarah. She pulled open a drawer on her vanity and picked up two tinies from inside it. The squirming tinies fought as best they could, but ultimately there was nothing they could do. At four inches tall they were helpless.

"Pregame?" she asked Beth. 

Beth just let out a small laugh and nodded. She took one of the tinies from her friend and pulled down her shorts and thong. While she did, Sarah lifted the backside of her tiny dress to reveal she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"You ho!" Beth laughed loudly.  Sarah laughed too, and the two brought their tinies back toward their rears.

"One, two, three!" the girls counted together, having repeated this ritual many times before.

Despite their struggles, the tinies slipped right through the girls' anuses. Reflexively they both threw their hands over their heads to try and protect themselves but all that did was make their entry a little easier as their arms parted the girl's practiced sphincters. And they had no true need to protect themselves; the shrinking process made them pretty darn close to invulnerable. 

Beth groaned as hers made contact, loving the anal play. But tonight there would be so much more, so she savored the moment before pushing her tiny halfway in. His tiny legs stuck out of her butthole, kicking, while his torso was inside her body and doing anything it could to get itself out. Not that it would help even if he could get any traction in there.

Beth pulled her thong up tight, making sure the material pulled ever so lightly on her tiny, before pulling her shorts up as well. The tight material hugged her butt exquisitely; she wore them specifically for tiny play.

Sarah on the other hand didn't bother with a delayed entry. Her tiny was stuffed unceremoniously up into her colon, pushed further with her pink manicured finger, and then left to squirm pleasantly until she passed him out tomorrow. If he was lucky she'd keep and recycle him. If not he'd find himself swimming through sewage until Public Works plucked him out of a filter and sold him again.

"Okay, let's go!" Beth yelled. Together the two left Sarah's room, walked down the hall, and exited their apartment.

As Beth turned to lock their door, her tiny finally slipped all the way into her ass. She smiled, loving the feeling of the tiny losing his struggle and being swallowed by her body. With the door locked, the two left their building and walked to the subway.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Sarah exclaimed as her tiny passenger's struggles gave her an exciting vibration. 


Thirty minutes later the two women were walking past a long line of partiers who were waiting to get into The Tunnel. When something was exclusive in this city, it drew a crowd whether they had a good chance of getting in or not. Sarah had been lucky enough to win a contest on the radio; otherwise these two might never have seen the inside of this legendary club.

There was some grumbling when the two walked up to the three bouncers with their passes, but not much. It was more envy than anger and the crowd knew well enough that anyone causing a ruckus wouldn't be allowed in at all that night.

The bouncers were all massive men, wearing matching uniforms of a deep red color. Sarah and Beth handed their passes to the one who held out his hand that could have encircled their arms, and he quickly scanned them with a device he pulled from his phone. When it beeped lightly and flashed a green light, he smiled at them and motioned them forward. The other two bouncers opened the doors and a red light spilled outward, accompanied by a dull roar of music and thumping bass.

"Put these on," he told them as he handed them each a pink wristband, "And have fun ladies," he said as they entered. 

Sarah slipped her bracelet on automatically, and reminded Beth to just before they entered. The VIP bracelets would give them a little more status here than they would otherwise have had.

Together they walked in, ignoring the heavy sound of the doors closing behind them, and walked forward through the club's namesake. They walked through a long red tunnel, full of revelers in various states of dress, undress, inebriation, and size. Beth and Sarah stared in amazement; this was everything they could have dreamed of! It was a good thing they had each gotten the next couple of days off of work. Since this club never closed it was entirely possible they'd spend the next couple of days there.

From what they could see there would be plenty to eat.

As they proceeded, Sarah watched a couple passionately kissing, passing a tiny back and forth between them. The music was too loud to hear the tiny scream, but Sarah got wet just thinking about it. Her own tiny was still struggling nicely, and soon she'd find him some company. 

While Sarah watched the couple make out, Beth was watching a couple further ahead. A petite woman was kneeling in front of a man, obviously giving him oral from the bouncing of her head. He pulled her off, mouthed "close" to her, and she reached into her cleavage to grab something. By the time Sarah and Beth were walking by, the woman had stuffed an inch-high tiny into his urethra and began stroking him again, alternating licks and sucks until he grabbed her head and pulled her down on his dick until her nose pushed against his belly and he came down her throat.

And then the girls were past, and the tunnel opened into a massive dance floor filled with people. Everywhere they looked a scene of depravity was playing out. In the dance floor people wearing any clothes was a rarity and occasionally a tiny could be seen thrown across the crowd. The dance floor was down several steps in a large square, with the DJ opposite the entryway and booths and tables spread along the outer walls of the room. At intervals small booths were spread around to make sure the partygoers stayed inebriated and had enough tinies.

They went to one of these booths first. Behind it a slim brunette greeted them with a smile, and each of the girls got a drink. The bartender put their drinks on the counter, and took a shaker from the side and shook it over each of their drinks. With their garnish of micros floating on top the girls took their drinks and booked it to a booth to get their bearings.

While Beth sipped her drink, enjoying the feeling of the micros tingling across the inside of her mouth as they were spread around and desperately fleeing in any direction to try and survive, Sarah was leading the way to a booth. They found one in a corner, a small spot with its own table and a plug that someone had left there already stuck to one of the seats.

"Dibs!" Sarah shouted, and Beth was happy to let her have it. Using it herself would have taken more effort for her, and she wanted to keep her shorts on. At least for awhile.

When Sarah got to her seat, the plug saw her and redoubled his efforts at getting his feet free. He didn't have a chance of success, of course, but the best thing about plugs are that they are great strugglers and at five inches tall most women could easily insert them. Sarah lifted the bottom of her tight dress, stood over the poor tiny who had been designated as a butt plug, and reached between her legs to grab him.

With a little effort she straightened him out, squatted until she felt his head press against her anus, then she relaxed and let him slip inside. When she felt his shoulders enter her she let go of him and dropped back until she felt her bare cheeks press against the seat. The plug went crazy with activity inside of her and she squealed in delight.

"This is a good one!" she yelled to Beth over the sound of the pulsing music. With one hand she sipped at her drink, dooming a dozen micros to death inside of her mouth all for the sake of a brief tingling sensation, and her other she lowered to her sex and began lightly stroking her clit. She made small motions with her hand, and rocked up and down slightly to match the feeling of her plug sliding in and out slightly with her gentle stroking of her sex. 

"Are you starting already?" Beth asked loudly. Sarah was always ready to go, while Beth liked to let things build up more slowly. They both knew they wanted to marathon their time in the Tunnel until they couldn't stand it anymore, but Sarah was more likely to burn out while Beth wanted to pace herself.  

Sarah didn't answer her, which was really all the answer Beth needed. She just smiled and shook her head. Beth took another drink, and a passing waiter offered them a tray of tinies, ranging between two and three inches. Beth took a decorative bowl full of them, smiled her thanks, and sat it down between her and Sarah.

Before Beth could get the first one in her mouth, Sarah had already grabbed one and was shoving her, a little brunette with a runner's body, unceremoniously into her vagina. Beth stopped, leaned forward to see Sarah playing with herself while a tiny pair of feet stuck out of her vagina, kicking desperately. Then she sat back up, casually tossed her tiny through the air and caught it like a piece of popcorn. She held it (truth be told she hadn't even bothered to look at her snack first) in her mouth while she grabbed her drink, and then washed it down with another dozen micros and a big swallow. A few remained in her mouth, moving nicely, while the larger tiny was fighting for its life in her stomach. All for her enjoyment.

This was going to be a great night.

Jeff's Point of View by Thatgirlyouknow

Jeff straightened his tie one more time, even though he'd need to do a lot of straightening up once he was able to sneak into the Tunnel. Hidden from view in a corner behind a dumpster, Jeff watched what he had been told was a side door to the city's most famous club. It didn't seem like it led to what was supposed to be the greatest experience of one's life, but he had a good feeling about it.

Ever since Evan, a guy Jeff had ran into at a bar, had told him about this side door, Jeff had been mulling the idea around in his head. Details on the Tunnel were always vague; people who managed to get in kept pretty quiet about it, besides saying it was amazing. And it wasn't like there weren't a thousand other ways to have a good time in town. But this was about more than just a good time. If Jeff managed to find a way in past the bouncers, he'd forever be the man among his friends. No one could top this.

But since he'd entered the alley ten minutes ago there had been no action by the door. His brown eyes had seen no one go in or out, and he restrained himself from running his hands through his dark hair in frustration. It was a warm night and he was dressed up. The last thing he needed was to have wasted half a night standing in an alley.

Just before he checked his watch for the hundredth time, the door opened and a petite young woman walked out. She wasn't wearing anything like a uniform, just a hoodie and some shorts, so if Jeff hadn't heard the faint pulse of music when the door opened he would have changed his mind about Evan's story being more than just a drunk story. The woman opened the door wide, waved to someone inside, and turned to walk away from Jeff down the alley toward the main road.

As quickly and quietly as he could, Jeff darted around the dumpster and managed to snag the door just before it closed. The girl he saw leaving didn't hear him, and he peeked inside the door before he pulled it open. It was dark inside and the pulse of music was low but distinct. When he didn't see anyone there, Jeff pulled the door open far enough to slip through it and made sure it closed quietly behind him.


There was no one around and he appeared to be in an access corridor. There were three directions he could go from here, but he knew from a little research that The Tunnel had to be straight across from the door. So that's the way he went. A minute later he was sure he had made the right decision. Even though there had only been a few side doors (one of which led to a huge laundry room) the sound of music grew steadily louder.

He smiled and straightened his tie again. It was a new red tie, the real fancy kind with alternating silver stripes that looked sharp with his black suit. Now that he knew he could get in whenever he wanted he'd likely dress less formally next time. But this was his first impression and he was going to make the most of it. 

After walking for longer than he had expected Jeff reached a crossroads in the hall, and he couldn't tell which way the music was coming from. His internal compass had gotten him this far, but now it abandoned him. It had seemed at times the tunnel slanted down, at others up. Was it possible he'd found some tunnel, pun intended, that ran below the Tunnel? If so it would take some searching to find his way up.

Picking right randomly, Jeff walked until he passed a blue door on the left. From behind it the music seemed a little louder. A staircase perhaps?

Jeff pulled the door open and the sound of music rushed over him. The light was a little strange, a faint blue that must have been from a fog machine from upstairs. He stepped through and


suddenly naked, Jeff fell several feet onto a large platform. He tried to scramble to his feet, but the pink platform was extremely slippery. Worse than smooth ice but it wasn't cold. Around him he could see what looked like doorframes without doors that all led to narrower hallways. 

He counted four doorways before the platform, walls and doorless doors and all, tilted sideways and Jeff slid yelling into one. Before he slid through the entry he saw that there was a word etched above the door in a cold mechanical print, but he was too disoriented to read it. 

The sound of music returned and grew quickly until it was overwhelming, and the tube Jeff slid through suddenly slanted left before suddenly opening. Jeff hadn't realized how fast he was going until he was thrown into the open air into a world awash with music, flashing lights, and

"Oh shit!" Jeff yelled as he finally had a moment to realize what had happened.

In the moment Jeff sailed through the air, he took in a lot of things. There was a crowd of people just below him, too busy partying to take notice of him. And each of them were a dozen times as large as he was.

He'd gotten into The Tunnel all right. Just not as a patron.

As that thought solidified in his mind, his flying body struck something solid and he had just enough time to realize he'd landed on the side of someone's face before a hand grabbed at him. Jeff jerked backward and fell, first hitting the person's shoulder, then sliding down their back before entering a free fall.

A moment later Jeff hit the ground and looked disblievingly at his hands. Before a boot connected with his side to launch him sideways again, he realized another thing: he had been made super tough. This was permanent.

Then a massive leather boot struck his side and he bounced off several legs until he hit the ground again. Jeff skidded once on the ground and rolled. Before anything else could hit him he leapt to his feet and ran blindly away from the crowd of titans. 

Above him the music roared and people were having a blast. And below them Jeff ran for his life. Someone spilled a little of their drink and Jeff stepped in the sticky spot the mess created. It threw off his pace, but he managed to reach a step that seemed to lead away from the dance floor. It was taller than he was, but fear made him strong so he was able to pull himself up the first with ease.

Jeff prepared to climb the second step and took his first running steps when a hand wrapped around his torso. He twisted his head to try and see who held him but was unable. The hand didn't seem to take any care with him, but instead was held at its owner's side while they walked. The swaying motion would have made him sick at full size, but the process of making him an incredibly tough tiny had also toughened up his stomach apparently.

"I got another!" he heard a female voice say, and a chorus of female voices cheered in reply. His world moved rapidly again and he was dropped on a massive table. When he got to his feet he saw that he was surrounded by five women including the one who had grabbed him. All the women were beautiful and on a normal night he'd have been happy to chat up any of them, especially the blonde wearing a tiara. But tonight was not a normal night.

"Okay, one more shot and I'll go for the record!" the blonde said. Now that Jeff had another moment to see her, he saw that the tiara she was wearing said 'Bachelorette' across the top. 

Then he got to watch in horror as all the women grabbed shot glasses from the other side of a massive bowl and clanked them together. The women all cheered "Same penis forever!" then tapped their glasses on the table. In that moment of downward motion Jeff saw a two-inch tall woman in each shot glass surrounded by an amber liquid. Then the shot glasses rocketed back upward to the horror of their occupants and the giant women tossed back their shots.

When the glasses made it back to the table empty and the women were all coughing lightly as they dealt with the whiskey, Jeff had a sudden realization that he'd done the exact same thing they just had on almost every night out he'd ever had. By now the tiny women would be struggling and churning the alcohol in the stomach of their giantess and enhancing its effects. If they were lucky they weren't super-tough and the fumes in their new environment would render them unconscious. But Jeff knew tinies for ingestion were almost always super-tough. Those women would struggle for weeks, or longer if their new owner didn't bring them back up after twenty days like recommended.

The mere memory of how tinies felt in his stomach gave Jeff an erection despite his situation. As horrible as this situation was, he knew how amazing it felt to consume a tiny living being for his own amusement.

"Ready girls?" the blonde yelled over the music. 

"Heck yeah!" the brunette said, slamming a massive tube of lubricant down onto the table. "I've been waiting all night!"

"Seriously Eve," said the redhead behind Jeff, "I'm thrilled you're getting married but I'm even more pumped you could come out tonight."

Jeff turned to look at the redhead as she took a drink from her glass. He saw her down a dozen micros with her dainty gulp, and lick a few off her lips. 

"Also that record needs to be broke," she added with a laugh, and she tipped the massive bowl on its side. From it spilled several naked men, all roughly the same height as Jeff.

"Well let's get to it!" yelled the blonde. She stood and revealed that she was wearing a white dress with a loose short skirt. The reason for that became apparent when she turned away from the table, knelt on her chair, and lifted the back of the skirt up. 

And with that the girls set to their merry task. It was obvious they had done this several times before, and Jeff was unlucky enough to be witness to Eve's attempt to break her own record from the opposite side of the table. All the women were thrilled to help, although the redhead seemed a little distracted with her hand below the table. 

The men tried to scatter as best as they could but there wasn't much hope. One by one they were snatched up and unceremoniously dragged through a little blotch of lubricant the brunette had poured on a napkin before being shoved headfirst into Eve's anus. With each tiny man inserted the women yelled out the number as though it were a great game, until it was just Jeff on the far end of the table and one other tiny that the Brunette had already snatched.

Jeff had tried to leap off the table twice, only to be stopped each time by his originalcaptor, a short (relatively) blonde who just might have been the Bachelorette's sister. Now she nudged him forward, as though he would want to go of his own accord.

"Two more, Eve, and you've got a new record!" she yelled to her sister over the pulsing music. Eve made no sign if she heard her, she was turned slightly to look behind her and it was obvious she was in a state of absolute bliss.  Twelve three-inch men had been shoved inside of her to this point and the sensation was overwhelming for her. They were tightly packed enough that the new ones just shoved the previous ones deeper into and around the different turns of her colon, but not tight enough to not be able to struggle in blind panic.

The brunette touched Eve's shoulder and when Eve nodded, she gently began pushing the man she held into Eve's ass. He fought for all he was worth, but he had no chance of saving himself. His arms just slipped on the massive anus and helped ease his transition from a tiny to an anal toy. The brunette had to push a couple of her fingers inside her friend to make sure the man would go deep enough to stay in and it was obvious Eve was just about to run out of room. 

No more, thought Jeff, no more, just let me go, let me go.

"One more!" Eve yelled. 

And Jeff was grabbed by the smaller blonde and tossed to the brunette. She dragged him quickly face-first through the warm lubricant and brought him close to her friend's ass. With a smile she turned Jeff around and blew him a little kiss. Then he felt his feet get encircled by a warm, wet surface.

Looking down he saw the massive anus swallow his feel up to his knees, then his hips. He wanted to struggle but knew his best bet was to go in smoothly, and hope to push off the man before him and slip his way out of this woman's ass. Otherwise who knew what else they had planned?

When he was in up to his chest, a finger pushed down on the top of his head and shoved him the rest of the way in. His feet contacted someone else's that were kicking violently, but Jeff kept his arms over his head. When the finger that pushed him in retracted, he looked up at the closing sphincter and saw that it was just close enough for him to get a hand into the opening to keep it from sealing him in forever.
With a little wiggling he got another hand into the opening and struggled with all his might to push open Eve's asshole in order to escape. After a desperate moment he was able to get it open just enough to push his head and one arm through.

I can do this! he thought to himself. Until he looked up.

The brunette's face was a few inches away from him, and when they made eye contact she held up a large orange butt plug. Then winked at him. 

"No!" Jeff screamed as the plug forced him back into Eve's rectum. A moment later all he could hear was the loud music and the screams of those he was trapped inside this warm humid hell with. The plastic pushed against him, pressing him further until with a brief sucking sound it halted its progress. It was all the way in. And they weren't coming out.


The next afternoon Eve woke up on her sister Ella's couch half naked and half laying on a six-inch tall teenager that had struggled all night to pull herself from Eve's pussy after she had passed out mid-masturbation session, only to get trapped under one of Eve's thighs as she rolled over in her sleep. 

Smiling lazily Eve picked up the tiny girl, who had been a cheerleader before she accepted a job interview at the wrong company, and tossed her onto the coffee table. She sat up and grabbed a stasis box that she put over the top of the tiny girl and turned on. Now when she turned the box off, the girl wouldn't have experienced the in-between time. It kept them fresh for longer.

But when she sat up, Eve was reminded of what she had done last night.

"I broke my record!" she exclaimed, and suddenly she felt the men in her colon start struggling again. The plug had certainly done its job, none had slipped out all night. She was tempted to keep them in there but knew that many wouldn't be safe for that much longer. Eve walked to the bathroom.

In the tub she carefully pulled the plug out, relishing the sensation as it 'poppped!' its way out of her body. At first only one tiny fell out, a good looking guy with short black hair and she picked him up and tossed him in the sink. Moments later the rest of them followed him out as her body expelled them all into the tub.

She counted thirteen dazed tinies, fourteen with the one in the sink, and silently praised Colo-Clean for putting her colon on pause for the night. Her sister Ella might have loved the feeling of tinies getting stuck in her excrement, but Eve preferred them clean. And speaking of...

Knowing they couldn't climb out of the tub, Eve left them there and walked to the sink. She picked up the little man there and washed him thoroughly, ignoring his swinging arms and legs, but glad he still had the energy to struggle. Sometimes the super-toughs turned out to only be that way for a couple hours.


Jeff sputtered up the last of the water as the giantess held him in her hand. She reached for something high up that he couldn't see and placed it on the side of the sink. The hand moved over it and Jeff saw it was a stasis box, half full with frozen tinies already. Just before he thought he was going to be dropped in, he heard a thoughtful noise.

"One wouldn't hurt," Eve said.

Suddenly the hand lowered bringing Jeff with it, and in a moment he saw Eve's asshole again as she spread her cheeks as best as she could with one hand.


The tiny let out a yell as she pushed him back into her asshole, but she loved the way it got cut off when he slipped the rest of the way in. Satisfied with her little squirmer, Eve set about cleaning the rest of her new toys and dropping them in the stasis box. She'd have to keep him in there until she saw her fiance. He loved using tinys during sex almost as much as she did.

Chapter 3 by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

In this chapter Beth and Sarah get a little tour of some of the more exclusive areas of the tunnel. This one has a little less tiny action, and a little more....sorta plot. 

Not as much explicit content, but that's coming up later.

"There's actually four levels here at the tunnel," their tour guide, a short brunette named Mara, told them.

Sarah had been on her third drink of the night, and the two of them had almost finished off their bowl of tinies when Mara had approached them with her perpetual grin. The girls would have gotten along fine no matter what; Mara's bubbly personality was the entire reason she had been selected to give contest winners tours. Once she had introduced herself the girls had quickly shoved the final two screaming tinies into their mouths. 

Sarah kept sucking on hers like a piece of candy while Beth simply swallowed hers down. Splitting the bowl between them had been a good call. Not that either of them couldn't have downed a bowl of tinies on their own, but being so stuffed would have overcrowded their stomachs and kept the vibrations from the struggling tinies down to where they couldn't enjoy their squirms.

So the two girls followed their guide up the spiral staircase that had been artfully concealed in a corner of the ground floor. Mara's ass looked great in the short dress that passed as her uniform, but in her quick glance Sarah wasn't able to see if she was wearing any underwear or not. Beth saw and poked her friend in the ribs, and each of them giggled.

Then they reached the top of the stairs and the music droopped to a level where they could all talk more comfortably. The floor had widened out to a large room, definitely smaller than the ground floor's dance area. In it there were people spread about, some on couches or stools. Most were still wearing more clothes than those downstairs but there was no mistaking what most of them were there for as tinies were frequently disappearing into whatever orifice was exposed.

"This seems a lot more comfortable than down below!" Beth said happily. The downstairs was definitely geared toward people with Sarah's drive to let loose, while floor 2 fit better with Beth's personality of slowly enjoying herself.

The single bartender waved politely to them, a good looking man with a short scruffy beard. He dropped something into a metal shaker and screwed the top on. He shook it up and poured out a pink liquid into a cocktail drink. With a final shake Beth saw two tinies fall into the drink, and as they walked by Mara picked it up and delivered it to a girl who looked far too young to be in a place like the Tunnel. If Beth had brought any cash to bet with, she would have put ten down that girl wasn't yet fifteen.

"Thanks Mar!" the tiny redhead exclaimed. Then she leaned back in her booth and took a sip, careful to let just one of the tinies slip between her lips. 

Sarah gave the girl a smile as they walked by then accidentally bumped into Mara as they reached their destination, a small raised area at the end of the bar. Then Mara turned a smiled at them, bouncing a little.

"So like I said, there's actually four levels here, welcome to level two!" she said.

"Now, it's very important you keep your wristbands on once we get up to three and four," she shook her wrist and the girls double checked they had theirs on, "because at that point it's a lot more free-for-all. You'll be fine with those one though.

"But here on two, we keep it more relaxed and calm. Everything still goes here, of course, but since a smaller part of our patrons come up here it tends to be a little more low-key."

As she spoke the two girls observed the room. The tiny girl Mara had given the drink to was enjoying it quietly, and Beth was more than a little surprised to see a hand poking out from below the tablecloth of the table she was sitting at. Using her imagination Beth could visualize that someone was kneeling under that table, face at crotch height to this girl who had to be the youngest person here. Since anything went even at level two, Beth could imagine what was going on there.

At the end of the bar, sitting at the last two stools, two guys were having fun tossing tinies back and forth to each other like popcorn, seeing who could catch the most.

Closer to the stairs a trio of older women was chatting casually with eachother and dragging some four-inch tinies through various sauces that were set in front of them. They would pop the tiny into their mouths, holding onto their feet, and suck the sauces off before pulling the screaming little person from between their lips.

"Do you want to hang out here or see some behind the scenes action?" she asked Beth and Sarah with a coy smile.

"Behind the scenes!" the two girls exclaimed. When Mara smiled and pointed at a narrow door they hadn't noticed before the two high fived each other.

The thought had frequently crossed Beth's mind, but not Sarah's at all, that the amount of tinies that the Tunnel had been using was unsustainable. Even outside the club she'd wondered from time to time how so many tinies were always available. Sure, everyone had eaten a few friends of theirs when the unfortunate person shrank to snack-size, but something about the numbers had never added up to her. Maybe this would shed some light on all that?

As they followed Mara through the door leading to the service hallway, the small redhead in level 2 shuddered in her seat. If Beth had turned to look she would have seen the hand under the seat begin to convulse then suddenly vanish, and the redhead's hand rapidly reach under the table as though to grab something she had dropped. Then the door closed. The bartender knew what had happened, of course.

He made good money to make sure their best paying customers got exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it.

When the door closed the sound of music stopped immediately, to be replaced with a relaxing instrumental number playing at a low level. Just enough to keep the work area from being awkwardly quiet. Everything looked clean and shiny, everything the girls could see was either made of metal or something very close to it. 

"So now that you've seen level two, let's check out the rest of the facilities!" Mara exclaimed.

Sarah and Beth followed her happily into a long room that had one wall completely lined with machines that neither of the girls recognized. Every several often a light would blink green above one and it would shake briefly. Once they were all in the room Mara started speaking again.

"So these," she indicated the machines with one hand as though they weren't obvious, "are our cloning machines!"

She opened the tiny door at the bottom of the one closest and pulled something out.

"You see, we use way too many tinies to get them all from the general population," Mara casually tossed the one-inch tiny to Sarah, "So while we do get hundreds from places like malls and beaches, anywhere busy really, a lot of the tinies we have are actually tiny clones."

Sarah held the woman in her hand upside down by one ankle and she and Beth looked closely at her. This tiny was a skinny brunette and wouldn't stop screaming in fear and confusion. She swung about wildly, unable to understand what was happening to her.

"But if they're clones," Beth asked, "does that take some of the fun out of it?"

"Maybe fifty years ago," Mara replied, "but our cloning technology is so good that these clones are all completely identical to the host. Memories and everything!"

Sarah gave the dangling tiny a flick.

"So that means each of these little snacks think they're the original!"

"Oh that is so hot," Sarah said back to her. "May I?" she asked, looking at Mara and raising an eyebrow.

Mara giggled and said "Go ahead."

In response Sarah held the tiny above her mouth and dropped her in. Then she carefully moved the tiny she'd been sucking on to the back of her mouth and casually swallowed her. Now her new tiny was full of flavor and fight again. Just like candy should be.

"So were the original people...." Beth started her question but wasn't sure how to finish.

"Oh yes," Mara answered as she guided them through another room full of machines from which an attended was gathering tinies and dropping them into a clear container, "Originals still make the best tinies, but mostly because during the actual shrinking process we can make them the super-tough type. These clones can last for a few hours in the tummy, longer everywhere else of course, but the real super-toughs can be used for all sorts of things like diet aids and alcohol cask flavoring. Just to name a few."

Around the tiny in her mouth Sarah asked, "How can food be a diet aid?"

Mara opened another door that led up several stairs. She answered as they walked.

"Super-toughs are good for years, and they're crazy expensive for most people. But rich people will buy one or two, and once you swallow them they can't pass out of the stomach so they make people feel full for longer."

"Wait, so they get the tingling and everything all the time?" Beth asked intrigued. The feeling of a tiny person suffering in her stomach was one of her favorite things. The idea that she could have it all the time sounded amazing.

"Yep, they never get tired and we tweak a few things to make them panic constantly so it's pretty much a blast from what I'm told."

"That's really cool," said Sarah before swallowing the tiny she'd been sucking on without a second thought. 

The group now entered a small observation room with a nice couch that faced a window overlooking another room. Mara gestured to them to have a seat, which they did. Sarah briefly shifted her hips to get comfortable, then reached between her legs and pulled a squirming tiny from her vagina. Now comfortable with her little annoyance out of the way, she leaned back and tossed the tiny to Mara when she held out her hands. She'd actually forgotten about that one until she sat down. Level one had been a blast for her.

Giggling, Mara took the tiny and dropped it into what looked like a mail slot in the wall.

"That one's going back down to one," she said. "But this," she indicated the scene through the window, "is level three, and now we're getting back into a more active environment."

Through the window the two girls were able to see a scene of pure debauchery. Sarah knew immediately that if this tour took any longer she'd jump out and find her way back to this level. Beth was very impressed but her natural curiousity made her wonder what level four had that this one didn't. Because this one seemed to have everything.

It was hard to tell exactly what they were seeing, but only because there was so much of it.

On one side of the room there was several women sitting on a long couch, all masturbating each other with medium sized tinies. The women would push the six-inchers entirely into their pussies, enjoy the sensation of the tiny being struggling for (what they thought was) their lives as they worked their bodies out of their fleshy prison, then shove the tinies back in as far as they could. 

As Beth watched, one of the women got up suddenly and stepped into a pile of clothes by her feet. The other women seemed to implore her to stay, but she made what looked like an apologatory statement before her tiny almost slipped upside down out of her pussy. She laughed and caught the tiny, then shoved him back upward. Then before he could slip back out she reached down and pulled up a pair of tight underwear and short jean shorts before hurrying out of the room with a huge smile on her face as she pulled on her t-shirt.

Sarah meanwhile was watching closer to the small bar area. What looked like two frat girls had in front of them a long line of shots, each with a one-inch tiny hip deep in an amber liquid. The tinies were struggling desperately to climb out while the college aged girls were clearly psyching each other up. Then together they started tossing back the shots as fast as they could. 

The brunette was outpacing the blonde, but they both finished their shots about the same time. When the brunette slammed hers down slightly faster she raised her arms in silent victory while the blonde finished her last shot.

The very idea of downing tinies that way made Sarah even more aroused than she already had been. Sure she'd done shotties before, and used far more tinies than the average person, but her budget just didn't allow for that kind of wanton use. Level one had been amazing, but the just barely turned back vibe of level three was even more up her alley. 

Mara seemed to read her mind.

"Sarah, if you like this you'll love level four."

"You two go on ahead," Beth found herself saying. This tour was awesome, but that redheaded girl in level two kept coming back to her head. "I really want to go hang out at level two."

This didn't surprise Mara at all. She knew what her real job was, and it wasn't purely tour guide. And she also knew that little redheaded girl was, in a roundabout way, her boss. Mara had seen what that girl liked and made a point of not getting in her way.

"Okay," Mara said with a big smile that didn't betray her thoughts. "I'll take you back there real quick!"

Sarah indicated that she would stay in their observation area to wait for Mara to come back, and the other two set off for level two.  As soon as they were out of sight Sarah peeked back toward where they had come from and located a staircase going up.

Throwing caution to the wind, she went up.

Beth thanked Mara for showing her around, and Mara was sure to let Beth know she'd come back down to find her shortly. Then Mara made sure Beth was getting a drink from the bar, Steve the bartender working his magic as always, and went back upstairs.

She wasn't surprised to find Sarah had vanished. 


End Notes:

The upcoming chapters will be shorter, but have more of the good parts in them.

Eve Explores by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:


Sorry I've been absent, I'll try to get back more into writing mode now.

For those of you who want more descriptive...descriptions, feel free to think of Eve as that cute barista you never managed to talk to outside the coffee shop. 


Eve was having the time of her life. Sure it had taken several hours of waiting outside for her to get into The Tunnel, but now that she was inside it really was everything she could have hoped for. The cover charge hadn't even been half what she had thought it would be. 

Considering how expensive tinies and alcohol were normally a more level-headed person would have been a little suspicious.

But here in the heavy pulsing music, surrounded by the crowd of partiers and two shots in, the skinny college freshman was far from level headed. The music had intoxicated the tall brunnette before she'd even hit the dance floor, but when she'd seen how the bartenders here slipped a tiny into every shot glass just after they filled it with liquor she'd tossed aside any restraint she might have had upon finally getting into the greatest club in the city.

In her heightened state of mind the shots went down more easily than the tinies she found fleeing desperately in the chaos of the endless party. She slammed down two shots of whiskey as soon as she got inside, enjoying the burning of the alcohol coupled with the struggling of the tinies now inside her stomach. Then when, in the midst of a catch pop song that she'd spent grinding on a man almost as tall as she was as he slipped a hand up her skirt, she caught a two-incher that someone had thrown across the dance floor her hunger was reawakened.

She gave her handsy dance partner a pointed gesture with her head before slipping the tiny into her mouth. He got the signal and followed her off the dance floor to one of the many mini-bars mini bars scattered around the ground floor. Eve knew he would follow her anywhere now that she'd let him feel her up. 

Her new friend got them each a shot of whiskey, and while the alcohol went down easy this time the larger tiny she'd caught managed to get itself stuck in her throat.

While Eve choked on the little life that was struggling to not get swallowed (a terrified gymnast who had gotten lost at a convention) she stumbled her way toward the lady's room. When she turned to push the door open with her shoulder as her eyes started to water (that gymnast was really holding on to her epiglottis in a desperate bid to avoid digestion) she looked back and saw her hookup already moving back to the dancefloor.

She'd have rolled her eyes if she hadn't been coughing so hard. But she felt her little obstruction move a little more with each cough and by the time she got to the sink she was able to spit the tiny out. The little blonde hit the porcelain hard and slipped straight down the drain with a tiny scream.

"Damn!" Eve said aloud as she saw her little snack vanish down the sink drain. She wiped the tears from her eyes and ran some water to wash her hands quickly.

Unknown to her the tiny had been caught in the bend of the pipes below the sink and her running water was only increasing the little woman's torment. Not that it would have mattered to Eve, of course, tinies were nothing but food and toys. 

The plumber would fish the tiny out in a few days when the sink finally got backed up enough to be a nuisance.

As Eve took a couple deep breaths to regain her composure she noticed something in the mirror. A little latch on the wall at the far end of the bathroom stalls. And was that the outline of a door faintly visible, putting that little latch just where a door handle would be?

Ignoring the obvious sounds of someone masturbating in the firs stall, and the faint scream of a tiny every so often, Eve walked toward the door. With a finger she pulled the tiny latch upward and the door slid open without a sound. Beyond it was a plain looking hallway lit with a strange blue light. When she peeked her head around the corner she could see the hall led to a set of stairs not far to her left.

"Backstage pass, here I come!" she said quietly to herself.

Eve took a step into the hallway and


fell as though there had been a step that she didn't see and stumbled to her knees.

The surprise of the fall didn't hide the fact that she was naked though. As she tried to wrap her intoxicated mind around what was going on she tried to get to her feet. The pink platform she had fallen onto was extremely slippery though and instead she fell onto her side.

Just as she took a moment to cover herself and see the area around her, a circular room with multiple open doorframes, the floor tilted and she slipped screaming toward one of the doors. There was a blurry word above the door that she couldn't see then she was slipping through a long circular tunnel. She picked up speed, screaming in panic as she went, until the floor suddenly dropped out from under her.

Eve only fell for a moment when she landed on her back on a cold slanted surface. There was a brief moment of quiet as she realized what she'd landed in. Then the world shifted once again. 

Up above her she saw a giant bearded face, smiling and talking to someone as he handed the metal cup containing Eve to a paying customer. The loud pulsing music of the club had been replaced with something slower, more sensual. Then as Eve tried to get to her feet on the smooth surface of the cup her world began to shake. When she fell on her back she was able to see the face of he woman who had bought her. On a more normal day this woman may have been a teacher or a librarian. But on this day she was partying just like Eve had been.

Her giantess owner said something to someone, Eve couldn't make it out in her terror, then the cup was overturned. Screaming, Eve fell onto something soft and warm. Then the fingers of a giant closed over her.

There was a dropping sensation in her stomach as she was suddenly lowered then two finger tips pinched her sides. She looked up as she fought futilely against the fingers and saw the grinning face of a short-haired man looking down at here.

Terrified she was about to be eaten she raised her hands above her head to protect herself and closed her eyes. Instead of feeling warm lips engulfing her arms though, she felt her feet contact something hot. And slightly sticky.

"What?" she cried out confused. She tried to look down but couldn't see over the fingers holding her still. Eve kicked her legs to try and get her feet free but the face above her groaned in pleasure as she did so then pushed her further down.

After pushing Eve into the hole up to her waist the fingers moved and she could see. She wasn't being eaten. The club hadn't turned her into food.

She was a topper.

Eve struggled with all her might to escape the urethra of the massive penis that she was caught in even though she knew from her own use of tinies that it was only bringing the giant more pleasure. Then the fingers returned and held her arms close to her side as another finger gently pushed on the top of her head. 

She sank further in. First to her belly button, then up to her breasts. When her arms were stuck in the giant's cock the fingers left her side and the finger pushed her down one more time.

With a scream Eve slid further in until only her head was exposed, the rest of her body encased in a hot prison of flesh. She could feel the giant's racing pulse all around her and occasionally had to spit out the slick salty precum that was oozing out of the penis all around her. Then the giant must have sat down because all Eve could see was what appeared to be the underside of the table.

Just she saw thought things couldn't get any worse, the short brown haired woman's face came into view. The maybe-librarian smiled as she saw the tiny nestled in the tip of her lover's cock, then her mouth formed a large 'O' before she quickly engulged the cock and Eve in a warm wet bath. 

Eve kept screaming as the woman's tongue ran over her face before her view went deeper into the woman's mouth. Teeth rocked past as the cock went further in. The back of the woman's throat pushed roughly on Eve's face for a moment before the head of the cock shot past it. There wasn't enough light to see anything but Eve knew if she could she'd be looking straight down a long path to the woman's stomach. Just like hundreds of tinies had seen down her own throat over the past couple of years. 

There was a sensation of movement as the woman bobbed her head up and down on the cock, using her throat to massage her lover, then Eve's ears popped as the woman pulled her head off his cock. Eve could hear the woman take a couple of deep breaths over the sound of a slow jazz song. Then the woman made a special point to lick Eve's face before deepthroating her lover again.  

The cycle repeated for what seemed like an eternity. The woman would plant her lover's cock as deep as she could then use her throat and light suction to bring him closer to the edge. Eve was continuously spitting out the giantess's saliva and the giant's precum. Even though she knew there was only one way this could end her instincts wouldn't let her stop fighting. 

She kicked her legs to try and slip free. After a few minutes she managed to get one arm free, then the next. The giantess saw this and only gave her a wink before sucking the dick back into her throat. Knowing that her tiny toy was working itself free only made the giantess apply more suction in an effort to swallow her toy early.

Not that she had long to wait anyway.

Her lover tapped her on the shoulder two times. It was a signal they'd decided on years ago when society had loosened up and tinies had become a popular snack and toy. They both loved trading oral, both in public and private, but when your mouth is full it would be a shame to break your rhythym just to let your lover know you were about to cum straight down her throat. Or, more often, when it was simply too loud to tell her easily (like when you were getting blown at a football game). So they made a system.  Two taps simply meant he was bout to cum down her throat.

So the giantess pulled her mouth off his cock, giving Eve a horrifying view of what she knew was going to happen. There was a world shaking rhythmic motion that made Eve sick to her stomach as she pushed against the sides of the urethra to try and pull her legs free. Then above her she saw the titanic mouth open one more time.

Eve watched the titanic mouth approach her once more but this time her body wasn't thrust through those massive lips and down the hot wet throat. The giantess kept jerking the cock containing Eve as she put the tip just onto her tongue.

Then Eve felt a buildup of pressure below her feet and she screamed just as the first jet of semen shot around her body and launched her out of the cock with it. She landed on the giantess's tongue along with the hot salty fluid. Some got in her mouth as she screamed and more covered her as she tried to crawl along the tongue back toward the teeth.

But as one final shot coated her body Eve knew she wasn't getting out. She watched the giant cock squeeze out a little more fluid as the giantess gave it one last milking squeeze that the tip of the massive tongue reached out to miss. Then the lips closed.

Eve managed to get one hand around a tooth, then another. And she pulled her cum-covered body through the teeth that she hoped the giantess wouldn't use to cut her in half. Just as she was about to desperately push against the lips in one last attempt at not getting eaten the lips opened themselves for her. 

Out through the suddenly open lips Eve could see the face of the giant she had just brought immense pleasure to. He was giving his lover a relaxed smile as he took a little sip of whatever he was drinking.

Then the lips closed again, the massive tongue pulled Eve back toward the giantess's throat, and Eve screamed. There was a pull at her legs and she was yanked backward. With a 'gulp' sound all around her Eve was swallowed along with the giant's load. 

The sound of sensual jazz disappeared to be replaced with the giantess's racing heartbeat. The rhythymic contactions of the throat pulled Eve's struggling body downward as Eve fought against the inevitable. Then a space opened up below her feet and Eve suddenly dropped into the giantess's stomach.

Eve only had a moment before the stinging of the acid burned her skin and nostrils.

"No!" she screamed as thick cum fell on her from above as the giantess swallowed again. 

Eve tried to climb back up the side of the stomach walls even though she knew there was no chance of success. She felt some cool liquor fall down from above as she struggled in vain, while light laughter permeated the world around her.


Helen giggled as she sipped her gin and tonic. She never got tired of sucking David's dick, especially when they had a topper to play with, and this one was especially active in her stomach. This time Helen hadn't paid extra for a super-tough but the night was young, they had to plan their purchases at least a little.

As the tiny struggled pleasantly Helen leaned her head on David's shoulder while he tucked himself back into his pants. Then a waiter came over with another metal shot glass just like they'd asked earlier. Inside was a larger tiny, about three inches tall. David reached in and pulled out a little brunette.

"Perfect!" Helen said as she hiked her skirt up and David slipped under the table.

Beth Revisits Floor Two by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

It's time for some floor two action!

Working here sure has its perks, Elijah thought to himself as he mixed up yet another excessively sweet beverage for one of his regulars. 

His hands worked on automatic; he'd been behind the bar here at The Tunnel for two and a half years and his body knew what was behind the shelf almost better than his mind did. If he ever forgot where a specific bottle was he just ignored whatever he was doing and his hands would grab, pour, and replace almost before he realized what was going on. He just had to double check the right tinies were in the right spot. Occasionally the restocker got the order wrong and no one enjoyed a super-tough tiny when they expected a nice chewy one in their martini.

Pouring the bright yellow drink from the chrome shaker into a large martini glass, Elijah found himself smiling. Some of his coworkers had to break out their fake smiles all the time, but he enjoyed the work more than they did. He'd also climbed the ladder just a little bit, they were all short-timers. More of them might have stuck around if they knew the benefits of working there longer term but the management was purposefully hush-hush on all that.

The first-year benefit was access to newer types of tinies that the public couldn't get yet - without paying a ridiculous fee. The first time Elijah had used a tiny as a condom it had been one of the greatest experiences of his life. He didn't care about the birth control part, that wasn't an issue anymore, but the feeling and knowledge of a screaming tiny being wrapped so tightly around his cock had been incredible. His girlfriend had loved how the tiny's struggling arms and oddly distorted breasts had worked as ribbing and added sensation. All around an experience he revisited anytime it was possible.

When the waitress, a playful college freshman named Sue who took pride in wearing as little as possible at work, took away the yellow drink he had a minute to himself.

As he lost himself in thought his hands wiped down the bartop with a damp towel automatically. 

While he cleaned, he enjoyed the pleasant tickle coming from his testicles. The benefit of working there for two years was that he could get one of several elective procedures done for free. He had, of course, chosen the cockvore package. Now rarely did a day go by where there wasn't at least one tiny bringing him pleasure while struggling for their life. At least until he came into another girl, sending the tiny along with his seed into a willing (or occasionally unwilling) hole.

Tonight's tiny was particularly active. He'd been lucky enough to catch an original that had tried to sneak backstage before she'd gone to the auto-sorter. Management didn't mind if he did that once in awhile. It wasn't like they weren't going to clone hundreds of copies of the poor girl for entertainment anyways. Originals just worked better as tinies all around.

It was a slow evening on floor two, for which he was thankful. It was the more toned-down floor anyways which was why he had chosen to remain here for so long. Most of his clients were regulars, even though they rarely used names here. Especially the girl he could only think of as the little redhead. 

He may have been a long term (for this place) employee, but he hadn't gotten there by asking too many questions. All he knew was the little redhead was some kind of behind-the-scenes player. She looked too young to drive, but tipped excellent and he'd seen dozens, if not hundreds, of people fall prey to whatever her appetite was that particular night. There were very few people he'd ever heard of who could make tinies on their own. 

Today she was a sexy schoolgirl, which she matched to a 'T'. Last week's theme had been businesswoman. Elijah had been a big fan of that one. But not a big enough fan to be stupid.

An order came across the bar LED screen. It was just a draft beer, which he quickly got going. Without thinking he fished three one-inchers out of the clear stasis pot labeled 'one hour' and dropped them into a tall glass. They screamed as they suddenly realized their situation. The stasis pot kept them fresh and unaware, which kept them from tiring themselves out if they weren't held in suspended animation.

Soon they were washed aside by the dark brew as it dropped on them. There was a deluge of a fine, heavy stout that would have drowned lesser tinies that weren't immortal against everything but stomach acid. For one hour. When the beer was done pouring and the three tinies were struggling to stay afloat in the heavy liquid he put the glass onto a tray, where Sue swept it away toward the couple in the corner.

With regards to his regulars, Elijah was observant but he was no fool. Which was why when the two girls getting a tour earlier had walked by, he'd noticed how the little redhead had eyed the other redhead that walked through floor two. They hadn't stayed long, tour groups rarely did, but he was sure the tourist had noticed his favorite regular as well. 

Which meant he had a job to do when the redhead tourist came back down with the tour guide. Clearly she'd asked to come back. The guide, whose name Elijah had never gotten even though he'd came in her ass almost a dozen times in what was deemed the 'backstage free-use zone,' made eye contact with him and gave him a slight smile. Her eyes shifted to the little redhead, who had noticed the return of her latest fixation.

Elijah flagged down the latest girl with a wave and a smile. He flipped his washcloth over his shoulder (made of a special material that always appeared pristine white) as she came over. 

"How are you tonight miss?" Elijah asked politely. He had a faint Oxford accent which had proven successful with almost every woman he'd met. If he didn't have a strong feeling the little redhead wanted to play with this slightly older redhead he'd have had her on her knees behind the bar in minutes. 

"Beth," the girl said. She had striking blue eyes which was probably why the little redhead was so interested in her. "Cranberry vodka?"

Before he realized what he was doing, he'd already had the drink mixed. Tossing on the garnish of micros with a little flourish, he handed her a top-shelf drink. Whether she realized it or not, she was drinking her last drink.


Beth gave the bartender a high-five. He'd mixed her a wonderful drink with vodka from a bottle she knew she'd never be able to afford on her own. This VIP tour was incredible! Sarah had been right about how wonderful this night would be. He'd even thrown in extra micros for her. The bubbly sensation as they crawled all over her mouth before she swallowed them was one of her favorite things.

The bartender leaned over the bar slightly and beckoned with one finger. Beth couldn't help but lean forward too. She hadn't come down here to chat with him, but his eyes and accent were intoxicating on their own.

"I think little red there wants to meet you," he said to her, indicating with his eyes the young looking redhead that Beth had originally returned to floor two to meet.

Beth stole a quick glance which confirmed what the bartender had told her. The little redhead was eyeing them both and gave Beth a playful wave with the hand that was above the table. 

That was all the invitation Beth needed. She'd been wondering how to talk to this girl who somehow was in the most exclusive club in town even though she clearly wasn't of age. Through the rest of their tour she'd been mulling it over in her head.

Something about the girl just didn't seem right. Or maybe seemed too right. 

As she took a long sip of her drink licking at the fleeing micros as some tried to escape across her lips, Beth tried to gather the courage to go talk to her. 

"Just go talk to her," the bartender told her with a bemused smile. "She doesn't bite."

That was a lie, he thought to himself. If he had a dollar for every tiny he'd seen herdo terrible things to he'd be able to retire today with a permanent erection. The girl was a human shark. He'd done this process twice already tonight.

Beth threw caution to the wind and walked over to the girl. As she got closer the little redhead indicated the chair across from her with her free hand. Beth now noticed that the other hand was rhythmically moving below the table. 

Sarah would love this girl, she thought as she sat down. The girl signalled something to the bartender, and moments later a barely dressed waitress brought over two bowls; one of tinies and the other of a melted chocolate.


Elijah watched as the two women talked. Whatever the little one was saying to Beth really had her captivated. Idly he took a one-incher from the same stasis pot as earlier and tossed her in his mouth. Chewing lightly on her like she was a piece of gum, he filled two more orders. Bloody Marys he especially liked making; there was something perversely wonderful about fresh grinding a dozen micros as they screamed (which couldn't be heard over the music) to make the right coloring and salty flavor for the top layer of the drink.

After Sue had taken those away he turned back to the couple. The little redhead had leaned forward to grab one of Beth's hands lightly. He knew what this meant; the action was about to start. Without thinking about it he swallowed the tiny he'd been chewing on.


Beth was immediately enchanted by the girl, she couldn't say why. She didn't even get her name yet she would have done anything she asked. Part of her desperately wanted to crawl under the table and see what had the girl's hand so occupied. She knew what was happening of course, but this was almost a compulsion.

Serena knew what Beth was feeling, of course. She'd been a regular at The Tunnel since it had opened, and a silent hunter of humanity throughout its history. And before. If her kind had a name she did not know it; she'd only ever met two others like herself, and one was upstairs. Her distinctive red hair was simply her latest draw for this generation. The fact that tinies had become so popular simply let her operate more openly.

As she masturbated lightly with another woman who Serena had shrunken earlier, she slid her free hand across the table and touched Beth's wrist. That was more effort than she had to make normally. Beth had a stronger will than most. Her earlier toy had come under her control just with eye contact.

The touch was something she'd never seen resisted. Beth's eyes glazed over lightly, her smile became slightly vacant. There was a sensation of heat between the two as Serena's will dominated the other redhead's. 

Backing off her compulsion slightly, Serena reached into her purse. She had more plans for tonight that didn't include staying at floor two. There was a jazz show she planned on making in an hour. Her ticket said 'ADMIT ONE' but no one ever minded a plus-one that they didn't see. 

With her busy hand she pushed her earlier companion, now three inches tall, as far into her sex as she could. Then she idly pulled her panties back over to cover herself.

They weren't sexy panties, but that was for a reason. It was far easier to keep tinies where they belonged with a tight pair of underwear. She sent a small mental command to the vibrator to fall asleep, and she quit panicking, her movements ceased.

Then she straightened back up and put the item she'd pulled from her purse onto the table. It was a butt plug, somewhere between small and medium, jet black with heart-shaped jewel at the base. Beth looked at it with her hypnotized eyes. Serena sent her the mental suggestion she wanted, then placed it on the booth seat next to her.

Without any hesitation Beth stood up and peeled her tight shorts off. 


Elijah watched with amusement as he saw her do so. Beth had a great body and the little redhead was sure to have a good time with it. From across the room he watched as Beth straddled the butt plug (he'd seen this show before but it never got old) and lined it up with her anus. Then with a smile on her face she quickly sat down.

Whatever the little redhead did to these women was effective, because there wasn't even a flinch as the massive toy was shoved unceremoniously up her ass. Then something changed.


Satisfied her latest toy was fully penetrated by her second favorite toy, Serena released all hold she had on Beth's mind. There was a brief moment of confusion on her face, then shock.

"Holy ow!" Beth yelled. She tried to stand but she was unaccustomed to the butt plug and its method of insertion. Multiple little men? No problem. A butt plug that could potentially take two people pulling to get out? Problem. Her legs refused to obey and all she managed to do was tap the base of the plug on the booth cushion and send painful vibrations through her entire body.

She looked at her companion in confusion. The little redhead just gave her a smile and a cutesy little wave as she licked her other hand, still shiny with her own fluids.

Then things got worse. The girl dressed in a scandalously small schoolgirl outfit winked at her.

Suddenly the plug got bigger as Beth panicked. No, the plug wasn't getting bigger and splitting her insides. It wasn't growing and shoving itself farther into her than what should be possible. The little redhead wasn't growing taller as she smiled and giggled in a way that would have turned on anyone who wasn't rapidly achieving an understanding of their dire situation.

No, the plug wasn't getting larger as pain exploded in Beth's backside. As it pushed her insides in ways they weren't meant to move. As her pelvis was pulverized, followed almost immediately by her ribcage as the plug demanded room that she did not have to give.

No. She was getting smaller.

Beth had enough time to realize what was happening and utter one scream before her shrinking form was almost perfectly molded to the outside of the plug. The only parts of her that weren't clinging to the plug so closely that they were almost paint were her arms and her legs. Some primitive reflex kept them kicking comically as she did everything she could to scream. Not that it worked.


Serena let out another giggle as she watched her plug cover's limbs flail wildly. It was a sight she'd never get tired of, both because it was hilarious to see someone in so much pain that they literally couldn't not move, and because it meant this toy was going to be wonderful.

As her new toy sat on the booth next to her, Serena used both thumbs to slide her panties down to her knees. Then she picked up the plug and began lathering it with her tongue. After a minute of this, she gazed at her handiwork. The plug was well lubricated, but something was missing.

"Oh, right!" she said to herself. Carefully pinching the drawn out stretched skin that had been Beth's head, she pulled upward. Most of Beth was clinging too hard to the plug to move (she'd have to cut her off later), but her face had enough slack that after a few moments effort Serena had exactly what she wanted. 

Beth's head was now perfectly protruding atop the plug. Somehow Beth managed to scream as Serena made sure to cover her head with saliva too. 

Then the plug went back onto the booth, and without any ceremony Serena simply stood up partially, scooted over, and gently sat down. She was pretty used to this toy, but she knew it would simply feel better if she took her time.

Beth's head was able to move slightly, and Serena loved the sensation of tickling at her asshole. Preferably she would take more time with this, but the jazz show was starting soon. Exhaling with pleasure she sank lower. The could tell when Beth's arms had slipped inside her anus; the wonderful massaging was just beginning. A moment later the legs slipped inside along with the widest part of the plug.

Serena felt it slide home as far as it could, kept from being pulled even further in by the jeweled heart base she enjoyed so much. Satisfied, she pushed one finger into her vagina to make sure her other toy was as far in as it could be as well. 

Then she replaced her underwear and drained what had been Beth's drink in one gulp. She eyed the bowl full of tinies and picked up one, quickly dragging it through the still melted chocolate before casually tossing it in her mouth. Then she leaned down, pulled several large denomination bills from her pulls and left them on the table.

As she left the club she gave the bartender a little wave. He gave her a polite one back. Playfully Serena shook her butt in his direction, loving the feeling of the plug spreading her asshole. She hoped he stuck around.

He always brings me the best toys, Serena thought as her butt plug's tormented flailing massaged her insides pleasantly. 

She'd wake up her vibrator when she got in the cab. 

Sarah and Level Four by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Maybe exploring was a bad choice.

Sarah sat for awhile longer, looking out through the observation window at level three. The tall blonde was enjoying the tour she and her friend Beth were receiving, but right now she was really enjoying the view. Right now the tour was on pause anyway, her friend Beth and the tour guide Mara had gone back down to level two.

It didn't surprise Sarah that Beth would prefer level two. Beth was a smart girl, and Sarah's oldest friend, so she knew that level two was exactly what Beth would enjoy. Sarah wanted to go harder, while Beth always wanted to go longer. Level two was the kind of laid-back fun Beth liked.

Level three was more upbeat. The bar itself had a pre-tiny feel from what Sarah could tell, but the patrons were busy having fun half a step below an orgy. People still seemed to be having fun in their own groups, though their sex acts were far more blatant than level two.

The music pulsed faster, encouraging everyone to loosen up. At one couch a group of middle aged women had changed their group masturbation style. When Beth had been there, these women had been shoving their tinies deep inside themselves and letting them struggle their way free before sliding them back into the rightful places.

By some unspoken signal they'd stopped letting their tinies have any hope of escaping their hot, wet love tunnels. Now they were all pushing and pulling their toys in and out in a synchronized fashion. If Sarah had known these women she would have known that they had been friends since high school cheerleading, and that they still loved doing as much as they could together. That included dancing, shopping, and masturbating along to the tune of the music they used to dance to.

If tinies had been a thing when they were cheerleaders they surely would have included them in their routine.

Sarah gave the rest of the room a brief glance as turned her head toward the door Beth and Mara had left through. Some girls had just finished a round of shotties at the bar, and another just came up the stairs leading two guys by the hands. The bartender was casually pouring a light beer, the bottom of the glass filled with tinies who had been covered in thick crystals of pink sugar.

By the time that beer was done pouring, Sarah was opening the door to the staff stairwell that Mara had brought them up via. To the left the stairs went down, back to where Beth was surely having the time of her life on level two. And to the right? 

Mara was right about level four, Sarah thought as she exited the stairwell. She'd had two choices at the top of the stairs, one to an observation level that Mara likely would have taken her to first, and one that exited just to the left of the bar. Sarah had skipped observing. She was ready to participate.

The bartender gave her an odd look as she walked through the staff door, but when she saw the wristband that Sarah wore that frown changed to a smile. 

"Welcome to level four!" the bartender said. She was almost as tall as Sarah, but had her hair cut very short, almost flat to the skin, except for a two-inch black mohawk. "Care for a drink?" 

Without looking the punk-bartender had already begun mixing up something for Sarah. A little flourish covered the top of the drink with micros and she handed the tall blonde her new drink.

"I suggest you sit down and get a read of the room before you hop in there," the bartender said, and for once Sarah took someone's advice.

Sarah parked her toned backside on one of the leather stools in front of the bar. She noticed with some pleasure that it was heated against her skin as her short dress rode up. Sarah was too engrossed in the massive scene in front of her to realize that the stool wasn't heated, the top cushion was just full of half-inch tinies that generated enough heat that it was comfortable.

They screamed in agony as her massive (to them) ass smashed the clear ceiling above them. The most lucky were given a direct view of Sarah's asshole and spared her weight. The least lucky were wishing the side effects of shrinking didn't include extreme durability. 

As she sipped her drink, a wonderful mixture of top-shelf vodka and a fruit juice she wasn't familiar with, Sarah tried to take in everything she saw. Maybe she should have gone to the observation room first.

Floor one had been a blast. A massive party with seemingly unlimited tinies half a step below a rave.

Floor two had been much more toned down; Beth's kind of party. Less crowd, more anticipation before fulfillment.

Floor three had been much more Sarah's style. Fast, loose, yet still not quite her ideal scenario.

Floor four though? There was no restraint here. And less clothes. All about the room couches and beanbags were strategically placed to give people room to walk and play.

As she watched a well-muscled blonde woman was making out with a young man while she casually stroked his member. The woman was clearly in control of the situation; Sarah had seen this before. The man looked straight out of high school and was clearly out of his depth. Sarah giggled as she saw his testicles shift about independent of the stroking. 

Moments later his testicles pulled closer to his body and he started to cum. The woman didn't stop kissing or stroking him as he shot his load and several tinies onto his stomach. When he was done she slowed down and at her insistence laid back on the beanbag.

Another woman, clearly friends with the first and similarly built, came and knelt next to the teenager. The two women spoke briefly before picking off the semen-covered tinies from his stomach and feeding them to each other. Between them the boy smiled unbelievingly, he wasn't sure what to make of the situation but his overloaded senses were all screaming from joy.

The first woman leaned across the young man to kiss her newly arrived friend. As the two kissed, the boy began to shrink. He didn't realize at first with the spectacle above him, and even if he had it wouldn't have mattered. Sarah gasped in shock as she watched him shrink suddenly. 

When he stopped, he was a hair under nine inches. This was apparently perfect for the women, because they each laid on the large beanbag, spreading their legs and scooting close to each other. The first woman licked her toys legs quickly, then slid him feet first into her vagina. He panicked as he was quickly enveloped up to his waist but this of course only felt wonderful to the gianess who now owned him. 

Her friend scooted closer while she held his midsection, and guided the rest of him into her own waiting, hungry snatch. If the music had been quieter they could have heard his scream rapidly cut off when he slipped inside. He fought for all he was worth, but in a moment he was shoulder deep into this new pussy, and the two women scooted closer to each other. Twenty seconds after he'd started to shrink the two women were pushing their pussies together and riding their makeshift double ended dildo. If Sarah hadn't seen the action she wouldn't have even realized they'd casually shrunk a man on their own.

"That's what level four is all about!" the bartender said, leaning against the bar behind Sarah. "Very few people are free from shrinking up here, but you keep that wristband on and you'll be fine."

Sarah nodded to the bartender but couldn't quite get the look of shock off her face. Shrinking had always been fairly random, or a nicely controlled event. But those women had shrunk him themselves! And as she looked around she realized that was far from the only occurance of that on this floor.

The floor wasn't huge, but it was easily big enough for the fifty or so people that were playing with each other. Sarah made herself finish her drink before she even thought about going out there. Periodically someone would vanish and another would step in to take their place. In the few minutes it took her to drain her glass she saw at least three men get shrank and eaten by women she would have guessed were their girlfriends. A one of those girls had immediately been shrank and slipped into a man's cock.

Knowing her wristband would protect her, Sarah sat her empty glass on the bar and strode into the fray. On one of the couches, slightly above the rest of the crowd, a tall and well-muscled man was casually stroking himself. He had a chest-length red beard and something in him drew Sarah in. She walked up to him and started to introduce herself, but he just grabbed her by the hand and pulled her onto the couch with him.

"Get that dress off girl!" he said. That close she saw that he had tinies artfully woven into his beard. Without a second thought she slipped her dress over her head. Sarah tossed it aside as he slipped a finger into her sex.

"Wanna get me ready?" he asked her with a wink.

Breathlessly Sarah nodded and knelt in front of him. He'd been playing with himself when she came up to him, but he was still only half hard. One of her petite hands picked up his shaft, six inches already, and lifted it so she could see his testicles.

Knowing what the movement inside them meant, she slipped his sac into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. Cheerfully she imagined the horror the tinies he'd cock vored must have felt at that moment.

After bathing his testicles in her mouth she licked her way up his growing shaft. His head grew fast, so she slipped her mouth around it before it would get too large. As he kept getting larger and larger she did her best to get it all into her mouth, but after several minutes she had to pull off for breath.

When she did so she saw that she'd been trying to deep throat the largest cock she'd ever seen. Ten inches if it was one. The man motioned for her to come up to him, so she did. Her pussy was slick with anticipation.

"I need a condom," he said to her. Sarah just laughed and shook her head as she positioned his cock at her opening. She carefully lowered herself and did her best to relax. The head stretched her wider and wider, and just as she thought he wouldn't be able to fit, he slipped in. Surprised, she slid halfway down his cock before she stopped herself.

"No you don't," Sarah said back as she started riding him slowly.

"Not anymore," he replied. Sarah puzzled over this a little, but the massive love stick inside of her didn't let her think. She rode him up and down, each time taking a little more of him into her until she felt him start tapping her cervix. Then Sarah stayed still, holding him deep inside.

When she did the man started to laugh to himself. He put both his large hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. It hurt her a little as he pushed, forcing more of himself into her, but she relaxed and did her best to enjoy the feeling. With a moan she closed his eyes as the pressure built.

The pressure of his cock against her cervix grew and grew, and in only a few moments it seemed as though she must have taken all of him despite her knowing exactly what she could fit in that hole. Sarah opened her eyes and looked down to see how much was left. Were his arms even larger now?

"Half?" she said to herself as she saw a surprising amount of cock still remaining outside of her. Then a wave of realization passed through her. Eyes wide she looked up at the man she had mounted. His hands had grown much larger on her shoulders, and as she processed what was happening to her, the wristband slipped free over her hand.

"But I'm off limits!" she said to the man as she desperately tried to get her feet under her to pry herself off his massive cock. He just laughed at her efforts and kept pushing down hard on her shoulders. "No!"

"Not to me," he said with a glint in his eye. Sarah screamed as the shrinking accelerated and his eyes rolled backward in pleasure. 

The cock inside her grew and expanded. His hands wouldn't let her pop off like her body screamed at her to do, so instead as her body shrank around it she felt her insides shift to accomodate. Her pelvis shattered. Her ribs broke. As she screamed the cock became everything.

And she became the condom he had been wanting. Casually he grabbed her waist and tugged her downward until he finally managed to get his entire cock into her.
Sarah couldn't move beyond flapping her arms comically, and the giant grabbed her legs and slipped them under his balls. Somehow with his massive fingers her legs were tied into knots. Insanely painful knots as her bones broke repeatedly. The only part of her that she had any true control of was her head, situated directly over the top of his urethra. Just like a good condom, he'd made sure to leave a space at the tip.

Sarah watched, horrified, as another woman knelt next to the giant that had horrifying plans for her. Between her panic and the loud music she couldn't hear what they said to each other, but clearly they knew each other. The woman looked down at Sarah the condom and smiled. Then she opened her mouth and lowered her head. 
This woman didn't have any more luck with sucking his entire cock than Sarah did, though she did get a couple inches into her throat. Her massive tongue ran up Sarah's back as her Sarah got a good look down the woman's throat. Then the hot wet world around her got even tighter as the cock was forced past her uvula.

The giantess pulled off of Sarah just as Sarah started to lose her voice from screaming. Suddenly able to see again, she saw the giantess straddle the man that was supposed to be hers and felt a massive hand encircle her waist. The base of the cock.

"Please! No!" Sarah screamed as best she could at the approaching vagina.

Ellen aimed the cock at her pussy and slipped the head inside of her. She started bouncing up and down, taking him deeper just as Sarah had been doing minutes earlier. It was obvious when the condom's arms slipped inside of her; the vibrations and massaging felt wonderful. Deeper and deeper she took the cock until she felt it settle impossibly deep inside of her. Looking down as her pussy lips encircled the base of his cock she could see a little bulge where his cock ended in her belly.

"Holy shit that doesn't make any sense!" she said aloud. The man laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't play by the rules honey," he said back to her. Pulling her down for a kiss he rolled her onto her back on the couch and took control. 

The two forgot there was even a condom present, except for the wonderful sensations her tiny struggles gave them. He pounded his way into her, loving the way her stomach bulged when he was fully inserted. She was right, it didn't make sense that he hadn't slammed against her cervix almost immediately, but as orgasm after orgasm hit her she didn't care.

Soon she was exhausted, and he was getting close.

"Roll over!" he said to her.

She complied and he aimed his cock at her ass. The woman had a moment of panic, she wasn't a fan of anal, but she was too tired to do anything about it as he rammed his cock into her. Half went in with the first dive and on the second push he was balls deep. There was no time for her to catch her breath as he pounded away.

Several minutes later he was ready to cum. He slowed his strokes and reached under his balls. Below the two struggling tinies inside his testicles he felt his condom's tied together legs and impossibly untied them. Feeling the condom slipping off his cock he resumed pounding tonight's hole. When the condom was halfway up his shaft he started to come, and he rammed himself as deep as he could get into the woman's tortured anus. 

She came again as she felt the heat from his seed deep inside her ass, then yet again as she felt several tiny forms start moving inside of her. With a final spurt of his seed the man pulled his massive cock out of her asshole.  

Smiling to himself as he saw the condom rapidly regaining her shape through the gaping hole, along with the two tinies he'd cock vored on the way to the club, the man wiped himself off and signaled to the bartender. The girl with a mohawk acknowledged him and started to mix his drink.

Her impromptu near-horse lover wandered away as Ellen tried to catch her breath. She was lucky no one else mounted her as she laid there on the couch with her holes gaping. Her anus was regaining its original shape quickly though. Not fast enough to keep Sarah in, but she didn't care. 

After several moments of pain Sarah felt her body snap back to its normal shape. She knew where she was, she'd seen everything from her view on top of that massive cock. At knee height to her two other young women were hugging and crying. Who knows how long they'd been in that man's balls? Only to finally be ejected into some random person's asshole?

And who cares about them? Sarah thought to herself as she saw the asshole still open above her. Without sparing them a second glance she reached upward and slipped a hand over the still spasming anal circle. Desperation gave her strength and she pulled herself free as the anus resumed its regular shape. Her foot was almost caught by it as it closed shut. 

When she turned to look she got one last look at the little ball-toys. The two girls were reaching upward, horrified at what was happening. Hoping she'd try to rescue them from the giantess's rectum before someone else used it as their personal toy. Covering them in even more jizz than they already were.

Sarah spared them a laugh as she stumbled off the giantess's ass. She fell on her back onto the couch, then quickly stood. Being a tiny was horrible, but she knew she was now nigh-invincible. For better or worse.

As she stumbled away, realizing she was roughly four inches tall, the giantess rolled over and sat up. Uncaring about Sarah, she let out a dreamy sigh of satisfaction and stood up. As Sarah watched the woman took two shaky steps then the bearded man was back. He clapped the woman on the shoulder lightly and she shrank almost instantly.

With a smile he picked up the woman's two-inch tall form from the floor and slipped her, screaming and confused, into his mouth. He took a drink from what was clearly the horn of some large animal and swallowed her down. He searched the couch briefly and found Sarah trying to hide under her dress. Unsuccessfully.

He laughed at her efforts and picked her up. She screamed in his hand, but of course he wasn't interested in that. There was a massive sensation of movement as he moved somewhere that Sarah couldn't see.

Then the lights changed and the music dimmed.

"Right this way sir," a woman's voice said. Sarah couldn't see anything where she was encased in his hand, but she knew she was no longer on level four.

"Here's this week's winner!" the man said as he held out his hand. Sarah stood, carefully balanced on his palm. She could barely see her surroundings through her tears.

"Please let me go!" she screamed at the red-bearded giant.

"Of course little one," he said as he tilted his hand. She tried to hang on but she didn't really have a chance.

Sarah was only in open space for a moment before she splashed into something. It stung her eyes and nostrils as she swam back to the surface.

"What do you think, is this a fifteen year barrel?" the bearded man asked someone above her.

"Probably, sir," the same woman's voice replied. "If we scratch that tiny up it'll give it a more fruity flavor, but as she is we should have a nice smokey flavor by then."

"Smokey it is then!" he said loudly. His face came into view as Sarah tried swimming toward the side of the keg that she had been dropped into. "I'll see you in fifteen years little lady!"

With this the man turned and left the brewery portion of The Tunnel. As he did the technicians behind him slid the lid onto the keg of what would be scotch and started to nail it down. Sarah screamed as the light faded to the sound of hammering nails.

** Fifteen years later **

There was motion. The burning worsened briefly, but Sarah had been stuck at the bottom of this barrel for what seemed like an eternity. Even this pain was better than the endless monotonous burn of the whiskey she'd been swimming in.

Then light. The pressure around her changed and her body rapidly floated to the top of the barrel. Her eyes adjusted to the light just in time for her to see something massive and metal dip into the liquid that she had been flavoring for so long and scoop her out with some of it. 

The man with the red beard carefully ladled out two finger's worth of scotch, and the flavoring of course, and poured it into a tall glass. The tiny floated to the top of the amber liquid.

"Hey there!" he said excitedly as he saw Sarah's eyes widen in recognition. He lifted the glass closer to his face. "Bottoms up!" 

Helen Red by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Join Helen on her first night out in ages!

And check out my Patreon at, or send me a message here if you have a story you want to see written!

Helen strode past the line of waiting club-goers, drawing the occasional annoyed look. Some were annoyed with how she was dressed; it was cold outside and most of the girls were wearing as little clothing as they could manage while Helen appeared straight out of a corporate meeting with her black and white pantsuit. But some of the more regular clubbers were annoyed because they knew while they were stuck in line the six-foot-tall brunette would be able to walk right in. They recognized the confidence in her gait.

The bouncers at the door were as massive and intimidating as ever, but they of course recognized Helen immediately. They were there partly to intimidate but no one should ever make the mistake of thinking they were unintelligent. As she approached past the line one of the men unhooked the red partition and held it aside, gesturing welcomingly with a huge hand.

“Good evening Miss Red,” he said to her. The group that was next in line waiting made some exasperated sounds, but one of their group made the connection.

Helen nodded to the bouncer respectfully as she walked by. One of her first jobs had been as a bouncer at a dive bar, and it had definitely helped her get tough enough for the roles she played now.

“Holy shit!” Helen Red heard one of them say as she walked by without wasting a glance for them. Bouncers and movers she had time for, not for those who waited in line.

A blast of music rolled through the doors as Helen entered. As she felt the heavy bass roll through her she finally relaxed. Outside the club she was Helen Red, action movie star and real-life cracker-of-skulls. In the Tunnel she was just Helen, a beautiful tall blonde with curly hair. Just another face in the crowd but to those few who were sober enough to recognize her. And those she consumed of course.

She passed through the tunnel for which the club was named, feeling the stress of the past several months melt away with each act of debauchery she passed. It never failed to surprise her that some people wouldn’t even make it to the club before they leapt into whatever action they could imagine.

“There’s no even tables out here!” Helen said to herself as she passed by a couple who couldn’t figure out where to set their drinks as they took their clothes off. Eventually, unseen by Red who was past already, the girl simply drained her vodka and sucked the tiny-stuffed olive into her mouth. Once empty she just dropped the cup and started to peel her shirt upward.

By the time yet another naked body was added to the Tunnel, and the olive had been swallowed whole, Helen was walking into the dance floor.

The dance floor didn’t hold much that Helen wanted. Not tonight anyway. It was crowded as always as revelers from all walks of life were dancing their cares away. Flashing lights illuminated the crowd and the occasional thrown tiny, with the DJ on an elevated platform opposite the main door. Scattered strategically about the room were small well-equipped bars, most of them laid out as a half-moon that let the bartender serve several people at once but encouraged them to move on once they had their drink in hand.

Helen bypassed two of these small bars and turned right as soon as she entered the main floor. Her eyes adjusted quickly to the combination of darkness and flashing lights, not that she needed them to. She’d been to the Tunnel often enough she easily found the out-of-the-way spiral stairs that led upward.

When Helen had first been to the Tunnel she had been much younger, and the dance floor had been her preferred destination. Now that she was older, slightly, and more calmed down she preferred floors two and three. It seemed now that she spent most of her life surrounded by crowds and didn’t feel like doing it on her leisure time.

Floor two was calmer than usual, Helen noted as she exited the stairs. Of course, that was the whole point. Where floor one was all about crowds and letting loose in a fairly conventional night-out setting, floor two was more geared toward people looking for a calmer outlet.

The movie star walked past a couple who were laughing to each other as they dipped tinies in various dipping sauces before they fed them to each other. Past three people seated next to a high table playing a card game she didn’t recognize. On the far side of the room a waitress was handing two smoking drinks to a pair of older men who really enjoyed the effect the smoke gave the tinies that were awaiting their doom by swimming and mixing their beverages.

 “Hey Mara!” Helen said to her favorite waitress as she slipped her purse onto the hook under the bar and claimed a stool. The short brunette gave her a smile and a “hey!” as she took a tray of squirming bar food off to another table. Unseen below Helen a hundred tinies screamed as her massive backside squished them down. They were immune to crush, of course, but not pain.

Helen casually scooted side to side until the filling of the stool fit her well-muscled rump better. This cushion felt new, rarely she got one that was a little too squished to be comfortable. Once settled she took a moment to look around the bar itself.

The layout of the room did change periodically, but the bar was constant. Rows of bottles, some without names, were illuminated in front of a long mirror that let Helen see the entire room and herself all at once. Slowly the lights below the bottles shifted color from blue to red, then back again.

“Hey there friend,” Elijah said to her in his distinctive baritone from the other side of the bar as he approached. His uniform was immaculate as always, tonight a vibrant red vest over a white long-sleeved shirt. Helen knew there were other bartenders here, but Elijah was definitely her favorite.

“On the house,” he said as he slid her a neon pink drink in a wide-brimmed glass. It was accompanied by a handful of red cotton candy in which Helen could see dozens of tinies had been ensnared like bugs in a spider’s web.

“And what is this?” she asked Elijah as she reached out to take both items.

“We’re trying a couple new festive drinks,” he explained as he leaned on his elbows toward her. “Basically, you let the cotton candy melt into the liqueur and don’t mix it up. Each sip gets a little more or less sugar and tastes a little different.”

“Huh, neat,” Helen said as the bartender was already moving away to take an order from the only waitress Helen recognized there, a short brunette named Mara.

Careful to not get her fingers wet, she picked up the cotton candy and daintily set it on top of the liquid in the glass. Just like she expected the cotton candy melted immediately into the liquid and soon she had several dozen micros swimming and near drowning, mixing up her drink for her.

Helen took a cautious sip then leaned back.

Passion fruit, she thought to herself as she let the flavor and micros settle onto her tongue. Of course, the micros never really settled, their panicked movements just helped the flavor get moved around better. Passion fruit and…chili?

“Very sweet,” she said aloud to herself.

“I bet you are!” said a man’s voice as he slid onto the booth next to her.

Helen rolled her eyes as she turned to look at him. He must also have been a regular; Elijah was putting a dark drink with two ice cube-encased tinies in front of him.  The last thing she needed was someone trying to ruin her night with celebrity fawning.

“Excuse me?” she said to him, pretending she hadn’t heard. Not only was she giving him a chance to prove he wasn’t an asshole, but it also gave her a chance to check him out and decide if he was worth her time.

The new man had just the right amount of scruff on his face, a strong chin and brown eyes. He was tan from the summer, not as well muscled as she would like, but he knew how to dress. The off-white stripes on his long-sleeved shirt fit his form very well.

“Sorry,” he said with a smooth voice. “Not my best line. I’m Tom.”

Tom stuck out his hand for a handshake and Helen took it to be polite. His hand encircled hers.

“Helen,” she said back before she took another drink.

Tom gave her a look that suggested he knew who she was but kept it to himself. He took a sip of his scotch, savoring the burn on his tongue.


Elijah watched the two over the next several hours. The crowd on level two picked up slightly as the night wore on, but nothing Elijah couldn’t handle. His hands mixed and poured drinks automatically, tapped out the orders on his tablet. Occasionally adjusted his cock in his pants; he’d cock-vored three women before coming to work and their squirming was bringing him to erection intermittently.

The bartender just smiled to himself as he saw Helen and Tom hit it off. He didn’t know Tom, but he was one of the few drinkers who preferred scotch so he was easy to remember. Helen he knew a little better. Not that anybody really knew Helen, at least not here.

But as a career bartender, Elijah had turned people-watching and social engineering into an art form. He knew his clientele, their mannerisms, their body language. Even if he didn’t know their name, Elijah could usually tell what would happen over the course of a group’s night.

Most often it occurred with his most lucrative regular, an enigmatic redhead. But she was very easy to read, especially since her tips often made up half his night’s take. Fairly often it was groups of college students who found their way to level two by accident.

Idly, Elijah slipped two tinies from their container under the bar and popped them into his mouth. Management didn’t mind if he snacked while he worked; they had plenty of tinies to go around.

Tonight, two minutes into their conversation, Elijah knew that Tom and Helen would be leaving together. Despite what she’d told him while drunk, Helen went down easier than a pre-tiny Thai whore. And Elijah had seen Tom pull off some pickup miracles, occasionally leaving with two women.

“Wonder how he’d fair with the redhead,” Elijah mumbled to himself as he dropped two tinies into the bottom of a highball glass before he began mixing in equal parts orange juice and zinfandel. With an automatic flair he finished the top of the drink with a dark rum and scattering of micros before handing it to Mara.

Mara gave Elijah a playfully annoyed look, then put a five-dollar bill on the table.

“You’re too good at that,” she said to him, giving the couple a nod as they settled their tabs. Together.


“Hey E,” Helen called out to the bartender as she hopped off her stool with only a little wobble in her stance, “Is the sauna still open?”

Elijah smiled at her and nodded as she walked up to him. Tom was only a couple of feet behind, clearly unused to the woman leading the charge. All Tom got to see was Elijah tapping something out on the bar tablet.

“Are you ready?” Mara said from beside Tom just as he reached Helen and the bartender.

“For what?” Tom asked as Helen nodded in the affirmative. Neither woman looked at him, but Helen did reach out and grab his hand as Mara strode off, clearly expecting them to follow. Tom may not have known where they were going, but he’d follow Helen just about anywhere from how she’d been talking to him.

The group went through a side-door that Tom had never noticed, then down a set of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs they found themselves in a hallway that seemed to stretch on forever. Helen and Tom followed Mara silently. Tom because he was nervous, Helen because she was enjoying the rare quiet moment in her life.

Mara stopped at another door, marked with a large ‘S.’

“Here you are ma’am,” she said to Helen as she held her wrist next to the door handle. There was a faint clicking sound as it unlocked. “Would you like a special dispensation?” Mara’s eyes flickered from Helen to Tom meaningfully, though Tom was too busy peering down the hallway to notice.

Helen giggled, remembering the last time she’d used the sauna here.

“No, not this time,” she told Mara with a smile on her face.

“Excellent,” the brunette replied, “Have a relaxing evening!”

With that, Mara strode away and Helen opened the door.

Tom wasn’t sure what to expect, but a posh locker room was not it.

“Um, where are we?” he asked Helen, who clearly knew what was going on. The walls were lined with large open cubbies, each neatly supplied with towels, shaving cream, and the like. The only thing he could compare it to was a professional football team’s locker room that he’d toured once.

“The best sauna there is,” Helen replied as she started stripping naked. Her suit jacket came off first and was carefully hung up. Everything else fell to the ground, aside from her panties of course. Those she threw at Tom while he gawked at the room.

Tom didn’t miss the hint and matched her. In his haste to remove his pants he fell backward which made him blush but Helen just giggled.

“You know,” she said assuaging, “You’re already in, you can calm down.”

The embarrassed man looked up just in time to see Helen’s smooth back and behind walking toward the far side of the room where a wooden door with a small window set in it was set in the wall. Her trademark dragon tattoo moved with her back, giving it the illusion of life. She opened the door, and from what Tom could see it was a surprisingly simple sauna steam room.

“You coming?” she asked him, looking over her shoulder with a wink.

Tom forgot all about folding his clothes and followed her in.

The room was relatively small, perhaps ten people could have fit on the double bench setup. At regular intervals in the wall were small, clear boxes filled with various sizes of tinies, and a flurry of activity had appeared in each box when the door had opened. Ignoring them, Tom realized he hadn’t been in a sauna in years; his skin prickled briefly in the heat before he felt his pores open. As the door shut behind him, he saw that Helen had already turned the dial as far as it could go and was sitting on the second height of benches.

He had been approaching erection as he got naked, but now with the full sight of Helen he was more erect than he’d been in his life. She was perfect. Tall, long dark hair, just enough breast that they’d stay firm forever. Small piercings jutted from each nipple; silver with open bars forming spheres on either side. If Tom had looked more closely he’d have seen a micro imprisoned in each of those spheres, giving Helen’s nipples a pleasant vibration sensation all day long.

It was with great restraint that Tom kept himself from jumping on her right there.

“I gotta know something,” he said as Helen leaned back and spread her legs, revealing her shaved pussy. This was just too much for Tom to abstain from entirely, and he slowly crossed the short distance of the steam room.

“And what’s that?” Helen asked him as she idly opened one of the compartments of the wall and fished out two tinies. In her hands the two former baristas screamed and squirmed. At three inches tall they knew where they were going.

“When she said ‘special dispensation,’” Tom’s voice trailed off as he approached Helen’s sex. He knelt on the lower bench and stopped himself from going down on her so he could hear her reply. It was an exercise in restraint; she was at the perfect height for him to lean forward and kiss her nether lips passionately. Her scent invaded his nostrils and his mouth watered.

“Oh, that,” Helen said as she licked one of the tinies in her hand. “You know who I am, right?”

Tom just nodded and she put her free hand on the back of his head and pulled him downward. He didn’t have the willpower to fight and immediately started licking. She let out a relaxed sigh as she felt his tongue start massaging her labia, occasionally flicking her clit. Tiny number one was almost wet enough for her.

“Well, if I’d have said yes you’d be taking this little one’s place.”

With that Helen pulled Tom’s head back by pulling gently on his hair. He gave her one last wistful lick and let her pull him back. She shifted her hips upward so that he could have licked her asshole and pussy at the same time, and he saw one of her hands descend from the corner of his eye.

He knelt further back and watched with a smile as Helen skillfully parted her cheeks and slipped the tiny into her asshole. It was a little admirable, really. Most women needed a moment or two to prepare themselves for the entry. Helen just waited until she felt the three-inch tall blonde’s face on her pucker then rudely shoved her straight in until only her feet remained.

“Oh god!” Helen moaned. The other tiny went straight into her snatch before Helen grabbed Tom’s head again and pulled him down.

This time he made sure he paid attention to both holes with his exploring tongue. Her backdoor tasted fresh, clean, faintly salty from the sweat of their bodies. Her pussy tasted even better than he could have imagined.

He gave her clit some attention as he felt the tiny inside her start to fight her way free. Then he moved his tongue south and sent it as far into Helen as it could go, seeking out struggling feet. He found them quickly and did his best to push the tiny further in with his tongue. He wasn’t very successful on increasing her depth, but Helen didn’t care; Tom had serious oral skills.

When he’d determined he’d done enough with Helen’s pussy, Tom moved further south. He could tell the tiny was struggling from how her feet were twisting and turning, still stuck in Helen’s sphincter. Part of her must have been aware that her feet still being exposed to the outside world was all that was giving her even the slightest chance of escaping.

Tom ended that notion with a lick. He located the tiny’s feet, then stiffed his tongue and gave her the best push he could manage. He knew when she finally popped in when Helen groaned again. Tom shoved his tongue as far in as the tight hole would allow, then he moved back upward just in time to push the pussy vibrator further back into her sopping wet love-tunnel home.

“I need you in me!” Helen told Tom, her voice deep with passion.

Tom pulled away from her wet snatch and Helen laid back on the bench. As sweat dripped off both their bodies in the sauna Tom aimed his cock at her pussy just as her vibrator made it back to the entrance yet again.

Neither of the giants heard the tiny’s screams as Tom’s cock easily pushed its way into Helen’s pussy, shoving her in front of the cockhead like snow in front of a plow. Tom felt a tingle at his cockhead as the tiny screamed and fought against it, while Helen felt her G-spot be stimulated by the girl’s struggles.

Between that and the tiny trying to pry her asshole open, Helen came almost instantly. It had been months since she’d been filled.

In the movies, Tom reflected, Helen Red was always portrayed as the wise-talking, head-cracking ridiculously strong action star. She’d killed or maimed hundreds of nameless cronies in the name of justice, and he knew that in real life she had done well as a mixed-martial artist.

Which was his way of justifying the pain he felt from her hugging him tightly when she came. He felt two vertebrae pop and did his best to keep thrusting, but he knew most of the stimulation she was getting at that moment came from the two tinies she’d inserted earlier so he didn’t feel too bad about ceasing his thrusting. She was just holding him too tightly for him to move much. Luckily she wasn’t a scratcher or she probably would have drawn blood.

The tiny inside knew what was happening and must have felt the pressure from the pussy clamping down on her; despite the sudden lack of room she fought harder than ever. Helen shook and held Tom tightly for almost a minute, both of them enjoying the feeling of the fighting tiny caressing their most sensitive places.

When she was done Helen locked eyes with Tom as he stayed buried deep within her. She smiled, relaxed in a way that she hadn’t been in weeks, and drew him down for a kiss. Tom resumed pushing in and out of her as she kissed him with a passion that would have won her an academy award. He slid in far enough that the tiny was rammed against Helen’s cervix, then held himself there.

He repeated his thrusting, first slow, then fast, and every combination he could think of. Tom sucked on her nipples, tearing one of the imprisoned micros through her prison on accident. When they had a slow moment, Tom made a point to fish out another pair of tinies from the side compartments.

One was slipped into her mouth, and one into his. They united again with a deep kiss, pushing their tongues and tinies into each other’s mouths for several minutes. Then when Helen came for a second time she swallowed hard, letting the tiny vibrate in her stomach and give her a little more sensation for her orgasm.

When she swallowed so did Tom, just to get rid of the tiny. He was never sure what to do with them after moments like that and swallowing was just the simplest solution.

“Are you close?” she asked him when she was done shaking, briefly pulling her mouth off of his.

“Yeah baby,” he replied before they started kissing.

Helen responded by pushing him back and up. He got the hint and pulled out of her.

“Lay on your back!” she told him. He did so immediately, his seven-inch rod pointing straight at the ceiling.

Helen kneeled on the bench between his legs and gave his member a lick. Then she made a noise of irritation and one hand moved out of sight. A moment later Tom saw her hand come back up with the screaming tiny from her pussy, which Helen had caught just as the tiny had almost fell from her slippery pussy.

Without a second thought Helen popped the tiny into her mouth and moved back up. Tom groaned in appreciation as he felt Helen’s skilled tongue swirl around his cock while the tiny struggled inside her mouth.

He hadn’t been lying, Tom was close to climax. Helen tasted precum as his orgasm approached, and she maneuvered her toy to the head of his cock before pulling off and leaving her there.

With one hand Helen fished several micros out of one of the wall compartments.

“Watch this!” she told Tom, as though he hadn’t already been engrossed in what she was doing.

The three-inch tall toy was clinging to the head of his cock, too panicked to know what to do. Too much had happened, too quickly. All that she could do was hang on and cry as the giant’s face looked down at her with a smile and his cock moved with his pulse.

Then Helen’s mouth descended again. Tom felt her tongue against the underside of his cock, her lips wrapped firmly around his shaft. She took him deeper and deeper, pausing briefly when the tiny entered her throat, but didn’t stop until her nose was pressed against his skin.

“Oh I’m gonna cum!” he shouted as he felt Helen swallow the tiny off the top of his rod.

Helen pulled her mouth off his cock and spread her handful of tinies on his toned stomach, in a rough line near his belly button.

Sami landed on the giant’s skin, wet enough from perspiration that even standing was difficult. But she struggled to her feet despite the wetness, something a lot of her fellow micros couldn’t quite manage. In the distance she could see the giantess stroking a mountain-sized penis and heard the last words she ever wanted to hear: “I’m coming!”

Helen stroked Tom’s cock faster and faster, just until she felt the first load of spunk move its way up his shaft. Then she slowed down and aimed his cock at his chest as best she could. With a yell Tom came hard, shooting four, five, six shots of sperm onto the micros that Stella had scattered in the landing zone just for this. When it was obvious there wasn’t enough come for Tom to shoot out another crowd-covering blast, Stella slipped his helmet back into her mouth and sucked lightly, finishing him off with some light flickers of her tongue.

As Sami watched the cock erupted like a volcano, launching its hot load through the air. She screamed as one shot landed near her. The second landed fifty feet past her, and the third landed near enough that her feet were almost immediately overwhelmed with cum. She tried to run but the fluid was just too viscous. The micro was stuck.

Tom caught his breath as he felt Helena suck the last of his cum out of his cock, then let him grow soft in her mouth. His own sperm had been sprayed across his abdomen, which he wasn’t a huge fan of, but he was interested to see why Helena had spread micros out in that same area.

It became obvious when Helena started to clean him with her tongue. Eyes closed, the movie star slowly licked her way up to his belly button, leaving behind nothing but clean skin. She took big licks that swept up cum and micros alike, Tom had never seen or felt anything quite like it.

Sami redoubled her efforts to free herself when she saw what was happening. The giantess was dragging her tongue across the giant’s abdomen, sweeping up screaming tinies and cum in the same lick. The tongue swept by Sami and the giantess’s hot breath rolled over her like a wind that smelled of vodka and chilis.

For a moment she thought she might be spared. Then it seemed as though the giantess’s eyes looked directly at her. The massive lips spread and Helena gave the spot surrounding Sami a long, sensual kiss, massaging his skin and carefully sucking up the last of the spunk. When she came up, Sami was stuck to her lips by a thin layer of semen. Sami screamed as the giantess rolled over.

Soon she was satisfied she’d licked or sucked up all the micros on Tom’s stomach. With a smile Helena crawled up to get her head level with Tom’s and laid half on him, one leg draped across his.

“I really needed that,” she told him as she idly licked the last of the cum and micros off of her lips. She really had; her most recent movie had been the most stressful one yet and she hadn’t been able to get into the Tunnel for a relaxing evening in months. Sure she had plenty of tinies at home and in her work trailer, but it wasn’t the same as getting railed by a stranger with a toy in each hole.

Tom just breathed heavily as he stared at the ceiling. He was spent. Then he felt Helena shift around, and one of her hands neared his backside. Something moved near his backdoor and Tom smiled.

“Round two?” she asked him as she slipped a tiny into his anus.

Tom didn’t have to answer; the tiny almost immediately started stimulating his prostate. He was hard instantly and Helena rolled onto her stomach, spreading her cheeks apart. When he saw her ass-toy finally get a hand through Helena’s sphincter Tom made sure he let it tickle his cockhead for a moment before he helped the tiny get back to her rightful place, deep in the bowels of the action star and real life cracker-of-skulls Helen Red.

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