Deranged Exchange by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Hey bugs~ it's your goddess Lucy back with another story for all you little guys, enjoy~!

Samantha is just your average teenage girl, all except for her nano fetish. Lucky for her, half the population in the world is nano sized, unlucky for a school of nanos this girl just got exchanged to their school for a few weeks. And she plans on ruling the school.

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BONUS Chapter 15 - A New Age by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:
Enjoy this double length chapter with the end of this wonderful story. Honestly I think this story has been my greatest work yet, can't think of how I'll top it. And really it's also all thanks to the support of you bugs. Thanks so much for commenting and all the love. Hope I can keep you all entertained with the rest of my stories, and hey, maybe this isn't the very last we'll see of this. But most likely it is because this turned WAY longer than I imagined at first. (originally was like 5 maybe but here we are at 17 (numbers because I stupidly did two .5 chapters as transitions)) anyway. Thank you so much.
The tremors kept shaking the ground, fueling the fear the tiny Giants felt. Was there another one? Were there even more than that? Samantha smiled and guessed it must have have been Bree.

The shaking stopped, and without taking her eyes off the bugs still licking her feet, Samantha said, “Hey Bree, how's it feel being big~?”

There was no answer.

“Bree?” Samantha said again with a small sense of concern. She turned around and nearly fell backwards in surprise. Before her was a gigantic wall of flesh, maybe three or four times her size. At the top Samantha could see the rim of an unpainted toe nail, and even higher, an at unimaginable height, she could now easily see Bree's freckled face, her red hair moving slightly in the strong wind high up. Bree seemed to be scanning for something on the horizon, maybe she thought she'd find Samantha at her size. Her attention was quickly moved down to her toe as she felt something touch it. It was Samantha, she'd moved over and began pounding on her toe to get the now titanic Nano’s attention, crushing more buildings and tinies as she made her way. Bree could barely feel the pounding, as if it was just an ant gently touching her toe. She looked down and saw something faintly red against the grey ground. Could it be? She thought.

Bree took a step back and got onto her knees before laying down on her stomach. Unaware to her, she was crushing thousands of “Giants", the large City was nothing more than a patch of grey sand to Bree. Buildings were completely destroyed just under her jet black bra and colossal breasts; she didn't even feel a thing. She looked down at where her feet had been and could see the tiny, red bikini clad figure of Samantha looking concerned and very… very tiny.

“Sam? Is that you?” Bree asked the nearly speck sized girl.

“Yeah! It's me! Bree, what the hell happened to you?!” Samantha answered, yelling as loud as she could. This must have been what Bree had felt like all the time, only now the tables were turned.

“Oh..” Bree said, thinking back to what happened when Samantha grew. “Well, when you almost fell on the table you knocked over the bottle and a bunch of the formula stuff spilled all over me. After you walked off I just kept growing and growing, I think I accidently swallowed the bottle while I was growing too.. hehe,” she giggled, a little embarrassed about how that accidentally happened.

While growing the bottle must have landed in her mouth while she outgrew the house, swallowing it like nothing more than a pill but still getting an incredible dose of its effect. She now closed one eye to get a better view of her massive, while relatively tiny to her, girlfriend. Bree couldn't help but smile.

“Wow.. you're soooo tiny, Sam! This must be what it's like being you around Nanos.” Bree's eyes looked down below Samantha, she squinted a little and could just barely make out the outlines of buildings and streets so thin, a single piece or two of her hair might be enough to fill it. “Awww,” she continued, “are those the Giants?” Bree lifted her index finger and poked the ground just behind Samantha, surprising the tiny girl slightly with it's size. To Sam, her single finger was much too big to even put her arms around, more like a gigantic redwood trees you'd see in those big forests.

Bree dragged her finger across the ground, destroying building after building, block by block with each tiny movement she made. She couldn't even hear the multitude of screams and the crashing of buildings against one another. She kept moving her finger until a long trench had formed, wide enough that Samantha could probably lay in it and have room to spare. It was just like drawing in soft dirt.

“Not so 'giant’ are ya now, bugs~.” Bree said playfully.

“Hey watch it!” Samantha yelled, “Don't kill them all! I'm their Queen! They have to serve me first!”

Bree looked back down at Samantha, at first she seemed apologetic towards her previously gigantic girlfriend, but as she now literally had to look hard to even see her, she realized something interesting.

“Excuse me?” Bree said, placing her hands on the ground to push herself up. Even more patches of the city were carelessly and almost unfeelingly flattened to dust by Bree's soft yet enormous body. Buildings the size of crumbs seemed to stick to the fabric of her bra and panties and, unknown to her, even in her cleavage were some humans trying to hang on after somehow surviving. They were smaller than anything else on her body, truly nanoscopic compared to her. She now towered up again in the air, her hands on her hips looking down disapprovingly at Samantha, who now felt an inkling of fear through her spine.

“Sorry, babe, but I think I'm the one calling the shots now,” Bree said before smiling again and taking a step forward with her right foot, landing it directly next to Samantha, who screamed for a moment and fell to the ground from the shake, “and if you're a queen, then I guess that makes me a Goddess, right? And shouldn't a good little queen obey her lovely goddess?” Sam couldn't help but back away slowly from the colossal girl's foot, but it soon rose up and slammed back down again in front of her, crushing the city space she'd just ruled from. “So why don't you start worshipping your Goddess, my little bug-sized Queen, or should I say, slave~.”

That was all Samantha could take of this. The small girl got to her feet as fast as she could and ran in the opposite direction of Bree and her titanic toes, screaming as she ran.


As she ran, she demolished dozens of buildings under her gigantic feet, even crushing more people as they continued to flee from her. After running for a couple of seconds, a shadow came over Samantha. She knew this too well.

“BREE!!! NO, DON'T!!” Was all she could yell as she turned back and saw the soft sole of Bree coming down towards her. She couldn't help but notice Bree was also wearing a toe ring that she couldn't see before, a simple metal band with fancy swirls in it. But now wasn't the time for that. Bree's sole came down softly onto the tiny fleeing Samantha, smothering her as she tried pushing it back while at the same time crushing city blocks like dust.

“Tsk tsk. Poor little Samantha,” Bree said in a superior tone, “I thought you loved this kind of stuff like I did. What's wrong? Don't like it when the shoe’s on the other… foot?” She said this last part while wiggling her toes slightly. She could barely even feel Samantha under her foot, she felt more like an ant barely squirming than the girl who used to crush Nanos like Bree. Now things were different, Bree was on top now, and Samantha, whom everyone feared, who sadistically tortured, crushed, and ate every nano she could, was now at the mercy of the only person bigger than her, a Nano. This was too rich. This was nothing personal for anything Samantha had ever done, Bree was just a horny girl for this kind of thing, and what was better than a role reversal of this magnitude?

“B-Bree…” Samantha grunted, feeling her strength give and her ribs feel like they might crack at any moment, “please… don't crush me!”

“Crush you?” Bree said, letting off some pressure, but only enough for Sam to breath easier, “as much as I'd love having a queen sized stain under my foot, I've got an even better idea for you.”

Bree lifted her foot off the ground and bent her knee so she could see her own sole. Sure enough, there was the pathetically tiny Samantha, plastered like a bug to Bree’s gigantic sole, right where she belonged at that moment. Her hair was frazzled, her face was exhausted and around her were even smaller buildings Bree could barely even see as dirt spots. Unknown to both of them, one speck was actually the lab that made the formula that started this whole mess. Suffice to say, they won't be getting around to making an antidote anytime soon.

Bree took her massive fingers and pinched Samantha's lower body gently, peeling her off her sole and dangling her by her legs. Samantha screamed again being upside-down and now so high up. Raised up to Bree’s massive smiling face, Samantha thought she could see the ocean, which was a long distance away from her home, even at that size. Bree smiled and, confirming Samantha's worst fear, licked her lips as she looked at the tiny girl.

“You were a good girlfriend, that's why I want to keep you somewhere close to my heart. Like maybe… my stomach~.”

Samantha screamed even louder now, frantically trying to get her feet free of Bree's grasp. But it was too late for that. Bree lifted Samantha over her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She let go and quickly the girl who once ruled a school now landed face-first onto the wet hot surface of Bree's tongue. Bree brought her tongue back inside her mouth, but kept her mouth open long enough for Samantha to look outside, past the rows of teeth and hanging drool and try to crawl towards the opening.

“Bree! Please!!” were the final words Samantha would ever say. Bree's mouth closed with a slam and the rest were only screams as Samantha was suddenly flung every which way around Bree's mouth. The massive tongue pushing her against the massive teeth and licking her aggressively, or forcing her violently against the roof of Bree's mouth. This went on for some minutes. Outside, Bree couldn't help but blush uncontrollably as she tasted her girlfriend now snack, she was delicious, everything she'd ever thought a tiny human would taste like. So this is how Samantha felt eating them at lunch. Bree couldn't help but think back to that one lunch date where they'd first kissed and Bree thought she'd be eaten. This felt just like this but in reverse, and she knew this time there wasn't a happy ending.

Samantha's screams echoed in the cavernous mouth as she began sliding to the back of the throat. The dark abyss coming closer and closer, until the girl who'd ruled the school and almost the world, now slid down Bree's massive throat.


Bree licked her lips again as she felt Samantha go down with her fingers, squirming the whole way. What a delicious treat. Eventually she couldn't feel her anymore, and knew she must have fallen into her stomach. Oh well, that's the end of that she thought.

Her attention now turned towards the ground once again. Quickly, she got to her knees and looked down, squinting as hard as she could. All she could see in a tiny patch of grey, was a small almost invisible building standing almost alone, but it was obviously surrounded by buildings that she couldn't even see as anything but patches of grey. It finally donned on her. This was her old town, and that building was the school where she'd met Samantha. Bree sat up and gently pat her stomach.

“Hey Samantha, looks like I found some old friends, let's see if they can keep you company for a while~.”

Bree bent back down, arms outstretched holding her face just above the ground. She stuck out her tongue and with a single lick, scooped almost the entire Nano town and the school. It all felt like dust in her mouth, but she knew millions of people, who just that morning she was the same size as, were either getting crushed or drowning in even the smallest drop of her saliva.

Bree enjoyed the feeling and the thought as she tilted her head back to swallow.

Bree now looked around at the ground, nothing but more patches of grey that she knew held thousands, no, millions or billions of lives that could see her and fear her. With a single step she could crush cities, or if she got hungry she could just lick them all up.

These were now a god fearing people. And Bree, was their new goddess.
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