BFG Angleland by The Doctor

The fantasy spin off to the popular Big Friendly Giantess series. Wannabe knight Tucker Martel undergoes a dangerous quest to find a legendary treasure. His best friend the enormous but gentle giantess Jessica Snape accompanies him. Along the way they discover that their quest is more dangerous and bizarre than they expect.

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Chapter 1: In The Beginning by The Doctor

The land was untouched by technology and was still home to magic. Here mythical creatures still existed and although many were terrifying there were some that lived in peace along with the human race that dominated most parts of the land. The land itself was the size of a continent that had one ruling family with numerous lords over other lands. There were sometimes minor disputes between the lords but other than that there was peace and harmony in the land, there had been no wars for several centuries although the minor skirmish did occur every now and again. This landmass was almost cut in half by the great River White that had its source in the north and the mouth in the south. The great landmass was named Angleland after the Angle family that had ruled the land for countless years.

In the West of Angleland lay Morgan, a small village that was ruled by the Lord Trevor Gimus and his family. Morgan itself was only a small settlement with a population of a couple of hundred people. Two of these people were named David and his wife Sheila Snape who worked as the village farmers. For years they had been trying to conceive a child of their own and yet the gods had not heard their prayers. All that seemed to change when Sheila announced to her husband that she was pregnant. No news had ever made him feel so happy in his life.

The pregnancy did not go smoothly however and when their baby daughter was born she was extremely small and sickly. They named her Jessica but almost as soon as she was born they were already thinking about where they would bury her. They had taken her to the village healer who was a kindly man and was devastated to tell them the news that their new daughter would be lucky to live another few days.

With no other option they had to turn to someone who had talents with the black arts and after sacrificing as much as they could the warlock gave them a potion that when Jessica was bathed in it would allow her to live. He did warn of unforeseen side effects but at this moment in time the Snapes didn't care, all they wanted was to save the life of their daughter and were almost willing to do anything to save her.

As instructed the Snapes bathed their sickly daughter into the potion that they were given and almost like magic Jessica's symptoms seemed to disappear. They were overjoyed at first to see that their daughter was healthy and would hopefully live a full life. This joy was short lived however when they noticed that Jessica was growing particularly fast. At first they thought that she was going through an early growth spurt but they soon discovered that this was not the case.

Within less than a year Jessica was already as tall as her parents if she stood up but she didn't stop growing there. As time went by the little girl grew taller and taller and after a few short years was too big to stay in the house and needed to live in the barn. She was as tall as their single storey house after two years and yet she continued to grow.

This caused major problems financially for the Snapes as their giant daughter needed to be fed and clothed and at the rate that she grew clothes didn't last her very long. It was fortunate that they lived on a farm and they could at least feed their daughter. Despite their prayers Jessica continued to grow and instead of seemingly slowing down she seemed to be growing faster and faster as she aged.

Numerous times they had tried to find the Warlock who had given them the potion that had saved Jessica's life but unfortunately he was nowhere to be found. It was like he had disappeared off of the face of the Earth and they were stuck with an ever growing giantess for a daughter.

Despite all this her parents still loved Jessica as much as any parent could love their child. At no point did they treat her differently and they showed her all the love and attention that she needed as she grew up. They had even tried to teach her to use her size to help with the farming work, they only regret was that they had to start Jessica so early since they needed her help to be able to grow more crops so that they could feed her. There were some accidents along the way but as time went by Jessica seemed to take in everything that her parents were telling her. Her size meant that they were able to farm more crops than ever before and herding their cattle was easy when Jessica could simply pick them up and take them to wherever they needed to go. She even learned how to count by moving the chickens from one place to another.

Not everyone shared their love for Jessica however. In the actual village many regarded Jessica as a monster and a freak. She had never done anything to them to warrant their anger but due to her ever increasing size she was seen as a monster who was only waiting to destroy them all.

Even when Jessica tried to play with other children they would all shun her. There was only one boy who actually played with her and she considered him to be her only friend. His name was Tucker Martel and he was the third son of the village Blacksmith. He was somewhat headstrong boy who had dreams of becoming a knight and going on some kind of grand adventure like he had read in the stories. He was the only boy who treated Jessica as a normal person instead of a freak. Because of this the two grew close relatively quickly and it was not long before they became best friends.

Tucker never showed any fear when he was around Jessica and he was the only one who made her feel normal. Due to their difference in size the number of games that they could play together were somewhat limited but they still had fun together all the same. One game that they would play was Knights and Damsels where Tucker would grab a stick and pretend that it was a sword. Jessica would pretend to be a damsel in distress and that she needed Tucker to save her from an imaginary monster.

Over the years their friendship never faltered but Jessica continued to grow at an alarming rate. On her sixteenth birthday she stood one hundred feet tall and her body showed no signs of stopping. She seemed doomed to continue growing bigger and bigger with no end in sight, that was until one fateful day.

That day Jessica had temporarily left her home to run a couple of errands for her parents when she came across a seemingly dying old man on the road. He had seemed to have been robbed and by the looks of him he was on the verge of death. Many people would have seen that there was little that they could do to save him and would have left him. Not Jessica however, the old man had asked her to take him Green Fields that was quite far out of her way. Instead of refusing she agreed to take him, this would be a large inconvenience for her but she still went along anyway since it was the right thing to do.

When the pair eventually reached Green Fields the old man had revealed himself to be a great wizard. The incident had been a test, he had been beginning to lose his faith in humanity but Jessica's kindness had shown that there was still some good in people. He wanted to reward her by shrinking her to the size of a normal person but unfortunately the magic that had made her a giantess was too strong even for him to reverse. Instead he created her a dress that when she wore it allowed her to shrink to a more normal size. She was also gifted with a pair of plain shoes that also changed size with her whenever she grew or shrank so at least she didn't have to walk around barefoot.

The dress had a somewhat cream colour to it and was magic. It allowed her to shrink from her giant size all the way down to eight feet and any height in-between. This was more than anything that Jessica could ever ask for but there were a few minor drawbacks to the dress. She would only stay small when she wore the dress, the moment that she took it off she would quickly grow back up to her full size. This meant that she could still only bathe in lakes.

One other thing that was striking about Jessica was her beauty, she was easily the most beautiful woman in the village and would have made a fine wife for any man if not for her extreme size. Even when she was down to her smallest size of eight feet she still towered above practically every man in the land and the majority of them disliked the idea of marrying a woman who was significantly taller than they were. She had her own dreams but for now she was staying with her parents to help out on the farm. Her body was slender with long legs that made up just over half her height. She had relatively long chestnut brown hair with deep hazel eyes. Her breasts were a little above average for her body size but it wasn't anything to really take into notice. She knew that if she were to walk around naked that many men would not stare at her due to her size but because of her beauty. She was too modest however to be doing something like that.

Although Jessica could shrink herself in size she was still considered to be a giantess. She had to bend down to get through doors and many times when she stood up inside a building her head would strike the ceiling. She ate more than a normal person and could drink a man under the table with some ease. She also had great strength in her smallest size, she was stronger than most men but her strength was not superhuman, not until she began to grow of course.

Her maximum size was increasing as if she was still growing, as long as she wore the dress she could stay at eight feet as long as she wanted but whenever she went to go maximum size she would find that limit going higher and higher with each passing day.

By the time she was nineteen at her full size was around one hundred and twenty five feet and if not for the dress she would be that size all the time. The main times that Jessica would be her full size would be to work, bathe and to travel long distances. Other than that she would remain at her smallest size although some day to day tasks were benefitted when she grew a little bigger.

Her best friend Tucker still wanted to be a knight of the realm like the heroes that he had read in the stories. There had been an old knight who had spent his final years in the village of Morgan. He went by the name of Sir Thomas Parker and he had seen some potential in Tucker so he had taken the time to teach him a couple of the basics in sword fighting. Unfortunately Sir Thomas died long before Tucker could actually be considered talented enough to carry around a sword.

Despite the fact that his skills with a sword were slightly more than average Tucker would sometimes act as if he were the greatest sword master in all the land. Like his father had wanted him to he had also trained to be a blacksmith along with his three brothers. He also had one sister who had already gotten married to a man who lived near the centre of Morgan. Although he was better at being a blacksmith rather than a knight Tucker still dreamed of being a knight and going on some kind of adventure.

In normal cases it was common for a child to inherit their parent's land and titles when they passed on but Tucker knew that most likely he wouldn't get much. His eldest brother would most likely inherit the family business and even if he were to die it would be Tucker's next brother who would get that inheritance. He knew that he was never going to own the family business and this did get him down from time to time.

Tucker was average height with short black hair with brown eyes. He had a bite mark on his right arm where he had once been bitten by dog. Thanks to his year of blacksmithing he had some muscles to his body but he didn't look like a bodybuilder. The clothing that he wore were somewhat like peasants clothing but thanks to the money that came into the blacksmith he was able to afford somewhat nicer clothing than the average peasant. He was far from being mistaken for a lord but he did look a little better than a peasant.

In his spare time when Tucker hadn't been blacksmithing for the family business he had been trying to make himself a suit of armour and a decent sword. His brothers had told him that he should give up his fantasy and stick to blacksmithing. They admitted that he was a better blacksmith than he was a swordsman but Tucker took no notice of them as he continued to try and make himself the armour and sword that he needed to become a knight. He wanted to show him that there was more to him than being a blacksmith.

Even Jessica had tried to tell him that being a knight wasn't the best life choice that he had. She had seen him wield a sword and she knew that he wasn't all that talented. So far he had only had a small amount of training and never truly sparred with anyone to test his level of skill. He had even tried to spar with her with a wooden sword but even then she could tell that he wasn't as good as he claimed to be.

One day Tucker was sent to the market town of Flea Bay that was located west of Morgan along the western coast of Angleland. Flea Bay was famous since almost anything could be bought or sold there. Tucker had been sent there to pick up a couple of items needed for the blacksmith business along with some works that needed to be given to the customers. Jessica had even asked him to pick up a couple of things for her while he was going and he was more than happy to do this for his best friend.

As normal the town of Flea Bay was packed with merchants trying to sell their goods along with buyers who were looking for items of great value that they could obtain for a fraction of its price. Tucker remembered to stay vigilante since there were a lot of thieves that operated in this town. He thought that he was relatively safe in his horse and carriage but still there was always the chance that something might go wrong of course.

It took Tucker a good three days to reach Flea Bay in his horse and carriage and when he got there he began to unload the pieces of work that needed to be given to the customers. After that he moved onto getting the supplies that he needed for his family before finally finishing off by getting Jessica what she had asked for.

Tucker was just about to leave Flea Bay when a certain outside store caught his attention. At first it seemed to be a store of cartography but when he took a closer look he saw that it was much more than that. It was littered with different withered maps along with various other effects that seemed to look out of place. The man at the store was a middle aged man with a beard and an eye patch. His remaining teeth were yellow and as Tucker looked at him he realised that he had a thumb missing on his right hand. He was a fairly large man with a pot belly and long greasy hair.

"Ah good sir I see that you have taken an interest in the products that I have for sale in my store," said the man with a deep and somewhat crackled voice. "I have maps of every piece of land in Angleland and even one special one that will lead you to the fabled Three Man's treasure."

This quickly got Tucker's attention. Three Man's treasure was a legendary treasure that was worth more an almost unfathomable amount of money. Whoever found this treasure would most likely become even richer than the king and queen of Angleland. For many, many years would be treasure hunters had gone out to find this treasure and none had succeeded. Some even believed that Three Man's treasure was nothing more than a myth, created purely to entice the imagination. There were those who had given up everything they had to try and find it but all had failed.

Even though the man claimed to have a map that led to the treasure Tucker was still somewhat sceptical. He was sometimes a little gullible but even he was not gullible enough to believe him completely.

"Wait, wait you're saying that you have a map that leads to the fabled Three Man's treasure correct?" asked Tucker.

"Correct," replied the man quickly.

"If you have it what's stopped you from going out and finding it yourself?"

"Simple because I'm not a damn fool. The quest to find the treasure is one of great danger that has claimed the lives of many foolish people over the years. I admit I'd like nothing more than to have the treasure for myself but what's the point in having all that gold when you're too dead to spend it? You on the other hand, I can see that you are a brave and fearless man, I can see into the hearts of men and I see one that is brave. You could do what many before you have failed so miserably."

"And exactly how much is this map of yours?"

"Fifty gold coins." This was a small problem for Tucker. This was all the money that he had brought to spend on himself. He had more than that but the rest of it was to take back to the family business. "But that is only a small investment, think about it you pay fifty gold coins now and you have to do a little bit of work but after that you will be the richest man in Angleland. Even the King and Queen will envy your wealth."

"Really?" Tucker was having a good long think about it. Some parts of his mind was somewhat sceptical but another part of him saw this as an opportunity to make his dreams come true. Not so much for the wealth but actually go on a quest, he had always wanted to go on some kind of quest. The wealth at the end of it was only going to be a bonus to him, he wanted an adventure more than anything else. "But before I can even consider buying the map off of you I want to see it first."

"A very smart man, that is what you are my friend. Just bear with me one moment if you can." Quickly the man ducked underneath his store and Tucker could hear him rummaging through some paper and other items until he brought up what looked to be an old map. He placed it on top of the counter and opened it up. There Tucker could see a scaled map of the entire landmass of Angleland. He could see a dotted line that led from Flea Bay all the way down towards the South East to a location that was not all that far away from where they were. "There you have it one map to the legendary Three Man's treasure."

"What the treasures near Lake Town?" He found this to be very unrealistic since it was a place that had been populated for some time.

"Of course not, if it was there it would have been discovered long ago. No the location is only the first part of the trials."

"Trials?" This caught Tucker by surprise. This was the first that he was ever hearing of the trials that involved Three Man's Treasure.

"Sure do you think any old sap could go and find Three Man's Treasure? No they have to show that they are worthy of finding the treasure. Any treasure hunter or group has to prove their valour and bravery. I don't know exactly how many trials there are before you actually reach the treasure. But each time that you complete a trial the map will update itself and show you the path to the next trial. This carries on until you actually find Three Man's Treasure and as long as you have completed the trial it will be yours."

"Wow." Tucker was completely going into this notion that he could actually find the treasure by completing the tasks. He was beginning to think about what he would do if he actually found it. He would wear a crown and sit on the throne that was placed upon a mountain of gold coins taller than any peak in Angleland. Even Jessica at full size would only be an insect in comparison to its size. "You've got yourself a deal my friend."

"I thought I would. I can see the type of man that you are and I suspect you out of all before will find it and when you do, don't forget who it was who sent you on your merry way to fortune beyond measure."

Over the space of the next couple of minutes Tucker paid the man for the map and went on his very way. The man was glad to have gotten rid of that old map, it was the genuine article but by getting rid of it he was finally letting go of something that had been plaguing him for numerous years. He had actually gone out and tried to find the treasure himself when he was a younger man, unfortunately he couldn't even get past the first trial and had lost his eye in the process. At least this way he was able to send another poor sap to almost certain death and he got a little bit of money out of it. He didn't think that Tucker actually had a chance of finding the treasure. He didn't care, all the man cared about was getting rid of the map and getting fifty gold coins for it.

Before Tucker could head back to Morgan he had to carry out a couple more errands. Although he was supposed to be concentrating on the work at hand his mind was fixated on going on the quest to find Three Man's treasure. He believed that he would succeed where so many others before had failed, he even knew that he was going to tell Jessica first as soon as he got back to Morgan. There were almost no secrets between the pair and it was another reason why they were so close.

Unfortunately due to the fact that Tucker spent all of his money on the map he didn't have enough to stay at any of the inns on the way home. He had to sleep out in the elements and unfortunately on the second night of his trek back to Morgan it began to rain. It was the middle of autumn so rain was fairly common around this time of year.

He was forced to sleep in the cart that his horse was pulling along and he wrapped himself up in a blanket in an attempt to keep himself warm. He felt very cold but even with all this all he could still think about was the quest. In a way this helped him get through the night as most other people would have concentrated on the fact that they were wet and cold. He was lucky to not actually catch a cold.

On the third day Tucker arrived at Morgan where he dropped off the cart at the Blacksmith and went about putting on some dry clothing. He had been gone for almost a week and he really needed a nice warm meal and a dry place to sleep. He had yet to tell his family about the map that he had bought. He knew that they would be against his quest almost from the get go and he even planned to leave in secret to go out and find his fortune. He admitted that he was going to miss them when he went but he thought that he would return a very rich man and they wouldn't have to work ever again.

Only a short distance away from the Blacksmith lay the Snape Farm and as usual Jessica was tending to her chores. A new pen had been built for the pigs and it was Jessica's job to move them all from the old pen into the new larger pen. For this job Jessica grew to her maximum size so that she could move as many as she could in one grasp. Unfortunately many of the pigs would try and escape from her as she went to grab them. It was somewhat annoying for her but she was used to this happening. Despite the fact that these animals had known Jessica their entire lives they were still nervous around her whenever she grew to giant size.

This was more or less the same as everyone else in Morgan who were always nervous around her. Even when she was at her smallest size she would get people staring at her at times and more often than not people who would work past her would change direction to make sure that they were far away. She liked to say that things like that didn't really bother her but in truth it did hurt her inside. She couldn't believe how heartless people could be at times, she had never done anything to harm them in any way and yet they still treated her like an outsider. If it was not for the love of her parents and the friendship of Tucker she would have shown them her displeasure with them.

"Come on guys I'm not gonna hurt you," said Jessica as she tried to pick up more of the pigs from out of their pen. She moved her hand to gently grab them but they would sometimes slip out before she could get a proper grasp on them. She would continue to do this until she had actually been successful in her efforts.

It took her a little more time than she expected as she moved the last pig to the new pen and she looked down to see them all loving the fact that their pen was bigger. She even gave a couple of them a stroke on the head and at least that time they didn't try and escape from her. She gave them a smile before she went to stand up. Suddenly she heard her name called, at first she thought that it was merely her imagination but when she heard it again she realised that it was indeed someone calling her name. She turned her head to see where the voice was coming from and there she saw Tucker running towards her. He had a basket filled with a couple of different things and a wrapped up map under his arm. He seemed to be excited as he ran towards her. She smiled at him and stood up to her full height.

"Ah you're back Tucker," said Jessica with a smile on her face. She began to walk towards him so that he didn't have so far to run and as she did she began to shrink herself. By the time the two reached each other she was at her smallest height of eight feet once again. Even so there was still a two foot height difference between the friends and it almost made her look like the big sister and he the little brother even though he was a year older than her. "Did you have a nice time?"

"Jessica you're not going to believe what I have," replied Tucker not really responding to her question. He was out of breath after running to her and he needed to take a couple more moments before he was even able to talk again. "I have something that's so amazing it's going to blow your mind." He was speaking so fast that Jessica was struggling to understand. She smiled at him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Wow calm down little man. When you talk that fast no one can understand you, now take a deep breath and tell me what's going on."

"Ok." He took a couple of deep breaths before he could begin to speak again. One thing he did quickly do was place the basket down on the ground. "While I was in Flea Bay I bought something that is so amazing that you'll need to prepare yourself for it." With some haste he unravelled the map and showed it to Jessica. He had a huge smile on his face but Jessica seemed to be unimpressed. "So what do you think?"

"It's a map of Angleland, forgive me for being rude but what's so impressive about that." He even gave it to her so that she could take a closer look. Even then she didn't see anything special.

"Ah my dear that is something that is going to blow you away. This is the map that will lead me to the fabled Three Man's treasure. Before you say anything I know that it only seems to lead towards Lake Town but that is only the first trial. After that it'll show me the way to the next trial and so on and so forth until I finally reach Three Man's treasure. Think about it, when I find the treasure we won't have any money troubles at all. You could stay at your full size and wear a dress completely made out of silk."

"You really think that this is the map to Three Man's treasure?" There was some scepticism in her voice as she didn't really believe that this was the genuine article.

"Well the guy at the store said it was."

"Oh Tucker you're a sweet little man but sometimes you can be so gullible." She rolled up the map and handed it back to him. "Just because someone says that it'll lead you to Three Man's treasure doesn't mean that it's true. To tell you the truth I think you've been conned out of your hard earned gold." She didn't like having to do this but she knew that it was best to tell him the truth.

"Even so I'm still going to take the chance." He had taken some of what she said into his mind but deep down he knew that no one was going to stop him from going. "Even it is fake it gives me a chance to go on a quest like I've always dreamed of. Facing dangers that you only hear in stories and even if there is only a small chance of me finding what I am searching for than it is still worth a shot. I know that you'll probably try and talk me out of it but my mind is already made up. On the morrow I will start my quest to find Three Man's Treasure and if I find it I promise to give you some of it. I have brought what you wanted from Flea Bay now if you don't mind I've got go and get myself ready, a world of adventure awaits for me."

Tucker turned around and went to walk away but the next thing he knew he saw a huge shadow and then a giant hand picked him up from the ground. He felt no fear as he found himself face to face with Jessica. She was only half her full size but even still she was a towering giantess. She had a small look of concern on her face as she looked at him and she knew that for the moment she needed to stop him.

"Wow hold your horses Tucker just take a moment to think about this for a moment," said Jessica with a gentle grip around her best friend. "Let's just say that it is a map to Three Man's treasure, going right now isn't going to do you any favours. Think about it logically Tucker, its mid-autumn right now and winter is just around the corner. If you start now you'll most likely freeze to death on the road before you make any progress. I know that nothing I can say will make you not go but at least wait until spring. It'll give you time prepare and in the warmer weather it'll make your quest that little bit more pleasant. Going off like this isn't going to do you any favours, so can you at least promise me that you'll wait."

"Ok fine," replied Tucker admitting defeat. He hated to think that he had to wait but he couldn't deny that there was a lot of sense in Jessica's words. "I'll wait but on the first day of spring I'm going to find the treasure."

"I expect that you will. And I'm coming with you."

"What?" This caught him by surprise. The thought never crossed his mind that Jessica would actually want to come along with him. "You actually want to come?"

"Sure, do you really think that I'd let my best friend go off into mortal danger without me there to help him? I know that you might not like to be defended by a girl but you have to admit that if I carry you the journey won't take as much time. And at least if you run into any serious trouble that you have me there to back you up."

"I don't know."

"Trust me Tucker you know that I would never let anyone or anything hurt you. You're the only friend I have in the world."

Tucker could see the sincerity in Jessica's eyes and he couldn't say no to her. There were too many benefits of having her come along with him for him to leave her behind. He thought that he would be able to deal with swordsmen and thieves by himself. But there were still other things that were too much for a single man to take care of himself so having a one hundred and twenty five foot giantess by his side was all he could hope for. He nodded his head at her to indicate that he accepted and she smiled back at him. Both were going to have an adventure that would last in their memories for the rest of their lives.

Chapter 2: The Quest Begins by The Doctor

The last few weeks of autumn and the long months of winter seemed to pass over an eternity for Tucker Martel. He wanted nothing more than to begin the quest to find Three Man's treasure. When he told his family what he was planning on doing they were against it at first but when they found out that Jessica were to go with him they knew that he would be in safe hands. They knew how much the gentle giantess cared about him and that she wouldn't let anyone hurt him. She was also the one who seemed to have the most brains out of the two so at least she would know what she was doing.

At least for Tucker he would be able to fulfil his dream even though many people believed it to be a fool's errand. Some thought that he would most likely die on this quest and some of the villagers even hoped that Jessica died with him. At least then they thought that the threat of a giantess would be resolved even though she had never attacked anyone in the village. She had damaged a couple of buildings when she was younger but they had all been accidents.

Jessica had hoped that by waiting until spring would give Tucker time to think about what he was doing. She figured that he would probably decide that it was for the best to abandon the quest and continue his career as a blacksmith. Instead it seemed that Tucker was getting more and more determined with each passing day. He was getting himself more and more prepared for the quest. Not only was he practicing his swordplay on some dummies that he had clothed in old rusty armour. He was working harder as a blacksmith so that he could earn more money to make the quest that little bit easier. He was hoping to have enough money to be able to stay in inns and buy good quality food as he and Jessica went through the villagers and towns all the way towards the treasure. He even thought that he would most likely not be able to earn enough money for the pair to do all this the entire time so he figured that they would earn a little money along the way. He wasn't too sure what exactly he was going to do, bounty hunting seemed to be quite high on the list.

Jessica too was preparing herself for the quest as she realised that Tucker wasn't going to change his mind. Her parents were sad to know that she would be leaving them for an extended period of time. She was their only child and the thought of losing her was almost too much for them to comprehend. The fact that she was a giantess would certainly help her chances of coming home alive but there was always the risk that something unforeseen would happen to take their daughter to the other world where the dead lived forever.

Even the fact that Jessica was leaving was going to make an impact on the running of the Snape farm. Her giant size greatly benefitted the work since she could do feats that would take numerous strong men to complete. At her maximum size she could lift almost her own body weight which was several tons. The household did have a few extra gold coins to be able to hire a spare few hands while Jessica was gone. On the off chance that she and Tucker was successful it would mean that they would never have to worry about money again.

Many of the villagers were secretly celebrating the upcoming departure of the two. They saw Jessica as a possible threat and Tucker as a dreamer who needed a hard slap from reality. With them gone they thought that the village of Morgan would be a little more normal and not have to worry too much about having a freak and a fool living there.

The day soon came as it was the first day of spring and as promised Tucker was more than ready to leave on the quest. He had forged himself a pretty decent sword during the winter months that he had been practicing it almost as soon as it had finished cooling down. It was not the most well forged sword in Angleland but it was still good quality and would make a good sword for any knight. He had even decided to name it 'Juggernaut' because he thought that it was unstoppable. The armour that he had forged for himself was also well made and tailored to his body perfectly. He had forged himself a complete suit of armour but as he practiced in it he found it incredibly hard to move. Instead he decided to only wear a breast plate and a few pieces of armour to cover his arms and legs. This gave him a decent amount of protection while still allowing him the freedom of movement.

The first day of spring was a warm day where the birds were singing and the sun was shining down upon the land. There were a couple of black clouds in the sky but other than that the weather seemed to be perfect. It was a welcome relief to the dull and cold days of winter that her come before this day. The days were getting longer and warmer and in just a few short months people could finally bask in the warmth of summer.

For this day Tucker and Jessica were to set out on their quest to find the fabled Three Man's treasure. Their long weeks of planning and preparation were coming to ahead on this day, they were somewhat saddened about leaving but they would be going out on an adventure that many only dreamed out.

Jessica was able to produce some food to take along with them on this quest. She had been able to get it from her farm and it would at least last them for a short time before they had to start buying their own food or picking fruit from trees. She only ate and drank at her minimal size along with other activates. One activity that she could only perform at her full size was bathing since this involved removing her dress. The moment that she removed her dress she would grow back to her maximum size and no conventional bath could possibly contain someone like her. Thankfully there was a small lake that was located just outside of Morgan that she would bathe in. She hoped that there would be plenty of more lakes for her to bathe in along the way. She didn't like the thought of going through the entire quest without bathing at all.

Tucker was the one who would be carrying the map which he would keep in a satchel that he kept on his back. Jessica had given him a red cloak that had been an old blanket of hers. She had made it into a cloak for him so that he could feel like a true knight. It was something that Tucker would treasure for the rest of these days, things like that couldn't be bought with money and so was another reason that the two were so close.

The last thing that Jessica and Tucker did before departing was saying goodbye to their families. The Martels were somewhat sad to see Tucker leaving but they knew that he was following his dream and all they could do was show their support to him. The Snapes were very saddened to see their daughter leaving and there were some tears and hugs as Jessica gave her parents a giant size hug before departing. She promised to somehow send them word how they were getting on. She told them that she was a big girl now and more than capable of taking care of herself.

By dawn Jessica and Tucker had met on the outskirts of Morgan. Before they even thought about disembarking on the first leg of their quest they double checked that they had everything that they needed. As soon as they were sure Jessica grew to her maximum size and picked up her seemingly tiny best friend. She placed him on her shoulder and wrapped a few strands of her hair around his body so that he couldn't fall. He was used to being picked up by her, she had been able to do this as long as he could remember and never once did she hurt him while he was in her grasp.

With Tucker secured on her shoulder Jessica took the first step on their quest. Along with map Tucker was also bringing along a compass that would be invaluable in helping them find their way using the map. For the first part of their quest they were having to travel South West towards the settlement of Lake Town where the first trial was located. Even at Jessica's maximum size it would still take several days for them to reach Lake Town. Their food would hold up until then and they just hoped that there would be a few inns along the way that they could stay in.

"So I guess this is it," said Tucker as he could feel Jessica taking her footsteps towards Lake Town. He was feeling mixed emotions as he was overjoyed to finally be going on the quest, but another part of him was nervous. "We either return home the richest people in Angleland or return with nothing to show for our efforts."

"Hopefully we'll come home rich and not have too many scars on our bodies," replied Jessica in a pleasant voice. She was trying to be as upbeat as she could, she was somewhat nervous about this quest but as long as Tucker was going she would go with him purely to make sure that he was safe.

"Nah I want scars, all knights have some kind of scars from their time in battle. And besides women love scars, shows a man is tough and that he can take care of himself."

"Or than the man is easy to beat. Scars aren't what make you tough, it is somewhat how you perform in battle but it is mainly all the mind."

"I guess you're right there but I want some action. Juggernaut hasn't seen any real action yet."

"Juggernaut?" She had not heard him mention this word before and at first she thought that he was talking about her.

"Yep Juggernaut is what I've called my sword. Once it is drawn it is unstoppable, I've made sure of that."

"It's not the sword that's unstoppable but the man wielding it. I know that you've been practicing for hours with your swordplay but just remember that it is not the sword that makes the man but the man who makes the sword."

Tucker could see much sense in Jessica's words. It was obvious to him that not only was she the biggest and strongest out of the two she was also the most intelligent. Tucker himself was not stupid by any means but his best friend Jessica was just more intelligent than he was. He didn't mind this too much and he somewhat wondered what he could bring to the quest if she had both brains and brawn. He somewhat felt like he wasn't going to be much use because anything they came up again Jessica would most likely be able to deal with it with relative ease. He had seen in the past when a couple of men were giving her some grief so she flicked them away as if they were insects.

The only time that Tucker had ever seen Jessica really get mad was when one of the older boys had been picking on Tucker when he was younger. The boy had knocked Tucker to the ground and given him a black eye. He thought that he was a goner but Jessica's hand reached down and picked up the boy. She shouted at him so loud that the boy had begun to cry out of sheer terror from the angry giantess. She had not hurt him but the boy had not been the same since, even today whenever he saw Jessica he would flee in terror of her. But straight after Jessica had dealt with the boy she had turned her attentions back to Tucker but rather than being a terrifying giantess she was the sweet and loving person that she truly was. She even took him away so that she could try and make him better, she accidentally bandaged him up so much that he could hardly move. He was not angry at her for doing this, it just showed that she truly cared about him. It seemed that the vast majority of the time she was kind and gentle giantess but if anyone were to threaten or harm him she would show them almost no mercy. She was still fully in control of herself during this time and he doubted that she would seriously harm them but she would certainly let them know how upset she was.

The trek down to Lake Town was going to take a few days even at Jessica's full size. Tucker expected them to have some kind of action more or less as soon as they left Morgan but for the first several hours there was nothing. It was all just miles and miles of nothingness as Tucker could see seas of green fields stretching as far as the eye could see. Every now and again he could see a small village out over the horizon but other than that there was nothing to really grab his attention.

"By the gods this is boring," said Tucker as he continued to look out over the horizon. Most people would marvel over this sight but for Tucker he had seen many times before as he had sat on Jessica on more than one occasion. This sight was nothing new to him. "I want to see some action and yet all I can see nothing. I thought by going out on a quest I'd be fighting goblins and bandits."

"You're so naïve Tucker," replied Jessica with a slight girlish giggle. "You can't expect to be in a fight as soon as you leave Morgan. You've left there a few times over the years and have you ever encountered anyone who you needed to defend yourself against?"

"Well no." He knew that Jessica was once again going to state something that would be obvious to most but in his excitement had forgotten.

"Then just because you're going out on a quest doesn't mean that a thousand bad guys are going to jump on you just like that. Of course quests have excitement in them but the vast majority of the time quests involve walking and that's it. I'm sure that eventually something will happen that'll be worthy of a story but for now this is just the boring part."

"They don't mention that in the stories."

"Of course not, then most of the story would just be the hero walking. A story isn't gonna interest people if the majority of it is just the hero walking, so they just cut that bit out and get to the exciting parts. Or else a story can last for hours rather than just being a few minutes with most of it being a borefest."

"I guess you're right, I just had my expectations high."

"It's fine to have expectations Tucker but don't get them too high. You might want action now but eventually you might get sick of it and be thankful for these periods of nothingness. Besides if you really want some action you can always fight me."

"No I think I'm fine thanks." Tucker could remember the last time he had a play fight with Jessica when she was her full size. It was safe to say that she had physically overwhelmed him in more ways than any man would like to admit.

"I didn't think so." She felt something inside her body and it was a familiar feeling that she had a couple of times a day which was common in every person on the planet. "Oh dear nature calls."

Quickly Jessica unwrapped the hair around Tucker and placed him on the ground. No sooner had she done this she shrank down to her minimum size and stepped off the path. Tucker sat on a relatively large rock while he waited for Jessica's return. He drew out Juggernaut and began to look at it, he thought that he had done a good job in forging it. He even stood up and began to swing it in a sense of him practicing. He pretended that he was some kind of great knight and he still had the words 'Sir Tucker Martel' repeating over and over again in his head. It was a nice little fantasy that he had in his head that he was hoping to make into a reality at some point.

Tucker was so lost in his own little fantasy world that he didn't notice Jessica walking back up to him. She could see him waving his sword as if he was fighting an invisible opponent. Rather than disturbing him she just stood there and watched him with her arms cross and a small smile on her face. He hadn't noticed her even though at her smallest size she was still a towering amazon.

This lasted for a few more minutes before Jessica grew back up to her full size and her shadow looming over Tucker was his first indication that she was waiting for him. As soon as he saw the shadow he turned around and looked up at her. She still looked down at him and to him she completely blocked out the sun that was above her.

"You sure took your time," said Tucker as he sheathed Juggernaut. "I was beginning to worry."

"Oh I've been done for a while, I've just been waiting for you," replied Jessica. "I must say when you pretend to be a great knight you're so adorable."

"Hey knights aren't supposed to be adorable, we're supposed to be brave men with honour. To protect the weak and serve the king. And one day I will be amongst their ranks and everyone will call me Sir Tucker Martel." He struck a dramatic pose to show that he genuinely thought that this might happen. "You have to admit that it has a nice ring to it, come on just say it, 'Sir Tucker Martel.' All the women will want to be with a knight of the realm and I might have to use Juggernaut to please them and I don't mean the sword." He laughed at this little joke but Jessica didn't seem to be impressed. She just stood there and shook her head at him.

"You are one strange little man." She bent down and gently picked him up. "But I guess that you're my strange little man." She once again placed him on her shoulder and wrapped some hair around him for protection. To him her hair felt like silk and he could feel how comfortable it as when it was wrapped around his body. He always felt safe when he was with her, the knowledge that she would never harm him was at the forefront of his mind whenever they were together. Many people who had come across her would always have some amount of fear of her no matter how many times she claimed to be a gentle giantess. He and her family were the only ones who had absolutely no fear of her. "Now shall we continue or do you want me to turn around and return to Morgan?"

"This got the expected response from Tucker so Jessica continued to walk on towards Lake Town. The map that Tucker had purchased indicated that the first trial was located just outside of the town. They would probably go to Lake Town itself first and buy anything that they needed before they undertook the first challenge.

As Jessica continued to walk she felt very happy that she was going to have this life experience with her best friend. She remembered when she was a little girl that she had wanted to play with other children in the village but they were all afraid of her. She was a towering giantess who was growing like a weed and she couldn't help but terrify them. She remembered sitting by the lake that was right next Morgan. She was there crying and feeling sorry for herself, she thought that she would never have a friend in the world.

That all changed when Tucker Martel came up to her and asked her why she was crying, he was just a boy back then who didn't know that there were any dangers in approaching a giantess. In truth there were no dangers and he showed no fear towards her even when he didn't know her. In almost an instant Jessica forgot what had made her so sad and began to talk to him, he treated her as if she was a normal person rather than a freak. It made her feel like she wasn't a giantess but a normal girl. The pair had been inseparable ever since as Jessica knew that she had finally gotten herself a friend and she would stand by his side no matter what happened.

Even though it was spring the weather was still somewhat temperamental. One minute there could be a glorious sunshine and the next there was a downpour which could soak anyone who was unfortunate to get in its way. On their first night on the road it was raining and unfortunately Jessica and Tucker were too far away from a village to be able to stay at an inn so they had to sleep out in the wilderness for this night.

They were able to find a spot underneath a thick oak tree that helped to soak up the rainwater before it reached the ground. It was not completely dry but it was much drier than being out in the open. The temperature was also not too high either but they had come prepared for this as they also had blankets that could keep them warm. It was not the most ideal way of sleeping but they vowed that the next night they would try to find an inn before they settled down to sleep.

An additional method of keeping each other warm was that Tucker and Jessica would sleep very close to each other and their body heat would keep each other warm. It felt a little odd for Tucker to be lying down next to someone that he saw more as a friend rather than a lover. He didn't want to try anything with her, he respected her too much and he knew that she probably wouldn't like it one bit.

It was also funny to feel that Tucker was about to sleep with someone who was so much bigger than him. He had slept with other women in the past and they had all been smaller than him, Jessica was obviously much taller than the women that Tucker had slept with. It almost felt like a role reversal for him but this time there was no hanky-panky going on so to speak.

For Jessica it was easy for her to sleep since the walk had taken quite a bit of energy out of her. It was only minutes after putting her head down that she fell to sleep. Subconsciously while she slept her arms seemed to wrap around Tucker and she brought him close to her body. At first Tucker wanted to break free from the hug but she was too strong for him and a part of him didn't want to hug to end. He was in no danger and he still felt very safe in her arms. He looked up to her face and could see a smile. She was completely knocked out but she seemed to be enjoying having Tucker in her arms. She even rubbed her face a little into the top of his head and it was almost like she was holding a teddy bear.

Tucker was feeling more comfortable being in the arms of Jessica. Her body heat was keeping him warm and her softness was also making him more comfortable. He had removed his armour and Juggernaut so that he would have an easier time sleeping although at first there had been a small rock that was digging into his side. They were a short distance from the road so he hoped that no one would disturb them where they were. And after several minutes of being in Jessica's arms Tucker finally fell asleep.

As Tucker slept he could feel something in his mind, something that he had never felt before. It felt like he had felt a great sadness for years and then he was greeted with overwhelming happiness. He had no idea how this could be, in his life he had never been truly sad although now he was very happy due to the fact that he was going on the quest of his dreams. He could almost see himself standing on top of a mountain made entirely of gold with gold coins as far as the eye could see. The armour that he wore was also made out of gold along with his blade. The sun was shining down upon him and it gleamed on the armour that he was wearing and he felt like he was truly one of the greatest knights that the realm had ever seen.

Suddenly he began to hear his name being called and at first it sounded very distant so he ignored it and continued to pose on top of this mountain. As the moments went by the noise was becoming louder and louder. It wasn't until it sounded like it was coming right near his ear until he responded. The endless sea of gold seemed to disappear and his world went into darkness as he woke up.

As reality began to rush back to him he could see Jessica looking down upon him. Her beautiful face was certainly a welcome sight for any man when they woke up but he was still feeling tired. The sun was shining and the rain had seemed to subside for the moment. She had a somewhat concerned look on her face and she had been worried about him. She had been up for around an hour and had gathered eaten a small amount of the food that they had brought and she was beginning to worry that he wouldn't wake up. Even she admitted that it was a silly fear but with how much she cared about Tucker anything she even felt being abnormal always worried her when he was involved.

"Tucker," said Jessica as she looked down at him. She was sitting up right next to him and she was looking at him with a large hazel eyes.

"W-what is it?" replied Tucker not yet fully awake.

"I began to make you breakfast and if you don't get up we'll lose valuable daylight. I'm sorry to have to wake you up like this but if we're going to do this quest you have to wake up early every morning and get going more or less at the crack of dawn."

"Every morning?" This didn't seem to bold well for Tucker. He had difficulty getting up the previous morning for the quest and now the thought of it happening every day was something that he wasn't particularly looking forward. If he knew Jessica like he did she would make sure that he was awake early every morning. It was not the first time that he had set himself a task and she made sure that he completed it.

"Yep every morning, now I suggest you get up and have your breakfast before we lose more daylight." She gave him a smile. "I made your favourite anyway and if you don't hurry up I might have to give it to the badgers."

In Tucker's mind that would probably be for the best. Jessica was the strongest person that he knew and the kindest, but one thing she wasn't very good at was cooking. She tried her best when it came to cooking but it seemed that no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't get everything right. Once he had eaten a meal that she had prepared for him and he was sick for the next three days.

Rather than declining her Tucker accepted the food that she was making for him. He knew that it would make her happy and if he flat out refused he knew that it would hurt her feelings and the last thing he wanted to do was upset her. Not because he was afraid of her but because he always hated seeing his best friend upset.

An hour later Jessica and Tucker were on their way again on their quest, the breakfast that Jessica had made was barely edible and he was feeling a little sick but he was able to keep it down and tell her that it was the best breakfast that he had ever had. Somehow Jessica could sense that he was lying to her, she didn't know how but something inside her was telling her that Tucker was telling her a white lie. She would have called him out on this but since she knew that he wanted to spare her feelings she didn't make a fuss about it.

The hours of walking were once again utterly boring for Tucker, he had expected every day of the quest to be fun and adventurous but after finding out that the majority of it would probably just be boring he began to wonder if he should have left Morgan. He didn't want to turn back so soon after leaving because people would think less of him for giving up so soon after starting out.

The seemingly boring walk was broken when both Jessica and Tucker could hear a scream. Tucker was the first to hear it and he told Jessica, for the moment she had not heard anything but when they both heard it again they realised that they weren't just hearing things. There was someone in trouble and although Jessica couldn't see where the screamer was she could hear her. The person screaming definitely sounded like a woman and without giving it a second thought Jessica began to move quickly towards where the scream was coming from.

Only a short distance away a peasant woman was back away from a hungry looking black bear. It was growling at her as it moved towards her and she had gotten herself trapped between it and a small rock formation. She had no time to try and climb over it and she screamed thinking that her life was about to come to an end. She was a young woman herself and she thought that she was about to die.

The bear continued to growl at her as it snarled at her. As soon as it was only a couple of metres away from her it reared up onto its hind legs as the peasant woman had her back to the rocks. It was about to slash her until both of them could feel a shudder in the ground, instantly the bear stopped snarling and fell silent. The tremors were getting louder and it felt like they were footsteps rather than actually earthquakes.

It was only a few moments later when Jessica came into view as she stepped over the small trees entered the open area where all the drama was taking place. Both the bear and the peasant woman looked up at the towering giantess before them and both cowered in fear of her. She squatted down at and looked at the pair of them before focusing on the bear that was still standing on its hind legs. She nudged it with her hand and instantly it began to run back from wench it came and it seemed that the danger had passed.

Now that the bear was gone Jessica looked at the peasant woman and she gave the terrified woman a pleasant smile. Tucker even waved at her from Jessica's shoulder to try and help the situation as much as he could. In truth protecting a maiden from a bear was the perfect starting point to becoming a true knight, Jessica for the moment had taken this opportunity from him but he knew that there would be many more opportunities to prove his valour and sword skills.

"Are you alright now?" asked Jessica as she smiled down at the Peasant woman. But for the next several moments there was nothing but silence.

Chapter 3: Lake Town by The Doctor

The woman stared up at Jessica and although the gentle giantess was smiling down at her she could feel wave after wave of terror overcome her body. She was far more terrified of the giantess looking down at her than she ever was of the bear that had just tried to kill her. She had never seen anyone like Jessica ever in her life and the first thing that came into her mind was not a saviour but a monster.

Almost instantly the woman began to run away from Jessica and despite the gentle giantess's protest the woman continued to run and Jessica didn't want to go after her. This was far from the first time that she had this reaction and it wasn't going to be the last. She gave out a small sigh as she watched the woman continue to run. She had intended to scare the bear but never the woman.

"I don't know why I bother sometimes," said Jessica with some depression in her voice. She sat down for the moment of the clear ground in front of her. She didn't want to admit just how much it hurt her the way that people reacted to her. "I try and help people wherever I can and they still call me a monster." She leaned her chin into her hand. "Sometimes I think that I should abandon them to their fate."

"Oh come on Jessica don't feel like that," replied Tucker rubbing his hand against the warm cheek of his best friend. "If you had let her die I know that you would have felt a lot worse about yourself. People are just narrow-minded and they can't see the person that you are inside." He was trying to reassure her as best as he could. For the moment he thought that it was all that he was good for. "Remember what your parents said to you. It is not what's on the outside that makes someone a monster but what's on the inside. One day everyone in Angleland will know that you're a heroine and not a monster. Besides you're too damn pretty to be a monster."

"Thanks Tucker." She was able to turn her head enough to give him a little kiss. It was not a romantic kiss but one of friendship. "You don't know how much that means to me." She gave him a little smile even though there was a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Now shall we continue on or will I have to fly on the back of a dragon?" He had sometimes fantasied about riding a dragon but in truth that was impossible. Many dragons were too dangerous to fly and the ones that weren't were too small to ride.

"Sure thing little guy." Slowly Jessica rose back up to her feet. Normally after being called a monster like this she would instinctively shrink to her smallest size so that she didn't seem to be as much of a threat. Since they still had a quest to continue on with they couldn't shrink herself. "As long as I have you by my side I feel like I can withstand anything. You're a living, breathing reminder that not all people are bad."

"Well I do have my moments."

This caused Jessica to laugh a little and for the moment she forgot about what had upset her in the first place. It was even told in Angleland that laughter was the best remedy to almost any sickness. This was one way that Tucker made himself feel a little more useful in this quest. He planned to show the entire land his soon to be greatness. He could see himself fighting foes twice his size and bringing them down to their knees. He wondered if he would truly have the opportunity to do this or if like with the bear Jessica would just deal with any opponent that they came across.

It was not until the third day of their quest until they saw Lake Town itself over the horizon. The last couple of days had been relatively uneventful although Tucker had tested his skills with Juggernaut when it came to dealing with a wolf. Jessica had allowed him to fend the wolf off himself but she was watching over him ready to intervene if he began to get into trouble. In his mind it was nice to know that she was there to help him if he needed it but it also made him feel that he had a safety net and when it came to swordplay it did more damage than good. Since he knew that he had someone watching over him he didn't need to be as careful as he should.

One thing that was between the pair and Lake Town was the enormous lake itself in which the town had gotten its name from. It was simply called Lake Rock and was easily the largest lake in Angleland. It was the source of a few different myths and legends over the centuries and the most popular was that there was some kind of monster living in the lake even though there had been no official sittings of this so called creature. Lake Town itself was on the far end of Lake Rock and it would only take a short time for Jessica to walk to the town at her full height. However they had already decided that about two or three miles outside of town Jessica would shrink in size and they would travel the rest of the way like that. It was so that there was less chance of their being panic in the town when they arrived. It had happened to her a couple of times and Jessica didn't want to repeat it again. She wanted to seem as normal as possible.

But rather than stepping into town straight away Jessica instead began to step towards Lake Rock itself. Tucker was still sitting on her shoulder and for the moment he had no idea what she was doing, to his knowledge they were going straight to Lake Town so that they could rest up before finding their way to the first trial. He could hear Jessica humming and he had to admit that her voice was somewhat soothing.

"Jessica what are you doing?" asked Tucker as he saw Jessica stepping closer and closer to the lake bank.

"I haven't had a bath since we left Morgan and between you and me I really don't want to smell," replied Jessica with a smile. "And if you have any sense in that head of yours you'll do the same as well."

"Hey knights don't need to bathe, all we do is protect the weak and greater our skills with a blade."

"Maybe in fantasy land but even knights need to bathe on a regular basis and I'm not going to keep carrying you around if you smell." By now she had reached the banks of Lake Rock and she stopped herself from walking into the lake itself. "You can either bathe yourself or I'll bathe you instead."

Tucker couldn't say anything to try and prove his case. He knew that when it came to matters like this Jessica had a very strict policy. His best intentions were in her mind but even so he wasn't looking forward towards it. Tucker did feel Jessica unwrap her hair around him and place him on the ground. No sooner had she placed her best friend on the ground she began to undress herself.

Tucker wasn't sure whether he should be seeing Jessica undress herself as she undid the buttons on the back of her dress. Within seconds Jessica's dress dropped down to the ground revealing her naked body for all the world to see. She didn't mind Tucker looking at her naked body, there were no secrets between them and she felt perfectly comfortable allowing him to see her. He tried to avert his eyes from her body but she just looked down and smiled at him.

"It's alright Tucker," said Jessica as she stepped into the cool water after taking off her shoes. "You're my best friend and you don't have to look away. I trust you completely and it's not like you haven't seen me naked before."

With that Tucker with some reluctance uncovered his eyes so that he could see Jessica in all of her glory and he couldn't help but marvel over her body. Not only its sheer size but also its beauty. She had a slim build and her breast size seemed to suit her perfectly for her body. Her legs were long and elegant, they made up just over half of her overall height. He could see some of the tones of her muscles that she had been able to build thanks to her years of work on her family farm. He could not see her bare feet in the water but he knew that they too were elegant and their size seemed to be irrelevant. With such beautiful figures Tucker couldn't work out how anyone could think that she was a monster.

He stood there and watched as Jessica stepped further into the cool water. Without her dress she couldn't shrink herself so she was stuck had her full size. It almost seemed natural for her to be this size in his mind. The dress was almost like a cage that was keeping her true form from revealing itself. He didn't care how big or small she was, in the end she was his best friend and nothing would be able to change that.

Tucker saw Jessica look back at him when the water level was up to her hips. She had heard that the lake was a couple of hundred feet deep in places and she saw it as a great opportunity to take a swim. This was something that she wasn't able to do very often since the lakes near Morgan were much too shallow for her to swim.

Jessica leaned forwards and allowed her body to slip into the water and she began to swim out closer to the centre of the lake. Tucker could only watch as the majestic figure of his best friend disappeared below the water and he wondered what it was like to be her. A being with an incredibly powerful body and yet such a gentle soul. He rarely ever saw her get angry and it was almost like she was a goddess herself.

Below the water Jessica's vision was somewhat limited but even so she could see fish beneath the water. Most of them began to swim away as soon as they saw her and she saw some that were considered to be big but in comparison to her they were nothing more than goldfish.

In this world Jessica felt more at home, although it was greatly inconvenient for many aspects of her life she felt truly like herself when she was at her full size. She loved being large and would only shrink herself so that she could feel somewhat normal and make people a little more comfortable. If people accepted her as a giantess she would stay at her full size the vast majority of the time. Instead she had been keeping herself small so that people were not as uncomfortable to be around her. True even at her smallest size she towered everyone by at least a foot but even so it was still some way of being normal in their eyes.

Jessica even swam to the very bottom of the lake and down there she could see the wrecks of a few fishing boats that had been unfortunate enough to have sunk. She wondered if the legend of the monster of Lake Rock was true, even if it was she thought that she was big enough to deal with practically anything that came her way. She even brushed her hand next to one of the wrecks and it seemed to break up.

Despite her size even Jessica needed oxygen and what was left in her lungs was beginning to run out. She quickly swam up to the surface and her head broke out of the water and she took a deep breath. Tucker could see her from the shore and he had been getting worried about her. She had been under the water for a few minutes and he was beginning to think that she had drowned. Seeing her coming up to the surface was a great relief and seeing her come up reminded him much of a whale.

He had decided that Jessica was right that he needed to bathe as well. One by one he took off his clothing and armour. One of the last things that he took off was the holster that was holding Juggernaut. As long as he had Juggernaut by his side he didn't truly feel naked. He had heard a tale how one brave knight had entered into battle with no clothing on whatsoever and all he had was his sword. He couldn't remember why the knight didn't have his clothes but it showed that as long as a knight still had his sword he was still a knight.

When Tucker was finally naked he stepped into the water and quickly got out after he realised just how cold it was. He couldn't believe that Jessica could even stand being in water this cold. He was just about to put his clothes back on when he saw Jessica coming towards him. She was slowly walking out of the water and she smiled down at him when she saw that he was naked. She could see that his body was still dry and she was a little disappointed to see that he was about to put his clothes back on. She knew to get him clean she would have to take matters into her own hands.

"Tucker what are you doing?" asked Jessica as she was nearly at the bank. She was smiling down at him and was doing nothing to try and cover her naked body.

"That water's too bloody cold," replied Tucker as he was just about to put his clothing back on. "You might not have felt it but to me it was like ice."

"Oh come on don't be such a big baby." She bent down and picked him up before he could grab any of his clothing. This had taken him by surprise and he began to somewhat struggle, he knew that it was in vain since he knew that he couldn't escape. "The sooner you get into the water, the sooner it'll be over with. It might seem cold now but after you get in you'll see that it's not so bad."

"Hey put me down!" He was trapped in her hand and he saw her turn around and walk back into the water. "I mean it Jessica I don't want to go in the lake."

"And I'm not carrying you around if you smell. You'll have to spend the entire quest in my pocket and you won't be able to see the sunshine or feel the breeze on your face. Besides a clean knight is a happy knight."

Tucker continued to protest as Jessica continued to walk into the water and when it was up to her crotch she gently began to lower Tucker into the water. He was grabbing onto her hand and trying to crawl up her arm but the grip that she had around him was too tight for him to escape. It was not tight enough to give him any discomfort, just to prevent him from escaping.

"I promise I won't let anything happen to you," said Jessica as Tucker was only a couple of metres above the water.

"Please Jessica it's too cold," replied Tucker trying one final time to convince his friend that he didn't want to go in the water.

"Nonsense little man the water is fine."

With that Jessica lowered Tucker into the water and he was shocked at first by the coolness of the water. It was almost like he was being surrounded by ice and he wanted to get out but Jessica still held him there. The water itself at this point was just over sixty feet deep and although he could swim he didn't think that he would get all that far.

After the initial shock of the coldness of the water Tucker had to admit that it wasn't all that bad. It was still colder than he would have liked but it wasn't as bad as he thought it was and at least he could look up at the loving face of Jessica. She also tipped some water over his head so that he could start bathing himself. She contemplated bathing him but she thought that he might see this as being belittling.

"See it's not so bad," said Jessica as she looked down at Tucker. Her pleasant face was more than enough to calm even the most aggressive man. "There was no need to make a scene like that."

"Believe me you don't know what I'd do to make a scene. Besides how can I make a scene when I have you here like this?"

"I guess so, now you better start bathing, I'm getting hungry but I am enjoying having you in my hand like this."

Tucker continued to bathe in the lake and he rubbed the water onto his body. Jessica didn't have a grip on him anymore and instead he was sitting on her hand which was below the water line. She wouldn't let anyone hurt him and all the fish in the lake were too scared of her to try and attack Tucker. There were a couple that could be considered to be man-eaters but none of them were a threat as long as Jessica was here.

It only took a few minutes for Tucker to complete his bathing and as soon as he was finished Jessica lifted him out of the water and she brought him close to her eyes so that she could inspect him of sorts. She wanted to make sure that he was clean and she even wanted to admire his naked body. She could see his penis and although it was not the first time that she had seen it she always liked it. She thought that Tucker was a very handsome man and unlike most other men that she had met he wasn't afraid of her.

"Ok you look clean now," said Jessica with a smile. "Don't you feel refreshed now after taking such a well needed bath?"

"I feel cold," replied Tucker as he rubbed his arms. He wasn't shivering but he still felt colder than he really should be.

"Don't worry about that. You can get put your clothes back on. Well right after you've dried yourself off of course."

Over the next couple of minutes Jessica stepped out of the water and began dry him off by gently rubbing him down with a little part of her dress. She was still naked herself but it was only a small part of her dress that was going to get wet to dry him off so she didn't mind all that much. But as soon as Tucker was dry Jessica put her dress back on and allowed him to dress himself. After that they were more or less ready to carry on but rather than Jessica carrying Tucker she shrank herself down to her minimum size, this was no surprise to him and they carried on with their walk to Lake Town.

Tucker felt a little uncomfortable with the way that Jessica had handled him. He knew that she didn't mean to make him uncomfortable and that she had a heart of gold. For now he would keep this to himself and probably tell her at some point. He did feel safe in her hand and he took comfort in the knowledge that she would never harm him.

The walk into Lake Town itself took just a little over an hour and when they arrived they could see many people in the streets going about their usual business. None had seen Jessica at her maximum size coming towards the town so there was no panic at all. The only thing that many of the townspeople noticed was that she was much taller than everyone else and some even thought that she was wearing stilts. One boy even walked up to Jessica and kicked her in the leg, when he realised that she was indeed extremely tall he ran away.

She didn't seem to mind too much about what the boy had done, he had been young and she accepted that he most likely didn't know any better. In truth it was better than the welcome that she was expecting. She thought that many of the people would probably have started running away from her but she was glad to see that none of them really took all that much notice of her.

There was even a small market in Lake Town and it was bustling with activity. Although it was not as big as the one in Flea Bay it was still large enough for Tucker and Jessica to get almost anything they wanted. Jessica could even see one store that sold dresses but she severely doubted that they would have one in her size.

"Hey you up there," said a voice that caught Jessica by surprise. She looked down and saw a little old woman right by a store that seemed to be selling pieces of jewellery amongst other items. Jessica and Tucker had been walking past it and she had taken an eye to Jessica. The towering woman looked down at the much smaller, older woman who was only around four and a half feet tall herself. "You're such a pretty girl and so tall too. I bet you have to beat the boys away with a stick."

"Why thank you," replied Jessica trying to be nice. She always liked it when someone called her pretty but she didn't like to be reminded that she was tall.

"And I have the perfect item to make you truly a sight to behold." Quickly the old woman picked out a golden necklace that looked to be expensive. The gold on it seemed to glitter in the afternoon sun and Jessica even had to admit that it looked beautiful. "This was forged in the Prime Islands and if you were to wear it you would truly be the most beautiful woman in all the land. You certainly are the tallest at least."

"I'm sorry but I can't afford to buy anything." She tried to give the old woman a smile to show that she wasn't going to buy anything. "All the money I have has to last me a long time and I can only buy it on essentials."

"Oh this isn't for sale. I only reserve this item for the most pretty of individuals and you are by far the prettiest girl that I've seen. You must take it and wear it wherever you go so that people can see your true beauty." She held out the necklace and wanted to put it over Jessica's neck but the height difference was too extreme for her to even make a slight attempt. "Would you be a dear and bend down for me? I am not as tall as I used to be and you are a truly a giant amongst humans."

Jessica did bow down like she was asked and the woman slipped the necklace around her neck. As soon as it was fastened she stood up to her full height again and she couldn't believe that she had just been given a free necklace. From the weight of it she thought that it must have been very expensive. She didn't know if the gold was real or not but even so she had to admit that it looked good on her.

Tucker stood there and looked at the necklace around Jessica's neck. He admitted that it suited her and he knew that she had wanted a necklace but her family had not been able to afford one for her. She never held it against them but seeing her with the necklace made him feel happier. He was a little tired from the walking and wanted to find an inn soon so that the pair could rest up and continue their quest in the morning. He had thought about finding the first trial today but in a few short hours it would be night and would make things too difficult to perform safely. It also gave him and Jessica time to rest up before they left.

"I don't know what to say," said Jessica as she began to feel the necklace in her hand. "Is there nothing I can do in return?"

"There is one thing that you can do for me," replied the old woman. "I would like you to seek the Lord of July and send him a message for me." Underneath a box on the store was a letter enclosed in an envelope. The old woman picked this out and passed it up to Jessica. "Take this to him but there can be no peeking."

"I will do as you have asked me." She gave the old woman a smile as she put the letter in one of her pockets.

"Good, I hope that you have a pleasant journey."

Tucker didn't like the idea of travelling to July. It was one of the main cities located in the Summer Lands that was a couple of hundred miles to the south. In the Summer Lands it was warm there even in the bleakest of winters. In the summer it was considered to be a tropical paradise by many. He admitted that it was somewhere that he would love to visit but he wanted to continue on with the quest and find Three Man's treasure. Then he would go there as the richest man in Angleland rather than a knight.

He thought that it was probably for the best to skip July and continue on with the quest no matter which direction that it took them. But he knew that Jessica wouldn't allow herself to go back on her word. One thing that he did respect about her was that when she said that she would be doing something she would do it. She was a woman of her word and he knew that she wouldn't break it.

The next place that Tucker and Jessica went to was an Inn located at the far end of the town. It was called 'The Silver Fish' and was popular with locals and travellers alike. Unfortunately for Jessica and Tucker there was only one room available and it had one double size bed. The others were all occupied but Jessica didn't mind sleeping in the same bed as Tucker. At least they would be sleeping indoors rather than in the open like the past few nights.

One thing that did annoy Jessica about the inn was that it had low beams. Several times she had to duck to get under these beams and at one point she smacked her forehead off a beam that she had missed. This caused her some annoyance but in her mind it was better than being too tall to fit in the inn itself.

By the time Jessica and Tucker had put their personal effects in the room that night had fallen on the town. And they decided to go down stairs to where people were singing and drinking to their hearts content. There were many men down here who could be called undesirables but they were drinking at their own tables and they didn't seem to want to bother anyone.

Heads did turn when Jessica entered the tavern as they couldn't get over her height. The ceiling was too low for her to stand up straight but there was still plenty of places for them to sit down. Tucker ordered in some ale and brought it to the table where Jessica had sat down at. Even at her minimum size a pint of ale wasn't all that much to drink for her, one advantage of being big was that she could drink many, many pints of ale and not get drunk at all. Tucker on the other hand found it harder to hold his ale and quite a lot of the time he could get drunk on what seemed to be a small amount of ale.

Even though Tucker had placed most of his belongings in the room he kept Juggernaut by his side. He knew that a knight should never be without his sword and with the large amount of undesirables in the tavern he wanted to be sure that he had a decent amount of security by his side.

The inside tavern it was a warm atmosphere with a great fire burning in one of the corners. There were men drinking and singing songs of fair maids and of brave men. Tucker noticed that quite a few of these men had scars on their faces indicating that they had been in sword fights. Many had swords as well hanging from their belts and they looked to be more than capable when it came to using them.

One such individual seemed to walk up to their table without an invitation. The man who approached them was a tall, muscular man with long dark hair and a long beard. He wore what looked to be leather armour and he had a long sword in a carrier strapped to his back. It was obvious to both Jessica and Tucker that he wanted something from them and they seemed to wait for the few seconds that it took for the man to come over to them. When he was close enough instead of standing near the middle of the table he was standing right next to where Jessica was sitting. He gave her a smile revealing his yellow teeth and spaces where he had once had teeth. It was somewhat unnerving to see someone like this and Jessica at first tried to ignore him but his presence was too unnerving for him to be ignored.

"Can we help you at all?" asked Jessica with some curiosity in her voice.

"I believe you can my dear," replied the man. "How about you ditch this skinny bag of bones and hook up with a real man like me. I like my women big and you are by far the biggest woman that I have ever had the pleasure to see. You're taller than even the tallest man I've ever seen and although I might seem small compared to you I assure you I more than make up for it where it really counts."

"No thank you." She tried to be polite so not to completely disrespect him. "I'm sure that there are other women who might be interested though."

"Oh you seem to have misunderstood me, that was not a request."

"And I still have to respectfully decline. You're not my type and besides I only date men who are taller than me." This was a lie but she hoped that it would be enough to make him get the message that she wasn't interested.

"Bullshit little lady, no woman has ever turned me down and I'm not going to let it start now."

"The lady said that's she's not interested," said Tucker looking confident but in reality he was very nervous. "Now why don't you back away and we pretend that none of this ever happened."

Suddenly the entire tavern went deadly quiet as everyone realised what was happening. Almost every person in the Tavern was looking towards the table that Tucker and Jessica were sitting at. They couldn't believe that someone had just told that man to back away. It was obvious to them that the two travellers had no idea who they were talking to and all they could do was wait and see what happened next.

Chapter 4: The Wolf by The Doctor

The long silence seemed to last an eternity as the man glared at Tucker. Never had anyone spoken to him in this manner and he was about to pull out his sword and chop off Tucker's head right there and then. Tucker could see the anger on the man's face and he realised that the situation had become more dangerous than it had been just moments ago. At first it had just seemed that it was a man who was trying his luck but now it seemed that he and Jessica would be lucky to get out of here with their bodies intact.

"What did you say?" asked the man with great anger in his voice. "Did you just seriously tell me to back away? Nobody tells me what I can't do! I am going to have your lady friend here and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!"

"Maybe we can work out some kind of wager," replied Tucker. He was having to think quickly on his feet. An idea did spring to mind but it was very risky. "How about this, we have ourselves a little drinking contest, if you win you can have my so called lady friend here but if I win you leave us be and never disturb us again."

The man stood there for a moment and thought about the proposition. Jessica couldn't believe what she was hearing, Tucker was actually going to challenge this man in a drinking contest and she was going to be the trophy. She didn't like being used like an item like this and she was trying to hide her frustration. She very rarely got angry at Tucker but now she could feel some rage towards him getting bottled up inside of her. She did feel some sense of gratitude however since he was defending her honour and it was the first time a man had ever defended her honour like this.

The man began to laugh and his laugh felt like a blow horn going off. It was so loud that it was difficult for anyone in the inn not to hear it. The man didn't think that Tucker had a hope of beating him in a drinking contest. Tucker was nowhere near as large as him and the man could down more pints of ale than almost any other man in Angleland.

"You got yourself a wager but as soon as I win I'll be giving your lady friend a bastard," said the man with some laughter in his voice.

"If I have my way it'll be sometime before she has her first child," replied Tucker trying to be confident. He was thinking through all the different ways that he could resolve this situation and although he did have an idea in mind it was risky and there was no guarantee that it would work.

"Err gentlemen can I have a word with my friend in private please?" asked Jessica with a somewhat nervous smile on her face.

For the moment this was allowed as Jessica stood up and grabbed the wrist of Tucker. She was holding onto it so tightly that it was causing him some pain. She more or less dragged him to the tavern's restroom which wasn't another more than a wooden box in the ground with a hole on the top. It was in its own separate room so that anyone wanting to do their business did have some privacy.

Almost as soon as the two were in the restroom together Jessica's face turned even more angry and that wasn't just because she felt cramped in the tiny restroom. She stood above him like an opposing figure and although she couldn't stand up to her full height in here it was obvious to Tucker that she wanted him to know that she wasn't happy with him. All he could do was stand there and look up at her.

"Just what in the name of the Gods do you think you're doing?" asked Jessica with a sharpness of rage in her voice. "You're actually going to have a wager that might end up with me being raped?"

"You won't get raped, you'd grow to your full size before he could even lay a hand on you," replied Tucker. He tried to make it seem that the situation wasn't as bad as it actually was. But it seemed to be falling onto deaf ears.

"That's beside the point!" Her voice was a little louder and Tucker noticed her grow an extra couple of inches. "You don't do this to any woman, especially me, I'm supposed to be your best friend and you're using me as if I was a thing. I thought that you were different Tucker Martel but you're just like all the others who see me as a freak."

"It's alright Jessica I have a few aces up my sleeves." He tried to smile up at her in an attempt to calm the towering figure before him. "I would never wager anything like this if I didn't have some kind of plan. You know me by now, I would never do that could get you harmed. You're my best friend and as soon to be knight it is my duty to protect the women, children and the weak against those who wish to harm them. I just ask you if you can trust me on this one, that is all I ask."

Jessica stood there thinking for a few moments and although she was still angry at Tucker she admitted that he was right. He had never done anything to ever put her in harm's way and he most likely would not start now. She still didn't like the idea that he had done something like this without consulting her first.

"Ok but if you pull anything like this again I'm walking us straight back to Morgan and you'll spend the entire journey in my pocket," said Jessica with some anger still in her voice. She crossed her arms and she did shrink those extra couple of inches and was back down at an even eight foot.

"Ok Jessica that's fine. Now I believe I have a contest to win."

Several minutes later both Tucker and his opponent was sitting down at a table staring at each other. Almost everyone in the tavern was gathered around the table waiting to see the contest before them. They couldn't believe that anyone was brave enough to face such a legendary outlaw. The outlaw who Tucker was going to try and out-drink was a black hearted man simply known as The Wolf. He was legendary amongst these parts for his acts of both anger and lust. He took many women against their will and had his way with them. To him Jessica was going to be the next woman to join a very long list.

The bar maid brought over a couple of pints of ale inside wooden handled cups. Jessica was standing quite close to the table but she had to stand behind the crowd so that the others could see what was happening.

The Wolf had a confident smile on his face as he grabbed the handle of his first pint of ale. He brought the ale up to his crackled lips and drank it down in a few mighty gulps and almost like magic the ale was completely gone. Tucker didn't know that a man could drink a pint of ale that fast and he was beginning to have second thoughts about this whole thing. He couldn't back out now since it would mean that The Wolf would try and rape his best friend. He knew that Jessica had more than enough strength to fend him off but he didn't want it to have to go to that.

"You're turn!" stated The Wolf as he placed his empty pint cup on the table with a loud thud,

Tucker picked up his pint of ale and he could see that everyone around him was looking straight at him. He could see the concerned look on Jessica's face and the several missing teeth of the Wolf. He went to put the pint near his lips as if to drink it but with one sudden movement he threw the contents of the cup right in the face of the Wolf. There was a loud gasp from everyone in the Tavern and the Wolf was disorientated for the moment as the ale struck his face. Tucker instantly got up to his feet and struck the Wolf square in the face with the wooden pint cup sending the outlaw crashing down to the ground.

The who event had only happened over the space of a few seconds but the Wolf was knocked out cold and there was an awe of silence as the events began to sink in. Jessica was especially surprised with what had happened, this was a side of Tucker that she had never seen before and she didn't know whether to be glad that he had just knocked out the Wolf or to be ashamed of him. He had done all of this for her and for that she couldn't falter him and she did admit that the Wolf most likely what he had coming to him.

Almost as soon as everyone realised that the Wolf was unconscious they dragged him away as Tucker just stood there. His gamble had paid off because if the Wolf hadn't of been knocked unconscious the situation would have been a whole lot worse. Tucker knew from the start that he most likely wouldn't have been able to defeat the Wolf in a straight drinking contest. He knew that it wasn't really noble to strike an opponent down like this but he was still defending the woman that he cared about deeply. In his mind it made his actions just. At least he hoped that he had knocked some sense into the Wolf.

"Sorry about the mess," said Tucker as he turned his head towards the Bar Maid who was also in disbelief over what had just happened. "Put those ales on my tab would you if you'd be so kind." The Bar Maid nodded at Tucker causing him to smile a little. He then looked at Jessica who looked back at him. "I think its best we hit the sack now my dear I think we've had enough to drink for one night."

Over the next few minutes Jessica and Tucker returned to their room while the Wolf was taken outside of the Inn. He wasn't the most popular man in Lake Town so rather than taking him to the town healer he was left in the street by a well. He had not woken up since being struck by Tucker and from the looks of him it would seem that he would be out for a good few hours.

Inside their room Jessica still wasn't all that happy with Tucker. He was sitting on the bed taking off his boots while Jessica was pacing from one side of the room to the other. She had her arms crossed and was having to stoop because she was still too tall to stand up straight. She was keeping her emotions in check since if she lost her temper she would grow in size. She didn't want to burst out of the inn by accident. Tucker still felt confident with himself after taking the Wolf by surprise. He saw it as a step forward for himself and also it made him happy that he had put down someone as vile as the Wolf.

"What were you thinking Tucker?" asked Jessica with some frustration in her voice. "I can't believe that you would have done something like that."

"I told you that I had a plan and I executed it with perfection," replied Tucker as he took off his boots. "I've seen guys like him in Morgan who think that they can boss people around so I thought that I'd take him down a peg or two. I wasn't going to let him talk to you like that without giving him something to show the error of his ways."

"What if your little plan didn't work? All you would have done was make that ass angry. What would have happened then? I couldn't grow in such a small space and stop him from killing you."

"And what would make you think that he could have killed me? Don't forget it's not exactly like I'm unarmed."

"I know but let's face it you're not the most able handed swordsman in Angleland. What if he had been able to draw his sword?"

"I would have still been at an advantage. I would have been fresh with a good sword in my hand. He would have been drunk, have beer in his eyes and a strong blow struck at his face just moments before. Even then he would still have to have stood up and drawn his sword before he could have tried to kill me but by then I would have already drawn my sword and disarmed him. If he had still been conscious I would have made him apologise to you for what he had been saying, he talked to you as if you were some piece of meat and not an actual person. I won't let anyone talk to my best friend in that manner."

Jessica didn't know what to say. She thought that Tucker had just taken a gamble and hoped for the best. In truth he had thought almost everything through, she could see that the Wolf was beaten even before the contest had started. Although there were times when she thought that Tucker lacked common sense there were times like this that she realised that he had some intelligence. All she could do was sigh and sit on the bed right next to him, even sitting down she still towered above him and she looked down at him.

"I still don't want you to put yourself in danger like that," said Jessica as she allowed her frustration to subside. "I don't know what I would do if anything were to happen to you, you're my only friend."

"And you're my only friend, that is why I couldn't let him talk to you like that. I just wanted to do this for you, I can't count how many times you've gotten me out of trouble and I wanted to do it for you for once. I know it might be an inferiority complex but I just wanted you to know that I'm not just someone who constantly needs protecting, that I'm fully capable of looking after both you and myself. Almost as long as I remember I've always had you watching over me making sure I was safe and I gave you practically nothing back in return."

"But you did Tucker, you were the only kid not to treat me like I was a freak. You were the one who stood by me when everyone else went running. That is more than I could ever do for you, you made me feel normal."

She put her arms around him and embraced him in a hug. It was not the first time that they had hugged but this seemed to be one of the most meaning. It lasted for several moments as both Jessica and Tucker were lost in each other's world. For the moment nothing seemed to matter as they continued to hug. Both had left much behind to go on this quest and right now each other was all that they had.

It was not until just after dawn that the Wolf finally woke up after being struck down by Tucker. For the few moments that he was awake he had no idea where he was or what had happened. One thing that he was certain of was that he had a terrible pain in his cheek. As he began to try and rub over the pain he began to remember the events of the previous night. He remembered having a drinking contest with Tucker before he had ale thrown into his eyes and the pint cup smashed against his face. His confusion began to turn into rage as he pictured Tucker's face in his mind.

Slowly the Wolf got back up to his feet and saw that he was lying just outside the town cobbler. He still didn't know exactly how he got there but that was of little interest to him. All he wanted to do was to get his hands around the neck of the Tucker and to crush his windpipe before having his way with Jessica. That was going to be his prize and after he had finished having his way with her he planned on murdering her just to show that anyone who had a part in harming him would pay a terrible price. All he needed to do now was to go back to the inn and confront the man who was on the top of his hit list.

Inside the inn itself Tucker was unaware of the incoming danger. He was slowly waking up from a nice sleep and found that he couldn't move. Jessica's long and strong arms were wrapped around him and she was still asleep. He tried to move but she was too strong and if anything it only strengthened her grip. She rested her head right on top of his and it seemed that she had a smile on her face.

Jessica herself was dreaming and at first it seemed to be a happy one where she was just the same as everyone else. This was a dream that she had often but suddenly she saw the Wolf in there and he seemed to take Tucker completely by surprise. The villain drove his sword right into the belly of Tucker causing Jessica's poor friend to die instantly. Although it was only a dream to Jessica it seemed very real and when she saw Tucker die it caused her to jolt awake and it seemed to catch Tucker by surprise as well as her grip suddenly tightened around him. He was struggling to breathe and when she realised what she was doing she quickly released her grip and began to turn red.

"Tucker I'm so sorry," said Jessica trying to show that she was truly sorry for what had just happened.

"You don't need to apologise," replied Tucker trying to brush it off as if it were nothing. In truth he had been in a small amount of danger but he knew that Jessica had not meant to do it and that she would never intentionally harm him. "It'll take more than a hug from you to hurt someone like me."

"But still I'm sorry." She tried to give him an apologetic smile. "I guess I'm a hugger when I'm asleep."

"You're a hugger when you're awake as well." He slowly got out of the bed and began to stretch his body. He didn't want to admit that Jessica's hug had made him a little stiff and he needed to perform these stretches to get his body right again. "I'd rather have a woman like you hugging me in my sleep rather than a man stabbing me in the back any day of the week." He bent forwards and backwards doing his stretches. "And if all goes well today we should hopefully complete the first trial."

"I wonder what the trial is, if it is something to do with strength I don't think we'll have a problem there."

"Let's hope it comes to that." He finished off his stretches and took out the map that was amongst his personal effects. "I suspect that the first trial will probably be relatively easy but the others will be harder. It's a classic conception and who would want to spoil a classic?" He laughed for a moment as he placed the map on the bed very near to where Jessica was sitting. Most of her body was still under the covers but that seemed to matter little.

From the look of the map the first trial was just a couple of miles south of Lake Town and the pair could easily be there within minutes if Jessica travelled at her full height. Tucker pointed to where the trial was and there was a lot of confidence radiating in his body. Not just because they were on the verge of finding the first trial but also after the acts that he had done the night before he had more or less gotten a much needed boost.

"As you can see the trial is located right here," said Tucker pointing to the location on the map. "If you make yourself your normal size we could be there within minutes. If you still want to remain your present size it might take us a couple of hours but no more than that I believe."

"If it is all the same to you I'd rather remain like this while we're close to Lake Town," replied Jessica with some sadness in her voice. "I don't want to scare the folks of this town, I don't like scaring people."

"Ok that's fine it just means that we'll be walking for an extra couple of hours but it's a good way of getting exercise. Now before we leave I suggest we get some breakfast and maybe buy a couple of supplies before we leave."

"Sure I think I could eat an entire farm." Both of them laughed at what Jessica had just said not because she was joking but because it was very likely that she could eat an entire farm. The amount of food that she could eat at full size was legendary and it was even thought while she was going through a period of above average growth that even a full size whale wouldn't be able to satisfy her hunger.

Over the next hour Tucker and Jessica ate in the tavern, both had cooked breakfasts and although Tucker ate what seemed to be a normal breakfast Jessica ate one that was large enough to feed two fully grown men and even then she admitted that she had enough room for plenty more. She also drank a full litre of milk and stated that she needed the calcium to help her grow.

Tucker felt almost like a child with what he ate in comparison to his best friend but in truth he wouldn't have had it any other way. He was so used to having a giantess as a friend that it almost seemed odd not to have one. He just sat there and smiled as Jessica finished off the last of her breakfast and gulped down the last few sips of milk. To her it felt good having some nice hot foot in her belly and since it was someone else who cooked it besides her she enjoyed it that much more.

"Did you want me to order seconds for you?" asked Tucker as he looked up at the towering woman sitting opposite him.

"No thanks I think I could probably eat our entire budget away," replied Jessica as she wiped her mouth with a nearby tissue like paper. "Besides I have to watch my figure you know."

This caused both of them to laugh and it was almost like they were normal friends just having a run of the mill breakfast together. They didn't leave immediately after finishing their breakfasts, they allowed a little time for it to go before they decided to set off. Tucker was excited to face the first trial and he began to wonder what it was. He thought that whatever the trial was he and Jessica would be able to get past it with some ease. He thought that nothing would be able to stop them.

Before leaving the inn Tucker and Jessica made sure that they had all of their personal effects, they really didn't want to leave anything behind. However this was the least of their troubles. Trouble seemed to follow them almost as soon as they stepped out of the front door of the inn.

Tucker was the first to step out of the inn and he could see that it was a warm spring day. He was thinking that it was a nice day to continue on with the quest but his happiness began to turn into dread as he locked eyes with a man he had hoped to never see again. Standing about one hundred feet away from him was the Wolf who still had a bruise on his face from where Tucker struck him the night before. He was extremely angry with Tucker and as soon as he saw his prey he almost exploded with rage.

"HEY I'VE GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU!" shouted the Wolf in a very loud and angry voice. He began to step towards Tucker and he took his sword out of its carrier. People nearby began to get out of the way and were in sheer terror of the Wolf. They were just glad that it was not them who would suffer his wrath. "NOBODY DOES A DIRTY TRICK LIKE THAT ON ME AND LIVES TO TELL THE TALE!" At this point Jessica had not yet exited the inn so it was only Tucker who was there. "YOU THINK THAT YOU'RE SO CLEVER PULLING THE WOOL OVER MY EYES LIKE THAT, WELL I'M GOING TO RIP YOUR EYES OUT WITH MY BARE HANDS!"

Tucker was somewhat frightened with the situation at hand but he had to admit to himself that it was he who had brought this about. He still was not going to back down and although Jessica was not yet there to back him up he was still going to engage in combat with the Wolf. It was a good way for him to truly test his skills against an actual opponent who actually wanted him dead. He drew out Juggernaut out and began the relatively short distance between the two. Tucker had already attached all of his armour on, it would protect him from strikes to many parts of his body and yet still gave him room to move.

"AS SOON AS I'M DONE WITH YOU I'M GOING TO FUCK THAT WHORE OF YOURS!" shouted the Wolf was only a few feet away from Tucker.

"I don't think she'd like that," replied Tucker with a small smile on his face. This was not because he was feeling confident. This was so that he could keep his opponent off-guard and possibly even make him angrier. He had learned that when an opponent got angry their strikes would become sloppy and easy to counter. "And after I'm done with you I'm stick my sword right up your arse."

This was all the Wolf needed to lunge towards Tucker and the wannabe knight was just about to raise his sword in time block the shot. The long sword that the Wolf was using required two hands and was very powerful. For now Tucker only had one sword but he could swing his much quicker than the Wolf could so that would give him an advantage in the fight. One thing he did wish that he had was a shield. At least then it would help him defend against the strong blows of the Wolf. Although he was able to block the first strike too many of those could break his wrist and then he would truly be in a world of trouble.

There were a crowd of people watching the fight between the unknown knight and fearsome outlaw. They didn't exactly know what to expect from this fight and they couldn't help but watch, just to see who would come out victorious.

Each time the Wolf tried to slash Tucker with his mighty sword the smaller and more nimble fighter was able to get out of the way. One other thing that Tucker was counting on was the Wolf getting tired. He had forged swords like the Wolf was using and knew just how heavy they were. Even the strongest and most athletic man would eventually get tired and Tucker was just waiting for fatigue to set in before he struck back.

Inside the inn Jessica was just dealing with a couple of errands before she would step out. She was just paying for the breakfast and filling out a little bit of paper work. Due her time as a giantess for the vast majority of her life she did have some difficulties reading and writing but she was still able to sign on a dotted line. She was unaware of what was happening outside while she went through these errands and she didn't pick up that anything was amiss until she could hear shouting outside. At first she thought that it was nothing serious but when she heard the shouting continuing she decided to investigate for herself. The scene that she saw shocked her.

By the time Jessica had actually stepped through the door she could see Tucker and the Wolf deep within a swordfight. So far neither man had successfully landed a strike, that was partially because Tucker had yet to even try to make a strike. She couldn't believe that Tucker would be in a fight like this and not wait for her to at least be by his side. Almost instantly she began to grow in height.

At first her growth seemed to go unnoticed by everyone watching but as her shadow began to loom over them the townspeople turned around and looked up at the growing woman in front of them. Many of them began to panic and run while the Wolf just stopped in his tracks and a wave of terror overtook his body. Tucker could also see the shadow developing over them, rather than being happy to see his friend he was actually upset. This had been his first chance to truly test his skills with a blade and by growing Jessica had ruined the fight for him. He wasn't sure whether he could have won the fight or not but it seemed that he was never going to find out.

It only took a few additional seconds for Jessica to reach her full height and she bent down and picked up both Tucker and the Wolf. The Wolf himself was terrified at this moment in time, never did he think that the woman that he wanted to have his way with could turn into a towering giantess like this. The look on her face was far from happy and he knew that he was most likely going to be subject of her wrath.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" asked Jessica with a very angry voice. She didn't care at this point what others might think of her. She wanted to get the point clear that she wasn't happy. "You're trying to kill my best friend and I won't let that happen, not while I'm still breathing. If I was a bad person like you I'd crush you right now in my hand, but you're lucky that I'm not. Instead I'm just going to put you on here." With that she placed the Wolf on top of the Inn. Unfortunately for him it didn't look like he had any clear way of getting down. "I guess this'll give you time to think about what you've done and if I hear that you're still up to these ways I will come back and believe me the next time I won't be so gentle. Do you understand?" This got a little nod out of the Wolf who was sitting on the roof, everything was happening so fast that he was dumbstruck. "Good now I hope you come out of all this a better person."

Jessica began to walk away and she felt glad that she had more or less saved Tucker again. Tucker himself was not too happy about her interrupting the fight. He wanted to have seen it to the end and maybe he might have gotten a scar out of it but it would still have been a trophy in his eyes. Something to show that he had been in a swordfight and had walked away from it with his head high. Having Jessica save him hurt him more than any scar and right now he was not very happy with his best friend.

Chapter 5: The Start Of The First Trial by The Doctor

Jessica continued to walk south away from Lake Town and towards the source of the River Red. She knew which direction that she needed to go but one thing that she did notice was that Tucker was unusually quiet. She thought that she had just saved him from the Wolf and she thought that he would have been happy. Instead he had barely spoken a word since the incident and she didn't know what was wrong. For the moment she allowed him to be like this as she continued to walk on. She knew that they wouldn't be welcome again in Lake Town due to her growing to full size and this meant that all they could do was carry on walking.

One thing that Jessica also noticed was that the golden necklace that had been given to her by the old lady had somehow grown with her when she increased her size. In the past jewellery had never grown with her until now. She didn't know whether this was because the necklace had magic properties or that she had somehow unlocked the ability to make things grow with her that wasn't her dress or shoes.

These were all questions that she would have to answer later but as she continued to walk Tucker was still not talking to her. She was starting to begin to get worried and she stopped for a moment and brought him up to her level. He had been sitting in her oversized hand and for once he was not pleased to see her pretty face in front of him.

"What's wrong Tucker?" asked Jessica as she took a good look at him. "You've barely spoken two words to me since we left Lake Town."

"You shouldn't have done that," replied Tucker with a hint of annoyance in his voice. He was hiding just how annoyed he was with his best friend right now.

"Done what exactly Tucker?" She was confused and she really wanted to know what he was talking about.

"You shouldn't have broken up the fight like that. I could have taken that guy down myself, I had the situation under my control and then you came along and broke up the fight. Do you know how that makes me feel? All those people were there expecting to see a soon to be knight defeating a man with an anger problem. But instead you stopped the fight before I could even land a blow and now they all think that I depend on you to win my battles."

"They don't think that."

"But I do, how can I prove myself if you keep interfering in my battles before I even get a chance to show what I can do. For once could you let me fight my own battles so that I can have some sense of adventure."

"If you had lost that battle you would have been killed for sure. I saw the anger in that man's eyes and if you had made just a single mistake he would have cut you in half and that was something I wasn't going to allow."

"I wouldn't have died, I would have defeated him."

"You didn't look like you were doing very well."

"That was because I was letting the big brute tire himself out. I would have waited for fatigue to set in before I struck. The sword that he was using was too heavy for him to swing around for too long. I was just waiting for my moment to strike until you grew and picked us both up."

"Well maybe next time I won't do anything and I'll just let him slice you in half." She was becoming annoyed and she was saying things that she truly didn't mean. Deep down she would never allow something like that to happen but Tucker was beginning to get on her nerves. She knew that she had done the right thing and she didn't like it that Tucker hadn't even said thank you.

"Next time you should so that everyone knows that I don't have to hide underneath your skirt every time I run into danger. What kind of knight would I be if I had to run to a woman every time I saw a threat?"

"The kind that will still be alive. You know that I would never willingly allow you to face danger. I would be a bad friend."

"Babying me isn't going to make me prove that I'm a knight. If anything it's only going to hinder me."

Jessica was starting to become somewhat annoyed at Tucker. He wasn't being thankful for her saving him and it seemed that he was biting her head off over it. If he was anyone else she would have put him down and simply walked away but there was one thing that she could never do to her best friend. Instead she frowned at him and brought him a little closer to her face.

"Fine if you wanna show that you're a big strong man the next time that you face danger I won't save you," said Jessica in an irritated voice. "Will you be happy with that at least?" She saw that Tucker was a little scared of her right now but at this moment in time she was too annoyed with him to really care.

"Yeah that's fine by me," replied Tucker trying to hide just how intimidated he was by his best friend.

"Good now I don't want to have this conversation again."

This had been one of the few arguments that they had had and Tucker was just glad that it was over. He had seen how strong Jessica was and he didn't want to see that strength first hand. He knew that she would never do anything to hurt him although he knew that people could do a lot of things that they wouldn't normally do when they were angry. Some years ago in Morgan a man had found his wife sleeping with another man so he chopped the manhood off the adulterer and then fed it to the pigs. This was an extreme case however and he still thought that he was safe with Jessica no matter how angry she got with him. He could at least depend on her for that.

Jessica was having to walk through woodland to get to the location of the first trial. The map that Tucker had indicated that it was at the source of the River Red. Tucker's compass was able to point them in the right direction. The two barely spoke unless it was Jessica asking if she was walking in the right direction.

One thing that did happen while Jessica was walking that a little bird landed on her nose. To her the bird no bigger than an insect but she did feel a little honoured that it had landed on her nose. It showed that the bird was not afraid of her unlike the many people that she had met over the years. It even let her pat it on the head with her index finger before it flew away so that it could find food.

It was only a short time later that Jessica came across something that seemed to be somewhat suspicious. She had arrived at the small streams that made its way to the River Red itself and there she saw what seemed to be a hole in the ground. From where she was it was too small for her to have a good look at it so she placed Tucker on the ground right next to it and she shrank herself to her minimum height.

It was obvious to the pair now that this hole in the ground seemed to lead down into what seemed to be a tunnel. There was a series of steps that could take a person down under the ground and from the moss growing on the stone steps both Jessica and Tucker could see that they had been there for some time.

"I guess this is the way to the first trial," said Tucker as he looked down. He couldn't see the bottom of staircase and there was a hint of fear overcoming his body as he looked down. He didn't know what was down there but it seemed to be in the place that the map had specifically pointed out.

"Maybe or it could be a dungeon," replied Jessica as she tried to look down but she had the same problem as Tucker. "My dad says that they're scattered all over Angleland. "I wonder how deep it is."

"Well there is one way to find out." Right next to Tucker was a rock roughly the size of a golf ball and he threw it down the staircase. The pair stood there in silence as they listened to the rock roll down the staircase and with each passing second it got quieter and quieter and when they heard it hit the bottom it was obvious to both of them that the staircase went down a very long way. "I guess that's our answer, now don't hit me for stating the obvious but I think its best that we have some kind of light before we go down there."

Jessica only nodded as Tucker picked up a long but sturdy stick while Jessica used her height to reach some dry leaves on a nearby tree. With a piece of string they were able to wrap the leaves into a ball and place it on top of the stick. Tucker then used two rocks that he had picked up from home and he was able to use them to set the leaves alit and create a torch so that the pair could see down the dark staircase.

Tucker was the first to head down the steps with Jessica directly behind him. He also had Juggernaut in his hand and with each step he walked he took great care just in case the neck step had part of it chipped off causing him to fall down. As they descended further and further down into the steps the sunlight of the surface faded away and they would have found themselves in darkness if not for the torch that Tucker was carrying.

The staircase seemed to be going down in a spiral manner and the ceiling above them was relatively low so Jessica had to be careful not to strike her head. This was one of the times that she wished that her minimal size was closer to being average height. She was thankful however just to be able to shrink to this size, if not for her dress she would be stuck at her full size and she wouldn't have been able to follow Tucker down here. She said that next time he faced danger that she wouldn't help him but she was still very concerned about her best friend and she still didn't want him to be harmed.

With every step the pair took they hoped that they would reach the bottom soon but the stairs seemed to go on and on with no end in sight. It was still too dark for them to see the bottom but from the walls that they walked passed they could see writing on there in a language which was completely alien to them. It seemed to be from some kind of dead language that had largely been forgotten by everyone in Angleland.

One thing that Jessica did do was lay on of her hands on Tucker's shoulder. This was so that they didn't lose each other and if by some accident that Tucker dropped the torch at least she would still know where he was. Both of them had never walked up or down stairs as long as these and they almost thought that they were never going to reach the bottom.

After several minutes Tucker reached what he soon realised was the bottom of the stairs. At first he wasn't sure but as he held his torch up high he could see that they were indeed at the bottom of the stairs. He was relieved to find that they were at the bottom and he needed a moment to catch his breath.

"If I have to walk up or down a step again in my entire life it'll be too soon," said Tucker as he began to catch his breath.

"Hey it wasn't all that bad," replied Jessica not showing too much fatigue. "You can't tell me that you're tired after that?"

"My legs aren't as long as yours, I can't walk as fast as you."

"Hey when it comes to stairs I took just as many steps as you. Face it Tucker you're not as fit as you like to think."

"A knight doesn't have to be fit to use a sword."

"But it certainly does help." She paused for a moment as she tried to take a look around but unfortunately the light from the torch wasn't very bright and she could barely see anything. "So what do we do now?"

"I guess we keep going until we find what we came for."

Tucker went to lead Jessica on but he noticed something on the wall. Hanging from the wall was an unlit torch. He didn't think that it would do much good but he still used his torch to light it up so that he and Jessica would have some more light. As he lit the unlit torch much to his surprise as it lit up several more torches down a long tunnel began to light up as well. The entire process only took a few seconds but when it was finished the entire passageway was lit up brightly.

The sudden lighting of so many torches had caught Tucker and Jessica completely by surprise and it was obviously to both of them that this was not normal. There was some kind of magic behind all of this, they were just thankfully however to have light leading the way for them.

"I guess I won't be needing this anymore," said Tucker as he dropped his own made on the ground. He still kept a hold of Juggernaut in case anything decided to try and jump out at him. In an area like this Jessica wouldn't be able to give him that much protection since she could just about stand to her fill height without her head hitting the ceiling. She couldn't grow any bigger here so her gigantism would be of no help.

"I think we're on the right path," replied Jessica as she looked down the passageway. "I don't think that torches magically alight like that in any old tunnel."

"Well there is only one way to find out my dear." He had a smile on his face at that moment in time. "An adventure awaits."

With that Tucker and Jessica began to walk down the passageway but they were careful with exactly where they were going. The passageway was likely to have some kind of booby trap and neither wanted to lose a foot or activate a spiked wall. They could see a couple of pieces of scrap metal on the ground that obviously belonged to someone who had ventured down here before them. They had no idea what could have happened to that said individual but they were certain that there was danger ahead of them.

"I can't believe that we're actually close to the first trial," said Jessica as she walked just behind Tucker. She was still somewhat angry at him for what he had said to her but her astonishment seemed to outweigh her anger.

"I can, I've been dreaming about something like this for years," replied Tucker with a smile still on his face. "This is only the first of three trials before we find Three Man's Treasure and become the richest people in Angleland. Do you know what you want to do with your share yet?"

"I didn't come for the treasure, I came to be with my friend and make sure that he didn't bite off more than he could chew." There was much truth in her words, she did want to use some of the treasure to maybe buy a place of her own along with a couple of other things but she was not interested in being extremely rich. She wanted to be with her friend and that was as much as she cared about.

"The more treasure for me. I'm going to buy myself some land and actually be called a Lord. To tell you the truth I still prefer to be called Sir Tucker Martel but being called a Lord is definitely nice. Wouldn't you want to be called Lady Jessica Snape?"

"Well I already am a lady, I don't have to have a title to be a lady."

"Suit yourself." Suddenly Tucker heard what sounded like rattling metal that caused him to stop dead where he was. He looked around to see if he could see where the sound was coming from but he could see nothing. The passageway before him was straight and there was no other passageways connected to it. "What was that?"

"What was what?" She had not heard anything and so there was no concern within her. She could see that Tucker was beginning to get a little worried and she knew that he had heard something.

"That!" He heard the sound again and this time he extremely tall friend heard it as well and she turned her head around to see if she could see anything from the way that they had come. "That's not just me going crazy is it?"

"No I heard something too." She heard the rattling sound again but this time it seemed to be louder than it had been before. "Whatever it is it seems to be closer." She wanted to grow and provide some form of protection but there was simply no room for her to grow and she had promised Tucker that she would not try and protect him from the next threat.

Before the eyes of both Jessica and Tucker they saw the pieces of metal seeming merging together and it was obvious to Tucker that the pieces of metal were in fact pieces of armour. They were helpless but to watch as the armour began to build itself and it even had its own sword and shield to go along with it.

The armour stood about six and a half feet tall and was built for a very large man. It made almost no sound and with the visor down it was impossible to see if there was a face behind it. The only thing that they could see were two glowing eyes coming through the visor and it was enough for both of them to begin to reconsider their choice in going on this quest. This was something that they had not been expecting and most likely they were in for the fight of their lives.

"What is that thing?" asked Jessica as she stood behind Tucker. She was still stronger than an average person but she still thought that she was useless in such a small space. It was one of the downfalls of her powers.

"I can only guess that it is some kind of guard," replied Tucker with a smile creeping onto his face. This was the excitement that he had been craving and this time he knew that Jessica wouldn't be able to help him. "Most likely it is part of the trial but this shouldn't be too much of a problem for me. Now step back fair maiden and watch as a true knight protects you from the forces of evil."

Jessica had no choice but to take a few steps back as Tucker approached the suit of armour. He still found it hard to believe that it seemed to move all by itself. This was something that he was going to put out of his mind for the time being so that he could deal with the task at hand. This was what he had left Morgan for, so that he could feel the excitement that he wasn't getting there.

The armour was the one to strike first but Tucker was able to use Juggernaut to block it before it came anywhere near hitting him. He made sure to move fast since he guessed that due to the size of the armour that it relied more on strength rather than speed. He went to jab it a couple of times while he was moving around but the armour seemed to use its shield each time to block the jab.

One blow came very close to striking Tucker and he was able to dodge out of the way just in the nick of time. If he had been a fraction of a second slower he would have been killed instantly. There was a slight gasp of shock from Jessica as she watched him fighting this enchanted armour by himself. She was hoping that he would win but she thought that there was a good chance that he would fall. It would break her heart to see her best friend killed but she still thought that she was powerless to help. Her heart was beating at a very fast rate and there was much uncertainty in her mind.

One thing that Tucker knew that he had to do was to remove the shield from the armour. As long as it had that in its hand it could just keep blocking his blows and eventually he would be too exhausted to continue. He would have thought that the armour would get tired too but he knew that there was no one inside the armour so fatigue wasn't going to be an issue for it at all.

"Come on Tucker you can do this," thought Tucker as he tried to use his superior speed to manoeuvre around the armour and strike. "So this is a magic armour that doesn't get tired and can seemingly block all of my attacks. It has to have some kind of weak spot, nothing is perfect so it has to have some kind of weakness."

His blows were repeatedly being fended off by the armour and he was beginning to get tried. He knew that the moment that he gave into fatigue was the moment that he was going to be killed. He didn't want his life to end here and especially in front of Jessica. He would have to win in almost any way that he thought would succeed but for the moment he could see no chinch in the armour.

One thing that Tucker did try was a fast attack that he had tried on dummies during his spare time. He went to attack low causing the armour to guard around its legs but with its shield down Tucker quickly moved his sword up and sliced off the head of the armour. The helmet fell to the ground and he thought that he might have won. In most cases a decapitation was enough to win in any fight. This was different however as the armour seemed to be still be moving as if nothing had happened. It went to slice Tucker and in his surprise he was only just able to get his guard up at the very last moment. He took a leap back so that he could create some distance between himself and the armour. The battle looked to be hopeless and he wasn't even sure that he could get anywhere near defeating this armour.

There was one thing that Jessica had noticed during the fight. A couple of times she had seen the back of the armour as it turned to face Tucker each time that he moved. She noticed something on its back that didn't seem to be normal. She saw that it had some kind of small gem on its back and even she knew that was not normal on the back on any armour. She knew that it would be interfering but this time she thought that Tucker wouldn't mind since she wouldn't be attacking it.

"Tucker there's a gem stone on its back!" shouted Jessica so that her friend could hear her. "Try and aim for that."

Tucker looked over at Jessica and instead of speaking he gave her a quick nod before he focused on the armour again. He had learned that during a fight that he couldn't allow himself to be distracted even for a moment since it would most likely be his last ever mistake. He had taken in Jessica's words and was going to use her advice the best that he could. He even found it unnerving that he was fighting a suit of armour with no head. It almost felt like he was fighting a ghost.

With a renewed goal Tucker tried everything that he could to try and move around the armour and strike the jewel on its back. This was difficult since he had not actually seen the jewel itself and getting around such a large suit of armour was extremely difficult. The fact that the armour was constantly attacking him didn't make the task any easier for him and he had to rely on his speed to get the task done.

An idea did pop into the head of Tucker. He thought that rather than trying to move around the armour while it was on guard he would try and do it after it unleashed a powerful attack. He knew that if the armour tried to use a powerful attack like a strong slash that he would be able to dodge out of the way and then move behind it within a handful of seconds. Then he would be able to attack the hopeful weak spot of the armour.

Jessica was very nervous as she watched the fight. Even though she had promised to stay out of it completely if she thought that Tucker was going to die she would do everything that she could to prevent his death. She wanted to respect his wishes but she would try and save him only as a last resort. She could see some sense in what he had said earlier but she still couldn't understand the whole male ego. It was something that she knew wasn't unique to Tucker but she couldn't understand why a man didn't want to be saved by a woman whenever they were in trouble. She had always been bigger and stronger than every man she met, ever since she was a young girl. She had also been protecting Tucker ever since they had become friends and he had never been ungrateful towards her for getting him out of a tough situation.

Rather than trying to attack the armour straight away Tucker held back in the hopes that the armour would unleash the powerful attack that he was hoping that it would. It was also giving him a little time to recover some of his energy and spot anything else that needed help. When he had been trained by Sir Thomas Parker the old knight had told him that he should always try and spot a weak point in an opponent. No opponent was invincible no matter how powerful he seemed.

The armour did try to attack him a couple of more times but they weren't the powerful attacks that Tucker was hoping for. He decided to give the armour a fake jab so that it would be coaxed into making the strong attack that he wanted. He quickly went to stab the armour but pulled back Juggernaut when it was close to striking the shield of the armour. This caused the armour to launch the powerful attack. It held its sword up high and went to unleash a powerful slash that Tucker was able to dodge around. With the energy that he had left he was able to dart around the armour and almost instantly he saw the gem that Jessica had pointed out. It looked to be a small sapphire like gem that would look to have some value to it but Tucker knew that it needed to be destroyed.

With only moments to react Tucker stabbed Juggernaut right into the gem and it took almost no effort to smash the gemstone into tiny pieces. The armour began to cry out an inhuman sound of pain as there was a bright blue glow coming out of its back. Almost instantly it dropped its sword and shield as it continued to cry out in pain. Both Jessica and Tucker took several steps away from it as it looked like it was about to explode.

Tucker was taking a few steps back towards Jessica and she could see that the armour was close to exploding as it continued to radiate the blue light and she had to think quickly. She thought about taking Tucker's hand and running but she thought that they wouldn't have that much time.

Instead Jessica began to grow as much as she could in such a confined space and she lay down right on top of Tucker. He had no idea what she was doing as she covered him completely with her growing body. She grew as much as she could but eventually the walls and the ceiling of tunnel compressed her growth and she had to stop herself. The whole process had only taken a couple of seconds.

No sooner had she grown as big as she could the armour seemingly exploded and Jessica closed her eyes. She thought that she was going to experience a huge amount of pain as she knew that the explosion was coming her way. She didn't even know if she was going to survive or not but as long as Tucker survived that was all that she cared about. She knew that it went against what she had agreed to do but she knew the severity of the situation and that her best friend could die.

The explosion of blue energy raced towards her at an almost impossible speed but before it could strike her a strange golden energy shield seemed to protect her and kept the explosion at bay. Jessica had her eyes closed at the time and didn't see the shield. The explosion only last for a few moments before subsiding and as soon as it was gone the energy shield that had protected her disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared.

With the explosion seemingly over Jessica slowly opened her eyes to see that she was still alive and miraculously unharmed. She could feel Tucker beneath her and she realised that he was probably struggling to breathe underneath her enormous body. Slowly she began to shrink herself and when she was small enough she stood on her knees so that Tucker could breathe again. He had heard the explosion and knew that she had put her body and possibly even her life on the line for him. He quickly got up to his feet and at Jessica's current position the two were almost the same height.

"W-what the hell just happened?" asked Tucker with some confusion. Everything had happened so quickly that he was almost dumbfounded.

"That thing just exploded after you struck its weak spot," replied Jessica still not standing to her full height. She wanted to seem like she was looking at him eye to eye for at least a little while. "I know that I promised to stay out of the way but I thought that explosion would hurt you, maybe even kill you."

Tucker wanted to be angry that Jessica had once again interfered when he was in danger but this time he saw that she had a valid reason. He did defeat the armour with only a minimal amount of help from her but even he didn't think that he would be able to survive an explosion like that. He was even surprised to see that Jessica was completely unharmed. He knew that she was very durable when she grew but even she wasn't invincible. This was something that was giving him reason for thought.

"Thank you Jessica," said Tucker with a smile on his face to show his best friend that he wasn't angry. "I owe you my life again." He gave her a little kiss on her cheek and this caused the very tall woman to blush. It also caused her to grow a few inches and she tried to hide how much she had enjoyed the kiss. "Now shall a good knight help his friend up to her feet?" He held out his hand as Jessica's much large hand gently grabbed it, her long fingers were able to encase almost his entire hand.

"You may good sir knight," replied Jessica playing along with him. This was something that they used to play along when they were younger. This brought a smile onto her face as she began to stand up to her full height.

Much to her surprise when she did stand up her head hit the ceiling of the tunnel. There was a fairly loud thud as her head struck the ceiling and she realised that the small growth spurt that she had was enough to make her too tall to stand up properly. She gave a somewhat high pitch ouch sound before she reduced her height by the few inches that she could to make herself an even eight feet tall again.

Chapter 6: Brains Not Brawn by The Doctor

Jessica felt a little embarrassed about hitting her head on the ceiling. It wasn't the first time that it had happened and most likely it wouldn't be the last. What had made her embarrassed was that Tucker kissing her had made her grow those extra few inches to make herself too tall for the tunnel. She knew that she would grow when she was angry but it also seemed that she also grew when she was getting the affections of someone that she cared about. She was still blushing from the kiss and she tried to put it down to just being embarrassed.

One thing that neither Jessica nor Tucker knew about was how she was able to survive the explosion without a single scratch on her. When the explosion had taken place she had her eyes closed at the time and had failed to see the energy shield protect her from harm. It was likely that without that field she would not have survived the explosion.

One thing that Tucker did do was walk towards where the armour had been but now all that was left was a few shards of metal, a sword and the shield that it had been using. Since the explosion had been energy based rather than fire there were no scorch marks at all. This did surprise him somewhat but it also meant that the shield was perfectly intact. There were a few marks on it from where he had struck it during the battle but other than that it was in perfect working order.

As soon as he picked up the shield he noticed that it seemed to be both light and strong. He had heard of a metal like this but it was so rare that he nor his family of blacksmiths had never been able to use any. The shield was easily worth its weight in gold so Tucker strapped it to his back. The shield itself had a ram's head painted on the front and he wasn't sure if it was just a simple design or a house emblem.

At the same time Tucker took out the map to Three Man's treasure and he was expecting it to be updated so that they would know where to go next. He thought that the armour had been the trial that both he and Jessica had come down for. He unrolled the map and expected to see an update but instead he saw that nothing about it had changed. He stared at it for a few moments waiting for the update to happen but there was still nothing. He was confused and began to look on the front and the back expecting to see something different. Unfortunately there was still no change.

"Nothing's different," said Tucker as he desperately looked at the map. "There's nothing different, we completed the first trial, the map should have updated itself and yet it looks exactly the same."

"Let me take a look," replied Jessica as she stood over him. She was easily tall enough to see over his head and down at the map that he was holding. She could also see that there had been no change whatsoever and she wasn't sure exactly what would be happening now. "Yeah it does look the same, I guess either that walking pile of scrap metal wasn't the first trial or you've been conned out of your hard earned gold."

"That has to be it, that armour wasn't the trial." A huge smile appeared on his face as he thought that was the only explanation. He had ignored Jessica when she said that he could have been conned. His mind was too focused on the fact that she said that the armour wasn't the first trial. "I thought it was too easy, if the trials were this easy the treasure would have been found years ago."

"It didn't look easy and if I hadn't of shielded you, you could have died." She crossed her arms as he turned around to look up at her.

"Don't you get it my very tall friend, the first trial has to be further on. The map has led us true so far and as soon as we complete the trial we will find out where the next one is. We'll be up to our eyeballs in treasure in no time."

Jessica wanted to say something to try and make him see some sense but she knew that when he was like this that almost nothing could stop him. She just gave him a smile and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Ok Tucker just calm yourself down and keep going," said Jessica with the smile on her face still evident. "We're not going to be finding anymore treasure if we stand around here and get overexcited."

"Sure thing Jessie," replied Tucker as he took a deep breath so that he could calm himself. "Would you like me to hold your hand as we walk?" He was merely trying to be a gentleman and was also having a little fun with his best friend.

"That won't be necessary little man, I should be alright walking by myself."

"Your loss, when I'm the richest man in Angleland the women will be flocking to me from every corner of the land. From North Spike to South Spike, from Port Phillip to Dole Harbour and you will be the attraction of every man."

"I don't think so somehow, I think many men are turned off by a woman who's taller than they are and can become big enough to make them look like a bug."

"I wouldn't mind that, just remember it's not what's on the outside but what's on the inside that counts. That's what my mom always used to say to me."

"And she sounds like a very wise woman." She gave him another smile as she realised just how much Tucker didn't mind her size. She thought that he might be a little afraid of her as a giantess but she could see that it never bothered him at all. She saw that he was a man who didn't fear her in anyway.

Before they delayed any further the pair continued to walk down the tunnel and they expected to find something soon that would be the first trial. The shield that Tucker was wearing was a little strange for him to carry. He had never carried a shield that was this size and yet still felt so light. He thought that even if this quest led to naught that he could at least sell this shield and probably live off that. He thought that he would give Jessica a portion of the sale since she had been sticking by him for all of this time. He didn't know many women who would be able to put up with him and all the craziness he seemed to attract to him. His dreams of adventures had not won him many friends in his childhood but Jessica was always there for him no matter what.

The torches down the tunnel were still alit and they found it strange how all the torches had come on all of a sudden when Tucker had lit up a single one. It was doubtless to both individuals that there was magic involved in this tunnel. The armour that Tucker had battled was the icing on the cake and they were beginning to wonder what other surprises would be coming their way in the near future.

Their surprise came when after walking for several minutes they came to what seemed to be heavy stone door. Each door looked to wear several tons and it looked to be impossible to open. With his ego Tucker decided to try and open the doors himself but as he pushed he discovered not so much to his surprise that they wouldn't budge an inch. He pushed them for several seconds but nothing happened and he realised that he efforts weren't getting him anywhere.

The doors themselves were beautifully decorated with stone carvings of woodland animals and even a fish. Whoever had carved these doors had been done so beautifully that it was hard to believe that human hands could construct such a work of beauty. It had no signs of wear and it looked as if they had only been carved yesterday.

Jessica decided to try herself and she pushed against the doors much like Tucker had but once again she wasn't having much luck. Even at her smallest size she was stronger than him and yet the doors still refused to open. She even decided to lie down on the ground and place her feet on either door. She made sure that Tucker was safely out of the way as she began to increase her size so that the pressure of her growing body would push the doors open. At first there was nothing as she grew to twenty feet and her head was moving further from the door but her feet stayed in the same place. They were lengthening and expanding as was expect and yet the door still refused to budge.

Although Jessica was lying down her growing body was beginning to get close to the ceiling and she was widening as well. She tried not grow until the torches on the wall began to burn her dress. If she lost it down here she would instantly grow to her full size and then she would be in real trouble.

The combination of Jessica's strength and the force of her growing body didn't seem to cause the doors to move an inch. She had never come across anything like this, she had never known her strength fail her. Even with the supposed weight of the door she thought that she would have been able to move it even a little but the doors might as well have been a light breeze rather than a growing giantess trying to open the door.

Eventually when Jessica was roughly sixty feet she admitted defeat and began to shrink herself. She had been running out of room and she thought that even if she were full size that she wouldn't have been able to open the doors using her strength. Tucker had his back to one of the walls so that he wasn't accidentally crushed by his best friend but as soon as she was her minimum size he helped her back to her feet.

Both of their efforts had failed and it seemed that their quest had come to an abrupt end. There had to be a way for them to open the doors but judging from the area around the door there was no indication about how they were going to do that. Tucker was the one who was most desperate in his attempts to find some kind of clue. He was on his hands and knees and rubbing the floor trying to find something that would open the doors. Jessica just looked at him for a few minutes before squatting down and placing her hand on his shoulder At first he didn't seem to notice that she had done anything but as she kept her hand there he slowly looked towards her.

"Tucker please your embarrassing yourself now," said Jessica with a somewhat stern voice. She wasn't trying to be mean to him but she wanted him to have reality slap him in the face. "Rubbing your hands on the ground isn't helping anyone."

"But there must be something here," replied Tucker with some anxiety in his voice. "Something that will open these bloody doors. We can't have come all this way and fail because some fucking door refuses to open."

"Tucker you're thinking too small, no one designs a door that can't be opened because then what's the point. Maybe it isn't brute force or some kind of trick switch that opens these doors, maybe there's something else entirely." She slowly helped Tucker back up to his feet and he felt extremely light to her and it was some reassurance for her since she thought that she might have been getting weak. "Now before you go searching for any more clues on the ground why don't we try looking at the door, maybe there's something that's out of place. Something that's not supposed to be there."

"Ok maybe you have a point there."

With every moment he was becoming more and more glad that he had brought Jessica along with him for this quest. He didn't want to admit to her but he would have been lost without her. Not only did her size make travelling great distances much easier but also she seemed to be the voice of reason whenever he seemed to be going abnormal. She had always been there for him and would continue to do so as long as they stayed friends.

Tucker looked long and hard at the door and he hoped that he would find something that was off. Much to his annoyance it all seemed to look the same and he wanted nothing more than to rip the doors off of their hinges and throw them to one side. Unfortunately this was impossible for him so he would have to use his brain rather than his brawn to solve this task successful.

It took him several minutes of looking at the door until he did notice one thing that did seem abnormal. The design on the door was mirrored on the other. The precision and detail was emasculate but there was one minor detail that he did notice. It seemed that a carving of a hart had a slight different shaped antler to the hart on the opposing door. It was a detail that would have been easy to miss and Tucker walked up to it carefully and slightly pulled on the antler that was at a slightly different angle.

Both of them expected the doors to suddenly come open but instead there was a light that appeared above the tunnel. It took a few moments for it to form words and at first it was in a language that neither Jessica nor Tucker could read. All they could do was look at it for a few moments and they had no idea what they were going to do. They had no idea what the language was or even if there was anyone who would be able to translate it.

The writing had been up for roughly a minute before the words began to glow and change shape again. Both Jessica and Tucker began to fear that the words were about to fade away and that they had lost their only chance of getting through the door. Instead the words changed into that of the common tongue and after a few moments the words above the door read 'What runs but doesn't walk, with a mouth that never talks?' This got Tucker somewhat confused. He knew that it was a riddle but he had no idea what the answer could be.

"What the hell does that even mean?" asked Tucker as he looked at the riddle. "How can something be able to run and yet not walk and have a mouth that doesn't talk? It isn't a mute runner is it?"

"No Tucker it can't be that," replied Jessica trying to think of the answer. This was one of the times when she was having to use her brains rather than her brawn to solve the problem at hand. "Animals can't talk like us but they can make sounds which can count as talking. There are insects maybe."

"Maybe it might not be an animal at all." He was really having to think and he was thinking that a riddle like this was a little bit too complicated and too easy for it to be an animal. It was extremely unlikely that a person who came down this way would have an extensive knowledge of every animal in the world. It could be something that was entirely different. "Just think about it what runs but can't walk, which has a mouth that doesn't talk? There has to be something that is like that."

Jessica continued to think and as she continued to think she realised something else. The trial was right next to the source of the River Red and she realised that she had the answer within her grasp. It was almost like a connection was being made within her head and she was about the have a eureka moment.

"A river!" shouted Jessica in a loud voice. This caught Tucker by surprise who flinched a little due to the volume of her voice and she realised her mistake soon afterwards. It was just that the realisation of the answer had hit her like an ice cold bucket of water being thrown in her face. "A river runs but never walks and it has a mouth that never talks. That's the answer Tucker, I can't believe that we missed it."

Suddenly the words on the top of the door faded away and there was a groaning noise as the two incredibly heavy doors began to move. They opened away from the pair and there was a huge sigh of relief from both of them as they realised that they had answered correctly and within moments they would be able to go through. From the thickness of the doors Tucker could see why he failed to open them, even with Jessica's full strength it would have been unlikely that she would have been able to open them herself.

It took several moments for the heavy stone doors to move and when they were fully open Tucker was the first to go through. Jessica followed behind closely but the opening was still a little too small for her to walk through normally so as she was accustomed to she ducked to get underneath before she could get to the other side.

The room that they were in now was well lit with a ceiling high enough for Jessica to grow to her full size and not have to worry about striking the ceiling. There was a pedestal in the centre of the room with carvings on the walls all around. From what they could see the carvings seemed to depict some kind of battle that took place long ago before recorded history. It seemed to be from the legendary Age Of Titans where heroes were born, bled and died on the battlefields. There was little to no records dating back from this age but from the few sources that there were it indicated that there was much turmoil and unrest all along the land. With the end of the Age Of Titans came a sense of stability that Angleland which it was still enjoying today.

Tucker couldn't quite tell what was on the pedestal but all he knew was that it was going to be the last part of the trial before the map updated itself and they could move on. He watched as Jessica grew to about thirty feet in height so that she could take a better look around the room to see if there was anything that could present a danger. She couldn't see anything from her heightened vantage point but both of them knew that looks were deceiving. There was most likely something that was going to try and prevent their passage and it was only by performing a test could they see whether or not there were any dangers.

Jessica soon shrank back down to her normal size and picked up a nearby rock that was right next to Tucker. She rolled it across the ground towards the pedestal and almost immediately jets of fire shot up from the ground. From where they were standing both individuals could feel the sheer heat from these jets of fire and it was obvious to both of them that anyone unfortunate enough to step within them would be roasted alive. It was likely that even if Jessica was full size that the jets of fire would still have a good chance of burning her to death.

"Ok so walking towards the pedestal is completely out of the question," said Tucker as he saw the jets of fire die down and recede back into the ground. "If you don't mind I'd rather not find out what it's like to be in an oven." The heat didn't particularly bother him all that much, years working at his family blacksmith had made him experience heat that would be unbearable for most normal people.

"So what are we going to do?" replied Jessica wiping some of the sweat that had formed on her brow. "Do we go all around this room and try and find some way of deactivate those flames or do we simply give up now and go back to Morgan?"

"No I say that we cheat."

Moments later a full size Jessica had Tucker in her hand and she was attempting to gently drop him down right by the pedestal. They had determined that these tiles that led from near the entrance to the pedestal was what caused the jets of fire to flare up. These tiles surrounded the pedestal completely with the area just around the pedestal completely free. The distance for anyone to jump was too great but it was within reach for Jessica to place Tucker down in the safe area.

Thanks to the size of the room she was able to grow to her full size and she could reach over and put Tucker exactly where he wanted. Her feet were away from the titles but her reach was long enough for the task at hand. She was being really careful not to accidentally have part of her giant foot touch a tile or place Tucker too far away from the pedestal. One mistake would cause the jets of fire to flare up again and it would most likely kill them both. The best that Jessica could have hoped for in that situation was that only her dress would burn and she would have no choice but to discard it. The only problem with that was that it would cause her to remain at her full size and unable to leave the room. It wouldn't be too long before she died from thirst.

"Ok careful Jessica," said Tucker as he looked down. He could see that his feet was above the tiles but a short distance away from the safe area. He had already thrown a rock there and discovered that it didn't set off the jets of fire so he knew that it was safe. "Just a little further and that should do it."

"How much further Tucker?" replied Jessica as she continued to stretch him over. She was squatting down and extending her arm. She could easily extend her arm until Tucker was safely across but she didn't want to send him too far in case he accidentally landed on another tile and he would burn to death.

"Not too much you're almost there." He looked directly down and he eventually saw that his feet were dangling over the safe area. "Ok Jess you can drop me here." With that he felt himself gently lower to the ground. As soon as he was touching the ground he felt Jessica's long and soft fingers release him and he took a step forwards towards the pedestal. She was constantly watching him to make sure that he was safe.

As Tucker looked at the pedestal he saw what seemed to be a jewel sitting there. At first he went to pick it up but he discovered that it wouldn't move. Instead of repeatedly trying this time he pressed it down as if he were pushing a button. The gemstone went straight into the pedestal and immediately afterwards a beam of light shot out of the pedestal and went up into the air. This caught Jessica by surprise who had to shield her eyes so that she wouldn't be blinded. The light lasted for several moments before subsiding.

At first nothing seemed to happen but Tucker noticed that the map was beginning to glow. Quickly he took it out of its holder and unravelled it so that he could take a good look at it. To his relief and amazement he saw that the map had now updated itself. It began to show him the way to the second trial and he was more than happy to see that the map wasn't a fake and indeed truly was the one that would lead him and Jessica to Three Man Treasure. He wanted to rub it in the face of Jessica who had her doubts about the map but he decided to keep that to himself.

As Tucker took a closer look at the map he saw that it was now leading to an area just outside of Sun City that was located in the Summer Lands further to the south. It was closer than Tucker expected but it didn't mean that it was going to be easy.

The next thing that Tucker knew he felt a very familiar giant hand pick him up and gently lift him into the air. He felt himself be taken from the safe area, over the tiles and finally back in front of his giantess for a best friend. She saw what had happened and knew that something significant had happened. Tucker's safety was the first thing on her mind however and making sure that he was past the dangers was her primary objective.

"What happened Tucker?" asked Jessica with some enthusiasm. She gave him a small smile since she knew that it was most likely going to be good news.

"The first trial is done and dusted my dear," replied Tucker with confidence in his voice. "The map has updated itself and we can go on our way to the second trial as soon as possible."

"Just give me one moment." With that she placed Tucker down on the ground and slowly began to shrink down to her minimum size, she could make the process as fast as she wanted but this time she wanted it to be at a slower pace just to make a little bit of dramatic effect. When she was down to her minimum size she looked at the map and saw where the second trial was located. A huge smile appeared on her face as she realised that it meant that she could basically kill two birds with one stone. "This is perfect, while we're on our way to the second trial we can stop off at July and take the letter to the High Lord there."

"Wait what?" It was true that the city of July was not too far away from the second trial and most likely they would be going past it on the way. It made sense that they could stop there on the way but he didn't want to think that anything was going to slow them down. "Can't we just skip it and just say that we delivered the note?"

"No Tucker we can't, maybe the letter is something of extreme importance to the lord and by delivering it we will be saving many, many lives. Besides if we do this for the Lord Of July maybe he'll reward us with something to help us with our quest." Personally for Jessica she didn't want a reward but only said it to make Tucker think that there was more reason to go to July and drop the letter off the for the Lord who ruled there.

"Ok you've made your point, it's not like we're exactly going out of our way for it. July is on the way anyway."

Jessica gave him a little smile since she had won another discussion with him. One thing she did notice was that a door on the far end of the room suddenly opened moments after Tucker had pressed the gemstone down. It seemed to be a shortcut out of the underground dungeon and back up to the surface and hopefully sunlight. They were both somewhat glad to think that they were getting out. The experience had not been all that traumatic for them and they were more confident than ever to keep going.

Tucker was the first one to go through the door with Jessica behind him. At first it seemed that there was nothing in this tiny room behind the door and when Jessica went in she also couldn't see anything of interest. The space was so small that there was only enough room for the two of them to stand in but as they looked up they couldn't see the ceiling. Since there was no additional source of light in this room they didn't know whether it was because the ceiling was incredibly high or if it was simply too dark to see it.

Jessica contemplated growing to check how high the ceiling was but there was no chance that she would be able to get anywhere near large enough to make a proper check until she ran out of room. For once it wasn't height wise where she would run out of room but width and length instead.

The two adventurers were just about to step out when suddenly the door that they had gone through suddenly shut behind them. The door had closed so fast that there was nothing that either one could do to prevent it from closing. Also with the door closed their own source of light was gone and they found themselves in complete darkness.

"What the hell!" shouted Tucker as he tried to open the doors himself. Like before they were too heavy for him to move and he couldn't see exactly where the cracks were since he couldn't even see his hand in front of his face. "It won't budge."

"Please don't tell me that we're going to die in here," replied Jessica knowing that there wouldn't be much that she could do either. The space was just too small for her to grow and that was something that scared her.

"Ok I won't but it is a distinct possibility."

This didn't fill the large but gentle woman with confidence and she began to think that this would be the end of their quest. It would be unlikely that anyone would be able to find them in there and even if they did it would probably take centuries. She shed a tear because she felt hopeless but on the plus side was at least she would die besides the man that she cared about greatly.

Suddenly they felt the ground beneath their feet shake a little. It caught them by surprise and the shudder wasn't even strong enough to make them uneven on their feet. The quick shudder was soon followed by the sensation that the ground beneath their feet was rising up into the air. It wasn't just the feeling that it was happening but the fact that they could hear the straining noise as it continued to rise up higher and higher.

Tucker and Jessica had no idea what was happening but they were helpless but to go on for the ride and they hoped that it would lead them to safety. They stood there in silence as the floor continued to rise higher and higher but as they looked up they could still see nothing but darkness. It was only after they had been rising up for several minutes until they saw what seemed to be a door above them begin to slide open. Behind this door they could see the welcome sight of sunlight and the sky. This brought a smile to both of their faces as they knew that they were safe.

When they were finally back on the surface Tucker took a deep breath and welcomed the fact that he and Jessica were both back up to the surface. He saw that he was in a different place from where they had entered the dungeon. The river was a further distance away from them and there was a small wood right next to them. No sooner had the pair taken a few steps forward the ground which they had been standing on began to lower back down from whence it came and the door covered it again. The door itself was covered by mud and grass and thus would make it close to impossible to find.

Chapter 7: City Of Gold by The Doctor

Jessica and Tucker allowed themselves a little bit of time before they moved on. They did have a rest before they set off and they had something to eat first. Going through the first trial had made both travellers hungry so they decided to have lunch before they went anywhere else. Jessica did ask Tucker if she wanted to cook any of the food but the wannabe knight politely declined, he stated it was so that they could carry on their quest in haste but in reality it was because he didn't like her cooking. He cared too much about her feelings to tell her that to her face so this was a little white lie.

The uncooked lunch did go down well with both adventurers and no sooner had they finished eating Tucker got up to his feet very quickly. He staggered a little since he was still getting used to the weight of the shield that he had acquired. It looked like he was about to topple over but thankfully he was able to stay on his feet and keep his bearings. He had prevented himself from looking like a fool and he was about to carry on walking towards the south. In his haste he had gotten his directions wrong and was actually facing west rather than south.

As Tucker began to walk he heard a giggle come from Jessica before he felt her giant hand wrap around him and lift him a couple of feet into the air. She had gone from minimum to maximum size so quickly that it had caught Tucker somewhat by surprise. She still had a smile on her face as she found what Tucker was doing.

"I believe south is that way," said Jessica as she turned Tucker's body ninety degrees to his left before placing him back on the ground gently. "You would have been walking a long way and yet still not get to July."

"I knew that," replied Tucker trying to make it seem that he had intended to turn the wrong way. "I was just seeing if you were paying attention that's all." He seemed so confident with his words that even he began to believe himself that he was telling the truth. All this got was another giggle from the gentle giantess who continued to look down at him.

"Sure you were Tucker, sure you were. Now do you want me to carry you or do you want to go the entire way on foot?"

This was a no brainer for Tucker, some knights might think that being carried by a woman would be demeaning but this was definitely a special circumstance. Allowing Jessica to carry him didn't just make the journey faster but it also made it safer. Not many bandits and thieves would try and rob them if they saw a one hundred and twenty five foot giantess coming their way, if they had common sense they would run to the hills as fast as their legs could carry them.

Tucker had seen Jessica scare bandits before and he even swore that he saw one of them lose control of his bladder. She never harmed them, just scared them and he doubted that the bandit ever tried to steal again. It was also a reminder what she could do if she got angry but in truth he didn't have reason to fear her, she had always been kind and gentle to him, even when he was being difficult.

He gave her a quick nod and almost immediately he felt his body lift into the air as he found himself face to face with the gentle giantess. She placed him on her right shoulder and tied a few strands of hair around him for his own safety. Whenever she carried him or anyone for that matter she always made sure that the little person's safety was at the top of her priority. Once she had placed Tucker on her shoulder and not wrapped any hair around him. At one point he fell and she was just able to catch him before he struck the ground and met a gruesome end.

The trip to July would take Jessica a few days, even at her maximum size but it was definitely going to be quicker than going at her smallest size. The distance would take any normal man a couple of weeks to travel if they were on foot, on horseback maybe a week but travelling by giantess was definitely the fastest means of transport. Besides the view that Tucker could see was experienced by very few individuals.

By the next morning the pair had already made good progress and they could already feel the weather beginning to warm up. This was a clear indication that they were nearing July and the Summer Lands. The Summer Lands were famous for its warm weather, even in the middle of winter. The scenery of the Summer Lands were second to known as the somewhat tropical weather made plants grow here that couldn't be found anywhere else in Angleland. It made the Summer Lands a much desired area of land.

In fact the Lord of July had only received his position a few years before. He had been a lord of another small settlement just a few short miles away from the city of July. He claimed to have an ancestral right to the seat and he was refused, in response he was able to gather several legions of soldiers who were loyal to him and he took the city by force.

News of this spread throughout the land and especially quickly to Royal City where the King of Angleland were resident. The new Lord of July had written to them several times demanding that he have July returned to him and his family like in the days of old. This request was turned down so he saw conquest for the city that he thought was rightfully his. He took it without mercy.

When all the fighting was done the members of House O'Donnell were nothing but memories and all those who had been loyal to them bent the knee to him. Many more lords feared that this new Lord of July would carry on until he was King of Angleland, the chances of him succeeding would have been very low but there was no doubt that many more people would have died before the bloodshed ended.

The new Lord of July was satisfied with simply obtaining the city and already under his lordship the city was experiencing what it was calling a new Golden Age. The city and the surrounding lands were exporting wines and numerous herbs for healing that was sent throughout Angleland and beyond. It was due to this that not only was the Lord of July not only the most ruthless lord in Angleland but also the most wealthiest. His rule there was absolute but there were numerous rumours about him that no knew were true or just simply made up.

Jessica and Tucker had been following the River Red since it took them fairly near to the City Of July. Not only that but it also gave them a source of water and every now and again they would go fishing to obtain some much needed food. Rather than using fishing rods Jessica would cup her enormous hands into the river and then scoop up some of the water. She would then open her fingers slightly to allow the water run out but any fish that were unfortunate enough to be in her hands would soon be the dinner of the gentle giantess and wannabe knight.

For the next part it was Tucker who cooked the fish. This was one thing that he was quite good at and he was easily able to start a fire that was hot enough to cook the fish through and make a tasty meal. He had learned as a blacksmith how to start fires and exactly how to create fires that were warm enough to metal steel.

Even when the pair were still in Morgan Jessica would take Tucker to the nearby lake where she bathed so that he could go fishing. His family would cook the fish and there was always enough for her to eat with them. This was a memory that she cherished and gave her the belief that even though most people treated her like a monster there were still a few who treated her like a human being.

Even at her smallest size Jessica ate almost double what Tucker ate and when she was at her full size it was almost impossible to satisfy her hunger. Quite a lot of the time she had eaten enough to feed an entire village and yet she would have room for even more. There was no doubt that if she was her maximum size all the time like she was before her parents wouldn't be able to feed her and the fact that she was still growing at a steady rate meant that her appetite would keep growing along with her height.

Both Tucker and Jessica were beginning to feel a little too warm as they entered the Summer Lands. Although he didn't like to admit it Tucker was sweating below his armour and he was needing drinks of water much more frequently than before. Unfortunately the River Red didn't run all the way down to July so for about half the trip from their starting point the two would have to rely on pouches of water that they had been able to fill up. They had brought several empty pouches with them for such an emergency.

Before they said goodbye to the River Red they filled up all of these pouches and Jessica placed them in her pocket. For almost all the time that they were travelling she remained at her maximum size so that she could carry all the water. The only time when she would shrink was when she was either eating or going to the toilet. She was even sleeping at her maximum size as well and Tucker would wrap himself up in her hair to keep himself warm even though the nights were relatively mild in the Summer Lands.

Jessica's hair felt like silk when he lay them over him like a blanket. Her hair was long and full and each brown strand was strong as well. He had sometimes gotten lost in her hair when they were younger but he knew that his giantess for a best friend would always find him no matter how lost and tangled he got.

On the first night of their journey down to July Tucker had fallen asleep relatively quickly while Jessica just looked up to the starry sky above her. She wondered some nights if she would ever meet anyone like her and if she did what would they be like? Would they use their size and strength to benefit people like she tried to do or would they use their superior size to downtrodden the so called little people. She also thought that if one day she would grow tall enough to reach the stars and bring them to the ground. She had heard legends about people who had been to the stars but she didn't believe them at all. But eventually fatigue did step in and her large eyelids closed over her hazel eyes and she soundly fell asleep before she even knew it.

It was not until the fourth day of travelling before the pair could see the walled city of July over the horizon. As was expected when they were a few miles out Jessica shrank down to her smallest size so that they wouldn't attract too much attention. She had been used to doing this for some time and she didn't mind doing this.

One strange thing that she could feel was the sensation that she was being drawn towards the city. She didn't know why but it felt like an invisible hand was pushing her closer and closer to the city and it was one of the oddest sensations that she had ever felt. She didn't tell Tucker this though and she could feel the gold necklace that she was wearing begin to hum from time to time. She had barely been noticing the necklace and hadn't even questioned how it had changed size with her when all other jewellery had remained the same. This was why Jessica never wore jewellery unless she knew that she was going to stay at her minimum size for a considerable amount of time.

Even though July was a walled city the pair had been able to spot numerous tall buildings from a distance and the mightiest of these was a castle that was the official seat of the Lord of July. They couldn't see too much detail from where they were but it was definitely one of the largest castles in Angleland even though everyone knew that the castle at Royal City was the largest. The sun shining on the city gave it a golden colour and also helped it be nicknamed the City Of Gold.

As Tucker and Jessica walked closer and closer to July they could hear the numerous folks who lived in the city go about their day to day lives. Since the city was walled none of them had been able to see Jessica t her full size miles away so none of them would have been afraid to see her as she entered the city. The only thing that would turn their heads at this moment was that she was most likely the tallest person in Angleland even before she started growing.

One thing that July was notorious for in recent years was gambling. Since the new Lord of July had taken power he had legalized official gambling and there were buildings created especially for gambling and the owners were extremely wealthy. A small percentage of the profits however were fed back to the Lord himself and this was another reason why he was such a wealthy man. It was rumoured that he could buy Royal City if he so pleased but in truth he was still loyal to the royal family so something like that would most likely never happen.

It took about an hour or so of walking before Tucker and Jessica actually reached the gates that led into July. These gates were huge and they looked to be brand new, Tucker could tell that the steel that made them was very strong and could probably hold out for a long time if the city was under siege. In times of war these gates were closed but at this time of peace they were open so that people could freely walk in and out as they pleased. There were numerous guards stationed at these gates who checked each person as they came and went. There were people who were wanted for numerous different crimes and they would either be picked up as they tried to enter the city or captured if they tried to leave.

As Tucker stepped towards the gate he was checked over by one of the guards. It wasn't illegal to be carrying a sword or a shield in the city but he did look a little similar to a man who was wanted by the Lord of July. They had numerous wanted posted inside what seemed to be a large book and as the guard flicked through them some of these posters had a huge X drawn through them indicating that that certain individual had been caught.

Eventually the guard was able to find the poster that he thought looked a little like Tucker but after going over it he realised that this was not the same person. Tucker was too short to be the man that was on the poster and he also had all of his fingers intact.

When Jessica tried to go through what happened was unexpected. Most of the guards marvelled over her height and she would look down at them with a smile. Inside their armour the guards were thankful that she couldn't see their faces. If she could she would probably see that there was something odd about them. In their armour the guards were not too hot since they were used to the head and could still function well.

It was a relatively short guard who had to stop Jessica so that he could ask her a couple of questions. This was not standard procedure for everyone but they had their orders when it came to women of Jessica's height. The last thing he wanted to do was to go back on the word of his Lord.

"State your name my dear and where you are from," said the Guard as he was having to look up at Jessica. The height difference between them was almost laughable but for Jessica it was nothing that she hadn't seen before.

"My name is Jessica Snape and I come from Morgan," replied Jessica complying with the guard. The guard himself had never been or heard of Morgan so he just kept it to himself before carrying on with the questions.

"What business do you have in the City Of July today?"

"I have been sent to give a message to the Lord of July himself." From her pocket she took out the envelope that contained the message that the old woman had given her in Lake Town. It had a couple of dents in it but other than that it was perfectly fine.

"I see and what exactly is this message?"

"I'm not sure, I was told to give it to the Lord of July and I haven't looked at the message itself."

"Ok." The guard looked at Jessica again and he knew what was going on. He saw the necklace around her neck and he fully understood what was happening. He kept quiet about it however and just kept going with his duties. "Everything seems to be in order here, you can take the message to the castle itself and Lord Nostory will be more than happy to take it off your hands. For your efforts he will reward you and he might even allow you to spend a night at the castle before you move on. Now move along please and have a pleasant stay in July my dear."

With that Jessica walked through the gates and the sight that she saw took her breath away. From a distance she hadn't been able to see the buildings behind the walls of the city but now that she could she marvelled over their beauty. It seemed that each building was designed by a major landscaper and with the warm sun shining down upon them she thought that the bricks were actually made of gold. Most of the buildings were only single floor but there were numerous that were two and three storey buildings. There were beautiful bursts of colour from the plants and flowers that grew on the buildings and it looked like something that had jumped straight out of a painting. One thing that had escaped Jessica's notice was that the guard who had spoken to her started to quietly speak to a man who was a messenger and within moments the messenger quickly ran away to take the message to Lord Nostory as quickly as he could.

The building that definitely stood out was the great castle that located near the back of the city. It was the tallest building in the city and Jessica thought that even at her maximum height it would still be taller than her. It stood in the city like a colossus watching over the common folk and it was easy to see why Lord Nostory had wanted it so badly, it was the jewel in the crown that was July with its mighty towers and solid looking fortifications. It looked to take a strong armour to be able to conquer the castle. One thing that was strange to her though was that it felt like something was drawing her towards the castle. She had only glanced at it for the first time now but she felt like she couldn't stop herself walking towards it.

Almost no sooner had she walked through the gate she saw Tucker there waiting for her. Since he had not been anyone of any real interest he had been let through relatively easy. After it was determined that he was not the man that was wanted he was free to go through as much as he pleased. He could see the somewhat far off look in Jessica's eyes and she was about to walk straight passed him but he held onto her hand and this seemed to snap the towering woman back to reality.

"Are you alright Jessica?" asked Tucker with a smile on his face thinking that she was just being a little goofy. "You're kind of zoning out on me here."

"I-I'm fine," replied Jessica as she began to realise exactly what was happening and it was like a small relief to her. "I think I kind of lost my head there for a moment." She gave him a smile back to show that she was alright. "Now shall we go to see the Lord first or do you want to get a bite to eat? I don't know about you but I'm so hungry that I could eat an entire cow."

They both laughed at this but it wasn't because Jessica had made a bad joke but because it was true. Jessica had been known to have eaten enough food to qualify as an entire cow and then some. Never at her smallest size but it was still something that had brought a chuckle out of the two old friends.

It was not hard to find a tavern that the pair could eat in. The tavern was also doubling as a gambling establishment and ground floor was where people could eat and drink to their heart's content. On the top floor was where a person could sleep and the basement was where the gambling took place and where the real money was made. The basement wasn't some sleazy place where only the ne'er-do-wells go but a respected place that was both clean and always bristling with legal activity. Fortunes were won and lost down there and the majority of the time it was the tavern that made the most money.

For a gambler it was easy for them to start doing well at first but then in a few turns of bad luck could lose all their money in an instant. On the flip side there were times when someone went down there with only a couple of gold coins to their name and walk away with enough money to buy their own castle.

For now Jessica and Tucker weren't interested in gambling any of their money. All they wanted to do was sit down and have a nice warm meal together. They had been in each other's company for everyday for just over a week and yet they were yet to bore of each other. This was always a good sign of their friendship and one other good thing that was going for them was that the food in the tavern was relatively cheap in comparison to other taverns. Since the bulk of the tavern's profits came from gambling they could afford to make their meal prices a little less than other places since they didn't depend on it. This was well received by both Jessica and Tucker who had no idea of the impending danger that was coming their way as they sat down and ordered their meals.

Almost as soon as Jessica had walked in she had turned some heads but this was nothing that she hadn't been used to before. She couldn't remember the last time she went anywhere without people turning their heads and being gasped at the sight of such a tall woman. At least when she was her minimum height she was more of a being to be wondered rather than one to be feared. She always hated people being afraid of her, to this day she always claimed that she was a gentle giantess and she had earned this title on more than one occasion and yet no one had picked up the message.

Meanwhile the Messenger had ran to the castle as quickly as he legs could carry him. Normally very few people were able to get into the castle as there were guards stationed there that prevented unauthorised access. This messenger was a common sight at the castle and since he worked directly for Lord Nostory he was allowed inside without much of a thus. He even said hello to a few of the guards who were his friends.

As the Messenger entered the castle he walked past several serving woman along the way. It was common in castles for the lord to have serving women at his beck and call but there was something about these serving women, the shortest was a little over five foot ten and all the others were above that. The majority of the serving women were taller than six feet and there were some who even reached six and a half feet and beyond. Each of these serving women had been handpicked by Lord Nostory himself and many of them had not stepped outside of the castle since they came into his service and none had stepped outside of the city.

It took the Messenger a few minutes to walk through the castle that was beautifully decorated with items of great value. Each one could easily be worth enough money to buy a common man a small patch of land. To Lord Nostory he could easily afford each one of them.

Lord Nostory was located in his main hall sitting on the seat that he had fought so much for. He was a fairly young man with tanned skin and very dark brown hair. He wasn't also particularly tall himself only standing at around five foot seven. His skills with a blade were pretty laughable but he was a master strategist. He didn't need his skills with a blade to conquer the city of July, he only needed enough men and firepower to get the job done and a little bit of intelligence.

There were two serving women tending to him as he sat in his oak chair. Both women were above six feet in height and were considered to be beautiful. The room itself had very high ceiling and granite carvings on the sides of Lord Nostory's ancestors from his father all the way from his grandfather of fifteen generations back. Formally the stands had featured carvings of the former Lords of July but after Lord Nostory had conquered the city he had destroyed them all when House O'Donnell had been extinguished. It was his way of asserting himself as the new Lord. On his order there were no remnants of House O'Donnell left, all paintings and statues of any family member had been destroyed and all mention of them had been removed from the city's textbooks. Lord Nostory's takeover had been absolute but there was one problem that he had. He lacked an heir to inherit his seat after he died and many times he had been offered a daughter of a different Lord to marry but he had turned them down. None seemed to be up to his standards and he didn't care if he had to marry a common girl, just as long as he got what he wanted.

The Messenger walked up to the seat and knelt down right in front of Lord Nostory. His head was bowed in submission to his High Lord and he didn't want to do anything that might upset him. A few people who had personally insulted Lord Nostory were sent down into the dungeons and many of them were never seen again.

"My Lord I bring you news from Carter who is stationed at the city's north gates," said the Messenger as he looked up to his High Lord.

"Speak what is it that he wishes to tell me?" replied Lord Nostory seemingly in no mood to have his time wasted. He took a drink out of his gold cup before giving it to one of his tall serving women who took it away to be refilled.

"He states that a lady who would tickle your fancy has just entered the city. He claims that she is at least eight feet tall my Lord."

"Eight feet?" He wasn't sure if what he was hearing was true. He was beginning to think that he might have misheard or if the Messenger was merely exaggerated. He had heard tales of men who were that height but in reality they were a little shy of being seven foot. "Are you sure that information is correct?"

"I do not know my Lord, but he claims that she is also wearing the necklace and has a message for you. He sent her to the castle so that she can deliver the message and that is all that he told me. I am sorry if I have not given you the information that you wanted my Lord but that was all that I was told." He didn't want to end up in the dungeon like other messengers who had failed Lord Nostory.

"You do not need my forgiveness," said Lord Nostory. There was a slight hint of a smile in his face as the serving woman brought back his gold cup but this time it was filled with rich wine. "You have served your duties well enough, you may leave now and you will find a couple of extra gold coins in your wages this week."

"Thank you my Lord." The Messenger got up to his feet and bowed to his High Lord before walking off. He didn't want to push his luck or maybe do something that could anger his High Lord. All he wanted to do was get out as soon as he could and think about what he was going to spend his extra wages on.

Lord Nostory continued to sit in his throne for several moments before slowly getting up to his feet. His two serving women stood there awaiting to hear if he had any commands for them. For them their life was now dedicated to them and although they would like their own freedom if they tried to escape they knew what would happen to them. At least under his service they were warm, well fed and had a place to stay.

"Mary inform the lads that we are having a very special guest coming along very soon," said Lord Nostory as he looked towards the raven haired serving woman to his right. "Make sure they know what preparations need to be arranged and when you are done send Katherine to my side."

"At once my Lord," said Mary as she walked out of the room. She was a very tall woman but nowhere near as tall as Jessica but unlike her Mary's height was mostly natural although a few of her inches had been added on.

"Laura I'm afraid it is that time now for you." He looked towards the other serving woman at his side who like him had colour to her skin but was an inch or so shorter than Mary. There was some fear in her eyes as he spoke as she knew what he was talking about. "Mathew is waiting for you downstairs, I wouldn't keep him waiting, and you know how he gets when his schedule is thrown off."

"O-of course my Lord," replied Laura as she moved away. She was scared of what was going to happen but it was something that she had experienced numerous times while under the service of Lord Nostory but it didn't mean it was any easier for her and she expected to feel a lot of pain.

Chapter 8: His Lordship by The Doctor

Oblivious to what was being said at the nearby castle Jessica and Tucker ate away at the tavern as if it were their last meal. The food was very cheap so they could both eat to their heart's desire and not have to worry too much about the cost. Jessica in particular was very hungry since she had been walking for a few days straight and she hadn't been able to eat what she considered to be her fill. Because of this she ate more than she normally would have done, in the end she ate three times what a normal person would eat before she actually decided that she was full.

Her appearance in the tavern had not gone unnoticed as several people would turn their heads to see the colossus of a woman sitting there eating. It did bother her somewhat but she kept it all to herself and she was used to being stared at. It came with the territory of being a giantess, even in her smallest form.

Most men wouldn't even want to be seen with a woman who was so much taller than him but Tucker didn't mind at all. Jessica had always been bigger than him and he never thought of anything different. They were inseparable over the years and a little height difference was the last thing that was going to split them up. They even somewhat expected some man to come up to her and ask her to have sex with them but thankfully this didn't seem to be the case here, not like it had been in Lake Town.

"Hey Jess I was thinking," said Tucker as he took another sip of his ale. "There's a world of wealth downstairs and I feel myself to be a little lucky today, maybe I should go down there and win us a little extra money for the quest. You gotta admit that a few more gold coins for the trip is good for both of us."

"I don't think so Mr Martel," replied Jessica as she knew that she was going to have to be stern with her friend. "How do I put this Tucker? You and gambling don't exactly mix, you never seem to come out a winner."

"Oh come on I once won a thousand gold coins in a single bet." He tried to make himself feel proud of that achievement but Jessica was only a few moments from shattering that pride completely.

"Yes you did but then you gambled it away in less than an hour. I'm not entirely saying that you're a bad gambler but you just don't know when to stop and I promised your father that I wouldn't allow you to waste all that money again."

"Oh come on Jess I know what I'm doing."

"Don't make me have to carry you out of here, I know that you don't mind me carrying you when we're travelling but having a man carried out of a tavern by a woman is embarrassing to anyone, even you."

Tucker sat there for a few moments as he considered his options. He wanted to try and win some money but even he had to admit that his record wasn't too particularly bad. He knew that he was only one win away from making it rich. Another thought began to creep in over the fact that he didn't particularly need to try and gamble. The shield strapped to his back was worth a lot of money and for that there was almost nothing at risk. For the time being he wanted to keep the shield since it would be handy for the quest but he definitely wanted to sell it after the quest was over. This was so if they failed their quest they would still have a considerable amount of money.

"Ok you win Jessica I won't gamble," said Tucker admitting defeat but he knew that she had his best interests in mind. "But maybe a quick game of cards could get me an extra couple of coins." He saw the scowl on Jessica's face and he began to laugh. "I'm only pulling your leg." He began to laugh and the scowl on Jessica's face began to disappear and she did begin to smile. He thought that she looked a lot more beautiful when she was smiling rather than scowling. "Shall we go and see the good Lord when we're finished, maybe we can get ourselves a few extra coins there?"

"Sure but let me just finish this last drink off." Her last drink was a very large cup of ale which she was able to drink in one go with a handful of mighty gulps. Tucker could only watch as she drunk almost an entire litre of ale in seconds without spilling a single drop. When she was finished she placed the cup down on the table and she didn't even need to belch. "Ok little man, let's go."

It only took moments for Tucker and Jessica to be out the door and on their way. They had already paid for their food when they ordered it so it wasn't like they were running off without paying for their meals. That was a quick fire way of finding themselves in trouble and drawing unnecessary attention. Most likely if people knew about their quest they would try and steal the map off of them since the first part was already completed for them. Most likely if anyone wanted to get the map they would have to go through a towering giantess who was unwilling to see her best friend part with it.

As they continued to walk through the streets Jessica was getting some looks from others around her but these were all things that she was used to. There were a couple of the guards who knew what fate would fall onto her but they kept it all quiet. They only felt a little sorry for her but they knew that they would be seeing a lot more of her very soon in ways that she couldn't imagine.

One thing that Jessica did notice as she and Tucker walked closer and closer to the castle was the fact that the necklace around her neck seemed to be slightly tingling around her neck. There was also a small humming sound that was almost too quiet to hear. A few times she did think about taking it off but it was like something within her mind was telling her to keep it on and she had no idea why. She still hadn't realised that all the times that she had grown while wearing it the necklace had grown with her. This piece of information had seemed to elude her when normally she was quite sharp when it came to things like this.

Tucker was also somewhat excited to be going to the castle. Not just because he thought that there would be some gold at the end of this small trip but also because it would be the first time that he ever met a Lord. He imagined him to be some kind of giant of a man. He had no idea that Lord Nostory was actually quite short but his cunningness and ruthlessness made up for what he might have lacked. It would have even been nice for Lord Nostory to be able to knight him since a Lord of Lord Nostory's stature did have the power to knight a man. It would be one of his life ambitions drawn to a close and he still felt that the quest was relatively close to the beginning.

It only took Jessica and Tucker a few more minutes to approach the castle and when they were a few metres away from it they stopped for a moment so that they could see the grandeur of it, it was the first castle that they had seen with their own eyes but from what they had heard from others this one was definitely the fanciest. Much like the other buildings in July the bricks looked like they were made of gold thanks to the sun shining down on them. It was taller than Jessica's maximum height by a good fifty percent, maybe more and it also looked heavily fortified. There were guards posted everywhere and numerous vantage points for archers to wreak havoc on approaching enemies.

From the looks of the castle it seemed almost impossible in the mind of Tucker for anyone to be able to storm it. He thought that Lord Nostory must have had some kind of plan when he had invaded the city a few years back and had actually been able to conquer the castle and put himself on the seat. In the tales it didn't mention how many of his own men died but if it had been a lot of them it would most likely have some kind of mention and yet there was nothing. It seemed that the castle could fend off a huge army for a long period of time with very few men to defend it.

If he ever got the opportunity he thought that he would ask Lord Nostory exactly how he did it. There was no doubt that he had some kind of inside help but if there wasn't any then it made the achievement that much more impressive.

Their arrival at the castle had not gone unnoticed however. Word had been spreading as Jessica and Tucker had been approaching the castle. There were still preparations taking place inside but all would be ready in mere moments. Lord Nostory was especially looking forward to Jessica's arrival but he had also caught wind of Tucker as well. He didn't wish for the wannabe knight to remain around for too much longer but for the short term he was willing to tolerate another for now.

Before the pair even stepped into the castle one of the gates came open and out stepped one of Lord Nostory's serving women. She was a beautiful woman with long flowing fair hair and a dress that came all the way down to the ground. Her feet were invisible under the dress but one thing that Tucker did notice as the woman came up to them was that she was an inch taller than him. Jessica didn't really notice this since most women were small in comparison to her so this woman was only a different degree of shortness.

"Good day to your travellers," said the tall serving woman as she bowed slightly to them. Her voice was very soft and pleasant to the ears. "My Lord bids you welcome to his castle and his city. He is awaiting for you in the great hall, he has been eager to see you since you entered the city." She turned around and slowly began to walk away. She turned her head briefly. "Please follow me, this castle is so large that there is a good chance that you might lose your way."

As they were told Jessica and Tucker began to follow the serving woman through the castle and they marvelled over the magnificence of it all. If the outside seemed to be impressive the inside was even more so. There were items in there that were worth more than their weight in gold. A thief could steal more than his needs for an entire lifetime and yet it would hardly change the value of everything within the castle.

As they went through the castle to go to the great hall Tucker did notice something else that was odd. He could see who inside the castle were I important visitors or those that lived there and those who were merely there to serve. He noticed that all the serving women were very tall. He had not seen one yet that was shorter than him and he was a six foot tall man. He thought that it was more than coincidence for all these tall people to be together in one place like this.

For the moment he kept these thoughts to himself as he continued to follow the serving woman. He was finding it somewhat difficult to keep up with them. The woman was walking at a fairly fast pace while Jessica was walking at her normal speed. Due to the fact that her legs were so long she could cover more with one stride than any other person could. It meant for every one stride that Jessica took Tucker needed to take almost two. The items that he was carrying wasn't making the walk any easier for him. He did easily have enough energy to keep up however.

When Jessica and Tucker eventually did make it to the great hall they saw Lord Nostory sitting in his great seat. There was one other serving woman right next to him and once again she was very tall. There were also numerous guards all dressed in shiny new armour with weapons from the best forgers in the city. Their only duty in life was to protect Lord Nostory from all harm. The ceiling in the hall was easily fifty feet high and a man could easily echo his voice in this environment.

"Greetings my friends," said Lord Nostory as he stood up from the seat. Jessica and Tucker were a good way away from him and he used his hand to indicate that he wanted them to come closer. "Please approach, it is difficult to speak to you if you remain there." Without much fear Jessica did approach closer while Tucker remained by her side, there was something about this place that wasn't sitting very well with him. He couldn't put his finger on it but there was something in this castle and with Lord Nostory that just seemed to be off for some reason.

"Your castle is very splendid my Lord," replied Jessica showing her manners as best as she could. Her parents had always told her that if she were to ever meet a lord to know her place and be as kind and gracious as she could to them. This was a lesson that she wasn't going to forget. "My friend and I are deeply honoured that you have allowed us commoners to step inside."

"The pleasure is all mine my dear." He even stood up from his seat and began to walk towards the pair. His eyes were squarely on Jessica and to him Tucker didn't even exist. "Allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Hector of House Nostory, the third of my name and Lord of July. Please may you introduce yourself my dear?"

"Err there's not much to introduce. If you want me to do properly I am Jessica of House Snape, first of my name I believe and a commoner from Morgan." By now she and Tucker had stopped walking as they were quite close to Lord Nostory. The guards had their hands on their swords just in case anything were to happen. "This is my best friend, soon to be Sir Tucker of the House Martel, first of his name and talented smith of Morgan." Tucker gave Lord Nostory a quick bow and didn't try to correct Jessica when it came to the fact that he had a couple of recent ancestors with the same name as him.

"Jessica, that is such a lovely name." By now he had reached Jessica and had gently grabbed her hand. He gave it a quick kiss. "And might I say that you are one of the most beautiful maidens that I have ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on."

Jessica began to blush a little. She had never expected to receive such compliments from a Lord. He might have been almost two and a half feet shorter than her but his social status was a long way above hers. She was merely a common folk while he was probably the richest Lord in all of Angleland. She couldn't believe that he was complimenting her in this way. She only noticed too late that this caused her to grow a couple of inches right in front of him. He took a step back in surprise and there was a part of him that was much more excited than afraid. He had just seen the tallest woman in Angleland grow an extra two inches right before his eyes.

"Please forgive me my lord," said Jessica as she realised what had happened and she quickly shrank herself until she was back down to her minimum height. She thought that he was going to cast them out of the castle and the city. She knew that many people were terrified of her whenever she grew, even if it were just an inch and she began to fear the worse. "I lost control of myself there and I just kind of grew. Please don't be afraid." She noticed that the guards seemed to be more anxious than they were a few moments ago and it seemed that they were just moments from stepping in between her and Lord Nostory. "I am not some kind of monster."

"If you are a monster you are that of beauty." His words were of comfort to her and for the time being she had seemingly forgotten about the message that they had brought to give to him. It was their sole reason for coming here and she had forgotten about it. "In my time I have seen a great many things but I have not seen a woman grow by a couple of inches right before my eyes. You are truly a gift from the gods my dear Jessica."

"T-thank you my Lord." This was not the response that she had been expecting. Whenever she grew she had been met with fear the majority of the time but this time it seemed to be different and she couldn't help but be happy about this. She thought that Lord Nostory was genuinely a nice person.

"You're very welcome my dear and I believe that you have a message for me." His smile went right through her.

"Oh the message." She felt a little stupid about forgetting to give him the message and she quickly looked to Tucker who got the roll of paper from behind his shield and he passed it to Lord Nostory. This was the only time that he really noticed the wannabe knight as he unrolled the paper and began to look. "We have brought this from an old lady in Lake Town."

"I see and did this old woman also hand you that fine necklace that you're wearing?" His gaze focused once again on Jessica and she had a surprised look upon her face.

"H-how did you know that my Lord?" She didn't think that he knew that it was the old woman who had given her the necklace. It almost seemed like too good of a guess to be coincidence.

"Would you believe that it was dumb luck?" He took a moment to look at the message that he had been handed. He began to read through it like it was something of importance but in truth it was just a list of different tomatoes. They meant absolutely nothing but he pretended that he had been given exactly what he wanted. He looked once again Jessica and for one of the few times he actually acknowledged Tucker. "This castle will be your home for the night and I will give you a few gold coins for your troubles. I would also like for you to join me for dinner later, I will have the cooks make you both a feast that is fit for a king. They should know I bought them from the royal castle itself."

"We would be honoured my lord." There was something within Jessica now that was telling her that something was wrong. However she had learned that when a Lord offered you anything you were to take it without question.

"Good now Alice would you be kind enough to show our guests to their rooms? They must be tired after such a long journey."

"As you command my Lord," replied the tall serving woman. There was a hint of fear in her voice but she did as she commanded. She knew what happened to those who disobeyed Lord Nostory and she didn't want it to happen to her.

Like she was commanded Alice took Jessica and Tucker to rooms that had been prepared for them. Unfortunately for Jessica the bed in her room was too small for her but it wasn't the first time that she had slept in a normal size bed. Her room looked grand much like the rest of the castle and if she didn't know any better she would have thought that this room belonged to the Lord of the castle. The ceiling was very high and she even had a little fun with growing until she could reach it.

Sometimes Jessica did like to play a little with her size when she was alone. Although being smaller did allow her to have more of a normal life being her full size made her feel like her true self. Whenever she was small she thought that she was simply hiding, she hoped that people would accept her whatever size she was and she would only shrink when it was more cost effective like feeding and sleeping inside.

Tucker's room was much the same as Jessica's it was grand and he walked towards the window so that he could look out over the city. He knew how expensive a window was and it only showed how wealthy Lord Nostory was to be able to have windows fitted in every room of the castle. He was almost too afraid to touch it on the off chance that he broke it. He had also began to take his armour off and sit down on the bed to relax. He thought that when he found Three Man's Treasure that he would be able to afford a room like this. He even thought that if this was merely a guest room he wondered what the master bedroom was like. He imagined that the floor was made out of silver and the window in there would be made entirely out of sapphires.

This was just a little fantasy that he had in his mind and he felt relaxed being in a room like this. He couldn't shake the feeling that he and Jessica had stepped into a world of danger that neither one of them were entirely prepared for. He was more than willing to sacrifice his life for that of Jessica and he was sure that she would do the same for him. He even felt something in his mind that made him think that they were close even though they were in separate room. Tucker couldn't explain it but when he was apart from Jessica he could feel her in more ways than most people would think possible.

There was also a serving woman inside the room that was there to tend to his every need. She had an exotic look to her and it was obvious that she was very tall herself. This girl though was an inch shorter than him so for the first time since entering the castle he was actually looking at a woman who was shorter than him.

One thing that he also noticed was that there was a guard outside of the door. Tucker knew that most likely he was there to prevent him from leaving. It was most likely so that he couldn't wonder around the castle and go into places where he really shouldn't go but there was also something that which made him feel uneasy. He didn't think that Lords would have guards standing outside of the room of a guest like this but then he and Jessica were merely commoners rather than being high birth guests like Lord Nostory was probably more used to. They probably made sure that nothing was stolen.

It was not until a few hours until both Jessica and Tucker were called down to the banquet hall so that they could have dinner. By now the lunches that they had eaten earlier had gone down so they were hungry enough to eat once again. Jessica felt like she was underdressing for the occasion since she was wearing the same dress that she wore every day. The only problem was that she couldn't wear any other dress, she knew what happened when she took off her dress and she didn't want to destroy the castle by accident.

When Jessica and Tucker reached the banquet hall they saw that Lord Nostory was already sitting down at a relatively small table. They had thought that they might have had to sit down at an enormous table that would have been so big that if someone wanted to communicate with someone else at the far end of the table that they would have to use a messenger. This table was still large but it was more than enough to sit three people down so that they could eat.

The food was already on the table and there was roast boar, chicken, turkey and even an animal that neither one had ever seen before. The food smelled delicious and it made Jessica feel like she hadn't eaten in days even though she had eaten enough to fill an entire family just a few short hours ago. Tucker himself was feeling very hungry and he had never seen such a feast offered for just three people. He was sure that a dozen people could have eaten their fill with all the food that was on offer.

"Welcome once again my friends," said Lord Nostory, he didn't stand from his seat but he had yet to start to eat. "Please sit and enjoy the feast that my cooks have made. Each bite will send your taste buds to another world." Alice was standing right next to his chair ready to serve him anything that he required. In her hand was a jug that was filled with the finest wine in Angleland.

As they Tucker and Jessica sat down at the table and they decided to sit right next to each other. No sooner had they sat down two more serving placed fine plates in front of them and began to ask them what they wanted to eat. Each of them told the serving women what they wanted and they would carve the meat off of the roasts and place it on their plates. They were even given a large range of different vegetables, some were grown locally but others were imported from the opposite side of Angleland. In Tucker's mind there seemed to be no limit to the riches of Lord Nostory.

As both Tucker and Jessica took their first bites they could taste the explosion of flavour in their mouths. It was the most succulent and tasty meat that they had ever tasted, it was superior to anything they had tasted in any tavern or even anything that came from the Snape farm. It was almost like something that had been completely alien to them, until then it had been like they had been eating rat droppings since they were born.

"Do you like the food my friends?" asked Lord Nostory as he was cutting a potato with cutlery made entirely of solid silver.

"The food is grand my lord," replied Jessica remembering to show her manners to a high born. "We are not fit to taste such food, I am surprised that you would allow people of our social status to dine with you."

"Well it's simple really, without the common folk what is a Lord? He's just some guy in a big house commanding livestock and nothing more. It is the common folk that keep the kingdom going, sure some lords see them as being insignificant but the common people are the cogs that make the kingdom work."

"I see my lord." Jessica was very impressed with the answer and she could see that he was very intelligent. She was almost beginning to see how he could have conquered July when it practically seemed impenetrable.

"And might I ask how you got so tall my dear?" There was a smile on his face as he asked this question. "You are by far the tallest and prettiest woman that I have ever laid eyes on, you are over a foot taller than my mightiest guard and yet you don't carry yourself much like he does. Please tell me how this came to be."

"There is not much to say my lord. When I was but a new born baby the gods were going to take me away from my parents but a being talented in the ways of magic gave them a potion that made me healthy again. Unfortunately a side effect meant that I grew much larger and faster than all the other children in my town. Unfortunately my height has made me somewhat of a taboo in my town and not many people liked to be near me."

"I see that is such a shame, how anyone could shun such a beautiful creature like you is beyond me. Now let me ask you, do you like my castle?"

"I do my lord." Jessica wasn't sure why he was asking her this. There was no doubt that this was probably the most beautiful castle in Angleland.

"Then why should you leave? You may stay at this castle until the end of your days and be by my side." Jessica was completely shocked by this. She hadn't expected for him to say that she was staying in the castle. She admitted that it was lovely but she didn't really want to stay.

"As another of your serving maidens my lord?" This was the only thing that could come out of her mouth. It was the only logical explanation in her mind and Tucker was also fully aware of what was happening. He remained where he was for the moment to see exactly what would happen next.

"No my dear, being a serving maiden is beneath you. I don't want to make you my serving woman or simply someone who will pleasure me when I seek it. I want you to sit by my side as my wife and we can rule this land as one. You will be Lady Jessica Nostory and I do not care about your low birth. You are the woman that I have been waiting to meet for as long as I can remember and I would be honoured to take you before the gods and marry you where the whole kingdom can see."

"That is very generous my lord." She was trying to think of the next words to say. She had to be very careful with what she said next because it could be the difference between leaving there with her head still attached to her shoulders and she also thought about the welfare of Tucker. He had almost nothing to do with this but if things began to go south he could be hurt in the process. "But I'm afraid I must decline, my friend and I are on an important quest and I know that you are a very handsome man but I prefer to know the man I am about to marry instead of someone I've just met. I know that if I accept that you would make me very happy but I have other responsibilities as well"

"I'm so sorry my dear that wasn't a request." His smile faded in an instant and suddenly he began to mutter words that neither of them could understand and the next thing that Tucker saw was that the necklace that Jessica was wearing was beginning to glow bright. There was a brief scream from her and suddenly there was silence. Almost all emotion had faded from her face and she seemed to stare blankly into space. The whole process had taken just a few moments but already he knew that something was very wrong. "Now my dear have you reconsidered my offer?"

"Yes my lord." Her voice seemed to be very different. It was her own but the bubbliness that came with it was stripped away completely leaving a voice that seemed to be void of any emotion. "Nothing would give me more honour then to wed you and produce you with sons to carry on your name."

Chapter 9: Under His Spell by The Doctor

Tucker stared at Jessica for a few moments and he couldn't believe what he had just heard. He had seen and heard everything that had just happened and he didn't have to be a genius to realise that something terrible had just happened to his best friend. After Lord Nostory had muttered those words it was like Jessica's free will had been taken away in the blink of an eye leaving an emotionless husk behind. He quickly stood up from the table and glared at Lord Nostory.

"What have you done to her?" asked Tucker in a very stern and angry voice. Now would have been the time that he would have taken Juggernaut out of its holder but the problem was that he had left it up in his room. The guard had made him leave it behind and he had seen no reason for him to take it. He had been expecting to have a nice meal without the chance of violence.

"I have simply made her more susceptible to my will," replied Lord Nostory with a smile on his face. "You are lucky to have been travelling with such a beautiful creature, your reaction right now isn't entirely unexpected." He then clicked his fingers and the next thing that Tucker knew two armoured guards came right next to him and grabbed both of his arms. Both men were very strong and he couldn't break free of their grip on him. He was completely at their mercy. "Take him down to the dungeons, let Mathew have some fun with him."

"As you wish my lord," replied one of the guards.

They began to drag Tucker away and he was screaming for Jessica to snap out of her trance like state and help him. She just sat there in her chair and didn't even turn around to look at him. Her will was completely gone and she didn't much think about what was happening to her best friend. If her will were her own she would have immediately done all that she could to help him, even if it meant growing right out of the castle she would simply to make sure that he was safe.

Now however Jessica couldn't lift a finger to help him and although she was crying on the inside on the outside she had the same blank look upon her face as she stared at Lord Nostory who was extremely happy to have the woman of his dreams. He stood up from his chair as he saw Tucker dragged out kicking and screaming and he walked over to where Jessica was sitting. He took her hand and she stood up to her full height. She towered over him like an amazon and this was exactly what he had wanted.

"I hope that your friend's outburst hasn't upset you my dear," said Lord Nostory in a voice that would send a shriek through the soul of any man.

"No my lord," replied Jessica in an emotionless voice. The necklace that she was wearing kept her will locked away.

"Good now shall we have a kiss to cement our engagement before we start eating again?" This was the moment that he had been waiting for and he saw Jessica bend down and kiss him on the lips. The kiss lasted for several seconds before it had to be broken off and for Lord Nostory he was in heaven.

One thing about Lord Nostory was that he liked his women to be tall. Whenever he was offered a wife by another Lord he would turn them down because they were too short for him. All his serving women had been picked due to their height and beauty. He found that none of them were tall enough to be his wife. His tallest serving woman was a hair above six and a half feet but even then he felt that it was too short. He almost thought that he would never find a woman who he deemed tall enough to be his wife but now that Jessica was at his beck and call he thought that he had finally succeeded. The fact that she demonstrated that she could grow even taller was another reason why he had decided to make her his bride and he was not going to let anyone get in the way.

Lord Nostory had hired watchers all over the land to try and find a woman who he had deemed tall enough to be his wife. Many of them had brought him no news back, other women had been spotted and although they were too short to be his wife they were tall enough to be his serving women so they would be sent to him.

The necklace that Jessica was wearing had been specifically created for Lord Nostory. Each of his watchers had one and would give it to the woman that was fit to be his wife. When the unsuspecting victim wore this necklace a strange force would be pulling them towards July and to him. It wouldn't be a sudden urge but a more slower and realistic urge so that the wearer and those around them didn't realise exactly what was going to happen.

One thing that Lord Nostory had thought of was that if a woman was travelling to July with a very expensive looking necklace that it would most likely attract the attention of thieves. That's why there was an addition spell infused with the necklace that made the wearer immune to physical attacks by all those that meant them ill-will. It was the reason why Jessica had been able to survive the explosion in the dungeon of the first trial without even having a scratch on her body.

Lord Nostory felt that his plan had come full circle and now he had a woman who was more than fit to be his wife. It seemed that Jessica's height and beauty had become truly a curse for her as she seemed to be willing to spend the rest of her life with this man who had won her through magic and trickery.

On the surface Jessica seemed to be happy but underneath she was sobbing. She was fully aware of what was happening to her but it felt like someone else was in control of her body. She wanted nothing more than to help Tucker but her body refused to respond to her thoughts and she seemed to be completely within his power.

Minutes later Tucker found himself chained to a wall down deep within the castle's dungeons. Along the way he could see other people who were in cells who in some way had gotten on the bad side of Lord Nostory. Some were just common thieves and there was one man who had even plotted to kill him. This man was due to be executed in the morning but first his will was to be broken before he was killed. This meant that the man went through torture so horrendous that a common man would throw up at the mere sight of such an act. It seemed that acts like these happened every day within this walls and there was one man who was in charge of it all.

This man was named Mathew Neeson and he was one of the most depraved minds in all of Angleland. As a boy he had loved to torture and dissect small animals, as he grew older his fantasies grew to bigger and bigger things and eventually he even moved up to killing human beings.

This is what led him to the attention of Lord Nostory. Mathew had killed a few people within July before being caught, originally Lord Nostory planned to have him executed but he saw potential in the depraved man. He couldn't see him as being his assassin, his methods were too sloppy for that but as a torturer he was perfect for the job. Whenever Mathew took part in an execution he would always wear a hooded mask that prevented people from recognising him since the people of July believed that he had been executed for his crimes. If they knew that he was still alive the people might begin to panic and it would be bad for Lord Nostory himself.

By giving Mathew victims to legally torture it lowered his will to kill others. One thing that did help with this was that Mathew was also the Lord's executioner. This allowed him to slice the heads off of people and hang them for their crimes. This was enough to keep Mathew off of the streets and give Lord Nostory a competent torturer and it made both men happy.

Although Mathew was ordered not to kill anyone he tortured but sometimes he would take it too far and his victim would die because of it. If it began to happen too often then Lord Nostory would have his guards whip him until he learned his place. Mathew even took some satisfaction in being whipped but even he had his own limits where he couldn't take any more pain.

Tucker felt his heart sink as he was continually dragged through the dungeons and the thing that was the foremost on his mind was his best friend. He worried that he had lost Jessica forever and how she had simply let him go without a fight. He knew that her mind was not her own but he felt that he had failed her. In some way he thought that there was a way that he could have somehow prevented what had happened. There was not a chance for him to have known exactly what was going to happen.

He had been dragged for several minutes until the guards stopped at the entrance of a small room that was lit up barely by a few candles and torches. It was very difficult to see inside this room but Tucker couldn't bear to look up. His eyes were fixed on the ground but there was one thing that he could hear. He could hear the screams of a woman and he shuddered to think about what was happening to her and that the same could happen to him. He vowed that his will would not break but this was a promise that he didn't know if he could keep or not. He didn't want to find out.

As Tucker looked down towards the ground he saw a pair of feet come into view that didn't belong to either him or the guards. They were clad in black shoes and it was almost obvious to him that this individual was a man. Tucker kept his eyes closed and tried to clear his mind of al worries but this was something that was extremely difficult for him.

"We got another one for you," said one of the guards as Tucker sat there. "The Lord wants you to have some fun with him."

"Oh Lord Nostory can be so generous sometimes," replied the Mysterious Man. "He gives me so many toys that sometimes I don't know what to do with them. Right now I really wish that I can play with him but I'm a little busy with Laura at the moment and I have so many other toys that have been waiting to be played with. Take him to one of the cells and maybe I might play with him before I retire for the night."

With that Tucker could feel himself get dragged away by the guards and he was relieved that he was only going to the cells rather than tortured. The only problem with that was that he knew that he was going to get tortured and that he was going to be playing a deadly waiting game. He also continued to hear the screams of a woman and he hated to think what she had done to get herself down here.

Moments later Tucker was flung into a cell and he landed hard on the ground. It caused him to be bruised in a couple of places but there was nothing broken. His cell consisted of a floor with some straw on it, a small bed, a bucket for him to relieve himself and that was it. The cell didn't have a window for him to look out of and the only light he got was from a torch that was outside of the cell. Three walls of the cell were made of brick and moulter and the fourth wall was a metallic cage door. He could see when people went passed but he couldn't escape. He was without any of his tools or weapons and escape was impossible for him for the time being.

All Tucker could do was sit on his bed as what was happening continued to sink into his mind. After a while he did see two guards helping one of the serving women walk. He didn't know that this was Laura but there was one thing that he did notice that he struck as being odd. The guards were helping her along and not dragging her like they did with him. It made him think that she wasn't entirely a prisoner like he was but he still did think that she was behind the voice that was screaming. She was a little taller than the guards and it made him think about Jessica.

After the guards were gone Tucker thought that he was by himself but he began to hear a voice. At first he thought that he might have been hearing things but he continued to hear the voice and eventually he realised that it was talking to him. It was a fairly quiet male voice and Tucker had no idea where it was coming from. He didn't see that the cell right next to him was occupied.

"Yo fresh blood can you hear me?" asked a man's voice that Tucker didn't recognise or see. He was mainly in darkness and could barely see his hands in front of his face. The voice was relatively quiet but he could still hear it.

"Y-yes I can," replied Tucker in a relatively loud voice.

"Not so loud, do you want Mathew to come snooping around?"

"No I don't thank you very much." He had lowered the volume of his voice so that he couldn't be heard too clearly from a distance.

"That's better, now since we're all alone in these fine cells I thought it be a good way of keeping our sanity in check if we have a quick chat. Gods know there isn't much else we can do but wait for that psycho to come and torture us."

"W-who are you?"

"No names, I'd prefer not to know people by name down here, that way I can't get a decent connection." He paused for a moment as he cleared his throat. "You could tell me what a fine gentleman like you is doing down here."

"I came here with my friend but the Lord did something to her and she was like a zombie. I don't know exactly what he did but one moment she was turning down his marriage proposal and then the next she fully accepts but her voice was different. It was like everything that made her, her seemed to be thrown away leaving a husk in its place."

"Allow me to hazard a guess but was your lady friend a woman of a particularly tall height by any chance?"

"Yes, but how did you know?" This had taken him by surprise. He didn't think that this mysterious man would guess that Jessica was very tall. He thought that he might have seen them together at some point but he doubted it.

"Ah I see and for Lord Nostory to make her his wife she must be the tallest woman I've ever seen. Might I ask how tall she is?"

"Eight feet." He didn't want to tell the mysterious man that Jessica was naturally over one hundred and twenty feet tall and that her dress allows her to shrink to a more manageable size.

"Woo wee that certainly a whole lotta woman. You're probably exaggerating a little there but even so I can see why Lord Nostory would take her."

"Why does her height matter?"

"Haven't you heard? Lord Nostory likes his women to be tall, all his serving women are very tall but that is never enough for him. He wants to see them become even taller, he gives them specific diets and potions that are supposed to make them even taller. In addition on a regular basis Mathew our host down here places them on a rack and physically stretches them. There was one girl who came here and she was no more than five ten. Now she is easily six and a half feet tall and with Lord Nostory's continued influence he will continue her to make her grow taller and taller. It is the same for the rest of the serving women, each go through the same process."

Tucker couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was beginning to see why Lord Nostory had picked Jessica, she was the tallest woman in Angleland, even before she began to grow. He began to fear that she would be going through the same process as these serving women but a part of him didn't think so. Jessica's maximum height was constantly increasing thanks to the potion that she was bathed in when she was a new born baby. It had saved her life but had caused her to become a colossus.

"That's terrible," said Tucker with some shock in his voice. "Hasn't someone tried to stop him from doing that?"

"Some have but most don't care. Lord Nostory gives the people a good quality of life here, they don't want to do anything that could upset their way of life. The ones that try and do anything normally end up down here at the mercy of this sadist. Most likely you will only leave here so that you can be publicly executed. There's nothing that a crowd loves more than to see a convicted man receive his punishment."

"No I refuse to let that happen." He was trying to be defiant. "I will find some way of escaping this hell hole and get out of this city with my friend. Whatever he's done to her I can undo."

"That's mighty brave words from a man who has nothing. You're not the only one who thought that they could escape. Few have tried and all have failed. Trying to escape will only make your lives down here even worse. The little privileges that you get down here will be right under your feet. I've seen a man starve to death down here after he tried to escape and then Mathew fed his corpse to the dogs. There wasn't much meat left on the body before then but it was a clear message."

"There has to be some way out of here. I can't be trapped down here as that bastard upstairs has his way with my best friend. If he does anything to her I'm going to drive my sword right through his neck and watch as he chokes on his own blood."

"You and many more would love nothing more than to do that but even by some miracle you got out of here there would be no chance of you even coming close to killing Lord Nostory. The guy's got more guards than the King and Queen of Angleland. You've got more chance of turning a rock into gold than you do getting anywhere near Lord Nostory without his permission."

"Where there is a will there is a way. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation, there is a way out of this dungeon and I intend to find it. Even if it takes me twenty years I will find a way out and rescue my friend."

"If I were you I'd make yourself comfortable. You're going to be down here for a good long while, that is unless Mathew were to kill you, I'd say that is a very likely scenario."

Meanwhile far above the dungeon was the master bedroom that belonged to Lord Nostory. He had slept in the mighty four posted bed by himself since he took the castle but now he had Jessica with him. She sat on the end of the bed and continued to stare blankly into space. She didn't move unless he commanded it.

Lord Nostory himself was getting himself changed into some sleeping clothing and he was looking forward to spending his first night with the woman that he was about to marry. He didn't care about the fact that her will was not her own and that he was in complete control of her. He had been waiting all of his life to be with a woman like Jessica and now that he had her he truly felt like he was a winner in life. He had achieved more than most people could have ever hoped to when he was able to conquer the castle and take back what he felt was rightfully his. He didn't feel that he was a true winner until he had the right woman right next to his side.

As usual there were two guards standing within the room. They were there to protect Lord Nostory at all costs, they would watch over him as he slept and if he found them sleeping on the job he would send them down to the dungeons. Both guards had only just woken up so they were more than ready to watch over him for the entirety of the night. Neither guard were permitted to speak unless they were spoken to by Lord Nostory himself, this meant that they couldn't talk to each other during the long and boring hours of the night. The pay was good however and it was the only thing that made the job manageable.

"So here we are my dear," said Lord Nostory as he walked towards Jessica who was still sitting on the end of the bed. "Soon we will be wed and you can birth me sons to carry me on my name and daughters who will hopefully be as tall as you. Does this make you happy my love?"

"It does my Lord," replied Jessica with still no emotion in her voice. "More than words can possibly express."

"Great I will invite every High Lord in Angleland to our wedding and it will even be grander than that of the King and Queen. I will have the tallest and most beautiful woman in all the land and I own the richest land that anyone could imagine. Our sons will be lords and mighty knights while our daughters will be ladies and also the most beautiful women in the land. You will be happy by my side until the end of our days, every woman will want to be you."

"That makes me glad my Lord."

"Good now shall we get to know each other a little better?" An evil smile came across his face as he sat down next to his soon to be wife. "Why don't you take your dress off and I can see your true beauty."

"That is something that I cannot do my Lord." She continued to sit there but she had moved her head so that she could see him and her face was still blank.

"What did you say?" He was completely surprised that Jessica had just disobeyed a direct order from him. The necklace that she was wearing should make her obey his every instruction but this time it didn't seem to work. "My dear I order you to take off your dress this instant."

"My apologises my lord but that is still something I cannot do. It would not be in your best interests."

"Explain." He couldn't imagine any reason why she would refuse him but he did remember being told that those under the influence of the necklace could turn down an instruction if it put their master in danger.

"You see my lord I must wear this dress at all times, it is the only way that I can maintain my current height."

"Wait the dress makes you taller?" This was an exciting thought in his head. If it were true he would buy these dresses for all of his serving women and each of them would be as tall as Jessica.

"No my Lord it is the opposite, this dress makes me smaller." She paused for a moment so the information could sink in for Lord Nostory. "When I was born I was a sickly girl and I was on the verge of going to the world beyond but my life was saved by bathing me in an elixir. It saved my life but as a side effect it caused my body to grow at an astonishing rate. If not for my dress my lord I would be too big to fit into your castle and if I took it off now I would grow until I burst out of the castle and most likely kill you in the process. For that reason my dress needs to stay on."

"Oh I see." Now he was glad that Jessica had refused his order but a part of him would have liked to see it happen. If he was going to die that would probably be the way that would favour him the most. "I guess that is something that we will have to find a way around at some point. I have some friends who are talented in the ways of mafic and even if they can't help I can hire someone who can. But let me ask you this, in my great hall when you grew can you get any bigger than that without going full size?"

"Yes my Lord. I can go any size between my current and full size."

"Now that is interesting." An idea popped into his head and a huge grin came across his face. "Stand up please my dear." Jessica did exactly what she was told and stood up to her full height. "Good now take a few steps away from me and then turn around until you face me." Jessica once again did what she was commanded and took a few steps away from Lord Nostory and when she was far enough away she turned around so that she could see him. "Good now grow until your head touches the ceiling."

Once again Jessica did what she was told and slowly her body began to stretch up. Lord Nostory was very excited with what he was seeing and the guards placed their hands on their swords just in case anything bad were to happen. They had never seen anything like this and they were prepared to step in if need be.

All three men watched as Jessica slowly stretched upwards towards the ceiling. She could have grown much faster if she had wanted to but she knew that Lord Nostory would have wanted it to happen slowly and as soon as her head scrapped the ceiling she stopped herself. This had brought great joy to Lord Nostory and the two guards marvelled as they saw an extremely tall woman grow even taller before their very eyes.

"That was magnificent my dear," said Lord Nostory with a lot of excitement in his voice. In his mind he had truly met the perfect woman for him. "Now sit down on the floor." Without a second thought Jessica did exactly what she was told. "Now grow again until you begin to fill the room."

Once again Jessica began to grow but this time the process happened a little faster than before. Her body continued to grow just like she was commanded and she would continue to do so until she did actually begin to fill the room. The guards were extremely intimidated as they saw her growing body creep closer and closer towards them, they were on the verge of running for their lives but they knew what would happen to them if they abandoned their posts. All they could do was watch in amazement as Jessica continue to grow bigger and bigger.

Her growing body was coming into contact with chairs and other items and was gently pushing them away and she continued to grow bigger with every moment. Lord Nostory kept himself quiet but inside he was having the time of his life. He couldn't have imagined that he would actually meet a woman who could change her size in this manner. A part of him was a little disappointed that she could only grow to one hundred and twenty feet. He would have loved for her to take him up to the clouds.

After close to a minute of growth Jessica did indeed begin to fill the room as her head was only a short space way from the ceiling but since she was sitting down she was close to being twenty feet tall.

"Ok now my dear you can stop," said Lord Nostory and just like he expected Jessica stopped growing. She looked down at him as he stood up from the bed and patted his hand on her oversized leg. "You are truly the most remarkable woman I've ever met. And to think this is only a fraction of your full size." He began to think about a couple of things before he spoke to Jessica. "Is there anything else that I should know about your ability to change your size?"

"I am still growing my Lord." This was the news that he had been wanting to hear. "I have been told that I will never stop."

"That is fantastic news. You have truly made me the happiest man in Angleland this day. When it is our wedding day you will be the envy of all women and you will live the rest of your days as the wealthiest woman in the land." He looked at one of his guards and he saw him shaking, he knew that he was terrified of the giantess sitting right next to him. "Ok my dear can you shrink yourself down to size."

As Jessica was commanded she began to shrink herself until she was down to her smallest size. Once again the process was slow purely for Lord Nostory's enjoyment. Inside though she was extremely worried about Tucker. She couldn't help but think about him, she was going through what was a living hell but she could only imagine what was happening to him. She hated Lord Nostory but because of the necklace that she was wearing she couldn't make any independent actions. She was completely under his control and she could do nothing unless he commanded it.

"Now shall we go to bed my dear?" asked Lord Nostory. "We have a very busy day tomorrow and I need you to be at your peak. You will sleep with me tonight as you will every night for the rest of your life, on the morrow you will take the first steps into becoming Lady Jessica Nostory of July. Does that excite you my dear?"

"It does my Lord," replied Jessica although she didn't mean these words. She could only hope that someone could free her of this curse but with her powerless and Tucker in chains the likeliness wasn't very high.

Chapter 10: Mathew by The Doctor

The next morning Tucker woke up in almost near darkness. It had been the most uncomfortable night sleep that he could remember and all night he couldn't take his mind off of Jessica. He only hoped for her that she was sleeping in a more comfortable place. All through the night he could hear squeaking noises that he was pretty sure was rats and he could hear groaning.

He had felt naked through the night without either Juggernaut or his armour and his mind had almost hit rock bottom. He couldn't call himself a knight at all without his armour or his sword, the chances of him being knighted now seemed extremely slim and he began to wonder just when his end would come. He could only imagine the torture that was coming his way, with the way that he had seen the serving women leave after having their regular session on a rack he couldn't fathom to imagine what would happen to those that Lord Nostory actually wanted tortured.

His first contact with another human being that morning was only of the guards walking past and banging on the bars of the cells to wake up the inmates. This was another form of torturing as the inmates were allowed very little sleep. They had only a few hours a night to sleep and if they fell asleep during the day they would be awoken by a guard. If they were caught sleeping they would move up on Mathew's list of torture victims.

Tucker's breakfast consisted of cold and weak soup that was only one level above being water and stale bread. He could see that there was mould beginning to grow on it but it was all the food that he was given.

Many of the inmates in the dungeons died from food poisoning rather than actually being tortured. But it was more tactics to break their wills so that when they finally died they were broken men, only a shadow of their former selves. Tucker vowed that his will would never be broken but in truth this was a promise that he knew that he couldn't keep. Every man no matter how strong had their own breaking point and at first glance at the wannabe knight his breaking point looked to be low. He was stronger inside than he looked but that still had limits. He thought that his only hope of getting out anytime soon was either finding a way to escape or somehow Jessica to free him. She was still under Lord Nostory's spell and he knew that she wouldn't be helping him anytime soon.

Tucker spent many hours wondering inside his cell as there was nothing that he could do. The man in the cell besides him was silent and he could only speculate that he was either being tortured or was simply choosing not to speak. Communication between cells was strictly forbidden and it was only late at night when the inmates had any chance to actually speak to one another.

There was literally nothing for Tucker to do and the boredom was another form of torture that was used to break the inmates. Even something as simple as a ball or chalk could be the difference between a man staying able minded and falling into madness. There was even suicide watches so that inmates couldn't kill themselves and end their torture. Only Lord Nostory could permit an inmate to die.

It wasn't until mid-afternoon that Tucker's cell door opened. In front of him he saw two heavily build guards standing there. They were different to the guards who had taken him down here but they still wore the same armour. Tucker wanted to try and break past them to make an escape but he couldn't see anyway passed them and all he would gain from the attempt as a fractured skull.

"Get up you bloody cur," said one of the guards. "You've got an appointment with Mathew and he doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Both guards approached Tucker as he barely moved and they grabbed his arms and dragged him out of his cell. He didn't resist at all and his heartbeat increased dramatically as he knew that he was going to be tortured very soon. He wanted to try and distance himself from the situation so that at least it would be a little less painful. But there was nothing that he could do to stop what was going to happen. He was dragged away from his cell and he said nothing to his defence. He knew that he would only be wasting his energy and right now that was something that he wanted to conserve.

While Tucker was dragged he continued to look into the cells that he went passed and he saw one man lying on the ground motionless. At first Tucker thought that he was asleep but he soon realised that this wasn't the case, if he had been sleeping the guards would have woken him up, no that man wasn't asleep, he had passed onto the next world to meet with his ancestors.

The next thing that Tucker saw was a well lit room but before he could fully look at where he was he was thrown to the ground and he landed with a loud thud. It caused some bruising on his knees but there wasn't any serious injuries. This was the least of his worries however as when he looked up he saw a man standing in front of him. This man was around six feet tall and had long straggly hair. His clothing was a patchwork of different pieces of cloth that were many dark and shady colours. He wore basic black shoes that covered his feet but little more than that. He had a small scar on his cheek and his eyes were an emerald green. One thing that Tucker also noticed about this man was that there was some dry blood on his hands and they weren't recent either. He didn't even have to guess to figure out that the man standing in front of him was Mathew.

"So we have a new plaything this afternoon," said Mathew as he looked down with an evil smile. His teeth were yellow and it definitely was not a pretty sight. "I like them when they're fresh, it makes it that much more enjoyable, well for me that is, not so much for you. You must have done something very naughty to end up down here. I bet you tried to rob Lord Nostory didn't you, you naughty little thief."

"P-please I haven't done anything," replied Tucker. These were all the words that he could spit out.

"I'm sure you think that you haven't but in fact you have, or else you wouldn't be down here with the other naughty men." He turned his head slightly around and looked behind him. "Gwendolyn!" Moments later Tucker noticed a serving woman walk up to him. She was six foot three and had long blond hair with stunning blue eyes. She was very beautiful and Tucker instantly thought that it was a shame to have a woman of that beauty in such a horrible place like this.

"You called?" replied Gwendolyn as she bowed a little to Mathew. He was no lord but she didn't want to anger him and find herself in the torture devices. The only one she experienced on a regular basis was the rack like the other serving women. When she had first come to the castle almost a year ago she was a hair above six feet but her diet, elixirs and forceful stretching had increased her natural height by a full three inches and it was still an ongoing process.

"Yes, is the Red Chair ready?"

"It is, as you commanded." She was putting on a brave face but Tucker could tell that she was sad inside. Mathew had chosen her out of all of Lord Nostory's serving because he liked blondes and her beauty had been her curse. She was in charge of making sure that the torture devices were ready for use, she would have to clean them when they were finished with and sometimes even clean up the inmates if he commanded it. The one thing that she did take comfort in was that he never tried to rape her, the torturing was all the sexual needs that he wanted.

"Good I want to make our friend here as comfortable as possible. You did clean it from the last use?"

"I did but some of the marks are stained."

"Not to worry my little friend, I'm sure that our guest here won't mind there still being some bloodstains there." He turned back to Tucker and continued to smile down at him. "Today will be the hardest but believe me, it'll get easier."

Before Tucker could say another word he was dragged to the far corner of the room and while he was being dragged he could see what was before him. He could see himself being dragged closer and closer towards what looked to be a chair that was somewhat painted in red, it wasn't until he got even closer that he realised that it wasn't paint, it was dried on blood. He wanted to resist but the grip on his arms was too strong for him to break but he couldn't see Mathew walking just behind him with an evil smile on his face.

Moments later Tucker was forced to sit on this chair and his hands and feet were strapped down to it and with that the two guards moved away leaving only Mathew behind. Tucker could see a little of Gwendolyn but she was remaining behind. She didn't like to see men get tortured so she would try and block it out as much as she could, sometimes this was impossible and she would have to watch the full horror unfold.

Tucker tried to break free of his restraints but he didn't have the strength. He could see Mathew standing over him but now he had a small knife in his hand. It looked very sharp and more than capable to slice through flesh and bone. Tucker's shoes had also been taken off at this point so that his feet could be seen clearly by the demented man.

"Now let's see," said Mathew. He looked at Tucker's hands and toes, he was happy with what he could see. "Let's play a game shall we? I ask you twenty questions, oh but not in the traditional manner of course. Each question you get wrong will lose you either a finger or a toe. We can see how many you come back with, I once had a man who was so stupid that when I was done with him he only had one piggy toe left. I hope that you can do better than him, for your sake of course."

Tucker sat there and said nothing. He would have thought that Mathew had been joking but he could see the man before him was deadly serious. He could also see some more blood stains on blade of the knife and it was only further proof that Mathew was being serious with his threats.

"The silent treatment eh?" asked Mathew with a chuckle in his voice. "That'll just allow you to lose your digits that much faster. Now first question, which of these cities are furthest north Calf Heath, Featherstone or Willenhall?"

Tucker was silent for a moment as he began to think. He didn't want to play this game but he much preferred to play rather than losing his fingers and toes. He couldn't imagine that a knight would be able to have a very good grip on their sword if they had lost a few of their fingers. He had to remember what he had seen on his map before he had lost it and along with his other belongings. He didn't know the exact answer for sure and he knew that most likely he would have to make a guess.

"Featherstone," answered Tucker without much confidence to his voice. "The answer is Featherstone." He could see Mathew standing there still with the knife in his hand and he didn't know whether the madman would ask another question or slice off a finger or a toe. Nothing seemed to be going his way at the moment so he wouldn't be surprised if he had answered incorrectly.

"Lucky guess, you get to keep your little finger but believe me I might just take it anyway, just for fun." He laughed at himself and his laugh went through Tucker like a sword driving into his very soul. "Second question, which is longer, a metre or a yard?"

"A metre." This was something that he did know for sure. As a blacksmith he had been given measurements for swords by different customers. Some would give him the measurements in metres while others gave it him in feet, inches and sometimes even yards. This question he knew that he had gotten the right answer. "A metre is about thirty eight inches give or take and a yard is only thirty six."

"Ok I gave you an easy one there but you won't get many of the others. Here's the third question, what time did I wake up this morning?"

How the hell am I supposed to know that?" He was beginning to see that this was a very unfair game and that he was only moments away from losing one of his digits. He would try and close his eyes when this happened as he knew that he was most likely going to get it wrong.

"You don't but if you're right you keep your middle finger. If not I'll keep it in a jar and look at it every night before I go to bed. Now tell me your answer or else I'll go cutting anyway."

Tucker began to stutter as he tried to think of a decent answer but all he could really do was try to take a stab in the dark and he knew that it would most likely lose him his middle finger. He was about to stutter out his answer when he heard a bell ring within the dungeon. He saw Mathew turn his head towards a single bell that was in the corner of the room. He looked a little annoyed and at first he wanted to ignore it but he knew what would happen if he did and he quickly turned back to Tucker.

"Well my friend it looks like this is your lucky day," said Mathew as he went to walk away, before he did he looked over to Gwendolyn. "Call the guards and make sure our guest here goes back to his cell."

"As you wish," replied Gwendolyn as she slowly began to walk towards Tucker. He could see the sadness in her eyes and yet she did nothing to truly help him. He felt sorry for her in a way but he was still in a life and death situation.

Mathew walked out of the dungeon and moved onto one of the upper levels. He quickly stopped in what seemed to be a mirror and quickly made sure that he looked a little more presentable. The serving women that he walked passed each didn't like the look of him and tried not to look at him. They all remembered how much he would laugh when he began to stretch them on the rack. He would send shiver down their spines but they made sure that Mathew didn't know that they were intentionally trying to avoid him. If he knew then he would likely make their next rack session more painful.

Mathew didn't stop walking until he reached the great hall. There he saw Lord Nostory sitting in his seat and there was one other woman sitting next to him. This woman was Jessica and although she was sitting down she still towered above him. She still looked blankly at Mathew as she watched him bend the knee to Lord Nostory and bow his head to show his respect. Lord Nostory himself was wearing an outfit that many would think were his finest garments but in fact they were average to him. Jessica was still wearing the same dress that she had worn almost every day for the last five years but until a suitable replacement could be found she would have to make due.

"My Lord for what do I owe the pleasure?" asked Mathew as he continued to bow. He didn't want to rise up again until he had been given permission. If he did on his own accord it would be a sign of disrespect.

"You may rise again," replied Lord Nostory. Mathew stood back up to his full height and looked at Lord Nostory. "As you can see I have found myself a woman who will soon be my lady wife. I have been introducing her to all my staff here and that includes you as well. You have been in my service for some time now and you have never truly disappointed me, I think that you won't disappoint her."

"I will not my Lord." He had to remember what he was to say next. He had barely looked at her and he had to give her a compliment. "Your soon to be lady wife is very beautiful my Lord."

"Yes she is and she's very tall. The tallest person in Angleland I believe and she is no short of surprises either. You will do whatever she tells you to do unless they either undermine my authority or are not within my best interests. Whenever you see her you will bow to her and kiss her hand."

Mathew took the hint and he walked up to Jessica and bowed to her before kissing her hand. She was now wearing a large ring on her middle finger and her hand was the largest that Mathew had ever seen. He hadn't seen her in person before but he had been told by the guards that she was extremely tall. She was sitting down but he could still tell that he was much taller than probably the tallest man that he had ever seen.

When he kissed her hand Jessica gave him a small nod to show her gratitude and he backed down immediately so that his actions didn't anger Lord Nostory. He admitted that Jessica was beautiful and he could see why his lord would pick her. He thought that she would have been prettier if she was blond.

"My lady it is an honour to meet you and be in the presence of your beauty," said Mathew, he didn't like having to act like this but he knew if he didn't do what he was told he would be the next to have a public execution but this time people would be cheering to see his legs swing in the air.

"You do me a kindness," replied Jessica with still not much emotion in her voice. There was still a sweetness in her voice that was soothing to all those that could hear it.

"See isn't she a catch," said Lord Nostory happy with the fact that Jessica belonged to him and no one else. "And I take that her former friend is still in your care."

"He is my Lord," answered Mathew. "In fact I was playing a game with him before you requested my presence. I had to end it before we have some fun."

"If you would my Lord I would like to see him," said Jessica which caught Lord Nostory by surprising. He had not commanded her to see Tucker and yet she was requesting to see him. "He has been my friend for a good number of years and I would like to see him."

"I would love to but this is a request that only Lord Nostory can authorise."

"That is fine," replied Lord Nostory. He thought that it was odd that she had made this request but he could see no harm in allowing her to see him. He would have his guards all around them so that Tucker couldn't try and escape and he was confident that the spell on Jessica's necklace didn't allow her to do anything that would cause him harm. The connection between her and Tucker seemed to be much deeper than he expected but he thought that it would be soon severed as his influence over her increased. "If my love wants to see her former friend then let it be. Bring him up here by dusk and make sure that he looks presentable. I do not want my soon to be lady wife seeing her friend covered in blood and his own excrements."

"As you wish my Lord. I will have him within your presence in the requested time. Do not worry, he is still whole."

"Good now you may leave and carry on with your work. There are three maids that still need their sessions today. The shortest one Elyssa needs extra time, her height increase has been less than satisfactory."

Mathew bowed and walked out of the hall. Lord Nostory continued to sit on his seat and he turned to Jessica as he held onto her hand. He was extremely happy to have her at his side and he felt that he had won his ultimate prize. Winning the castle and the city of July paled in comparison to the woman sitting next to him. She was unique in Angleland and he would start a war for her.

"Why do you want to see your friend?" asked Lord Nostory out of curiosity. "He didn't want us to be together."

"I do not know why my Lord," replied Jessica. "I cannot explain myself my Lord but something inside me is telling me I must see him. He has been my only friend for many years before I met you my Lord."

"Hmm I see." Lord Nostory thought that part of Jessica's subconscious was still active and it was what had caused her to request Tucker's presence. He would humour her for now but he wanted to make sure that something like that wasn't going to happen again. If there was the slightest chance that she would be free of him then he would be in big trouble. "I will do anything in my power to make you happy. Now shall we get you ready to introduce you to the citizens of July?"

"I would like that very much My Lord."

Mathew walked back down to the dungeons in some haste and stopped himself right in front of Tucker's cell. The man himself had not noticed his would be torturer standing there and it wasn't until he began to bang on the bars that Tucker realised that he was there. He was surprised to see Mathew but he thought that nothing good would ever happen from having Mathew's attention.

Tucker had a lucky escape earlier. He had been on the verge of losing one of his fingers but Lord Nostory had wanted to see his chief torturer and it had been the only thing that had saved him. Now it seemed that there would be nothing that could save him for whatever Mathew had in mind for him.

"You won't believe how lucky you've been today," said Mathew as he glared at Tucker. "Not only did Lord Nostory more or less save you from my fun but it seems that his soon to be lady wife would like to see you."

"Jessica wants to see me?" replied Tucker with some surprise. The last he had seen of her she seemed to be completely under the control of Lord Nostory. The fact that she wanted to see him was surprising indeed.

"Was that her name? Oh well, Lord Nostory has ordered me to clean you up and make you look more presentable. When I say me I really mean my assistant Gwendolyn. But if you try anything funny I'll have you back in that chair and I will cut off every part of your body that isn't vital to your survival. So no more hands, no more legs, no more ears, no more nose and no more cock either."

"This isn't some kind of trick is it? Something to sap away my will even further until I'm nothing more than a shell of what I was."

"It could be a trick but then again it couldn't be. In the brief time that we've known each other have I ever lied to you?" There was an evil grin and Tucker didn't answer the question. "My assistant and a few guards will be here in a few moments to clean you up. Just be sure to behave yourself."

With that Mathew walked away and Tucker was left alone for several minutes before two guards came to the door along with Gwendolyn. As the door opened Tucker did nothing to try and escape and he noticed that Gwendolyn was carrying a bucket with a sponge inside. He saw her height but he could also see that she seemed to be very sad. It was obvious to him that she was not here through choice but at least for her he was not the subject of Mathew's torture techniques.

As he felt her skin it felt very soft but he could also feel her sadness. She was washing the dirt that was on his face and she didn't speak to him at all. She knew not to speak to the inmates and she didn't want Mathew's focus to be on her. He suffered enough pain when he stretched her regularly much like all the other serving women in the castle. She had seen one serving woman try to steal from Lord Nostory and he had her stretched until her arms and legs came out of their sockets.

One of the guards was also holding clean clothing that Tucker was going to have to put on. His clothing wasn't too dirty anyway but Lord Nostory had wanted him to be in presentable and that meant clean clothing. How Tucker was being treated he almost felt like he was a baby being cleaned and clothed by his parents but this was something that he didn't want to happen. He was no baby, he was a man and if he were to die soon he would prefer to die a man.

The entire process only took a few minutes but no sooner was he cleaned and clothed he was grabbed from both arms and taken out of the cell. Rather than being dragged he was forced to walk so that he remained clean. He complied only so that he could see Jessica quicker, the last thing he wanted to do at this moment in time was to do anything that would get him thrown back into the cells any quicker. He wished that he had his armour and Juggernaut on his person but alas they were things that had not been given back to him. He didn't know exactly what was going to happen to him but he was sure that it was going to be better than being tortured.

Lord Nostory sat in his great hall with Jessica by his side. He was wondering just how Jessica was able to make such a request, he had thought that while she wore the necklace that she was incapable of independent thought. He didn't mind it happening this time since it was only a minor inconvenience and he wanted to make his future wife happy. It was something that he was going to have to look into however.

Jessica who sat right next to him was oblivious to what Lord Nostory was thinking. She had forgotten everything about the quest and had accepted that she was going to marry him. She herself had no idea why she had even called for Tucker to be brought before her. It was something inside her that had forced her to do this. It was a little person trapped inside her had forced her into doing this.

Both Lord Nostory and Jessica saw the doors to the great hall open and they saw Mathew enter alongside two guards who were leading Tucker. A smile appeared on Jessica's face when she saw her best friend. She felt something else come along her and she sat there with a huge grin on her face.

"My Lord, my lady," said Mathew remembering his courtesies. "I present Tucker Martel as you have requested."

"Very good Mathew," replied Lord Nostory somewhat pleased to see that Tucker was indeed in a presentable manner. He didn't want to see him if he was covered in his own blood and excrements. "My soon to be Lady Wife had requested your presence here today. You have her to thank for being out of the dungeons at least for a short amount of time. If it were up to me I would have left you to rot. But alas it would upset my soon to be Lady Wife so I am giving you as much time as she wishes."

"Approach Tucker," said Jessica somewhat even sounding like a Lady. Tucker was nudged in the back and he began to walk towards Jessica. Two guards stayed by his side at all times in the off chance that he tried anything. In truth there wasn't anything that Tucker could do. He had surveyed the room when he entered and all his exits were blocked by guards. They were all armed with high grade swords and armour while he wasn't armed at all. His chances of escape or even survival were slim. He had an idea but it was risky and if it failed his death was more or less a sure thing.

When Tucker was about ten feet away from Jessica he was forced to bow down to her. He could see the smile on her face but he could also see that there was almost no emotion in her eyes. The spark that had been there ever since they were children was gone. He had to bow his head as well to show his respects.

"Jessica I beg of you," said Tucker knowing that he only had one shot. "Release me, I have done nothing wrong."

"That is completely out of the question," replied Lord Nostory not allowing Jessica to mutter a single word. "You are exactly where you belong and it will be a cold day in hell when you find your way out of that dungeon."

"Upon what crime? I have done no crimes and yet I am thrown in the dungeon. That is no justice there, by the laws of Angleland sent down by King Erik the First and all of his decedents since then I demand to have a trial."

"You want a trial good sir I will give you a trial." He could not refuse such a thing, he was a powerful lord but even he was not above the laws set by the King and Queen of Angleland. "Your trial will take place in three days' time, I hope you are prepared for it.

Chapter 11: Trial of the Century by The Doctor

Tucker was pleased that he got the trial that he had desperately wanted. He thought that something was finally going right for him in this city. He planned on clearing his name and then leaving with Jessica by his side. He would have loved to take the map and Juggernaut along with him but he was more or less willing to leave them behind if it meant simply getting away from July. He would not leave the city without Jessica however, she was far too precious to him to leave behind and he would never forgive himself if he did this.

He could see Jessica sitting there right next to Lord Nostory who was the cause of all the pain and suffering that he had seen within the castle. Most of it had been dealt by Mathew but Lord Nostory was the man who held the leash. Everything that happened in this city went through him.

"You have played your cards well Mr Martel," said Lord Nostory who continued to sit in his seat and glare over at Tucker. "If you are found innocent you will be free to go and you will also be given back your personal effects and a few gold coins for the inconvenience. Found guilty however and your punishment will be left up to you. Either you will be executed or you can live out the rest of your days in the dungeons below this castle, you will never see the light of day again or the intimate touch of a woman. Every day you will experience pain and suffering until the light within you is snuffed out."

There was one other form of trial that Tucker could pick but he wanted to use it as a last resort if his original trial began to go south. He had the option of picking a trial by combat where Lord Nostory would pick a champion and he would do battle with Tucker. Tucker himself had a right to a champion but he doubted that anyone would agree to be his champion so he would have to fight for himself. If he were to win the trial by combat it would mean that the gods favoured his cause and he would be free to go. In this trial however losing the battle meant losing his life.

"I accept these terms," said Tucker with a small amount of confidence in his voice. "The gods will judge me as the rightful party in this endeavour and I will be freed before the next full moon."

"You seem very confident with your words wannabe knight. While you are awaiting your trial your accommodations will be upgraded. You will sleep in a room fit for one of my serving women but you will not be permitted to leave. There will always be a guard at your door to make sure that you cannot leave."

"Seems fair enough, anything is better than that cell that you put me in." He was acting confident once again and this was beginning to annoy Lord Nostory. He was a very powerful man but these were all things that he had to do by law. He was dead set on making sure that the trial went his way and that Tucker would forever be out of his hair.

Lord Nostory looked over to Jessica who still sat there without much emotion on her face. He was doing all of this for her and if she had her own free will she would have grown and taken Tucker to safety. Seeing him like this hurt her inside but on the surface there was nothing that she could do to help him. She was in an unwinnable situation in her mind and all she could do was sit there and watch as events transpired before her. She was the physically the most powerful person in the city and yet right now she was also the most powerless, the irony was not lost on her.

Tucker was taken away to his new accommodations and Jessica was left with Lord Nostory by his side. He looked over to her and gave her a smile. Everything that he was doing, he was doing it for her and he would die before allowing someone like her to slip through his fingers. He had been waiting his entire life to be with a woman like her and now that he did have her he would let nothing get in the way. He would start a war to keep her if he needed to, or even break away from the King and Queen and declare July and the Summer Lands and independent nation. He would do all this to keep his prize and much more, he had found a unique individual and he would allow nothing to take it away from him.

"Take him out of my sight!" said Lord Nostory with a stern voice. He had enough of looking at Tucker and wanted him to leave immediately.

Rather than being dragged out Tucker was led out of the hall and taken to the quarters that had belonged to one of the serving women. It was a relatively small space but there was a window and a bed that was actually comfortable to sleep in. For Tucker it was an enormous upgrade in comparison to where he had been sleeping before.

The ground was solid stone along with the walls but there was a cosiness to it that was definitely missing in the jail cell. There was one problem that Tucker had was that he wasn't too sure exactly how to defend himself in this trial. He had no idea about the laws that were local to July but he still had his trial by combat that he could use but he only wanted to use it as a last resort.

A small form of salvation came the next morning when Tucker woke up and saw a serving woman standing right by his door. She had short black hair and stood a fraction of an inch shorter than the top of the door frame. A couple of more sessions on the rack would mean she would have to start ducking to get through the doors. She was looking at him with a small but pleasant smile.

As promised there were two guards posted right outside of his door so that he couldn't leave and the room was located too high up for him to successful jump out of without falling to his death. There was not enough fabric in the room to make any rope and even if there were the guards were constantly looking out at him to make sure that he didn't do anything that could lead to an escape.

"Good morning good sir my name is Monica," said the tall serving woman. "Lord Nostory has put me in your service while the trial is ongoing. I am to carry out any requests that you ask of me within reason. I am to make sure that you are fed and that all of your needs are met. He extends you this hospitality until you are proven guilty."

"I am not guilty," replied Tucker trying to sound confident. "The trial will prove my innocence and then I will be free to leave this city and I intend to never return as long as I live."

"Very well good sir. Is there anything that you require of me?"

"Yes Monica could you fetch me some breakfast?"

"As you wish."

Tucker only had a few minutes to wait before Monica returned to the room with a tray of food. The breakfast was only a simple one but it was still better food then Tucker had received in the dungeons. He hated to think of those who were still down there while he had his trial. He thought that many of them probably had their own trials and yet they had been found guilty and left to rot.

He still wished that he had Juggernaut and his treasure map but above all he wished that he still had Jessica by his side. She was there for him when he was at his lowest and always seemed to know what to do to get out of any situation. Now he found himself in the predicament by himself. In a way it was exactly what he had asked for when he told her that he could fight his own battles. He didn't want his words to be twisted quite like this but he saw it as a good opportunity to show himself that he could find a way out of his own problem without Jessica's help.

Even if he were to somehow free himself he still had to find a way to break Lord Nostory's grip on his best friend and make her see things for what they truly were. She was much like a walking zombie with the enchanted necklace and he needed to find a way to free her before he left July. He had already vowed that he would not leave without her by his side and he was determined to do this or die trying.

Tucker wasn't the only one preparing for the trial. Rather than it taking place in the great hall of the castle a smaller building just outside was being readied for the trial. It had been used many times over the years for trials ranging from crimes of murder and treason all the way down to the simple theft of bread.

The building itself was one of the oldest in July and had been used for many different events over its history. In a couple of days' time it would be the venue for Tucker's trial and would either be the place of his salvation or damnation. If Lord Nostory were to have his way Tucker wouldn't be walking out a free man.

Lord Nostory himself was preparing his case in the trial but there was one predicament that he had. Normally in trials he would be the one who would be judging the trial but since the crimes were against him he was not allowed to be a judge by the laws of the land. Instead he appointed another judge who was greatly in his pocket. It had not been the first time that something like this had happened but as long as Lord Nostory paid the judge handsomely he would favour more towards him rather than the defendant.

A special seat was being constructed for Jessica so that she could attend as well. Due to her size a regular seat in the courthouse would be too small and it would be like her sitting on a seat designed for a child. It would be a large but majestic seat fit for the woman who would soon become the Lady of July.

Already word of the trial had begun to circulate through July and many people wanted to be the ones who witnessed the trial take place. Unfortunately for them the trial was not going to be a public spectacle so only a handful would be able to go into the courthouse and watch the trial take place. They would be seeing Tucker either earn his freedom or incarcerated for the rest of his days. None knew exactly why the wannabe knight had even been arrested but they just knew that it would be a spectacle to watch.

Inside his room Tucker was still thinking of someway of earning his freedom and rescuing Jessica. For the moment he was concentrating mainly on earning his freedom since he wouldn't be able to rescue her if he was rotting in some dirty dungeon or worse. He was still not allowed to leave the room and he could see the guards outside making sure that he didn't escape.

Monica stood inside the room awaiting any command that Tucker might have. She too was cursed by her height as she had been brought here to serve Lord Nostory. She had been stretched a lot since she had come here and it had made her one of the tallest serving women in the castle. Despite her height she was still short in comparison to Jessica if the two women ever stood side to side. The difference would be even greater when Jessica was her true height but in that case even the tallest man in Angleland would look to be nothing but a child's play thing in comparison to her.

Tucker looked towards Monica and he had an idea in his mind. It would be nothing that got him a quick escape or put his or Monica's life in jeopardy but he thought that it would go some way into helping him and possibly saving him from a life not worth living.

"Monaco is that your name?" asked Tucker as he tried to remember the name of the tall serving woman.

"Monica good sir," replied the tall woman with grace in her voice.

"Monica what do you know of the laws of July? I know many of Angleland as a whole but the local laws to this city have escaped my knowledge. If you could fill me in as best as you can maybe I could use it to my advantage."

"I have lived in July for a number of years and I know many of the laws. I can tell you all that I know if you wish."

"Yes I do wish it, first tell me what will happen if I were to be found guilty of whatever crime I have supposedly committed."

"That is up to Lord Nostory, since these crimes are against the Lord himself you will either be thrown into the dungeon and never see the light of day again. Or you will be publicly executed, if you are lucky he will allow you to choose your own execution. I would advise you to have a quick and painless death."

"I do not intend to die my dear, I intend to prove my innocence and release my friend from Lord Nostory's grasp."

"Your friend?" It took her a couple of moments for her to realise that he was talking about Jessica. She had seen her stand up for a brief moment and she couldn't get over just how tall she was. Monica had not seen a woman taller than her since she was twelve and seeing that Jessica was around a foot and a half taller than her had completely blown her mind. "You mean Lady Nostory."

"They are not married yet so she is still Miss Snape., her mind is no longer her own and I intend to restore her back to the way that she was before I leave July. She is my best friend and she has protected me for many years, it is time that I protected her and I will sacrifice my own life if need be."

Monica sat in silence for several moments and took in everything that Tucker had taken. She couldn't help but feel the world of sympathy for him. Here was a man who had been wrongly imprisoned simply because Lord Nostory wanted to marry his best friend. She would have loved to have helped him any way that she could but she knew that Lord Nostory would not allow it. If he suspected that she was truly helping him to rescue Jessica he would have her flung into the dungeon.

Lord Nostory himself was making more preparations towards his wedding rather than the trial itself. He thought that Tucker was going to be found guilty and he would be punished accordingly. The one thing that Lord Nostory was trying to focus on in particular was a way to replicate Jessica's dress so that she could wear other clothing rather than the same dress. He thought that she was beautiful but there was no chance in his mind that a Lady should wear the same dress every day. He knew that it would take time before a suitable replacement could be created.

More often than not Lord Nostory would love to see Jessica naked so that he could embrace every aspect of her beauty but he knew the consequences if this were to happen. She would grow in size almost instantly and destroy his castle. Even he didn't want to see his castle become nothing more than a ruin, he had been through too much for that to happen and so he was willing to wait.

The sensible part of his mind wanted to find some kind of potion that would prevent Jessica from growing when she took off her dress. But another part of his brain didn't want this to happen. He wanted to see her at her maximum height and the fact that she was still growing was another reason why he was so attracted to her. Taking that away would be like taking away a part of her. This he didn't want, he wanted her to grow as tall as the Gods wanted her to and he didn't want to do anything to stop it.

The days seemed to fly by but eventually the day did come for Tucker's trial to begin. It was a relatively misty day as morning broke in July. The birds could be heard in the skies as they sang their songs, they were oblivious to what was going to happen that day. A man was either going to earn his freedom or be condemned to a life that many would consider not worth living. The day would end in glory for one man.

Tucker was taken to the courthouse with a convoy of guards. Lord Nostory didn't want to take any chances and he wanted to make sure that Tucker couldn't escape. One thing that he didn't want to leave the city was exactly what was happening in his castle. He would not be charged for anything that he did but the other lords would begin to look down at him and the King and Queen of Angleland might begin to scrutinise him. This was all pressure that he didn't need and so he would not allow the information to escape.

The courthouse was packed with members of the public who wanted to see the trial take place. Many of them had not seen a public execution for some time and some were hoping that Tucker was found guilty simply so they could watch him receive the death penalty. Tucker himself had no intention of being found guilty and he only hoped that he could present a reasonable argument so that he could throw enough doubt to get him off the hook.

The jury had been picked at random and none of them had even heard of the name Tucker Martel before his capture so they seemed to be the ideal jury. Deep down though they were siding more with Lord Nostory since he was their lord and had made the city of July very prosperous ever since he came to power.

Tucker himself was placed in a dock while the judge was placed on a high chair that gave him an excellent view of the courtroom and everyone in it. Even Lord Nostory and Jessica's seats were not as high as his. This was to show that in the courtroom the judge had the ultimate authority that even a king couldn't ignore.

The Judge was a harsh man named Fabio Ramirez who was actually a local man. He had overseen many trials that had been below the notice of Lord Nostory but this was probably the most important trial that he ever conducted but he was the man for the job. He was being paid handsomely by Lord Nostory to see his point of view more than that of Tucker. Almost before the trial had even begun it looked like Tucker was doomed but he still had hope that he would come out the other side a free man.

The courtroom was filled and as he looked around all he could see were the faces of strangers. Lord Nostory and Jessica had yet to make their appearance and the court would not begin until their arrival. He held such power over the court that they wouldn't start without him and this was power that couldn't be bought. Lord Nostory demanded respect by all those in the city of July.

It was not until almost an hour after everyone had arrived at the court that Lord Nostory finally made his appearance with Jessica by his side. Many people gasped at her height as she walked past and on top of her dress and gold necklace that she was wearing Lord Nostory had given her rings and bracelets to go along with her beauty. It was an attempt to make her look more ladylike even though she was wearing a peasant's dress. They sat down on two special seats at the courthouse. It gave them a great view of the trial and Tucker couldn't help but stare at Jessica. She was the only friendly face inside the courthouse and she was completely powerless to help him.

Suddenly Tucker heard a loud knocking sound and as he looked up towards the Judge he could see him banging his gavel on the side of his podium so that he could begin the trial. Now was the moment of truth for Tucker as his fate now be decided in a very biased court. He had no idea just how crooked the proceedings were going to be.

"Now that Lord Nostory has graced us with his presence this court of law can begin," said Judge Ramirez as he stopped banging his gavel. "This trial is the city of July versus Tucker Martel for the crime of the attempted murder of Lord Nostory. How does the defendant plea to this charge?"

"Not guilty," replied Tucker with a defiant voice. He had no one to represent him for this trial so he was having to represent himself.

"Do you have anyone to represent you in this court?"

"I would have liked to have one but it seems that no one wanted to defend me so I guess I'll have to defend myself this time around." He looked back for a moment to see the people within the court. "Unless one of these fine people would like to step up and defend me." There was a few seconds of silence and Tucker more or less received his answer. He didn't expect anyone to jump to his aid. "Well it looks like I'll be representing myself for the foreseeable future your honour."

"Very well Mister Martel."

In the dock not too far away from where Tucker was standing was a thin man with thin black hair and a small beard. His clothing was definitely fancier than the ordinary peasant and it was obvious to Tucker that this man was the main prosecutor. This man was named Walter Harrington and had been personally picked by Lord Nostory to represent him and the case against Tucker. He was very good at his job and he had won a high percentage of the cases that he had been involved in.

"Your honour if it pleases the court I would like to begin with my opening argument," said Walter as he looked up towards the Judge. The judge himself gave Walter a small nod to indicate that he was allowed to proceed. "Your honour no more than five days ago Mr Martel here entered the castle of our Lord Hector Nostory and attempted to kill him when his lady friend the soon to be Lady Jessica Nostory accepted his hand in marriage. Lord Nostory's guards were able to subdue him before he could make a decent attempt but intention was there. By the end of this trial the members of the jury along with everyone else in this courthouse will see that Mr Martel is guilty."

With that Walter sat down and it was time for Tucker to make his opening statement. He stood up and took a small walk around the dock as he cleared his throat. There were guards situated all around the courthouse to make sure that he didn't attempt to escape in any way. That would more or less prove his guilt.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury if you don't know who I am, well I am Tucker Martel of Morgan," said Tucker trying to sound important. He looked over at the jury before looking at Jessica. He still couldn't believe what had happened to her and he wondered who was truly worse off him or her. "It is true that I did enter Lord Nostory's castle on that day but at no point did I attempt to murder him. My friend Jessica Snape and I were invited by Lord Nostory to enter and when we did he used some kind of magic spell to rob the mind and will of my friend. She is now nothing more than a zombie who bends to the will of Lord Nostory without giving a second thought. When I attempted to help my friend Lord Nostory's guards attacked me and I was thrown into a dungeon without good reason or a fair trial. When I am found innocent of my so called crimes I demand that my friend be freed and for us to be compensated for the misery that we have both endured."

This was the end of the opening arguments and Tucker thought that he had done a reasonably good job but unfortunately he didn't know just how crooked this court was. He would have more chance of bleeding blood out of a stone rather than actually winning this case. For now he had no idea but he always had the trial by combat if things truly went south and at least then he would stand a chance.

Over the next several hours the prosecution gave evidence to why Tucker was guilty of his crimes and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Witnesses were called and they gave evidence to how Tucker had supposedly tried to kill Lord Nostory. Some described how Tucker had pulled out a knife and tried to stab the heart of Lord Nostory. These were all fabrications but they were winning the jury over.

Lord Nostory himself sat in his seat with a smile on his face. He knew that the trial was going his way and he held onto Jessica's hand. It was not only the size of her hand that had caught his attention but also the warmth and softness of it. He could imagine her growing to her full size and he would lie down in her palm and be in heaven. They were the softest hands that he had ever felt and he wanted his body to be enveloped by this softness.

Jessica was aware of what was happening but found herself unable to stop it. If she could she would have broken down into tears at the very least but due to the necklace she couldn't do this unless Lord Nostory commanded it. She was more or less a prisoner in her own body and she thought that she would never see her best friend again. She thought that he would be convicted and then executed a few days later. Most likely Lord Nostory would make her watch his execution and if that were to happen Jessica's last thread of humanity would be severed. She would be his both body and soul.

Despite the magic that was keeping her a prisoner in her own body Jessica could still feel Tucker within her mind. She couldn't explain it but she could sense his anxieties and fears as he knew that the trial was not going well. She didn't know how exactly she could sense all these but it felt like she had some kind of connection with him. She only hoped that this connection wouldn't be severed.

During the trial Tucker tried to cross examine some of the witnesses but unfortunately defending himself in a court of law was something that he was not his particular strong suit. If it had involved swords and shields he would be more suited but since he was having to use his words rather than his sword skills he was finding it more and more difficult as the trial continued on. The deck was heavily stacked against him and he was having to use all of his intelligence to keep himself afloat so to speak.

The crowd within the courthouse were constantly booing him whenever it was his turn to speak. They had already made their decision that he was guilty and it seemed that the jury had more or less come to the same conclusion. Their minds had more or less been made before the trial had even started thanks to the gold in their purses courtesy of Lord Nostory.

For hours the trial continued to go against Tucker and slowly he realised that he was trying to break through a brick wall with only a needle. The trial had begun unfairly and unless he did something drastic it would end unfairly as well. He looked over to Jessica and he knew what he had to do to have any chance of keeping his freedom.

"Your honour I see that I will get no justice here," said Tucker as he stood up in the dock despite the fact that the prosecutor had been speaking. "From the beginning this whole court has been against me and not been at a neutral stance as it should."

"Hold your tongue Mr Martel," replied the Judge. "You're only making the situation worse for yourself."

"Worse? I am in a trial that is heavily against me and most likely at the end I will lose my life. My friend will forever be trapped with a man who holds her free will hostage. Tell me your honour how exactly can this situation get any worse for me?" There was a brief silence as Lord Nostory realised what was going to happen. It would be a minor inconvenient for him but it was something that he had already planned. "As I said I will find no justice here, therefore I see that my only justice can come from the gods. That is why I am evoking the trial by combat law. I will be my own champion against the champion that either the court or Lord Nostory has picked. When the gods favour my cause and guide my blade everyone in July will see that I am innocent of these crimes."

"Is that your final answer Mr Martel? Once you have demanded a trial by combat there is no opportunity to back out."

"I understand and accept."

"Very well this court is adjourned. Mr Martel has evoked the trial by combat law and he has also put himself forward as his own champion. In this case it would be best for Lord Nostory to pick his own champion. He will have three days to choose his champion to face Mr Martel, then within the grounds of the Castle of July the trial by combat will take place at noon as is law."

"That will not be necessary," said Lord Nostory as he got up to his feet. "I have already chosen my champion." There was a huge smile on his face and a shiver ran down Tucker's spine. He didn't think that he would like what came out of Lord Nostory's mouth next. "I want everyone to witness my choice for a champion. I Lord Hector Nostory, first of my name and rightful Lord of July to hereby choose my fiancé Jessica Snape to be my champion and since the gods favour my cause she will survive without a scratch."

Chapter 12: Tucker vs Jessica by The Doctor

There was a loud gasp as everyone heard Lord Nostory state that Jessica was going to be his champion during the trial by combat against Tucker. Tucker himself couldn't believe what he had just heard. He couldn't believe that Lord Nostory would stoop so low to actually have him battle Jessica for his own freedom. Unfortunately he knew that once he declared that he wanted a trial by combat there was nothing that he could do to revoke the claim.

Everyone else inside the court also couldn't believe that Lord Nostory had chosen Jessica to be his champion. They knew that she was very tall but they had never heard of a woman being a champion during a trial by combat. It was not uncommon for a woman to be one of the parties involved by never as a champion. They were unaware about Jessica's true size and the fact that the dress she wore actually made her small enough to fit into a building although door frames were still a minor problem.

The judge looked at Lord Nostory and wasn't quite sure what to make of it. He had found it highly irregular that he would choose a woman to defend him. Many would consider him a coward but there was still a chance that Jessica wouldn't be his champion. She had to agree to be his champion so the important question had to be asked.

"Miss Jessica Snape," said the Judge as he looked down at the tall woman from up on his podium. "Do you agree to be Lord Nostory's champion in the trial by combat?"

"I do your honour," replied Jessica as she stood up to her full height. There was still no emotion in her voice and she was completely under the influence of the spell that stopped her from acting independently. Inside she was shouting at the top of her lungs, saying no but her body was not her own and she couldn't stop herself as she agreed. "I will represent my soon to be Lord husband in the trial by combat."

"Very well by the laws of the land Miss Jessica Snape will represent Lord Hector Nostory, the first of his name in the trial by combat against Mr Tucker Martel who has decided to be his own champion. The trial by combat will take place tomorrow morning on the grounds of the Castle of July. The combatants may have any handheld weapons of their choosing if they are available. The trial must take place with no interference or else they will face harsh penalties. This court is adjourned." He banged his gavel on the podium and stood up to climb back down to the ground.

People began to grumble as they got up to leave but Tucker just stood there completely dumbstruck about what had just happened. Never in a million years did he think that he was actually going to be battling his best friend. He knew that when she grew to her normal size that he didn't stand a chance against her. Even with Juggernaut he didn't think that it would do him much good. He would barely be able to reach her but above all he didn't want to harm his best friend. She had helped him so many times over his life that he couldn't bear the thought of actually harming her.

Tucker also thought about his own safety. At her full size she could crush him like an insect and he didn't have much defence against that. Even if she didn't stomp him she could pick him up and crush him with only using a small proportion on her strength. He had seen her move farm animals as if they were made of feathers. Worse still she could swallow him whole with minimum effort. He knew that Jessica would never actually eat a person but since she was being controlled through the necklace she was capable of doing more or less anything. He didn't think that he would survive. If he were to back off now it would be an admission of guilt and he would be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Even though Tucker was standing still he felt a strong grasp on his shoulder and when he turned he saw that one of the guards had grabbed his shoulder. This meant that they were here to lead him away, most likely he would be taken back to the room in the castle where he would be able to rest. One thing that Tucker did have at his advantage was that he could demand to have his armour and Juggernaut returned to him.

Quickly Tucker was taken out of the courthouse and taken back to the castle and the room where he was more or less a prisoner. Since his guilt had not been proven yet he was still allowed to have decent accommodation. This was the only comfort that he had but he dreaded the trial by combat the next morning. He didn't think that he would survive and he only had two options. Fight and die at the hands of his best friend or give up there and then and be executed shortly afterwards. He was being forced to pick the lesser of two evils and he more or less made his decision.

Tucker more or less decided there and then that he was going to compete in this trial by combat but he still didn't have much intention of surviving. He wanted to survive but he didn't want to hurt his friend, she had always protected him and he still had a belief that she would not harm him. No matter how much of a grip that Lord Nostory had on his friend he knew that she wouldn't harm him. They had too much history together and they had always been good to one another.

Monica was waiting inside the room for him and she was happy to see his return. This presented somewhat of a dilemma in her mind. If he had been found innocent he would have been set free and he most likely would have been on his way. If he had been found guilty he would have been sent back down to the dungeons where he would stay and rot. She had already brought a cup of water up to the room and she gave it to him. She could see that he was not in the best of moods and she could tell that the day's events had not gone his way. She did not ask anything however, that was not her role, she was only allowed to speak when she was spoken to unless it was of a matter of utter importance.

Tucker sat in his room in silence for some time before he could mutter any words. He looked over to Monica and he had a command for him. She waited for him and she was somewhat glad for the interaction.

"Monica I need you to give Lord Nostory a message," said Tucker. "I want my armour and sword returned to me so that I can battle his fiancé tomorrow morning. By law he has to comply."

"As you wish," replied Monica as she stepped out of the room, she had to duck slightly to get through the door but she still continued to walk.

Tucker felt a little bad about how he had just worded the command. It sounded like he was willing to fight Jessica when in truth he wasn't. He was trying to keep himself as far away from the fact that he was going to be battling her as much as he could. He didn't want to hurt her and he was even beginning to think that he couldn't actually hurt her. At her normal size her skin would be very thick and he already knew that an arrow strike was nothing more than minor inconvenience to her. She had been fired upon by arrows in the past and they had not been able to pierce her skin. Juggernaut would probably be different but even so he didn't think that it would do him much good. Besides she could crush him before he got anywhere near slashing her.

In his own chamber Lord Nostory had no worries about the next day. By now night had fallen and Jessica was lying in bed awaiting her soon to be husband. On her face she also seemed to have no worries about the next morning but inside she was terrified. She knew that it was most likely going to end with Tucker's death and then she would have nothing else to live for. Not just because her best friend would be dead but also because she knew that she was responsible it would destroy her inside. She would see herself as the monster that many had called her in the past.

Lord Nostory himself was actually looking forward to the next morning since he wouldn't have to worry about Tucker anymore. He was extremely looking forward to seeing his soon to be wife grow to her normal size for the first time in his presence and kill a man that he considered to be his enemy. The whole city would see her at her full size and would be able to bask in her glory. This was something that Jessica really didn't want to do but as she had no free will there was nothing that she could do.

"How do you feel about battling the man that you used to call a friend?" asked Lord Nostory as he poured some rich wine into a golden cup. He was also going to pour some more wine into a second cup for his wife to be.

"I feel nothing my love," replied Jessica, she was still under the influence of the spell so she couldn't say any other answer.

"Good, this time tomorrow Tucker Martel will be dead and we can make plans for a wedding unlike any other Angleland has ever seen. Every Lord and Lady will be invited and even the King and Queen will come, you will don a gown that will make you look more beautiful than the goddess Trianne herself. You will be the envy of every man, woman and child in the world."

"That makes me glad my love."

"And so it should." By now he had finished pouring the wine and brought them over to Jessica. He sat on his bed and gave her the cup to drink, normally he would have one of his serving women do this task but since it was for Jessica he wanted to do the deed himself in some way of making her happy. "I have no doubt that you are physically the most powerful woman in Angleland but after our marriage you will also be one of the wealthiest and politically powerful women in all the land. You will provide me with sons who will be worthy of being my heirs and daughters that should hopefully be as tall and beautiful as you. Nothing can spoil what we have."

"I agree my love. I will be counting down the days until our wedding. I will make you happy in any way possible."

"There is one thing you could do to make me a little happier right now. Increase your height a little, not too much, just a few inches will do."

"As you wish." She took a sip of the wine and it was definitely the best wine that she had ever drunk. Unfortunately she didn't have the will to actually enjoy it as she increased her height by half a foot. Since she was sitting in the bed the change wasn't as much as one would expect but watching her grow did excite Lord Nostory more than he would like to admit publicly. "Have I pleased you my love?"

"You have in more ways than I could possibly describe." He drank from his cup of wine and instead of taking a sip he drank the entire contents in one go. "Now shall we get some sleep, you have a big day tomorrow and I don't want lack of sleep to ruin your prettiness."

Jessica had no choice but to comply as she also drank the rest of her wine. When she had finished Lord Nostory took the cup off of her and placed it on a table right next to the bed. A huge smile came upon his face as he couldn't wait to sleep with the amazon that was Jessica. He had been wanting to do something like this for as long as he could remember and now that he actually had a woman who would do this for him every night he felt that his final victory was complete.

Lord Nostory climbed into his bed and wrapped his arms around Jessica's long body. His touch sent a chill down her spine but she still couldn't react to him in the way that she wanted. She would have loved to have pushed him away and take Tucker out of the castle and the city. Unfortunately right now those actions were beyond her and she had to put up with him touching her. She hated every moment that she was by his side and she wanted to throw up but discovered that she was unable to. She was experiencing a living nightmare that she saw no escape from.

The next morning Tucker was the first to wake up, it was not yet dawn and his room was still in darkness. His mind needed a few moments to adjust to exactly what was happening and he soon realised that he was only a couple of short hours from having to battle his best friend. This left a sinking feeling in his stomach and he wondered exactly how the day would finish off. He thought that most likely Jessica would literally crush him and she would be lost to him forever.

One thing that Tucker did take comfort in was that his armour had been brought to him but Juggernaut would not be brought to him until the actual trial by combat. Lord Nostory didn't want him using it to try and make an escape. Tucker was able to put on his own armour but he knew that it would give him little protection against a giantess who was over one hundred and twenty feet tall.

He had no stomach for any breakfast and just sat quietly in his room for what seemed to be an eternity. His leg was shaking as he hated to admit just how nervous he was. He tried not to give into his fear as a knight should be brave at all times. He remembered the lessons that he had been taught by the late Sir Thomas Parker. He could see his mentor looking down at him from the heavens and he didn't know whether the old man would be either proud or disgusted with how he had been doing.

After a couple of hours there was a loud knock on the door. Tucker looked towards it and it soon came open and he could see a very tall man who was well armoured and he looked to be formidable himself. Despite his fearsome appearance he was not the man that Tucker was going to face that day. His opponent would be both the largest woman that he had ever seen and but also the one who had been the only person that he had considered to be his true friend. He didn't think that the kingdom of Angleland would be the same after this trial took place.

"It's time!" said the well armoured man as he looked towards Tucker.

Tucker didn't say a word as he got up to his feet and followed him through the castle. There were a few guards who followed him as well to ensure that he didn't attempt an escape. Tucker was feeling more nervous with every passing moment as fighting his best friend was drawing closer and closer.

By the time Tucker stepped outside of the castle and onto the grounds he saw that hundreds of people had come to attend the trial by combat. None of them were aware that Jessica was a towering giantess who had her height restricted by her dress. Only a simple thought could turn her from an amazon into the giantess that brought fear to many despite her gentle personality.

As Tucker looked at the crowd many were shouting offensive words to him but he was able to block them out since the thought of fighting Jessica was an even greater worry in his mind. He could see Lord Nostory on an elevated seat with Jessica sitting right next to him. She was wearing her dress once again and there she was wearing no armour. He didn't expect her to wear any armour since she more or less didn't need it and with the added fact that the armour wouldn't grow along with her. The sudden entry into the sunlight had blinded Tucker for the moment as his eyes had to adjust to the light. He lifted his hand up to help stop the sun going into his eyes until they had adjusted.

Lord Nostory stood up from his seat and stepped onto the stage that had been set up specifically for him. There were many guards on the stage to prevent anyone trying to get on to harass Lord Nostory. He seemed to be very pompous as he walked a couple of steps forward so that he could address the crowd. He waved his hand in the air and the entire crowd fell into silence.

"My happy citizens," said Lord Nostory in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear him. "I thank you for attending this trial by combat between Mr Tucker Martel and the soon to be Lady Jessica Nostory. Many might question why I have chosen my fiancé to be my champion in this trial but I have the just cause so the gods will spare her. Mr Martel is charged with attempting to take my life, he has chosen a trial by combat to try and prove his innocence. He has also chosen to fight with his sword Juggernaut while by fiancé has waved away any weapon." With that one of the guards walked up to Tucker, he was carrying Juggernaut and he passed it to him. Lord Nostory would have preferred that Tucker not have his sword but he couldn't deny him right to the weapon. He also thought that even armed with Juggernaut that Tucker didn't stand much of a chance. "The rules are simple, the two combatants will battle until either one party backs down or a champion is dead. By the end of the trial we will know which side the gods favour." He turned to Jessica who was still sitting in her seat. "My love, it is time."

Lord Nostory held his hand out towards her and she gently grabbed it as she stood up to her full height. She bent down and gave him a kiss before she carefully made her way down from the stage and into the area where she was going to be fighting Tucker. The area was especially big at the request of Lord Nostory and was easily large enough for Jessica to grow to her normal size and still have room to move. Even he didn't want to see his citizens crushed by a giantess.

Tucker stared at Jessica for a couple of moments and he was still in disbelief that he was actually going to fight her. He wanted nothing more than to run up to her and hug her, she had always been his pillar of hope for him whenever he was down but he knew that if he tried she would likely kill him on the spot. She stared blankly back at him but there was a tear rolling down her cheek as her inner self cried.

A bell tolled indicating the start of the battle and Tucker didn't even try to move towards Jessica. He saw that immediately she had begun to grow and everyone in the crowd gasped as the saw the tall woman growing bigger and bigger before their very eyes. A few of them even screamed in terror but as Jessica grew she never took her eyes off of Tucker. He lowered his sword as he had to face the fact that he was going to have to face a full size Jessica. Every inch that she grew was like another knife stabbing into Tucker's back.

By the time that Jessica had reached her normal height many of the crowd were in complete terror of the giant woman who stood before them. Some thought that she was going to try and crush them all but they found themselves too sandwiched in the crowd to actually escape. Hey were stuck there and would have to watch the trial whether they wanted to or not.

By far the most nervous person in this area was Tucker who was having to face a towering giantess who could easily crush him. Almost instantly he knew that he didn't stand a chance in this fight but he still couldn't surrender. He would not give Lord Nostory the satisfaction that he had won.

Almost immediately Tucker saw Jessica's foot hover above him and as it came crashing down he had to dive out of the way so that he wasn't crushed. The ground shook a little as Jessica's enormous foot came into contact with the ground. This had scared even more people but for Lord Nostory he had an enormous smile on his face. The trial had started exactly like he had expected and he thought that soon Tucker would be no more.

Numerous times Jessica's foot came crashing down above him but each time he was able to dodge out of the way. He had a couple of opportunities to attack as well but chose not to since he didn't want to hurt his best friend. There was one thing that he noticed as she tried to stomp him. Her foot didn't seem to be coming down as fast as he thought that it would be, he thought that if someone was trying to crush a bug they would move their foot faster than Jessica did now. He knew that her additional size didn't affect her intelligence and he saw it as a good sign.

"Please Jessica don't do this," begged Tucker as he took a moment to look up to the towering giantess that was his best friend. He was hoping that there was still a small part of his friend in there.

Lord Nostory was happy to sit in his seat and watch as Jessica continued to try and kill Tucker. He had not noticed that she was slower than she should be and he couldn't help but become excited by what he was seeing. It was the first time that he had seen Jessica at her normal size and he knew now more than ever that he had picked the right woman to be his wife. Not only was he marrying what he thought to be the most beautiful woman in all of Angleland but also a woman who would be the ultimate bodyguard. No enemy would dare get close to him while she was around.

At no time did Jessica focus on the crowd or even truly acknowledge them. Her focus was entirely on Tucker and she bent down and tried to punch the ground. Her blows were light since she didn't want to risk breaking her hand on the ground. Her size did give her amazing strength but even she wasn't resistant to breaking her hand like any normal person. It was a sign that she wasn't invincible.

Jessica's hand even came close to grabbing Tucker and in his panic he slashed his sword cutting the palm of her hand. The cut was not very deep but it still caused her a small amount of pain and Tucker realised that he had just hurt his friend. He felt sick inside but a small part of him told him that he had done it purely out of self-defence but it still didn't make him feel any better.

This made Tucker drop Juggernaut out of disgust of what he had done but before he could make another move Jessica's other hand came down and grabbed him. In no time at all he was lifted up in the air and brought up to her level. For the first time in his life he was actually scared to be picked up by Jessica. He thought that he was close to meeting his ancestors in the afterlife. He had absolutely no defence against her strength and he thought that his life had come to an end.

"Jessica it's me Tucker your best friend," said Tucker as he tried to use his words where his skills had failed him. He was hoping that his best friend was somewhere trapped inside and that he could somehow bring it back to the surface. "Remember when we used to play hide and seek together, you always seemed to find me no matter how well I hid. I always thought that you had cheated but those were our happiest days. This isn't you Jessica, the Jessica I knew would never do anything like this." He suddenly felt her grip around him tighten and much of the air in his body was squeezed out. "Please Jessica, you're my best friend and you're the only person who was able to put up with me and my silly dreams. You even came with me on my quest for Three Man's Treasure."

It seemed that Tucker's pleas were falling onto deaf ears as he felt Jessica's grip tighten. The life was being squeezed out of him and she was only using a fraction of her mighty strength. She was squeezing him tighter every few moments and Tucker couldn't defend himself. Even if he had Juggernaut in his hand he would not use it against her, even if it were to save his life he still couldn't hurt his friend.

The crowd had seemed to have gotten over their initial fear of Jessica and instead cheered for her as Tucker seemed to be nearing his end. They might not have seen what they had expected but it was still entertaining for them to watch. Lord Nostory was the one who was enjoying the most since he was seeing his fiancé in action. He thought that he was mere moments from being rid of Tucker Martel. He admitted that Tucker had gotten further than he had expected but he was going to fall, just like everyone else who had tried to stand against Lord Nostory.

Tucker knew that he was only mere moments from falling unconscious or even worse, if Jessica tightened her grip on him any further he would be a dead man. He was on his last legs and he knew that if he didn't do something quickly he would die. Unfortunately he had realised before the start of the trial that he was in an unwinnable situation. He had only one option to try and save himself.

"Please Jessica," begged Tucker once again in one final attempt to convince his friend to stop crushing him. "I love you."

Tucker had not really expected anything to change but he definitely felt her grip around him loosen slightly and when he looked in Jessica's face he could see more tears rolling down her cheek. He didn't know exactly what was happening but it seemed that it was giving him a few more moments of life.

"T-Tucker?" replied Jessica stuttering with her words and they were the first truly independent words that had come out of her mouth since Lord Nostory had placed her under his spell.

Suddenly the necklace around her neck began to glow brightly and Tucker had to close his eyes so that he wasn't blinded by the light. Jessica screamed out in pain and even Lord Nostory had taken notice of what was happening. For the first time since obtaining Jessica he actually felt nervous. He wanted to make a move but found himself unable to stop himself from looking what was happening.

The glowing lasted for several seconds before subsiding and Jessica began to breathe heavily. She dropped to one knee but she didn't drop Tucker, her tight grip had transformed into a gentle one and he was no longer in pain. Jessica began to sob uncontrollably and she looked at the seemingly tiny man in her hand. He was still trying to catch his breath after being crushed in the manner than he was and she knew that she was responsible, she was the one who had been squeezing him and she looked at him as if he was about to end their friendship.

"Tucker I'm so sorry that I hurt you," cried Jessica as her mental wounds were coming to the surface. "I could see what I was doing and yet I couldn't stop myself. I almost killed you and I couldn't stop."

"It's alright Jessica," replied Tucker trying to comfort her the best way that he could. "It's not your fault."

"I know it's not." She looked towards Lord Nostory who was still in his seat but rather than being excited he was now feeling a wave of terror. Almost instantly all the sorrow washed away from her and she felt anger take over her body. "IT'S HIS!"

Chapter 13: Escape by The Doctor

Lord Nostory was in complete fear as he saw that the now full size Jessica was looking down at him with absolute hatred in her eyes. He tried in vain to mutter the spell again to try and re-establish his hold on her but he saw her rip the necklace off of her neck with her free hand as if it were made out of wet clay. She threw it to the ground and almost instantly it shrank back down to its normal size.

"YOU!" shouted Jessica as she pointed down at Lord Nostory. He was practically shaking and already guards were coming to his side to try and protect him despite the fact that there was little protection against an angry giantess. "YOU ROBBED ME OF MY MIND, FORCE ME TO BE NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR SLAVE AND YOU TRIED TO HAVE MY BEST FRIEND KILLED!" Her anger was beginning to get the better of her and she turned her head slightly to see that there were still a large amount of people still standing where they had been when the trial by combat had been taken place. Her vendetta wasn't against them and she didn't want to see them harmed. "EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!"

Her loud booming voice was enough to scare the crowd witless. Many were running for what they thought was their lives. Previously many had been in awe of her size but now they simply wanted to get away as quickly as possible. She was angry and they were not sure exactly what they were going to do. Lord Nostory even tried to make a move away with guards surrounding him but this was picked up by Jessica immediately. By that time they had gotten off the stage and was trying to make their way towards the castle but a giant foot came down right in front of them. This made them jolt back and Jessica continued to scowl at them, Tucker was still safe in her hand but even he was starting to become nervous. He had never seen her this angry.


Lord Nostory was absolutely terrified and he thought that his life was about to come to an end. He had never thought that his plans would blow up in his face in this manner and all he wanted to do was to get away as quickly as he could. Unfortunately the giant foot in front of him was preventing him from going anywhere.

He then ordered his guards to go forth and attack Jessica but rather than dying in a battle that they knew that they couldn't win the guards instead turned and fled as fast as their legs could carry them. Jessica let them go since her anger was squared solely on Lord Nostory. In her mind he wouldn't get off easy.

"If it is gold that you want I can give you all the gold I have," said Lord Nostory as he begged for his life.

"I don't want your gold," replied Jessica in a quieter voice but was still very sharp and angry. "I want you to release all the serving women that you're holding captive and I want all of my friend's personal possessions returned to him. If you don't do what I command I will pull down your castle brick by brick." The castle itself was directly behind her and when Lord Nostory didn't speak she slammed her fist into a top part of the castle. The section of the castle began to crumble and Lord Nostory jumped back a little as he saw a part of his precious castle crumble away. Now there was a large hole in the top of the castle and there was no one inside that part of the castle so there were no injuries. "I'M NOT FUCKING ABOUT HERE!"

Lord Nostory realised that unless he did what Jessica told him Jessica would rip down his mighty castle brick by brick. He saw the anger in her eyes and he knew that she was not bluffing. The damage that the castle had sustained was relatively minor but it would not take much for her to completely demolish the castle entirely. He loved having all those tall women at his beck and call but he preferred to keep the castle that he had worked so hard to attain. His options were very limited.

Tucker was also feeling scared along with Lord Nostory. He had never seen Jessica this angry before and he couldn't believe that she had intentionally damaged the castle in the manner that she had. He knew that she wouldn't harm him but even so he was very intimidated with the way that she was talking and her actions. He was only glad that she was not angry at him.

There was one of Lord Nostory's servants standing not too far away. He had been too frozen in fear to move away from the angry giantess and Lord Nostory signalled over to him to get all of Tucker's possessions. At first the servant was still too afraid to move but after a few seconds he ran into castle.

Several minutes later the same servant came back out carrying Tucker's possessions that he had confiscated from him. He had already had Juggernaut and his armour returned to him but now he was having all of his gold and other possessions returned to him. Above all he also received the map to Three Man's Treasure so at least the pair could carry on with their quest. The quest was the last thing on Jessica's mind, all she wanted to do was to free the women who were being held by Lord Nostory and then leave July. She hoped to never return and in truth she didn't know whether she would be the same after all of this. Her trust had been broken in a way that she could never had expected and she had become nothing more than a slave for the whim of a demented man.

That was the first part of Jessica's demands fulfilled and now it was time for the serving women to be released. This was a demand that Lord Nostory was more reluctant to uphold but he could see that Jessica wasn't going anywhere until they were released and she would continue to destroy his castle.

Word was given into the castle and one by one each of the serving women stepped out of the castle. For some of them it was a welcome relief that they were being released and actually be able to go back home. For a few of them they didn't know exactly what they were going to do, they had been in the service of Lord Nostory for a number of years and they didn't know what to do with their lives afterwards.

It took some time for all the serving women to be found and released by Lord Nostory's guards and Jessica sat there watching them leave. She couldn't help but feel happy about the fact that she had actually released people who were basically slaves. She had known what it was to be the slave of another and she would never wish it on her worse enemy. By now she had also placed Tucker on her shoulder after he had been reunited with his possessions and she had wrapped some of her long brown hair around him so that if he fell at least he had a safety line. She watched as the severing women and she felt some happiness knowing that she had released these poor women. This happiness didn't compensate for the raw anger that she was feeling.

Jessica looked down at Lord Nostory and he was still absolutely terrified. He didn't know if he was going to die at any moment or if Jessica would spare him. With how he had enslaved her he thought that she would kill him. If the roles were reversed he would do the same to him, all his armies could do nothing to help him right now and his guards were too afraid to come to his aid. They preferred to live on the rest of their lives rather than trying to kill a very angry giantess.

"Is that all of them?" asked Jessica as she looked down at Lord Nostory. He didn't speak and this only made her even more annoyed. "I SAID IS THAT ALL OF THEM?" Her voice was loud and very intimidating again.

"Y-yes that's all of them," replied Lord Nostory. He had to say these words quickly since he feared that if he stuttered any further Jessica would make the decision to kill him. He had already quietly started praying to the gods.


"Y-yes." He realised that he would be living to see another day and he could sense that she wasn't bluffing.

"Good." She stood up to her full height and seemed to be a looming colossus over a city of dolls. "Goodbye Lord Nostory, I hope to never see you or this damn city ever again." She went to walk away from the castle and each of her footsteps caused a small tremor. After only a few steps she quickly turned her head towards Lord Nostory who had been wanted watching her leave. "Remember that wasn't a threat, that was a promise."

With that Jessica continued to walk through the city of July. The citizens immediately moved out of her way as she walked through and many of them were absolutely terrified of her. Her loud booming voice had been heard all across the city and at her height she was also seen for miles. Many of them knew just how angry she was and that she had demolished a small part of the castle.

Tucker tried to talk to his giant best friend but she was not speaking to him at that moment in time. He had never seen her like this and he himself was intimidated by her. It was scary to see someone of her size be so aggressive and angry. He knew that despite everything Lord Nostory had gotten off lightly.

Eventually Jessica did reach the wall that surrounded the city but rather than breaking through it she climbed over it. There were numerous guards at the wall but none of them stopped her. It would be a futile effort trying to stop her leaving and none of them wanted to feel her wrath.

After several minutes of walking Jessica had still been silent and Tucker had tried to talk to her numerous times but for now she was being silent. At her size she could walk miles in a relatively short amount of time and soon July could only be seen over the horizon. She had been following a road out of July and the two eventually came across a small family run inn. It was nowhere near as grand as the inns in July but it was enough to keep a traveller well fed and bed.

Jessica unwrapped Tucker from her hair and placed him on the ground. She had done all this without telling him anything at all. Tucker was in much confusion over what was happening as he had never known her act in this manner. He understood that she had just been through a traumatic experience but he didn't know why she had hardly spoke to him. He felt as if he had done something to somehow anger or upset her.

"Jessica w-what are you doing?" asked Tucker with much concern in his voice. He was truly worried about her state of mind.

"I'm sorry Tucker I need some time alone," replied Jessica in a somewhat sombre voice. She had a new reason to hate and be distrustful of people and at that moment in time she wanted to vent her anger on something. "I'll be back at some point to pick you up but right now I need to think."

"Please Jessica I can help you in whatever way I can. We can talk and hopefully we can get through what happened." His best friend was squatting down and her hand was quite close to the ground. He was able to hold onto her hand to show that he was there for her and this did make her see that there was still good in people but she still knew that she had to go away for a little while.

"Thank you Tucker, I'm lucky to have a friend like you." She took a quick sigh before she spoke again. "But there are a few things in my head that I need to iron out. I promise you that I'll be back tomorrow morning at the latest but for now I need you to stay here so that you don't get hurt."

"Don't get hurt? Just what are you going to do?" He was completely surprised about her last statement and was afraid that she was going to do something terrible that she would later regret.

"You have more than enough money to stay here for the night and have a good round of meals. Don't try to follow me and remember I will return." She completely ignored his question and then stood up to her full height. She turned around and began to walk away and she could hear Tucker calling her name. There were some tears in her eyes that were a combination of sorrow and anger.

Tucker wanted to run to Jessica and try and stop her but there was nothing that he could do. Not only was she faster than him when she walked at her full size but even if he was somehow able to catch up with her he wouldn't be able to stop her. All he could do was accept that his best friend needed some time to herself so that she could come to terms with what had happened to her. She had basically been a living puppet for a dangerous man and it had crushed her heart as she knew that the entire time that Tucker had suffered along with her and there was nothing that she could to stop it.

With little choice Tucker stepped into the inn which was the more traditional type that he was more used to seeing. Since it was still morning the inn was practically empty save for the innkeeper who was in some fear. He was a relatively short podgy man with no hair on top of his head. He had seen Jessica drop Tucker off and he thought that she was some kind of monster. After what Jessica had done in July she felt that she was a monster when her ager had gotten the better of her.

With Jessica gone the innkeeper felt his confidence growing and he was actually able to show his face. He could see Tucker standing within his inn and he saw him as a paying customer. The rest of the inn was empty since all of those who had stayed had already moved on.

Tucker knew that he was going to be here for some time so decided that it was best for him to have some food. The events of the day had made him hungry and he needed something to try and make him feel a little better. He couldn't imagine what was going through the mind of Jessica at that moment in time and he feared that she would never be the same woman that she was before.

As the hours went by the inn began to fill up with other travellers and people who simply wanted to have a drink and some food. Tucker made sure that he sat at a table that was right by a window so that he could look out for return of Jessica. To pass the time he did play a few different card games with the other travellers and gambled a small percentage of the gold coins that he had in his possession. Normally he would have gambled it all but since he didn't know exactly how long she was going to be there for.

Tucker didn't know what Jessica was doing several miles away. She had reached a small part of the Summer Lands which was nothing more than a wasteland. The terrain made it difficult if not impossible to build anything and the lack of rainwater in this area had turned it into nothing more than a mini desert. It was surrounded in mystery over the fact that this place had very little rainwater while the ground around this desert was fertile and more tropical. There were even rumours that magic was involved, it was the only way that the common folk could explain this phenomenon

Normally there would be nothing living in this small desert, most of the animals stayed away from it and there were cliffs all around the desert making it seem like a walled city. There were a few paths that could take a person in and out of the desert but if someone didn't know where these paths were they could die of thirst before they found what they were looking for.

This seemed like the perfect place for Jessica to go to have some time to herself. She sat on one of the cliffs that surrounded the desert and even she was amazed with how high they were. It still didn't make her feel too good knowing what had happened to her and every time she thought of Lord Nostory she felt rage overcome her body. She needed to be away from everything so that she could think straight but with all this anger within her she knew that she had to vent it somehow.

Jessica climbed down from the cliff and entered the desert but rather than walking straight into it she punched the cliff as hard as she could and it caused it to begin to crack. There were several large rocks around her and many of them she picked up and threw them as far as she could or simply crumbled them with her strength.

Each time she did anything like this she would give a cry out of frustration as she tried to vent her anger. She didn't want to do it in a place that was likely to have people but in this desert there were no living souls besides herself. This meant that she could let loose and not have to worry about accidentally harming anyone.

Jessica punched the cliff several more times until it finally crumbled down. It was like a large avalanche and there was a spray of dust that went up into the air as the tons of rock and soil came crumbling down.

She herself was surprised by her strength as she had never really let herself go in this manner but there was one thing she noticed when she looked at her hands. Her knuckles had been bleeding after repeatedly she had repeatedly punched the cliff. This was one of the few times that she had remembered herself bleeding from an injury and it was also a reminder that despite her incredible size and strength that she wasn't invincible.

One thing that Jessica took some comfort in was the fact that Tucker was not here to see how she was acting. She thought that anyone who saw her now would believe that she was some kind of monster that needed to be destroyed. In a way she felt that way after her actions at July as well. She had spent the last two decades trying to convince everyone that she wasn't a monster and she felt that in twenty seconds she had completely thrown all that away. She had no doubts that word of a giantess that destroyed part of a castle would spread like wildfire throughout Angleland.

As the hours went by Jessica sat in the desert and was completely alone with her thoughts. The heat didn't seem to bother her in the least, all her thoughts were on the events of the last few days and she was somewhat disgusted with herself. She thought that this desert would be an ideal place for a monster to roam without fear of running into another living soul. She considered staying and living the remainder of her life there.

The one positive thing on her mind was Tucker. He had been her friend through many ups and downs in her life and he was living proof that not all people were bad or would even view her as a monster. He had done almost everything that he could to try and rescue her from the clutches of Lord Nostory and he had paid for that with his freedom and almost his life. This was something that she wasn't sure that she would have been able to do if the roles were reversed.

At the inn Tucker continued to eat and mingle with the various travellers that were staying. They were telling him stories about their travels and the different things that they had seen, some would be considered to be abnormal in the least. Tucker would tell them a little about his travels but he kept out the details about Three Man's Treasure, Jessica or what happened at July.

The hours seemed to pass by and almost every moment he expected Jessica to return to pick him up and they could continue on with their quest but she was still nowhere in sight. He knew that she was dealing with a lot of different issues at the moment and that she needed the time to herself. He did feel somewhat guilty that he wasn't there to support her but in a way there wasn't much that he could do and he just needed to wait for her return before they could carry on.

He even began to wonder if Lord Nostory would do anything to try and get back at them for what had happened. He thought that it was unlikely that Lord Nostory could truly do anything that could harm Jessica more than he already had. If he was Lord Nostory he would cut his losses and just carry on with his life without trying to get even with Jessica but in truth he didn't know how the Lord would actually react. From what he had seen in July Lord Nostory had seemed to be in complete terror in the presence of an extremely angry giantess. Under normal circumstances he would think Lord Nostory was no longer a threat but he had discovered that Lord Nostory didn't give up things that he wanted very easily and he had a sinking feeling that they would meet again.

As time went by Tucker could feel his senses seem to leave him as he drunk more ale and its effects were beginning to take a hold of him. If he had to fight for his life he would be physically unable to and there was not even that much of a chance that he could walk straight either.

If Tucker was the only drunk person in the inn he would probably have been thrown out but in truth most of the people inside the inn were also drunk. They were all having fun and singing old folk songs from when they were children. All in all the entire place was in good spirits and there didn't seem to be any threat of a fight breaking out but when people and ale mixed there was always a good chance of a fight.

Eventually night did come and a fair few people had either left the inn or retired to their rooms. Tucker was still at his table and he was disappointed that Jessica hadn't returned yet. He knew that she wouldn't leave him there and that eventually she would come back for him, it was just the waiting that was unnerving.

Tucker tried as much as he could to drown away the sorrow with pint after pint of rich ale but yet he couldn't get rid of the sinking feeling that he could feel in his stomach. He should have felt happy about gaining his freedom and also winning a few extra gold coins through his card game and yet he still felt the same.

Almost out of nowhere a man wearing a black hood sat down at Tucker's table. He looked to be a tall man but the clothing that he wore helped to hide his build. The hood he wore helped to hide the upper half of his face, all Tucker could see was from the bottom of the nose down. Than man had a short black beard and he also had a metal hand. This hand didn't move however and was simply there for show and was also to cover up the stump where his hand used to be. The man's clothing was completely black and also seemed to be immaculately clean. He seemed to sit himself down with no introductions or even an invitation from Tucker.

"Do I have the pleasure of being in the presence of Tucker Martel?" asked the man in a deep voice. This took Tucker completely by surprise, no one in the inn had known his name and yet this man seemed to know it within an instant.

"Yes but how?" replied Tucker.

"There will be time for questions shortly but for now I need you to listen to me." There was not that much emotion in his voice and it unnerved Tucker. "I have come a great distance to find you. Our meeting here is of paramount importance, what you seek is something that should never be found. There is a reason why so many people have tried to find Three Man's Treasure and why those same would be treasure hunters have come up with nothing. Many of them don't even return with their lives. I am here to give your one and only warning, abandon your quest and go back home to Morgan. There you will live out the rest of your life in peace and tranquillity. If you carry on with your quest it will only lead to your doom and for the one that you love dearest." He stood up from the seat and looked down slightly at Tucker. "You have been warned and now I must take my leave."

The man then stepped away from the table and walked away from Tucker and towards the exit. Tucker stood up and called out to him and he just ignored him. He had many questions that he wanted to ask and he didn't even get the man's name. One thing that Tucker did spot was the Innkeeper still standing behind the bar. Quickly he went over to him but he was staggering a little from the excess ale within his system.

"Innkeeper who was that man?" asked Tucker as he finally reached the bar. He needed to keep his hands on it so that his head could stop spinning.

"Man what man?" replied the Innkeeper with some surprise in his voice. He had been wiping up a glass at the time and he placed it to one side.

"You know that bloke, all in black with the hood up. He came by and sat by my and spoke to me. He only just left the inn, he practically walked straight passed you and you're telling me that you didn't see him?"

"There wasn't anyone there. You were talking to yourself and then you stood up, shouted something and then came over to me. I don't know exactly what you were saying but I was about to come over and see if you were alright. I think you've had a little too much to drink my friend. I think it is best that you go to bed and try and get some rest."

"Y-yeah you're probably right." He couldn't believe that what had just happened had seemed to happen only in his mind. The man had seemed so real and yet the innkeeper and practically everyone else in the inn had not seen him at all.

Chapter 14: Reunion by The Doctor

Sleep had not come easily for Tucker as he contemplated both about his best friend Jessica and the man that he had seen earlier that day. He was worried about the mind state of Jessica after she became nothing more than a puppet for a high lord who had wanted her all to himself. They had just gotten away from him and she was still venting out much of her frustration in a place where she didn't have to worry about hurting anyone around her. He could only imagine what was going through her mind. While she was under the control of Lord Nostory she had almost killed him and only the link that they shared had prevented her from carrying out the deed. They had known each other almost their entire lives and Tucker had never seen Jessica like this. He feared that the girl that he had grown up with was gone and replaced with a husk.

Tucker also thought about the man who he had seen in the inn. He had told him that the quest was dangerous and it was best for him to turn back and forget about it. He would not have found it that odd since most people would have most likely told him the same thing. What struck him as being very odd was the fact that no one else in the inn had been able to see him. Everyone who Tucker had asked had told him that they had seen no man fitting the description that he had given them. He wasn't sure if the man had really been there or if he was merely a figment of his imagination.

Eventually Tucker's fatigue became too much and he did fall to sleep but he was awoken earlier than he had expected. There was a loud knocking on the door and it took him a few moments to come around enough for him to open the door. He only had his underpants on and his hair was in a mess. Not surprisingly it was the innkeeper who was standing there. He didn't think that he had a problem since he had paid the innkeeper in full before he had come to the room.

"W-what is it?" asked Tucker who was still somewhat confused. His eyelids were heavy and if he could he would fall down and go to sleep exactly where he was.

"I am sorry to have had to wake you at this early hour but there is a woman waiting downstairs for you. If you don't mind me saying she's the tallest person that I've ever seen in my life."

"Oh ok." He knew that it was only Jessica and for a moment he had been worried. "Tell her that I'll be down in a minute. I just need to make myself look more presentable. I think she'll understand."

A few minutes later Jessica was sitting at a table in the inn as she awaited the return of her best friend. She had come back to pick him up just like she had promised and she needed to have a talk with him. She was still experiencing anger over what had happened to her but she would try not to show any of this to Tucker since he was not the one at fault. She was the one who had wanted to come along him so that she could keep an eye on him. She thought that she would just have to protect him from raiders, not become the threat herself. She was also hungrier than she would have liked to admit.

She turned her head to see Tucker walking down the steps towards her. He had gotten himself changed and wore the light armour that protected him but also gave him manoeuvrability. She saw that he had Juggernaut by his side but he would never draw it in anger against her. She noticed that he seemed happy to see her and only moments later he sat down right next to her. Even in this seated positon she still towered above him but this was something that they had both gotten used to a long time ago. The fact that he was here already made her feel happier.

"Hey there Jessica," said Tucker who was trying to break the tension and start the conversation. "A beautiful morning isn't it?" He broke a smile to try and make her feel better and the next thing he felt was her arms wrap around him as she gave him a hug. She didn't care who was watching. It took her a few moments to break off the hug but already she was feeling better than she was a few moments ago.

"Sorry about that Tucker," replied Jessica as she tried to also break a smile but she found that she couldn't do this. "I've just been doing a lot of thinking and I'm just happy to see you, if there is anyone in the world that I can rely on it's you."

"How are you feeling anyway?" He paused for a moment before realising how stupid his question was. "Ok maybe not the best of questions right now."

"It's alright Tucker." She gave a sigh. "I'm feeling a little better than I did yesterday but I still don't feel the same as I did before. I don't think I ever will, what happened in July I will never forget and I don't know if I can ever forgive Lord Nostory. He took my free will away from me and almost made me kill one of the most important people in my life. I know I was a little naïve before but I don't know if I can fully trust anyone ever again. Maybe there isn't as much good in the world as I thought there was."

"You don't have to have the acts of one man destroy your faith in humanity." He gave her a little nudge to show that he was still being friendly. "Just look at me, am I worth losing your faith?"

"Of course not, you're the best friend a giant girl could ever ask for but as you know when I was growing up I wasn't the most popular person in our village. You were the only one who showed me kindness and for that I vowed that I would keep you safe. Yesterday morning I was the danger that almost killed you."

"It's ok Jessica you don't have to be sorry for anything."

"But that's the thing, a small part of me actually enjoyed it. When I was crushing you in my hands I could see the faces of those who had slandered me over the years and shunned me because I was a giantess. It was like I was venting all my built up emotions and unfortunately it happened to be you in my hands." She gave another sigh before she carried on. "You know that I wouldn't intentionally kill anyone but by the gods I've been tempted so many times. The only reason I never did was because I knew that I would become the monster that they had labelled me."

"And because you're one of the nicest people in Angleland." He place his hand on her shoulder. "Not many people could have put up with me when I was a child and even now not many people can stand being around me for extended periods of time. You've actually been with me for days at a time and never have you made me feel unsafe." He continued to smile at her. "One advantage of having a best friend who's taller than you is that you always have someone to look up to."

The next thing Tucker felt was Jessica once again giving him a hug but this time he could feel a few droplets of warm water strike his head. He realised that Jessica was actually crying as she hugged him. She felt that she was truly blessed to have Tucker with her, in truth if she could live the rest of her life with only seeing him she would die a happy woman. The feelings of overwhelming happiness was making her sob but she still kept a hold of the man that she valued as much as her father.

"Thank you Tucker," said Jessica as she continued to hug him. "You mean more to me than life itself."

"Err Jessica!" replied Tucker as he found his airways had been blocked by the enormous body that was his best friend. "I-I can't breathe."

"Oh I am so sorry." Jessica was greatly shocked and quickly broke off the hug. She had a very apologetic look on her face. "I kind of let my emotions get the better of me there. You're not hurt are you?"

"No I'm fine." He needed a moment to catch his breath. "There is something that I need to tell you, yesterday I was drinking and some bloke just sat right in front of me and told me to turn back from our quest. I know that might sound a little odd but the oddest thing was that no one else seemed to see him. They all said that I had been sitting by myself the entire time and that no one had come to sit at my table." He gave a small sigh. "I don't know if he was real or just a delusion bought on by drinking too much sweet beer."

"So what are we going to do? Keep going and hopefully find Three Man's Treasure or are we going to turn back and go home empty handed."

"That's the thing I'm not sure, after everything that has happened to us turning back would probably be the wisest move but returning empty handed is something I just cannot do. I can't face those people after they all mocked and doubted me. Not only will I be a failure in their eyes but in my own. If you want to turn back I won't mind, after everything that you've been through I can understand."

"I'll stay by your side no matter which way you go. I couldn't allow you to carry on with this quest alone and I'm not going to force you to turn back."

"I think that we should have fate decide for us." He then put his hand into one of his pockets and picked out a small six sided die. He placed it on the table and Jessica had no idea what he was thinking about. "We'll roll this die, if it lands on an odd number we go back to Morgan, if it is an even number then we carry on until the very end. Do you find these terms reasonable?"

Jessica nodded at Tucker and with that he picked the die up once again. He rolled it on the table and it seemed like the longest seconds in the pair's life as they watched it roll along the table. It almost seemed like an eternity before it finally stopped and Tucker dragged it towards them. His hand was over the die so that neither of them could see what it showed. Tucker could feel his heart beating very quickly and he could see that there was a small amount of nervousness in Jessica's face.

"Ok moment of truth," said Tucker as he lifted his hand up. Both of them immediately looked down at the die. They quickly saw that it had landed on a four and it meant that they were going to continue on with the quest. A part of both of them were both a little relieved and a little disappointed with the outcome. Neither of them had truly wanted to end the quest but they had not wanted to return home either. "Well there we have it, I guess our quest is going to continue."

"Hopefully for the better," replied Jessica. "I think we should better get out of here as soon as we can." She went to move but suddenly her stomach growled very loudly. It was a clear indication that she was hungry but she did try to hide it from Tucker.

"Unless some wild cat just got in here I'd say that you're hungry." A small smile appeared on his face. "Hey Innkeeper?" The Innkeeper had been working behind the bar as he knew that he would have weary travellers and regulars. "Can you fix us up two breakfasts for me please?"

"Really I couldn't." She was still trying to make it seem that she wasn't all that hungry when in truth she was starving.

"Nonsense, if you're going to be carrying around my bulky body all day you're going to need all the energy that you can." He turned his head towards the Innkeeper who was still behind the bar as he was preparing for any weary travellers. "Hey Innkeeper can you fix us up two of your best cooked breakfasts. Give a little extra to the lady, she's earned it." He saw the Innkeeper nod at him and move away.

They did have to wait a short while before the breakfasts actually came out. When Jessica first saw it she felt how truly hungry she was as she did everything that she could to stop herself from drooling. Tucker had also moved so that he was sitting across from her rather than right next to her. This was simply so that she had more room to eat and due to her size it just made her that little bit more comfortable.

As she dug into her food Jessica wasn't too particularly fond of what she was tasting. The toast was cold, the tomatoes were too squishy, the bacon was so hard that it could have easily shattered, the sausages tasted like they were underdone, the eggs were extremely runny and the black pudding was so tough that she thought that she would have broken her knife if she had tried to cut it. Despite all this to her it was the best breakfast that she ever had due to the fact that she was eating with her best friend and she was enjoying her freedom. Nothing would be able to wipe away the memories of what had happened but this was definitely the start of something better. She could see Tucker eating his food and she couldn't help but smile, she knew that as long as she had him she would always have someone who wasn't family that actually cared about her.

No sooner had they eaten their breakfast the two decided to leave the inn but not without paying for their mediocre breakfast. Tucker took his recently returned map out and rolled it out so that they could see the location of the second trial. It was a relatively short distance away from them. It was slightly to the west a few miles away from the west coast town of Logan. It almost lay right in between July and Logan and it would not take too long for them to reach the location. Unfortunately most likely the third trial would take them all the way passed July again and it was a place that neither one of them wanted to visit ever again. If Jessica had been a cruel person she would have destroyed the entire city brick by brick but she was not a monster.

Jessica then allowed herself to grow to her full size and she picked up Tucker. Like usual she placed him on her shoulder and wrapped a small piece of hair around him for his own safety. He felt extremely safe around her as he knew that his best friend would never let anyone harm him. He still thought that he could easily defend himself however, he thought that his skills with a blade would allow him to overcome an average swordfighter. A professional sword fighter would most likely be a little much for him but he did hope that one day he would be the mightiest sword fighter in Angleland. A knighthood would be nice so that people would call him Sir Tucker Martel.

A lot was still going through Jessica's mind as the events of the last few days kept repeating over and over again in her head. She could still remember everything that she had done for Lord Nostory and how she almost killed her best friend. Although Tucker had forgiven her for it she didn't know if she could forgive herself. It was something that only time could heal and she thought that this was something that she had plenty of.

The sun was still shining down on them and it gave the Summer Lands their name since even in winter it was still a relatively warm. It would have been nice for them to just relax and try and get a tan but they had important things to do although Tucker thought that when he found the treasure he would certainly live the rest of his life under the sun. It was a little dream that they both had.

If it were ever to come true they would definitely live as far as they could from July. Both had too many mental scars of the place to want to live anywhere near it. Just the thought of Lord Nostory filled Jessica with so much rage that she could hardly contain herself. If she were ever to see him again she didn't know exactly what she was going to do. She was likely to crush him where he stood, even her good nature might not be enough to save him in the end.

Tucker kept thinking that there was something that he could have done to prevent the whole event from taking place. He thought that he shouldn't have let Jessica allow the necklace from the old woman in Lake Town or maybe he could have stopped Lord Nostory from controlling her. In truth there was nothing that he could have done, he was just one man who was fighting dozens of others and in those odds there was very little chance of him ever walking away with a victory. He was just glad that the whole event was behind them and that he had his best friend back.

Jessica walked for some hours before she had to stop to take a rest. They had travelled a significant distance but even a giantess needed to rest every now and again. She shrank herself to her smallest size and watched Tucker as he used a nearby tree for sparring practice. He was not the most skilled of swordsman but in her eyes he was her knight in shining armour. He seemed to have some fun as he sparred with the tree. He tried to move around as he pretended that the tree was an opponent that needed to fall. She would have allowed him to do this for as long as he wanted but she knew that there was some ways that he could improve himself.

"Hey Tucker," shouted Jessica who was sitting on a large rock a few metres away. "I love seeing you stab a tree as much as the next girl but I don't think that you're going to do yourself much good."

"Well I am starting to be the greatest swordfighter in all of Angleland," replied Tucker with much confidence in his voice. "Don't forget that I defeated that armour thingy in the first trial and I would have beat that guy in Lake Town if you hadn't of stepped in." If Jessica hadn't of been there for him he would have been killed when the armoured being exploded in the first trial and for the man in Lake Town he would have killed Tucker if he only had one strike. He would have mentioned his trial by combat with Jessica but he knew that the memories of it would be too fresh in her mind.

"Maybe but you're not going to get much better by stabbing a tree." She stood up to her full height and began to walk over to him. "First off trees don't move and they don't fight back. I think that you need a sparring partner."

"No one can keep up with me." He was still trying to seem overly confident and Jessica could see through his façade.

"Yeah sure they can't." She continued to walk towards and she tried to break a smile. "Maybe I could help you."

"No I don't want to hurt you."

"Then maybe we don't use your sword for this one. We could use sticks and then work our way up."

"I don't know, I haven't used sticks since I was a child."

"But it could help you with your manoeuvrability and then we can move onto your attack. If I were to grow to giant size at that stage then you won't really be able to hurt me. Can you consider it at least?"

"Maybe." He knew that Jessica always had his best interests at heart and that she only wanted to help him. He could concede defeat for now and allow her to help him, he had to admit that it wouldn't hurt his pride all that much and with no one else around he didn't have to worry about what they thought. "Ok maybe we can for now."

"Great and I have the perfect idea for where we could start."

Several minutes later Tucker stood in front of Jessica, the distance between them was only a metre or two and she held a stick that was roughly the length of a sword. Tucker himself was unarmed. Jessica was still at her smallest size and she thought that this was probably one of the best ways to improve Tucker's swordplay. For now she felt that it was not best to actually dual, she thought that this was a better alternative. Juggernaut itself was lying a couple metres away behind her.

"Remind me again why we're doing this?" asked Tucker as he didn't seem to be too impressed with what Jessica had set up.

"It's simple Tucker," replied Jessica. She stood ready with the stick in her hand. "This is to help you improve your skills with a sword. Now imagine the scenario, we've been fighting and I've been able to disarm you and throw your sword to one side. You need to dodge my attacks and get past me so that you can get your sword back."

"This is stupid." Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his arm as Jessica struck him with the stick. It was not meant to harm him but to simply make a point. "Hey that hurt!" He felt a sharp pain in his other arm as Jessica struck that one with the stick. She had a stern look on her face as she went to strike him again but this time he was able to get out of the way. "Stop that."

"Only when you get to your sword. And if this was real you would have lost both of your arms." She went to strike him again and once again he was just able to get out of the way. "Good, now we're getting somewhere."

Over the course of the next few seconds Jessica repeatedly tried to strike Tucker with the stick and he had to keep dodging them. He didn't realise it but Jessica had positioned herself so that she was directly between him and Juggernaut. Everything that she was doing was working to her advantage as she continued to try and strike Tucker with the stick. He was doing everything that he could to dodge the attacks but he was beginning to get tired while Jessica still seemed to have some energy left.

"Stop this," said Tucker as he didn't want to continue on but Jessica was not listening to him. She felt that the only way for him to really improve was with sessions like this, in her mind they were for his own good.

"Only when you reach your sword," replied Jessica as she tried to strike him once again. He had to jump out of the way so that her strike would miss but she was still determined. "If you can't even get past me how do you expect to defeat a great swordfighter in one on one combat?"

"I-I won't drop my sword."

"Sometimes..." She went to strike him again and it caused to have to duck to prevent himself from being struck. "Those kind of things..." She slashed at him with the stick and he was just able to move out of the way before the blow impacted. "Are out of your hands." He was still some distance away from Juggernaut and she thought that he wasn't really putting that much effort into the exercise. "Come on Tucker you can do better, you're still miles away from your sword."

"I can't get to it if you keep trying to hit me." He was getting out of breath while Jessica still seemed to be fit even though she had just walked several miles and had tried to hit him repeatedly with a stick.

"That's the whole point dummy. Now you've got to try harder or else you're going to have so many bruises."

She went to strike him again but once again he was able to get out of the way and he tried to get past Jessica but he got too close to her and she was able to grab him and lift him off the ground with just one hand. Even at her smallest size Jessica was still stronger than the average man and it showed. She had even dropped her stick since she didn't think that she would be needing it anymore. She was disappointed that Tucker had seemingly failed in his task.

"You got too close Tucker," said Jessica as she tried to give him some advice. "Ok I admit that my reach is much longer than most people but my arm could have been a sword and you would have been sliced in half."

"Yeah I know," replied Tucker seemingly admitting defeat. "But have I told you that from up here I can see how stunning your eyes are."

"They are?" She was taken aback by the compliment and she somewhat couldn't believe that he was saying it. She did enjoy it but she hadn't expected a compliment like that before. "Thank you."

"And I must say when I'm wrapped in your hair it is as soft as silk. Believe me I've felt the hair of many people, don't ask me how and I must say that yours is definitely the best to touch."

"Oh please stop." The compliments seemed to be working better than Tucker expected as Jessica lowered him to the ground and even released her grip on him. Immediately after that Tucker dived right past her and grabbed Juggernaut. He lifted it and pointed it towards her, there was a smile on his face but Jessica herself was quite angered about this. "That was a dirty rotten trick!" She didn't notice that her anger had made her gain a few inches in height but Tucker did notice."

"I'm sorry Jessica but if it does make you feel any better I meant every word." A small part of Jessica did feel better. She would have been extremely angry if he had only said this so that he could distract her but the fact that he had meant every word did make her feel somewhat better. "And in the end I won contest."

"You cheated and I seriously doubt that complimenting on the eye colour of your opponent is going to stop them from killing you." She was still somewhat angry but it was starting to subside.

"I know but it did stop you." His smile was still there and he sheathed Juggernaut as he walked towards her. "I'm sorry that I did that but you have to admit my plan did work and besides you do have dashing eyes."

"Oh no Tucker no amount of sucking up will save you this time." A moment went past before she wrapped her long arms around her. "Oh who am I kidding come here you." She embraced Tucker in a hug and she had to admit that Tucker did have some intelligence in his plan. He would not use it on a big muscular man but he would most likely come up with something else for that.

They broke the hug up when they could hear someone applauding them. As they turned to look where the applaud was coming from they saw a woman sitting down on the rock where Jessica had been sitting a few short minutes before. She had long blond hair and stunning blue eyes. She wore what seemed to be a light blue toga like dress that went down to her knees. She also wore matching blue slippers and she had a large smile on her face as she continued to gently clap her hands.

Chapter 15: Mistress Of Size by The Doctor

Jessica and Tucker stood there for a few moments as they looked at the woman who was applauding them. They had never seen this woman before and she continued to applaud them quietly. She had a grin on her face and the pair couldn't help but feel that they were being threatened in some way. Tucker kept his hand on Juggernaut and Jessica was contemplating increasing her size. For now the pair didn't want to make the next move since there was only this woman there. She didn't look any older than they were and after a few moments she stopped her applaud.

"Bravo now that was fun," said the woman. She got herself off the rock and began to walk over to where they were standing. "I was wondering just how long it was going to take you to realise that I was there." As she walked closer to them they could see that she under five feet tall. When she realised that they both towered above her she had a disappointed look upon her face. "Oh you're taller than I expected." In an instant her height shot up by a couple of feet. This startled both Jessica and Tucker who took a step back from the woman who in the space of a couple of seconds had gone from being just under five feet tall to around seven. She was roughly a foot taller than Tucker but a foot shorter than Jessica. "There that's better. Humans seemed to have grown a lot since I last visited and correct me if I'm wrong but it now seems like the females are the taller of the two sexes and by quite a bit if I do say so myself."

"W-who are you?" asked Tucker. He was on the verge of drawing out Juggernaut but if this woman had the same powers as Jessica he knew that he had to handle the situation very carefully. "What are you?"

"Oh how silly of me. I'm what you people might call a demi-goddess. Not entirely a goddess like those brown nose bastards who like to be worshiped by you mortals. You could say I'm on the level below that."

"Wow wait the gods are real?" replied Jessica. She had known that there were people who doubted that the gods even existed. She too had her doubts after everything that she had been through in her life but the fact that she was looking at someone who was calling herself a demi-goddess was making her see that not everything she thought was true. There was an overwhelming sense of dread within her.

"Well of course? Who do you think created everything that you see? Believe me it wasn't the result of some explosion." She gave a small laugh. "It's been so long since I last came I can see much about humanity has changed. First of all the females of your species seem to grow taller than the males."

"Oh wait that's not the norm, that's just me." Jessica tried to correct her but she didn't know whether that was the best idea since this woman was seemingly a demi-goddess. "Are you really demi-goddess or are you just trying to make us look like idiots?" She instantly regretted what she said as she felt that she was moments away from eating her words and she felt like she wasn't going to like the taste.

"You want a demonstration? Then that's fine." Another grin appeared on her face. "You might not know this but like gods demi-gods have particular talents and abilities and in my case I'm the Mistress of Size. I can be so small that I'm invisible to the naked eye." Suddenly she began to shrink right in front of Jessica and Tucker and within moments she couldn't be seen anymore. Tucker quickly went down on the ground and tried to move the grass away so that he could try and find her. Much to her surprise she seemed to be nowhere in sight. Even Jessica bent down so that she could try and see her but the woman had shrunk so small that she could no longer be seen.

"Where is she?" asked Jessica with some desperation in her voice. She had never seen anyone else size change and the fact that the woman disappeared had made her think that she had ceased to exist. "I can't see her."

"She isn't here," replied Tucker as he continued to push the grass away. "She just shrank so small that I can't see her."

Moments later the pair saw the woman again but this time she was growing and extremely fast. Tucker needed to move back as she grew several feet in the space of a few seconds and within moments she was up to what was considered a normal size but she continued to grow beyond that. Both Jessica and Tucker continued to move back as they saw the woman continuing to grow at what seemed to be an impossible rate. In the space of a few seconds she had gone from being a minute speck to a towering giantess and she was still growing before their eyes.

Moments later she grew until she was the same as Jessica's maximum size but she still kept going beyond that, taller and taller she grew at a rate that almost defied comprehension. It only took her seconds to be so large that if Jessica had been her full size she would barely have reached her ankle. Jessica and Tucker were in some fear at this almighty colossus before them and they could only watch as the woman bent down and picked them up with extremely little effort. Jessica did consider growing to her full size but it would do no good in this situation and she felt like she was an ant in the hand of this giantess. Even the clouds were only a few hundred feet above them and they felt that this woman could easily grow tall enough to reach them.

"Or grow so big that even the clouds aren't beyond my reach," said the woman and her voice was so loud that it was almost deafening for the pair. They were in fear and Tucker could feel Jessica holding onto him tightly. Not just because she was scared but she was also trying to protect him although in this situation there was not a whole lot she could have done to keep him safe. This was noticed by the woman who seemed to be in some confusion. "What is wrong with you two? Why are you so afraid?" A few moments past as the mountain of a woman began to think and she soon realised what the problem was. "Oh yeah how silly of me, big things scare mortals."

The woman began to shrink really fast and as she did she placed Jessica and Tucker on the ground and she continued to shrink until she was a little shorter than Tucker. The whole process had taken only a few seconds and it had taken place so fast that Jessica and Tucker were still trying to comprehend exactly what was happening. They were still in some fear of this woman but now she was at a reasonable size they felt that they were a little safer. She was still smiling at them.

"I think that was a decent demonstration of my power," said the Woman as she continued to smile. "As you can see I can be whatever size I want, you thought I was big or small then well let's just say they are nowhere near my limits." She began to chuckle a little. "In fact I don't think I've have limits. I've been so small that I've seen splodgy little monsters and even beyond that I've seen compacted spheres with countless number in an incredibly small surface area. I've even been so big that I pulled the land masses apart." It had told in legend that all the land in the world had at one point been one big continent and that an unknown event had ripped them apart into the land masses that were known today. This confession seemed to catch Jessica and Tucker completely by surprise as they still couldn't believe that they were standing before a demi-goddess. "I think you can agree that I've earned the title of 'Mistress Of Size.'"

"W-what just happened?" asked Tucker who was in complete disbelief. He almost felt like running as fast as his legs could carry him and he doubted that anyone would call him a coward for doing so.

"You wanted to see my power and I showed you. I forgot how you mortals are so taken aback by something like that." The smile appeared once again on her face. "You don't have to be afraid of me, I won't hurt you. That is unless you give me good reason to do so. I know that mortals are quick to take arms when they're confused."

"No we won't do anything like that," replied Jessica as she didn't want to escalate the situation any further. She knew that the woman before her was extremely powerful and provoking her might be disastrous. She was curious to know why this woman was even here and above all why they were the ones interacting with her rather than royalty or a high lord. "Why are you here?"

"I knew that question would pop up at some point." She took a step towards Jessica and even wrapped her arm around her. "Let me ask you one thing, do you know what it's like to be on a higher plain of existence?"

"I-I." She had to choose her next words careful in case this was some kind of trick question. The last thing she wanted to do was to say the wrong thing and be crushed by an insect. It was something that she wondered if other people felt when they were around her. "I couldn't possibly tell you."

"Well I can, it's boring as hell. It's the same thing day in and day out and all you have are gods and other demi-gods who think that they're all so high and fucking mighty. Believe me after a few millennia of that I wanted to dash my head against a wall." A moment later she moved along to Tucker and wrapped her arm around him. "And then I catch wind of two adventures in Angleland who are trying to find a treasure of great wealth and riches. It wasn't the most exciting of prospects but it was a lot better than staying in the higher plain. So I decided to come down and see it for myself despite what everyone else said. I needed some excitement in my life."

"Wait you came down here just to join our quest?" asked Tucker in some amazement. He never thought in a million years that a demi-goddess would have any interest in their quest. He thought that it would be beneath them.

"Join not really? If I to join then I could get us from one end to the other before you can even bat an eyelid. I merely wish to observe you as you go through your trials and all the other crap that happens on a quest."

"I think that we'll be alright." He didn't want her to watch what they were going to be doing and he preferred to continue on with the quest with Jessica only. The next thing he knew the woman had grown to nine feet tall and looked down at him with a somewhat annoyed look on her face.

"Oh you misunderstand me mortal. That wasn't a request." She could see Tucker somewhat becoming afraid and Jessica got in the way of the pair. She wanted to diffuse the situation before she lost her best friend.

"Ok we get the point," said Jessica. She tried to put on an apologetic smile as she looked up to the woman who was now a foot taller than her. "But if you want to observe us we need to know what your name is. The Mistress Of Size is a bit of a mouthful."

"Very well." Her demeanour seemed to change and she seemed to be calm again. "I've been known by many names over the countless years but maybe I should let you give me a name. But be sure that it's a good one."

"Err let's see." Both Jessica and Tucker began to think really hard. They needed to come up with a decent name fast and they really thought that if they took too long the woman would get angry. One name did pop into Tucker's head and he spat it out and hoped that it would be good enough for her.

"Gwendolyn," said Tucker after a few moments and almost instantly he thought that he would be regretting it.

"What was that?" replied the woman. Her arms were crossed as she contemplated what he was saying.

"Or maybe Gwen for short." He hoped that this would be good enough for her and now he just had to wait and see what she said. The last thing he wanted was for her to be insulted and crush them both for it.

"Hmm Gwen, not too long and rolls right off the tongue." There was a slight pause. "Ok Gwen it is then. I must say that it is a much better name than what other mortals have called me. Hell once a mortal wanted to name me after his dead daughter. She probably died from having a stupid name."

Both Jessica and Tucker gave a huge sigh of relief although Jessica would have liked Tucker to tell her what name he was going to give Gwen before he had muttered it. Thankfully it seemed to have worked out for the best for now. Gwen continued to stand there and they weren't too sure what they were going to do next.

"I guess we better keep going then," said Tucker with some nervousness in his voice. "We won't be finding any treasure if we're just standing around."

With that Jessica began to grow which did catch Gwen by surprise she took a step back as she saw the tall girl turn into a towering giantess and this was something that she didn't expect. At first she thought that she was going to be attacked but rather than reacting Gwen decided to wait a moment and see what happened next. She continued to look up at Jessica as she reached her maximum size.

"Wait you're a size changer too?" asked Gwen who was in some small amount of disbelief. She had seen many things over her long life that could startle any man but this was only something of interest.

"I'm sorry I forgot to mention," replied Jessica who thought that she might have done something that she would soon regret. All she did with her size was bend down and place her palm on the ground for Tucker to step onto. Gwen just continued to look up at her with some interest. "I'm actually a giant and this dress I'm wearing allows me to shrink down to a minimum of eight feet."

"And let me guess, that's as big as you can get?" She continued to stand there with her arms crossed.

"Well yes, I am still growing but for now I can't get any taller than this. Now would you like me to give you a lift?"

"No I'm fine." Suddenly she began to grow again and Jessica quickly picked up Tucker as she watched Gwen grow until she was the same height as her. It still felt a little off for her that she was at her maximum size and she was staring face to face with another woman. Jessica had always wondered what it would be like to meet someone who was as large as her. Now it had happened she couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. "I can follow you myself without even breaking a sweat." There was a smile on Gwen's face that did make Jessica feel a little easier but there was still that sense of dread.

"Yeah sure." There was some nervousness in Jessica's voice. Being around someone like Gwen was very unnerving for her and it was the first time in her life where she was actually afraid of someone who was actually bigger than her. She only hoped that Gwen would get bored and go back to wherever she came from soon.

As the hours went by Jessica continued to walk and she could still hear Gwen following behind her. Tucker was on her shoulder and every now and again he would turn his head to see if Gwen was still behind them. Each time he checked he could still see the blond haired, giant demi-goddess still following them. In his mind he had felt somewhat insignificant with one woman who could grow bigger and stronger than he was and now he had two of them. It made him feel a little useless since almost any threat that came their way could most likely be dealt with by either Jessica or Gwen. He knew that Gwen had claimed that she would only watch and not take part he didn't know if he could trust her word. She was after all a demi-goddess and they were mere mortals to her.

"Hey Jessica do you think this is the best idea?" asked Tucker as he whispered into the gigantic ear that he was sitting right next to. He did not have to speak loud and he hoped that Gwen wouldn't be able to hear him. "More than once I've been telling myself that this is the great trove of bad ideas."

"But what else can we do? She can literally crush us like bugs."

"The only thing we can do is just continue with our quest and hopefully she'll get bored and go back to wherever she came from."

"Are you mortals talking about something?" asked Gwen who could somewhat hear them from where she was walking.

"Oh no nothing," said Jessica as she turned her head to look at Gwen. It happened so fast that she almost pulled Tucker right off of her shoulder. He was able to keep a hold of her hair so that he didn't fall off completely. She realised what she had done and made sure that he was safe again.

"Hey don't be so jumpy." A smile appeared on Gwen's face as she was having a little bit of fun with all of this. "Just pretend I'm not even here." That was incredibly difficult since she could literally make herself the size of a mountain. Even at her current size it was close to impossible to ignore her.

"Yeah sure but I have to warn you that things could get very dangerous." This was only a minor attempt to get rid of Gwen and almost instantly she knew that it wasn't going to work at all.

"I'll be fine." The smile on her face grew. "I'm more than capable of looking after myself." She punched her fist into the palm of her hand and they could hear a loud thud. It would be unwise to be on the receiving end of that punch.

The party only walked for another hour before darkness finally fell and after a day of travelling both Jessica and Tucker were very tired. Gwen on the other hand was still very awake because unlike them she didn't require sleep or even rest. They decided to make camp inside a small wood where they built an open fire. Before they had left the inn earlier that day Tucker had bought some supplies which included some good meat that was being cooked as he decided to sharpen Juggernaut. Jessica was the one in charge of dinner since she could cook a lot better than Tucker and she wanted to make sure that it was cooked properly so that they didn't come down with serious food poisoning. The last thing they wanted was to be sick and unable to continue. Her skills at cooking was not the greatest but she could still do a better job than her best friend.

"So how is it that you're a giant?" asked Gwen as she sat down on a tree stump. She had shrunk herself until she was considered to be quite small. She liked to have fun being different sizes and usually didn't stay one size for too long.

"Well..." replied Jessica. She was still feeling nervous about being around Gwen and in the corner of her eye she could see Tucker sharpening his sword. She had not told many people about how she gained her size but she felt that it was best not to leave too much out since Gwen would probably know. "When I was born I was a very sickly baby and I would have died many years ago. After all else failed my parents risked everything by giving me a potion that they had no idea could cure or kill me." She was still a little hesitate to talk and Tucker took notice of the conversation. "To their relief I was cured but not too long after that I began to grow at an alarming rate and it has continued on ever since. I'm still growing and I feel that I won't stop growing until the day I die. This dress is the only thing allowing to stay at a more suitable size. I admit that I'm still probably the tallest woman in Angleland but at least it allows me to fit into buildings."

"Hmm interesting." Gwen sat further forward as she took a lot of interest in what she was saying. "I've definitely never seen a size changing mortal in my long life. I expect that you were the one in charge of your home village."

"Actually no I was an outcast." It was still painful for her to remember everything that she had been through as a child. "Tucker was the only person besides my parents who was friendly to me and we've been best friends for as long as I can remember. It was his idea to go on this quest and for him I would follow him to the ends of the Earth."

"It is rare to see loyalty like yours but one thing I don't get is why you didn't punish those who upset you. If anyone were to hurt me emotionally soon regretted it soon after, I'm guessing you've killed at least one person."

"No I haven't because if I did harm those who upset me then I would become the monster that they claimed I am. Believe me on more than one occasion I have seriously considered crushing someone but I have been able to stop myself from doing anything that I would really regret."

"Regret?" This seemed to puzzle Gwen as she had not come across this word before. "What is this word, regret? Is it some kind of word that has only recently been invented?" She was completely puzzled.

"You know, it means to do something but then regret doing it later. Like if Tucker had a piece of cake that he wanted to eat, but then I ate the cake and it saddened him. I would feel bad for eating said cake and wish that I hadn't done it. She paused for a moment. "You probably have done something like that."

"No I can't say that I have." Gwen's answer had come so quickly that it had taken Jessica and Tucker by surprise.

"Wait you've gotta have done something that you later felt bad about?" She couldn't believe that Gwen was admitting that she had never regretted doing anything in her life. Everyone regretted doing something in their life.

"Ok I'll use the word that you've just taught me. No I have never done anything to earn this regret. I am above that in so many ways that if I were to show you, your mortal minds would be blown up in the process. Unlike you mortals I am a demi-goddess and everything I do is with purpose no matter how small it may seem. I have performed great acts of what you would call kindness and evil. I do them because I can and feeling bad about it later won't change what has happened."

Jessica and Tucker fell quiet for a moment as they contemplated everything that Gwen had just told them. It made them feel that they should be even more cautious around her than they were before. They still weren't sure if Gwen was good or if she was evil but from the sounds of her she was somewhere in the middle. They didn't want to find out the hard way and for now they decided that upsetting her would not be in their best interests. The silence seemed to last for longer than it should but it was Gwen who was the first to speak so that the silence could be broken.

"I've gotta say that what I've seen so far of your quest has been nothing short of boring," said Gwen. "I thought that you'd be fighting bandits or some kind of monster. But instead all you've done is walk. If I was just going to watch you walk I would have stayed where I came from."

"In a quest there's not action all the time," replied Tucker who felt that it was time that he spoke up. "Most of it is just walking from one place to another. I learned that the hard way as I expected to be involved in action right from the get go but ninety-nine percent of the quest has just been walking. I know that it sounds boring but believe me you're thankful for the boring moments when they come." He still remembered the events of July and how he would prefer to forget them.

"In that I might just make myself scarce if you're just going to walk around most of the time." This was what Jessica and Tucker wanted to hear but then a smile appeared on Gwen's face. "But maybe I might stick around because the exciting moments may be well worth it. It has to be more exciting than being on the higher plain." She had her arms crossed and she showed a somewhat annoyed face. "The other demi-gods have their heads so far up their own asses that their air that they can actually lick their own backsides." It was evident that Gwen didn't think much of her fellow demi-gods. She was possibly one of the most powerful demi-god due to her ability to literally be any size imaginable but there was a chance that there were demi-gods who could beat her with ease. The full-fledged gods were on a level above Gwen and even she knew that she had no defence against one of them.

A short time later the food was ready to eat and although Gwen was offered some food she turned it down. Unlike Jessica and Tucker she didn't need to eat or sleep so Gwen was going to have to sit around and wait as her mortal comrades slept. The meat that was for dinner did actually taste pretty good but Jessica still was not the best cook. It did taste a little bland but it was still edible.

After a short amount of persuasion Gwen did take a bite of the meat and she was taken aback by what she had tasted. It was the first time that she had ever eaten food and she was also experiencing something that many people took for granted. It was the sense of taste and despite the fact that the meat wasn't all that tasty in her eyes it was the best grade meat in all of Angleland. When she was told that mortals needed to eat to stay alive she couldn't believe it. She thought that people ate for enjoyment and she was beginning to see why this was. The fact that they needed to eat to live was a concept that she couldn't fathom. She was beginning to see what she had been missing.

When Gwen asked for another small piece Tucker gave him a very tiny slice piece from his slab. When she received this small piece of meat she shrank herself until she was smaller than the piece of meat itself. At this tiny size she could eat as much as she wanted and when she only had a small amount left she would shrink herself further so that the process could repeat itself.

Chapter 16: Second Test Found? by The Doctor

The next morning Jessica was the first to wake up. Her arms had been wrapped around Tucker and it was not just so that they could stay warm, she had done it because she wanted to be close to him. After everything that had happened she was just glad that she had someone who didn't treat her like a monster. She couldn't help but think that he did look cute while he was asleep and she would have loved nothing more than to continue to hug him and imagine what their lives would be like if they were merely normal people. It was something that she did wonder on a regular basis but she never told him. She felt it would make things awkward between them.

When Jessica turned her head she could see Gwen still sitting on the same stump where she had been sitting that night. It was a little unnerving for Jessica seeing someone watching her as she slept. Gwen herself just sat there and it took her a moment or two to even realise that Jessica was awake. Unlike Jessica and Tucker, Gwen didn't need to sleep or even rest. It was another perk of her immortality.

"H-how long have you been there?" asked Jessica as she untangled her arms from Tucker and sat up. She was a little intimidated but she didn't want to do anything that might provoke Gwen into action.

"All night," replied Gwen very quickly. She stood up from the stump and she stretched herself a little. "It's been some time since I last came down to this plain so I'm taking in everything I can. That includes watching mortals sleeping and I must say you were holding onto your friend there pretty tightly. If I didn't know any better I would have said that you're more than just friends."

"Wait what?" Jessica began to blush a little and her emotions made her grow around a foot in height. This happened every time that she felt angry or when she blushed. "We're just friends."

"Yeah sure you are." A mischievous smile appeared on her face as she took a step towards Jessica. She walked past the smoulders of what had been a fire the previous night. All that was left was ashes and a small funnel of white smoke. "You can't pull the wool over my eyes."

"I promise you, Tucker and I are nothing like that. We're just very good friends." She was trying to lie to herself more than to Gwen.

"Ok I'll play your game for now." She had stopped walking and stood there with her arms crossed. "But if I'm right don't think I won't tell you."

Jessica saw Tucker beginning to stir as the conversation had woken him up. He did groan a little as he woke up and he had no idea what had just been discussed by the two women. It took him a moment to sit up and he tried to scratch an itch that was just on the part of his back that was just out of reach. This was a minor annoyance but he felt Jessica's long slender fingers scratch the part of his back that had been irritating him. He gave a small groan of relief as she scratched and his eyes had yet to fully open.

"What time is it?" asked Tucker. His voice was a little croaky and he had to clear his throat before he could speak again.

"It's still early if you want to go back to sleep," replied Jessica. Her voice was very soft and soothing.

"No I don't want to sleep all through the day again." He slowly got up to his feet and his eyes began to open slowly. Jessica was still sitting down and he had yet to realise that Gwen was even there. A part of him had even forgotten all about her and he staggered a little when he got up to his feet but he didn't fall. His eyes finally locked onto Gwen's who was at his exact level. "Oh you're still here. I was beginning to think that you had gone back to wherever it was you came from."

"Oh I'm not going back there anytime soon," replied Gwen with her arms crossed. "I wanted some excitement and believe me what I want I get."

"Before we get started maybe we should have some breakfast," said Jessica as she stood up to her full height. She was a little hungry since her large body did demand that she eat a lot of food but also so that she could defuse with what seemed to be a volatile situation. She stood next to Tucker in a small attempt to keep him safe.

"All you mortals do is eat. I must admit that after that heavenly meat that you gave me last night I'm eager to try whatever you make for this breakfast." She was still getting used to the sensation of eating and the tastes that came along with it. "You may make the breakfast mortals and I will eat it."

Jessica did feel that Gwen was being rude but she didn't want to correct her in fear of how the demi-goddess might react. She did notice that Tucker looked unusually small, it took her a couple of moments before she realised that she was slightly taller than she was before. Her height was up to nine feet rather than the usual eight but it was very easy for her to lose the extra foot she had gained. She still towered above her best friend but at least now she felt that it was normal.

Rather than having a cooked breakfast the group had a meal of bread, cheese, fruit and a couple of vegetables. Once again Gwen couldn't get over what she was eating and she would purposely shrink herself so that the food lasted longer. Jessica and Tucker somewhat couldn't believe what they were seeing. In proportion Gwen was eating enough to feed a small village and by the time she had actually finished she grew back to what seemed to be a more sensible size. But now she had a very large belly and it looked like she was heavily pregnant. Rather than being a baby underneath her flesh it was food that would be too much for any normal person to digest easily, in fact having such a large amount of food in their system could have killed them.

The pair could only watch in amazement as they saw Gwen's belly begin to deflate as the demi-goddess decided that having a large belly like this would be problematic so she was adjusting accordingly. It was a form of weight loss that most people could only dream of and within moments her stomach was perfectly flat once again. Just like it had been before and she looked normal.

"H-How did you do that?" asked Tucker in some disbelief. He could see by Gwen's body language that it didn't seem to be a big deal.

"Oh that little trick," replied Gwen. "I thought that having a big belly like that wasn't right so I decided to change it. Did I forget to mention that I can selectively change the size of any part of my body?" Both Jessica and Tucker shook their heads. "Oh silly me, sometimes when I get excited some things slip my mind." A mischievous smile appeared on her face as it filled the pair with some amount of dread. "How far is it to this next trial that you mentioned?"

"It should only be a couple of hours walk from here for Jessica. We should be there before noon if we start now."

"Why don't I just grow until I'm as tall as a mountain and take you there within minutes rather than hours?" Tucker didn't want to turn her down but he could imagine what could happen if a mountain sized Gwen went walking through the landscape. There would be untold destruction under the demi-goddess's enormous feet. With Gwen's lack of empathy she wouldn't care less who was crushed under her feet and Tucker couldn't have that on his conscience.

"You said yourself that you only wanted to watch and not interfere. Well if you were to carry us there that would be classed as interfering." Gwen fell silent for a few moments as he had no idea what she was going to do. He tried to hide how nervous he was and just tried to keep his cool.

"You have a point there. Very well I'll allow Jessica to carry us to the trial and then I can watch you either succeed or fail. I don't think that I need to tell you how disappointed I'd be if you failed but then again I don't think that you'll be alive for me to tell you." There was a slight chuckle from her since she found the while concept of death as bizarre. She herself would never face death so the fact that a mortal could die made them that much more below her.

The group took a few more minutes to rest before Jessica grew to her full size and picked up both Tucker and Gwen. So that she could have a little fun Gwen shrank herself until she was a few inches tall and sat on Tucker's shoulder. She had done this so that the size scale was even between the three of them. Gwen was only a few inches tall against Tucker while he was only a few inches tall compared to Jessica. The size difference between the two women was almost beyond comprehension. Gwen was near microscopic size compared to Jessica but the tables could be turned within a moment as soon as Gwen decided this. For now she wanted to have a bit of fun being the tiny one.

With everyone secured Jessica began to walk towards where the second trial was located. Tucker hand unwrapped the map and was pointing to where Jessica needed to go. He used the position of the sun to navigate his way. He was also picking up on some landmarks that had been detailed on the map and he truly felt that he was going the right way. He could hear Gwen speaking into his ear. He found it extremely odd to have a tiny woman sitting on his shoulder when it was in fact he who was used to sitting on the shoulder of a giantess. That was happening at that exact moment in time but he still found it odd and even a little unnerving to say the least.

"Hey you know it has been a while since I've been with a mortal," whispered Gwen into Tucker's ear. Her voice was so quiet that Jessica had no chance of hearing him. "Maybe after we're done we can spend a bit of time away from your friend here. I can take you to places that your mind hasn't even comprehended. With my abilities I can even make you the big man but if you really want to we can go with the concept that you seem to be familiar with." She even rubbed the side of his head and this sent a shiver down Tucker's spine. He could imagine what they would do given the opportunity but he didn't want to spoil anything between himself and Jessica.

"I'm alright for now thank you," said Tucker. He turned his head towards the tiny Gwen but Jessica had also heard what he had just said and turned her head to him. She had no idea what he was talking about and was a little confused.

"Did you just say something Tucker?" asked Jessica with a small amount of confusion in her voice.

"Oh Gwen was just asking me if I needed my ear cleaning out." This was a little white lie from the top of his head. He didn't want to know how Jessica might react if he told her that Gwen was basically asking to have sex with her. "She said that she could shrink herself even more and remove any excess wax I might have. She said it was her way of thanking us for going along with this."

"Really?" Jessica was finding this a little hard to believe since the last thing she expected a demi-goddess to do was clean out the ear of a mortal but then again she didn't know too much about Gwen. She remembered how bored Gwen said she had been in the upper plains of existence and that cleaning out the ears of a human was probably like watching a great battle taking place. "Are you sure about that?"

"Yes Jessica, believe me I found it odd myself but then again since we started out I haven't had that much chance to clean my ears."

"Well if you say so." She still found it extremely odd but she thought that it was best to leave things as they were. She didn't want to conversation to get any weirder and if Tucker told her that this was what was happening she believed him. He had always been honest to her in the past and she didn't believe that this was any different.

It took Jessica roughly an hour after this until she reached where the map indicated that the test was located. They found themselves in a tropical looking wood with the sun beating down on them. Jessica placed Tucker on the ground so that he could search along the ground while she remained at her full size so that she could look around the area as she tried to find anything that seemed to be a clue.

The search lasted for over an hour but there seemed to be nothing found there. Tucker continually looked at the map and the area around him and he could see that they were in the right place but it almost seemed that there was absolutely nothing there for them to find. He had also noticed that Gwen had seemingly disappeared. He knew that she had been on his shoulder throughout their trip there but now she had disappeared. He didn't know if she had simply fallen off or decided to go back to wherever she came from. This relieved him in a way since if Gwen continued her advances towards him he thought that there might be a confrontation between her and Jessica. It was not Gwen's safety that he was concerned about, it was Jessica's. For the first time ever he knew that there was someone who could be even bigger and stronger than his best friend and the last thing he wanted was to see her getting hurt or worse.

"You found anything?" asked Tucker as he shouted up to Jessica. She wasn't too far away from him and was looking to see if there was anything that looked remotely like an entrance to the test.

"No nothing from up here," replied Jessica as she continued to look. "How about you, have you spotted anything down there."

"A sweet load of naff all." He was beginning to get a little frustrated and he admitted that if Gwen had been there she could have been a help. She might have even known where the entrance was but alas the demi-goddess was nowhere to be seen. "I'm sure that we're in the right place."

"Maybe we're looking in the wrong place." She stepped towards him and as she did she began to shrink herself and mere moments later she was back down to her smallest size. She still towered above him but at least things now seemed to be normal. "Think about it, if anyone could have found the entrance it would have been discovered and the test be solved years ago. It has to be hidden somewhere in a way that makes it extremely difficult to spot." She gave him a little smile. "You're a smart guy Tucker, I'm sure that we can figure it out somehow."

"Ok just give me a moment to think." He took a few moments to really think hard and he did come up with a little something. "If the entrance is indeed hidden then there must be something around here that can reveal it to us. There has to be some kind of trigger or a lever that will make the entrance appear to us."

"Now you're thinking but you can guess what my next question is going to be." He did and the question was... where was the lever? This was a question that he had absolutely no idea of. "Does the map give some kind of clue?"

"I don't think so." Just to be sure he did take another look at the map and much to his surprise there was indeed writing at the bottom of the map. They had not been there before and he could only guess that they magically appeared there much like the way to the second test appeared right after they completed the first one. "Fuck me, there's some writing here that sure as hell wasn't there before."

"What does it say?" She quickly went closer to him so that she could have a better view of the map and the writing was there as plain as day but there was a problem. The message read 'DSZG BLF HVVP XZMMLG YV ULFMW DRGS GSV VBV. LMOB LMV DRGS Z KFIVHG LU SVZIGH YB GSV GZOOVHG GIVV XZM URMW DSZG BLF HVVP.' To both in question they had absolutely no idea what the message actually said. "That doesn't make any sense, it's just pure gibberish."

"Maybe it's another language, one of the dead tongues that was around during the Age Of Titans. Or maybe it's a language from across Sea Of Pryde."

"It isn't like any language I've ever heard."

"Damn it if Gwen hadn't gone and disappeared on us then she could have helped. For once I wish that she was still here."

"Wait Gwen's gone?" This was something that Tucker hadn't mentioned to her. He had to bite his upper lip as he realised that he hadn't told his best friend about the demi-goddess going missing.

"Yeah she went missing just after we arrived. I have no idea where she's gone." He did scratch his shoulder a little where Gwen had once been sitting. "I think she might have gone back to where she came from. I don't think she fell since she could have just grown and made her presence known. Even if she did fall I seriously doubt it would have killed her." Jessica didn't need to be reminded that Gwen was immortal and infinitely more powerful than her. It made her feel inadequate.

"Well I guess there's only one thing we can do." She gave a sigh as she ignored the fact that Tucker had not told her this information. "We'll have to go and get some help. If I'm not mistaken the town of Logan isn't too far from here?"

"Err." He took another quick look at the map and indeed the coastal town of Logan was not far from where they were. "Yes it is."

"Then we should go there for help, I know it might be unlikely that we'll find the answers but we do have to try. If it is some kind of dead language then there is bound to be someone there who will know and if worse comes to worse at least we can add another landmark to our trip." She looked down and smiled at him and Tucker couldn't help but feel a little happier about the situation. He couldn't believe how upbeat she was despite everything that had happened to her since the events in July. He knew that it had changed her on the inside but she was still the loving friend that he had grown up with up throughout his life. He knew that he could always count on her for almost anything.

"Yeah sure." He looked up and smiled back at her. He did watch her begin to grow as she began to sit down but she stopped growing when she was at eye level with him while she was at a sitting position. "But first I just want to have a few minutes to rest, even at my full size I can get very tired after a long walk."

"Ok fine but we shouldn't hang around here too long. Gwen might decide to pop up at any moment."

"I don't think we can ever hide from her Tucker. If she wants to find us believe me I think she could easily find us." She continued to smile at him but she did feel that she needed to ask him something. "Tucker is it alright if I ask you something?" Tucker gave her a nod since he was more than willing to answer any of her questions. "Do you feel that there is some kind of question between us? I know what you're going to think but I assure you that's not what I'm talking about. I feel that there is something that ties us together, something I can't explain."

"What are you talking about Jessica?" He admitted to himself that he did think that she was talking about love at first but he knew now that she was talking about something else entirely. Something that was beyond the norm.

"Remember when we used to play hide and seek when we were younger? Whenever I went to find you I would straight away."

"Yeah because you always cheated."

"I didn't cheat!" There was some anger in her voice but she realised this and cleared her throat so that she could keep talking in a calmer voice. "I didn't cheat Tucker, I just knew somehow that you were there. No matter where you hid I could feel where you were and believe me no one was more surprised than me that I found you every time. I felt something like that when we were fighting each other in July. The spell that I was under was extremely powerful and I don't think that it was mere luck that it broke when we fought. I think that whatever this thing is between us broke the spell and set me free. If it wasn't for that I would have been Lord Nostory's slave for the rest of my days." Tucker looked at her with some confusion as he was having to take in everything that she was saying. "You can't deny this Tucker." She reached and grabbed his arm, at her enlarged size the hand seemed very large in comparison. "I know what I'm saying might sound creepy but I know what I'm saying is true." She had a somewhat saddened look on her face as she looked into the eyes of her best friend. "Please tell me that you've felt the same."

Tucker remained silent for a few moments as he fully comprehended everything that Jessica had just said. She had said something to him that had been truly from the heart and he was just glad that there was no one around to hear this. He could feel Jessica's large but soft hand around his arm and he walked closer to her. She was silent as well and he admitted to himself that he had felt a somewhat similar connection. Unlike her he had no difficulties knowing where she was due to her size but he had felt something when he was in her presence. He had never known what to really call it but he didn't know that the feeling had been stronger in his friend.

"J-Jessica I'm not sure what to say," replied Tucker. He was having to think about each word that he spoke. "I have felt something as well but I thought it was just me being stupid as usual. I had always felt something when we were close to each other, I just thought that it had simply been in the presence of someone of your size that made me feel that way. I know that it must be something besides that."

"I know it sounds crazy, its one reason why I wanted to come with you on this quest. When I'm not around you I feel lonely, a sort of empty feeling that nothing else can seem to fill. It was why I was always saddened when you had to leave Morgan for an extended time. Whenever you came back I would always feel like I could breathe easily again knowing that you weren't far." She gently pulled him closer but not like she was forcing him to come towards her. Her grip on his arm was weak enough for him to break free if he wished but Tucker did take step closer towards her. When she felt that he was close enough she embraced him in a hug but this time it did feel different than it did before. Tucker felt a sense of warmth and safety that he had never felt before. They both felt truly blessed to have one another.

The hug lasted for a minute or two before they broke it off and they both smiled at one another. They were unaware that everything that they were doing was being watched. Gwen was still around but she had shrunk herself until she was so small that she couldn't be seen by either one of them. She was still sitting on Tucker's shoulder taking in everything that she was seeing and hearing. She could tell that Jessica's feelings towards Tucker was far deeper than mere friendship. Gwen had in fact heard of this link that Jessica and Tucker shared, it was a trait between two people who the gods had deemed to be soulmates in a way. Very few people possessed this but despite all of this she saw all this as a challenge. She had her eye on Tucker and she didn't care if the gods had deemed him to be soulmates with Jessica. In her eyes Tucker was going to be a challenge and that was what made it even more fun for her. She didn't even want to keep Tucker forever, she just wanted to have him until she gotten past this sexual phase that she felt every now and again and then discard him after she had finished.

This wasn't the first time that she had done this. Multiple times over the millennia's she had come down to Earth when she was either bored or needed that sexual twinge in her mind satisfied. She would make a man fall in love with her and then she would use him to satisfy her sexual urges. When she was done she would leave giving no thought to what happened to her sexual partner soon after. Most of them would fall into deep depression after they fell for her and discovering that she didn't care about them. Some had even turned to suicide and even then Gwen didn't care about their fate. To her human lives were almost nothing to her, it would be like a regular person caring about the death of a cockroach or spider. The human would serve their purpose and then she would be done with them like a workman with their tools.

In Gwen's eyes Tucker seemed to be no different and Jessica wasn't going to be an obstacle in her way either. Despite the fact that Jessica herself was a giantess she would still seem like an insect in comparison to the self-titled Mistress Of Size. She could grow until she was large enough to crush Jessica with minimal effort or if she wanted to be particularly cruel she could shrink herself and attack Jessica from the inside.

Once Gwen had even had her sexual urges satisfied by another woman and at one point had even shrunk until she crawled into the other woman's womb so that she could fulfil her urges. During the process Gwen had decided that she had bored of the woman at one point the woman even insulted her. This made Gwen grow until she exploded out of the woman in question killing her immediately.

For now Gwen didn't want to make her presence known, the fact that Jessica and Tucker had thought that she had simply gone away would work for her. It allowed her to watch events without being noticed and she decided to show herself again after the second trial was completed. Until then she was more than happy to stay hidden and watch both humans put their lives in peril while she didn't lift a finger. In a way it was what she had agreed to from the start.

Chapter 17: Logan by The Doctor

For the next couple of days Jessica and Tucker travelled the relatively short distance towards the coastal town of Logan. When they saw it only a few miles away they did their usual preparation. Jessica would place Tucker on the ground and then shrink to her smallest height and they would make the rest of the way on foot. This was just so that the townspeople weren't frightened by their approach. They would be lying if someone had stated that there was not an air of intimidation when an eight foot woman came walking into town but it was certainly less terrifying than a one hundred and twenty plus foot giantess.

The town of Logan itself was mainly a peaceful town with very little crime besides the few pickpockets that lived there. It was famed as being one of the key towns in Angleland that provided seafood. Many fisherman operated from there since the warm water attracted a large range of fish which helped fund the town's economy.

The town was owned by the Logan family for more than a thousand years and currently Lord Richard Logan was the man who called the shots. He was a wise man who was in his twilight years and a couple of times over the last few years his health had been waning but he was still hanging onto life. His son Sir Peter Logan was the heir to his seat and looked to be a worthy successor. The family were much liked in the town and even Lord Hector Nostory would pay respect to them every so often.

The streets had cobble paths and roads and the buildings themselves were no more than two storeys. The castle just outside of the town was actually the tallest building in Logan and even that one was tiny in comparison to Lord Nostory's castle in July. There were numerous sea gulls in the air that would try and pick off one of the fish caught by the local fisherman, they failed more often than not but every so often the gull would catch its prize. The air itself in the town felt to be cleaner than that anywhere else in Angleland. In truth it was the same as anywhere else but the sea air was thought to be healthier. This was merely a myth but people still believed that sea air was good for them.

The first thing that Jessica and Tucker decided to do was find themselves some food and a decent place to stay. Even if they found the answers that they were looking for they would stay for at least the night before they set back off to the second test. They even ran into a small child who couldn't get over Jessica's height. The boy asked her how she got so tall and Jessica responded that she drank a lot of milk and ate her greens.

Eventually the pair settled down at the Red Herring Inn which was located near the centre of the town. On the walls were the trophies of extraordinary large fish that had been caught by local fisherman over the years. One of the fish that was hung on the wall had supposedly eaten three fisherman before it was caught over twenty years ago. This was most likely just a wild story just to attract tourists.

There were other fisherman related articles on the wall including fish nets, hooks, harpoons and one or two anchors. There was even a piece of wood that bore the name of a ship that had sunk under mysterious circumstances. The weather had been calm that day and there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary that took place. Yet the ship had gone down and all that was recovered were a few shards of wood. All hands had been lost and to this day there were still plenty of wild theories that included a fish that was large enough to eat an entire ship to pirates despite the fact that they rarely came to this side of Angleland.

Since they were in the right setting Jessica and Tucker decided to have a fish dinner to tie them over. Tucker ate a recently invented food which was a cod fish that had been covered in batter and on the side were thin pieces of potatoes. Jessica decided that she should eat the challenge dish that held more than a dozen different species of fish and it was a dish that only a handful of people had ever been able to complete. She knew that if she grew to her full size she would be able to devour the entire dish with some ease. If she ate the entire dish it was free and they would even win a small prize.

Everyone in the inn watched as Jessica ate the dish piece by piece. Even at eight feet in height her appetite was more than the average person. Big men had even attempted this dish and not completed it while Jessica seemed to be doing it with ease. The crowd inside the inn cheered with each fish she ate and there was even a time limit but it didn't seem to matter to her. At no point did she show bad table manners as she ate each fish with grace and it didn't seem like she was just shoving them into her mouth.

Tucker sat on a table that wasn't too far from where Jessica was sitting. Her table was at an elevated position and was reserved only for those who undertook what was called Red Herring Challenge. This was so that everyone inside the inn could see her and Tucker himself did look on but he was concentrating more on his own food, it was not because he didn't care about her challenge. It was just that he already knew that she was going to complete it so he didn't think to take any real notice.

After twenty minutes of the allotted hour time limit Jessica finished the very last part of the dish and the roar of everyone inside the inn was almost deafening. Even though she had eaten the entire dish she still thought that she could fit a little more in there but decided not to because it wasn't all that lady like. Instead she took part in a small amount of celebrations which included her signing a piece of paper which was then placed on a wall which had the other challenge completers. Also she was given a grail which had 'I beat the Red Herring Challenge' inscribed on it along with a small model fish that was no bigger than the average man's finger.

As soon as she did all of this she went to the table where Tucker was sitting and sat down right opposite him. He did acknowledge her and she had a smile on her face as she placed the grail and model fish on the table. The model fish was completely made out of metal and had even been made by one of the local blacksmiths. She did seem somewhat happy and at that moment Tucker himself was just finishing his meal. The dish that he ate was almost exclusive to the Red Herring and they called it 'Fish n' Chips'.

"That was somewhat impressive Jessica," said Tucker as he gave her some credit for completing the challenge. "But I would have thought that you would have wanted to stay out of sight."

"I would do but it isn't really possible for someone who is still as tall as the average man when she sits at a table," replied Jessica. There were no crumbs around her mouth and it was hard to tell that she had even taken part in an eating challenge. "Besides I was really hungry and you know what happens to me when I get that hungry." When she had been stuck at her full size she had easily been able to eat enough to feed many families and then some. Many times she had to stop eating simply because there was no food left. It did embarrass her but with her dress this was a thing of the past.

"Fair enough, I was just worried that Lord Nostory might be a little sore with how everything went down in July. I wouldn't be too surprised if there was a bounty on our heads."

"I doubt it." Her expression changed and she had a more stern look. "He knows what would happen if he even tried. Anyway there are no bounty hunters in Angleland who would be stupid enough to try and capture us." There was a small amount of confidence in her voice as she knew that she had scared Lord Nostory enough that he would never consider trying to track them down. He was probably the only man ever to truly make her angry and she truly didn't know what would happen if they ever met again.

"I still think it is best to keep a low profile, especially since July isn't too far away from here. But if you think that we'll be fine I trust you." He took a drink from his pint before speaking again. "You've never steered me wrong in the past and I seriously doubt that you ever will."

"You know that I would never do that." She gave him a smile as she felt a small rumble in her stomach. She was still a little hungry but she kept that to herself. "Anyway what's our plan of action then?"

"Well on the way to this inn I noticed that there was a library. It might not be as grand as one in Royal City but hopefully there'll be someone there who can help us." He moved his plate since he had finished his meal and began to look at the message that was inscribed underneath. He had looked at it several times over the last couple of days but he still couldn't figure out what it meant. He was sure that it must have been some kind of language that was long dead. "I still can't make heads or tails of what the message says. You haven't figured it out by any chance?"

"No not a clue." She didn't want to admit that her reading skills were not as good as she would have liked. She did have basic reading skills but she couldn't entirely read a book or even write down a message. It was one problem that she had growing up as both a giantess and the daughter of a farmer. They lacked the money to have her learn how to read properly. Her parents did try the best that they could but since their own skills at reading were subpar there was only so much that they could teach her.

"We'll just have to go in the morning. It's too late to go now and besides after everything you've eaten I think you could do with a rest."

"Nah I'm actually fine, in fact I'm wondering if this place serves any pudding. I still have more than enough room for a big apple pie." She gave him another smile as he looked at her with a small amount of astonishment.

"Jessica Snape you never cease to amaze me. Remind me if the next test is some kind of eating contest to make you do it." He did chuckle a little and Jessica just sat there for a moment as enjoyed the time that she was spending with him. She admitted to herself that she would never have gone on a grand adventure like this by herself. She didn't like to admit that it had its downsides like the events in July but she would have still done it all over again just to be by his side. "I don't suppose that you still want to take that grail with us? When we find what we're looking for you can have a grail made out of pure gold and studied with so many jewels that it will sparkle in the light."

"I wanna keep it as a souvenir. Just something to show my folks that I where I've been and what I've been winning."

The grail itself was only cheaply made but it wasn't the physical value that mattered to her but the sentimental value. It was not as valuable to her as something that came from a family or friend but it was still something that she had won and it was the first thing that she had ever won in all of her life.

By the next morning Jessica and Tucker had woken up relatively early and after breakfast they made their way to the library that they had seen before. Jessica was getting some stares from people and even a few of them congratulated her on completing the contest. A few of them even wanted to shake her hand, that was not just because of the contest but some of them just wanted to know what it was like shaking the hand of someone of her size. She did kind of like having some good fame for once. In Morgan she had been famous but for all the wrong reasons. Here it was a nice change of pace and it was a little something that she didn't want to give up too quickly.

One thing that they didn't expect to see was a crowd beginning to gather but it wasn't to encircle the pair. Instead they were gathering around a hangman platform as there were a small amount of armoured men standing there along with a man with clothing that stood him above the lower social circles. The final man on the platform wore nothing but some ragged trousers, he had a thick beard and long black hair and he was being held by a couple of the armoured men who were acting as guards. The crowd were booing at this man and eventually the richer looking man held his hand up and the crowd went silent. Tucker was having a hard time seeing what was happening but Jessica could see everything. It was one additional advantage to her height.

"Roger Maynard!" said the rich man as he looked at the lightly clothed man. He was holding a scroll and he was reading it out. "By a jury of your peers you have been found guilty of the murder of your cousin and attempted murder of his wife. You have been sentenced to death by hanging." His voice was loud enough so that the crowd could hear what he was saying. "Before you depart from this world do you have any last words?" Roger simply looked at the rich man weakly and tried to spit at him but he was standing too far away to be able to strike his target. All this got Roger was a punch from one of the guards and it was strong enough to knock some of his teeth out. "Very well." He then nodded at the guards and they moved Roger towards the noose. They placed a black bag over his head so that his face could not be seen as one of the guards placed the noose around Roger's neck. His hands were bound and he stood over the trap door.

A tall man wearing a black hood that hid his face walked onto the platform. At first Jessica thought that he was there to save Roger. She was contemplating putting a stop to all of this but she decided against it. It would only cause them a lot more trouble and since Roger had been sentenced for his crimes there wasn't much that she could do. It took her a few moments to realise that the man in the hood was not there to rescue Roger but rather he was the executioner.

There was a roar from the crowd as the executioner stepped onto the platform but as he reached the lever the crowd went silent. The next thing that anyone heard was the twitching sound that was made when the trap door opened and the next thing they heard was an inhumane cracking sound. Jessica covered her mouth in shock as she realised that the sound was Roger's neck being broken as he was being hung. The crowd didn't seem to be as horrified as her as they cheered for the death of this murderer.

Tucker himself felt a little indifferent to it. He did feel somewhat sorry for Roger since he too had once been tried and almost killed. On the other hand since it was most likely that Roger was guilty of the crime that he had been executed for Tucker couldn't feel too much sympathy towards him.

With the execution finished the crowd began to disperse. Jessica stood there for a few moments longer as she couldn't really turn away from what she had seen. She could see the guards getting the dead body of Roger and carrying him away as the others left the platform and went about their usual business. She felt a tug on her arm and she looked down to see Tucker standing there. He indicated that they had to move on and slowly Jessica did but she couldn't wash away what she had seen. It was the first time that she had ever seen anyone die and it had upset her deeply.

As they walked towards the library Tucker could see that his best friend was very upset. He even saw her shed a tear and for the moment he had no idea what the matter was. He did think that she was just having one of her moments but he did feel like that he should ask just in case that there was something truly wrong.

"What's up Jessica?" asked Tucker as he looked up at Jessica as they kept walking. Most would think that he had a neck strain having constantly needing to look up at her. He even held onto her large hand to show that he was there for her. Once again it did feel very large and to most people it would be very strange but since he had never known Jessica's hands to be small to him this was the norm.

"We shouldn't have watched that execution," replied Jessica as they continued to walk. "I feel there should have been something that we could have done to stop it from happening." She gave a small sigh as she wiped the tear away from her cheek. "It's not right to take someone's life like that."

"But there's not much that we could have done, besides you heard what happened. The guy had been tried and convicted of his crimes and as far as I know murder leads to the death penalty the vast majority of the time. If you had freed him then you would be committing a crime and helping to free a convicted murderer." He smiled up at her to show that he was trying everything that he could to make her feel better. "Everyone knows that the only thing bigger than your shoe size is your heart. That's what makes you one of the true beacons of light in this part of the world but we can't save everyone. Especially those who have committed such a heinous crime."

"I know what you're saying Tucker but I still feel that we could have done something to help him."

"If it is any comfort just know that his death was quick. The drop snapped his neck and he would have died instantly. Most likely he would not have felt much pain and believe me it was a lot more humane way to die then what would have happened to me in July if events had gone differently."

They had been walking and talking for some time and they hadn't even realised that they had reached the library itself. It was a fairly large building and they were somewhat surprised that they had reached it so quickly. It was one of the perks of not really paying attention when they walked.

The door that led inside was particularly small and even Tucker who was around six feet tall had to duck his head slightly to get through. Jessica had a harder time since this door was smaller than the average. She had to bend down further than usual to fit through and she had to remind herself that for once it was not her that was bigger it was the fact that the door was smaller.

Even when Jessica got through the door and stood to her full height her head struck the ceiling and she gave a small cry of pain. The ceiling itself was only seven and a half feet high and for an eight foot woman it was not ideal. It was an added annoyance that she didn't really need and another reminder that the world around her was too small for her. She kept her annoyance to herself and just took it on the chin like she normally did with most inconveniences in her life.

From what the pair could see there were rows and rows of shelves with books that ranged from those that came around when languages were first being written down all the way to those that had only been written weeks before. Someone who thirst for knowledge would almost be in paradise here. In Logan a high percentage of the population could read and write in comparison to other towns and cities in Angleland. Almost all of the text in this library was non-fiction since fictional tales were rarely written down.

There didn't seem to be anyone else inside the library and Tucker tried to look around to see if he could see anyone. Jessica's height did allow her to survey the area with some ease but the fact that she couldn't stand up straight was annoying for her.

"Hey hello is there anyone here?" asked Tucker as he continued to try and see if there was anyone else inside the library. Jessica followed closely behind but she had to watch out for anything that might be hanging from the ceiling.

The pair eventually began to hear a soft sound. At first they couldn't make out what it was but eventually they could tell that it was someone snoring. They followed the snoring until they came to a man with a relatively large belly asleep on a chair. He looked to be roughly the same age as Tucker and he had brown hair that was a little cropped. He wore normal clothing for the area which included a plain top, woven trousers and well-worn shoes. He even had a small smile on his face as if he were having a nice dream.

Tucker cleared his throat in an attempt to wake up the man. It didn't seem to work so he had to tap him and slowly the man began to stir from his slumber. At first he didn't seem to notice the pair as he stretched himself. It was not until he noticed Jessica and in particular her height did he fall off of his chair in astonishment. He was muffling his words as he stood up and much like Tucker he felt small in comparison to the woman before him. If he knew that she could make herself even bigger he was likely to have a heart attack.

"Are you alright?" asked Jessica in a voice that showed that she was concerned about him. His fall had seemed to be pretty painful but he didn't seem to have any immediate injuries although he could have them internally.

"Y-yes I'm fine," replied the Man as he brushed the dust that was on his clothing. He had not swept the floor for a while so it had been quite dirty. It had taken him a moment to get over his shock before he felt that he could probably help them out. "W-what can I do for you?"

"Let me start by asking if you are multilingual?" answered Tucker. He could see that the man was somewhat intimidated by Jessica so they both thought that it was best that he did all the talking.

"Yes I am." A small smile appeared on his face as he felt a little smug about himself. I have basic knowledge in most languages and are fluent in three."

"Good then there's something I want you to help us with." He went to his satchel where he had placed the map but much to his surprise it was empty. Not only was the map gone but the gold coins that had been in their possession and all of their food. He went silent for a few moments while the man stood there awaiting the request. "Fuck me it's gone!" Tucker's voice was in much shock.

"Wait what?" asked Jessica as she saw Tucker take his satchel off and he took a better look inside. She was horrified by what she was seeing as well and it almost seemed that all their hard work and sacrifice had been for nothing. "Tucker where is the map?"

"I don't know." He was trying to find it in the satchel but there was literally nothing in there except some relatively heavy rocks that seemed to be decoys. "I swear that I put it in here before we left the inn." He began to realise that most likely when he and Jessica had been watching the execution someone had stolen everything from his satchel. All that were left were several large rocks. "What the fuck happened?"

"Let me guess you attended that public execution and now your belongings are gone?" asked the man as he began to realise what had happened. He saw Tucker nodding at him and this caused him to sigh. "I'm afraid that you're a victim of one of the pickpocket gangs around here. They love big gatherings like that since they can pick the pockets and satchels of innocent people and then get away with their ill-gotten gains."

"Where the hell are these gangs?" There was a small amount of anger in Tucker's voice as he realised that he had been robbed. Besides his armour and sword all he had left were large rocks that he could only use as a projectile.

"Ha that's what I would like to know." He gave them a chuckle although neither of them were too impressed with this. "Believe me they're a nuisance and Lord Logan has offered a reward for the capture of them. If I were you I would forget about your losses and try to replace them elsewhere. You won't be finding them any time soon."

"But we can't," said Jessica. She was somewhat annoyed herself but not just because of the fact that their belongings had been stolen but also because of the low ceiling that prevented her from standing to her full height. "The map that we lost is the only one of its kind. We can't find it anywhere else."

"Are you sure about that? My brother's a professional cartographer, he could make you a replacement given the right price."

"We have two problems. The first is that this was a special map and when I say special I mean magical." She still loomed over the man and he was still intimidated by her. He couldn't help it, he was just uncomfortable around women who were taller than him. "The second is that from the looks of it all of our gold has been stolen as well. We can't afford a map, we can't afford to stay in an inn and we don't even have enough money to buy any food."

"Well I hate to use a pun but it sounds like you've got a big problem." No one laughed but then again it was not meant to be a joke.

"Please sir..."

"You can call me Ben."

"Ok Ben, is there anything that you can do to help us at all." Her voice was very sweet as she was letting go of her annoyance and allowed herself to stay calm. "We really need to get our stuff back."

"There isn't much that I can do to help. But I might be able to point you in the right direction." He quickly took a look around to make sure that there was no one else around. "I've heard rumours that one of these gangs like to frequent a tavern right on the port. It is called The Stern. I don't know if that will be any help but I hope that it helps. I must warn you however, it is not a place you want to find yourself at a disadvantage." He was showing true concern for the pair but Tucker was still feeling somewhat confident. He didn't think that they could face anything that they couldn't handle.

"Don't worry," replied Tucker. "We can more than look after ourselves. Thank you for your help and hopefully we'll see again soon with our map."

With that Jessica and Tucker made their way out of the library as Ben stood there for a moment. He wasn't too sure if he had done the wisest thing but he rather than going after the pair he simply sat back onto his chair and slowly went back to sleep.

Chapter 18: Children Of Lankin by The Doctor

The Stern Tavern was located right on the docks of Logan. It was a joint that was unknown to people who came to the town to see the sights. It was a popular destination for sailors who were coming back after many weeks, sometimes even months at sea. In the tavern they could drink to their hearts content and even have some time with the women of the night. It was also a place which was popular with a particular gang of pickpockets which would frequent there so that they could count the day's takings.

Despite the fact that the gang stole from almost anyone who was unfortunately enough to cross their paths they did have some rules. The first was whatever was stolen was shared amongst the gang equally. If any of the thieves had a dispute they would most likely settle it with words, it was only on rare occasions that violence was needed. The leader of the gang would only remain that way if he or she still had the approval of the other gang members. Needless to say that the leader was changed more often than not.

This gang were one of three large gangs in the town and this one was nicknamed the Children of Lankin. Lankin was a supposed demi-god who stole the sun from the gods, it was told that when he was captured by the gods and forced to bring the sun back he was forever cursed to move the sun through the skies. It was the Angleland explanation for day and night and the gang were named after Lankin after his infamous deeds.

The gang mainly used the cellar of the tavern and they paid the owners to look the other way. Although what they gave to the owners was somewhat meagre in comparison to the reward offered by Lord Logan over time the payments did add up so it was more profitable to allow the gang to stay and continue paying rent so to speak.

There were half a dozen members of this gang crowded around a small table as they began to empty out everything that they had taken that day. Within them was gold coins, food, jewellery and a few other relatively valuable items. These had all been lifted off unsuspecting people and the day's pickings had been pretty good thanks to the public execution. For that reason the gang were particularly happy. Not every member was at the table however since a couple of them were still out trying their luck.

The leader of the gang was a man named Len Grass and he had been the head of the Children of Lankin for some years now. He was a relatively small man with no hair and is middle finger missing on his right hand. He had rose through the group relatively quickly and he was well respected by the other members. He kept them all in line but so far he had not needed to use violence, he was known for being a devil of a fighter despite his lack in size. He had once taken out a man who was almost twice his size but even then the larger man had been nothing more than a half wit.

At the table including Len were three other men and two women. They had just finished placing all of their stolen goods on the table and Len smiled at the intake. Some days they did better than others and with everything that had been happening to them they were glad for what they had. With a combination of fights with rival gangs and those captured by the law the Children of Lankin were only half their original strength. It meant that the loot didn't have to be divided so much but with less members it meant that the intake was cut significantly.

"Ok people what do we have today?" asked Len as he looked at the loot on the table. "We have gold coins, some jewellery which isn't likely to be worth that much and enough food to feed us through the night. Not bad for a day's pickings, maybe tomorrow we can steal enough to buy us a castle."

"There is one thing that I was also able to pick up," replied one of the women at the table. She had long red hair and some freckles on her face. She took out Tucker's map from a bag by her side and placed it on the table. She opened it up and the thieves could see the entire continent which made up Angleland. Unfortunately for them they didn't know about its significance as they thought that it was just a normal map. They could see the writing at the bottom of it but like Jessica and Tucker before them they had no idea what it said. "Do you think it has any value?"

"All maps have some value Marian. Couldn't imagine why someone would carry around an entire map of Angleland but their loss is our gain." It wasn't too uncommon for a person to carry around a map but those maps were more detailed and of a particular area rather than the continent as a whole.

Only moments later the group were physically dividing the loot up into equal fractions. They didn't realise that Jessica and Tucker were reaching the tavern. They were just standing outside of the door and as they stepped in they could see that the tavern itself was a little run down. There were marks on the floor where dropped beer had stained. There was even some speckles of blood on the wall which was a result of a fight which took place the previous week. Rather than cleaning it up the owner had decided to keep it there because it was something that gave the place a bit more personality.

As Jessica entered a few of the men inside turned their head towards her and wasn't just that she was tall. In this tavern most of the women were prostitutes and a couple of the men contemplated what would happen if she was actually a prostitute. They could claim that they had sex with the largest prostitute in Angleland.

Each step the pair took they could hear the creaking floorboards and Tucker was somewhat worried that they might fall through. He was also a little nervous being inside because if things went south and all of these sailors ganged up on them they could be in some trouble. His only consolation was that he had Jessica with him and at her full size it would most likely take a fully equipped army to take her down. He was also wondering how exactly they were going to ask if the gang of pickpockets were even there. It wasn't like they could just ask everyone if the thieves were actually there. It was a quick way to find that his throat slit from ear to ear.

They eventually reached the bar of the tavern and they could see the owner there serving a drink for another sailor. The owner was a round and hairy man, even from where they were standing they could smell him. Tucker was about to get the owner's attention when Jessica felt someone touching her in a way that she didn't particularly like, she quickly turned around to see a sailor who had obviously had a little too much to drink. He was a fairly well built man with a long black beard and he looked up at her with a grin on his face although he was missing most of his teeth.

"Hey there little missy," said the Sailor. "How much to give me a good time?" He laughed a little but the next thing he felt was Jessica's large hand grab him around the neck and she lifted him clean off of his feet as if he was weightless. A flash of anger had caused Jessica to do this as this situation somewhat reminded her of what had happened to her with Lord Nostory and she was still dealing with some issues with that. She purposely kept her grip tight so that the sailor couldn't breathe, her anger had also made her grow by a couple of inches but this had gone unnoticed by almost everyone. The others in the bar were looking straight over at them as they didn't know what was going to happen next. The sailor couldn't talk and was completely at the mercy of the towering woman before him, she could easily snap his neck with a flick of her wrist.

"Let me get one thing straight!" stated Jessica in a very angry voice. "I am not some whore you can try to fuck, I am someone who doesn't want to see your face for the rest of my life or else I will snap your neck like a twig. Now you better get out of here before I get really angry and believe me you don't want that to happen." The sailor was still struggling to breathe but Jessica released her grip and allowed him to drop onto the ground. He didn't take much time in making sure that he was out from that door. Even Tucker was surprised by her actions and it was a further reminder not to anger her.

With the little skirmish over the other regulars just went back to what they were doing as if nothing had happened. Finally the pair could turn their attentions to the tavern owner and they needed to know where the pickpocket gang were located. They weren't even sure if this was the right gang but it was all they had to go on. After what had just happened the owner was now nervous but with the situation defused Jessica herself had actually calmed down and she was unlikely to try and harm anyone. For now the owner didn't even know that the pair was after the pickpocket gang. He merely thought that they were there for a drink much like everyone else that was there.

"Name your poison," said the owner as he approached the pair. He was still behind the bar and he had a large club located underneath if he needed to use it in a sticky situation. "I got alcohol and spirits from lands so far away that some people don't even think that they exist." This was a little something that he tried to use with the new guests as he tried to make the place seem more exotic than it actually was.

"We need information more than anything else," said Tucker. He tried to play it cool and he hoped that the situation didn't go south quickly.

"Oh information eh? That'll cost ya." A smile appeared on his face and they could see his yellow teeth and smell his stank breath.

"Well you see that's the thing, we have no gold, no food or anything else of value. It was all taken from us by a group of people who we've been told hang out here. If you would be so kind and give them up to us things will go a lot smoother."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about." Tucker could tell that the owner was lying. He could see him taking deeper breaths and there was a drop of sweat running down his brow. The smell that he produced was almost eye watering but Tucker kept his composure and stood firm.

"You're lying. I know that they're here and unless you start talking we might have a problem." He was more or less bluffing and he couldn't know for sure whether the owner was actually lying. He knew that he was going to have to act much tougher and more threatening than he actually was. He had run through it with Jessica as well and it was another of her reasons for acting so aggressively towards the sailor who had groped her. Her experience with Lord Nostory had also been a contributing factor although she would not have likely seriously harmed the sailor.

"I still don't know what you're talking about." He then grasped the club that was underneath his bar but this was something that Tucker and Jessica couldn't see so they had no idea that he might swing it at them at any moment.

"Don't bullshit me. I know that the gang are here and unless you start spilling your guts you won't have a tavern anymore."

With that the owner pulled out the club and tried to swing at the pair with it. Tucker was able to duck out of the way but Jessica didn't need to duck. Instead she was able to grab the club before it struck her. There was a loud smacking sound as the club came into contact with her hand. There was a look of surprise on the face of the owner as she easily grabbed the club and almost with no effort pulled it right out of his hand. She did consider striking him but decided against it at the last moment. She still needed to keep her wits about her and she felt that if she allowed herself to slide she would become no better than Lord Nostory and those who stole the map.

"That wasn't very clever now was it?" said Tucker as he stood back up. He had noticed that no one in the tavern was coming to the aid of the owner. This was some relief for him since he didn't want to have to fight off a hoard of drunks and thugs. "I will ask you again before I really lose my temper. Where are the gang?"

"I err," replied the Owner. He was close to wetting himself out of sheer fear of what was going on but right now he preferred to take his chances with the gang rather than facing Tucker and Jessica. All he did was point towards a door that led down to the cellar of the tavern.

"Thank you, your co-operation is much appreciated."

Before moving on Jessica slammed the club onto the counter. She did feel somewhat bad for what had happened but ultimately she had to keep a brave face. She had only agreed to this plan that Tucker had set out because it would get them what they needed without really having to harm anyone. This was a tactic that she never wanted to use again since it made her feel dirty inside. This went against almost everything that she had been taught and she could only hope that this wasn't all for nothing.

Tucker was the one who opened the door to the cellar and carefully walked down it. Jessica was right behind him and since the ceiling of the stairway was pretty low she had to duck her head once again. One thing that she knew that she would do with her share of the treasure was to build a house that was scaled up for her.

As the pair walked down the seemingly long and dark stairway it was hard for them to see what they were doing and Jessica herself almost fell which would have been disastrous for both of them. They could hear what seemed to be voices and the occasional laughter. It was obvious that there were a group of people within the cellar and it made them extra cautious as they continued on.

Just from the sound of the voices Tucker knew that they would be outnumbered but he still had a good feeling about this. His skills with a blade had improved since the start of the quest and with Jessica's abilities he didn't think that they would have that much of a problem. Even so he knew that they had to take great care in what they were doing. One slip up could result in one of them receiving a serious injury.

"I still don't think that this is a good idea," whispered Jessica. She had more or less bent down to his level so that she could whisper in his ear. This was just so that her voice could not be heard by those in the cellar.

"I know it's not the best idea I've ever had but believe me this will work," replied Tucker. He was also whispering and he could feel his heart beat grow faster as he knew that they were moments away from a confrontation. "Just follow my lead and everything will go according to plan."

"I hope so."

The sound of footsteps on the stairway had been noticed by the gang inside the cellar and already they had stopped talking so that they could get a better listen to what was happening a few metres away from them. Without saying a word Len used hand signals to command the Children of Lankin into action. With great care each of them quietly took out their weapon and a couple of them even made their way to the door. They hid either side of it so that they could spot whoever was coming inside. If it were the owner it would be a false alarm but if it were someone that they didn't recognise they would attack without mercy. The less people that knew that they were there the better. They hadn't forgotten that each of them had a price on their heads.

On the other side of the door Tucker and Jessica had gotten down the stairs and Tucker himself was about to open the door. Before he could Jessica grabbed onto his shoulder and pulled him back slightly. This was a clear indication that she didn't want him to go any further forward for the moment. Tucker turned to her in some confusion as he didn't know why she had done it.

"What are you doing?" whispered Tucker. There was a small amount of frustration in his voice. All he wanted to do was get back their possessions and get out of the tavern as soon as they could. They would then return to the library as they hoped that they would be able to get the message translated.

"I have a really bad feeling about this," replied Jessica who was also whispering. Tucker's safety was always her top concern and her gut feeling was telling her that they were walking into some kind of trap. "I think that I should go in first, I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

"I think that I'm more than capable of opening a door." He didn't think that they were in all that much danger.

"Please Tucker." From the look on her face Tucker could see that she was truly concerned and he couldn't help but admit defeat. He stepped aside so that Jessica could go past him as she made her way to the door.

With some care Jessica opened the door and ducked her way through it. She could see the table where the gang had been sitting and she even saw the map that had belonged to herself and Tucker. She took a step forwards but the next thing she felt was someone striking her in the back with a long pole. The pole itself snapped when it came into contact with her back and although she did feel some pain she didn't go down. Instead she turned to her attacker who was in shock of not only Jessica's size but also that she was still standing when most people would have fallen.

Before Jessica could do anything else she saw the others come out of hiding and make their way towards her with weapons in hand. A couple of them held daggers while one had a club, another pole and finally a relatively small sword. She was outnumbered but at that moment Tucker with Juggernaut in hand came through the door and used it to slice the hand off the thief who was just about to stab Jessica with his dagger. There was a cry of pain from the thief as he looked at where his hand had been.

The gang were now more than willing to kill Jessica and Tucker not only so their secret would not be revealed but also now to avenge the loss of a hand. One of the thieves was just able to get close enough to stab Tucker in the chest with his dagger but thankfully Tucker was wearing some body armour beneath his clothing that prevented the dagger from entering his body. Rather than stabbing the thief Tucker backhanded him across the face and it was all that was needed to keep him back.

The other thieves tried to gang up on Jessica but her size once again was keeping her safe from them. More than once she had considered simply growing to full size and bursting out of the tavern. She knew what would happen if she did and she didn't know if she could live with herself seriously hurting someone or worse. Not only would she be putting the thieves in serious danger but also the people above her and more importantly Tucker. This was something that she could never do.

Tucker himself seemed to be doing well, using Juggernaut he was able to keep his attackers at bay. It seemed that his training was beginning to pay off and already he felt like a more competent swordsman than before he left for the quest. He was having to fend away two thieves as the other three paid attention to Jessica. The final thief was on the floor in agony as he was trying to come to terms with the fact that he had lost his hand. This was something that was a nightmare for any thief.

One of the female thieves tried to strike Jessica with a pole but she was able to move out of the way. The thieves were somewhat surprised to see someone of Jessica's size move with speed but she did take the opportunity to grab the pole and use it to lift up her attacker who was still holding onto it. Using her strength she was able to throw her into the other female thief which more or less defeated them both.

Now there were only three thieves left in the fight. It was Len who was fighting with the small sword and another thief with the remaining dagger that was fighting Tucker. With his larger sword he was able to fend them both off and this seemed to be the perfect practice for him. Once or twice the dagger had gotten close to cutting him but thankfully his light armour did help protect him. In one swift move he was able to disarm the thief and knock him out. This was something that Tucker was somewhat proud with and it showed him that he was capable of defending himself.

The only other thief besides Len was the last male thief with a club and now he was one on one against Jessica. He already knew that he would most likely not win this fight but he still charged at her with his club in his hand as he wanted to strike her. Instead Jessica simply lifted her leg and struck the thief square in the face before he could strike her. Her foot struck square in his face and the impact broke the nose of the thief. He quickly fell down unconscious and it meant that Jessica had defeated all three of her attacks without that much of an effort.

Now Len was by himself and now he could see that he had absolutely no hope of winning. He wanted to flee since he knew a secret passage out of the cellar which he was intending to use. He knew that Tucker and Jessica would see where the passage was but one thing that Len did take some comfort in was that he knew that Jessica would be too big to fit through it. At least then he would only have to worry about Tucker.

Before he could even move he found the way towards the secret passage blocked off by Jessica herself. She sat down and increased her size to the point that her head knocked against the ceiling. The whole process had taken Len by surprise as this was probably the last thing that he expected and he dropped his sword as he knew that anything he did against them would be futile. Instead he lifted his hands up somewhat in the air and Tucker took a few steps towards him.

"I surrender," said Len. He knew that this would most likely lose him the leadership of the Children Of Lankin but there was no other way out for him. "I'm sure that Lord Logan is now going to give you a hefty reward for defeating each of us."

"We're not here because of Lord Logan but now that you've mentioned it that doesn't sound to be a bad idea," replied Tucker. He had already put Juggernaut away since he couldn't strike an unarmed man. "We want back what was taken from us earlier today, you took something from us that can't be replaced." He was seriously considering what Len had said about the fact that Lord Logan had put a bounty on them. The money would be a great way to further fund the quest. There were a lot of gold on the table where the gang had been counting but he felt that he couldn't take it all since most of the money belonged to other people. He had intended to only take what had been stolen from him and leave the rest. "We want them back."

"You want your stuff back?" He took a quick look up at Jessica who was standing there with her arms crossed. She still towered above both men and she stared down at him, she was not too happy with him right now and rather than showing fear he decided to stay brave. "You can have whatever you want since I'm in no position to argue. Just take it and be done with it."

"Thanks for that and just one other thing before we leave."

With that Tucker punched Len straight in his face and it happened so fast that it did knock Len unconscious. This did bring a smile to Tucker's face since he felt that things were going their way again and he even looked up at Jessica who still loomed above him. She was still not very happy with what had happened and she was not very impressed with what Tucker had just done.

"You know, you didn't have to do that," said Jessica. She wasn't in on Tucker's plan to take the thieves to Lord Logan and she had just thought that he had punched Len out of spite more than anything.

"I had to if we want to claim the bounty on these guys," replied Tucker with the smile still on his face. "I'm sure you could grow big enough and carry all of them over to Lord Logan's castle."

"Wait you want to turn them in?" She was quite surprised by this and it took her a moment to get over what she had heard.

"Sure you heard them, Lord Logan has a bounty on them and if we cash in just think of how much money we'll have for the quest. Heck we might even become rich." This was a form of money that he was more than willing to take since in truth he had earned every single gold piece.

"But what do you think will happen to them after they've been taken in." Her happiness had not increased at all.

"I don't know. I suppose they'll have their hands cut off or maybe even hung. It's not really our problem."

"Yes it is." Tucker knew that Jessica was about to put her foot down. "If these people will die because of us I won't be able to live with myself. I know since you want to be a knight that on some occasions you may need to take the life of someone but that is a line I'm not willing to take."

"But we won't be the one who kills them. It's not like you or I are going to be pulling the lever."

"We will be the ones who put them there in the first place. The blood will be on our hands as much as the executioner's. We are better than this Tucker Martel and we need to show them that."

"Then what do you suggest we do? Leave them here so that they can continue to rob from people. Imagine having your most prized possession stolen away from you by a thief and knowing that you'll never get it back. Something that might have been passed down from generation to generation. I agree that these thieves don't deserve to die but they do deserve punishment."

Chapter 19: Decisions by The Doctor

There was a moment of silence between the two friends as they had come to an impasse. They had a set of defeated thieves who were completely at their mercy and they both had some ideas of what to do with them. Tucker wanted to take them in so that they could claim the rewards posted by Lord Logan. Unfortunately it would most likely lead to the deaths of the thieves and this was something that Jessica could not allow. She did think that Tucker was right in the sense that they couldn't just let the thieves go since they would just keep stealing from innocent people once again.

"So what do we do then?" asked Jessica with her arms crossed. She waited to hear what Tucker was going to say, she didn't think that he would come up with a decent enough idea for her to agree with.

"Maybe we can still take them to Lord Logan but maybe we can ask for mercy on them," replied Tucker. "Have them locked up in cells for a while and maybe if we don't accept the reward money it might help influence his decision. Right now that's the best idea I can come up with since they will still be punished for their crimes and yet they will not be killed so that should make us both happy."

"That's going to be risky to say the least. You entire plan hinges on the whim of a single man."

"I know it's risky but do you have any better ideas?" He had to wait for a moment as Jessica didn't speak a single word. All she did was give out a small sigh as she admitted to herself that there wasn't much they could do in this circumstance.

"Ok fine we'll do that." There was a small amount of annoyance in her voice but she did take some comfort in the fact that Tucker had listened to her and was even willing to give up the reward to make her happy.

"Good, now we better be quick before these guys decide to wake up." He rubbed his hands together in some happiness.

A few minutes later inside the great hall of the castle just outside of Logan the Lord Richard Logan himself sitting on his seat and he was discussing a few different things with other important figures from Logan. They felt a few small shudders in the ground which was somewhat unusual but since the shudders were so weak there was no reason to be truly alarmed.

Instead the group just carried on with their discussions such as the next harvest festival but before long a lone guard came into the great hall and he seemed to be in a state of surprise. Lord Logan who in his younger days had been the definition of fitness but in his later years had turned fat with a thick red beard. He was completely bald with a small scar on his left cheek which he picked up in a training accident.

"Lord Logan I apologise for interrupting but there is something that has popped up which requires your immediate attention," said the guard. He was only a young man who had only been working there for a few short months.

"What is it boy?" replied Lord Logan. He was a good natured man but he wasn't above getting annoyed. "Spit it out."

"There is some bounty hunter and a monster waiting outside. And they wish to speak with you."

"A monster you say?" He found this hard to believe since he didn't think that actual monsters existed. There were the occasional tales of dragons but they had not been seen in this part of Angleland for some years. "I find that hard to believe." He thought that it was most likely a man who suffered from some kind of deformity.

With some amount of haste Lord Logan made his way to the main entrance of his castle. As usual he was surrounded by guards since he knew that by meeting a pair who were called a Bounty Hunter and a Monster it would be foolish to meet them unprotected. He was somewhat annoyed that he had been bothered about this but he did want to find out exactly what was going on.

It was only when he opened the main door that led out of the castle did he see a giant foot a fair few metres away. This took him by surprise but as he looked up he could see Jessica standing there. She smiled down at him as a way to seem less threatening and Tucker was sitting on her shoulder. As usual he had a piece of her hair wrapped around him for protection from falling. In her hands lay the now conscious bodies of the Children Of Lankin. Each one of them had been tied up and could not move. They could have rolled but if they rolled off of Jessica's hand they would have easily fallen to their deaths.

Lord Logan gave a small shriek of shock as he looked at Jessica and almost immediately he went to go back inside but he knew that he had to stay brave. He had fought against many opponents who were intimidating and for the moment since Jessica hadn't done anything aggressive he was willing to keep his nerves for the time being.

"Hi there," said Jessica as she knelt down. She was speaking with her calmest voice so that she didn't panic the somewhat old man. "Please don't be scared we come in peace." Gently she placed the thieves on the ground, they had been laying in the palm of her hands but most of them were just glad to be back on the ground. "I believe that you've been looking for these guys."

"The Children Of Lankin?" This had caught him by surprise but he did recognise them for what they were. The pickpocket gangs wore specific attire to distinguish one group from another. He was too busy looking at the thieves to notice Jessica placing Tucker on the ground before slowly shrinking down to her smallest size.

"Yes they gave us a bit of a run for our money but we still captured them," said Tucker as he took a step towards Lord Logan. There were a couple of guards standing between him the Lord himself.

"Incredible, I would have thought that maybe a bounty hunter could bring in one or two at a time but not six."

"Well you can thank my very tall friend for that."

"Yes indeed." He went to speak on but when he looked at Jessica he was very surprised to find that she had shrunk down to eight feet in height. It did make her seem less threatening than before. "Wow wait you're Jessica Snape."

"What you know who I am?" replied Jessica with some shock. She had expected him to actually know who she was.

"Of course." One by one the thieves were picked up and taken away by other guards after a couple of hand signals by Lord Logan himself. "You were the remarkable woman who was supposed to marry Lord Nostory of July. Believe me word of events like that spread quickly amongst the lords and ladies of the land." He then looked at Tucker for a moment before continuing to speak. "And you must be Tucker Martel unless I'm mistaken." Tucker was not as surprised that Lord Logan knew his name. If he had heard of Jessica there was a good chance that he would have heard of Tucker also.

"Yes that's right," replied Tucker. It seemed that everything was going better than he had expected but the most crucial part of the whole meeting was still to come and if it didn't go their way he didn't know exactly how Jessica would react.

"I thought so. I received a raven about what took place in July and I must admit I'm somewhat impressed. I don't think anyone has ever made Lord Nostory as angry as you have. And when I heard about a young woman who could grow as tall as a mountain was just some kind of tall story so to speak. Now I see that not only is it true but she is a very beautiful creature to say the least.

Jessica wanted to return the compliment but she began remembering how things had started out in July and how quickly they had gone downhill. She kept herself composed as she feared that history was about to repeat itself.

"You honour me with your words," said Jessica. She still remembered her manners and the fact that she was talking to a lord. "But before we go any further this is something else that we need to discuss."

"Oh and what's that?" He was very curious since he had thought that this was going to be a very quick meeting. He kept his guards close just in case Jessica and Tucker tried anything against him.

"Those thieves that we've just brought to you, what will happen to them now?" This was the big question that she had been wondering.

"Well I suppose that they'll be hung. They have been terrorising my town for years and I see no other fitting punishment." This was not the news that Jessica had wanted to hear and she knew that she had to do something to save the lives of the thieves that they had captured. "May I request that you spare their lives?" She even got down to her knee to show even more respect. "Please I beg of you, I do not want to be the reason for the death of anyone be they good or evil. If you will spare their lives my friend and I are willing to give up the reward money. Please show them mercy."

"You really want me to spare the lives of those degenerates? I highly doubt that they would have the same compassion for you if the roles were reversed." He found what was happening extremely strange since very rarely did a bounty hunter wish for their target not to be killed. He wanted to see where this would lead.

"Then we must show that we are better than they are. There is no justification for taking the life of another. I beg you Lord Logan please spare them."

"Hmm I respect your character Miss Snape." This was true but he also didn't want to do anything that might enrage her. He had heard how she almost killed Lord Nostory although he didn't think that he was in immediate danger. "If that is what you wish then so shall it be. They will be thrown into the dungeons and left there to rot for a period of time of my choosing. Maybe after that they'll decide to be model citizens although I doubt it. Of course your reward money will go towards making sure that they're fed and so on. Keeping a man in a dungeon and also trying to keep them alive does cost some gold and since we have six of them you can imagine how the costs will go up."

"I thank you for your mercy Lord Logan." She then stood up to her full height and she was actually happy. Tucker himself was somewhat disappointed since they had lost the reward money but Jessica's happiness was worth a lot more to him than gold. They had taken their gold back from the thieves along with their other possessions including their map. What was most important had been returned so he was somewhat happy about this. "If there is nothing else to discuss then we will be on our way."

"Before you leave you have to have some kind of reward. Since you were willing to give up the gold I can give you food."

Jessica and Tucker wanted to accept but the problem was that after their experience in July they were a little weary of Lords. They knew that Lord Logan would most likely be a lot nicer than Lord Nostory and very unlikely to throw them in the dungeon. Despite this they wanted to be cautious.

"Thank you very much for the offer my lord but we will have to decline," said Tucker who was speaking for the both of them. "We have more than enough food for what we need and merely doing you a service is payment enough."

"Very well you are indeed a rare pair," replied Lord Logan. He respected what he was seeing and he could also see the hint of fear in them as well. "But still you cannot be unrewarded, you can at least take this." He made a couple of hand gestures to his guards and one of them went inside the castle. It only took him a few moments to return with a piece of paper and a quill pen. He then signed something on the paper and past it over to Tucker. The wannabe knight took a look at it but he wasn't sure of what it was. "That there is a Distinction Of Logan, with this you are recognised as an ally of Logan. Lords who are also considered to be my allies will be more lenient towards you and even grant you some greater freedoms than normal citizens. From what I've seen of you pair I doubt that you'll get yourself into too much trouble with the law but if you do this will help you out with lesser crimes. Other crimes deemed more serious I'm afraid that you're on your own with that one. Somewhat imagine it as an I.P. pass."

"A what pass?" asked Jessica as she looked over Tucker's shoulder at the writing on the paper.

"Imagine it as being a step down from a V.I.P pass." He was not just rewarding them for their seeming willingness to give up the reward and sparing the lives of the thieves. He was not a fan of Lord Nostory and enjoyed the fact that they had taken him down by a peg or two. When he had heard he laughed for some time and he had not thought that he was going to have the opportunity to reward them.

"I see." She did bow down to him for a moment. "We thank you Lord Logan for this gift that you have given us."

"You're welcome and don't forget that you are always welcome to come back to Logan. If you brought any wanted crooks then that would be even better. I hope that you find what you're looking for and now I bid you farewell."

With the map back in their possession and the thieves taken by Lord Logan, they could get on with what they originally came to do. Jessica and Tucker wasted no time in going back to the library so that they could return to Ben who could hopefully translate the text that had appeared on the bottom of the map.

This time when they entered the library they could see that Ben was awake and sorting some of the books that was one the shelves. Jessica did have to go through the annoying part where she was too tall to properly stand up without her head touching the ceiling. If it meant that they would be out of here quicker and back on with their quest that was even better for her and Tucker.

Ben didn't waste any time in looking at the map that he had been given and he looked at the text before him. He was surprised by what he could see and the curious look that he gave did somewhat worry Tucker. Ben rubbed his chin as he tried to recognise the language that was written down. This was noticed by Tucker who became increasingly worried since if the text couldn't be translated their quest would end here and now. Jessica had not noticed but she was still curious.

"What does it say?" asked Jessica who was standing behind Ben and looked over him. He was still uncomfortable about the fact that she was easily two feet taller than him but he still tried his best.

"To tell you the truth I don't know," replied Ben as he continued to look at the text. "It isn't like any language I've ever come across. I may not be fluent in every language in history but I still know enough to recognise the language. This one isn't like any language I've ever come across before."

"So what now?" replied Tucker as he felt the goal of the quest starting to slip away. He was facing the prospect of returning to Morgan empty handed and he knew that he would be humiliated.

"All is not lost. I do have a theory but it might just take me a moment to figure it all out." He took another good look at the message and began to go through a few things in his head. He concentrated on the first word and after he had finished his calculations he was almost certain that he was indeed correct. "To tell you the truth I don't think that this is another language but instead a code. I believed that whoever wrote it used what I called a reverse alphabet."

"A what?"

"A reversed alphabet. It is written in the common tongue but the alphabet is reversed so to speak. A becomes Z, B becomes Y, C becomes X and so on."

"Can you decipher what it is says?" He was beginning to get excited as he sensed that the quest was not actually over.

"It will take me a couple of minutes but I should be able to find out what it says. It is as good as translated."

With that Ben took out a piece of paper and a quill pen. He began to look carefully at the message on Tucker and Jessica's map and one by one he reversed the letters. As the minutes went by the pair could see a clear message being written before and all they needed to do was to allow Ben to finish. For Tucker each moment felt like a lifetime and he was beginning to become impatient.

"There we go I believe that this is it," said Ben as he looked at the message that he had just written down on the blank piece of paper.

"Oh thank the gods," replied Tucker who was about to say something else if Ben had not finished at the moment that he did. He didn't realise that when he said thank the gods, one of the gods was much closer than he suspected. The demi-goddess Gwen was still sitting on Tucker's shoulder but she was still too small for anyone to see. She could see and hear everything that was taking place but everyone was oblivious to her presence. "So what does it say?"

"Well it says 'What you seek cannot be found with the eye. Only one with a purest of hearts by the tallest tree and find what you seek.'"

For Tucker this was an extremely happy moment and he even wrapped his arm around Jessica and jumped up and down a little in celebration. For Ben he thought that it was a little strange but Jessica was used to it. She had seen him happy on more than one occasion and what he did when he was happy.

"That's it!" shouted Tucker as he didn't care who heard him. "We can finally get on with our quest and be rich beyond our wildest dreams!" Already the trip to the second trial had taken much longer than he had expected. They had taken a few detours along the way but now he actually thought that they had a decent chance of finding the treasure and being insanely rich.

"Hey don't let the whole world know," replied Jessica as she placed her hand on his shoulder to calm him down. Her hand was so large that it more or less covered up his shoulder.

"Oh sorry." His voice had quietened down as he knew that he had to be cautious. They had already gone through a series of unfortunately events and he knew that he was tempting fate by doing this.

Ben wasn't sure of what to make out of all of this. He didn't have too much of an idea that Tucker and Jessica were on a quest. But the truth was that he couldn't really care less, he was happy enough with reading about quests in books and he had no interest in actually taking part in one. He was not unrewarded for his help as Tucker gave him a few gold coins for his troubles.

In his haste Tucker wanted to leave Logan as soon as possible and go back to the area of the second trial but it was already going dark and Jessica was too tired to walk anywhere. He hated to admit that they would have to stay for an additional night so that they could rest up and continue the next morning.

One thing that was also unfortunate for the pair was the fact that their first choice of accommodation was not available to them. The Red Herring Inn was full so they had to stay in an inn that was not as grand. It was cheaper however but the room was uncomfortably small. The ceiling was only seven feet high so the eight foot Jessica was very uncomfortable inside. There was only a single bed and like the gentleman Tucker was he allowed Jessica to take the bed. Unfortunately it was only six feet long so when she lay on it her feet came off the end. Her feet even touched the floor when she lay on the bed and to her it was another reminder that she was living in a world that was too small for her.

At least for Jessica the bed was somewhat comfortable but for Tucker that was sleeping on the ground it was incredibly uncomfortable. It felt like something was constantly sticking into his side and he felt that someone was actually poking him. He would have loved nothing more than to have slept on the bed but he didn't want to move Jessica so he just had to make due.

Eventually Tucker did go to sleep when fatigue won over his comfortability. He didn't notice the near microscopic speck that was Gwen step off his shoulder. As soon as she landed on the ground she enlarged herself to around five feet tall. She had been entertained that day but now that Tucker and Jessica were asleep she knew that she would become bored. She wanted to have a little fun around town before returning to the pair. She figured that she could do what she wanted while they were asleep and return to Tucker's shoulder before they woke up.

Gwen remembered what happened the last time she came to Logan. Back then it was nothing more than a couple of huts located in the northeast of the continent. She allowed herself to grow so large that she was able to pick up the ground around the huts and bring them down to the southwest where she knew that they would have a better life. Unfortunately this act of kindness had long been forgotten by the people of Logan since it took place many thousands of years ago when humanity had no form of writing.

As Gwen left the inn she planned to go somewhere where she could have a bit of fun, there were many taverns that stayed open for many more hours and she thought that she could find some entertainment there. For now she stayed her current size even though she considered herself to be short.

At this hour there were not many people on the streets of Logan since most decent people were asleep. Most of the people on the streets were either drunks who were trying to find their way home or others who still wanted to have a drink or two.

Eventually Gwen found herself at the front door of a tavern located at the furthest east point of Logan. She could hear that something was going on inside and her curiosity made her go inside and see what was happening. As she entered the tavern itself she could smell the stench of numerous men with body odour problems mixed with low quality ale. The only light source within the tavern was a large log fire and a few fire torches scattered around on the walls.

Gwen could see two men sitting at a table with a crowd of people around them. The two men were arm wrestling and both men were incredibly muscular and the match was not that much of a sport but more like a war as both of them tried to get an advantage over the other. It had been going on for a few minutes with each man almost being defeated by the other. The crowd were in uproar as they watched the action unfold.

It took another few minutes for one of the men to finally take the advantage that he needed and defeat his opponent. When the match had finally finished there was a roar from the crowd and one of them even lifted the victor's arm in the air as the loser got up and slowly walked away. The victor was laughing and he took a drink out of his large wooden cup that held the cheap ale that Gwen had been able to smell. As he stood up to his feet he was easily seven feet tall and his muscles were easily seen by everyone in the tavern. He was a good natured man who was not particularly aggressive. His muscles were thanks to his trade as a lumberjack and his laugh was deep.

"I think I have one more good game left in me!" shouted the Victor. He looked around and he towered above everyone in the tavern and he didn't even see Gwen because she was in amongst the other people. "So is there anyone brave enough to test their strength against mine." At first there was no answer as everyone knew that they would not stand a chance against him. He almost thought that he wasn't going to have another opponent until Gwen's voice was heard as she volunteered herself. People stepped away from her so that the man had a clear view of her and he began to laugh. "Is this some kind of joke?" His laugh only became louder and Gwen was confused.

"Why would it be a joke?" replied Gwen with some surprise in her voice. She had seen the game of arm wrestling a few times during her last travels to Angleland and so she did know how to play.

"Well isn't it obvious? I'm a big guy." He did a little pose with his arm so that everyone could see how muscular he was. "And you're a little woman, I'm sure you can arm wrestle but it won't be a fair fight."

"Oh I see, my size is the problem." She had suddenly realised what she had done wrong and quickly she began to grow much to the surprise of everyone in the tavern and especially the man himself. Not only did her height increase but she was also manipulating the size of her muscles so that they grew as well. Everyone gasped and moved further away from her as the process continued and once again the clothing that Gwen was wearing changed size along with her. She didn't stop growing until she was as tall and muscular as the man she was challenging and she took a quick look down at herself before looking over at him. "Is this better?"

Chapter 20: The Goddess and the Lumberjack by The Doctor

Everyone in the tavern stood in utter awe at what they had just seen. Over the course of what was only a few seconds they had seen a woman who had barely been five feet tall with a skinny frame into a near seven foot amazon with very large muscles. Her body size was identical to the man that had given the arm wrestling challenge. He too was in utter shock and he felt a very sinking feeling. He didn't even know if what he had just seen was real or a hallucination for drinking too much cheap ale.

The woman who had changed was of course Gwen who was the self-titled Mistress Of Size and with her superhuman abilities it was hard to dispute this. She still looked at the large man for a few moments in some confusion. Just moments ago he had claimed that she was too small to be a challenge so she had increased her size to match his. She also briefly looked down at the people around her, moments ago most had been taller than her but now she towered above each of them.

"H-how did you do that?" asked the man. He was still in disbelief and he was tempted to turn tail and run but his pride prevented him from doing this.

"Is this better because if I need to be bigger I can be," replied Gwen. She more or less ignored his question and she just wanted to make sure that she was the right size for the contest.

"N-no you're fine." He had not even contemplated the fact that Gwen could make herself even bigger if she wished.

"Oh good." She then moved to the empty seat that was opposite the man's and she quickly sat down on it. The chair creaked a little under her weight of pure flesh and muscle. She rarely used her abilities to increase the size of her muscles in this manner. "I'm ready when you are."

Almost without saying a word the man sat down in the chair opposite her and placed his elbow on the table and moments later he grasped her hand so that they could begin the contest. The people watching couldn't believe that he was actually going through with it and although most wanted to flee after what they had seen their curiosity kept them from leaving. They wanted to see how probably the mightiest arm wrestler in Logan faired against Gwen. At this point they had no idea that she was a demi-goddess, if they had they would have known who was the stronger.

Almost immediately the man felt Gwen's strong grip as the contest began. He used a small portion of his strength to try and win as he hoped that Gwen's appearance was mainly for show and that she was still actually as weak as she seemed before. Not surprisingly Gwen's arm didn't move as her strength was equal to his. He decided to apply more pressure and Gwen had to use some of her strength to prevent herself from losing the contest. She had not expected him to be this strong.

"I must admit that for a mortal you're pretty strong," said Gwen as she stared into his eyes. He was concentrating more on his arm and not really looking at her. It took him a moment to look up at her.

"And you're strong for a maiden," replied the man as he tried to win the contest but Gwen was not allowing this to happen.

"Oh I am no maiden." With that she increased her muscles even further and almost instantly her strength doubled. She had more than enough strength swing the man's arm onto the table and thus winning the contest. The crowd were in utter silence after what they had just seen while for Gwen it was like nothing in particular had happened. "It has been a while since I have witnessed this game but I believe that I won."

"H-How did you do that?" He was in utter amazement not only about the fact that he lost his undefeated streak to a woman but the fact that she had been able to manipulate her size in the manner that she had. Already people around them began to move away due to the fact that the match was finished but also out of sheer fear. He was somewhat afraid at what Gwen had just done but he was more curious than anything else.

"Oh I'm a demi-goddess." She threw this as if it was not that big of a deal and by now the crowd had completely dispersed. "Right now I'm using the name Gwen, although I've been called many different things over the millennia. Some call me the great liberator while others have called me a destroyer."

"And which is it?" He still couldn't believe that he had been beaten but the fact that he had been competing against a demi-goddess gave him some comfort. Normally he would not believe that she was some kind of deity but after what he had seen he could hardly dispute the fact.

"Right now I'm neither. I'm just bored and I needed a little excitement that only you mortals can satisfy. I've even learned a few things since I came here, just like how delicious your foods." She could see that he was intimidated by her. "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name." In the past she would not much have cared but right now her own curiosity made her ask this question.

"Reginald." He almost gasped after he had said his name. He could feel his heartbeat rise of some fear. He did admit to himself that she was very beautiful but the fear he felt prevented him from feeling much attraction.

"I see now that I am scaring but you need not fear me." She began to make herself smaller, not only did she shrink in height but she also began to lose the huge muscles that she had gained for the contest. Within moments she looked more like a normal woman but she kept making herself smaller until only her head was above the table as she sat down. She genuinely didn't want to scare him and found him to be more curious than anything else. Rarely had she seen a man as big and muscular as him before she had to return to Tucker and Jessica she wanted to have some fun with him. "I've learned that mortals are scared of things that are big but now that I am much smaller than you it should make you a little easier around me."

"Y-yes that's a little better." His heart had almost skipped a beat when he seen her shrinking. Right now she was probably the smallest person that he had ever seen. The sight of seeing someone change size like that was breath taking and there was no one else around to see what was happening. The tavern had soon cleared out and even the tavern owner had made himself scare. "I'm sorry but you're so tiny."

"Yes I've learned that making myself small doesn't make me seem as intimidating to you mortals. "I admit that I enjoy being big but being small does have its benefits as well, just like how I'm travelling with two people who are trying to find this treasure." She had more or less forgotten the name of the treasure that Jessica and Tucker were trying to find. She had not really cared for the name since to her treasure had no real worth to her. "They don't even know that I'm still around." She chuckled at the fact that the pair had thought that she had gone back to where she had come from. They had not even thought about the fact that she had been travelling on Tucker's shoulder. "Also I've seen things that no mortal has ever seen before."

"Like what?" Reginald's curiosity was spiking and he couldn't help but look down at the tiny Gwen who was still sitting in her chair.

"When I shrink to a certain size I see creatures that are so small that no mortal can hope to see them. They can make your most terrifying creatures look nothing more than a child's play thing. Beyond that I've seen spheres that many of them are compacted together. They seem to make up everything around us." She lifted her hand up and knocked a little on the table. "This table is made out of countless of these spheres. More than any mere mortal can fathom and in the past I've shrunk so much that these spheres have seemed to be mountains in comparison to me." She seemed to be proud of what she had done. She was of course referring to atoms and if a human had shrunk to her size they would suffocate due to the fact that oxygen atoms would be too large for them to breathe. Since Gwen didn't need oxygen this was not a problem that she needed to worry about.

"Why would you do something like that?" He was almost blown away by what Gwen was saying. Normally he would say that she was lying but he couldn't help but believe what she was saying, especially after seeing how she changed her size.

"Because I could. Just like how I grew large enough to separate all the landmasses of the world." There was a small smile on her face after she made this admission. She saw that Reginald had a confused look on his face and she took a sigh as she knew that she was going to have to explain. "Countless generations ago all the landmasses of the world was just one big landmass. I found this boring so I decided to separate them. I still can't believe that your people have only really colonized two of them." He still looked at her with some confusion, he could figure that her height would have to have been thousands upon thousands of miles tall to be able to complete an act like that. "And before you ask why I would do something like that it was because I could and you have to admit that things are much better with them all separated, don't you think?"

"I err..." He was somewhat at a loss for words. "Well I would say that it is better but the thing is that no one who's alive today has known any different. It is hard to really give you an answer since we've never experienced the landmasses being together. Some may prefer them being separated while others would much prefer them to be all together again." For once it seemed to be Gwen who was the one surprised and the smile on her face only grew with each passing moment.

"I never thought of that." She seemed to be genuinely impressed with him and she got off her chair and began to walk over to him. As she did she increased her size until she was considered to be a normal size. "There aren't many mortals who can surprise me." She stood behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Her lips were only a couple of inches away from his ear. "You know I could take you to places that you've never even contemplated. Make you feel things that have only been reserved for the gods themselves." He felt her tongue come into contact with his ear. He didn't realise that her mouth was too far away from his ear to normally touch it with her tongue. She was using her powers to extend her tongue so that she could reach it.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh I think you know what I mean. If there's one thing I've learned about mortals there's only one thing they really think of."

It was at this point that Reginald realised that Gwen was talking about sex. He couldn't believe that she was actually coming onto him. He didn't know whether to be honoured or terrified. A woman who admitted to being a demi-goddess and with the ability to be any size that she pleased. Although she mainly had her eye on Tucker she didn't mind taking something on the side until she got her prize. Reginald was a man who she found very fascinating and to her it was enough to allow him to have intercourse with her. She was already looking forward to the experience.

"I-I don't think I should," said Reginald as he realised what Gwen was talking about. The next thing he felt was Gwen's hand grasping his shoulder fairly tight. He wasn't sure but her hand also looked a little bigger than it did a few moments before but he thought that he was just imagining it.

"Do you really want to defy me?" replied Gwen with a hint of anger in her voice. She was used to getting whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. She wasn't going to let anyone get in the way of what she wanted, especially a mortal.

"N-No I don't." He was quickly backtracking his words as he knew that it would likely make her angry and he doubted that he would like her when she was like that. "I'm sorry you misunderstood."

"Good, now is there anywhere where we can have a bit of alone time?" She gave his ear another little lick with her elongated tongue and it sent a shiver down his spine but he still kept it to himself.

Minutes later Gwen had been led to what seemed to be a small shack. It was where he would keep many of his tools and it was far enough out of the way that not many people would be able to hear them. When they arrived Gwen took no time in pushing him to the ground. It had happened so suddenly that Reginald was caught by surprise. He fell down quickly and Gwen made sure that the door was closed behind her, she wanted him all to herself.

The shack itself was quite small and scattered around was numerous tools that Reginald used in his lumberjack trade. It was not the cleanest of places but it did its job well and that's all a lumberjack really needed.

The next thing that Gwen did was to take off her clothing and throw it down to the ground. Reginald for the first time saw her naked body and she truly had the body of a goddess. He could feel his manhood beginning to grow and although he didn't particularly want it to happen but from what he could see he couldn't help himself. Her breasts seemed to be the perfect size as they were not too big or too small, he could see some tones of her muscles and a small amount of pubic hair around her crotch region. There seemed to be no imperfection on her body at all and it seemed that she had been chiselled out of granite. She smiled down at him that seemed to be angelic but he couldn't help but feel that there was a small amount of terror behind her smile.

"Well I'm naked now," said Gwen as she knelt down to him. "I think you need to be the same." She then grabbed onto his trousers and with one mighty pull she was able to rip them off him with strength that seemed to be beyond her current body's limitations. She could see his erection in his pants and she couldn't help but giggle as she too ripped them off. She could see his large erect penis for the first time in all of its glory and she did look in amazement for a few moments. "Wow for a mortal you have a very big manhood. You're such a big man."

All of Reginald's fears seemed to melt away as all he could think about was making love to Gwen. She was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen and just the thought of being with her right now was overwhelming for him. He actually smiled as she walked over to his crotch. She began to sit down but as she did she began to slide his large penis into her vagina and she groaned in pleasure as she could feel it going inside of her. It was pleasure that she never felt when she was on the higher plain and it made her trip down to Angle land that much more exciting for her. Reginald himself could only feel pleasure as he felt his penis entering Gwen. It was a feeling that was almost too much for him to comprehend and he was basically just going through the emotions.

The next thing he felt was unusual. He wasn't exactly sure at first but he felt the space around his penis begin to tighten. He looked over to Gwen and saw that she was slowly growing smaller. It seemed that she wanted to make his penis seem as large as possible so she was shrinking herself. The feeling was a little constricting for Reginald but they were too lost in the moment to really care.

"Y-you're amazing!" stated Reginald as he enjoyed every moment of what was taking place. He was feeling something that no human alive today had ever felt but for Gwen this was not the first mortal that she had sex with.

"Why are you telling me something I already know?" replied Gwen as she too was giving into her pleasure. She had shrunk herself to the point where it was impossible for her to get his penis out of her. She was still able to move up and down on him and she gave out cries of pleasure. "Keep it coming."

Gwen shrunk herself even more and the constricted space around Reginald's penis was causing him some discomfort. He was too stuck in the moment to really care about this as he was experiencing the greatest joy that he had ever known. He felt himself ejaculate and he was somewhat surprised that the now quite small Gwen didn't rocket off of his penis and into the air.

If anything Gwen was lost in the moment more than Reginald and she didn't notice that she was actually making herself bigger. She was still crying out in absolute joy and she felt that she was about to orgasm. She was too busy having sex with Reginald to notice that she was growing. Reginald himself had noticed that she was getting bigger and before long she was up to an acceptable size but he saw that she was still growing. He began to chuckle a little as he thought that this was trying to pleasure him.

"Hey Gwen you're getting a little big," said Reginald as he could feel her weight beginning to increase. Gwen didn't listen to him as she could feel the orgasm coming faster and already she was bigger than him and still growing. "Gwen stop growing, you're crushing me." His pleas still fell upon deaf ears.

Gwen continued to scream in pleasure and her body continued to grow. When the orgasm finally came she gave an earth crumbling scream of joy and her body rocketed up as she burst out of the small hut and pieces of it went flying in all directions. It was only then that she stopped growing and seemed to relax. She was still sitting down but even sitting down she was still easily twenty feet tall. She gave a huge smile as she stretched her back for the moment and for now her sexual urge had been satisfied.

"I haven't had an orgasm like that for a long time," said Gwen as she didn't even notice that she had completely destroyed the hut. It was either that or she didn't care. "You should be proud Richie, not many mortals have made me orgasm like that." She was expecting some kind of answer from Reginald but there was none. "Richie?" She looked down to her crotch and saw Reginald there. His eyes were still open and yet there was no life in them. Some blood was dripping from his mouth and his head was slanting to one side. In Gwen's pleasure she had crushed him underneath her growing body. She quickly stood up to her full height and began to shrink herself. "Seems I forgot how fragile mortals can be." There was no one around to see her as she continued to shrink. "It's a shame we can't do this again but at least you've served your purpose." When she felt that she was the right size she put her clothing back on and went to walk away. She turned her head to look at him for the moment before walking away as if nothing had happened.

As Gwen continued to walk in the streets there was still no one around and since Reginald's hut had just been outside of Logan there was no one really around to see what had happened. It would not be long before someone found his body but this was the last thing that Gwen was thinking about. It was close to dawn and she was somewhat worried that Tucker and Jessica would leave before she returned.

The reason why Gwen had decided to keep her presence a secret from them is because she figured their actions would be affected by her presence. By being completely out of sight in that manner it would reinstate the belief that she was no longer around so Tucker and Jessica wouldn't act any differently. She didn't want to go back to the higher plains before she saw the conclusion of the quest.

For once Gwen didn't want to draw any attention to herself since she knew that it would only slow her down so she stayed at a normal size as she walked through the town. She began to see a couple of people going about their business. These were generally the kind of people that their work needed to be started before the masses began to wake up. They didn't seem to notice her as she seemed to be like any normal woman. Her clothing was a little different to that which was the common fashion but nothing to really take that much notice of. If they had known what she was and even what she had just done things would have been a lot different in an instant.

One person that she did walk past was a man who ran a fruit and vegetable store. For an instant the store owner turned around to pick up some items and Gwen took an apple off as she walked past and began to eat it. She had not done this because the man had been distracted. She had done it simply so that she could eat and it had been dumb luck that the owner had not spotted her. Even if he had of done it was extremely unlikely that he could have done anything to stop her.

It took a few more minutes of walking before Gwen reached the inn where Tucker and Jessica were staying. Quickly she moved inside the building and made her way up to their room. She quietly opened the door and was relieved to see Tucker and Jessica were still fast asleep. Gwen did smile a little as she began to walk over to Tucker who was still asleep on the floor. As she walked she began to shrink herself and but the time she actually reached him she was only a few inches in height.

Gwen climbed onto Tucker's body and continued to walk and once again she made herself smaller and smaller. By the time she had reached his shoulder she could no longer and she was back to being incognito.

It was around an hour and a half later before Tucker began to wake up. He didn't feel very refreshed since his sleep had been extremely uncomfortable. He sat up from where he was lying and began to stretch himself so that he could try and eliminate some of his aches. He looked over to Jessica and saw that she was still asleep. Her feet still touched the floor at the end of the bed, she was completely in her own little dream world and Tucker himself didn't have the heart to wake her up.

Eventually he thought that they had to move on before they lost too much daylight so he went to wake Jessica up. He knew from experience that when Jessica was asleep that she was like a log and he did try to push her to try and wake her up. Rather than waking up Jessica subconsciously stretched her arms and grabbed him. She pulled him down so hard that he was completely taken by surprise and he found his face in her chest. He tried to struggle but even asleep she still had more than enough strength to hold him. He couldn't see the large smile on her face as she continued to sleep and hug him.

Eventually Tucker's constant movement did eventually wake her up and as she yawned at first she didn't realise what she was doing. As her vision began to return she could see that her arms were wrapped around Tucker and that his face was square in her chest. He had just enough space for him to breathe and although he did think that her breasts were very soft he still wanted his freedom.

"Hey Tucker," said Jessica with a smile upon her face. "What are you doing down there?" She had yet to release him and a small part of her was actually enjoying what was happening Tucker tried to respond but his words were being muffled and she couldn't hear what he was saying. "What was that?"

At that moment she released her hold on him and quickly he stood up and began to pant. Although he had been getting oxygen it was not enough for him and he had to breathe quickly to make up for what he had missed. His face was red after being in her breasts for what seemed to be an eternity and although he wanted to be angry he could not bring himself to it. He could see her smiling up at him and he knew that she didn't mean any harm. He was the last person that she would ever harm.

"W-what was that about?" asked Tucker as the redness in his face began to subside and it slowly returned to normal.

"I don't know," replied Jessica with a small amount of mischief in her voice. "I was dreaming that I was giving the cutest little puppy the world's biggest hug. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and it was actually you." She did giggle a little at what had just happened and in truth she much preferred what happened in reality in comparison to her dream.

"Anyway we're losing daylight and if you don't mind I want to get away from this place. I don't want that gang's friends catching wind of where we are."

"Don't worry about it." She turned herself and planted her feet off the side of the bed. She was already in a seated position and she continued to look up and smile at him. "I can protect the both of us from anyone who wants to hurt us." She began to stand up to her full height but in the excitement of everything that had just happened she forgot just how low the ceiling was and quickly Tucker heard a loud thud and a small amount of dust fall from the ceiling. Jessica herself gave out a small cry of pain and it was just another reminder that the world around her was not made for her size. The smile on her face faded away instantly and she had to bend down a little and rub her head.

Tucker himself couldn't help but laugh a little at what had just happened but Jessica glared down at him and he quickly stopped giggling. The fact that he had even laughed at this hurt her more than the impact but like Tucker before she knew that he didn't mean to hurt her in any way.

After a quick breakfast the pair decided to make their way to the location of the second trial. As soon as they were a safe enough distance away from Logan, Jessica grew herself to her maximum size and she carried Tucker like before. One thing they did see as they were leaving Logan was the destroyed shack that had belonged to Reginald. His body had already been moved so they didn't have to worry about finding the body. They had not taken too much notice of the hut itself and if they had known that Gwen was responsible they would have done everything they could to find her. They didn't know that the demi-goddess was right on Tucker's shoulder. She could see and hear everything that was happening and it seemed that she could remain like this for as long as she wanted.

Chapter 21: Shocking Tree by The Doctor

The trip back to the location of the second trial went without any serious events. The only minor occurrence that happened Tucker had grazed his elbow. Concerned for his health Jessica had done everything that she could to try and make it better for him, she had even gone so far as to completely wrap his arm up in leaves as if he had actually broken it. Tucker knew that she was worrying over nothing but he didn't really stop her because to him it just showed that she cared.

Soon enough the pair found themselves in a familiar setting as Tucker looked around to see what they had seen before when they came looking for the second trial. Before he even started looking he looked at the map and saw that the message was still there as clear as day. It had not changed at all and fortunately he had written down the correct message on a separate piece of paper so he didn't have to figure it out. A shadow loomed over him and he didn't need to fear since it was only Jessica who was at her full size. She was kneeling down so that she could see him better.

"Ok Jess according to this map we've got to find the tallest tree," said Tucker as he looked up at her. "I don't think I need to remind you why you're more suited to finding it than me. Just whatever you do don't go off without me." This was a little joke that he was having with her and Jessica responded by giving him the ok hand gesture and then standing up to her full height.

"Ok Tucker I'll keep that in mind," replied Jessica. She was putting on a louder voice to make herself sound mightier. This again was just a little joke between them and as she stood up as usual she could see for miles around. This was a vantage point that no human being had ever seen in this manner and she was so used to it that it didn't even seem to be anything special to her.

Jessica did begin to look around for the tallest tree but she discovered that almost all of them were practically the same height. There were a couple that seemed to be taller than average but nothing that seemed to be out of place. It took her a few moments to see what looked to be a dead tree sticking out some distance away. It was so thin that from where she was standing. It did stick out above the tree line by some distance and it almost seemed like it shouldn't even be standing. The truth was that the tree had been there for longer than any other tree in the area, all that time it was seemingly dead and eventually it would have fallen down by itself but for some unexplained reason it was still standing but since not many people came through this part of the land not many really noticed. She didn't take long to look down at Tucker who was standing right next to her foot.

"I see something," said Jessica. She looked over to where she had seen the dead tree and she pointed towards it. "There's a dead tree a few miles away that's taller than the others. I think it might even be taller than me."

"Great work Jessica," replied Tucker. He knew that she wouldn't fail him. "I can already see us passing the test with flying colours." The next thing he saw was Jessica kneel down again and place the palm of her hand on the ground right next to him. He didn't need to be a genius to know what she wanted.

"Unless you're planning to walk I suggest that you climb aboard." This once again was a small joke between the pair and she waited until Tucker had stepped onto her hand before she stood back up. By now she had learned that it was best for her to lift a person up slowly rather than quickly. It was something that she had learned over a lifetime of being a giantess. She remembered picking up people in the past and lifting them so quickly that it made them throw up which was not a pleasant sight.

As soon as Jessica knew that Tucker was safe she began to walk towards the tree. She had to move past several other trees and she didn't want to just destroy them since each tree was basically the home for a number of creatures. She could even see squirrels running through a couple of the trees and the last thing she wanted was to make them homeless.

The ground that she walked on was very uneven and it was hard for her to keep her balance. Once or twice she almost lost her footing and fell but thankfully she was able to stay on her feet despite all of this. If she fell over she knew that Tucker wouldn't be able to survive. When she was at her full size she always had to be cautious about more or less everything. Even something as simple as a sneeze could cause disastrous effects for many living things around her.

"Wow steady Jessica," said Tucker as he felt her jitter. She had already placed him on her shoulder ad wrapped some hair around him. He had almost fallen off but thankfully he was able to stay seated.

"Sorry Tucker," replied Jessica. "This terrains a lot rougher than I thought. She tried to look down but the trees below her covered her view. "It would be easier if I could see my abnormally large feet."

"Believe everyone below the treeline can see your feet. Just walk steady and you should be fine."

"Easier said than done." She heard a loud cracking sound and she hoped that she had just trodden on an old log or something like that. She stopped for a moment and moved the leaves around her waist so that she could see her feet. Much to her relief what she had stepped on was actually an old log and she gave a sigh of relief. She didn't know how she would react if she killed some innocent woodland creature. "I'm seriously thinking that it's a better idea for us both to go on foot."

"But that could take us hours." He didn't really like the concept of walking when he had his best friend who could carry him more or less anywhere he wanted. "Surely you can keep going."

"I really don't want to since I really don't want to trip over something that I can't see or step on some squirrel that was unlucky enough to be under my foot." He was beginning to see that he wasn't going to change her mind. He just gave a sigh of defeat as he felt her unwrap the hair around him and then lower him to the ground. No sooner had she done this she shrank herself until she was at her minimum size although most people would still call her a towering giantess. "There I can see my feet now."

"Ok now that you're happy we can keep going. I want to find the test before nightfall." This was a wise move since it would be harder for them to travel at night and they could also run into something that could cause them serious harm.

The pair did continue their walk towards where they had seen the dead tree. Unfortunately for Jessica she came across a new problem. Unfortunately her height seemed to be the perfect one for low branches to strike her head. She was constantly having to duck to avoid these branches and once or twice she was actually a little too late and they would strike her. Tucker could hear her give small cries of pain each time and he had to hide his chuckles. Jessica herself was getting more annoyed and she was tempted to just growing back to her normal size and ripping the trees out. She did keep herself calm and she just kept going, she knew that if she did grow it would be showing that she didn't know best and that was something that she didn't really want to show to Tucker. Despite everything she did have a small amount of pride.

"Are you alright Jessica?" asked Tucker as they continued to walk. He could see that she wasn't having as good of a time as she would have liked and he also wanted her to know that he was concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine," replied Jessica. She looked down at him for a moment and this distraction made her come into contact with a low branch. It struck square in her forehead and it even caused her to fall to the ground. Tucker instantly went to her aid and she seemed to be groggy after the sudden impact. Although a bruise had appeared on her head the damage was not severe. Tucker did try to help her onto her feet but she was too heavy for him to lift. It was not because he was weak but because even at her shortest she was still very heavy. Her bone density was greater than that of a normal person so that her skeleton could support her giant size and the fact that she was much stronger than an average person only added to her overall weight.

"Wow Jessica you need to lay off the sweets." He was using all of his strength to try and get her up to her feet. With a bit of help from Jessica herself he was able to bring her back up to her feet and she rubbed her head. It had knocked her around a little and she did feel lightheaded. She was having to place her hand on Tucker's shoulders just to stay balanced and he could feel her weight upon him. He was able to suck it up and remain standing. "Jessica are you alright?" He knew that he had only asked that question a few moments before but he felt that he had to ask again.

"I'll be fine in a minute." She was still grasping her bearings and she did seem to be recovering. "What hit me?"

"Just another low branch, maybe you should just grow and walk the rest of the way." This was something that he had been hoping but even in her somewhat confused state she still wanted to stick with her judgement.

"No we continue on like this for now. It'll take more than a low branch to get the better of me." She was still recovering but she was grasping the situation more than she had done a few moments before. "If you're really that concerned you could try and carry me there, it would make a nice change."

"Oh you know I wouldn't get far." That was the truth, he could imagine himself trying to carry her on his back but he would only make two steps before collapsing under her weight. He could also imagine her laughing about it but it would not be out of malice but rather just a playful giggle.

"Well you always told me that you were a big strong man. This can be a way of you proving it." She knew that he wouldn't be able to carry her and if anything she was only teasing him a little.

"Maybe but I'm not that strong." They both laughed a little before they continued on with their walk.

The terrain of the forest was made up of small hills that constantly went up and down. Tucker began to see why Jessica had struggled to walk through it when she was gigantic. It would have been extremely easy for her to fall over and he thought that it was a miracle that it had not actually happened sooner. It just showed the balance that she had since if she had fallen over he would have most likely of been killed.

Unfortunately the terrain also made it more difficult for them to cross since they were constantly having go up and down. For Tucker in particular he was getting tired since he didn't have the long legs that Jessica had. She too was finding it difficult but at least she was having an easier time than him.

Eventually they did have to stop for a rest by a relatively large tree. They were still around a mile away from the dead tree that they had spotted but for now they were too tired to continue on.

"So when we get the treasure what are you thinking about doing with it?" asked Tucker. He already planned to buy himself a large plot of land and rule it as a Lord. With his treasure he would become one of the richest lords in Angleland and it would also be a great opportunity for him.

"I'm not sure really," replied Jessica. For her the whole quest had not really been about finding the treasure. It was more about spending time with Tucker and making sure that he didn't get himself into trouble. It was something that she had been doing most of her life and she planned to continue for as long as she could. "I might buy a bit of land but only a small patch. I want to plant my own garden and watch it grow."

"Wait a second, your parents own a farm. Couldn't they have given you a small piece of land to make a garden?"

"They wanted to but believe me they didn't have the space. Every inch of our land was dedicated to growing crops and feeding the animals. It was very hard for us to make ends meet and having even the tiniest bit of land for a garden could have actually ruined us. The fact that they had to spend most of what they had saved to raise me before I could shrink did almost make my parents lose their house. That's why I would only have a small patch of land somewhere else and quite a bit of the money I will give to my parents to make sure that they can live the rest of their lives without having to worry about money. That would make me happier than you could believe."

Tucker had to take a step back from the whole situation and think. He could see many considering his goal for the treasure to be somewhat selfish while Jessica's seemed to be noble. She was putting her own family before her happiness and he could see that she was kinder than he was. That's one reason why he liked her, despite everything that she had been through her life she was still a very nice person. He knew that many people would have become bitter after being shunned for so long but for Jessica she had been able to push the hatred out of herself and keep her golden heart intact. She had seemed to change a little since the whole business with Lord Nostory but he could still see her as the same woman that he had grown up with.

"Well that's a nice thing to do," said Tucker after he had taken a moment to think. "I might give some of it to my family but then again I think they're doing pretty well as blacksmiths." He laughed a little. "Nah I'd give them some."

"Do you miss them?"

"What, my family? Yeah I guess I do. I wonder if they're thinking about us right now. I do miss my brothers and sister." Unfortunately being the third brother he had seemed to be living in the shadows of his eldest brothers who were somewhat being groomed to take over the family business. His father had mainly been focusing on his eldest brother to take over the business once he was gone. This did allow Tucker and his younger brother to imagine that they could be anything they wanted. Tucker's younger brother actually wanted to sail across the seas as a merchant. Like Tucker he wanted to see the world but rather than Angleland he wanted to travel to other continents such as Entios to the east and Gailey to the west. Both had large trade routes to the coasts of Angleland with many different items going in and out of the kingdom.

"You don't know how lucky you are Tucker." She gave a sigh. "You have siblings, you won't believe how many times I wished to have a brother or sister when I was growing up. It can be very lonely sometimes when you're an only child, sometimes I would see you playing with your brothers and it made me so sad. I was happy for you of course, but I was sad for myself."

"Didn't your folks try to have any more kids?"

"Oh believe me they tried but nothing happened. Don't forget that I'm a miracle baby myself, to tell you the truth I shouldn't be alive, let alone have the power that I do. I sometimes wonder if I did have a sibling would I ever been as close to you as I am now?" She looked over to him and there was a small tear in her eye. Tucker placed his hand on her shoulder and looked up into her hazel eyes.

"Well I guess that's one thing that we'll never find out." He gave her a small smile. "Besides having you for a best friend is more than a guy like me deserves." They gazed at each other for a few minutes, they seemed to be lost in their own little world and if given the choice it would have lasted forever. Unfortunately they still had their quest to complete and more importantly the second trial to try and complete. "Ok we better carry on anyway before nightfall."

With that both of them got back up to their feet and continued to walk on. Jessica did feel a little hungry and was very tempted to pick a nearby apple from a tree which was within arm's length for her. She decided against this since she didn't know if it was poisonous. Tucker himself did try to grab it but he was a little too short to reach it and when he asked Jessica to reach it for him she declined for his own safety.

After another hour of walking the pair eventually reached their destination. They could see the dead tree which stood taller than all the other trees in the forest. Tucker didn't waste any time in getting the map out and looking at it once again. The same message was still there and he looked up at the tree for a moment. It was very tall and thin and he felt that if he even gave it a slight nudge that it would fall down.

"Ok what now?" asked Jessica as she looked up at the tree. For now she didn't see much of a point reverting to her full size so she remained at her smallest.

"Well the message basically said that those with a pure heart can find what we seek. Maybe if I touch the tree it'll somehow show us where the entrance to the next test is." The message had not made it specific on how to use the tree so Tucker was just making his most logical guess.

"Well good luck with that." She stood there with her arms folded so that she could see what happened next.

Tucker stepped towards the tree and placed his hand around the trunk. It didn't feel too much like wood but something that seemed to be alien to him. He gave a small sigh as he concentrated on the task at hand.

"Show me the entrance to the second test," said Tucker. He gave a few deep breaths but suddenly he felt what seemed to be another alien force go through his body. Instantly his hand shot back off the tree and he felt a small amount of pain. He had been electrocuted but this was an experience that very few people in Angleland had ever experienced. It was also an experience that he never wanted to have again. The next thing he felt was Jessica looming over him. She did show much concern for him and even bent down so that she could be at his level. It did make him feel that he was a child and he had to remind himself that he was actually normal and that it was Jessica who was huge.

"By the gods Tucker are you alright?" asked Jessica with genuine concern in her voice. Right now she didn't care if she did make him feel like a child, his health was her only concern.

"Y-yeah I'm fine," replied Tucker as slowly he rose to his feet. "That was a real shock." His hand was shaking a little but overall he looked to be fine. He did get back to his feet and so did Jessica as well. "That is definitely no ordinary tree."

"It has to be the right one." She did give him a hug and he knew better than to try and resist. "And I don't want you touching it again, I don't want you getting hurt again or worse." This was out of true concern rather than spite.

"But we still need to find the second test and this tree is our only real lead to it. We could search everywhere in this area for the rest of our lives and not find anything." He really didn't want to turn back but if Jessica really wanted it he doubted that he could stop her. He watched as she looked over to the tree.

"You remember what the message said, only those with pure of heart can find what we seek. Maybe I should give it a go."

"Oh come on I have a pure heart." He knew that wasn't entirely true since there were very few people in the entire land who had pure hearts. There were plenty of good and bad people but almost all of them had some amount of good and evil within their hearts. Although he didn't want to admit it there was a small amount of darkness in his heart much like those of everyone else in Angleland.

"If you did it would have walked." She began to slowly walk towards the tree and she did take some deep breaths. Slowly she placed her hand on the thin trunk and she expected to feel the same sensation that Tucker had. There seemed to be nothing but it was exactly what had happened to Tucker at first. "Please show us the entrance to the second test." There was some amount of fear in her voice but it she kept her composure.

There was a rumbling sound and the pair began to look around. They couldn't see what was happening but the sound continued for several moments before eventually subsiding. Where they were neither of them could see what had happened but from the sheer volume of the noise they knew that something fairly major had happened. Instantly Jessica grew to her full height so that she could see if anything was different. After a few moments she could see a fairly small door open in the ground of a clearing just a short distance away. She had seen this clearing before during her last giant search and she had not seen that door there at all. This was all the evidence she needed.

"Do you see anything?" asked Tucker. He stood right next to the enormous foot of his best friend.

"Yeah I see something," replied Jessica. There's an opening in the ground just a few hundred metres away."

"Great but do we have to walk again?"

"No the ground looks fairly even. I'll be able to get us there before you can even bat an eyelid."

This was the information that Tucker needed as he waited for Jessica to lower her hand so that she could pick him up. He did notice that the tree was slightly taller than Jessica but he thought if they came back in a few years' time she would have grown the extra few feet that she needed to beat it.

Jessica did begin to walk towards the opening in the ground and once again she was careful. Thankfully the flattened surface did make it easier for her to walk across it. Both she and Tucker were very happy that they were finally making progress. The constant distractions and detours had gotten them down a little but they knew that as soon as they gotten past the second trial that they would only be one away from finding the treasure and thus completing their quest.

It didn't take Jessica too long to reach the opening and as soon as she did she shrank herself down to her smallest after placing Tucker on the ground. They both looked down at the opening and it looked to be a little different to that of the first test. The first had a staircase that went down while this one looked to have some kind of slope. Just by looking at it they saw that it was possible to go down but almost impossible to go back up again. They would be able to slide down but that was about it.

"Ladies first," said Tucker as he bowed down a little and smiled at Jessica. He didn't particularly want to go down first and instead preferred that Jessica did. He felt if there were any real threats that she would be more capable of dealing with them. It was something that she didn't particularly mind.

"Such a gentleman," replied Jessica knowing full well why Tucker had offered to let her go down first. She said nothing about it though and allowed herself to slide down the ramp. Tucker did the same a few moments later and as they both slide down they quickly enveloped by darkness. They didn't notice that the opening behind them had already closed what would probably be for a very long time.

As they both found themselves in darkness it did make the pair of them nervous as they obviously couldn't see what was coming. Despite any dangers they thought that they could deal with more or less anything that came their way.

Their trip down the ramp only lasted a minute or two before they reached the bottom. Unfortunately they were still in darkness and they couldn't see each other at all. They couldn't even see their hands in front of their eyes. While they had been going down the ramp Jessica had felt an odd sensation. She didn't know whether it was anything serious or just her nerves getting the better of her.

"Hey Jessica can you feel anything?" asked Tucker as he hand his hands running down what he felt was a wall.

"No, just a wall," replied Jessica. They didn't know that they were actually on opposite sides. They would have seen that this was a tunnel much like that of the first test. She continued to use her hands to search the wall for anything that could help them. Eventually he hand felt something that she thought was a little odd. "Hmm what's this?" She awaited to hear what Tucker had to say.

"You found something?" He turned to her as best as he could but he could only use the sound of her voice.

"I think so." She began to push against it and discovered that it was some kind of panel. She continued to push it until it couldn't go in any further.

Like magic several torches on the wall began to light up. It almost seemed impossible for something like this to happen but the sudden influx of light quickly blinded the pair and they had to cover their eyes. It took them a few moments to adjust to the light and things seemed to be going their way. It looked to be the simple task of walking down the tunnel to the next test.

However there was something very different. When Tucker looked over to Jessica instead of the towering amazon that he was used to seeing he saw that she had become a short frail looking woman. He looked at her in disbelief and Jessica herself looked at herself and then at Tucker. It was the first time that she had ever had to look up at him while they were both standing up and an instant wave of fear struck her.

"Tucker what's happened to me?"

Chapter 22: Lil' Jess by The Doctor

Tucker couldn't believe what he was seeing. A few moments ago his entire world had been surrounded by darkness but now that he was back in the light his world had been turned upside down. His best friend Jessica Snape who normally towered above everyone with her eight foot tall body was now having to look up at him as he now stood a foot taller than she did.

At first Tucker thought that he might have grown but as he looked at Jessica her body seemed to be different as well. Normally she would have a very small amount of muscle and her frame would look relatively long. This Jessica just looked frail and he thought that a gust of wind would be enough to knock her down. He could also see that Jessica's dress was too big for her. It looked to fit a woman who was at least half a foot taller than her as she now measured no more than five feet tall.

Jessica was panicking as she continued to look at herself. Her entire world had changed as well, she had always wanted to be normal but now that it had seemingly happened she was more in despair rather than relief. Everything had happened so quickly that she didn't know how to react properly.

"Tucker what's happened to me?" asked Jessica as she continued to look at herself over and over again.

"Y-you've shrunk," replied Tucker. These were all the words that he could mutter as he continued to look in disbelief.

"How did this happen?" She was nothing short of panicking at this moment in time. She had no idea what was happening to her or if the change was a permanent or temporary one. If it was permanent she didn't know whether to be elated with joy or begin to wallow in absolute pity.

"Wait maybe it's not all bad. Try growing and see what happens." It was the only idea that he could come up with.

"Ok I'll try." Jessica began to concentrate in the hopes that she would begin to grow at any moment. Unfortunately she didn't grow at all and this only brought about more panic. In her desperation she actually removed her dress as she thought that it would cause her to grow to her normal size of around a hundred and twenty five feet. Tucker flinched at both the expectation of her impending growth and the fact that she was naked at this point save for the shoes that she was wearing. "No, this can't be happening."

Tucker looked away so that he didn't offend Jessica with seeing her naked. He had done it with her permission but he felt that this time was different. For the moment that he had looked at her naked body he saw just how frail she looked. She looked like she barely ate and her once respectable breasts were now nothing more two small lumps on her chest. He also knew that she had not started growing which meant that she was stuck in this form and he didn't know whether to be happy or sad for her.

"Ok Jessica put your clothes back on," said Tucker before he looked towards her again. She gave him the signal that she had indeed put her dress back on. When she did he finally looked at her once again. "I think I might have an idea." Quickly Tucker took the map from his satchel and looked upon it. Much to his surprise the paper was completely blank. There was nothing on there at all and he showed it to Jessica who also looked at it with some amount of disbelief.

"What does this mean?" asked Jessica.

"I think I might know. It isn't too improbable to think that somehow outside magic is nullified. Just like the fact that our magic map to Three Man's Treasure is now nothing more than a simple piece of paper."

"So if that's the case why am I so small?" She had been so used to towering over everyone that being short was actually scaring her somewhat. She always had the comfort of knowing that practically no one could harm her. Now she felt small and defenceless and in a way she was.

"I don't know, maybe if you had never received that potion when you were a baby this is as tall as you would have gotten." He was somewhat enjoying the fact that he was taller than her but he could see the distress that she was in so he didn't do anything to antagonise her. "It's not so bad, you always said that you wanted to see what it was like to be a normal girl. Now you have it."

"Not like this and I would have preferred that it was through choice." She placed her hand on her head as if she was trying to measure herself. "And I would have thought that I was going to be taller than this."

"Look on the bright side, at least you're not as short as Pete Evans." Pete Evans was a man who lived in Morgan alongside Tucker and Jessica. He suffered from dwarfism which left him at a height of only three and a half feet. If it had not been for Jessica's extreme size Pete would have been closely scrutinised rather than her.

"I guess so."

"Anyway we're wasting time here. The sooner we get out of here the sooner you can be back to being the great big girl that you like to be."

"I didn't say I liked being big, it's just the only life I've known." She did give a small sigh as she had to come to a decision. "If you wouldn't mind I think I might head back, I'm not any good to you down here and I don't want you to worry about me. When I reach the surface I should be back to normal."

"If you really want to leave that's fine." He didn't feel like he was being betrayed or that she was leaving him. He understood where she was coming from and in her current form she would be more of a hindrance while they were down there rather than a help. "When I get to the other side I'll signal you somehow."

The pair said their temporary goodbyes and then Jessica went to walk back to the surface. In her confusion over everything that had just happened she had forgotten that she had slid down a steep bank to get down to this tunnel. It looked to be steeper than she remembered but nonetheless she tried to make her way up the bank. Unfortunately she didn't get far before slipping down. Tucker stood there and watched as numerous times Jessica tried to make her way up the bank but each time it was the same.

It was impossible for anyone to be able to climb their way up the slope and it had been purposely designed so that whoever went down didn't go back up. Jessica kept trying but after the tenth attempt she had no choice but to admit defeat. It was very depressing for her but she did take some comfort in knowing that it meant that she didn't have to separate from him.

"I can't do it," said Jessica. She was surprised to feel how out of breath she was. She didn't think that her attempts would have been that exhausting but she still found herself out of breath.

"Don't beat yourself up over it," replied Tucker as he placed his hand on her shoulder. "I don't think anyone would be able to get up there."

"I guess this means I'm going to have to go through the test with you. Hopefully I won't be too much of a distraction."

"Don't worry Jessica you won't be. Besides for all the times you've protected me I think that it's about time I protected you."

For Jessica it actually made a pretty nice change. She had sometimes wanted to be the small one who needed protection rather than the opposite way around. It made her feel that much more normal and she began to see Tucker in a new light. She began to see him as a protector rather than someone who needed to be protected. She held onto his arm and looked up at him and gave him a smile.

"Ok my big strong hero, lead the way," said Jessica. She did want to enjoy this for as long as she could and she knew that Tucker would enjoy playing the hero. It was a role that he had been more or less born to play.

"As you wish my fair maiden," replied Tucker with an equally large smile. Underneath this he was somewhat worried. In the past he knew that if he got himself into serious trouble that he had Jessica to protect him. Now that safety net was gone, much like when they were in July but at least he still had Jessica by his side.

The pair began to walk down the tunnel and each step was taken with great care. They still had the fear of activating some kind of trap. One thing that Jessica did find particularly difficult was keeping up with Tucker. Her legs were close to being two feet shorter than they had been before so she was struggling to keep up. Her dress was also slightly too large for her so she had to pick up as she walked. This was something that she never had to do before since the dress had always fitted her no matter what size she was.

Jessica did stay close to Tucker and in some expectation he held onto Juggernaut and his shield. He remembered how he fought against the living armour in the last test and he expected to face some kind of supernatural opponent. He was cautious of anything that could suddenly jump out at him and right now he was in the mood of slashing first and asking questions later.

The tunnel seemed to be endless but there were several torches on either side that kept it well lit. This did give the pair an additional form of safety and they just continued to walk along the tunnel. A couple of times Tucker stopped since he thought that he heard something but each time it turned out to be a false alarm.

Eventually they came up to a metallic gate, although it had probably been there for many, many years it looked like it had only been built yesterday. Even the paint on it looked to be newly dried but its problem was that it was blocking their way. In the past Jessica would have likely had the strength to pick it up so that they could simply get through. Unfortunately now that wasn't an option and they had to find some way of getting through. The gaps in the gate were too small for either of them to squeeze through.

"Maybe there's some kind of trick behind this," said Tucker as he began to examine the gate more closely. At first glance there was nothing that seemed to be out of the ordinary and for all intents and purposes it looked like a normal gate.

"Or maybe there's some kind of command," replied Jessica although this was more out of hope than being a genuine theory. "Gate open!" Nothing happened and this was to be expected. The pair would have been surprised if it had actually worked. "Ok that didn't work."

"We could try forcing it up. Sometimes trickery isn't needed when brute force gets the job done." He then grabbed onto the gate and he tried to push it up but it was far too heavy for him or any man to lift. "This thing must weigh a ton." It was times like this that Jessica would offer her assistance but she had to stop herself since she knew that while in this state she could barely lift anything. He did look over to her and he did notice that she was looking a little pale, for now he said nothing since he thought that it was nothing that was particularly bad. "Got any other ideas?"

"Well remember when we first entered how there was that switched that made all the torches light up? Well maybe there's some kind of switch on the wall around here that'll open it up."

"That's a little unlikely but definitely worth a try. You go that side and I'll take a look on this side."

For the next several minutes the pair scoured the walls on either side trying to find a switch. One major problem that Jessica had that was in her smaller state that her reach had greatly diminished. There was only so high that she could reach and she feared that the switch that she was looking for was just beyond that. It seemed alien to her that she couldn't reach something, her size had always allowed her to reach basically whatever she wanted but now that she was this size she saw this as a handicap. One thing that she did take comfort in was that at this size she didn't have to worry about her head hitting the top of a doorframe or the ceiling itself.

With every minute that past Tucker felt the chances of them finding the switch were greatly diminishing. One thing that he noticed in the corner near the gate itself was the skeleton of someone who had come before them. This unfortunate individual had not been able to get through the gate and also not been able to go back the way that he came. In the end the person must have died of either starvation or thirst. It was a fate that Tucker didn't want to befall himself or Jessica.

After several minutes both of them seemed to come up empty. Tucker in particular was frustrated but he was more concerned about his and Jessica's safety rather than the fact their quest might come to an end. He was not just worried about the fact that they might be stuck but with how Jessica might be responding to her current size. He knew how she had gone through practically her entire life being bigger than everyone else and now that she was petite he thought that she might be taking hard. For now she had not shown any real emotion breakdown but he thought that she might be keeping it all locked inside and was merely putting on a brave face.

"Found anything?" asked Tucker as he continued to feel up the wall. He was several metres away from the gate and with each inch he had to move further away the less chance he felt of finding the switch.

"No nothing yet," replied Jessica. She coughed a little but she felt that this was nothing to be concerned about. "It has to be around here somewhere Tucker, we just need to keep looking. I'm sure we'll find it."

"I think that we're already too far away for it to be anywhere around here." He took a step away from the wall and looked over to Jessica. "I think we could search these walls until the cows come home and not find a thing."

"I suppose you're right. But if we don't find a way through we'll end up just like that poor man by the gate."

"Believe me I don't intend to have that happen to us." He took another glance at her and he swore that she was looking paler than she had done before. It did cause him a small amount of concern but for the time being he didn't think that it was serious enough for him to mention.

The pair made their way back to the gate and it didn't take them long to actually reach it. It seemed as daunting as it had before and they knew simply staring at it wouldn't make it open. Both of them began to closely look over every square inch of the gate in an attempt to find some kind of clue. It seemed that there was marking on the gate itself. Rather than there being any words they were flowers, roses to be specific. Tucker tried to decide whether this was some kind of clue or just a fancy design.

Now more than ever it seemed like Jessica was missing her old size. She would try the same technique that she used on the door in the first test. Although her efforts then had been futile she felt that it could have worked in this situation. She was also beginning to feel weaker but she put this down as simple fatigue.

"There's nothing here," said Tucker with some frustration. "We're not going to find our way through this fucking gate."

"Calm down Tucker," replied Jessica who felt that she needed to be the voice of reason. "You're not going to make any progress if you just get yourself into a state. "Remember what Sir Thomas taught you, A distracted mind is easily fooled but a calm mind sees all around him."

"I-I guess you're right." He took a few deep breaths so that he could calm himself down. "What do you suggest we do then?"

"I don't know about you but I feel that the patterns on the gate is some kind of clue. First off what is the pattern?"

"It's a rose." He didn't really think before he spoke and he just blurted out the answer immediately.

"Well remember the message on the bottom of the map? The message was written with the opposite alphabet. Maybe muttering rose in opposite alphabet might open it. I know that you said that there can't be anything magical down here but when you pressed that switch for the torches they all suddenly came on. Magic from the outside might be nullified but any that was already down here might still work."

"Like I said before it sounds unlikely but at this point in time I'm willing to try anything. Let's see, what's R in the reverse alphabet?"

"I think it's an I."

"Ok that's a start."

It took them a few moments to work out the rest of the letters which were I, L, H and V. Unfortunately putting them together were made a nonsense word that was almost impossible to pronounce. They tried rearranging the letters to try and make a word but that too failed. It was somewhat disappointing for the pair but Jessica was still confident that they would find a way to open the gate. With a puzzle like this there had to be an answer. All they needed to do was take in everything around them.

"I think I might have an idea," said Tucker as he had kept thinking. "Maybe the answer to the puzzle is something so simple that we have simply not thought of it. Hear me out, I've known a couple of puzzles where people have thought of complicated solutions to them when really it was a solution so obvious that they had simply ignored it.

"So what's the obvious solution to his puzzle then?" replied Jessica who herself was now getting a little frustrated.

"Well we could just walk through the gate." He knew that it was a pretty stupid suggestion but it was all he could really come up with.

"I don't think that it'll work."

"But you have to admit that it's so obvious that you wouldn't think it." He was still trying to use his logic but if anything he was trying to make himself not look like a fool. "I say that it's worth a try."

"Ok we'll try but I still don't think it'll work."

Moments later the pair were standing in front of the gate. All of their previous ideas had failed and both of them felt that this one would fair no better. Tucker was the one who went first and as he stepped forward for a moment he pushed against the gate and much to both of their surprises the gate fell and it landed with a loud thud on the ground which echoed throughout the tunnel. Jessica was amazed to see that after everything that they had done simply pushing the gate had actually been the answer to their conundrum. She looked at the gate for a moment before looking up at Tucker who had a huge smile on his face. There was nothing more satisfying in his mind than being right.

"After you my dear," said Tucker with the smile still on his face. To him it almost felt like he had just found Three Man's Treasure.

Jessica did step through and she still couldn't believe that it had actually worked. She could see how Tucker was right however, in some cases an overly complicated solution was not needed and something extremely basic was often times the best. It was times like this that she respected Tucker.

As the pair continued to walk down the tunnel they could see carvings on the walls of both sides. The figures in the carvings seemed to be royalty of some kind but neither of them really had the time to stand and look at them so they kept moving on. They didn't realise that the carvings themselves were of that of House Angle who had been the first royal family of Angleland back in the Age of Titans. They were the first family to rule over Angleland and kingdom itself was named after them. This family's line had long ended and since then there had been a few different families who had seized the throne either through conquest or by royal decree. The current royal family was House Kent who had been ruling Angleland for the last couple of centuries after the extinction of the previous royal family House McGregor. This had not been through conquest but the fact that the last McGregor King had died without any heirs.

Ignoring this chance for a history lesson and continued on in the hopes of finding the actually test and thus having their map updated so that they could carry on with their quest. Already Tucker imagined having the thousands of rumoured gold coins run through his hands and he would be the richest man in all of Angleland.

As they walked Jessica almost tripped over a stone on the ground and she had to do everything she could to keep her balance. She didn't know what was wrong with her but since she came down into this tunnel she had felt herself getting weaker. She didn't want to say anything to Tucker since she didn't want to worry him. She thought that she would be alright shortly and when she got this whole trial sorted they could leave. She hoped that when she left she would grow back up to her normal size.

Eventually they came to a fork in the tunnel with an opening that lead to the right and another that led to the left. As both Jessica and Tucker looked down both ways the tunnels were too long for them to see what was at the end of them. There also seemed to be no immediate dangers.

"So which way now?" asked Jessica. She did look up both tunnels and she was feeling a little nervous.

"I have a feeling that we should go right," replied Tucker. His suggestion had no real evidence behind it and was merely a guess. "Even if it does lead to a dead end we could just turn back and come the other way."

"Or we could split up."

"No I don't think that we should." He was thinking about how he was going to say what he wanted to Jessica. "No offence but since you've lost your gigantism you're not really that much up for defending myself."

"Hey I can still look after myself?" She thought that despite her lack in size that she was still more than capable of fighting off anything that came her way.

"Ok let me ask you one thing then. In all the times you've fought against someone else how many of them were bigger than you?" This caught Jessica out since she had always relied on her size more than technique to handle a fight. She remained silent and he thought of a better way to show her that at this point in time she couldn't fend for herself. "I make you a deal, I'll let you go off by yourself." He held Juggernaut towards her but he made sure the handle was closest to her. This indicated that he wanted her to hold onto it. "If you can hold onto Juggernaut for ten seconds I'll let you go wherever you want down here. Does that sound fair to you?"

"I guess so." She thought that it would be a relatively easy challenge since she had held Juggernaut in the past and not felt anything that she felt she couldn't handle. With some enthusiasm she took a hold of Juggernaut with both hands. Tucker then let go and immediately she almost dropped it but she did hold onto it as best as she could. It felt incredibly heavy and it was taking all of her strength just to lift it up. He could see the strain in her face and this only made him even more concerned. Juggernaut itself wasn't all that heavy of a weapon and he really thought that she would have been capable of holding it up by herself. He would have understood if it had been a two handed sword but this was a standard one handed sword. She did drop it when the effort became too great for her and she did begin to pant. She watched as Tucker picked it back up and she thought that she had actually completed the challenge. "How long was that?"

"Five seconds." He put Juggernaut back into its holder and he still was concerned for Jessica. "I have to admit I thought that you'd do better than that."

"I should have." She gave a grunt of frustration. "If I was my normal size I would have been able to swing that sword as if it were a stick."

"It's alright Jessica. You don't have to push yourself too far but I hope now that you realise why I don't want you walking around by yourself. "You're nowhere near as strong as you used to be and I'm only concerned about your safety."

"But you don't have to treat me like a child." She began to realise that this is what she had done to him on several occasions. She had felt that he was too weak to deal with a situation so she would step in and resolve it. She didn't like it now that the shoe was on the other foot. "I'm a grown woman."

"Believe me if I thought that you could handle yourself down here I'd let you go wherever your wanted but the fact of the matter is that you're nowhere near as strong as you were." He looked into Jessica's face and he did notice something very troubling. Her face looked even paler and her eyes were bloodshot.

Chapter 23: Race Against Time by The Doctor

Tucker just looked at Jessica for several moments as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. She definitely looked worse than she did before and the bloodshot eyes was all he needed to become worried instantly. Ever since the magic that had given Jessica her size had been taken away she looked to be growing sicker and sicker. It was almost like his friend was fading away before his very eyes.

"Jessica have you seen yourself?" asked Tucker with a large amount of distress in his voice. He felt that it was highly appropriate since he was truly concerned for the health of his best friend.

"No," replied Jessica. She began to become worried as she heard Tucker's tone of voice. "What's wrong?"

Tucker had to think of a way to show Jessica her face but unfortunately he was short on a mirror. He did have one idea as he drew Juggernaut out once again and help the blade a few inches from Jessica's face. He pointed it long ways so that the tip of the blade wasn't pointing at her but instead she could see a small amount of her reflection in the blade. It was a testament to how Tucker maintained it but as Jessica looked she was horrified to see just how bloodshot her eyes were. She could also see just how pale her skin was and it caused her to look down at her hands. She could see that they were also pale and they even looked wrinkled. If she didn't know any better she would have said that they belonged to an old woman instead of a woman who was in her early twenties.

"Tucker what's happening to me?" asked Jessica. She was close to tears and she was going into an absolute state of panic.

"I think I have a theory. Remember, you told me that when you were born that you were very sickly?" He waited a moment for Jessica to respond. "When you received that potion to make you better it also made you bigger as well. I was thinking that since the effects of the potion have been taken away from you not only did you lose your size but whatever was keeping you alive. Without the magic fuelling your body anymore, you're dying from the same illness that inflicted you as a baby."

"No this can't be." She was in a full state of panic and she dropped down to her knees. The thought of dying terrified her more than even she expected. "We have to go back and get out of here before it's too late."

"I wish it was that simple but you saw what happened. The slope is too steep for either of us to get up. I hate to admit it but the only way we're getting out of here is if we continue on and complete the test." He knelt down so that he was at her level. He felt great sympathy for her and he to feared that she might not get out of there alive. "I promise you Jessica, will get you out of here alive and I'll understand if you want to go home." He held his hand out so that she could take a hold of it. "You're not alone in this."

Jessica had to wipe the tears away from her eyes as she grabbed onto Tucker's hand. With that he helped her back to her feet and he was still getting over the fact that she was so much shorter than him. He had gotten used to her being taller than him that he never thought that he would ever look down at her.

"Ok Tucker," said Jessica as she sniffed a little. "We can try and continue on, I'm just afraid."

"I know Jessica," replied Tucker as he gave her a hug. "I'm scared too but even if it kills me I'm getting you out of here."

The hug lasted for a few moments before they broke it off. They didn't want to waste any more time since they didn't know exactly how long Jessica had before she succumbed to her illness. They had no idea whether she had a few hours to live or a few minutes. Either way they didn't want to find out the hard way.

Like Tucker had suggested the pair began to make their way down the right hand tunnel. They didn't know whether it was the right way to go and since they didn't have any clues they had to take their chances.

As they walked he felt Jessica leaning on him, this was not to show her affections but because she needed him to support herself. The energy was effectively draining out of her body and she could feel the very life being taken out of her. She had never been so terrified in all of her life but she knew that she could count on Tucker to help her as much as he could, she knew that he wouldn't let her die without a fight.

Eventually the pair came to another metal gate but rather than have to worry about it opening they watched as it opened by itself. But rather than the gate lifting up into the air like most gates this one moved down into the ground. They stood and watched for a few moments as this happened but what was most striking to them was the fact that there was no one lowering the gate. They couldn't see that it was attached to any chains and they certainly couldn't see anyone physically moving the gate. It was moving completely by itself and they didn't know whether to be amazed with the sight or downright terrified. Things had only been getting worse for the pair so if the movement of the gate was caused by anything sinister they would not be surprised.

When the gate had disappeared out of sight they calmly walked through it and Tucker drew out Juggernaut, just in case there was any danger. He had already decided if there was something that decided to jump out at them he would shield her as best as he could. He could not call himself a knight if he wasn't willing to protect her.

The room that the pair found themselves in was small featureless room. It was still well lit like the rest of the tunnels but there seemed to be nothing that really struck the pair as being odd. If anything it made them feel a little claustrophobic since it was no bigger than a small room in a house.

"Ok so it's a dead end," said Tucker fearing that he had wasted what little time Jessica might have had left. "I don't know about you but I can't see anything in here that really sticks out."

"There might be something," replied Jessica. Even her voice was starting to sound weak. It was nowhere near as strong as it was when she first had her size taken away from her. It was something that she herself had noticed and it was just an additional reminder of the peril that she was in. "There could be something on the walls that'll help us or maybe the walls themselves are fake."

Tucker did think it was worth a try and he began to examine the walls for anything that struck him as being odd. This was much like when he was looking for a switch for the first gate. Thankfully due to the room's lack of size it didn't take him long to explore all over it, unfortunately he found nothing.

It was in that instance that Tucker decided that it was best to backtrack and go down the opposite direction from the T-junction. He did want to go in some haste but unfortunately Jessica's pace was only slowing with each passing minute. Although it couldn't be seen through the sleeves of her dress her arms were beginning to become wrinkly just like her hands.

The pair quickly walked through the gate that they had used to get inside the room but the sight that met them completely astonished them. Rather than seeing the long empty tunnel that they had expected instead they found themselves in a large room with a ceiling so high that it was shrouded in darkness. Tucker turned around to look at the gate they had just walked through but again to his surprise there was nothing there but a wall. He was beginning to become nervous as he realised that something was definitely going on at that moment in time and it only made him even more afraid of Jessica's safety. Time was ticking away as he could see her becoming weaker and weaker.

"Ok I did not expect that," said Tucker as he turned back around. "I guess all we can do is keep going."

"At least we're making some progress," replied Jessica. She was now having to hold onto him more and more. She could barely walk by herself and she knew that soon she would not be able to walk at all. She tried to look at the bright side of the situation but with every passing moment that became harder and harder to do.

As they both walked inside they felt the ground begin to shake slightly. This grabbed both of their attentions and when they looked forward they could see what seemed to be a woman wearing armour and carrying a sword. She only looked to be around five feet tall much like Jessica but that was not where the similarities between the two women ended. The warrior woman herself looked just like Jessica.

"T-That's me," said Jessica in absolute disbelief. The last thing she had expected to see was herself. It caught them both completely by surprise and they both had a feeling that things were going to turn out badly. "How is that even possible?"

"I don't know but it's in our way. I can't see any other exits out of here so I'm guessing the only way out is to defeat your twin so to speak." He looked at the warrior woman and he wasn't particularly impressed. He thought that this might be an easy battle but he knew that looks could be deceiving.

Under Tucker's instruction Jessica was able to sit down by one of the walls so that she was somewhat safe. She thought that it was strange to basically watch herself fighting against Tucker. She didn't know what caused this thing to appear but one thing that the warrior woman had that Jessica didn't was the fact that it looked much healthier than she did. It was one thing that Jessica was a little jealous of.

Tucker slowly made his way to the warrior woman who for now had not said a single word or barely moved. He had to remind himself that he wasn't going to battle his best friend but instead some kind of copy of her. He knew that it might prevent him from maybe being as precise as he could be but with the knowledge that Jessica's life was on the line he didn't want to hold anything back.

The warrior woman made the first move when Tucker was close enough. She swung her sword at Tucker who was more than capable of blocking it with his sword. Even he was surprised with how weak the attack had actually been. He had expected it to be some kind of blow that would cause him some discomfort but he found it extremely easy to block and even if it had struck it would not have harmed him.

There was a wide open gap for Tucker to attack but rather stabbing the warrior woman he elbowed her in the face and it made her go down to the ground. It looked like he had won and he even turned to Jessica to smile at her.

What he didn't see was that the warrior woman was getting up again. As she stood up she was also growing taller at the same time. When she stood at her full height she could look Tucker square in the eye and it was at this moment that he turned around and saw what had happened. Once again he was taken by surprise and he soon realised that the battle was going to be more dangerous than he first thought. He immediately readied himself for another attack and he definitely wasn't going to waste any time.

The warrior woman once again attacked Tucker and although he blocked it again he could definitely feel that this attack was stronger than the last one. As he expected this warrior woman was no ordinary person and he knew instantly that the fight was going to be much tougher than he expected.

With the attack blocked Tucker parried and went on the offensive himself. He had to keep reminding himself that his opponent wasn't actually Jessica but merely someone who looked just like her. There seemed to be no emotion in the eyes of the warrior woman and he suspected that she wasn't a living thing at all.

Tucker's attack did hit home as he stabbed her in her chest. Juggernaut seemed to go right through the armour with little trouble. He wasn't too sure whether it meant that Juggernaut was particularly powerful or the warrior woman was just wearing weak armour. He didn't much care as he watched her drop to her knees and fall to the ground. For a moment he thought that the battle was over.

Only a few seconds after falling to the ground the warrior woman began to get back up and as she did Tucker could see her growing even taller. Her armour and weapons were also growing to match her size and Jessica who was watching from the corner was taken the most by surprise. She figured that the magic that had been inside her had somehow been infused with this warrior woman. Not only did she look just like Jessica but it seemed that every time she was defeated she would just get up again bigger and stronger.

Tucker could only watch as the warrior woman stood to her full height which had now increased to eight feet. To Tucker it was almost like seeing the real Jessica herself but before he could think the warrior woman went to slash him with her now mighty sword. Rather than trying to block the attack Tucker rolled out of the way and aimed for her legs rather than her torso.

There was little armour on her legs and Tucker felt that this was his best place to attack. He had learned that when taking on larger opponents that striking their legs was the quickest way of cutting them down to size. It was a lesson that he learned from Sir Thomas Parker when the elderly knight had trained him.

Tucker put this technique to good use as he was able to use his speed to get behind the warrior woman and strike her in the back of her legs. Instantly she fell to her knees and Tucker stabbed Juggernaut right through her shoulder going deep into her body and most likely piercing vital organs. This was easily a kill by any stretch of the imagination and once again he watched her fall.

Unfortunately again he watched as the warrior woman began to get back onto her feet and once again she grew as well. Tucker took a step back as she stood up and he could see that all of her wounds were gone and when she had reached her full height she now stood a staggering twelve feet in height. Tucker was now only half her size and he knew that he was in serious trouble.

"This isn't working!" stated Tucker as he was running out of ideas. He didn't think that he would be able to defeat the warrior woman at this size. He knew that even if he did she would just get up again and she would be even bigger. This wasn't a battle that he was going to win any time soon.

"Try something else!" replied Jessica. She was trying to shout but unfortunately her voice was too weak to count as a shout. "Fighting her with brute force isn't working, you have to fight smart."

Tucker tried to take these words in but he couldn't see a way of defeating the warrior woman if she just kept getting bigger after every defeat. He knew that eventually she would be too big for him to handle and without Jessica's protection he would be nothing more than a red stain on the ground.

For the moment all he could do was dodge her mighty swings as best as he could but he knew that he had to think fast. Every once in a while he would take a look at Jessica and he could see her becoming weaker and weaker. He knew that it wouldn't be long before she finally succumbed and that was something that he didn't want to happen.

Tucker barely had any time to concentrate as he was constantly blocking and dodging against the warrior woman's attacks. They were causing him a lot of grief and when he felt her sword come into contact with his shield he could feel just how strong the blows were. He dreaded what would happen if he was struck by a blow if she grew even bigger. He thought that they were already strong enough to cut right through him if they were on target but if they were even stronger he wouldn't be able to block them.

One other problem that Tucker had was that the warrior woman had a much greater reach than him. Her incredibly long arms combined with her sword made reaching her to attack almost impossible. He was still having to think of a way of defeating her once and for all but that was going to be extremely difficult to say the least. So far all of his attacks, even the ones that normally would be mortal only made her grow bigger and stronger. He knew that there had to be someway of defeating her but finding the way was the really big question and he wasn't sure if he had the answer.

As he continued to dodge the warrior woman's attacks he noticed something that he didn't really expect. He wasn't sure at first but it seemed like she was getting slower, as if she was beginning to get tired. He didn't think this was possible since she was a being composed of magic rather than being a living person. As he carefully listened he could definitely hear her panting.

This made Tucker come up with an idea. Every time he had defeated her with force the warrior woman just grew bigger and stronger. He thought that if he simply let herself tire out she would basically be defeating herself. He knew that it was unlikely but it was certainly worth a try and with time against him he knew that he had to do something and fast. Jessica didn't have too long left.

Jessica was still watching from her wall and she could still feel herself becoming weaker and weaker. She couldn't see that her hair was beginning to thin and lose its colour. She was not concerned with herself but more with Tucker. Each time the warrior woman went to slash him she feared that it would strike and kill him. Her weakened heart was struggling to cope with the situation and if things continued like this she would suffer from a heart attack before her affliction killed her.

She also felt extremely powerless as her best friend was in mortal danger and she didn't even have the strength to stand up on her own two feet. All she could do was shed a tear as the sense of utter helplessness overtook her. At this point if she did die it would actually be a welcome relief for her.

It seemed that Tucker's plan was working as he saw that with the more time that went by the slower the warrior woman became. He had no idea exactly what was behind her existence or how it worked but he was just glad that he had found a weakness. He had also been trying to spot a gem much like the armour that he fought during the first test. Unfortunately he had yet to spot any gem but it seemed that it wouldn't matter.

After a couple of minutes Tucker could hear the warrior woman's panting increase to the point that it was almost impossible to miss it. Her movements had become so slow that Tucker could easily see what she was doing. When she went to swing her sword he was easily able to dodge it without putting much effort into it.

Eventually the warrior woman became so tired that she dropped down to her knees and tried to use her arms to try and support herself. Unfortunately for her they gave way and Tucker waited several moments to see whether she would grow again and stand up. With each second that went by his expectations of her getting up grew but after around twenty seconds he could see that she wasn't doing anything. She was just lying on the ground and he gave a sigh of relief.

After forty five seconds Tucker put Juggernaut back into its holder. The next thing he did was turn to Jessica and make his way back towards her. She was in an even worse state than he feared as he could see that her face was becoming wrinkly and her skin was as white as snow. She looked up at him weakly and even that used up more of her depleted energy. She knew that she was close to death.

"Jessica are you alright?" asked Tucker, from the moment he said the words he realised the absurdity of them. Instead of snapping at him Jessica just gave him a gentle smile as if everything was alright.

"I'm fine Tucker," replied Jessica although she knew that she was only a handful of minutes from death. She wanted to get up but she just didn't have the strength to do it. "Is there any chance that you can pick me up?" Her voice sounded incredibly weak and Tucker could tell that they didn't have that much time. "My legs seemed to have failed me, I might have to get myself some new ones."

"Hold tight Jess, I'll see what I can do."

With that Tucker bent down and picked up Jessica and placed her on his back. Unfortunately it did mean that she was going to have her body against his shield but it was the best thing that he thought. He did also notice how light she felt, it was not just because he was used to her being heavier than him but because she physically weighed very little. Her lack of size and muscle had been somewhat useful for Tucker because it meant he could actually carry her.

Not thinking about himself Tucker made his way around the warrior woman who had not moved from where she had collapsed. He hated the idea of fighting Jessica in any way but this had been a life and death situation and he took comfort in the fact that it was not the real Jessica. Even then he really didn't want her to suddenly wake up attack once again, it would certainly mean the death of his best friend.

It took Tucker a few moments to reach the other side of the room where there was another tunnel and it only annoyed him. He thought that this chamber was endless and that Jessica would long be dead before he found the exit. He couldn't bear to go back to her parents and tell them that their only daughter had died, in a way this had all been his fault and he didn't think that he would be able to get over the guilt.

"Hang in there Jess," said Tucker as he continued to walk through the tunnel, It seemed to be the same tunnel that he had walked through before. "We're not too far from the exit now." He expected to hear a verbal response from her but she was so weak that all she could must was mere mumble. "When we get out you'll be big and strong again just like before, then you can walk all by yourself." Again this only got a mumble from her and he feared that she was going to die there and then.

Tucker's pace went from a walk to a jog as he wanted to get out as soon as he could. He didn't need to have a knowledge in medicine to know what would happen if he slowed down. He was even having to be careful that he didn't drop Jessica. In her weakened state a simple fall like this could kill her. He had to put his own durability to the test as he too was tired after everything that had happened. He would allow himself to collapse before he gave up on Jessica, he knew that she would do no less for him and for all the times she had helped him it was time that he saved her.

Tucker's heart sank as he came up to another T-junction in the tunnel. It only cemented his belief that the chamber was endless and no matter which way he went they would never get out before Jessica died. He wanted to drop down to his knees and simply give up but with Jessica's life counting on him he couldn't falter.

He didn't have much time to think about which way he was going to go but before he could make his decision he was forced to stop dead in his tracks. His sense of fear grew as he saw a humanoid figure step out from the wall in front of him. Rather than being made out of blood like a normal person this being was made of stone that matched the wall that he had stepped out from. He was around six feet tall but had no real distinguishable features, he seemed to be bald and his eyes had no pupils. There was even a small amount of moss growing on his body and almost instantly Tucker thought that he was going to have to fight another warrior and this was something that he dreaded. It would waste even more time, time that Jessica didn't have.

"There is no need to draw your weapon sir knight," said the being in a voice that was calm and it even took Tucker by surprise. "I do not wish to fight you, instead I'm here to help in a way."

"If you want to help then you can restore the potion in my friend's system," replied Tucker in a somewhat harsh voice. He was not in the mood for any more games or challenges, to him this was just another detour.

"That is entirely up to you. I see that your friend there is in a very bad way. I'm guessing what was keeping her alive was drawn from magic, something that is nullified down here. Unless of course if it is magic that originates from here. I myself am a being of magic rather than flesh and blood. I have been here for more years than I cared to have counted but I have only seen a few people come down here."

"Just get to the point!" His patience was running out and if something didn't happen soon he would just walk away.

"Ok my very impatient friend. You have two options, if you go left you will find the location of the third trial and be one step closer towards your quest's end. If you go to the right you will find the exit of this place. I seriously doubt that you have time to go to the left, find what you seek and then leave before your friend dies, however if you do leave before you find your answer you can never enter here. Once a man leaves this chamber they can never return." He did chuckle a little as he knew that Tucker was in an unpleasant situation. As soon as you leave the magic within your friend will be restored and she will regain her health if she's not dead already. So what will it be? Continue onto the treasure and lose your friend? Or will you save her life and go home with nothing?"

Tucker was in a position that he didn't want to be in for obvious reasons. Finding Three Man's Treasure was the whole point of the quest. He didn't want to just give up on it but at the same time he couldn't allow Jessica to die. He wanted both of them very much but he had to choose one or the other.

Chapter 24: Sacrifices and Rewards by The Doctor

Tucker continued to think for a couple of moments, he could try and continue on to earn more riches than even the royal family had to offer. It was a very tempting thought but he was holding onto the hand of Jessica who was still on his back. He felt that her hand was very cold but he could also feel a little movement indicating that she was still alive. He knew that he didn't have much time before she died and the fact of the matter was that he couldn't have both Jessica and the treasure. His decision was going to effect the rest of his life in more ways than he could imagine.

"So what's your decision?" asked the Being. He had been standing there patiently and he even had his arms crossed.

Tucker didn't say another word and began to run. He headed down the right tunnel and towards what he believed to be the fastest route to the exit. He had wanted Three Man's Treasure more than he would like to admit but he wanted Jessica by his side even more. If it had not been for her he would never have gotten this close and most likely he would have been dead in some ditch.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him ad although he was fatigued he refused to slow down. He could hear Jessica's breath become more and more shallow but he couldn't see that her hair had turned completely white. Her eyes were closed as she was clinging onto her last thread of life.

After a couple of minutes Tucker began to see something that he thought was sunlight. The thought did cross his mind that it was a trap but right now he didn't care, all he wanted to do was get out as soon as he could and save Jessica. He didn't know how long he had but he felt that it was better that he didn't know.

Unfortunately before Tucker could actually make it to the exit there was still one more challenge that he had to overcome. A head of him was a rope bridge that spanned across a relatively short chasm. Just beyond was the exit and Tucker could actually see the evening sun shining through it. The chasm was quite narrow but still too wide for anyone to jump from one way to the other.

The bridge itself looked very weak since it had been there for countless years. Tucker felt that if he ran across it the bridge would collapse sending both himself and Jessica down into the empty darkness below. It even looked like it would collapse with only a small amount of weight on it but despite all of this he knew that he had to risk it. If he did nothing Jessica would die but if he did try he was putting them both at risk. To him it was a very simple decision from there.

Tucker took a deep breath as he placed his foot on the first wooden step of the bridge. He heard a loud creaking sound which sent a shiver right down his spine. It did make him somewhat reluctant to carry on but with Jessica's life on the line it forced him to keep going and not turn back.

With great care Tucker began to walk across the bridge. The temptation of running was great but the risks were too high. Could hear every creak and groan as he walked across and he felt that the bridge could give way at any moment. He was trying not to look down as he knew that it would cause him to panic. He needed to show bravery and valour, two traits that he thought that he would need to become a knight. Right now however he didn't feel like a knight but rather somewhat a coward. He couldn't imagine the knights of the old tales being scared in this manner. He thought that they were brave in any situation and that a walk across a bridge like this would barely even grab their attention.

Every step seemed like a mile for Tucker as he thought that the bridge below him would give way at any moment. He even tried to speak to Jessica but she was unresponsive, he feared that she was dead. He refused to believe this and he kept going despite any fears for his own safety.

By the last step he thought that he had made it to the other side but just before he could step off the bridge gave way. Rather than falling into the abyss below Tucker had just been able to grab onto the edge. This saved him from falling but he could only use his one arm to prevent himself from falling. The other was to make sure that Jessica didn't fall. She had no independent grip on him so if he let go of her she would fall.

The weight of both himself and Jessica along with all his armour and weapons was almost too much for Tucker's one arm. He could feel great pain in his arm as it strained under the weight that it was forced to hold.

"Not now," said Tucker with some despair. "I can't get this far and fail!" His determination was giving him strength that he didn't even know that he had. It still wasn't enough to lift him out.

He did see one way of saving himself and that was simply to allow Jessica to fall. Without her he would be a little lighter and he would have his second arm to pull himself. Despite this it was something that he wasn't willing to do. He couldn't bear to think that he was responsible for her death. This made him even more determined to get them both out, he knew that their quest was more or less at its finale. He wanted to at least go back to Morgan with Jessica.

Unfortunately for Tucker despite his heart and determination his arm just didn't have the strength that it needed to pull him up and he lost his grip. All Tucker could do as he lost his grip was quietly apologise to Jessica as they both began to fall down into the abyss below. The only comfort that he had was the fact that they still had each other. He did close his eyes as he waited for the end to come, he just hoped that it would be quick and Jessica at least didn't suffer.

The next thing Tucker felt was a gentle breeze striking his body. He also found that he was in a lying position. As he opened his eyes he was greeted by the morning sun and he could hear the singing of birds. Quickly he sat up and began to look at his hands, they seemed to be the same as before and he could still feel objects with them.

Tucker saw that he had been lying close to a tree and when he looked down to his right he saw that Jessica was right next to him. Much to his relief she was her usual eight feet in height but more importantly she looked healthy again. He wasn't sure whether she was dead or simply asleep. Quickly he grabbed onto her and gently began to shake her a little in an attempt to wake her up. Slowly Jessica's eyes began to open as she also sat up. It brought more joy than he could ever imagine to see her alive.

"Hey Tucker what's up?" asked Jessica in her usually bubbly voice. She even stretched her arms but as she did she felt Tucker give her a hug which did catch her by surprise but she didn't mind. "I thought I was the hugger."

"Jessica you're alright," replied Tucker as a tear rolled down his face. "I thought that I'd lost you forever."

"No you're not that lucky." She then hugged him back and he could feel her warm and loving embrace. To him she was one in a million and if he could help it he would stay by her side until the end of time itself. The hug lasted a few moments and it also gave Jessica a warm feeling inside.

"Please you have to tell me, what is the last thing you remember?" There was a small amount of distress in his voice.

"Let me see." She took a moment so that she could think clearly. Her joyous smile seemed to fade as the memories came flooding back. "I remember going into the chamber where the second test was and I lost my powers and shrank until I was petite. We made our way through the puzzles but I began to die but we couldn't turn back. I don't remember much after that but I remember you fighting something that looked like me. Then you carried me away and I can't remember after that."

"Ok so it definitely wasn't a dream." At first he had thought that his experience during the second test had been a dream but since Jessica confirmed his memories he knew that it had happened. He gave a sigh as he began to explain what happened after that, Jessica sat there in amazement as she listened to every word. She couldn't believe that she was so close to death and what she couldn't believe even more was the fact that Tucker had willingly given up the opportunity to find the location of the third test for her life. She knew that he wasn't lying to her, over their years together she could always tell when he was lying to her but she could see that he was not lying now.

"So you did all of that to save me?" She was still in some disbelief over what she was hearing.

"Yes and I would do it all over again for you in a heartbeat. It was pointless having that treasure if I didn't have you there to share it with." The next thing he felt was Jessica's warm lips come into contact with his cheek. It was the nicest feeling that he had ever experienced and in a way he wished that it could last a little longer but it was only a moment but it would last a lifetime.

"Thank you Tucker, you're my knight in shining armour." She gave him a big smile and he couldn't help but feel happy with what was going on. "Now shall we find some breakfast, I don't know about you but I'm starving."

Jessica stood up to her full height and began to pick some berries and other fruits from the nearby trees. Some were a little out of reach so she had to increase her height so that she could reach them. She also knew which ones were safe to eat and which ones were poisonous. She had done her research before leaving Morgan since she knew that they would most likely have to live off the fruits of the land.

Although both Jessica and Tucker still had food they felt that it was best that they used the food from the trees first since they had a long trip back to Morgan. For these fruits thankfully Jessica didn't try to cook them since Tucker knew that cooking wasn't one of her skills. She had tried in the past but even she knew that it wasn't the best of ideas.

One thing that Tucker did like was the fact that he was having to look up at her again. It made him feel that things were finally back to the way that they were. No longer was Jessica small and dying, she was her old tall and strong self and he wouldn't trade it away for anything in the world. He was just glad that she was still with him and just the thought of losing her was more than he could bear.

A short time later Jessica and Tucker sat next to each other as they ate the fruit that Jessica had collected. She stayed as small as she could so that she didn't need to eat as much. Unfortunately even at her smallest she ate much more than the average man but thankfully she had collected more than enough fruit.

"So I guess we're going home then?" asked Jessica with a small amount of disappointment in her voice. She knew how much this quest meant to Tucker and she was sad to see it end. "At least we've had a grand adventure and a decent story to tell the family back in Morgan." She was trying to sugar coat the situation but she could already see Tucker's disappoint from where she was standing.

"I-I guess you're right." For the sake of it he took the map out from his satchel and took a look at it. For anything it was to see the best route back to Morgan. Much to his surprise he could see a line appear out of ink on the map. It started at where they were standing and moved across the paper until it reached a location just outside of Calf Heath which was on the South East coast of Angleland. He stood there in disbelief at what he was seeing. "By the gods, Jessica you won't believe this!"

"What is it?" She moved herself so that she was behind Tucker. This was so that she had a better look at the map. She too could see that a marker had appeared which basically pointed them to the location of the next test. Underneath the map they could both see writing appear. They both stood there a gasped. "How is this possible? You said yourself, you chose to leave the test rather than finding the next location."

"That's what I thought." He took a closer look at the writing and since he knew that Jessica couldn't read very well he thought that it was best to read it out loud. "Congratulations traveller. By sacrificing what you desire and ultimately your life you have passed the test. Your reward is the location of the third and final test. Your quest has not yet come to an end, be wary, there will be those who will try to lead you astray."

"Wow that's amazing." She was a little disappointed that they weren't going back home but she felt overwhelming joy for Tucker. He was willing to sacrifice everything to save her life and now he was getting his reward.

"You're telling me." He was trying to mask the joy in his voice but he was failing miserably at this. He was getting a little over excited but Jessica didn't mind, it was not the first time that she had seen him like this and she doubted that it would be the last. "We can still find the treasure and make ourselves insanely rich."

"That's great Tucker." She was having to look down at him again and he looked up to her in more than one way. To the both of them it just seemed right with this height difference although many would call it grossly wrong. From the moment they met this is what they had known and anything else would have been wrong. She did further increase her size until she was at her maximum, she lowered her hand for Tucker step onto. "We better get going then or else we'll never get there."

"You took the words right out of my mouth."

With no hesitation whatsoever Tucker stepped onto Jessica's hand and allowed the gentle giantess to lift him onto her shoulder and wrap a single strand of hair around him. She was taller than the trees by now and for Jessica this felt natural to her as well. Whenever she was at her smallest size she still stood out but she also felt like she was trying to deny who she truly was. When she was her true size she truly felt like herself but all too often she remembered how people would react about her size. Even when she was a little girl people were terrified of her size and often called her a monster. That's one reason why she was so attached to Tucker. Despite everything he was the only one who had treated her like a human being and because of that she would always be at his side, even if she knew that she was on a fool's errand.

The pair did enjoy the rays of the morning sun, after everything that they had been through it was nice for the both of them. Tucker did wish that he could draw the view from Jessica's shoulder but unfortunately he wasn't artistic in the slightest. It was one thing that she was a little disappointed about.

There was one place that Jessica did really want to visit and that was Royal City. It was by far the most majestic in all of Angleland and was also the seat of the royal family. Currently the throne was occupied by King Percy Kent, the third of his name. He was a relatively young king who had been in power since his late father also named Percy passed away after a brief illness. The realm had been relatively stable since he had come to power with nothing out of the ordinary taking place and no power struggles. There had been no real test to his rule yet. He was married to Queen Valerie who had come from a powerful family to the east of the realm. They had been betrothed since before they were teenagers and they seemed to love each other very much.

When Jessica was a little girl she would fantasise about going to Royal City and seeing the King and Queen. She had always wanted to bow to them and also to compliment the Queen on her dress. In these dreams she always imagined that the King and Queen were giants, even compared to her since they were the highest order in the realm. She knew that it was just a silly little fantasy, the only person that she had ever had to look up to was Gwen and she had no idea where she was.

Whenever Gwen was around Jessica would always feel nervous, it was most likely because she literally had no idea what was going to happen. Gwen's size manipulation abilities were limitless and with the fact that she didn't seem to care too much about anything Jessica didn't know what the demi-goddess was going to do next. She was just glad that Gwen wasn't around, she didn't know that Gwen was actually still around but was just so small that she could no longer be seen by the naked eye.

After a few hours of walking Jessica decided to have a rest at the banks of the River Red. She even took a chance of a nice cooling bath because she thought that it had been too long since she had last had a bath. This did mean taking her dress off but she didn't mind Tucker seeing her naked. It was nothing that he hadn't seen before and she completely trusted him to be mature about the whole situation.

Tucker had decided to have a little more practice with Juggernaut but while in the corner of his eye he could see Jessica bathing in the river. The water was deep enough for her to sit in and bathe herself. He couldn't see pelvic area but he could see her naked breasts with ease. Not too often he had seen her breasts but when he saw them he couldn't take his eyes off them. They seemed to be just the right size for her body since he didn't like it when women had breasts that were larger than they should be. They looked firm but he thought that there would be some softness to them.

He could also see some of the muscles in her body. She didn't look to be overly muscular but the hundreds of miles of walking and her life working on the farm had given her an impressive body. She probably didn't realise how beautiful she actually was because she had always seen herself as a monster. Her body had always been a cause for her grief but Tucker thought that it was an object of beauty. He could see the cool water running down her body and he could feel himself having a man reaction to this.

From where she was sitting Jessica at first didn't notice him but after a couple of minutes he could see him looking. Rather than being annoyed she smiled and looked towards him. She even signalled for him to come to her. At first Tucker pretended that he hadn't seen her and tried to act that he only noticed when she signalled him. Jessica knew better but she did keep her quiet about it.

"What is it Jessica?" asked Tucker as he approached her. He was walking in a manner that he thought would hide his erection but Jessica could still just about see it and once again she kept quiet about it.

"Oh nothing really," replied Jessica in a playful voice. "I just thought you would want to have a closer look." There was a mischievous smile on her face and Tucker knew that she was up to something.

"I wasn't looking." He tried to make up this lie to try and make it sound like he wasn't a pervert.

"Tucker you're a man that is good at many things but lying isn't one of them. I told you before that you don't have to try and hide it. We've been friends for too long and I doubt that I'll ever be disgusted by you." She then stretched her hand towards him and placed it on the bank just in front of him. "Now hop on so that I can give my brave hero the reward that he deserves."

Tucker didn't really know what was going to happen and with a small amount of caution he did step onto her hand and quickly he felt himself be lifted up. He was soon at her angelic face and her smile was still there for him to see. He could feel his heart racing as he knew that something was going to happen.

The next thing that Tucker saw was Jessica's warm, soft lips come right to his face and she kissed him. They had kissed before but those were merely friendship kisses where this one felt different, they could both feel ecstasy that neither of them had felt before and for Jessica in particular it felt joy. It was like she was finally doing something that she had always wanted to do. She had told Tucker that she felt more to him than a mere friend and this was her way of showing it.

Both of them were lost in their own world and neither of them saw a small boat floating by. The occupant was a single fisherman who just stared at what he was seeing. He didn't notice where he was going and was simply fixated at looking at the naked giantess sitting in the river.

The kiss lasted for a minute or so and when Jessica stopped it she continued to smile at him. It felt natural for her to do something like this and she could see Tucker was left completely stunned by what happened. He stared at her and for a few moments there was nothing but absolute silence. Jessica began to fear that the kiss had ruined their friendship and that he would want to continue the quest without her.

"Tucker are you alright?" asked Jessica. Her smile faded as her fear took over. She brought him a little closer to her so that she could see him better. She could see that he was still in a state of shock. She even thought that he might be stuck this way and that was something that she knew was silly.

"T-That was something else," stuttered Tucker as he was lost for words. He was trying to make reason of the feelings that he had just felt. It was like a volcano had erupted within his mind.

"I'm sorry if you didn't like it. I thought that it would show you how thankful I am that you saved me. And also to show just how much I love you, maybe in a deeper way than you might like to think."

"You don't need to be sorry Jessica. It's just a little hard to take in, I don't think you've ever kissed me like that before."

"Did you like it?" There was much caution in her voice and she still feared rejection. She held her breath in expectation.

"Yes it was very... pleasant." He was still looking for the right words to say. The situation could go either way right now.

"Do you mind if I do it again?" This was the difference maker for her. If he accepted she knew what it would mean.

"That would be enjoyable." He was still a little lost for words but before he could say anything else he felt Jessica's lips come into contact with his face once again. They were so large that they covered his entire face, it was a little hard for him to breathe but he still felt safe with her.

Jessica's lips felt like moist cushions coming into contact with his face and at no point did he want the kiss to stop. For Jessica she had been practicing for this moment for some time. Although she could have kissed him at her minimal size she thought that this was the best way to show her love for him.

Once again she was lost in her own world and she accidentally sucked a little too hard as she kissed and Tucker found himself being sucked into her mouth. He was beginning to struggle as he was somewhat afraid that she was going to swallow him. It was his struggles that alerted Jessica that something was wrong. When she snapped back to reality she found that Tucker was half way into her mouth and she could hear him trying to say something. Unfortunately she couldn't hear him properly.

Immediately she spat him out onto her hand. Jessica had a terrified look on her face as she looked down at Tucker whose upper half was completely drenched in saliva. He looked a little spaced out and a couple of tears rolled down her face. She thought that he would hate her now for what she had done. It had truly been an accident but she feared that she could have actually swallowed him.

"Tucker I'm so sorry," cried Jessica. She tried to wipe away some of the saliva on his body with her fingers bit it was a difficult task. She was more terrified than she could remember. "I got carried away."

"Y-you had me in your mouth," replied Tucker who was still spaced out after what had just happened.

"I swear I didn't mean for that to happen." It was not the first time that she had kissed someone at her maximum size but it was the first passionate kiss that she had ever done. She now felt more than ever that she had ruined the relationship which they shared. Tears were still rolling down her face. "It's just that I got caught in the moment and I accidentally almost swallowed you. Please don't hate me, you're the only friend that I've ever had and I don't want to be alone."

"I-It's alright Jessica." Slowly he got back to his feet and he was feeling a little lightheaded. Otherwise he was fine and a quick wash was all that was needed to get the saliva off his body. "These things happen." He was taking it much better than she expected and she couldn't help but wipe away a couple of her tears and even break a smile. "Like my swordplay I think you need some practice."

"Yeah sure I do." Her smile grew a little as she realised that Tucker didn't hate her for what happened. He had seen that it was genuine accident. "Does this mean that we're a... you know a...?"

"Couple?" There was a pause as Jessica awaited his answer. She could hear her own heartbeat. "I don't see why not."

Chapter 25: Together Forever? by The Doctor

Jessica's world had just become a little brighter. Finally she was more than just best friends with Tucker. It was a day that she had been dreaming of for so long and she couldn't believe that it was finally taking place. If she could freeze time at this moment she would do and she would treasure it for all eternity.

Jessica had to snap back to reality when she felt the cool breeze on her back. She did become to shiver a little and the fact that the water itself was not very warm. Her nipples had become stiff and she wanted to get out as soon as she could. She looked down at Tucker and did give him a little smile.

"I hope you don't mind but I think we should get out now," said Jessica. Tucker was still covered with saliva but other than that he was fine. "I'll catch a cold and believe me the last thing you want me to do is continually sneeze.

"I guess so," replied Tucker. He wiped a bit more of the saliva off of his body but there was still plenty more. "Although now I think it's me that needs a bath."

This got a small chuckle out of Jessica who stood up in the water and made the couple of steps back to the bank. She allowed the sun to dry her off and as soon as she felt that she was dry enough she put her dress and other clothing back on. Before she shrank down to a more reasonable size she began to wipe Tucker with her dress to get the saliva off. She used the bottom portion of her dress to do this and while she was cleaning him off he was fidgeting a little. Once or twice she did have to tell him to stay still, the last thing she wanted to do was accidentally hurt him.

It took Jessica a couple of minutes to clean Tucker enough before she considered her work done. She did quickly rinse the saliva on her dress with some of the river water and despite the fact that Jessica had washed herself they still collected some of the river water so that they had some more water to drink on their travels.

For the next several hours Jessica walked towards the location of the third trial. Even at her extreme size it would take them sometime to get there but for both of them there didn't seem to be any rush. They were more than happy to take their time and they even considered staying in one of the towns for a short while. It would be their way of making their relationship official.

For now Jessica just kept walking and eventually she was even close to the city of July but for obvious reasons they stayed well clear of it. The memories of what happened still haunted them both, Jessica had never remembered being so angry in her entire life, she was just glad that it was all over with and that she had happiness in her life. Tucker was the only man that she needed and she thought that she would be happy forever.

Eventually the pair reached a spot where they thought it would be wise to camp for the night. Jessica was tempted to sleep at her full size and allow Tucker to sleep between her breasts. However she knew the dangers of that, she feared that she might roll over in the night and accidentally crush him. For this reason she decided to sleep at her minimum size but she would hug Tucker all the way through the night.

After having a decent dinner the pair lay on the ground as both of them prepared to go to sleep. An idea did pop into Jessica's head and she looked into the face of Tucker who was laying right beside her. A smile appeared on her face as she looked at him, he had no idea what she was thinking but he knew that he would find out very soon.

"So how many?" asked Jessica. Her smile had not faded and it was unlikely that it ever would again,

"How many what?" replied Tucker with some confusion. He had no idea what she was talking about.

"Children are we going to have when we've finished this quest. "I'm thinking about having at least a dozen."

"A dozen?" This caught Tucker by surprise. He didn't think that anyone would want that many children. "But why?"

"You probably wouldn't understand, remember I was an only child and more than once I wished to have a brother or sister. Unfortunately due to my parents' situation I was all they could have." She gave him another smile. "Think about it, you could have sons that you can train into knights and I will have daughters that I can teach to do lady like things." Her smile only grew as she finished speaking.

"Lady like things? Like what?"

"You know, lady things." She wasn't even entirely sure herself but she could imagine herself surrounded by her daughters in her farmhouse. She was teaching them how to do things like cooking and sewing. Although she wasn't all that good at those activities herself she would try and teach her children. "I don't care if I'm pregnant every year until I hit menopause, as long as we have a large family I don't mind."

"Yeah we'll have a large family." He meant large in a different way. He knew that if he were to have any children with Jessica they would most likely inherit her extreme size so there would be a family of giants in Angleland. "But we're not going to start until we've finished our quest."

"Well there's that and the fact that we need to get married. My daddy always told me that I should be married before I have any children." She gave him a somewhat evil smile. "And believe me if you want real access to my lady parts you have to put a ring on my finger." She held her right hand towards him and spread her fingers indicating her point. Tucker couldn't help but admire his friend, despite the fact that she was in love with him she wouldn't let him have sex with her until they were married. He also knew that when she had her mind made up it was close to impossible to change it.

"Ok, when we're finished with the quest we'll get married. We'll even use some of our well-earned treasure to pay for the most extravagant that Angleland has ever seen. You have my word."

"But when we get married I do have one condition."

"Name it." He was curious to know what this condition was. He didn't know whether he would entirely like it or not.

"When we get married I'm going to be my real size." This did take him by surprise but he was still curious.

"Why would you want to get married as a giant?"

"Because when I marry you before the gods I want people to see me as my real self, not this shrunken version of me. I know that many people would be afraid but I don't care, it will still be the happiest day of my life and you'll make me the happiest woman. Besides I can't really marry in this dress."

"Err." He took a quick look at her dress and although it was still in good shape considering she practically wore it every single day. It was still a dress that didn't look particularly nice to get married in. He knew that she would most likely want some kind of white dress as was tradition. "I see your point."

"Hey are you saying my dress is ugly?" For a moment she had a stern look on her face and Tucker had to quickly try and backtrack his words.

"No, of course not. I would never say such a thing." He began to laugh to try and pass it as nothing but Jessica still gave him the stern look.

"I was thinking of giving you some sugar tonight but now you can just forget about it." She could see the disappointed look on Tucker's face and this made her laugh. "Relax I'm only kidding."

"Oh thank the gods." He breathed a huge sigh of relief but before he could say anything else he felt himself be pulled right towards her and their lips came together for another kiss. At least this time he didn't have to worry about her almost swallowing him.

As they kissed Tucker felt the warmth and safety of being in the arms of an amazon. She wasn't crushing him and he could feel the softness of her lips pressing against his. For Jessica this was something that she had always wanted. For once she felt that things were beginning to go well in her life. She had gotten herself the man that she wanted and it was the first step to what she thought would be a happy life.

The next morning it was Tucker who was the first to wake up. Rather than disturbing Jessica he allowed her to sleep for a little longer. In that time he began to train once again, like before he used a tree as a dummy as he practiced his swings and stabs. He would have preferred a sparring partner but since there were none around this was the best that he could do.

Even though it was early morning it was still somewhat warm and there was there was a misty feeling in the air. Already he could hear the songs of the birds in the nearby branches. He was somewhat lost in his own world when he felt a large hand touch his shoulder. At first he didn't really have any fear since he assumed that it was Jessica's. But when he took a quick glance at his shoulder he saw that it was a man's hand and it was gloved. It was not the long and slender hand of Jessica.

Quickly Tucker turned with Juggernaut in his hand and he expected to see someone standing behind him. Instead he saw nothing and quickly he looked around to try and see if he could see anyone. The only person he could see was Jessica who was still asleep on the ground, there was no one else around him at all. He even looked at his shoulder and unsurprisingly the gloved hand was gone. Quietly he sheathed Juggernaut and began to think about what had just happened.

It was around that time that Jessica woke up and as she stretched herself she saw Tucker standing by himself. This struck her as being odd and rather than getting up immediately she decided to raise her voice so that he was able to hear her.

"Hey Tucker are you alright there?" asked Jessica as she saw Tucker looking towards her. He did seem a little confused and this did make her worry a little. Anything that could harm him she immediately disliked.

"Y-yeah I'm fine," replied Tucker. He was beginning to think that he had just imagined the entire event. What he didn't realise was that it was the same shoulder that Gwen was currently located on. She was still keeping herself hidden and was happy with everything that was taking place. "I've just got a few cobwebs."

"You sure that you're alright? You seem a little spaced out to me."

"No I'm sure. Anyway, we better get some breakfast. I don't know about you but I'm starving."

"So am I but I'm only hungry for one thing." She gave him a cheeky grin before she stood up to her full height. For Tucker it was always a wonder to see such a tall girl standing up. In a way he felt that it was the natural order. "I'm in the mood for something cooked today. You wouldn't mind gathering a bit of fire wood?"

Tucker dreaded the idea of eating Jessica's cooking. More than once in the past she had cooked for him and he never genuinely enjoyed a single meal. He loved her dearly but he certainly didn't love his cooking. For Jessica she knew that she wasn't very good but she felt that if she was going to be a wife and have a dozen kids she would have to improve her cooking skills. She thought that Tucker would help cook when they had their family but if he was working then she would have to cook.

Jessica even thought that if they found Three Man's Treasure they could simply hire people to cook for them but she still felt that it was best for her to learn. They couldn't depend on the treasure for everything.

Over the next several minutes Tucker did as he was asked and collected some firewood. Thankfully the wood that he found was dry due to the fact that it had not rained for several days. He quickly brought it to where Jessica was getting some of their food out from the satchel. She wanted to make a healthy breakfast since she thought that they would need their strength for the trip at hand.

Thanks to Tucker's experience as a blacksmith he was more than capable of starting the fire and as soon as it started Jessica began to roast some meat and toast some bread. She was trying to be as careful as she could so that she didn't burn anything and ruin the breakfast entirely.

It didn't take her long too long to finish the breakfast and as soon as she felt that it was done she shouted to Tucker that it was ready. The man himself did walk to her with some reluctance as he didn't know whether he was going to like what he ate or be throwing it up within a few minutes. She had put a lot of effort into cooking his breakfast and he didn't want to upset his bride to be. Especially given the fact that she could turn herself into a towering giantess within a moment.

Tucker began to eat his breakfast and he was actually surprised to find that it tasted half decent. He admitted that there were still a few things that were left to be desired but it was definitely much better than what he had tasted earlier from her cooking. He could see Jessica eating her own breakfast and as was expected her portion was much larger than his. It was easy to forget that due to her size she ate a lot more than an average person, sometimes she would even get a little embarrassed with the amount of food she ate. She didn't see it as being very lady like but he body demanded calories and she was simply a slave to its whims. She take some comfort in the knowledge that she didn't eat as much as she used to, if she did she would have eaten her parents out of house and home.

"So what do you think?" asked Jessica just after she had eaten her last shred of food. There was a few moments of silence because Tucker was still finishing off his last mouthful but Jessica thought that it was because he didn't like her cooking. "You didn't like it did you?" She thought that this was going to happen and despite everything it still did upset her more than she would like to admit.

"No its fine," replied Tucker just as he swallowed his last mouthful. "It is some of your better cooking certainly."

"What you like it?" Her face seemed to light up and Tucker could see how much this little comment had made her happy.

"Certainly, if you keep improving like this then you'll be a master chef before you know it. Heck you could even open your own restaurant and call yourself the tallest chef in Angleland."

"Thanks Tucker that means a lot." She gave him a smile and a small kiss on his cheek. They had only been an official couple for a day and already he was complimenting her cooking. She knew that it was the start of something special.

With the breakfast over the pair decided that it was best to keep moving. Jessica once again grew to her maximum height and carried Tucker. Along the way they saw a couple of travellers who just stood and stared as they went passed. Jessica smiled down at them and just waved at them. She could see that they were somewhat afraid of her but their reactions were nowhere near as bad as she had in the past.

It took them a further three days to traverse through the Summer Lands until they reached the banks of the River White which was the longest river in Angleland. It started from the Wetlands all the way in the north and ended in Delta Town which was one of the most southern towns in Angleland. The mighty river practically split the land in two and without the aid of a bridge or a boat a traveller would have to travel thousands of miles to get around the river otherwise.

It was on this very river that stood the greatest city in all of Angleland. Royal City was founded on the River White and it had been the home of the Kings and Queens of Angleland for countless years. It was this city that Jessica was heading to since it was a place that she had always wanted to visit. Although Tucker did want to find Three Man's Treasure as soon as possible he had already accepted that they would be having an extended visit to the city. It would also give them chance to replenish their resources and Jessica would have time to visit the sights.

Already they had decided that they were going to stay there for at least a week but Jessica would have loved to have pushed that further to a fortnight. Even then she didn't think that she would be able to see everything she wanted in Royal City.

There were other places that Tucker wanted to visit as well. Some of the best smiths in the land traded from Royal City. He wanted to see how they made their weaponry and armour so much better than anywhere else in Angleland. He wanted to also pick up a few tricks from some of the knights who were located in the city. Many of them were under the direct command of the King and Queen and he even thought that it might lead to himself and Jessica actually visiting the royal family. It would bring much joy to Jessica who had wanted to be a princess when she was younger.

When Jessica and Tucker began to approach the city they could see it from some distance. It was the largest city in Angleland so it was more than easy to spot. To reach the city they would have to cross a bridge directly into the city since it was located on the opposite side of the river from where they were.

As usual when the pair were a few miles away from the city Jessica shrank to her smallest size and they would carry on from there. At one point Tucker commented that Jessica didn't need to carry him and now it would be his turn to try and carry her. He remembered carrying her during the second trial but she had obviously gained a lot of weight since then. Still he thought that he was more than up to the task.

With Jessica's permission Tucker attempted to pick up Jessica. He attempted to carry her and he was just able to get the Amazonian woman off of her feet. Unfortunately that was all he could do as he could feel her sheer weight pushing against him and he lost his footing. He found himself tumbling down to the ground and unfortunately for him Jessica came down right on top of him. The sudden impact winded him as he felt his chest being crushed by her weight. Almost instantly she got herself up and tried to help Tucker back up to his feet. She had a very concerned look on her face as she feared that she might have seriously injured her lover.

"Tucker are you alright?" asked Jessica with a lot of concern in her voice. Her fear looked to be realised as Tucker was having a difficult time answering her question. If she knew that he would get hurt she wouldn't have agreed to this.

"Y-yeah I'm fine," replied Tucker as he was still gasping for air. "I just need a moment to catch my breath."

"Oh thank the gods but you should have been more careful. You knew that you couldn't carry me and yet you still tried." She gave a small sigh. "In hindsight I should never have let you try."

"Don't worry about it, in fact I did better than I expected." He tried to smile to show that he was fine but he could see that Jessica was a little annoyed. He knew that he would have to do something to make her happy again. "How about this, when we go into Royal City I'll take you to the fanciest place there and buy you whatever you want to eat. Think of it as our first real meal as a couple."

"A couple?" This made her face light up as she could see that Tucker was trying to be romantic. In that instant she had more or less forgotten what she was annoyed about and could only think about them at a table eating some food together. In her dream she was wearing a very fancy dress but she already knew that she would be wearing the dress that she already wore.

"Of course, it can be our way of making it official. Now shall we keep going or would you like to admire from a distance."

"Lead the way my knight in shining armour." She could see him hold out his arm and she hooked it up with hers and they walked towards Royal City. She did have to slower her normal pace since she took longer strides than him. Tucker did have to quicken his pace slightly so that they could meet in the middle.

There was another reason for their haste, it was because there were dark clouds above them and they knew that it would rain very soon. They wanted to go inside and find an inn as soon as they could. It hadn't rained for some time since entering the Summer Lands and it looked like it would come down with a vengeance. Already they could hear some of the rumble of thunder above them.

It did take them a little while for them to reach the bridge that would allow them to cross the river and enter Royal City itself. As was expected the bridge was very busy with people going in and out of the city. They could see a range of people from peasant farmers all the way up to Lords and Ladies. Each of them had to go through a checkpoint where their comings and goings were documented. There were numerous people who were wanted by the crown and would more or less be executed if they were caught.
Tucker and Jessica had to join a line of people who wanted to go into the city.

Unfortunately they were stuck behind a horse and carriage which was used to transport dead bodies out from the city. Thankfully the carriage was empty but they could still smell where there had once been a pile of dead bodies. Unfortunately it was a practice that wouldn't be going away anytime soon.

A couple of people did stare at Jessica as they walked passed since even at her smallest height she still stood easily a foot and a half taller than the tallest person on the bridge. By now she was so used to it that she didn't really notice them. Instead she held onto Tucker's hand and although it was smaller than she would have liked to her it was perfect in every single way.

Eventually after almost an hour of waiting Jessica and Tucker reached the checkpoint on the bridge. There were two checkpoints right by one another but where one was for people going in the other was for people going out. There were strict rules about how the process was done and if anyone was foolish enough to try and cut corners they would find themselves in a prison cell faster than they could relieve their bowels.

The man at the checkpoint was a relatively small man who didn't look like he could do well in a fight. He looked a little like a weasel, just because he looked weak didn't mean that he was a pushover. Right next to him stood a couple of guards who all wore shiny armour which was imprinted with a rose. This was the symbol of the royal family and indicated that they were knights under the order of the king himself. Tucker couldn't believe it but they were most likely knighted as well meaning that he would have to call them sir. The checkpoint man was most likely not a knight but also most likely someone who you didn't want to anger. He could deny a person entry into the city and they would be thrown out although he doubted that the knights could throw out Jessica. On the other hand he didn't think that she would hurt them either.

"Names," said the checkpoint man. He had a large piece of paper in front of him and a quill in his hand. There were a couple of cuts on his fingers and the wind blew his short black hair. He had been doing this for so long that he just wanted to get each person done with so that he could finish a little earlier.

"Oh I'm Tucker Martel," replied Tucker as he had to come up with the answers quickly and this is my partner Jessica Snape." Jessica gave the man a small smile and a wave but he seemed to completely blank her. He did write down the information that he was given on the large piece of paper.


"I'm a knight." There was some amount of pride in his voice and he was hoping that it would impress the man and the knights standing right next to him. Unfortunately this was not meant to be,

"If you are a knight then why are you not named Sir Tucker Martel?" He did have a lazy eye which Tucker did find a little uncomfortable.

"Well I haven't actually been knighted yet." He did begin to sound a little nervous as he feared what would happen next.

"If you haven't been knighted you're not a knight. I have at least a dozen people a day claim to be knights but they're actually not. So don't waste my time with this fantasy crap and tell me your real occupation before I refuse you entry."

"Alright." He gave a small sigh as he had to admit defeat. "I'm a fully qualified blacksmith and practicing knight."

"That's better." He continued to write down the information. "And your partner? Is she just a housewife or does she have an occupation as well."

"I-I'm a farmer," replied Jessica. She did stutter her words a little but she was able to keep her cool. She was somewhat angry with how he had talked to Tucker and she found him to be very rude.

"Very tall for a farmer. Very tall for anything really." He finished off what he was writing. "And how long are you planning on staying in Royal City?"

"A week," replied Tucker just as Jessica stated a fortnight. The man just looked at them both and wrote it down.

"I will count that as a week." Finally he finished off what he was writing. "You both may enter the city and remember to be on your best behaviour. You might find yourself at the mercy of the king."

Chapter 26: Life's Ups and Downs by The Doctor

With the warning in the mind of Jessica and Tucker the pair entered Royal City and the sight that greeted them made them stand back in awe for a few moments. They could see a busy city ahead of them but it was drenched with banners as far as the eye could see. There were stores ahead of them but that sold items from all corners of the world. Armoured guards patrolled the streets at all times and every structure was made out of stone rather than wood. There were statues littered from place to place which depicted past kings and heroic knights from folk tales.

Jessica in particular was in amazement as she had always wanted to visit Royal City. She had heard merchants tell her how there was no other city like it in the world and from what she could see they weren't lying. Many of the buildings towered above her and she felt that even if she were at her full size she would still feel small. A huge smile appeared on her face as she felt very happy.

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain from her shin. It caught her by surprise and she gave a small sound of discomfort before looking down. There she saw a young boy standing right next to her and she watched as she kicked her leg. This caused her more pain and she wouldn't be lying if she said that she was a little annoyed. Rather than getting angry she squatted down which caught the boy off guard. He seemed to be a little afraid right now as the extremely tall woman focused on her.

"Why are you kicking me?" asked Jessica with some expectation in her voice. She hid her annoyance and she tried to show that she wasn't angry.

"I-I'm sorry," stuttered the boy. "I thought that you were on stilts." It was not uncommon in Royal City for entertainers to walk around on stilts. There were numerous entertainers scattered around the city who perform small acts for whatever change the viewer had. Some went from minor acts of musical talent up to acts that could completely blow a person's mind away. He had truly thought that she was on stilts not just because she was so tall but also because her dress prevented him from seeing her legs and feet.

"No I'm not on stilts. I'm just a very tall lady who doesn't really like being kicked. Even if I were on stilts it still isn't very nice to kick them. If I had been I could have fallen and seriously hurt myself. You wouldn't want that now would you?"

"N-No." This was all he could muster. He was afraid that he would get a clip around the ear for his actions.

"Good, now run along and I hope that you've learned your lesson."

The boy didn't hesitate in running away as Jessica stood back up to her full height. Tucker had just watched and remained silent throughout the entire ordeal. He wasn't too surprised that Jessica hadn't shouted at the boy or hurt him. He looked up to his extremely tall partner who could still feel a small amount of discomfort in her shin.

"Well that was interesting," said Tucker. "I guess there can be a downside to having long legs." He made this sound like a joke although he knew that Jessica's body was proportionate.

"Well there's a downside to everything." She was just playing along with the joke and she found her hand take a hold of his. It was still much smaller than her own but she would think it were abnormal if it were the same size.

"I'm somewhat surprised that you didn't clip that kid in the ear roll. I would have done that if I were you."

"He didn't mean any real harm and hopefully he would have learned a lesson from that. Besides going around hitting people isn't really a nice thing to do."

"Well whatever makes you happy." He paused for a moment as he suddenly realised something. "Wait this is the second time that some kid thought you were on stilts." It had happened relatively close to the start of their quest that now seemed to be a lifetime ago. So much had happened to them since then that it almost seemed that their lives had not truly begun until they started the quest.

"I guess it's just one of the downsides of being a tall girl." She did smile a little as she spoke. "But it also means that I can give you bigger cuddles."

"Maybe when we check into an inn." He also smiled and he didn't really want her to cuddle him like that in public. A little to preserve his manlihood but also so that they didn't attract any unwanted attention.

"Of course, let's just make sure that they have high ceilings. I'm getting a little sick of bumping my head every time I stand up straight."

The couple began to walk down the street where they saw many people walking passed. They even saw some stores that sold goods from the continent of Entios which lay to the east of Angleland. There were cultures on that continent that seemed very alien to those of Angleland. There were even rumours of a society there that sometime delved into cannibalism but many thought that it was just a rumour. There was even rumours of an entire city made of diamonds which to them was as common as dirt. Some explorers had even travelled to Entios to try and find this city, few had returned but none had conclusive proof whether it existed or not.

There were also street performers as well and one particular man was on stilts. He was juggling a little for people watching and right now he felt that he was the tallest person there. That was until Jessica stopped by him for a moment and he had to look slightly up to her. There was a small amount of intimidation and for the moment he stopped juggling. Rather than speaking to him Jessica just smiled at him and put a few coins in his cup by his stilt feet before walking away. He stared at her as she walked and being a professional stilt walker himself he could see how her legs moved in her dress. Instantly he could see that she wasn't wearing stilts and this is what shocked him the most.

Eventually the pair came up to an inn which had relatively low prices. They had enough money to spend a few nights there and get some nice warm meals. The bedroom was even better for Jessica since the ceiling was just high enough for her to stand up straight. The only downside was that the doors were particularly small. Tucker was able to get through without ducking just by a couple of inches. Jessica had no chance for this and had to bend down quite a lot to get through the door.

Almost as soon as they were in the room Tucker took off his armour since he didn't feel that he needed it at this moment in time. He was surprised when Jessica asked him to stand on the bed. Not thinking much of it though he did as he was asked and the next thing he knew her lips came into contact with his but this time that they at eye level and she didn't need to pick him up. Her long arms wrapped around him and he could still feel the warmth and safety that he would feel when in Jessica's arms. They had only just gone from being best friends to becoming lovers and although their love for each other was unquestionable they still wanted to take their relationship at a steady pace.

Again there was only one bed but this wasn't much of a problem as Jessica would wrap her arms around Tucker at night and sleep with him as she would cuddle him like a teddy bear. Even when she slept she would be careful not to use too much strength to cause him too much discomfort. She only really wished that she could have his entire body right by her skin but she knew what would happen if she took off her dress. It was just thing that she would have to keep as a dreaming of. She hoped that one day she be able to have bare body to body contact with Tucker without fear of crushing him.

For the next few days things seemed to be going well for Tucker and Jessica. Not only did they enjoy the time they spent together as a couple but also seeing the sights and sounds of Royal City. Jessica really wanted to go to the palace so that she could see the King and Queen of Angleland but understandably commoners were not allowed to go into the palace and meet the royal family. She just hoped that they would make some kind of public address soon so that she could see them. One thing that she didn't have to worry about was seeing them through a crowd.

One thing that Tucker did take his time doing was exploring some of the iron works that took place in the city. As a fully qualified Blacksmith himself Tucker was allowed to go into the works and witness what was taking place. From time to time he would even help out with a couple of swords and shields while Jessica was out looking around the town. He was given a few gold coins for his work and some of the blacksmiths even gave him a few times how to make the metal stronger. They didn't reveal all of their secrets to him and he didn't really think that he would need these tips since he planned to live the rest of his life in luxury from the riches of Three Man's Treasure. But it would still be a nice little something to fall back on and he could even tell his father and brothers.

The word about an eight foot woman in the city had reached many ears and since Jessica stuck out she was a very easy person to spot. People would walk passed and marvel about just how tall she was. Many of the men felt like children compared to her but she didn't really like being in the limelight. At least these people weren't being hateful towards her like those in her hometown of Morgan. These people were merely just curious about her and in a way she couldn't really blame them.

One particular night when Tucker and Jessica were having some food in an inn a particular gentleman challenged Jessica to a drinking contest. He was a big man himself who had never lost a drinking contest but he was always out to look for the next challenge. Bets had been put on the contest not just between the contestants but many of the people watching on as well. Many believed that the man would win and yet some went with Jessica due to her sheer size alone.

The contest lasted longer than anyone expected as each contestant drank a pint of ale one after the other. Tucker was worried that Jessica was going to make herself sick but he was surprised to see that she was handling her ale very well. It did help that she could drink an entire pint in only two or three gulps and that her hand was almost as big as the pin itself. There was a lot of cheering as each opponent drank their pint. For a while they seemed to be neck and neck but there was one thing that Tucker noticed. The man was beginning to get slower and slower with each pint he drank while Jessica didn't seem to change at all. It almost seemed like to her she was just drinking water. He knew that by now any man would be feeling the effects of the alcohol but Jessica still remained perfectly composed although she did admit that she needed to pee.

It was not too long after this before Jessica's opponent took one last gulp of the ale before falling off of his chair as he was so drunk there was no possibility of him getting up to his feet unaided. There was a huge cheer from the crowd as Jessica's hand was raised in victory. The pair had just earned themselves some much needed money but the first thing that Jessica did after her victory was to get up and go to the restroom so that she could relieve herself before she could ruin her dress.

One thing that Tucker and Jessica didn't realise that a raven had been sent from Logan to almost every major town and city in Angleland. One such raven even found its way to Royal City with very important information. Whether it was good or bad for the pair was yet to be seen but one thing was for sure was that immediate action would be taken.

After Jessica had finished relieving herself she went to Tucker who was collecting the winnings from the man. He was still lying on the ground but his friends were there to make him pay up. When Jessica approached it was not her height that caught their attention but the fact that she was walking perfectly normal. Many would have believed that after consuming that much alcohol that she would have felt some effect. Even Tucker was surprised and it was just one other reason to be amazed by his lover.

After the contest Jessica and Tucker sat on a table together and he noticed that Jessica was breathing a little heavier than normal. This did cause some concern for Tucker but he thought that it was just the alcohol finally catching up to her.

"Hey Jessica are you alright?" asked Tucker with some concern in his voice although he was pretty sure that she was alright.

"Yeah I'm fine," replied Jessica. "I just think that the ale inside me isn't really sitting very well." She continued to breathe deeply for a few moments and it was a way for her to try and not vomit.

"I can imagine, I've never seen someone drink that much ale and still be able to walk and talk in full sentences."

"Well you know me Tucker I'm a special case. Guess another advantage of being freakishly tall is that I can hold my ale a lot better than most men." There was one thing that she wanted to say to Tucker but she didn't really know how to say it. Since they had left Morgan Jessica noticed that her minimum height had increased a little. She had grown a full inch since leaving but since she was so tall to begin with Tucker had hardly noticed. It did bring Jessica a sense of dread as she feared that she wouldn't stop growing. She had already grown practically a full foot after receiving her dress and the thought that she was still growing haunted her. She did take some comfort in the knowledge that since she was eighteen that she didn't have much growth left in her but she did fear that she was a special case. She didn't want to tell Tucker so that she didn't worry him and just tried to put on a happy face. "But there is still only one man in this inn who makes me feel like a real woman." These words were spoken softly and it made Tucker's heart skip a beat. "Why don't we go back into our room and spend some quality time together?"

Tucker almost choked on the ale that he had just drunk and he could see the smile on Jessica's face. He knew that she was being serious but he wondered just exactly she was thinking about doing. Most men would think that she was going for sex but she had already stated that they weren't going to have sex until they were married and Jessica was the type of woman to stick by that promise. The fact that he had almost choked on his ale did make Jessica giggle a little. If she wanted to she could easily lift him up and carry him back up to the room but she didn't want to make him less manly in front of all these people. She would have liked for him to carry her but she was simply too big.

It was not until they returned to the room before Jessica lifted up Tucker and gave him a big kiss. At least now she didn't have to worry about anyone else looking on but as she kissed him she accidentally grew an extra few inches. Normally it would not be that much of a problem but the ceiling was just above her and she struck it with a loud thud. The sudden impact took her by surprise and she accidentally let go of Tucker causing him to fall to the ground. He was able to land on his feet but he just saw Jessica squat down and rub her head. He was also surprised to see a few tears rolling down Jessica's face. It wasn't the first time that she had bumped her head against the ceiling but it had been the first time that he had seen her cry about it.

"What's wrong Jessica?" asked Tucker. He gently grabbed one of her hands and began to rub it to show that he was there for her. He watched as the extremely tall woman sat down on the nearby bed and she still cried.

"No Tucker I'm not alright," replied Jessica who used her free hand to wipe away some of the tears from her eyes.

"Did you hurt yourself?" He wanted to comfort her as much as he could since he didn't like to see her upset.

"No I didn't." She continued to wipe away the tears from her eyes. She saw as Tucker sat down on the bed right next to her.

"So what's wrong?" He didn't want to be so blunt but if there was something seriously wrong with her he wanted to know so that he could help her in any way that he could. Her problems were his problems.

"It's nothing really." She sniffed for a moment before continuing on. "It's just that hitting the ceiling just reminded me of something I can never be."

"And what's that?"

"Normal, everyday I see people going about doing normal things while I'm just this tower of a woman who can't even take my dress off or else I'll become a monster in the eyes of everyone. Do you know how many times I've dreamed about being normal? Being able to do things like normal people like walking through doors without ducking or sleeping in a bed where my feet don't poke out the other end. I want to be able to wear more than one dress and not have people staring at me wherever I go."

"You are normal Jessica." These were the only words he could think of for the moment and he saw her look at him with an angry expression. There were still tears rolling down her face but they were now tears of anger.

"How am I normal? How many other women in Angleland are as tall as me? How many don't have to fear crushing everyone that they love?" Her voice was filled with anger but they weren't really aimed at Tucker but more for herself. She just felt him onto both of her hands and he was trying to show that he was there for her. He could see that she was at a low point and all he wanted to do was make her feel better.

"I admit that you're unique in that case but that doesn't mean that you're not normal. Besides remember what would have happened if you weren't the way you were, you would have died as an infant and we wouldn't have been able to spend the time that we have together. You've helped me in more ways than I could possibly count and on more than one occasion you've had an excuse to be a monster like everyone claims that you are but you refused. That shows something that not many people have, it makes you the bright light in a dark night. It makes you the woman that I love." Before he could say another word he felt Jessica's long arms wrap around him and she brought him right into her chest. Her strength was beyond his and he could only allow this to happen. He didn't mind too much though as his face was squarely in Jessica's breasts but he could still feel droplets of warm water on his head. These were Jessica's tears but if he could see her face he would see that she had a smile on her face.

"Thank you Tucker." She kept a hold of him as if he was the most precious thing she had and in a way he was. Right now no other person was as important to her as her knight in shining armour. "You don't know how much that means to me. Just promise me one thing Tucker."

"What's that?" He struggled to talk but he was able to just about get the words out despite the fact that his head was still in her breasts.

"Don't ever change. Everything about you right now is perfect and I wouldn't change you for anything in the world."


"What?" She couldn't really hear what he was saying as he still get enough time to breathe at all.

"I need air!" He was beginning to gasp for air even more. This was when Jessica finally realised that her partner couldn't breathe. Quickly she let go of him and she could see that his face had been turning blue. Instantly she put on an apologetic expression as she became concerned that she had hurt him.

"I'm so sorry Tucker." Tears were still rolling down her face but now they were tears of worry. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." The colour of his face was returning to normal as he was getting the oxygen back into his body. "If I could take on magical suits of armour and a growing evil copy of you I think a hug from my future wife isn't going to kill me."

Jessica wanted to be sad but she couldn't help but smile. Tucker's comment just made her feel better in a way that only he could achieve. She knew that she was with a special person to make her feel like this.

The night went swimmingly for the pair as they slept together in the usual position of Jessica's arms wrapped around Tucker. He didn't mind being in her arms and it did give her some comfort having him so close to her. He didn't know that she smiled every time that he slept in her arms.

By morning Jessica and Tucker left the inn so that they could explore Royal City even more. They were planning on where to go next, there were some religious temples that they would have liked to visit. There were numerous gods that were prayed to and almost all of them had a temple dedicated them. There was even a small shrine to various demi-gods such as Gwen although those shrines were nothing more than stone slabs attached to walls. Nothing like the temples that belonged to the full gods.

Unfortunately as soon as they walked out of the door of the inn they were confronted by nine heavily armoured knights. Each of their armour was a dark grey colour and they wore red cloaks which bore the royal symbol which was a crown surrounded by towering oak trees. They were armed with the finest weapons in Angleland and the largest of the knights had a sword that was almost as long as a normal man. Instantly Jessica and Tucker stopped dead in their tracks.

Almost immediately the knights began to encircle the pair in an attempt to block off their escape routes. They all knew what they were up against and although some of them were a little nervous they all kept their composure. They were here under the direct order of the king and they had faced many threats and they felt that this one wasn't going to be much of a difference.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked Jessica as she looked around at the guards. She was nervous herself and she thought that they might have been in trouble. She feared that these men might have been sent by Lord Nostory who was still bitter with what happened when the pair were in July.

"Miss Jessica Snape," replied the Knight who was standing right in front of pair. His brothers in arms stood around them and he felt safe. "By command of his grace King Percy, Third of his Name I Sir Daniel Redgrave here by place you under arrest for the murder of Reginald Trounce. You are to come with us for immediate questioning and if you do not have a representative one will be appointed for you."

"Wait I haven't murdered anyone." There was some panic in her voice as it fully dawned on her that these knights were there to arrest her. "I don't even know anyone named Reginald, you've got the wrong person."

"Regardless whether you're innocent or guilty doesn't matter to us. We are simply here to take you in and nothing more."

"She's not going anywhere," replied Tucker with some anger in his voice. He quickly drew out Juggernaut which caused the knights to all draw their weapons out. It seemed that there was going to be a stand-off. "If you want to take her away you're going to have to go through me."

There was a lot of tension in the air as there seemed to be the coming of a battle at any moment. The tension could be cut with a knife but rather than going in for the attack Tucker felt Jessica gently pull him back and she looked down at him for a few moments. There was some sorrow in her face as she knew what she had to do.

"No Tucker this isn't the way," said Jessica before turning to look at Sir Daniel who still had his sword drawn. "I assure you that I'm innocent of the crimes you've accused me of but I will come with you peacefully. If I need to do that to prove my innocence then so be it." She held her fists out and with a quick nod from Sir Daniel one of the other knights placed iron cuffs on Jessica's wrists. Tucker wanted to fight off the knights to defend his future wife but she had already spoken and he respected her wishes. She did turn her head towards him one more time before being led off. "Do everything you can to prove my innocence but whatever you do don't do anything that could get us in even more trouble."

"I will do everything I can," replied Tucker as he felt like the knights were taking away something of great value to him. In a way they were. "I promise you that. I won't rest until you're free."

Jessica was not allowed to say another word before the knights began to push her away. It would take all of their might to move her but thankfully they didn't have to as she was willing to go with them wherever they led her. She knew that she could easily free herself and escape along with Tucker but she knew that it would only lead to more trouble. She and Tucker would have a bounty on their heads so large that they dare not go to a populated area. There was even a chance that these bounty hunters might even get the slip on her and be able to kill her before she could grow. She knew that the only way that she could get out of this was to comply with the authorities and for Tucker to find evidence that would prove her innocence.

Chapter 27: A Chance Of Innocence by The Doctor

In the case of a few moments Tucker's world had been turned upside down. The woman he loved had just been arrested for the murder of a man that neither of them had ever met. He was pretty sure that neither he nor Jessica had met this man named Reginald Trounce. He did think that there was a possibility that it might have been someone that they had met for a moment such as the thieves in Logan but to his knowledge Jessica hadn't killed any of them. If it had been through some kind of accident during a fight he was certain that the knights would have arrested him too since he was involved. Instead they had left him alone and this was the most confusing out of all of them.

Tucker was still amazed with the fact that Jessica actually willing went along with the knights. If the roles had been reversed he would have done everything that he could to make sure that he didn't get arrested. This just showed how different she was to him since she believed that because she was innocent the gods would prove this. He knew that she was innocent but had no way of proving it at this moment in time.

He didn't even know where to look for evidence to prove Jessica's innocence. He had no idea where this supposed crime took place, when it happened and even if it happened. He wanted to help her more than he could admit but at this moment in time he felt like there was truly nothing he could do to help her. This was the most depressing thing for him, many times she had helped him and now it was his time to help her.

Not far away Jessica was taken to a dungeon where she was placed in a chair in a small room. There were several knights based there and each of them were tasked with taking her down if she showed any resistance. Each of them knew about her gigantism and if she began to grow they would have to kill her before she grew too big to be stopped. Many of them thought that this could be their last day but they still kept their composure, they were knights above anything else.

In this room was a small table that Jessica had to sit by. It seemed small to her, almost like that which would belong to a child. The room was surrounded by knights who would execute her if they felt that she was becoming a threat. They were not taking any chances with her and the slightest provocation was all that they needed.

There were two other people in the room who were not knights. These were known as inquisitors whose job it was to get a confession out of the accused. They were the ones who would decide whether they had enough evidence to go to trial or if the accused was innocent. One was a tall man named John Baxter who originally came from the coastal town of Calf Heath and the second gentleman was a man named Rupert Spencer who came from the city of Blanc. They were the two most qualified and respected inquisitors in the city and only the King could tell them which cases to inquire or not.

They were not intimidated by Jessica at all even though she was still extremely tall and could make herself even bigger. They had come across some of the worst people in Angleland and most of them had been executed thereafter. They thought that this was going to be another easy case since they had one defining piece of evidence that proved that she was the murderer.

"So you are Jessica Snape," said John as he took a good look at Jessica. She was still very calm on the outside but inside she was panicking. This was the first time she had gotten herself into real trouble and she just wanted it all to end. "I've been hearing a lot about you, you're a very interesting person so I've heard. You've been to many places recently and every time you're there we hear reports of a woman who can be as tall as a mountain. You are definitely something that cannot be explained with proper reason. Some would even put you on the level of the gods."

"Please can I leave?" replied Jessica. She was hoping that these two men would be able to see reason. "I've done nothing wrong."

"I see that lying is one of your talents as well. It seems that you're not very good at that one though." He smirked a bit and he showed that he wasn't intimidated by Jessica whatsoever, in truth he was a brave man.

"We know it was you who murdered Reginald Trounce no more than a fortnight ago," said Rupert who slammed his hands down on the table. This did startle Jessica a little but she still kept her cool.

"I don't even know a Reginald Trounce, I assure you you've got the wrong person. I wouldn't kill anyone."

"That is not true, we've seen reports of your visit to July. Many of the witnesses there claimed that you were close to crushing Lord Nostory. I admit that he is not the most pleasant of human beings but it still shows us that you are capable of murder if you're pushed too far. Can't say I really blame you though, a girl with your power facing someone you could crush like a bug. You've gotta admit, it is very tempting." He could see that Jessica was getting nervous and he wanted to get a confession out of her.

"No I wouldn't. I just wanted to scare him and besides you don't know what that monster did to me." There was some distress in her voice as she had to remember what happened when she was in July. It was something that would haunt her for the rest of her days. "That man brainwashed me and almost made me kill my best friend. Besides this doesn't prove that I killed this Reginald you keep talking about. I never met the man and I don't even know where this supposed murder took place."

"Trying to play dumb are we?" replied John. He didn't believe a single word that Jessica was saying. If he believed every person who claimed that they were innocent the dungeons of the city would be completely empty. "Since you want to play it like that I'll entertain you. You met Reginald in a bar in Logan and don't try to deny that you were there. Even Lord Logan himself confirms that you were in the city. You defeated Reginald Trounce in an arm wrestling contest in a local tavern before leaving with him. The next morning he was found crushed to death in what remains of his shack. From the spread of the debris something burst out of the shack rather than it just crumbling down."

"That still doesn't prove that I was the one who murdered him. I'm not the only tall girl in Angleland."

"That is true but there is one thing however you neglect. The witnesses at the tavern all claimed that the woman involved could change her size at will. Now if you ask me that kind of limits our list of subjects. We know that you're the only person in Angleland who can perform such a feat."

"And for that reason you're being charged with the murder of Reginald Trounce," added Rupert who could see Jessica's face dropping.

"No this is a mistake," replied Jessica. Her eyes were beginning to well up as it dawned on her that she wasn't going to get out of this. "I swear I didn't kill anyone."

"The King will judge that for himself." He looked towards a couple of the knights who were standing not far from her. "Take her to the dungeon and if you see her increasing her size at all slice her head off."

Jessica felt the two knights grabbing her arms and forcing her up to her feet. She still didn't resist as she was forced up to her feet, she did most of the work herself since she knew that she would be too heavy for the knights to move. She did consider growing to escape but she knew that they would easily be able to stab her before she grew to a decent height. Like it or not she knew that she was on her own.

On the outside Tucker was having a drink in the inn. He was feeling down and because he didn't know where to even start looking for the evidence he saw that he had no choice but to wallow in pity. He felt that he was powerless to do anything to help his future wife and drinking was the only thing that he thought would make the pity go away. If anything the drinking only made his sadness that much worse.

At this point Tucker felt like he was less than a man, he had always prided himself on being a brave man who was destined to become a knight. If he couldn't even protect the woman he loved he felt that he couldn't call himself a knight. He still considered trying to break her out

of the dungeon but this was more the alcohol talking rather than using his basic common sense.

A full day passed and Tucker did try some attempts of gained evidence to prove Jessica's innocence but his efforts had been for naught. He had attempted to gain more information about the charges brought against her but as he expected no officials were willing to speak with him. He wasn't even allowed to see Jessica who had been placed in a cell that had a ceiling which was too low for her to stand up straight in. He could only imagine what she was going through, it had not been that long ago since he was locked up in a deep dark dungeon and blamed for a crime that he was innocent of.

Tucker knew that Jessica would have the option of trial by combat and that she could defeat any champion that the prosecution would call up. Then again he knew that she wouldn't kill the champion and that would be a problem since the victor was the one who killed their opponent. He still wanted to get the evidence to truly clear her of the crime so that it wouldn't have to come down to that.

Eventually Tucker found himself in his room at the inn which he still had for another couple of days. He sat on the bed trying to think of exactly what he could do. Unfortunately nothing seemed to be plausible. He thought that there was truly nothing that he could do so all he did was sit on the bed and wrestle with his thoughts. If there was a low point in his life this was certainly it.

"You're looking a little down there," said a female voice. Tucker had been looking down at the ground but when he looked up he could see Gwen sitting on the chair on the far side of the room. He was completely surprised to see her there. He had not seen her since the day after they first met.

"G-Gwen what are you doing here?" replied Tucker with a lot of surprise in his voice. He didn't know whether to be happy to see her or be afraid. He knew that her size manipulation abilities had no limits and that some of her motivations were questionable. "How did you get in here?"

"I have my ways," replied Gwen with a smile on her face. She didn't really answer Tucker's question and she felt that she didn't have to. "I just saw that you were upset and I wanted to see why that was."

"Jessica's been arrested for killing some bloke named Reginald. We don't even know anyone called Reginald and somehow Jessica's being blamed for his death. I'm trying to find evidence to try and help her but right now I'm literally coming up with nothing. If I don't clear her name I truly don't know what'll happen."

"Oh that was his name." It looked like she had barely listened to what he was telling her and it seemed like she was thinking.

"What are you talking about?" He had only just caught what she had said since he had been explaining what had happened.

"Reginald, I thought it was Rickie or Richard but Reginald that's right." She smiled a little as she began to think of that night. "It's been a long time since a mortal made me feel like that."

"Wait you know this Reginald?" This came as a surprise to him but it took him a couple of moments to put two and two together. He realised that it was Gwen who had actually killed him and that Jessica was now taking the blame for it. "It was you wasn't it? You were the one that killed Reginald."

"Yeah I did." There was no reluctance in her voice or remorse. She just continued to think about when she had sex with Reginald and the wealth of pleasure she felt there. "And I guess you wouldn't believe me that it was an accident." She did smile over at him but Tucker just looked at her in horror. "I guess I got a little carried and unfortunately for him Reginald decided to be underneath. I really should have warned him what could have happened but still, can't change the past."

"This is great." Tucker's horror turned into delight when he realised that to prove Jessica's innocence Gwen could just go in and admit that she was the one responsible and they would let Jessica go. "You can just go to the king and tell him that you were the one that killed Reginald and Jessica will be free."

"And why would I do that?" There was a slight hint of annoyance in her voice. This was mainly because she saw his statement as him telling her what to do. In her mind he had no right to tell her to do anything.

"Because if you don't Jessica could get killed. And besides if you confess what can they do to you? You're a demi-goddess, they can't hold you and I'm pretty sure that the laws of men don't apply to you."

"You're right there but it still doesn't bother me in the slightest. I have nothing to gain from confessing." She did know that there was a good chance that Jessica could die if she was found guilty but she still didn't care what happened to her. On more than one occasion she could have saved Jessica and Tucker like when they were struggling during the second test. She could have easily stepped in and helped them immeasurably since her size manipulation abilities were not hindered by the no magic zone. To her all humans were lowly creatures and the only difference between Jessica and the rest of the humans was that she could make herself bigger than them.

"Please I beg you." He took a few steps towards Gwen who was still sitting down and got down to his knee. He bowed his head to her to show that he was at her mercy and Gwen couldn't help but feel happy about this. "Jessica means more to me than life itself and the thought of losing her is more than I can handle."

"You really love her don't you?" She had seen how they were together and seen all of their intimate moments.

"Yes I do. I love her like I have never loved another person before. She's my soulmate, my everything." He felt some confidence since he thought that Gwen was about to agree to confessing the crimes in order to spare Jessica and clear her name. He felt that he was just about to achieve a great feat.

"And would you do anything for this woman." Her eyebrow raised as she saw an opportunity to turn the situation to her advantage.

"Yes I would do anything for her. I would cut down a hundred men if it meant saving her. I would allow demons to strip my body and take me down to the world below if that was what it took." Gwen could sense that there was truth in his voice and that he would truly go to those lengths to save Jessica.

"Ok you've convinced me I'll go and tell this so called king that I was the one responsible for Reg's death and free your precious little girlfriend." She said this with a smile on her face that would be unnerving for most but Tucker didn't notice this. He was just overwhelmed to hear that Gwen would actually confess in order to save Jessica.

"Bless you Gwen. You will have done me a great favour in doing so." He bowed to her as a sign of respect and she raised her hand up before him.

"Wow there little man, there is a condition for my confession." Tucker still didn't mind this since he was willing to do practically anything to make sure that Jessica was cleared of the crimes that she was accused of.

"And what would that be?"

"When I had sex with Reginald I felt something that I had been missing for a few centuries. I want to feel that again so if you have sex with me right now on that bed I'll march to the king and tell him the truth."

Tucker quickly got up and took a few steps away from Gwen. He couldn't believe what she was asking of him. She was basically asking him to cheat on Jessica in order to free her. He would do anything to protect her but he felt that this was something that he couldn't do. If he did this he didn't think that he would be able to look Jessica in the face again after doing something like that.

"I-I can't," said Tucker with much hesitation in his voice. "I can't do that to her, she means too much to me."

"Then I guess that you don't care about her at all then." A somewhat angry look appeared on Gwen's face. "I was told that love was the most powerful thing in the world but that must be something that you don't have for your friend if you're not willing to do this for her. I guess I judged you wrong."

"Please there has to be another way." There was much sorrow in his voice as he began to see that the only way he could rescue Jessica was to give into Gwen's demands no matter the cost.

"No there isn't." Her words were quick and firm. "If you're not interested in the offer then I will be on my way."

"No wait." A thousand thoughts went through Tucker's head. Most of them would be how Jessica would react if she found out that he cheated on her. He loved her so much that he would never consider doing anything like this if the circumstances were different. He felt that this was his only chance and he gave a deep sigh before looking over at Gwen once again. "Ok I'll do it." His words were relatively quiet and filled with much remorse. It was like someone was taking the dagger into his soul.

"Great." Gwen's smile changed to one of excitement as she stood up to her full height quickly. She was a couple of inches taller than and she walked over to him and practically wrapped her arms around him. "This is something that neither of us will regret and because I'm in such a giving mood I'll even let you decide what size I'll be." She shrank herself until she was looking up into Tucker's eyes. "Maybe you want me to be of a size that you consider to be normal." She gave him another smile but she did unwrap her arms from around him. She then shrank herself even more until she was at eye level with Tucker's crotch level. He found it amazing to see a shrinking woman. He had been used to seeing Jessica growing and shrinking between eight feet and one hundred and twenty five feet but he had never seen anyone else go below normal height. "Maybe you want me to be the ideal height to suck your cock." She gave Tucker's crotch area a small pat and she was still excited with what was going to happen in the near future. She then began to grow in height and she went up until she was taller than Tucker. Eventually her head began to press against the ceiling and he had to look up at her just like he did with Jessica. She was different however, she had not made herself bigger but instead had just made herself taller. Her body looked like it had been stretched and she had very long limbs. It was very strange for Tucker to see someone like this since he was used to seeing his tall women proportioned rather than stretched. "Or maybe you'd like me tall, I could understand if you did." She then bent down to him and her mouth was right next to his left ear. "Or maybe we can find ourselves a nice open space and I can grow big enough until you can slip into my clit." She giggled a little at this thought, she had done it a couple of times and she wouldn't mind doing it again. To humour Tucker she was going to give him the choice.

"No I want to stay in here." He somewhat couldn't believe what he was saying. He almost sounded like he was looking forward to what was going to happen. In a way he was, he didn't like to admit to people but he was still a virgin. He had been saving himself for the right woman and he knew that was Jessica but it didn't mean that he wasn't tempted from time to time. He would be lying if he said that Gwen wasn't a beautiful woman and he knew that if he did what she said that she would clear Jessica's name.

"Your choice lover boy." She gave him a smile as she stood up to her full height. Her neck seemed longer than was the norm but since she went for the more natural tall look rather than the proportioned enlarged look it was to be expected. "How about this I'll give you a few moments to get yourself ready and then we can begin."

Tucker didn't say no to this opportunity as he went into a small room which was joined to the room. It was only small and allowed a person to get changed in privacy. There was also a mirror inside so that a man could see what he was doing while he shaved. It was hard for Tucker to move around in there and it is why Jessica never went in. She was much too big and she didn't like being in small spaces all that much.

He began to take off his clothing and he looked at himself in the mirror. He was both excited and terrified with what was going to happen next. One thought that was going through his mind was that if he did this he would be betraying Jessica. He knew that many married men would have sex with prostitutes but he wasn't like that. Jessica was the only woman for him but he knew that if he didn't do this Jessica would remain incarcerated and if she did escape she would be a wanted woman. He only wished that she was there to give him some guidance but he had to make the decision for himself.

After a few moments Tucker finished taking his clothing off until he was left with just his underwear. He walked back into the room and found Gwen naked under the covers of the bed. She no longer had her stretched appearance so it seemed like she had shrunk to a more average size. He couldn't tell exactly how tall she was but she looked at him with a smile. She was impressed with his body, it wasn't as muscular as Reginald's but it was still handsome and athletic in its own right. She was eager to have sex with him but Tucker was still having doubts. He knew that this wasn't right but he didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

"What's wrong?" asked Gwen but it was not really out of concern but more for anticipation. "Aren't I the most stunning thing you've ever seen?"

"Of course," replied Tucker. He was lying at this moment since he thought that if he told her otherwise she might back out of their deal. "It's just that I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do. I love Jessica and if I do this I'm betraying her."

"You're not betraying anyone." She raised her arm towards him and she began to extend it until she was able to reach Tucker. Slowly she began to pull him towards her but it was more like she was leading rather than pulling. "If anything if you don't do this that'll be betraying her."

"Is there no other way of you just confessing?" He was hoping that there was another way and he was so fixated on Gwen he didn't notice the length of her arm. When she was leading him towards her, her arm was beginning to retract.

"Of course not, as a demi-goddess I'm bound by my word. I can't change it now and if you back out of our deal bad things will happen to you." Her voice was quite cheery and almost masked the fact that she had just threatened him.

"B-But." He was trying to think of what to say next but the truth was there was nothing that could be said. He was between a rock and a hard place and from one prospective there was only one way he could help Jessica.

By then Gwen had led Tucker to the bed. He didn't climb into it just yet but her arm had retracted back to its original length. Her smile was glowing and as she moved the covers he could see her bare breasts which were the ideal size for her size. They didn't look to be too small and on the flip side they weren't too big either. If she wanted to she could easily change the size of her breasts just like she could for any part of her body. Such mastery of size manipulation was something that no human could ever hope to achieve. It just showed how much she was above the rest of humanity.

One thing that Tucker couldn't help was his man reaction to the site of her perfect breasts. Gwen could see his erection in his underpants and she could only giggle, she knew that Tucker was somewhat looking forward to this but not as much as she was. She had been hiding out of sight for a week or so by now and she did admit that it was getting boring. This moment at being a more normal size was not one that she would squander before either going back into hiding or returning to her plain of existence.

"Is that a club in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" asked Gwen with a giggle. Almost immediately Tucker lowered his hands to his private area to try and cover up his erection but it seemed to be futile. "There's no need to hide little guy. You're going to be doing a lot of work in a minute."

With some reluctance Tucker decided what he needed to do as he climbed into the bed right next to Gwen. Almost instantly she began to wrap her arms around him and it almost felt he was with Jessica but this time it felt different. When he was in Jessica's arms he felt a sense of warmth and safety. He knew that she would never hurt him but when he was in Gwen's arms he could sense fear. Although she had a warm body there was something cold about her. Something that seemed to be different, he didn't know whether it was because she was a demi-goddess or his own doubts.

Chapter 28: Doing It For Love by The Doctor

Tucker was having trouble this night but it was nothing in comparison to what Jessica was going through. She had been placed in a cell and was under constant guard who were commanded to strike at the moment that she began to grow. There was a draft that sent a chill right down her spine.

The cell that Jessica had been placed in was filthy and it looked like it had not been cleaned since it was built. There were only three walls with the fourth being blocked by thick iron bars that were said to be nearly unbreakable. She had no privacy in the cell but the worst thing about the cell was that she was too tall to stand up inside. The ceiling was just a little over seven feet high and for an eight foot woman there was an obvious problem. There was a bed but again it was filthy and much too small for her. Even an average sized man would consider it uncomfortably small. There was only a dirty sheet that she could use to keep herself warm and it was ill prepared for its job. She could hear the bed groaning when she lay on it and she dared not make a single movement in fear that it would crumble under her weight.

So many different thoughts were going through her head at this point. She feared that she would be found guilty of this supposed murder and she would be sentenced to death. She didn't know whether she would allow herself to be executed or would she grow in size and escape. She knew that she would be living the rest of her life on the run and she wasn't a woman who was easy to disguise herself.

Her main thought was about her loved ones. She shuddered to think what her parents would think when they received the news that their only daughter was being tried and possibly convicted of murder. They had taught her for as long as she could remember that life was sacred and that she should never kill under any circumstances. They would be greatly disappointed to hear that she killed someone.

Jessica also thought about Tucker. She knew that he would stop at nothing to prove her innocence. She could only think that right now that he was alone and worried about her. She would have loved nothing more than to smash out from the cell and go to him. She knew that it would only make matters worse but she was torn between seeking justice and being with him. She began to cry softly as she felt that she was at the lowest point in her life, at least when she was under the control of Lord Nostory at least she was still relatively safe. Now all she could do was try and get some sleep and try to forget what was happening to her. It was almost too much to bear.

At the inn Tucker was also having negative thoughts. He was in the arms of Gwen who had her naked body right next to him. She had a huge smile on her face as she was about to get what she wanted. He could feel a coldness from her which made him feel uneasy and he could feel her nipples come into contact with his chest. His penis was still erect although he wished that it wasn't.

Gwen could feel his penis brushing against her and it only made her excitement increase. She wanted nothing more than to have Tucker's penis in her vagina as soon as she could. She gave him a kiss before turning him onto his back. Like Reginald before her she more or less sat down on Tucker's crotch but as she did she slid his penis right into her vagina and she groaned in pleasure. Tucker couldn't help but feel turned on by this but he did notice something odd. He felt the area around his penis begin to get tighter and as he looked at Gwen he could see that she was shrinking herself. She wanted to make his penis seem as large as she could. Despite the fact that she had complete mastery over size manipulation she couldn't change the size of anything that wasn't a part of her being. Her clothing was special to the gods which allowed it to change size with her.

"Are you ready big boy?" asked Gwen as she stopped shrinking herself. She gave a groan of pleasure when she had been feeling Tucker's penis growing inside of her even though she knew that it was merely her shrinking in size.

For a few moments Tucker was silent. The truth was that he wasn't ready for this at all, if there was another way he would be doing it but unfortunately there was no other way. He was doing this purely for Jessica and nothing else.

"Yeah I'm ready," said Tucker with a small amount of reluctance in his voice. He saw Gwen leaning towards him and as she did she began to stretch her torso so that she could reach his face.

"After tonight you're going to forget all about girl you're obsessed with," replied Gwen with a smile on her face. "You will think of only me from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. I will be the dream you will be chasing for the rest of your existence but no matter how close you think you are you won't reach me. That is unless I choose to be reached."

These words rung in Tucker's ear and he felt Gwen's lips come into contact with his. She was kissing him passionately but he felt that there was something odd. Her tongue was reaching further into his mouth then he expected. He didn't realise that she was extending her tongue so that she could go further inside his mouth and increase her own needs for pleasure. She could still feel Tucker's penis inside of her and she shrank her vagina a little more until she felt like she was completely full.

One other thing that Gwen also did was increase the size of her breasts and they were beginning to push against Tucker's chest. He could feel her breasts growing and he couldn't help but feel a little turned on. It was something that he had never experienced before and he was a little excited.

Gwen could feel Tucker's heart rate increased and at that moment she knew that he was completely hers. She felt that she had succeeded once again like she did many times before. She had many sexual partners who she would have sex with once before moving onto someone else. If she liked them she would stick around for a little longer before leaving them for no apparent reason other than she was bored of them.

Gwen's partners had not been limited to men and she had been with numerous women over the millennia as well. Very few of her partners were the same afterwards. Some could return to their lives before while most were trying to recreate the passion that they had with Gwen. None would succeed and some would live the rest of their lives a shell of a person while others took the quick way out. What was mainly troubling for them was the fact that after leaving them Gwen wouldn't even give them a second thought. If anything they were merely tools and it seemed like Tucker would be no different.

There was one thing that Tucker did to make sure that he didn't disappoint Gwen. He was thinking about Jessica and as he closed his eyes he began to pretend that he was her with him and not Gwen. He would be lying if he said that he never imagined having sex with Jessica but he had not wanted to push it because she would only do it when they were married. This was something that they both wanted to do as soon as they returned to Morgan either with or without the treasure. There was one thing that Tucker did want as he opened his eyes and Gwen stopped kissing him.

"Wait Gwen there is something I want," said Tucker. "Can you make yourself as big as Jessica?"

"Normally I don't let people tell me what to do but for this I'll let it slide," replied Gwen. Soon Tucker felt Gwen's entire body growing on top of him. He could feel her weight increasing and he could even feel the bed beginning to groan as it was taking the sudden increase in weight. It was almost as simple as breathing for her to grow to eight feet and for Tucker it now made it feel more like he was having sex with Jessica rather than Gwen. "Is this better for you?" She was sitting up on his crotch area and she seemed to be a tower of a woman.

"Yes, that's better thank you." He remembered to thank her since he was afraid if he showed any kind of disrespect things would like take a turn for the worse.

"Oh good, now where were we?"

For the next several hours Tucker and Gwen continued to have sex. For Gwen it was a wondrous experience and unlike last time she was able to keep herself composed enough to not allow her powers to get the better of her. This was good news for Tucker since it meant that he wasn't going to be crushed to death like Reginald. Unfortunately unlike Gwen he couldn't keep it going up the effort forever and eventually he couldn't go on any further. Gwen wanted to go all night but unfortunately all the energy in Tucker's body was gone and all he could do was sleep. Eventually even Gwen had to agree that he needed rest and so she allowed him to fall asleep. She didn't leave the bed though as she kept herself close to him and she slowly shrank to around five and a half feet tall.

At the crack of dawn Jessica was awoken in her cell by a couple of guards. She had not slept well at all, it had taken her a long time to get to sleep and the fact that she was woken up so early only added to her fatigue. She was brought in only a basic breakfast which was bread and water. Unfortunately they only gave her the same amount as an average prisoner rather than for someone of her stature. The meal was nothing more than an appetiser and her requests for more food was instantly shot down.

Now more than ever Jessica was tempted to use her powers to escape from the cell and leave the city after finding Tucker. Her temptation was mainly due to both her hunger and sleep deprivity but she still refused to do so. She still believed that the justice system and the eyes of the gods would find her innocent. She knew full well that she had done nothing wrong and would continue to believe this to the end of her days. Unfortunately she did have her trial to attend to that morning.

Jessica had even found it surprising that her trial was taking place so quickly. It hadn't even been a full day since she was arrested and already she was being taken to her trial which was to take place in the Palace Of Justice just outside the king's own palace. Due to the circumstances of this crime the king himself would be the judge, a part of him wanted to see justice served but another part of him was curious to see this so called giant woman that he had heard about.

Inside her cell the guards put strong iron cuffs around her wrists and she was forced to stand up even though they knew that she couldn't stand up straight in the cell. She was surrounded by half a dozen guards who were there to lead her to her trial. Jessica didn't say a word as they began to lead her away. Her hope was beginning to diminish as she knew that Tucker wouldn't have been able to find the evidence this quickly. She feared that she was going to be found guilty and sentenced to death. A part of her however refused to believe that this would happen, instead she tried to keep her faith in both Tucker and the justice system to prove that she was innocent.

Tucker was beginning to stir in the bed and he could feel some arms wrapped around him. For the moment he thought that it was Jessica since he didn't remember what had happened the previous night. It was only when he turned and saw Gwen that he remembered exactly what had happened. She lay there with a smile on her face and she looked to be completely awake. She still seemed to be as big as Jessica and he found that he couldn't escape her grip. She hadn't slept at all because as a demi-goddess she didn't need to sleep, that was something only mortal did. She was still naked and she allowed her body to rub against his and it was almost like ecstasy for her.

"Not bad for a first time Tim," said Gwen as she hugged Tucker a little tighter. "A little more practice and you'll make me and every woman quiver." Her smile didn't fade. "Shall we do this again some other time."

"N-No," replied Tucker who was able to move out of her grip and he sat up. "Last night was a mistake that will never happen again." He felt an incredible feeling of guilt over what had happened the previous night.

"Sure you won't." She also sat up and when she did she was still towering above him. If she stood up she would be eight feet tall but at this moment in time it didn't matter. Instead she gave him a kiss and slowly got out of bed. She began to put her clothes back on that had been on the ground right by the bed. "Last night was fun and all but I'm going to be going now. Keep up the quest."

"Hey wait." He quickly crawled to the other side of the bed where she was standing. She turned to him as she expected to say something about having another night together at some point. "What about our deal?"

"What deal?" It was like she had completely forgotten about the agreement that she had with Tucker.

"You said that if I had sex with you you'd tell the authorities that it was you that killed Reginald and not Jessica."

"Oh that, yeah I'm not doing that." She said this as if it were the norm, no thought had been put into whatsoever. From the instant she had made the deal with Tucker she knew that she wasn't going to keep her part.

"But you said that as a demi-goddess you had to keep your word." There was a sense of terror that ran through his body. He thought that not only had he betrayed Jessica but he wasn't even going to earn her freedom for this.

"I lied." She looked at him for a moment and another smile appeared on her face. This one was different however, this one seemed like she was mocking him. "Wait you actually expected me to keep my word?" She began to laugh at him as he got up from the bed. He was naked but right now it wasn't important. "I'm a demi-goddess and you're a mortal, how could you possibly expect me to keep my word?"

"Because it's the right thing to do." These were the only words he could think of in response to what she was saying.

"Oh Tim you silly little man." She crossed her arms and looked down at him. "To me there is no right and wrong, that is something that you mortals created to keep yourselves in line. It has no meaning to me. Now why don't you be a good little mortal and wait around for when I come back. If you're lucky it might even be within your lifetime." She went to turn around but she heard a sword be unsheathed. This made her turn around and she saw Tucker holding onto Juggernaut. He had taken the briefest of moments to put some underwear on but he held his sword firm and directly towards Gwen. She had a small cheeky smile on her face as she thought that this was some kind of joke.

"You gave your word and I intend for you to keep it." There was a small amount of anger in his voice but over he was absolutely terrified. He was acting more with his heart rather than his brain.

"Are you telling me what to do?" The smile instantly faded from her face and now she looked incredibly annoyed. She glared at him and if looks could kill Tucker wouldn't stand a chance.

"Yes I am. My best friend is in grave danger because of you and as long as I live I'm gonna make sure that you admit what you did!" He was still terrified but he stood his ground nonetheless. Jessica was too important to him and although he knew how dangerous Gwen could be he still stood his ground.

The next thing Tucker felt was Gwen's hand grab his neck and he was lifted off the ground effortlessly. She had also begun to grow and since the ceiling was too low for her to get really big she grew until she had to kneel down. She had a very angry look on her face and she lifted Tucker up and pinned him against the ceiling. She was holding his neck so tightly that he could hardly breathe. A slight flick of her wrist and she could break his neck as if it were a twig. By now Tucker was beginning to regret his actions and he thought that he wasn't going to survive this.

"You don't tell me what to do!" shouted Gwen so loud that it was almost deafening for him. He could see the absolute anger in her eyes and he truly believed that he was going to die. "You are nothing to me and yet you feel that you can command me? I have lived longer than this piece of shit that you call a kingdom and if I wanted to I could destroy it just as easily as I snap your neck." Tucker was gasping for air but the giantess before him wouldn't let him have a decent breath. "No mortal has ever told me what I can and cannot do and I ain't going to let it start now. Your friend's fate is of no concern to me, like you she is nothing to me. Know now that you will not leave this room alive but I'm not completely without mercy. I will allow you to make your last words before I send you to your ancestors."

"There is one thing," replied Tucker. He could barely get his breath back but she had slightly reduced her grip around his neck. He was still terrified and he found it an odd feeling being pinned to the ceiling. "Do you really want someone else to take credit for your deeds?" He had come up with an idea and although it was a longshot right now he didn't have much of a choice.

"What are you talking about?" Her facial expression changed from one of anger to that of curiosity. Her voice had even changed, now it didn't seem to be so angry, just a little confused.

"Jessica is going to be credited for what you did." He was able to get more breaths that allowed him to feel a little more comfortable. "If I was someone like you I would make sure that everyone knew what I had done and not let people believe that some lowly insect did it." He knew that he was referring to Jessica as an insect but right now his idea seemed to be working.

"Hmm you do have a point there." It looked like Gwen was in deep thought and she even let go of Tucker. This made him drop to the ground and he landed with a great thud. He even saw her begin to shrink until she could stand up comfortably in the room. "I'm not in the mood for anyone taking credit for what I did. I want everyone on this plain to know my deeds."

"So are you going to tell the authorities that you killed Reginald?" He was picking himself up from the ground. He had been able to get his breath back and thankfully the fall hadn't seriously hurt him.

"Yeah sure, it's not like they can do anything about it. Besides a mortal has not right to take credit for the work of a god."

Tucker gave a huge sigh of relief as he realised that he had finally convinced Gwen to do the right thing. He was a little sceptical though since Gwen's word couldn't be entirely trusted as he had just seen. He could only hope that this time Gwen did keep her word and if she didn't he knew that there would be nothing that he could do. Gwen was so far out of his league that it was like a single ant trying to battle a person.

Some distance away Jessica was being hurried along by a hoard of guards. She didn't resist at any point although she was tempted to break out of her cuffs and try and escape but she still knew that it wouldn't do her much good. Her life would be ruined and she would be breaking her own morals.

Eventually Jessica came to a large hall that was none other than Royal City's top court. Over the years many infamous figures had been tried there such as Sir Winston Marley who had planned to assassinate the King some centuries ago. His fate was obvious for those convicted of treason.

The ceiling in this hall was very high and up and down the walls were carvings and paintings of great beauty. If the situation hadn't been so serious Jessica would have taken the time to look over the beauty. In front of her was an elevated seat where the judge would sit, it was highly decorated and looked to be made of gold. It didn't take a lot of guess work to figure that is where the King would sit to judge each case.

The court was lightly brit up with sunlight radiating in almost every corner of the court. Towards the back of the court was a seating area where the commoners could sit and watch what was taking place. Since this trial would feature the King it was filled with people who wanted to see their King pass judgement. None of them had even heard of what the trial even was, they just wanted to see the King.

Jessica did hear a few gasps from the commoners in attendance as they saw just how tall she was. Many of them thought that she made the knights who were guarding her look like children even though these men weren't small by any stretch of the imagination. She was led to a table where the defendants were forced to sit but as she looked down at it there was only a small stool for her to sit on. Without giving it too much thought she knew that the stool wouldn't be able to support her weight so with a small amount of reluctance she decided to sit on the ground so that she didn't have the embarrassment of breaking the stool. It was times like this that she did want to be normal.

On the table to her left was where the prosecution would be seated. The prosecution was a smart looking man who wore an outfit that looked to be worth more than what a peasant's entire property was worth. He was an aging man who had once had a full head of blonde hair but now it was beginning to recede. He had a short beard and a small scar on his right hand. His name was William Taylor who was the second son of Lord Thomas Taylor of Port Phillip. His sharp mind had brought him to Royal City and quickly he became one of the Crown's chief prosecutors. He had wasted no time reading up the evidence and he too was very confident that he would get a conviction. Like everyone else he didn't think that there were any other individuals in Angleland who could change size like Jessica and he felt that it was going to be an easy conviction.

There was a lot of chatter taking place inside the courtroom and Jessica couldn't help but feel anxious. Over the next few hours she would know whether she walked away as a free woman or be convicted and likely sentenced to death. She did look around to see if she could see Tucker but unfortunately he wasn't present. She didn't know whether this was a good sign or not.

Chapter 29: Court Drama by The Doctor

All the chatter came to a sudden end when a door at the other side of the court opened. The first to step through was Sir Daniel Redgrave along with another knight. Just behind them walked a man with short blond hair and a clean-shaven face. He wore a crown upon his head and his clothing was made out of silk and other expensive materials. Each of his fingers wore a gold ring that had been given to him by a lord of Angleland. It was not difficult to guess that this man was none other than the King himself as he moved up to the judge's position. Everyone in the court who was wearing hats took them off when the King entered as a sign of respect.

"Introducing his grace King Percy the Third of his Name and rightful ruler of Angleland!" shouted a voice which was loud enough for everyone to hear. He didn't quite look like Jessica had imagined but she kept this thought to herself in fear of making her situation even worse than it actually was.

Everyone remained on their feet until King Percy's royal robe was removed and he sat down on his seat. It was at that point that everyone else inside the court also sat down. Jessica was slightly delayed in this action but she soon realised.

"My loyal subjects we are here today to try Miss Jessica Snape for the crime of murder," said King Percy. His voice was also loud and it could be heard throughout the court. "May the gods bless us with the wisdom needed for such a task." He then looked down at William who gave him a smile. "The prosecution will make their opening statement. All comments by the defendant will be ignored until it is time for their opening statement. Lord William you may begin."

"Thank you your grace," replied William as he stood up and gave him a bow. He looked over at the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen what you see in the defendant's seat is a murderess. The gods saw it fit to gift her with the ability to increase her size until she makes the common man no more than a doll. She used this gift to maliciously murder an innocent man named Reginald Trounce. Because she can make herself seem like a goddess before man she felt that she had the need to take his life just to satisfy her own whim. This ladies and gentlemen is not a person but a monster."

There were a few gasps and some angry comments towards Jessica as William took his seat. Jessica felt very low but she still she refused to give into her emotions. She knew that William was only making her out to seem like a monster to win the case but she wasn't going to allow that to happen. She didn't think that she could rely on Tucker so instead she had to rely on herself.

"Thank you Lord William," said King Percy. "Now the defendant may make her own opening statement."

Jessica stood up to her full height but she did remember to bow to King Percy just like William had done earlier. She thought that he would take offense if she didn't bow to him and the last thing she wanted was to upset the king. Despite her height and capabilities she was still a lowborn peasant in his eyes.

"I thank you your grace," replied Jessica as she thought about her next words. Her mind wandered to when Tucker was on trial in July. Back then she had been powerless to stop what was happening but this time she was wanted to make sure that she came out of this with her head held up high. "If it pleases the court I will begin by stating that I have never met this Reginald Trounce or anyone with a similar name. I was raised by a good a man and woman who despite my size didn't treat me like a monster and instead treated me like a human being. They taught me many things during my time with them and their most important lesson is to treat everyone with dignity and respect. If I had of met Reginald I would have met another wonderful person but now I cannot and I am being blamed for this. The charges against me are unfounded and by the end of this trial the court will agree with me." She gave another bow as she once again sat at the table.

There was some murmuring from the crowd watching and the King had to slam a gavel onto his table just for the talking to stop. He had heard the opening arguments and so far he was still undecided so the rest of the trial had to go on as planned. This was definitely an unusual case but in truth he had tried stranger.

Over the next hour William showed the prosecution evidence of Jessica's guilt. This wasn't more in physical evidence but more on eye witness testimony. All the testimonies stated that the woman that Reginald had been with that night had been able to change her size. For now Jessica was the only person in Angleland with such a talent to their knowledge. None of the witnesses were present at the court so written accounts were being used. If a witness had been there they would have been able to see that Jessica looked a lot different to Gwen. Despite this the evidence looked to be damning and everyone at the court strongly believed that Jessica was guilty of the crime.

When the prosecution's testimonies had finished it was Jessica's turn to speak. She had an idea in her head but it did mean that she might have to change her size at some point. She just hoped that the guards wouldn't try and kill her before she made her point across. The last thing she wanted was to cause ruckus.

"Ladies and gentlemen I can prove to you right now that I was not the one responsible for Reginald's death," said Jessica. She sounded more confident than she actually was. "The testimonies state that the woman that Reginald was seen with had been of average size and then grew to meet his larger frame. I can admit to you right now that this is something I can't do since this is my minimum size. As you can see even at my smallest I am still probably the tallest person in Angleland."

"Objection your grace this proves nothing," replied William. He stood up from his table so that he could be clearly seen by everyone inside the court. "The defence is lying to the court. She can shrink to average size if she pleased but to try and give her lie credit she is refusing to do so."

"If only I were lying. Do you think if I could shrink myself any smaller than this I would have done so? There have been many times throughout my life where things would have been a lot easier if I could shrink to normal size but the truth of the matter is that I can't. No matter how much I wish or pray to the gods I cannot shrink smaller than this height and I am still growing. In fact my smallest height has increased by an inch ever since I left my home. The testimonies also state that I increased the size of my muscles again to match Reginald's and even more so to defeat him in an arm wrestle. Again this is something that is beyond my abilities, whenever I grow my body increases to proportion. I cannot selectively increase the size of a single body part or increase the size of my muscles so that I look like a strongman. With this in mind the testimonies describe a different woman to me."

"If not you then who was it? You've even admitted yourself that you were in Logan at the time of Reginald's death. I find it very odd that there would be two women who could change their size in the same place at the same time. You are the only person in all of Angleland who can change their size so your comments are nothing more than lies to try and sway the court into believing that you're innocent. This is pretty much an open and shut case your grace, Jessica Snape is guilty of the crime of murder."

"Stop everything!" shouted a voice. There were some gasps as people turned to the door and they could see Tucker standing there with Gwen right next to him. This had caught everyone by surprise as they had not expected something like this to happen. He was approached by a couple of armoured guards but he stuck his hand up. "With me right now I have the real culprit, she is a demi-goddess named Gwen and she is the self-titled Mistress Of Size. She is the one responsible for the crime not Jessica."

"Who do you think you are interrupting a trial in progress?" replied William who didn't seem to be too happy that he had been interrupted. From the armour that Tucker was wearing he could tell that he was a commoner since a highborn knight would have had more expensive armour. For the moment King Percy sat exactly where he was and rather than throwing Tucker out he wanted to see exactly where this was going. He would only evict Tucker if he saw that it was necessary.

"My name is Tucker Martel of Morgan and as I said my friend is innocent. I have the true culprit right here!"

Jessica was relieved to see Tucker but she was very surprised to see Gwen. She had not seen her since the night of their first meeting and didn't realise that Gwen had been with them the entire time. It began to make sense why everyone thought that she was responsible for Reginald's death. Gwen was the only other size changer that she knew about and in her mind was probably powerful enough to pull off the feats that had been described. It felt like a welcome relief as she knew that she finally had the evidence to prove that she was not the murderess.

"Yeah I did it," said Gwen and she had no regret in her voice. She didn't sound like she was proud of her actions either but she still showed no guilt. "I was the one who killed Rickie or Richie."

"Reginald," interrupted Tucker. He had noticed that Gwen seemed to have difficulties remembering names. He wasn't sure whether this was because she was absent minded or she simply didn't care.

"Reginald that's it. I killed him the other weak but if it makes you feel any better I didn't do it on purpose."

"This proves nothing," replied William who couldn't believe that there was someone else who could possibly have committed the crime. "So you hired some whore to confess for the defendant's crimes."

"What did you call me?" There was a streak of anger as Gwen couldn't believe that a mortal had called her a whore. It was the first time that she had been insulted by a mortal for a very long time.

"You're nothing more than a common whore who would confess that they were a mermaid for the right price." He quickly turned to King Percy and looked up to him. "If it pleases your Grace I suggest that these two are to be expelled from the court and this little outburst be stripped from the records."

Already one of the guards approached Gwen and grabbed her arm. She turned to look at him and there was complete hatred in her eyes. Quickly she grew in size up to around fifteen feet, there was a loud gasp as everyone saw her growing but no one was more surprised than the guard who found himself lifted off the ground. Everyone stood up and tried to get out in panic while William stayed where he was. He was completely surprised by what had just happened and he knew that he was in trouble.

"You dare not touch me!" stated Gwen in a very angry voice to the guard who was hanging from her arm. People were frantically making their way out of the courtroom in fear that they would get seriously harmed. "I did not give you permission to touch me and yet you saw it fit to do so."

"Gwen please don't!" shouted Tucker up to her. He had to be very careful with his wording since if he said anything that sounded like a command Gwen's anger would turn to him and this time he didn't think that he could save himself. "Please don't harm him, I'm begging you." He wanted to make it sound like he was asking her rather than telling her since it would be more likely for her to comply. "He doesn't know what he is doing and I'm sure that he regrets it. If he knew who you actually were he would not have even considered grabbing you."

"You're probably right there." Her voice seemed to be calmer and she shook her arm enough for the guard to lose his grip and drop. The drop itself wasn't too far and he landed on his feet. Quickly he backed away but by now there were very few people left in the courtroom and none of them had been the spectators. Gwen looked over William who was still at his seat, although he was somewhat intimated he refused to show it and stayed stern. "But that doesn't excuse what you said to me." She pointed towards him and her voice had become angry once again. She still stayed where she was although she was seriously contemplating growing until she burst out of the courtroom. It was a feat that would be simple to her. "No mortal gets to speak to me in such a manner and lives another day. In a moment you will be meeting your ancestors."

Tucker wanted to stop this but he didn't know what to do. He knew that his words wouldn't be able to save William and if he had heard what he had been saying about Jessica he might have just let Gwen kill him. He could only watch as Gwen took a few steps forwards and he didn't know if she could be stopped.

Without a thought for her own safety Jessica quickly stood up from where she was sitting and grew until she was the same size as Gwen. She took a few steps towards her and then stopped, she did consider growing bigger than Gwen but since she knew that the demi-goddess could simply make herself even bigger the act would be pointless. She knew that what she was doing could possibly get her killed but she still didn't want Gwen to kill William. She thought that he was a weasel of a man but he still didn't deserve to die, he was only fulfilling his duty.

"Please Gwen don't do this," said Jessica just as Gwen came right towards her. At this point the guards were all surrounding the king and although they wanted to evacuate him but he had refused. He wanted to wait and see what happened and he didn't want to seem like a coward in escaping. "This man might be a worm but he doesn't deserve to die. Please don't harm him."

"You actually think you can stop me?" replied Gwen with a laugh in her voice. Instantly she doubled in size and Jessica took a step back as she saw Gwen growing taller. Her growth only lasted a few moments and by then her head was only a foot away from the ceiling. She was a towering figure of beauty but right now there was no one near as terrifying as her. "Many have tried to stop me in the past and all have failed. What makes you think that you're any better than them?"

"I don't but you are. Ever since I was born I was taught that the gods were the wisest and most just beings in all creation. You are supposed to be as above humans as we are above insects but yet you show compassion. If you are indeed a god you can find it within yourself to forgive him for his comments. I can forgive him for what he has said to me and you're nothing short of a god. Surely his comments can mean nothing to one such as you." She knew that she was fighting a losing battle but the fact that Gwen hadn't simply pushed right passed her did give her some hope.

"I can see now why your friend likes you so much." She had bent down to her one knee so that she could be more level with Jessica but didn't shrink herself. She still wanted to remain large to show that she was still in control. "You're so much like him, you think you can use words on me to get you to do what you want." She did giggle again and it sent a cold shiver down Jessica's spine. She knew that the demi goddess was simply toying with her. "Everything you said is true except for one fact. Although it pains me to admit it I'm not a full goddess so saying that I'm compassionate might not be so true."

"Maybe this could be your path to becoming a full goddess. I have no doubt that it is within you." She knew that she was playing a dangerous game but at this moment in time she didn't think that she had much of a choice. He

"What in my name are you talking about?" There was not so much anger in Gwen's voice but genuine confusion.

"You said it yourself you're a demi-goddess. Maybe your path to becoming a full goddess begins now." She was trying to think of exactly the right thing to say but she didn't really know what could be said. It was a matter that was far beyond her understanding and even if she spent the rest of her life trying to find out she would be no closer than when she started. "I can try to pretend to tell you that I know what you need to do but the truth is I don't and I never will." Gwen knew almost exactly what Jessica was talking about but the truth was she didn't want to be a full goddess. The gods annoyed her since they were above her and some acted with a holier than thou attitude. That made her sick to her stomach and she was perfectly happy with the level that she was on.

"I know what you're trying to do little one. You're trying to tell me that if I decide to spare him I'll be on my way to becoming a full goddess." She did giggle a little. "I admire your tongue work I really do but you're wrong."

"But..." She wanted to speak but Gwen put her finger in front of her mouth before she had the chance. The situation was completely alien to Jessica who had always been used to being the big one but now the tables had turned. Gwen's finger was still very large on Jessica's lips and the demi-goddess smiled.

"The last thing I want to be is a full goddess. Do you know how stuck up those guys are?" She grunted in annoyance but it was not aimed at Jessica. "I can't stand being around them, even for a moment before I want to throw up my eyeballs. The last thing I want to be is one of them, having to spend every moment for the rest of eternity with them." This was one of the reasons why Gwen had come to Angleland in the first place. The gods wouldn't risk coming to this plain without causing so much unbalance by their mere presence. Since she was only a demi-goddess she could safely come to this plain without fear of disrupting the natural flow of things.

"Then is there truly nothing I can do to stop you?" Jessica didn't want to admit it but she was close to throwing in the towel. She knew that she couldn't stop Gwen at all and that it was only a matter of time before the demi-goddess got bored and simply pushed her out of the way.

"No there isn't but that guy isn't even worth the effort. He is nothing compared to me and destroying him isn't something that is going to make too much a difference. Hell just because I like you I might even forgive him if he simply apologises to me." It was true that Gwen did seem to favour Jessica and Tucker over many mortals that she had met. They didn't know it but she had seen many of their interment moments. She had seen their struggles and how they truly cared for one another. She had a little respect for them but the truth was that she viewed them much like a soap opera and she wanted to continue watching for as long as she could. She did look over to William who hadn't really moved from his seat. "I believe that's your cue."

William began to grumble, he had never apologised to anyone in his life for anything and he didn't really want to start now but the truth was that he didn't have much of a choice. He could see now that Gwen was indeed what she said and that if he didn't she would crush him where he stood. Jessica had been able to buy him this opportunity since if she had stood back and done nothing she would have crushed him straight away. He was a very stern man and it would take a lot for him to apologise but right now there was not much that he could do about it.

Slowly William did step forwards towards the still towering Gwen. He was still afraid but he still didn't show it. Instead he got down to his one knee and bowed his head. This was a sign of respect towards Gwen and although it was difficult for him to do due to his pride he did it nonetheless to preserve his own life.

"I apologise for my comments earlier," said William but his voice was nothing more than a grumble. This was as much as he could muster as what he was doing he felt was humiliating. He only had the comfort knowing that he wasn't doing it to any mere mortal but a higher being.

"Hmm that didn't really sound sincere," replied Gwen who crossed her arms. She thought that she would have a little more fun before this was all over. "I'm sure you could have done better than that."

"I am sorry." This time his voice was louder so that it could be heard clearer by everyone else. It caused Gwen to smile and she stood up to her full height. At first everyone thought that this was a bad sign but much to everyone's relief they saw her begin to shrink and she even giggled a little.

"See that wasn't so hard was it. Ok your life is spared for now but believe me if you insult me ever again there will be absolutely no mercy. Your life will belong to me and I will take just as easily as you can crush a bug." She began to look around a little and she could see that Jessica was also shrinking and that Tucker had made his way towards where everyone else was standing. She smiled once again as she looked up at King Percy who had not moved from his seat. "It's been fun and everything but I think I better be making a move." It's been fun everyone."

Gwen clapped her hands and it caused a huge flash of light that dazed everyone for a moment. No one noticed that Gwen quickly began to shrink herself and she leapt onto Tucker's shoulder. She continued to shrink until she was once again completely out of sight. The entire process only took a couple of seconds and by this time everyone had begun to recover. Not too surprising for them there was seemingly no sign of Gwen. They simply believed that she had teleported away, most likely back to wherever she had come from. To everyone this was a great relief as they felt that the true danger had finally passed and that they were safe once again.

Quickly William got back up to his feet and calmly walked out of the courtroom. In his view he had shamed himself and simply wanted to go and nurse his pride. He also knew that he had lost the trial after what had just happened. He wanted to forget that this had even happened, it was going to be a day which would stay with him for the rest of his life. He had stared a demi-goddess in the eye and he had blinked.

Jessica also shrank down to her smallest size as Tucker approached her. They did give each other a hug but they knew that they couldn't leave yet. Technically Jessica was still on trial and they looked up to King Percy, he was completely surrounded by guards who were there to ensure his protection. Despite everything that had happened King Percy still needed to pass judgement.

"Well that was unexpected," said King Percy as he cleared his throat. "From the recent events I am thus ending this trial and passing judgement. In light of the evidence brought before me I find Miss Jessica Snape innocent of the crime of murder. By my command she is to be released immediately. I would issue a warrant for the arrest of Gwen but she is a being far beyond humanity and thus our laws do not apply to her. This is my ruling of the case and so shall it stand."

Both Jessica and Tucker were more than relieved to hear this and Jessica almost broke down in tears. It was a great relief for her to be free and be able to live out the rest of her life outside of a cell. She had only been locked up for a day but it was something that she never wanted to feel again. She had Tucker to thank for ensuring her freedom and for that she gave him a big kiss on his lips. There was one thing that she did notice, she felt that he was distant for some reason.

Chapter 30: Confessions by The Doctor

That night Tucker and Jessica were once again at the inn. They were sitting downstairs along with other people who were there to have a good night. As it happened to be a travelling musical group were staying at the inn and for a small fee they performed. The songs that they sang were ones that many of the regulars knew and could have a singalong with. Even Jessica was singing along with a couple of the songs, normally she didn't like to make herself noticed but she was in a good mood that night. She didn't have the best singing voice in Angleland but no one seemed to mind since everything had all been in good fun. There were even some men that wanted to compare themselves with her when she stood up at her full height. Since she was in such a good mood she allowed them to this and all were shocked with just how much taller she was than them. It was something that they would never forget.

Despite all of the fun that was going on Tucker sat down at the table and seemed to keep himself to himself. The thought of him having sex with Gwen the previous night was replaying over and over again in his head. He kept trying to tell himself that it was to help Jessica earn her freedom but the truth was that his act had been pointless. Even though he had done what Gwen had wanted she was going to go back on her word any way. He had been able to convince her to confess but he felt that he could have done it without having to have sex with Gwen. He felt like he had betrayed her in the worst way possible. He didn't know whether to tell her and possibly ruin their relationship or if she would understand and forgive him.

Tucker was in a world of his own and he didn't notice Jessica sitting down on the table. She placed a large ale right in front of him and for a few moments he didn't even notice. She had to wave her hand in his face for him to finally notice her.

"Hey Earth to Tucker," said Jessica as she continued to wave her hand in front of him. Her hand was bigger than his head and it was just another benefit to Jessica's size. She saw him almost jump and it had been almost like he was asleep.

"W-What?" replied Tucker with much confusion in his voice. He had not been paying attention whatsoever.

"You're kinda zoning out on me there." She put on a smile to make him see if it would make him more alert.

"Sorry I'm just a little tired." He took a drink out of the ale he already had, he couldn't bear to look at Jessica who had no idea about the inner turmoil that he was going through at that point in time.

"Are you alright?" She held onto his hand to show that she was there for him. "If there's anything you need to tell me I'm all ears."

"I-I'm fine." He pulled his hand away from her which she did find odd but she didn't want to mention anything about it. "I just didn't get too much sleep last night. I was really worried about you." He hoped that this lie would be enough to convince Jessica that everything was fine but the truth was he was trying to convince himself more than her. "I'm just glad everything worked out."

"Believe me so am I. This body wasn't designed to fit in one of those small prison cells. I couldn't even stand up." She laughed a little and she hoped that he would laugh along with her but he remained quiet. "Come on lighten up Tucker, I was cleared of all charges and we're both free once again. Why don't we celebrate with a dance maybe? That is of course if you don't mind dancing with a woman who's taller than you." Once again she hoped that this would get a laugh but there was still nothing.

"Maybe next time Jess." He gave a yawn which was pretty convincing and he stretched himself. "Sorry but I'm really tired, I think I'll head up back to the room and have a good sleep."

"Ok, I'll see you later." There was a small amount of concern in her voice as she watched Tucker get up and go back up to their room. She sat there for a few moments thinking, she was concerned about him but she thought that he was just tired. She imagined that he had been worrying about her for all that time and it had prevented him from going to sleep. She was feeling a little tired too but she still wanted to have a little more enjoyment before she went to bed.

For the next hour Jessica remained where she was. A man had heard that she had beaten a well-rounded drinker in a fair contest. He wanted to try his hand at beating her in a drinking contest but the results were the same as Jessica was able to drink him under the table. Despite the fact that she had drunk so much ale she still didn't seem to be drunk. It was one advantage to her size although now she was feeling tired.

Much to the disappointment of the men she had to say her goodbyes and quietly she made her way up the stairs to the room she shared with Tucker. It was quite hard for someone her size to move quietly but with great care that was exactly what she did. She ducked to get through the door and she saw Tucker already in bed. She smiled a little before getting into the bed and wrapping her arms around him.

For Jessica she felt great comfort and safety being with Tucker. He had always been there for her when she had needed him most and for that reason she would always ensure his own safety. She felt that she was truly lucky to have someone like Tucker with her and she would never trade him for anyone else. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep with a smile on her face while Tucker on the other hand slept with a face of worry.

Through the night Tucker had unpleasant dreams but none of them were about telling Jessica the truth about what had happened the previous night. Instead they were general unpleasant dreams that didn't seem to have too much meaning or rhyme. All it did was give him an uncomfortable night sleep and when he woke up the next morning he was still feeling tired.

The first thing that Tucker tried to do was get out of bed but this was impossible since Jessica had her arms wrapped around him. He didn't want to wake her up since she seemed so peaceful while she was asleep but he did think about if she would be the same if he told her the truth. For now he wanted to keep his night with Gwen a secret so that their relationship could remain intact.

Tucker had to wait a full hour before Jessica finally woke up. She grumbled a little and then stretched herself. She didn't have any serious ill effects from drinking so much the previous night. The only thing that she felt was a strong need to relieve herself which was pretty moderate in comparison to other people who would drink heavily.

After a few minutes both Jessica and Tucker could hear a loud growling sound. Thankfully they were in no danger as it was simply Jessica's stomach. She just gave it a small pat and decided that it was best to have some breakfast. To save a little bit of money the pair decided to eat food that they had brought with them. This mainly consisted of fruits and oats but Jessica did down more than a litre of milk.

She didn't want to say it but she thought that she was experiencing another natural growth spurt and her body was craving for the calcium rich milk. When she finished drinking the milk she let out a loud belch that caught both her and Tucker by surprise. Her face went a little red in embarrassment since it wasn't very lady like. She was just glad that there was no one around to see it. One thing that she did notice was that Tucker was hardly eating his breakfast. She could see that he had little interest in his food and once again this caused her to become concerned.

"Are you sure you're alright Tucker?" asked Jessica with genuine concern. "You've barely touched your breakfast."

"Yeah," replied Tucker. "I'm just feeling a little under the weather that's all." He tried to smile at her to show that he was fine.

"If you want me to I can send you to a healer." She thought it might be something more serious than what he was making out to be.

"No really I'm fine. I don't need to see a healer." He put on another smile to show that he was fine and Jessica looked at him a little. She could tell when he was lying and she could see that right now. She had known him for so long that she could tell when he was being honest with her and when he was lying. Now she could tell that he was lying but right now she didn't want to push it unless it got to a point where she thought that she had no other choice. "See I'm eating my breakfast." He picked up one of the apples and took a bite out of it. "See, it's good."

"Please don't talk with your mouth full." For now she would keep quiet and let events play out.

"Oh sorry." He gulped down what was in his mouth."

For the next couple of days Tucker and Jessica continued to see some of the sights of Royal City but eventually they knew that they had to move on. They stayed in the inn for an extra night since it was raining and they didn't want to particularly travel while it rained. Unfortunately the gold that it took to get this extra night was just about what they could afford but not much more than that.

During this time Jessica noticed that Tucker was becoming more and more distant. She thought that it wasn't an illness that was causing this but that there was something mentally wrong with her best friend turned lover. She had no idea that he was guilt ridden and that his thoughts about whether telling her or not was eating him up inside. He barely slept and ate very little food and Jessica even noticed that he was feeling cold whenever she hugged him. Each time she asked him whether he was fine he would always give her the same answer. She was still waiting to see what happened but she had already decided that if he didn't improve soon she would intervene.

The morning that Tucker and Jessica were set to leave royal city it was a glorious sunny day although the streets were still a little damp after the shower that had taken place the previous night. There was some mist in the air but overall it was a very pleasant morning. There were already people going about their daily lives when Jessica and Tucker entered the streets. The day before they had bought some food that would last them for a short time but it had taken up the rest of their money. They had decided that they would find ways of making money as they continued on with their quest.

Jessica had noticed that Tucker hadn't seemed to have improved at all. He was still barely eating and he was so tired that he was somewhat struggling to walk. She still wanted to send him to a healer but he refused to stating that he was fine. Jessica knew that she could just force him to go but then it would undermine him and might even create a rift between the two. She remembered when he was having a sword fight in Lake Town and how she had intervened when he had not been happy with it. For now she would let him nurse his manhood unless she felt that he was in real danger.

Before leaving Royal City the pair had to go through another checkpoint but this one was different to the previous checkpoint. The one before had been the west checkpoint where this one was the east checkpoint. The pair needed to travel east to find the next trial which would then lead them to their ultimate destination.

The man at the checkpoint had heard about Jessica's trial and was somewhat glad to be rid of her. He had heard that she was found innocent but he didn't particularly like people who had what he considered to be unnatural abilities. He thought that the city was now safer with her gone.

Both of them were somewhat glad that they were leaving Royal City, the experience had not been as enjoyable as they had hoped. It seemed to be their way in life now that whenever they went anywhere they would have abnormal experiences. There had been a couple of times where they had stopped somewhere with nothing out of the ordinary taking place but this was few and far between.

As soon as Jessica far enough away from Royal City she grew to her full size and gently picked up Tucker. It was the first time she had been her full size for over a week and although she didn't want to admit it she was more comfortable at this size than any other. She didn't really know why but she felt more at home being at her full size rather than be restricted down to eight foot. If she could she would stay at her full size all the time but she would be viewed as a monster along with other problems like food and water. Also if she wanted to have children like she said she highly doubted that she could become pregnant if she stayed at her full size.

Even in Jessica's hand and surrounded by the softness of her flesh Tucker still felt uneasy. Due to his lack of sleep he felt really tired and just lay down on the hand. At least he felt warm and safe in the knowledge that Jessica was watching him. He couldn't help but drift to sleep but once again his dreams were unpleasant. They were still too random for him to make sense of and he just slept.

Tucker was asleep for a couple of hours and he awoke to find Jessica sitting down and looking at him. He wasn't exactly sure why they had stopped but he could see that she had a small smile on her face. He did yawn but even though he had been to sleep he still felt extremely tired. He slowly sat up and then looked up to the gentle giantess who still beamed down at him.

"Hi there sleepy head," said Jessica. She knew that he still wasn't feeling too well so she thought that this might make him feel better. "Has anyone told you that you're the cutest little thing when you're asleep?"

"Yeah you have," replied Tucker as he yawned. "Several times."

"Have I?" She put her hand over her mouth and gave a girly laugh. "Silly me, but I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true."

"Alright." This was the only word he could mutter before his guilt returned to him. He still didn't have the heart to tell her what happened and if he could live with it she would never know. "Why have we stopped?"

"Well this is a little embarrassing." She gave a somewhat embarrassed look as she looked down at Tucker. "I can't remember where I'm supposed to go. I was going to ask you earlier but I didn't want to wake you."

"Ok let me look." He took the map out of his satchel and rolled it out. There he could see the location of the third trial which was just outside of Calf Heath. It was almost directly east from their location but they would most likely come across Shareshill before reaching their destination. "You've just gotta keep going east until you reach the coastline, the third trial isn't far from there."

"Still a few days travelling though." Even from her vantage point she could still see enough of the map to tell that they had some way to go. "Oh well that just gives us more time to snuggle on the nights."

"Y-yeah right." There was some hesitation in his voice and Jessica found this to be very odd. He would normally be excited to getting a little intimate with her but now he seemed to be shuddering at the thought.

"Are you sure that everything's alright?" She was becoming more and more concerned with him every day. "You're not your usual self."

"It's nothing, I'm still a little tired." He was still trying to act like everything was alright but it didn't seem like it was going to work. He could see the stern look on Jessica's face and he knew exactly what it meant.

"Tucker I love you with all my heart but darn it you don't half annoy me when you try and lie to me." Quickly she sat down on the ground, she did this so quickly that the sound of her sitting down could probably be heard for miles.

"What are you doing?" He had a somewhat confused look upon his face and he began to get a little scared.

"I'm not walking another step before you tell me what exactly is going on with you." He tried to speak but Jessica placed a finger on his mouth. "And if you say that you're fine I swear I will throw you in the river and watch you struggle back to the bank. I've known you almost my entire life and I know when you're alright and when you're not. There's something eating away at you, I saw you like that years ago when you broke Mr Tomlin's wheelbarrow."

"But Jessica." He wanted to try and say that he was fine but again he felt Jessica's enormous fingertip push slightly onto his mouth.

"No buts Mr Martel, I'm not moving until you tell me what's wrong. Whatever it is I'm sure that it's not that bad. Just please tell me so that I can help you, that's all I've ever wanted to do." He could see the sincerity in her eyes but he still wasn't sure how she would react to his news.

"There is something." His words were fairly quiet and Jessica did have some difficulties hearing him.

"Then spit it out I'm all ears." She sat there expectantly for whatever Tucker needed to tell her. She could tell that what was afflicting him was of the mind rather than the body. She knew him too well.

"I-I." He was getting choked up on his words and he didn't know exactly how he was going to tell her that he had sex with Gwen. She had taken from him what he had wanted to give to Jessica. It was a fact that he couldn't change no matter how much he wished it but for now he knew that he had to tell her. He wouldn't be able to live with her if she didn't know the truth. "I did a bad thing."

"What was it?" There was genuine concern in her voice not just for him but for herself. She thought that it could lead them to trouble in the future if whatever bad thing Tucker had done could come back to haunt them. "You didn't kill any of the guards did you?" At first she thought that this was the answer.

"No something worse." He took a deep breath as he composed himself. "I betrayed you Jessica."

"Betrayed me?" She was confused for a moment and she tried to smile to show that everything was fine. "You didn't betray me, you saved me from being convicted for a crime I didn't commit."

"Don't you wonder how I got Gwen to confess to her crimes?" He didn't have the heart to look at her as her expression changed. Rather than the happy face it looked like she was in deep thought.

"Did you ask nicely?" This was the only answer she could come up with at that moment in time.

"Yes I did but it took a lot more than asking nicely to make her confess. She told me to do something that I wasn't particularly comfortable with but I did it so that I could earn your freedom."

"What did you do Tucker?" There was a very serious tone in her voice as she knew that she wasn't going to like the answer that he was going to give her. All she could do was wait for his answer.

"I-I had sex with her." His words were quick and he hoped that she would not understand him very well and think that he said something else. She remained quiet for a few moments before speaking.

"You did what?" Her voice was slightly louder and it made Tucker a little afraid to keep speaking but he knew that she would know that he was holding back. He had no choice but to keep going.

"I had sex with Gwen." A tear rolled down his face. "She promised that she would confess if I had sex with her. She took from me something I was more than willing to give to you when you were ready."

"You had sex with her?" There was some sorrow in her voice now and it was hard for her to hear what he was saying.

"If there were any other way I would have done it, believe me I would have. This was the last thing I would have wanted but it was the only way to earn your freedom. I love you more than life itself."

"But that didn't stop you." Her words had become harsh and for Tucker it seemed like his worst nightmare was about to happen.

"But Jessica..." He wanted to defend his words but he felt Jessica's fingertip once again touch his mouth.

"No buts Tucker. You can try and rationalise it as much as you want but the bottom line is that we're a couple and you had sex with another woman. I don't if she was a demi-goddess or a common whore. It's all the same in my view, but I sense there's more to it than that Tucker."

"W-Well..." He wasn't sure whether he should keep going but he knew that nothing was getting passed her. "When we were finished she refused to confess so I had to convince her otherwise."

"So you're telling me that you fucked her for nothing." He could tell now that she was furious just with the fact that she swore. She rarely swore and only did it when she was extremely angry. Although she wasn't showing on the outside, inside she was completely enraged.

"No of course not." He tried to defend himself but he didn't know exactly how he was going to do that.

"Then you're telling me that after she had sex with you she willingly agreed to confess without you having to convince her?"

"No but..."

"Then it was for nothing." She interrupted him before he could properly answer the question. "I know you Tucker, you're smart enough to have convinced her without having to have sex with her. I trusted you Tucker and you've betrayed that trust." She then quickly lowered her hand down to the ground. "Get off of my hand right now." With some reluctance Tucker did step off of her hand and no sooner had he done this she quickly raised her hand once again and stood up to her full height. "You can continue your quest by yourself because as of right now we're through!" There was much anger in her voice and she turned around and walked away. Tucker wanted to go after her but he knew that he didn't have a chance in hell of catching up with her.

"Wait Jessica!" shouted Tucker at the top of his lungs. "Where are you going?" He did move towards her but she was moving away from him much quicker than he would have liked.

"I'm going back to Morgan," snapped Jessica with a lot of hurt in her voice. "Goodbye Mr Martel."

With that Jessica picked up the pace and within a couple of minutes she was already too far from Tucker to hear him. She was fighting back the tears as she was hurt in a way that truly caused her pain. Her mind was too shook up to truly comprehend everything that had just happened.

All Jessica did was continue to walk and she paid almost no attention to anything around her. It was only when she was miles away from Tucker did she finally break down and cry. Her heart had been broken by the man she loved the most and it almost seemed to be like the end of the world to her. She knew that with her size it would be difficult to find any other man who would care for her like he had.

She just sat by an old and mighty oak tree and shrank down to her minimum size. She sobbed her heart out and she was just glad that Tucker wasn't there to see it. She felt that he didn't deserve to give him that satisfaction. Right now all she wanted was to be alone and right now that was exactly what she was getting, for how long it would last would be up to her.

Tucker stood where he was some miles away and considered his next move. He wasn't sure whether he should try and go to Jessica or if he should carry on to the third trial. He didn't want to abandon his friend but he knew that right now he was the last person that she wanted to see. He felt that she needed her space and he felt terrible for what he had done. If he could go back in time and change things he would have gladly done that but unfortunately that was something that he couldn't do.

For now Tucker like Jessica some distance away sat down and began to think about what had happened. He felt that there was something that he should have done differently but the truth was he didn't. If history repeated itself he would probably have done the same thing under the circumstances. Now he would have to live with it for the rest of his life and without Jessica by his side it might not be long.

There was one thing that Tucker felt and that was hunger. He had barely eaten due to his guilt and although he was upset he still needed food. Unfortunately Jessica had been carrying the food and when she had stormed off she had taken the food with her.

Right now the only option that Tucker had was to try and find his own food but that was going to be a bit of a problem. The trees around him were oak trees and so the only food that they provided were acorns. These would not be sufficient enough to sustain him so he had to find another source of food.

Unfortunately Tucker was miles away from any inn and he lacked money so even if he did find one he would not have been able to buy anything. He had to rely on his own survival skills and he tried to remember things that he had been taught.

One thing that Tucker did come across was a small patch of mushrooms that were growing between a couple of trees. He had memorised which mushrooms were poisonous so he began to inspect them carefully. These mushrooms were green and had white spots on them, he knew that the white mushrooms with green spots were poisonous but he hadn't heard if the other way around so he was pretty sure that they were safe. Even if they were poisonous he didn't really care. He had just lost the most precious thing that he had so losing his life would have made no difference.

Tucker quickly broke off one of the mushrooms and took a bite out of it. He was surprised to find out tasty it was and so he didn't he hesitate in eating the entire thing. Almost immediately he began to feel strange and he began to stagger a little from side to side. He blinked several times to try and figure out exactly what was going on. At first he thought that the mushroom had indeed been poisonous but he knew that he didn't feel like he was dying. If anything he was feeling happy and the dismal world around him was beginning to become bright and colourful.

Chapter 31: Fear And Loathing In Angleland by The Doctor

Tucker began to stagger forwards as his memories of the pain he had just suffered seemed to completely disappear. Just moments ago everything seemed to be dank and dismal but now everything had complete transformed. Now the sun was shining down on him and there didn't seem to be a cloud in the sky. A huge smile appeared on his face as he began to walk forwards.

"Wow everything is great," said Tucker as he walked forwards. He had a spring in his step as if everything in his life was completely perfect. He even hazarded looking up to the sun, he saw that the sun had eyes and a mouth that was smiling down on him. "Hey there Sun, what's up?"

"Oh nothing much," replied the sun which didn't seem to be odd to Tucker at all. "Just cloud and sky, you go and have a nice day Tucker."

"Thanks I think I will."

He waved at the sun which suddenly sprouted arms and waved back at him. He continued to walk and he didn't even notice that the trees around him seemed to be much taller than they had been before. The sky was even turning into a bright orange colour but for the moment this had not registered to him. Even if he had of noticed to him it would have seemed like everything was completely normal.

Tucker walked forwards for several minutes before he came to what seemed to be a pink river. Sitting near the bank was a green boat with a man wearing clothing that was strange to him. The man also had oars for arms which were both dipped down into the water. The man's clothing was much like a black tuxedo and he had a black moustache. He also wore a top hat with a spinning daisy at the centre. He had a particularly long nose and his teeth shone as if they were made out of silver.

"Good afternoon good sir," said the Man. He was even able to lift his hat up by stretching his black hair. "I'm travelling to the beach and I was wondering if you wanted a lift." His skin was almost as pink as the water the boat was floating on.

"Oh yeah a nice day at the beach," replied Tucker with a smile still on his face. "The perfect way to continue with the perfect day."

"Then climb aboard Tucker Martel and I will take you where you need to go." The man's smile also continued and Tucker could still not tell that anything was wrong. It all seemed to be completely normal.

"Thank you my good sir but I haven't quite gotten your name." He began to climb into the boat and he realised that the man inside had no legs. It was like his body was fused to the boat itself. "Let me guess your name is Mike Hunt." This was the first name that came into his head.

"Indeed it is, good guess my lad."

"You have a stupid name." He couldn't help but laugh at the fact that his name sounded like a naughty phrase.

"Aye that it is but I believe that Tucker Martel is not the most sensible of names either. But I bet that it's not as silly as Jessica Snape."

"Ha." He continued to laugh as if he had been told the funniest joke in the world. "That sounds like Jessica Snake which is something that I have between my legs." With that he pulled down his trousers and a snake fell out onto the boat. Neither of them seemed to panic and as he pulled his trousers back up the snake seemed to have three eyes and two mouths. It didn't hiss but instead just blew bubbles between their two mouths. "See, I call it Goliath and Colossus. So big that it needs two names."

"Very good indeed, now shall we get going? There are plenty of people waiting to see you at the beach."

"Go ahead Mike and if you don't mind can I sing 'Maid Of Featherstone' as we sail along? I find it fitting."

"You do whatever you please my good sir." He began to move his oar like arms in the water and it caused the boat to move forwards.

"In Featherstone there lives a maid mark well what I do say." He was singing these words as the boat travelled gently down the river. "In Featherstone there lives a maid and she was mistress of her trade I'll go no more rovin' with you fair maid. Hi rovin' hi rovin since rovin's been my ru-i-n, I'll go no more rovin' with you fair maid."

Tucker continued to sing the song as the boat continued to move down the river but one thing that he had failed to notice was the fact that the boat was slowly picking up speed. He was more concentrated on looking at some of the people that were standing on the banks. He could see people of all shapes, sizes and races on the banks. Most were doing strange things such as digging for pears or trying to lift fallen trees. A few of them watched him go by and they smiled and waved at him.

There was one particular person that Tucker did notice on the banks, she was looking at him but she wasn't smiling or waving at him like the others. She was a tall girl with long white hair and a willowy figure. She wore what seemed to be a toga and she was also barefoot but there was something that Tucker could tell was odd about her. She seemed different than everyone else there, something about her just seemed to be off. He saw her turn around and walk away, something inside of him was telling him that he had to follow her. He quickly turned to Mike who was still rowing the boat ahead.

"Hey Mike be a mate and stop the boat," said Tucker. He was almost prepared to jump out of the boat and swim to the bank.

"No can do good sir," replied Mike with a smile still on his face. "We need to get to the beach as soon as possible."

"But I want to see that girl with the white hair, or was it black?" He was quickly beginning to forget what she looked like but it still didn't seem to be bothering him as much as it should have.

"We'll see her at the beach my good sir. Hold on tight, the next leg of our journey might be a little rough."

With that the pink waters of the river began to become much more unstable as if a storm had just hit them. Tucker practically fell into the boat as it began to move around violently in the water. There was even a point where he felt himself pushed up into the air only to land in the boat once again. He held onto the sides for dear life and rather than Mike trying to keep the boat stable he was just laughing. His laugh went deeper than that, they almost sounded like cackling sound.

Tucker could feel the boat picking up speed and it even began to spin around which was making him feel very sick. He did even throw up but his vomit was a rainbow colour and didn't even stink at all.

Eventually the boat stabilised and for Tucker it was not a moment too soon. He felt extremely dizzy after spinning around and if he tried to move he would more than likely fall into the water. He did look down into the water and saw what seemed to be the sun that he had seen in the sky smiling back at him.

Suddenly the boat came to a complete stop. This caused Tucker to fall forward in the boat but he was quickly able to pick himself up. He began to look around and he could see a beach that stretched as far as the eye could see with beautiful white sand and crystal blue oceans. He could see a few people on the beach but none of them seemed to notice him at that point in time.

"Here we are my good sir," said Mike. "The beach just like I promised, now you go and have some fun."

"Thanks Mike," replied Tucker as he jumped off the boat he took a few steps forwards before he realised that Mike wasn't following him. "Hey aren't you coming with me?" He shouted towards Mike who seemed to be rowing be rowing back up the river at a very steady pace.

"I'm afraid I cannot," replied Mike as he lifted up his hat again with his hair. "I need to drop some friends off at the pool." Tucker watched as he twisted his body around in an inhuman manner. "Good luck my good sir."

"Err Ok."

Tucker just turned and walked forwards. He couldn't take his mind off the white haired woman that he had seen while sailing down the river. Something inside of him was telling him that he needed to find her. The only problem was that he didn't really know where he was supposed to start looking.

As Tucker looked onto the beach he could see people there doing all manner of things. He even saw a man jumping on a trampoline a kite strapped to his back. It looked as if he was trying fly. Tucker just walked up to the trampoline and watched in amazement.

He also discovered that he was not the only person watching this kite man. He could see a family also standing there. They were watching as the kite man jumped higher and higher into the air.

"Come on a little higher and you've got it!" shouted the father of the family up to the kite man.

"What is he doing?" replied Tucker as he continued to watch the kite man jump on the trampoline.

"Mr Kite there is attempting to fly as if he were a bird." He looked to Tucker for a moment, he was a fat man with a bald head and a thick beard. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mr. Henderson, this is my wife Mrs. Henderson." Tucker looked and saw that the woman looked to be a female copy of Mr Henderson. He found it to be a little odd and when Mr Henderson was introducing his children they looked to be younger versions of him as well.

"Charmed, my name is Tucker Martel." He went to state why he was there but for the life of him he couldn't remember. He had no idea why he had come here in the first place and even forgot about Mike. "I don't even know why I'm here."

"Happens to the best of us." They continued to watch as Mr Kite jumped higher and higher. It seemed that this would continue for some time until a gust suddenly sent him flying through the air as he had intended. "Bloody hell!"

The people on the ground saw him flying through the air and some looked in amazement while others just kept going with their activities. Mr Kite was laughing at the top of his lungs but suddenly he crashed into something that was warm and soft. Tucker could see it happen right before him, he was gobsmacked when he saw what Mr Kite had actually crashed into so high up in the air.

Standing a short distance away was a towering giantess and when Tucker saw her he recognised her as Jessica but there was something about her that was very different. For one she was around thirty feet taller than her maximum height and her hair was shorter than he was used to. That was not the only differences he could see, another was the fact that she was much more muscular than the Jessica he had known. One big difference he noticed was her breasts, his Jessica had normal sized breasts but this Jessica had enormous breasts, even in proportion to her body. He thought that she had the largest breasts that he had ever seen in comparison to the rest of her body. Her clothing was also very different, rather than the dress that she wore to control her size this Jessica wore a white jumpsuit with matching boots. She was a giant in every sense of the word and he could see that Mr Kite had actually crashed into her enormous breasts.

The giantess gently picked Mr Kite out of her breasts and placed him down on the ground. He seemed to be uninjured by the impact and she just gave him a smile. When she was bending over Tucker could see the gap between her breasts which he found to be very erotic. She reminded him so much of Jessica that it was unbelievable, if they weren't the same person he thought that they could have been sisters but he thought that to be impossible since she was an only child.

"Oh hi Tucker I didn't see you there for a minute," said the giantess as she squatted down and put her hand on the ground. "I've been waiting to see you." He was amazed to hear that even her voice sounded just like Jessica's. Without too much hesitation he stepped onto her hand and she stood to her full height. Her pearly smile was almost too much for him to believe. "How can I help you?"

"I saw a woman with long white hair while I was sailing down the river," replied Tucker. He could see all the tones of her muscles under her clothing and he couldn't imagine just how strong she was. "Have you seen her at all?"

"Was she wearing a toga and lacked shoes?"

"Yes that's her." He became very excited as it seemed like the giantess knew exactly what he was talking about. Although he had only seen this girl briefly he was fixated on trying to find her.

"No I haven't seen her." The giantess continued to smile even though she had just told him the exact opposite of what he was expecting. She knew exactly what the woman looked like but she hadn't seen her.

"What?" He stood there in some confusion and he wanted to be annoyed but her pearly white smile prevented him from doing this.

"But I know where she's going."

"Great, can you point me in the right direction?" His hope had been reignited when he heard this answer. Now he just hoped that she would tell him where the woman was going. Instead he waited for her answer.

"I think I have a better idea." The giantess then began to take a few steps back before running at full speed forwards. This caught Tucker completely by surprise and before he could say another word he could feel himself get thrown into the air at supersonic speed. The giantess just stood there and waved goodbye to him as he flew forwards at unbelievable speed. "Bye Tucker, happy landings." Her voice was so cheery that it was almost impossible to think that she might have just killed Tucker.

Tucker screamed as he went flying through the air. The sky around him was still orange and he could see the clouds that had turned pink. He could see that one of them was in the shape of a horse which was galloping around him. There seemed to be more than one and he swore that he could see people on the back of them. These people didn't look to be knights but rather they seemed to be racing.

There was a roar that he would have thought would have come from a crowd of people that for the moment seemed to be invisible to him. He was watching the clouds with wonder as he continued to fly at speeds that no other human had ever achieved. He couldn't take his mind off of both the white haired girl or the giantess that had just thrown him. He thought that he might never see the giantess again but he still thought that he had a good chance of finding the white haired girl.

All of a sudden Tucker felt himself beginning to drop towards the ground. It was as if he had been flying through the air at one moment and then the next moment he was falling vertically towards the ground. He screamed in terror as he continued to fall further and further down. He thought that he only had a few moments to live before he hit the ground and met his untimely end. All he could do was hope for a quick and clean death rather than suffering in pain.

Before Tucker knew it he struck the ground but rather than it being hard he found it to be incredibly soft. In fact when he first impacted it he actually began to push down against it before it quickly shot him back into the air. He couldn't help but scream in excitement as he felt his body spring up and down on the ground as if it were a trampoline. For the next minute or two he went up and down on the ground before it turned solid once again. When he impacted the hard ground he wasn't hurt at all but he was disappointed that his fun had come to an end.

Now he found himself in a bed of flowers but each one of them was much taller than he was. It almost felt as if he had shrunk in size and he noticed that all the flowers were a yellow and green colour. He even went to touch one and it felt to be very odd, rather than feeling like a real plant there was something odd about them. If he had known what it as he would have said that they felt like plastic.

Without saying much of a word Tucker began to make his way through the forest of giant flowers. He could hear the buzzing of bees nearby and he did want to get away as fast as he could since he wasn't particularly fond of bees. One had stung him when was younger and since then he has preferred to avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately the buzzing sound was extremely loud and he feared that the bees were as big as the flowers around him. So he began to run.

No sooner did he begin to run he was grabbed by a giant bee that was bigger than any man Tucker had seen. He began to scream in horror as he felt himself lifted off the ground, he could feel himself get taken higher and higher into the air. Rather than looking at the ground he looked at the bee that was carrying him and when he saw the face his fear increased tenfold. Rather than having a standard bee face it looked to be a mix of that of a dog and a dragon. It was nothing short of a monstrosity and he began to struggle in the hopes that it would let him go. He didn't want to find out where exactly it was taking him but he really didn't want to find out.

He saw that the bee was heading towards what looked to a pond. At first he thought that it was just going to fly over it but much to his surprise he could see it diving down towards it. He continued to struggle in the hopes that it would let him go before they hit the water. Unfortunately his efforts were for naught as he felt himself strike the water, he also expected not to be able to breathe but much to his surprise he found that he could breathe just as well as if he were on the surface.

Just before the impact Tucker had closed his eyes but when he opened it he could see that there were schools of many fish around him. There were so many different colours that he could probably spend his entire life trying to find them all but be no closer than when he first started.

He even looked up and saw that he was no longer being carried by the bee. Now it was more like he was being carried by a silver fish and he could feel it swinging its fin back and forth as it swam through the water. Despite everything that was happening everything seemed to be making sense to him.

The fish eventually let go and Tucker could feel himself being swept through the water and to him it seemed like he had died and gone to the next plain. He even began to forget about what had happened to him previously like Mike and the giantess who looked a lot like Jessica. There was one thing that he didn't forget and that was the white haired girl that he had seen on the river bank. Something inside was telling him that he had to find her and as soon as he could.

For some reason Tucker felt that there was some kind of connection that they had and if he found her he could truly discover what that connection was. He had no idea exactly what that connection was but all he knew was that he needed to find her.

He could feel what seemed to be some invisible force pulling him further and further down into the water. He did try and swim out but he could still feel himself getting pulled down, thankfully he could still breathe or else he would be panicking at this moment. He still tried to swim to the surface but the next thing he knew he had reached the lake bed. Normally he would have stopped being forced down but he felt his foot get swallowed up by mud and now his leg was beginning to get pulled into the mud as well. Tucker tried to pull his leg out but when he placed his other foot on the lake bed it too began to get pulled into the mud. Try as he might he couldn't seem to get himself out and he felt himself getting pulled further and further into the mud.

Eventually the mud was up to his chest and he still felt himself getting pulled down. He did begin to think that this was the end for him as he frantically threw his arms around in a vain attempt to save himself.

Only moments later his head had sunk into the sand as well and from world above it looked as though he had never been there at all. Tucker could just feel himself getting pulled further and further through the mud. Everything around him was dark and he closed his eyes and hoped that everything would go back to the way it was.

When Tucker opened his eyes again he found himself sitting on a grassy field. He stood up and he could see endless seas of grass in every direction. There didn't seem to be anything for hundreds of miles. There wasn't even so much as a tree in sight and he began to take a few steps forwards. The sky above him was overcast and there was a chilly wind blowing. He continued to walk and walk for what seemed to be hours but practically nothing had changed in the scenery. There were still miles upon miles of grass all around him and in the end he dropped down to his knees.

When Tucker looked up again he saw that that a wooden chair had suddenly grown out from the ground. It was a chair of twisted wood and there was even a woman sitting on the chair. Tucker started looking from her bare feet and his eyes moved up her legs to her midsection where he saw that she was wearing a toga. He moved up to her chest, then to her neck and finally to her head where he saw that she had brown eyes and flowing white hair that blew with the wind. She was definitely one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen and he almost seemed to be unable to speak to her. He wanted to get up onto his feet but something inside was telling him that he had to remain on the ground as some kind of form of respect to her.

"Greetings Mr Martel," said the Woman. She remained where she was sitting but her smile seemed to light up the place. The clouds in the sky began to disperse and the sun began to light up everything around them. "I have been waiting to see you, I'm glad that you were able to find me."

"W-Who are you?" replied Tucker. He still wanted to get up but his body refused to listen as he remained on the ground.

"For now that is not important. You have come across something that she not be on your plain. I think you know what I'm talking about."

"What are you talking about?" He was confused but rather than explaining the woman just smiled at him again.

"I cannot explain further but there is one other thing that we must speak of before I depart." The wind stopped blowing and her hair dropped down. "You had something precious that you have now lost. Your quest might not be so much attaining your original goal but instead regaining what you lost."

"Wait what did I lose?" His memories were all over the place and he couldn't fully remember what had been going on in his life.

"You'll know soon enough. Do not lose what you hold dear for something that you don't yet have." She stood up from the chair and he expected her to be extremely tall but found that she was barely above five feet tall. She knelt down and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Remember what I have told you good sir knight. Only though that will you find true happiness."

She smiled down at him and she began to fade away. Tucker found that he could stand again and he went to tell the girl to wait but she still faded away. She wasn't the only one that was fading, as he looked around he could see that everything around him was fading and he dropped to his knees and screamed at the top of his lungs. He could feel a burning sensation throughout his entire body. It was a pain that he had never really experienced before and his first thought was that he was dying.

The next time that Tucker opened his eyes he found himself lying on the ground. His head hurt more than he would have liked to admit and his body felt heavy. He looked up to the sky and saw that it was blue once again. Carefully he sat himself up and began to survey his surroundings, he was near some oak trees which were similar to the ones he remembered seeing before he ate the mushroom.

Even though he was sitting up there was one thing in particular that he had noticed. When he sat up he hadn't used his arms and this was because he discovered that he was tied up. He could barely move but there was one thing that he noticed about what was tying him up. Rather than being some rope or chains it was something that felt both familiar and alien to him. The fibre that was tying him up felt very soft and although it seemed to be thin it was also quite strong. If he had to hazard a guess he would have said that he was tied up by a strand of long brown hair.

"Oh good you're awake," said a female voice. Tucker was able to turn his head and much to his relief he could see Jessica standing before him. She was at her smallest height but took a few steps towards him before taking a knee down. She had an apple in her hand and she seemed to be have a relieved look on her face. "I was beginning to think that you were too far gone."

"W-What happened?" replied Tucker. His memory was a little hazy and he was struggling to remember exactly what happened.

"I was hoping that you could tell me. I found you running around like some kind of looney so I had to tie you up for your own safety." This was when Tucker fully realised that it was Jessica's hair that had tied him up. He suspected that she had pulled a strand of her own hair when she was full size and used it to keep him secure.

"I didn't know that you still cared." He thought that after what had happened between them that Jessica didn't care about him anymore.

"Of course I still care Tucker." Her tone turned into one of some sadness. "I admit that I'm not happy with you but it doesn't mean that I will allow you to get hurt. We've been through too much together for that."

"You don't know how sorry I am about what happened." His head was still aching after his little trip and the combination of that and his guilt for betraying Jessica that caused him to shed a tear.

"I know you are Tucker. You were faced with a difficult choice and you did what you thought was right. I might not be happy with what you did but I probably would have done the same thing myself. It doesn't mean I fully forgive you for what you did but I do understand."

"Thank you Jessica, you don't know how much that means to me." He tried to move again but he was still tied up with a strand of Jessica's hair. "Actually could you do me a quick favour? Can you untie me now please?"

"I'll think about it." She did cross her arms and he wasn't sure if she was being serious or was just having a bit of fun.

Chapter 32: Indigon by The Doctor

  It took Tucker a couple more times of asking before Jessica finally released him. She had contemplated leaving him tied up but she had her fun and she untied him. No sooner was he untied he got back up to his feet. He did stagger and Jessica had to catch him before he fell over. It seemed like the effects of the mushroom had not fully dissipated yet so he was quite wobbly on his feet.

  In the end Jessica sat Tucker down and gave him some apples that she had brought along. He still felt very hungry and he didn’t hesitate in wolfing down the two apples that she gave him. Even though she was still somewhat angry with him she was still helping him when he really needed it. He felt lucky to have a friend like her and although their short romantic relationship had seemingly come to an end their long standing friendship seemed to still be there.

  It took Tucker a couple more hours before he was ready to be walking again without her aid. His head still ached a little but other than that he was fine, his hallucinations had subsided and he was back to being sane of mind. Most of what happened had left his memories but he did remember the white haired girl that he had seen. He wasn’t sure if she had been real or just part of his hallucination. For the time being he didn’t think it was that important so he kept quiet about it.

  While Tucker had been recovering Jessica told him that after she had a little time to calm herself down and process what had happened she had decided to try and find Tucker. It didn’t take long for her to do so but she discovered that he was running around as if he had gone truly mad. He had even climbed up a tree so she had to grab him before he jumped and hurt himself. In the end she had no choice but to tie him up with a strand of her own hair to make sure that he was secure. Then all she had to do was wait for him to regain his senses before doing anything else.

  Tucker did walk around a little to see if he was truly fine. His body still felt heavy but unlike before he didn’t need Jessica’s aid to walk. He discovered that he still had all his person effects with him so at least he took comfort in the knowledge that he hadn’t been robbed during his episode. He did walk around a little more and he could see Jessica watching him like a hawk.

  “You don’t need to worry Jessica,” said Tucker as he looked over to her. “I’ve told you I’m fine.”

  “I’ll be the judge of that thank you,” replied Jessica. Now that she was seeing that Tucker was recovering felt a little angrier over what Tucker had done. She was not as angry as she was before but it was still at the forefront of her mind. “I don’t want you to go climbing trees again any time soon.”

  “Don’t worry I don’t plan to.” He laughed a little but Jessica didn’t laugh along with him. There was something else that was on his mind which he needed to know. “So are you planning to go back to Morgan?”

  “Why do you ask that?” replied Jessica as she crossed her arms. At this point Tucker had walked up to her but he made sure that there was a comfortable amount of space between them.

  “Well you said that you were going back to Morgan and I just wanted to know if you were still planning on doing that.”

  “Yes I am going back to Morgan.” She gave a bit of a pause as she saw the disappointment on Tucker’s face. “But not until we’ve found the treasure.” She saw his face light up again and she couldn’t help but feel happier inside. “Although I admit that you’re more competent than when we first left Morgan the truth is that there’s still many dangers out there and I couldn’t live with myself if something terrible happened to you. I am still your friend but for now I’m not your lover. I might be again one day but until then we will be friends once again.”

  “I-I can live with that.” This was the response that he expected of Jessica. He would have loved nothing more than to become a couple once again but he knew her too well. She wouldn’t accept him back just like that. He knew that he had to earn it and he had already decided that he would do everything he could to do that, He was just glad that she hadn’t completely rejected him.

  “Good now it is pointless starting out now. It’ll be dark in a couple of hours and I really don’t like walking around in the dark.” This was true enough for her, on more than one occasion she had been walking in the dark and accidentally tripped on something or crushed it. This was something that she didn’t want happening any time soon so she avoided it almost completely.

  “Ok fair enough. I could still use a little more rest after that little trip I’ve been on. I swear I haven’t fully gotten to the ground yet.”

  “Well if you go on another trip like that I might not be here to keep you safe.” Tucker could tell what this was, she was basically threatening that if he did that again she would just sit back and watch it happen. He wasn’t sure if she would truly do that but the truth was that he didn’t want to find out.

  “I promise I won’t eat anymore mushrooms.” He held his hands and waved them a little in a way to show that he was serious. “Believe me I don’t want to do anything like that again.” He laughed nervously and he could see Jessica giving him a stern look. Even though she was giving this look she couldn’t help but find the whole thing a little funny. She did find it funny when Tucker tried to make a promise like this along with the nervous laugh. A part of her wanted to hug him and give him a series of kisses but she stopped herself from doing this. He still had some way of winning back her love.

  “Ok I believe you.” The stern look on her face disappeared and there was a little smile. For Tucker this was a big step forward. It showed that he wasn’t a million miles away from his objective. If he could make Jessica smile a little now he didn’t think that it would take him too long to make her his lover again and not too long after that his wife.

  For the next hour or so they talked about exactly where they were going. They wanted to carry onto the Third Trial but they had a slight money problem which needed to be addressed quickly. They knew that they were not far from the infamous Shareshill where a great battle had once taken place some years ago. There were tales of how many of the dead soldiers still fought on that hill. Many people claimed to have seen the ghosts fighting one another under a full moon but as of yet there was no concrete evidence so many folks just took it as a wild story.

  Located just west of Shareshill was a newly built castle and keep which was gifted to Lord Tyrone Howlet who was the cousin of the Queen of Angleland. For the last ten years he had been building a great castle which had only recently been completed. He named the castle Indigon after the dark colour of the bricks used to build the castle. There was even a small town filled with folks outside. Originally it was the residence of those who helped build the castle but since then it had begun to grow into a town in its own right. For now it was small but in time it would continue to grow and eventually it might even grow into a city but that was something for another day.

  Lord Tyrone was known to be a wise and just man. It was these qualities that had made King Percy give Lord Tyrone the land and means to build his own keep. He was sadly a widower after his wife died bringing a stillborn son into the world. He didn’t lack for heirs though as he had two strong sons and a daughter who was very petite. His eldest son was named Sir Tyrone Howlet and although he was well known for his skills with a sword he was also famous for having a fiery temper. Many people called him Ty for short and so that there was a distinction between the two men. The second son was more known for having his nose in a book than anything else. His name was Leon and many said that he had inherited his father’s wisdom but unlike his brother was not a warrior. His name was also Tyrone He was also not present at Indigon because he was serving King Percy in the grand library of Royal City. The final was Lord Tyrone’s only daughter named Nancy who was said to be one of the most beautiful and witty women in all of Angleland. It was said that she was the embodiment of the best qualities of her brothers. If she had been born a man many would say that she would be the one who should earn the Lordship upon the passing of her father. However due to the laws of succession her brothers and male relatives on her father side were all be considered for the lordship before her.

  The next morning Tucker and Jessica awoke pretty late and they soon had some breakfast. For the first time since the beginning of the quest Jessica had willingly slept away from Tucker. During the night she had wanted to hug something that was warm, but she didn’t want him at that moment. She still felt that she needed more time to heal before she let him be hugged at night again.

  As was usual when the breakfast was finished Jessica grew to her normal size and picked up Tucker. Rather than keeping him on her shoulder he remained in her hand so that he was away from her face. Tucker would have liked to have gone on her shoulder but he knew that he needed to work his way back up there.

  For the next several hours Jessica walked and walked. Not much really happened although they did go passed a small village on the way but they didn’t stop. They just kept going until darkness fell again. It took them almost three days before they saw Shareshill in the distance and a short distance from its base they could see Indigon being baked in the midday sun. It was not as large as Royal City or July but they could tell that it was much larger that Morgan. The keep could be seen from where they were standing and they could see that the bricks were very dark indeed and they could see how it got its name.

  They could make out the smaller buildings around the keep which made up the town which for now was also named Indigon but soon might earn a name in its own right. There was also farmland around them and it was easy to see that this was a fully functional society rather than just a collection of buildings.

  As was normal with the pair since they were a few miles away Jessica shrunk herself back to her minimal size and they made their approach on foot. They hoped that no one had seen her when she was gigantic. They didn’t want there to be panic but the truth was that it was likely that they would have known who she was. Word of the exploits of the pair on their travels was spreading quickly across Angleland. Some took it as stonewall truth while many others thought that they were simple make believe stories. Only those who had witnessed the actions of the pair could say for certainty.

  Although the sun was shining there was a breeze that made it a little cold. Jessica didn’t want to admit it but she felt a little chilly. She would like to go into a building so that she could warm up a little but until then all they could do was walk. She was also feeling tired after walking for so many days and she was looking forward to sitting down and giving her feet a much needed rest.

  Tucker was just eager to get a warm meal in his belly but the problem was that they didn’t have the money that they needed for such a luxury. They had already decided that when they arrived that they would have to find some way of making a bit of money so that they could buy some fresh food and even sit down for a warm meal. Neither were very good at cooking so anything they tried to cook didn’t turn out very nice. Jessica tried especially hard to cook but it seemed that everything she tried just came out wrong. It was another attempt of hers to show that she was normal but this was something that was just out of her grasp and it wasn’t because of her lack of cooking skills.

  It took the pair a good hour and a little bit to reach Indigon. The first person that they saw was a fairly old man who was standing near the entrance to Indigon. Since like in most places in Angleland people couldn’t read or write so when they wanted to know the news they would have a herald to relay the news to them.

  Before the pair fully entered Indigon they noticed that the streets were not as populated as they had expected. They did see a few people but not the numbers that they had been expecting to see in a growing town. They had not walked passed the herald just yet so Tucker decided that it was best to ask a couple of questions.

  The Herald stood on a large box so that he was taller than anyone around him. This was not because he wanted to be tall but because it helped him get noticed in a crowd of people and his voice would be easier to carry over a distance. He wore a brown cloak with a hood which prevented the pair from what he was wearing underneath. He had a large stick that helped him stand up properly and his thick white beard almost made him look like a man of the faith. He noticed Tucker and Jessica immediately and he was surprised to see Jessica’s height, he was seeing eye to eye with her and that was something that never happened when he stood on his box.

  “Good afternoon my good man,” said Tucker with a small smile on his face. He was trying to show that he was friendly and didn’t intend any harm on the man. “Any chance you can tell us why the town is so empty?”

  “Have you not heard?” replied the Herald. He had a powerful voice and it was easy to see why he had been chosen as a herald. “Lord Howlet is hosting a great tournament in honour of his keep being completed. Today is the last of the preparations so most of the townsfolks are making sure the last details are complete. It is also the last day to sign up as well and since you look like a man who can handle himself I advise you to enter. Lord Howlet has allowed anyone to enter ranging from we peasants all the way up to knights and high-borns. That is of course those who can afford the entry fee.”

  “That is a problem, we’re a little strapped for cash right now so I don’t think we can enter.” There was a small amount of disappointment in his voice. Since he was small he had wanted to fight in tournaments such as this so that he could prove his skill and valour before a large crowd.

  “I believe trades are accepted…” He took another look at Jessica who for now had remained silent. “And you are by far the tallest woman I’ve ever seen.”

  “Yeah you’re not the first to tell me that,” replied Jessica. She didn’t like when people told her that she was tall. She heard it everywhere she went and it seemed like now would be no different.

  “Say you wouldn’t happen to be Jessica Snape now would you?” He could see a surprised look on her face when he said her name.

  “You’ve heard of me?” Her annoyance turned into genuine surprise. She didn’t think that he would know who she was.

  “Of course, you’re the one who broke free from July and is said to be as tall as a mountain. You’re also supposed to be pleasing to the eye and I am very happy to see that that part of tales are true. I see that you’re tall but thankfully you’re not as tall as a mountain.” He had a smile on his face and the pair could see that he was missing a few of his teeth and the ones he had left were yellow.

  “Yeah that part is a little exaggerated.” She then made herself grow a few inches and this was noticed instantly by the herald. “But I can make myself much taller than this.” A part of her liked the fact that tales about her were being passed right through Angleland. Rather than being scared of her the herald seemed to be intrigued with her. He had not seen her at her full size but she would not grow that large here, the chances of damaging a property was too great and she didn’t want to scare him.

  “By the gods it is true.” He looked at her in complete shock and quickly she did shrink back down to her smallest height. “I thought the stories of you being able to grow were make believe. I see now that they were telling the truth.”

  “If you’ve heard of Jessica that means you’ve heard of me as well,” said Tucker as he interrupted the herald before he could say another word. He felt happy to think that his exploits were spreading throughout Angleland. He began to think about what his family would say once they heard them. He thought that they would think that he was becoming a real hero.

  “Erm…” The Herald looked at Tucker a few moments but he didn’t seem to know who he was at all. He did think that he might look like someone that he knew. “You’re not the butcher’s apprentice are you?”

  “No I’m Tucker Martel.” He seemed greatly shocked to see that the Herald didn’t recognise him.

  “No I’m sorry, the name doesn’t ring any bells.” He was not doing this in any way to annoy Tucker, it was because he genuinely had not heard of him.

  “I’m Jessica’s constant companion and I have gotten her out of a few tight spots since we began our adventure.” He hoped that this little explanation would help jog the memory of the herald. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work.

  “Nope haven’t heard about Jessica having a companion. Maybe there are other tales where your exploits are mentioned.” Tucker was completely speechless, he couldn’t help but feel a hint of jealousy towards Jessica for having these stories and yet nothing was mentioned about him in any of them. “As much as I have enjoyed our conversation I have other duties to attend.”

  The herald gave them a little bow before stepping off his box. It was only when he was off his box could he truly appreciate Jessica’s height as she towered above him. He looked up at her for a few moments before walking away. This left the pair by themselves and for a moment they were silent. Jessica still felt happy that there were people in the world who had heard of her and weren’t even scared of her. Tucker was disappointed that he had been left out of the stories. He didn’t think that he could make that much of a name for himself if he was being left out like that. He did have an idea of a way to leave some kind of legacy but he didn’t think that Jessica was going to like it.

  “So what now?” asked Jessica as she looked down at Tucker. Although he felt small compared to her it didn’t diminish his manhood.

  “Isn’t it obvious?” He gave her a little smile as he looked up at her. “I’m going to enter that tournament and win enough gold to let us go wherever we need to.” He gave a little pose to show that he was ready but Jessica didn’t seem to be impressed and she placed her hands on her hips.

  “If you’re not forgetting we don’t have any money.” She thought that this would put an end to the discussion once and for all. Although she would have liked to have seen in the tournament she was worried about him getting injured.

  “Didn’t you hear him? They accept trades and I believe that Juggernaut and my shield will be worth more than the entry fee. When I win the tournament I can simply buy them back.” He knew that since this was only a tournament the combatants wouldn’t use real swords but instead they used blunted swords that were also used for practice. These would be supplied at the tournament.

  “You mean if you win the tournament, if you lose then you will also lose your sword and shield and you won’t be much of a knight without those.” Once again she thought that it would end the discussion but she was wrong.

  “Do you have so little faith in my abilities? Have I not proven to you that I’m more than capable with a sword?” He had a smile on his face which just oozed confidence. “You know I can take practically any man down.”

  “I admit that you are capable but I just don’t want to see you getting hurt.” It wasn’t just that, she genuinely thought that Tucker didn’t have the skills to win the tournament. She knew that he was more skilled then when they left Morgan but she knew that there were more capable sword wielders in Angleland and she thought that many of them would come to the tournament.

  “You don’t need to worry about that, they’re blunted swords so the worst I can get is a bruise or two. It’s not like I’m going to have my throat cut or lose an arm. I’m going to fight my way to the top and then keep on going.”

  “Are you sure you’re going to do that?” She just hoped that her words could convince him to change his mind. She even gave him a look to show that she wasn’t feeling as confident as him.

  “Of course.” He took Juggernaut out of its sheath and thrusted it forwards. Thankfully there was no one in front of him or even around him. “I have shown you on many occasions that this sword is not a simple weapon but an extension of my arm. You have seen me in action on more than one occasion and you have to admit that I’m no novice when it comes to the art of swordplay.”

  “Tucker I…” She was going to say something else to try and convince him otherwise but she knew that she was just wasting her breath. She gave a loud sigh and used her index finger and thumb to rub her eyes. “Ok if you want to enter that’s fine but don’t get upset if you don’t win and lose your sword and shield.”

  “I promise you Jessica that won’t be happening.” The smile on his face only grew as anticipation for the tournament. He wanted to test his skills against some of the greatest swordsmen in Angleland but unlike Jessica he truly believed that he would win. After completing the first two trials his confidence in his abilities were at their highest and it didn’t seem like anything could shake it.

  Despite the fact that Jessica didn’t think that he would win the tournament she was still willing to cheer him along and hope that he did in fact win. She would feel awful if she didn’t help him in some way win the tournament. She knew that she couldn’t get involved at all so cheering from the side lines was the best choice she had. Her expression changed from one of sceptism to that of encouragement.

  “Well if you want to enter then I suggest that you hurry,” said Jessica. She placed her hand on his shoulder and she continued to smile down at him. Her smile only made his confidence grow and he felt that the bridge between the pair was still being repaired. “You heard the man, the final registrations are taking place right now so if you don’t hurry you’ll miss the deadline.”

  “By the gods you’re right.” He then began to run towards the castle and Jessica just watched as he ran. “I’ll meet you there!” He shouted this as he ran further and further away from her, with each step he got closer and closer to the castle and in his mind his ticket to fame and glory.

  Jessica continued to stand there for a few moments and although she didn’t think that he would win she couldn’t help but feel somewhat happy for him. He was living out something that he had been wanting to do and she couldn’t help but wish him all the luck in the world. She just slowly began to walk towards the castle but unlike her companion she wasn’t in that much of a hurry to do this. She just took her time and she wasn’t afraid of losing Tucker, she knew that she would easily find him again so she just gave herself time to look at the buildings that she walked passed.  Even if she did lose him Tucker would more than easily spot her in a crowd.

  Tucker continued to run towards the castle and as he ran he could see more and more people the closer that he got. He could see people carrying equipment for the seating area which was just being finished. He also noticed knight looking men drinking with one another and generally talking to each other. He figured that these were going to be his opponents and he did study them a little as he went passed them. They came in all different shapes and sizes, he could judge which ones relied more on power while others he could tell needed speed to down their opponents.

  Eventually he came up to a small wooden shack where there was one person signing up to the tournament. There was a bald man sitting down and writing down details on a piece of paper while there were another two men who were standing behind them. Tucker couldn’t hear what was being said but he could see the man signing up give the other man a small pouch which he assumed had gold. The bald headed man open the pouch and took a look at one or two of the coins. He then gave the man a small piece of paper and sent him on his way.

  This was when Tucker decided to walk up to the shack. He was a little out of breath after running such a distance but he still put on a brave face and tried to show that he was not fatigued at all. The three men weren’t particular impressed by him but they just stood there and watched him approach. They saw that he was carrying weapons but they still didn’t think that he was going to rob them. Even if he did somehow steal their gold it would be difficult for him to escape scot free.

  “Hello there gentlemen,” said Tucker as he approached them. He had a lot of confidence in his voice but the men remained unimpressed. “I’m here to sign up for the tournament which is taking place at this fine castle.”

  “Before we go any further do you have the gold required to enter?” replied the bald man. He had a slight lisp in his voice which had at one point in his life been worse but he had been able to improve his voice.

  “I don’t have any gold but I was informed that you accept trades.” None of the confidence disappeared from his voice as he remained confident.

  “And what do you have to trade?” He looked at Tucker for a few moments and he didn’t really think that he had anything of value.

  “Well I’ll start off with this.” He withdrew Juggernaut from its sheath and at first the men thought that he was going to threaten them but instead he placed it right in front of the bald man. “This is a good quality sword that makes little work of anyone unfortunate enough to be on the wrong end.” He saw one of the men behind the bald man pick up the sword and he began to inspect it. “I also have this fine shield that has protected me from many deathly blows.” He took his shield off of his back and placed it in front of the bald man as well. The other man standing behind it also picked it up and began to inspect it. “That should more than cover the entry fee.”

  “We’ll see.” He then turned to the man inspecting Juggernaut. “Do you think that sword is worth anything?”

  “Yeah it’s a nice sword,” replied the man. “Not the best quality I’ve seen but one worthy of a warrior. Worth a few gold coins but maybe just a little below what’s required.” He continued to look and inspect the sword.

   “I see.” He then turned to the second man who was still inspecting Tucker’s shield. “And do you believe that this shield will cover the rest?”

  “Indeed,” replied the second man. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. Unusually strong for a shield. I can’t put an exact value on it but it will be enough to cover the fee.” He knocked it a few times and he was somewhat surprised to hear the sound that came off of it. He could tell that it was good quality.

  “Well it looks like you’re in,” said the Bald Man to Tucker who had had a smile on his face. “Now we can go through a few of your details before you’re fully registered.”

  “Ask away,” replied Tucker. “I have nothing to hide.”

Chapter 33: Fame and Expectations by The Doctor

For the next few moments Tucker answered some personal questions like his name, address, date of birth amongst a few other things. He was more than happy to ask these questions and as soon as he was done the bald headed man gave him a piece of paper which was proof that he had registered. He also found out that there were only around one hundred spots in the tournament and he turned out to be number ninety seven. That meant that there were only three more spots before the tournament was completely filled. He felt lucky since he thought that if he had been any longer he would have missed his opportunity to take part in the tournament.

"Meet outside of the castle's main gate at dawn," said the bald headed man who barely looked at Tucker. "If you're tardy then you will lose your place in the tournament and your entry fee with be forfeited."

"Sure thing," replied Tucker with much confidence in his voice. He didn't think that he would be late. "I guess I'll be seeing you later."

"Wouldn't count on it."

Tucker moved away and he saw someone else walk up to the wooden shack. Tucker knew that this fighter would be number ninety eight but at this point he didn't care. He was just glad that he was signed up and he thought that he was on his way to glory. He thought that he would take down every opponent that he came across and that by the end of it he would be crowned the greatest swordsman in the land.

As he expected it didn't take long for Tucker to find Jessica since she was so much taller than everyone else in Indigon. He quickly ran to her but by the time he had reached her he was out of breath. She had also seen a few people while she was waiting for him and a few of them had looked and whispered when they saw her. This was something that she was used to by now.

"Ah you're back," said Jessica. She could see that his sword and shield were gone and this was a little disappointing for her because she thought that he would never regain those items. "And since you don't have your sword or shield I take it that you were successful in entering."

"Y-yeah I did it," replied Tucker who was still catching his breath. He felt a little stupid being like this and he was beginning to regret running to and from. "Got there just in time, you could say that's just incredible."

"You're right it is incredible." She didn't mean it in the same way that Tucker did. She was disappointed that the registration had been a success and despite the fact that only blunted swords were used she still feared for his safety. "I guess all I can do now is cheer you on from the side lines."

"Yeah you'll be my biggest fan." He laughed at his own little pun although Jessica didn't particularly find the funny side of it. She just found it to be a little annoying but she tried not to show her frustration.

"I guess I will be, now we have some food left so do you want anything to eat?" It was true that they didn't have much. If Tucker did somehow win the tournament then they could buy as much food as they wanted. Until then they had to be careful with what they ate and even try to cut down a little.

"Do you still have any apples left? I could do with one of those right about now." He only had to wait a moment for Jessica to pass him an apple which he ate relatively quickly. He didn't realise just how hungry he was until he began eating it. He would have liked to have eaten more but he knew that they had to ration the food. It didn't help that Jessica ate double what he ate but this was something that couldn't be helped. Even at her smallest size she was known to be a bottomless pit. It was one of the numerous disadvantages of her size that she had to live with every day.

"No more for now. This food has to last us." They did have more food which they had but they needed to ration it out. Jessica wanted to believe more than anything that Tucker could win the tournament but she had to be a realist as well so she knew to ration the food in case they needed it later.

"Don't worry Jessica." Once again there was confidence in his voice and she could tell what he was going to say next. "When I win the tournament we can buy as much food as we want and gorge ourselves."

"I hope you're right I really do." She more than anyone wanted a nice warm meal in her belly but for now she had to go hungry. "I also think that you should get as much rest as you can, tomorrow you have a big day and if you're tired you won't be at your peak." She wanted to give him every advantage that she could so that chances of him winning the tournament were that much better no matter how remote it might be.

"You're right there. Running there and back as really knackered me out." It was a little late in the day and he knew that he had to be back at the castle by dawn to begin to tournament. "Besides you want to be up bright and early as well so that you can watch me defeat every adversary in my way."

"Yeah sure thing Tucker." There was not much confidence in her voice but she would still support him as best as she could. He had already paid the entry fee so they would have to see it out nonetheless.

That night because the pair didn't have enough money to stop at an inn so they had to sleep behind a building that wasn't far from the castle. It was not very warm that night so for the first time since their break up Jessica actually hugged Tucker while they slept. This wasn't to show him affection but for the simple fact that it kept them warm. Tucker did like being in her arms again since it felt like what had happened between them never took place. He could pretend this but it didn't make it true. He hoped that one day he would be able to lie in her arms because they were back together as a true couple.

When Tucker woke up it was just before dawn and he could see that Jessica was still asleep. Rather than waking her up so he slipped out from her arms and made his way to the castle. He didn't have to feel guilty about leaving her because he had told her the night before that he would go if she wasn't awake yet. She didn't need to be there at the same time as him because she would only be a spectator and wouldn't be allowed to attend until near midday. She just remained asleep although with Tucker gone she felt that there was something missing.

As Tucker walked the streets he could see that there was hardly anyone around. He expected this since he knew that most decent people were still fast asleep at this point in time. As he made his way to the castle though he could see that there were a fair few people there. It seemed that all one hundred of the participants had arrived along with some officials. There was even a small stage in front of them where one of the main officials was standing. He looked to be a man in his fifties with a lean build. He had black hair that had begun to recede and he wore clothing that showed that he was loyal to Lord Howlet. There was a lot of talking between the competitors and a couple of the officials had to blow horns so that the talking would subside.

"Welcome brave warriors and I thank you for coming at such an hour," said the Official as he looked upon the competitors. "We have counted and all one hundred of you have decided to turn up so that makes things a little easier for all of us. Many of you know how this tournament works but those of you that don't I will remind you. We will start off with four battle royals which will each host twenty five competitors. The last four standing at the end of the battle royal will go onto the finals which will take place in front of a crowd and those of House Howlet including Lord Howlet himself. These final sixteen will take each other on in a four round tournament with single elimination rules. He who wins all four of those matches will be crowned the champion."

Tucker was getting more excited but he knew that things might get difficult and indeed dangerous in the first round. He was aware that a battle royal meant that twenty-five competitors would be on the field at once fighting one another until only four of them stood. Despite the fact that it was supposed to be every man for himself it was not uncommon for temporary alliances to be formed so that a certain individual would be eliminated. Sometimes it was not the most skilled swordsman that advanced but the most cunning and in some instances the most ruthless.

"Tournament swords and shields will be provided to you by tournament officials," said the Official as he carried on his speech. "No actual swords or shields are allowed to be used, if any individual is found to be using a real sword or shield will be instantly disqualified from the rest of the competition and their entry fee will be forfeited." He cleared his throat for the moment. "For the battle royal bouts we will be entering competitors into each pool in alphabetical order. Pool one will be those between Sir Brian Adams to Robert Innings, pool two will be from Adam James to Sir Christopher Numb, the third will be Patrick O'Brien to Gregory Thames, the fourth and final pool will Sir Dick Thompson to Luke Zackery. If you are unsure of where you're supposed to be an official will help guide you. The first battle royal will take place in half an hour with each subsequent battle royal taking place after the previous."

Tucker knew where he was supposed to be. Because his last name was Martel it placed him in Pool Two. Right now he didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse since he didn't know the names of any of the competitors that he was going to be battling against. It made his task that bit more difficult.

"For the sixteen competitors that make it past the battle royals for the single elimination rounds we will not be placing competitors alphabetically. Instead there will be numbers in a box and each competitor will draw out a single number to determine where each competitor will be on the grid. For the single elimination round a winner will be determined if they make their opponent yield or if the judges decide that they have struck what would be a killing blow to their opponent. For the battle royal it is simply to take your opponent off of their feet for their entire body to strike the ground. A roll does not count as an elimination but a competitor can eliminate themselves."

For Tucker this was a little bit of bad news. He knew that he wasn't the biggest person here, some of them might be powerful enough to take him off his feet and make him fall to the ground. If that were to happen he would be eliminated before he really got going in the tournament. He just had to watch every front since he would have enemies on every side which he would have to look out for. This time he didn't have Jessica watching his back and in his own mind it was a good thing. It was a way to show everyone including himself that he could fend for himself without the help of his gigantic best friend.

"For those of you that do make it passed the battle royals before the rest of the tournament begins you will be personally met by Lord Howlet himself and his daughter Nancy." The official didn't have to announce about Lord Howlet's two sons. The younger son was currently in Royal City while his eldest and heir was taking part in the tournament. Since his last name was Howlet he would be in Pool One of the battle royal but he was more than confident of his skills. "Those of you who are in Pool One of the battle royal please acquire your tournament swords and shields from a designated area which will be shown to you by an official. The others will receive their equipment in order of their battle royal pools. I wish you look gentlemen in the coming hours."

With that the long speech was finished and those who were in the first pool made their way to one of the designated areas that had been mentioned. Tucker could only wait until the first pool of competitors had received their equipment before getting his own. He did find it odd that he wouldn't have Juggernaut but he felt that he could win nonetheless.

For the next several minutes all Tucker could do was wait around until it was his turn to pick up the supplied sword and shield. He did have to line up but he was surprised with how quickly the line was moving. Although there were around fifteen others in front of him at the beginning he only had to wait a few minutes before he received his sword and shield. No sooner had he received it he made his way to where the first battle royal was taking place. He was not the only one as many of his competitors also made the trip there. They all wanted to see who would make it to the knockout stage of the tournament.

As Tucker arrived he could see that the battle royal had yet to take place. The competitors for the battle royal were already on the field and were simply waiting for the signal to begin. There were no townsfolk or travellers watching at this point since they were not allowed in until the battle royals had finished. The only people who were there who weren't competitors were the officials.

There was some chatter but then everyone heard a whistling sound. This was the indication that the battle royal had begun and almost instantly those involved began to battle one another. There was loud sounds of struggle and grunting between the competitors as the battle royal began and with the way that it was unfolding Tucker was glad that they were only using blunted swords. If they had been using the real thing they would be seriously harming one another or worse.

As the minutes rolled by one by one each competitor was eliminated and left the field of combat. They were all disappointed since some had come from hundreds if not thousands of miles to compete and they had fallen at the first hurdle. The scene of the battle royal could only be described as utter carnage as swords came into impact with shield repeatedly. There were loud groans of pain as some of them were struck by the swords. Rather than being cut the swords would only bruise but it didn't mean that it didn't hurt when they came into contact with a person. The shields were almost as strong as the real thing so when a person got struck in the face with one it would be as if they had felt the real thing.

The entire carnage of the battle royal lasted for around ten minutes before four men stood tall amongst the rest. All four of these men were knighted by the realm and this included Sir Ty Howlet who had been very impressive during the battle royal. He had eliminated no less than ten men and yet it looked like he had barely done anything. Not a single hair was out of place and his armour was still clean. If anything he was angry that it had finished so quickly but at least he had gotten through the knockout stages.

No sooner was the first battle royal completed the combatants for pool two were commanded to enter the field. Tucker couldn't help but feel a little nervous as he stepped onto the green. He could see many of his rivals around him but there was one thing that he did which he thought would make victory more likely for him. He made sure that he was on the outside of the battle so that he didn't have to face so many different people at once. It didn't take a mathematician to know that the less opponents that one took on at once the more likely of victory.

He could see many of his rivals were larger than he was and most likely more experienced with a sword. He just tried to remember everything that he was taught by Sir Thomas Parker before the old knight had passed away. His skills had increased since he left Morgan and he only hoped that they had improved enough to see him through to the knockout stages. His confidence was not truly gone but it had definitely taken a nose dive within the last couple of moments.

A short time earlier Jessica had woken up to find that Tucker was not by her side. She wasn't all that surprised that he was gone and she simply sat up and began to stretch herself. She had not had the most comfortable sleep and her back was starting to hurt her a little but she did seem to be well rested.

It took her a moment brush the dirt off of her dress before stepping out onto the street. She could see that there were plenty of people walking all around the street going about their normal lives. A part of Jessica was a little jealous of them but she just walked down the street and she thought of a way that she could get some food. She didn't want to beg for it and she didn't want to steal it either.

As Jessica walked she could see a lot of people looking at her as she walked passed. Although it was something that she was used to it didn't mean that she particularly liked it. It always made her feel uneasy inside when she saw people staring at her, it was a further reminder that she was a giant living in a world which was simply too small for her. She wondered if she would truly be accepted as a normal person or if she will be forever an outcast as a monster.

"Err Miss," said a voice. By then Jessica had just walked passed a statue of Lord Tyrone's late father but she didn't see where the voice was coming from. She looked down and saw a relatively scrawny man standing not too far from her. "Do you have a moment to spare at all?"

"Y-yeah sure," replied Jessica. She didn't know this man at all but she felt that she was in no immediate danger. She felt that she could simply grow her way out of any danger that she came across.

"You wouldn't happen to be Jessica Snape would you?" There was an inquisitive look on his face. From the clothing that he was wearing she could tell that he wasn't a mere peasant but had some money to his name.

"Yeah." She didn't know whether she should be openly admitting who she was. In her mind she didn't have much of a choice since she was a very recognisable person so lying about her name wasn't going make that much of a difference.

"I knew you were, I've heard all about you." He began to smile and he became a little excited. She thought that he was a little odd but not in the way that creeped her out. "Is it true that you put Lord Nostory in your mouth and almost eat him?"

"Gods no." She was quite shocked that he had asked her such a thing. She knew that she would never try to eat anyone. It was most likely the story had been twisted in some way. It wouldn't be the first time that something like that happened since there were legends and songs about heroes who achieved great things which was simply impossible. "I would never do something like that."

"I didn't think you would do that. I told the guys at the taverns that you don't eat people but some do and some don't." He got a small piece of paper out from his pocket and he even had a small quill with him. "You wouldn't mind just signing this so that I can show that I actually met you?"

"I don't really have the time." She was reluctant to do this since she didn't like to have the attention.

"Oh come on." He put his hand in his pocket and took out a few gold coins. "I can give you a few gold coins for your troubles."

This gave Jessica an idea, she could cash in a little on her newfound fame to get enough money to put some food on the table. Although she was trying to ignore it her stomach was growling and it indicated that it needed food. She imagined that Tucker would feel the same and any money she could get would help with the quest.

Over the next several minutes Jessica began to sign autographs for people who wanted it. The man who she had signed for first paid her the gold and shouted to some of the others passing by. He stated who Jessica was and that she was signing autographs for a small fee. Around a dozen or more people stopped to receive her autograph and each of them paid a few gold coins each for troubles.

By the time it was all finished Jessica had a decent amount of gold coins to her name. It was not enough to buy a place or even consider herself to be truly well off but she had enough to buy herself some food. There was enough to even get Tucker some food and allow them to spend the following night in an inn.

Not too far from where she was standing Jessica could hear a herald shouting. This herald was different to the one that she had met yesterday and he didn't seem to notice her. Instead he was just stating some of the news, she heard him mention about the tournament that Tucker was taking part in. She learned that the knockout stages started at noon and that was when spectators were allowed to watch. From this information she knew that she had a couple of hours to kill before she had to go.

Jessica made her way to a small store that was on the street. It was selling warm pies that had caught her attention when she smelled it. It almost smelled heavenly and she couldn't help but take a few steps towards the store. It was being run by a small woman who looked even smaller compared to Jessica. When she first approached the store the woman thought that she was there to cause her problems.

"Can I help you?" asked the woman. There was a hint of nervousness in her voice, she looked up at Jessica who was looking at the pies on display. The tall girl was browsing for the moment.

"Yeah I couldn't help but notice these fine pies that you have on sale." She took a good sniff and she could truly smell the pies that were on offer.

"Y-yes they're fresh out of the oven." Her nervousness was beginning to subside a little as she began to think that Jessica wasn't a threat.

"You don't happen to have any steak and kidney pies do you?" It was one of Jessica's favourites and from where she was standing she couldn't tell which pie was which. They all looked the same.

"They're these ones over here." The woman pointed to a row of pies that were just on Jessica's right.

"Great I'll take three of those." The pies were only relatively small so she thought that three of them would make a decent breakfast.

"Sure thing." She then looked at Jessica again and began to realise that she was the same woman from the stories that she had been hearing. There was one way that she could know practically for certain. "If you don't mind my asking but how tall are you?" From the tales she knew that Jessica was eight feet tall but she wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth just to be sure.

"Right now I'm eight feet tall give or take an inch or two." She knew that she was a little over eight feet tall by now but she liked to make it sound like she was a little shorter. She didn't think that the woman would be in any hurry to measure her.

"Then you must be Jessica Snape. I've heard minstrels telling stories about you, like how you're said to be strong enough to move a mountain."

"Well I admit that I'm strong but I can't move a mountain." It seemed again that tales of her have been twisted to make her seem stronger than she really was. She didn't know if this was a good thing or something that she should be worried about.

"I can't possibly charge you the full amount for these pies." She was still a little intimidated by Jessica's presence and when she realised who she actually was just wanted to keep her happy. She feared that Jessica might harm her if she wasn't nice but she didn't know that Jessica wasn't like that. "Since you're buying three pies let's say that I only charge you for two and the last is on the house."

"Are you sure you want to do that?" She didn't mind the fact that her newfound fame was making her more liked amongst the people but she didn't want to really take advantage. "I don't mind paying full price for them."

"No I insist." She tried to smile at Jessica who gave her a curious look. She remembered the last time that someone had tried to give her something for free. It was the necklace that put her under Lord Nostory's spell. This time was different however since it wasn't an expensive piece of jewellery but just a pie.

"Well alright I guess." It had taken her a moment to think it over but she decided that it was a risk worth taking. She then gave the woman the gold coins required for the two pies and she took the third free as was promised.

With that Jessica walked away and the woman gave out a large sigh. She was glad to see Jessica gone and she still couldn't think of how anyone could live with being that tall. It was something that Jessica struggled with every day.

As Jessica continued to walk she took a bite out of one of the pies that she had been given. It didn't taste quite as fine as she expected but she was hungry so she didn't really care how it tasted. She was able to eat the first pie within a couple of mouthfuls, despite having eating it all she still felt hungry so she ate the second pie in quick succession. This one did taste a little better than the first but she still felt hungry so she ate the third and final pie. This time it tasted cold and she was tempted to spit it out but her hunger didn't allow her to do this so she just swallowed it.

Now that was all finished she began to feel a little lonely. Although she was still a little angry with Tucker over what he had done with Gwen she still felt like she wanted him by her side. He had been her friend for many, many years and the fact that he was away only made her feel that much lonelier. She also wanted to see him fight but she knew that she couldn't get through until the knockout stages had begun. She feared for his health and the last thing she wanted was for him to suffer a serious injury.

There was an idea that popped into her head that caused her some discomfort. She knew that Tucker was a man with some amount of pride and she remembered how he reacted the previous day when word about her escapades were entertaining people and yet he wasn't mentioned. She also remembered when they were in Lake Town and she grew and stepped into his battle. She thought that he had entered this tournament not just to win them some gold but to also try and prove himself. She didn't want Tucker to do this because of her and in a way she felt guilty about it.

Jessica didn't know that Tucker was already on the field of battle. His battle royal had not quite started yet but it would do at any moment. He too was missing Jessica as he always liked to have her close to him. The fact that she wasn't there at that moment in time was another slight factor for his confidence becoming lower. He could still see many of the men who were taking part in the battle royal and he didn't lie when he thought that many of them looked to be bigger than him. Where he was wearing more padded armour he could see that some of the competitors were wearing full metal armour which covered them completely from head to toe.

One particular foe was close to being seven feet tall and when he was in his full armour he looked to be a monstrosity. Anyone who crossed swords with him would most likely fall quickly and Tucker didn't want to find himself in this Knight's sight. Even though they were only using blunted swords Tucker thought that the Knight's strength would be enough to slice a man in two.

Tucker could hear a lot of grunting from the various competitors around him as many were eager to get the battle royal started. They were all keen to start so that they could eliminate as many people as they could and advance to the knockout stages. A few of them felt like Tucker but now was not the time to back away in fear but instead to go forward into the battle and either come out with their heads held up high or their spirits down in the mud.

On the side of the battlefield one of the officials placed his lips upon the whistle. He was given a signal by a couple of the other signals that everything was ready and with one hard blow the whistle sounded beginning the battle royal.

Chapter 34: First Hurdle by The Doctor

  All hell broke loose as the combatants went charging into one another. Within the first few moments there were already three men who found themselves on the ground and thus eliminated from the competition. For now Tucker was not amongst them but he found himself looking upon two different foes at once. He held his shield close to his body to protect himself and he had a firm grip on his sword. He had been taught what to do when facing two enemies at once. He remembered his stance and he made sure that his shield covered his vital areas.

  The taller of his foes struck at Tucker and he quickly blocked it with his shield. He knew that they were only blunted swords that they were using but in the heat of the moment he believed that they would do him serious harm. He did take a hop back to create more space between his foes. He did notice that their stances were somewhat off and he ran into the shorter of his opponents shield first. The suddenness of the impact caused the shorter man to be knocked down to the ground. There was some anger in his voice as he got back up and he wanted to attack Tucker but unfortunately his fall had been spotted by one of the officials who ordered him to leave the field as he had been eliminated.

  Now Tucker had only the one opponent, it looked to be a fair fight but within a few moments that all changed. However this time rather than being two on one against Tucker it was two on one for him. Another man stood by his side and showed that he was willing to fight along with him. It was not because he liked Tucker but because it made eliminating the taller man that much easier.

  This time it was the taller man’s turn to be on the defensive as Tucker and his temporary ally began to attack. To his credit the taller man was able to fend them both off for a respectable amount of time. Tucker tried to stab and slash at different areas of his foe’s body but each time he tried it was skilfully blocked.

  It didn’t take long however for both Tucker and his ally to defeat the taller man. Tucker’s partner aimed high causing their foe to lift up his shield to defend himself. With that Tucker attacked the man’s legs causing him to fall to the ground and thus be eliminated from the tournament.

  For Tucker all that concerned him was everything that was within a five foot radius of him. He couldn’t see what was going on around him. If he could see he would have thought that what was happening was a battle field rather than a tournament. Some of those taking parts were receiving nasty bruises from the swords of their opponents but they knew that if the swords had been real it would not be bruises they received. They would be receiving nasty cuts that would be life threatening. In the rules of the knockout stages a blow like that would be determined as a fatal blow and would end in the competitor being eliminated. However since it was still the battle royal it was only when knocked to the ground that a competitor was officially eliminated.

  With the defeat of the taller man Tucker and his ally quickly turned on each other. Rather than both going for an attack they paced in a circle with their shields covering themselves. Each was looking for a weakness in the other and for now they were both waiting for the other to strike first.

  Tucker thought that he could see an opening and went to stab his sword into his opponent but much to his surprise the attack was side stepped. His foe then went to take Tucker’s legs but the young wannabe knight was just able to block the attack at the nick of time. If he had even been a tenth of a second slower he would likely have been knocked down and lose everything.

  There was a flurry of attacks and blocks from both men as they went at it tooth and nail. It seemed that they were evenly matched and it would take several seconds before one of them would gain a decisive edge.

  This didn’t happen however as both men heard a whistle blow. This meant that the battle royal had finished. The adrenaline was still pumping through their bodies but slowly both of them came to a stop. At no point did they take their eyes off one another but slowly the heat of the battle subsided.

  Both men gave a sigh but they were just happy that both of them had advanced to the knockout stages of the tournament. They felt that the most difficult aspect of the tournament was finished and that it would be much easier. There was only downside was that there could only be one winner.

  “Well fought,” said the man. His voice was somewhat muffled by his helmet but Tucker was able to make out what he was saying.

  “Thanks,” replied Tucker. There was a confident smile on his face as well. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

  “Excuse my ignorance but I don’t recognise you. I know many of the fine knights who battle here on this day but you are a new face to me.”

  “My name is Tucker Martel but for now I’m no knight.” He wanted to be a knight more than anything else, it was even possible that he wanted to be knighted more than he wanted to find Three Man’s Treasure.

  “It has been a pleasure battling you Mr Martel. With skills like yours you will soon be knighted.”

  Before the conversation could go any further both men were told that they needed to leave the field so that the third battle royal could take place. Tucker thought that he would be seeing his opponent on the side lines but much to his surprise he was nowhere to be seen. Tucker had not been able to see his opponent’s face so he had no idea what he looked like. He had also been trying to see if the knight had any sigils but when he had looked he had been able to spot nothing.

  Tucker knew that he would be seeing this knight again since they would be selecting numbers before the start of the knockout stages. It somewhat reminded him of when he saw the man in black at the inn while Jessica was venting her anger. He still didn’t know if the cloaked man had been real or just a figment of his imagination. He had been drinking a fair amount before so his true recollection was not entirely reliable.

  Rather than watching the other battle royals Tucker decided that he needed something to satisfy his hunger. He hadn’t seen Jessica since early that morning but he wasn’t too concerned, if he had learned anything about her it was that she was more than capable of looking after herself.

  Thankfully for Tucker there was a small stand which was giving complimentary food to those taking part in the tournament. It wasn’t a warm meal that would have been ideal but instead just some cheese and bread. Tucker ate what he was given which was two rounds of freshly baked bread with cheese that had a strong taste to it. He could see that many of the others around him were not all that happy since almost all of them had been eliminated during the battle royals.

  While he was eating Tucker felt a strong tap on his shoulder and when he turned around he could see the two men that he had eliminated during the battle royal. Both of them didn’t seem to be too happy that they had been eliminated by him. Tucker knew that he was in trouble but rather than panicking he tried to play it cool. He thought that if he showed any kind of aggression he would be disqualified.

  “Hey I remember you,” said Tucker. He could see that they were still angry but he didn’t really react to it.

  “And we sure remember you,” replied the taller man. “Because of you I lost the money I gained from my father.”

  “Well I’m sorry about that but the name of the game is to win. Maybe you’ll have better luck next time.”

  “We won’t need to come next year because right now you’re giving us both our money back right now.” Tucker could tell that these men meant business but rather than rising up he decided to remain calm.

  “I believe that it is against the rules.”

  “Rules were made to be broken, just like your legs if you don’t pay up.” By now Tucker had noticed the shorter man what he thought was some kind of large stick. Both men had their swords taken from them after their eliminations but it had been easy to find an alternate weapon.

  “You must be mistaking my friend. That sounds like a threat.” If Jessica had been with him he knew that she would likely step in and resolve the matter without the need for violence. He knew how much of an intimidating figure she could be but this time he only had himself to fall back on.

  “There isn’t a mistake, now had over the gold or else you won’t be walking to the next round.” The stepped closer to Tucker and he could see that the situation was indeed bad and he placed his hand on his sword. He knew that if he used it there was a good chance that he would be disqualified.

  “I’m sorry but I’m fresh out of gold. Maybe when I win the tournament I might give you some gold. A couple to polish my sword maybe? It hasn’t had a good polish for many months.”

  They didn’t answer as the shorter man tried to strike Tucker with the stick. He had seen the movement happening almost in slow motion and he dived out of the way. He rolled onto the ground and got back up to his feet. He wanted to use his sword but the risk of disqualification was too great. It would mean that he would truly lose his sword and shield and have absolutely nothing to show Jessica when everything was said and done.

  The confrontation was noticed by others who stopped eating and turned to look what was going on. Despite the amount of people watching it didn’t seem like any of them were willing to get up and help Tucker. He just had to keep dodging the attacks as they came, at no point did he try to attack. Instead of acting scared Tucker was still being confident and he was even able to give a couple of one liners that if anything just antagonised the two men. They began to become angrier but their rage made their moves more sloppy and easier for Tucker to dodge.

  “What is the meaning of this?” asked an angry male voice. All three men stopped what they were doing and they could see a well-dressed aged man standing not too far away from where they were standing. He had two armed guards standing by him and he had an angry expression on his face.

  “Who in the hell are you?” replied the shorter man as he didn’t recognise the man before him. Most of the others watching did recognise him. Most of them knew that something interesting was about to happen.

  “I am Lord Tyrone, the Lord of this Castle and host of this tournament. You will cease all aggression before I have all three of you cast down into the dungeons.” There was much authority in his voice. The shorter man dropped his stick and both he and his friend reluctantly moved away. Tucker was left there standing by himself, he didn’t know whether to stand up tall or drop down to his knee to show his respects. Instead he gave a small bow to show him gratitude.

  “My Lord,” replied Tucker. “I apologise for what has taken place but I assure you I was merely defending myself.”

  “Yes indeed.” His voice sounded much calmer than it had done a few moments earlier. He took a couple of steps towards Tucker, with each step he took the guards followed closely besides him. “I saw how you didn’t attack your attackers but I can’t say that I approve of your taunts.”

  “It is a technique which I was taught my Lord.” He had to remember to watch his manners. He thought that the slightest hint of disrespect might have dire consequences. “By taunting my opponent it causes them to become angry which in turn makes them sloppy which then makes it more likely that they’ll make a mistake. I was taught by Sir Thomas Parker before his passing.”

  “Sir Thomas Parker you say?” This seemed to intrigue Lord Tyrone, he definitely recognised the name. “He was a good man, he was one of my sworn swords but unfortunately age prevented him from fully performing his duties. His mind was willing but his body just couldn’t continue so I had no choice but to release him from my services and allow him to live the rest of his life in peace. He was a stubborn man at times but he understood and left with enough gold for him to live the rest of his life in comfort.” He stretched his hand to his side in order to show that he wanted Tucker to follow him. Tucker was a little hesitant since he had not had entirely nice experiences with Lords. But he did remember Sir Thomas mentioning about Lord Tyrone, he had stated that Lord Tyrone was an honourable man and thus Tucker did think that he could be trusted. He began to follow Tyrone and they continued to talk as they walked. “So Sir Thomas went all the way to Morgan, correct me if I’m wrong but that’s quite far to the west isn’t it?”

  “Y-yes it is my Lord.” Tucker noticed that the two guards were walking right behind them and they both had their hands on their swords. Each was ready to act within a moment’s notice.

  “That’s a little further than I expected but at least he found somewhere that he thought was peaceful enough to live the rest of his days. If you don’t mind my asking how did he die, did he suffer at all?”

  “No my Lord, one night he fell asleep and he just never woke up.” It was a little upsetting for Tucker to remember. Sir Thomas had been a friend and the only one who truly thought that he could become a knight, even when everyone had told him that it was a fool’s dream. It had meant a lot to him.”

  “That is good to know, it would have been very upsetting to learn that he suffered before he died.” By then they had begun to walk up the steps into the castle itself. Tucker didn’t know whether he should be going inside but he still continued to follow Lord Tyrone. “I did watch your skills during the battle royal and I must admit that I see promise in you, I can definitely see that Sir Thomas’s training has helped you considerably. I suspect that you’ll get far in this tournament.”

  “I hope to my Lord. My friend and I are a little short on money and we were hoping to win some here today. We’re on a quest you see.”

  “A quest? Whatever for?” He was intrigued, in his youth he had wanted to go on quests but all these dreams died when he became a Lord and discovered that he had many responsibilities, too many for him to ever go off on anything that even resembled a quest. He did look forward to hearing Tucker’s quest.

  “I have reason to believe that the fabled Three Man’s Treasure is real my Lord.” He still remembered his manners.

  “Three Man’s Treasure? I thought that was simply a myth.” The answer truly surprised him as like most people in Angleland he had believed that such a treasure was nothing more than a fairy tale.

  “So did I but I have found hard evidence that it is indeed real my Lord. My friend and I have risked life and limb to get this far and I believe that we’re not far from finding it.” There was a small amount of excitement in his voice, he knew that there wasn’t too much that needed to be done before they found the treasure.

  “If you don’t mind my asking but who is this friend you speak of?” By now they were inside the castle and walking through its halls.

  “Her name is Jessica Snape, she’s special to me my lord.” He saw the hint of recognition in the face of Lord Tyrone.

  “I think I’ve heard of that name.” He began to think for a few moments. “If you would be so kind can you remind me of who she is?”

  “If you would like my lord.” He began to think of the best way to describe Jessica that was not in any way demeaning to her. He respected her far too much to do anything like that to her. “There have been stories reaching the ears of many about her, she stands at eight feet in height but can make herself much, much larger than that.” He knew what he was saying sounded ridiculous but he carried on anyway. “Not only is she the biggest person in Angleland she is also the most compassionate. I am honoured just to be by her side never mind her best friend.”

  “Oh yes that giant woman that I’ve been hearing. I thought that it was only some tall tale the smallfolk told themselves for entertainment. I didn’t believe that this Jessica Snape was actually real.”

  “Did you say Jessica Snape?” asked a female voice. Both men stopped where they were as they saw a young woman approaching them. She had long fair hair and a very beautiful face. She wore a long blue dress and she was quite short. She was only just around five feet tall and this was something that she wasn’t happy about. There was some excitement in her voice as she spoke.

  “Tucker allow me to introduce you to my daughter Nancy. She is by far the most beautiful of my daughters.”

  “That is because you only have one.” There was a smile on her face as she did like the compliment by her father. She was definitely one of the prettiest women that Tucker had seen but he thought that Jessica was the most beautiful woman in Angleland. He saw as Nancy looked at him and there was almost a childlike excitement within her. “So you know Jessica Snape?”

  “Yes I do my lady,” replied Tucker. Once again he remembered his manners when addressing Nancy. She was the daughter of Lord Tyrone so she deserved the same amount of respect as him. “We’ve been best friends ever since we were children and we’re travelling together.”

  “Really?” Tucker’s answer had only seemed to make Nancy’s excitement grow. “What is she like? How tall is she? Can I meet her?” Nancy’s questions were coming so fast that Tucker didn’t seem to have time to answer any of them. He was a little overwhelmed and he heard Lord Tyrone just laugh.

  “I think Mr Martel has more pressing matters to worry about,” said Lord Tyrone to his daughter. He loved her very much but he knew that sometimes she could get a little overexcited. “I’m sure that he will be able to answer all your questions later but he has to concentrate on his next series of battles.”

  “You made it passed the battle royal?” Her eyes seemed to light up a little. She had grown up listening to stories about princesses and brave knights. Although Tucker wasn’t a knight she felt like he was. “So does that mean you’ll be fighting against Ty?” She didn’t really get on with her older brother that much and she wanted to see him taken down a peg or two. He was mean to her often and she didn’t like it.

  “I might but we haven’t even pulled the numbers yet my lady,” replied Tucker. This was the only answer that he could think about. He was a little puzzled with Nancy because of her questions but he found them innocent enough.

  “That reminds me we better get you back outside,” said Lord Tyrone. It was only now that he realised just how long he had been talking to Tucker. “If you’re not there in time you’ll be disqualified.” He looked at one of the guards that had been escorting him, “Lenard please escort Mr Martel to the remaining participants.”

  “As you wish my lord,” replied the guard. He turned to Tucker and he held out his hand much like Lord Tyrone had done earlier. “Please this way.”

  Before leaving Tucker thanked Lord Tyrone for his time before following the guard to the outside. His meetings with lords seemed to be doing better than they had originally. He still remember how Lord Nostory threw him in the dungeons and more or less kidnapped Jessica. Lord Logan had treated him honourably and he felt that Lord Howlet would do the same as well. He just had to remember to not do anything that could upset him, he didn’t want to get into any trouble whatsoever.

  Tucker had walked further than he had realised as the walk to the castle’s man entrance was quite far. He had been talking to Lord Tyrone at the time and hadn’t realised just how far he had walked. He was beginning to think that he would run out of energy before he even selected his number for the tournament. He did wonder what Jessica was doing and if she really was on her way to see him compete.

  Eventually Tucker was led outside of the castle and into a large courtyard where he saw fifteen other people were waiting. There were a few other men there who were officials appointed by Lord Tyrone. These were different from the officials that Tucker had seen earlier but they still commanded some form of respect from the competitors. There was one person that Tucker noticed and that was Lord Tyrone’s heir Sir Ty Howlet. In the face he looked much like his father but he was taller and a full head of brown hair. There was some muscle to his figure but this was blocked from view thanks to the armour that he was wearing. He seemed to be very confident of victory and he didn’t allow anyone to touch him. He was likely to slice off a person’s hand for that.

  “Thank you all for coming,” said one of the officials. His voice was loud enough for everyone in the courtyard to hear clearly. “And congratulations on making passed the battle royals.” In the time that Tucker had been eating and talking to Lord Tyrone the other two battle royals had taken place. “In a moment we will be drawing the numbers to determine who will face who in the tournament. As in the rules the man who eliminated the most opponents in the battle royal has earned the right to pick the first number. The heir to Indigon has earned this honour.”

  With that Sir Ty stepped up and pushed passed anyone that was in his way. He walked up to another official who was carrying a relatively small wooden box with a hole on the top. Inside were sixteen slips of paper that each contained a number from one to sixteen. Everyone watched as Sir Ty placed his hand into the box and pulled out a small slip of paper. He opened it up and showed another official the number that he had drawn.

  “Sir Ty has drawn the number six,” said the other official who wrote down Sir Ty’s name on a tournament chart. Sir Ty stepped to one side and he was still confident that he was going to win the tournament and show everyone why he was the best knight in all of Angleland. He certainly the most confident man there.

  “The rest of you will pick your numbers when your name is called out,” replied the first official. “This will carry on until all sixteen competitors have drawn their numbers. Good luck to all.”

  Tucker waited patiently for his name to be called out but there was one thing that he did notice. The man he had been battling during the battle royal was nowhere in sight. He found this to be quite odd and at first he thought that he was just late but when he began to count the number of opponents waiting for their number he counted fifteen. This didn’t include Sir Ty which would have brought the number up to sixteen. This caused Tucker a lot of confusion since he knew that he had fought against another man and that they had both made it passed the battle royal.

  Tucker was lost in his own little world when he heard his name called out. This snapped him back to reality and he stepped forward to draw his number. He didn’t realise that he was sixth man to be called up for his number.

  Carefully Tucker stepped forwards and placed his hand into his hand into the box. He seemed to rummage around for a few moments before pulling out a slip of paper and opened it up. Inside he could see another number and this time it was the number seven. At first he thought that meant he was going to fight Sir Ty in the first round but when he looked at his name being written down he realised that Tucker’s match was going to be the fourth of the opening round while Sir Ty would be in the third. It was somewhat of a relief for him although he did know that if both of them won that they would face each other in the next round.

  After drawing his number Tucker waited to see if he would spot the man he had fought during the battle royal but none of the men that stepped up seemed to fit the bill. This made him very confused and he knew that he definitely fought against someone after the other two men had fallen.

  Eventually all the numbers were picked and the tournament chart had been completely filled. Tucker was still in a small amount of confusion and he did begin to think that he was going insane. He had recently eaten something that had made him go loopy but he was sure that the effects had long worn off.

  Tucker was walking around and deep in his own little world when he felt a large hand touch his shoulder. He turned around and was somewhat surprised to see the towering figure of Jessica. She had a crumb on her face from where she had eaten the pie earlier but she did have a smile on her face. She was glad that she had found him and she was surprised that he hadn’t spotted her.

  “Hey Tucker congratulations?” asked Jessica as she looked down at him. She had heard that he had progressed through the battle royal and for this she was proud of him. “You actually got passed the first hurdle.”

  “Did you expect anything less?” replied Tucker. There was confidence in his voice but she could tell that there was something trouble him. She could tell by the slightest hint in his voice.

  “Is there something wrong?” She did give him a concerned look and it did make Tucker feel that their friendship was on the mend. At least this time what was bothering him was not as bad as the previous time.

  “It’s nothing really.” Tucker felt much more comfortable talking to Jessica because at least this time he didn’t have to worry about hurting her feelings. “It’s just that during my battle royal I faced a warrior who seemed to be my equal. We both got through the battle royal but for some reason he’s not here and according to the officials everyone who should be here is here.”

  “That sounds a little odd. Maybe you just don’t recognise them for some reason, like was he wearing armour?” Rather than going for an outlandish theory Jessica first wanted to go try the most likely scenarios

  “Yeah from head to toe. I couldn’t see his face.”

  “There you go, most likely he’s just taken off his armour and you haven’t recognised him. I’m sure that when the rounds start you’ll spot him in his armour.”

  “I guess you’re right.” His mind was somewhat at ease with this as what Jessica was saying made a lot of sense. Most likely he had just not recognised his opponent without the armour. It seemed to be a realistic answer.

 “Now you wouldn’t mind showing me the best place to sit.” The smile on her face remained and her touch felt soft. “I want to watch you win this tournament and gain the recognition you deserved.” She still didn’t think that he would win but it was a push in the right direction for him.


Chapter 35: Opening Round by The Doctor

  Tucker had a few minutes before he had to attend his match so he decided to spend that time with Jessica. The knockout stages hadn’t started yet but some of the people had begun to get some pretty decent seats. For Jessica she knew that she would have to remain in the back so that she didn’t block the view of other people. This was one downside to her height as she would have loved to be in the front row to cheer him on.

  With some of the gold coins that Jessica had earned she bought herself and Tucker a drink at a nearby tavern. It wasn’t against the rules for the competitors to do this but all that was requested was that they would return for their match. There were some tables outside which was a welcome relief for Jessica since the inside of the tavern had very low ceilings which by now had become her arch nemesis.

  Originally Tucker was going to have some ale but Jessica convinced him against it. She didn’t want him to be impeded in any way. When he did ask her where she got the money for the drinks she didn’t mind telling him that she was using some her new fame to get some much needed gold. This only made Tucker even more determined to win the tournament so that he could be famous enough to be asked for autographs. He hated to admit it but he was somewhat jealous of his best friend.

  “Are you nervous?” asked Jessica as she took a sip of her drink. If she wanted to she could down her entire drink in a single gulp. However she wanted to savour it and spend that little bit of time with Tucker.

  “Of course I’m not,” replied Tucker. There was a hint of confidence in his voice but Jessica could see through it.

  “You know that you can’t lie to me.” There was a look of mischief in her face as she said this. She knew that Tucker was a lot more nervous than he led on. “I know that you are nervous.”

  “I assure you that I’m not.” He took a sip out of the drink and still played it cool. “I’m as cool as ice.”

  “If you’re so confident then why is your knee jerking?”

  “My what?” He looked under his table and saw that his knee was jerking up and down. He tried to stop his knee but discovered that he couldn’t. Although he was confident on the outside on the inside his nerves were getting the better of him. “Ok so maybe I am a little nervous it’s not a big deal.”

  “I know it isn’t Tucker but it’s ok to be nervous.” She gave a bit of a sigh and she knew that she had to give her friend a few words of wisdom. “You’re only human so you’re gonna feel nervous at some point and to tell you the truth I can understand why you’re nervous now. You’re about to face trained knights for the first time and you’re still questioning whether you’re up to their calibre.” Her words were ringing true and it left him speechless. “The moment you allow your nerves to get the better of you is when you have truly lost. All I can suggest to you is to try and take your mind off of it when you’re fighting. Think of a happy thought and it should do the trick.”

  “You mean like when we used to play when we were kids?” He was still dumbstruck with what Jessica had been saying and this was all that he mutter.

  “Exactly like when we used to play hide and seek?”

  “Yeah but you would always find me. I still think that you were peaking when I was finding somewhere to hide.”

  “I told you before.” She gave him a smile. “I could sense you, kind of made hiding from me nearly impossible.”

  “How come I never got to find you?” He knew the answer to this but he wanted to hear the answer from her.

  “It was before I had my dress so I was big all the time.” She could still remember her younger self being too big to hide. It didn’t stop her from trying and sometimes Tucker would pretend not to see her just to spare her feelings.

  For the pair it was nice to think about when they were younger. Back when things didn’t seem to be so dark. I time when even the simplest of things seemed to be magical and breath taking. Unfortunately that time was over and nowadays the wonders of the world normally had a dark underbelly.

  It was around this time when Tucker decided that he needed to return to the tournament before he was disqualified. He finished off his drink and not too surprising he saw Jessica finish hers off with minimal effort. They both made their way back to where the tournament was taking place and they had to part ways when they reached it. Tucker had to go where the other competitors would be waiting for their matches. Jessica had to go and find herself a decent seat to watch the tournament. One thing that she did have going for her was that Tucker had given her a ticket which were given to all of the competitors. It allowed them to give it to another person so that they could have a premium seat. These premium seats were nothing however in comparison to those that belonged to the so called high borns. They were greater than those of any other spectator.

  A few minor lords and their entourage had made the journey to Indigon to cheer on and bet on the competitors. Lord Tyrone’s heir Sir Ty was the favourite to win the tournament although a few of the high were betting on some of the lesser known competitors with low odds. This was not so much because they believed that they would win but because if they won they would win a lot of gold. Normally these low chance bets didn’t have too much riding on them and were more for fun than anything else.

  Jessica was seated in a seat that was behind a few other spectators who had gotten premium seats. She had opted to sit in the seat behind but she was beginning to regret this. Her legs were too long and she tried everything she could to make sure that her knees didn’t dig into the back of the person in front of her.

  What she was sitting wasn’t really a seat or a chair but more like a long bench with many others sitting on it. There was nothing to lean back on and the bench was pretty low so it was another reason why she felt uncomfortable. She just wanted to get this over and done with so that she could stand up and be comfortable once again.

  From where she was sitting Jessica had a clear view of the grassy grounds where the fighting would be taking place. On a heightened stage she could see many of the high borns sitting down. Their seats were much more comfortable than those that belonged to the commoners but there were two seats that she could see that were of extra comfort. Those were beautifully carved from top to bottom and were cushioned. They were reserved for Lord Tyrone Howlet and his daughter Nancy. Tucker had told her that Nancy had wanted to meet her and she thought that it was nice that someone of a high birth could want to meet someone like her.

  It was not the first time that such an event had happened and she could still remember what happened that time. She still remembered what Lord Nostory did to her and whenever she thought of his face it made her feel angry. Although she had simply walked away when she had a chance to destroy him she didn’t know how she would react if their paths ever crossed again.

  Jessica was lost in her own thoughts when she began to hear a fanfare of trumpets. It got the attention of everyone at the tournament. She saw what seemed to be one of the officials stepping onto the stage. All attention drew to him but he was not the reason for the fanfare that was what was coming next.

  “Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce Tyrone Howlet,” said the Official. Although he was a man of an advanced age his voice was still as powerful as ever. “Lord of Indigon and our host for today’s event.” There was another fanfare as people saw Lord Tyrone making his way onto the stage with Nancy following closely behind. “And accompanying him is his daughter Lady Nancy Howlet, the fairest maiden at Indigon by far.” People began to cheer and applaud as both Lord Tyrone and Nancy took their seats on the stage. They had a supreme view of the battlefield and for them they were going to be in for a good tournament.

  Sitting across at a table were three more officials. They were more than mere officials and had the important task of being the judges. Their task was to add up points scored by each opponent that would decide who the winner was if the time limit of the match expired. They would also stop the match if a competitor performed what was called a fatal blow. This would be a strike that would be lethal if they were using real swords. Once this happened the competitor on the receiving end of such a strike would be eliminated from the tournament and their opponent declared the winner. Unlike the battle royal being knocked to the ground wasn’t a loss.

  The first match to take place was between an agile fighter named Cecil Harrington against a noble knight named Sir Gareth Oxland. His attacks were more based on power rather than speed. A few times he tried to strike Cecil but many times Cecil would back flip out of the way. This was to show off to the crowd more than actually trying to get out of the way. Jessica watched from the side lines and although she thought that he was a little cute she still didn’t like how he was showboating. He was definitely fighting more for the crowd rather than trying to win.

  Cecil was popular amongst the audience, especially the women. His style seemed to play on the idea of a warrior who was a great lover as well as a fighter. There had been some stories about him of how he was able to woo the goddess of love and even claimed to have planted his seed in her. He was known in almost every part of Angleland as tales of his virtue would come to light.

  This didn’t save him however as when after performing a simple backflip to dodge an attack he landed funny on his feet. The mud beneath his feet had been a little wet which caused him to slip on the ground. Sir Gareth didn’t waste any time in moving towards him and stabbing his sword into Cecil’s chest. The strike didn’t actually stab into Cecil’s chest but it definitely came into contact and it would certainly leave a bruise.

  Almost as soon as the blow had been struck both competitors heard the word ‘Halt!’ This had come from the judges who determined that a fatal blow had been struck and declared Sir Gareth Oxland as the winner of the bout.

  This was a big disappointment for the women who had wanted to see their heartthrob carry on and defeat everyone else in the tournament. This was an opportunity that they weren’t going to see as they saw Cecil make his way back up to his feet. He was coughing and had his hand on his chest where the sword had come into contact. He was disappointed with himself and walked off the field he kept his head down as he was suffering the agony of defeat.

  The next match was a rather boring affair with it finishing on a judge’s decision. The winner was determined to be Sir Ryan Season. It was certainly a forgettable match but also allowed the audience know that Sir Ryan would be facing Sir Gareth in the quarter-final of the tournament.

  The third match was one that most of the crowd had been looking forward to. Lord Tyrone and Nancy were particularly looking forward to this match since it featured Sir Ty Howlet. His father hoped to see some honour in his son but he knew that would likely not see it in this tournament. He knew how much of a hothead his son could be and it made him fearful of what will happen when Ty became the Lord of Indigon.

  Sir Ty’s opponent was a noble knight who hailed from the Wetlands. He was a man who had just reached his forties although from his skill no one would think that he was that age. His name Sir Bastion Watership and he was the brother of the current Lord of the Wetlands Lord Benedict Watership. In his younger days he was often called the greatest swordsman in Angleland and although his skills had slightly diminished with age his technique was still second to none.

  There was much cheering when both men entered the field of play. Sir Bastion who a shining silver armour which glinted in the midday sun. He was a relatively large man but he could still move around with ease. It was mentioned that he spent more time in his armour than any other man in Angleland and that many members of his own family had never seen him without his armour.

  Despite all the tales of skill about Sir Bastion this meant nothing for the young and glory hungry Sir Ty. His armour was amongst the finest in Angleland but unlike many heirs he intended to use it as often as he could. He saw this as a stepping stone for his own path to glory, this tournament was the first of many challenges that he would face. He hoped that one day after he was long dead that the common folk would write stories and sing songs about his exploits. This aging knight was going to be his first hurdle before achieving absolute greatness.

  The crowd was silent as the match was only a few moments from beginning. Both Lord Tyrone and Nancy watched from their seats. Lord Tyrone knew that his son wouldn’t be too badly hurt but he was worried about him dishonouring the Howlet name. It was that name and the beauty of his sister that led to her marriage with King Percy. He knew that his eldest son was very hot headed and that one day it could cost him dearly. He just hoped that the Howlet name didn’t go through the mud in the process.

  When the signal to begin was sounded both men locked into combat with one another. Sir Ty was surprised with the skill of Sir Bastion who attacked with a flurry of strikes which the younger knight was only just able to defend.

  Sir Ty responded to his own attacks and once again he was surprised to see that Sir Bastion was able to block these blows and even perform some counterattacks. It seemed that Sir Bastion was far away from retirement but he didn’t have the energy reserves which Sir Ty had in plenty. The younger knight knew that he could outlast his older opponent and all he needed to do was wear him down.

 Over the course of the next few minutes that is exactly what Sir Ty did as he could see Sir Bastion’s attacks getting a little slower with each strike. It was not long before Sir Ty saw his opening and stabbed his sword right into Sir Bastion’s chest right were his heart was. As soon as the blow was struck the judges called for the match to be stopped. They felt that Sir Ty’s attack was a fatal blow and thus made him the winner.

  Sir Bastion was disappointed to see that he had lost but he was glad that it was to a superior opponent. He knew that not every man could defeat him in a fair fight and he felt that Sir Ty would become a great knight with such skill like that. He would have congratulated Sir Ty for his victory but discovered that the young knight had already left the field without so much as even a word.

  This was noticed by Lord Tyrone who was not too pleased with what he saw. He was happy to see his son win the match but he knew that after defeating an opponent like that the knights were supposed to shake each other’s hand on putting on a good match. Sir Ty had completely ignored this and it was seen as a slap on Sir Bastion’s honour. That probably wounded him more than any injury and Lord Tyrone knew that it might come back to bite Sir Ty so he would have to try and do something to try and repay for the insult.

  Just out of the view of the crowd Tucker was making his last preparations before his first match. He was more nervous than ever, unlike before he didn’t have a crowd watching him and this time he had a single opponent. He didn’t want to fall in front of Jessica and he would do almost anything to make sure that he progressed to the next round. He remembered to take deep breaths so that enough oxygen got to his brain. It allowed him to think more clearly and he just waited to call him out. These few seconds seemed to be the longest seconds he had ever known.

  “Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the fourth match in this opening round,” shouted one of the officials. “Introducing first from Morgan… Tucker Martel.” Tucker knew that this was his cue to leave where he was taking his breaths and enter the field of play. He took one more deep breath before stepping out and he could see the crowd of people that was watching him. Their reactions were no as cheerful as he would have liked but they weren’t booing him so to him this was a good sign. He looked around and it was difficult for him to miss Jessica who had stood up from where she was sitting and cheered for him. He was thankful to at least have her support. “And his opponent, from July Sir Randal Crawling!” This was when Tucker’s opponent stepped out onto the field of play. He had a larger reception since he was more well known than Tucker. Like Tucker he wore light armour but only his eyes, nose and mouth could be seen as the rest of it was covered by his helmet. He was quite a small built man but he was far from a pushover. There was word from all over on how he had defeated many foes that were much larger than him.

  There was one thing that both Tucker and Jessica heard which sent a shiver down their spines. This was the mention of July which brought back painful memories for both of them. The last thing they wanted to do was have to remember their last visit to July which they wished had never happened.

  Despite this Tucker stared down Sir Randal and Sir Randal stared down Tucker. Both of them heard the word to begin and for the first few moments neither man moved. When they did move they didn’t charge into each other but instead began to pace around in a circle as both waited for the other to make the first move. Tucker could feel his heart beating in his chest. He wanted to glance over at Jessica but he knew that if he did it would give Sir Randal an opportunity to attack.

  In the end Tucker couldn’t wait around any longer and performed a quick but careful dash towards Sir Randal. The knight responded by holding his shield close to his body as he anticipated some kind of blow. He was ready to counterattack and hopefully gain an easy victory against Tucker.

  Rather than attacking with his sword Tucker decided to try and strike Sir Randal with his shield. This was quickly blocked by Sir Randal but it kept Tucker’s sword free and with it he attempt to strike him. Sir Randal was just able to get up his sword in time to block the blow. There was a flurry of swords between the two that lasted for a few seconds before the pair backed off one another.

  The crowd enjoyed this small flurry with a shout of joy but there was one who wasn’t calling for joy. This was Jessica who was probably more nervous than Tucker, she was more worried for his health rather than him losing their last chance of earning some money. She knew that the weapons used was to minimalize serious injuries but she still feared that he might get hurt. The last thing she wanted was for him to pick up an injury that would make his life more difficult.

  If Jessica could she would grow to her full size and stop the match but she knew that it would only cause more problems. Not only would it cause her trouble with the common folk and Lord Tyrone she knew that Tucker would also be angry with her. She knew how he wanted to show that he was formidable in his own right and didn’t always need her protection. She respected him for it but she just hoped that it wouldn’t leave him making unwise decisions.

  The two men began to pace around again as they glared at one another. This didn’t last for long as this time it was Sir Randall who charged at Tucker. Jessica almost lost her breath as she saw Tucker block the attack and tried to respond with his own. This was also blocked by Sir Randal and it led to another flurry of attacks between the two. The crowd seemed to enjoy this more than anything else that took place in the battle. They thought it was likely that one of them would take down the other.

  At first it was Tucker who seemed to be gaining the upper edge in this flurry but he discovered that he was actually having to defend more than he was attacking and it seemed to be continuing the further the battle went. It was obvious to him that Sir Randal had much more experience than he did. It seemed that Sir Randal was using this experience to great effect and if Tucker didn’t do something soon he would find himself on the receiving end of a killer strike and thus lose the match.

  The first thing Tucker did was try and create some space between himself and Sir Randal so all he did was take several steps back quickly so that for the moment he was out of reach of Sir Randal’s dull blade. It was more than easy for Sir Randal to make up the distance and strike Tucker’s blade so hard that it flew out of Tucker’s hand. This got another cheer from the crowd as they thought that Tucker was only moments away from losing the match. Jessica could barely watch as she too thought that Tucker was going to be eliminated. All of his efforts would have been for naught.

  Without his sword Tucker couldn’t launch a decent attack but he was more than capable of defending himself. His shield was blocking almost every blow that came his way but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to launch an attack until he got his sword back. He began to remember the little training session he had with Jessica which had a similar problem. He remembered how he originally couldn’t get passed her and she had applied a bear hug in an attempt to stop him. He doubted that Sir Randal would try and bear hug him but the experienced knight made sure that he was constantly between Tucker and his sword. A clever move to try and pick up a victory.

  Tucker tried to move around so that he could see his sword but he didn’t have a chance to look mainly due to the fact that he was constantly having to block attacks from Sir Randal. He was close to defeat as he knew that Sir Randal would eventually get around his defences and strike the killer strike.

  Jessica could barely watch what was happening and she was on the verge of tears. She never liked to see Tucker failing and she knew how crushed he would be to be eliminated at this early stage. She also knew that it would mean that he would lose his sword and shield. He probably wouldn’t mind too much about the shield but the sword he had made himself and had much personal value. To lose it would make him feel less of a man and it might even make him go back to Morgan.

  As Tucker was continuing to block the shots he saw his sword lying on the ground for the briefest of moments. This did help somewhat for him as he now knew exactly where the sword was.

  There was also one thing that he noticed and that was that Sir Randal was too concentrated on the attack and not focusing at all on defence. He was too busy striking Tucker’s shield and trying to get his way around it to really focus on any kind of defence. In a way this was the perfect opportunity to strike.

  Using his shield Tucker thrusted it right into the chest of Sir Randal in between his strikes. The blow had come completely by surprise and had hit Sir Randal head on. The knight was able to stay standing but the blow had severely winded him and quickly he gasped for air. Tucker didn’t waste any time in diving passed Sir Randal and grabbing his sword. Sir Randal was not out of the fight as he turned to the now rearmed Tucker but he was still trying to catch his breath.

  Tucker wouldn’t give Sir Randal the opportunity to recover as he ran towards Sir Randal went to strike him with his shield. This was however a dummy attack as Tucker stopped the strike just before reaching Sir Randal and then stabbed his sword right into the chest of Sir Randal.

  No sooner had this happened both fighters heard the judges call for a stop to the match. Tucker had inflicted the necessary blow to win the match and almost instantly the nervousness that he had felt melted away and was replaced by absolute joy. Sir Randal looked in some disbelief that he had lost. He couldn’t believe that only a few moments before he had been winning the match but now he found himself eliminated. It was no surprise that he was disappointed about this.

  Rather than basking in his victory Tucker held his hand out to Sir Randal. This was a clear indication that he wanted to shake his defeated foe’s hand. At first Sir Randal looked at Tucker’s hand but he had to admit that Tucker bested him fairly. There were no underhanded moves or cheap shots. Tucker had simply out manoeuvred him and he didn’t feel any shame in that. He responded by grasping Tucker’s hand and shaking it as he admitted that Tucker was the worthy winner.

  This was seen by the entire crowd who were surprised to see Sir Randal lose but it had been an entertaining match nonetheless. Lord Tyrone was happy with what he had seen and even applauded Tucker for his efforts. The way that Tucker moved and swung his sword he could definitely see Sir Thomas Parker’s handiwork in it. He felt happy to see that some part of Sir Thomas was living on after his peaceful death.

  No one was more glad to see Tucker’s victory than Jessica. Almost instantly she jumped out of seat and began to cheer loudly. She didn’t care if she was blocking someone else’s view, the joy that she felt was too much. She was even acting like Tucker had won the entire tournament instead of just his opening round. She hadn’t seen him fight like this before and she was surprised to see his skill. He was definitely a higher level than he was when they left Morgan what now seemed to be a lifetime ago.

  One thing that Jessica didn’t notice that one person in particular was looking at her. This was Nancy who could clearly see Jessica towering above everyone around her. She was impressed with Jessica’s height and wanted more than ever to meet her. However she wasn’t going to go out of her way at that point in time. She was more than willing to end until the end of the tournament. Nancy already wanted to ask her father if she could meet this gentle giantess but she knew that there was one thing that could spoil everything. That was her brother Sir Ty who she had never truly gotten along with. He would always remind her that she was small and that he was the most skilled knight in Angleland. One other thing he liked to remind her was that he was the heir to Indigon and if their father didn’t find a match for her that he would send her off to some minor lord in the Prime Islands where she would live out the rest of her days. Nancy wasn’t too sure if her brother was joking on that last part but she wouldn’t be surprised if he actually meant it.

  With the match over Tucker took his leave from the field and made his way back to a waiting area where the other competitors. He was still on a high from winning his match but he tried not to show it in front of the other competitors. He would have also loved to have gone and seen Jessica but he wasn’t allowed to leave until he was eliminated from the tournament. This was something that Tucker didn’t want to happen.

  As he now had to wait until his next match Tucker decided to sit down and wait until he was called up again. There were a couple of officials who were bringing refreshments around for the competitors. Tucker took a couple of pieces of bread to satisfy his appetite but there was one person who approached Tucker who he didn’t notice at first. If he had noticed he would have seen that this man was none other than Sir Ty Howlet.


Chapter 36: Next Round by The Doctor

  Tucker was sitting by himself and thinking about how he had just won his previous fight. He didn’t think he had ever felt this happy before. The only other time he had felt truly happy was when Jessica kissed him passionately for the first time. He didn’t think he would ever be that happy again and he really hoped that one day he would be able to kiss her like that again. For now it seemed like a million miles away but he felt that it was more likely to happen now than it did a few days earlier.

  He was so lost in his own world that Tucker didn’t notice Sir Ty walking towards him. It was hard to miss the young knight in his highly decorative armour that was worth more than some castles. Not only was it nice to look at but it was incredibly strong. Enough for him to withstand almost any attack.

  “So you’re him are you?” asked Sir Ty as he reached Tucker. It didn’t seem like he was here to harm him. This would not happen until their match.

  “W-What?” replied Tucker with some confusion. He snapped back to reality and saw Sir Ty standing there. He wasn’t sure whether to remain seated or stand up in respect for this high born knight.

  “You’re Tucker Martel aren’t you?”

  “Yeah I am.” He was surprised that Sir Ty knew his name. He was somewhat honoured by this. It was rare that someone knew his name without him having to tell them. The fact that he was a high born only added to Tucker’s surprise.

  “Then you’re the one that I’m going to beat in the next round. I just want to run a few things with you. For the first couple of minutes I’ll take it easy for you and hell I might even let you get in a few good shots. You know a little something to get the crowd involved.” Tucker could see where this was going but he decided to listen him out first before truly reacting. “But then after that I’ll turn on the heat and you’ll fall. Just take a little dive but make it look good.”

  “Are you telling me to throw the match?” Tucker was disgusted by this thought and would have said some very choice words if not for Sir Ty’s birth rank.

  “If you want to get out of this unscathed.” He drew out his sword a little so that Tucker could see it. “These things might be blunted but I’m more than capable of inflicting serious damage.” There was a hint of anger in his voice as he could see that Tucker was going to be a problem. “I can still cripple you. You won’t ever be able to walk again and you will be left to slowly die.”

  “I can’t believe you’re saying this to me.” He was on the verge of striking Sir Ty for even suggesting such a thing but he knew that it would cause too much trouble and most likely would lead him to be disqualified.

  “It is not all bad for you. If you take a dive I will make sure that you’re paid well. That is of course if you put on a good show, make it look too obvious and you won’t get anything. So what do you say? Are you smart enough to take the dive or are you going to be stupid and throw your life away?”

  Tucker couldn’t help but think about the options. The money from winning the tournament would be comfortable for the rest of the quest but more than he needed. If he took the dive he would get enough money for him and Jessica to be able to eat at inns and even sleep there comfortably. The only thing that it would truly cost him would be his honour, he would see the disappointment in Jessica’s face if he were to fall and that was something that he never wanted to see. Even if he would get money out of it he still wouldn’t feel right and he knew that Sir Thomas wouldn’t approve.

  “I’m sorry I can’t do that,” answered Tucker. He thought that it would be best for him to stand his ground. “If I took a dive then I can’t really call myself a man now can I?” There was a cheeky smile on his face as he decided to continue on. “And it’ll be like cheating you out of an honest victory.

  Sir Ty’s face instantly changed. He became much angrier and for a moment Tucker thought that the young knight was going to strike him. Sir Ty couldn’t believe that Tucker was turning down his offer, it was one of the few times that this had happened and every time he made sure the one refusing would regret it.

  “You dare turn down my offer,” said Sir Ty with a lot of anger in his voice. “Much finer knights than you have known better than to incur my wrath! You my lowborn friend will live to regret this.” With that he walked away from Tucker and already he was thinking of the best way of harming Tucker in the match. He didn’t think such a lowborn fighter like him would pose any kind of threat.

  Tucker had no idea what Sir Ty had done to those who defied him in the past. What Sir Ty had said was not merely an empty threat but something he was willing to go through if he thought that he had to. He had not lost a one on one combat situation since he was training and he saw himself as the greatest knight in Angleland. He knew that one day he would inherit Indigon and under his lordship it would become the most well respected seat in the land.

  In the stands Jessica was still sitting there and watched the next opening round matches. She was impressed by some of the skills that she saw but she thought that Tucker would be able to give them a good run for their money. She had seen that a few people had noticed her when she had stood up. A couple of them had gotten her autograph earlier that morning but she didn’t concentrate on them. She was more concerned about Tucker, she had been overjoyed to see him win but this was only the first. He had three more to go and she knew that each of them would be more difficult than the last.

  By the end of the opening round the crowd were allowed to leave so that they could get some refreshments. This was where many of the locals would make their money, many of them opened their own little stores just outside of the field of play. Most of them sold food and drinks while others sold various other wares that they would think the spectators and travellers would need. These included blankets to keep them warm and other items of use. Jessica was no different from the others as she went looked around the stores. Most of the spectators were at the various food stands while she looked more at the other stores. She was surprised with some of the things that were on sale. There was even a store that was selling small animals for various uses.

  One store in particular caught Jessica’s eye. This store had various bottles that were not intended to be drunk for refreshment. The bottles came in all different shapes and sizes and the liquids that they held various coloured liquids. One particularly shaped bottle reminded her of the one that her parents had showed her some years earlier. It was the bottle that contained the potion that had saved her life as a new born babe and had led to her ongoing gigantism. Her parents had kept the bottle and placed it on a shelf inside their home, it was a constant reminder to them of how the contents of the bottle had saved their daughter. It was the greatest gift that they had ever been given.

  Jessica already knew that the contents of the bottle were not the same as the potion that had saved her. It just happened to be the same shaped bottle and it had drawn her eye. She looked at the bottle for a few moments and she didn’t notice the man running the store. He was an old man with a long grey beard and a thin build. He wore old clothing that looked like he had worn every day for the last decade. At that point Jessica was leaning down and he couldn’t tell her height. Instead he looked at her for a few moments and then cleared his throat. This caused her to turn and look at him. She stood to her full height and he was surprised by her height but he didn’t show it.

  “Can I help you?” asked the store keeper. Other people were walking past his kiosks but none looked at them. They were going to various other kiosks for food that people were visiting and they were mainly ignoring this store.

  “Oh I’m sorry,” replied Jessica. She had been caught by surprise there was the hint of fear in her voice. “I was just looking around.”

  “Maybe there is something I could interest you in.” Quickly he picked up a bottle a small glass bottle which contained a blue liquid. “Having difficulties with fertility? Well take a good sip of this and you’ll be pregnant in no time. Well of course you need a man to help you with that and I must warn you that there is a strong chance of having quintuplets.” She could see that this man was quite eccentric.

  “No I should be fine for that.” Although in the future she did want a large family right now it was not what she wanted.

  “If it is your partner’s problem then I have just the thing.” He quickly put the bottle back and took out another one from a shelf. This one had a more clear appearance than the previous one. “This little baby will make any man’s cock rock solid and ready for business. Believe me from personal experience it works.”

  “What, no.” She folded her arms and she was a little annoyed. She couldn’t help but see the old man’s actions as being humorous.

  “Then is there anything in particular that you’re looking for.” He placed the bottle back to where he had found it. He took a few steps towards Jessica and looked up at her. “Over my years I have helped many different people with their problems with my potions. There must be something that you want.”

  “Well there is one thing.” She gave a little sigh and began to think for a few moments. “I would like to be shorter.” This was her inner most dream, for all her life she had been the giant in a world which was simply too small for her. Although she was much smaller than she once was she still felt that eight feet was too tall. She wanted to be able to blend into a crowd and not have people staring at her wherever she went.

  “I see and I admit that you’re a very tall girl but many people would kill to have your height.”

  “My height is a curse.” There was pain in her voice but it wasn’t physical pain that she felt but instead mental. “All my life my size has made me an outcast, even in my home village. I just want to be normal like everyone else, to be able to walk through doors without having to duck or go into a building without worrying about the ceiling.”

  “So you wish to be a more average height but there is one question that I must ask you one thing. Do you truly want to be smaller?” He was looking into Jessica’s eyes and she felt a little something odd.

  “Yes I do more than anything in the world.” There was sternness in her voice to show that she meant what she said.

  “Now I don’t believe that to be true.” As he looked into her eyes it was as if he was looking into her very soul. “There are things in life that you would prefer to have. If you lost your height I know that you’ll be happy at first but eventually you will hate it.”

  “How can you know that? You know nothing about me.” There was much anger in her voice as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She knew that what the man was saying was probably true but she was in some denial.

  “I know enough about how the mind works. We convince ourselves that there is something that we want and if we got it the rest of our lives would be nothing but happiness. That however is not true because when we get what we want we either have an empty feeling or try to achieve something else. You may consider your height to be a curse but I assure you that more than once you have depended on it to get yourself out of a tough situation.” His words were ringing true with every syllable that passed through his lips. “If you threw your height away because you thought it was what you wanted there is no doubt that you will regret it.”

  For a few moments Jessica was completely speechless. She knew that the old man was right, although she felt that her height was a curse but her gigantism had come in handy many times. She was sure that Tucker would have most likely been killed if she hadn’t of been there to help. Not everyone had treated her like a freak due to her height, some had even admired it.

  “I-I don’t know what to say,” said Jessica. She was completely speechless, too much of what he said rung home and she had nothing left to say.

   “There is nothing that you need to say. I can already sense that your extra height is not natural but yet without it you will cease to be.” He paused for a moment as he held onto Jessica’s large hand. She felt that his hands were surprisingly cold, almost icy cold. “The gods have a plan for everyone one of us. You might not entirely enjoy your height right now but I assure you that one day you will see that what you have is no curse but rather a wonderful gift.” He smiled up at Jessica and she was surprised to see that he still had all of his teeth and that they were perfectly white and straight. “Now I suggest you get going, your friend will be fighting soon and I don’t think you’ll wanna miss it.”

  Jessica gave the old man a nod and thanked him for his advice before making her way back to the field of play. She was greatly surprised with how much the old man seemed to know her. It had been the first time that they had ever met and she was pretty sure that the stories floating around about her didn’t go through the details that he had just said to her. She wanted to go back and find out exactly what how he had known but she was afraid that if she did she would miss Tucker’s match. She knew that he would be looking out for him and if she wasn’t there it would dishearten him.

  Carefully Jessica made her way back to her seat and she saw that almost everyone had gotten back to their seats. She had to sit down quickly before the matches started up again just so that she wasn’t in the way of people who were trying to watch. She just had to sit down on her seat and make sure that her knees weren’t digging into the back of the person in front of her.

  No sooner had Jessica sat down she heard the announcement from the officials that the quarter finals were about to start. The first match was between Sir Gareth Oxland and Sir Ryan Season and she watched as both men entered the field of play. Jessica had watched them both in the opening round and she admitted that they were great fighters. She also knew that the winner of this match would face off against Tucker if he was able to win his next match against Sir Ty.

  There was a loud roar from the crowd as the match began and the two knights locked swords in what looked to be a great match. Both knights had similar styles of combat and each blow was being parried by their opponent. It only added to the excitement from the crowd as they didn’t know who was going to make it to the semi-finals. Both of them seemed to be worthy competitors but only one of them could progress.

  The match lasted several minutes as neither knight could land a significant blow onto the other. This all changed when Sir Gareth found an opening which Sir Ryan was too slow to defend. This resulted in Sir Gareth landing a decisive blow which led to the match being stopped and Sir Gareth declared the winner.

  The crowd roared as the match came to an end and they saw that Sir Gareth was more than a deserving winner. Everyone was cheering except for Jessica who knew that Tucker’s match was up next. She knew that he was more capable than he was before they left Morgan but there was no doubt that these competitors were some of the best swordsman in Angleland. Only time could tell whether he was worthy or not.

  Tucker was standing just out of view from the crowd and he was thinking about Sir Ty’s words. He didn’t know exactly how someone could cripple another with one of these blunt swords. He just told himself that he was more than capable of looking after himself and that Sir Ty would be the one who would lose the game.

  Eventually Tucker heard his name called and he stepped out onto the field of play. This time there was some cheering for him from the crowd and he couldn’t help but feel a little happier about this. It showed that the crowd were beginning to like him and he could see Jessica within the crowd. Just knowing that she was there was a confidence booster for him. He truly felt like he would walk away the victor from this match.

  Almost immediately Sir Ty was called out and Tucker watched as the young knight stepped into the field of play. There was confidence in his swagger and if he was nervous at al he wasn’t showing it at all. The cheer for him was much bigger than what Tucker had received but just because he was more popular didn’t mean anything when it came to fighting. Only a man’s skill could speak for them.

  There was a confident smile on Sir Ty’s face as he took a few steps towards Tucker. He held his sword with one hand and it dragged on the ground as he walked towards him. Tucker’s heart began to beat faster as Sir Ty stepped closer and closer towards him. The cheer of the crowd around them was very loud and Sir Ty knew that he would get away with saying anything at this point.

  “You should have taken my offer,” said Sir Ty. His voice had a subtle aggressiveness which made Tucker feel very uneasy. “Now I’m going to humiliate you in front of everyone. They’ll write songs about this slaughter.”

  “I slaughtered your mom with my cock last night,” replied Tucker. He had some anger that seemed to be boiling up and at this point in time he wanted to get under Sir Ty’s skin before the match started.

   “Why you little shit!” The subtlety was gone from his voice and he went to strike Tucker but one of the officials got in between them before Sir Ty even got close. The match hadn’t started yet so a strike like that was illegal.

  “Knock it out you pair or else you’ll both be disqualified!” stated the official in a voice that commanded authority.

  Both Tucker and Sir Ty grunted a little as they were forced to step away from each other. Sir Ty was a lot more angered with Tucker simply because he was of a low birth and had spoken to him in that manner. If it were up to him he would have had Tucker’s tongue ripped out and his penis chopped off for such an insult. He was more determined than ever to defeat Tucker and cause him serious harm.

  Tucker stared back at Sir Ty and he thought about the best way he could start his attack. He was looking for any spot he thought that he could get an advantage but from what he could see Sir Ty’s stance didn’t allow for this to happen. He could tell quickly that this was going to be far from an easy fight.

  Lord Tyrone was taking particular interest in the fight. He wanted to see if Tucker could overcome his strong but arrogant son. He wasn’t going to lie when he said that his son was not the nicest person in Angleland. He thought that it would be nice to see someone take his son down a peg and Tucker was such a person. Only time could tell who would come out on top.

  The match was started with a call from an official and quickly Sir Ty ran towards Tucker in an attempt to beat him quickly. Tucker guessed that Sir Ty would do something like this so he had already decided to stand his ground and try and block any attack that came his way. It didn’t take Sir Ty long to strike Tucker’s shield and Tucker could feel the power behind the blow and it took him somewhat by surprise.

  Nonetheless Tucker stood his ground but this was something that Sir Ty was expecting. He would have felt embarrassed if Tucker had gone down so easy. He wanted to make him suffer first before he won the match. He had defeated so many opponents before him and he was sure that Tucker would just be another statistic.

  Sir Ty began to try and strike Tucker but each strike was blocked by the shield. Tucker noticed something that he thought was a little odd. For the reputation that Sir Ty had he thought that his attacks were surprisingly weak. He didn’t know whether this was because he was more capable than he realised or that Sir Ty was holding back.

  The crowd was cheering loudly with each strike Sir Ty made, Jessica was relieved to see that each time Tucker was able to block the strike. She seemed to be one of the few people who believed that Tucker could win the match. The majority of them believed that Sir Ty would win hands down. All she could do was sit and wait to find out who would win between the pair.

  Tucker allowed himself to be on the defensive for a few more seconds until he saw what he considered to be a decent opening. He went to strike Sir Ty in the leg which caused the more experienced knight to go and try and guard his legs. This was a fake strike however as Tucker quickly changed to than which actually went for Sir Ty’s head. Sir Ty was just able to lift up his shield in time and block the attack but once again this took him by surprise. This showed that Tucker wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought but he was still worth a small amount of his time.

  With the strike being blocked Tucker wasn’t disheartened as he unleashed another attack which Sir Ty had some difficulties blocking. The strikes seemed to be coming from all different directions but rather than focusing on power Tucker focused on speed. Sir Ty was struggling to keep up with the strikes and he was finding that he was having to step further and further back.

  Sir Ty began to realise that if he didn’t do something soon he would lose the match and to a common born fighter. He didn’t know what would be worse actually being defeated or being defeated by someone of such low birth that to him he was no more than a peasant who thought he could play knight. Sir Ty decided that it was time to shatter Tucker’s dream into a million pieces.

  Unfortunately Tucker couldn’t keep up this attack forever and fatigue began to set up. He had to stop the attack just so that he could catch his breath. This was exactly what Sir Ty needed to start his own attack. Rather than going to strike Tucker straight away he wanted to try and outflank him before striking. He wanted to attack Tucker in the back of the leg in an attempt to cripple him. He was more than willing to make sure that Tucker never walked again, just to spite him.

  Although Tucker was somewhat tired he was still able to keep up with Sir Ty’s movements. He could tell that Sir Ty was trying to get behind him and strike. Tucker made sure that his shield was between himself and Sir Ty at all times. This made the young knight’s attempts to strike him very difficult.

  Sir Ty wasn’t the only one who was impressed with Tucker’s skills. The judges watching were surprised to see how such an unknown fighter could actually hold his own with someone like Sir Ty. Both were scoring points here and there and right now the judges thought that it was a well-deserved draw on both sides. The fight was far from over and each opponent had time to try and gain a decisive advantage.

  Tucker had caught enough of his breath to try and launch his own attack at Sir Ty. It came quickly and Tucker was able to strike Sir Ty in the arm which caused him a small amount of pain. If anything rather than Sir Ty feeling the pain he felt the embarrassment instead. He was now more than determined to cripple Tucker. Such a strike like that couldn’t go unpunished, if he had his way Tucker would have been hung long before now and all would watch what happened to those who embarrassed him.


Chapter 37: To The Wire by The Doctor

  The match continued on as Tucker unleashed his own attack which was aimed at the sword arm of Sir Ty. The young knight was just able to block the strike at the last moment and parried it away. This left Tucker open for an attack which Sir Ty didn’t waste any time in taking the shot. Just before the blow struck Tucker was just able to back away just out of the sword’s reach. It had happened at the last possible moment and he knew that if it had struck he would have most likely lost the match.

  Tucker decided that for now it was best to be on the defensive as he wanted to try and find some kind of opening that he could use to his advantage. Unfortunately from what he was seeing Sir Ty wasn’t leaving any openings for him to strike effectively. He might not like Sir Ty’s attitude but he had to admit that he was a more than capable knight who seemed to have all of his areas properly defended.

  Sir Ty unleashed his own attack but rather than trying to break through Tucker’s defences he was trying to get behind him and attack the back of his knees. Tucker wasn’t making his efforts any easier for him and he had to admire that of Tucker. So far in this tournament everyone he faced hadn’t seemed that much of a challenge. Tucker was the first one who was really testing his abilities, although Sir Ty respected Tucker for this it didn’t mean that he liked him at all. If anything it was making Sir Ty angrier as he felt that he should have beaten Tucker by that time.

  Sir Ty’s rage could be seen as his attacks were coming stronger but Tucker could tell that they were sloppier as well. This was the exact thing that he wanted to happen and he thought that it wouldn’t be long before Sir Ty made some kind of mistake. Then he would unleash a powerful counterattack which he thought would defeat Sir Ty and allow him to progress to the next round.

  Tucker only had to wait as Sir Ty continued to attack but with each strike Tucker blocked it with his shield. He only had to move his arm slightly each time but for Sir Ty he was constantly having to move his arm quickly to strike the blow. All the while he was trying to get behind Tucker so that he could defeat him but the peasant fighter was still proving to be a worthy challenge.

  Lord Tyrone was watching the match with great interest. He had seen his son fight more times than he could count but this was one of the few times that he thought Sir Ty was actually struggling. He had seen Sir Ty struggle against seasoned knights but never a person in the same rank as Tucker. It was amazing to see such a thing in his mind and it just showed that a knight can be anyone regardless of birth. He knew high borns who were completely useless with a sword like his second son Leon and there were some peasants who were more gifted than the most famous of knights. He knew that if there was one thing that Tucker had earned and that was Lord Tyrone’s respect for his skills and he thought that it was worthy of a particular gift.

  Jessica was also watching and she couldn’t really tell just who was in front. She didn’t have the knowhow when it came to a match like this. She didn’t know exactly how the judges were deciding the points but she had a feeling in the pit o her stomach that something was going against Tucker. She thought that his attacks had been exciting but she couldn’t help but feel that Sir Ty was the one who was actually winning the match. She didn’t want to think like that since she knew what would happen if Tucker lost.

  The crowd began to cheer as to them this had been the best match so far in the entire tournament. Many of them had expected Sir Ty to easily win this match but the fact that he was seemingly struggling only added to the excitement of it all. Even a blind man could see that Tucker had skill.

  With each strike there was a louder and louder roar from the crowd. Almost all of them didn’t regret going to the match at all and was well worth the money that they had paid to see it. Some of them were even making bets amongst themselves on who would actually win the match. To many it was too close to call but events in the next few minutes would soon decide that.

  The match continued on and Tucker went for a strong strike, he knew that it would leave him open to an attack but he thought that if he did it right it would win him the match. He lifted his sword high as he went to strike Sir Ty but he was somewhat surprised to feel Sir Ty’s shield thrust into his chest and he fell to the ground. The blow had winded Tucker but it was not deemed to be a fatal blow. He gasped for air and he soon realised that Sir Ty was about to strike him in the chest, he could see the young knight standing over him and he saw the sword in his hand. It looked like Sir Ty was about to plunge the blunted sword into Tucker’s chest if it had not been Tucker’s own ingenuity.

  Tucker was able to kick Sir Ty in the leg hard enough for the young knight to have to take a few steps back. He was surprised that Tucker still had some fight left in him and he watched as Tucker got back up to his feet. He was still gasping for air and he slowly got back up to his feet. He did feel a little woozy from the shield strike but he seemed to be recovering from it. His chest did hurt from where the shield impacted and he really hoped that there wasn’t any serious damage.

  The little confrontation between the pair was all that was needed to get the crowd into a frenzy as they truly couldn’t guess just who was going to win the match. It was simply too exciting for words but for Jessica she almost had a heart attack when she saw Tucker knocked to the ground. With each strike she saw it felt like someone was pulling on her heart strings, it was an emotional rollercoaster for her as like the crowd she didn’t know if Tucker would win the match.

  In her panic she didn’t realise that she had grown slightly making herself a few inches taller than she was before. While she was sitting down no one could really tell the difference but she had to be careful not to increase her size too much. The last thing she wanted to do was cause a widespread panic across the field. She had to keep her emotions in check or else she would be in a lot of trouble.

  Both Tucker and Sir Ty were panting and they glared at each other. The match was taking more out of them than they expected. Sir Ty couldn’t believe that Tucker was still going, he was more than certain that he would have beaten this peasant by now. He didn’t know whether he hated the fact that he hadn’t won but that he was being held by a peasant. One idea did come to mind, it was risky but he thought that it would prove that he was indeed the better man.

  “You’re better than I expected,” said Sir Ty. There was even the hint of a smile on his face. “I wouldn’t of thought that in a million years that you’d stand a chance against me.” For once he wasn’t trying to be demeaning to Tucker but was in fact giving him a well-deserved compliment.

  “Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself,” replied Tucker. He was still catching his breath after the shield strike. It was difficult for him but he could feel himself recovering more and more with each breath he took.

  “Why don’t we settle this like men?” Sir Ty saw Tucker raise an eyebrow at this suggestion. “No swords, no shields, no armour, just the two of us fighting with our fists like real men. Let’s put an end to this spectacle and settle this once and for all.”

  “I’m game as if you are. But let me just warn you, there’s a reason why they call me the ‘Fists Of The West’.” He knew that this wasn’t an actual nickname but instead something he had made up to intimidate Sir Ty.

  “Really?” He dropped his sword and shield to the ground and continued to stare at Tucker. There was a cheeky smile on his face as he was ready to throw down with his fists. “Let’s put that name to the test.”

  With that Tucker also dropped his sword and the two men took off their armour right in front of one another. The crowd were greatly surprised with what they were seeing and even Lord Tyrone had no idea just what Tucker and Sir Ty were up to. He only knew that the match was close to its conclusion. It would only be a few moments before one man stood tall and the other was downed.

  With both men now disarmed they ran at each other Sir Ty was the first to try and punch Tucker who was able to parry the shot away and respond with a strong punch into Sir Ty’s right cheek. The impact had come as some surprise as he didn’t expect Tucker to have such a punch. He didn’t know that Tucker had grown up with two older brothers who were constantly fighting amongst one another along with some of the local boys in Morgan. It had made Tucker pretty decent with his fists as well as his swords. The nickname he had given himself might have been fake but right now each syllable of it seemed to be true as Sir Ty staggered back.

  Despite the first impact Sir Ty was not out of it and stepped towards Tucker who tried to punch him a couple more times in the head. Sir Ty was able to dodge out of the way and punched Tucker in the stomach. Tucker had been expecting it and was able to tense his muscles up enough to withstand the punch without being winded. He also found that Sir Ty was now close enough for him to strike.

  Tucker responded with a strong uppercut and a side kick right into Sir Ty’s chest. It was obvious to those watching that Tucker was the most experienced when it came to hand to hand combat. Sir Ty had lived the life of a high born and hadn’t really been in a fist fight with anyone. He just assumed that his own conditioning and speed would be more than a match for Tucker. He couldn’t of been more wrong as he saw that in this field he was completely outclassed.

  There was one thing that Sir Ty did notice on the ground by his feet. He took a quick glance down to the ground and he felt that things were finally going his way. He looked over to Tucker who was quickly making his way towards him. It was with that that Sir Ty picked up the sword which was right by his foot and slashed it on Tucker’s arm. The impact had been somewhat painful but would only leave a bruise. Since Tucker had dropped his sword and shield along with his armour he had no defence against it. He quickly turned to try and see if he could spit his own sword and shield. He couldn’t see any at that immediate point in time and when he turned to Sir Ty the young knight stabbed his sword right into Tucker’s chest and he did it with a smile.

  No sooner had this blow been struck everyone heard the officials shout to stop the match. Sir Ty had inflicted what they saw as a killing blow and thus had won the match. There was a huge roar from the crowd and Tucker just dropped to his knees in silence. He couldn’t believe that he had just lost, not only did he lose his chance of gaining some much needed money but he knew that he had lost his shield but more importantly Juggernaut. It was almost too much for him to bear and he just watched as Sir Ty picked up his armour and shield and began to walk passed Tucker. He inflicted one final insult of his defeated opponent by spitting at Tucker. The broken man didn’t even try to move out of the way and remained where he was sitting. He was on the verge of crying but he was able to keep it bottled in, the world around him didn’t seem to matter as he was coming to realise that he had just lost everything that he owned.

  The next thing that Tucker felt was a hand on his shoulder, he turned and looked up to see Jessica who was kneeling down right next to him. She had a disappointed look on her face but she was nowhere near as disappointed as he was. He was just wallowing in his own self-pity but she gave him a smile that went through his grief. Right now to him she was the shining beacon of hope.

  “Come on Tucker let’s go,” said Jessica. Rather than picking him up she allowed Tucker to get back up himself and the pair walked off the field. She could tell just how disappointed he was and rather than scolding him for giving away his sword and shield instead she wanted to be comforting.

  “I-I lost it all,” replied Tucker as they continued to walk off of the field. If the ground could open up and swallow him whole now would be the perfect time. “I let you down and now we’re completely broke.”

  “You didn’t disappoint me Tucker.” She continued to smile down at him and her mere presence was making him feel a little better. “What you did today was nothing short of impressive. You showed me and everyone today that you are by far one of the best fighters in Angleland. You took down knights and even nearly beat one of the greatest fighters in the land. I can’t see how I can be disappointed in that Tucker, you might not have won today but you’ll always be my champion.”

  “Thanks Jessica that means a lot to me.” He meant every word that he said and he still couldn’t think about how he could even go through life with his larger than life best friend. “But what are we going to do now? We have no money and nothing to our name except the map.”

  “Don’t worry Tucker we’ll think of something, we always do.” They continued to walk although before they left Tucker had picked up his armour since he didn’t lose it signing up to the tournament.

  With the few gold coins Jessica had left she bought Tucker a pie to try and make him feel better. He was definitely hungrier than he would have liked to have admitted and he began to eat the pie quickly. He knew that the tournament was still going but he had no interest in going to watch it. Seeing Sir Ty winning his other matches would be too much for Tucker to bear since he knew that it was supposed to be him fighting those battles. Unfortunately would never know if he could have gone all the way.

  Tucker was contemplating just leaving Indigon right there and then and not even check who would win the tournament. He just wanted to go and leave his shame behind but before he could properly think of what he should do a pair of well armoured men approached both him and Jessica. He didn’t know what to do and he wanted to draw his sword out to defend himself but he realised that he no longer had a sword.

  Jessica would have stepped forward to try and defend him but she could tell something that Tucker just couldn’t. From the body language of the two armoured men they didn’t seem to be all that threatening. For this reason she didn’t think that they were there to cause them any harm.

  “Greetings Mr Martel,” said one of the armoured men. “Your presence has been requested by Lord Howlet to appear before him at six o’clock tonight. Your friend’s presence is also requested. You are to appear outside of the main gates to the castle where you will be escorted inside.”

  “What if we refuse to come?” replied Jessica. Even though the men didn’t seem to be threatening she didn’t want to take any chances. She was ready to grow at the slightest hint of trouble.

  “Your presence is not mandatory but I believe that you will not benefit from refusing. Good day to you both.”

  With that the two men began to walk away leaving Tucker and Jessica exactly where they were. They now had the decision whether to just leave Indigon or go and see Lord Tyrone. So far he had given them no reason not to trust him but they still remembered Lord Nostory. At first he had been a seemingly nice person but in the end he had tried to keep Jessica s nothing more than his mindless slave and have Tucker executed for nothing more than wanting Jessica to be free.

  Of course they knew that not all lords were like that but even so they were cautious. They also considered what would happen if they turned down the invitation. Lord Tyrone would most likely take it as an insult and a slight on him and his family. It took the pair a good few minutes to go through the pros and the cons of accepting the invitation but in the end it was Jessica who stated that if they ran into any trouble that she could just grow and get them to safety.

  Tucker couldn’t help but agree however he was still exhausted from his matches during the day. At the time he had barely noticed but now that the adrenaline had ebbed away he felt very drained. He also began to ache from where had been struck, Jessica had already examined him and discovered that there were bruises on his body. It was nothing for him to be worried about but simply something else that he could show off for a short while to show that he fought in the tournament.

  After a small amount of convincing from Jessica Tucker did go back to the field of play. This time it was not to compete but merely be a spectator for the final. It gave him a low feeling but he at least wanted to see who won the tournament. Not surprisingly he heard that Sir Ty had reached the final and he was going up against a seasoned knight named Sir Darren Large who despite the name was quite a small man.

  Unfortunately since it was the final the pair didn’t get very good views due to the fact that so many people had come late purely to watch the final. It was not a problem for Jessica who still towered over everyone. Tucker wasn’t so fortunate but he was able to find a box to stand on so that he could see over the crowd. Both of them knew that Jessica could have held him high enough to see but it would be demeaning to Tucker so this plan had been scrapped completely.

  From where they were standing they could see Sir Ty and Sir Darren beginning to tussle and fairly quickly it was clear who had the advantage. Sir Ty was simply more than Sir Darren could handle. The match was short and sweet as Sir Ty won what to him was a routine win and he didn’t seem to have put that much of an effort. From where Tucker was standing he thought that he had put up a much better fight than Sir Darren. He realised that if he had not been drawn against Sir Ty so quickly he would have likely made it to the final. Fate had not been too kind to him in this respect. He also thought that if he got a rematch he would have learned from his mistakes and win.

  This was all a fantasy however as he knew that there was almost no chance of any kind of rematch and he would just have to live with the fact that he had been beaten. It was not as crushing as some men would have believed but it was still one of the biggest disappointments in his life.

  Jessica could see the disappointment in Tucker’s face as he saw Sir Ty basking in the glory of victory. Glory that Tucker felt should have been his but rather than being angry at Sir Ty for beating him he was angry at himself for faltering. One positive thing he could take from it was that he had something to aspire to. To train himself until he could defeat Sir Ty in an honourable manner. Before this he had thought himself to be practically unbeatable and the defeat had been a clear wakeup call for him.

  Lord Tyrone had mixed feelings about his son winning the tournament. He was of course proud of his son for going all the way and winning the tournament. If Sir Ty had lost Lord Tyrone would have seen his son learn the lesson that Tucker had just learned. He had also noticed how Sir Ty had spat at Tucker after beating him and he knew that it was something that a knight should do to a defeated opponent. Even in defeat a knight should show some respect to his opponent. This was respect that Sir Ty sorely lacked and his chance of learning seemed to have been squandered.

  Nancy was disappointed to see her brother winning the tournament. She more than anyone wanted to see Sir Ty get taken down a peg or two but unfortunately it hadn’t seemed to happen. One thing she did take some comfort in was the fact that he had really struggled against Tucker and that she would be seeing him again soon. She knew that her father had invited both he and Jessica to the castle.

  Almost as soon as the tournament was finished the crowd seemed to dissipate. Some of them wanted to meet with Sir Ty but he didn’t really want to see anyone and just walked away back to the castle where no one could enter without permission of the Howlet family. He wanted celebrate his victory in private but he would probably hire some of the women of the night to keep him company.

  Later Tucker and Jessica slowly made their way towards the castle when darkness was almost upon the land. They were somewhat nervous with having to go but they kept themselves composed as they made their way towards the main entrance which was a large pair of oak doors. There were a couple of guards standing there but Tucker and Jessica were allowed inside since they were expected. One thing that he did find odd while he was walking around was the fact that he no longer had Juggernaut or his shield. It felt like two of his limbs had been chopped off and he didn’t know if he could continue on with the quest with these two items.

  Rather than being allowed to move freely the pair were escorted to the banquet hall where Lord Tyrone, Sir Ty and Nancy were having supper, there were a few other guests there but rather than having a full on banquet it was more like a small gathering. Lord Tyrone would have liked his other son Leon to be there but he was still at Royal City and would likely stay there for a considerable time.

  Tucker and Jessica were given a seat that was the furthest away from the Howlet family. There was an obvious class system in place and since Tucker and Jessica’s parents were of low birth they weren’t permitted to sit close to the Lord or his family. Lord Tyrone would have preferred for Tucker and Jessica to sit closer but he knew that it would be insulting to the other guests who were of a higher class and would most likely remember such an insult later.

  At first all that Lord Tyrone did for Tucker and Jessica was give them a greeting before the food was brought out by the servants. Despite the seemingly warm atmosphere the pair were still on edge, they did eat the food since they were very hungry. They could taste it the juiciness of the meat and the freshness of the vegetables. It was a meal that was common amongst the lords and other high borns and it definitely beat anything that a lowly peasant could hope to eat.

  The small banquet went on for a good hour before everyone had finally eaten their fill. The plates were then taken away by the servants and with the dining finally over Lord Tyrone felt that it was time for him to speak. He had a few things that he needed to say that he felt were important to his lands.

  “My friends and honoured guests,” said Lord Tyrone as he stood up from his chair. He easily grabbed the attention of everyone in the room. “I thank you all for attending tonight on such short notice. The first thing that I would like to do is to congratulate my son and heir for winning today’s tournament.” There was a small round of applause from those present for Sir Ty’s victory. The young knight remained in his chair and glared over towards Tucker. He couldn’t believe that his father would have invited them since they were nothing more than peasants to him.

  “May your son continue to bring your house glory,” stated one of the guests. He was a minor lord who lived close by but he respected the Howlet name was nothing short of a friend to the house.

  “Thank you but I also wanted to throw this little get together to celebrate the completion of Indigon. Just a few minutes ago the last brick was officially laid which means that the castle that will be the seat of House Howlet from now until the end of time is complete.” There was a round of applause from everyone there as they had to admit that they were glad that the castle was complete. It had taken years for the castle to be completed but now that it was it could truly be added to the map. Already I have invited my dear sister and her husband our King Percy, the Third of his name to attend a grand celebration. Today’s tournament was the first step but there is plenty more to come.”

  There was another round of applause from everyone there. Tucker and Jessica still didn’t know why they had been invited here. They were definitely not noble enough to ever be invited here without a decent reason. It made Tucker feel a little uneasy but he kept his composure and continued to listen to Lord Tyrone’s words. He didn’t see them as being threatening but he knew how a Lord could turn his words in an instant.

  “But before I go any further has Tucker Martel arrived?” asked Lord Tyrone. He looked around and saw Tucker stand up. This was just so that he could be seen and he responded with a simply ‘I’m here my Lord.’ Everyone turned their heads to look at Tucker and he felt somewhat embarrassed. “Good I knew that you would come, if you would be so kind to step here.” There was low level chatter amongst those attending since they all knew that Tucker was a mere commoner. He did do as he was told as he stepped forwards passed the other noblemen. Lord Tyrone stepped in front of his dining table so that everyone could see them clearly. The guards inside the room were ready to strike if Tucker so much as breathed the wrong way towards Lord Tyrone. “This man here is the only man I saw today who truly challenged my son and heir. This man was able to go toe to toe with him in a way that no one here could have expected. All here know that there was a good chance that things could have gone differently and it might even have been Mr Martel here who was crowned champion.” He then looked at Tucker who was happy with the compliment but he still felt nervous in front of these noble people. “For your efforts I would like for you to receive this reward.” He made a quick hand signal to a couple of his servants who quickly brought forward what seemed to be a sword and shield. Tucker watched them approaching and he noticed that the sword and shield were the same ones that he had put down as collateral to enter the tournament. “I believe that you sacrificed these items for your opportunity to become champion. After such a performance as yours you have more than earned them back to your services.” The two servants placed the sword and shield on a small empty table that was nearby but for the moment he wasn’t allowed to pick them up.

  “Thank you my Lord,” replied Tucker. He bowed his head as a sign of respect towards Lord Tyrone. “I will further put them to good use.”

  “I know that you will but there is one more thing I need to do for me.” He cleared his throat for a moment. “Get down to your one knee.” Tucker thought that this was an odd request but he did it nonetheless. Lord Tyrone signalled another of his servants who quickly brought forward another sword. This one seemed much grander and older than Juggernaut, it looked to be hundreds if not thousands of years old. It had a firm grip and a polished blade that looked sharp enough to cut the very air in front of it. Lord Tyrone grabbed the sword and everyone stared in wonder over its beauty. Jessica was getting somewhat worried and even considered stopping what was happening but something inside of her told her to stay put. She watched as Lord Tyrone placed the blade onto Tucker’s left shoulder before doing the same again to his right shoulder. “In the name of Percy Kent, the King of Angleland, third of his name the Lord of Men I Lord Tyrone Howlet, fifth of my name and Lord of Indigon do by dub thee Sir Tucker Martel of Morgan.”


Chapter 38: Sir Tucker Martel by The Doctor

  There was a gasp from everyone inside the dining hall as they had just seen Lord Tyrone knight Sir Tucker. This had come as a shock to everyone but not as much as Tucker himself. He couldn’t believe that he was now officially a knight of the realm and could now call himself Sir Tucker Martel. He had been wanting to say this for a long time but now that he finally could he felt as if he was living some kind of dream. If it was indeed a dream it was one that he hoped to never wake up from.

  Jessica was overjoyed to see that Sir Tucker had finally received the knighthood that she felt he deserved. She could remember when they were children and Tucker used to call himself Sir Tucker as part of the game. Now it was his official title and she just hoped that it wouldn’t go to his head. She was just glad that one of Sir Tucker’s boyhood dreams had come true and she hoped that his second one would come true soon as well.

  Many of the nobles were greatly surprised by Sir Tucker’s knighthood but it was not unheard of for a commoner to become a knight of the realm. There were too many examples to remember and it didn’t mean that Sir Tucker was any higher in the social order. He was still ranked quite low but at least he was recognised now as being gifted with the sword and of some integrity.

  There was one person in particular who was angered by this development and that was Sir Ty. He couldn’t believe that his father had given Sir Tucker his sword and shield back but it was the knighthood that had really gotten to him. He didn’t think that Sir Tucker was worthy of a knighthood but right now there was nothing that could be done about it. One comfort that he did take was the fact that Sir Tucker was now knighted it made him feel that his struggle in the second round was more warranted.

  There was a round of applause from the nobles as Sir Tucker stood back up to his full height. He still didn’t know how to react and he was on the verge of crying but he kept himself composed. He looked over to Jessica and she could see the joy on her face. This made him feel truly happy and he looked back at Lord Tyrone who was still standing there with a smile on his face. Quickly Sir Tucker bowed his head to the lord in a small way of showing his appreciation.

  “I thank you my lord,” said Sir Tucker. He remembered his courtesies as Lord Tyrone was still above him in the social ladder. “I am not worthy of such an honour.” He felt Lord Tyrone’s hand place on his shoulder.

  “You have earned that and more but there is one thing I must ask of you.” He had already handed his ancient sword to one of the servants who quickly took it away from view of everyone inside the hall.

  “Name it my lord.” He continued to keep his head bowed in a continual show of respect toward Lord Tyrone.

  “There might be a time when I am in need of your services like Sir Thomas before you. I hope that you will come when needed and show me that you have truly earned this title bestowed upon you today.”

  “I vow I will come to your calling my lord.” This was a vow that he was more than happy to give. He owed Lord Tyrone more than he could ever hope to repay and this was a small token of his gratitude.

  “Good now why don’t you take a seat and enjoy the rest of the banquet.” There was one thing that Lord Tyrone did have to do to officiate Sir Tucker’s knighthood. He needed to send a message to King Percy stating about Sir Tucker’s knighthood, this had to be done for every new knight in the realm but for all intents and purposes right now Sir Tucker was indeed a knight.

  With Lord Tyrone completing his duties Sir Tucker went back to his seat next to Jessica. He was almost lost for words when he sat down and he didn’t know exactly how he was going to react. He wanted to jump up and down as if he had gone mad but he knew not to do that in such a place.

  With Sir Tucker’s knighthood done with Lord Tyrone carried on with his words which varied from peace in the land to upcoming events and more thanks to a few of those attending. Sir Ty seemed to be bored in his seat and he looked to his father’s empty seat which was much larger and made of oak. He knew that one day he would be sitting in that seat and calling himself Lord Tyrone Howlet, the sixth of his name.

  His sister Nancy on the other hand had her eyes set on Sir Tucker and especially Jessica. She still couldn’t get over her size and although she was sitting down she could still tell just how tall she was. Nancy had seen Jessica standing up a couple of times but she had never seen her at her true size. If she did it was unsure whether she would be all out excited or completely terrified. There was one thing that she wanted and she hoped that the pair would say yes.

  The banquet continued for a few more hours before fatigue began to get the better of most of guests and one by one they began to retire to the rooms that had been specially set up for them. At first Sir Tucker and Jessica were going to find somewhere else where they could sleep, they were surprised when they were informed that a room had been prepared for them. A servant took them to the room and they were surprised to see that it had a high enough ceiling for Jessica to stand up straight and even stretch her arms.

  There was a single double bed but there had been some small mattresses and an especially long quilt so that Jessica could sleep on it without having to be curled up. It was more than they expected but now that they were alone they could finally talk to one another. At the banquet they had kept quiet while Lord Tyrone was talking simply out of respect for him and what he had done for Sir Tucker.

  “I can’t believe that it’s happened,” said Jessica as she looked down at Sir Tucker who still had a huge smile on his face. She squatted down a little so that she could be at his eye level and she too smiled.

  “Well it was going to happen sooner or later,” replied Sir Tucker. He was still on a high from the fact that he had been knighted. He felt that this opened more doors for him as he now had a title worthy of some respect. “I was just surprised that it happened now, I thought I’d would have to vanquish a dragon or two.”

  “I’m so proud of you Tucker.” She wanted to hug and kiss him for his achievement but she stopped herself from doing it. She had not yet fully forgiven him for his night with Gwen but he was definitely on the road to forgiveness.
  “Ah that’s Sir Tucker now Jessica.” His smile only grew as he struck a quick pose. “I am now Sir Tucker Martel of Morgan. One day I hope to add a further nickname to that like Sir Tucker the Brave or Sir Tucker the Mighty.”

  “One day you might be but right now you’re Sir Tucker the giantess’s best friend.” She did give him a hug to show that she was proud of him. She even stood up to her full height and Sir Tucker found his feet dangling from the floor. She was still much bigger and stronger than him but right now it didn’t matter. There was one other thing that she was thinking, if Sir Tucker’s dreams were coming true it made her wonder if her dreams will ever come true as well.

  As Jessica had told Sir Tucker that she wanted to have a big family and live until the end of her days with the one person that she cared about more than anyone in the world. She hadn’t lied to him when she said that she wanted at least a dozen children and she wanted to see them grow. She wanted sons who would be strong and capable of defending the weak and daughters who would be gentle souls to everyone and everything. This however didn’t look like it was going to happen any time soon.

  Things were not entirely happy in Indigon as Lord Tyrone was preparing himself for bed. He had washed himself and had gotten into his bedclothes with he heard a strong knock on the door. It was a distinctive knock that he recognised instantly and he had no fear of who was behind the door.

  “Enter,” said Lord Tyrone as he stood there expectantly. Not to his surprise he saw his son entering the room. Sir Ty was not yet in his bedclothes and was still in the thin clothing that he wore during the banquet. His father could tell that there was something on his mind. “And for what do I owe this little late meeting.”

  “Father I want to know why you knighted that peasant,” replied Sir Ty with a small amount of anger in his voice. “He wasn’t worthy of such an honour.” He strongly disagreed with his father’s actions and wanted to make his opinion vocal. He had enough sense to not make it in public and hence why he had come to his father in private.

  “In your opinion he wasn’t but in mind he had more than earned that title.” He was sticking to his decision and there was nothing that his son could say that could even make him regret his decision. Even if he regretted the decision there wasn’t anything that could be done about it, a knighthood lasted a lifetime and it was extremely difficult to take away. “He was close to being your equal during the tournament and I firmly believe that he is far more capable than many knights I have met.”

  “But he is a peasant, someone that we would hire to clean out our drains. Someone who we could use as target practice and no lord would even mutter a word about it.” He didn’t have that much respect for people who were born beneath him. He had often seen them as substandard people in his eyes.

  “He might not be born as high as you or I but you know that when it comes to knighthoods any man no matter how far down the social order they are born can be deemed worthy.” He gave a small sigh. “It is late my son and I need my rest, we can talk tomorrow but it won’t change the matter.”

  “No father I want to finish this discussion right here and now.” Sir Ty was putting his foot down on it and he wasn’t going to leave until he was satisfied that his father had given him a decent answer. “There is no way that Tucker is worthy of a knighthood.” He was taking a stand against his father although it had not worked that well in the past he still wanted to make his opinion known.

  “As I said he was worthy of a knighthood and you should refer to him as Sir Tucker. I am not in the mood with having an argument with you. Leave now or else I will really lose my temper and you know what will happen then.” He saw his son give a loud and annoyed grunt before turning around and walking out through the door.

  This was not the first time that Lord Tyrone and his son had strongly disagreed on a matter. It seemed to be a common occurrence and on more than one occasion Lord Tyrone had threatened to overlook Sir Ty’s claim to Indigon and instead give it to his younger son Leon. Although Lord Tyrone knew that Leon was not a fierce warrior like his older brother he knew that he was much calmer and more intelligent. In his mind it would make Leon a more capable lord and maybe even a more compassionate one.

  After a day like today Lord Tyrone was tired but he had been speaking with his daughter Nancy as well. She had wanted to meet Jessica and she was overjoyed with the fact that she was spending the night in the castle. She definitely wanted to have some kind of talk with Jessica before she left and to her it was like the Queen of Angleland had actually come to stay at the castle.

  Lord Tyrone loved Nancy dearly and she reminded him so much of his deceased wife which he missed every day. He would have went through hell itself to get her back but he knew that she was gone and that he was now alone. Many times lords had asked him to marry their daughters so that they could have a strong link to the Howlets. Lord Tyrone had turned down each of them since his late wife was his only love. No woman in any land could replace her in his eyes.

  Many hours passed and eventually the dark night gave way to a bright and warm day. For Sir Tucker and Jessica it had been the best rest that the pair had for a few days. The bed had been comfortable and for Jessica it was one of the few times she had been slept in a bed that was actually large enough for her.

  For Sir Tucker it was the first time he had woken up and been able to call himself a knight. It still felt a little strange to him that he could officially call himself Sir Tucker. He still thought that he was dreaming but this was a dream that he would never wake from. He stood out of bed and saw that Jessica was still asleep. She looked peaceful while she was asleep and he did think that she was cute.

  As Sir Tucker had done most mornings he put on his armour and made sure that it was all fastened and fitted properly. Despite the fact that heavy armour was much better defensively he still chose to wear light armour so that he could still move easily and yet have some defence against a strike.

  There was a loud knock on the door and it startled Sir Tucker. It was enough for Jessica to wake up and she was still dazed as she had been dreaming. It didn’t stop Sir Tucker from going to the door, he expected it to be one of the guards who was going to tell them when they had to leave. As he opened the door he did see a guard as he expected and he practically knew what was coming.

  “Let me guess we have half an hour to leave the room?” asked Sir Tucker as he said what he thought the guard was going to say.

  “Not quite Sir Tucker,” replied the guard. His voice was different to the guards that Sir Tucker had met earlier. He was covered from head to toe in armour and there was no part of his flesh on display. “Lady Nancy would like to see your lady friend as soon as she can. I am here to escort her.”

  “Well that might just take a minute.” He looked at Jessica who was still coming around after waking up. “She’s only just this second woken up.”

  “Do not worry, I’ll wait here.”

  With that Sir Tucker shut the door and quickly went to the bed where Jessica was still coming around. Her hair was in her face and she was slowly sitting up, she wasn’t sure exactly what was happening but it wouldn’t be long before she was back to her old self again. Sir Tucker stood a few feet away from where she was sitting and he watched as she stretched her arms and moved her hair from her face. She turned and looked at Sir Tucker and she gave one big yawn before speaking.

  “Morning Tucker,” said Jessica. She had forgotten to call him Sir Tucker but for now it didn’t matter. “Who’s at the door?”

  “It’s a guard, it seems that Lord Tyrone’s daughter wants to have a word with you.” There was some suspicion in his voice but he didn’t think that they were in any immediate danger. From what he had seen of Nancy she seemed to be a nice girl.

  “What why?” She was in some confusion as she didn’t really know who Nancy was. She had spotted her from time to time but nothing more.

  “When I first met her she was eager to meet you. It seems now that she is taking the opportunity.”

  “Can it wait? I’ve just woken up.” She stretched again and yawned as she slowly got up to her feet. Again Sir Tucker found himself looking up at her as she loomed over him like she did with everyone else she had met.

  “I don’t think so but it’s probably best that you go as soon as. Lord Tyrone has been more than generous to us and if we leave his daughter waiting he might see it as a sign of disrespect.” This was true, the last thing he wanted was to do anything that could anger Lord Tyrone. He had given him something that he had wanted for as long as he could remember. “You might even get something nice out of it.”

  “Like what?” She was genuinely curious to know what exactly was on offer for her. Besides a little gold there wasn’t much she thought that Lord Tyrone or Nancy could even give her. “Tell me.”

  “Well you will be meeting someone who genuinely likes you and you know how hard that it is to you. I don’t mean that in a bad way but you know how hard it is for people to like you just because of your size.”
  “You’re not making me feel any better right now.” She crossed her arms and she gave him a look of displeasure. She knew that he was trying to be nice to her but the way he was trying made it seem like he was falling flat on his face.

  “Ok let me start again.” He took a moment to think before he spoke and he knew that he had to be careful. He might have just been knighted but he was still no match against her and in general he didn’t like to see her upset. “Ok, in the past people have treated you like a monster, now there is someone who genuinely wants to meet you and I think you should take the opportunity. It’ll make you feel better and I’m sure that you’ll even make Nancy’s day.” He thought that this was the best thing he could have come up with and he tried to smile to show what he was saying was truthful.

  Jessica didn’t need his smile to know that he meant what he was saying. They still shared a link that allowed her to know whether he was lying or not. It was something that neither of them could explain but she knew what Sir Tucker was talking about. She gave a small sigh before looking down at him.

  “Ok I’ll go but if it goes badly you’ll be walking the rest of the way,” said Jessica. Her threat might have been an idle one but he knew that she wouldn’t be too happy if things went badly.

  Jessica spent the next several minutes making herself look more presentable. She was going to meet a high born and the last thing she wanted was to look a mess. Most of this time was spent on her hair that looked very messy after she had been sleeping. She even needed Sir Tucker’s help to comb it properly and make sure that it looked nice.

  Only then did Jessica leave the room and allow the guard outside the door to lead her to where Nancy was waiting. She was outside in a large garden that Lord Tyrone had specially requested for her. If there was one thing that Nancy enjoyed it was gardening as she loved to plant flowers from all over Angleland and watch them bloom. No one else helped her with the garden, she was determined to grow the flowers herself and if they failed it would be due to her and no one else.

  Nancy would be in her garden every morning and as Jessica walked in she could see so many beautiful flowers with more colours than she could possibly count. They were amongst the beautiful things she had ever seen and she saw this tiny pod of a woman kneeling down in a well-made dress. There were two guards standing near the garden but Nancy didn’t allow anyone wearing armour in her garden since she was afraid that she would damage it. She also felt safe enough to be there without any guards.

  When the guard with Jessica reached the garden he stopped just short of walking onto the grass. He indicated to Jessica to keep walking which she did but with caution. She slowly stepped towards Nancy who for the moment had her back to her. She was making sure that some of the flowers were properly watered. It wasn’t until she saw a shadow close by that she turned and saw Jessica standing there.

  She was by far the tallest person that Nancy had ever met and she quickly stood up to her full height. Even when she was standing up Nancy still looked tiny in comparison to this super tall woman. Small was one thing that Nancy felt but the main thing that she felt was overwhelming excitement as she couldn’t believe that Nancy was actually there. Seeing Jessica from a distance was one thing but seeing her up close was something completely different.

  “Jessica you came,” said Nancy with a smile on her face. “I’m so glad that you decided to come, I’ve wanted to meet you since the tales about you began to circulate.” She wanted to give Jessica a big hug but stopped herself as she thought that now wasn’t the right time. Instead she shook Jessica’s hand and she couldn’t believe how large they were. She thought that they were about twice her own size but she kept this to herself. “I’m honoured to be meeting you.”

  “If anything I’m the one who should be honoured to meet you,” replied Jessica. She remembered to be respectful to Nancy. Although she was three feet shorter than her she was still higher in the social ladder than her and she thought that any wrong move might lead to trouble. “You’re the daughter of a lord while I’m just a farmer girl. The honour is all mine.” She took a quick look around and saw all the flowers that were around her. “You have a very beautiful garden.”

  “Thank you very much, it’s my pride and joy. All you see around you I grew myself, my father gave this small patch of land and a few seeds but I did the rest myself.” Jessica could see that Nancy was very proud of her garden and it just seemed to be generally a nice place to be.

  “If I maybe so bold but I think this might be the most beautiful garden in Angleland. I always wanted a garden for myself but my father couldn’t find me the right patch of land. All of it was dedicated to farming.” She felt a little embarrassed as she spoke. “With how much I ate my family needed to farm as much as they could to be able to make ends meet.” This was mainly before she received her dress when she was gigantic all the time. Even though she still ate much more than the average man when she was at her smallest size it was still not as much as before she had the dress.

  “That’s too bad to hear, I think everyone should have their own space to do their own garden. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work grow and bloom into beautiful flowers.” She paused for a moment as she thought about the next thing that she was going to say. “Is it true?”

  “Is what true?” Jessica did get a little nervous as she thought that Nancy might ask her something that she was uncomfortable with.

  “Can you turn yourself into a giant?” She felt a little silly asking this question but with the stories that she had heard she wanted to know for sure.

  “Yeah I can.” For Jessica it was a relief that Nancy hadn’t asked her something that was more embarrassing. It was no great secret about Jessica’s gigantism so she was happy to talk about it. “If anything I’m hiding right now, my full size is actually my natural height where this dress that I’m wearing is the only thing keeping me small. If I were to take it off right now I would grow to my full size.”

  “Can you show me?” There was more excitement in Nancy’s voice as she discovered that the tales of Jessica’s gigantism was actually true. Now more than ever she wanted to see Jessica as a true giantess.

  “I can but not here.” She took another quick look around. “I don’t want to do anything that could damage your beautiful garden but there is one thing I can quickly do.” With a small amount of concentration Jessica willed herself to be half a foot taller. Her sudden growth spurt was somewhat surprising but ultimately exciting for Nancy. She had never seen anything like this before and it gave her some hope for herself.

  “By the gods that’s amazing.” She found herself having to look further up so that she could see Jessica’s face. The half a foot height increase for Jessica wasn’t really noticeable but she quickly brought herself down to her smallest height. She was just happy to see someone who wasn’t afraid of her and was truly amazed.


Chapter 39: Nancy's Day Out by The Doctor

  Nancy couldn’t get over the fact that Jessica was standing in her garden and had actually just grown right in front of her. Although she had shrunk back down to her smallest height to everyone else she was still a giant. In Nancy’s eyes Jessica was probably the most spectacular person in all of Angleland and there were a few things that Jessica was that Nancy knew that she would never be.

  “You’re so lucky to be able to do that,” said Nancy without giving it that much of a thought. She didn’t know how Jessica had wanted to be normal her entire life but her size was a constant reminder of how she would never be normal.

  “Yeah lucky,” replied Jessica with some hesitation in her voice. She knew that Nancy meant well but the last thing she thought she was lucky.

  “You have to show me just how tall you can get. Maybe if we go outside of Indigon and the town you can show me.”

  “But my lady is that wise?” replied a guard who was standing just outside of the garden. He had been monitoring everything that was taking place.

  “I want to spend a little time away from the castle and I will be more than safe in the hands of Jessica.” She had turned to the guard and she was a little annoyed. She would have liked to think that it was a private conversation but it was a reminder that she never truly had any privacy.

  “I must protest.” There was some anxiety in his voice as he had orders to keep his eye on her.

  “And I command you to allow me to leave the castle with Jessica for a short while and if my father asks tell him I will be back shortly.”

  “But my lady.”

  “No buts, now leave or else I’ll have my father relieve all of your duties.” She watched as the guards looked at her. They wanted to continue the protest but it was no use, all just bowed and began to walk away. This was something that Jessica had not expected and she saw Nancy turn and look up at her again. “I’m sorry that you had to see that, I don’t particularly like bullying people around but they annoy me so much.” This was true, she didn’t like to bully people since it reminded her too much of her brother. If on the slim chance she inherited Indigon she would make sure that it was a fair and just place to all no matter their birth.

  “I know the feeling but are you sure you want me to show you my full size?” replied Jessica. She was still surprised with what had just happened, such a small woman had been able to command men who were amongst the physically most powerful in Indigon. If anything she was impressed.

  “Of course and if any bandits want to mess with me you’ll be there to have my back.” She smiled again at Jessica as she truly felt happy. She knew that her lord father might be angry at her at first but he would forgive her. He always did.

  “Yeah sure.” There was some hesitation in her voice but she couldn’t refuse Nancy either. Despite the size difference between them it was Nancy who was actually calling the shots at that point in time.

  For the next several minutes Jessica and Nancy made their way out of the castle and even outside of the small town that had sprouted up. It was insane to think that a few short years earlier there was nothing but grassland. It seemed funny to most seeing an enormous woman like Jessica walking alongside Nancy. Most of the townspeople who saw them recognised the smaller woman as Nancy but none tried anything while she was in Jessica’s presence. In fact many of them showed their respects to her.

  Eventually the two women found themselves on a grassland just outside of the town. There was no one in the immediate area and Jessica wouldn’t have to worry about damaging any buildings. It was still morning and the birds were singing which gave the whole area a very peaceful feeling. There were a few dark clouds in the sky which hinted that it would rain later. Other than that it was a perfectly fine day but there was a breeze that did make things seem a little cooler.

  “Ok now that we’re here can I see you at your full size?” asked Nancy with excitement in her voice. To her it was almost like ten birthdays had all come at once as she more than wanted to see Jessica truly gigantic.

  “I’m not sure,” replied Jessica. She was still hesitant at growing in front of Nancy. “You won’t be scared will you?”

  “Of course not, I might be small but I’m not a coward.” This was true in more ways than Jessica could think. Since unlike others who saw Jessica grew Nancy would be expecting it so it wouldn’t be a surprise.

  Jessica took a few steps away from Nancy and began to concentrate on growing. Slowly Nancy saw Jessica growing taller before her very eyes. It was by far one of the most amazing things that she had ever seen and as Jessica continued to grow so did Nancy’s excitement. For Jessica growing was actually very simple since being a towering giantess was her natural height. It took a lot more concentration shrinking rather than growing and making herself her normal height was like she was taking off a mask and showing the world her natural self. Anything else was hiding.

  Although Jessica could grow faster than she did she kept it at a slower pace just so there was even less chance of her scaring Nancy. Despite the slower pace it still didn’t take her long to reach her full size and now she truly looked like a giant. There were even some birds who had flown close by and now they looked no bigger than insects in comparison to her. The birds were terrified about the giantess they could see but the truth was that none of them were in any danger.

  Nancy couldn’t get over what she had just seen. She had watched a very tall woman grow into a full blown giantess right in front of her eyes. It was something that she would remember from now all the way to the end of her days. She watched as Jessica went down to one knee and looked at Nancy, her shadow engulfed the tiny woman and it was a sight to truly behold.

  “This is the real me,” said Jessica. She made sure that her voice was fairly quiet and non-threatening. “The me that can fit into buildings is just a mask I wear, this how I truly am and without this dress I would be stuck like this.” There was a small amount of sadness in her voice but Nancy only remained excited. “I can understand if you want me to be my smallest height again.”

  “Are you joking?” replied Nancy with excitement in her voice. “You are truly amazing, can you pick me up? I want to see what it’s like up there.” Without saying much of a word Jessica lowered her hand so that Nancy could step onto it. No sooner had the little woman stepped onto Jessica’s hand it was raised up until she was roughly sixty feet off the ground but for Nancy this wasn’t enough. “You can do better than this Jessica. Stand up tall like you should do.”

  Jessica’s surprise was almost getting the better of her. She had never met someone like Nancy who showed no genuine fear of her and if anything was actually overjoyed with what was going on. Jessica did what she was told as she stood up to her full height and carefully allowed Nancy to stand in the palm of her hand.

  Nancy’s next expression was one of wonder as she could see for miles around in every direction. She had a clear view of Indigon and it was the first time she had ever seen it from this vantage point. She took a look behind and she could see a great forest which was only a few miles away. She was seeing the world from an entirely new view that many people would never have the chance to see.

  “This has to be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” said Nancy as she looked at the world around her. “And you see this every time you’re at this size?” It was still more than she could really take in.

  “Pretty much,” replied Jessica. There was a little more cheeriness in her voice. “The view is nice but I still prefer to be able to fit into buildings. I guess the view is one advantage to my size and the fact that I never have to worry about thieves.”

  “There is something I want to ask you Jessica.” Just from the tone of her voice Jessica could tell that Nancy was being stern but was still excited.

  “Sure fire away.” She didn’t think that Nancy would ask her to do something that she really didn’t want to do.

  “Can you make me taller?” This question did catch Jessica by surprise and for the moment she was speechless. “I don’t mean to be as tall as you but I want to be taller than this.” She gave a sigh as she continued on. “I have to look up to every adult I meet and my brother doesn’t stop reminding me that I’m small. But if you make me taller then I won’t be a shrimp anymore.” There was some sadness in her voice as she really didn’t like being one of the shortest adults in Indigon.

  “I would Nancy if I could.” She would have loved to have told Nancy a white lie but she knew that it wouldn’t be helping anyone. “But my abilities don’t work like that, remember I’m naturally a giant and my dress is what makes me smaller.” She could see the disappointment in Nancy’s face and it did make her feel safe. “Believe me if I could make you taller I would do it without giving it a second thought. I haven’t met many people who have accepted me the way that you have and you are probably one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.”

  “I understand.” Despite this she was still very disappointment and her voice didn’t hide this. “I knew it was going to be a long shot but I thought that it was worth a try. Believe me I drink a lot of milk to try and make myself taller but nothing seems to work. Maybe I’m just destined to be short.”

  “And you shouldn’t let that ruin your life. If you’re not supposed to grow any taller than you are now there has to be a reason behind it. Not everyone in the world need to be tall and it isn’t the height of a person that brings them greatness. You were able to grow your own garden without the need to be taller, you’re young and you still have many great things to do in your life.” Everything that she was saying was truly from the heart. She raised Nancy up higher so that she was at her eye level. “And believe me I’d much rather be your height than this one.”

  “Thanks Jessica that means a lot to me.” She was disappointed but she couldn’t help but feel happier with what Jessica had said. She seemed to listen to her more than her brothers or even her father.

  “Did you want to take a walk around?” She thought that this would make Nancy happier and also allow her to see what the world was truly like as a giantess. “Maybe a trek through the forest will make you feel better.”

  “Yeah sure, that sounds nice.” With that Nancy felt herself get placed on Jessica’s shoulder but before the giantess went anywhere she made sure a few strands of her hair was wrapped around Nancy.

  “Are you ready?” She tried to add some excitement to her voice so that it sounded like it Nancy was going to go on some kind of big adventure. It was another attempt to make her feel better.

  “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Nancy’s voice did seem happier but there was one other reason why she was somewhat jealous of the giantess. It wasn’t just because of her height but the fact that Jessica could go on thes