Now You're Shrinking with Portals by A Little Bit of Everything

When a portal-making device goes haywire, Dan has to deal with a multitude a size changing problems.

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1. An Early Visit by A Little Bit of Everything

2. A Cold Morning Swim by A Little Bit of Everything

3. One Big Toilet by A Little Bit of Everything

4. Extreme Washing by A Little Bit of Everything

5. The Deepest Regions by A Little Bit of Everything

6. Size-Changing Sister by A Little Bit of Everything

7. The Truth Comes Out by A Little Bit of Everything

8. Pranking Megan by A Little Bit of Everything

9. Megan-lomaniac by A Little Bit of Everything

An Early Visit by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

This first chapter is only to set up the story. The next one will start the good stuff.


*Knock, knock, knock*


At the sound of the door, Daniel got up off the couch, set down the bowl of cereal he had just finished, and walked over to open it. Dan was a 20 year old college student who was quite tall and somewhat skinny with dark brown hair. On the other side of the door he found his girlfriend Olivia. She stood about a head shorter than him with wavy blonde hair. “Hey, Liv, you’re here early today.”


Olivia rushed inside as if it were her own house. “Sorry, but I couldn’t wait to show you this.”

Dan shut the door and noticed a tablet-like device in her hands. “Wait, is that-?”

“Yep. It’s my new invention.” Olivia walked over and sat on the couch which was in the center of the living room. She was a 19 year old genius and able to create machines that could do the impossible. “Come take a look.” Dan began to walk over himself. “Is anyone else home?”

Sitting down, Dan answered, “My parents are out of town for the weekend, but Megan is home.” Megan was Dan’s 18 year old sister. Dan loved her as a sibling, but was usually annoyed by her common childish antics. “She’s still asleep right now, though.” As if on cue, Megan was heard yawning as she trudged down the steps. Her usually straight light brown hair was a bit of a mess.

“Morning, Megan!” Olivia said cheerfully to her while waving.

Megan glanced over and sleepily grunted something that sounded like “hey” before entering the kitchen to get some breakfast.

“She’s really not a morning person,” Dan said.

“I can tell,” Olivia chuckled. “Anyway, my invention is finally done! The world’s first ever portal-making machine!”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Dan said with a smile.

“Alrighty then. I’ll show you.” Olivia tapped her fingers on the touchscreen and in a few seconds a glowing portal appeared on the floor in front of her. A few more touches created another one of equal size in front of Dan. Then she grabbed an apple from the table and tossed it into her portal. It popped out of the other and Dan caught it.

“Wow! That’s amazing!”

“And that’s not all. Check this out.” Olivia made the portal on her side smaller. “Toss it in.” Dan threw the apple in his portal and it came out of Olivia’s, except this time it was half its size. Then she made her portal much smaller and tossed the apple back in. Dan ended up catching an apple the size of a basketball and nearly fell off the couch.

“Holy cow! That’s insane!”

“I appreciate your amazement.” Olivia said happily.

“Let me try!” Dan exclaimed, grabbed the device abruptly.

“Whoa! Hold on! That thing is complicated.” Olivia took it back.

“Oh, come on! I just want to check it out.” Dan grabbed on again, but this time Olivia held her grip. Now they were both holding on.

“Dan, I’m serious. Let go!”

“No, you let go!”

“It’s my invention!”

The two of them pulled at the machine until Olivia’s fingers slipped. The sudden release of force caused Dan to lose his grip too and the tablet flew up into the air. Before either one could grab it, the machine landed in Dan’s cereal bowl full of leftover milk. It sparked as the liquid seeped in.

“Whoops,” was all Daniel could say.

“Dan, look at what you did!” Olivia quickly pulled her invention out of the milk. The touchscreen was going haywire. “You idiot! I can’t believe you just broke my invention!” The portals that were on the ground disappeared and then reappeared on the wall and ceiling. “Great! Now it’s spitting out portals all over the place.”

“Can’t you turn it off?”

“No, the screen won’t work. I’m gonna run to your garage and try to fix it.”

“You’re leaving me alone? What if I fall in a portal and get sent to Japan or something?”

“The device is only able to create portals within a short radius. They won’t appear beyond your house.”

“Okay, that’s good. But what if...”

“Listen, I need to fix this ASAP so there’s no time to argue. Just make sure the portals don’t destroy your house.”

“Alright, fine.” Olivia ran off and left Dan by himself. “These portals can’t be too troublesome, right?”

A Cold Morning Swim by A Little Bit of Everything

Immediately after he said that, a portal appeared on the ground right where he was standing. He fell through and came out the other portal which sent him free falling through the air. He screamed in terror and confusion until he landed in a pool of cold liquid. He quickly swam to the surface and spit the liquid out of his mouth. A hard round floating object surrounded him so he grabbed hold. The chilled liquid caused him to shiver.


After calming down for a few seconds he realized what he just spat out. “Wait, a minute... that was... milk?!” He looked out at the lake surrounding him and as he suspected it was pure white. Floating on top of the milk lake were many large inner tubes colored orange and green. He looked down to see that his own was the same.


“Oh, no... don’t tell me...” Dan slowly looked up. He knew what he was going to see, but he was afraid of seeing it. His fears were confirmed as he found himself looking up at the enormous face of his sister. The skin on his body turned as white as the milk he was floating in. He looked further up to see the small portal which dumped him out on the ceiling. Then he looked back at Megan to see if she noticed him fall in. Unfortunately she was too busy looking at her phone to pay attention to his plunge.


Dan looked again at the lake around him. Not many cereal pieces remained. In fact, there was only a single layer of them. That meant Megan was almost done! He had to get her attention before she ate him. Immediately after he had that thought, a giant metal spoon dipped nearby and scooped up some cereal. It created a wave that tossed Dan around for a moment. He looked up to watch Megan nonchalantly shove the spoon in her mouth as she continued to watch her phone. The spoon was pulled out and Megan munched away at the cereal. She chewed with her mouth open, so Dan got a full view of what was soon to happen to him. It sickened him to see the cereal mush churn inside her mouth. Even worse was the fact that the color of the chewed up cereal was close to the color of blood.


But now was not the time for disgust. “Megan!” Dan screamed louder than he ever had before. “Help me! I’m in your cereal!” But Megan continued to ignore him. “MEGAN!!!” She responded by taking another spoonful. Dan panicked even more than before. She couldn’t hear any of his pleas. He tried to think of any other possible way to get her attention. Just then a portal his size appeared on the edge of the bowl opposite Megan, right above the milk line. It was his ticket to freedom!


Dan quickly swam toward the portal, using his cereal piece as a life preserver. The distance was at least 100 feet to him but he kept kicking rapidly. He heard the spoon dip again behind him but his focus remained on his destination. After about half a minute he neared the edge. He was almost in arms reach when the portal disappeared. “NO!” he shrieked and pounded his fist on the cereal tube.


He turned around to look back at the plane of milk. Few pieces remained in one last group. Megan ate one more spoonful and consumed most of them. The wave from this scoop rebounded off the edge near Dan and  pushed him closer to the center. After that she set the spoon down.


Dan simply stared at her. Was she done eating? Was he safe? Megan set her phone down and turned to look directly at her cereal bowl. Dan smiled. She must be able to see him now. He waved both arms around in the air. “Megan! I’m down here! Can you see me?” Suddenly, Dan was lifted up. ...No, the whole bowl was lifted up. Dan rose until Megan’s eyes were just above the edge of the bowl. They stared directly at each other. “Yes! You do see me! For a second there I thought-“


Dan was cut off as the bowl was tilted. Megan’s lips loosely gripped the edge of the bowl and Dan figured out what was really going on. “NO!!! Megan!!! Don’t eat me!!!” The milk began to flow as gravity pulled it between Megan’s large lips. Dan started to swim away with all of his might. At first he was getting away, but soon the milk flow became stronger than he could swim. Despite this, he continued trying. He desperately swam to avoid being swallowed but to no avail. He was pulled beyond his sister’s teeth and into her mouth where the sound of rushing milk was amplified by the acoustics of her cheeks. As Megan finished the last of her cereal, Dan was sent barreling down her throat and into her stomach.


...Or at least he should have. What actually happened is that a portal appeared inside Megan’s throat at the last second and Dan was sent through it to another portal on the ceiling of the living room. Dan fell directly on the coffee table and broke it in half. Milk splashed everywhere and Dan groaned from the pain of the impact. While he lay there, Megan left the kitchen and went upstairs, not even noticing the mess in the living room.


“I guess those portals can appear pretty much anywhere.” Dan stood up and slipped off his cereal inner tube. He was soaking wet with milk and watched his sister enter the bathroom, completely unaware of what she just put him through. He could tell her later, though. Right now he had to keep an eye out for more sudden portals.

One Big Toilet by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

For this chapter and some later ones it helps to understand the basic layout of the house I’m imagining for the story. Here’s my best attempt at a description:



The house has two floors.  The first floor is a nearly-square rectangle, where the front and back sides of the house are longer. This floor has two rooms, a living room and a kitchen. The living room is an L shape that is 3/4 of the layout while the kitchen takes up the other quarter. In a top-down view, with the bottom being the front of the house, the top-left is the kitchen quarter. There are two open doorways connecting these rooms, both of which are where the inner walls meet the outer ones. (Imagine a rectangular clock showing 9:00 and the hands are the inner walls) Notable details are: The front door is at the bottom left, next to it is a large window. A sliding glass door leads to the backyard from the living room. The couch is in the center of the bottom portion of the living room and faces the right wall. Stairs leading up are on the left wall near one of the kitchen doorways.




Daniel grabbed a blanket and dried his milk-soaked hair. “I can’t believe I almost got eaten by my sister. That’s pretty crazy,” Dan said to himself while standing in front of the couch. Just then a new portal appeared on the inner wall to the left of the couch, directly in line with him. “Well at least this one didn’t suck me in.” Dan walked up to the portal and looked closer. It was fairly large on his end, stretching almost from the floor to the ceiling. He could easily step through if he wanted to.




“Hmm, I wonder where this leads.” From his point of view, Dan could only see a distant ceiling. That only told him that the portal was facing upward. He decided to get a closer look and stuck his head inside. He could now see that the other portal was small and inside of a large white bowl filled with water. The portal lay flat just above the water’s surface. “I have no idea where this is. It reminds me of the cereal bowl but-“ A shadow loomed overhead and darkened the water he was looking at. He looked up (relative to the new location) and saw what brought forth the darkness.




“You can’t be serious...” Dan said dumbfounded. The object in question was an enormous butt, which he could only assume belonged to his sister. That meant the bowl itself was the toilet. Dan quickly pulled his head out of the portal in fear. “Boy am I glad I didn’t end up stuck in there. The thought of Megan peeing on me... or worse... would be horrendous.” Dan breathed a sigh of relief, but quickly realized a different problem. “Wait a minute. If this portal is at the bottom of the toilet, then that means-“








Dan, who was still standing in front of the portal, was blasted with a torrent of urine. The stream was almost the same width as the entry portal, so it came out the exit portal at a width of at least 4 feet. Dan felt like he was being attacked with a fire hose as the force of the urine pushed him back and slammed him against the opposing wall. The warm liquid doused his entire body as Megan casually relieved herself. The stream held Dan against the wall, unable to get away. It forced his mouth open and he guzzled a disgusting volume of the incredibly salty liquid.




After about ten seconds, Dan was able to escape, but not because the peeing stopped. It was actually because the entire first floor of the house was now flooded with urine. The portal then closed, keeping all of it contained in the living room and kitchen. Unable to breathe, Dan swam toward the surface. Unfortunately, this only resulted in him hitting the ceiling. With little oxygen left, he had to think quickly. He opened his eyes and was immediately assaulted by the urine. His eyes stung horribly, but he kept them open to see through the light yellow liquid. He searched for the front door and then swam toward it. Grabbing the doorknob and planting his feet on the wall, he attempted to pull open the door. However, the water pressure was too strong.




With no other option, he swam to the nearby window and kicked it. The glass broke and Dan sailed with the current outside. The urine poured out and soaked the entire front lawn. Dan himself was pushed all the way to the curb where he promptly vomited out most of the pee he drank. A bit dizzy, he stood up, rubbed his burning eyes and waded through the flowing urine to get to the front door. Opening it caused the rest of the urine, which was below the window line, to escape as well.




Dan walked across the soaked and lightly sticky carpet to the middle the room. He stopped in front of the couch and looked around at the mess. The couch was the only thing that had stayed exactly in place. Everything else, such as lamps and paintings, was either scattered across the floor or out in the yard. Dan smacked his palms against his temples. “How am I ever going to explain this to Mom and Dad?”




Before he could come up with an excuse, another portal appeared. This one was the same size as the last and also on a wall, but this time it was the wall which the couch faced. “What now?” Dan peered into the portal, but couldn’t make anything out. Whatever he was looking at was very dark. He moved closer for a better look and used his smart phone to light it up. It appeared to be some kind of closed hole. But what could it... “Oh, no...”








Dan was too slow to figure out that he was staring directly at his sister’s butthole. The portal had appeared merely an inch away from her anus. The hole opened briefly to let out a gust of air rivaling a hurricane. Dan was once against blasted backward by the forced of the fart and landed directly on the couch, rocking it back but not all the way over. The room filled with the awful scent of Megan’s intestines. Sitting on the couch, Dan coughed and fanned away the fumes. He could hardly breathe in the dense fog. In fact, he could actually feel the smell as his hand waved threw the air. The portal had expanded the fart to make it much thicker. Luckily the window let out the fumes quick enough that Dan didn’t suffocate.




Soon Dan could open his eyes again and shouted out, “First a flood, and then I get gassed in my own home. What’s next?!” The portal on the wall disappeared only to reappear directly above him. Dan looked up to see that the other end remained where it was. “No... No, Megan... please don’t do it.” Of course his sister couldn’t hear him and went on with her business. Her anus opened as a brown mass began to creep out.




Dan took a big step to the side. He couldn’t stop Megan from taking a giant dump in the living room, but he certainly wasn’t going to be trapped underneath it. Then something weird happened. The portal moved right above him. “What?!” Dan took another step and the portal followed suit. “This is ridiculous!” At this point, Megan’s turd had made it through the portal a little bit. It had grown to be almost 3 feet in diameter. Horrified by his predicament, Dan took off running. He ran around the perimeter of the first floor, too freaked out to think about going outside. 




The portal continued to follow him and Megan’s log eventually reached the ground near the base of the steps. Dan kept running around the floor while looking back to watch the brown sludge seep through the portal. The long turd snaked around the floor, following Dan’s path. Soon he reached the location where the mass first touched down and, because he wasn’t looking forward, ran directly into it. It was like running into yourself in a game of Snake. The log was waist high to him, so the upper half of his body flopped down on top of the mass. He yelped as he fell which opened his mouth for poop to get in on impact. The portal continued to move past him and dropped the other end of the turd on top of him. This pushed him further down and shoved the poop in his mouth down his throat. He shed a tear due to how nasty the substance tasted. Dan was now sandwiched between the two ends of an incredibly long log of poop that lined the entire perimeter of his house’s first floor.




The portals disappeared before Megan wiped herself clean. Dan lay in shame for a bit until he realized that he couldn’t breathe. He considered simply dying then and there but ended up pushing the top portion of poop off of his back. It took all the strength he had to move the huge mass, though. Standing back up, he was appalled at the sight of his own body. He was covered from head to toe in poop. The brown goop stuck to his clothes, his skin, even his hair. He might never get clean. Not to mention the portion that made it inside his stomach. He would have puked again, but he didn’t have the energy. “Ugh, I really need a shower.”

Extreme Washing by A Little Bit of Everything

Daniel stood in place as he turned around and observed the brown snake that surrounded the inside of the house. “I don’t believe this. I’m staring right at it and I don’t believe it.” He sat down on the couch to take a deep breath. The air he breathed was putrid, but the action calmed him nonetheless. Then he noticed that the couch felt different. “Aw, geez!” He quickly stood up when he realized that he accidentally sat on Megan’s poop. “Actually, you know what? Who cares?” He sat back down and put his palms on his chin. “I guess I’ll be the one cleaning this all up eventually.”


A new portal appeared nearby on the inner wall. “Oh, boy. Another one. Do I dare even look inside?” Dan got up and walked over to the portal. On the way, he tripped on a fallen lamp. “Woah!” he shouted as he fell right into the portal. Similar to his first encounter, he was sent falling through the air. Except this time he didn’t land in liquid. He actually landed on a smooth metal object. “Ouch!” he cried on impact. “Alright, where am I now?” Dan looked around to see the bathroom. Below him was the bathtub. Soon he figured out that he was sitting on top of the shower head. High above was the portal on the ceiling which had shrunk him less than an inch.




Dan looked over to see his sister finish pulling up her pajama pants after flushing the toilet. She clearly didn’t notice that the only thing she flushed was toilet paper. Not stopping to wash her hands, she left the bathroom. Dan sighed. “Now how am I going to get down from here.” Before he could come up with a plan, Megan entered again with some folded clothes. She placed them on the counter and then pulled her pajama top over her head. She faced away from Dan, but in the mirror he could see her medium sized boobs flop out. “Whoops!” he said and averted his eyes. However, he then looked back. He had no interest in watching his sister undress, but he was in a dangerous situation and needed to pay attention to all of his surroundings.


Megan pulled down her pants and underwear, now completely naked. She turned around and walked toward the shower. Dan realized he should try to get her attention, but before he could shout Megan turned the shower on. Dan felt the water rush through the metal head he sat on. The sound was nearly deafening to him and forced him to plug his ears. Megan stepped into the bathtub under the shower head and proceeded to get wet. Dan felt dirty watching her shower, but once again it was dangerous not to.


Despite his observation, though, he could not prevent what was about to happen. While Megan was washing her body, she lost her balance and hit the shower wall. The shower head shook and knocked Dan off. He fell until he hit a wet, stringy plain. This was, of course, Megan’s hair. Megan regained her balance and continued washing herself. Dan held on tight as her head bobbed around, afraid of falling off. He was so focused that he didn’t anticipate what came next. A large bottle appeared above him and squirted a glob of shampoo directly at him. It pinned him down against Megan’s head until she rubbed the shampoo in. Her middle finger landed right on Dan and pressed him into her scalp. He was then rubbed around through the world of soapy hair as Megan washed it. The experience was painful, but at least he was getting clean.


Eventually the rubbing stopped and Dan got a moment to breathe. That moment was short-lived because immediately after, Megan rinsed her hair. The water pushed Dan to the front of her head until he fell off. He tumbled down the bridge of her nose and landed on top of Megan’s right right. Dan attempted to stay on, but the flowing water prevented that. He slid down the breast until he fell off the front and grabbed onto Megan’s nipple. He held tight since this nipple was the only thing stopping him from plummeting to the ground. His grip failed him, though, and he fell all the way to the bathtub floor.


The water current swept him away and he sailed toward the drain. In a panic, he was able to grab hold of the side of Megan’s big toe. In a desperate attempt for help, he bit down. He heard a loud yelp above and rejoiced that his plan worked. That is, until he heard Megan’s response. “Ew, gross! Is that a bug?” She kicked her foot to shake the “bug” off and Dan flew to the end of the tub opposite the drain where the water didn’t quite reach. “Stupid bug!” Megan raised her foot and aimed it directly and her brother. Dan’s eyes shot open at the sight of her bare wet sole. As the foot came down, he dove out of the way and into the water stream. Megan slammed her foot down again and narrowly missed Dan. She did create a wave, though, and sent him rocketing toward the drain.


Dan swam for safety, but it was no use. The current pulled him into the drain and he fell down the pipe and into... the living room. Once again Dan got incredibly lucky and a portal appeared inside the drain which sent him back into the living room at normal size. The portal immediately disappeared after he came out, which prevented the house from being flooded again. Dan wiped the water off his face and breathed another sigh of relief. Not only was he safe again, but now he was totally clean.



But that wouldn’t last very long...

The Deepest Regions by A Little Bit of Everything

While Daniel collected his thoughts in the living room, Megan finished up in the shower. Then she put on a casual outfit and a pair of socks. She picked up her dirty pajamas and walked to her bedroom, oblivious to the destroyed living room. At that point Dan decided to tell Megan about the situation so she would be more cautious. He approached the stairs only to remember that they were blocked off by poop.


“Shoot! Well, I guess I’ll just yell then. Meg- Whoa!” Before he could finish his sentence, Dan fell into another portal that appeared at his feet. Except this time he didn’t fall all the way through. The upper half of his body was still in the living room. This was due to something gripping around his waste. “What the...? What’s grabbing me?” Dan looked down to see what was wrapped around him. He was speechless when he realized that it was Megan’s anus.


Dan immediately began pushing against the sphincter to try to escape. He cringed as his hands pressed into the slimy folds of Megan’s butthole. He pushed up but the anus held him tightly in place. Dan looked around for something to grab on to and pull himself out, but found nothing. His next option was to yell for help. “Megan, help! Come quick!”


Megan was oblivious to her brother’s predicament. She was currently lying on her stomach on her bed while listening to music with her headphones and texting on her phone. The music was so loud that she couldn’t hear Dan’s pleas. She could, however, feel an itch on her butthole. Instead of scratching it with her hand, she tried to contract her anus instead.


“Dang it! She can’t hear me, I guess. How am I going to get out of here?” Just then, Dan had the wind knocked out of him as the anus squeezed his stomach tightly. Then it loosened, which caused him to slide down until he was chest-level inside. His hands slipped in the process and were now stuck to his sides. He wriggled to escape, but this only stimulated the anus for another contraction. After release, the hole was now grasping his neck. Dan could no longer breathe. He began to really panic now. The anus was not letting go and he needed air fast. As much as it disgusted him, he had one choice. He stuck out his tongue and lapped at the anus. His tongue dug into the grooves of the sphincter and stimulated it’s nerves. The anus opened slightly and allowed Dan to escape.


The only problem with that was that Dan had fallen into Megan’s intestines. He landed on the inner lining in pitch blackness. But he didn’t need to see to smell the ungodly odor around him. Since Megan just expelled her waste, the walls were freshly coated in slimy fecal matter. Dan was on the verge of vomiting when his world shifted and he fell once again to a new section deeper within the intestines. Megan was busy rolling around on her bed to get more comfortable, unintentionally sending Dan deeper into her bowels. When she finally stopped, Dan had been slammed into several walls and was now coated in intestinal grease.


“So much for that shower.” He sniffed and immediately plugged his nose. It smelled even worse than before. Dan whipped his phone out of his pocket and looked ahead. He stared down the empty tunnel which glistened with oil and feces. Then the ground shook and he heard a loud rumble. He turned around to find an enormous log of poop right behind him. He had fallen so deep that he was near Megan’s colon. The turd lurched forward and began to slide toward him. Dan turned back around and ran for his life away from the brown monster. 


He ran as fast as he could, but the turd followed right behind him. Soon he reached a blockade, which was a corner of intestine than turned upward. He banged on the wall as if someone could help him. With no luck, he turned around to face the monster head on. The mass continued forward and backed him against the wall. It came inches from his body before a portal opened up and Dan tumbled backward.


The portal quickly closed and left Dan alone in his new location. Unlike other times, he was not back in the living room. The place was dark, but his phone allowed him to see that he still seemed to be inside Megan’s body somewhere. The questions was: where? It smelled much better than her intestines, so he had escaped that. There was no acid, so it wasn’t her stomach. Where could he be?


“Wait a minute. I really hope this isn’t-“ Suddenly two huge pillars rammed into his stomach and shoved him. He was thrown backward and landed painfully on his butt on the squishy floor. The pillars retreated. “What the heck was that?!” Once again, they plowed in and Dan got a better look. They weren’t pillars. They were two fingers! Which meant that his suspicions were unfortunately correct. “Am I seriously in my sister’s vagina... while she’s masturbating?!” 


The fingers repeatedly pumped in and out. “I must have stimulated her anus too much. Well, as long as I keep my distance I should only be emotionally scarred by this. Woah!” The ground tilted and Dan slid toward the opening. He turned around and clawed to stay away, but he couldn’t get a grip. The vaginal walls were already getting wet from the stimulation.


He was hit by the fingers again, but this time he stuck on to the tip of the index finger. He was yanked away until he was pulled all the way outside of the vagina. He got a full view of the outer lips for only a moment before he was slammed on the clitoris. He was painfully rubbed in circles for several seconds and heard soft moaning above. Then he was plunged back in for more vicious thrusting. He was shoved back and forth at Mach speed until he finally became unstuck and flew into the deepest part of the vagina. He slammed against a wall and promptly threw up from the whole experience. A new portal appeared next to him. “I don’t care if this takes me to hell itself, I’m using it.”



Dan exited the portal to enter the living room once again. “Thank goodness! I’m back in the house again, which ironically has more poop right now than the intestines I was just in.” Dan collected his thoughts for a moment. “Maybe instead of warning Megan, who apparently can’t hear me, I’m better off staying with Olivia.”

Size-Changing Sister by A Little Bit of Everything

Daniel decided that going to see Olivia was his best option. He started to head for the garage to talk to her, but then something completely unexpected happened. He heard a deafening thud that shook the entire house. It sounded like an elephant had landed in his backyard.


“Whoa! What just happened?!” A voice boomed from outside and Dan’s blood ran cold. There was no mistaking the voice of his sister. And there was only one way she could be that loud. He turned around and ran out the sliding glass door to the backyard. His jaw dropped at the sight of Megan standing there around 50 feet tall. He had already seen her at a similar size difference, but it was a different feeling when he was normal sized.


Megan didn’t notice her brother yet. “Wow! I’m enormous! I can see the whole neighborhood at this height.” She looked down into the neighbor’s backyard and saw a lady with headphones on sunbathing on a lounge chair. “Hi, Mrs. Rosa!” Megan said as she bent over her. The woman was trying to ignore the girl but noticed the lack of sunlight from her shadow and opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a gigantic smiling girl towering over her. Her eyes shot all the way open and she ran inside her house screaming in terror.


“Oops. Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” Megan then directed her attention to her house. “I can’t believe I’m bigger than my own house now. This is crazy!” She glanced a bit further down and saw her brother standing there next to the back door. “And look who we have here.” Megan crouched down and reached out for her brother. Dan quickly fled inside the house to escape, but this didn’t stop Megan as she reached into the doorway and grabbed him in the living room before he could get away. Dan’s whole body was squeezed tightly in his sister’s grip and he was yanked back outside and high into the air.


Megan stood up and brought Dan close to her face to look at him closer. “You look so small now, Dan! You’re, like, 6 inches tall to me. I guess I’m your big sister now. Ha ha!”


Dan smelled Megan’s breath as she spoke to him. She clearly didn’t brush her teeth as it reeked of cereal and milk from breakfast. “Yes, yes. You’re hilarious. Now can you please loosen your grip before you break my ribs.”


“Oh, yeah. Sorry!” Megan lightened her grip on her brother.


“Thanks. Now how exactly did you get this big?”


“I don’t really know. I was chilling in my room when this weird portal appeared on the floor. Out of curiosity I jumped in and the next thing I knew I was huge.”


“Yeah, that’s pretty much what I expected.” Dan looked up to see the giant portal up in the sky which Megan came out of. As soon as he saw it it disappeared. “Great. I hope Liv can fix this later. It’s bad enough I have to explain the living room to Mom and Dad. Now I might have a giant sister on top of that.”


“Wait, what happened to the living room?”


“Never mind that. Right now I need you to put me down. I’m getting queasy this high up.”


“Oh, sure thing, Dan. I’ll put you down.”


Daniel didn’t like the way Megan said that. Before he could respond, though, he was released from her grip. He slipped through her fingers and feared imminent death from splattering on the grass below. However, he only fell a few feet before he landed in a narrow and warm valley. Megan had dropped him into her cleavage, which was exposed by her low-cut top.


Megan was now cracking up. “Oh, my gosh! This is hilarious! You’re stuck between my boobies!” With every laugh her boobs shook and so did Daniel.


“Megan! This isn’t funny! Get me out of here!” Megan continued laughing and pushed on his shoulders to send him deeper between her breasts. Dan shouted at her to stop but the flesh muffled his voice. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”


Megan continued to laugh at her brother’s misfortune as she felt him squirm around. Then she was abruptly sent falling through a portal that appeared at her feet. She yelped at the sudden drop and soon landed on something squishy. The only light source came from the portal above. She pulled Dan up to his chest so he could see.


“Dan, where are we?” Megan asked, a little afraid.


“I have no clue. See this is why I told you to stop messing around. Those portals are appearing randomly and they can be very dangerous.”


“I’m sorry. I should have listened. Now seriously, where are we? It’s kinda dark and it smells like a locker room.”


“You’re not kidding. It smells like a dirty gym bag.”


“The ground feels squishy,” Megan bent down and felt the ground, “and damp.”


Dan thought a moment. “Wait. Damp, squishy floor, the bad smell, and-” The portal disappeared and revealed a source of light in the form of a circle above. “Uh, oh. I think we’re inside of-”


“Whew! I think that does it!” Olivia stated. Her voiced bellowed from above the sibling duo. “The portal machine is finally fixed. Time to get back to Dan and chew him out. Gotta put my shoes on first.”


Dan panicked. “Megan! Run!”


“Run?! Run where? What’s going on?” Just then a white socked foot appeared above and Megan put it all together. She was about an inch tall inside of Olivia’s tennis shoe. The foot descended and Megan sped away toward the toe section of the shoe. Due to the unusual terrain, though, she tripped and fell face first into the sweat-soaked lining of the shoe. Olivia’s foot glided over her back as she slid it all the way into the shoe. Seconds later she was pressed down and sandwiched between the socked foot and shoe. This caused her breasts to squish, which also created a problem for Dan who was now being crushed on either side. The smell also increased ten fold as all fresh air was sealed off.


“Olivia stop! Let us out!” Megan cried out. But she received no response. The foot was blocking her voice.


Olivia stood up and grabbed her invention which increased the pressure on both tiny people. Then she walked out of the garage and into the house. Every step caused extreme pain to Megan and Daniel. Upon reaching the front door she shouted, “What the-?! What happened?” She looked around at the broken glass and items plus the gigantic log of poop which she had to climb over to get inside. “Dan, where are you?”


Olivia sat on the couch and took in the scene. She tapped her foot as she looked all around the room. Dan and Megan were thrown up and down as she did so. “Where is he? And what is in my shoe?” Olivia pulled off her sneaker and turned it upside down over her lap. Megan tumbled out onto her thigh and Olivia gasped. “Megan?! Is that you?”


Megan picked herself up and sat upright on Olivia’s thigh. “Yep, it’s me.”


“How did you get in my shoe?”


“I don’t really know. Some weird portal I guess. Dan understands it more than me.”


“Dan? Where is he?”


“Right here,” Megan answered, pointing to her cleavage.


“Oh, wow! He’s really tiny.”


“He sure is.”


“Well, tiny or not, I have something to say to you.” Olivia said sternly.


Dan looked nervously at his girlfriend's humongous face. He was about to get chewed out for sure.

End Notes:

The portal machine may be fixed, but this story isn't over yet!

The Truth Comes Out by A Little Bit of Everything

“Dan... I totally got you! Aha ha!” Olivia started laughing so hard that Megan nearly fell off her thigh from all the shaking. Her and Dan were both very confused.


“What are you talking about?” Megan asked.


“Ho- Hold on. I won’t be able to hear Dan at his current size.” Olivia created two new portals on the floor and ceiling and then dropped Megan into one to bring her back to normal size.


Dan was still shrunk, but not as much as before. “Alright, would you mind telling us what’s so funny?” He asked.


“I pranked you! You never actually broke my invention; it’s waterproof. I just pretended like you did so I could create portals to send you through and make it seem random.”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you telling me that everything that happened today was on purpose because of you?”


“That’s right! I used two extra secret portals to spy on you and carefully place portals to mess with you.”


“Why would you do that?!”


“Because even though you didn’t break my machine you almost did, so I wanted to teach you a lesson.”


“But don’t you think you took it WAY too far?!”


“Yeah, maybe a little. I was actually just going to do the cereal thing but that was so much fun that I kept going. I just couldn’t stop myself.”


“A little?! I almost died several times, I was pooped on and sucked into someone’s butt, and you put me in my own sister’s vagina while she masturbated for crying out loud!”


“Oh, that last one was actually me. I’m not THAT crazy. And I was extremely careful to make sure you didn’t get badly hurt. But yeah, I took things too far. Sorry.” Olivia leaned over and kissed Dan with lips that dwarfed his entire head. “Do you forgive me?”


Dan groaned. “Yeah, I guess so. As crazy as today was I can’t deny that it was super interesting.”


“I’m happy to hear that.”


Finally Megan interjected. “Hold on a minute. Are you forgetting about putting me in your shoe? I didn’t do anything wrong, so why did you rope me into this. Even though I did love being fifty feet tall.”


“Sorry about that,” Olivia said. “Once again, I got carried away. How can I make it up to you?”


“Can I try out your invention?”


“Sure! Let me show you how it works.” Olivia demonstrated her machine by making Daniel big again. “Just like that.”


“Hold on!” Dan said emphatically. “Why does she get to use your invention when I didn’t.”


“Simple. She asked first.”


“Fine. But can you get rid of Megan’s poop first. It smells like a barn in here.”


Megan looked over at the gigantic feces. “Oh, that’s mine? I thought I took a huge dump this morning but this is ridiculous. Ha ha!”


Olivia chuckled and said, “Yeah, I can remove it quite easily. I can choose to only put certain things through the portals, so all I have to do is scan the whole living room with a selective portal and dump the waste elsewhere.” Olivia tapped away at the tablet and did just that. All of the waste was shrunken and dumped in the upstairs bathroom.


“Much better,” Megan stated. “Now it’s time for some fun.”


Dan sighed. “How small do I have to be?”


“Actually I’d like to focus on the growing side of things.” Megan tapped on the screen and created two portals, but Dan couldn’t see either.


“Where are they?” He asked.


“Turn around.”


Dan did so and saw a large portal on the wall behind him. Beyond that portal was a giant pair of vagina lips stretching from the floor to the ceiling. In fact, the lips were reaching out of the portal somewhat. Before he could make a remark, Dan was pushed forward at the portal by Megan. He smacked right into the vagina and the entire front of his body was engulfed. He pushed away and unstuck himself from the lips. Upon escape he lost his balance and fell back on his butt.


“How do you like my pussy, Dan?”


“Are you nuts?! What’s the matter with you?!”


“Just kidding! That was Olivia’s again. This is mine, though.” Megan put her index finger through a new portal that led to one on the ceiling. Her now tree-like finger slammed down on Dan and pinned him to the ground. “How does it feel to be trapped under my single finger?”


Dan felt powerless. He tried to get away, but the giant finger was too strong. Laughing, Megan removed her finger. She left the exit portal on the ceiling, but moved the entry one to the floor. Dan was freed, but instead of escaping, he just looked over at Megan. “What now?”


Without a word, Megan lifted her foot and pulled off her sock. She dropped it into the portal and the damp white sock landed on Dan at a size so big he could pitch it as a tent. Dan quickly tossed the smelly sock off of him, which was harder to do than he expected. Immediately after, something else landed on him. Something much heavier. It was Megan’s foot. She had stepped one foot into the portal and trapped him under her sole. The huge foot was the size of a small car and engulfed his entire body.


Megan laughed as she rolled Dan back and forth under her foot. Her sole was very sweaty and at times his mouth was forced open which made him involuntarily lick it. The salty taste was nauseating but he was unable to spit anything out. Megan could feel his tongue and laughed harder. “How does my foot taste, Dan? All this recent excitement has made me really sweaty!” After a dozen seconds of rolling, Megan adjusted her foot so that Dan’s head was now between her big and middle toes while his body was still underneath. “Hey, Dan. Do you remember that game we used to play as kids?”


Dan knew exactly what she was talking about. “No. No, Megan, please don’t.”


Megan responded to his pleas by snorting into her throat some snot. That snot entered her mouth and mixed with some saliva to create a familiar concoction. She leaned over the portal and let the mixture ooze out of her mouth. It slowly dropped down toward the ground while Dan squirmed to get away. The glob entered the portal and appeared over Dan’s head at a much larger size. The loogie gingerly touched down and covered his entire head in the gross liquid. Dan held his breath and fought against the spit glob that was trying to drown him.


Megan and Olivia were both laughing at Dan’s predicament. After a few seconds, though, Olivia slowed her laughter and then stopped. “Megan, you might want to let him go.”


“Oh, right!” Megan lifted her foot off of Dan and let him move. Dan rapidly sat up and wiped the goop off his face so he could breathe. He gasped for air and looked at Megan angrily. His hair was now soaked with saliva and mucus.


“Okay, Megan, I think he’s had enough now.” Olivia said as she took away her machine.


“Aw, but I wanted to suck on him and see how he tastes.”


“Maybe later. To be completely honest, seeing you dominate Dan like that was really hot. I’d like to have some alone time with him so we can... you know. And since these portals can make things bigger-”



“Woah! Too much information! I’m gonna go hang out in my bedroom then. See ya later!” Megan went upstairs and left the other two alone.


Pranking Megan by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

Caution: This chapter mainly focuses on penis interaction.




“I thought you said my dick was big,” Dan told Olivia sadly.


“It is. But I want to try something even bigger. Don’t take it too personally.”


“Oh, alright. Let’s get to it then.” Dan and Olivia took off all their clothes and tossed them aside. “Wait, should we go upstairs?”


“No, the couch is fine. Now let’s make the portals. All I have to do is put two portals next to my vagina, one a little bit bigger. Your dick goes in one, out the other and bam!”


Dan listened to the plan and grinned. “Actually, I have a different idea.”


“Oh, yeah. What’s that?”


“You wanna prank Megan?”


“Ooh, more pranking. What do you have in mind?”


“Can you fake sexual pleasure?”


“Uh, I don’t think you want me to answer that question.”


“Fair enough. So here’s the plan...” Dan explained his detailed plan to Olivia. He could tell from her expressions that she liked it.


“I love it! But we have to act like we’re totally oblivious for it to work right.”


“Of course. Now set up the portals.”


Olivia used the machine to put a portal right between her legs as she lay with them spread out on the couch. Then she put the exit portal in Megan’s bedroom wall.


Megan was laying on her bed just like earlier when she noticed a large portal appear behind her bookshelf. “What the...?” She jump off her bed and walked over to get a closer look. Right before she reached the shelf, a huge object burst through the portal. Megan shrieked at the sudden event. The object pushed the bookshelf out of the way and it landed on the opposite side of the room in front of the closed door. Megan stood still dumbfounded as the object lingered. There was no mistaking it. This was a penis. It’s diameter stretched from the floor to the ceiling. The worst part, though, is that Megan knew who it belonged to.


The penis retracted and Megan ran to the door. Unfortunately it was completely blocked by the heavy bookshelf. “Dan! Olivia! Stop! Something went wrong.” She shouted as she banged on the back of the bookshelf. Then she realized where she was. Megan turned around to face the portal and saw Dan’s penis coming back for round two. She dove out of the way before it could smash her against the shelf. Megan landed on her bed and lay there as the penis began thrusting in and out of the portal. She could hear Olivia moaning and felt very uncomfortable.


“I have to get their attention before he floods my room. But how?” The huge member paid no mind to her and continued thrusting. Megan grabbed a pillow and ran over to the source of action. Whenever the penis entered, she gave it a good whack. Maybe he would feel it. After a few good whacks. The penis stopped coming in. “Did it work?” She asked herself. She walked over to the portal and peered out. But she was completely wrong. After a pause the penis came in again and drove into her, slamming her against the bookshelf. It thrust in and out once again, continuously plowing into her. Lucky for her, Dan was holding back and being careful. If he was plowing at full strength she would probably be killed.


After a whole minute of this torture, the penis stopped dead in it’s tracks. Megan stared at it as if it was a monster with a mind of it’s own. She didn’t even think about escaping. Then the slit opened up wide and gallons of liquid shot out directly at her. She held her arms out to block the flow, but she was still doused with cum. The semen covered her entire body, soaking her clothes and hair. The white goo flooded the floor of her room until it came up to her knees. The pulsing slowed after several bursts and then stopped. Megan wiped her face with her hands and angrily walked up to the pink monster.


“Dan, you idiot! You destroyed my room!” She shouted while she banged her fists on the head of his penis. Exhausted she turned around. “Maybe I can move the bookshelf if I really try.” Then the head lurched forward slightly and hit Megan’s back, except she didn’t go flying forward. The semen on her body caused her back to stick to the head. The penis retracted out of the portal and took her with it. She was brought into the living room and was now only an inch tall. Dan’s penis remained hard as he stood there.


“Oh, that felt so good!” Olivia moaned.


“I guess that portal idea really worked then,” Dan lied. “Would you mind returning the favor and cleaning me off?”


“Sure thing, baby!”


Olivia got off of the couch and kneeled down so she was head to head with Dan’s penis. Megan saw her gigantic sexily smiling face appear and cried out, “Olivia! Help me! I’m stuck here on Dan’s dick!” But even though Olivia was staring directly at her, she made no acknowledgement of her existence. “What?! How can you not see me?” Megan thought a moment. “Oh, no! I’m covered in semen. She really can’t see me!”


Olivia’s face came closer and her mouth opened wide. Megan could clearly see every inch of the slimy cave beyond her lips. “Olivia, no! Stop!” Megan was sent into darkness when she entered Olivia’s mouth and her lips wrapped around the base of Dan’s shaft. Megan couldn’t see anything but felt a wet slimy monster slide over her body and pry her off of the penis head. She was tossed all around and repeatedly slammed into Dan’s penis while Olivia licked it clean. Megan was screaming throughout the entire ordeal. Then, without any notice, she was sent away from the penis and down Olivia’s throat. She landed in a pool of stomach acid in her belly. Megan quickly swam to the stomach wall and banged on it yelling, “Olivia! Let me out! I don’t want to die in here!”


Outside of the stomach, Dan and Olivia we’re trying hard not to laugh. “I can feel her banging on my stomach,” Olivia whispered.


“Really?” Dan whispered back. He placed his ear on her stomach and listened to his sister cry for help, which only made him want to laugh more.


“Well that was tasty, but not very filling,” Olivia said a bit loudly so Megan could hear. “Maybe we should eat lunch now.”


Megan banged on the walls even harder. “No! Don’t eat anything! I don’t want to be digested!”


“Okay, I think she’s had enough,” Dan said.


“I agree.” Olivia created a portal in her stomach that led to the living room. An overjoyed Megan leaped through it and was back to normal size.


“Thank goodness!” Megan exclaimed. “I thought I was going to die! Wait, why are you laughing?”


Dan and Olivia were indeed laughing. “Because we pranked you!” Olivia announced.


“Yeah, we knew what was happening the whole time.”


Megan was furious. “Are you serious?! My bedroom is completely destroyed!”


“Yeah, but it was hilarious!”


“Oh, you think this is funny, huh?” Megan swiped Olivia’s invention from her hands.


Olivia ceased her laughing. “Whoa, hold on there, Megan.”


Megan tapped on the screen and created a portal at the pranksters’ feet. They fell through and landed on Megan’s palm only two inches tall. “Well, guess who’s laughing now?”


Megan-lomaniac by A Little Bit of Everything

Olivia hugged her boyfriend tightly and said, “Dan, I don’t like being small. It’s scary.”


“Yeah, but you kinda get used to it,” he responded, even though he was also afraid of his evilly laughing sister.


Megan stopped laughing and looked at the duo, who were still naked. A devious grin stretched from ear to ear. “Look at how small you are. I could simply clench my fist and crush you.” Olivia held Dan tighter. Both were shaking in fear. “Or maybe I could eat you. One chomp and you’d be gone.” Dan held on to Olivia now. “Or maybe- Okay, I can’t do this anymore.” Megan started laughing again, but this time it was much more joyful. Olivia and Dan were now less afraid and more confused. “I was totally joking, guys. I could never hurt you like that. You should’ve seen the looks on your faces though!”


The tiny couple let go of each other and chuckled. They had to admit, she got them good. “Okay, you got your revenge. We’re even now,” Dan claimed.


“Not so fast my tiny brother. That was for scaring me with your giant penis. As for being swallowed, I have something else in mind.”


“And what might that be?” Olivia asked.


“Well, seeing as how I’m covered in vomit now, I think you two should also get covered in gross stuff.” Megan picked Dan up and brought him to her nose. He could feel her breath coming out of her nostril.


Dan groaned. “Aw, Megan, please don’t do this.” Megan ignored him and shoved Dan into her nostril headfirst. He entered a narrow cave of snot that plastered onto his entire head. He felt like a crayon in the hand of a small child. Megan rotated him and pushed him in and out to really coat his naked body with mucus. The disgusting goo attached to his skin and absolutely grossed him out. Then she let go and left him stuck in her nostril facing a huge booger.


“Okay, Dan, hold tight in there while I clean my ears.” Olivia cringed when she realized what that meant for her. She was picked up and moved to Megan’s ear. Megan shoved her inside and proceeded to perform similar motions as she did with Dan. Olivia’s face dug into the earwax and it stuck into her hair like the fluff of a cotton swab. After collecting a bunch of wax, she was pulled out and dropped onto Megan’s palm once again. Megan did the same with Dan except that instead of pulling him out, she closed her other nostril and blew him out. The tiny couple was now thoroughly grossed out as they stood on Megan’s hand covered in her bodily excretions.


“Alright Megan, now we’re even right?” Dan asked hopefully.


“Nope. Not yet. There’s still the matter of you destroying my bedroom.”


Dan sighed. “Let me guess. You’re going to destroy my room too somehow.”


“Bingo! But first you need to be in it.” Megan created two new portals to send Dan to his room at normal size. Then she reached in and used her giant hand to move his bed and block the doorway. She also placed his dresser in front of the window. “Are you ready?”


“Does it even matter if I am? What are you filling my room with anyway?”


“Well I wish I could take a huge dump like I did with the living room, but I don’t actually have to go now. So here’s the next best thing.” Megan pulled down her pants and sat over the small portal next to her. Dan watched as her butt descended above through the large portal on his bedroom ceiling. Her huge anus was clearly visible to him once again. He braced for impact when he realized what her plan was. 


Megan squeezed her lower abdomen and pushed along all of the air trapped in her intestines. Her anus opened up and Dan was blasted with hurricane level winds. It was similar to earlier except that this wasn’t a simple quick blast. Megan had a lot of gas built up and was releasing all of it. The force of the wind pushed Dan to the ground flat on his back. It was strong enough to remove the snot from his body. His mouth was blown open and he began to taste the rancid fart as much as he could smell it. The portal not only made the fart bigger, but also made the smell even stronger. Dan actually began to cry involuntary from the smell. After thirteen excruciating seconds Megan had released all of her pent up gas.


Megan stood and pulled her pants back up. Then she turned around to look into the portal and said, “I’ll let you out in a bit. Have fun!” She closed the portals and sealed Dan away in his bedroom. Dan was starting to feel woozy from the smell and stood up to try and escape or at least open the window, but neither was possible due to Megan’s preparations. He fell to his knees and then face first as he passed out.


Unaware of how extreme Dan’s reaction to her fart was, Megan turned her attention to Olivia. “As for you, I sadly can’t destroy your room, but I do have a different revenge plan.” Without any explanation, Megan sat on the couch and pulled off her left sock (the one she didn’t throw through the portal at Dan). She pulled open the opening of it with her free hand and tilted the other hand toward it. Olivia began to slide down Megan’s palm so she tried desperately to grab on to her skin. Megan simply tilted even more and Olivia slipped off and fell into her sock. She screamed as she tumbled down the cloth interior of the garment, soon landing in the toe section. The putrid smell immediately hit her on all sides. Then five wiggling toes appeared above and descended upon her. Soon Olivia was trapped between Megan’s big and middle toes and the smell around her increased.


Megan began to crack up. Her brother was stuck in a gas chamber of her farts while his girlfriend was trapped in her sweaty, smelly sock. This was the greatest prank she had ever pulled. She moved her toes to lightly squeeze Olivia and play around with her like a pebble in her shoe. Olivia hated the feeling of Megan’s toes massaging her naked body, but the action was at least cleaning most of the earwax off. After a few seconds, Megan realized that this wasn’t just funny to her. It was actually kind of hot. Something about the sheer power she held was turning her on. Her panties began to get wet and she knew what she had to do.


But first she did something else. She released Olivia from her toes and let her fall beneath her sole. Then she readjusted her position on the couch so that she was laying on her stomach and her soles pointed up. She sent Olivia through a new portal that sent her to her other sole (the sockless one) and shrank her to 1/100 of an inch tall. Olivia was now terrified. The bottom of Megan’s sole was a smelly barren landscape to her. But that was the least of her problems. Megan had now begun to finger herself which caused her body to heat up and begin sweating. It wasn’t long before a sweat droplet burst from her pore near Olivia. The nearly microscopic girl shrieked as the drop rolled toward her. She ran and jumped out of the way just in time. If she was caught in that droplet, she would likely drown in the salty foot sweat blob.


While she was masturbating, Megan’s leg spazzed from the pleasure and launched Olivia into the air. She screamed as she soared through the sky and eventually landed directly in Megan’s butt crack dangerously close to her hole. The enormous anus was a deep and wide canyon that could easily swallow her up. Directly above was Megan’s wrist which was moving back and forth as she continued to masturbate. This caused the terrain to shake like an earthquake. But Olivia had bigger things to worry about when more sweat droplets were produced and started to roll down Megan’s cheeks. Olivia dodged a droplet that was heading directly toward her, but in her panic she leapt toward the cavernous butthole. She was now laying on the rim of the anus and began to slide down from the slimy grease of the sphincter.


“MEGAN!!!” Olivia called out at the top of her lungs. “Stop! I’m going to die!” She continued to slip into the cavern no matter how much he clawed at the skin. She was about to be eaten by Megan’s colossal anus.


Megan couldn’t hear a thing of course. She was busy pumping her fingers in and out of her vagina. In the process she accidentally knocked the portal machine onto the floor. By sheer luck the machine activated an emergency system that Olivia had installed to save her. This system created two portals: a large one in the living room and a very small one directly below Olivia. Olivia fell into the portal and landed in the living room at normal size. She immediately ran over to Megan and slapped her face.


“What the-?!” Megan exclaimed and stopped her pleasuring.


“You moron! You almost killed me! What’s the matter with you?!”


Megan shook her head and snapped back to reality. “Oh, my gosh! I’m SO sorry, Olivia. I don’t know what came over me. I was drunk with power.”


Olivia took a second to calm down and replied, “Well, to be fair I kind of did the same thing with Dan so I can’t really blame you. Apology accepted.”


“Thank you!”


“Now let’s get Dan out of his death chamber.” Olivia created some portals so she could move Dan’s bedroom stuff back and let him out. However, when she saw him passed out she reached in to grab him and pulled him into the living room. “Dan! Wake up!”


When Dan didn’t wake up, Olivia tried plan B which was to give him a great big lick. Dan still didn’t wake up, so Megan said, “Let me try.” Olivia aimed her boyfriend at his sister as Megan got close to him and opened her mouth. Dan finally came to as a delayed reaction from the lick. The first think he saw was Megan’s giant wide-open mouth. Before he could ask what was going on, a burst of air sailed out of Megan’s throat as she gave a heavy belch. The burp was as strong as her fart and blew Dan’s head back. He felt like it was going to pop off as the burp continued for almost as long as the fart. The smell of digested cereal and milk blew past him and made his hair go wild.


After her burp concluded Megan looked to see if it worked. A disoriented Dan was enough proof that it did. One portal usage later and all three of them were at normal size. “And now we’re even,” Megan stated.


“I guess we are,” Dan admitted. “So what do we do now?”


“How about the three of us stop all the pranking and just have some fun together?” Megan suggested.


“Great idea!” Olivia exclaimed. “I actually am hungry for lunch, so why don’t we grow some giant snacks.”


“Sounds good,” Dan agreed. “But don’t forget we have to clean up this house.”


“Of course. I’ll clean everything with portals. And I’ll replace the broken stuff with all the money I’ll be getting from my invention soon.”


“Excellent! Let’s eat!” Dan looked down at himself. “Uh, after we put our clothes back on that is.” The trio laughed together as they walked to the kitchen.








End Notes:

Thank you all so much for reading!

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