Now You're Shrinking with Portals by A Little Bit of Everything

When a portal-making device goes haywire, Dan has to deal with a multitude a size changing problems.

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Pranking Megan by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

Caution: This chapter mainly focuses on penis interaction.




“I thought you said my dick was big,” Dan told Olivia sadly.


“It is. But I want to try something even bigger. Don’t take it too personally.”


“Oh, alright. Let’s get to it then.” Dan and Olivia took off all their clothes and tossed them aside. “Wait, should we go upstairs?”


“No, the couch is fine. Now let’s make the portals. All I have to do is put two portals next to my vagina, one a little bit bigger. Your dick goes in one, out the other and bam!”


Dan listened to the plan and grinned. “Actually, I have a different idea.”


“Oh, yeah. What’s that?”


“You wanna prank Megan?”


“Ooh, more pranking. What do you have in mind?”


“Can you fake sexual pleasure?”


“Uh, I don’t think you want me to answer that question.”


“Fair enough. So here’s the plan...” Dan explained his detailed plan to Olivia. He could tell from her expressions that she liked it.


“I love it! But we have to act like we’re totally oblivious for it to work right.”


“Of course. Now set up the portals.”


Olivia used the machine to put a portal right between her legs as she lay with them spread out on the couch. Then she put the exit portal in Megan’s bedroom wall.


Megan was laying on her bed just like earlier when she noticed a large portal appear behind her bookshelf. “What the...?” She jump off her bed and walked over to get a closer look. Right before she reached the shelf, a huge object burst through the portal. Megan shrieked at the sudden event. The object pushed the bookshelf out of the way and it landed on the opposite side of the room in front of the closed door. Megan stood still dumbfounded as the object lingered. There was no mistaking it. This was a penis. It’s diameter stretched from the floor to the ceiling. The worst part, though, is that Megan knew who it belonged to.


The penis retracted and Megan ran to the door. Unfortunately it was completely blocked by the heavy bookshelf. “Dan! Olivia! Stop! Something went wrong.” She shouted as she banged on the back of the bookshelf. Then she realized where she was. Megan turned around to face the portal and saw Dan’s penis coming back for round two. She dove out of the way before it could smash her against the shelf. Megan landed on her bed and lay there as the penis began thrusting in and out of the portal. She could hear Olivia moaning and felt very uncomfortable.


“I have to get their attention before he floods my room. But how?” The huge member paid no mind to her and continued thrusting. Megan grabbed a pillow and ran over to the source of action. Whenever the penis entered, she gave it a good whack. Maybe he would feel it. After a few good whacks. The penis stopped coming in. “Did it work?” She asked herself. She walked over to the portal and peered out. But she was completely wrong. After a pause the penis came in again and drove into her, slamming her against the bookshelf. It thrust in and out once again, continuously plowing into her. Lucky for her, Dan was holding back and being careful. If he was plowing at full strength she would probably be killed.


After a whole minute of this torture, the penis stopped dead in it’s tracks. Megan stared at it as if it was a monster with a mind of it’s own. She didn’t even think about escaping. Then the slit opened up wide and gallons of liquid shot out directly at her. She held her arms out to block the flow, but she was still doused with cum. The semen covered her entire body, soaking her clothes and hair. The white goo flooded the floor of her room until it came up to her knees. The pulsing slowed after several bursts and then stopped. Megan wiped her face with her hands and angrily walked up to the pink monster.


“Dan, you idiot! You destroyed my room!” She shouted while she banged her fists on the head of his penis. Exhausted she turned around. “Maybe I can move the bookshelf if I really try.” Then the head lurched forward slightly and hit Megan’s back, except she didn’t go flying forward. The semen on her body caused her back to stick to the head. The penis retracted out of the portal and took her with it. She was brought into the living room and was now only an inch tall. Dan’s penis remained hard as he stood there.


“Oh, that felt so good!” Olivia moaned.


“I guess that portal idea really worked then,” Dan lied. “Would you mind returning the favor and cleaning me off?”


“Sure thing, baby!”


Olivia got off of the couch and kneeled down so she was head to head with Dan’s penis. Megan saw her gigantic sexily smiling face appear and cried out, “Olivia! Help me! I’m stuck here on Dan’s dick!” But even though Olivia was staring directly at her, she made no acknowledgement of her existence. “What?! How can you not see me?” Megan thought a moment. “Oh, no! I’m covered in semen. She really can’t see me!”


Olivia’s face came closer and her mouth opened wide. Megan could clearly see every inch of the slimy cave beyond her lips. “Olivia, no! Stop!” Megan was sent into darkness when she entered Olivia’s mouth and her lips wrapped around the base of Dan’s shaft. Megan couldn’t see anything but felt a wet slimy monster slide over her body and pry her off of the penis head. She was tossed all around and repeatedly slammed into Dan’s penis while Olivia licked it clean. Megan was screaming throughout the entire ordeal. Then, without any notice, she was sent away from the penis and down Olivia’s throat. She landed in a pool of stomach acid in her belly. Megan quickly swam to the stomach wall and banged on it yelling, “Olivia! Let me out! I don’t want to die in here!”


Outside of the stomach, Dan and Olivia we’re trying hard not to laugh. “I can feel her banging on my stomach,” Olivia whispered.


“Really?” Dan whispered back. He placed his ear on her stomach and listened to his sister cry for help, which only made him want to laugh more.


“Well that was tasty, but not very filling,” Olivia said a bit loudly so Megan could hear. “Maybe we should eat lunch now.”


Megan banged on the walls even harder. “No! Don’t eat anything! I don’t want to be digested!”


“Okay, I think she’s had enough,” Dan said.


“I agree.” Olivia created a portal in her stomach that led to the living room. An overjoyed Megan leaped through it and was back to normal size.


“Thank goodness!” Megan exclaimed. “I thought I was going to die! Wait, why are you laughing?”


Dan and Olivia were indeed laughing. “Because we pranked you!” Olivia announced.


“Yeah, we knew what was happening the whole time.”


Megan was furious. “Are you serious?! My bedroom is completely destroyed!”


“Yeah, but it was hilarious!”


“Oh, you think this is funny, huh?” Megan swiped Olivia’s invention from her hands.


Olivia ceased her laughing. “Whoa, hold on there, Megan.”


Megan tapped on the screen and created a portal at the pranksters’ feet. They fell through and landed on Megan’s palm only two inches tall. “Well, guess who’s laughing now?”


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