Stripper's Son (Comissioned by BC) by Notkent

A story of a loving mother and her tiny son.

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1. Chapter 1 by Notkent

2. Chapter 2 by Notkent

3. Chapter 3 by Notkent

4. Chapter 4 by Notkent

5. Chapter 5 by Notkent

6. Chapter 6 by Notkent

7. Chapter 7 by Notkent

8. Chapter 8 by Notkent

Chapter 1 by Notkent

“Auntie Joyce will be around soon sweetie. I’ll see you both after work,” echoed his mother’s words before the door slammed shut behind her, leaving her son all alone in her apartment. A few picture frames showed them together when he was young, and she was youthful. The three-room apartment was only sparsely furnished, telling of the fact that not much time was spent within these walls by the residents. The “entrance” was merely a tiled corner of the living room, leading to the door. Beside it was a small TV and a near empty book shelf. Opposite these was a plush sofa with a velvet finish. The once deep red color had faded in patches from exposure to cleaning liquids and other fluids, but it still retained the comforting feeling unique to the material, when stroked.


On this sat Jason, lost in thought as the name his mother had uttered brought back a wave of nostalgia. At 23-years old, the young man had not envisaged being back in his mom’s house, in fact, he was going to be an engineer, but life had had other plans. He vividly remembered the things he had said when he had left for his apprenticeship. And he had meant all of it. Jason fully blamed his mother for the way he had turned out, an angry young man who had little to no social skills. That was her fault, her world’s fault.


But then he had gotten sick, and couldn’t take care of himself. He had lost his job and wound up right back with mother. Jason had only arrived the night before, but he already hated being back. He hated their bedroom, the only other space in the flat, which he had been forced to share with his mom growing up. It was the room where he had seen far too much depravity and intimacy as a child, and where he himself had ultimately lost his virginity in his teens: no one should have to share a bed with their mother.


Jason’s thoughts wandered again as he thought about that very first time he had had sex. He had been only 13 years old, and his mom had obviously been too wasted to keep her eyes open. But he didn’t care: he had had Joyce. His “aunt” was actually his mom’s best friend and colleague, and it was she to whom he had given himself at such a young age. He frowned as he thought about the situation through his new-found perspective from outside of this world. Outside the world of strippers. There had been a time in his youth when Jason had thought it was cool that his mom was so open about her sexuality, but it was ultimately his exposure to so many “open” women that he ruined him. How would he have learned to talk to women, when his only interactions with them were with women who barely asked before getting naked? Why would he go after girls his own age when there were literally strippers in his room every day? Horny, beautiful strippers.


Joyce was no different, a naughty, ebony giantess at 6’2” with a body to match her frame. Jason could still picture her huge frame, blocking out the light from the hall as she loomed over his supine form on the bed, her frizzy hair casting wild shadows over his body. She had a habit of getting into trouble, on nights out, in relationships and even with the law, but she always seemed to get away with it in the end.


He hadn’t spoken to Joyce since his departure, and while his mother had forgiven him, welcoming him back with open arms, Joyce would certainly not be so easy to win over. As if on cue, Jason heard a key click into the door and the lock turn. He stood up to greet his babysitter as politely as he could, given his stature. The door swung open, and Joyce thundered inside.


The shrinking disease was hardly predictable, as the doctors had told him, and Jason counted himself lucky to still be 6 inches tall, as many other patients hadn’t been so fortunate. From where he stood, Joyce seemed even larger, her immense figure soaring into the air. Thick legs with surprisingly tight skin carried her forwards, each step violently shaking his world as the booms echoed throughout the vast room. Her body became wider as his tiny eyes followed her figure up from her high heeled shoes to her enormous hips. The sheer volume of her ass astounded the tiny young man, and the rippled that ran through them with each step, showed from beneath her skin-tight denim shorts. Her vast, bare belly wasn’t fat, but certainly softer than that of an athlete, visible below the cut of her red crop top.


The frilly top was extruded by her colossal breasts, each one almost a foot in diameter and bulging forwards. The massive pair wobbled as she walked, casting a dancing shadow over her tummy. Her eye barely registered him as she tossed a huge handbag onto the couch beside him. Jason fell to the side as the weight of the bag shifted the cushions and caused him to lose his footing. He landed on his butt, still gazing up at his mother’s friend. Joyce stood a few inches away from the edge of the couch, turning her head from side to side as she looked for her charge, her hair bouncing around in a frenzy.


“Jason?” she boomed, “Come on out and say hello to your aunt Joyce.” Oblivious to the tiny figure before her, Joyce glanced down slightly. Unfortunately for Jason, her massive bosom hid him from her view, and she reached for her phone from her back pocket. Tapping in her PIN, Joyce opened messenger. Jason’s heart leapt into his throat as he watched the gargantuan figure turn her sizeable back to him.


“Aunt J….” he started, but was cut off as Joyce sat down with almost blinding speed. The tiny boy saw the enormous mounds of her ass cheeks spread to cover his entire field of vision before the insurmountable weight fell on his little body. The fleshy cheeks swallowed him up, his body sinking into the soft meat of the giantess’s booty. Jason felt his body crush, the air leaving his lungs and an immense pressure fix him in position.


“What the …” Joyce murmured, sliding to the side and inadvertently pulling Jason along the couch with her. She looked down at the sofa and saw nothing, but still felt the form of the tiny boy flattened beneath her. Jason groaned in agony as his voice was lost in the African-American lady’s thick butt.  Figuring that it was must be a lump in the couch, Joyce set about fixing it, by grinding her enormous ass as hard as she could into the lump. Jason’s body felt like it was going to crack as the unimaginable weight ground him into the velvet. He screamed, but this she couldn’t hear him.


CAN’T FIND J, she texted her friend, who replied quickly.


WAS ON THE SOFA, his mother replied.




U KNOW HE’S SMALL RIGHT?” came the reply.


Just then it hit Joyce that they had talked all about Jason’s shrinking illness. Following suite, she connected the dots between the lump she had felt under her ass and the shrunken boy that was supposed to be there. Dropping her phone beside her, she propelled herself up to her feet, her tensing glutes picking Jason up and crushing him between them as she stood up.


“Well, hey there little man,” Joyce said apologetically as the twitching figure stuck between her butt cheeks. Jason gasped for air as his lungs inflated, his face red from his torment and tears streaming down his face. But Joyce wasn’t interested in his face. Instead, her eyes fell lower down the naked young man, namely at his throbbing penis.


Jason would never have admitted it, but he had always been infatuated with Joyce’s rear, and being swallowed up by the dark mounds was nothing short of a dream coming true. His erect penis was throbbing from the experience, and the middle-aged stripper caught onto his arousal in a heartbeat.


“Poor little guy, being crushed by my big old rump. Let me make it up to you,” Joyce giggled as she scooped him up in her left hand. Dropping him back onto the couch, she gave Jason a second to once more gaze at her monumental ass as it hung over him, threatening to crush him once again without hesitation. Then, with a twirl in her step, the seasoned stripper spun around to face him. Her enormous breasts swinging overhead and then bouncing as she dropped to her knees with practiced ease.


The woman’s face was now within reach of the tiny boy, her wide eyes struggling to accommodate him as they crossed to try to keep him on focus at such proximity. Jason was on his back once more and gazed down his body at her, the mountain sized breasts resting on the velvet, cushioning her chest as she half lay on her front. Without warning, the huge, rosy lips planted themselves on his body. With her lips parted, Joyce’s maw covered his puny figure from his knees to his nipples. Jason wanted to say no, to be terrified for the giantess almost sucking him into her mouth, but it was too good an opportunity to miss. His body spasmed with sheer ecstasy as her thick, wet tongue fell onto his waist, smother his cock in its warm, slimy embrace.


He couldn’t understand how, but Joyce seemed to know exactly how much pressure to put on his weak little body to make his every dream come true. As he squirmed in pleasure, Joyce stroked his dick with the tip of her tongue, flicking it up and down to the boy’s unending pleasure, all the while gently sucking his body to keep him inside her mouth. She instinctively bobbed her head up and down, as she did with every blow job, but this made Jason’s whole body rise and fall, the ultimate experience for his perverse mind. He shook with pleasure as his body was picked up and his dick was lathered in Joyce’s salvia. As she sped up, Jason couldn’t hold it any longer and with a pathetic squeak, blew his load onto her tongue. For Joyce, the tiny droplets of semen were almost unnoticeable, quickly sloshing around in her spit and being swallowed without a second thought.


Pulling her head back from the couch, she looked down at the satisfied, spent young man. Jason looked right back up at her, the colossal face beaming down at him.


“Does this mean you forgive me for being a dick to mom?” he shouted.


“I will … in about half an hour,” Joyce purred. As the words finished, Jason stared at her puckering lips, a thick blob of saliva building between her lips. He raised his torso with his arms but was beaten back down as the mass off drool hit his body, spilling over him and drenching his hair. The thick fluid smelled heavily of minty chewing gum but carried a sweeter note to it as well. Jason fell back and struggled to rip the liquid from his face, breaking through the sticky secretions in time to breathe before he blacked out, and in time for Joyce’s next ball of spit to rain down on him.


“Cut it out1” Jason yelled, but the giantess didn’t seem to hear him. She continued to watch him with a smile on her face as her drool almost drowned the 6-inch tall body before her. When she was satisfied that he was thoroughly soaked in her saliva, she stood up. Jason’s eyes widened as the entire length of her enormous body shot past him, from her colossal tits to her gigantic belly, finally stopping as her hips shot by her thighs remained.


“You can’t have all the fun, that wouldn’t be fair,” Joyce sang as Jason failed to notice her arm rushing up behind him. With a deft movement, she grabbed his body between two fingers and her thumb, lifting him off the sofa. Her other hand was already tugging down her shorts. The denim slipped down, revealing … well not underwear to speak of at all. All Jason could see as he stopped level with it, was a forest of dense, curly, black pubic hair, surrounding the opening of an out-turned vagina. The fact that she was wet was evident, but even so, Jason was struck by the heavy smell emanating from her pussy, a smell which suddenly became stronger as his body shot towards her.


Jason opened his mouth to scream as his face rushed past the strong hairs that scratched his skin. Unfortunately, before any sound could escape his lips, his entire face collided with Joyce’s already hardening clitoris. The vibrations from his cries for help only sent waves of pleasure through the giantess’s body, causing her press him even harder against her, smothering him totally in her sex. Joyce began to turn him around her clit, twitching her hand to flick his body against her as she got even more excited.


Jason thrashed with his arms, trying to push away the hot flesh that was stopping him from breathing. He managed to sneak in a few gulps of air here and there, but he was tiring. He had never been held so hard, certainly not since shirking, but Joyce didn’t seem to care about harming him and her grip tightened and she continued to please herself with him. As the flicking intensified, Jason found himself being thrown from side to side, his whole head slapping against the thick, firm clit with painful force. His vision was starting to blur, from a combination of the trauma and the thick secretions quickly coating his body.


When it finally felt like she couldn’t thrash him around any faster, Joyce suddenly pushed him lower. Jason slid along the thickly coated labia and just as easily slipped into her vagina. The sound of her pulse was deafening. His head entered the pitch-black cavern and her thick juices seemed to seal him off from the outside. He could no longer hear the giantess panting but the throbbing of her blood rushing around the walls of her vagina echoed around him. He was still able to breathe despite the heavy, humid air, at least until Joyce shoved him in further and his face contacted the inner wall of her pussy. The skin here was not like her clitoris. Jason could swear that it was hot to the touch, and muscular too. They seemed to suck at his face, pulling him in with each emphatic flex. Joyce then pulled him backwards, but didn’t allow his head to leave her body. Jason was then pushed back in, to have his face once more buried in the contracting, almost living walls of her vagina, as the entire mountain of a woman shook with delight.


Joyce continued to plunge Jason inside her over and over again as her vaginal walls tightened around him. When they were all but crushing him, squeezing him so hard that he could hardly be pushed in or pulled out, Joyce came with an earth-shaking moan. The gush of liquid filled Jason’s mouth and nose causing him to cough violently as the giantess pulled him out of her painfully slowly. His shoulders and chest were bruised from Joyce’s powerful inner walls, and his legs ached from her iron grip, but he was alive. Dripping in the stripper’s pussy juices, exhausted and stuck to a few of her pubes, but alive.


Chapter 2 by Notkent

Satisfied, Joyce slumped back on the sofa, her legs spread apart as she panted in joy. She glanced down her voluptuous body to the small pool of liquid between her thighs, and the 6-inch tall boy lying in it. Joyce had never tried something like that before, but she had always wanted to. She thought back to the first time she had slept with Jason, at his ripe young age, but this had been so much better. Never mind that she didn’t have to deal with his nervous fumbling this time, she had complete control and she had cum like it was nobody’s business.


Between her enormous hips lay Jason, utterly exhausted. He had thought that their reunion would be tiring, particularly as Joyce had been mad at his for not visiting his mother more, but this was certainly an unexpected turn of events. He didn’t really know how he felt about the whole thing. His rational brain was screaming that it was not okay, that he hadn’t consented and that he had been in danger throughout the experience … but another part of him had enjoyed it … just a little. He pulled a curly, jet black pube from his torso, handling it like a rope as he tossed it to the side. He reeked of Joyce’s sex and the smell was overpowering as even more came from her still soaked lips. Jason sat up to look straight into the giantess, her unshaven pussy taller than he was.


“Now maybe I forgive you,” Joyce boomed, to Jason’s relief. While it had been fun, being used in such a way was particularly tiring.


“Phew,” he replied, barely loud enough for the titanic woman to hear, “That’s got me beat.”


“Me too,” Joyce muttered, half to herself, “and hungry.”


‘Uh, there’s some food in the fridge think …” Jason started, but the huge woman wasn’t paying him any attention.


“I could really use a chili cheese dog,” she muttered. Her massive thighs suddenly tightened and Jason felt the sofa creak. With gargantuan effort, the mountain of a woman rose from her seat, her enormous pussy soaring over the tiny boy’s head as his wide-eyed stare went unnoticed. At the zenith of her movement, her chunky butt cheeks clenched, like two planets colliding above Jason.


“So do you want to go to the mall? I’ll be fine for a little while if you go without me …” Jason theorized, but Joyce was still not listening to the insignificant little bug behind her. Instead, her hands swopped down to her denim shorts as she bent forwards. The planet-sized cheeks spread apart and Jason marveled at the sheer volume of flesh contained in the colossal orbs. The meaty meteors spanned the entire width of his line of sight, blocking out everything else. As she reached her shorts, her great cheeks were spread wide enough for her tiny charge to look straight down the canyon of her ass crack. Unfortunately, the curvaceous flesh remained pressed together deep in her ass, obscuring her anus and keeping it hidden from the world.


“You can just ride in here,” she boomed with a slight wiggle of her hips. Jason didn’t understand what she was thinking of, right up until he realized that she wasn’t straightening up. Jason fell onto his back as the colossal ass started to fall towards him once more. He vividly remembered the agonizing pressure he had felt beneath her but he simply couldn’t bring himself to crawl away. With unbelievably quick progress, Joyce slammed her ass back onto the couch, swallowing the pathetic little man in her voluminous ass. Pressing firmly down into the sofa with her weight, the giantess ground her juicy booty hard, feeling intently for the puny figure against her flesh.


Jason was in hell. From the moment, her ass had hit him, his entire body had been enveloped by her soft meat. He felt his body sink into its smelly embrace as he was smothered by the inside of Joyce’s left cheek. The weight of the titan was indescribably overwhelming, making him feel like his very bones would be pulverized under her. Worse still than the immense pressure and the vague smell of feces was the heat. While not quick as hot as her pussy, the thick butt was warm to the touch and sweltering to be buried under. All the insulating layers of fat made it like a sauna underneath, complete with palpable moisture in the form of droplets of sweat, almost imperceptible to the naked eyes … unless one was small enough.


Then, as Joyce started to grind her ass down on him, Jason felt like he was being truly crushed. His body was ripped smeared along the material of the sofa by the giantess’s sticky skin. Every so often he felt his body skip across Joyce’s juicy flesh as he found himself travelling deeper between her cheeks. He knew this because that faint aroma of shit was getting stronger and stronger and the air was getting heavier with the humidity trapped between the great mounds of her ass.


Then, just as suddenly as she had sat down, Joyce shot back up onto her feet, the massive cheeks of her ass clapping back together as she rose, with Jason stuck firmly between them. Straightening up, Joyce slyly flexed her enormous glutes, checking to see if she could feel the 6-inch man in her crack. She crushed Jason’s body as her once-soft ass cheeks turned into a vice, smothering him so completely that from the outside, no one would have seen anything out of place in her vast, gorgeous butt.


Satisfied that her charge would remain where she had put him, without needing any panties, Joyce pulled up her denim shorts. The giantess wiggles and jumped as the tight material initially refused to accommodate her shapely rear, but with persistent effort and some forceful hops, the thick mounds of her rump entered the clothing and she was able to button it up at the front. If Jason had thought his situation dire before, it was compounded ten-fold now. The strong fibers in the denim pressed down on Joyce’s ass from all sides with no mercy, squeezing her flesh into the most condensed space possible. The fatty mountains in turn smothered him completely, filling all available space and then trying to reduce the size of his body any way they could. Jason’s chest and abdomen were squished and his limbs felt like they were encased in stone.


With a content shake of her hips, Joyce made for the door, a grumble coming from her tummy as she thought about where to eat. The first step was excruciating for Jason as the sticky meat of Joyce’s ass cheeks slid past each other. They seemed to drag his skin in opposite directions and he felt as if he was being torn in half by the incredible sheering forces. Somehow, his body managed to remain intact but was pulled deeper into her crack. The second step was the same, the incessant vibrations from her foot fall traveling up her chunky legs to shake him like and earthquake. Jason’s screams were muffled by the stripper’s fat as she walked casually outside and into the boiling summer sun.


The climate inside the Joyce’s crack was unbearable. Never mind the constant, ripping force of her cheeks, bending Jason to their will, the heat was a hundred times worse. The thick layers of fat on the stripper’s body seemed to serve only to hold in the heat generated by her excited hips, her asshole in particular, radiating warm like an exhaust pipe. To compound the situation, her movements seemed to heat up her body, the exertion of shifting so much weight causing tiny droplets of sweat to seep out of her skin. Fortunately, this natural lubricant was reducing the friction on Jason’s skin. Unfortunately, it was only making it easier for him to slip deeper into Joyce’s deep rump.


The sun beating down on her tightly covered flesh was the icing on the cake, turning the makeshift sauna into more of a gigantic oven. Jason himself was drenched in sweat, panting as his body continued through the tight embrace of Joyce’s bouncing ass. Each wobble that the outside world saw as she walked, was magnified exponentially in the eyes of the tiny man. He thought he was going to keep being sucked in forever, such was the enormity of the ebony goddess’s rear, but eventually, his ride came to an end.


Jason grunted as his head hit something more firm than the rest of the stripper’s soft ass. The taut skin stopped his advance as her steps continued to push his face against it. The smell now was insufferable, the once stale odor of farts now a fresh, full-blown reek of shit, and it seemed to be worst on the tough skin that he was being forced against. Jason could swear that this tissue was moving on its own and tensing and relaxing out of sync with the rest of the titan’s ass.


Joyce was mildly aware of something touching her asshole, but she wasn’t too bothered. She was more focused on where she would eat, as her stomach grumbled in anticipation. She continued her stroll along the sweltering sidewalk, briefly forgetting about the puny boy in her butt.


Jason took a moment to realize what it was he was pressing his face into. Suddenly, and inexplicably to him, he felt himself getting hard. It wasn’t that her ass hadn’t been a turn on, but the realization that this massive object before him was in fact her asshole, was like something from a dream. He had never seen Joyce’s this close before and it was marvelous. Even in the complete darkness, the textures and features he could feel with his face were amazing. Little did he know what him rubbing his face around was stimulating the giantess’s sensitive pucker. Joyce didn’t realize why yet, but she was getting aroused, and it was all to do with the tiny bit of muscle that was twitching with pleasure, deep inside her rear.


Jason was rock hard now, his tiny penis pressed against his leg by his mom’s friend’s meaty ass. Each movement stimulated him and made him more and more horny. He decided to have some fun, not considering the consequences of his actions. Lifting his chin against the pressure of her flesh, Jason stuck out his tongue, laying a long lick on the enormous butthole.


Joyce definitely felt that! A jolt of raw, sexual energy shot through her, causing a skip in her step. She grinned as she continued to walk, her pucker now fully enjoying her little prisoner and yearning for more. Jason did not disappoint. Not satisfied with the massive spasm of the muscle, he decided to redouble his efforts. This time, opening his mouth fully, he bit down on the stripper’s jet black asshole and sucked as hard as he could.


Unfortunately for him, his plan had worked too well. As Joyce gasped far above, her asshole interpreted the sensation as a preparation for sex. Jason felt his entire prison shake as the colossal pucker relaxed, readying itself for penetration. His waiting face was suddenly blasted by a torrent of foul, hot air. Joyce’s fart was barely noticeable to a normal human, but for the tiny man directly in its path, the putrid air choked him, causing his eyes to water and throat to gag.


But his reprisal didn’t stop there. Joyce’s glutes contracted in conjunction with her asshole opening and in the blink of an eye, her reflex propelled Jason forwards. The tiny boy’s eyes widened in panic as he felt his head, then his shoulders brush past the firm skin and somehow sink deeper into the giantess. The smell was awful now, with no air even remotely free from the odor of feces. The walls in this new cave were wet, but not in the same way that her sweat ass had been. These walls were constantly pouring out their own sticky secretions, and Jason feared that he had never seen anything like this before.


The tight ring closed around his midsection but only for a second. After another spasm of the incredibly powerful muscle that nearly cut him in half, the ring opened again and this time, he was sucked in for good. Joyce’s anus sealed its captive in as the miniscule man disappeared from the outside world, swallowed up by the stripper’s hungry booty. Joyce was thrilled as she felt the little guy kicking and struggling in her rectum. She knew that he would still have air to breathe, even if it was her noxious gas, so she decided to leave him be as she stepped into a coffee shop to grab a bite.


Jason collapsed in her colon, the pulsatile movements of her bowels terrifying him. The heat and the smell alone would have been enough to knock him out, but the thought of being inside the stripper was too much for him. As he lay on her mucosa, his throbbing penis somehow still enjoying the torment, he yelled for the giantess to release him.


Joyce unfortunately, had no way of hearing him. The insignificant voice was muffled completely by her glorious butt, which she sat on as she munched on her sandwich and sipper her coffee. She leisurely ate her meal, tickled by the knowledge that her charge was stuck inside her rectum, totally at her mercy. After finishing her meal and paying, she headed back to his home, her jubilant steps carrying her quickly to the apartment, her booty bouncing all the way. When she got in, she decided that it would be mean to keep Jason trapped for much longer, so she pulled down her jeans and carefully licked a finger.


Jason’s world lit up as the colossal digit opened Joyce’s sphincter. He thought he was saved and was about to call out to her, but then the finger pushed its way over him, burying his face in her bowel wall. Jason struggled and gasped as the disgusting mucus and left over shit entered his mouth and coated his whole body. He was smothered for a few more seconds while Joyce pushed her finger past him to be able to hook it around and pull him out. The little man popped out of her asshole with a wet fart accompanying him.


“See,” the giantess said to the boy lying in a shivering heap on the floor between her towering legs, “You’d make a great butt plug or a dildo!”


Jason shook his head, never wanting to experience such a fate again, but unable to help but notice the streaks of cum on his thigh that had exploded out when Joyce had smothered him inside her.


“I should let your mom know what she’s missing out on,” Joyce cooed, still squatting her enormous ass over Jason’s tiny form.


He shook his head, vehemently certain that he would never want to experience his mother’s body in such a way. Or was he?


Chapter 3 by Notkent

Was he truly repulsed by his mother … or did he just know that he was supposed to be? Jason was still debating this weeks after Joyce had brought it up. He was lying in his bed, lost in his thoughts. In fact, his real bed was some distance to his left, the colossal sea of blankets too large for him to contemplate sleeping in. Over the past weeks his mother had made some adjustments to the house for him. He had insisted on keeping his own space, so he had set up in his old room, but it was too big for him. Their solution had been to clear his bedside table and furnish it with his necessities, all small enough for him to use.


His “bed” was in fact a folded-up sock from his childhood, slotted into an old picture frame. The plastic frame held the cotton in place to give the semblance of a mattress, certainly comfortable enough for the 6-inch boy. Beside this was an empty egg carton, in which he stored numerous bits of cloth that he used as clothes. Jason had gotten into a dignified habit of tying a piece of fabric around his waist every morning to give himself an air of humanity, instead of feeling like no more than an animal.


Beside this “closet” was his lavatory. The mother and son had agreed that him calling out for her whenever he need to use the bathroom was not going to work, so Crystal had set him an old Chinese tea cup that stood a few inches tall. This was perfect for him to squat over and relieve himself, and she emptied and cleaned it every evening. Jason kept a piece of plastic on top of it to stop the smell, but in truth he would have preferred that it be emptied after each use. Still, he couldn’t complain: he had his privacy and as much autonomy as he could hope for at his size.


He turned over onto his side, starring out across his huge room at the door, slightly ajar. The faint smell of marijuana drifted inside and the giggles of his mom followed. It was almost 7p.m. on a Sunday night: the one night that she and Joyce didn’t have to work. The two of them often hung out in their spare time, and Jason wasn’t going to change that. He had left them to their own devices before and they hadn’t bothered him, so the tiny boy largely ignored them.


But what if …? He couldn’t stop thinking about what Joyce had said about his mom, and the more he thought, the less it seemed like a bad idea. Sure, fantasizing about one’s own mother was frowned upon, but why? No one could deny that she loved him, and he, her. What was wrong with showing it physically as well as with the way she took care of him. And she wasn’t bad looking either. As if on cue there was a noise at his door.


“Shhh, he’ll hear you,” Crystal whispered, her “r” slurring noticeably.


“So what? He’s not sleeping,” Joyce replied as the two of them entered his room.


Crystal came in first, pushing the door with her ass. Wearing her favorite pair of short-shorts, she stumbled past the door frame and only just caught herself from falling. Jason stared longingly at her enormous rump as it jiggled with her movements. The huge lumps promptly disappeared from view as she turned to face him, her cellulite ridden thighs wobbling as her feet landed. The thick columns of flesh were pressed together down to her knees as she swayed from side to side. The tank-top she wore was too small for her and rode up her belly, revealing the faintest snail-trail of pubic hair that climbed up to her belly button. The sparse blonde hair was hardly visible against her pale skin.


The bulge of her belly jumped as she took a heavy step forwards, her weight falling abruptly as her foot fell with little control. The impulse seemed to carry up her abdomen and into her breasts. Jason’s jaw dropped as he watched the colossal comets bounce up and down as if caught in an earthquake, their fleshy consistency evident in the uncontrolled manner in which, they moved. He couldn’t see the tops of her boobs from the table, but he recognized the tank top and knew that there was ample cleavage on show. Jason gulped as he realized that he was getting hard, his erect penis tenting beneath the sheet he had wrapped around himself.


“M-Mom? What are you guys doing in here?” he asked, trying to make eye contact with her.


“See? He’s going to be pissed,” Crystal giggled, spinning drunkenly on her heels as she faced Joyce. She swayed closer to the bedside table, her gigantic ass casting a worrying shadow over her tiny son. He stared shamelessly at her booty, the short barely covering the bottom of her ass as they rode up her sizeable crack. Her skin had blotches that were only visible up close: tiny imperfections in her glorious skin.


“Just do it,” Joyce laughed from a distance, her eyes fixing on Jason.


“Fine, but only because you dared me to,” Crystal’s voice echoed.


“Dared you to what?” Jason asked, rolling off his bed and standing up. His mother was almost standing over his table now, her colossal ass easily the size of the entire surface. What were they talking about? He looked from his mother’s ass to Joyce and then back. Why was she still facing away from him? Joyce winked at him and suddenly, Jason felt a sinking sensation in his stomach.


Without a word, Crystal squatted down, her huge butt falling onto his bedside table. Jason stumbled backwards and fell onto his makeshift bed as the scantily clad stripper’s rear enveloped his tiny room. The egg carton in which, he stored his clothes crumpled as her full weight fell upon it, the cardboard compressing and bending out of shape as its contents spilled out beneath her. Jason was pinned to his bed by the cool flesh of his mom’s ass, the shorts riding up further to reveal almost her full cheeks. The meaty ass hugged his body and held him down against his bed as the pressure piled on. The weight was slowly starting to suffocate him as her ass spread to cover the surface, knocking over the empty tea cup which cracked on the floor below.


Jason groaned as his mom twisted her ass a little, her giggles resonating through her body, but soon enough she stood up.


“I can’t believe you did that! Wasn’t it so much fun?” Joyce asked as the blonde shot to her feet.


“It was kind of fun,” she admitted, blushing a little.


“And look, he liked it too! So much that he’s still on your booty,” Joyce pointed out. Crystal gasped as she craned her neck to look down at her ass. She couldn’t see him, but certainly felt the tiny form of her son stuck to the inside of her left butt cheek, his face buried in her ass. His tiny arms were struggling to push him away from her but his futile protests were lost to the giantess who found the whole thing hilarious.


“Look at him!” Crystal snickered, pointing at her shapely behind as she looked to her friend.


“He looks like he loves you ass!” Joyce egged her on, “See how he’s trying to push your pants up to get some skin?”


“Well then I have just the place for him,” Crystal announced, reaching behind her. Instead of grabbing her son, who remained pasted to her fleshy behind, she grabbed the waistband of her shorts. As Joyce all but cheered her on, the blonde spun around to point her ass at her friend, then swayed her hips to some non-existent music as she pushed the short shorts down. She made sure to push them away from her body and leave plenty of room to leave Jason on her butt as the pants fell to her ankles, her hips moving seductively in slow circles.


Jason just about managed to force his face off of her mom’s ass when he giant hand came down hard on his tiny body. Crystal slapped her big booty as she continued to dance for Joyce. Her thong remained wedged between her butt cheeks as she started to shake her ass harder. Jason’s eyes widened in panic as he swung to one side, then came crashing back the other way, smacking against his giantess mom’s other ass cheek. The process repeated as the aging stripper began to twerk, bouncing her booty violently and shaking it side to side, trashing her perverted little son between her behemoth butt cheeks.


His terror only grew as he heard a low, guttural moan escape from deep inside his mother: she was enjoying this too. Jason felt sick to his stomach, but that was mostly due to the shaking. In fact, he was thoroughly enjoying being smothered by his mom’s titanic ass. His erection was throbbing beneath the sheet that was now loose against his waist. Before he got a chance to make his feelings known however, he popped off her skin. Jason was too shocked to yell as he fell to the floor, hitting the ground with a dull thud. Joyce stared at him for a moment, wondering if he was okay, but Crystal had other priorities. She glanced down between her legs and saw his little form on the ground and thought only of how good he had felt against her butt.


Jason raised his head and looked up at his mother. Straddling him, her enormous legs soared into the sky, meeting almost directly above him at her crotch, a thick bush of blonde curls bursting out of the sides of the triangular front of her thong. The rest of the fabric disappeared between her thighs and into her ass crack, only slightly spread apart given her stance. She saw her look down at him, her breasts obscuring the bottom half of her face. He tried to raise an arm to weakly protest, but it was too late. Crystal’s booty fell like the sky on top of him.


Joyce was still starring at his little body when the colossal form of her friend’s ass landed on him, the juicy white globes swallowing him whole as they pounded the ground and began to grind. Joyce followed her arched back up to Crystal’s face: her eyes were closed and lower lip bitten. Jason felt like he was in a vice as the full weight of his mother was augmented by her intentionally grinding her rump into him. His puny body was ripped back and forth across the carpet as she milled her ass into the ground, savoring every inch of his tiny body as it tickled her sensitive saddle region. With each movement, Crystal was angling her hips further and further forwards and showing Joyce more of her ass as Jason began to shift towards her pussy. When his struggling form first pressed against the enormous woman’s nether region, the pure ecstasy that shot through her was over whelming.


Crystal began shaking as she ground her pussy into her son, rubbing him up and down and left and right against her vaginal lips with sharp flicks of her powerful hips. Each swing of her pussy brought her the carnal pleasure that she so desperately wanted and his writhing struggled beneath her only compounded the feelings. Before long, Joyce realized that she was watching her friend literally masturbating with her son as the blonde mom shook with delight, pushing harder and harder against her miniscule son. Her grinding became more and more vigorous until she suddenly froze, her body vibrating as she released a quivering moan and her body tensed up.


Jason felt like the once soft giantess had turned to stone as the moist juiced flooded the thin fabric separating him from her pussy and drenched him. Then she eased off, still rubbing against him as the barely tangible contacts sent wave after wave of pleasure through her massive body.


“Fuck that felt good,” Crystal exclaimed, glancing back at Joyce as if only just realizing that she was still in the room.


“You go girl,” the ebony beauty said as she continued to stare at her friend’s ass, and more importantly the tiny feet poking out from beneath her rump.


Jason was breathing heavily, each mouthful of air heavy with the scent of his mom’s cum. But she wasn’t the only one who had enjoyed their experience. Jason’s little cloth was crumpled beneath his mother’s butt and his bare body was pressed against his mom’s perineum, the sensitive skin between her vagina and her anus. His tiny dick was still throbbing after having ejaculated uncontrollably during her enormous lap dance. The pathetic amount of cum he had produced was smeared on his abdomen and legs, mixing in with the much larger volume of fluid that came out of her enormous vagina. He was exhausted, but not disgusted.


The truth was, he had not only enjoyed cumming beneath his mother, but he had loved every second of being used as her sex toy. Each crushing moment of being smothered had fed his deepest desires and brought him to a higher climax than he had ever experienced before. He had always had a soft spot for his mom, but the power she had over him when she came was a whole new level of closeness and each thrust of her behemoth hips was like an explosion of pleasure that ran wild through his body. Her weight had been painful to bear, but worth it many times over for the sheer indulgence he had received: he prayed that she had enjoyed it too.


He was exhausted, lying comfortably on his back under his mom. He stared up the length of her body, the view almost totally obstructed by her belly. Having finished with her fun, Crystal made to stand up, pushing herself onto her knees. The puny figure was lifted from the ground, still stuck to her crotch from a mixture of sweat, grime and cum. He remained glued to her pussy as she stood up, her thick thighs coming together around him and almost pushing him higher against her. She stepped forwards, her fatty legs sliding against each other as she reached for something, pushing Jason’s face right into her vagina, smothering him against her thong.


Bending forwards, she fiddled with her shorts until she finally managed to slip them onto her legs. Jason felt her wobble as she hoisted them up, spreading her legs to allow them to pass. In one fluid movement, the thin material of her short-shorts washed over him, stretching to their limits as they covered her huge behind. The cotton pulled snug against her crotch, pulling Jason firmly against his mother’s panties and holding him there.


“Told you I’d do it,” Crystal said, grinning proudly, “My turn to dare you.”


Jason didn’t hear or see much of what went on next, but he certainly felt it. Each time Crystal sat, her full weight would come down on her meaty ass, and even the slightest lean forwards would shift that pressure and heat straight onto Jason. The comforting warmth of his mother washed over him as he was forced to breathe in her scent. After a while, his concentration started to fade, as the heat and lack of fresh air helped him to drift off to sleep.


Chapter 4 by Notkent

Jason woke up with a start in complete darkness. His first instinct was to open his eyes, but his reflex was trumped by the feeling of something pressing on his face. The tiny boy tried to push whatever it was away, but realized that his arms weren’t going where he was telling them to go. He tried to kick out with his legs, to move away from whatever was covering his face, but discovered that they too were firmly pinned. His mouth opened in a cry of panic, but his efforts only served to permit the fleshy covering into his oral cavity. The warm, dry meat covered his mouth, pressing against his lips. The side of his face felt strange and he realized that something like a rope was pressed against it, and had been for a while. He could feel the sore skin where the thick coil had left its mark, and felt similar marks all over his body. His chest felt even more strange, as if it was stuck to these fibers be some dried glue.


Jason screamed, his voice not so much making a sound, but more reverberating into the solid bulk that was smothering him. All of a sudden, he heard a thump. Then another. Then a third. The low, deep thumping was regular and slow, but getting faster, and stronger. As he focused on the sound, trying to figure out where it was coming from, he felt everything around him shift. Jason’s arm felt like it was going to snap as it was pushed to a horribly abnormal angle behind his back, and the thumping sound was drowned out by the mighty creak that accompanied the motion.


Where he was before, merely stuck to the surface, another powerful wall appeared behind him and pushed him into the first. The wall itself was soft, but unrelenting in its advance. He kept his eyes firmly shut until the terrifying earthquake around him had settled, and only then did he notice the smell. The faint, acidic smell that was all around him, was far too familiar to forget. He mind instantly conjured up the images from the night before and he immediately knew where he was.


Crystal settled into her mattress after having rolled over. The slight tingle on her pussy had spurred her to move, crossing her legs so that her thighs pressed against her sex and stopped the stimulation. She was still fast asleep from the wearing off of the weed and alcohol from the previous night, and she barely registered her son’s plight as she continued to smother him, as she had done all night when she fell asleep with him still in her thong. The dried fluids from their escapade had firmly adhered him to her crotch and her pubes, removing any hope he had of escaping her. Oblivious to this, Crystal happily snored away, knowing that she didn’t need to be up for work in the daytime.


She finally stirred from her slumber almost an hour later, at which point, Jason was close to blacking out again from the lack of air in his prison. But just as suddenly as he had been trapped before, he suddenly felt the pressure ease from behind him, as the mountain of his mom rolled onto her back. Crystal spread her legs as she yawned loudly, stretching her arms and her back. In so doing, she thrust her hips upwards into the sky and contracted her big glutes, sucking in the thong and inadvertently her son. Jason felt himself shoot into the air before being tugged back against the titanic vaginal lips, his aching body almost sinking inside his mother again, as the giantess slammed her ass back down onto the bed.


Crystal felt the sensation of the tiny boy and carelessly reached a hand down to her pussy. Two powerful fingers caressed Jason’s back through the thin fabric of her panties before beginning to push him against her skin.


“NO! Mom … Stop …” Jason mumbled with his face buried in her soft vagina. He should have screamed, or struggled, but even as his lungs cried out for air and his brain trembled at the thought of being used for her pleasure again, the blood was rushing to his penis as an erection throbbed: he liked being mommy’s little sex toy. Unfortunately for Jason’s carnal urges, Crystal wasn’t trying to get off. She was merely enjoying the feeling of the soft little object against her sex, and simply rubbed him against her slowly as she fully woke up.


Joyce had left sometime around 3 a.m. and the tired mother had fallen straight into bed when she had. Crystal sat upright in bed and caught sight of her short-shorts on the floor by her bed. The movement pushed her crotch down against the mattress and Jason disappeared in the darkness, her whole weight pressing through him once more. With a bit of momentum behind her, Crystal pushed herself off the bed and onto her feet, standing straight and stretching again.


As her enormous thighs hardened, Jason felt her vagina relax a little and he sunk a little deeper in. The fabric of the thong was now only just touching his back and his face and chest were entombed in her hot, throbbing flesh. His mother took a step forwards and the vibrations from the impact shot through Jason, vibrating him like a toy inside her. Crystal beamed as she savored the feeling, miraculously still not interested in what was causing it.


She strolled into the bathroom and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, but at least the dark circles under her eyes were fading after the long sleep she had had. Her large breasts also came into view, boasting a long, deep cleavage despite them sagging without the support of a bra. She shrugged: this was bound to happen as she got older, but at least they were still huge.


In one fluid motion, she ripped off her thong and sat down hard on the toilet seat. Jason felt the fabric disappear from his back and then the sensation of falling as the giantess’s hips dove. When her ass hit the plastic seat, the material groaned under the weight, but Jason felt the full force of the crash. He slipped out of his mother’s pussy and thought he was certainly going to fall free. Sadly, for him, the strong pubic hair to which he was stuck caught him, dangling a few millimeters from the enormous woman’s vagina. He hung there for a moment, suspended only millimeters from her flesh, the dull, pink flesh like a tapestry of curves and canyons. His eyes were drawn to a rapidly shifting orifice above his head. Without warning, a jet of fluid shot out of it. Jason gasped, opening his mouth just in time to receive the vile, straw-colored, piss. It poured over his body and he felt himself slipping. Crystal gave a soft moan as she emptied her bladder, unwittingly soaking her son as he slowly became untangled from her pubes.


“Mom! Stop!” Jason gargled, his words drowned out by the steady stream of urine. After another second, the power of the stream prevailed over the thick hairs and Jason slipped free. He fell, tumbling head over heels for all of one breath before he hit the porcelain. His face smashed into the toilet bowl, already slick with his mother’s piss, making a tiny clang.


Fortunately, it was loud enough to draw a very relaxed Crystal’s attention. She glanced down between her thick thighs and her eyes widened as she fixed her gaze on her son, slipping into the frothy water.


“Shit!” she swore as she scooted back, spreading her legs further apart and reaching into the toilet. Her fingers dipped into the foul sea and wrapped around Jason’s body as he struggled to keep the waters out of his mouth. She scowled as disgusting feeling of her own piss coating her fingers shot up her arm, but fished out her son regardless, her guilt over urinating on him overpowering her disgust.


“I am so sorry honey, are you okay?” she boomed. She held Jason to her face, but kept him just far enough to minimize the stench of her urine that she had to smell, “Let me get you cleaned up.”


She stood up, allowing a few droplets of piss to dribble onto the tiles. She stepped over to the sink and turned on the cool tap. Without thinking, she shoved Jason directly under the rushing water.


“Wait …” he tried to protest, but failed to stop himself from being thrust under the freezing cold water. The torrent flattened his body on his mom’s palm, his flimsy arms unable to stop the gush from pinning him down.


“Crap,” Crystal swore again, pulling her son out from under the water as she shook her head, “I’m so sorry, Jason. I can’t seem to do anything right today.”


The silence that ensued was awkward, broken only by the sputtering as Jason coughed the water and piss from his lungs.


“It’s okay mom,” Jason managed.


“No honey, it’s not,” Crystal said, walking out of the bathroom with Jason in her hand. She had a solemn look on her face, but Jason couldn’t help but feel a little distracted. He peered down past her wrist at her bare lower half. Crystal’s top barely covered her hips, and the end of her pubes were visibly from below the little pudge of her belly. Her body jiggled as she approached her dresser to set her son down.


“What do you mean?” Jason asked.


“Well for a start, I don’t even know what to do with you,” Crystal replied, her voice softening, “I can’t always notice you and that puts you in danger. Like this morning, I barely felt you down there and you could have drowned.”


“But mom, it’s not your fault,” Jason tried, but was interrupted, the slightest increase in Crystal’s volume drowned him out.


“I know that, but it still hurts to think that I’m putting you in any kind of pain. It’s not what a normal mother-son relationship should be like. I can’t provide the safe, nurturing environment for you anymore,” she explained.


“But we’re not a normal mother and son!” Jason all but screamed, he looked up at his mother’s face and saw her eyes wide, confused, and maybe a little hurt.


“I know you love me,” he continued, “But you can’t compare us to anyone else, because we’re not like anyone else. I’m not like anyone else. You gave me everything you could as a kid and I am so thankful for that, but you can’t expect to give me the same things anymore.”


Crystal was puzzled by where he was going with all of this but waited patiently to hear it. “What happened last night … That was not something we could have done if I was normal. But I’m not normal. I’m like a few inches tall and I don’t have a lot going for me … but I have you.”


“I know it’s a little strange, but … I think this was the relationship we were meant to have all along,” he concluded.


“What relationship?” she demanded, “Like a …”


“Like … two people that make each other happy,” Jason tried, “In life, at home … with sex.”


“Honey, what do you mean … You can’t be suggesting …” Crystal trailed off.


“Just hear me out,” Jason pleaded, “I know it’s not something people talk about, but come on mom, everyone wishes they could have this kind of bond with their mothers. They just can’t. But us … Tell me you didn’t enjoy what we did last night.”


“I … I guess …” the giantess tried to reason with herself, to hide the shame. Then all of a sudden she didn’t need to, “I did.”


“Well then that’s how you can still provide for me,” Jason announced, “By giving me the best damn sex life anyone could ask for, with a beautiful goddess that loves me.”


Jason finished his emphatic speech and waited for Crystal’s reply. He didn’t know how much of that he had come up with on his own, and how much had been fed to him by Joyce. Regardless, he prayed that his mom would come to see things his way, the gorgeous, half-naked woman stood before him, her eyes fixed on his tiny little 4-inch tall body.


“Oh … come here then,” Crystal finally said, a big smile spreading across her face. Her troubles had melted away, just like that. She now knew what she had to do for her son and she loved the idea. Her hand shot forward to scoop him up … and he came to it willingly.


Life was about to get a whole lot better for Jason.


Chapter 5 by Notkent

A sense of normalcy was finally creeping back into Jason and Crystal’s life. To tell the truth, both of them wonders why they hadn’t had their pivotal conversation earlier, and neither one had any regret about what they had decided. Crystal was happier than ever, working hard during the night and coming home to have every need satisfied. So much so that she began to get used to the thrill of Jason’s services and was hornier and hornier. This in turn translated into far better performances for her patrons, who paid good money to see her display her desires and growing lust each night. For the first time, she even had some regulars who tipped big and never failed to be there for her shows. She even found more energy to do things at home, with the correct encouragement of course. 


Jason’s life had also turned around. Instead of having little to do, he now felt like he had a purpose, and what’s more there was no one to judge him about it. The only other people he saw were his mother and Joyce, and neither one had a problem with the tiny boy’s purpose in life being to sexually satisfy Crystal. He had settled into a routine where he spent the day with his mom and was looked after by Joyce when Crystal had to work nights. The few times she couldn’t Jason had convinced his mom that he was fine on his own. Until one night.




That night was like any other, he started his day in bed with his mom. Crystal woke up at around noon, yawning the sleep away as she sat up in bed. Having shrunken further in the past weeks, she barely fell Jason’s 1-inch tall figure under her left butt cheek, happily crushed by her booty, She wiggled her bottom around a little to get her son nice and hard before standing up. His smiling, naked little body was glued to her soft flesh and she giggled as she walked to the bathroom. Jason remained on his mother’s butt as she brushed her teeth and stepped into the shower. With a gentle grasp, Crystal picked him up and turned on the water. This had become one of Jason’s favourite activities in the day. He eagerly waited while the aged-stripper stepped into the cool stream of water and began to wash herself. With a deft motion, Crystal brought her son against her skin and began rubbing. Being used as a scrubber was like a dream come true, Jason thought as his body was rubbed abasing every inch of Crystal’s b body. He especially loved when she used him to scrub under her breasts, feeling sandwiched beneath the heavy orbs and surrounded by her scent. 


After her shower, Crystal wake back into the bedroom, a towel wrapped around her hair but the rest of her body stark naked. She playfully tossed Jason onto the bed as she turned to get some underwear. The giantess bent forwards, teasing him with her enormous ass, the cheeks spreading apart before him like a door opening to another world. He remained erect as she swayed her titanic hips from side to side, looking for something to wear that was work appropriate. Finding just what she was looking for, the stripper emerged from her drawer with an almost comically tiny piece of fluorescent yellow fabric. Jason felt his hand slip onto his dick as he took in the thong as his mother fiddled with it in her massive hands. She finally lowered them down and got her feet into the right positions, before snapping upright and hoisting them on. The horizontal waistband was pulled up to her hips, stretched between her two thumbs. As they rose, the vertical portion shot up between her gigantic thighs, flashing in front of  Jason before being swallowed up by her booty, the fatty mounds obscuring it from sight. The waistband snapped back into place as Crystal released it, the narrow fabric digging into her chunky body and causing her flesh to wobble. She turned around to face her son, the minuscule triangle of bright yellow stretched tight against her pussy, the top of which was covered by her slightly overhanging belly. 


“How to I look?” she asked seductively, placing her hands on her hips and striking a pose. Jason stared up not only at her crotch, but also her behemoth breasts that hung free, miles above him. The giantess giggled when she saw that her son was stroking himself, no longer feeling ashamed of their relationship, but rather proud that he found her so irresistible. 


“You look so … perfect,” Jason managed shakily, still pumping his dick as he looked up at her. He watched her smile grow as he said so and this made him that much closer to climax. 


“Well just for that, I think someone has earned a reward,” Crystal winked. Jason had been surprised the first time she had done this, but now was overcome with anticipation. His throbbing penis threatened to burst prematurely as Crystal bent forwards, her massive face suddenly falling on her son. Jason beat his meat furiously as her mouth opened, washing over him with her fresh, minty breath, and her tongue slid out before him like a wall of meat. The heat emanating from her mouth was like something from a dream and the moist, heavy air embraced him like a lover. Without a seconds hesitation, the titan’s powerful tongue tackled Jason and pinned him to the bed. The pressure and warmth was overwhelming and Jason screamed into the appendage as he came hard, his pathetic drops of semen dissolving amidst her saliva that now drenched him. As his pleasure-filled thrashing stopped, Crystal withdrew, smirking at the satisfied heap her son now lay in. 


“You’ll have to clean yourself up, mister,” she teased, leaving Jason to catch his breath as she finished getting dressed. She pulled on a matching bra to complement her panties, then a dark blue pair of jeans and a tight black t-shirt for the journey. She checked her phone and saw that she had time, but frowned as she saw a text from Joyce.


“Jason, you’re going to be on your own again tonight,” she said sadly, “Are you sure you’re going to be alright?”


“Of course mom,” he replied, still panting, “I’ll be fine.”


With a worried glance, Crystal made to say something, but decided against it. She didn’t like leaving Jason alone, but she had done so a few times and he had been fine. She pulled on her shoes and begrudgingly made to leave. 


“Remember, don’t let anyone in,” she said, leaning over and giving him a gentle peck across his whole body, leaving some of her lipstick in a diagonal print across his chest. 


“I won’t mom,” Jason assured her, “Now get going, didn’t you say they needed you in early tonight?”


“Shit!” Crystal swore, getting up quickly as she now realised that she was running later. She rushed out of the bedroom and grabbed her jacket on her way, sprinting out the door. Jason laughed at her carelessness and remained on the bed, preparing himself for a quiet night. He’d have to get to the living room, but he didn’t mind. He enjoyed journeying around the house, almost like going on a hike. Getting to his feet, he made his way to the edge of the bed and began climbing down the sheet. He heard a noise in the distance like a door opening and wondered why Crystal was back so soon. 


“Mom?” he asked, but obviously he was too small for her to hear. This shouldn’t have unsettled him, but the footsteps he heard were different to what he was used to, heavier, slower …


“CRYSTAL?” thundered a voice that deafened Jason. He didn’t recognise the voice at first, but the thundering footsteps grew louder and louder.


“THE DOOR WAS OPEN …” the voice boomed, “MY MICROWAVE ISN’T WORKING, COULD I BORROW YOURS?” The floor was starting to shake and the force was being transmitted onto the bed sheets, shaking in Jason’s hands. Jason caught sight of movement in the living room but couldn’t make out who it was. All he could tell from the shear size of them was that it was not his mother. 


“CRYSTAL?” the voice thundered, “Guess she’s not home.”


The door to the bedroom creaked further open and Jason craned his neck to see who it was. Without warning, an immense foot entered the room with an earth-shattering stomp. The impact shot through the room and Jason lost his grip. He tumbled backwards, falling away from the bed sheet he had been using to climb down. He took in the details of the intruder as he fell, his mind processing everything in slow motion.


The humungous foot was stuffed into a rubber slipper, the pink material wedged between the fat toes of a clearly, morbidly obese woman, her nails flecked with chipped paint. Her chubby foot met her leg to form a deep crease at the ankle, and Jason could see the grotesquely chunky, bare leg that rose to her her knee. The bulge of her fatty thighs was terrifying, like a wall of pale, white blubber that was barely contained at the top by a pair of overly-stretched, cotton-shorts. 


Jason landed on the floor in a heap, groaning as he did. He tried to his feet but the giantess’s second step knocked him sideways. He watched as she stood, filling the doorway with her girth. A monstrous belly hung over the waistband of her shorts, peaking out from beneath a too small tank top. The white material was stained and threadbare, which Jason could observe from even so great a distance. The woman loomed over him, her face only just visible beyond her bosom. The sagging mounds filled the rest of her torso, leaving a vast plane of pallid cleavage in plain sight. The rolls of fat on her neck were partly obscured by tangled, curly red hair. He freckled face seemed so far away from Jason, and it certainly showed no sign of noticing him. The freckles on the chubby cheeks seemed to bounce as she breathed heavily through her mouth. 


“Let’s see what we got here,” she said, waddling into the room, glancing furtively over her shoulder. She lumbered forwards, moving with terrifying speed for one so humungous. Jason rolled onto his front, trying to get into a position from which he could run, but she was too quick. With his back turned to her, he didn’t see her foot until the thick slab of meat and rubber slammed into the ground beside him. He recoiled in fear as he heard the floor creak beneath her tremendous weight. 


The woman’s other foot came crashing down on Jason’s other side and the shaking young man looked up at the goddess that straddled him. Her elephantine legs shot up on either side of him before meeting in the middle where her thighs touched, their sweaty surfaces. Her shadow was cast wide over him like a cloud blocking out the sun, Jason was amazed that he hadn’t been stepped on. He could hear her breathing noisy as she bent forwards to search through Crystal’s bedside table. 


“What do you think you’re doing?” came a stern voice from the doorway and Jason’s gaze shot to the figure of his mom. “Stephanie, get the fuck out of my apartment!” she shouted. 


The behemoth above Jason turned sharply and her foot came sailing across the floor towards Jason. He raised his arms to defend himself and Crystal’s eyes locked onto him and went wide with fear. The obese woman’s foot soared over his puny body, the dirty rubber sole of her slipper filled the sky above him … and came down with a merciless crunch. 


Chapter 6 by Notkent

“Stephanie! What the fuck have you done?” Crystal yelled, rushing towards the gargantuan woman. “Get your fat foot off him.”


The redheaded giantess shifted her weight in her panic, which did not bode well for the tiny boy beneath her foot. The treads underneath been worn down from months of bearing Stephanie’s weight, the flattened pink surface meeting Jason and smothering him against its filth. The layers of dust and dirt that clung to it now plastered itself on Jason’s body as he was flattened and crushed into the floor. He felt his body squish slightly under her unimaginable mass. As she leaned on the same foot, Jason felt an unimaginable amount of force compress his entire being. 


The giantess panicked as the older woman lunged at her but being so large, it took her a while to get moving. With a shriek, Stephanie leapt to the side, her foot finally yielding from Jason, leaving him in a crumpled heap on the floor. Crystal reached for her son while the beastly redhead escaped without a word, caught red handed trying to score some free cash.


The blonde stripper cupped her hands and raised her son off the floor, her eyes wide and tearing.


“Oh my baby! Are you okay? What did that bitch do to you?” Crystal cried. He remained silent, drawled by her huge palm, breathing raggedly as he tried to numb out the pain he had just experienced. 


“Honey, it is way too dangerous to leave you all alone,” Crystal said, to a barely listening son, “I’m just gonna have to take you with me.”


Crystal held her son in one hand as she thought where to put him, when she once again realised that she was late. She knew that putting him in her jeans would be risky, as she would have to rip them off quite quickly. Crystal swore as she made for the door, reaching behind with her son in one fist. Jason was scarcely able to move when he was scrunched up in his giantess mother’s hand again. A little more rough than she intended to be, in her haste, Crystal slapped his body against her lower back. As she passed out the apartment door, making sure to lock it behind her this time, she pushed Jason down her back and under the waistband of her jeans.


The puny boy was scrubbed along the soft flesh of the blonde’s ass, pressed firmly against her by her hand and the tight pair of jeans above it. He felt each step she took as the colossal gluteal muscle contracted and relaxed in rhythmic fashion. Satisfied that he was safe, Crystal withdrew her hand, leaving Jason trapped firmly against her butt. Taking some pleasure in feeling him pressed against her, she almost skipped to her car, swinging in behind the driver’s seat and plopping down. 


“Oops,” Crystal said, “Sorry hun,” she said looking behind her at her ample rump, giggling before wiggling into the cushion, grinding Jason beneath her sexually. Jason was firmly pressed between the seat and his mammoth mother, smothered in her luscious booty. He was already sweating in the sweltering heat of her car as she drove the 30 minutes to the strip club. He tried to speak, but all he got for his troubles was a mouthful of ass. 




Rushing into the building, Crystal pushed past the door to the changing room. She was already ripping off her top before it closed behind her. Tossing it to the side, she kicked off her shoes, hopping as she did so. 


Jason’s world jumped as the giantess hopped, her butt jiggling with the impact each time she landed. A thin film of moisture had formed between her skin and the jeans, enveloping the tiny boy. The warmth radiating from the giantess’s skin was overwhelming, but to Jason’s delight, a sudden wave of cool washed over him.


Crystal peeled off her jeans, her sweaty backside not helping her in her haste. She wiggled out of the tight fitting denim, her hips swaying from side to side. Jason was swung left and right, blinded initially by even the dim light in the room. He could make out various beauty mirrors and desks in a long, narrow room. His eyes widened as he realised that his splayed out figure was held to his mom’s ass by only her sweat. Despite this, his penis was firmly erect as her musk filled his nostrils. The motion of her body was arousing in and of itself, however the fact that he was stuck so perilously on the goddess’s booty was divine. He waited patiently as his world swayed, the powerful muscles of his mother’s rump rippling beneath a healthy coat of flesh. 


Crystal straightened up, looking herself over at her mirror. She cupped her breasts, checking the fit of her fluorescent yellow bra. She then turned to check out her ass, making sure she was in her best state before going out onto the pole. Crystal frowned a little as she observed the cellulite across her thighs, but another sight lightened her mood. She glimpsed her tiny son with his arms and legs spread, glued to her butt cheek, sprouting the tiniest erection, and so soon after had already cum at home. It reminded her that to him, she was probably the sexiest being in existence, and that made her confidence soar.


Jason saw her eyes on him in the mirror and his heart raced as he took in his tiny form on her enormous, curvy reflection. His titanic mother shook her ass gently, allowing him to feel the power of her booty, and thoroughly enjoying herself. But she had a thought: when she was on the pole, having a tiny man on her bare, exposed flesh just wasn’t going to do. 


“Honey, momma’s gonna have to put you somewhere safe while I work,” she smiled down at him, and he nodded, guessing that he was in for a sweet ride in her bra. After all,  there wasn’t anywhere else he could fit, right?


“Crystal, you’re on in two minutes,” said a voice from the direction of the door, spurring the stripper into action.


“Hold tight,” she winked, reaching behind her and plucking him off her buttcheeks between two fingers. Jason waited to start rising, but instead he was swung around her body to the front. Jason gasped in confusion as he was roughly thrust towards his mother’s crotch. All Jason could see was the comically tiny triangle of fabric that was stretched across her clean shaven pussy. Her nimble fingers quickly tucked him beneath the thong and disappeared, leaving him in the vacuum created by her hand for a second, before the tight fabric snapped into place, smothering him face-first into her sex. Jason was struck by the calescent, humid embrace of her flesh. Her vaginal lips were uneven and soft, marked by repeated use. The tiny boy knew full well what his mother did for work, but he loved her more for it. He closed his eyes and breathed in the slightly sweaty scent of her pussy as the goddess started to walk. 


Crystal quickly threw on a loose fitting skirt and white cotton t-shirt before jogging out of the changing room. As she bounced into the loud backstage area, she grinned as she felt her son squirm against her pussy. Jason was thrown up and down by her movements, but remains firmly smothered against the thick, warm lips. He was getting more and more aroused, but so too did he notice that he was slightly more pressed in by Crystal’s thong than he had thought. The underwear had always been a little tight on her, but in the past weeks she had put on even more weight, and now even she noticed that the fluorescent material was almost sucking Jason inside her. 


She reached the stage curtains and waited while the introduction to her song played, moving her hips from side to side to the beat. She giggled as the tight band between her buttcheeks tickled her asshole, and another little movement did the same to her vagina. Jason wondered why she wasn’t walking, but soon stopped as the giantess pulled the curtains apart and sauntered forwards into the dark room, spotlight firmly on her, heading for the pole on the stage islet surrounded by men. 


Chapter 7 by Notkent

Jason could hear the thumping music despite being pressed into the stripper’s flesh. Her footsteps were fast, but covered more distance as she strode forwards, swinging her hips as she did. Her ass popped to the left and right, enticing wild hoots and wolf whistles from her audience. Her juicy legs wobbled slightly as she moved, her torso tilting too, getting her massive tits shaking too. She smiled seductively as her hair whipped from side to side, electrifying the men present, but Jason wasn’t seeing any of it. Instead, his entire world was the moist, pulsating lips he was pressed into, each step the giantess took tugging the thong deeper into her, and him with it. 


Crystal reached the pole but stopped abruptly, reached forward and wrapping her hand around the cool metal, giving her body a moment to get used to it, but also showing her audience how sensually she could take hold of an appendage. She popped her hips to the side and posed for a second. She almost couldn’t hold still however as she felt a tickle in her crotch. She grinned even more as her minute son’s struggles sent a wave of pleasure through her body. The best part was that the dozen of so men in the room had no idea that he was there … but would probably pay good money to take his place. 


Moving to the beat of the music, Crystal began to strut her stuff, circling the pole as dollar bills started raining onto the stage. She spun as she did, making sure that ever client got a good, long look at her voluptuous form. As the music started to build, she sped up, rocking Jason’s world as he began to shake with her body. Each motion slowly pressed him deeper into her pussy, and to the delight of the patrons, they too could see that the tiny triangle at the front of the thong was being sucked into her vagina at the front, and the pathetic band at the back had long since disappeared between her cheeks. As her jarring steps reached a climax, Jason felt her body tense, the force turning her once soft pelvis into a much firmer prison, as she leapt off the floor.


Crystal threw her legs around the pole with practiced precision and squeezed her thighs around it. The momentum of her walk carried her around as she spun, her ass pushed out and her arms loosely on the metal. The crowd went wild as she rotated, her sexy body hugging the pole and each of them imagining that it was an extension of their own body. The stripper too was having fun as the tiny creature in her thong was mercilessly sucked into her pussy, his thrashing movements sending shocks of pleasure deep inside her. Crystal felt herself getting wet like she had never done before, the thrill of her dance mixing with the vibrations fo her very human sex toy. 


As she came off the pole, the music reaching its final peak, she faced the men and shimmied her chest, throwing her gorgeous tits around for them to ogle, before turning around to do the same with her ass. Jason felt the shaking like an earthquake, but when his mother started to twerk, it was like he was inside a washing machine. The rhythmical movements made him feel like he was being thrown around so much so that his head began to pound, but he remained so firmly pressed into her sex that he wasn’t really moving at all. The hot walls of her pussy were all around him now as the feeling of the thong on his back diminished. The soaked material was no longer in contact with his skin as he had sunk completely inside his mother. 


Crystal took in the applause and turned her back on her fans. Without missing a beat, she bent forwards, her legs straight and her butt high in the air as she swept her hands along the stage, scooping up some of the money that came had come her way. The men directly below her were straining their arms reaching for her as her beautiful butt cheeks parted slightly, revealing the thin, bright band of her thong over her asshole. They could just about catch a glimpse of her crotch, unaware of the tiny boy that it had swallowed. The stripper snapped back up right and started her way up the catwalk again, towards the curtains.


Jason was struggling to breathe. He was fully inside of his mother’s vagina now, its sticky, sweet fluids soaking his entire body as her soft, hot walls smothered him. He could feel her pulse as blood coarse through her flesh, her heartbeat drowning out the music and noise outside. He could feel her footsteps as she walked but he could only hope that she would feel him struggle as his lungs burned. He flailed his limbs as best as he could, but the heavy meat of his mother’s sex kept his weak little body pinned. At least Crystal was enjoying the tease.


“Crystal,” called a voice as the blonde poked through the curtains into the backstage area. She looked up to see her manager peaking in. When she first started at the club, she had been a little shocked that the man came into their changing area, but had quickly gotten used to the dirty looks men gave her when they saw her naked. 


“You did good tonight,” he said, grinning as he eyed up her tits. 


“Oh yeah?” she replied.


“Yeah, so good you got a request,” he said, his gaze not deviating, “Get your ass to room six for a private dance.”


Without waiting for her reply, he left, leaving Crystal on her own. She too was smiling now, not least because of the stimulation her son was giving her, but because apparently, she had scored a patron who wanted a special dance. This not only meant a little more excitement for her, but it meant a huge pay check coming her way too. She checked herself out in the mirror, winking back at herself and spraying some perfume before striding off towards room six. She entered the corridor that ran parallel to the main room, and counted the doors as she passed. She stopped outside one with a large six marked on it. She knocked once before entering. 


The private rooms were a little more luxurious than the main room, with a velvet upholstered sofa agains one wall and a pole that ran from floor to ceiling in the middle. The walls of the room were a soft cushioning, deep red in colour. On the sofa of room six, sat a young man in his early 30s. He was leaning back casually, dressed in ripped jeans and a t-shirt worn under an unbuttoned jacket. His angular face was carpeted by a thin layer of designer stubble, and his piercing blue eyes complemented a short cut head of blonde hair. He was quite attractive, but Crystal knew from experience the pretty boys often craved the freedom of a strip club more than most. 


There was some gentle music playing the room, but the young man remained silent. Crystal shut the door behind her, starting to move in time to the music. Approaching him slowly.


“Hey sugar,” Crystal cooed, “What can I do for you tonight?”


“I’d like to tear up that ass,” he replied, his voice gruff, “But I want you to get me going first.”


Crystal smiled, nodding her understanding. She pushed a button that increased the volume of the music and she started to mirror this with sharper movements, making her assets pop. She beelined towards the pole, placed less than a meter from the couch. As she stepped between him and the metal, she turned her back on him, thrusting her juicy booty in his face. Her thick cheeks clapped as she danced, close enough for him to reach out and touch them. Crystal was already sweating from her first dance but she was counting on her musk being more arousing than disgusting.


The man seemed to agree, reaching out to slap her ass without warning. Crystal gasped seductively, masking her surprise. She kept shaking her butt as he grabbed and squeezed her flesh, kneading them while his breathing got a little deeper. As the beat dropped, Crystal pushed herself backwards, landing on the man’s lap, her bare ass on his crotch. She started to grind herself against him, tilting her hips forwards so that her ass pointed up at him and her pussy was rubbing against him. 


Between her vaginal lips, Jason was getting slowly smothered. The walls of his mother’s sex were throbbing, squeezing him from all sides and oozing with her juices. Her body liked the man she was dancing for even if her mind hadn’t made a decision, and her hungry vagina was pouring out its natural lubricants, preparing for a hopeful bit of action. 


Crystal could already feel the bulge in his jeans as she pressed her hot, wet pussy onto it, rubbing it sensually as her ass bounced against his firm stomach. Without missing a beat, she turned, lifting a leg straight up and swinging it so close before him that it nearly brushed his nose. Her scent wafted into his nostrils and made his mouth water, his dick getting even harder. Crystal sat down hard, now facing him. As she let her hips press into his, she tossed her head back and arched her back, thrusting her boobs into his face. The man leaned back a little but the experience stripped pressed on, sinking his nose and mouth into her flesh before wobbling to the rhythm of the music. The man seemed to enjoy it, grabbing her ass with his hands as he motor-boated her bosom, his mouth slightly open as he breathed in her perfume and delighted in the embrace of her soft, pillowy tits.


As the music came to a stop, Crystal stood slowly from his lap, grinning down at his tousled hair and gasping face. She loved it when her clients were willing to get breathless just to stay in between her tits for a little longer, and it was all fuelling her confidence. She stood with her legs still apart, straddling him as he sat, forcing him to gaze up at her from beneath her tits.


“That’ll be $100 hon,” she grinned.


Crystal gave the man a wink before stepping off of him, letting him reach into his pocket to get his wallet. A private dance always meant a treat afterwards and the blonde was more than happy for the cash.


“Hey, I’d like another dance,” he said, low and slow, “And I can pay up front.”


Crystal turned to him and her eyes widened when she saw a stack of five $100 bills in his outstretched hand. She met his eyes and could tell that he wasn’t after another regular lap dance. She considers it for a moment, but then thought why the hell not? He was fit, and she was going to get paid for it too. She snatched the money from him and tucked it into her bra, flashing him a big smile. 


“Anything for you hon,” he cooed. She crossed the room and flicked closed a lock on the door, pressing another button for a song to start as the man went back to his seat. Crystal gingerly stepped back towards the pole and began to dance slowly to the music. She was shifting her hips from side to side and watching the man’s eyes stay glued to them, swinging left and right along with her. When she was sure she had his undivided attention, she slipped her hands down her body, from her massive tits, down to her hips. She danced with them there for a few beats, then slipped her thumbs between her body and the waistband of her thong. 


The man seemed to go stiff as he watched her slowly, seductively tug the thong down. The mature stripper turned her ass to him as the thong came down, the strip wedged in her crack being the last to come free. She bent over as she slid the fabric down to her ankles, letting the man bask in the view of her bare asshole. His eyes strained to get every detail of the firm pucker before she snapped back straight, her cheeks clapping together once more and hiding it.


Crystal casually threw the fabric at the stranger as she trend to face him. In his amazement at seeing her clean shaven pussy, the thong landed squarely on his face. He could feel the slight dampness of the sweat and pussy juices absorbed in the tiny garment, the overwhelming scent of her sex flooding his senses. Crystal slowly strode towards him, turning around again and bending forwards. She reached back with one hand and grabbed his head, pulling it into her butt as she ground it into his face. Her back arched, his nose was pressed into her soaking wet crotch. 


Crystal moaned as she felt him shift his head from side to side, stroking her pussy and getting her even hornier. She undid his belt with her other hand and popped open his jeans. Almost as if with a mind of its own, the young mans cock thrust forwards, tugging at his boxers as standing erect. Crystal tugged the underwear down and pulled out his penis with her hand. Her jaw dropped as she saw the huge appendage swell in her grip, throbbing in anticipation. 


She released his head, ready to do down on him, but was caught off guard as his tongue slipped out, pressing against her vagina and then entering it. Crystal gasped as her insides felt like they had been shocked, the pleasure shooting up through her. He swept his tongue from side to side, his face getting covered in her hot, sticky juices and turning him on too. Suddenly he pulled his tongue out and Crystal fell the tiniest sensation fo something falling out. 


Chapter 8 by Notkent

Jason tumbled into the cool air as he was all but sucked out of the most prison of his mother’s vagina. After the arduous time her had spent inside of her, his body was too numb to move, and he fell like a rag-doll. The little light in the room blinded him, but he didn’t have time for his eyes to adjust before he landed. 


Eddie pushed his head back from his stripper’s booty, leaning back in his chair as he felt a strange sensation on his dick. He glanced down and tow his utter amazement, there was something moving on it. 


Jason’s face was pressed into a hot surface. He had landed head first, which didn’t help his breathing, but at least he wasn’t being crushed. Still, he could swear the thing he was on was harder than his mom’s pussy … and it was throbbing. The world around him was strangely deafening without the dampening provided by Crystal’s vaginal walls, and Jason oddly missed the gentle pounding of her pulse. With immense effort, he managed to push himself over onto his back, and he wished that hadn’t. 


Jason was lying on his back, atop the erect penis of a surprised stranger. He could follow the long shaft with his eyes as it led to a dense bush of curly, blond pubes. His abdomen looked shredded but was covered by a t-shirt and Jason couldn’t see more until he reached his flabbergasted face. Above him was a familiar sight: his massive mother’s taint, complete with her sopping wet vagina and the bottom of her ass crack. A sticky droplet of saliva and vaginal juices started to drip from her pussy, stretching out into a long string, edging towards Jason. After what seemed like an eternity, the ever-thinning string that held the droplet up snapped and bead of mixed fluid fell, striking the erect penis that Jason was sitting on. A tiny bit of it splashed onto Jason’s naked, already drenched body.


“What the fuck is going on?” Eddie demanded gruffly, his hands reaching down to his dick. Crystal glanced down and saw her son, her eyes widening in panic. She didn’t have time to reach for him before the stranger’s huge fingers got there first, so she did the only thing she could. As Jason watched the giant reach for him, he didn’t notice the expanding shadow falling from above him. 


Crystal sat down hard on the man’s member, her sensitive perineum crushing her son’s puny body into the throbbing shaft. Eddie’s fingers crashed into the stripper’s jiggly ass and he let out a moan as he felt her press against him. Jason was crushed under his mother’s colossal weight and Eddie's ever hardening penis. The man grabbed her thick, white cheeks and tried to lift her off of him, but Crystal refused to budge, grinning down harder. 


“Yo, was that a … person on my dong?” Eddie demanded. Crystal was struggling to think of an explanation as she straddled him and kept her booty firmly on top of him and her son. In the end, she decided that she wouldn’t be able stay atop the buff man for much longer.


“He's my son!” she yelled, casting him the freeze.


“You're what?” he asked.


“My son, my son Jason,” the blonde replied, “He’s … he’s a tiny person.”


“What the fuck? Then why did you just crush him?” Eddie demanded, panicking about the consequences for him.


“No, no, he’s okay,” Crystal replied, “His body can take it. Besides … he kind of likes this stuff. Anyway, I’ll get him out of here …”


Crystal started to reach down, but the man’s hand grabbed her arm first.


“Hold up,” Eddie said, his face stone cold, “I have a better idea.”


Jason couldn’t hear anything but the combined pulses of the two giant beings the enveloped him, until his mom finally stood up. He was quickly picked up by her fingers and lifted off the enormous cock, which the giant promptly returned into his boxers.


“So it’s settled,” the giant said, standing up, “I'll be parked out front. And put him in your panties, I want to think about him in that sweet puss before I get to it.”


Jason was bewildered and looked to his mom for answers, but she seemed distracted looking for her undergarments. She held him in one hand as she pulled up her thong. She glanced down and saw that his little eyes were open and felt she owed him an explanation, but was also pressed for time.


“You heard the man honey,” Crystal said, “Two grand for us to meet him at his place. It’s too much for me to say no to. Here we go.”


Jason opened his mouth to protest, but Crystal had just seen her bra and roughly stuffed him into her underwear to free up her hands. The tiny boy was thrust against her vaginal lips, held firmly there by the front of the thong, she she rushed to get her bra on and get dressed. Her pussy was still wet from her own excitement and the giant’s tongue, and the stickier fluid now coated Jason in a thick film. He felt his world shaking as his giantess mother rushed out of the room to get changed, her feet slamming on the ground and sending shockwaves up to her hips. 




After a quick 5 minutes to change, Crystal stepped out of the strip club wearing a borrowed mini skirt and her her jacket on top. She had swapped her sneakers for a pair of ill-fitting high heels from the bucket of lost items, wanting to impress the man in hopes of getting a bigger payout. She clicked her way onto the curb to see Eddie already waiting in his car. The flashy new Benz was low to the ground and the man was eye-level with the stripper’s hips as they swayed side-to-side towards him. The flimsy little, black skirt was pleated and barely came half way down her ass, so it was no surprise that with the gentled breeze beneath it, Crystal’s crotch was easily visible to the man’s hungry eyes. Her thick thighs made the tiny triangle of fluorescent yellow fabric appear even more minuscule, and Eddie could only imagine the even tinier person inside it. He felt his crotch harden in his pants, but he tried to stay focused on keeping his car from stalling. 


The ageing blonde made her way coyly towards the drivers side window, crossing her legs as she cat-walked, unknowingly squeezing her son with each step. She stopped just outside the open window and turned on her heels, the skirt flying up and flashing anyone around. Eddie instinctively leaned out and Crystal bent forward, pushing her butt back into his waiting face. She kept her balance with practiced ease as she wiggled her ass in his face for just long enough to get him really going, before pulling away and walking around the front of the car to the passenger side door, feeling his eyes on her hips the whole time. 


As she leaned into the low set car, her skirt rode up so high that it was barely more than a belt, her legs on full show. She sat down hard in the soft, leather seat, smushing Jason beneath her and taking his breath away. Eddie watched her grind her ass down in an attempt to get comfortable, her bare skin rubbing against the leather, and he imagined the tiny guy under her getting smothered. He started the car and revved the engine, the vibrations travelling through them both. Even Jason could feel the shaking, but he was more worried by the way the walls of his giantess mother’s vagina began to throb once more, pushing against him and squeezing out more of her slippery, lubricating juices. 




The unlikely trio arrived shortly at the man’s house, a smart, detached home with fresh looking paint and a well kept lawn. Pulling his car into the drive, he all but leapt out of his seat, holding his keys tightly as he rushed around the car towards the door. Crystal giggled at how excited the young man seemed and followed him to the door. He opened it and gestured for her to enter first, standing half in the doorway so that she had to squeeze past him, her all but bare ass pressing against his cock through his jeans. As she passed him, he slapped one of her bouncing cheeks, causing her to gasp a little in surprise. Jason only felt the resulting clench, her powerful glutes contracting and pulling the thong into her, and him along with it. 


Eddie switched on a light, illuminating the entrance. A hardwood floor was covered by only a small carpet by the door, leaving ample space before the start of a minimalistic stair case that lead to a landing. There was a potted plant to one side and a coat rack on the other. Crystal glanced beyond all this to a wide looking living room, complete with a rather sizeable TV. Before she could take in any more however, the man gently pushed her towards the stairs and she began to climb. It was tricky keeping her balance in the poorly-fitting high heels on the sleek steps with no backing. Eddie followed her a few steps behind, his eyes level with her booty as it swayed and wobbled with each step. 


He guided her into the master bedroom and shut the door behind him, pushing into her from behind as she took in the space. The enormous room was easily half the size of Crystal’s entire flat, again with dark, wooden floor boards. One wall was entirely a wardrobe, with mirrored doors that made the room feel even larger. Opposite this, was a plush looking double bed, with the headboard a few inches from the wall and a bedside table on either side. The wall opposite was made almost entirely out of glass, and overlooked a garden with a crystal clear pool, reflecting the cloudless night sky. 


“Well don’t keep a girl waiting,” Crystal said smoothly, reaching behind her and grabbing the man’s crotch through his pants. She felt how hard he was already and hoped this wouldn’t be too quick of an encounter. She popped her jacket off and let it fall to the floor beside her before turning to him and pressing her body against his. His back was against the door and she made use of that fact to lean into his chest, pushing her dazzling bra against him. She leaned in and locked lips with the stranger, her tongue playfully teasing his lips until his entered her mouth. Their eyes closed, the stripper eased her hands onto Eddie’s belt and undid the buckle.


“Get him involved,” Eddie said between their kisses, as Crystal unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor. Without a word, she reached down her abdomen and slipped her fingers into her thong. Jason was feeling the heat radiating from her pussy, as she got more and more excited. What he hadn’t expected was her huge fingers to suddenly pull him out from against her. 


“Mom, stop! This is too weird,” he screamed, “I don’t want to …” But his tiny voice was muffed by her finger pulps pressing against him, and the little noise he did make was drowned out by the slobbering, wet kissing of the two colossal forms above him. Jason’s eyes widened as he saw that her was no level with the massive man’s fully erect cock once more. His boxers down by his ankles, the 12-inch column was far bigger than his whole body, and easily thicker too. It stood almost vertical, but with just enough of an angle to point towards Jason’s tiny form. 


Without warning, he was thrust towards the titanic member and quickly splattered against the shaft. He though he would surely fall off, but his mother’s fingers wrapped around him, pinning him to the warm, throbbing pillar as her hand encircled it. Jason felt the breath leave his body as she tightened her grip, crushing his lungs as she gave the monstrous dick a squeeze. Then her hand started to move. 


Jason’s face was pressed into the hot, stinking flesh of the giant’s dick as he was rubbed up and down its scarily long span. He screamed and tried to struggle, but his pathetic attempts were no match of his mom’s powerful digits. He was forced back and forth as she jacked him off, the column of meat getting harder and harder with each stroke. Crystal continued to kiss him, passionately tackling his tongue with hers as she pumped his penis, getting wetter by the second as she felt its full size. His hands were busy too, grabbing blindly at her ass and slapping her cheeks. He tore down her skit, catching her thong with a finger as well, and the stripped moaned as he pressed two fingers into her bare, sopping pussy. 


Jason could feel his mother’s grip tighten as she got more and more aroused. And his head was starting to pound from the violent jerking motion his body was being forced to endure. He didn’t dare risk opening his mouth as the mixed sweat of Crystal’s hand and the giant’s penis threatened to penetrate him.


The blonde woman suddenly pulled Eddie away from the wall, turning on her pointed heels, as she swung him in the direction of his bed, letting him kick off his jeans and boxers. She kept hold of his cock as she shuffled him backwards, their lips still locked. With a passionate shove, she sent him crashing onto the bed, his back falling on the soft sheets. He gasped, breathing hard from their kissing, but his eyes were glued to Crystal’s breasts. They rose and fell with each deep breath she took, bouncing within the brazier. Crystal spread the man’s legs and stepped between them, her dick still in her hand. She kept pumping it as she squatted down. Transitioning smoothly from her feet to her knees, the blonde built up a wad of spit in her mouth.


Jason gasped as the tight, coiling fingers of his giantess mother released him. The hand slipped further down the huge shaft, but the tiny boy remained where he was, held to the skin by the fluids and the pressure he had endured.  He pushed his head up off of the stranger’s throbbing cock, and craned his neck to look up. He saw his mother’s face for a second, lips pursed and eyes looking up at the titanic man before her. Jason didn’t even have time to open his mouth, to call out to her and tell her to stop, before monstrous glob of spit hit him. The sticky, cool fluid exploded on his back, splashing onto the giant’s dick and soaking Jason. 


Unlike sweat or water, the mucoid saliva held onto him. Jason tried to breathe, but the disgusting gunk clogged his mouth and nose. He willed his arms to work and set about tearing the slime away. But just as he freed his mouth and sucked in the stale air around Eddie’s junk, a second glob of spit crashed into him. With a third, then a fourth, Crystal had given the monstrous cock an adequate film of lubrication, an unknowingly drenched her son too. Jason was almost drowning in the thick, sticky fluid, but was fighting to get his head up. His efforts however were futile as his mother’s hand shot towards him, bulldozing over him as she resumed stroking the now moist column.  


She slowly lowered her head towards it. Even as he was rubbed against the giant in nauseating jerks, Jason watched his mother’s face descend to his level. Her eyes remained looking up, but her massive face came closer and closer to the head of the enormous cock. Her lips stretched about twice as wide as the cylinder that Jason was riding on, and the tiny boy was forced to witness them part as her mouth opened wide. The two rows of pearly white teeth were visible behind her lips and Jason found himself staring into her gaping maw. 


The massive cavern of Crystal’s mouth was poised to take in the colossal man’s penis. The hot, heavy air washed over Jason as she breathed, loaded with moisture and the smell of stale food. He could see her massive tongue oozing with saliva, and strings of it hanging from the roof of her mouth. Jason struggled against her grip as the head of the penis entered the cave. The giantess continued to advance, taking in more and more of the cock before suddenly bringing her lips crashing down on the shaft, millimetres from where her son was held. 


He let out a pathetic little squeak as he heard the slurping sound of the stripper sucking on the giant’s member, her mouth sliding back along it. The huge man above him let out a trembling groan as the pleasure burned inside him. As the giantess reached the tip of the column, she lurched back along it, her mouth open and her hand releasing its grip. Jason felt the pressure that was holding him evaporate, but didn’t have enough time to do anything about his situation, before he too, was swallowed up by his mother’s mouth. 


He sat up on the slippery surface as he was sucked into darkness, the moist air clinging to his skin. He shakily stood up, savouring the moment of intense uncertainty before he was knocked sideways. Crystal’s tongue easily took him off of his feet, covering him in her saliva before pinning him onto Eddie’s cock once more. The hot, squelching muscle rippled with power, sliding along the throbbing surface and dragging her son along with it. Jason was deafened by the sloshing as Crystal sucked in more and more of the huge dick. 


Jason was thrown back and forth the heat and saliva scrambling his concentration. He tried and tried to fight off the force of the tongue and the powerful suction of his mother’s mouth, but eventually, exhausted, he was forced to give in. 


Eddie moaned with pleasure as the blonde sucked his dick, her head moving back and forth across it. She was still stroking the base with one hand, and was fondling his balls with the other, sending wave after wave of pleasure through his body. But the most intoxicating thing about it, was the thought of the little guy down there. Eddie was struggling not to cum as he thought about his puny body getting thrown around against his dick, bringing him intense pleasure every time he felt the tiniest thing against him. 


After a few minutes of this, Crystal suddenly withdrew. Leaving a very wet, very tired shrunken boy on Eddie’s dick. He remained fixed to the shaft, barely conscious  as he felt the giant shuffle up the bed. The entire frame shook as Crystal stepped onto it on her knees, straddling the man’s legs. Jason felt his world shaking as the mattress rocked under the stripper’s weight. The puny boy managed to raise his head, still dripping with saliva, but he wished that he hadn’t. 


He could see the immense hips of his gorgeous mother wading towards him, her bare pussy coming to hang over him. He felt the stranger’s dick rising as he lay on his back. Jason started to panic when she didn’t stop before him, instead getting her thighs on either side of the monstrous dong. He realised too late what it all mean, and his titanic mother came crashing down on him. 


The giant’s cock parted her vaginal lips, entering the stripper who moaned in pleasure. Jason scrambled to get away from the approaching pussy, but he just wasn’t quick enough. He yelled out in pain as his body was swallowed up by Crystal hungry sex. He was thrust into darkness, the unbearable heat and pressure inside her battered his body. He felt an abrupt change as the man’s cock started sliding out the giantess, but her powerful vaginal walls kept a hold of him. Jason felt himself slip further up the receding shaft, then all of a sudden, her started to fall. Jason slipped down and came face to face with a sight he never wanted to see.


Eddie prepared to jam himself back inside the stripper, when he felt something tiny on the very tip of his dick. The sensation was like nothing he had ever felt before. He imagined the helpless little creature, completely at the mercy of his cock, and it nearly made him cum. 


Jason felt a moment of stillness before the building sized penis shot forwards again, pushing him further into his mother than he had ever been before. He kept going until he crashed into the stripper’s cervix. The cock slid away from him, then came crash back onto him, battering his body violently against his mother’s vagina. Jason felt like he was going to vomit, so forceful was the ramming he was receiving. But in continued as the huge stranger jammed his dick in and out of Crystal over and over again. The thick juices seeping out of the woman’s body were close to drowning the tiny human, and the powerful muscles all around him were crushing him. 


Jason was seconds away from blacking out from the torment when the man exploded. Jason’s screaming mouth was filled, along with every other open orifice of his puny body, with the titanic man’s cum. The sweltering, sticky, white fluid bathed him, flooding the cavern of Crystal’s pussy with successive, powerful blasts. When he had filled her up, the tower of his cock pulled out, spilling his semen all over the stripper’s crotch. Crystal stepped off of him, her breathing laboured after the exertion. She was grinning as felt the warm fluid dripping out of her pussy onto the bed sheets. The exhausted man’s penis was shrinking down to its normal size, but she was still impressed by its girth. She was about to bend down to search for her son, but felt a small movement inside of her that told her he was okay. She stepped backwards, turning to get dressed again, not wanting to stay too long. 


“When can we do that again?” Eddie asked, breathing hard.


Crystal turned around to see him holding out a wad of cash. She smiled, “If you’re paying like this, then whenever you want, honey.”


Within 15 minutes, Crystal was in the back of an Uber on her way back to the strip club. She checked that the divider between her and the driver was shut, before spreading her legs. She reached two fingers past the crotch of her thong and into her pussy. She dug around until she brushed over a tiny figure, which she fished out.


“How was that for you, hon?” Crystal whispered to the panting creature in her palm. His tiny body was still soaked in a vile mixture of her own pussy juices, and the stranger’s semen, but he was breathing and in fact, awake enough to talk to her.


“Mom, what the fuck?” Jason shouted, his tiny voice squeaking, “I could have like … died!”


“Oh come on, honey. You know you’re fine,” his mother said, “Besides, you have to admit, that was kind of fun.”


Jason was furious, but … “You should have still asked for my permission!”


“But think about it,” Crystal said holding up a stack of bills in one hand, “We made three thousand dollars for that ride! And you were with me the whole time so I knew you’d be safe.”


Jason stopped listening but he had a feeling that this wouldn’t be the last time he found himself between his giantess mother and a colossal cock … but strangely, he wasn’t too upset about it.


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