Prudence The Teenage Witch by Frizzle

Witchcraft is the devils magic, especially when a teenager is involved. What happens when that particular witch, and her demented voracious friend, learn how to shrink a backstabbing ex-friend? Well... It gets a little messy.

(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)


Graphic mental imagery may occur. This story has graphic and violent moments, and includes many aspects that some may consider repulsive. By clicking on the title of this story, you agree to read at your own risk.

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Episode 3 by Frizzle
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“H… H-hello?” Ashley whimpered, her voice hoarse and her body in severe pain as Sabrina’s stomach acids continued eating at her body bit by bit. She had sores and rashes all over her arms and legs and body, blood seeping from them as the acid continued to work on her body and break her down for Sabrina’s intestines to finish her off at some point.

“Is… Is anyone still…” Ashley’s voice cracked, her eyes clenching tight as more tears dripped down her cheeks. They would evaporate quickly, the steaming hot and humid climate of the giant blondes gut too harsh for Ashley to endure much longer.

“I am…” A quiet voice answered in the darkness. Ashley opened her eyes, though she couldn’t see who or where the respondent was. She unfolded her arms, slowly wading through the painful pool of bile and other bits of digested cheerleader from her squad. She had feared the rest of her friends had been sucked into Sabrina’s intestines already, but a small amount of relief washed over her when she heard one of them answer her calls.

“Who is it?” Ashley spoke out, her voice starting to come back to her a little now that she was using it again.

“It’s… Macy…” Macy answered, starting to come into view as Ashley grew closer to her.

“You…” Ashley couldn’t help but grit her teeth, “of course it’s you…”

Macy let out a painful and sharp laugh, before clutching her chest in pain, “yeah… Cruel joke isn’t it…”

“That I’m stuck with the bitch who tripped me?” Ashley retorted, “if we had worked together… If you hadn’t tripped me… Maybe we could have-”

“What?” Macy interrupted, “we could have what? The bitch had us, and whether I tripped you or not we were doomed to end up here. So do me a favor and let my final moments be in peace will you?”

Ashley sighed, wanting to harass Macy some more but deciding to let it go. She was right after all, their lives were over now. Ashley was still having a hard time coming to terms with it, but it seemed Macy already had. Ashley balled up her fists, scowling in anger as she lifted her fist in the air and began to curse.

“Are you happy bitch!?” Ashley screamed, “you ate and digested all of my friends! Are you fucking happy!?”

“For the love of God will you shut up already?” Macy spat, “she can’t hear you, and even if she did you’d probably just make her dripping wet…”

Ashley reared her head back towards Macy, “how are you so calm!? We watched our friends die and now we’re next! Are you just going to give up!?”

“Ashley…” Macy whispered dryly, “do you still have all of your limbs?”

Ashley froze, looking at Macy in confusion, “what..?”

“Do you… Have… All of your limbs,” Macy repeated slowly.

Ashley felt a sense of dread wash over her, as she took her hands and patted her legs and feet. She could feel the sores and rashes all over her body, but even so her feet, legs, hands and arms were still there, “I do…” Ashley whispered, looking back over to where Macy was resting against the wall of Sabrina’s stomach.

“Lucky you…” Macy whispered peacefully, “when you realize your legs are gone… Once the shock wears out… Then you’ll understand why I’m so calm…”

Ashley began to back away, shaking her head, “no… That’s wrong. This is wrong! We shouldn’t be here! I shouldn’t BE HERE!”

Ashley began to panic and freak out, thrashing around in the pool of acid and making her way towards one end of the stomach. She ran up to it and began pounding and kicking and screaming, “let me out of here! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to be legless! PLEASE!”

“We were all dead the moment she swallowed us…” Macy whispered as Ashley continued to scream, “the moment… She… Swallowed….. Us.” Macy’s eyes slowly drifted close, the trauma on her body too much as her life faded from her eyes. She would be the lucky one, not having to endure the second stage of digestion and the horrors that came with it. Ashley had run to the wrong end of the stomach, though she did not yet realize it. She was not only pounding on a wall of Sabrina’s stomach, but the sphincter that connected Sabrina’s stomach to her small intestines.




As Ashley pounded, the sphincter suddenly opened up as it began to suck in more of the contents of the petite blonde's belly. Ashley was the first to be taken, her screams bloodcurdling followed by a quick silence as the sphincter closed shut after swallowing her up. Macy’s dead corpse was all that remained now, in the silent confines of Sabrina’s gut.

On the other side however silence was non-existent with Ashley’s continued screams and cries for help, her body forced into a narrow and slimy passage where the air was scarce to none and the walls all around her on fire. Juices were being secreted from the walls, a digestive enzyme that was coating Ashley’s entire body to help break her down further for digestion. The pain Ashley felt before was nothing compared to now, this new enzyme far more painful and effective than the acid back in the stomach.

“Help me!” Ashley cried, “God please! Please forgive me, I’m so sorry for what I did to Lindsay PLEASE!”

She prayed and begged, kicking and punching everything she could harder than she ever had up to this point. She felt her body breaking down, she felt the sores open up as blood poured out of her wounds. She began to convulse and shake as shock began to take over, her head shaking violently as her ungodly screams echoed throughout the intestines she was trapped inside of.

“Sabrina!” Ashley screamed, “SABRINA!!!!!”

Sabrina couldn’t hear her, nor had she even felt the poor teens struggles. Ashley fought and begged, but in the end it would all be in vain. Her body was Sabrina’s now, and it would nourish the blonde's figure and growth just like the rest of Ashley’s cheer squad had. Ashley cried and cried, now just praying that the pain would finally end.

“Please!” Ashley cried, “Please just let me die!”

Though she’d get her wish soon enough, she would still suffer in agonizing torture for several moments more as her body was taken down the passage of the small intestine. The digestive enzymes kept secreting, coating her body, her body breaking down more and more as Sabrina’s digestive system worked with ease on Ashley’s tiny body. The young girl never would have stood a chance, none of her friends did.

“Please…” Ashley whispered, the pain and trauma she was enduring beginning to numb her entirely, “I’m… I’m sorry…” Ashley’s eyes began to close, her body beginning to reach the final stage of digestion where she’d be finished off entirely. The last thought in her mind was that her entire life had led to this very moment. Her body was broken down, her remains disintegrated as what was left was moved into the large intestine. Her nutrients would nourish Sabrina’s body, the unwanted remains left to be processed into the blondes waste.

Ashley’s skeletal remains were all that were left, mashed and mixed in with the shit that was moving throughout Sabrina’s bowels. With a mass building up and applying pressure inside the sleeping teen, Sabrina stirred awake as she felt the call of nature. She groaned and stirred, tossing her covers off as she groggily slipped her feet over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Her bare feet pressed against the soft carpet, her toes wiggling as she stretched her arms.

“Oh boy…” Sabrina moaned, standing up and heading out of her bedroom and down the hall where she made her way into the bathroom. She was already butt naked, and simply lifted the toilet seat before planting her ass on it. She hunched forward, resting her arms on her knees as she bit her lip. She relaxed her asshole, feeling her crap pressing against the inside of her ass waiting to be let out.

“Let's see what’s left of them…” Sabrina moaned, wondering what kind of torment and suffering the gym cheer squad had gone through inside her body. She loved wondering how long they survived, if others lived longer than the rest and so forth. She began to squeeze, clenching her asshole pleasantly as a giant turd began to excrete from her bowels.

“Hnng…” Sabrina groaned, feeling the massive shit leave her ass as it plopped into the toilet with a splash. Sabrina relaxed again, moaning to herself as she continued imagining the suffering the cheerleaders had endured. She didn’t feel a lick of remorse, not for a single one of them. In her mind they weren’t human anymore, simply little delicacies to be savored and eaten. Besides, Sabrina believed that they had deserved it anyways given the way they treated their own friend.

Sabrina began to squeeze again, another turd slipping through her asshole before splashing into the toilet water down below. Sabrina let out a satisfied deep breath, playing with her tongue in her mouth as she felt relieved. She spread her legs wide open, peering into the toilet to see how many skeletons she could spot. She only spotted one, and a cruel smile spread across her lips.

“Hmm,” Sabrina hummed, “I wonder, which one were you?”

Sabrina giggled amusedly, rubbing her belly and wishing she had more little snacks to eat. For a split moment she considered changing her mind and eating Lindsay after all, but then shook her head and tossed the idea into the furthest region of her mind. She reached over and grabbed toilet paper off the roll, wiping her ass clean and tossing the foul pieces into the toilet bowl which covered her giant turds. When she felt that her ass was clean, she stood up and reached over to flush the toilet.

“Hope you enjoyed your trip through my body,” Sabrina cooed, “say hello to Dillon’s parents for me!” Sabrina giggled, flushing the toilet and watching her waste get sent down into the sewers.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!END OF SCAT AND FATAL FULL TOUR! RESUME READING!


Bri’s eyes burst open, her head lifting up as the sound of a flush was heard in the hallway. She looked around frantically, realizing that she was no longer inside of Sabrina’s vagina. She had been trapped all day yesterday in Sabrina’s cunt, and was even left inside of it throughout the night. This had been the first time in almost twenty four hours that she had seen the outside of her tormentor’s pussy.

“You’re awake…” Lindsay whispered, sitting not too far away and clutching her knees to her chest.

Bri looked over at her, tears welling up in her eyes. She wiped them away quickly, trying to control her breathing as she calmed herself down. “Where did she go…” Bri asked in a whisper.

“To the bathroom I think…” Lindsay nearly choked on her words, “my cheer squad… I… They…”

“Don’t dwell on it too much…” Bri interrupted, “it will only make the pain worse.”

“I don’t feel any pain,” Lindsay responded, tilting her head up to look over at Bri, “they always treated me horribly… I wanted them to pay. They deserved it…”

“No one deserves that,” Bri spat, “count your lucky fucking stars that Sabrina decided to keep you alive…”

“Why are you still alive?” Lindsay asked.

“I guess Prudence wants to punish me more…” Bri answered, rubbing her forehead anxiously.

“For what..?” Lindsay asked curiously.

“I fucked her boyfriend…” Bri answered, “that’s the short of it.”

“Oh…” Lindsay frowned, “you guys were best friends or something?”

“Something like that…” Bri answered.

The door to the bedroom burst open as Sabrina entered from the hall. Her voluptuous breasts hung at her chest, her nipples hard. Sabrina bit her lip, rubbing her belly as if to tease the two on her bedside as she strode over to its edge. Bri and Lindsay slowly crept backwards, both very nervous as Sabrina looked down at them with a seductive smile.

“Ugh… You both look so delicious…” Sabrina cooed, licking her lips as she placed her hands on the bed and hovered over them.

“Please…” Lindsay begged, “I’ll do anything! Just please don’t eat me!”

Sabrina rolled her eyes, “oh calm down, I’m not going to eat you… Though I considered it…”

“You’re… You’re not?” Lindsay gulped nervously.

“If I were, I’d have eaten you already trust me,” Sabrina answered, “but I won’t lie to you Lindsay. If you bore me… At any time, then yeah I’ll probably end up eating you.”

Lindsay began to tear up again, clutching her knees to her chest, “but… But…!”

“I just said don’t bore me and you immediately begin to do just that!” Sabrina laughed as she slapped her palm against her forehead, “sheesh, you are too easy to scare you know that? I’m not going to eat you alright? Ever. I was only joking!”

Lindsay wiped away the tears, hyperventilating a little as she tried to remain calm, “I’m… I’m sorry…”

“I guess I can’t blame you for being such a baby huh?” Sabrina said, “your ‘friends’ treated you like shit. And now they are shit… Ironic justice huh?”

Lindsay nodded, “sure… Of course…”

“Does it make you happy?” Sabrina asked, biting her lip as she lurched her fingers forward and plucked Lindsay off the bed sheets. Lindsay panicked, not sure whether to struggle or not as she was brought towards Sabrina’s body.

Sabrina arched her back, pushing her gut forward as she pressed Lindsay against it. Lindsay’s body was engulfed by the smooth and soft skin of Sabrina’s belly, the smell of strawberry lotion filling her nostrils. She could hear the groaning and churning inside of the giant woman, and Lindsay couldn’t help but picture how horrific it must have been to be inside of it.

“That’s where they died,” Sabrina teased, “my stomach digested them alive, and their remains fueled my sexy body… Isn’t that hot?”

Lindsay was showing visible signs of uncomfort, “I… Please… Put me down!”

Sabrina pouted, “sheesh… I thought you’d enjoy their deaths. I did you a favor you know? Could show a little gratitude…”

Sabrina decided to be nice and she placed Lindsay back down on the sheets. Lindsay backed away a few steps, looking up at Sabrina skeptically. On the one hand she was almost happy to see that her wicked cheer squad had suffered such a fitting fate, but on the other hand she wondered if her fate was going to be any different in the end.

“Why did you let me live…” Lindsay asked, looking up at Sabrina in fear.

“Why?” Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “I don’t know… I guess I just felt sorry for you.”

“Oh…” Lindsay wasn’t really sure what kind of answer she was looking for, “so… What are you going to do with me?”

“You really wanna know?” Sabrina bit her lip, wondering if she should just be honest to Lindsay. She was going to find out soon enough anyways.

“Please…” Lindsay closed her eyes, trying to fight back the tears, “just be straight with me… I can’t take the torture of not knowing…”

“I’m going to fuck you,” Sabrina spoke, “in fact I was thinking of tying you and Bri to my dildo and cramming you up my pussy… No ass stuff though, I’m not really into anal so you don’t have to worry about that hot stuff.”

“Oh…” Lindsay gulped, “is… Is that it?”

“What?” Sabrina raised an eyebrow, and Bri looked at Lindsay with a confused look as well.

“I mean… You don’t want me to do other stuff for you?” Lindsay asked nervously.

“Like… What?” Sabrina was confused, not sure where Lindsay was going with this, “are you offering to do something else for me?”

“I mean… This is my life now isn’t it?” Lindsay asked, “I’m going to please you for the rest of my life now right? I just wonder if there are other ways to do it than just one thing you know?”

“I mean… Are you asking me to eat you?” Sabrina was confused.

“No no…” Lindsay quickly spoke, not at all wanting to meet her end inside the giant blonde teen, “do you like… Foot rubs? Or maybe I could massage your tits or something?”

“Ok…” Sabrina was shocked, not sure what to make of this at all. Bri looked at Lindsay as if she were insane. 

‘Is she really offering to pleasure Sabrina in other ways?’ Bri thought to herself, ‘what the fuck!?’

“Lindsay…” Sabrina sat down on the edge of the bed, the mattress caving inwards and nearly sending Bri and Lindsay onto their ass as they tried to remain balanced. Sabrina looked down at Lindsay curiously, “are you offering to please me in other ways?”

“I am…” Lindsay answered honestly, “is… Is that wrong of me?”

Sabrina shook her head with an amused grin on her face, “of course not… It’s just every single tiny before you has screamed and struggled. But you haven’t struggled once since I took you from Bethany’s possession… Why?”

“I didn’t want her to eat me…” Lindsay answered.

“I ate almost your entire cheer squad,” Sabrina retorted, “how did you know I wouldn’t eat you?

“You said you wouldn’t…” Lindsay answered.

“I could have been lying,” Sabrina spoke, “in fact as I shat your squad into the toilet I almost decided on eating you anyways. So how does that make you feel?”

“Are you?” Lindsay asked.

“What…?” Sabrina was confused yet again.

“Are you going to eat me?” Lindsay repeated.

“No…” Sabrina answered, narrowing her eyes at the tiny girl.

“Then what do I have to fear?” Lindsay asked.

“I literally am going to tie you to my dildo and cram you deep inside of my dripping wet cunt…” Sabrina described in excess detail, “that doesn’t scare you at all?”

“I guess not…” Lindsay whispered, looking down shyly and kicking her foot around at the sheets.

“What do you think Bri,” Sabrina turned her gaze over to Bri, and the frightened girl looked up at her anxiously, “would you like to rub my feet or lick my rock hard nipples for a change? Or would you rather go back in my pu-”

“Yes!” Bri blurted, “I mean… Yes… My goddess…”

“Hmm…” Sabrina sighed, “I’ve never had my feet rubbed before… But honestly I kinda wanna see what it feels like to have you two worshipping my nipples. The thought of it amuses me…”

“Of course!” Lindsay smiled anxiously.

Sabrina was still a little curious as to why Lindsay was being so obedient. At this point she was very grateful she hadn’t devoured her, because so far she was proving to be quite the promising little toy.

“I am going to ask you something Lindsay,” Sabrina said, “you won’t lie to me now will you?”

“Of course not!” Lindsay quickly answered, “what do you want to know?”

“Why are you so obedient?” Sabrina asked, leaning her nude and glorious figure closer to the tiny girl, “and don’t lie to me…”

Lindsay swallowed nervously, looking down as she found herself unable to look into Sabrina’s eyes. She knew the answer, but she found herself having trouble speaking it. She let out a sigh, looking back up at Sabrina nervously, “I… I think you’re beautiful…”

Bri dropped her jaw in disbelief, “what?”

“You what?” Sabrina too was taken aback slightly, “I mean… Thanks? But aren’t you afraid of me?”

“I was at first…” Lindsay spoke nervously, “I’m… I’m a lesbo…”

“Oh my…” Bri shook her head, rubbing her temple in frustration. Not only was she stuck with Sabrina, but now she was stuck with this moron who apparently had a thing for the giant blonde. Bri cursed under her breath, not sure if she could take much more of this nonsense.

“You’re a lesbo?” Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “so you’re… Attracted to me or something?”

“I’m sorry…” Lindsay apologized nervously, “I hope that doesn’t put you off…”

“I’m straight as can be darling,” Sabrina smiled gently, “but if you wanna get off while getting me off I won’t stop you alright? In fact… The thought of it is rather hot.”

“Really?” Lindsays face lit up, “I won’t lie… The thought of…”

“The thought of what?” Sabrina asked, biting her lip and rubbing her hands over her breasts, “tell me… I want to hear it.”

“The thought of… Of being your little toy,” Lindsay continued, “it’s kinda… Sexy.”

“Oh God,” Sabrina crawled onto the bed, hovering over the little teen, “I’m going to have so much fun with you… Thank God I didn’t eat you…”

‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,’ Bri thought to herself, rolling her eyes, ‘someone please kill me already…’

The sudden knock on Sabrina’s bedroom door caused them all to freeze and look over across the room. Sabrina was confused, knowing that Prudence had gone off to search for that odd book she had mentioned. Sabrina got off her bed and called out, “who is it?”

“It’s Bethany,” Bethany answered, “can I come in?”

Sabrina opened her door, not bothering to dress herself as she saw Bethany standing before her. Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “how did you get in here?”

“I’m a witch…” Bethany giggled, “I know how to get into places, discreetly.”

“What… What do you want?” Sabrina asked, a little nervous to have a witch in her presence that wasn’t Prudence.

“Oh you know…” Bethany smiled wickedly, “to have some… Fun.”

Meanwhile, across town in the graveyard just beyond the woods was Prudence. She had just arrived, a tome in her hand that she had crafted for a summoning spell. Finding the Dark Grimoire was impossible on one's own, and she knew if she was going to find it she would have to confront the Dark Bishop first.

“Where is it…” Prudence muttered, looking over the graves for the one she sought. Finally her eyes spotted a large gargoyle tomb just ahead, one with ruby red eyes and a concrete tomb that it stood upon, “there you are…”

Prudence approached the tomb, placing her tome down upon its surface and backing away a few paces. She lifted her hands, closing her eyes as she prepared to cast the summoning ritual.

“Et prudentia arcessenda magni et potentes viribus a tenebris ad episcopum per tenebras…” Prudence spoke, casting the ritual in the ancient latin language needed to cast the spell.

The wind began to pick up, leaves blowing across the ground as an eerie force began to wash over her. She looked up at the gargoyle, it’s ruby eyes flickering to life as she backed away a few paces more anxiously. She had never summoned anything before, so she wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. As quickly as the wind blew however it had also ended. The eyes of the gargoyle died out, and silence filled her ears as everything went still.

“That’s… That’s it?” Prudence balled up her fists, a little disappointed but not entirely surprised, “I guess I’ll have to find another way…” Prudence sighed, shaking her head in frustration as she turned around. Immediately she met the eyes of a tall man, in dark black clothing towering over her. Her eyes shot wide open, and she stumbled backwards into the gargoyle tomb as she looked at the man in confusion and fear.

“You dare summon me?” The tall man spoke, taking a few steps towards her, “tell me what has brought me here, speak girl!”

“I…” Prudence swallowed anxiously, standing tall and regaining her composure. Her spell had worked after all, “I summoned you because I want to know where I can find the Dark Grimoire…”

The man narrowed his eyes, circling around Prudence as he studied her carefully. A smile crept across his lips, his hands placed behind his back as he raised a brow, “and why would I tell a novice, little witch where the most powerful book of magic in all worlds is placed?”

“I seek to destroy it,” Prudence spoke, “and I’m no novice witch…”

“No?” The tall man stopped, looking deep into Prudence’s eyes, “I suppose you are correct, considering you learned to master a curse with the simple snap of two fingers…”

“What…” Prudence narrowed her eyes, “how could you possibly…”

“I know everything you foolish girl,” the tall man echoed, “I knew you’d attempt to summon me, and though your ritual was pathetic I chose to come here anyways. Did you truly think you possessed the knowledge and power to actually bring me here?”

“Then…” Prudence was confused, “then why did you come?”

“Because though you are weak and foolish, I see great potential inside of you Prudence,” the man spoke, “the Dark Grimoire cannot be destroyed. It is impossible. However… I might be willing to lend you the book to enhance your magical abilities…”

“Would I be able to kill another witch?” Prudence asked, holding a finger up to her chin in curiosity.

“Of course,” the man answered, “so I take it, are you willing to hear my offer?”

“Go on…” Prudence crossed her arms.

“Do you know who I am?” The man asked, turning his back to Prudence as he stared off into the graveyard.

“The Dark Bishop…” Prudence answered.

“A name given to me by ignorant warlocks and witches,” the man scoffed, “I am no bishop. I am a warlock, the first of all warlocks… And you Prudence, are the first I’ve shown myself to for a very long time…”

Prudence’s eyes opened wide, her mouth ajar in disbelief, “no way… You’re… Him!?”

The man smiled, turning around to face Prudence once again, “yes I am… Diablos.”

Prudence fell to her knees, bowing before him immediately, “forgive me… I did not know who I attempted to summon…”

“Stand my child,” Diablos ordered, Prudence quickly obeying and standing to her feet, “I did not come here for you to grovel at my feet. I am the creator of the Dark Grimoire, and as the first of all warlocks I shall grant you it’s limitless power if you agree to the terms of my offer.”

“Anything,” Prudence said, “let me hear it.”

“When you are done here,” Diablos began, “when you are finished with the witch you seek to destroy… I want you to travel to a place and find someone for me.”

“Who?” Prudence asked, looking at him curiously.

“She is called ‘Kali’,” Diablos answered, “find her, contain her, and you shall use her as bait…”

“Bait for what?” Prudence asked.

“There is a being that presents a threat to us, one of which magic cannot harm nor bother…” Diablos explained, “this ‘Kali’ is someone close to them… And they will be the key in drawing this being forth.”

“Just tell me where I need to go… And it shall be done,” Prudence spoke, the anticipation of great power welling up inside of her.

“The city of Seattle,” Diablos ordered, “that is where you shall complete this task…”

“And what is the name of this being I’m baiting?” Prudence asked.

“It is of no importance,” he answered, “find Kali, and you shall find the one I seek.”

“Very well…” Prudence gulped anxiously, “and… The book?”

Diablos turned, motioning his eyes towards the gargoyle tomb. Prudence turned around, her eyes opening wide when she saw the Dark Grimoire placed upon the tomb.

“Don’t squander this power…” Diablos warned, “for over a millennia I have sought a wicked soul worthy enough to wield its power… Do not fail me.”

“I shan’t…” Prudence answered, reaching for the Dark Grimoire as a dark energy began to course through her body. Her hand grabbed the book, her body convulsing as its power entered her body. Her eyes turned white, her body shaking as the book rose in the air and opened itself. Dark energies emitted from its pages, possessing her body and granting her the knowledge and power that it beheld. In a matter of seconds the book closed, Prudence falling to her knees as she regained her strength.

“Now deal with your menial problem,” Diablos ordered, “and make haste for Seattle…”

Prudence turned around, but Diablos was gone. She stood to her feet, a sweat building up on her forehead. She grabbed the book from the tomb, opening it carefully as she read its pages. She let out a wide grin, looking up at the gargoyle with a curious look of excitement.

“Praemium…” Prudence whispered, the gargoyle exploding into a thousand pieces instantly. It’s ruby eyes blew, the rest of the pieces scattering across the ground. Prudence smiled with satisfaction, feeling this new power course through her entire body.

“Get ready Bethany,” Prudence whispered, “you’ll be the first I test my new powers on…”

Meanwhile, back in Sabrina’s bedroom things had begun to take an interesting turn. Sabrina took a few steps backwards, a nervous sweat building up on her forehead as Bethany pranced inside cheerfully. She twitched her ass cheeks a little, which was due to the struggling of Priscilla who was wedged between them. Bethany looked around Sabrina’s room, her eyes resting on the bed sheets where she saw Bri sitting and staring up at her.

“That must be Bri,” Bethany motioned over towards Bri with her eyes.

Sabrina turned around, “yeah… You know her?”

Bethany bit her lip anxiously, “don’t be creeped out or anything, but I may have overheard Prudence telling you not to eat her and whatnot… I’ve been keeping a close eye on you guys actually.”

Sabrina looked at her skeptically, “I’m not supposed to be creeped out by that?”

Bethany giggled innocently, “you seem afraid of me, do I scare you Sabrina?”

“No!” Sabrina quickly answered, “of course not…”

“Really?” Bethany took another step forward, biting her lip as she looked sensually into Sabrina’s eyes, “you aren’t afraid of being alone with a… Witch?”

“Prudence is a witch…” Sabrina retorted, looking away nervously.

“Yeah but she’s also your friend,” Bethany mocked teasingly, “no need to worry Sabrina. I’ve been trying to figure out the shrinking curse since last night… I can’t seem to figure it out!”

“Oh…” Sabrina grew even more nervous, “what… What for?”

“Hmm?” Bethany cocked her head.

“What are you trying to learn it for..?” Sabrina asked again, clearing her throat afterwards.

Bethany took her fingers and began to finger walk them up Sabrina’s shoulders, “you want the truth?”

“Uh… Yeah?” Sabrina gulped, a tingling sensation washing over her body as Bethany’s tender fingers walked up the skin of her arm.

“I think you’re hot,” Bethany flirted, “what a nice surprise to show up to your gorgeous body…”

Sabrina had nearly forgotten she was naked, suddenly feeling awkward and covering her breasts with the arm that Bethany wasn’t touching. Bethany bit her lip, “am I making you nervous? I’m sorry…” Bethany removed her hand, winking at Sabrina teasingly, “honestly Sabrina I was hoping I’d be able to master the curse so I could shrink you.”

“Wh… What!?” Sabrina backed away in fear now, no longer trying to hide it, “but… But why!?”

“Honestly I might have a thing for you Sabrina,” Bethany admitted, “I know you aren’t lesbian, so I was hoping to shrink you so I could force you to fuck me… But since I failed I decided I’d ask nicely.”

“Um…” Sabrina was screaming in her head, praying that Prudence would return sooner rather than later. She didn’t know how long Prudence would take to find this ‘Dark Grimoire’ and now she was wishing that she had asked.

“I brought my toy,” Bethany cooed, wiggling her butt, “she’s kind of an asshole, so I thought it’d be ironic if you’d shove her inside of one… What do you say?”

“You… You want me to shove her up your ass?” Sabrina wanted to run for it, but she had a feeling that wasn’t an option. She didn’t know the extent of Bethany’s magical abilities, and decided it would be best to remain calm until she could formulate a plan.

“Yes Sabrina,” Bethany confirmed, “I want you to cram her so deep into my asshole… I want to feel her body break inside of me… So what do you say?” Bethany looked over at Sabrina’s bed again, “hell I’ll even shove her up your ass as a favor!”

“I’m not into anal…” Sabrina responded, “and Bri is having a break right now…” Sabrina of course didn’t give a rats ass whether Bri was exhausted or not, but she didn’t trust Bethany anywhere near the tiny teen. Sabrina knew what would happen if something happened to her, and she didn’t trust Bethany at all.

“Not into anal huh…” Bethany sighed in disappointment, “well you’ll at least help me out won’t you? I’m the kind of girl who likes to savor the experience… I can’t do that if Priscilla is struggling in my grasp the entire time yuh know?”

“Will it get you out of my room?” Sabrina blurted, her patience running thin and her courage beginning to return to her.

Bethany bit her lip, “mmm… Harsh and blunt are we? Yes Sabrina, help me get my revenge on Priscilla for all the bullying she’s done to me over the years and I will leave alright?” Bethany looked back to the bed again, “also I haven’t seen that other cheerleader from yesterday. Did you eat her after all? Or is she somewhere… Else.”

Sabrina turned around, realizing that Lindsay was indeed gone. It disheartened the blonde a little, considering that Lindsay had appeared to be completely willing in terms of obedience. Sabrina couldn’t focus on her right now however, Lindsay was the least of her worries. Besides, Sabrina wasn’t sure she wanted Bethany to know where Lindsay was anyways, so she decided to lie.

“Yeah I ate her,” Sabrina lied, “she looked too damn tasty, couldn’t resist I guess.”

“Mmm…” Bethany moaned, “such a sexy predator… It really is a shame that you’re straight, you are so hot and dominant…”

“I’m really not,” Sabrina retorted.

“What?” Bethany asked, “hot? Or dominant?”

“Can we just get this over with?” Sabrina begged, “no offense Bethany… But I really don’t know you at all, I’m naked, and I’m about to shove Priscilla up your asshole… Honestly I’m only agreeing to this at all because Priscilla is a cunt and I want to enjoy watching her suffer.”

“That’s all I needed to hear,” Bethany grinned deviously, “just let me get… Comfortable.”

Bethany lifted her arms, placing her right foot behind her left heel and moving in a twirling motion as she turned three hundred and sixty degrees in a complete circle. Before Sabrina’s very eyes Bethany’s clothing had suddenly vanished. Clearly it was magic, but Sabrina couldn’t help but be somewhat impressed. Bethany had pretty small boobs, she was only an A cup, or maybe a B. She was very slender, a toned stomach and smooth soft skin. The nerdy girl turned around, pointing her ass in Sabrina’s direction. Bethany then took her hands and placed one on each ass cheek, spreading them apart slowly to reveal Priscilla who was glued to Bethany’s asshole due to all the sweat.

“Gahhh!” Priscilla took in a deep breath, finally getting that whiff of fresh air that she had longed for since the day before, “please!” Priscilla cried, already balling her eyes out. Clearly she was traumatized from being against Bethany’s asshole for twenty four hours, “please Bethany! I’m so sorry! Please let me go!”

“She’s been begging for freedom since the moment I found her,” Bethany giggled amusedly, “I’ve tricked her a few times into thinking I was going to… I love the look of dread in her eyes when I just cram her back into my cheeks instead!”

“An asshole deserves to be smothered by one,” Sabrina couldn’t help but smirk with amusement.

“That’s the spirit,” Bethany cooed, scooting her ass towards Sabrina in a sudden jolt and catching the blonde off guard. Sabrina widened her eyes, stumbling backwards as Bethany rammed her ass against the blonde's crotch. Sabrina lost her balance and fell backwards towards her bed, her enormous ass hovering over Bri as it threatened to land on top of her.

Sabrina’s ass shadowed over Bri entirely, and the poor girl could do nothing more than look up in dismay, “oh come on…” Bri whispered, as Sabrina’s ass landed on top of her body abruptly.

“Shit…” Sabrina felt Bri underneath her cheeks, but ultimately could do nothing as Bethany plopped her ass on her stomach.

“Cram her in me,” Bethany instructed, sliding her ass across Sabrina’s smooth belly erotically while continuing to spread her ass cheeks wide open. Priscilla had peeled off of Bethany’s asshole now, falling a short distance before landing comfortably upon Sabrina’s exposed stomach. Priscilla gathered her sense of direction, slowly stumbling onto her feet as the gurgling sounds within Sabrina’s belly rang throughout her ears.

“Too bad I can’t eat you instead…” Sabrina sighed in dismay, reaching forward and plucking Priscilla off of her belly.

“Wait!” Priscilla begged, “please! Please don-” Priscilla was cut off as Sabrina crammed her face against Bethany’s asshole. The nerdy girl moaned sensually as she felt her bully’s face shoved against her sensitive hole. Though Sabrina was pretty uncomfortable with Bethany molesting her with her ass, she decided to try and at least enjoy the act of punishing Priscilla for her bitchy ways.

“What a loser,” Sabrina mocked, “pathetic…”

Sabrina took her index finger and pressed the tip of it against the back of Priscillas head. The tormented tiny teen began to writhe and struggle, unable to breathe with her face being shoved into Bethany’s asshole. Sabrina began to push slowly, savoring every second of Priscilla’s torment as she began to insert the tiny girl's head entirely into Bethany’s hungry ass. Bethany took her right hand and slipped it over her moist snatch, slowly and pleasantly rubbing her clit as she enjoyed what Sabrina was doing to the bitch who was getting a mouth full of her ass.

“Mmm,” Bethany moaned, “take that you stupid cunt…”

Once Priscilla’s head was completely engulfed by Bethany’s asshole, Sabrina began to work on the rest of her body. She adjusted her finger and slid it under Priscilla’s tiny ass, lifting her flailing body up and beginning to insert it very very slowly into Bethany’s wrinkled asshole. The tormented girl began to kick and writhe, the young teen clearly distraught and desperate for mercy. It was too bad that Sabrina couldn’t care less, because in her eyes Priscilla was nothing more than a nuisance to be dealt with. She’d have prefered to have eaten her, but it was Bethany’s slave so she just decided to enjoy the torment where it came.

“Oh…” Bethany moaned, “don’t stop Sabrina… Don’t… Stop…”

“Oh I won’t…” Sabrina grew a wide grin, beginning to enjoy this more than she thought she would, “she’s squirming up a fight right now…”

“I can feel it…” Bethany moaned, “oh God… It feels so good…”

Sabrina crammed Priscilla up to her waist now, her kicking even more violent than before. Whatever it was that she was experiencing on the other side must have been truly awful, because she didn’t waver for even a moment throughout this entire process. Though Sabrina was amused, she could start to feel Bethany’s juices dripping onto her body. It was a little weird, and though it was kind of hot that Bethany was into her she simply was attracted to other women. She decided to speed things along, gripping Priscilla’s feet and cramming her the rest of the way into Bethany’s asshole.

Bethany shivered with pleasure, the rush of an orgasm taking over her body as she began to reach climax. She wanted to feel one last thing before she came however, “now Sabrina… Cram her even deeper…”

“Oh God…” Sabrina let out a sigh of disgust, deciding to oblige as she took her middle finger and crammed it deep inside of Bethany. She felt Priscilla’s body thrashing around, and made sure to shove her as deep as her fingers would allow. Bethany’s asshole swallowed her finger with pleasure, as the blonde felt her hand slip between Bethany’s asscheeks as she finished the deed.

“Fuck yeah…” Bethany groaned pleasantly, releasing a torrent of her juices which splashed all over Sabrina’s waist as the nerdy witch reached an intense climax. She could feel Priscilla thrashing around desperately, her hopes and dreams coming to an end inside of Bethany’s ass. Bethany had no intention of ever letting her out, and Priscilla would remain trapped until she either suffocated to death or was excreted later on.

“Come on Bethany…” Sabrina moaned, wriggling uncomfortably as Bethany’s juices began to dry on her skin.

“Oops,” Bethany gave a wicked grin, “my bad!”

Bethany finally lifted her ass off of Sabrina, letting her cheeks clamp shut and permanently sealing Priscilla behind them. She whipped her messy hair back, massaging her thighs sensually as she stared at Sabrina lustfully, “hope you enjoyed yourself at least a little bit.”

“Maybe a little…” Sabrina spoke, sitting up and squirming with disgust at the feeling of Bethany’s juices on her waist, “could have done without the river of your cum on my body though…”

“Hey where did Bri go?” Bethany asked.

“Oh shit…” Sabrina lifted her ass, seeing Bri flattened and stuck to her ass cheek. Sabrina rolled her eyes, peeling Bri off of her ass and lifting her into the air in the palm of her hand, “sorry Bri.”

“Rigescunt indutae,” Bethany chanted suddenly, Sabrina suddenly frozen and unable to move.

“What… What..!?” Sabrina tried to speak, but found it difficult. Her hand had suddenly grasped Bri tightly, the tiny girl squirming painfully in Sabrina’s unwilling grip. Sabrina’s heart began to race, her heart pumping with fear as she tried to understand what was happening.

“It’s a shame you had to deny me,” Bethany said, “I was going to let you come with me but… Since you aren’t a lesbo I guess I’ll have to take care of you as well.”

“I… I don’t understand…” Sabrina muttered, still frozen as she looked into Bethany’s eyes with terror.

“I can’t shrink you…” Bethany spoke, “but Prudence can. And when she finds out you ate poor little Bri, well… I’m sure she’ll do just that!”

“But… But I wouldn’t…” Sabrina groaned, trying her best to break free of whatever spell had been cast over her.

“Not of your own volition…” Bethany cooed, an evil grin on her lips, “but when I command you to, then you will.”

“No…” Sabrina murmured, “please… Please don’t!”

“Why not?” Bethany asked sarcastically, “I know you want to… I’m just going to help you do it!”

“She… She will… Kill me,” Sabrina murmured, fighting even harder now to break free of the enchantment.

“Yes she will,” Bethany said, “it’d be pretty ironic if she ate you too… A sweet justice for all of the others you’ve eaten no doubt hm?”

“Why…” Sabrina hissed, tears welling up in her eyes as hope began to fade from her heart.

“Because once you and Bri are out of the picture, Prudence might finally open up to the idea of being my witch sister,” Bethany revealed, “I would have gladly given that up for you instead… But you are clearly disgusted by the thought of dating me, so I guess I’ll just have Prudence dispose of you for me.”

“You’re sick,” Sabrina spat, gritting her teeth painfully as she found herself unable to move despite her greatest efforts.

“I’m sick?” Bethany tilted her head back in maniacal laughter, “you literally ate almost the entire cheer squad. They digested inside of you painfully, and you probably shat out their remains this very morning. If anything my blonde friend… You’re the sick one.”

Sabrina gulped, realizing that Bethany was right. She never really cared or thought about her actions until now, when she herself was an unwilling victim. The feeling of powerlessness, hopelessness as someone stronger than you forced their will upon you. Sabrina suddenly found herself reflecting over her actions, and though she still wasn’t quite remorseful she could at least begin to understand the pain she may have caused from her malicious deeds.

“Now I don’t have all morning,” Bethany spat, “so let’s get this over with shall we?”

“Prudence… Will kill you… For this…” Sabrina spoke painfully.

“No,” Bethany retorted, “just you.”

Bethany raised her hand towards Sabrina, “mandatum.”

An unseeable force of power rushed inside of Sabrina, her eyes bursting wide open. Her body became numb, her fingers twitching nervously as she was still unable to move.

“Now then…” Bethany cooed, “eat Bri.”

“No…” Sabrina murmured, feeling her hand beginning to raise, “no… NO!”

“Eat her,” Bethany commanded again, “swallow her whole Sabrina!”

Sabrina’s hand brought Bri up to her lips, and the tiny teen began to squirm violently, “Sabrina don’t! Wait!”

“I… I can’t… Stop…” Sabrina began to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks as her mouth began to open. Bri’s heart shattered as she watched the blondes lips part wide open, her perfect white teeth revealing themselves as Bri found herself staring into the back of her throat. Bri thrashed around, panic beginning to overwhelm her as she realized that Sabrina had no say in the matter.

“Bethany please!” Bri pleaded, “you don’t have to do this!”

“Of course I don’t,” Bethany retorted, “but I sure will enjoy it!”

“You bitch!” Bri cursed, as she felt her body being dumped into Sabrina’s awaiting mouth. The helpless girl landed on Sabrina’s wet tongue, and she frantically turned around to peer out of Sabrina’s mouth. The last thing she saw was Bethany’s cruel and wicked smirk, before Sabrina’s mouth closed shut and trapped her inside.

“No!” Bri cried, “not like this! Not like this!!!”

Sabrina had no power over her own actions, as her tongue began to move Bri towards the back of her throat. Sabrina tried desperately to fight it, but whatever spell Bethany had cast rendered her incapable of controlling herself. Bri crawled desperately across Sabrina’s tongue, which began to raise and flick her back towards the gaping throat of the giant blonde. Bri flipped over on her ass, sliding down the slimy member towards her doom.

“I’m not going to die like this!” Bri cried, “I’m not your fucking food!”

Bri’s feet began to slip into Sabrina’s throat, but thinking quickly Bri managed to roll off of the tongue and grab a hold of Sabrina’s molar. She pulled her feet out of Sabrina’s throat, trying to move around the giant tongue which sought to reclaim her. Bri tripped and slid forward under the giant tongue, which now struggled to grab her as it attempted to bend in all sorts of awkward ways. It continuously slammed down into her, disorienting her as she tried to kick and punch it away.

“Get away from me!” Bri cried, as the tip of the tongue finally managed to slip under her and drag her back on top of it, “no! NO!”

The tongue once again flicked her back towards the throat, her hands pressing into the soft bristled surface of Sabrina’s soaking wet tongue. She tried to claw her way in the opposite direction of the gaping passage, but ultimately was unsuccessful and Sabrina’s tongue lifted upward and sent Bri sliding down it once more as her feet began to slip into the throat again. This time Bri reached up and grabbed a hold of Sabrina’s uvula, trying desperately not to get swallowed whole.

“Please!” Bri begged, “please don’t do this to me!”

Her cries went unheard, a series of thick wet gulps taking course as Sabrina unwillingly attempted to swallow the feisty and desperate tiny teen. Bri was assaulted violently, her body being smacked and dangled around as the tongue attempted to knock her from the uvula. Bri held on tight though, but her stamina was wearing out quickly.

“Having trouble sexy?” Bethany teased, seeing that Sabrina was struggling to swallow her unwilling victim.

Sabrina couldn’t answer her, as her body was too busy trying to swallow the prey it didn’t even want to devour. Sabrina tried desperately to fight Bethany’s spell, but she simply had no control over her body. Her eyes were red with tears now, and if she had an ounce of control she’d have burst into sobs. Bri too was crying her heart out, realizing that there was little she could do at this point to stay alive. She was going to die gruesomely, just like Dillon’s parents had and the cheer squad had. It was the very death she had feared for so long, and now it was coming to fruition.

With a final and powerful smack, Sabrina’s tongue finally managed to shove Bri off of the uvula. Her body fell downward, her legs sliding into Sabrina’s esophagus along with her body as she fought desperately to claw her way back up. “No!” Bri cried, her body slipping further into Sabrina’s throat, “please! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING Y-” With a thick gulp Sabrina’s tongue sealed Bri’s fate, shoving her completely into the throat where she began to descend to her final resting place.

Sabrina felt Bri’s struggles all the way down her throat, her body finally able to move freely again as she hunched over in painful agony. She slipped off of her bed and fell to her knees, sobbing profusely as she looked up at Bethany in tears.

“Why!?” Sabrina cried, “why did you make me do that!?”

“You won’t puke her up,” Bethany ordered, ignoring the blonde's cries, “you will wait here until Prudence comes to see you. And you won’t tell her that I was here, or what I made you do… Understood?”

“Y… Y-yes…” Sabrina choked, still under Bethany’s spell and forced to obey her every command.

“You should be thanking me really…” Bethany cooed, bending down mockingly and bringing her face close to Sabrina’s, “if I had the ability to shrink you… I’d have eaten you myself to be honest. But instead you get to be eaten by your friend, so at least there is a silver lining right?”

“Go to hell,” Sabrina spat, gritting her teeth angrily as she stared into Bethany’s eyes.

“Silly blonde,” Bethany gave a crooked smile, “I’m a witch… I’m already going to hell.”

Bethany cackled with laughter, standing up tall and turning around. She spun around three hundred and sixty degrees, her body suddenly clothed once again by magic. She continued to giggle to herself, finding the entire situation to be rather hilarious. “I’ll confront Prudence once she’s taken care of you for what you’ve done,” Bethany mocked, “honestly I hope she eats you. Ugh… That’d be so ironic that it’s super kinky to think about!”

With those final words, Bethany opened the door and left Sabrina’s bedroom. Sabrina was left on her floor, unable to move as she was still bound to follow Bethany’s commands. She clenched her eyes shut, sobbing profusely to herself as she found herself unable to do anything in the effort to free Bri. She could feel the poor girl pounding on her stomach walls, begging to be let out and shown mercy.


“I’m sorry Bri…” Sabrina murmured, “I’m… I’m sorry… Prudence…”







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