Rachel's Little Experiments by TinyEd

Daniel and his friends make a deal with their genious friend Rachel.

If they helped her to make some test experiments with her new invention, they can go with her on a trip to the other side of the world...

It's gonna be easy and nothing out of the ordinary right? right?!



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1. Introduction by TinyEd

2. This is a Toetal fun experience isn't it? by TinyEd

3. Now say "ahhh" by TinyEd

4. The DD Rachel's mountains by TinyEd

5. The tight and moist cave of love by TinyEd

6. Epilogue by TinyEd

Introduction by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

Hello, this is my first story of this kind.

I'm not native english speaker, so if you find some grammar errors you can leave a review and I'll try to fix it.And if you enjoy the story you can leave a review too!

This fisrt chapter is just an introduction.


«I really don't know how to write this but I'll do my best, because I need to talk about the most exciting, strange and weird event that changed all my friend's life and mine as well.


It all started years ago with the thing that one girl of our group always had and we never knew, a kink... that was just what detonated all the things that we do because of her.»


Her name is Rachel Evans and she is awkward but a really cool girl too, I actually have a crush on her since almost four years ago, and now that we are in high school a lot of guys are after her, and I can't blame them, she ir really beautiful and has a pretty smile that I love and can get lost on (and I probably will...) she has really good figure, with what I remember she said DD's breast cup and a big butt as well (She actually have a normal high school girl figure if you ask me), she is also daughter of an important scientific from around our town so she is actually really smart, like genius inventor smart, we we're all impressed when she said that she's going to trip next month where she is going to present an artifact that she herself made and was working for years.


(So yeah, she is pretty nice and all that... but... I'm confused about how to really feel about her, because I don't talk to mucho with her and she's like always ignoring everyone around herself.)


"Guys, I have a deal for all of you" Rachel said one day in the middle of lunch, when we were all of our group in the same table.


"What is it? " the guy who asked that was William Walker, the 'leader' of our group that make sure always that we're not fighting among us.


"Well, the thing is that you know that I'm going on an important trip right?"


William and me nod our heads.


"I can maybe get all of you a free ride with me to the exposition."


"Really?! That thing is like in the other side of the world, you serious can do that?!" that was Anthony Miller, 'the louder, the pervert and the idiot' of our group, he's like the popular guy that just likes to have some time with people like us, totally losers and awkward people.


"Is not that far you know? It's just an airplane trip" and that one was Angela Johnson, the other girl of the group and  the weird bisexual girl that is on our group and we don't know why'.


"Oh shut up, I like to exaggerate."


"Ahem..." Rachel cleared her throat, trying to catch their attention.


"Oh right, the trip" Anthony said.


"As I was saying... I can make you all go with me but only on one condition."


"Oh! I can do whatever you want lady" Anthony said.


"Just let her talk" William said.


"Okay Okay."


"Well, I need help with the experimentation of my machine and I might need all of you for it, if you only help me with that, then I can obtain a ticket for everyone."


"That sounds fair for me" I said.


Oh! I forget to talk about me, my name is Daniel Anderson and I really like to be a normal guy that you can find everywhere.


"Okay, if you're willing that I make experimentation with your bodies and I'm not responsible for any permanent damage that I can make to you then go to my house tomorrow and we're gonna have a really entertaining time together."


The way she said it make us have shivers but we're used to that kind of thing from her... but this time sounded really true...


(If only we  knew back then...)


The next day was Saturday, so we didn't have classes until Monday.


We gathered everyone in Rachel's house, specifically in the waiting room.


"I'm really curious about the artifact Rachel is doing, she actually never talks about it" William said.


"Yeah, the only thing we know about it is that she's going to that exposition because of it" Angela said.


I really wondered about what could possibly be, Rachel never talk to anyone about her projects but she usually tease me with saying me that she will show them to me one day.


"So this might be that day" I thought.


We waited like half an hour until Rachel come outside of her room/laboratory and come with four bodysuits on her hands.


"Everyone take one of these, unless you're wanna have a bad time with the next part" Rachel said.


"We have to change our clothes?" asked Angela while seeing at us.


"You can put them on top of yous actual clothes, it has the quality to expand or shrink to you own like... I just need you to put them because the texture" Rachel said.


"What about it?" I asked.


"Well... to not make the long explanation, it makes you invincible to any damage and it amplifies your durability" Rachel said.


"And why do we need that for?!" Angela exclaimed.


"Trust me, I proved them myself and they can deal with almost any damage."


"What kind of damage they can't protect us from?" William asked quite serious.


"Fire and acid mostly, it destroys their texture after all."


"We're dealing with something like that?" William asked.


"No" Rachel said with a straight face.


«Well, that's all I need to believe in» I thought and started to put on the protection suit and just as Rachel said it adjusted to my clothes on my body.


"Wow, this thing is amazing, as expected of our genius Rachel" I said.


"Thanks I really work hard on them" Rachel said with a cute smile that only make my heart to melt.


"Oh god, I love her so much." I thought.


Angela was the last one to put on her suit.


"We're ready now!" Anthony said.


"Not yet, you need these too" Rachel said while bringing to us some kind of bracelets, that almost looked like wristwatches.


"What can do these things?" Anthony asked a little curious.


"With these I can always know where you are and you can contact me wherever you are by call or if you're unable to talk or even myself, by message."


"I don't know what we're going to do but that sounds useful."


"Are we going to space or something like that?!" Anthony asked excited.


"*sigh* I'm really regretting this right now" Angela said.


Rachel giggle while was thinking on something.


«I usually enjoy seeing her giggle but this time it's actually... different?»


We all put on the wristwatches in our arms.


"Ready!" Anthony said.


"Great, now where going to my lab" Rachel said.


We all walked to her laboratory to see a really simple machine that was on the center of the room.


There it was, a simple laptop and some things that looked like button pins.


"Everyone put on one of those" Rachel said pointing to the pins.


«What the hell?»


We did as she said.




Rachel smile while seeing us.


"I really like where this is going" she said.


"I don't really think I can say the same thing" Angela said.


Rachel started to type on her computer.


"I need to all of you to go to that square over there."


Rachel said that pointing at some tiny square made by blue tape on the floor, it maybe was 3 inches length or less, I can't really tell.


"I don't think that everyone can stand there" William said.


"Well... I don't think the same way" said Rachel smiling really cute while pressing a final keyboard key.


And then... everything went bright...


"What is this?" Everything was confusion in that moment...


"What's happening?!" Everyone was screaming...


And then... I fell down to my feet, having nausea and feeling... lightheaded... when I came to my senses, the last thing I remember was that all the floor that I was standing on... turned blue.


And after that... I collapsed.






Some moments later...








I waked up with a terrible headache that was killing me, I tried to stand and then I heard a really big sound.




"Oh! You wake up cutie!" I heard the voice of Rachel for a moment booming all over the place and the I tried to see around myself to try to see where did it come from.


"Rachel? Where are you?" I asked looking around.


ThenI I heard a giggle booming around me.


"I'm right here Daniel" she said.


There was no sign of Rachel, William or the others wherever I looked... the only thing that I could see was this abnormal and really long pink wall that was in this place.


"Where are you? I can't see you" I tried to exclaimed.


«Is she invisible or something like that?!»


Then I heard a giggle again.


I tried to como close to the wall, maybe she was hiding behind or...


Then the wall just moved, surprising me at the moment and making me fall on my back.


"What the hell?!"


"*giggle* try looking for another perspective can you?"


I looked around myself again, then I noticed something that I couldn't believe it was real at the moment.


"This wall is a finger..." I blurted out.


"*giggle* so you just realized huh?"


I looked for the origin of this giant finger and found out that it really was connected to a giant hand... connected to a giant arm... connected to...


And then I saw her in all her glory, and I was stood in what it seemed a gigantic nightstand or a desk.


Rachel was seeing at me with a cute and BIG smile.


There she was, a really giant and enormous Rachel looking at me with what just looked like eyes the size of big pools.


Her face was massive, something that you never get to see in your life, something abnormal that didn't make sense at all!


And not to much far way from where I was... boobs the size of mountains were standing there, wriggling a little every time she giggle.




"R-R-Rachel? Is that you? "I asked, hesitating a little with my own voice.


"Well im certainly not a random giantess that just look like her, don't I?" she said with a giggle.


"What happened?! Why are you so big?! Why is..."


"We're shrunk by her technology you dumb" Angela said appearing behind me.


«So she's not big... I'm small... like really really small.»




"Angela? You too are small?!"


"She's not the only one" William said while coming at us.


"If I'm honest with you, I really think I can enjoy myself with this" Anthony said coming behind William.


"Well, Daniel was the last one to awake, so I think I can already explain to you what's going on here" Rachel's voice boomed at us.


"*sigh* Finally..." Angela said.


"The thing is that my invention is actually a size changing machine... it can change the size of whatever you want or whoever you want... and with the protection suits you can actually survive to almost anything no matter what size you are" Rachel said.


"That's actually a revolutionary invention! You can do a lot of things with this kind of technology!" William exclaimed with excitement.


"Hehe... thanks... " Rachel blush a little with the compliment.


"So... if we're shrunk... and we are I don't know how many times smaller than you... how can we speak to you so easy? Aren't we like super tiny and our voices can't really reach you so..." Before Angela could finish her questions, Rachel answered.


"Right now I'm talking to you by your bracelets... because at that size you may not clearly hear what I'm saying" she said.


«It might be that we're actually not hearing her voice directly form her but from the bracelets instead and in reality, we're just getting those booming sounds just from the impact of her voice.»


"But hell... you actually make us really small..." I said looking at the massive finger beside us and getting a glimpse to the two mountains at the other side of the desk.


"By the way, how small are we right now?" Anthony asked.


"Weeeell... maybe like...1/8 of an inch each one of you... I made the calculations and I might seem like 1600 ft tall for you" Rachel answered.


«Wait what?!»


Everyone around me had the same reaction.


"We are that small?" I asked.


"Yeah?" Rachel said looking at us and biting her lower lip a little.


"Okay, I'm already regretting this already" Angela said.


"So you talk to us about all of this because you needed help with some kind of experiment... like seeing our durability, our physical characteristics, maybe if we have some secondary effects of the shrinking exposure..."


"Eh... no..." Rachel said a little embarrassed "I already did all of that the other day and everything's fine... I didn't wanted to risk your security after all"


William seemed surprised by that revelation.


"So what are we gonna do that you needed all of us?" I asked.


Rachel blush a little just from thinking the answer.


"Weeeell... the thing is that I just wanted to play with all of you a that size."




"Hehe..." Rachel seemed embarrassed.


"*sigh* Are you serious?" Angela asked.


Rachel nodded with her gigantic face.


"Can I leave now?" Angela asked.


"Wait! I really want to play with all of you... and I already promised that if you help me today I'm gonna give you free tickets to the exposition so..."




"I thought we were going to do something really important here! But you already did all that without us!" Angela exclaimed.


"I mean, she's right" Anthony said agreeing with Angela, really uncommon actually.


"But..." Rachel tried to say something but was cutted out by her 1/8 inch height friend.


"So... how can we turn back to our normal sizes?" Angela asked.


"With my computer... it's the only way to change your sizes" Rachel said a little disappointed with how the things were going at the moment.


"Well... can you turn us back?" Angela asked.


"I don't wanna" Rachel said pouting, angry and cute in her own way.


"Rachel!" Angela exclaimed a little irritated.


"Why do yoy want to let us stay like this?" William asked trying to find out the reason behind shrinking us.


Rachel blush again thinking in something.


"The thing is that... since I was little I had a fantasy that along the years it turned into a fetish..." Rachel started playing with her hair a little, something that at our size looked actually scary "I alway wanted to play with little people and make them play all over my body... that's the main reason that I created all of this..."


«What...?» for a moment, everything started to make sense and I've realized something very important that I didn't never possibly think of... 


"Oh great... she's a closet pervert..." I thought.


"Who could tell? I actually want to leave even more..." Angela said ironically.


"Just give me an opportunity!" Rachel exclaimed, we feel the vibrations of that on the floor that was Rachel's desk.


"I will not buy that!" Angela said.


Rachel was starting to panic because of Angela and how negative she was about this.


(For me, I was actually speechless with all of this so I couldn't get to say too much...)


"I know! I give all of you one free trip to one area of my body that you have an interest in, you can't leave this opportunity."


"No matter where it is?" William asked to my surprise.


"Yes! No matter where you wanna go... I will grant you that wish and that way we all win in this... you get an one life opportunity exploring a giant girl's body and I get the feeling of you exploring me."


Anthony laughed with this.


"I'm in!" He said.


«Really obvious though...»


"Me too" William said.


«That's actually a surprise.»


"Well... I think that I'm in too..." I said.


"Ugh... boys..." Angela said in low voice.


We all looked to Angela, including the giant eyes of Rachel that at our size looked like pools that we can actually dive in... and they're beautiful as fuck!


"Angela?" Rachel asked.


"I already told you that...!"


"Oh! cut it out Angela! You really like Rachel and don't want to make her sad do you?" Anthony asked to annoy Angela. Then he whispers leaving his bracelet away for a moment. "And I noticed you were staring at her breast when we got here".


"... " Angela glared angry  at Anthony "I hate you..."


"She's in!" Anthony exclaimed.


"Seriously?!" Rachel asked.


"Yeah, you can't see her right now but she's really embarrassed and blushing with the idea of walking across all your big, sweaty, and beautiful body" Anthony said.


"Sweaty?!" Rachel a Angela asked at the same time but with different meaning behind their questions.


After we were done with all the misunderstanding between Angela and Rachel, we tried to look out for this "deal" that Rachel wanted us to do.





This is a Toetal fun experience isn't it? by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

Second chapter, focused on feet.



"So..." Rachel was seeing at us with shine in her eyes, expecting to one of us to choose where should we go.

"Yeah, so who is choose first?" Angela asked.

We all looked at each other, then we all looked at Anthony.


"What?!" He asked.

"We're all sure you know already where you want to go don't ya?" Angela asked.

"Of course I already know! But I have principles and I want to be the last one to choose" Anthony said.

That's Anthony for you... he just want to be the last one to make us experience what he is thinking about.

"I think we're gonna need some time to think about this" William said.

"Oh, In that case! Why don't we go to my room so we can have all the fun in there?" Rachel said that while she was trying to look for a tiny container to put us in.

«She knows that she can just take us there and explained on the way, right?»

She put her giant finger in front of us, the thing was actually massive, tall as a wall and the length was actually indescribable.

"Get on top of my finger and I take you all there" Rachel said.

If this is just her finger, I can't even imagine how big other parts of her body might be...

Just thinking about it make me terrified... but that feeling get away as I remember the protection suits that we all had.

"Okay, let's do this..." I said to myself.

We get on top of her finger actually climbing a little but it was easy to grab her skin so we did it fast.

"Is everyone there?" Rachel asked with a cute smile on her face.

«Can't contain the excitement huh?»

"Yes, we are all on the... eh... finger" William said.

"Great" Rachel said, moving a little her finger.

"Woahh!" We all were surprised by the sudden movement, trying to grab on her skin to not fall.

Then, the world get upside down when Rachel dropped us in the palm of her other hand.

"There you go, like this you can't fall to the ground, but if by mistake that actually happens, don't worry your mass is so little that you might not get any injury at all, and even if you can, you might just be protected by your suits" Rachel said all that while she was walking and taking us to her room.

«She really did think everything huh?»

"So, who is gonna choose first?" I asked remembering what we were supposed to discuss.

"I'm not choosing until I can get the idea of what are we doing here..." Angela said.

"Then it's between William and Daniel" Anthony said.

A part of Rachel's body that I want to explore? I mean, im good with everything but... if I had to choose...

"Then I'm choosing!" William exclaimed.

«Eh?! Oh well, whatever... I'm actually a little bit curious about what William would choose»

Rachel made it to her room and heard that William was choosing, she take her hand closer to her face and we were facing the massive, giant, enormous face of Rachel.

We weren't even close to her but we all could feel her breath, that make us clear that we were completely at the mercy of this giant weird girl.

I was engulfed in her eyes bigger than anything and seeing right at us, her beautiful lips that are probably really soft starting to part away as she was going to speak and...

"Okay William, where does my tiny little group should go first?" She bit her lower lip a little as she said that.

She was clearly teasing us, something that really work on me because I fell on my back.

Rachel sat on her bed and was still seeing at us, waiting for an answer.

"I want to explore your feets" William said.

"What?" Angela asked.

"My feets?" Rachel asked kind of surprised.

"That's right, you heard me" William said.

"So your into feet William?" Anthony asked.

"Don't misunderstand me, I'm not into feet, it's just that I feel a little excited of this journey so I wanted to know how Rachel's feets would look from our point of view" William explained.

"So you ARE into feet" Anthony exclaimed.

"Well... that's correct too" William said.

"Then don't go doing excuses from nowhere!" AngelaI exclaimed.

"Um... So you want to go to my feet... I wonder how could I... you know... put you there..." Rachel asked.

"Just do what you can" William answered.

"Okay then... going down" Rachel said that getting her hand on the ground.

"Ah, this it's gonna be a toetal fun" William said.

"Pffft" Angela let out a chuckle "he's such an idiot sometimes".

We stepped outside Rachel's palm, on the ground, in front of two large pillars that go to the sky.

«Wow... she's just sitting there on the bed but I can't imagine going up there... and even if I said that I was just that high a moment ago».

"This is all so unreal..." I blurted out.

I notice that Rachel smiled when I said that.

"Look at that precious feet..." William said while looking at the opposite way I was looking...

In front of us, we were greeted with a pair of feets larger than a house, everything was covered by giant socks but we knew that there were giant feets behind all that clothing.

"So... I take off my socks? I'm not really into this thing so I don't know..." Rachel said.

"You're not into feet but you actually are into tiny people exploring all your body?!" Angela exclaimed.

"Some... specific parts of my body actually... I just don't get the idea of squishing people under my feet.. that and I can't actually imagine things from this perspective" Rachel said.

"Well, then I suggest you to take off your socks because what a feet lover like me prefers the most... it's the smothering skin you have in your sole" William exclaimed.

"Okay! You're the boss" said Rachel taking off her socks at some speed that was actually a little scary for us, something so big moving so fast it just doesn't seem correct or actually legal, it make us seem at a great disadvantage for us.

«We'll never gonna adapt to that normal speed coming from her...»

Rachel put her socks besides her feets.

"Now what?" Rachel asked a little bit excited about this.

"Just leave your feet on the ground, we're gonna do the rest" William said.

"Speak for yourself, I'm not going over there" Angela said pointing at Rachel's giant fingers.

Oh fuck I didn't see them! They're like 9 foot tall from our point of view!

"They're big... really big..." I said.

"Oh really? *giggle* They're that big?" Rachel asked.

I nodded but I don't think she would possibly saw that.

"Then why don't you get to see them closer?" 

At first we didn't understand what she was talking about, but when the massive sole of her feet overcome the sky over us, we did...

Then a giant feet came right at us in all its glory.

I really thought that I was going to die at that moment but when I open my eyes I only feel a bit of pressure over my body.

"What is this?" I asked, seeing that everything was dark.

The environment was warm, a little moist, it smelled nice like some kind of lotion...

Then I realized...

«I'm under her sole...»

"You thought you were going to die or something? I already told you... with those suits you're practically invincible" Rachel said clearly enjoying this.

I felt that she was actually trying to put a lot of pressure, I knew because I couldn't move at all not even an inch.

"Look, I can just put a lot of pressure and you can't feel that bad right?" Rachel asked.

"This is... amazing..." William said clearly enjoying this as much or even more than Rachel.

Rachel lifted her feet from the ground but I still couldn't move...

And the reason was... well is kind of embarrassing to say but...

I was stick to the sole of her feet by her sweat.

"Woahh!" Everyone was exclaiming on the call, that means that everyone was stick to herthe feet just as myself.

"I know I should enjoy this... but all of you sticking to my feet like this... actually makes me to want to play with you some more like this... so..." Rachel stopped talking and we were surprised by the clothing she disposed of before... coming right at us.

"I'm just putting a sock on my feet... but for some reason this feels so exciting" Rachel said.

We were covered in Rachel's sock and feet, and I couldn't see it but I knew that Rachel was blushing with this feeling, the tone of her voice told me that.

«Maybe she's aroused with this?» but she said she wasn't into this kind of thing...

«So maybe it's just the thought of us being here».

«...» then I came to the conclusion.

«She's just a pervert...».

"I'm going to walk a little around my room with you guys in my sock... so enjoy yourselves in there" Rachel said that and the world around us started moving.

"Oh god..."


Then Rachel began to walk around her room.

To her it was just walking, to us it was really a crazy ride going up and down in the darkness and light, in the pressure and the sticky freedom that we were having.

This is actually not so bad, getting smothered against Rachel's sweaty, soft and sweet feet wasn't really bad at all.

It was actually a lovable feeling... something that was making my heart going on a lot.

Then I kiss her foot a little.

I didn't believe that the first time I was kissing Rachel wasn't a kiss on her lips but on her feet.... at the size of a speck...

"This is actually feeling funny..." Rachel said.

"You bet it is!" Anthony exclaimed.

"Hehehe... Now everyone understands the greatness of feets" William said.

"Not yet, I want more" Rachel said still walking on her room.

I could feel myself getting into this, the feeling was starting to feel overwhelming.

The it stopped, Rachel stopped walking and sat on her bed again.

"Everyone, I'm going to take off my sock so let me know if you need any help getting off my... *giggle* sole" Rachel said.

From one moment to another we were getting us free from her sole.

"Phew... that surely was a ride" Anthony said.

"I don't think I'm done yet with the feet thing" Rachel said "but I want you to rest a little before where you're going next".

"I still want to experience your feet though" William said.

Rachel smiled at those words and then she put her giant feet in front of us leaving all of us speechless.

"Then whoever who wants to be pinned down by these" she said while wiggling her toes "then come and get it".

We all watched William running to the giant toes wiggling playfully.

"He's gonna die"

"He's definitely gonna die"

We all were staring until the big toe of Rachel's feet came down and smothered William to the ground.

Rachel started to enjoy this a lot and was playing with her toes while William was trying to get all the feelings from all the sensations he was having there.

Angela, Anthony and me just sit there, trying to rest a little.

"Then who is next to choose?" Anthony asked seeing at us.

"I don't think I'm ready to choose, if things are going this way... I might get to overwhelm with all of this" Angela said.

"Then it's Daniel then" Anthony said.

"Eh? Really?" Rachel's voice interrupted our conversation, still playing with her toes so William can get tired.

"You already think something Daniel?" Asked Anthony.

I take a look at Rachel at the sky.

"I think that I already know where are we going next" I said.

I notice that Rachel blushed a little after hearing that.

«She's just so precious...»


Now say "ahhh" by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

Third chapter, focused on mouth play.



Moments after William get enough of playing with Rachel's toes, we were ready for our next destination.

"So, where are we going next?" William asked serious, ignoring completely the fact that we all just see him getting engulfed by Rachel's toes for half an hour, getting excited for everything that she did and now he was trying to play cool like any of that happened.

"..." We all glared at him.

"What?" He asked seriously.

"Forget about him, Daniel where are we going next?" Angela asked while seeing at me.

"Well... I decided that I go with her lips" I said.

"The ones from her face or..." Anthony was interrupted.

"Don't you dare to finish that sentence you hear me?!" Angela exclaimed.

"I mean... her mouth" I said.

Everyone was seeing at me, even Rachel at the distance.

"My mouth?" Rachel asked surprised.

Of course it wasn't something normal to request, I had my doubts about where should I choose to go, but after getting the experience with Rachel's feets I get to understand that I can choose whatever I want and we can make something from it.

Then it crosses my mind that I really love Rachel's lips, her beautiful smile, even how cute her tongue is and I couldn't resist to the feeling to say...

"Yeah, I'd like to see Rachel's mouth at this size".

"Daniel, are you talking seriously? You actually what are you talking about?" Angela was kind of freaking out with my idea.

"What? I can choose wherever I want, then I choose her mouth" I said.

"I kind of want to see that too" Anthony said.

«I'm not surprised! You're into whatever comes to you!»

"I already make you go with what I wanted, I go along with this" William said.

"Are you fine with this Rachel? If one of us get lost in your mouth you can probably eat them!" Angela said.

"I... I..." Rachel was seeing right at us with such an intense glare as she said that.

"You see?! You're just freakin..."

"I'm into soft vore..." Rachel said interrupting Angela.

"Say what again?" Angela turned to Rachel.

"Soft vore... but more specifically... playing with little people inside my mouth and eating them softly..." Rachel said.

Angela's face expression turned into something difficult to read.

"Of course I will not eat you! Not until I create something that can make you resist my stomach acid and the digesting progress..." Rachel said kind of embarrassed.

"Is she talking seriously?" Angel turned to us.

"Oh, don't worry... that's not gonna be soon, maybe another day if we decide to repeat this" Rachel said blushing a little.

"Agh... then it's obvious that you want us to try the mouth stuff this time... okay let's do this..." Angela surrendered to everyone.

"Okay guys, then next stop..." without warning, Rachel lowered her hands to the ground beside us and then she grabbed us one by one with her left hand and leave us on her right hand.

We felt disoriented as we ascended at a high speed.

«She's not wasting any time with this opportunity huh? She must have contained herself all this time trying not to take us to her mouth just to "play" with us.»

Then we stopped... it took us some seconds to comprehend our surroundings...

But then, we saw it...

Rachel's giant face right in front of us, with her mouth wide open just inches from us.

"My mouth..." she finished her sentence.

*gulp* I'm kind of regretting this a little.

We don't know if Rachel can get carried away with us, or get aroused with us and forget that we are in there.

But... I trust her, with my life actually! So I better not regret this...

"IN-YOU-GO" Rachel said lifting and shaking her hand a little making us fall y the giant humid cavern that is her mouth.




I landed in her tongue... with her giant teeths nearby.

«Oh god, this is a new experience...!»

I was on top of her humid, wet, warm and so dangerous tongue... feeling so hard her breath going on again and again trying to push me away.

"Haah... haah..." Rachel was absolutely aroused by this, she couldn't hide even if she tried... and I did notice that she was actually trying to breath softly but that compared to us was like a hard winter breeze but completely warmer instead of cold.

It was so much for me...

#bzzzt# then I feel my bracelet vibrate a little.

"What was that?" I asked to myself.

I take a look at my bracelet.

"You have 1 new message"


I touched my bracelet, then open the button that said "Your mailbox".

There it was a message from "goddess Rachel" 

«Haha... very funny».

"I hope you can enjoy yourself in there Daniel <3" That was what the message said.

Oh, that's right she mentioned something about a communication device in the bracelet just in case someone couldn't speak...

«She was prepared even for this!!»

And the fact that she added a heart was actually making me feel happy... she was so a lovely girl that I couldn't be more proud that I'm in love with her...

«Actually, there's the fact that she's a pervert and I don't know what kind of dangerous things she will probably do to me... so... I'd just say that she's fine...»

"Oh... this ground it's... so hard to walk on..." Angela said from somewhere I didn't know because we were separated when we fall.

"What did you expect from a tongue?!" Anthony asked.

"Well! I don't really know what I can do in here!" Angel exclaimed.

"Don't mind me, I'm trying to go to her teeths and see them up close" William said.

"Daniel, what did you even wanted to do in here?" Angela asked.

"I... I thought that it was going to be more..." I didn't finished my sentence when I felt what it seemed like Rachel gasping for a moment.


I opened my mailbox again...

"Let's get a bit wild should we?" The message said.

"Yeah... something like that" I said.

"Like what?" Angela asked with confusion.


"Enjoy this ride my precious toy" after I finished to read the new message... the ground started to shake...

«Oh no...»




*Rachel's POV*

"Haah... haa..."

I knew it since I just put them in my mouth...

I wanted to play with them so badly...

"Haa... haa..."

I wanted to touch myself so bad... but I tried to control the urges...

After all, my friends are inside of my mouth, completely at my will... completely powerless against me...

Oh, that feeling of power was so strong for me...

But I managed to control myself and try to give the tinies a good ride inside of my mouth that they could never forget.

I licked my lips without caring about if some of my friends get stuck to them «That's something I will take care later», then, I started to make sure they feel my warm breath all over them.

"Haa... haa..."

And the best part of all of this is that I even get to hear every scream, every comment, everything that they're saying about this...

But the most important thing for me at that moment was...

«Make... Daniel... enjoy himself...»

God, I didn't even care if he takes off his protection suit and cum all over my tongue...

«Actually, that's pretty hot...»

I just wanted to make sure he was happy...

Because... you know... I kind of... like him... but even more at that size...

And that makes me to want to play with him even more... I can just put myon finger on my tongue and play with him so much that...

«Fuck it, I'll just do that».



*back to Daniel's POV*

I watched astonished as the giant finger of Rachel came to her mouth... coming for me.


I felt a lot of pressure...

"Nhg... I han... ohj... aik... his..."

«"I can of like this"?! That's what she's trying to say?!»

It was weird for me, being pressed against Rachel's tongue while she was trying to say something, it did make me kind of confused.

"Ahhhh!" The rest of the group was in a bad situation right now.

"Ah fuck this! Can you two play this shit when the rest of us are not trying to fall deep in your mouth?! It's hard to move in here already!" Angela was angry, and maybe kind of jealous with the attention that Rachel was giving me.

Rachel came back into her senses and lifted her hand away from her mouth.

Some time passed and everyone get to exit Rachel's mouth.

"I-I'm sorry guys... I might let myself get carried away..." Rachel said as we left her mouth and were standing in her right hand away from her face.

"It's okay, that's your thing after all..." Angela said.

"I did enjoy that though, it was a good ride" Anthony said.

"It was... something" William said with a straight face.

Everyone was tired after that ride in Rachel's mouth, I was still trying to catch my breath.

"What about you Daniel?" Rachel asked blushing a little.

"I... eh... I... really enjoyed it, I mean it" I said that smiling a little but as before I doubt that she actually could see it.

"Guys... can you throw Daniel to my other hand please?" Rachel asked seeing at us, and after she said that her left hand appear beside us.

I had only a few seconds to process what she said at that moment, but it was too late when I've realized.

I was being pushed out of Rachel's giant right hand by my friends.

"Go get her tiger!" Anthony said.

"What a lucky bastard you are, aren't you?" Angela said.

"You don't want to make her wait right?!" William said.

"Wait guys! Stop! No!" But no matter how much I struggled, they keep at it until I falled on Rachel's giant left hand.

My ground started to shake a lot and made my fall on my back.

"You know... I've always wondered how it was going to be kissing someone as small as you are" Rachel said.

«Wait... is she saying what I think she's saying?»

"Guess we have to test this for science, don't you think Daniel?" Rachel was smiling at me, blushing and who knows what is going in her head but she's bringing her hand close to her face... the hand I'm standing on...

"Ah... oh god..." I said.

Her lips were coming closer and closer at me and there was nothing I could do about that.

In seconds I was begin smothered against Rachel's giant, big and soft lips... it was a great sensation.

«Clearly it wasn't the real thing of a kiss, I mean, I don't think that kissing a 25 feet lips can count as a kiss but the feelings in it kind of mean something right?»

Rachel was pushing me with her finger on her lips, pushing me to side to side and trying to rub me against the whole thing.

And I was too, kissing every inch of the soft thing, Rachel knew that because she could hear it all on her communication device...

In fact, at this moment it's probably well know to everyone in this room that I'm kissing Rachel's massive lips and at the same time Rachel is kissing my whole body with such huge pillows.

"Woah Daniel, I kind of envy you right now" Anthony said.

«Of course you do...»

Rachel stopped after what it seemed like three minutes of kissing, I have to say that I was completely tired of being smothered.

But I loved every last second...

"Well... I suppose it's time for Angela to decide our next stop" William said after seeing that Rachel stopped kissing me.

"M-My turn?!" Angela was nervous, it was clear in her voice.

"So we're moving to next location now?" I asked. 

"I don't think so" Rachel said almost blowing me away.

She looked at me with lust in her eyes.

"I'm not done with you yet my tiny little guy... I still have to enjoy this since we were interrupted by the rest when everything was just starting to feel good" Rachel was... looking at me... and every time her mouth was opening to talk... it seemed like she was teasing me a lot.

«Oh god»

"The rest of you don't worry... I'm just gonna have a little fun with my tiny Daniel".

And as she said that... she lifted me over her open mouth... licking her lips little... obviously waiting for me...

And then she let me fall on the abyss...


The DD Rachel's mountains by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

Fourth chapter focused on breasts 



"Oh... I thought for a moment I was gonna die" I said lying down in Rachel's night drawer, where she leave us after letting me go out of her mouth.

"You know I actually think for a moment that letting you go down my throat probably would've feel so good with you struggling in there..." Rachel said that with a cute smile, making some shivers down my spine.

"I die!" I exclaimed.

"*giggle* buy I didn't swallow you" Rachel said.

"Okay you lovebirds, we better get moving and you can do your swallowing things when we're all done" Anthony said.

"Oh r-right!" Rachel exclaimed remembering what we were doing all this time.

«I guess that she was so into it that she forgot everything besides playing with me in her mouth... that's cute and terrifying at the same time...»

"So... it's Angela's turn now isn't it?" Anthony asked letting out a chuckle.

Angela was annoyed by being bothered by him.

"I've already had my selection for a good place to ridethe but... Rachel, can you put this asshole in a place accordingly to him?" Angela was actually joking about this but Rachel did take seriously that last comment.

"I-Is it okay if I'm doing it in front of allus of you?" Rachel asked with her face so red that at first sight someone would probably think that she has a high fever.

And we did know that Rachel was actually taking that joke seriously because she was starting to take off her pants...

"W-Wait Rachel! I was just joking! Just joking!" Angela exclaimed.

Rachel stopped taking off her pants at that moment and turned at us with her blushing expression.

"I-I knew it..." She said.

«It is obvious that you didn't...»

"Well, that was close» Anthony said «Thanks for stopping her Angela» and he was smiling like he didn't care at all if he actually did get to be inside Rachel's ass.

«Actually... I think that he actually didn't care...»

But even so... the thought of being buried inside Rachel's ass... so large at this size... I was kind of exciting thinking about it and knowing that we're invincible made it more tempting for me.

"Well... whatever was all this... I already made my choice" Angela said that with a big smile and pointing at Rachel's big giant and monolithic breasts  "I have to climb those mountains of yours my girl!".

Rachel blushed again after hearing that.

"Wha-what?" Rachel asked nervous.

"After seeing all the fun the guys had with your body!"

"I was not having fun..." William said trying to stay cool.

«You're bad at lying...»

"*Ahem* as I was saying... after seeing all the fun the guys were having with your perfect body... I just couldn't resist and thought about what I most envy about you... and that it... THOSE FUCKING BAZOOKAS YOU HAVE THERE!" Angela was actually screaming when we actually don't needed to do it to be heard.

"Ugh... my ears..." it doesn't matter who said it, we all thought the same thing.

"Okay, I get it geez..." Rachel said scratching her ear a little with the noticeable blush in her face.

"Really?! Yay!" Angela exclaimed.

"You're too happy about it, isn't?" Anthony try to bother Angela but she didn't care at the moment, she was actually just standing there, excited for what was coming.

"Ah... but it is okay to me... to get undressed in front of everyone I mean...?" Rachel asked a little.

"You're asking that after almost taking off your pants in front of us?!" Angela exclaimed.

"Ah... well..." Rachel didn't know what to answer "Ah! Whatever!" Then she take the down part of her shirt and started to lift it up until her bra and allI of her upper body  was all that we could see wherever we looked.

What took everyone's attention the most was without a doubt her massive breasts begin held with by her immense bra.

We were loomed over by the shadow of one of her gigantic tits...

"You guys are gonna like this" Rachel said that while getting her hands in her back.

Annnnnd.. *clip*

Rachel let out her breasts of her bra with a big jiggle.

"Woahhh!" Anthony exclaimed.

"So big..." William said.

"They're so beautiful... just as I imagined them..." Angela said.

"This is so embarrassing but at the same time so exciting..." Rachel said while looking right at us with an intense sight.

"I want to play with those so bad... just how big can they be...?" Angela was so excited that she was drooling just by looking at Rachel's mountains of breast.

"I can actually answer that... with some little calculations I can say that... each of my breasts might look like 150 feet tall..."

«*gulp* They're big...»

"I want to touch them!" Angela exclaimed.

"R-Right..." Rachel said blushing while letting down the big left breast on top of the night drawer, exactly in front of us.

We heard a big *boom* at the moment her breast touched our surface and the ground shake a little after that and I almost fell on my back again but I did resisted this time.

«Such an impact just for one breast... begin this size is really scary... if it's not by this suits we would probably all be death by now...»

"Hey Daniel, look at this!" Angela was calling my name trying to get my attention.

I looked over at where Angela was going.

Gigantic, pink, with a soft texture just by looking at it, with the size of a small bus there it was Rachel's giant and sweaty big left nipple.

"Ah... guys, I can't see you from this point of view right now... can you tell me what are you doing?" Rachel was probably nervous with the thought of all of her friends looking at one of her most private places.

Angela ran towards the big nipple and gives to it a great punch.

"Uhn... what was that?" Rachel asked.

"N-nothing, just don't give it a thought!" I exclaimed.

"Ah! A nipple so big just make me love it and hate it at the same time!" Angela exclaimed while giving a kick to the big nipple.

William and Anthony came to help Angela and they started kicking and punching without stopping.

"Take this! and that!" Angela exclaimed very excited.

"W-What are you guys doing down there?!" Rachel asked with her face completely red.

«It's obvious that she knows what's going on down here... she probably just wanna hear it from one us».

"Well... it might be possible that everyone is attacking your nipple in this moment..."

Just as I was saying that, Angela was opening her mouth besides the giant nipple and was getting closer her face to the big soft thing.

"Don't mind if I do..." she said while biting it.

"Hyah!" Rachel exclaimed, almost letting out what did seemed like a contained moan.

And just as everyone was surprised by Rachel scream, another thing was happening...

The giant nipple in front of us started to grow and getting erect because of that last stimulation.

"Oh god!" Angela screamed as the big nipple engulfed her under it.

Everyone was getting caught by the giant and erect nipple except from me who get the sight of my life as the tip of her nipple was standing just in front of me.

in front of me... and easily on top of all of our friends with leaving a lot of space.

I couldn't resist and grab a wrinkle in the tip of Rachel's nipple, and leave a little kiss on it.

"You have beautiful nipples" I blurted out in low voice.

"W-what are you saying?!" Rachel exclaimed and her nipple get a little more erect... and then... everything got dark as I was being smothered against the ground and Rachel's enormous nipple.

"By the way... it's probably that my nipple might seem like 20 feet... I mean... you guys made me feel so good there that it's your fault that you ended like that!"

«She's just lying and taking advantage of her size...»


Some moments later we were standing in a soft surface...

Rachel was laying upside on her bed, with her naked breasts exposed in all their glory and we were in front of the middle space between them, in her large cleavage.

"Okay guys... We're going to play a game" Rachel said biting her lower lip with a light blush on her face.

"What kind of game... my goddess?" Angela asked with a bit of excitement and a kind of lustful expression.

We feel the ground shaking a little like an earthquake, but it wasn't that, it was just a little shiver of excitement that Rachel just had...

"Oh my god... she called me goddess..." Rachel said bitting even more her lower lip and blushing a lot.

"*Ahem* so... about this game?" William asked.

After hearing that, Rachel came back to her senses and continued explaining.

"You have to do pairs and help each other to get on top the tip of my nipples... the team that makes it to the top first gets a reward... and the team that loses... gets a punishment" Rachel said that with a little grin.

«She's serious... She's probably losing her mind with all of this... and I don't know what she is capable of right now...»

I can't lose...

"Daniel you're coming with me!" Angela exclaimed running at me and without a warning... she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the right mountainous breast.

I saw William and Anthony running to the left breast.

"Okay... I make yourselves comfortable and make your pairs have private calling conversations if you wanna discuss some strategy or something but you all can still hear me and if you need something you can send me a message" Rachel explained all of this while typing with her left hand some keyboards on her computer.

«She's ready for anything huh.»

"Okay! That's great! Come on Daniel we have to defeat those guys!"

"Yeah! We can't lose"

Both of us we were running towards the giant nipple at the distance but Rachel's boob was so big that it was difficult for us to get there.

"So...  sloping..." Angela said getting exhausted.

Meanwhile we were running to the giant nipple, it was clear that Rachel was getting aroused by this... because her nipples were getting erect just by the thought of her friends in her breasts running at the nipples that dwarfed them in size.

"Hnng..." She was obviously containing herself.

"We need to make it to the tip! We're not getting another opportunity to touch her glorious nipples! We need to do it!" Angela exclaimed while running.

«Great... she lose herself in all this situation...»

I don't know who's more excited right now... the giant girl with her friends running towards her nipples or the girl that just want to touch them so bad...

Rachel was blushing so much at this situation that she didn't know if she could watch this to the end... but she had to see what team makes it to the end.

And we were almost there... just getting to the large landscape of Rachel's areola...

"Oh god... they're making it..." Rachel said.

We were reaching the nipple, but that wasn't the end.

Angela buried her face to the erect nipple when we get there.

"There's no time for that! We still need to make it to the end of the tip! We have to climb!" I said.

"Ugh!" Angela exclaimed.

We both started climbing the giant nipple of Rachel.

«God... it's so soft and easy to grab...»

And just barely before William and Anthony... we make it to the top.

"W-We have a winner team..." Rachel said glaring at us.

"We did it!" Angela exclaimed jumping up and down on top of Rachel's nipple.

"Hnng!" Rachel exclaimed after feeling that.

"Ah! Sorry!" Angela exclaimed, even when Rachel couldn't hear it.

"You sure are into this now" I commented.

"Of course I am! I'm in love with every inch of Rachel's perfect since last year! I can't waste this one lifetime opportunity!" Angela exclaimed.

«Angela is in love with Rachel's body? That's the first time I've heard about it.»

"Oh! Don't worry though, I have no intentions of getting between you two, I know you guys like each other" Angela said.

"Wait! What did you just said?!" I exclaimed.

Angela was about to answer me but the voice of our giant girl interrupted her.

"And now for the loser team..." Rachel said glaring at her left nipple meanwhile getting her left hand closer to her left boob.

"I'll make you remember how small you are now to me..." Rachel said with a lustful grin.

Then we saw how Rachel used the fingertip of her index finger to bury Anthony and William against her left nipple, engulfing them in a lot of pressure.

"Oh god! this feels sooo good...!" Rachel said.

She was now fingering her nipple a lot.

 "You guys feel sooo good against my nipple!"

Angela was drooling over the view in front of her but it didn't last any longer when Rachel turned her face to us.

"And for the winner's prize... since you guys did so well with my nipple... I expect..." 

Rachel grabbed her right boob with her left hand, shaking our ground a lot and making us trip and before we get to fall, me and Angela get to grab Rachel's right nipple.

Then... we were surprised when we saw Rachel's giant mouth wide open right upon us.

"I expect... you make my nipple feel even more good" her giant mouth said that.

«The last thing I remember was that everything turned dark and I was pushed again against her giant tongue and now her giant nipple too.»


The tight and moist cave of love by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

Insertion centered chapter and the end of the story

We awakened several minutes later in Rachel's gigantic bed, with the giant girl watching us from the sky.

«Just how hard was that last ride to make us lost our conscious...?»

"Oh great! You did wake up!" Rachel said with worry in her voice.

"Rachel was worried about you two" William approached to us from our left.

"She was really into it back there, I can't imagine how excited she was" Anthony came from behind William and said that.

"I'm so sorry guys! I get carried away playing with you and when I felt that you stopped moving... I thought..." Rachel exclaimed, her voice booming above us with tears almost coming out of her eyes. 

"Stop it, we already knew the possibility of you being too reckless" William said.

"Huh?" Rachel looked at the tiny man in front of her.

"You guys didn't fall unconscious?" I asked looking at William and Anthony.

"Rachel was just rubbing her nipples so hard that I thought for a moment I was gonna collapse..." William answered.

"Ah... guys?" Rachel said.

"I really enjoyed it!" Anthony said.

«Of course you did...»

"Guys...?" Rachel said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Are you guys not mad with me?" Rachel asked.

"Why would we?" I asked.

"Y-you lost consciousness when I played hard with you... and I..."

"*PFFFT* that? That was nothing! And I actually enjoyed it too" Angela said.

"You did...?" Rachel asked.

"Of course! And I know it's embarrassing to say this with everyone here... but I think I lost consciousness after coming in your mouth..." Angela said.

"You did what?!" Rachel asked with her face fully red.

"I came in your mouth... geez you make me said it again..." Angela said with her face also red.

"*Ahem* as you can see... There's no reason for us to be mad at you" William said.

"Actually, I think everyone is enjoying this Rachel... so there's no need to worry" I said.

"You... are you all okay with continuing with this?" Rachel asked. 

We all take a look at everyone, it seemed just by our looks that we were agreed with the same answer...

"We're all okay with this, Rachel" William answered.

"Guys..." Rachel was almost breaking into tears but she managed to contain it.

"Rachel... don't start crying.... We're all here because we agreed to do it... and we still stay here even after the weird day that we had" Angela said.

"Oh guys...I can't believe that you guys wanna stay with me even after knowing my secret fantasy and playing so lewd with you..." Rachel said.

"Me neither, trust me" Angela said.

"So... can we continue where we left all?" Anthony asked.

"Oh right... Anthony still has to choose..." William said.

"Shit..." Rachel blurted out.

"Stop ruining the mood girl! You know that it's my turn to choose and I have the perfect request for you!" Anthony exclaimed.

«We all know he's gonna say something that might cause a problem...»

"All right Anthony... come with all you got... I can take it..." Rachel said, even knowing that whatever it might be... it's gonna be difficult even for her...

"Are you sure giant girl? I was containing myself all this time and I want something big for the great ending" Anthony said.

Rachel let out a worry expression but she nodded.

"I promised that I would agreed to whatever you guys wanted..." Rachel said. 

"Okay then! I want you to masturbate for one hour and a half. I don't care how, I don't care where, but you have to do it with all of us inside you" Anthony said all that with a straight face.

"..." it took a moment for Rachel to realize what did she agree to do... her giant and beautiful face turned so red that we were actually surprised that she could become even more red than any of the other times she was blushing before.

"W-what did you just said?" Angela asked not believing what she heard.

 "An hour and a half..." Rachel said. Repeating unbelievably what Anthony said.

 "Inside..." I take a look all the way down to Rachel's thighs, between her legs at the distance... *gulp*

"Even in a normal day I can't stand that much..." Rachel said trying to find an excuse.

"Well, you better try sooner than later don't you think so?" Anthony asked.

"You really want that?! Are you sure?! Can't we... just stay on the bed... watch a movie or...." Rachel was trying to avoid Anthony's request.

"Rachel... you can't lie to me, I mean, to us" Anthony confronted her and take a step closer to her giant body. Approaching step by step to one of her feets.

"W-what do you mean?" Rachel asked nervously.

Anthony approached to the big toe of her left feet and then he touched it with both of his hands.

It was clearly to show her just how big of a difference in size we had. Her toe was big enough that all of us we could live in a house the same size as her toe, and even like that we probably could have a lot of space left.

"You actually wanted all this time that all of us crawled inside of you, so tiny in comparison with your giant pussy... you wanted to feel us inside you, so you could have the best orgasm in your whole life" Anthony said that while rubbing Rachel's big toe.

"I... I..."

"You can't said 'you don't want that' because that would be a lie, this is your fantasy after all... you get off by thinking those things" Anthony.

"I'm sorry..." Rachel said with a sad expression.

"You don't have to be Rachel..." I said.

"Daniel is right, you don't have to be sorry... because we actually, and I think I speak by everyone here... but we actually want to help you... to live this fantasy..." Anthony said that, I couldn't see his face from where I was but I just knew he was giving us a gentle smile.

"Are you... Are you all really okay with this...?" Rachel asked, still doubting.

"Well... I still have second thoughts about all of this, but... I might want to just see if there's the little chance that we can probably... eh...get you to orgasm..." Angela was the one who said that.

Rachel was blushing a lot after that.

"And I can said all of the guys we wouldn't leave this onelife-opportunity" Anthony said.

"O-okay... then it's decided..." Rachel said lifting up a little "but I have to take off this first..." As she said that, we saw how Rachel take the strings of her own panties while moving all of her body above us. Anthony was lost somewhere between her legs but that didn't matter at that moment...

What did matter was that Rachel was actually getting off her panties above all of us...

Rachel was barely naked before and I didn't thought that it could get better than before.

I was clearly wrong...

All of us saw to the sky, where the actual heaven was looking at us.

The mountains of her butt, perfect and round as nothing I've ever seen... 

Her beautiful, pink and giant pussy, wet in anticipation for our coming.

"Wow..." I said.

Rachel was pleased with my comment and shaked her legs a little, trying to show off her giant body to us.

"Do you like this guys?" Rachel asked, clearly already into it.

I opened my message bar from my bracelet and write something to her.

#I love it# it said.

Rachel clearly saw that message because she was smiling at me while biting her lower lip.

"I'm sorry but this is such a turn on... I might want to..." Rachel stopped at the middle of her sentence, and it wasn't because she didn't know what to say... it was because she was already into what she was going to say...

Rachel lowered her left hand between her legs and started touching herself above all of us.

We could get to see Rachel in all her glory... while masturbating with her giant hand.

"Hnnnm!!" She contained a moan.

She was using her fingers to satisfy herself.

"Oh god... I just might..." Rachel then came to her senses.

She looked at us, and while biting her lower lip... came to an idea.

She let herself and her body fall in her legs...

We didn't have much time to react, as the giant girl and her round ass was landing on us.


Everything became dark... I didn't know where I was and actually I didn't care... I just wanted to Rachel to actually get herself with all this teasing.

"Oh my... I can feel all of you against my butt... I love this... oh... I REALLY LOVE THIS!" Rachel was clearly enjoying herself.

«So I'm being pressed against her butt... well then... I wanted to do this a long time ago then...»

I bit her flesh softly.

"Hnngg! Oh! Who did that?" Rachel said after clearly enjoying that "oh, whatever! You're all going to get a punished for that no matter who it was".

Then, the pressure got worst as she actually sit down on us... and after that... we could feel strong movement around us and...

"Haaa...haaa...ha..." Rachel moaning.

She's touching herself while sitting on us?!

Rachel continued like that for a couple of minutes until she wanted to change a little the things around us.

She lifted up her butt and let us take some fresh air for a moment, and when I say a moment I mean like actually three seconds or so...

Without a warning, Rachel picked all of us one by one with her left hand, except form Anthony who we didn't know where it was.

We were taken by her wet fingers by her pussy juices.

«She must be really turn on to actually have so much juices on her fingers... and it's so sticky...»

"Now guys... I need to lubricate all of you..." Rachel said smiling at us with lust on her eyes.

"Lubri...cate?" Angela said before we were throw to the now open mouth of Rachel without any warning.

Rachel POV

I let them fall to my mouth and tried to savour every last inch of them.

My friends are trying to let me live my fantasy, I'm so happy I might die... I'm so happy I want them so bad...

"Hnnng..." I was moaning... touching myself... while my friends are inside of my mouth... they can probably feel all the tremors of my tongue...

I'm so happy... I'm so happy...

I feel someone in my mouth trying to wiggle in my tongue, trying to let me get all the feeling in it... that must be Daniel...

«Oh god... I love him so bad...»

I played with them on my tongue a lot... and I'm still doing it...

«Daniel... I want you to be inside me...»

Daniel POV

Rachel spitted us out of her mouth after some minutes inside... she was taking pauses in her masturbation to make sure she didn't come... until we are inside her...

"Ah... guys... I don't think I can stay so long... but I really want to do this..." Rachel said while getting the hand we were standing, close to her breast, then close to her navel... then close to her monolithic pussy...

It was a big and giant moist and warm cave, the biggest pussy I would probably see in my life...

"It's probably like a water park inside there to all of you... only it's darker... and warmer..." Rachel take a look at us and smile while biting her lower lip "the big difference is that... if you wiggle inside... you might get even more wet by my love..." 

"She's really lost into this..." William said.

"Uh-huh... but I can't deny that I already came three times in her mouth..." Angela said.

Rachel smiled even more after hearing that.

"Okay guys... get me the most chaotic and biggest orgasm I've ever had".

After saying that, we saw how Rachel used her other hand to open apart her pussy lips, letting us see the pink and giant cave that we were approaching to.

Rachel POV

I opened my pussy lips and without wanting to waste any second... I inserted my friends inside of me with my left hand...

«Oh god! This is so immoral... this is so lewd...» 

I started to touch myself, trying to play with my clit and trying to feel my friends wiggling inside of me.

"Oh god... guys... I want to know how it is in there..." I let out that single phrase...

Just thinking about it... my friends are inside my most precious and intimate place in my body... I was touching myself with them inside me...

I'm crazy, I have to be... how is this making me so horny and so happy at the same time?!

Does this counts as losing my virginity? No, that can't be... those little specks doesn't count as something large as... as...

Then something came to my mind...

Without stopping my foreplay, I tried to look in my night drawer...

«Ah, it has to be somewhere... it has to be... right... right here!»

I smiled for a moment, bit my lower lip knowing what was going to happen now...

"Guys... good luck inside there" I said.

Daniel POV

We were getting pressed against Rachel's vaginal walls, she couldn't contain herself with how horny she was... she couldn't contain it... and even if she could... she wouldn't do it because she want to tease us so bad that she don't care about anything... she knows we can't die because we are wearing her protection suits, that's why she isn't containing herself.

"Haaahhh... ahhhh! This is so great!" Rachel exclaimed.

We were moving around a lot because her fingers were getting in and out without warnings... and why would she warn us? She's just masturbating as she would any other day... but to her this day is more special... because we're...

"Guys... good luck inside there..." Rachel said that out of nowhere. I didn't understand it at the moment but... I did it when a sudden movement blown me away deep inside her.

«What the heck was that?!»

Then, I noticed when it hit me again... I get stick to it so I couldn't get my vision out of it.

I was stick to what it seemed like a giant dildo.

"Hahhhh! Oh god this is too good...!" Rachel exclaimed.

I didn't know what was crossing my mind, but for some reason I wanted to let Rachel know I was in here... so I just typed in my bracelet...

Rachel POV

I was getting off so hard with this new sensation... I don't know how much longer I can take this...

Then it happened...

I received a message from my little boy... from Daniel...

#I love you# it said.

"Eh?!" I exclaimed.

#PD. I'm stuck to the dildo... I think I'm at the tip...# 

I didn't thought anything more... I just continued inserting even more that dildo the deeper I could...

«I want him to touch me... I want him to get the deeper it can be... I want him to get inside my pussy and explore every inch of it... I want him to fuck me no matter what size is he...!»

I'm so happy that he was okay with all of this... that he actually love me too...

I want to let him know... that I'm a land to explore all for him...

And then... I came hard... and had the best orgasm I've ever had in my life.

Daniel POV

Rachel came, squirted all over her bed, she let out the dildo I was still stick to... all her juices came all over my body.

And there, at the distance was Rachel's beautiful face...

"Ha... ha..." She was clearly tired after that and we can't actually know if she even did an hour and a half, and we actually didn't care at all. I was just happy I did help Rachel to orgasm... it make me kinda proud about it... even if she actually used a dildo to actually came at the end.

"That was something amazing guys..." Rachel said.

"Ah... Rachel, I think I'm still inside you" Angela said.

"Stay there then or get out by your own... if I start touching my pussy again while looking for you I might want a round two..." Rachel said, smiling and kind of liking the idea.

"Okay! I get it... I get out on my own..." Angela said.

William on the other way was standing in the bed, trying to get up after all that ride.

"Uh... I know I had to say it earlier but... where is Anthony?" William asked.

Angela open her way through Rachel's vaginal lips and get out of her pussy.

"I didn't see him all this time... where is he?" Angela asked.

"Can't he answer? We're in a call all of us aren't we?" William asked.

"Don't worry about him" Rachel said trying to get up a little "I cut off the communication for him with my computer".

"Why?" I asked, still sticked to the dildo.

"Oh... well..." Rachel get on fours and let us see all of her backside.

Her pussy was again above us, dripping some juice drops from it.

"He's actually turning me on... down there in my butt... He's wiggling a lot you know..." Rachel let out a giggle after that.

"HAHAHAHA he's in your ass?!" Angela was laughing at that.

"But I want him to get out now... can some gentle little men get inside there so he can tell him where the exit is?" Rachel giggle a little after that.

"Ah... I'm sorry I can't... I'm still stick to the dildo... can the giant lady help me?" I asked.

Rachel didn't think it and grabbed the dildo, bringing it closer to her face.

We were again in the same position, with me really really tiny in front of her... and she, smiling with all her heart in such a cute and devilish smile.

"Oh... I can help you with that..." She said licking her enormous lips.

"*gulp* oh god..."


Epilogue by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This is the epilogue of the story, I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna do a sequel about this characters but hopefully it might be


Also, this is gonna be a short chapter






After everything ended that day and after three more rounds of Rachel toying with us and touching herself all night without letting us take a breath any moment.

At the end of the day, she ended up growing us to our normal size, everyone was a mess so we did take showers in turns to get ourselves up.

And we were leaving Rachel's house she thanked us for everything we did for her, she seemed really happy about this day.

Then she asked if anyone would want to do this again and all of us rejected that idea... well... not all of us...

"I'm sorry but this was, like I said, a onelife-opportunity and I don't think I will try this again" William said.

"It was great but I think I would like to do it with someone other than you guys, I'm sorry but I have to be rough with a girl sometimes" Anthony said.

"I will think about it... I still have my doubts... oh! But if I can get to be the bigger one I would love to!" Angela said.

"What about you Daniel?" Rachel was kind of disappointed with everyone's answer, but she was happy just by looking at me and not even answering.

"Rachel... I..." I had my doubts...

Rachel was making a sad face, thinking about what would be my answer.

"I'll be waiting for the next time" I said.

Rachel gives me the best smile she could ever make.

"Oh stop it you two, just kiss already!" Angela exclaimed.

Me and Rachel looked at each other into the eyes, then smiled.

"So... do you want to take another taste to my mouth?" Rachel asked kind of embarrassed about her own phrase.

"I would love to" I said getting closer to her and kissing her, this time as equals in size.

It was official, me and Rachel we were a couple now...


And that's gonna be a long trip to who knows where...

One month later...


It was an important presentation in some important organization, Rachel was in front of everyone explaining to everyone the artifact she made, the logarithm behind everything, the process she did to make it, she talked about the size changing device and how it can help the world, then, she also presented the protection suits that can resist any kind of danger and damage... except from acids or combustion.

The scientific community was pleased with her exposition and the invention she just made to the world.

Angela, William and Anthony were in the middle of the crowd looking at Rachel.

"I'm so happy about her" Angela said.

"She deserved it... I can only think that she's that mad scientist that the world needed" Anthony said letting out a giggle.

"Shhhhh just stay quiet you two, were in the middle of something important" William said.

"Hey... where's Daniel? He's going to miss Rachel's big moment..." Angela whispered to Anthony.

"I don't think so... I think that he's going to make her get a big moment right there" Anthony said pointing at Rachel.

Angela turned to her and watch...


"As I was saying... with this device we could h-hyah!" Rachel was kind of getting clumsy in her explanation and was actually a bit flustered and blushing a little "I-I'm sorry... with this device we could help in the north of..."


Angela turned to Anthony.

"What was that?! Don't tell me that..." Angela was doubting her own words, it was something not normal in her mind, something that never could have crossed her mind.

"You guessed right... Daniel is not going to miss the big moment of Rachel... in fact... He's more closer to her that anybody in this room..." Anthony let out a chuckle.

"That idiot...!" Angela whispered her exclamation.

"I tried to stop them at the hotel but when I wasn't looking, Rachel inserted him inside of her without letting me know... *sigh* those two are just messing around in so important meeting..." William said kind of disappointed.


Meanwhile they were talking about how absurd was all of this.

I was enjoying myself in such a great way. Rachel created some new kind of device for the two of us, some kind of egg vibrator that I can actually control from the inside, that way I can't get lost inside her pussy and I can tease her whenever I wanted and she would love it.

I even have water, food and a room inside here, I can literally live inside my girlfriend's pussy!

But we talked about it the two of us the other day and it seems that Rachel doesn't want me to stay small all the time, only when she's in the mood I think.

I'm really okay with that, I can't think of living all my life as a speck and I don't want to...


So she give me a portable device so that I can change my size when I'm not comfortable being tiny.

Rachel is just amazing, she did a lot of things and tried her best to get a comfortable zone for our relationship.

"Well, I guess that means I can give her a little reward" I said while pressing one of the bottoms in the vibrator console.

"Ah!" Rachel did let out a strange moan in that moment in the middle of her presentation.

"Whoops..." I said.

The end... (for now? I don't really know)?




End Notes:

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