Tiny Tinder Testimonials by Thatgirlyouknow
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It's a random hookup app. With size involved. What could go wrong?

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This story will be the gathering place for stories about Tiny Tinder. Enjoy! I'll update the tags as I go.

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Mary and Ken's Rendezvous by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Mary and Ken mistakenly hook up through Tiny Tinder. Next time, get a face shot before you get used by your mother!

This is a commission from anonymous, from their mind through my fingers. Enjoy!

Ken paced back and forth in front of the motel room bed. Part of him was excited about what he was going to do, and another part was terrified. Ken wasn’t the kind of guy to act like this. The twenty-two-year-old investment banker had played it safe his entire life, all the way down to his close-cut black hair. Until this morning.

His hormones had finally gotten the best of him. As a fairly tall yet skinny man Ken had trouble with the bar scene. He had a strong chin and fair complexion, but he also knew his demeanor wasn’t something that women were in to. No one would ever mistake Ken for a strong, decisive guy.

Thanks dad, he thought to himself. His father had been an overwhelming presence that never let him have a moment of peace or a single decision free of admonishment and ridicule. Luckily he’d left halfway through Ken’s uneventful high school career, but the psyche damage was done.

This was all why he hadn’t even told his friends about finding Tiny Tinder. He knew they’d support him to his face, then laugh at yet another failed get-laid attempt. They always helped him as best they could with women but at the end of the day, he’d always failed to seal the deal and he knew how they were.

Ken looked at his skinny form in the mirror mounted on the wall above the headboard. He was paler than usual from his nervousness and he wasn’t surprised to see he was shaking. Not only was he two minutes away from fulfilling his giantess fantasy, he was also naked in a strange place. This was the most exciting and risky thing he’d ever done.

He jumped when he heard his phone vibrate on the dresser. Quickly he walked to it, but not before it buzzed urgently again.

“Giantess incoming! Confirm trust mode?” the text flashed red on his screen, giving him the option of raising his endurance as he shrank or not.

His hand shook as he tapped ‘yes.’ The giantess and him had discussed it on the app’s chat feature, and they both felt it would help them restrain themselves. She had heard stories of how the little men could be turned super-tough and regaled him with two of them. Ken didn’t think he wanted to be used in that way. This way he wouldn’t be made any tougher, and he’d have to rely on her restraint to not hurt him.

Together they’d agreed on a rough plan that met both their goals, both safety and sexual.

Ken climbed onto the bed just as he felt a tingling sensation cover his entire body. Not sure what to expect, he closed his eyes and tried not to yell as the he suddenly fell downward. The bed vanished under his hands briefly before it returned violently, his shrunken body landing on the soft blanket with an ‘oof!’ that took his breath away.

He rolled onto his back and sat up as best he could in the clouds of the white bed spread. At his size it really did feel like he was sitting on a cloud; it was impossibly soft. But soon he forgot all about that.

Ken had shrunk roughly in the middle of the bed, and now the pillows seemed half a mile away and stretched far above him. It was as though he’d landed in a parking lot near a massive ten story tall building. Behind him he could see the small television perched atop the dresser, an incredibly massive square that he knew it would take several hours for him to reach at his current size if he could manage the climb.

As it sank in that this was real, that he actually was three inches tall, Ken stood and realized that he was more erect than he’d ever been in his life. So erect it was almost painful. He spun on the bed, trying to see everything that he could as fast as possible.

“This is incredible!” Ken said aloud to himself as his hand drifted to his manhood. He stroked himself lightly, not wanting to prematurely set off his orgasm. That was reserved for when he was hip-deep in his giantess.

They’d discussed what they wanted and expected from their encounter and Ken was relieved that she was amenable to most all of his requests. No more than hip deep in her various holes? Okay. Be extremely gentle so he couldn’t get hurt? Okay. Copious mouth play so he could feel her giant tongue caress his body? She was completely into that.

Like his friends always said, Ken was good at finances. Reading people? Not so much.

He turned to face the door as he heard the handle turn and the door open. It was just around the corner so he couldn’t see the giantess enter, but he did hear her as she called out to him. He’d left his clothes in a pile visible from the front door, just as she’d asked so she would know he was there even if he was hard to find at whatever size she chose to shrink him to.

“Did you know a Comet Coffee cup can hold a whole bottle of wine?” a familiar voice called out to the nigh-empty room with a giggle.

Where do I know that from? Ken asked himself as the giantess came into view.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed when his mother entered the room.

She wasn’t an imposing woman at five-six and a hundred thirty pounds, but to a three-inch-tall man she was a moving mountain. Ken was frozen on the bed unable to get his legs to work as she sat her half-empty plastic cup on the dresser.

Mary made sure she sat down her cup gently; she didn’t want to spill! This was her favorite red wine and she’d made sure she had a bottle handy for the next time she got to use a tiny to satisfy her urges. She noticed there was a mirror on the wall above the bed and patted her hair to make sure it was dry from her shower.

Mary liked a lot of things when it came to sex and using tinies, but most importantly she liked being clean. The forty-eight-year-old divorcee admired her short, blonde dyed hair and flipped some of it up to check out her underlying darker color. Yesterday her hair stylist had convinced her to try something new and she liked it a lot. Her body may not be young anymore but her hair sure seemed like it was!

Satisfied with that part of her, Mary gave her toy a quick glance as her hands drifted to the bottom of her blouse. He was jumping up and down, waving his arms to get her attention. Mary just giggled and gave him a wink before peeling her top up and over her breasts, then the rest of the way off before dropping it on the floor next to his clothes.

She didn’t give her body the once-over her hair had gotten. Mary knew she should go to the gym more, and drink less wine, but overall she was okay with how the rest of her body looked. Her metabolism hadn’t given out yet so she was still fairly skinny, though her once-proud breasts now drooped when they weren’t held up by a bra. For her age, Mary was hot.

Her work skirt came off easily and she slid her panties off with the same stroke. In moments she was naked as the day she was born. Mary ignored her toy for a little longer as she heard his faint squeaks of excitement from the bed and instead opened her purse to pull out a small vibrator that she carried with her almost everywhere.

Ken’s mother stripped naked as he screamed and jumped on the bed, desperate to get her attention. She didn’t notice of course; he was far too small to do anything meaningful at that distance. When she tossed a massive cylinder onto the bed that almost landed on him he was shocked into running. After a moment he realized he was headed in the wrong direction on the white comforter.

“Shit, the phone!” he yelled at himself as he turned around. The pink cylinder that had almost crushed him had rolled further toward the head of the bed and he could see his phone about three feet away. It seemed too far to run, but he had to try.

Mary drained the last of the wine with a heroic gulp; among her friends she was the heavy drinker. She had her no-good ex husband to thank for that. The seven years since he’d been gone had been a long series of ups and downs, but wine had been her consistent friend.

Then she turned and saw that her little toy was eagerly running toward her vibrator. Mary let out a low-throated moan and pinched one of her nipples. Then she climbed onto the bed. Her knee sank into the comforter and disturbed it under her toy’s feet enough that he fell sideways. Then she put her hands down onto the bed, casually pushing his phone onto floor.

Mary giggled to herself as she almost fell climbing up to the head of the bed. Then she rolled onto her back, remembering this time to not smash her toy. Mary saw he’d rolled a lot with her climbing as it shifted the blanket around and luckily he’d landed just a few inches from where she really wanted him.

When Ken regained his sense of balance, he found himself on his back and staring at the plain white ceiling. He made himself roll onto his stomach and stand as quickly as he could manage. On each side of him were two massive legs, seemingly twenty feet high to him, stretching off into the distance and finished off with red manicured toenails.

He turned around as his mother’s voice filled the air.

“So, I know we talked about some rules,” Mary said to the toy as it turned around to look at her, her voice a little slurred. When she spoke, she shocked him enough that he fell onto his back, giving her a nice view of his cock. At his size it was hard to get much detail beyond a skinny man, but that was fine for her. He wasn’t a man to her; he was a living vibrator.

“But I lied about most of them,” she continued as she leaned forward to pick up her vibrator. “I’m not gonna smash you of course,” she said with a small eye roll as she listened to his enthusiastic yelling. If anything, it seemed that her statement had just made him more excited!

“But waist deep?” Mary rolled her eyes again. “Anything that brings you pleasure?” The older giantess looked down at him with a look that clearly stated she thought that was absurd. “You’re here for my needs, not yours.”

Ken stopped screaming up at his mother when he heard her say that. His face turned white as he realized there was no way he was getting out of this. If she hadn’t been half drunk maybe she would have tried to actually speak with him, but he knew there was no chance of that happening.

The fact that his first, and probably only, giantess was his mother was terrible. He knew he was going to need some serious therapy after this. But the fact that she’d just made it clear he was a toy and this wasn’t a mutual encounter? He’d never trust anyone ever again!

Assuming I get out of this alive, he thought as his gaze moved downward from her face. She wasn’t paying anymore attention to him, instead she’d already started getting herself ready. One hand was caressing a nipple the size of a basketball while the other was slipping her vibrator into her mouth as she slathered it with saliva.

Ken looked further down to what he knew he couldn’t escape. What he’d eagerly been awaiting until his mother’s arrival had turned this into a nightmare.

The massive pussy awaited, cleanly shaved and glistening as Mary’s juices started to flow. He gazed upon it like he would a lion; it was majestic and terrifying at the same time. Ken was so stunned by the sight that he didn’t even notice his mother’s hand sneak around behind him.

When her tiny didn’t rush up to her pussy like she’d hoped he would Mary simply picked him up and brought him there herself. As she continued to get her vibrator wet she rubbed his face lightly on her clit, alternating between letting his screaming face slip up and down her sensitive bud and turning him so that his short hair was stimulating her instead.

“Save some of that fight for my pussy!” she told the toy as she deemed her vibrator wet enough. He was using all his energy fighting her fingers instead of the tender, needy walls of her vagina!

She lowered the toy by an inch and thrust it into her waiting hole. Mary threw her head back as she felt his head enter her wet tunnel, quickly followed by his shoulders. Her fingers deftly propelled him further in until she gently squeezed his ankle between two fingers.

“Oh, you have no idea how much I needed this,” Mary said as she felt her body try to swallow his. It always felt best when the tinies got in past the shoulders; just like having a baby once the shoulders were through you knew the deal was sealed.

“Oh come to Mommy,” she growled lowly.

Mary held her vibrator against her clit as the toy started to fight against her. She moaned as she felt his struggles; he twisted and threw his arms about as he panicked inside her. Despite her promise not to kill him Mary held him deep inside where she knew there was no air for a few seconds. When his struggles started to slow down, she began to withdraw him.

The outward movement caused her pussy to grip him tightly at first, not wanting to release its meal, then Mary made herself relax. The toy’s struggling resumed as he got close enough to her entrance to draw a deep breath, then she plunged him back in as far as he could go.

The older woman savored every twitch and thrust as she carefully slipped him in and out of her sex. Her vibrator rumbled wonderfully on her clit as her newer toy complimented its buzzing perfectly. At times she thrusted him quickly, others slowly, keeping herself at the edge of bliss for as long as she could handle.

Ken screamed as he was shoved inside of his mother’s vagina, her hands no more considerate of him than they would be a dildo. A finger at his back shoved him further into the boiling hot canal, and just as the muscles gripped him to drag him further in he felt two massive fingers grab his ankles.

He struggled with every ounce of strength in his body. His panicked mind couldn’t help it even though a part of him knew that was exactly what his mother expected him to do. Her toy to do.

“Oh yeah, Mommy likes that!” Mary said as her toy did its magic. This little one was certainly living up to his promises, at least as long as she remembered to let him have some air. She’d made that mistake once before and didn’t feel like doing it twice.

The investment banker felt his stomach heave as he was propelled back and forth in his mother’s pussy like the sex toy he’d volunteered to become. At times he could breath, at others he merely got a mouthful of her lubricant. Never did she stop thrusting, never did he stop trying desperately to escape. After several minutes of this he felt his prison get tighter around him, her fingers pushed and pulled him more frantically.

“Mommy’s getting close!”

Ken lost his lunch when he realized what was about to happen. He heard her voice saying something on the outside of her body but he couldn’t make out what it was. The man may have had few experiences with the other sex but he knew what it sounded like when someone was about to orgasm. He turned his head and vomited, hoping that the constant motion would keep the emesis away from him.

Mary approached her orgasm slowly, surely, taking her time. Then she felt her toy squirt his own fluid inside of her and she lost control.

“Oh yes!” she yelled as it all came together. Her pussy clamped on her toy and she let go of his ankles to grab one of her breasts. She felt him get pulled deeper into her pussy as her orgasm took over.

It came to her in a slow flood. Not all at once like some women, but as a rising tide of heat and pressure. Mary writhed on the hotel bed, lost in ecstasy as her toy kept struggling. He must have sensed she was in the midst of the ultimate passion; he slid further into her sex he turned and began kicking and scratching at her G-spot.

“That’s it! Squirm for Mommy!” Mary squeaked out as her toy worked its magic and her vibrator carefully rode across her clit to stretch out her orgasm as long as it could last.

With a final cry of passion Mary pulled her vibrator off her clit and dropped it to the side. Her toy’s struggles slowed inside her while she caught her breath and let the endorphins of her afterglow lull her into a half-sleep.

Smiling, Mary sighed and spread her legs apart a little more then brought her heels up to her butt. She took a deep breath then exhaled, flexing her abdominal muscles as she did so. With a move she first practiced when she was going to give birth some twenty-two years ago, she pushed her toy out of her pussy.

Mary giggled to herself as she felt the toy slide out of her then drop onto the bed in a puddle of her fluids. She sighed, still riding the afterglow wave.

“Oh you little toys really do an old gal good,” she said to the toy as she felt some movement between her legs. It was these moments she felt more alive than she ever had as a youth.

“Wish you’d have been fine with the toughening part, I could use you all weekend!”

Ken struggled to his feet as he heard his mother threaten to keep him all weekend. It was a good thing she kept to that part of the agreement at least; if he’d been super-tough she would have just shoved him back up her pussy and headed out to happy hour. Ken was better off not knowing how narrowly he’d avoided spending the weekend in his mom’s pussy as she tried to find a full-size cock to ride.

His face was covered in her juices and he did his best to wipe himself off as he stumbled away from her massive pussy. He heard his mother do her trademark giggle as he walked away from her, desperate to be anywhere but here. Tears streamed down his face as the horror of what had happened continued to set in. If he hadn’t already vomited, he surely would have now.

“Oh fine,” Mary said as she saw the tiny limping away. She’d probably been too rough again, but at least this one didn’t seem to be badly hurt.

Her pussy tingled again as she recalled the first time she’d had a volunteer toy not want to be made super-strong. She’d made the mistake of propelling his tiny dildo self by his head; she hadn’t killed him, just paralyzed him. When it was obvious what had happened, she’d sucked him down her hungry throat with the last of her wine before she’d headed home and slept like a baby.

Mary made sure she carefully climbed off the bed without knocking the toy over. Her movements were more limber, she felt so relaxed after releasing her pent-up urges. Mary twisted her torso as she walked to where she’d left her phone, getting some satisfying cracks from her back.

“Ten minutes good enough for you?” Mary asked the tiny rhetorically as she re-opened the Tiny Tinder app on her phone. Usually she set a ten-minute timer for her toys to return to full size after they’d been used up and she was long gone. She’d been very careful to not set a timer for a few of them of course. No one wanted a snack exploding inside of them.

Unfortunately for Mary, the wine had gone straight to her head and she forgot what she was doing as the app opened. Without paying attention she opened the re-size menu and clicked full-size without setting the timer first.

“holy SHIT!” the toy yelled, the sound growing louder as his body reached full size.

Mary froze as she realized she’d just full-sized him with her still in the room. She would have re-shrank him immediately so he couldn’t get any funny ideas about reciprocation but once the toy was back to full size they had to agree to shrink again. Slowly Mary turned around and screamed.

“Ken!?” she screamed as she realized who was on the bed. Her hands came up to her face as though she could block out what she’d just done to her son.

“I tried to tell you when you came in!” Ken said, retching again. Of course, nothing came out, he’d already lost it inside his mother’s pussy.

“Oh no no no no,” Mary repeated to herself as she fell backward against the dresser.

Ken couldn’t look his mother in the eye. All he could see or smell was her wet pussy juices still clinging to his body. Part of his mind was telling him he hadn’t really escaped.

“How could you?” he cried out. He knew that it was a terrible mistake, but nothing could shake the sensation of being pushed and pulled through his mother’s pussy as she screamed in ecstasy. His hands shook as he covered his penis from her sight, which he was sure would never get hard again after this.

Mary dry heaved as she realized what she’d done, how much pleasure she’d gotten from using her son like a toy. How deep inside she’d felt him.

“I didn’t know!” she responded, “I didn’t know!”

The two stared at each other for a long moment, not quite meeting each other’s eyes. Then Ken grabbed his pants off the floor and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

Mary stood there in horror as she heard the shower turn on, then got dressed as fast as she could.

Two minutes later she was on the highway home struggling not to cry while Ken let nigh-boiling water run over his shoulders as he sat under the showerhead.


Three days later Mary got a text from her son. Thanksgiving was still on, but don’t expect him to stay long.

She understood of course. She’d spent the last three days trying to see if amnesia truly did lay at the bottom of a bottle.

Misplaced Punishment by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Within you shall find a fun family affair!

Here's another commission, from the mind of someone you may know. Enjoy!

“You’re kidding!” Caroline said to her younger sister Chelsie. The pair sat around Caroline’s round dinner table, each with a glass of wine in hand. Between them was a tray of cheese and crackers. The two didn’t get to see each other very often so when they did get together they spared no expense.

“You know I don’t kid,” Chelsie replied, taking a sip of her merlot. Her black hair was in a ponytail and she wore tight brown leggings with a tank top, an outfit she’d gotten used to during her years as a competitive weightlifter. “He totally deserves it.”

Caroline just giggled aloud as she pictured the image Chelsie had given her. Despite herself, it was her sister after all, her pussy tingled in a way that told her later tonight she’d need some alone time. She would never have known if Chelsea hadn’t told her. The only sign that anything was slightly off today was that Chelsea was smiling far more than normal, and occasionally a small shudder ran through her body.

It was by far the hottest part of the entire situation, that she never would have known. Caroline had simply thought her younger sister, thirty-five to her own forty-two, was just cold.

“Nope!” she’d responded with Caroline asked her if she wanted a jacket. “I caught a perv who shrunk himself and he’s in my asshole right now.” Casually she sipped her wine as though it were the most normal thing in the world.

Right now, in my sister’s ass, is a little man! Caroline’s inner voice shouted as they laughed and giggled together, having each had several glasses of wine. The older sister couldn’t help but imagine how he must feel in there, stuck in her sister’s rectum. Both how the little man must have been hating life, and how her sister obviously loved the sensation.

It had been so long since she’d had a man inside of her, and never a shrunken man, that even the angel on Caroline’s shoulder was breathing heavily.

“Oh!” said Chelsie as she leaned forward and picked up another cracker. Her eyes shifted to the side; she was clearly feeling something wonderful. “He just got a hand or something through my hole!”

Caroline almost spit out her wine when she heard that.

“Oh my god!” she said loudly, unable to control her voice. Surprised at herself she put both hands over her mouth as though that would make her quieter. Her son, Chase, was in the house somewhere. Probably sleeping.

“Wait wait wait,” Caroline said, holding up a hand before her sister could continue. “Run me through how this all happened!”

Chelsie took a moment to chew her cracker and enjoy her little ass-toy’s attempts to slip back out through her sphincter. Then she took a breath, flexed her butt cheeks, and sucked him back inside. The woman eagerly awaited his next escape attempt.

“Well, remember when I told you I caught a guy hiding in the lockers at the gym?”

“Of course I remember!” Caroline said, “That’s not something to forget.” She shuddered at the thought of some random person seeing her naked, without her knowledge or permission. Chelsie had hit him hard enough to knock him down, but he’d still gotten away from her and the authorities.

“Well, I got a good look at his face when he ran out,” Chelsie said. She paused. “Do you know what Tiny Tinder is?”

The older sister nodded. She knew what it was but had never tried it due to a combination of mistrust and her not being brave enough to ‘hook up’ with a random person. Since Chelsie was pretty close to her opposite in terms of character, she wasn’t surprised to hear Caroline was familiar. Though she would have been surprised how often and vindictively she used it.

“Okay that saves us some time,” the younger sister continued. “So you get a lot of weirdos on there of course,” she said unironically as she held a man for torture in her colon, “But you kinda learn what people want from how they talk about themselves and what pictures they post. Some guys want to be the giant, but most want to be the tiny instead. They just can’t get enough of the ol’ organic slip and slide.”

Together the women giggled as Chelsie mimed a cracker slipping in and out of her pointer and middle fingers.

“But this guy just wanted to be a little observer. His whole profile was about wanting to watch a gal masturbate or get with somebody else.”

“Sooo, you thought it might be him?” Caroline asked, seeing where this was going.

“Exactly!” said Chelsie as she gestured with her wine glass. “And at the end of his picture roll I could see his face in the reflection of a mirror! Most guys don’t show their faces, just their packages. But this was definitely that asshole locker-watcher. So this morning I offered to let him watch me masturbate in a hotel room. He paid of course.”

Chelsie grabbed the wine bottle from the middle of the table and emptied it into her glass. Caroline rolled her eyes and stood to get another from near the sink.

“He got to watch all right,” Chelsie continued as her sister uncorked a bottle or rosé. “I knew right where he was the whole time, so I let him watch me and Mr. Hitachi,” her nickname for her favorite vibrator, “play for a bit. Then I snagged him from behind the television and let him do the vibrating for me.”

She giggled as she pointed to her muscular backside with both hands and spoke playfully.

“In my butt.”

“Wait wait wait,” Caroline said again, laughter in her voice, as she came back to the kitchen table, “If this guy’s such a pervert and all, why did you give him what he wanted?”

“Oh I didn’t!” Chelsie said with a wide grin on her face. “He made it very clear that he didn’t want any kind of touching or insertion play. Strictly voyeur. He even told me that if I’d had mentioned slipping his tiny self into me, he’d have just blocked me.”

Chelsie gave her older sister the most innocent look she could make, immediately followed by an obvious orgasm face as a small shudder ran through her body. Caroline felt a twinge of jealousy at seeing her sister orgasm so easily. At having a little living toy to keep for herself.

But mostly at the knowledge that her sister got to punish the little creep. She’d never gotten the chance to punish her ex-husband before he’d ran off with the babysitter to Peru. It wouldn’t be wrong to say she held a small grudge against the Y-chromosome, despite having an unrelenting urge for their one redeeming body part.

What? Chase thought to himself as he walked down the hallway approaching the kitchen. He stopped walking before he turned the corner, realizing his mother and aunt were drinking again. And having what seemed like a very interesting conversation.

Chase loved his aunt very much; she was a fun lady. Especially when compared to his mother’s generally toned back personality. But he knew how she and his mom got when they were drinking and he didn’t want to deal with it until he knew what he might be walking into.

Instead he leaned against the wall. It was cold on his shoulder; he didn’t believe in wearing shirts inside. Each of his girlfriends had appreciated that. He was a receiver on his high school football team and had the body of one. He ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair that his mother frequently insisted he cut as the talking resumed.

“So, have you done that often?” he heard his mother’s voice say. “Messed with tinies?”

“Oh yeah, all the time,” his aunt said, “Usually not like this though. You know I don’t like guys, so most of the time I set the app on a timer and I’m long gone before they size back up and I have to deal with them.”

Chase heard a chair scoot as his mother sat down.

Tinies? He asked himself. Like that app?

“So, you, what?” If Chase didn’t know better, he’d have said his mother was excited about something. “They get small and – I don’t know…”

“Oh just get to it!” Chelsie interrupted. “You can use them for just about everything. An eight-incher is an excellent dildo, three-inchers are great to eat—”

Eat? Chase thought, his stomach leaping into his throat as his aunt kept talking about ways she used tinies.

“Fives are good pussy and ass plugs,” Chelsie continued.

Of course he’d heard about Tiny Tinder, everyone had. Some anonymous and resourceful genius had uploaded it months ago. But even though its popularity had skyrocketed as soon as people discovered it really worked, Chase couldn’t stomach the idea.

“Some women want stretched over a dildo like a condom,” Chase’s eyes bugged a little when he heard her say that.

He couldn’t fault others for doing what they wanted. It wasn’t like people didn’t agree to be shrunk, and if something bad happened to them in the meantime, well what did they expect? He and his friends always laughed at the thought of someone being horny enough to risk their life just to get their rocks off.

“Personally, I like twos for my ass,” Chelsie continued, unaware that her nephew was in the hallway listening to their conversation. “Anything smaller you barely feel, anything bigger makes it hard to follow-up with a plug or another partner.”

“Another partner!” Chase heard his mother say. “You little whore!” There was laughter from both women this time. Neither Chase nor Caroline could feel the tiny pervert’s struggles redouble as he heard her mention bringing a full-size cock into her rectum with him still in it.

“You know it!” Glasses clinked as the women cheered each other. “Lots of guys and girls are into some freaky shit!”

“So I heard,” Caroline took a drink, “That there was a bunch of regulations and rules to keep kidnappings from happening. How does this work if he didn’t sign up for the round-trip tour?”

“Oh, pssh, that was easy,” Chase’s aunt replied, waving a hand dismissively. “So, he was just too lazy to click anything other than the super-tough mode, and I sent him a request with every size related thing on there. Pretended I was too lazy to check off a few boxes myself.”

“And one of those boxes includes forever-anal toy?” Caroline asked her.

“No,” Chelsie giggled, “I turns out that –“

At this Chase stopped listening. He’d heard enough of this. It was bad enough that he’d stumbled onto his mother and aunt having a talk about sex, but they were talking about tinies and how Aunt Chelsie had one in her ass!

“Yeah, I don’t need to hear this,” the sixteen-year-old said quietly to himself as he went back upstairs.

With her explanation done, and Chase out of hearing range, Chelsie took a break to drink her wine. Caroline just shook her head at her sister’s ingenuity and exploitation of a loophole she’d found in the app’s contract.

“I’ll let him out soon,” Chelsie said, “But he’s tiny forever.”

“You really are something else,” Caroline told her sister as she stood. “Do you mind cleaning up while I get your room ready?”


That evening Chase was getting ready for a shower when he decided he’d see what all the fuss was. The app downloaded quickly onto his phone, and he idly set up his profile. There wasn’t a lot to it, and he wasn’t expecting much. Once his profile was set up he ignored the ‘likes and dislikes’ portion of the app and got to swiping.

His aunt had been right; people didn’t put a lot in their profile pictures. Most of them were close-ups of pussies, both shaved and unshaved. Once he realized that, Chase just kept swiping right. What was the harm? It may lead to some interesting conversation.

Chase finished getting naked next to the tub and idly kicked his clothes into the corner, hitting the side of the shower. His mother hated when he did that, but old habits were hard to brake. Then his phone vibrated with a match.

The sixteen-year-old tapped the app notification.

“Now how do I…?” Chase’s voice trailed off as the app opened. Behind him a bottle of shampoo fell off the side of the shower. He jumped at the noise and didn’t notice his thumb clicked yes on ‘accept request.’ Chase held the phone at his side and leaned into the tub, picking up the shampoo bottle and replacing it.

As he did so, he didn’t notice his thumb press ‘accept terms’ on his phone. Forgetting about the app entirely, he sat it on the bathroom sink as he flexed in front of the mirror. Vanity, thy name is Chase.


While Chase was getting ready for a shower, Chelsie was downstairs in the kitchen enjoying her ass-toy. The little pervert must have really hated being inside her ass; he hadn’t stopped struggling all day.

Enjoying a glass of milk before bed, Chelsie idly perused the new matches on Tiny Tinder. There was a flood of the usual requests. Men were predictable. But as long as they selected the option that let Chelsie have control over their size Chelsie didn’t particularly care what they wanted.

Then the app vibrated after she swiped right on one of the pictures.

“Oooh, a match!” she said to herself. She wasn’t really up to any extra-person action tonight, but she had no problem setting up something for tomorrow. She could use a snack for the long drive back home.

To her surprise, when she opened the chat feature the man had already agreed to her terms. With no conversation at all!

“Tsk tsk,” she said to the empty kitchen, “Does he really think I’m that easy?”

“Holy shit,” she said as the app immediately vibrated again.

“Shrinker nearby! Initiate shrinking?” it asked her, the letters flashing red across her screen.

With a cruel smile, she opened the shrinking dial.

“Have fun you little toy,” she said to the picture on the phone as she slid the slider to the left. “Let’s see how you like life at three inches.”

Without knowing anything about the man she’d matched with, Chelsie casually clicked ‘Final Decision.’ The part of her that wasn’t a fan of men rejoiced as she casually sealed someone’s fate as a tiny. The part of her that was enjoying having a man in her ass flared up yet again. She finished her milk in a long gulp.

Then she went upstairs to her room, where should would spend the evening with her friend Mr. Hitachi, and thoughts of the situation she had just condemned a man to spend the rest of his life in. All because he had the misfortune of matching with her on an app.


Chase had just enough time to wonder what was happening to him before he shrank. There was a feeling of pins and needles over his entire body, and he glanced wide-eyed at his phone.

The app! he thought, just as the floor vanished from beneath his feet.

A moment later he found himself kneeling on the cold linoleum of the bathroom floor.

“No!” he yelled; his voice tiny. It immediately vanished in the vastness of the room. “Shit!”

Far above him stretched the sink he’d been flexing in front of. He could even see the corner of his phone sticking out over the edge. Desperate for anything that might help him, Chase spun in a circle trying to see anything that he could even start to climb on to get back up to his phone.

“There’s gotta be something!” he said to himself. “How the hell did this even happen?”

Then there came a sound that shook him to his core. The bathroom door opened.

“Damnit Chase,” Caroline whispered as she entered the bathroom. He’d kicked his clothes into the corner again, and even left his phone on the sink! “Someday you’re gonna have to start taking care of your stuff.”

Shaking her head, she didn’t notice Chase on the ground, three inches tall. He yelled up at her to get her attention, but she was too busy humming to herself to notice. Instead she grabbed his phone and the pile of clothes before leaving the bathroom.

“Chase!” he heard his mother the giantess call in the hallway, “I’m putting your phone on your bed!”

Chase ran after her as fast as he could, but she was far faster than he could ever hope to be. By the time he’d crossed the five feet to the hall she had already entered and left his room. Breathless, he could only look on in dismay as he saw her leave his room and go down the stairwell. It seemed to be ten miles away.

Two minutes later, having decided Chase must have left the house without his phone again, Caroline walked back upstairs. Chelsie had already retired for the night and the single mother essentially had the house to herself.

“Or so I thought,” she said as she saw a tiny figure jogging across the carpet in the upstairs hallway.

Chase stopped jogging when he saw his mother approach. She was looking down at him. He was saved!

“Hey there you little perv!” the giantess said to the shrunken man. “I see my sister decided to let you go? Or did she fall asleep and you got to crawl your way out of her ass finally?”

“Oh shit,” Chase said to himself as he realized what was happening. She saw him alright. And she thought he was the little guy Aunt Chelsie had been torturing all day.

A thousand thoughts ran through Caroline’s mind as she looked at the little perv. She knew what her sister had been doing to him all day, and she knew her sister had promised to let him out sometime soon. She just hadn’t expected it to be in her house.

Then she realized this was her chance too. Her chance to get back at the creep that had been watching women in the locker room. And her chance to finally see what the fuss was with shrunken men as sex toys.

The angel on her shoulder finally gave in.

Before she could think about what she was doing, Caroline snatched up the tiny perv. She knew she didn’t have to worry about being careful; if he’d spent the day in Chelsie’s muscle-bound ass he must have been made super-tough.

She hurried into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

“So, you think you can just perv around my house too?” she said to the tiny in her hand as she dropped him into the sink. “I bet Chelsie thought that would be just hilarious!”

The single mom didn’t bother giving the perv a chance to respond, didn’t spare him a glance. She knew enough already; he deserved this punishment. And she deserved the chance to let loose for once.

Caroline leaned into the shower and started the water running, making sure it would get nice and steamy in the bathroom.

Chase screamed as he fell and bounced off the side of the sink. He was sure that fall was going to kill him, but instead he slid down the glimmering white porcelain only to be stopped by the sink plug. At his size if it hadn’t been there, he would have had a hard time not simply vanishing into the pipes to someday be fished out by a confused plumber.

His mother thundered out something that he didn’t quite here. The words were just too big, but he got the gist.

She thinks I’m that guy Aunt Chelsie trapped!

The shower came alive, a thundering noise akin to Niagara Falls. Then Chase saw his mother’s arm move overhead and open the medicine cabinet. From it she produced a tube of something he recognized as personal lubricant. Not that he had ever used any…

“Oh shit,” he said to himself as he realized what was about to happen.

Caroline gave the lubricant a long look. She’d bought it months ago, always intending to try out some anal play, but she’d never gotten the courage to explore those depths.

“But I guess it’s not me exploring this time, is it?” she asked herself with a giggle. With that said she stripped naked and sat the tube on a small shelf in the shower. She checked the temperature with her hand and, once satisfied, picked up the tiny from the sink.

The three-inch man was incredibly light and tough in her hand. Caroline stepped into the shower and closed the curtain behind her. The room was already steaming up, just the way she liked it, so when she held the tiny up to her face she didn’t get the good look she was hoping for. She wanted to know what her first ass-toy looked like, but that would have to wait.

Chase thought he was saved. His mother was naked, and he’d already seen more of her than he’d ever want, but when she held him up to her face he realized she didn’t recognize him. There was steam everywhere, and the water from the showerhead was streaming over her eyes.

Oh I’m fucked.

Carol stopped trying to see the tiny man through the water running over her face and started to move him south.

“Watch this, asshole,” she said with a giggle to the tiny man as he felt him squirm in her hand. The power she felt over him was exhilarating, intoxicating. Finally, she could get some revenge on at least one bad man.

Briefly she held him up close to her snatch, hot and steamy from its own excitement. She let him have one last view of something he would like: her other hand came down and started softly stroking her outer lips, just teasing her clit at the end of each stroke. Then she let her manicured finger start running its well-practiced path along her clit.

“I think that’s enough for you,” she said to him. Carefully she squatted down onto her heels and leaned back against the wall of the shower for more stability.

She grabbed the tube of lubricant and popped it open, then squirted a healthy glob onto her ass-toy’s dark hair. The tube she dropped onto the floor, then took some lubricant off his head. Caroline quickly rubbed some lubricant on the outside of her brown eye, not quite daring to put one of her own fingers in there.

Her ex-husband had been a boring man when it came to sex, and Caroline simply wasn’t an adventurous woman. Today that changed.

Before she could talk herself out of it, she positioned the tiny directly under her asshole. Her hand brought him up until she felt his head contact her taint, then adjusted aim until she felt him massaging her sphincter.

Here we go! Caroline told herself. She took a deep breath, let it out slowly and tried to relax. Then she started pushing him upward.

At first her asshole was completely resistant to the idea of swallowing the tiny man. Without it being willing, her toy’s head just slid around the tight circle of muscle. Then she took another deep breath, recalled what Chelsie had said about pretending she was having a bowel movement, and felt her backdoor relax.

This time when she pressed, she felt his head slip right through her anus. Caroline’s eyes rolled as she felt the sensation of anal penetration for the first time ever. It was wonderful! She adjusted her grip around the slippery tiny, who had somehow started fighting even harder than he already was and pushed him upward again.

His shoulders stretched her asshole and she knew this was the moment of truth. If she could get the shoulders in, she’d be fine. With one more slow exhale she relaxed, and a single push from a finger between his tiny legs sent him the rest of the way in. Once his shoulders made it through her sphincter the lubrication and muscle itself did the rest of the work. With a *shluck!* that she couldn’t hear, the little man slid his way into her ass.

“Oh my god!” Caroline said to herself as she felt the little man start kicking up a storm in her rectum. It was like having a high-class vibrator that she could wear all night! She lowered herself until she was sitting in the shower, letting the hot water and steam relax her even more, and started playing with her clit while enjoying the little perv’s panicked motions.

“Chelsie had the right idea!” she said to the perv, uncertain and uncaring if he could hear her. “You needed punished, and I needed something to help me work into anal! Everyone wins!”

Chase screamed and fought against his mother’s fingers for all he was worth. He was strong for a sixteen-year old, but against a woman a hundred times his size? When he was only three inches tall? Chase’s best efforts were worthless.

She said something to him, but he couldn’t hear her over the roar of the falling water. But it was obvious what she meant when he was lowered down to get a front row view of her massive pussy. The teenager watched, horrified, as a massive finger stroked the massive pussy in front of him, and when she started tickling the massive clitoris he turned to vomit.

The vomit didn’t get as far from him as he ‘d hoped; there was just too much lubricant. But the running water carried away some, and to be honest he had bigger things to worry about.

Like the massive asshole he was approaching. It was a little shiny, she must have put some lubricant on it when he wasn’t looking. The ring-shaped muscle pulsed briefly and if Chase hadn’t already thrown up, he would have again.

Earlier that day the worst thing he could have imagined was dropping a catch when he was wide open. Maybe failing a test and getting held off the team until he got his grades back up. Now he had a new standard for horrifying.

Then he was rudely shoved upward. He screamed as he felt his face contact the brown pucker above. It was smooth from the lubricant, but some short hairs rubbed roughly against him, and even though it was very slippery it was just like being pushed into a brick wall. The sphincter had no give in it at all, and if he hadn’t been super-tough it would have broken his neck. Without even meaning to Caroline was idly putting enough force on him to kill him.

The hand holding him pulled back for a second, and the water running off his mother’s butt cheeks dripped onto his face. Reflexively he looked away to keep the water out of his eyes. Chase looked up again at the sensation of movement and screamed.

His scream was cut off almost as soon as it started. The massive sphincter relaxed to accept his head easily this time and Chase redoubled his struggles against his mother’s massive fingers. It didn’t accomplish anything but he knew he had to try something. Anything.

Her hand released him momentarily and he tried to bring his hands up so he could push against her asshole that was clamped around his head. Chase held his breath as well as he could, though the ring of muscle was thick enough he couldn’t have breathed anyway. Just as Chase felt he was making some progress to getting his head unstuck he felt one of his mother’s fingers settle in under his backside and between his legs like a log.

The high schooler let out a muffled scream as the finger propelled him upward. All the strength in his arms was immediately overwhelmed as he slid upward, further into his mother’s asshole. The finger stopped pressing just after he felt his shoulders be engulfed in her. The sound of running water immediately vanished only to be replaced by the distance thumping of her heart.

Then the sphincter tightened around his midsection. Chase felt the asshole try to close around him and the lubricant only made him slide further in.

*Shluck!* he heard as his body was pulled upward.

“No!” he screamed, knowing it was inevitable. His struggles really only sped up his inward journey. For a moment he felt his feet get stuck in the sphincter, then her anus squeezed around them one last time and he popped all the way into Caroline’s rectum.

He felt squeezed by the walls of her ass and pushed against them. Railed against them. Despite himself he took a breath of the humid, unholy air. If he hadn’t been panicking and already fighting for his life he would have tried to throw up one more time. Almost instantly he lost his sense of direction in the darkness.

Caroline was too busy playing with herself to hear him scream. She stopped herself from cumming too fast, there in the shower, and cut off the water far sooner than she normally would have. Wrapped in a towel and still dripping water Caroline ran for her bedroom, every step bringing her closer to orgasm as the little pervert fought for his life in her asshole.

She threw herself onto her bed and slipped her favorite vibrator out from under her pillow. It buzzed to life and she wasted no time in sliding it through her labia and manipulating its curved tip to rub against her g-spot. Between the little man in her ass and her vibrator in her pussy, Caroline came hard. She turned her head to scream into her pillow to not wake her sister.

Chase wasn’t the best student in the world, but he knew what that rumbling sound had to be. And he knew what the increased shaking and quivering meant. And just as he found his mother’s sphincter and managed to get a hand through it, seeking freedom, Chase’s entire world compressed around him and he heard a distant scream.

The walls of his rectal prison squeezed around him and yanked him upward and away from the prison gate. His arms flailed and legs kicked, doing nothing but helping Caroline on her way to another mind-blowing orgasm.

One hour later Caroline finally turned off her vibrator and laid it next to the other two that she had broken out for this occasion. She was exhausted and satisfied in a way that she never had been in her life. If she had known tiny play was this fun she would have started doing it months ago when the Tiny Tinder app first came out!

She caught her breath slowly, feeling the tiny still struggle in her asshole. If she hadn’t already masturbated to the point of soreness she’d easily have gone again. And again. As it was, she’d worn out the batteries on two of her more conventional toys.

Caroline giggled as she felt the toy get near her sphincter again. He must have gotten used to rectal anatomy while he spent all day in Chelsie’s asshole; he’d found her sphincter quickly and half of her pleasure had come from denying the little pervert the escape he was after. If he hated it that much, it only made it that much better for her.

“But I can’t sleep like this,” she told herself wistfully. With a sigh she knew what she needed to do.

Carefully she reached down to her backdoor and spread her cheeks apart. She pushed gently as though she were on the toilet just as her toy was tickling the inside of her sphincter again.

“Oh my god!” she said quietly as she felt the tiny slip out through her asshole. Her nerves quieted almost immediately as her struggling passenger finally escaped. Caroline laid her head back on her pillow with a smile.

Then she rolled off the bed and pulled a sock from her dresser. The tiny was just getting to his feet when she turned back to her bed. Again without bothering to be gentle she picked up the tiny, marveled briefly at how warm he felt, then dropped him into the sock.

“Sleep tight you little pervert,” she said to him as she tied the sock shut.


The next morning Chase felt his sock prison swing back and forth like a clock pendulum. He’d managed some sleep that night, but it was hard to tell what was a nightmare and what was reality. He could faintly see through the fabric of the sock and as far as he could tell his mother was carrying him downstairs.

“Hey Chelsie!” Caroline’s voice called. Through the side of the sock Chase could see his Aunt getting her shoes on, her luggage already by the front door.

He shook in fear as he approached the giantess, then let out a small scream as he realized what was happening.

“I had a great time with your little perv sis,” Caroline told her sister as she finished tying her shoes, “But next time let the creep out somewhere else, okay?”

Chelsie took an extra moment tying her shoes when she heard her sister’s statement.

Let him out? Chelsie asked herself, He’s still squirming in my ass right now!

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Chelsie stood up with a conspiratorial smile on her lips.

“Oh, did you give him a show too?” she asked her older sister as she squeezed her cheeks together, sucking the actual pervert deeper into her ass. She saw Caroline had a little squirming figure in a sock, and she reached out and took it from her.

“He didn’t get much of a show,” Caroline said as Chelsie took the little pervert from her. “But he was quite the squirmer!”

Chase tried to scream as Chelsie’s hand wrapped around his cotton prison. He may have spent the night in a terror-and-confusion induced panic, but he knew for sure he didn’t want to go with Chelsie. She was the one that mentioned Tiny Tinder and got him interested enough in it to download in the first place!

Chelsie said her goodbyes to Caroline, which always made the two of them a little sad. They were very close sisters, even though they lived quite far away. But the two were happy knowing that on their next visit, Caroline would be heading out to Chelsie’s home by the beach.

And Chelsie was happy knowing she had another toy, wrapped in a sock and tucked in her jacket pocket.

She made a special point to pull into a Comet Coffee parking lot once she left. Chelsie pulled the sock from her jacket pocket, undid the knot, and dumped out another tiny into her hand.

“Are you the little guy I randomly matched with last night?” she asked him as she held her hand up to her face. Her eyes narrowed as she realized the tiny looked familiar.

“Holy shit! Chase?”

Chase tried to stand, but Chelsie immediately shook her hand enough that he could only get to his knees. He started to yell, then saw the look on her face. Yes it was shock. Yes it was confusion. But mostly it was excitement.

“Well, I’ve got good news and bad news,” she said to Chase as her hand rocked back and forth, due to her using her other hand to pull her panties aside underneath her skirt.

“The good news is, thanks to your agreement on the app, I can unshrink you whenever I want!”

Panties out of the way, she lowered her nephew until he was under the steering wheel. Chelsie knew when he figured out what the bad news was, right around the time he would have gotten a view of her shaved snatch.

“The bad news is, I’m not about to give up the only two guys I’ve ever heard of who agreed to be permanent toys.”

Chase let out a pathetic cry as he realized what was about to happen. Then he screamed as he was accelerated straight into his Aunt’s pussy. The warm lips engulfed him immediately and her hand adjusted so quickly he barely had time to try to slow his envelopment before her fingers pushed on his back and legs. In a moment he hit something hard on the far side of her love tunnel.

“Noooo!” he screamed as he struggled, pushing outward with his arms to try and get enough room to think.

With her nephew firmly in place, Chelsie casually replaced her panties back over her pussy and patted the front of her skirt back into place.

She cranked the radio as she pulled out of the parking lot, happy to let some classic rock get her long drive home started. Chelsie barely made it onto the freeway before her toys’ combined efforts brought her to her first orgasm of the drive.

“Only five hours to go boys!” she told them in a singsong voice as she merged with traffic.

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Bachelor Party Disaster Part 1 by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

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Matt ordered a stripper for a friend's birthday party. But no one ever verifies who they're talking to on Tiny Tinder!

Even Ken, the downer of the group, had to admit tonight had been a lot of fun. He’d been on the fence about coming to Jack’s bachelor party for multiple reasons. It was true Jack was his oldest friend so he was obligated to go, but he also knew Matt had been in charge of planning.

And the last time Matt planned anything successfully cell phones hadn’t been invented yet.

But all three stops along the party route had been a blast. There’d been a nice dinner, some dancing, and lots of drinking. Ken could hardly believe it but there hadn’t been any fighting or jackassery at all. If every night out with these guys was like this, he’d have done it more often.

Now they were finishing the night in a surprisingly nice hotel room. There was only a king-sized bed, but Ken planned on ubering home anyway. The only annoying thing tonight was that Matt had insisted on taking their phones so everyone could focus on Brandon; and even that made sense to Ken.

“And then she slipped on the bag!” Brandon finished his story with a yell. The five of them laughed hard, though they’d all heard the story and Steve and Jack had even been there. But they were riding high on the perfect level of drunkenness; they’d be telling the same stories the whole night until they started to pass out.

Then Matt pulled out his cell phone. The whole group looked at him and pointed, letting out their nigh-trademarked ‘oooh! Ooh! oooh!’ chant for when one of them committed a social faux-pas. To a passerby they would have looked like a group of monkeys pointing at fire.

“Relax you animals!” Matt said with a laugh, “I’m making sure the last of our entertainment is almost here!”

The monkey-like chanting stopped as the guys all laughed with him.

“What, you ordered a pizza?” asked Brandon.

“No, buffet crasher, I ordered a stripper who’s about a minute out,” Matt replied, motioning them all to stand up. “Come over here,” he ordered them as he walked to the more open area of the room, between the bed and the jacuzzi in the corner.

A little confused, the group followed him over. As they did Matt was sending a message on his phone. Then when he was satisfied they were all close enough, he tapped one more button.

“Here we go gentlemen!” he proudly proclaimed as nothing happened.

The guys had enough time to awkwardly look at each other, and just as Ken was about to ask what the hell Matt was doing, they were all overcome with a strong tingling feeling. It was as though they’d licked a nine-volt battery, but the sensation was everywhere.

Ken knew the sensation and would have screamed if the world hadn’t shifted around him so suddenly.

“What the hell Matt?” yelled Jack as he picked himself up from the carpeted floor. “What-?” he stopped speaking suddenly as he looked around.

The rest of the group got to their feet quickly as well, and immediately everyone started talking.

“You shrunk us?” Brandon asked Matt as the group realized they were roughly two inches tall. The step to the jacuzzi had been unnoticeable at full size, but now it would have been a team building trial just to get up there. And forget about sitting back down on the bed.

“Why doesn’t that thing ever shrink our clothes too?” Steve asked as they all realized the same thing: they were completely naked.

Right as the men moved to cover themselves, they heard a sound that Ken had been hearing in his nightmares: the clicking of the hotel door opening. As a group they turned and watched as the mountain-sized door opened.

Ken heard the rest of the guys let out yells of excitement. He’d heard their stories of being shrunk and used and knew that they had loved it, even when the gal wasn’t someone they would have hooked up with normally. Ken wouldn’t have shrunk again for a million dollars and an evening in Marilyn Monroe’s snatch. His first experience had been too horrible: his random hookup had been his mother, who hadn’t recognized him until after she’d masturbated with him submerged in her pussy.

Which was why he almost puked as he watched his mother walk into the hotel room again. This was the opposite reaction of the rest of his friends; none of them knew her from anyone so they just saw an older woman who kept herself in decent shape.

Mary walked into the hotel room just at one o’clock in the morning, as agreed. She loved playing with tinies and used Tiny Tinder every chance she got. Even after accidentally matching with her son she didn’t stop; she merely drank more for a week before rationalizing it as an honest mistake and re-downloading the app to her phone.

She was especially excited for tonight. It was her first time holding a ‘tiny party,’ where a group of men had agreed to be shrunk. The one she spoke to said it was for a bachelor party, but as far as she was concerned it was a masturbation marathon for her. Five guys just meant more fun for her, even though she’d have to be careful with these. Or would she? As much as she’d had to drink, she couldn’t remember if they’d been toughened or not.

In Mary’s mind, eight drinks into the night, she had a great track record with soft tinies. In reality half the ones she encountered ended up permanently in her stomach. Or forgotten in her asshole when she passed out.

Of course they toughened themselves, her drunk mind insisted. Like, 99 percent of them do that.

“Who’sh ready to paaarty?” she said to the group of tiny men standing near the jacuzzi. Her contact really had sprung for a nice hotel room, and she appreciated that. The door clicked shut behind her and she sat down her thermos half-full of ‘coffee’ on the table and pulled out her phone.

There was a small speaker with an auxiliary cord, courtesy of the hotel, and Mary plugged her phone into it. In a moment the sound of video game background music filled the air. She’d initially thought it hilarious that those things sold soundtracks, but now she couldn’t get enough! Masturbating with these songs made her feel like there was a dragon flying overhead.

Ken’s legs unfroze just as Mary began her striptease. It wasn’t much, certainly not what a younger college girl would have managed, but for a forty-eight-year-old she had some moves. Mary did her best to strip her clothes off slowly, which everyone but Ken enjoyed. The other four men didn’t notice Ken slowly walking backward as his mind raced, looking for a way out.

As she finished peeling her leggings off, leaving only a red thong between her skinny thighs, Mary decided she’d had enough of dancing. She shook her short blonde hair one last time, then walked over to the group. She squatted on her heels, ignoring her knees clicking, and smiled as she fondled one of her lightly sagging breasts.

Carefully she picked up all five of the men, one at a time. She made sure she slipped each of them halfway into her mouth, slathering their legs and cock in her saliva, before she sat them on the bed. They all kicked pleasantly, especially the last one.

“This is gonna be a lot of fun,” she growled at them.

“Holy shit Matt, this is awesome!” Jack yelled as he got back on his feet on the bed. He made sure to hi-five his best man as everyone else cheered in agreement. No one noticed Ken desperately looking over the edge of the bed as they watched Mary climb onto the bed.

“Come up here little guys!” she said, beckoning with one finger as she spread her legs. From where she was at the head of the bed they had a little walk to get to her, but their view was incredible. The tiny men walked past her massive shaved legs as they watched her slip a finger into her red thong. They couldn’t see exactly what part of her the finger was rubbing, but there was really no doubt.

When they were at her knee level, Mary lifted her hips off the bed and slipped her thong off. Her body rocked the bed slightly, knocking the four men off their feet. Ken was untouched; he was running along the side of the bed to try and get to the nightstand, where it looked like he could climb down to the floor on an electrical cord.

When Mary sat her hips back onto the bed, she was completely naked. The guys were close to her steaming snatch as they got back to their feet and she treated them with a view of her pussy. She giggled and held her lips open, letting them see the wetness within.

“One of you gets a choice,” she said to them. Mary had already forgotten this was a bachelor party and was letting her desire to be a dominating giantess run wild. “I need a little man in here,” she indicated which hole by shoving a finger deep into her pussy, “and one in my ass.”

When she said that she shifted her hips backward to give the tinies a view of both her hungry holes. The men were caught up in the moment, staring at her majestic body. She may have been almost twice their age, but they loved these tiny experiences so much that didn’t matter.

Jack, the man of the hour, ran forward and waved his arms at her. Mary giggled with pleasure at his enthusiasm and picked him up gingerly with two fingers. The rest of his friends cheered him on as Mary licked his legs playfully again, then moved him downward.

The soon-to-be married man gave his friends a thumbs up as the hands moved him downward. Then Mary spread her outer lips and slipped him inside. There was a rush of heat as her pussy enveloped his feet, then legs, then her fingers released as he felt his hips enter her slippery self. He heard the giantess moan in pleasure, then his view of his cheering friends was blocked out by a giant finger.

Mary slipped him halfway in and savored the feeling of another tiny entering her body. She had been afraid that after Ken she wouldn’t be able to get the same sensation she used to from tinies. But her fears had not come to pass; in fact, her appetite for tiny toys had only grown!

She moaned and adjusted her fingers until she felt her middle rubbing on his head. Then she pushed him further inside. Her finger quickly slipped into her own wet folds and she kept pushing, shoving the volunteer toy as deep inside as she could get him. When she felt him start kicking like a good toy, she pulled her finger back out.

Her eyes unfocused for a moment as he worked his magic, then Mary picked up another tiny without bothering to look. There were three left between her thighs, and one of them she quickly slathered in her spit before she moved him back downward. With her free hand she spread her butt cheeks and moved him closer to her backdoor.

The older woman relaxed her sphincter like she had a hundred times before and pushed the tiny into her. If he had been larger she would have used him like a butt plug, but at his size he was really only good for complete insertion. He easily slipped into her practiced asshole and immediately started kicking just like she wanted him to.

Harder, even.

“Ooh he’s so enthusiastic!” Mary exclaimed as the tinies in both her holes started working overtime. A movement at her side drew her attention, and she saw a tiny man carefully walking up the side of the bed.

“Shit!” Ken yelled as a giant hand wrapped around him. He panicked, knowing it was his mother’s hand, knowing what she was into. What she was doing with his friends already.

His mother’s hand moved through the air rapidly, and then there was a sensation of dropping. The hand relaxed for a moment and Ken felt himself drop onto something hot and soft. He had a moment to realize he’d been sat down right next to a nipple almost as large as he was.

Initially she dropped the tiny next to her nipple, but Mary remedied that mistake quickly by simple covering him with her hand and sliding him over. Immediately he started pleasuring her nipple, and she couldn’t help but push him into her soft flesh to maximize the sensation.

The two below were doing excellent, but Mary needed a little more. Her free hand moved down to her clit and started rubbing it lightly. As she’d done a million times before. She rubbed her clit and intermittently shoved a finger inside her pussy to keep her toy deep. For someone as enthusiastic about pleasuring a giant as this little guy was, he sure did seem like he was trying to get out!

Before she expected it, her orgasm approached quickly. It wasn’t often that she got to use tinies in both holes. The one at her nipple kept up wonderfully, she even felt him trying to scratch her tender flesh.

“Oh you little guys really know what you’re doing!” she groaned as her entire body began to shudder. Her hips lifted off the ground and her orgasm hit.

With a loud cry Mary came, feeling all her muscles clamp down on her toys. The one in her pussy was strong enough that he kept pleasuring her; he must have done this before. The one in her ass began to slow down, but Mary didn’t mind that much. With an orgasm rocking her body she wasn’t too picky about who was doing what.

 What seemed like an eternity later, Mary felt her body relax. As the afterglow flowed through her body, she dropped the tiny off her breast back onto the bed. Her pussy relaxed and the toy inside was able to make his way to her entrance. She giggled as she felt him reach her opening, and with two fingers she pulled him from her dripping snatch and dropped him to the blanket.

Briefly she tried to get the other toy out of her ass, but as soon as she put a finger into her asshole he started moving again. She pushed her finger further in, briefly wishing for a speculum, but it seemed like he was avoiding her finger.

“Oh, you wanna stay in there?” she said, not knowing or caring if the tiny could hear her. “Well, as long as you keep moving like that, be my guest!”

The two tinies that she hadn’t used yet were cheering distantly. Mary laughed and propped herself up on her elbows. Together the remaining two had ran to help their exhausted friend, covered in her pussy juices.

“How was it Jack?” Matt asked Jack as he helped his friend to his feet.

Even covered in pussy juice the men couldn’t help but notice Jack’s change in body language.

“You okay man?” asked Steve. Jack stumbled to his feet and finally looked up at the two, holding his left arm close to his body with his right.

“Matt you asshole!” Jack yelled. Matt took a step back; being yelled at was the last thing he expected when everything else was going so right.

Jack made a pointed look at his shoulder and Matt saw with horror that it didn’t look right. He knew less about medicine than the average toddler, but Matt would have bet money on something in there being broken.

“You didn’t make us super-tough!?” Jack yelled at Matt again. “I almost died about fifty times in there! If she wasn’t fingering herself there was no air at all!”

Steve got the point before Matt did. He looked with horror at Mary’s giant asshole.

“But that means Brandon-“

Mary didn’t let him finish that thought. She didn’t know what they were talking about and didn’t care. The heat of passion was overtaking her again and all she knew was that two of her volunteer toys hadn’t had any action yet. She grabbed them both quickly, knocking down the one in the middle that was still soaked in her juices. He could have a break.

Steve and Matt screamed as they were each plucked roughly from the blanket. The giantess wasn’t even pretending that they were tough anymore. If she’d even been pretending in the first place. Steve felt something *crack* inside, probably a rib.

Matt had volunteered them to be used by a woman who didn’t care if she killed them.

Just as he had that thought a familiar boiling wetness enveloped him. He’d been with a dozen giantesses before, but never had he been stupid enough to do it while not toughened. Though Steve couldn’t see Matt, he could hear him. There wasn’t enough room for them to be too far apart.

Mary feverishly stuffed the first tiny as far into her as he would go, then the second only halfway. Together they wriggled perfectly, stimulating more of her vaginal canal than one toy could do on its own. She rapidly flicked her clit. The older woman turned her head to try and find her tit-toy but she didn’t see him fast enough so she turned all her attention to her clitoris.

Jack watched horrified as he knew what all of his friends were going through. They’d be lucky if they survived this at all. Then he looked around, realizing one of them was completely missing.

“Oh shit, did she eat Ken?” This bachelor party had gone from good to great, and now with Matt’s stupid decision it was turning into an execution.

Ken hadn’t been eaten, instead he’d seized his chance to run. Knowing there was nowhere to run if he ran down the bed, he had sprinted upward until he could hide under the pillow. Even as his mother writhed and shook on the bed the pillow provided enough cover to keep him safe. Once some part of her flailed onto the pillow above him and squished it down, but it simply smushed around him softly rather than turning him into paste.

All the stimulation, three tinies in two holes, was too much for Mary. She wanted this evening to keep going, but she could feel the tiny in her asshole getting tired again. So she let herself relax, and changed her finger’s rhythm on her clit in a way that had never failed to produce an orgasm since she’d first masturbated at age twelve.

“Don’t stop now little guys!” she yelled as her second orgasm fast approached. She savored the buildup, the blooming heat. It was almost like a sneeze, a pressure that promised wonders, a joy that couldn’t be matched.

Briefly she wished for a dildo to pound the tinies further inside, then she came with a yell. Her pussy clamped down again, this time clamping down on the two tinies within. They were both as strong as the first one, or she wasn’t squeezing as tightly, because they kept wriggling through her entire orgasm prolonging it wonderfully. The one in her ass ran out of steam, again, halfway through.

If it hadn’t been her second time cumming tonight she would have been annoyed with his lack of stamina. After a long euphoric minute Mary felt her orgasm finally start to fade. Her pelvic muscles relaxed and spasmed alternately. She caught her breath again as the two tinies in her pussy fell out. This time she didn’t bother to help them with their exit; they were tough and the fall wouldn’t hurt them.

“You know, you should’ve let me pick someone in better shape for my ass,” she admonished the tinies as they gathered together, helping each other to their feet. As she watched, one tried to stand a simply fell over. “He can barely make it through one orgasm at a time! My last ass-toy kept me happy through a re-watch of Titanic!”

The tinies paid no attention to her as they knelt around the one who had tried to stand but fallen. At first she was annoyed, then her eyes focused and she noticed something appeared wrong with his leg. It was bent in the wrong direction. Mary gasped.

Suddenly she realized why her ass-toy had seemed to have such poor endurance, but revitalized when she let more air into her rectum when she’d tried to pull him out the first time.

“Holy shit you’re not super-tough!?”

Bachelor Party Disaster Part 2 by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Here's part 2 of the Bachelor Party Disaster commission. Enjoy!

Mary squatted carefully in the hotel suite’s tub, steadying herself with both arms before she was able to lean her back against the cold wall. She’d left the other room in a hurry; leaving her remaining four toys on the bed. They’d done their job well as toys. That is, until she’d realized they weren’t super-tough like she’d thought and she’d already badly injured two of them.

And killed another with my ass, she thought to herself as she relaxed her anal sphincter. Carefully two fingers from her left hand slid up her asshole, lubricated with spit. Briefly she felt a tiny solid object and did her best to pinch it between two fingers. The older woman managed to pull it a little closer to her opening before she briefly lost her balance and her sphincter squeezed shut on her fingers.

On her second attempt she got a better grip on her tiny ass-toy and carefully pushed him out as though she were having a bowel movement. Of course she wasn’t, she always made sure she was as clean as humanly possible before playing with tinies. But between her fingers and her pushing the tiny finally slipped out of her.

As soon as his body was out of her rectum his slippery form was dropped by her manicured fingers. Luckily, or unluckily for those Mary met via Tiny Tinder, this wasn’t her first rodeo. Mary’s other hand was positioned right under her backdoor to catch the tiny before he could fall more than a couple of inches.

When she felt his steaming hot body land on her palm Mary stood and carefully stepped out of the tub. She walked to the bathroom counter and turned on the little side lights that she hadn’t noticed before. Now that she could get a real good look at the two-inch toy that she held, she could tell that there was no movement. He was definitely gone.

Even pleasantly buzzed Mary knew this was a bad thing. It had happened to her only rarely before.

Or fairly often, Mary thought to herself with a giggle. Then the giggly thoughts turned to worry.

She’d killed tinies on accident before, but in those events it was only one tiny. Easily eaten or left in her ass until she passed them in the morning. But now there were four witnesses out there in the fancy hotel room.

For a moment as Mary was absentmindedly washing her ass-toy off in the sink Mary she contemplated what would happen now. They’d call the police. Go to the hospital. She’d go to jail, no question about it.

Then, as she had so many times before when she’d accidentally crushed a Tiny Tinder hookup who didn’t want to be made tough, she slipped him between her lips before she realized what she was doing. It was automatic: hurt tinies got eaten before they could leave a negative Tiny Tinder review.

If I let them, she thought to herself before she gulped down the evidence. She kept herself from actually swallowing the little body in her mouth as she made that realization.

What’s the difference between getting rid of one crushed tiny and five? She asked herself, her pussy getting wet again. Why not just have a little more fun?

Matt and Jack looked at each other as suffered in silence. Jack’s shoulder was broken, their first signal that they hadn’t been made tough. Matt had known of course, as the organizer, but he hadn’t counted on the giantess being too drunk to remember to be gentle. He wasn’t unscathed himself; his leg was bent the wrong way at the knee.

Steve could only look between the two of them in despair. He was unharmed, true, but that wasn’t the same as safe. He knew he was the only one who had a chance of getting to their phones, since Ken was MIA. Probably eaten. They were all thinking it as they sat on the corner of the bed nursing their wounds.

The giantess may have ran to the bathroom looking horrified, but they all knew it was an act. The entire time she’d used them she had to have known they weren’t tough, which meant there was only one ending for them.

Ken, unknown to the rest of his friends, had only been squished against his mother’s giant nipple. When she’d dropped him after her first orgasm he’d hidden under the pillows and stayed there. He knew less of what was going on than his friends did, save for the fact that Matt’s so-called giantess stripper was his mother.

So when Mary came back out from the bathroom with an evil smile on her face, none of them men were surprised. They could see she was two fingers deep in her snatch, busy frigging herself as well as she could while walking.

Mary rubbed her clit as fast as she could, fully committed to her new plan for her new night of fun. Three of the tinies had moved to the edge of the bed, perhaps to try and find a way to climb down, but for her it was just an invitation for another brief show. She stood so that she could straddle the corner of the bed and spread her pussy lips.

She could only imagine what they were thinking. There she was, masturbating her giant pussy only inches away from them. If she bent her knees she’d envelope at least one of them in her steaming folds to keep her party busy. But she had other plans.

After masturbating over the little men for a few minutes, bringing herself very close to orgasming, Mary stepped back and knelt so that her face was close to the tinies.

“So listen little guys,” she said to them group that leaned away from her. Mary’s voice was a little odd, courtesy of the tiny body she was balancing on her tongue while she spoke. She could tell from their body language they were scared and hurt, and it only made her more wet. The entire situation was something she’d relive in her fantasies for years to come.

“I actually did think you were tough,” she started, “But that was my bad,” Mary giggled, “I guess I had a little too much to drink!”

Where they couldn’t see, but they were very aware of, her fingers kept playing with her clit, bringing her closer to another orgasm. Her face would have betrayed her even if her moving arms didn’t.

“But since my little ass-toy didn’t make it,” Mary opened her mouth to reveal Brandon’s form, motionless, on her tongue, “I’m gonna just keep playing until you’re all in my tumm-eee!” she said as she started to come.

The little men watched horrified as Mary spoke, realizing they were about to lose their lives to a horny older woman who simply had forgotten the key part of their party’s agreement. Only Steve noticed one thing though: Brandon was definitely alive.

As Mary came again Steve saw Brandon’s head move upward. The two made eye contact as Mary started to scream with her orgasm, then Brandon’s face turned to shock. Mary’s giant tongue moved upward, shoving him to the back of her mouth. With her mouth wide open as she orgasmed, she swallowed.

Feeling the little man slide down her throat only intensified her orgasm. When he hit her stomach she felt some movement.

Had he been alive after all? She asked herself, letting the idea prolong her orgasm. She fell to one knee and her hand left her clit to keep herself from falling over.

When she regained her senses, Mary narrowed her eyes at the remaining tinies. The only one that didn’t seem hurt had tried to drag his friends away from her, but only managed to move them a foot.

“I hope you saved some of that energy for me!” Mary said aggressively.

Mary snatched up the one that seemed unharmed and slipped him straight into her pussy. One finger followed him as far inside as she could put him, then she rolled onto the bed. The remaining two rolled as the landscape moved below them, and Mary picked up the one whose leg seemed to be broken.

She leaned back on the headboard, stroking her soaking wet sex and enjoying her latest toy’s struggles. Her legs were spread wide, and she herded the remaining man closer to her sex. The feeling of power was overwhelming; even before when she played with tinies it hadn’t felt like this. Sure, she’d killed some before, but this time it would be on purpose.

Now that she’d had tinies in this perfect way she wasn’t sure she’d be able to go back, even if the tiny was super-tough and wanted her to be cruel. The sense of permanence made her hornier than she’d ever thought she could be.

Mary masturbated, as perfectly as she ever had, and briefly dangled her snack overhead. Then she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue.

“Please be tasty, okay?” she asked the little man as he screamed.

Then she lowered him to her tongue. When she tasted his squirming form, salty with fear, she pulled him into her mouth and shut her lips. He struggled against her tongue as best he could, but her saliva was too slippery, her tongue far stronger than he was, and he simply tasted too good.

Though she could scarcely believe it, Mary orgasmed with no buildup. She had no warning as le petit mort overwhelmed her senses; she was so turned on, this had never happened before! Mary had no time to move her mouth toy out of the way when she clenched down with her teeth.

There was a brief crunch and a blast of salty flavor as Mary’s molars crushed through both of Matt’s legs. When Mary realized what had happened, she felt a rush of guilt that only magnified her massive orgasm. Then she realized that her toy was only tastier now. Her tongue flicked his screaming body toward the back of her mouth and she swallowed in the heat of her passion.

Mary’s massive body writhed on the bed, almost smashing Jack who could only watch, horrified. He could tell from her face that she’d bitten down hard on Matt, then he saw the bulge of her throat move downward. Her massive legs shifted as she came, and Matt was barely able to avoid being smashed against the bed himself.

When the giant woman stopped crying out and writhing Matt realized she was finally coming down from her orgasm. At his size it seemed as though it had lasted several terrifying hours. Then she leaned back against the headboard, exhausted. Her massive breasts heaved as she caught her breath.

Matt had one last chance at making things right. At surviving. So when he saw the massive pussy dilate and give birth to Steve he swallowed the pain of his shoulder screaming at him and ran toward the massive pussy. Steve dropped out of her soaking snatch and fell limply to the blanket.

He didn’t leave us, Matt thought to himself as he helped Steve’s slippery form to his feet.

“I’m not leaving you man!” he yelled to Steve. Together the two of them limped away from Mary as she breathed heavily and moaned. Neither of them looked back; their only chance was that they didn’t attract her attention again.

“Just go!” Steve said to him as he coughed, a small amount of blood leaking from his mouth. “She broke something inside me and I’m done for!”

Matt knew it was hopeless but he knew he couldn’t leave Steve. The rest of them might have been dead but they had to seize any chance they –

Mary came down slowly from the largest orgasm of her life. When her eyes began to focus again, she saw her two toys moving away from her as fast as they could. Which was not very fast, and certainly not fast enough.

One hand went back to her pussy and started tickling her clit lightly. It was sensitive after so many orgasms, but she knew she had more in there. Her other hand went down and carefully wrapped up the two that were fleeing.

She didn’t even bother to give them a good look before she popped them both into her mouth like large pieces of popcorn. Mary was incredibly relaxed on the hotel bed, letting out a deep sigh of contentment as she separated out her two tinies with her tongue. One went front and center while she tucked the other into her cheek.

The first tasted strongly of her own pussy and she knew he was the one she’d just had deep in her slippery hole. With a giggle she licked and sucked all the flavor she could off of him. He was sweet, he was salty, he was a wonderful tickler. When Mary tilted her head back and swallowed she enjoyed the sensation of him doing everything he could to fight his way back up her throat.

He landed in her stomach with a splash and she felt his struggles start instantly. There was no comparison she could make that compared to one tiny fighting for his life in her stomach. Except for two tinies dying for her. The tiny in her cheek didn’t get the tender treatment the other had; she wasted no time in moving him backward with her tongue and swallowed him with no foreplay.

Together the tinies felt wonderful in her stomach, yet Mary felt her final orgasm elude her as she massaged her clit and pushed two fingers inside her sex. Then she realized what was missing.

Ken felt Mary’s body move aside only as a relaxation of pressure downward on him from the pillows. He’d heard her speak earlier, heard her moan and cry out, but had no idea what had been happening. His hiding space was secure from his mother’s actions.

“Hey little guy!” he heard his mother call out. Carefully he peeked out from below the pillows. He could see his mother looking around the hotel room.

She must have remembered there was five of us, Ken realized. He hadn’t seen what had happened to his friends, but he had to assume he was the sole survivor at this point.

As he realized that, inspiration struck for Mary.

“Hey buddy,” she called out again, “Your friends told me that we may have roleplayed too hard!”

Ken’s mind raced as she said that. Could he have been wrong about everything? It was still horrifying that it was his mother, but had he overreacted when he thought she’d killed his friends by masturbating?

“They’re getting cleaned up in the bathroom sink,” his mother called out. “Do you want to join them and see for yourself that they’re okay? Everything is fine!”

Ken should have known better, but his mother had always been eerily convincing. Shaking, he came out from below the pillow.

If they’re alive we’ll laugh about this for years, he told himself, But if I’m right, I had no chance of getting out of this anyways. She’d take this place apart until she found me. He knew how thorough his mother could be.

Mary saw him almost immediately and shot him a convincing smile. It took a lot of effort for her to keep her hands off her snatch. It didn’t occur to either of them that she was naked. Ken was too scared to be bothered and if there had been a nudist colony nearby Mary would have been a regular.

“Here, let’s just set you on here while I get my phone to unshrink you all!” Mary told the last tiny as she gently picked him up and sat him down on the leather chair near where she had piled their clothes. She could hardly believe that her plan had actually worked, and she knew it was turning her on enough that she’d be able to get in that final orgasm she wanted. Her two tummy-toys were already slowing down.

Under the guise of getting her phone out of her purse, Mary instead pulled a short pink cylinder out. The last tiny couldn’t see what her hands were doing, and Mary could barely contain her anticipation.

“Okay, are you ready?” Ken’s mother said to him as he stood shaking on the massive seat of the leather chair. He could only hope she had been telling the truth. This nightmare could be over and –

While the thought passed through his mind, Mary opened her mouth wide and brought her tiny vibrator to her clit. Ken heard her deep moan just as her mouth descended. She heard a faint scream that was cut off once her lips contacted the leather; he was standing in the center of her spread lips, feet on the chair, while her lips completely surrounded him like a saliva soaked cage.

Ken panicked. He was completely inside his mother’s mouth as she moaned around him. Her tongue flickered all over his body, which didn’t have enough room to even topple over. The tiny man screamed and fought against her for all he was worth, but it was futile.

Just as Mary’s moans reached a crescendo that threatened to burst his eardrums, the massive tongue forced him against the roof of his mouth. A wave of pressure pushed him upward, away from the chair and toward her throat.

Gulp! Ken heard all around him as a circular ring of muscles grabbed his shoulders. Her tongue flicked up again, pushing on his feet and gulp! a second time. This time the muscle clamped down again on him and Ken was yanked into her throat.

He screamed the entire way down, not caring that his struggles were only amplifying his mother’s orgasm. He had to do something even if that was –

Suddenly Ken dropped into a large open space. He landed in a warm liquid, stomach acid, and immediately leapt to his feet. The walls of her stomach were impossible to climb, but he had to try. All around him he could hear screams of pleasure and his mother’s rapid heartbeat. Somewhere in here he knew his friends were already digested.

Mary settled back on the chair as her final orgasm faded. It had been wonderful, especially once the latest tiny started batting at the walls of her stomach. He was still struggling and would for several minutes. She knew from experience.

She smiled happily as she got dressed, enjoying the feeling of the tiny’s last moments deep within her. Then she opened the mini fridge and pulled out a small bottle of wine. The lid opened with a satisfying hiss as the bubbles escaped.

“Glad my name’s not on the bill,” she said to herself as she drained the bottle in one gulp. She let out a tidy burp as she read the listed prices. “That wasn’t ten bucks worth of wine!”

The older woman hummed to herself as she left the room, not even bothering to turn off the lights. Her final passenger’s struggles grew weaker in the elevator, and by the time she sat in the car he had stopped moving altogether.

“Ugh,” she said aloud as she started her car. “So inconsiderate. The next party better agree to be super-tough.”


Matthew's Match by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

You make poor decisions when you're horny.

Here's another fun commission from a fan! Check out my Patreon or send me a message on here if you've got something you'd like written!

“I gotta get laid,” Matt said to himself as he stared at the ceiling in his room. For the third time today he had a raging erection that wouldn’t go down, and for the second time this year he’d dated a gal for three weeks before she decided they weren’t meant to be. Before they did the deed of course, but not before giving him blue balls.

Heavy petting had only set Matt up for a perfect storm of hormones. He’d been sure Tina was ready to put out, except for the part where she broke up with him the evening before their big date. Where she’d assured him her parents wouldn’t be home until the next day. Matt had even bought their movie tickets and a six-pack of condoms in preparation.

The black-haired sixteen-year-old pulled out his phone. It was time to forget the golden ideal of an emotional relationship leading to physical intimacy. He’d been hoping to hold out, at least for his first time, to be with a girl that he had genuine feelings for.

“Now let’s just find a chick with low standards,” he said aloud as he pulled out his phone, hand guided by the primal need to slide into someone.

Opening the store on his phone, he found the category for dating apps. Matt had always laughed when others told him they were useful, but now he felt their allure. A surprising number were available, starting with one whose thumbnail appeared to be one larger ‘T’ engulfing a smaller one with its bottom.

“Tiny Tinder?” he asked himself, raising an eyebrow. “If I’m doing this I might as well go all the way, right?”

He’d heard of the app from his friends at school, none of whom had tried it. It was obviously popular, and worked as advertised, but no one he knew had ever used it. But when compared to regular Tinder, he knew it had another layer of anonymity in that the larger person might never see the smaller one clearly enough to identify them.

Not to mention Matt had heard its success rate was much higher than regular Tinder. Macrophilia really was the latest and greatest thing. It didn’t matter particularly to him if he was small, as long as he was naked with a girl. Any girl.

 “Well, almost any girl,” he corrected himself as the app finished downloading and prompted him to create his profile. It occurred to him briefly that his sister might be on the app; she had quite the reputation at school. Of course, most girls did.

“Except for the ones that I take out!” Matt said to himself drily.

The app opened neatly with a cute animation of that same smaller ‘t’ climbing the side of the larger, until the larger turned and opened a cartoony mouth whiched up the smaller ‘t.’ A cartoony face appeared on the smaller one to give it a look of shock as it disappeared into the larger ‘T’s’ mouth, then down the shaft of the ‘T’ with a bulge.

Cute, he thought as the menu appeared.

He quickly clicked through the various licensure and consent agreements. Like most people who used the app he didn’t really read it, though he would have been amused by some of the lines within. The legal team had been stunned with what they could get away with. No one ever realized that when they were tiny they actually became the property of the person they matched with, or that they waived any right to legal renumeratio in the case of accidental death or dismemberment.

It helped that those in that situation were often literally unable to complain, a fact the app’s legal team had appreciated when they wrote their disclaimers.

“Preferences, here we go,” he said after he’d uploaded several pictures of himself. Not face pictures, of course, but he had a nice body he enjoyed showing off. Matt didn’t have bulging muscles but he did have that lucky type of metabolism that let him eat whatever he wanted without putting on weight.

He couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he read through the expansive checklist of options. A lot of them sounded like things he would enjoy, but a lot were things he never would have thought of on his own.

“What the hell is stuffing?”

His eyes narrowed as he read the explanation.

“Stuffing is the act of a tiny being stuffed into an orifice already full of other matter, such as feces, or being eaten prior to the giant(ess) consuming large amounts of food.

“Who the hell would want that?” Matt asked himself as he skipped that option.

In the end, Matt found himself checking off most of the options, too impatient to read them all. His initial knowledge of macrophilia had only extended to vaginal insertion and the knowledge that some people liked to be eaten. It hadn’t even occurred to him that he could be stuffed into a sock for hours at a time, but he trusted the way his erection had responded so he added that to his list.

Quickly he got bored and started to check off most things that appeared in the list without reading them. Who has time to read when they’re about to get laid?

Once his preferences were filled out Matt finally got to the part of the app he had been looking forward to: actually trying to match with women.

Just like himself, most of the women hadn’t put face shots on their profile. What he could see though, he liked. There were a lot of ab shots, one with a cute ‘Wish You Were Here’ arrow pointing at it. One that he particularly enjoyed was a woman sensually posing in some white lingerie, holding herself open as a tiny hand pushed its way out.

Under different circumstances Matt might have been at least a little picky. But today? With his erection calling the shots? The only profile he didn’t swipe right on had a picture of a tiny swimming in a toilet bowl.

He laughed to himself as he kept swiping through profiles, carefully keeping his hands off his erection under his sweatpants.


One hour later, he was walking nervously to a coffee shop halfway across town. His sky-high level of horniness wasn’t enough to override the simple fact that he’d never been with a woman before. And he especially hadn’t met one anonymously for sex. Or whatever macrophilia could be considered.

As he walked through the park his phone buzzed.

“Giantess incoming! Prepare for shrinking!” the text flashed red across his screen.

“Wait, don’t I get to meet her fir-“ was all that Matt got to say as he felt his entire body tingle. It was as though he’d licked one of those square batteries. But everywhere. There was a sensation of falling, shortly followed by the feeling of being covered with enough blankets for fifty people.

“What the hell!” he yelled as he realized what had happened. “There’s no one around here you stupid app!”

Disgruntled, Matt pushed his way upward through what he knew was his now gigantic t-shirt. He mumbled angrily to himself as he pushed aside the cotton. It was a warm enough spring day that being naked didn’t bother him, but he knew he’d have one hell of a time getting back to normal sized.

After an eternity of pushing and crawling he finally saw light through what had been the neckhole.

Matt’s two-inch tall form pushed out into the sunlight shining through the trees. He looked up at the sun and raised his arm to block the light. But something much larger beat him to it.

“Hey bro!” he heard a chipper voice say, and Matt’s heart sank.

His eyes adjusted quickly to the light, revealing the last thing he’d want to see while tiny. His sister was wearing her basic furry boots and black leggings that barely covered her surprisingly toned backside. A light pink jacket covered her arms over a tank top that didn’t do anything to hide her braless C-cup breasts.

She knelt on one knee near him and his pile of clothes with a beaming smile that would’ve lured a non-related guy into traffic. Her blonde hair was done in some kind of intricate braid that still left enough hair to flow past her shoulders. Taylor had been a lingerie model since she’d turned fifteen thanks to a recent law update.

Not that Matt was noticing that right now.

“You finally branched out, huh?” she asked him with laughter in her voice. With one hand she held a Comet Coffee cup, and the other she used to shake her phone at him. “Usually I try to avoid matching with people I know, but how could I resist getting the chance to mess with my little bro?”

“What the hell Taylor!” he yelled up at her. In the sheltered area of the park where he’d been shrunk it was quiet enough for her to hear him. “It was you the whole time?”

“Well yeah,” she said as she rolled her eyes. “Your first picture has that scar on your belly, you didn’t recognize my tattoo?”

“Why the hell would I recognize a tattoo on your ass?” he yelled back.

“Get on, dummy,” she said, finishing her coffee and tossing it into the bushes before she offered him that hand.

Matt paused, realizing everything he’d talked about with the random woman that turned out to be his older sister. Was this all a joke to her, or did she not care about relation since he was shrunken? She’d made it clear that tinies were only toys to her, just little people who gave themselves to her for her own pleasure.

As though she realized what he was thinking, she narrowed her eyes and picked him up. And not very gently at that. Matt yelled in protest as her fingers closed around his naked body. At least they were warm from her coffee.

“Sorry little bro,” she said to him with a smirk on her face. “I didn’t mean to be so rough!”

Her voice was full of mock concern, her eyes full of laughter.

“But didn’t I see that you wanted it to be a little rough?” she continued as she opened the Tiny Tinder app on her phone. “Let’s see here,” she mumbled to herself as she kicked his clothes into a rough pile that also got sent into the bushes.

Matt began to panic in her hand, struggling for all he was worth. Which she barely noticed as she was engrossed in locating his profile.

“You just got lazy and clicked everything, didn’t you?” she asked rhetorically as she saw the list of his preferences populate. She started walking along the path back home as she read. “Stretching? Prolonged insertion? Ooh I like that too, good thing you remembered to click on super-tough.”

Then she heard talking ahead of her. Her eyes darted between her phone, her tiny brother struggling in her hand, and the group she could hear coming.

“Good thing you ‘liked’ the candy treatment!” Matt heard her voice whisper through her clenching fingers.

“The what?” he yelled up at her as best as he could. He’d only been able to hear half of what she’d been saying, but he could tell she was reading off a list of things that he must have agreed to on the app.

This is not how this was supposed to go! He thought to himself.

Without waiting to hear his response Taylor popped his two inch form into her mouth just as several cheerleaders she recognized from school came around the corner on the path. Fortunately for her he was just as delicious as the other tinies she’d played with. Her tongue swirled over his body to get as much flavor as she could from his squirming body.

“Hey girls!” she said, briefly tucking him into her cheek. None of them were paying enough attention to notice the moving bulge in her cheek.

A chorus of half-hearted ‘heys’ was all the reply she got from the group as they passed by. Taylor probably could have left the pile of clothes in the middle of the dirt path and they wouldn’t have noticed unless one of them tripped over occupantless underwear while they stared at their phones.

Taylor hummed to herself as she sucked on her tiny brother all the way home. Intermittently she could hear him screaming in her mouth which only made her even more horny. She hadn’t used a tiny for herself in almost two weeks. It was pure serendipity that she would happen to match with one so close to home that she could literally pick him up in the park half a block away.

If I’d been home twenty minutes ago, she told herself as she crossed the street in front of her house, I could’ve just shrank him in the house!

Her more experienced self knew the mistake he’d made with the app. Just like always he hadn’t read something all the way through and he’d given whatever woman he matched with a ridiculous amount of power over his little body. She didn’t quite get the allure of shrinking a man or woman (she wasn’t particular) when she wasn’t near enough to play with him, but the latest update gave users that option, mid-conversation. They didn’t even have to be near each other anymore if the shrinky gave permission.

Which Matt, in his laziness, had.

What was a pleasant walk to Taylor was a living hell for Matt. When he’d planned on using Tiny Tinder, he naively hadn’t anticipated that the giantess might have her own plans. And he certainly hadn’t expected to run into his sister. Or spend what seemed like three weeks in her mouth.

Her tongue was longer than he was tall and he could tell she’d spent a lot of time using it. Matt cried out as he felt the massive wet muscle drag up and down his body, grabbed at her teeth in an effort to pull himself out of her mouth. All of it was in vain. What made it even worse was that at several points she stopped to speak to people he couldn’t see, who clearly didn’t notice the tiny in her mouth.

Or perhaps they didn’t care. It was a new world, after all.

Just as Matt was sure he was going to lose his mind there was a change in what the tongue was doing. A sudden buildup of pressure popped his ears, then her lips opened, letting a blinding light. Something propelled him forward, launching him out of her mouth. Matt screamed for a moment as he fell before he landed on the side of a paper bowl and slid down to the bottom.

Taylor giggled as she saw her brother covered in her saliva.

“There’s one off the list,” she said to him as she ignored his angry yelling. “What else can I help you check of?”

Her phone appeared in her hand again as Matt yelled and swore at her. He could tell they were in her room from what he could see of her walls over the side of the bowl, and he didn’t like the tone of her voice. He was starting to think she was going to take this much further than mouth play.

“No, you’re gonna put me back to normal and---!” he started to yell as she spoke over him.

“Oooh, sock and shoe imprisonment?” she said with a smile. “But I thought you already said you didn’t want to go to the mall today!”

“What?” he yelled up at her as she stepped out of view. “No I’m not going to the mall with you!”

As he finished yelling she returned and held up one of her fuzzy boots with one hand and one of her thin socks with her other. She gave him a smile worthy of a game show host.

“So, in the sock or not?” she asked him. Part of her was telling her the joke had gone far enough, but another part was loving this. Tormenting her tiny brother?

Just because he’s my brother doesn’t mean I can’t play, right? Her inner voice asked. He’s a tiny, so it doesn’t count as anything dirty, right?

Her tiny brother yelled up angrily at her as she pretended to model the sock. With an eyebrow raised she smiled seductively.

“I agree,” she said, making her voice excessively happy. “In the sock would be so much better!”

Before he could even start to resist, she dropped her boot to the ground and picked him up. Carefully she dropped him into her long fuzzy sock and shook it to get him down to the toes. Taylor giggled to herself when she saw it move from his struggles, then sat down and carefully snaked her foot back into the sock.

“Geez bro!” Taylor said as she slipped her boot back on. She could feel his two-inch tall body pushing against her toes, so she curled them slightly and pulled him back under the balls of her feet. “I’m glad you were thorough on your preferences or I’d never have known you were into feet games!”

Matt could hear her teasing voice, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Her entire weight was pressed onto him when she stood up. He wasn’t damaged, he knew he was super tough, but the humiliation of being under his sister’s foot in her basic white girl fuzzy socks and boots was just about the worst thing he’d ever experienced.

Her feet didn’t smell horrible which was a blessing, but he knew his mistake with the app was only going to grow if she kept looking through that list. Every crushing step reminded him of that.

Being stuck in her sock was a nightmare. He couldn’t tell where they were, where they were going, or what she was doing. But if she was going to the mall like she claimed then he knew her treating him like a piece of candy would be an improvement over being stuck in her shoe for hours.

Matt screamed as her weight bored down on him as she walked.

Taylor, on the other hand, was enjoying another pumpkin flavored coffee as she browsed the mall. In the changing rooms she let him slip between two of her toes before carefully pulling him back under her weight. As she thumbed through vinyl at the record store she made sure to bear down a little more on him so that he got the full experience. Finally as she looked through the back section of the only seedy store in the mall, where the ‘novelty’ items were displayed next to blacklights and posters of barely dressed women, Taylor finally let her brother climb onto the top of her foot.

She smiled as she looked at the various sex toys that the store carefully marked ‘18+’.  Of course, Taylor had gotten a lot of toys there though she wasn’t old enough yet. The cashiers didn’t care about age as long as some extra cash went their way.

Just looking at them made her think again about her brother in her shoe. She’d been debating using him the way she used all of her tiny hookups; after all, hadn’t he put most everything in his list of preferences? Certainly he’d included everything she enjoyed, though she knew it was only because of laziness that his profile was so thorough.

And he was tiny, so it didn’t really count as incest anymore. Not that it was that taboo any more anyway, but she knew her brother was definitely not into it.

Then she saw them: something new in the ‘tiny play’ section. Most of it was completely innocent merchandise. Shrunken costumes for those interested in them, tiny sized silverware and dishes. But on the shelves above all that, where there was no pretense about what shrinking was really about, Taylor saw a new pair of underwear next to all the other more complicated toys she couldn’t afford.

At first they simply looked like a pair of red thong panties. Then she noticed the colorful picture and tiny Velcro straps.

Five minutes later she was sitting in a quiet bathroom stall, carefully stepping out of her leggings and panties. It didn’t bother her too much to be naked from the waste down in a bathroom stall; she wasn’t in junior high anymore. When she worked the new panties up to her knees she fidgeted briefly with the straps, making sure she knew how they worked. Then she fished her brother, covered in sweat and half-crazed from the hours of stomping he’d endured, out of her sock.

“Good news bro!” she said to him in her excessively cheerful voice. Part of her was looking forward to this just because she knew he’d hate it. Another part was looking forward to it because she’d never tried this before with any tiny. And part of her just wanted stimulation.

Matt sucked in fresh air for the first time in several hours. The bright light above him blurred his vision enough that he wasn’t immediately sure where he was. His sister’s voice echoed above him, but he was too confused and disoriented to really understand what she was saying.

“You get to check something else off your list!”

Matt only caught the word ‘list’ in his daze, just as he realized where he was.

“No, not like this!” he yelled out as he realized he was in a toilet stall.

But instead of being stuffed up her pussy, which he’d been looking forward to with someone else, her hands brought him lower. A soft material enveloped him and he fought as well as he could, until he got a good look up her legs. Matt had never seen a vagina in real life, though he’d fingered several girls he’d dated. It may have been his sister’s, but as smooth and tight as it looked his instincts seized his brain. Struggling against whatever the giant fingers were doing seemed pointless, according to his sudden erection.

Taylor wasn’t sure why he’d stopped struggling, but it sure made getting him tucked into the pussy pocket of her new panties easier.

“Oh, I see,” she said with a voice of mock disapproval. “Changed your mind about this, have we?”

Matt snapped out of his funk just as she finished the last tiny Velcro strap. He threw his arms forward and felt his body bounce as though he were laying in a hammock, but a glance to either side of him showed him this was not a hammock. His hands grabbed the numerous straps that held him, but he wasn’t strong enough to free himself.

Probably why my arms are still even free, he realized as his sister smiled down at him, satisfied with her handiwork. From where she could see, his hands, face, and junk were all exposed while the rest was held tightly by the smooth red silk.

“Enjoy! I know I will,” she told him with a wink before standing up.

“No!” Matt screamed as the panties were rapidly pulled upward. He accelerated toward her massive pussy as though it were the ground and he’d been thrown from an airplane.

Taylor smiled when his faint scream was cut off as she pulled up her new panties. She gasped as she felt his head contact her clit; the panties fit perfectly! Then she felt more vibrating and squirming as he started using his hands to push her away.

Oh this is gonna be fun, she thought as she was pleasantly stimulated.

“Sewn into panties, check!” she said laughing as she pulled up her tight leggings and stepped back into her fuzzy boots.

Matt screamed as best he could, pushed up against his sister’s smooth snatch. He pushed upward with his arms to push her increasingly moist flesh away from his face but he knew it was futile; the panties weren’t going to move whatever he did, and all his struggles were probably just fun for her. If anything, the underwear was riding further upward as she walked!

 Oh wow this is nice, Taylor thought as she walked out of the bathroom. How did I not think of this before?

Before she walked back through the food court she felt a small orgasm begin to build, all thanks to her tiny brother. To passers-by she seemed like a happy, beautiful girl having a great day. On her way home she came three times just from his tiny struggles; it was going to be hard to let him go! Her legs grew weak as she walked and where she’d first shrank him, on the path they used most frequently, she had to stop and let herself cum twice in the bushes.

When she got home Taylor ran straight upstairs to her room, too full of sexual tension to even bother reading the note her parents had left on the counter for her to read.

The world shook as Matt struggled to keep his face free of fluids and his sister’s clitoris. His world was a deluge of her fluids and quivering muscles, shaking constantly as she walked. He choked on her lubrication as it drenched his body.

To his shame he knew he had an erection. Any man in his position would have, but he couldn’t help but curse himself for putting himself in this situation. Purely due to laziness he had essentially volunteered to be his sister’s sex toy, and now she was getting her kicks half from reading off a list he’d barely known he was agreeing to!

His sister, of course, was far beyond caring. It had been a fun game to her at first, pretending she was fulfilling his wishes by checking things off his list of preferences. But now she had her own needs, and that list was purely for ideas she wouldn’t have thought of.

Like these awesome panties! she thought as she leapt onto her bed and yanked her leggings off. The panties soon followed, though Taylor would have loved to keep them on the entire night.

“But I read up on what you liked,” she said to a confused and ashamed Matt as she pulled him out of her soaked panties, “And I think we’re on the same page for this one.”

Matt coughed as she tossed him onto the bed. He turned to see that she was rolling away from him, reaching for something under the bed. Seeing his chance, he started stumbling away from her, not entirely sure where he was going.

“Not so fast bro!” she said, turning back over and grabbing him.

Something cold and hard pushed against his back, and then Taylor’s other hand came into view trailing a strip of tape.

“Don’t worry,” she said breathlessly as she quickly affixed her brother to the tapered end of her metal dildo, “It’s body safe tape.”

Seconds later Taylor was sitting against her backboard and lining the vibrator up with her pussy. She was so wet she didn’t even try to take it easy, and the way she’d taped Matt on she knew he’d be on for the long haul. His screams were inaudible over the sound of the vibrator, and soon her own cries of pleasure overtook them as well.

Forty-five minutes later, Taylor finally let her vibrator slip out of her exhausted pussy. The tape that had held Matt tightly had peeled off ten minutes in despite her best efforts, so she’d simply made sure the tape came out of her steaming snatch while Matt remained inside. Then she’d spent the rest of the time ramming him against her cervix and playing with her clit.

As she caught her breath, satisfied beyond all belief, Matt finally found his way to her opening and slid out. He may have been nigh-invulnerable, but he wasn’t immune to exhaustion. Matt barely had the energy to stand and try to walk away from his sister after being smashed against her cervix repeatedly for so long.

“Not so fast,” she told him as she held him up in front of her face.

There was an exhausted scream as she lowered him into her mouth, running her tongue over his body and licking off every bit of her juices she could find. Then she turned sideways, dropped him into a water glass that still had a standing quarter-inch of water, and promptly fell asleep.


The next morning Taylor completely ignored Matt as she got ready for school. She didn’t bother trying to hide her nakedness; he’d seen enough of her already.

“Besides, Mom and Dad won’t be home til Wednesday. Good thing we’re mature enough to take care of ourselves, right?” she asked him rhetorically as she picked out her clothes for the day and shook her hips playfully.

Matt just watched her silently from his glass prison. His heart pounded when he heard her announce that little fact. That meant he was hers for the next several days. Apparently when he’d clicked through all the options he’d also picked ‘indefinite shrink.’

Taylor’s heart had leapt when she saw that, while Matt’s had fallen even further when she’d told him what he’d clicked on in his hurry.

There’s probably a lesson to be learned about reading, he had thought to himself.

“Don’t worry bro,” she told him as she pulled up her pants halfway and reached into the glass he’d tried to escape that entire night. “I won’t leave you here on your own. This one’s on both our lists.”

Matt screamed again as her finger pinched him around the chest. Unceremoniously Taylor used her free hand to spread her lips as wide as she could do comfortably, and shoved Matt as far into herself as possible. It wasn’t as smooth or sensual as last night had been, but she just wanted to feel a tiny inside her all day. She didn’t need a dozen orgasms this time.

Not while she was at school, one of the few places where people tried to focus on what they were doing, and not sexual gratification.

Matt fought his instincts to fight against her soft walls this time. Last night he’d been under constant assault from her vibrator, the size of a train. This time it seemed like she had only stuck him here for storage, treating her pussy like it was some kind of fleshy pocket. Her finger pushed him upward until it couldn’t reach any further, then withdrew.

There was a distant thumping on the outside, Taylor’s hand tapping twice as though that would make sure he was seated correctly inside her.

“Don’t get too busy in there,” she said to the apparently empty room as she straightened out her hair at her vanity. “We’ve got a couple of days before you get to be big again, you’ll get as much of this as you can stand.”

She turned sideways in the mirror, admiring her backside and wiggling her hips again.

No one will ever know! she thought as she imagined how many of her classmates might also be hiding tinies up their own snatches (or backdoors) all day.

Matt couldn’t hear her, but he knew today was a school day. That meant at least eight hours of staying as still as possible so he couldn’t provoke another masturbation marathon.

The world shifted around him like a tight sleeping bag as she walked. Her hips shifted side to side and Matt was only along for the ride as the walls hugging him slid back and forth.

That app is by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, he thought as Taylor was sitting down in her home room class. To her he simply felt like a larger tampon; she had to be careful to not think about him spending all day inside of her though. She didn’t need to get too excited at school, especially if she couldn’t play until she got home that afternoon anyway.

As strange as it seemed to her, she actually got used to having Matt deep inside her. Since he was holding still he felt just like a slightly larger tampon and her vagina formed around him. By lunchtime she’d actually forgotten he was there. Only occasional squirming reminded her, and when her friends asked her why she was smiling she only replied that she was just remembering something funny.

That afternoon when she got home Taylor was making herself a sandwich when she felt something odd squirm deep inside of her. Her knees went weak as something massaged her most tender flesh.

“Oh right!” she said in a surprised voice.

Quickly she ran upstairs, loving the sensation of Matt moving in her pussy now that she had remembered he was there and could do something about it. He must have sensed the change in her mood too; where he’d been motionless all day he was now pushing on her walls and trying to move his way toward her outer lips.

With a sigh she slid her panties down and pushed two fingers inside herself. She pinched his feet and pulled him outward. There was a moment where her pussy refused to let him go, then with a *shluck!* he slid outward. Taylor held her coughing brother in front of her face and looked closely at him.

“Next up, backdoor play!” she told him with a smile that let her brilliant white teeth show.


Wednesday morning Taylor found herself squatting in the shower, feeling carefully next her anus. After a moment she found the string she was looking for and gave it a gentle tug. She wasn’t thrilled as her brother slid outward from her anus; she’d had a wonderful time with him over the past couple of days. Especially after the second night when she’d let him pass the night in her rectum.

If she ever found another match stupid enough to let her keep him indefinitely, he was going to live the rest of his life in her asshole. The constant movement in her rectum was one of the greatest things she’d ever felt.

She held him upside down by the string, letting the warm water run over his now four-inch body. The first time she’d slipped him up her backdoor he’d only been two inches tall; then she’d remembered that he’d given her full control over his size as well. Four inches was much more appropriate for the butt.

“So I hate to do this bro,” she told him as he hung, exhausted. She knew he hadn’t slept all night, but her anus was just far too strong for him to push his own way out of. Though she had really enjoyed every attempt.

“But mom and dad are gonna be home later tonight and people at school are starting to ask questions. We didn’t get your whole list checked off,” she said with a giggle, thinking of some of the particular heinous things he’d lazily agreed to, “But this one will be fun for both of us. While it lasts.”

Matt didn’t know what was going on anymore. He’d been in and out of his sister so many times and different ways, unable to sleep because of his instincts to fight and escape, that he was nearly out of his mind. The warm water flowed over his body and took away the stink of her ass at least. For a moment he tried to relax.

Then he saw where he was dangling. He jerked in her fingers as the string that had pulled him free from her backdoor was removed, and she held him up above her head and gave him an exaggerated curious look.

The view of his sister in the shower, water running down her hair and breasts, gave him an erection even as he tried to turn away. Though he’d spent a lot of time inside of her, he still was ashamed of the entire situation. He’d been cursing himself for the past several days while his penis had been screaming for more.

But now he screamed as she opened her mouth wide, giving him a perfect view down her throat. She lowered him into her mouth and he tried to push at her lips to keep himself out, but the water just made his hands slip. Her fingers stuffed him into her mouth and he looked out past her teeth just long enough to see the wall of the shower before her mouth closed.

Oh geez, she thought to herself as she stuffed her brother into her mouth. Four inches is a little much.

Carefully she leaned out of the shower and tapped her phone several times. In a moment she felt his form shrink until the phone assured her he was only one-inch tall.

“That’s better,” she mumbled around him as she leaned back into the shower. “Bye bro!”

Matt heard her voice boom around him, and her tongue pushed him up into her palate. Then there was a mixture of suction and pushing from the tongue that yanked him back toward her throat. The sound of her gulping him down drowned out his screams as he slid down her gullet.

Taylor smiled to herself as she felt him fighting in her stomach while she put conditioner in her hair.

“I gotta find another tiny that’s good for a few days,” she told herself as her stomach gurgled.


That afternoon Matt jerked awake in his bed, sitting up rapidly and swinging his arms outward as though he were still surrounded by mountains of flesh.

“Oh shit,” he said aloud as his phone confirmed to him that it was actually Wednesday and the last several days hadn’t been a fever dream.

He found his sister in the kitchen eating a granola bar and playing on her phone. Matt paused at the doorway as she looked up at him with a smile.

“You know, that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” she told him as she idly rubbed her right nipple through her shirt.

“Taylor, you should’ve let me go the moment you found me. Why would you even match with me on there?” he yelled out, angry at her for how she’d treated him and more than a little ashamed at how his body had reacted. Even now looking at his sister he was getting an involuntary erection.  Knowing exactly how her pussy felt around his entire body was making his cock rise in the hopes of feeling that for itself.

“Oh don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it,” she replied as she took another bite. “We got half your list checked off!” she called out as he stormed back upstairs, laughter in her voice.

Matt threw himself on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. His erection refused to go away and he thought about what had happened.

Was it really that bad? he asked himself. His erection answered for him and without realizing it he pulled himself free of his shorts and began to stroke it. He tried to turn his mind to something else, anything other than how his sister’s insides had felt while squeezing his little body. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing, and his stomach fell as he realized he’d spent the last couple of days fighting instead of enjoying himself.

His cock called the shots again as he grabbed his phone. The app opened quickly and he sought out his only previous match. Several clicks later he felt himself shrinking on his bed once more. His hormones had once again goaded him into a rash decision.

His world was massive once again, and he barely had the time to spin in an awestruck circle before his sister threw his door open.

The look on her face made Matt remember one very important thing: He hadn’t changed any of the settings that had put him in that terrible position in the first place. And his sister was only wearing a shirt.

“Couldn’t get enough, huh?” she said as she quickly snatched him off the bed. Her fingers had that distinctive smell that told Matt she’d been playing with herself, probably while they’d been talking downstairs! Matt was overcome with vertigo as she walked back to her room.

“Well you’ll get enough tonight,” she said, “Mom and Dad got delayed until tomorrow, and I’ve got a full-size Tinder date coming over.”

The doorbell rang as she grabbed a short skirt and pulled it on. No panties.

“So bro,” she said as she hiked it up, obviously in a hurry to greet her visitor as she bared her shaven snatch.  “Which hole do you want to ride in?”

The Bailed Date by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Here's another fun commission involving a sister and her nosy brother!

Liz smiled as she saw the update from her phone. The twenty-four-year-old sat on her couch, really her parent’s couch, and laid her head back to stare at the ceiling. She felt her long brown hair fall over the arms of the couch as they had a thousand times before. At this point the basement couch was essentially hers and had been since they got it when she was twelve.

She sat up, remembering all the good times she’d had on that couch. There’d been hundreds of sleepovers, her first kiss, her first horror movie, her first blowjob. Liz looked around the basement that had been her space for years, appreciative that her parents had let her continue to live with them while she earned her Master’s degree. Nowhere else would have felt like home and she wouldn’t have looked forward to getting this couch back up that staircase.

Liz was in good shape, but she definitely wasn’t up to heavy lifting. Her C-cup breasts would be in the way, and she simply looked too elegant to be seen doing any lifting.

Lately though it had been the site of other numerous firsts. With the advent of Tiny Tinder, which she’d downloaded the day it arrived, she’d checked things off her bucket list that she thought would never be possible. The first night she was on it she completed her first vore, head hanging over the edge like she had just been doing.

Once she’d masturbated to the feeling of the little man struggling in her stomach she’d even been nice and let him out. The next man went right up her butt and did as well as he could in his own personal quest: to find his way entirely through a woman’s gastrointestinal tract and come out her mouth. She’d found him the next morning in the toilet, surprisingly unharmed, and surprised as she flushed him down with a smile.

So many firsts!

Last week she’d finally decided to play the other side of the coin. Her first ‘giant’ encounter had ended with her getting covered in semen in the cupholder that divided the couch in two. Tonight she was going to extend even more trust to that giant.

She had been lucky to swipe right on this particular guy. The men who wanted shrunk never seemed to care if they met her first, but she certainly did. Twice she’d had coffee with the man who first got to play with her shrunken form, after he’d proven that he was actually a super nice guy. Too nice for a real relationship, of course, but she’d let him play with her tiny body for sure.

Liz had heard some of the horror stories that some people had gotten into with Tiny Tinder and knew she wanted no part in becoming someone’s forever toy. Not only did Grant agree to her terms and stick to them completely during their first hookup, but he’d even suggested she modify a few settings on her end to make sure nothing bad could happen on accident.

Next week she planned on making some similar suggestions to whatever guy wanted to shrink with her. Just not as well meaning. Some of the settings were difficult to understand and she was sure she could convince someone that ‘default size correction’ should be set to ‘0’ and not ‘100.’

But for now, she told herself as she called upstairs to ensure that no one else was home, I’ll just keep myself nice and safe in Grant’s balls.

She walked up the narrow stairs that led directly to the backyard and made sure the door was unlocked. The other that led to the ground floor she didn’t bother with; her family was surprisingly good about giving her privacy. Except for her brother Chris of course, but he was out on a date of his own. Her parents were just gone, which was fine with her.

Confident everything was going to plan, she checked her phone one last time and saw that Grant was only five minutes away. She started to shrug off her white work blouse when she remembered to pull a bottle of dark beer out of her mini fridge. Just like Grant had requested, and she was fine with helping him with his own fantasies, the dark beer got poured into a glass next to a little stroker that she’d picked up at the store.

Tonight would be a bit of give and take for both of them. He wanted the thrill of almost drinking someone down, she wanted to ride in his balls while he beat off. He wanted to end the night with her wallowing in his seed, and she provided a shot glass. He wasn’t particularly into cock vore, but she knew she had to do it at least once. It met both their needs tonight.

Satisfied that the table was laid out the way they’d agreed, Liz stripped down naked. Her red cheeky panties she carefully set next to the beer while the rest of her clothes she tossed into a corner. Carefully she climbed onto the coffee table, grateful her workout routine kept her slim, and tapped on her phone.

When the sensation of shrinking vibrated across her body she dropped her phone and felt herself fall. It wasn’t the best feeling in the world, but she’d paid careful attention last time.

This time when she came to, quickly hopping from her back to her feet, she was exactly where she’d intended to be: right next to the beer she’d just poured on the coffee table.

Liz took her time to marvel the world around her, having shrank several minutes before Grant was due to arrive. One day, she told herself, she’d make a match that revolved around them both shrinking and exploring the world around them. For now she ran a hand along the outside of the cold glass, kicked aside crumbs from her dinner earlier that were now the size of boulders.

Luckily for her it had been a warm day, the basement was often cold but her naked body didn’t feel cold at all.

Until her phone vibrated from far away. Liz turned reflexively to look at it, then ran after it when she saw it had vibrated its way to falling off the table. She fell to her knees when she neared the edge, laughing internally at how the two-foot fall now seemed so dangerous to her three-inch tall self. Liz focused her eyes on her phone as it vibrated again and a notification rolled across the idle screen.

“Car accident?” she read aloud as the words shown briefly. “Have to cancel!”

“Oh, son of a bitch!’ she said aloud, smacking her tiny hand on the coffee table. “Now what am I gonna do?”

She wasn’t worried about her safety or staying tiny; Grant had walked her through how to ensure she’d return to normal after several hours. For safety’s sake she’d set it to six hours. Now she just had to find a way to keep herself entertained until two in the morning.

“Here.” She said, thoroughly annoyed, “On this coffee table.”

Then she heard the last thing she’d expected: the door to upstairs creaked open and heavy footsteps moved down the stairs. Liz thought quickly and hid behind the beer; it was the only thing on the coffee table aside from crumbs and the various remotes for the television and sound system. Carefully she peeked around the side and felt her heart drop as she saw her younger brother making his way down the stairs.

“Liz, you down here?” Chris whispered loudly. He didn’t see her roll her eyes or make sure her arms were able to cover her privates. Her brother was nosy enough that there was no chance he wouldn’t see her.

I should’ve expected him to blow it on that date! She cursed herself. Usually she was very good at planning, but Chris had always been a wrench in her gears in one way or another.

“Ew, panties on the coffee table?” he said aloud, wrinkling his nose. “I thought you were the clean one!”

Without giving them much attention Chris swept the panties to the ground and sat down on the couch.

“No fair you got the big TV,” he said to himself as he picked up the remotes. His hands flew past Liz at dizzying speeds as he turned on her large television. “And who is this for?” he asked aloud as Liz watched his hand curl around the glass that was her only hiding spot. “You don’t even drink beer!”

Liz got lightheaded watching the beer rocket upward, a flying building from her perspective.

“Holy shit!” Chris yelled out as he saw his naked mini-sister on the coffee table. “Liz is that you?”

She rolled her eyes, not that he could see, and nodded her head causing her brown ringlets to fly.

“Yes it’s me you moron!” she yelled up at him.

His brown eyes looked down at her and he leaned forward, setting the beer far to the side. Liz redoubled her efforts to cover herself as Chris brought his face forward. She watched with dismay as he smiled and picked up her phone.

“You were on Tiny Tinder, weren’t you!” he said with a laugh, swiping her phone open and seeing her notifications. “Hah! And the guy bailed on you too!”

“Get out of my room you loser!” she hollered at him, though he didn’t notice. But she did notice her television was turning on and she turned even more red, knowing what was about to turn on.

Instead he kept swiping through her phone as Liz made a frustrated sound. Then she realized he could see all her messages on Tiny Tinder and her face turned red from humiliation. Knowing him he’d use this as blackmail, threatening to tell their parents if she didn’t do what he wanted! They both knew how paranoid their parents were about new technology and online dating.

“So, I’ve got an idea!” he said, injecting his voice with humor only because he knew his sister would hate it. “I’m gonna go ahead and take away your safety net.”

“What? No!” Liz screamed at him as he tapped on her phone. “You can’t do that you jerk! Turn me back!”

“Don’t bother,” Chris told her dismissively, “I can’t hear your squeaking over the sound of your…porn? You had porn ready and waiting on your TV? Oh, you’re a dirty girl Liz.”

“Stop it turn it off!” Liz forgot to cover herself in her distress and ran at one of the giant remotes as a ninety-pound girl on the television insisted she was old enough to work as a secretary.

Her giant brother just laughed and blocked her path with his giant bare feet.

“You want the remote?” he asked as he leaned forward and grabbed them, instantly taking them far out of her reach. “Well I want a foot massage while I watch Carmen here regret her life choices and enjoy this,” he took a sip, “microbrew.”

Liz looked at her brother in a rage. She’d never been so angry in her life. First her date cancelled on her, preventing her from living her cockvore fantasy, and now her brother had effectively trapped her small! And was demanding a foot rub!

He cleared his throat loudly like an avalanche on a distant mountain and raised up her phone, shaking it lightly to get her attention.

“I’m not feeling anything down there,” he reminded her as he sipped his beer and the girl on the television found herself hiding under her new manager’s desk as his wife talked to him. “I don’t mind you staying tiny forever, but you might!”

Chris knew he wouldn’t actually let her stay small. Probably. But he couldn’t lose this opportunity to really rub it in his sister’s face. She was always the example of perfection his parents had held him up to, even though she still lived in their basement. So what he was ‘only’ a mechanic? At least he lived on his own.

Which was why he loved the feeling of his sister’s tiny hands on his feet. Was she actually accomplishing much? No. But knowing how demeaning this was for her made it the best foot rub Chris could imagine.

Liz, on the other hand, was hating life. Her brother’s feet didn’t stink, but everything about this was wrong. She ran her hands up and down his feet, pressing harder when his feet shook side to side, or when he mentioned the better she did the faster she’d be back to normal.

This is the worst night of my life! Liz thought as she rubbed on her brother’s heel.

This is the best night of my life! Chris thought as his sister rubbed his heel. The beer was long gone, but the girl on the television had snuck out her new boss’s cock from his pants and was busy blowing him. Above the desk the wife gave her husband a kiss on the cheek before she left, not knowing a young girl was busy banging his cock against the back of her throat.

After a couple of minutes of watching the girl’s head bounce while her boss took phone calls Chris felt his own cock start to rise in response. Then he remembered what he’d read on Liz’s phone. Initially he’d just intended to get a foot rub and knock Liz down a notch. But how could he resist giving her what she clearly wanted?

Liz was moving on to his right foot when she felt it, that full-body tingling sensation. She was changing size again.

What? About time! she thought, believing that Chris had finally come to his senses and was returning her to full size. Then she screamed as she saw his foot grow in front of her.

When she stopped shrinking Liz guessed that she was around one-eighth of an inch tall. A crumb she would have kicked aside moments ago now came up to her hips. Liz froze in terror as she realized how small she was and Chris’s mountain-sized feet moved, a movement so massive she couldn’t help but cower.

Then she saw her brother stand, suddenly rising so far that her mind blocked out the movement until it was done. She simply couldn’t comprehend his height as she looked upward, there was nothing she could compare it to. When she’d been with Grant she’d had several drinks first, perhaps that had helped when she’d been with her first giant.

“Oh shit,” she said as she saw her brother unzip his pants and pull them halfway down, letting his cock fall free. It was the size of a train even soft, though she could see it growing.

“Great news sis!” his voice boomed down to her as he sat back down. “Since you want to be cock-food so badly I’ll happily oblige!”

Liz tried to run, but all that did was make it easier for Chris to see her tiny form. Gently he pinched her between his fingertips and brought her up to face level.

“For the record sis,” he started, “I was gonna stop at the foot thing, but how could anyone resist this?”

Chris turned his hand so that she could see the scene on the TV. On the distant mountain the tiny girl was getting slammed from behind while bent over the desk. The cameraman made sure to get an angle that showed her feet not touching the ground as her butthole was getting stretched far beyond what it should have been.

“So it’s kinda your fault I’m all turned on,” he said apologetically before leaning back on the couch and holding his hard cock straight up.

Liz screamed as she looked down.

“No, not like this!” she yelled as her brother lowered her down to his urethra.

It bounced with each pulse of his heartbeat and his fingers spread the opening wide like a hungry mouth. There was a faint glistening as precum started to leak out, lubricating his passageway. Chris laughed as he felt her kick at his fingertips; her strongest effort was a mere tingle to him.

“Have fun!” he said as he grinned, carefully placing Liz’s tiny form in his urethra. She sank in immediately, pulled by fluids she’d hoped she’d only ever tasted from someone else. When he released her he looked down at his cock like the barrel of a rifle.

“Don’t worry sis,” he told her, “I’ll give you an hour of fun before I let you out. I’d hate to ruin your fantasy!”

Liz screamed angrily at him as she felt his urethra grab her waist and start gently pulling her down.

This is not how tonight was supposed to go! she thought to herself as she got one last view of her smiling brother before she was swallowed by his cock. She’d read about it before, sure, but she still didn’t understand how her body was sliding down his rod, or how she didn’t need to breath as she felt herself move further into her brother’s dick.

She tried to climb out with her arms and legs though she knew it was futile, and twenty seconds after her sticky descent began, she felt her legs open up into a large open space. Just as she realized what was happening, she dropped the rest of the way into Chris’s ballsack. There was a moment of weightlessness, then Liz landed in a pile of fluids, getting some in her mouth when she grunted from the impact.

“Let me out!” she yelled as spit and sloshed her way to the side of the ballsack, punching against her brother’s skin.

Chris moaned as he felt his sister descend through his dick and let out a little shout when she dropped into his testicles.

“Holy shit this is amazing!” he said to himself, carefully keeping his hand off his cock. “I need to start using this app myself!”

As he looked his ballsack jumped and twisted with each blow his sister rained threw in his testes. The sensation was indescribable, and as much as Chris wanted to stroke himself until he came, he knew he wanted this feeling to last. So he carefully tucked his hard cock back into his pants, paused the porn as the manager started to push a water bottle into her tiny pussy while he railed her backdoor, and slowly walked upstairs.

Liz soon exhausted herself, first fighting against his swinging balls as he walked, then simply staying upright amid the fluids she was surrounded in. She fell frequently, at times because he simply was walking, at others because the crotch of his pants moved and moved his testicles for him. Once because he idly scratched himself while he sat on the couch, checking his phone, or reading through her own message and past hookups.

Every one of his movements was a world-shaking event for her. Part of her realized that she would actually be having a lot of fun with this…

If it wasn’t my goddamn brother! she thought angrily as another motion sent her to her knees. This would be awesome but my first time is completely ruined by this asshole!

Chris, meanwhile, did his best to act normal when his parents returned home. They didn’t need to know he currently had his sister tucked away in his ball sack, and he left both his and his sister’s phones on the kitchen table as he jumped up to help them with groceries. Liz screamed as his balls flew back and forth, and Chris smiled as he felt her movements.

I’m definitely gonna find another gal that’s into this, he told himself as he sat a bag of groceries on the kitchen table.

Thinking to put her phone somewhere a little more out of the way, Liz’s mother picked it up and saw that it was flashing a notification. Automatically she turned it on and immediately was taken aback by what she saw.

“No!” Liz’s mother said as she saw the Tiny Tinder app on her daughter’s phone. She had a deathly fear of online dating and couldn’t stand to see her daughter using it. Especially one with such a sordid reputation as this.

Quickly she opened the app and averted her eyes from the picture of a male member that immediately popped up for review. She tapped on the ‘profile’ button and quickly scrolled to the bottom.

“No daughter of mine is going to use this trash,” she said as she deleted Liz’s profile, then uninstalled the app to be double sure.

Chris peeked over her shoulder as she was clearing Liz’s phone of that darned app and briefly panicked, but he couldn’t think of a good reason to step in and stop her. Surely he could fix it later, right?

When all the groceries were unloaded, Chris excused himself to the upstairs bathroom. It had been an hour, and he knew if he kept her in his balls much longer his parents would start to question why she hadn’t come up to greet them. Sure she basically had her own apartment downstairs, but she’d left her phone on the table. She’d be looking for it momentarily, they thought, and her mother was planning a lecture on the perils of hookup apps.

Liz’s brother parked himself on the toilet seat as she renewed her struggling. He felt a little awkward beating off in the bathroom like he was sixteen again, but she needed to come out. Both because that last hour had definitely been a good way for Chris to humiliate his sister, and also because her moving in his balls felt so good he was about to shoot in his pants.

He pulled his cock out of his pants and slipped off one of his socks. Chris was hard in an instant and he caressed his ballsack, doing his best to feel Liz’s tiny form while he stroked himself. It didn’t take long for him to feel his orgasm approaching; the dirtiness of the situation combined with the sensation of something wriggling in his balls was incredible.

Two minutes after he started Chris felt it approaching. His balls drew up and he felt a strange tightening down below; some part of him was pulling Liz right along with his jizz. Knowing his sister was swimming in his seed, and how much she must have hated it, Chris pumped furiously and shot his load into the waiting sock.

It took effort for him not to cry out; Liz’s body pushed back the flood of semen just long enough to enhance the feeling of his explosion. She flew out of his cock with the first jet, coughing and screaming as she flew threw the air. Before she’d recovered enough to realize where she was, Chris was carefully aiming his cock directly at her.

She got off one good scream as she saw her brother’s cock pointed at her like a tank barrel before a second blast of jizz covered her entire body. Chris was careful to keep spraying her as long as he was able to cum, and carefully cupped his hand to make sure none of the jizz (or his sister) could leak out and fall on the floor. When he felt he was spent he carefully wiped the leaking tip of his cock on the sock and balled it up.

“Damn you were good sis,” he said, holding the sock near his mouth and speaking quietly.

Then he carefully snuck downstairs, snagging Liz’s phone from where his mother had left it on the kitchen table, and made his way down to Liz’s basement apartment. Once he was there he let the television keep playing, where the tiny girl was now being double-penetrated by a cock in the rear and a water bottle in her pussy.

“Man you watch some freaky shit sis,” he said as he sat the heavy sock down and unrolled it.

Chris ignored his sister as she tried to pull herself free of his jizz which was already hardening around her. Instead he focused on her phone, first finding the app again, then opening it.

“So, Mom deleted the app and your profile sis,” Liz heard as she coughed up copious amounts of her brother’s seed. Fear suddenly outweighed her disgust at what had just happened.

Am I stuck like this forever? she thought, suddenly terrified. Grant had told her the worst thing to do would be to delete the app while she was still tiny.

In the basement’s silence Chris located his sister’s profile and prepared to reload it.

Then he remembered how his testicles had felt with her clamoring inside of them.

His finger wavered over the ‘Account Recovery’ option as he felt blood start to rush to his cock again. Liz looked up from the jizz she was swimming in and saw his eyes flash between her and her phone.

Across the street, a child flipped a coin in the air, but got distracted by a bird, never seeing where the coin landed.


The Cat Show by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

I could also put this commissoned story in a collection of things titled 'Stories I Wish I'd Thought Of.'


Ray knocked on the door, a heavy metal door that was standard for this apartment building. He waited awkwardly for a moment until he heard a faint ‘Coming!’ from inside. He released a nervous breath and popped another breath mint. He’d never used Tiny Tinder before and was a little nervous.

Then the door popped open, and he got his first look at Cat, Catherine, that didn’t come over the phone. She smiled adorably, clearly also nervous, and briefly met his eyes.

“Hi!” she said breathlessly, “Come on in!”

Ray followed her, relaxed now that he knew he wasn’t being catfished. She was a small gal, a five-foot-nothing blonde who might have weighed ninety pounds soaking wet. He couldn’t blame her for wanting to be on the big side of the size spectrum for a change and followed her through the living room straight to her bedroom.

She turned there and briefly met his eyes before turning them down as she blushed. Ray couldn’t help but feel a little conflicted; she clearly wanted this, but her body language told him she was very nervous around other people. His inner knight-in-shining-armor wanted to tell ask her why she was so skittish.

Not today, Ray told himself as she asked him to sit on the bed while she started some music.

“Are you ready?” she asked him as electronic beats started to flow.

“Yeah,” he said as he pulled out his phone and re-opened the app. “I’m still not sure about not being made tough –”

“Oh, it’ll be fine,” she said, waving a hand dismissively. “Do I look like the kind of person that would try to hurt you?”

Her eyelashes fluttered at him, and she started to take off her pink tank top. Underneath she had a pink bikini top that hid her small breasts, and a pair of pink short shorts that would have been scandalous in public. Ray’s mind said ‘hey, wait!’ but his hormones said ‘hell, yeah!’

She smiled timidly at him, nodding eagerly as he tapped on his phone.

“This is gonna be so much fun,” she said to herself as Ray shrank.

In a moment he was an inch tall, and she carefully fished him out of his shirt. When she held him up to her face, Ray couldn’t help but notice the sudden change in body language. In how she held herself. In how she looked at him.

Some instinctual part of him screamed at him to run, while his more developed brain struggled to point out what was different.

Then she smirked, an uncharacteristic smirk that didn’t fit with how timid she’d been moments ago.

“Perfect size,” she said aloud as Ray was still confused as to whether this was a normal feeling for him or not.

She turned rapidly, giving Ray vertigo, and opened the lid of a shoebox on her desk that Ray hadn’t noticed before.

“Hey, what--?” was all Ray got to say before she unceremoniously deposited him within and shut the lid. It happened so fast and with so little ado that he couldn’t understand what just happened. There was only silence and the sound of her humming over the music as she walked away, Ray already forgotten.

“Hey!” he heard a voice yell, “Get over here!”

Turning, Ray saw a small group of people, perhaps fifteen altogether, all waving to him. All clearly scared. All just as naked as he was.

“What the hell is going on?” he asked them as he crossed the distance.

“We were hoping you could tell us!” the same voice said when he was closer.

Ray tried to avoid glancing at everyone’s naked privates, but it was obvious they’d been there long enough it didn’t matter.

“Did you meet her on Tiny Tinder?” another voice asked urgently, which Ray answered with a confused nod.

Then the world shook. All of them fell to their backsides and screamed as a group when the floor tilted under them. They all struck the side of the box gently, then the lid was peeled off and in a mass of confusion they found themselves dumped onto a sea of blue and pink. Ray noticed, startled, that nearby were several houses that appeared to be made from plastic bricks.

“Is that a camera?” someone asked. Ray didn’t bother looking where they were; there were cameras all over. In the distance like mountains cameras were mounted on tripods, some looking down at them, some looking at the massive pink bed. And there, on the bed with a laptop, was Cat.

Black cat ears adorned her head, and she’d affixed some kind of whiskers onto her cheeks along with dark spots and makeup that made her look like…well, a cat. Her feet came up behind her, showing off black stockings. A black cat.

“Hi everyone!” she said happily, waving at the camera, her persona changed enough that Ray wondered if this was the real her, or if her shy self had been true. “So, this is the first time I’ve hosted this kind of show, and I gotta admit, I’m kinda nervous.”

If this is how she looks when she’s nervous, earlier must have been a walking panic attack! Ray thought cynically.

“But you know what helps nerves? If you push that little button on your screen that gives me money!” she laughed as she spoke, giving the screen a wink. “And if you contribute over twenty dollars, I’ll send you the edited version I make from the raw footage you see today! Enjoy!” she told the screen.

Then she rolled off the pink comforter and onto the floor. For her it was a slight drop with a small thud. For the tinies it was a mountain dropping a mile causing an earthquake.

“Holy shit!” a woman said, and that was all it took.  Just as Ray took in Cat’s new persona as what appeared to be a gothic kitty-cat, complete with a tail hanging from a belt, the group scattered.

Cat giggled as she saw the tinies start running. Part of her felt bad for what she was about to do, but that part of her only made the rest of her hungrier. Hornier. She’d been a quiet nymphomaniac since she hit puberty, barely containing herself until college, where she’d realized the internet could turn her needs into cash.

Then Tiny Tinder had hit the market, and one of her best subscribers gave her an idea. She spent two weeks masturbating to it before she worked up the courage to make it happen. And built the computer setup to make it untraceable. She’d never killed anyone before; it was a fantasy her tiny self never really thought she’d be able to play out.

Her pussy was wet already as she thought about it.

She pounced as one of the tinies chose, poorly, to run closer to her. Keeping her butt high in the air, for the viewer’s pleasure, she brought her mouth down around the screaming tiny. The little form squirmed in her lips, where she let her stay as she sat backward.

Flexibility had always been Cat’s strong point, and she sat with her legs in a ‘W,’ smiling as she felt her faux-tail curl underneath her. She’d been strongly tempted to use her butt-plug tail, but that would preclude other things she had planned today.

Viewers got a good look at the squirming tiny’s legs as they stuck out through her lips. Pleasure was obvious on her face as she sucked the tiny all the way in, and if they had their volume turned up they could have heard her purr as one hand ventured to her pussy, giving it a light rub when she felt the fighting in her mouth.

She opened her mouth wide, trusting her camera setup to get a good angle on it, and played with the tiny on her tongue. Cat could hear faint screaming and occasionally tasted something salty. With a giggle she spit out the tiny onto her hand and saw that the tiny brunette was covered in saliva and little cuts from her teeth.

“Mmmm,” Cat said playfully to her tiny prey. “Kitty likes what she sees.”

Then she leaned forward and licked the tiny screaming girl off her hand and swallowed her as obviously as she could. With a gasp she traced the tiny’s path down her throat, simultaneously feeling horrible about what she was putting a living being through…and letting it heighten her passion as she rubbed her clit with her free hand.

“So worth it,” she told herself as her eyes rolled. A quick glance at the computer told her she’d already made two hundred dollars. “Oh yeah, worth it,” she thought as her stomach started tingling from the movement within.

Another movement drew her eye and smiled, licking her pink lips.

Ray ran the same as everyone when their spirits broke. He initially turned toward the bed, but his eyes picked out an odd glimmer that two others hadn’t, and he turned back, running away from Cat and toward the tiny buildings. A glance over his shoulder told him he’d been correct; something like cling wrap had caught two of the tinies, while a third tried to free them.

Unseen by Ray as he ran, Cat leaned forward and snatched the third tiny with her lips. She laughed as she jerked her head back and threw him into the air. Like a cat with a mouse she tried to catch him with her mouth, but instead he hit her cheek and fell screaming to the floor where he landed with a thud.

“Oh no!” she said with an exaggerated sweet tone. The tiny was struggling to his feet as her massive face approached him. She turned her head and let one of her fake whiskers knock him back down. “Here, let me help you!”

There was a scream as her lips wrapped around the tiny once more, and she tucked him into her cheek as she contemplated the two stuck on the cling wrap. She’d strategically placed similar items around her bedroom; there was enough room for the tinies to run but escape simply wasn’t an option. She didn’t need them to escape and somehow get her in trouble.

Playfully she snatched up both the tinies and held them up overhead.

“Thanks for being my lunch!” she said. Looking down they could see her massive smile, her blue eyes wide with joy and lust. “Volunteers just taste better!”

Together they screamed as she let them fall onto her tongue. One of them saw their attempted rescuer in her cheek, then a wave of pressure and tongue movement threw them backward. Surrounded by heat and wetness, a ‘gluck!’ pulled them into the giantess.

Dan screamed as he was yanked downward, the only other sound being the wet movements of the throat and Cat’s racing heartbeat. Circles of muscle squeezed and relaxed as he was pulled down. Then the space underneath him opened wide, letting him fall into a pool of fluid that immediately started his skin tingling. He coughed in the acrid air and heard a mixture of crying and moaning.

“Help me!” a woman’s voice said weakly, and Dan trudged his way over to her as he heard the other man start yelling in a panic. When Dan reached her in the darkness, he felt his way forward and pushed against her arm.

“Ow! Oh shit!” she cried out in the darkness as the stomach shifted, knocking them both aside with a wave of stomach acid. “What are we gonna do?” she asked Dan desperately as she pushed her head against his chest. It didn’t matter she’d never met him before the shoebox. She was desperate for any kind of relief from the burning environment.

“I don’t know,” he replied, stroking her hair and trying to ignore that a good chunk of it came off when he pushed on it. He had no illusions about what was happening, though the other man he’d been eaten with was busy screaming and trying to climb the walls of her stomach. “I don’t know. It’s so hot in here,” he said as he started to sweat.

“This so hot!” Cat said aloud as she felt the renewed struggling. She’d eaten a consensual, super-tough tiny only once. Knowing that three were now being slowly digested was incredible. Which was why she leapt forward at a pair of still running tinies, whose panic kept them from even trying to form a plan that kept them alive.

“My kitty’s so hot right now!” she told them as she rolled onto her back, knees up like she was actually a playful cat. The viewers were thrilled that no less than three cameras caught her squishing a running tiny on accident with her shoulder, and that one camera looked directly down at her from above.

Her computer made a trumpet sound as she cleared five-hundred dollars from her viewers.

“But I’m still hungry!” Cat said, giving the two tinies a lick. “Do you know what that sound meant?” she asked innocently. The tinies gave her words no heed as they struggled futilely against her fingers.

Her eyes glinted cruelly as she focused on them. “It means my backdoor is now open for dinner!”

At his home several hundred miles away, a fifty dollars patron shot his wad onto his girlfriend, currently three inches tall. On screen, Cat had rolled far enough onto her back that she’d pulled her knees up to her ears. She was flexible enough that her tongue reached out and tickled her clit as she pulled her cheeks apart. As the patron watched, she slid each tiny across her soaking slit and visibly relaxed her asshole. On the desk in front of him, his girlfriend came without him even noticing as they watched the action on the screen.

Tina screamed as she was covered in Cat’s natural lubrication and screamed again as she was briefly held to the side of her massive asshole. Cat’s other hand was pushing someone Tina didn’t know straight into her backdoor while Cat made some utterly ridiculous sounds. Wiggling feet vanished from the push of a finger. If she didn’t know better she’d think this was some type of sex-deprived nightmare.

“Oh, meow!” Cat said with exaggerated lust as the first tiny slid through her sphincter and dropped into her colon. The reaction was immediate and the tiny started pleasuring her from the instead she hit Cat’s soft tissues.

The world shifted again for Tina and she was pushed against the smooth brown skin.

“No! Oh no!” she screamed as a gentle pressure pushed at her back. She pushed against Cat’s asshole in a vain attempt to not be swallowed, but the skin simply parted for her as Cat panted in pleasure. Tina was hit by a wave of humid, smelly air, then her legs slipped through. Immediately the round muscle clamped down on her legs, then Cat made an effort to relax, letting her finger push Tina further inside, up to her arms.

Her screams were cut off as Cat pushed her gently inside with a finger.

“Oh wow!” said Cat, feeling the two vibrators combine their power. She needed to cum, but if the viewers wanted to see that, they had a ways to go in terms of ‘donations.’

So instead of grabbing her dildo and frigging herself silly, she rolled back onto her hand and knees and approached her little brick city. It was full of bright colors, remnants of her childhood, and the last remaining place that the tinies had to go. If any were outside the houses at this point, they were either inside of her or painted on her body somewhere she hadn’t noticed. The viewers picked out another red stain on her heel.

The first house came off the playmat easily; there was no upstairs. Inside a group of four tinies huddled together, screaming as their refuge came apart.

“Oh, so sweet!” she said, wiggling her butt playfully. Then she laid down on the floor, letting her head stay above the tinies who were too scared to run. Her tongue snaked out like a cat licking her paw, and she licked the four tinies.

Only one stuck to her tongue, and she swallowed it easily. The other three broke ranks quickly and she batted one into another. With the two piled on one another, she planted her lips around them like she would a girlfriend’s nipple. When she pulled her head upward the two were gone and she was smiling as she swallowed, her eyes closed to savor the sensation.

The last runner had vanished, but she found him when she scooted forward and felt something pop under her elbow.

“Ew!” she said with a laugh, then played up her cat persona by licking the remains free. They were salty and crunchy, and while she wouldn’t order it at a restaurant she didn’t mind it at all. “I take it back, yum!”

Two hundred miles away a ten-dollar patron shuddered as she slid her boyfriend deeper into her asshole. At ten inches tall he’d really have to curl up to fit all the way inside, but he didn’t want to miss the show any more than she did. She’d push him in the rest of the way when it was over, before she went to class. Tomorrow was her shrunk day and she knew she’d be spending it swimming in his testicles, so it evened out.

The last house Cat simply punched in the side, feeling the cheap plastic bricks separate easily. She thought she heard a faint scream or two, and her pussy was dripping with all the stimulation she was receiving. Part of her still felt some distant guilt, but she’d long since learned to turn that guilt into another form of pleasure.

“I’d give you a little more ceremony,” she said to a blonde that was crawling away from the wreckage, one leg twisted in the wrong direction, “But I need you to encourage those two back there.” She indicated over her shoulder with her thumb and shook her hips.

Ella screamed as Cat’s fingers grabbed her broken leg and lifted her up high. Below her Cat lifted her hips and spread her cheeks with her free hand. Moments later Ella was being stuffed through Cat’s hungry asshole as Cat moaned.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she said as she parted her ass again. “You guys know I can’t cum until I get more patrons, right? Dumbest rule I ever made.”

This last part she said while looking at the camera and across the world individuals dropped their members, or their toys, and opened their wallets.

Cat scooped up the last of her tinies, she was pretty sure, just as the sound of a bugle played on her computer.

“Perfect!” Ray hear her say as he was squeezed between her fingers. Without any effort Cat, and Ray didn’t miss the irony of her outfit, was squeezing he and two others between her pointer and middle finger. Then the world shifted as she stood up and hopped on the bed, causing one of the tinies to throw up. Cat didn’t even notice.

But Ray noticed the toys she had spread out on her pink bed spread, even if he didn’t recognize half of them.

Cat leaned forward and typed briefly on the computer.

“Vote now on what toy I use!” she said cheerfully before idly licking the three tinies she held in short strokes, pretending she really was a kitty cat.

The votes, all costing a dollar, rolled in quickly and Cat smiled as a *ding!* signaled time was up.

“Oooh, I love it!” she said with relief in her voice. The viewers could see how wet she was, and the repeat customers knew how hard it must have been for her not to masturbate already.

Then she grabbed a clear, hollow toy and five tiny cameras that someone had so-thoughtfully sent her. There was no need to lube it up, and she pushed it slowly inside herself with a squeak, feeling herself cum from the simple penetration.

This is gonna be amazing! she thought as she came rapidly, settling the toy as far inside herself as she could.

 The little cameras she turned on with a click on her computer, and viewers were suddenly treated to five new tiny POVs, which immediately Cat dumped into the hollow toy. Viewers prone to motion sickness turned away as the cameras tumbled through the toy, only to land in her wet vagina near her cervix.

“Bottoms up!” she said to the tinies in her hand, soaked in her saliva, as she put her heels behind her head and looked upward at the camera on her ceiling. Then the held her hand over the hollow dildo and spread her fingers, letting the tinies fall screaming into her pussy. It was almost unreal, how she felt nothing until they landed in the deepest part of her, but she came with a scream as soon as they hit.

“Aah shit!” Ray yelled as he landed on Cat’s cervix. He looked up, desperate for something to use to escape, but the clear passage they fell through receded immediately, leaving them in the dark but for the light coming from….

“More cameras?” asked the woman he’d been dropped in with incredulously. “Shit!” she screamed, kicking one as the sky opened up again.

Then they all screamed. Far above them Cat was using a dildo that was four inches longer than her vagina was deep. That wouldn’t stop her from trying to fit it all in, of course.

Viewers watched with glee as Cat immediately smashed one of the tinies inside herself with the dildo’s first thrust, and she came with a scream. She furiously pumped the fake cock in and out of her tiny snatch, changing the angles both for her pleasure and to try and give her viewers a more ‘smashing’ show.

Ray screamed as the world around him pulsed and squelched chaotically, diving out of the way of the plunging dildo as it pounded hard into her inner walls. The woman had been annihilated immediately, and his final remaining companion vanished a minute later. He was all alone in this nightmare, surrounded by a rapid heartbeat and faint cries of ecstasy.

“Holy shit!” said Marina, a hundred miles away and too stunned with what she was watching to continue masturbating. On her computer screen the final tiny had gotten his foot caught in her cervix. He looked up, ducked another smashing blow from the dildo, then seemed to make a decision. Moments later it was obvious that he was pushing his way into her cervix in a desperate bid for survival.

Several minutes later Cat was covered in a sheen of sweat and released the dildo, which flopped out of her spasming pussy. Idly she felt at her side for her other tail and slid the plug into her anus to keep the tinies in there from escaping her post-sex nap. Her tummy still gurgled as the survivors still struggled, and she made a mental note to eat an antacid first next time to prolong their movements.

“That was amazing,” she purred, curling into a ball and pulling the laptop over to her. The total on the screen said fifteen-hundred dollars, and still jumped upward in small increments. The guilty part of her finally shut up as it saw her rent being paid for the next two months.

“Thanks everybody!” she said happily as she felt her post-orgasm nap fast approaching. Cat waved goodbye to her viewers as she closer her laptop.

At home across the nation, several hundred viewers sat back and enjoyed the view of her from above, curled up just like a sexy cat, belly full of food. The stream continued for several minutes after she closed her computer, letting everyone get a pleasant view of her falling asleep.

Inside her mouth, Jake felt her change in energy and carefully started crawling up her cheek toward her lips. He’d just survived a nightmare: he’d watched people be eaten and almost had his eardrums burst from cries of passion. Somehow he’d lucky enough to be forgotten, tucked away in her cheek like a mint.

The giantess’s lips were close, a thin ray of light shone between them.

I’m gonna make it! Jake thought.

Almost asleep, Cat isly swept her tongue forward, catching the tiny as it neared her lips. She giggled and turned over, giving him a few seconds to scream before she swallowed him and fell asleep.

“That was the best show ever,” Helen said as her girlfriend dutifully licked her out below the desk, on the far side of the world from Cat. Her ex-girlfriend didn’t hear her as she avoided the massive tongue trying to drag her out. 

“Holy shit!” she said, leaning forward as she saw the inside cameras were still functional. There, in the darkness of Cat’s pussy, she could see two tiny hands struggling to push apart Cat’s cervix. The viewer pulled her girlfriend into her pussy harder and came as a little face looked through her hole.

Then Cat rolled over in her sleep, causing the little man to lose his grip and slip further into her.


Matthew's Match 2 by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

This is the largest commission I've done by far, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Summer had come to the city in a blast and the mall had become packed as the schools released their charges for a long-awaited break. It was as crowded as Matt had ever seen it, even compared to before the winter holidays and the accompanying shopping sprees. From a seat at the edge of the food court he watched the crowd move slowly back and forth, store to store, as everyone took advantage of their freedom and their parent’s credit cards.

Unlike a lot of them, Matt had earnings from two part-time jobs to spend. It had been an exercise in willpower, but he’d saved several paychecks for this trip.

“Yes, I’m sure,” he said aloud as he typed a message on his phone. “You all have fun, I’m gonna sleep for three weeks.”

When the message was sent, Matt leaned back and finished his drink. His family was about to go on a three-week holiday to their beach house, a two-story house that Matt had never been a fan of. Yes it was nice, and yes, it was on the beach. But it also involved Matt sharing a room with his sister, and he wasn’t sure if he could handle that yet. She wasn’t a good roommate on normal terms.

Three months had passed since his Tiny Tinder ordeal, which had involved an accidental match with his sister, an unreasonable amount of power given to her, and several days that he wished he could forget. His parents hadn’t noticed his different behavior toward Taylor, but she had. And she thought it was hilarious.

Taylor’s idea of a good time was to remind him of what she’d done to him, and how he’d technically agreed to it. That agreement was purely the product of his laziness, but in legal terms it was as binding as anything. And she’d used it to put him everywhere in her body, including turning his last-minute poor decision into a threesome with a guy who never even knew Matt was there. She’d pretended the entire time that she was fulfilling his own wishes, from the preferences that he’d lazily selected when he’d set up his profile.

Matt grimaced as he remembered that sensation. His impatience and horniness had gotten him into that Tiny Tinder mess in the first place, then his dick had taken charge again and gotten him into a literal mess with his sister and her full-size Tinder date when he could have simply chosen freedom. Matt’s lower half responded positively to the memory; no matter how much he tried, Matt’s hormones and his brain never got along.

And that was another reason he didn’t want to go on the trip: not only could he avoid his sister for three weeks, but he knew how much his body had loved the experience not caring that it was his sister. So this three weeks would be his time to experiment with Tiny Tinder and live the single life in a big city as best he could at sixteen. Surely he’d find someone to hook up with when he was completely free of supervision.

Two minutes later he stood in front of the only store he cared to look at today. It was a pop-up shop set in what had been a health-foods store. Last week it hadn’t been here and based on their social media posts they’d be gone by mid-summer.

He walked into the store, unsure what to expect, and found that it was surprisingly toned down. Matt hadn’t been sure what to expect, but the first two-thirds of the store were all Tiny-Tinder themed merchandise. They sold everything from t-shirts to sweatpants, to bumper stickers. Why someone would advertise themselves like that Matt didn’t know, he didn’t even like wearing shirts with a sport’s team logo on it.

But once one was past that merchandise, the real fun began.

The back wall was stacked with items that seemed out of place with the rest of the store. Matt stepped back to take it in all at once, and the attendant watching the merchandise rolled her eyes. She knew what he was there for, and if she had a dollar for every customer that was surprised at the massive amount of toys they carried she could have retired yesterday.

There was a plethora of things that Matt had never considered might even exist. He wasn’t naïve, but he was still a nervous technical-virgin. Though hopefully that would change once his family was out and he had more freedom of movement.

Dildos of every shape and color lined the wall, with moving displays showing how a tiny person could be deposited into the end for the ride of their life. Hollow anal beads held caricatures of tiny people, and a butt plug was opening and closing, demonstrating how it could be used to insert a tiny deep into someone’s rectum. Stomach-acid resistant string was on display next to ‘tiny-safe flavored lubricants.’ Dirty bumper stickers were lined up, with statements such as ‘I’d Rather be the Condom’ and ‘Spelunker.’

Matt realized he had been standing in awe for several minutes taking in the sights, so he moved forward toward one of the standing displays. It spun constantly on a tiny motor, so as he looked candy molds (reusable!) rotated into a six-pack of stomach lights, above what appeared to be standard condoms with a larger-than-normal reservoir.

The black-haired teen moved on quickly. His sister hadn’t used a condom, and he’d caught her random hookup’s load with his face. Then spent the night marinating in it when she fell asleep.

The next stand wasn’t rotating, and it was covered in jewelry. Matt leaned forward, his eyes flickering between the ’24-hour glue’ and earrings that were clearly intended to hold someone spread-eagled on them. His penis stirred while he imagined being stuck as someone’s jewelry.

Below the earrings were other piercings, barbells and little circlets, tongue rings, and—

“I think you’d look good in that one!” said a familiar voice as a hand reached out to tap on a silver ring.

Matt jumped to the side, both surprised and embarrassed. His sister just laughed, continuing to enjoy how high-strung her brother was around her.

“I may get one and set it aside,” Taylor said with a blue-eyed wink. “Just in case you change your mind again.”

“Oh give it a rest, Taylor,” Matt said, annoyed at his sister’s sudden appearance. “You know all that is getting really old.”

She just smiled at him and idly put her blonde hair into a ponytail. The action caused her to arch her back and press her breasts forward in her shirt, and had caused at least one traffic accident.

“What’s getting old?” she asked him innocently. “I just wanted to look at all the tiny toys they’ve got here! Have you been here so long these toys are getting old?”

Matt just rolled his eyes at his sister’s latest tactic to get under his skin and stepped away from her. She matched him step-for-step, not letting him get any free space. Other men would have killed to have her in their personal space, even if they didn’t recognize her from underwear ads. Taylor was stunning.

“Hey, I seem to remember you wanted in on a tongue ring prison,” Taylor said as she picked up a package with what at first appeared to be a swirled design of silver, but in reality was a tiny cage. “How would it look on me?”

She asked and stuck out her tongue, making Matt involuntarily look and shudder. The last time he’d gotten that look she’d swallowed him alive. Her current tongue ring was solid and for a moment Matt envisioned himself stuck on her tongue as she went about her day, a prisoner to her every breath and ---

He shook his head and tried to get away from her once more. Like before she merely trailed alongside him, commenting on the merchandise and reminding him about all the things he had agreed to in his laziness and impatience all those weeks ago.

“Power stuffer?” she asked, holding up an apparatus that Matt had passed by without a second glance. “Oooh, stomach string!”

“Can you just leave me alone Taylor?” Matt asked her, thoroughly annoyed at her interruption of his browsing and thrown off his groove by her statements.

“But I’m just shopping for a replacement butt plug!” she said excitedly as she watched the display model’s tip open, and a tiny plunger pushing out a tiny model of a man. “Imagine waiting all day in one of these, waiting for some hot chick,” she winked and bumped him with her hip, “To press the button and send you spelunking! Oh the suspense!”

Matt turned red, mostly because he had imagined it. And in that moment he made eye contact with the cashier, who made a point of checking out his rapidly growing package with a smile. Despite his mind’s protests, his rod was rising to the occasion. The cashier rubbed her tummy like she was seeing a good meal.

To get ahead of the rising tide of hormones, and escape further embarrassment, Matt turned on his heel and walked rapidly to the front of the store, intending to rejoin the crowd and vanish.

“But we haven’t even gotten to the speculums yet!” Taylor called to him with a laugh. Then she turned to the cashier who gave her a smile.

“Seriously though, how much for these clit piercings?”


That evening, after their parents had loaded their bags into the car and taken themselves to bed early, Matt was eating a sandwich in the kitchen. One aspect of him being the only person in the house for the next three weeks he wasn’t excited about was the prospect of him making his own food.

“Sandwiches are gonna get old fast,” he said aloud as he took another bite.

He carefully ignored his sister as she entered the kitchen, clad in an old t-shirt and a pair of black leggings. That is, he ignored her until she sat a bottle of peppermint schnapps in front of him with a pair of shot glasses.

“Dreading vacation that much?” he asked her as she poured them each a shot. Before she could respond he took a shot. Matt pretended not to wheeze as he swallowed the liquid down, and Taylor made a point of ignoring his inexperience with alcohol as she poured another shot.

He’s lucky that was just schnapps, she thought, remembering her first drink. She’d chased a shot of whiskey with a drink of cheap beer at a sleepover at fourteen and sent it back immediately.

“Look, I know I’ve been a lot to deal with the last couple of weeks,” she said in a conciliatory tone, pulling out a tall stool and sitting down. In that space of time Matt took a deep breath and followed it with another shot.

After the past several weeks he was eager to do anything that made him seem like more of an adult. It wasn’t his fault that he thought his sister would view alcohol consumption as mature. And it certainly wasn’t her fault that her brother was acting exactly like she thought he would.

“But,” she added as he filled his own shot glass, “I’ll drop it if you can do just one thing.”

Matt paused as he reached picked up his shot glass.

“You’ll drop it?” he asked, his speech already slurring slightly.

Geez you lightweight! Taylor thought, but instead she nodded.

“Just one thing.”

The two tapped their shot glasses together and took their shot. Taylor resisted the urge to laugh as she saw Matt’s face. It may have only been schnapps, but he was clearly feeling it already. Somehow.

“Admit you liked it.”

Her brother snorted. As always, she seemed to know him better than he wanted to admit. No matter how much he denied it, part of him had really liked being her toy. His rational self tried to push it aside as a simple matter that he could solve by getting laid on his own, but Matt couldn’t truly deny it deep within.

She may have been his sister but being a tiny toy had been an amazing experience. His mind had been horrified about the who, but he’d had an erection the entire time from the what.

Matt realized she was looking at him and had refilled their shot glasses while he thought. She wore a knowing grin on her face.

“Come on,” she said playfully, reaching across the kitchen island and lightly punching him in the shoulder. “It was a blast, you know it.”

“I caught a blast with my face!” Matt said indignantly, before realizing how ridiculous that sounded. He couldn’t help but laugh, humor amplified by alcohol.

“So you did like it!” she said with fake surprise in her voice.

Matt stopped and took another shot.

Screw it, he thought. Just like Taylor had expected, alcohol was loosening his tongue. It was just happening far faster than she’d expected. Who knew her brother was such a lightweight?

“Yeah, sure, I liked it,” he said dismissively, trying to make it sound like he was just humoring her. “Yeah, I loved being shoved up in you for hours at a time. It was a blast. No I didn’t like it, it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me!”

Taylor giggled and tossed back another shot.

“That wasn’t all we did, was it?” she asked with a low voice, shooting him a smile that never failed to get men to talk. Matt shot her a look that could have melted steel if it weren’t from unfocused eyes.

“We missed a few though.”

“We did enough,” Matt shot back.

“Oh please,” she said as she poured them both yet another shot. “What about cat and mouse?”



“By Odin’s beard, no!” he said with a laugh as he remembered what it was. “And on that note, I’m leaving. Enjoy your vacation!” With that said he drained his last shot.

“How about a toe ring?” she asked him playfully as he hopped off his stool. To her surprise and satisfaction he stopped, leaning slightly as he stood.

Matt’s heartbeat rapidly as his drunken mind heard her voice. His hormones and the alcohol mixed quickly.

“Give me your phone,” she said to him, smiling as he stood there. He gave her a disapproving look, but felt his hand sliding his phone across the island before his mind could say no. “We leave in the morning, I know you’ve already got it downloaded.”

“What-? No!” he said as he halfheartedly tried to take his phone back.

“Please,” Taylor said as she rolled her eyes. “We’re gonna be gone for three weeks. Mom and Dad might think you’ll be responsible, but I know you’re gonna do everything you can to hook up with anybody with a heartbeat. I just want to try this one thing with you. Then I’ll change you back.”

“Half an hour. I promise.”

She plucked his phone from the island and his eyes flickered to it. For a moment he could have snatched it from her hand. Gone upstairs. Woke up alone in the house and fulfilled his own plans for the next three weeks without the embarrassment of shrinking with his sister again.

“So the toe ring’s the big one?” she asked with a laugh, unbelieving that she’d actually been able to convince her brother to shrink for her again. Her thumb flew across his phone’s screen, rapidly finding what she’d expected to find: the Tiny Tinder app, with Matt’s old profile still saved and ready.

“Half an hour?” he asked hesitantly. Alcohol opened his mouth for him, and he leaned against the kitchen island with a stern face, hoping to appear serious for his sister. “Toe ring. Half hour.”

He reached out with his hand and she took it, shaking it firmly.

“Half an hour.”

Moments later, Taylor held a tiny Matt in her hand. Once again, he’d realized his terrible mistake seconds after it was too late to change back. One side-effect of being shrunk was that toxins were immediately neutralized in the body, and the drunken horniness that had convinced Matt to shrink just one more time was now gone.

“Wait, I changed my mind!” he yelled up to Taylor as he saw her hungry eyes and excited smile.

“Well you didn’t change your profile,” she said with a laugh as she downed her last shot. “One toe ring coming up!”

Matt cried out as her fingers encircled his legs and nimbly squeezed his hands together. He was far too large for a toe ring right now, Taylor knew, but he was the perfect size for her fingers to manipulate into one. She’d never forced a tiny man into being a toe ring and was quite excited, but that didn’t mean she’d never thought about how she could make it happen.

Before Matt could comprehend what she was doing he’d been bent backward in a way that would have broken a normal spine, and his hands were somehow tied with his feet. He tried to yell but his lungs were compressed too far. There was no yelling.

Except for when Taylor cheered her success at bending her brother into a crude ring shape. She yelled briefly with excitement, arms overhead like her team had won the super bowl, then she put both hands over her mouth with embarrassment. She didn’t need her parents coming down to see what the commotion was.

“Enjoy bro!” she said to him as she swiped on his phone. On the kitchen island he shrank to a size that she thought would fit nicely around her second toe.

“Let’s see,” she said as she pulled on his body. Just as she hoped he stretched nicely, and once she slipped him onto her toe he conformed to her body’s shape. “You are absolutely perfect!” she said as she rotated him so that his face looked upward.

“Now let’s go for a walk!”

Taylor put her feet down on the cold kitchen tile and took several steps. She could tell she wasn’t smashing Matt and knew from experience that she could wear a toe ring long enough to forget it was even there. If she wasn’t careful, Matt was comfortable enough that she might forget she was wearing him!

Far below her, Matt tried to scream as he was wrapped around her toe. The world flew by and stopped suddenly, the simple task of Taylor walking being a titanic experience for him. Instead of the sexual experience his drunken mind had expected, it was a nightmare.

What does this even do for her? he questioned as he fought vainly to escape. I can’t even move enough for her to tell I’m here!

“Hey Taylor, what was that yelling?” a man’s deep voice called from upstairs. Taylor froze as though she’d been caught stealing.

“Uh, nothing dad!” she called upstairs, surprised and embarrassed. “One of my friends finally got—”

“Well you better call it a night!” he said, interrupting her. “We’re getting up crazy early!”

“Right, will do!” she replied, used to her father interrupting her.

Taylor rapidly cleaned and hid the shot glasses, then made sure the schnapps made it back into her parent’s liquor cabinet, trying to stay focused as the alcohol started taking effect. She giggled as she closed the cabinet door and stumbled upstairs, barely making it to bed before the world started turning around her.

The blonde managed to pull the blanket over her moments before she fell asleep.


At far-too-early in the morning, Taylor walked into her room clad only in a towel. She dried off quickly, knowing how much of a stickler for leaving early her father was. An idle toss sent her towel into the laundry chute, and she started pulling on her travel clothes. As always, socks were last and just as her father yelled out ‘five minutes!’ Taylor saw, with some confusion, her toe ring.

“When did I get a—”

Last night came back to her in a flash. The drinking, the convincing, the shrinking.

“Oh shit!” she said with a laugh. “That was way longer than half an hour!”

Without thinking about it she scrunched her toes, loving how his body felt when she squeezed. From a distance he didn’t look like a piece of jewelry; his skin tone matched hers quite well and if she hadn’t been looking at her own toes she might have missed him. He felt surprisingly comfortable on her. Matt had conformed to her perfectly overnight and matched her body temperature.

Mid-scrunch she heard something distantly, and she paused. Another scrunch brought another distant voice, and she did her best to hold her toe in that position as she looked down with a huge smile.

“Unshrink me!” she heard her brother scream faintly. Somehow her toes squeezing on him had given his distorted body a position from which she could talk. “You said half an hour!”

“Two minutes!” yelled Taylor’s father. Faintly Taylor’s mother chastised him about not waking Matt.

Her eyes flickered between her brother and the door. And she smiled.

“Good thing you’re still asleep!” she said as she looked down with a giggle. Matt screamed angrily, quickly cut off as she relaxed her toe and no longer squeezed him in such a way that he could speak. Then a pink fuzzy sock blocked out his view.

“Coming!” she yelled to her parents, grabbing her and her brother’s phones. “Oh, I’m gonna be cumming all this vacation,” she said more quietly to herself. With a skip, the blonde left her room, looking forward to the beach. Ten minutes later she was asleep in the back of the car, while Matt silently raged at himself for letting his hormones get the best of him yet again.


The family’s beach house was a beauty; recently built with an open concept for the ground floor and two bedrooms on the second, separated by a long hallway with a second living room. It was far nicer than they could have afforded normally, but Taylor’s father had been the victim of a hit-and-run with someone driving a Bugatti. Luckily the million-dollar car had left its license plate at the scene, and they’d elected to settle out of court for an obscene amount of money.

Taylor’s father had invested it all in stocks, his children’s college, and a vacation home. His kids understood why, though they would have preferred their own televisions at home.

Taylor did have to admit as she flung herself onto her bed in the room she normally shared with her brother that the view was incredible. One wall was entirely glass, with a view that overlooked the beach. The outside was tinted, and when they were younger Taylor and Matt had done every experiment they could think of to try and see in from the outside. All had failed, so Taylor knew she had absolute privacy while she could watch the beachgoers as she wanted.

“This view is incredible, don’t you think?” she asked her brother as she propped her feet up on the bed and removed her sock. Her toes wiggled, and her brother’s twisted body along with them, as she looked out at the beach. It was mid-afternoon and the crowds had started to die down in the heat.

“Oh, you make such a great toe ring I wish I could just leave you down there,” she said to him as she leaned forward, bending in half and showcasing years of yoga. Her fingers pulled at his body and slipped him off her toe. “But there’s so much to do here!”

An idle finger slipped his hands from his feet, and he snapped back into his normal shape at roughly one inch tall.  Taylor sat him on her side table, next to an alarm clock that was flashing ’12:00’ and picked up her suitcase. As Matt started screaming obscenities at her, Taylor unzipped it while humming to herself. He was too small to make enough noise to reach her ears, but she knew he was mad at her.

She just didn’t care.

“You know,” she said as she started pulling out clothes and putting them in the small wooden dresser at the foot of her bed, “If it wasn’t me, it would just be the next girl you matched with.”

Taylor shrugged at him and smiled, setting aside some bundles of toiletries and other items that were wrapped in a white t-shirt.

“You didn’t change any of your settings, and would you rather be stuck here, with me, at the beach? Or with some other girl that just saw you as a toy she could keep forever? You might have ended up a permanent butt plug for a girl that liked,” she shuddered at the thought, “stuffing!”

Matt was too angry to care what she was saying. It was true he still hadn’t changed any of his settings, and an astute reader would know she was telling the truth. The next girl he matched with would never have let him go, recognizing the rare opportunity to get a forever tiny. But at least she wouldn’t have been his sister.

“I don’t know if you heard,” she said as she unfolded one of the items she didn’t want her parents to accidentally stumble across, “But we’re going from here straight to dinner.”

Matt ran out of breath and angry words at the same time his sister held up an item in the distance. She shook it at him, and fear ran through his body. He recognized that package.

“You know,” she said with a sweet and innocent voice as she turned the package to start pulling out the item it held, “I’m glad I ran into you at the mall. Otherwise I might never have ran across this! Now hold still.”

Three minutes later, Taylor’s massive blue eyes were looking at a two-inch tall Matt. He pounded at the side of his plastic cage, raging at her as she smiled then covered the outside with a clear jelly. She winked at him before his view was too distorted by the lubricant and ignored his angry movements.

“Perfect!” she said as the clear butt-plug was lubed up. Taylor had already taken off her bottoms and laid back on the bed. “Don’t worry bro!” she said as she brought her toned legs up near her head. “I won’t push the button yet. We gotta save some suspense for the rest of the trip!”

With that said, she brought the plug down to her backdoor with a smile that had gotten her several lingerie model gigs. It wiggled slightly as Matt threw himself against the sides in a vain attempt to escape, then she felt the cold lubricating jelly against her asshole. Taylor exhaled as she had a hundred times before and felt her new favorite butt plug start to push her sphincter open.

Matt gave up punching the side of the butt plug and screamed. He’d spent a lot of time up his sister’s ass the last time he’d been tricked into shrinking by her and didn’t want to return. Not that he had a choice. Heedless of his protest Taylor pushed the plug deeper into herself and Matt heard a distant moan.

“No!” he yelled out, closing his eyes as the widest part of the plug entered her and yanked the rest forward with a lurch. “Let me go you crazy—”

Taylor bit her lip as she felt the plug settle, then vibrate slightly. Her brother must have been moving about. Its neck was narrow, just like she liked, and she felt pleasantly fulfilled as she sat up at the edge of the bed. With a shake of her hips she felt her brother rattle around in her colon. Part of her wanted to press the button at the bottom and let it work its magic like it had in the store. He’d feel so good thrashing around the deepest parts of her…

A tempted finger slid around her hip and angled toward her backdoor. In a moment she’d have her two-inch tall brother playing around in her asshole along with a butt plug that was designed to shift with every movement she made. Her breath grew heavy in anticipation as her finger pushed toward her asshole.

“You ready yet?” Taylor’s mom called through the door.

Taylor jumped and giggled, pulling her hand back. That part could wait.


“You seem really excited to be here for a change,” Taylor’s dad said as they sat down in the restaurant. She made sure to scoot into the furthest part of the booth, moving the plug slightly in her rectum and causing her brother to bounce. This butt plug had been a great investment; with every step her brother rocked back and forth inside his plastic prison and gave her ass the sensation of something moving inside.

While she would have loved to have Matt loose in her backdoor again, like the last time she’d had him as a toy, this butt plug was a joy on its own. Knowing her brother was a button push away from being forcibly shoved deep into her rectum was far hotter than she could have ever expected.

I don’t know which way I like him better! she thought to herself.

To her dad, she said, “I’m just really looking forward to the beach!” as she picked up the menu with a smile.

Deep inside her, Matt stewed as her body heat surrounded him. It would have put him to sleep if he hadn’t been in a survival-driven adrenaline rush ever since she’d inserted him like a common sex toy.

After dinner the family took a long walk on the boardwalk, treating themselves to milkshakes.

“It’s too bad Matt didn’t want to come,” Taylor’s mother said as she leaned on her husband’s arm.

Taylor just smiled and took a long drink of her strawberry shake, making sure to shake her hips a little extra as she walked. As she did, she caught the eye of two shirtless guys packing up their surfing gear for the day. One winked at her, and she was sure to wink back.


Half an hour later Taylor found herself back in her room. It had been a nice walk with her parents, and she’d gotten a refresher on the immediate area where she’d be spending the next couple of weeks. But for now, she just wanted some quality time with her brother.

She moaned as her butt plug slid back out, not worried about her parents hearing. The master bedroom here was on the far side of the house and there were enough walls between them that a gunshot would go unheard. She’d never once heard them go at it here, but knew her father was probably balls deep in her mom’s face at that very moment. Once Taylor had walked in on them going at it and she’d never forget the sight.

Matt screamed as his prison was pulled outward and shielded his eyes against the first light he’d seen in several hours. Somehow the butt plug had kept him insulated from the smell of her rectum, but nothing could protect him from the constant fear of her depressing the button that he knew would eject him straight into her ass. He hadn’t forgotten the store display and knew that Taylor had gotten it just for that reason.

He got a faint view of his sister’s blonde hair, then the plug turned horizontal and he fell to his side for the thousandth time since he’d been shoved into it. What was now the wall suddenly pushed him to the side and the walls, which had become the floor, split underneath him.

“Shit!” he yelled as the plug ejected him. At least it waited until I was out of her ass! he thought before he landed in her soft hand.

Taylor smiled at her brother and pulled out his phone.

“Let me go dammit!” he yelled up at her as he felt her hand shrink under him. Matt knew it was worthless to fight her, but he’d never stop trying. He hadn’t the last time she kept him shrank for days, and he wouldn’t this time either. “Let me –gppph!”

The blonde gasped as she felt her brother’s head enter her pussy. She hadn’t bothered to listen to a word he was saying, she just knew that he was going to fight her all day, every day.

“Perfect!” she breathed out as she pushed him deeper. It was a little awkward for her to use her brother like a six-inch dildo while standing, but she persevered until she felt his kicking feet flush with her soaking lips. At dinner she’d been unsure if she could make it through the meal without rushing to the bathroom to masturbate and seeing those two guys near the beach had practically sent her into heat.

She needed this.

As she felt her knees go weak and an orgasm fast approaching, the athletic blonde made herself walk to the window as she held her hand between her legs to keep her brother from falling out. She turned the hanging egg-shaped chair around so that it faced the beach and sat her naked bottom on the cushion. It was far larger than she was and when she leaned back she almost vanished into the sea of pillows.

Then, as the sun set and she looked out at the beach-goers enjoying their evening, Taylor brought her feet inside the hanging seat. She bit her lip lightly and grabbed her brother’s feet. Her sitting position, legs spread wide and feet lifted up onto the cushions, had helped him slip outward slowly as he kicked and pushed within.

“I’ll help you back in, bro,” she said as she slipped her other hand under her shirt. Her free hand squeezed her right nipple as she propelled her brother’s perfect-sized body back into her pussy. She turned him slightly as he fought, letting his raging arms push against ever tender part of her.

“Oh I missed this so much,” Taylor said as she pulled him partial out before shoving him back in with a moan.

Taylor’s insides boiled around Matt. He tried to scream but there was no way he could turn that didn’t involve him getting a face full of her fluids. Even knowing it was futile he flung his arms any direction that he could to try and get fresh air, a cool breeze, a single moment where he wasn’t surrounded by the scent of his sister’s wetness.

Matt’s mind may have been crying out for escape, but his hormones were crying out for more. Every thrust of hers dragged his erect penis across her soft, steaming walls. It was too chaotic for him to do anything more than curse himself, to feel sick at himself for how he was reacting to her body and how she was using him. If Taylor had slowed down with her thrusting long enough for his cock to stop flying around randomly he may have orgasmed inside her, bringing his humiliation to a level he hoped would never happen.

His stomach heaved as she pulled him in and out of her, faster and faster. At times she kept him so deep that his arms and head slapped against her cervix, where she pulsed him while rubbing her clitoris (not that he could tell). Other times she moved him in large, deep strokes that made him feel like he was on a roller coaster that didn’t care if he fell out of the cart or not.

Then the rhythm changed. Suddenly her had grasped his ankles more tightly and her movements became more erratic. She squeezed his legs and bent them awkward as she tried to change his direction, to shove him against the top of her pussy. Matt had no idea what she was trying to do, but the pain made him cry out in pain and swing his arms even harder in response.

“Oh shit! Oh shit!” Taylor said quietly in her passion. She’d edged herself closer to an orgasm for half an hour as she watched families leave the beach, not knowing that they were being watched by a half-naked girl with her own brother buried deep in her snatch. Taylor didn’t even need to watch porn; from this view, knowing she couldn’t be seen, she felt more than dirty enough.

When a mom on the beach kissed her husband on the beach, Taylor moaned. When a teen in a bikini rolled up her towel with no idea that Taylor was watching her to masturbate, Taylor picked up the pace with her dildo. And when that same teen let her boyfriend slip his hand down her bottoms?

The world clamped down on Matt as his wet prison became a vise. Distantly through the flesh and fluid he heard his sister cry out in passion. Her fingers held his ankles tightly and rammed him as far into her as she could manage. His arms hit her cervix, then her fingers left his ankles and pushed on the bottom of his feet. Matt screamed as his face was pushed against her cervix and her body did its best to crush him.

Taylor screamed as she came, pushing her dildo as far into her as it would fit. It vibrated inside her as deep as it could, and as she stuffed her brother’s feet into her pussy she lost control. Her orgasm finally came in a flood of endorphins and pleasure. Her entire body shook as her first orgasm of the day was finally allowed. She’d been on edge all through dinner and her walk, both from her brother’s struggles inside her ass and the knowledge that she was having calm conversation and a meal, all with her parents none the wiser that their son was currently inside their daughter’s asshole.

With a final gasp, Taylor pulled her hand away from her pussy. Matt slid outward immediately, propelled by her orgasm’s dying spasms pulsing through her pussy. The blonde didn’t bother trying to catch him; he slid out of her with enough velocity that he fell right off the chair and two feet onto the cold tile floor where he landed with a wet slap.

Deep in her afterglow, Taylor let out a sigh. The sun was setting to her right, and the beach was just about deserted. The teen she’d seen getting fingered was gone, and idly Taylor hoped that the girl was getting filled by her own boy-toy in the backseat of a car.

“Speaking of toys,” she said aloud, carefully leaning forward in the hanging seat so that she didn’t fall out, “I think that’s enough of a break, don’t you?”

Matt’s reprieve from use didn’t come until almost midnight, though he had no way to tell the time. After his sister’s eighth orgasm she’d finally had enough. His body made a suctioning sound as she finally pulled him out. Though he didn’t technically need it, he took a deep breath of fresh air and coughed out mouthfuls of her lubrication.

“Oh bro,” she said, holding him up so that she could get a good look at him. Her face was flushed, her hair chaotic. Her soul, fulfilled. “I’m so glad you came along.”

“You let me go you crazy--!” he yelled out, knowing it was useless.

Taylor didn’t bother to hear what crazy thing she was. Her hand dropped him onto the bed and she bounced to the dresser, where she picked out the tightest pair of underwear she owned, a leftover from a photoshoot where they’d brought everything two sizes too small on purpose.

Matt tried to run, but her hand easily snatched him up and flipped him over. This time she inserted him feet first and pushed him until she felt his feet bump her inner walls. Two taps on his phone shrank him slightly before she slipped on the gray boyshort panties. Just as the panties were pulled all the way up, pushing on the skin of her toned backside and giving her a camel toe that had been the star of that particular photo shoot, she felt him start to slip back down.

Desperately, Matt did his best to push back toward her entrance. He knew he’d been made smaller because she wasn’t squeezing him nearly as tight. There was no visual frame of reference, as always it was black as night inside of her wet tunnel, but his inner ear was telling him that she’d laid down. His hands approached her opening and pulled him further along as best as they could.

Then, as he tried to pull himself to freedom, he felt a tight band of cotton on his head.

“Oh goddamnit!” he yelled out as Taylor pushed a finger into her underwear with a smile.

“Now, you stay in there!” she told him playfully.

The finger pressed onto his head and slid Matt’s screaming face deeper into herself. All around him her secretions began drying, holding him tightly in place. Her distant heartbeat slowed, and Matt realized what was happening.

“This is gonna be a great vacation,” Taylor said as she adjusted her blanket and rolled onto her side. Minutes later she was asleep.


In the morning Taylor shuffled downstairs, wearing fuzzy pink pajama bottoms and yesterday’s shirt. Her eyes were barely open; the downside to this house was that it was very difficult to sleep in when the sun shone through her giant window every minute that it was above the horizon. Her parents just looked at her and laughed quietly over their coffee.

She shot them a glare and filled a mug with sugar and creamer before adding a drop of coffee. Mumbling about stabbing the sun, she grabbed a bagel from the counter and shuffled back upstairs.

Matt felt every shuffling step. He’d managed to get his mouth close enough to her entrance that he was breathing relatively fresh air through the tight fabric of her panties. Her camel toe turned out to be a blessing for him until she started moving. Then the tugging underwear rubbed against his face like a wall of sandpaper, and he was too stuck in place by her dried fluids to get out of the way.

But what was insurmountable to Matt was not even noticed by Taylor. She sat in her favorite chair again and idly munched her bagel. The chair swayed back and forth as she slowly worked off her pajama bottoms and underwear, swinging back and forth as she shifted her weight around.

“Good thing I put my coffee down first,” she said to herself as she leaned forward to put her bagel down on the shelf next to the steaming mug. Then she looked down between her legs and laughed out loud. Her usual view of her smooth-shaven lips was broken by something with dark hair and an angry face.

“Wow bro!” she said as she laughed, leaning back and adjusting her hips so she could bring him closer to her face. If she’d been so inclined, she could have pulled him out of herself with her mouth; her after school modeling job really emphasized flexibility. But it was a little early for that sort of thing.

“We’re heading out for awhile,” she told him, slipping two fingers in herself carefully and surrounding his chest. “And I’ve got something in mind for keeping you close.”  He came free from her pussy easily and immediately started yelling, which only caused Taylor to roll her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” she said as she ignored what he was actually saying. “It’s hard to get closer than inside your wonderful snatch! Please find somebody to cum inside you tonight!” Taylor said in a mock falsetto voice before returning to her normal voice. “Well you’re right, but you may not have noticed in all the excitement that I got a new piercing.”

Matt felt his body go cold and he momentarily stopped fighting as she lowered him back down. Her fingers played with her clit for a moment before holding it to the side, where he could see a small piercing hole running through the top of her clitoral hood.

“Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me!” he said exasperated.

Then the world started to grow around him once more and Taylor climbed out of the chair. She’d already laid out her new favorite piercing on her dresser and sat Matt down next to it.

“You’ve got two options,” she told him, leaning forward sensually. Everything she did was sensual, especially when she was naked from the waist down. “You can put your own arms in the clasps and I’ll close them for you, or you can fight me and I’ll lock you down anyways.”

Matt chose option two. Somehow Taylor’s fingers could still manipulate him adeptly, despite his size and constant movement. The ring was slightly smaller than he was, and his arms looped through the silver ring and around the bar where little clasps not unlike handcuffs had been precision engineered. He fought hard against them, but like almost everything he did at his size, it was futile.

“Feel free to keep doing that!” Taylor said with a smile. Putting him in the piercing had woken her up more than coffee, and she was feeling her usual excessively cheerful self. “This is gonna be such a great day!”

Twenty minutes later, Matt disagreed vehemently. The piercing went through her clitoral hood and when she walked around naked, he and it swung back and forth like a small pendulum. Taylor loved the constant faint stimulation and had put on thong underwear and leggings again which held him tightly up against her clit. Now every one of his movements vibrated against her love button. With effort she found she could simply enjoy the sensation without getting wet, though she knew once she was away from her parents she’d have to masturbate quickly.

They were spending the morning going to the store and getting ready for their several week’s stay; she knew she’d have to pace herself or she’d be so sore from the first day that she’d miss several days of fun.

As she walked her underwear rode upward; on a normal day she would have simply enjoyed the feeling. On this day? She absolutely loved the feeling.

Matt was moved side to side with every step, the pressure of the underwear sliding slightly causing the ring he was on to shift slightly with each step. This dragged his face across her clitoris, which even in small amounts was uncomfortable for him though it wasn’t truly hurting him. His face-shifting to avoid her tender skin simply heightened the experience for her.

“You’re pretty chipper today,” said her mother as she picked up a bunch of bananas.

“I’m just really glad we’re on vacation,” Taylor replied as she picked out several cucumbers.

When they checked out, Taylor thought the cashier looked familiar. He was polite and professional and gave her a charming smile. As they loaded their car full of groceries, it hit her. He was on of the cute surf boarders she’d seen the night before.

I hope they’re always setting up shop right outside our house, she thought with a smile and a tingle down below.


That afternoon was busy. Busy enough that Matt’s constant tingling kept Taylor happy, but she didn’t have enough time to think about him being down there. It was simply a pleasant feeling, and as they finished preparing the rest of the house Taylor forgot about him down there. He’d simply became a comfortable part of her outfit.

Which was why she didn’t remember to remove her piercing as she pulled on her tiny bikini. Her parents wouldn’t have approved twenty years ago, but times had changed. Her mother simply rolled her eyes and smiled knowingly at her husband as Taylor sauntered out the front door and headed to the beach. She’d pick up as many boys as she wanted, but they trusted her to be smart and responsible. Though the beach was less than a minute’s walk away, her father’s pants were off before she touched the sand.

Taylor lounged in the sun, feeling her tan darken. Occasionally she rolled over, giving the boys a show as she did so. She wasn’t naïve; she was drawing eyes from both sexes across the beach. If she felt like it she’d be able to pick up almost anyone.

Maybe one of them will be into Tiny Tinder, she thought lazily. Just like…

Her eyes widened behind her large sunglasses and she smiled, unable to believe she’d forgotten him again.

“Oh, you’re just too comfortable down there,” she said as she wiggled her hips. That pleasant sensation continued, but now that she’d drawn her attention back to it, her clit-mounted brother felt even better. Immediately her body flushed with desire.

Before she knew what she was doing she was up on her feet and walking toward the water. Her brother didn’t need oxygen, or food, or really anything to survive in his condition. So she only felt a little guilty when she waded into the warm ocean, feeling the water level rise until it overtook her pussy and kept going up to just below her chest. The vibrating increased in intensity rapidly; he may not have needed oxygen, but his mind still thought he did. Just as she’d hoped, her brother struggled wonderfully against her clit. She’d have to keep him in the piercing the next time she masturbated in the bathtub.

The crowd on the beach pretended it wasn’t watching her as she lazily swam back and forth. Girlfriends put their hands a little too high on the boyfriends’ hips as they both watched, neither jealous of the other’s attention, knowing they’d both be thinking of this gorgeous beach-vision as they played later.

When she’d had her fill of swimming and knew that she needed more alone time with her brother, Taylor slipped out of the ocean. The blonde smiled as she saw the entire beach suddenly pretend it hadn’t been watching her. She was used to eyes being on her when she was barely dressed.

She ignored the sounds coming from the living room as she got home. Of course her parents had an active sex life, and while times had changed enough that not-private sex was far less taboo, that didn’t mean she wanted to see her mother mounted on her father. Her parents were also very respectful of her privacy, though compared to her friends she was still fairly conservative about who she brought up to her room. Or any remotely private area.

In her own bathroom Taylor carefully removed her clit piercing. The silver ring got laid on the counter next to her hair straightener and she rummaged in a drawer for the toy that she had in mind this time.

“Hold still!” she told her brother as she unclasped him.

He cried out in pain as his arms finally got to return to their normal position. Matt wasn’t truly hurt, but it hadn’t been a fun experience for multiple reasons. His face felt rubbed raw by her clit and his shoulders ached from the uncomfortable position. Not to mention his pride had basically been washed away by the ocean.

The countertop shifted below him as he grew slightly and he turned to face his sister after working out his shoulder stiffness.

“Oh come on!” he yelled as she held up a string of clear anal beads. One of the beads, the third smallest, was missing and had been replaced by what was clearly a harness for someone roughly two inches tall. For him.

Without bothering to address him, Taylor grabbed Matt and easily stuffed him into the harness. It held him spread eagle with the same soft plastic that the rest of the beads were made from. With effort he could fight them and curl up, but the material quickly overpowered him and pulled him to that same wide-open position.

“Don’t worry bro,” she said as she leaned over the countertop and kicked her bottoms the rest of the way off her legs. “Once these warmup you’ll get to move a lot more inside me!”

Matt screamed in frustration as, once again, he got a view of her asshole that most men would have killed for. The tiny pucker didn’t seem big enough to accept a finger, let alone the eight progressively larger beads on this string, but Matt had spent enough time in her rectum to know that she was capable of a ridiculous amount of stretching. Last night in the butt plug had been bad enough, but now he wasn’t going to be insulated from her internal climate.

He struggled against his little harness as the first bead pushed against her skin. The sphincter pulled inward as the bead pushed, then he heard Taylor let out a sigh and the muscle relaxed, devouring the smallest bead and bringing Matt closer. He redoubled his efforts as the second bead was swallowed by her hungry hole. There was a moment where it hesitated on its inward journey, giving Matt a sliver of hope before it vanished with a groan.

Then he was next. Taylor didn’t slow down to enjoy the sensation of her brother slipping through her asshole. She’d have time for that later. Instead she brought a finger down to her snatch as she felt the different shaped bead push inside. Then the rest followed quickly, even the two and a half incher at the back. Standing, she put her hands below her belly button and shook her hips.

“I feel so full!” she said aloud. This was the first time she’d used these beads and they were significantly larger than her other set. Her other set also didn’t vibrate pleasantly along its entire length as a captive tiny struggled in its new environment.

Matt didn’t hear her. It was true that the plastic became more malleable as it warmed up inside her body. He used all his strength to try and free himself, but it just didn’t work. All he ended up doing was massaging the tender walls of her colon. If he had been up on his anatomy he would have known that his bead was in her descending colon, far further into a woman than most toys could be made to go, and slightly further than he’d ran while panicking when she’d first played with him weeks ago.

That didn’t mean he was ignorant of what was happening outside, for the most part. Taylor had drawn herself a hot bath and was laying down in the large tub. One hand was caressing a breast while the other had a finger vibrator held tightly against her clit. Faintly she could feel her stomach moving, and each gurgle she knew was caused by her tiny toy. She came repeatedly in the tub until she felt that any more time soaking would turn her into a prune.

Her muscles were so relaxed that she had to be careful climbing out, but it allowed her anal beads to pop out with no problem. A single pull let them all slide out rapidly, and she couldn’t help but laugh. She let them sit in the soapy water as the tub drained. Taylor dried off with a pink towel and smiled at her brother as the soapy water sloshed him around. Soon the tub was empty but for the beads, and she was dry.

Matt didn’t try to struggle as she pulled him out of the harness. He was exhausted but knew as a tiny he wouldn’t be able to sleep. He tried to protest as she shrank him down further and ran soapy water over his now rice-sized body.

“Be careful in here,” she said to him as she pulled out a piece of gum. “I made you malleable this time, but I don’t feel like pulling you out of my stomach today.”

Taylor chewed her gum politely, without smacking or blowing bubbles. In this one area she was a bit of a snob; if it wasn’t a dick or a tiny, she didn’t want to see what was in someone’s mouth.

“So how was the beach hon?” Matt heard his mother say through the chaos of his sister’s mouth. He pushed some of the gum away from his face, but his efforts were immediately canceled out by the careless chewing of her teeth.

“It was really nice today,” said Taylor in reply. She took a cold drink of water and made sure she moved her gum into her cheek.

Matt screamed as the temperature suddenly dropped, then got lightheaded as two molars slammed together with him between. His vision distorted as his head was briefly mashed flat, then snapped back into place.

“Not too hot yet,” she continued as she started chopping up carrots for dinner. In her mouth she felt something in her gum wiggle slightly. “And for once I was smart enough to not get a sunburn on the first day.”

“Wow, miracles do happen!” said her father as he came into the kitchen. He sat a six-pack of dark beer on the counter and gave his wife a kiss. “Don’t get used to that,” he told Taylor as she enjoyed her gum’s extra flavor, “The rest of the week it’s gonna be record-setting heat.”

“Speaking of heat,” her mother said as she swatted her father on the butt with a giggle, “Are we going spicy or not for the soup?”

“Spicy as hell,” Taylor said, knowing her mother was physically incapable of making anything spicy. It was an inside joke that anything in their house was even slightly spicy.

Her laughter was deafening around Matt. Through her open mouth he got a view of his parents laughing too. Despite everything his sister had put him through this was almost the most bizarre and humiliating.

“Hey! I’m here!” he yelled before her tongue moved the gum. His body was less than a snack for her at the moment; snacks at least got swallowed. But it didn’t matter so much to her that she was literally chewing him, having a conversation while he was in her mouth was what it was really about. Having him so close to people he could think would rescue him was far better for her than merely chewing his body with a wad of gum.

Matt knew it was pointless. Taylor probably couldn’t hear him as they continued to talk, and his parents certainly couldn’t. It didn’t help that every other bite briefly flattened him, causing him to scream in pain before his body fixed itself almost instantaneously. His torment was taking place mere feet from his parents, and mid-conversation even.

“I’ll be right back!” Taylor said to her parents when dinner was almost ready.

Upstairs in her room she carefully pulled Matt out of her gum and ran near-boiling water over him to make sure it was all off. He screamed, of course, but she ignored it. Just as her mother was calling her down to dinner, Taylor was putting her clit piercing back on and pulling up her panties. She tapped lightly on them, right over where she knew her brother was.

“I hope you like it down there,” she told him, “If you’re not in me, you’re gonna be right there all vacation.”

Then she skipped off to dinner.


The next morning, Taylor fished his half-inch form out of her pussy. She hadn’t masturbated the night before, she’d been so tired from the work of the day. She simply slept better with someone inside of her. Before he had a chance to even start yelling at her, he found himself deposited into yet another tiny plastic prison.

How much shit did she buy there? he wondered as he looked around desperately for a way out. As usual there was no chance to get away, but he had no idea what he was in this time. It was too broad and flat to be something she planned on shoving inside of herself.

Then she put the toy on the floor and he heard a distant slap as something else landed near him. His titanic sister pulled on some short shorts and only spared him a quick glance as he grew slightly in the prison. Quickly he was pressed tight against the wall of clear plastic above him; it was as though he’d been vacuum sealed on his back.

“Perfect,” he heard his sister say to herself. Then she stepped forward.

“No! Wait!” Matt yelled as her foot stepped forward. Her sole smashed him flat in the sandal as he screamed.

“Now that’s interesting,” she said aloud as she put weight on her left foot. Her brother’s body smushed just like a well-cushioned sandal below her weight. Taylor leaned to the side and lifted her foot. Below it she could see her brother’s body snapped back into shape the moment she took her weight off him, then she stepped down again. He was pleasant and warm beneath the sole of her foot.

“That saleslady was right. These are super comfortable, but I need another tiny to make them more even,” Matt heard her say as she walked out of the room.

His ears popped each time he was flattened and reformed, and the air squeezed out of his lungs. He tried to scream as she smashed him repeatedly, but he never had enough time to draw a breath. She simply walked on him for an eternity, driving him out of his mind as his body distorted and snapped back with each step. Her weight bore down on him painfully, only for the pain to vanish as she stepped forward.

“I like those sandals!” Taylor’s mom said as the two walked the boardwalk. “Are they new?”

“Oh yeah,” Taylor said, slipping off the right one for her mother to see. She wasn’t dumb enough to let her mother know she was walking on her incredibly comfortable shrunken brother. “There’s a new store at the mall and I picked them up for real cheap!”

“Nice!” her mother said as she handed it back. “I bet you could fill up that little pouch with water or something and it would feel comfy.”

“Yeah, that’s what the saleslady told me,” Taylor replied as she slipped it back on. “I’ll think of something I’m sure.”

Matt could only scream as the torture continued. Taylor’s foot grew sweaty in the heat of the day, and small pores that he hadn’t noticed slowly let in the scent of her feet. He gagged just as he realized that things could, in fact, get worse.


Later that day Taylor gave him a reprieve from her sandal when she went out barefoot. The hot concrete of the sidewalk almost burned her feet, but if she kept moving it was easily bearable for her. Matt had no idea how hot it was outside; his place next to her body kept him largely shielded from the elements unless she herself heated up significantly.

But he could tell what she was walking on. This time she’d turned him in her clit ring so that his face wouldn’t be pressed up against her. He merely swung with each of her steps, disoriented from both the movement and seeing the sidewalk so far below him.

No one that Taylor walked past had any idea she wasn’t wearing panties beneath her short skirt. The girl didn’t plan on playing today, she simply enjoyed the thrill of knowing that exposure was only a moment and a gust of wind away.

And right now she was also enjoying a cone of vanilla ice cream. She licked it in long slow strokes, knowing she was being watched by everyone she walked by on the boardwalk. But they couldn’t watch her as she ducked around a corner, remembering a little nook she’d found the year previous. And they didn’t see her fiddle around with something small under her skirt.

With a scream, Matt fell from Taylor’s fingertips and onto the freezing vanilla. The frozen treat enveloped enough of his body that he couldn’t free himself; his legs had gotten stuck in the fall. One of Taylor’s fingers approached him and his scream was rapidly cut off as she pushed him further into the cone.

Her admirers may not have seen what she did around the corner, but they did see her happily licking her fingertip before returning her tongue to her cone. The beautiful blonde skipped a little as she ate her yummy treat.

After a frozen eternity, something changed. Matt was too cold to yell. Too cold to move. But the sweet ice around him shifted and he could imagine his sister’s tongue pulling up the frozen sugar. He could only hope—

Taylor licked again, getting the ice cream almost down to the level of the cone. Her sensitive organ brushed up against something with different texture. Something quite similar to a sprinkle. Her next lick brushed against it again and she smiled as she looked out at the ocean. Waves lapped calmly against the sand as she lapped again at her cone. The not-sprinkle was pulled into her mouth with more vanilla ice cream.

She let the ice melt on her tongue and swallowed it down, careful to keep her brother pushed against the roof of her mouth.

Finally heat surrounded Matt and his shaking eyes opened. He knew immediately where he was; the world was moving constantly and it was wetter than a shower. Rhythmically waves of hot air flowed over him, though he couldn’t smell anything except for vanilla.

“Hey,” said his sister’s booming voice, completely surrounding him.

Oh shit, what now? he thought, fear running through his body. The last thing he needed was for her to hook up with someone and potentially leave him with a random.

“You haven’t gotten a look at the ocean yet, have you?” she said, and Matt realized she was speaking to him. “Take a look big guy!”

The tongue stopped throwing him around violently and stuck out slightly. Matt looked out through her massive outstretched lips, body shaking from the sudden contrast of freezing and heat.

He had a sudden burst of calm. The first he’d had in days. Though he couldn’t hear it, he could imagine the warm waters of the eastern ocean gently flowing back and forth. The beach was beautiful and clean, and he remembered how he’d played in those waters for hours when he was younger. Matt smiled and realized what he’d missed out on by electing to stay home and –

Taylor closed her mouth and sucked down her brother with a gulp. She giggled as she felt his little body move down her throat, then took another lick of her ice cream. As she walked she felt his tiny movements within her, bolstered by her sizing him up to an inch tall as she walked. It was a pain carrying two phones all the time, but it was worth it. This way he couldn’t get any further into her system; he was simply too large to enter her intestine.

Her ice cream was finished before she was ready for it to be, and she crunched down the rest of the cone. With a gurgling stomach eager for more, or perhaps Matt was simply eager for freedom, she headed back home. Taylor had a new pack of stomach string that would help him come back up much easier than the classic way.


Two days later Taylor was on a bike ride. There was a plethora of trails near the beach that wound in and out of pleasant little parks, and the weather was perfect for it. A light breeze offset the sun and humidity nicely. She shifted her hips side to side slightly as she pedaled, putting her weight on each leg to get a little more power while she went up a gentle hill.

Taylor smiled as she crested it and pulled to the side of the trail so others could go by. Clad in a cut-off shirt and volleyball shorts she was a vision to behold. Her blonde hair was in pigtails and several husbands would have thrown away their marriage for an evening with her as she glistened slightly with sweat.

Meanwhile, Matt coughed as her sweat got in his face. Before she’d left she’d changed him yet again, after pulling him out of her ass and washing him of course. The past day he’d spent ‘spelunking’ as she went to a day spa for a massage, then a dance club where’d she’d spend hours doing moves specifically recommended for tossing tinies around a giantess’s colon. Now he was five inches long and his feet and arms had been carefully tied to his sides. An astute observer would have noticed something strange in her butt crack as she biked.

Matt’s face had been carefully positioned so that when she sat down his face pressed tightly against her anus. Just like every other part of her it was surprisingly clean, but he hated it nonetheless. His legs were pushed up against her vagina, held tightly by her too-small boy-short underwear and slipping just between her lips and letting his feet push up against her clit. Every time she moved every sensitive part of her was stimulated; his face went slightly into her asshole, his legs massaged her outer lips like a finger in a movie theater, and his feet tickled her clit.

“Best ride ever,” she said aloud as she caught her breath and got back on the trail and felt her brother continue to pleasure her. The wind blew gently in her hair as she panted both from the exertion and from a small orgasm.

When she’d had enough of the teasing and small orgasms she pulled aside again. A quick glance up and down the path told her that she had enough time and reached into her shorts. She adjusted her brother slightly and pushed his head into her sphincter with one finger. He fought against her and was larger than she usually had him when she inserted him into her backdoor, but still she had no issues sliding him into her rectum once more. She wasn’t a freshman anymore.

With his larger form firmly in place, she started to pedal again. The stimulation had changed, and for the better. The blonde barely made it home before her legs were too weak to keep pedaling, and she collapsed on her bed in a frenzy of sexual need. It wasn’t quite stuffing, she didn’t like the idea of her toys being soiled in that way, but she thought the sensation was close enough.

Matt was squeezed out of her asshole by a forceful contraction. He slipped out of her ass rapidly and she quickly shrank him down before he could even roll over. Something hard gripped his legs up to his waist and he screamed as he looked down at a bright blue dildo. Something wet and smelling of disinfectant rolled over him rapidly; it seemed Taylor had bought half the store.

She knelt over the dildo and looked down, ensuring it was aimed appropriately. She saw her brother writhing at the tip, firmly held by the mock urethra despite his best efforts. Then she lowered her hips, feeling her pussy fill up with fake cock until she bottomed out. Her brother pushed against her cervix as she held the dildo as deep as it could fit, making her shudder with pleasure.

“I gotta do this with a real guy!” she told herself as she started to bounce up and down.

Twenty minutes later she fell forward, her legs truly burning from exertion this time. The sun was setting and she fell asleep in a post-orgasmic bliss. Slowly the dildo tilted forward until it fell on its side. A photographer would have loved the symbolism of the dildo still pointing at her vagina as she slept.

“Hey!” Matt yelled, unable to free himself. “Taylor!” He struggled against the plastic that gripped him tightly. Despite everything she’d done he yelled to her for help, though a glance upward showed him that she was probably asleep. He had a view of her pussy and asshole from below; she’d fallen asleep with her legs spread and the dildo still aimed straight at her pussy.

“You gotta let me out of here!” he yelled upward at her.

A hand appeared suddenly and fiddled with something at the bottom of the dildo. Without looking, Taylor plucked him free and tossed the dildo to the floor. Half asleep she parted her cheeks and shoved him inside her asshole. The movement was habit by this point. Then she pulled the covers over her and fell asleep with a smile on her face.


“Don’t say a word,” Taylor’s father said to her with a wink as he slid her a bright pink drink. The bartender had no illusions about what was going on, he knew the family vacationed there every year. He knew their daughter was beautiful and nowhere near legal drinking age. He also knew tonight was their last night at the beach and that they tipped surprisingly well.

“I’m not a moron dad,” Taylor said with a smile and conspiratorial wink. She took a sip of the margarita and sighed. It was good. Then she remembered to cough a little bit so that her parents didn’t know she was already a fairly experienced drinker. Their culture had expanded in strange ways. Sex was more relaxed than ever, but drinking was still illegal until twenty-one.

The family was enjoying their last dinner before their vacation was over. It had been a wonderful vacation; after a while they had barely noticed that Matt wasn’t with them. The two women had ordered fancy salads, and dad had ordered a steak and potatoes. Each of her parents were already several drinks in, trusting their daughter to herd them properly back to the beach house.

Which was why they didn’t notice when she spit out her gum politely into a napkin and picked out something the size of a grain of rice.

This horrible ordeal was almost over. Matt only knew because of the conversation he overhead from his family. Taylor had taken to chewing gum for a solid part of every day, and he could only assume she did it purely for the enjoyment of his misery. He’d even started to prefer being worn as her clit-ring, which still happened for more time than the gum chewing, and half the nights. It had taken a special toll on him indeed; the bodily trauma was nightmare enough, but she put him through enough contortions over the past several weeks that the chewing wasn’t particularly horrible. The stomping in the sandals and how she’d started stretching him over her dildos before she used them would be hard to beat on the traumatic side of things.

But knowing he was struggling for his life in her mouth while she simply had a conversation? That he was mere feet from his parents who could rescue him, if only they even knew he was there? That he knew she carefully maneuvered his elastic hell so that he could occasionally see out her open lips? That was far worse than simply being smashed or stretched. It was a further reminder of how impotent and helpless he was as a tiny.

Then she dropped him into a sea of pink. Immediately the scent of fruit and alcohol overwhelmed his senses. After everything else he’d been smothered and nearly drowned in lately it was a surprising contrast. Especially the cold; he’d gotten so used to the oppressive heat inside his sister’s body that he immediately started shivering. Soon he was too cold to even attempt to swim.

As he started sinking he looked upward in a desperate bid to get a final breath and saw Taylor smiling down at him. Without losing eye contact she leaned forward and took a long drink from her straw before she stirred the drink. Matt was pulled under with a scream that was easily drowned out by the waitress arriving with their food.

Taylor thoroughly enjoyed her salad and just as the trio were finishing their plates she found the bottom of her drink. It had been delicious, both because of the bartender’s skill and the knowledge that soon she’d be slurping up her brother. Once she was home she knew she’d be faced with the tough decision of whether to keep him her toy, or to let him return to normal.

For tonight though…she thought as she sucked up the last of her drink with her straw. She could see Matt’s tiny, near-frozen form at the bottom of the curved glass and aimed her straw at him. Carefully she sucked him into her mouth, then swallowed him down like a small piece of ice.

“That was great,” she said to her parents, leaning back and patting her belly.


The next evening, the family returned home later than they’d planned.

“Matt’s already asleep?” her mother asked as she pulled bags out of the trunk. “I bet he slept these three weeks away!” she said disapprovingly.

I bet he barely slept! Taylor thought with a giggle. He was currently attached to her clit ring once more, where he’d spent a quarter of his time on vacation as it was.

Upstairs in her room, Taylor stripped down to just her panties. She knew this may be the last time she got to play with Matt for some time and she was going to make the best of it.

Matt felt the ring be taken off yet again and his entire body shook. The clasps were undone as they had been dozens of times over this vacation and he fell to another soft bedspread. It shifted under him as he grew slightly, and from the gap underneath Taylor’s knees Matt could see that they were back in her room, at home. He’d lost track of time pushed up against her clitoris, where she occasionally pushed him harder against herself, but realized that his ordeal was finally over.

Until he heard something buzzing above him.

He rolled to his back as a pink skyscraper flew by above him. Her vibrator. His heart fell as he realized Taylor would be making the most of this night. His eyes turned toward her pussy, what he knew would be his destination, and he saw that she had simply pulled her white panties to the side, too impatient to get naked.

Its tapered tip slipped between her pink lips and drove forward, pushing almost to the twisting handle at the base before she withdrew it. Matt heard the familiar sound of his sister moaning far above him and tried to roll sideways, leaping to his feet. If he ran fast enough maybe she’d be too distracted to…

A hand grabbed him anyway.

“You’re so naughty!” his blonde-haired blue-eyed sister said. “Bro, this is the last night we get to play together!” She lowered him down to face her pussy, and he felt the soft plastic of her vibrator press at her back. “I’ll turn you back to normal after this, I swear!”

Then she pushed. With a final scream Matt disappeared into his sister’s snatch, propelled by her favorite vibrator. He slid inside, the world shaking around him, until he was pushed up against her cervix. He knew it well by now, but nothing could ever make the knowledge of what was happening easier. Or change his instinctive desire to fight for freedom.

Or his shame that he had sported an erection for most of his torment and almost lost his mind keeping himself from giving in to his hormones.

“Oh yeah bro!” Taylor said as she slowly fucked herself with the vibrator. Her brother was pushing hard to get free, and after a long car ride with him pushed up against her clit she was exhausted and sensitive. Far faster than she desired she came, letting her vibrator do its magic as far inside of her as she could push it.

“Oh god!” he yelled out as the vibrator pounded him again. Matt threw his arms forward to try and shelter his face, yet the toy slapped him hard enough to turn him around. Both arms pushed against her cervix and as he turned the toy hit him again, causing one arm to push through the incredibly tight barrier and into her uterus. The circular muscle clamped down on his shoulder and he screamed as the vibrator continued its onslaught.

“Oh god!” she cried out, turning sideways to yell into a pillow. When she’d had enough and was simply too sensitive she pulled out the vibrator and set it on her side table.

Taylor rolled sideways, clamping her legs together and enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. Inside her she could feel her brother struggling near her cervix. Usually at this point he stopped struggling, and she realized what he was doing.

“Oh I know,” she said to her brother as he struggled. “I know what you want, and I know I said I’d let you go.”

Instead of fishing him out, she pulled her pink covers over herself, slid her tight panties back over her opening, and laid on her stomach. Then she lifted her hips slightly and tapped twice over her mons, where she knew he would hear it.

“I’ll think about it in the morning,” she said with a smile.


Matthew's Match 3 by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Hi everyone! I'm actually putting all of Matthew's Match into its own story soon, but they will also remain here so you can look in either place as you please.

Matthew’s Match Chapter 3

Matt swallowed his drink nervously as his sister rolled a piece of rice across her finger. Normally their mother would have admonished her for playing with her food, but their parents had already gone out for their monthly date. Leaving Matt and his sister, Taylor, to fend for themselves for one evening. Usually that meant Chinese food before they each retired to their rooms to pretend the other didn’t exist.

Tonight it meant that Matt had to put up with his sister one-on-one. At least for a little while during dinner.

And currently she was eating her rice piece by individual piece. Matt couldn’t help but watch, and she knew it. With a smile she pinched another piece between her fingers and held it above her mouth. With exaggerated slowness she lowered it until it rested on her tongue, then she rapidly pulled her tongue into her mouth and swallowed. One manicured finger traced the rice’s path down her throat as she moaned.

Then her blue eyes locked onto Matt’s and he quickly looked down at his food. His pants had grown uncomfortably tight; he couldn’t help but imagine himself as each piece of rice. Though he’d regretted each time he’d let his sister shrink him down to play with him, part of him had loved it. The part of him that wouldn’t let him forget what it felt like to spend a day inside her hot snatch. How it appealed to the teenager inside him, how her scent and heat and power and fluids had casually dominated his life for so long, all while no one around them had any idea.

No matter how much the logical part of him told him it was wrong, his hormones screamed that it had been a wonderful experience. He’d only let his hormones take charge three times, and he’d regretted it every time. Or so he told himself.

“Can I help you with something bro?” Taylor asked him with a smile. It didn’t help that she was stunningly beautiful, a petite blonde with long hair who had worked as a model since she was fifteen. Even her own brother had to admit she was hot.

“No, I’m just-“ he started to say, then stopped as she licked the length of her finger again while making direct eye contact. On the tip of her tongue was another piece of rice.

“Damnit, will you stop that?” he asked angrily, scooping the final bite of his dinner into his mouth while he tried to ignore his erection. Matt turned on the barstool he was sitting on while eating at the island in their kitchen and grabbed his takeout box, ready to toss it in the trash and retreat to his room where Taylor couldn’t tease him anymore.

In response she giggled. She’d been teasing him relentlessly for weeks since they’d come home from their vacation. Their parents had no idea that Matt had been there with them, every single day. And Matt wasn’t about to tell them that he’d accidentally volunteered to be his sister’s sex toy for the duration.

“You know you like it,” she said with a wink as he walked toward the trash can. “You know,” she continued as she picked up her fork and speared a piece of chicken, “I got a tongue ring I think you’d look great in.”

Taylor stuck out her tongue and revealed what looked like an intricate round cage, but her brother didn’t see it. He’d had enough of her teasing for a lifetime. Yesterday she’d mentioned how fun it would be to go to the gym with him tucked against her nipple in her sports bra. The day before she’d texted him a close up of her panty-clad snatch with the caption ‘wish you were here.’

And she hadn’t eaten anything around him lately that she hadn’t turned into a sensual experience some people would have paid to see.

She noticed his hands shake as he dumped his trash, noticed the tightness in his pants. She wasn’t interested in him for his package, though she knew he was fairly well endowed. Incest wasn’t her thing, though some of her friends just viewed it as a live-in penis. And it only made the situation hotter that she knew Matt wasn’t into it either; she could only imagine the inner turmoil he dealt with from her constant teasing.

Can’t wait to have him in me again, she thought as he ran upstairs, face red with embarrassment. He knew she’d seen him get hard, knew she found the entire situation sexy. And he knew it was only a matter of time before his hormones won again and he found himself at her mercy.

Upstairs in his room, Matt turned on his laptop and moments later was surfing his favorite porn sites. He had a raging erection he knew he had to get rid of before it started aiming at his sister like the needle on a compass. Before the part of him that resembled a caveman re-downloaded Tiny Tinder and did something he’d regret. Again.

His worries only grew when his usual content didn’t work. A babysitter that got stuck reaching for a sock behind the washing machine? Nothing. A teenager who didn’t realize it wasn’t her boyfriend on the other side of the glory hole? Matt felt his erection wane as his pulse quickened and he had to restrain his hand from reaching for his phone.

A bead of sweat ran down his forehead as he grew nervous. He knew that feeling. He still hadn’t actually gotten laid on his own, he’d been masturbating twice as often lately and his urges were only building. His twice, sometimes thrice, a day ritual was only letting off steam. His lack of a girlfriend and desperate need for sex was still trying to boil over.

Then Matt found a video that worked for him; a woman dressed as a cat was playing with a small group of people. They were all good actors, Matt could really see the fear in their faces though he didn’t particularly care for the cameras stuck to their foreheads.

Briefly Matt wondered why it was called a ‘tribute’ video to the model, then shrugged as she started two tinies in a footrace across some carefully spilled chocolate syrup. Knowing what was coming, Matt was instantly harder than he’d been in a long time. Since the last time he’d been tempted to giving his sister control over his size and body.

When she started trailing her tongue along to scoop up the loser, Matt knew he had to have it for himself. His hand wasn’t enough.

Just one time again, he said as he grabbed his phone and started downloading Tiny Tinder once more. It had saved his profile and settings, just as before, and in his feverish mind it didn’t occur to him to change any of it. His penis was calling the shots, and it had no ability to plan for the future.

Matt stood up quickly, almost knocking his chair over in his haste. Phone in hand he walked out into the hallway, then toward Taylor’s room. His heart was racing as he knew what he was about to do, and the rational part of him was screaming to turn back. But it was too late; he would have followed an unknown woman into an alleyway and lost both his kidneys had the opportunity presented itself that moment.

His knuckles rapped on her doorway and the music inside her room quickly stopped. Matt could only imagine the look on her face, she had to know what he was there for, and almost turned away purely to avoid giving her the satisfaction.

Then her door opened and Taylor appeared. Clad in a short skirt and a thin shirt, she leaned against the doorframe and crossed her arms under her C-cup breasts. A shake of her head flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulders and she smiled at him with a grin that had gotten her on several magazine covers.

“Can I help you?” she asked him while batting her long eyelashes over her blue eyes.

“I, uh,” he said, suddenly at a loss for words. His hand brought up his phone and he said, “One more time. Just tonight.”

Taylor giggled and shook her head. Matt’s hormones let out a confused howl, they hadn’t anticipated her turning him down. His face turned red, suddenly embarrassed. He wasn’t sure what to feel now.

“Nah, I don’t think so,” she said with an exaggerated shoulder shrug. Her eyes dragged up his body slowly, pausing where his erection was pushing against his athletic shorts. “I don’t think either of us just want tonight.”

“Uh, what?” Matt said, caught off guard. The wheels in his head were spinning slowly, the adrenaline in his veins had turned back his thought processes; he wasn’t ready to think. And Taylor knew exactly how to maximize the confusion of a horny teenage male.

“Not. Just. Tonight.” she said slowly, tapping his chest with one manicured finger. “I’m not gonna keep doing this whole thing,” Taylor waved her hands around and rolled her eyes quickly, “Where we wait for you to get too horny, I only get you for a little while, then I tease you in a big cycle until it all begins again.”

“Last time it was a couple weeks,” Matt stammered out. “I-“

“Well, I” she emphasized her words and spoke over him, “Want more freedom with my favorite toy.”

Matt stopped talking and his face turned white, then red, as she turned her head and traced the outline of her throat. He broke out in a cold sweat as every system in his body turned on one another, unsure how to react.

“I’m not-“ he tried to say but he was talked over again, and she knew she had the power here.

“Give me your phone,” she said as she held out her hand. “I’m gonna set your app for full control to me, forever.”

“Wasn’t it already set that way?” Matt asked cautiously, his thinking brain starting to overcome the brain in his pants. He barely noticed as his hand snuck his phone out of his pocket. Before he could react Taylor snatched it out of his hand and opened the app. He stood in the hallway nervously; his parents weren’t home but he couldn’t help but feel this should be more private.

“Sort of,” she said, turning with a giggle and holding his phone away from him as he half-heartedly attempted to grab it from her. “We just didn’t have a time cap set, but there were still some fine lines with your size and timing-out that we just never ran into.”

Matt tried to imagine what she was saying but he truly had no idea what she meant. Taylor herself had only found out about the minute differences last week; one of her friends had recently started law school and was trying to read through the fine print of every contract she could. In the case of Tiny Tinder, each ‘session’ had a few safeties that very few users ever encountered. Unless they specifically waived them.

It seemed odd to Taylor and her soon-to-be-lawyer friend that these options even existed, but though they may have been slightly unethical, they certainly weren’t illegal.

“Now we’re clear,” Taylor said as she handed Matt’s phone back to him. A glance told him she’d done something strange to his profile; her picture (a butthole from which a tiny arm was protruding while giving a ‘thumb’s up’ sign) was centered on his screen. Below it were several already checked-off boxes and the prompt for a fingerprint scan.

Somehow the app suddenly looked more professional. More serious. The text had changed to block print and some words were in bold; Matt had only seen a couple of contracts before, but he knew this was one.

“I’m not sure about this,” Matt said, suddenly realizing the implications of what she’d meant. He also realized he’d never updated his profile at all. Even if she hadn’t brought up this new mode he’d have been at her mercy, just like before. The wheels in his brain started to turn slowly.

But I can just delete the app when we’re done! Matt thought as a metaphorical lightbulb went off over his head. His hormones leapt forward, now that he’d found a way out he could easily get his night of fun while not committing to more that he didn’t want to do. The idea that she’d own him forever scared him, but the solution seemed so simple. The app couldn’t shrink him if he didn’t even have a profile, right?

Taylor watched his face go through several expressions. First realization, then worry, then fear. Then the grin that told her he thought he’d found a way out. Taylor knew many things that he did not. This one she’d let him find out the hard way. Like when he made multiple mistakes in Monopoly.

“Just do the thumbprint,” she said, backing into her room slowly. “We both want it,” she said as she pulled her shorts down slightly over her hips. No further; she knew how to tease.

Matt knew he shouldn’t want to. That she was his sister, and though societal norms had changed over the years he shouldn’t be interested in her that way. That he should be better in control of his urges. That he shouldn’t repeat an action that he had regretted with every incident. That he should learn from his mistakes and not give his sister control over his tiny body like he was a sex toy.

A faint voice in his mind reminded him that every time he’d been shrank he’d been too busy panicking, which she’d loved, to even masturbate himself. How would shrinking like this be any different? Would it actually help the urges that he struggled against?

His hormones didn’t care, and his thumb reached out to push down onto the fingerprint sensor. There was a ‘ping!’ from Taylor’s phone and she grinned bigger than the Cheshire cat. Matt grinned too; as far as he knew he was getting what he wanted: just a single night of having fun as a tiny, getting rid of his urges so that he could finally move on.

Taylor pulled her phone out of her impossibly small pockets, leaving her shorts halfway across her tiny hips. Men have fought over the chance to see that much of her, Matt knew.

“Life control granted!” Taylor said, her voice more excited than when she’d gotten her very first modeling job. “Have fun,” she read aloud to Matt as he rolled his eyes at her reaction, “Oh, I know I will.”

“Come on,” Matt said impatiently, “It’s just for a night,” she nodded absentmindedly as her fingers flew across the screen, “Can we get this thing going?”

Then he felt it: the body-covering tingle that told him he was shrinking. He was hard in an instant, then a flash of light blinded him. He closed his eyes as everything around him moved violently. The black-haired teen had expected the shrinking process to get more comfortable as he did it more, but so far that hadn’t happened. It was simply easier to close his eyes and wait it out, though part of him wondered what it would look like to actually see the world growing around him.

A moment later Matt found himself pushing through a mountain of cotton. He was small enough that he could see through the walls of his shirt if he tried, but what he saw was too disorienting to be useful. So he simply kept pushing forward until he felt the world shift under him, then yank him upward like the world’s fastest elevator, as though he’d been caught in a jungle trap from a movie.

“Whoa!” he yelled as he tumbled through the shirt. Even though he’d spent a considerable amount of time shrunken he thought he’d never be used to how big and fast the world moved. Matt felt his shirt sliding past him, reminding him vaguely of a water slide, then suddenly he was free falling. He bit back the urge to scream as he fell for a split second, then his sister’s hand nimbly wrapped around him.

“Okay,” he shouted, frustrated,  to his sister as she maneuvered his body in her hand. He thought he was maybe two inches tall; it was hard to tell. “Now listen!” he yelled up to her, intending to tell her what he wanted to do. He wasn’t completely sure himself but he wanted to be in charge this time. Since they’d done this by mutual agreement this time and not trickery he naively assumed she’d care.

While Matt yelled up to his sister, she ignored him. Humming happily, she sat him down on her side table and turned on her speaker. It was the size of a house to Matt, and even though the music she started playing wasn’t loud, he felt every beat with his entire body. The bass knocked him back several steps as a classic rock song, remixed by a heavy metal band, started playing.

“Why do you listen to this crap?” Matt said mostly to himself, knowing she wasn’t going to hear him. He scratched his naked backside and turned toward his sister. Impatiently he waited for the action to start.

Without ceremony she stripped her shorts the rest of the way off, then pulled off her thin shirt. She did it so casually that Matt almost believed she had forgotten he was there, and the thought turned him on, no matter how much he tried to deny it. He liked being used, though he hated to admit it to himself and she had thus far taken it too far.

The blonde giantess walked across the room gracefully. Everything she did was graceful but Matt hadn’t appreciated how perfect her body seemed. She was a toned, moderately big-breasted blonde goddess. Matt’s mind may have protested based on her being his sister, but his penis had no such qualms. Across the room she moved, pushing objects on her desk out of the way, leaning in ways that made Matt tilt his head for a glance even though he knew he’d be having fun in those very same barely-unseen places.

Once she scooted the chair out she turned and walked toward him, her breasts jiggling pleasantly as she walked. Matt saw a landing strip of blonde fuzz leading to her mound, then she was in front of him, too large to see in her entirely. A hand reached toward him and he instinctively stepped away from it. But a glance upward told him that she wasn’t interested in him.

It was taking considerable effort on her part to pretend to ignore him, to pretend to stay calm. In reality she couldn’t believe that Matt had agreed so easily. He wasn’t the smartest boy normally, but any girl could lead him around by his dick. And now he was hers, far more completely than he knew. The game was on.

Taylor’s massive arm was shifting for something in the drawer under Matt; he could see the titanic limb moving side to side and heard items shifting about. He jogged to the edge, careful not to fall over it, then peered into the drawer below him. What he saw made him finally realize he was in over his head. And soon would be quite literally.

Below him, several inches that seemed like thirty feet below, was a collection of sex toys that was second only to the wall at the Tiny Tinder store at the mall. It was a mass of plastic; he couldn’t even see the bottom of the drawer.

Did she buy half the store? Matt wondered as Taylor’s hand pushed something he couldn’t identify out of the way, obviously looking for something specific.

There were several vibrators, each brightly colored, some with bumps on the sides and one with a bulbous end that seemed too large to fit into even the more ravenous hole. A string of anal beads was pushed aside to reveal a butt plug with several different-sized bulges, which was then pushed aside to reveal a metal ring with several leather straps around it; Matt realized that it would hold someone’s mouth open just as Taylor made a happy sound above him.

He glanced up, seeing that she was still ignoring him, and was briefly distracted by her massive breasts far above. Her nipples were larger than basketballs to him and he was entranced by their movement, their spell only broken by the sound of more items clattering below him.

Matt looked down again and saw her pulling a bright domed disk free from a pile of items that included a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a bottle of lubricant. With a shout he jumped backward; she’d lifted the thing free so that it almost struck him as she pulled it out of the drawer. Her attempt to ignore him failed at that; she let out a little giggle and glanced at him laying on his back.

“That’s a good look for you bro,” she said as she walked to the chair by the desk. He climbed to his feet as she licked the suction cup on the bottom of the disk, then pushed it firmly down onto the center of her chair.

Matt was confused, but his erection wasn’t, as she pulled upward on the disk to ensure it would stay put. At this distance he couldn’t make out any details beyond its red color, though he didn’t miss the significance of it being directly under where she would sit on the chair.

What the hell is that? Matt wondered as Taylor locked eyes with him and walked toward him. He reached down and gave his erection a tug; he wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew this time he had to take care of himself while she used him. Otherwise he was worried he’d never overcome his urges to be shrunk with his sister. Getting laid on his own would have taken care of it, but he’d been spinning his wheels on that front for weeks.

“I’m really glad you changed your mind bro,” Taylor said as she picked him up, not particularly gently. His head rocked as she turned and moved back toward her chair, not taking any effort to keep him from swinging about. Giving him no more attention than anyone would give another sex toy.

“I’ve got a ton of ideas and,” she opened her hand as she spoke, “honestly it’s gonna be a lot easier with you to play with all the time than having some random little guy as a toy.”

Matt started to protest how she was treating him then saw that he was positioned directly above the red disk. Taylor turned her hand quickly and he fell with a squawk as she giggled above him. He only fell two inches, but the landing still stunned him. The disk was a slightly movable plastic, and he saw two holes in the center, each just large enough to…

The world spun slightly as he felt himself grow larger, and moments later her hand wrapped around him again. This time her hand only encompassed his torso, and though he knew her hands were small Matt guessed he was near seven inches tall. He couldn’t see below her fingers, and he resisted kicking as he felt her fingers positioning his feet. As long as his hands could reach his dick he didn’t care what she was doing.

Or so he told himself nervously. This may not be going how he wanted it to.

Once she was satisfied with how she’d positioned her now seven-inch tall brother, Taylor shifted a small lever on the side of the disk. Just as advertised the foot holes closed down around Matt’s ankles and she saw his mouth open with a yell. She simply smiled, glad it wasn’t comfortable for him, and especially glad he couldn’t hear him over her music. She heard enough of his yelling on a normal day.

“Hey! That hurts!” Matt yelled up at his sister, who only smirked. He realized that she couldn’t hear him over the blaring music, and probably wouldn’t care about the crushing pain at his feet even if she could. His erection died as the squeezing pain in his ankles increased, and Matt futilely reached downward to try and free himself. The red plastic had twisted inward and he could see his ankles were deformed to accommodate the much harder material.

He was stuck, and it didn’t take a genius to realize that this toy was not for the shrinkee; it was for the giantess.

That bitch! he thought furiously, the pain finally forcing his hormones to take a backseat to rational thinking, She’s gotta know this hurts! How am I supposed to get off like this?

Then, finally, he had a profound realization. One that anyone not clouded by sixteen-year-old hormones would have had before he ever knocked on his sister’s door.

Taylor didn’t agree for his pleasure. She wasn’t interested in him getting what he wanted. Her teasing these past few weeks had been fun for her, but it had an underlying motivation: she’d wanted him to go crazy the way he had. To come to her. To give himself to her.

Oh shit, he thought as he looked up, she conned me! She knew what she was doing!

As Matt was finally having a moment of clarity, Taylor savored the moment before insertion. She had straddled her chair, staying on her toes for a moment while she pulled her laptop closer. Then she licked her hand several times, getting it wet. That same hand she brought down to Matt, who was already practicing the movements she wanted him to do inside of her.

Her wet hand smeared her saliva on his torso and swinging arms as best as she could. She actually enjoyed dry, ‘surprise,’ insertions with full sized men, but she knew her tiny toy wouldn’t be able to stay stiff enough to make it work for her. Her own lubricant was just starting to flow and she knew her saliva wouldn’t be necessary in a minute. Unable to contain herself any longer, she grabbed Matt’s torso and held him still.

Taylor bent her legs slightly until she felt his head contact her vulva. She sighed and smiled.

Took him long enough, she thought.

Then she sat down.

There was a faint scream over the music, cut off as his head slid into her hungry snatch. As soon as she felt him enter her she pulled her hand off his body and sat the rest of the way down. He stayed stiff enough for her to slide him entirely into her, not stopping until she felt her lips push against the plastic Tiny Tinder Dildo Disk ™.

“Oh!” she cried out, knowing her moans would be drowned out by the music. For several minutes she simply stayed seated, letting her brother’s panicked motions rub her insides in ways that no dildo could ever match.

“Oh, bro,” she said as she brought up her favorite website on her laptop, “I’m so glad you agreed to be my toy again.” A shudder ran through her body as she started shifting up and down slowly. “Forever.”

Matt didn’t hear her words as he raged against her insides. He knew it was only giving her the wonderful sensations that made Tiny Tinder dates so popular, but he couldn’t help it. He felt betrayed, both by his sister and by his hormones.

Her insides were more suffocating than he remembered, and even though he could feel his raging erection rubbing her soft, wet insides, he didn’t have the ability to reach down there to even attempt to pleasure himself. Even if he hadn’t been overrun by the primitive need to fight against the rippling wet flesh that was sliding up and down around his entire body. His sister’s vagina clung to him so tightly he couldn’t help but push against the flesh to try and give himself room to breathe. Even if he’d been able to hold his breath he wouldn’t have had the strength to push a hand below his waist; her simple bodily functions were stronger than he could ever be.

Taylor knew he didn’t need food, water, or air, and she also knew that his instincts would make him fight for each of those things. Which was why he made the perfect toy. And if he somehow found the willpower to stop moving, Tiny Tinder had a way to force him. Which she was looking forward to using.

As she rode up and down her toy, faster and faster, Taylor maximized the video she’d found on her laptop. On screen a small blonde woman was wearing a pair of cats ears and whiskers, playing with several tiny volunteers around her room. Taylor watched as she casually dropped two men into her mouth and swallowed loudly.

“Oh yeah!” she said as she slid further up on Matt’s body, careful to not accidentally let him free from her soaking pussy. Then she drove back downward until she felt her ass hit the chair. On screen, Cat had rolled onto her back and was pushing a screaming tiny into her backdoor.

Taylor’s body shook with a small orgasm as the ‘cat’ on screen meowed and pushed another little woman into her asshole.

Matt screamed as her speed increased. It wasn’t painful, she was too wet and slippery for that, but the speed contributed to the chaos. He tried to squat down as she rode upward, to slip himself out of her pussy, but her muscles grabbed him too tightly for him to even do that. It simply forced his arms straight overhead and by the time he instinctively pulled them down, she was dropping down around him.

His mouth was filled with her fluids as she held herself entirely around him. Distantly he could hear her racing heartbeat and a scream of pleasure. All around him her pussy squeezed harder and harder; he knew if he hadn’t been super-tough it would have crushed him as surely as a collapsing parking garage.

And that might only make it better for her! he thought as his arms were pushed hard against his face. He couldn’t overcome her pussy’s spasming and his face was pushed hard against her clamping flesh. Desperation drove him to try and bite her, but immediately his head was yanked back painfully as she kept bouncing.

“Oh shit!” Taylor squealed as she pushed her pussy into the disk and rubbed her clit furiously. On screen Cat had just dropped several more tinies into her snatch; tiny camera’s she’d already inserted showed the chaos of her dildo smashing several tinies into a pulp as she pumped the toy in and out of herself. It was obvious the loss of life only turned the tiny girl on even more.

Taylor came hard for the second time, her mouth opening wide as she bit back a scream that her parents downstairs would have definitely heard. Her pussy clamped down on her toy and she felt him try to struggle against her insides, prolonging her orgasm for several more previous seconds.

When she was done she simply leaned forward on her desk and breathed heavily. Her pussy felt so sensitive she did her best to not move, and her toy must have gotten the message as well as he was also holding very still. Taylor slowed her breathing, using the breathing techniques she’d learned in multiple yoga classes, and felt her heart rate slowing. A thin sheen of sweat coated her body, but she ignored it; even here, in private, she knew it made her look good. And Taylor knew about looking good.

On screen a tiny hand was visible through Cat’s cervix; somehow had taken shelter from the smashing dildo and now was stuck. Taylor smiled at the sight, she’d often thought of masturbating with fragile tinies, their loss of life only contributing to her pleasure. But someone slowly dying inside her uterus? That would be a whole other level.

Matt held still inside his sister, not knowing what was happening. She’d clearly had a massive orgasm, at least one, at his expense. Her pussy was still squeezing him tight enough that his arms were stuck overhead. He was afraid to move and stimulate her sensitive flesh and start the entire process over again, and he also didn’t think he’d be able to reach his cock if he did try to move. Part of him was still determined to get his own pleasure from this, and that part of him was experiencing the strangest case of blue balls ever experienced.

He waited nervously for her to pull off of him, to let him go from his biggest mistake yet. Instead he felt her pussy tighten slowly around him, her fluids drying around him, her heart rate slowing. Matt tried to take a breath, having half remembered the fact that he didn’t truly need air, and immediately regretted it when he got a mouth full of her scent and half dried secretions. He coughed as her pussy continued to relax and shrink around him, molding to his body.

His hands soon felt something tougher than the rest of her pushing down on him, and he realized her pussy was returning to its normal shape. If she wasn’t turned on anymore it had no reason to stretch larger to accommodate him. Which meant she had to be pulling off of him soon. Right?

In his mind he counted to one hundred, feeling no changes from his sister beyond her occasionally shifting her hips. Each movement yanked painfully on his feet; the device she’d put him in had clearly been intended to clamp down tightly on a tiny’s feet. And not in a way that was supposed to be comfortable to them. Still, he waited nervously. Stuck in his sister’s pussy.

What the hell is she doing? he wondered, hearing only the distant thudding of her heartbeat.

“What the hell am I doing?” Taylor wondered aloud as she puzzled over her online calculus homework. She really did understand the big concepts behind what she was doing today, but the equations themselves seemed overly complicated. She couldn’t look at them without getting a little overwhelmed.

“What does it matter where the peak is?” she said, frustrated. Determined to get this right, she grabbed her chair and carefully scooted forward along with it. The last thing she wanted was for her toy to slip out of her on accident, so she ensured she only moved as far as the chair. Once she was situated closer to the desk she leaned forward and peered at the numbers she had written down, as though that would help her understand their secrets.

“This is gonna take forever,” she said as she started writing. Deep inside her she felt a pressure at her cervix; she’d known her pussy would relax and mold around Matt and had been looking forward to the feeling. With a smile she located her calculator and got to work.

Two hours later Taylor finally gave up. It was after eleven and she’d gotten most of the work done, but the tiny blonde was finally starting to feel the ache in her legs that told her she needed to stand up. She closed her notebook, returned her calculator to its drawer, and started to stand.

“Oh, right!” she said aloud, smacking herself on the forehead. She’d gotten so focused on her homework, and used to how he felt, that when she stood up her pussy had tugged oddly on something she’d forgotten about!

With one hand she reached under her hips, gave her clit a light tapping that made her giggle, then found the lever that would free her toy. There was a sudden movement from within and she moaned but knew tonight she shouldn’t do any more than she already had. There was no rush, no time limit on how long she got with her toy this time.

“But even so…” she said aloud as she picked up her phone. Several taps later she felt his seven-inch form shrink until a three-inch tall man was snuggled deep into her pussy. There was a brief flurry of  movement that caused her knees to go weak, then once again Matt found the willpower to stop struggling.

Taylor stood and walked to where she’d kicked her clothes in a pile and got dressed. A frilly pair of pink panties was covered by a skirt that had buttons on the back and bottom so that if she so chose she could simply lift the backside of her skirt and button it in place; she’d been sold on the purchase when the saleslady had informed her of how handy it was for random encounters with hot guys.

She finished by pulling on her thin t-shirt, then peeked out into the hallway. It was obvious her parents were already asleep, so she walked lightly into her brother’s room.  She crawled onto his bed and pulled her panties to the side as she saw what he’d been watching on his own laptop: a webcam show similar to the one she’d ridden him to earlier.

“Good taste bro,” she said as she pulled her panties to the side and pushed two fingers into herself. The seeking fingers gently parted her skin and she tried to stay calm so that she didn’t work herself up again. Taylor felt Matt’s legs and pulled him gently from her pussy, then dropped him on the bed before putting her panties back in place and hopping off the bed.

“See you in the morning,” she said to his coughing form before she leaned forward and licked his entire body. Taylor heard her brother scream angrily at her as she left. She simply smirked as she walked back to her room.


Early the following morning, Taylor woke before everyone else in the house for a shower. She yawned as she slipped her clothes off, checked her social media, turned on the hot water. Then, after rolling her eyes at herself, she remembered to return her brother to full size. In the distance across the hall she heard a faint yell, as though someone had fallen out of their bed.

Taylor laughed as she stepped into the steaming hot shower.

Twenty minutes later Matt was eyeing her nervously at the kitchen table. Their parents had rushed to work, as was their custom, so the two teens were stuck together again. And Matt hadn’t even been able to get an erection after she’d released him onto his bed; it was as though his body demanded to be inside Taylor before it would work properly. And as a tiny he hadn’t needed to sleep; he’d been stuck wandering his piled-up blankets for hours until sudden Taylor had re-sized him, causing him to fall off the bed in surprise.

“That wasn’t what I wanted,” he said finally breaking the silence as she started spreading peanut butter on a granola bar. “I wanted one more time so that I could finally cum and get this whole thing” he gestured widely with his hands, “behind me and move on.”

“Oh please,” she said as she sat down across the table from him, “You should’ve known better, silly! When you’re shrunk, you’re a toy, and I think that’s the part you really like.”

She took a dainty bite of her breakfast as she gave him an intense look. He paused before he took another bite of his toast.

“And why would I worry about my toy’s pleasure?” she asked him innocently, her blue eyes open wide. “Eat up,” she told him, “I’m going on a run after this and I want you on my nipple.”

“That’s it,” he said as he finished chewing and pulled out his phone. “I’m getting rid of this thing.”

Matt held his phone carefully out of Taylor’s reach and looked for the Tiny Tinder app. He didn’t know if he’d be able to get laid on his own fast enough to keep himself from just repeating this mistake again in a couple of weeks, but he had to try. And the app had to go.

Taylor just giggled, knowing what he was doing. And knowing that he truly didn’t understand what he’d agreed to.

Matt found the app’s symbol on his phone and held his thumb down over it. After a moment he selected ‘uninstall’ yet again from the list of available options. Taylor took another bite of her breakfast and leaned forward with a smile, carefully accentuating her breasts on the table while watching his face. She felt her own confidence waiver as his face changed to excitement.

“There,” he said, “Gone for goo-hey what?”

Taylor’s confidence returned. She’d done some extensive research on the agreement she’d tricked Matt into accepting but could only find a handful of cases where someone had actually used it in real life. One of those women had essentially turned her roommate into a permanent tongue ring, and another man claimed he used his former girlfriend as a reusable condom. Taylor didn’t quite believe him about the semen somehow vanishing after he came in the stretched girl, but the idea filled her full of wonderful ideas.

“What?” Matt asked again, his smile turning into a frown as Taylor’s smile returned. Something on his phone wasn’t going according to plan. His plan, that is.

“What’s wrong bro?” she asked innocently, pulling out her own phone and opening the app herself. “Not seeing what you were hoping for?”

Matt tapped furiously at his phone, confused.

“No,” he said as he tried to delete the app again, only to be confronted with the same legal warning message. “No no no no,” he muttered to himself as he quickly, finally read something that the app told him.

“Agreement not voided?” he asked quietly, trying to ignore his rising level of panic, “App unable to uninstall until released from commitment by MadamInsertion69?”

Matt looked up at his sister who smirked and finished her granola bar with one final bite. She held her phone so that he could see it and shook it lightly. Taylor struggled not to giggle when she saw his face; if she started to laugh she’d choke to death on her granola bar.

“No!” he shouted, reaching across the table for the phone.

Taylor nimbly stepped backward, just out of reach, and tapped the bright pink ‘Shrink!’ button on her phone. Matt stumbled across the table, shoving his plate out of the way in his haste, causing his uneaten toast to crash to the ground. Furious and terrified, he reached out toward his sister who kept just out of reach.

“Thanks for agreeing to this bro,” she said as his eyes went wide a moment before he vanished into a pile of clothes. Taylor thought she heard her brother snarl out something angrily as he fell, but it was impossible to tell. It sounded as though someone yelled at her from a car moving a hundred miles an hour. In a moment the room was quiet and there was a pile of clothes on the table.

The blonde kept an eye on the pile as she washed her hands and saw small movements near one of the sleeves, which was good because his shorts had slid off the table once their occupant had shrunk to half an inch tall. It would have been very annoying if he’d fallen with them then managed to hide under the table until she grew him back, exasperated.

Matt pushed his way through the sleeve of his shirt, furious. Furious at himself for letting his hormones trick him, again. Furious at his sister for taking advantage of him, again. And furious at --

“Those goddamn lawyers and who the hell made this damn thing and,” his tirade went unheard as he finally worked free of his shirt. The light was bright and he shielded his eyes as a shadow blocked the bulb far above him. “Fucking piece of-“ he continued swearing as he lowered his hand, being just self-aware enough to cling to anger so that he didn’t break down at the thought of how completely his sister owned him now.

Far above him something moved and his instincts forced him to be quiet. A deep part of him that hadn’t realized that lions and tigers were no longer a threat screamed at him to be silent, lest the predator find him. His instincts were right about the predator. There was a rush of wind and something massive landed next to him, causing Matt to leap to his left. He realized immediately that it was a tank top the size of a football stadium.

“I’m doing a five-K in a week,” Taylor said above him, her voice booming as she leaned forward and picked up his screaming form gingerly between two fingertips. She didn’t need to be nice about it, he was as tough as the app could make him, but she liked the idea of being merciful and extra nice. For now at least.

“So we’re gonna run to the water tower today, okay?” she asked him rhetorically as she pulled the front of her sports bra open. The wiggling on her fingers and distant yelling told her that he didn’t think it was okay. This only made her smile more as she carefully positioned him on her left nipple, already erect from excitement, then let her bra mold itself back into position.

A glance in the hallway mirror told her that her shorts were tight enough to accentuate her ass perfectly, and that her sports bra hid just enough that she probably wouldn’t cause any traffic accidents today. Probably.

Unless someone looked too closely at her nipples and realized one looked an awful lot like a tiny man desperately trying to free himself. She had to remind herself she needed to focus on the running part today, not the finding-hot-joggers-to-drag-into-the-bushes part of her run.

With her brother mostly out of mind, except for the pleasant heat and stimulating vibration he was giving her nipple, Taylor launched herself out of the house, determined to make it to the water tower in less than ten minutes this time.

An eternity later Matt heard his sister growl with annoyance, very out of breath. Her breasts were heaving but his inner ear had acclimated to their rhythmic movement well. The sweat he was dealing with less well. It wasn’t nearly as cohesive as her vaginal fluids, but that didn’t help him at all. Instead the thinner, saltier sweat got in his eyes and his best attempt to keep his face dry simply made her nipple even more erect.

Every movement of his excited her more, and he hated it.

“That bitch Kara is gonna smoke me,” he heard Taylor say far above him as the movements changed. There was a sudden change in pressure at his back as she pulled her bra away from him and two tree trunk like fingers surrounded his body and yanked him upwards.

He screamed at the sudden movement and felt her fingers shrink slightly around him while she muttered angrily. With a flick of her wrist she tossed him, screaming again, onto the bed where he landed on her still hot and sweaty bra. Matt tumbled twice on the material before scrambling to his feet. His head spun briefly but he located his naked sister, anger clear on her face, as she yanked open the drawer he knew was full of toys.

The muttering continued as Matt looked around desperately for a way out, though he knew there wasn’t one to be found. He seemed to be about two inches tall this time, and just as he turned to try to reach the edge of the bed and leap off a massive hand wrapped around him again.

“Tsk tsk,” she said as she held up a massive object, a vibrantly white sphere with small indents on the side that Matt knew were meant to hold him still, “I’m the one doing the running, not you!”

Taylor giggled as she pushed her brother into the side of the egg. Just as advertised the material somehow clung to his body and she could see his tiny arms struggle uselessly against what the girl at the store had called ‘memory plastic.’ Then she pulled out her phone, opened yet another app, and pushed the button to test it.

The sphere that Matt was trapped on suddenly exploded. He screamed as it vibrated, feeling like he was stuck on a crashing train. Taylor let out a happy sound as her egg vibrated gently and her tiny toy’s mouth opened as though he was screaming. She couldn’t hear it over the faint vibrating sound and her own heavy breathing.

“Perfect,” Matt heard his sister say when the egg quit vibrating. His head continued to shake violently as she lowered the egg and he kept his eyes squeezed shut. He may technically not be able to vomit as a tiny, but that didn’t stop him from getting nauseous.

But his eyes flew open again when he felt something steaming hot in front of him.

“No!” he screamed as his sister pushed the egg into her sex, hot from both her run and her anticipation of using her new toy. There was the sound of her heartbeat, the sound of wet skin sliding past his spread-eagle form as the toy was pushed further up and into her, until he felt the motion stop. With his hands spread wide there was nothing he could do to keep her sensitive skin and copious fluids away from his face. He screamed again, knowing what was coming.

“Perfect,” Taylor said aloud once she had her Buddy-Egg ™ in place. She walked to the bathroom, enjoying the novel feeling of the egg deep in her pussy while nothing was actually pushing her lips open. As the blonde checked herself out in the mirror she had an idea.

If I can’t even tell it’s there, she thought as she turned sideways and stuck out her butt, there’s another game I can play! One hand ran over her toned stomach, pushing lightly. Nothing.

Then, using the accompanying app on her phone, she turned the egg on. Her entire lower half shook as the egg started slowly turning in circles within her, pushing her tiny toy against every inch of her as it vibrated and spun. She bit back a moan as she turned on the shower and rubbed her clit lightly as she waited for it to get hot.

“Best. Toy. Ever.” she said as she stepped into the shower. If Matt had heard her, he wouldn’t have known if she meant him or the egg. If pressed, she wouldn’t have been sure either.


That evening Matt refused to look at Taylor while the family ate, and their parents didn’t notice. Mom was half a bottle of wine deep already and their father looked like he couldn’t wait to take advantage of it. While Taylor speared a ravioli she gave Matt a smile that would drive lesser men to insanity.

“I’m gonna go see that new Juan Candle movie with my friends later,” Matt said to his parents, trying to ignore Taylor as best he could. They just nodded as the cleared their plates rapidly, in a hurry to get upstairs for their own evening diversions.

“Great,” he said as his mother drained her glass of wine again. He’d already eaten as quickly as he could manage to avoid being around Taylor, so he put his plate in the sink and rushed upstairs to change. If he was fast enough he could be gone before Taylor left the table and could mess with him any further.

“Going somewhere?” he heard her ask behind him as he pulled on a fresh shirt. He felt the blood drain from his face as his body started to tingle.

Two hours later Taylor’s favorite movie, The Diary, was finishing. Matt hadn’t enjoyed it as much as she had, he could hear her crying at all the predictable parts, but he’d been essentially forced to watch. At six inches tall he was complete encased in her snatch; she’d pushed him in until only his face was exposed then laid on her bed to open WebSpin on her television. He’d watched the movie from her pussy, holding as still as he could at first, then being unable to move as her pussy molded around him.

Taylor had enjoyed the movie greatly and had picked it specifically because it was one of the few things that didn’t make her horny. She enjoyed it even more knowing she could do whatever she liked and force her brother along with her. It wasn’t odd to watch a movie with no panties, though she usually didn’t keep the covers off so that her snatch’s catch could watch as well.

Knowing that she’d kept her brother from watching a movie he wanted, and forced him to watch a movie he hated was the icing on the cake.

“Oh, that was good,” she said to herself as she wiped tears from her eyes. Taylor glanced at the clock and knew it was early, but she was still tired from her disappointing run earlier. Without bothering to slide on panties she pulled her blanket over herself, clamped her legs together, and rolled onto her side.

Minutes later she was asleep.

“Um, hello?” Matt called out as he felt his sister stop moving. He’d been terrified that she was going to masturbate yet again, but now he realized something even worse. He was going to spend the night in his sister’s pussy, as inconsequential to her as the meal she’d eaten earlier. Desperately he pushed against her walls but didn’t have enough leverage to even shift his arms upward.

In response her legs clamped together a little more, causing his calls to be muffled by her titanic toned thighs.

Far above she smiled, already lost in a dream.


A week later Taylor walked into her biggest photo shoot ever. She knew from behind-the-scenes talk that if this shoot went well it was a gateway into far more lucrative realms. Taylor had been a low-level lingerie and clothing model for years with smaller magazines and companies, making a name for herself but never truly cracking through the ice.

In the field of modeling you either blow the right person on your first day or you work for years to make it to the top. Taylor had blown a lot of people, no regrets! she thought as she reminisced, but none of them had been the right person apparently. So today was the day, and she’d brought her secret weapon.

Over the past week she’d started getting a lot of compliments. More than normal, that is. Her mother asked her if she was doing a new skin care routine. Her best friend Helena had asked her if she was sleeping better. No one noticed Matt was ‘out with his friends’ so much more that he was rarely seen.

The simple fact was something she’d recommend to everyone: having a tiny massaging your insides simply made one happy. And her brother Matt had been spending a lot of time in her holes. Today she’d slipped him in her ass before sizing him up to four inches and trying out the new ‘panic’ setting on the Tiny Tinder App. After some adjustment with the levels, which went from ‘unease’ to ‘apocalypse,’ she found the perfect level of constant movement from her favorite toy. She’d found after several days that he could, occasionally, hold himself so still that it was merely satisfying to have him in her, but not the ecstatic sensation she wanted.

Clearly the makers of the app had the same idea; no one wanted a tiny that wasn’t going to move!

He’d spent almost every night in one of her holes, and most of his days in whichever hole she felt needed more attention that day. When she was particularly bored with him she dropped him into her toy drawer. Taylor was constantly looking for ways to dehumanize him even more, and step one was obviously to take away every bit of freedom she could.

Taylor changed in and out of the latest fashions with fluid grace, carefully ignoring the cameras that constantly clicked around her. Unless the director told her to look at them, of course. For most of the shoot she was directed to look into the distance, or as though she had a secret she didn’t want anyone to know about. Which was easy for her to do, though she wasn’t used to cameras literally in her changing room with her.

It was all she could do to not masturbate every time she changed outfits, and the pent up frustration was clearly working in her favor. Despite his usual restraint she could hear the director getting more and more excited with each scene. By the time she was wrapping up the shoot by looking into an expensive designer bag with a look of surprise on her face she was sopping wet and the director was sure he’d found his next real star model.

This was clearly a good idea, he thought as Taylor walked off stage to change back into her clothes. He had shot a message to his regional manager before she entered her dressing room, then made sure to leave before he could be tempted to follow her in. He, and everyone else there, knew the earned reputation Taylor (and most models of the past ten years) had, and while they were fine with it as an outfit they strived to not partake themselves. They were one of the few modeling agencies that could say that, which was why they remained on top of the business.


That night Taylor had swiped her parents bottle of peppermint schnapps and taken it to her room. With half of it gone she finally pulled her brother from her asshole. After a fast cleaning session, she shrank him down further than she ever had before.

“I’m gonna make it!” she sang quietly as she channel surfed. There wasn’t anything good on television, but it wasn’t that important to her. Finally she settled on a terrible sci-fi movie and pulled over her box full of nail polish and accessories. Idly she thumbed through the colors as she held Matt on her tongue; it was an effort to not swallow him accidentally; the alcohol made it easy to forget it was a toy in her mouth and not a mint.

Finally she settled on a vibrant pink that she hadn’t worn since middle school. After another swig of schnapps she focused her eyes and held out her fingers. Carefully she painted her nails, only messing up twice but knowing the longer she took the more the alcohol would keep her from doing a good job. As she focused she stuck out her tongue slightly, a habit she’d never beaten, and felt something move on the tip of her tongue.

Before she could stop herself she blew out a puff of air, causing Matt to fall screaming downward. Taylor caught him, of course, then held her hand sideways and cupped it gently, letting Matt roll down her hand.

“Shit!” he yelled as he fell. This week had been one nightmare after the next, some of which he was getting used to. But he didn’t think he’d ever get used to the sensation of what seemed to be falling to his death. The world spun as he rolled down her hand, overwhelmed by the smell of alcohol on her hand and saliva, and something else. Something much stronger.

Just as he realized what he was smelling, Matt hit something hard and sticky. He screamed at the impact and couldn’t help but cling to the surface until his head stopped spinning. Then something cold and wet pushed him back down, shoving his head into more of the heavy, strong smelling substance.

Nail polish?! he thought as he realized what was happening. Desperately he rolled onto his back, only to see Taylor smiling down at him as the brush approached again. Her eyes shifted slightly when she looked down at him, stuck on her pointer finger, but she quickly found him again. Matt knew she’d be half-drunk from the massive (to him) amount of alcohol she’d been drinking.

“Hold still!” she said, laughing like she used to when she tickled him. Years before all of this began and they were still friends, not toy and owner.

The brush hit him again and smeared the bright pink polish over him. Sputtering, Matt struggled to keep his face above the polish, knowing there was no way he was getting out of this. The best he could hope for would be to keep his face free so he could at least breath, though he knew he didn’t truly need to. Almost instantly the polish began to harden, hurried by Taylor’s pursed lips breathing cool air onto her fingers.

“Almost perfect!” she said several minutes later, gazing at her handiwork. She took another drink from the bottle and noticed an imperfection on her left pointer finger. There was a small lump and gap in the polish, and when she looked closer she realized that Matt had managed to get his open mouth through the polish before it dried around him, entombing him.

“Ugh, we can’t have that!” Taylor said as she unscrewed the polish bottle again.


The following morning, Taylor couldn’t find Matt. He wasn’t fake-snoozing in her snatch, and she knew for a fact that she hadn’t sent him spelunking the night before.

Maybe he’s in the toy drawer, she thought as she pulled on some basketball shorts and tied the string to hold them up. Shrugging, she went downstairs to have breakfast. He can have a break.

She was spooning cereal into her mouth when she started inspecting her nails. Over her faint, already receding headache she vaguely remembered painting her nails the night before.

“I did a good job,” she said around a mouthful of bran. Taylor set her spoon down and looked quickly at her nails, stunned she hadn’t missed an entire nail. Her judgement and coordination vanished when alcohol was involved, which was why she usually only partook at home. She lived wildly enough without the liquid courage and she didn’t need to forget what she’d done because of it.

As those thoughts ran across her mind she found the one nail that she’d screwed up.

Of course, she thought as she took another bite. Then her eyes narrowed. That bulge looks…

Memory returned to her in a flood. The distant sound of her giggling, the faint taste of schnapps. The strange drunken satisfaction of covering her brother entirely with nail polish. A stumble that only got her halfway into bed before sleep claimed her.

“Oh my god!” she said aloud as she laughed. It was probably her imagination, but it seemed as though the lump moved slightly. She knew there was no way he was strong enough to actually move the coating but seeing her have power over him in yet another way made her smile.

“I better get you out of there!” Taylor said as she hurried upstairs, breakfast forgotten.

Carefully she used a nail file and tweezers to scratch her brother free of his bright pink prison. His tiny wriggling form peeled free and she dropped him in a small medication cup that she’d filled with nail polish remover. While he screamed and struggled in the progressively cloudy liquid, she hummed to herself and more carefully reapplied the color.

Once she was satisfied she blew lightly on her nails again, then carefully plucked Matt out of the cup and dropped him onto a paper towel.

Matt gasped for air as the massive paper towel was wrapped around him. The smell of the alcohol had been overwhelming and if he’d been full sized, without the protections of the app, he’d have been overcome and died within seconds. As it was he merely wished he had as Taylor’s massive hand patted him dry like a massive hammer.

Then the hammering stopped and the sensation of growing overtook him. He heard Taylor humming happily to herself as he tried to crawl out from under the paper towel.

“What now?” he wondered as he heard her walk away. Matt finally freed himself from the towel, not heavy but simply massive and nigh never-ending, and stood on her bathroom counter. Distantly he could see the wreckage she left behind; nail polish bottles as tall as he was, a hair straightener the size of a semi, the sink that would swallow him without noticing. A suction-cup dildo that lay on its side with a hole clearly meant to hold a tiny person.

“Ready for something new?” Taylor asked him, entering the bathroom and holding a wadded-up piece of cloth. The fact that she was naked from the waist down meant nothing to him at this point.

Matt had flashbacks of the past week. He’d spent more time shrunken than he had full-sized, and his 'regular’ time had been punctuated with constant anxiety and terror, as Taylor liked to exercise her authority over his life whenever it was least convenient. Matt had only spent one full night in his bed, most nights awakening as his ankles were being enveloped in Taylor’s smoldering snatch or asshole so she could masturbate before she slept while he was left inside of her until the morning.

Once she’d even left him in her sex-toy drawer, stuck on the tip of that same dildo as she went out to see her friends. Oddly enough that had been a mercy; he was fairly certain she’d seen every movie he wanted to, and though he’d technically been present when the only input he could get from the movie was the rumbling bass it didn’t count.

She’d made up for his brief respite when she returned though; he’d been sure the dido was going to crack in half as hard as she’d used it.

Matt wasn’t an imaginative guy. He’d been through some horrors since he’d made his impulsive agreement and had no idea what ‘new’ thing she could put him through.

Taylor, meanwhile, had been to the store at the mall several times to get new ideas. She laid out the cloth on the countertop and picked up Matt’s squirming body, only letting him get in three small steps as he tried to ran.

“Hold still!” she said as she deftly manipulated him, sliding his legs into a pouch in the cloth.

“Stop!” Matt yelled, knowing she wasn’t going to. Her massive fingers knew exactly what to do to force him into this soft contraption. Before he knew what was happening something had slipped around his ankles and his chest, clamping down just lightly enough to keep him from pushing his way out of what felt like a silk-lined sleeping bag.

“Perfect!” Taylor said from far above him as she picked up the cloth and moved it down to the ground.

“What the hell is this?” Matt yelled, struggling in vain against the soft material that held him. If he sat up hard enough he could see his body clearly through the material; it was only thick enough to hold his tiny, weak form. Had he been normal sized the material would have torn easily. Then Matt gave up his attempts to free himself just as Taylor’s feet slammed down on other side of him.

He looked between the two as he saw her hands adjusting strings around her feet. Matt’s eyes followed the string back to see that they were connected to his fabric prison, then looked upward. Her legs led upward on both sides of him like two skyscrapers that ended in her smoothly shaven snatch.

The blood drained from Matt’s face as he realized what held him.

Taylor pulled up her new panties, smiling at her toy all the while. There was a faint scream that was rapidly cut off as the panties pushed his face against her clit.

“I’ll never get tired of that sound,” she thought as she idly adjusted the tiny thong. It was less than what she usually wore, which was saying something, but once she pulled on her jean shorts she didn’t even notice they were there. Aside from Matt’s every movement stimulating her sex, of course. She’d seen similar panties with built-in vibrators before, but these had seemed so elegant she hadn’t been able to say no.

That afternoon she walked the mall with her friends, a Tiny Tinder party of their own devising. Both Helena and Tina had a tiny stuffed inside of them, and the three roamed the stores giggling over their own literal inside jokes and losing their minds with laughter anytime one of them paused for a small orgasm. It was even better for Taylor, because while her friends’ Tiny Tinder dates were willing partners who thought the situation as fun as their owners did, they had no idea hers was her brother.

Her very unwilling brother. Who, thanks to the panic-inducing feature of the app, was moving just as much as her friends’ much happier toys.

Then they made a trip through the Tiny Tinder shop, and mid orgasm Taylor picked out two items that she knew would see plenty of use.


“Matt’s been spending a lot of time with his friends lately,” Taylor’s mother said before she took a bite of her taco. Like a seasoned professional she’d wrapped it tightly, keeping the contents from spilling out of the back end.

Taylor’s father, on the other hand, had planned ahead by placing a second tortilla on his place while he ate the first. Taylor and her mom rolled their eyes together as they watched, and he simply laughed knowing the look they were giving him.

“Maybe he’s got a girlfriend and he just isn’t telling us?” Dad ventured out as he took another bite.

Taylor smiled and sipped her water; she loved the taste of jalapenos but spicy foods overwhelmed her taste buds almost immediately.

Matt screamed. The bars of his tiny prison afforded him no protection from anything that Taylor put in her mouth. At first it had been near-boiling coffee heavily laced with something that was supposed to mimic pumpkin. Now it was alternating waves of burning peppers and taco seasoning interrupted by blasts of ice-cold water.

He’d screamed and fought when he realized what she’d intended; the hours spent as the crotch of her underwear earlier had been horrible but he knew this would be even worse. Somehow she forced him into a plastic tongue ring, laughing all the while. Then with a wink she’d stuck out her tongue, secured him in his new hell, and closed her mouth. Every one of her breaths was a humid hurricane gale, every noise she made sounded like a bullhorn exploding in his ears.

Taylor simply ignored him. How much attention does someone give to a piece of jewelry?

There was a horrifying gulp from behind him, and though Matt knew he’d be fine if she swallowed him (and had been every time so far) he still couldn’t help but be terrified. His instincts screamed that he was too close to a giant predator’s stomach, and they were right. Another wave of ice water knocked him off his feet; the bars of the tongue ring encircled him entirely except for a very narrow platform on which he could stand. Whoever had designed this was a monster.

When Taylor finished her dinner with some ice cream, Matt couldn’t help but get a mouthful. When she sipped on a soda his ears popped. When she spoke his ears rang. And then he realized, hours after dinner, where she was. And who she was with.

Well, not exactly who she was with. But she was giggling a lot more, her voice sounded happy and excited, and Matt could hear faint bass rumbles that told him they were in a movie theater. The other tongue snaking into her mouth confirmed it for him. The back row of movie theaters was unofficially reserved for hookups. This was Matt’s first time in the back row, technically.

Matt screamed again, his voice starting to go hoarse, as Taylor’s tongue battled with someone else’s. He was thrown about as the two kissed passionately for an eternity. A mixture of saliva made him want to vomit. Then the other tongue retreated and the two giants spoke briefly, quietly. And Matt slid to the front of the tongue ring as the orientation of Taylor’s head changed.

There was the distant sound of a zipper being undone and Taylor’s mouth opened wide. Her tongue stuck out and in the dim light Matt could see a massive cock the size of a building. He screamed again as Taylor’s tongue pressed against the underside and wiggled slightly before dragging up the side. Matt was protected from the giant’s skin, the bars of the tongue ring were too small for skin to pass through, but when Taylor held her tongue directly over the man’s urethra and stroked him gentle, Matt found he wasn’t protected from the man’s salty precum.

A moan reverberated through Taylor’s mouth as she tasted her regular-Tinder date’s pre-ejaculate. It was a good thing she hadn’t been that interested in the movie, this guy was the perfect size to fit in her mouth, second occupant and all. Carefully she ran her tongue ring over the man’s glans and flicked her tongue everywhere that she knew would be sensitive. She gently squeezed the rod and stroked him as she allowed only the head between her lips. Then his hand rested on the back of her head and she knew what he wanted.

Matt spit out a mouthful of the salty fluid and felt himself sliding everywhere within his cage; he was covered in the man’s lubricant and there was no escaping it. Desperate to steady himself he pushed an arm through one of the bars of the ring and looked what he assumed was downward. The tongue retracted into Taylor’s mouth and suddenly Matt could see the man’s cock aiming directly at him, shiny with saliva.

Then it rocketed forward as Taylor’s mouth opened wider. Matt held up a hand to shield himself though he needn’t have bothered. Like a train the cock pounded past him as Taylor pushed her tongue against the sensitive flesh. The speed was dizzying as she bobbed her head up and down, and the sounds that Matt so enjoyed in porno were suddenly all around him: wet sucking and gagging as Taylor relaxed her throat to make room for the man’s rod. Earth-shattering moans as Taylor enjoyed her work and tasted her date’s precum, self-satisfied giggles as she pushed her face down far enough that her tongue could reach out to lick his balls as well.

The soaking wet teenager was thrown up and down as she moved skillfully, his body sucked to the side of the tongue ring as she made certain to frequently apply suction to the sensitive organ in her mouth. His only reprieve from the chaos came as she briefly pulled off the cock to catch her breath. Matt caught site of the theater screen where two men were having a dramatic fistfight, then her head turned again and she plunged downward again.

Matt was too lost in the constant movement to notice the cock start to push back up into her mouth with increasing urgency. Taylor smiled as best as she could with her mouth full; she knew what was coming. The blonde model increased her speed and started massaging her date’s balls as his grip tightened on her hair. She felt him grow more tense and shoved her face as far into his crotch as she could when he started to twitch.

The chaos grew for Matt and he heard another happy moan from Taylor as the tongue flickered out of her mouth again. Then the massive cock rocketed back out of her mouth and her tongue swirled around the cockhead as Matt was drenched in the man’s seed. His stomach tried to vomit again, but as a tiny that wasn’t a thing he could do. All his effort bought him was a mouthful of more fluids he’d hoped he would never encounter.

Taylor held her lips over her date’s cockhead as she milked the rest of him into her mouth, swallowing all the while. She made sure to aim the fresh cum at her tongue, both so she could taste it and because the idea of forcing her brother to endure this was almost the hottest thing she could think of. After she was sure she had stroked everything out of him, she licked the cockhead clean and swallowed the last of the cum down with her soda.

On screen one of the men, Taylor hadn’t bothered to get their names, was dangling over a pool full of sharks. In her mouth, unnoticed as she wiped her lips, Matt struggled to maintain his sanity. She simply smiled as her date zipped up his pants and left with his popcorn. They’d both gotten what they’d wanted.


The next day Taylor let Matt have a reprieve. Almost. She teased him mercilessly around the house and made sure he knew the only way he was leaving the building was in one of her holes. So he stayed in his room for most of the day, eyes glued to his phone, hoping to find any way out of his predicament.

So far there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Taylor threw the door to his room open and he bit back a protest; if he did, he was terrified he’d end up in her tongue ring again.

“Do these looks familiar?” she asked him, hopping on his bed as though he didn’t flinch at her every word. To be honest, the flinching only made her hornier than usual, and she was carefully building herself up for her date tonight. Not with the same guy as last night of course. Taylor liked options.

“No,” Matt said to her as he glanced at her phone. He’d seen her model before, and this time she was wearing more clothing than usual. He shifted away from her, standing and moving to the chair by his desk. It was disconcerting enough to see his sister modeling lingerie on a billboard around town, he didn’t want to see it at home.

“You should!” she said happily, bouncing on her toes as she followed him. “You’re in them!”

Matt looked sharply at his sister as she pointed at one of the pictures. He couldn’t help but look.

“That’s just you,” he said, annoyed. “Get the hell out-“

“You’re right there!” she said, pointing to her backside in the picture, barely hidden by a tight skirt. “And here!” she said again, switching pictures to one of her laying on her back in a long sweatshirt, pointing to a spot just below her belly button.

Taylor kept showing him picture after picture, and Matt grew angrier. They just kept coming and Matt struggled to keep his anger to himself; there was nothing he could do that wouldn’t make his situation worse.

“Well anyways,” she said, pulling her phone back and loving how angry Matt seemed to be, “I’ve got a date tonight.”

Matt’s anger turned to fear as she walked to the door. Taylor looked over her shoulder at him with a sadistic smile.

“You’ve got five minutes of freedom.”

In reality he had three.

“Get on it,” she said to him from above as she did her hair.

Matt looked at the high-quality curved metal rod that lay on the bathroom counter in front of him. Part of him was too scared to move, another part of him too angry to obey. Part of him was giving up. Part of him knew that if he got on this piece of metal, which he had a terrible idea about, he knew things would only get worse. And every part of him argued all at the same time, causing him to simply freeze next to the reflective arc of metal that was clearly designed to hold someone his size still.

“Ugh,” Taylor said, seeing him not moving. She stood in front of her mirror, admiring her form that was barely hidden behind a thin cut-off t-shirt. After some deliberation she’d chosen a matching pink skirt that went halfway down her thighs and knee-high checkerboard socks. The long blonde pigtails only enhanced her image; not that she needed the help. From their conversations she knew she and her date were going to do the horizontal tango no matter what.

“I’m gonna count to three,” she told her tiny brother as she put on her lipstick. “You know you’re going on that thing no matter what, so let’s just skip the in between, huh?”

He looked up at his mountain sized sister. She was speaking the truth, certainly. Even he couldn’t convince himself that resistance wasn’t futile.

By the time she had counted to ‘two,’ Matt was climbing on the shiny piece of metal. Oddly made clasps held his legs and arms still, only allowing him to rattle the piercing slightly. It wasn’t comfortable by any means, and though he knew it was a piercing of some kind he hadn’t put all the pieces together inside his head.

“Perfect!” Taylor said from above him, happy that he’d obeyed. She hadn’t been looking forward to putting him in place at his current size.

As Matt shifted uncomfortably against the smooth metal, his sister’s foot suddenly slammed down onto the bathroom counter not far from him. His head turned and he saw her hiking her skirt upward, and he realized that he wasn’t on an earring or nose ring.

Taylor hummed happily as she picked up her clitoral piercing. She hadn’t been too certain about it in the store, but then the saleswoman had shown her the one she was wearing, complete with her boyfriend riding along. At times Taylor completely forgot she had a clit piercing, and she’d been using a simple placeholder there to maintain the piercing hole while she waited for something pretty enough to slide into her sensitive button.

Quickly, trying to avoid accidentally getting herself excited and rubbing one out before her date, she slid out the placeholder and picked up her new piercing. With a moan she slid the new piercing through her clitoris, where it sat just as comfortably as the saleslady had told her it would.

“That’s awesome!” she said to herself as she contorted carefully, one foot on the bathroom counter, to get a better look. It looked just like she hoped it would, and from the gentle sensations she was already receiving she knew that she had sized Matt correctly.

Her clit didn’t look much different, and there wasn’t much of the piercing visible; just the shiny metal at the base. And Matt’s screaming head sticking out the top. With one finger she lightly rubbed her clit, causing the entire piercing to pull at her clit in interesting ways and Matt to struggle against his bonds, which was like having her own built-in vibrator. She hadn’t realized how much more the metal piercing would respond to simple movements than her cheap plastic place holder.

“Wooh!” she said as she put her foot down and smoothed out her skirt, “Easy down there! We’re not in a hurry tonight!”

Humming to herself she headed downstairs just as her phone started vibrating. A phone call from her date.

Matt couldn’t help but scream. But struggle. He had known whatever Taylor had planned would be horrible, but it never crossed his mind that she might use him as a piece of jewelry through her clit. His entire body was encased in her hot, sensitive skin, save for his face. Which was exactly what she intended, he knew.

Every movement of his only caused him to please her, and while he’d been inserted in her what seemed like a thousand times, this seemed worse. Somehow more itemizing. Even though he was clearly a sex toy before, this made him something even less. A piece of jewelry, not even an actual toy.

Below him her legs began to move and the ground flew by as though he were stuck on the underside of a helicopter. Trying to avoid motion sickness, he closed his eyes. It didn’t help.


An eternity later, the tedium changed. Taylor had walked for what seemed like miles, sat for hours. At times he could see her skyscraper sized legs walking and hear distant laughter. For even longer she sat almost motionless, giving him a relief from his motion sickness, but keeping him in darkness occasionally broken by light through her pink skirt.

Then things got worse.

There was the sound of a car’s engine, loud music. Doors slamming, then in the distance below him Matt saw the welcome mat that was at his front door. Stairs that he knew led to the second floor of his house, and hurried footsteps accompanied by frenzied giggling that led straight to Taylor’s room.

“No, no no no,” Matt repeated to himself as he struggled against the piercing that held him. He knew it was only making his sister get more excited; he could feel her clit getting warmer and the stronger smell of her arousal was only inches away. But he had to try, even though his every movement directly stimulated her most sensitive organ.

Moments later his struggles were made irrelevant; a massive finger appear under the skirt that had hidden him and slammed against Matt’s face. The finger manipulated Taylor’s clit briefly as she gasped far above him, then retreated. The world was suddenly flooded with light as Taylor’s skirt disappeared, and by the time Matt opened his eyes again he wished he hadn’t.

“Fuck!” he screamed as a man’s bearded face approached rapidly.

Giving no sign that he knew Matt was there, the man started licking Taylor’s snatch while she moaned. If Matt hadn’t been suddenly spitting out saliva he would have heard her appreciative moaning and dirty talk. As it was the man’s tongue explored everywhere it could, and spent a surprising amount of time on her clit. Hot breath laced with whiskey overwhelmed Matt as he screamed, panicking. The fact that his face was the only exposed part of him made it even worse; his entire body was her toy, and this device designed almost exclusively to torture an unwilling tiny.

The giant tongue swirled slowly around his face, massaging her clit without a care about her piercing.

Odin! Taylor thought as she laid on her back, letting her date explore every inch of her, Why is this so good today? Then she remembered her special clit piercing and giggled as she felt an orgasm rapidly build.

Just as she approached the precipice, the man stopped. Taylor moaned with need and looked downward only to see he was climbing up her body, pausing to lick each of her nipples on his way. She hadn’t seen his rod but in pictures, and a brief feel in the car, and being flashed a few times at a barbecue last year, but she liked what she saw now. He paused above her, his cock waiting at her entrance, then with a move of his hips he tapped his cock directly on her clit, sending a jolt of electric pleasure through her body.

Then she wrapped a leg around his back and pulled him into her.

Matt could only watch in horror as the cock slammed down on him, dragging the man’s own fluids across Matt’s face. Then it positioned himself below him and Matt, despite everything, let out a small sigh of relief. At least he wasn’t in his sister this time.

That was all the further the relief went. The force of the giant’s sex was overwhelming. Matt felt like he was caught inches away from a tornado; he wasn’t free of their fluids as they moved their bodies together, and intermittently someone’s finger would enter his view and manipulate Taylor clit. The heat, the noise, the smell. His mind had been carefully blocking off those senses in each of his memories, which only meant he had to relieve them for effectively the first time now.

It went on for what seemed like an hour. Briefly Matt thought they were finished, but instead they changed positions. He’d never thought about how a woman being on top would allow her to grind her clit into the man’s pelvis. Until he was surrounded by that clit, screaming as he was violently pushed and rubbed into the man’s skin while his sister screamed in pleasure above him. Occasionally the man’s shorter hairs stabbed painfully at his face before his sister shifted her hips again.

Finally Matt felt their rhythm change; the man was thrusting more erratically and in his exhausted state Matt knew the end was near. Distantly the two giants moaned as the massive cock was rammed as far into Taylor as it would go and Matt had a first-row view of the phallus pumping its seed directly into his sister. The cock pulsed like a giant garden hose pushing a golf ball through it as it deposited its load. Then it retreated, slick and covered in slime.

At least I didn’t catch that with my face, Matt thought, relieved that it was all over. Then the man leaned forward to kiss his sister, letting his cock slide up the outside of her pussy and covering Matt with their mixed fluids. Taylor felt Matt struggle again to avoid the fluids and giggled.

“That was great,” John, one of her father’s friends, told her after giving her one last kiss.

She just smiled at him and nodded in agreement as he quickly got dressed. Before he was even out of the house she had rolled onto her stomach and fallen asleep.


The next morning Matt awoke in his bed near hysterics. All he could smell was sex, and he dove into his bathroom to scrub himself as clean as near-boiling water could make him. And when he exited his room, finally feeling like half of his normal self, Taylor was sitting on his bed, waiting.

“Get out,” he said.

“I have a proposition,” she said, ignoring his words and smiling evilly as she tapped on her phone.

Matt screamed obscenities at her but knew it was useless; he was half an inch tall before he could get out more than three. He waited under his towel, refusing to do any of the work for Taylor, but she took her time. When the towel was yanked off of him, almost instantly something sticky and wet hit him in the back and he was pulled upward rapidly.

Something sticky and wet and sweet. Matt stared at his sister, upside down, as she started licking the lollipop she’d adhered him to.

“So,” she said between exaggerated licks (the modeling way of life was very ingrained in her), “Remember that shoot with you inside of me?”

Matt yelled something at her that sounded suspiciously like ‘Go to hell!’

“Right!” Taylor said happily, pretending he had agreed with her, “The company liked me. Like, really liked me. So I’ve got a gig in Old York. A permanent one.”

There was nothing Matt could do but keep his mouth closed; otherwise the lemon-flavored saliva that was slowly coating him would have found its way inside of him. Soon it would be oozing into his nostrils regardless of what he did. Then a longer lick focused on his body and she flipped the lollipop upside down, so that he was finally oriented upright.

Matt saw a light at the end of the tunnel. If she was in Old York there was no way she could mess with him. At least on a daily basis, his parents would notice if he suddenly vanished for months at a time. Wouldn’t they?

“Six months,” Taylor said to her tiny brother. It was impossible to tell at his size, but she thought he was surprised. Hopeful, for the first time in weeks.

“When I bring up my moving to Mom and Dad, you come with me for six months. Then I’ll release you from this agreement and you’re free. Forever. From me at least,” she finished with a giggle.

For once, Matt thought hard. Much harder than he had at the beginning of this ordeal. His hormones had finally realized that they were terrible decision makers and shut themselves up for the first time since puberty had began. And Matt yelled out his answer.


“So,” said Matt, his hand shaking slightly as he sat down his drink on the kitchen table, “What do you think?”

Part of him desperately hoped they’d say no, even though he knew that would probably only result in Taylor keeping him her toy forever. He’d be potentially trading short term freedom for long-term enslavement.

Another part of him hoped they’d say yes. He knew the upcoming six months would be terrible for him. At least at home she had some reason to make him regular size: their parents and friends still expected some semi-regular contact. But after those six months he’d be free of her perverted power. Forever.

Their parents looked at each other briefly, an invisible message passing between their eyes. After being married for twenty years they could tell each other a lot in a single glance. And after growing up around them his entire life, Matt knew what their answer was before they turned to say it.

Taylor gave him the next two days to be completely free. Her constant teasing stopped while together they packed and made their arrangements. Taylor expected to be modeling or doing training in the business for most of her days while Matt knew he’d have no problem finding a job and exploring the city on his own. Their parents seemed to be surprisingly calm about both their children moving out on the same day, to the same apartment, in a city several hundred miles away.

Both the kids knew it was because their parents wanted to replace their bedrooms with a sauna and hot tub. Maybe a mini bar. Probably a stripper pole.

Once they’d said their goodbyes, the two got in Taylor’s packed and crowded car. Matt looked back at the house he’d grown up in, suddenly unsure about what he was doing. The last couple of days hadn’t been bad at all, and he had to continually remind himself about how much of a living hell Taylor could make his life. It was strange how quickly his mind wanted to forget how horrible it was to be her toy. But at least he was making the decision that would keep that hell at least contained to the next six months and not his entire life.

He leaned forward to change the radio station and felt his arm start to tingle.

“Hey! What about-?”

Taylor never heard what he was asking about. She assumed he’d thought, somehow, that she’d leave him alone until they got there.

Maybe he didn’t realize how long of a drive it is? she wondered as she fished for his tiny body in the pile of clothes on her passenger seat. Why would I just sit through that when I’ve got a perfect toy for the road right next to me?

At the first stop light she waved at her friend Tina, who was walking her dog, and didn’t realize she almost accidentally threw her half-inch tall brother out the window. Tina waved back at her, too far away to see Matt screaming in Taylor’s hand as it went out the window.

Taylor retracted her hand and giggled before pulling her vibrating egg from her purse. Without looking, she had plenty of practice, she pushed Matt’s tiny body into the grooves and knew without watching that the toy was forming tightly around him.

As she pulled onto the highway she lowered her right hand, spread her legs, lifted up her skrt, and pushed the egg as far into her pussy as it would go. Then, as her favorite song came on the radio, her thumb found the vibrate function on her phone.

“Take me away!” she sang as she joined traffic, while Matt screamed inside of her. Before the first mile marker she felt an orgasm begin to build.


Later that evening after unpacking her belongings, Taylor finally pulled the egg from her snatch. The battery had ran out an hour ago, but it was still a pleasant feeling to have inside of her and Matt hadn’t stopped his own moving. The blonde ordered a pizza to be delivered, then returned her brother to full size.

“I’ve got work in the morning,” she said as she picked up a box and took it to her room. “Your stuff is still in the car, don’t keep me up.”

And with that said, she vanished as he climbed slowly to his feet. His head still felt like it was vibrating from the egg and all he could smell was her fluids; it had been a long several hours.

“Six months, six months,” he muttered as he looked around for some clothes, finding none. “And. Shit.”

His sister had brought up her boxes, and none of his. He had no idea where the car was parked, whether they were in an apartment building or a small house, and now no clothes.

“She did this on purpose,” he said as he grabbed the car keys and walked angrily to the door. He was going to find the car even if he had to flash everyone in the city. “This is starting out…great…” Matt’s voice trailed off as he yanked open the door.

“Um,” said the pizza delivery girl, a thirty-something woman who clearly wasn’t expecting a naked man to open the door moments before she knocked, “Did you order a vegetarian pizza? That’ll be eighteen ninety-nine.”

“Um, yeah, I guess,” he said as he felt for his wallet. Which was in his pants. Which were not anywhere near him, causing him to realize that he was naked. He’d spent so much time naked recently it was hard to remember if he was dressed or not.

His face went white as he tried to cover himself and the delivery woman laughed with one hand over her mouth.



The following morning found Matt still awake. He hadn’t slept all night; the environment was too foreign. He’d worked through the night to get his room set up the way he liked it, and then he’d gone on a late night walk that ended with him narrowly escaping a mugging. So when Taylor walked out of her room, wearing pink pajama shorts and an old shirt, at five in the morning she found him already drinking coffee.

“Geez, somebody’s ready to go,” she said as she produced a granola bar from a cabinet that Matt hadn’t even thought to look in.

“Why are you up?” Matt asked, exhaustion obvious in his voice. His mind was too confused to sleep but his body was demanding it.

“Work!” she said as she walked back into her room with a cup of coffee. “I gotta go in like, half an hour.”

Then her door slammed shut as Matt let out a sigh of relief. If she was leaving in half an hour that meant he had most of the day to himself without her around.

“Maybe this six months won’t be so terrible,” he mused aloud as he shuffled to his room, determined to make the most of his first day in Old York by sleeping through it.

Twenty minutes later Matt was shaken from his exhausted sleep. He’d passed out as soon as his head had hit the pillow and felt oddly comfortable, but now he was cold. His limbs were pulled apart slightly, and something cold was around his wrists and ankles.

Matt’s eye flashed open as Taylor’s fingertips surrounded him, and her other hand gently manipulated her clit so that she could put her piercing in place. Matt screamed, unheard over her humming, briefly cut off as his head was pushed through her sensitive flesh and then resumed as his head was pushed through. Once again, his head and a little bit of his feet were the only parts of him visible through her clit. The rest was encased in her sensitive nub, which she tapped twice to make sure he was firmly seated.

“Perfect,” she said to herself as she looked down. The piercing fit really well, and she knew today was going to be a great day, especially since she was keeping her good luck charm with her. It had been a toss-up between keeping him in her pussy or in her clit, but she knew if there were any hot models around today she’d want to save room for them. Taylor stood up straight, then stepped into her short jean shorts before pulling them up tightly, wiggling her butt until the waistband slipped over her cheeks.

“It’s gonna be a great day,” she half-sang to herself, looking forward to her first day as an A-list model. After double checking she had her necessary documents in her purse, and enjoying the faint tingling the pressure of her shorts and the movement of her toy was making on her clit, she stepped out of the apartment and into her new life.

Matt screamed futilely against the denim of her shorts, realizing what he should have several days ago: She may let him go in six months, but until then? His sister would be getting the most use out of him that she could. He wasn’t going to be full sized for a very long time.

He screamed again as his sister locked the door, unhearing and uncaring, as he realized this was his new life.

Sleepover Gone Wrong by Thatgirlyouknow

“No you jackass!” Todd yelled as he laughed. “It doesn’t count if it rolls off the table!”

“Since when?” Dave yelled back, holding up a dice that he had turned to show a ’17.’ Giving himself a twenty would have been too obvious. “We’ve never once-“

“Since ever!” Al yelled out, laughing at the two as they sparred across the table.

This was an argument they revisited every time they played, and at this point it was just part of the fun. The five of them had played together for years, ever since they’d discovered none of them were quite tough enough for varsity sports. They’d gone to school together their entire lives and even now, in their busy senior year, they made a point to play at least once a month. They’d changed their games from long extended campaigns to one-shots with their old epic-level characters, but they’d retained Todd as their game master.

“Re-roll!” Todd said, still laughing. He took a slow drink of his hard lemonade; his parents didn’t care if the teenagers drank when they did overnights at their house but none of the boys cared for regular beer. And none could handle hard liquor.

Dave feigned offense and rolled his eyes.

“Fine!” he said with mock outrage, though he was laughing too, “I roll to seduce the dragon!”

Everyone held their breath and watched as Dave rolled the die again, this time keeping it carefully on the ping-pong table that had been converted to show the massive map of their one-shot setting. The dice bounced across the moat, rolled into Steve’s barbarian (who had once slew an elven deity by punching it in the spleen), then settled in the courtyard where El’s wizard had exhausted himself before they realized they hadn’t even seen the real bad guy yet.

As a group they all leaned over the table. Each of their characters were near their end, and they knew that Todd wasn’t the kind of game master to ensure there was a happy ending. He’d introduced the dragon at the worst possible time, just as they’d been exhaustedly celebrating bringing down an ogre who was, in fact, only a servant. They’d barely survived the pre-fight, and the real fight was about to destroy them.

Unless things got ridiculous.

“It’s a—” Elwood started to say as everyone erupted at once.

“Twenty!” Todd yelled the loudest as they all roared with laughter. “All right you son of a bitch!” he said to Dave as he jumped up and down excitedly, “Roll for constitution!”

“What?!?” Dave yelled back as Elwood choked on his drink. Elwood was quicker on the uptake than Dave.

“It’s a male dragon, you moron!” Todd said with a smile as a second round of laughter erupted. “How did you think this was gonna work?”

Sarah peeked around the corner into the game room, smiling at the commotion. The boys’ monthly gaming session always happened at Todd’s house, which meant as his sister she got to spend a lot of time on the periphery with them. It was effectively their base of operations, and rare was the day where only Todd was home without one of his friends. Since he was surprisingly oblivious for a soon-to-be college student, this gave Sarah plenty of time to flirt with his friends. All of them. Just not all at once.


Steve saw the tiny brunette lean around the corner and he gave her a wink that the rest of the boys failed to notice. Todd hadn’t picked up on Steve being around much more often lately, but Sarah had. Her flirting over the years had carefully felt out which of her older brother’s friends were interested in her: All of them. Steve was simply her most recent focus. So far they’d never done anything more than a little heavy over-the-clothes petting, but she’d convinced him they should change all that tonight.

It didn’t take much convincing; at eighteen Steve was more than ready to lose his v-car, and Sarah was the natural choice. He was around her fairly often, she was a beautiful brunette that was six inches shorter than his own five-ten, and she was obviously into him. The fact that she had a perfect year-round tan and knock-out breasts was only icing on the cake that was her incredible backside. She’d been turning heads for years, not just among her brother’s friends.

Before Todd could notice and yell at her, Sarah ducked back around the corner and pulled out her phone. The commotion in the game room continued as she walked back toward her room. On the stairs she opened her Tiny Tinder app, and as she nudged her door shut with her hips she pulled open the weeks-long conversation she’d been having with Steve. Safe in the pink and purples she’d used to decorate her space she pulled off her sweater and tossed it in her hamper.

Two swipes on her phone started J-pop music from her computer speakers.

“That’s bullshit!” Dave said as he laughed, pointing to the ‘3’ that he’d just rolled. “Excuse me I didn’t take proficiency in dragon dick!”

“I’ll go easy on you,” Todd said as Steve discretely pulled out his phone. Behind the standing screen he rolled three unseen dice, then said: “The dragon holds you down with one massive paw and you see its member,” he mimed stroking a cock the size of his leg, “approaching. With a claw the dragon expertly peels your leather armor from your body, and positions itself behind you–“

The group leaned forward, sure that Todd had some horrible fate planned for the world’s unluckiest bard. Dave held his breath and Steve tapped a button on his phone and almost spit out his drink when he saw the picture Sarah had sent him. He had expected more dirty talk, not a picture of his friend’s sister wearing a lacy purple bra and sticking out her tongue. Then he saw where one of their missing miniatures had gone: she was holding it on her tongue, and as he made that realization the next message came through: “Wish this was you!”

“And that’s both its move and its action for the turn!” Todd said quickly, and the group’s energy revitalized as they all laughed.

Not only had the dragon not wiped out their party as it easily could have, if they acted quickly they could still save Dave’s bard’s butthole. Steve made sure to put his phone away before he leapt into the discussion. Dave handled the comedy in their group, but Steve handled the strategy.

“Okay,” he said as he leaned forward, making sure he still knew where everyone was positioned, “Elwood, how many spell slots do you have?”

An hour later the five boys all sat back on the massive sectional couch. Todd was turning on the television while Elwood produced a prodigious stack of DVDs for them to choose from. Whatever they picked would only be half watched; they were each several drinks deep and their game had given them plenty to talk about.

“I can’t believe that worked,” Elwood said as he looked for a terrible monster movie, “I’m pretty sure you can’t insult a dragon to death, especially when it’s moments from raping you.”

“I swear I didn’t fudge anything!” Todd said as he twisted off the cap to another hard lemonade. He truly hadn’t; it was a miracle Dave’s bard hadn’t died by anal exsanguination. “I’ve never seen three nat-20’s from three different players in a row before, that dragon had one health point left and it would’ve been killed by a stiff breeze.”

“That was really cool how the boss turned out to be the boss’s bitch,” Steve said as he typed out a message to Sarah.

Are you sure about this? he asked her over the Tiny Tinder chat function. He knew Sarah had flirted with their whole group, and when Todd wasn’t around the rest of them had agreed they’d happily gangbang her. Steve didn’t mind, it wasn’t the 80’s anymore, but he was still a little iffy on shrinking the whole group without them knowing.

Gangbanging a girl two years younger in a five-way virginity destroying pile? No problem. Shrinking his friends without their consent? Iffy.

“Well yeah, I’m a genius!” Todd said, still reveling in how well he’d ran that match, but not realizing Steve had been getting more and more provocative pictures from his sister the entire time.

Don’t be a pussy! was the reply, accompanied by a close up of Sarah’s smooth snatch, and an arrow-shaped patch of hair on her mons. Steve felt his manhood jump. It did miff him a little that she wanted their first hookup to be this way; he wanted to bang her on his own first, but he also had no issues letting her call the shots. It wasn’t like this would be their only shot. In a couple of months Todd was going to school three hundred miles away and Steve was staying home to watch the family business.

“What’s got you going over there?” Al asked Steve as he smiled, “You died!”

“A heroic death compared to dragon rape!” Steve shot back as he fired back ‘I can’t wait to go spelunking!’

“How about this?” Elwood held up a disc they hadn’t seen in decades: Hero’s Highway.

“Holy shit!” Steve said, “Todd, do you still have that old MasterBox?”

“Hell yeah!” Todd replied as he got up, knowing right where he’d stored the old game console, “But I wouldn’t say stabbing a dragon in the dick is exactly heroic!”

The boys just laughed as the party kept rolling. Over the years they’d almost spent more time in Todd’s basement game room than they had in their own houses. Before Todd was done setting up the vintage console the teenagers had distributed controllers, cleared space on the tables, and prepared snacks as though it were second nature. They were a finely tuned machine.

I’m getting tired of waiting! Sarah told Steve as the ancient video game loaded. He took a quick glance at the picture and saw she’d done her dark hair in long pigtails and was smiling to show her braces. It made her look younger than she really was, and she knew it. Steve struggled against his penis’s desire to run upstairs and dive into her.

Trust me! he texted back, Let us get a few more drinks in, then they won’t care and Todd will crash early like the lightweight he is.

Sarah rolled her eyes and tossed her phone to the side. She knew Steve was right; Todd was usually the first in their group to fall asleep. But she was so excited to finally get to play with them that she didn’t want to wait.

“Guess I’ll have to,” she said to her ceiling as she looked at the clock.


Two hours later the teens finally retreated to Todd’s room. It was just large enough for the five of them if they situated themselves correctly. Carefully they rolled out their sleeping bags on top of thick blankets. They were drunk enough that it took serious effort, and it took twenty minutes longer than it should have as they laughed together.

“Okay guys,” Steve said, letting his alcoholic courage guide him and forgetting that he hadn’t waited for Todd to fall asleep yet, “I got one more thing before we crash.”

“Dude, it’s two in the morning!” Todd said, more than ready to fall asleep. He had just finished shoving his frequently stuck door closed.

“Oh shit,” Steve said, suddenly recalling he was supposed to wait for Todd to pass out. He shrugged as he pulled out his phone. “Too late now,” he said quietly to himself. He held his phone up so everyone could see it, and in a louder voice he said, “Wanna have some real fun?”

“Hey, is that-?” Elwood started to ask as Steve turned his phone around and tapped a flashing button.

“Buckle up, bitches!” Steve yelled excitedly, “It’s party time!”

“Wait!” Todd yelled from the doorway, “Was that my sist-“

He didn’t get to finish his question before the teens all suddenly vanished with a combined rapidly-dwindling shout. Their clothes, suddenly without occupants, dropped to the ground. Todd’s shirt caught on the door handle, while the rest of the piles simply dropped anticlimactically onto their sleeping bags. The loudest sound was Steve’s phone dropping to the floor, missing Steve’s sleeping bag and landing on the hardwood.

For a moment there was motionless silence throughout the room, then the piles of clothing started to shift gently, as though a mouse were nosing its way through the fallen cloth. Steve was the first to emerge, three inches tall and feeling like a million dollars.

“Whoo!” the tiny man yelled, leaping into the air and pumping a fist. At his height he didn’t jump high, but it didn’t matter. He was overwhelmed with horny excitement, endorphins, and…

“Hey, I’m sober?” Steve asked aloud as he looked at his hands. Then he laughed to himself. “Oh yeah, the shrinking thing pushes out toxins.”

Then he looked up as he heard distant and angry yelling. Steve stumbled toward the sound across his sleeping bag until he reached the edge, then hopped off. At his height it seemed like only a couple of feet, but the impact jarred him more than he expected. As he recovered he looked around and saw Elwood and Al running toward him, both looking thoroughly annoyed.

“Hey!” he shouted at them, cupping his hands around his mouth, “Where’s Dave?”

“You asshole!” Elwood shouted when he got closer, punching Steve in the arm.


Al didn’t bother with a punch; he was out of breath from the running. Instead he shoulder checked Steve and knocked him to the floor where he landed on a pebble the size of a basketball.

“Hey damnit!” Steve yelled, but the other two’s shouting overruled him instantly.

“Idiot!” “Jackass!” “What the hell were you-“ “gonna kick your-“

Steve stumbled to his feet and his friends let him while they kept up their verbal assault. He looked at them, confused, and held up both his hands to try and get them to slow down.

“Hey, wait wait wait!” he shouted as Al winded up for another punch. “What the hell guys!?”

“You!” Al shouted back. “What the hell are you doing shrinking us down? You didn’t warn us or anything!”

“Whoa, okay,” Steve said quietly, holding both hands out like he was calming a rabid dog, “Okay, I can get that, and I was gonna tell you-“

“When?” Elwood asked, cutting him off. “Because two seconds beforehand is pretty shitty man!”

“Well,” Steve stuttered out, looking up at the mountain sized bed that towered over them all, “I meant to wait until Todd was passed out, but then I got too excited and just…” he ended his sentence by waving his hands about.

“Great.” Al said, shaking his head. “Care to tell us why now? Or are we gonna wait til Dave dies of exhaustion?”

The other two three-inch tall boys turned and looked where Al was gesturing. In the distance they could see Dave’s blonde hair bouncing as he jogged toward them. Unlike the rest of the boys, Dave didn’t have the genetics for running. He spent more time in the weight room, where any number over five was too high for him.

“Uh-“ Al said suddenly, realizing that Dave’s hair wasn’t the only thing that’s bouncing.

“You’re not supposed to look!” Elwood said, laughing. “Ball gazer!”

“Oh, shut it!” Al said angrily, “Like we haven’t ever-“

What they hadn’t ever was suddenly cut off as a crack of thunder rolled through the room. The trio turned suddenly and cowered reflexively as the door handle turned rapidly, as distant as the sun. Then another crack of thunder sounded as whoever was opening the door put their shoulder into it again; the boys had broken it months ago and Todd’s parents hadn’t bothered to fix it. Again there was a massive grunt of effort and the door shook.

“It’s like watching the sky break open!” Al said as the door finally got unstuck and it swung open.

“Oh, so that’s why we shrank,” Steve said, crossing his arms and suddenly confident that they’d be happy with his decision, surprise or no. “Sarah and I have been talking a lot and she wanted all of us at the same time before she’d let me bang her.”

“Oh please,” Al said, punching him on the shoulder. “That tease already-“

Then his voice trailed off as Sarah appeared. She was a beautiful brunette goddess; the size of a skyscraper yet as agile as a dancer, as she should be. Sarah gave off nerdy vibes with her glasses, which she wasn’t wearing at the moment, but she had earned a dancer’s body through years of practice. Her face was flushed from pushing the door open and her C-cup breasts heaved from the exertion. She was wearing athletic short-shorts and a dark tank top, both of which she’d outgrown several years ago.

None of the boys had ever seen something so beautiful and awe-inspiring. Her breasts pushed out against the small shirt and her nipples stood proud; her excitement was palpable.

“She already-“ Al said again, lost in thought as he watched Sarah carefully step forward. It briefly occurred to him that she didn’t have her glasses on and that they may be in danger, but she only took two steps into the room then knelt down carefully on one knee. “Uh-“

“Shut it, Al, that handy doesn’t count for shit,” Steve said as he watched Sarah kneel. She was so large that her motions were inadvertently terrifying. He knew she was several feet away still, which seemed like a half mile to him, but his mind couldn’t decipher the mixed signals and giant scale. The instinct to run from the larger predator was screaming in his ear, but Steve ignored it.

“What is she doing?” Elwood asked as she reached down to the ground, smiling and revealing the braces on her teeth. Her pigtails fell from her shoulders and dangled toward the ground as she leaned further forward and her eyes narrowed. The trio couldn’t see what she was reaching for; Steve’s sleeping bag was a barrier the size of a small building that blocked their view.

“Hey!” Steve yelled, waving his arms and starting Al and Elwood, “Sarah!”

In the distance Sarah didn’t notice them, but they certainly noticed when she stood with dizzying speed.

“Hold still!” they heard her booming voice say to something that she held gently with both hands. “This is gonna be awesome!”

“She must have found Todd?” Al asked aloud, “Wasn’t he over there?”

Just as he asked Dave finally reached their group and Sarah’s eyes flashed toward them. Even without her glasses four three-inch tall people on the floor must have been obvious.

“Okay,” Dave said as he double over wheezing, “Steve,” gasp, “What the fuck!”

“We’re past that already!” Steve said hurriedly as Sarah stepped over his sleeping bag. He couldn’t keep himself from stepping backward as she towered over them, and he backed into Al causing the two of them to fall in a tangle of limbs.

“Shit!” someone yelled as one of Sarah’s feet slammed down onto the floor next to them.

Steve and Al rolled away from each other as someone else screamed. In their panic none of them noticed Sarah’s hands approach and surround them. She giggled and Steve looked up just in time to see her staring down at him. Then something massive and warm slammed into him from the side.

As carefully as she could Sarah gathered the rest of the tinies, scooping them up with cupped hands. They may have been slightly-fuzzy blurs (she always exaggerated how poor her vision was to those who asked), but she was able to count to five once they were all in her hands. She held them up to one hazel eye and tried to make sense of who was who, but the boys kept tumbling over each other as each of her small movements knocked them off their feet. Being careful not to drop any or trip she stood and started backing out of the room.

She laughed again and said, “Okay boys, I know one of you used to be my brother-“

“Hey!” Todd yelled angrily. He’d been yelling the entire time, livid at both being shrunk against his will and the fact that he was naked in his sister’s hands.

“-but as far as I’m concerned every tiny is a toy and ohmygosh thank you Steve for volunteering everyone!”

“Steve!” everyone yelled as she walked down the hall, “You asshole!”

Above them Sarah was humming happily and bouncing with each step. The hallway flew by and the boys clambered over one another to try and get a look at their surroundings beyond her titanic hands. By the time they were upright all they could see was Sarah’s smiling face from below and walls that were splattered with an energetic mix of pink and purple paint. The scent of strawberries flooded over them and Todd got a glimpse of a candle on a nightstand before her hands dumped them unceremoniously on the largest bed in history.

“Shit!” he yelled before he landed on the pink blanket with an ‘oof!’ Before anything else could happen he rolled to his knees and looked around as fast as he could manage. Quickly he counted his four friends around him, a hundred pillows a mile ahead of him, and as he spun he saw a massive dark form fall to the ground, vanishing rapidly as it fell beyond where the edge of the bed let him see.

“Is everybody okay?” he heard Elwood say as the boys all recovered.

“We’re tough, aren’t we?” Al said behind him as he stood next to Todd. “Right Steve?” he asked distractedly, his voice trailing off as he beheld the sight above him.

Even Todd was distracted by the sight of his sister rapidly pulling off all of her clothing. There was no pretense in what she was doing, no attempt at a strip tease, no acknowledgement that she had a small crowd entranced by her actions. Todd had unknowingly seen her shirt fall earlier, and she yanked her sports bra up and over her head as he realized what he had seen falling. Her C-cup breasts dropped slightly and bounced, and despite everything Todd felt his manhood grow.

Then Sarah turned sideways and started pulling her shorts over her hips; it was clear it took some effort. She’d outgrown the shorts years ago and Todd was the only member of their group who hadn’t regularly fantasized about seeing her well-shaped ass.

“Right Steve?” Al asked again as they watched a tiny pair of red panties vanish down her legs as well. Sarah’s toned stomach was mere feet away, and Al was finally watching her get naked in front of him. But he didn’t like Steve’s lack of answer. “Steve?”

Sarah turned again and all five of the teens looked at the small patch of pubic hair, short and dark and trimmed to look like an arrow, which they followed down to the cleft between her legs. Had they been regular sized it would have seemed impossibly small, though that wouldn’t have stopped them unless she told them ‘no.’ But at their size they knew that her body was more than large enough to accommodate their size.

“Uh, what?” Steve asked as Sarah picked up her phone and murmured into it briefly. As he started to rub his erection music started to blare from an unseen speaker in the distance. A female voice accompanied by a frenzy of electronica filled the air as Sarah licked a finger and circled one nipple.

“Hey boys,” she said, desire dripping from her voice, “Sorry I led you all on for so long, but honestly I just didn’t have the courage to take it any further than a handy!”

Al chuckled and Todd punched him in the arm.

“Dude, really?” Dave asked as Sarah kept speaking.

“But Steve really got me going over the past couple weeks-“

“Wait, all of you?” Todd said angrily as the rest shrugged sheepishly. “Ever heard of the bro code!?”

“And that’s when I thought of shrinking!”

She smiled above them, her enthusiasm obvious on her face. It was the smile and energy that would win her any boy she wanted.

But they’re all right here! she thought, feeling heat she’d denied herself all evening blossoming in her most private of places.

“I really really like you all,” she admitted, her face growing red with the admission even as she traced one finger hypnotically downward between her breasts.

“And I think I’m ready to go all the way,” she continued as her finger crept downward. Even Todd, horrified that this was his sister, couldn’t tear his eyes away.

“Don’t worry though. I’ll be gentle. It’s my first time too!”

Then her finger finally reached her clit, which she rubbed lightly with a gasp.

“First time, huh?” Steve said, drawing Todd’s attention.

“That’s my sister!” he screamed angrily at Steve, suddenly furious. Todd leaped at Steve, who yelled in surprise as a fist hit his face like a brick. “I’m not gonna lose my virginity to my sister!”

As he pulled his arm back for another swing something massive wrapped around his body causing Todd to scream in sudden fear. The ground suddenly receded and his stomach flipped as his friends grew smaller and his vantage point shot upward. There was a loud giggle as the hand turned.

The hell? Steve wondered as Dave helped him back to his feet and Todd was yanked upward. One hand went to his nose and came away red with blood. Steve felt himself grow pale when he realized what that meant.

“No need to fight guys!” Sarah said with a delicate laugh as the tiny in her hand pushed against her fingers. Just in case, she nervously loosened her grip slightly. “You’re all gonna get in me tonight! But the first winner is…”

Sarah squinted her eyes and held the tiny up to her face. Briefly she thought about just grabbing her glasses, but the face quickly came into focus.

“Todd!” she said with a gasp. Sarah had never considered her first time might be with her brother, but as a tiny he was hardly her brother; now he was just a toy.

The perfect size toy, she thought.

“I hope you enjoy this as much as I’m going to,” she said to her first ever toy. Before she could lose her nerve she licked his head and put one foot up on her bed.

“Whoa!” Elwood said, not noticing Steve’s bloody nose and look of horror. He was too busy looking upward where Sarah’s perfect legs went all-the-way-up, ending with the most perfect pussy he’d ever seen.

“I’d be jealous!” he yelled as her hand descended, hoping that Todd could hear him. He knew Todd wasn’t happy about this at all, but he couldn’t help goading his friend. “But I’m gonna be spending a lot of time in your sister now, so get her warmed up!”

Al and Dave laughed halfheartedly; they too were entranced by the show. Sarah’s face betrayed nerves, fear, and need. But her glistening pussy showed them that above all else she wanted this.

Above them two fingers parted her outer lips, and each of their erections pulsed with reckless desire. They were all virgins, and at some point in the past two years each had fantasized about, and almost managed to, take Sarah’s virginity.

Then her other hand appeared, only Todd’s head exposed. Suddenly it rotated, hanging him upside down. The boys could hear him yell angrily, then as they watched she pulled him closer to herself until his feet contacted her pussy. Instantly her groan of pleasure drowned out his cries and her dainty hand pushed him further upward.

“Oh!” she said, unable to say anything more. The feeling of something entering her was unreal, far better than her finger. Every kick of her brothers – no, her toy’s – legs was an electric shock of pure pleasure. He may have been much smaller than the cocks she saw on the internet, but for her first time he was perfect.

“Oh god!” she said as she adjusted her hand, putting a finger on each of his shoulders as she leaned forward, putting one hand on the bed to keep herself from falling over as her knees weakened.

“Watch out!” Dave yelled as the massive hand landed mere feet away from him. The force of her weight knocked him to the side and he landed on his back just in time to see Todd get engulfed by Sarah’s snatch up to his shoulders.

As he watched a single finger gently pushed on Todd’s head until Dave couldn’t see his friend anymore. Above him Sarah was mewing with pleasure, and her finger pulled back until it could rapidly rub her clit; all that Dave could see of Todd was the top of his head.

Sarah’s snatch was a boiling hot, slippery tube that Todd knew he’d see again in his nightmares. He kicked and punched against her pliable flesh but made no traction. Her fingers had easily slid him inside of herself and he felt her quiver around him; heard her cry out in pleasure with every frenzied movement he made. Desperately he craned his neck upward to keep his mouth open to the air, but her fluids coated his body and he could only take short breaths as he spit out the salty lubrication as fast as he could.

He kept kicking and pushed his arms up and overhead. Todd was more than aware that she was too slippery for him to really pull himself out, but he was hoping if he could make his body more wide toward her opening her pulsing muscles would simply eject him rather than devouring him whole.

The world shook, larger movements than before, and he hoped that she was orgasming already and that he would have his escape. For a moment he opened his eyes only to see his friends far closer than he’d expected; her movements had been her climbing on the bed, not cumming. Todd couldn’t be so lucky.

“Help!” he tried to yell, but the words only came out as a sputtering gasp; he was being squeezed too tightly and her fluids entered his mouth as soon as he opened it.

“Get a good look boys!” Sarah said breathlessly. Her finger strummed along her clit and she felt an orgasm rapidly approaching. She’d carefully climbed onto the bed on all fours, and she lowered her hips to give the remaining four tinies a good look at her snatch and, giggle!, her asshole too. Sarah knew what the boys wanted and it made her feel somehow dirty and powerful.

Part of her wondered what it was going to feel like when she slid one or two of them into her tight asshole.

The finger above them flew more rapidly as Steve tugged at Al’s arm. Al absentmindedly jerked his arm away, entranced by the show.

“Not now!” he said as he saw Sarah’s legs start to shake. Her pussy lips even seemed to be vibrating, though that could have just been from her finger on her clit.

Steve tugged at Al’s arm again as Sarah’s moans began to crescendo. The sound was so large each of the boys felt their bodies start to shake in response.

“Al, you need to see this-“ Steve tried to say, holding up his bloody hand.

Then Sarah screamed as her orgasm finally arrived. Todd screamed too; the boys could see his mouth open as her pussy tried to crush him. Her finger flew across her clit above them, then she leaned forward enough to put her shoulders on the bed and her other hand joined the fray. As they watched a finger pushed into her tight pussy as well and she started sliding it in and out of herself, the pressure on her finger dragged Todd along with.

“No-mph!” Todd tried to scream as her finger pistoned in front of him. Suddenly his air was cut off as he was plunged deeper into her boiling cavern, his face blocked by her finger. As he was yanked up and down he thrashed, desperate to create enough space to breath. Every third or fourth stroke her finger would slide a little further out and he could gasp out a desperate breath before she drove her finger back in, desperate to prolong her orgasm.

Then, finally as he was about to black out from the movement and lack of air, he felt her finger slow. The distant cries of pleasure faded into the distance and her finger slid out of her. Todd let himself be pulled with it.

“Catch him!” someone yelled below him as he fell. No one did, but he landed on the soft blanket without being injured. Coughing, he rolled to his stomach and tried to get on all fours as the world shook around him.

“That was amaaaziiiiing!” Sarah said, still shaking slightly from her orgasm. Carefully she rolled onto her back and let out a deep satisfied sigh as she made sure the five tinies were between her outspread legs. At that distance they were a little fuzzy, but she could see her brother’s friends running over to congratulate him.

“I’ve never came like that before!” Sarah’s voice said in the distance as the boys gathered around Todd.

“Dude!” Dave said, “That looked awesome!”

Then he saw Todd coughing, and how distressed he appeared.

“No it wasn’t!” Todd yelled as Steve finally yelled at everyone.

“Look!” he yelled, holding up his bloodied hand and pointing to his nose. “I was trying to tell you assholes, we’re not tough! That probably almost killed him!”

Their faces all turned white as they looked at him and realized what that meant. In the distance Sarah was giggling and saying something she thought was sexy, but none of them could spare her the attention. Their gazes went from Steve’s face to how Todd looked like he’d just run a marathon. He wasn’t hurt, but from what they knew of shrinking he shouldn’t even be able to get tired.

“Who’s next?” Sarah asked rhetorically as the gathering of tinies seemed to slow. She’d wanted to give her first toy time to prepare the rest for her smoothness, but the fire in her belly grew. She needed more. In the back of her mind she knew she’d done the smart thing by playing with them all tiny first; she could only imagine how sore she’d be if she’d tried to be with them all at full size for her first time. Sarah wasn’t good at restraint; she may have flirted with them one at a time but if she’d found the nerve to sleep with one, she would have slept with them all.

Well, probably not Todd. But if the room was dark….Sarah giggled as she the thought ran through her head.

“If we’re not careful she could ki—” what Steve tried to say was cut off as massive fingertips gently grabbed his chest. Todd had time to see his friend’s stunned face before Steve was yanked upward at dizzying speeds.

This time Sarah didn’t bother turning her toy around.

“Don’t worry everybody!” she said to the rest as she leaned forward and they all screamed, fearful for their friend. She wanted to see this toy slide into her this time and she adjusted her hips accordingly. “There’s enough of me for everyone!”

Then she moved her toy closer to her pussy. It was either Al or Steve, she guessed, but she hoped it was Steve. He’d told her about how well he would squirm for her over the past couple of days and her pussy was eagerly hoping he lived up to expectation.

She bit her lip as his head slid into her tight pussy and he instantly started squirming for her. For a girl who’d never put anything inside of her besides a finger it was incredible. As she slid him further inside of herself Sarah adjusted her grip and grabbed onto his ankles. Her right leg twitched as the signals from her pussy overwhelmed her muscle control briefly.

“Here we go!” she said more to herself than him. Below her pussy the rest of the tinies were watching with what she assumed was envy. Then they were beyond her attention, except for as her legs and feet moved slowly, mirroring her pleasure.

This time she took a little longer; with the first tiny she’d been so excited by the situation that she came far faster than usual. She was still incredibly keyed up and knew this wouldn’t take long, but she hoped it wouldn’t be another sprint.

That’s okay, she told herself as she slowly starting pumping the tiny in and out of her, savoring the feeling of his shoulders and swinging arms pushing against her sensitive flesh, It’s not like they’re all going away, we’ve got months to play before even a couple of them leave for college.

Then thought stopped. All that mattered were the sensations her toy was giving her. One finger lightly circled her clit as she slid him in and out of her. At three inches tall he couldn’t get as deep as she’d like but for now it would have to do. The next time she played he could be bigger.

In a blissful daze she leaned back against her headboard as her hands moved below. Each thrust brought the delicious sensations deeper inside, while each retreat made her pussy long for more. Every so often she removed him entirely just to get the feeling of that initial insertion all over again. As she continued using her miniature dildo his struggles grew more erratic, and so did her thrusting. Gently she pushed him deeper, letting her fingers lose their grip briefly to stuff him further inside before she followed him and squeezed his ankles once more to slide him free.

Steve screamed as he was thrust into her soaking snatch. His inner ear had given up on keeping track of his position, all he could tell was what direction he was being pushed by how he felt her flesh sliding past his body. Each moment was a desperate struggle for air, and he could tell he was losing. The only thing that kept him from blacking out was the fact that she intermittently pulled him free of her tunnel which allowed him to take a few desperate gasps as she ran his head around her clit before returning him to that destination he’d so desperately chased after only hours ago. And the pain, of course.

Just let me die! he found himself thinking as part of her masturbation began to involve releasing his ankles briefly before smashing them once more.

He felt his strength fading; her flesh began pushing harder on him as her orgasm grew and he could only hope that she came soon-

“Ohmygod!” Sarah yelled as her orgasm arrived suddenly, stunning her with its speed. Her pussy clamped down on her toy and she couldn’t help herself; as her need grew she took two fingers and shoved him violently further into herself. Her body bucked and she rubbed her clit furiously while her two fingers drove in and out of her sopping tunnel. She could feel her toy continue fighting deeper than anything had ever been before and her orgasm was unreal; it was by far the best since she’d first discovered sitting on the corner of the dryer in the basement.

The boys below screamed as her legs thrashed; her feet missed smashing them to a pulp my mere inches. They dove and scattered as she cried out in ecstasy, her pleasure balanced by their chaotic flight for survival. Then, after an eternity of panic that in reality only lasted ten seconds, the tornado of smashing flesh stopped and they heard Sarah let out another satisfied sigh.

“Steve!” Al cried out, looking toward Sarah’s massive snatch as she pulled her two fingers free of it with a faint suction noise. Steve didn’t appear. “We gotta get Steve!”

“No!” Elwood yelled at Al as he ran, “There’s no way he’s alive! We gotta get out of here!”

“Mmm,” Sarah moaned as she felt movement in her pussy again. Some instinct prompted her to squeeze her abdominal muscles and she felt the moving mass propelled toward her opening. “Oh, you want out, huh?” she asked with a giggle. She squeezed her stomach muscles again and looked down just as something started to protrude from her pussy. Sarah couldn’t help but laugh as an arm, then a tiny head peeked out from her snatch.

There was a strange sensation as her toy fell out of her pussy, and she laughed again as she saw the tiny fall to the blanket. The idea of a little man popping out of her snatch made her smile with satisfaction.

“You were great!” she said, leaning back and stroking her clit lightly as she caught her breath. Her breasts heaved and she was covered in a light sheen of sweat. For a moment she enjoyed the afterglow, touching herself just enough to keep up some momentum for when she’d caught her breath.

As she breathed she failed to hear Steve’s cries of pain.

“Help!” Steve screamed as he rolled to his stomach on the pink comforter. “Help me!”

He couldn’t see his friends over the rolls in the blanket, but he knew he had to get away from Sarah before she accidentally killed him. While she masturbated he’d almost asphyxiated dozens of times and his left arm didn’t seem to work properly. But what was really killing him was his ankles; she’d crushed them almost instantly as soon as her thrusting had gotten more frantic. The pain was all that had kept him from passing out and dying in her pussy.

“Dave!” he cried as he crawled away from her massive pussy, covered in her juices and driven by a mix of terror and adrenaline, “Al! Guys!”

“Ahhh,” Sarah said, as oblivious to Steve’s pain as his friends were. Blindly she reached down between her legs and scooped him up. “I’ve gotta thank you for that,” she told him as she rolled his still-wet body onto her hand and lifted him to her face.

The boys watched in terror as Steve was lifted up to Sarah’s face. They hadn’t heard him screaming in pain, he had been too far away, but Al still felt terrible; he wished he’d been able to help his friend, even though Steve was the reason they were in this situation. They could only watch and hope that Sarah realized they weren’t tough before it was too late for all of them. It was obvious that he was in pain to them, but none of them could see what was wrong. They’d already made sure Todd was okay; Elwood, who wanted to be a nurse, described his symptoms as similar to a near-drowning more than anything.

Sarah let out a laugh from deep in her throat as endorphins ran through her body. Already her pussy hungered for more and she knew that she had three more toys to play with before everyone got their turn. But she wanted to see who she was using, though she was still a little too lazy to put on her glasses.

Her eyes narrowed as her hand approached her face. Steve’s face came into focus, and she loosened her grip slightly since he looked surprisingly uncomfortable.

“Hey little man,” she said as she tried to make her voice sultrier, “I really gotta thank you Steve, this is gonna be an incredible night.”

Then she leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on his tiny face. Her lips easily engulfed his head and she couldn’t help but snake her tongue out; her fluids tasted sweet on his tiny body as she French-kissed him. For a moment she was tempted to eat him, to swallow him whole and feel his wriggling form fight against the walls of her stomach. But she stopped herself just as her pussy cheered for her to do it; the thought of pulling him out of her stomach in the morning didn’t appeal to her, though she bet Steve wouldn’t mind the extra time inside of her.

Steve sputtered as she finally pulled her mouth away from him. Her tongue had bathed his face and torso in saliva, and he was soaked in a variety of fluids. Coughing, he pulled his good right arm free from her hand and waved, screaming at her as loud as he could. Each movement of her hand moved his ankles painfully, but he knew if he didn’t get her attention before things escalated further he likely wasn’t getting out of this alive.

She smiled, showing the braces on her teeth, and raised an eyebrow. The teen turned her head and shook her pigtail away from her ear as she held him up so she could hear him.

“Oh?” she asked, “What is it little toy?” Sarah was tempted to shove him straight into her snatch again instead of listening to him, but she knew she was in no rush. They had time and she could always get rougher later. She’d wanted to start rough, her friends had told her sex was better that way, but in her nervousness to lose her virginity she’d bet on it being a better idea to be at least a little gentle.

There was a faint sound of his voice and she held him closer to her ear.

“-me!” he was yelling, and Sarah was surprised at the tone of his voice. Urgency? Fear? It was a far cry from the excitement she’d expected, they’d both been fulfilling a sexual fantasy mere minutes ago. “I’m hurt!” she heard him say, and her eyes narrowed in confusion. “You broke my ankles! We’re! Not! Tough! Something went wr-“

Suddenly she pulled him away from her ear and she felt the blood drain from her face. Her free hand went up to her lips as she gasped, and Steve screamed as the hand holding him lowered and opened suddenly. Her palm held him like a massive table and she held him up to her eyes.

“No!” she said, stunned as she saw the twisted bones that had been his ankles. “No, no, no! You said you were all gonna be tough! That you’d be invincible! You were gonna spend the night in me!”

In the distance, between her ankles, the rest of the boys watched the exchange, only hearing Sarah’s voice. Despite the danger Al and Elwood couldn’t help but stare at her massive body, incredible even considering the size difference.

“We’re gonna be okay!” Todd said, suddenly relieved. There was no way his sister would continue now.

“No!” she said, “I wanted you all tough, not like this!”

She held her hand up to her ear again, and Todd saw something on her face that he didn’t like. As her brother he knew her better than anyone there, and fear ran through his body again. Her realization wasn’t going to save them.

“Uh,” Al said, watching her other arm start to move back downward, “Anybody else seeing this?”

As she spoke with Steve, Sarah couldn’t help it. She felt terrible about the entire situation, sure, who wouldn’t? She knew if she returned them all to their normal sizes then this could all be explained away as a terrible, embarrassing accident. Then she’d have to see them constantly, knowing she’d almost killed them all in sexual ecstasy rather than starting what she’d hoped would be a months long marathon of physical entwinement.

The shame would be incredible, the reminders daily. And if her friends heard about it? Unthinkable.

But her pussy had other ideas. As she realized that she was strong enough to hurt Steve badly without even meaning to, her pussy had overcome its shock of devouring what turned out to be an unwilling meal. She felt powerful. Strong. And she wanted more.

Steve couldn’t see as she slid a finger back into her wet snatch, slowly massaging the tender flesh inside. But he could tell from the change in her voice that things weren’t going as he’d hoped.

“I’m so sorry Steve!” Sarah said, struggling to hide the growing need within. “I really didn’t want it to be like this!”

“Turn us back!” he yelled from her palm as her finger, unseen below, tapped lightly on her engorged clitoris. “I gotta get to the hospital!”

At hearing that word a shock of fear ran through her body and she committed. There would be no hospital. No talk of their accident, no shameful lack of eye contact and flirting when they came over to her house.

Do it! a voice that she recognized said as she eyed Steve on her hand. He was visibly growing nervous under her intense gaze. Fill me! said the voice that belonged to her desire, They’re toys! Use them!

“I’m sorry Steve,” she said as she let a smile escape. The change in her energy was palpable, and as Steve started to move on her palm she lifted it upward. Two fingers entered her pussy as she tried out her most innocent voice, suddenly wishing she had a video camera.

“There’s not gonna be a hospital,” she told him as she held her hand in front of her mouth. Her massive tongue reached out and dragged up the front of his body, tasting his fear and exciting her even more as she realized exactly how helpless he was. She could hear him screaming faintly, and her hand blindly sought out another of her toys.

Al screamed as her hand first knocked him over, then picked him up. Sarah scooted her butt downward on the bed, bringing her ass close enough to the remaining three that they had to run to avoid being smashed. In a panic they ran as fast as they could, but Sarah was beyond noticing.

Sarah dropped the tiny on her breast, then maneuvered him on top of her nipple. Instantly he fought against her sensitive nipple and she used her hand to push him further into it. Each movement sent a small shock through her body; she was on fire.

Is this what a mouth would feel like? she wondered as her nipple blossomed with electric fire.

“Sorry Steve,” she said again, tilting her hand toward her mouth. He started to slide downward and she opened her mouth wide. “This isn’t what I planned, but I’m not gonna back out now.”

“No!” he screamed as he tried to scramble up her palm with one arm. “What is wrong with youuu?!”

Then he lost traction. Her hand was simply too steep and he fell downward, rolling once before he fell momentarily into open space. Then his ankles slammed painfully into the side of her mouth at the same time his head hit the opposite end, forcing his body to fold into the fetal position to fit. A different heat enveloped him as he landed on her tongue, and he threw his good arm toward her open lips, hoping to grab hold of a tooth.

“Mmmm!” Sarah said as she ground Al into her nipple and savored the taste of Steve. He kicked on her tongue as she swirled him about her mouth, and every so often she got a flash of salty goodness. It occurred to her that her teeth were probably cutting his tiny body and she was tasting his blood. A shock of guilt suddenly ran through her body.

Am I really gonna do this? she wondered as she maneuvered his body closer to the back of her mouth. Suddenly her entire body was vibrating with excitement as the final moment to change her mind approached.

“Fuck you!” Al screamed with the little air that her hand and nipple allowed him. Opening his mouth wide he bit into her as hard as he could.

Her nipple lit up with a suddenly sharper pleasure and Sarah tilted her head back in response. Her tongue pushed Steve hard against the top of her mouth and she gathered up saliva quickly. Then she swallowed as hard as she could.

The tiny man fought against her every step of the way, but all it did was heighten the pleasure for Sarah. She knew he was fighting for his life, but to her he was simply food. The first swallow pulled him halfway into her throat, and she breathed quickly through her nose before she swallowed again. He slid down her throat, vibrating pleasantly all the while as her nipple lit up with sensations she knew she’d have to experience again.

Then, just as she took another breath and prepared to swallow again, she felt the lump in her throat vanish. A weight seemed to settle in her abdomen as Steve fell into her stomach. Then there was a tickle.

“Oh!” Sarah said as she felt the tickle become a vibration, then an indescribable thumping that shook her to the core of her being.

With a sudden scream Sarah felt another small orgasm pass through her body. Steve was fighting for his life while she came without even touching herself. Al screamed as the pressure surrounding him increased; luckily the soft flesh of her breast acted as a cushion. If he’d been anywhere else her hand would have crushed him into paste.

The moment she felt the orgasm lessen Sarah sat up suddenly and grabbed one of the fleeing tinies. They’d almost made it to the edge of the bed, but she knew as well as they did that jumping would be suicide. She was in a frenzy, and she couldn’t even pretend that any of them were going to survive.

I’m not much better today! she thought excitedly as she slipped the toy from her nipple into her mouth then grabbed another from below. Whoever it was didn’t taste as interesting as Steve had, but he was also much more active. Sarah had never experienced regular sex, but she knew from that moment forth it would be difficult to orgasm without a tiny life about to be swallowed in her mouth.

“Don’t worry down there!” she said to the remaining tiny between her ankles, her words muffled by her current mouth-crawler. “I won’t forget about you!”

Then she sucked hard on the tiny in her mouth to hold him still as she laid further down on the bed. She brought her knees up to her head as her stomach kept up its incredible thumping vibrations and giggled. Once she felt settled she opened her mouth slightly and felt something slide outward between her lips.

“Help!” Al screamed as he tried to pull himself up through her lips. One hand planted on her teeth and the other managed to grab a tiny fold of her lips, and with all his strength he pulled himself up until his head was clear of her mouth. He tried not to think about the fact that his torso was now firmly situated between her teeth that could easily tear him in half. “Somebody help me!” he screamed again as he pulled himself further up.

Once she thought enough of him was free to see what was happening, Sarah clamped her lips around his torso. She knew she’d done it right when her sensitive lips could feel his arms struggling, still inside her mouth while she could hear his faint screaming. If she hadn’t been so horny she would have loved to have taken a picture; the idea of seeing his terrified face only deepened her need.

Let’s get one in either end, shall we? she thought, giggling around the boy stuck in her lip as she shifted her hips backward.

“No!” Todd screamed as his sister lowered Elwood toward her asshole. From his point of view he had a perfect view of parts of his sister he never wanted to see, and right now he was seeing a nightmare. The hand that held Dave pulled her cheeks apart gently while the hand holding Elwood carefully maneuvered him closer, and over it all in the distance Todd could see a face between her lips that he knew was Al.

“No!” he screamed again as she groaned; Elwood’s face had contacted her asshole.

Relax! she told herself as she felt the first-ever tickles at her backdoor. She’d planned on shoving at least one of the boys up her backdoor tonight, and the fact that it would kill him wasn’t going to slow her down. Al felt a massive breath blow out around his body as she exhaled.

The massive sphincter resisted Elwood’s face at first, and he was sure he was going to die from a broken neck. He knew it would be a mercy; since he wasn’t tough her asshole was a death sentence. Then the hand pulled him away slightly and in the darkness between her well-formed cheeks he saw her asshole tense briefly, then relax.

“Fuck!” he screamed as the hand pushed him forward again. His face pushed against the dark hole, still smelling of soap, until the skin moved aside to accommodate his penetration. He fought against her fingers but it was useless; his head passed through her sphincter and he briefly wondered how it would have felt to put his cock into that tight hole before his shoulders were engulfed as well.

The widest part of the tiny passed through her rosebud and Sarah smiled around the tiny between her lips. Her fingers pushed more and she distinctly felt when his shoulders had passed completely through; her sphincter suddenly tightened around the smaller diameter of his torso.

“Ah!” she said, causing Al to fall back into her mouth with a scream. Before she could choke she tucked him into her cheek, and a finger pushed on her anal-toy’s feet until she felt her ass swallow him entirely. There was a moment where she simply felt the additional, strange weight inside her backdoor. Then it moved, first a gentle tickle then larger, more furious movements as Elwood threw his fists against the walls of her colon.

As she felt her anal vibrator really work his magic, Sarah wasted no time in slamming the toy in her other hand straight into her pussy. He slid inside with no resistance; she was tight but she was ready. The toy slipped entirely into her pussy and she grabbed his ankles as fast as she could. Immediately she drove him in and out of herself, wishing he were larger but knowing this was going to work wonderfully.

The toy swung its arms through her sensitive tunnel as she pulled him back and forth. Her free hand alternated between her clit and one sensitive breast while the sensations from her lower half grew beyond anything she could have imagined. Having the toy fighting in her ass as she shoved another in and out of her pussy was unreal.

Sarah screamed around Al, and he screamed with her. She’d shoved him to the side of her mouth but her teeth were sharp enough to scrape his skin violently, and each of her screams was louder than a jet engine. The girl’s mouth was slightly open and he threw himself toward the light as best he could, though he knew it was futile. In the distance he could see a hand driving in and out of her pussy, she was holding herself so that she could see the insertion herself, and then she cried out again. Al screamed as he felt his eardrums burst.

This is gonna be perfect! Sarah thought as her orgasm approached rapidly. The more she came the more sensitive she became and knowing what she was going to do only hurried it along. The pressure below grew and grew, and as the electricity built she pulled the toy in her mouth back onto her tongue.

Just as her peak hit she threw him back toward her throat and swallowed hard. The feeling of his struggling form in her throat launched her over the edge as though shot from a cannon. The brunette girl shoved the toy in her pussy as deep as it would go with three more fingers and slapped her hand across her opening rapidly, causing shocks that ran through her body.

Todd watched in horror as his sister came violently, her mouth opening in a wordless scream. All her muscles clenched and he watched as a bulge that was Al traveled down her throat. Her fingers pounded in and out of her pussy, and he could only hope that Dave had died early in the chaos, that Elwood hadn’t survived being slid into her ass.

None of them were getting out of this alive, and the best he could hope for was a fast death. He couldn’t imagine slowly burning alive in her stomach like Al and Steve, but he was so terrified his mind didn’t seem to be working correctly anymore. There was nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. He was done.

Sarah’s entire body shook as she had the largest orgasm of her life. The sensations everywhere prolonged le-petit-morte longer than she believed possible. Two tinies in her stomach? Something in her ass fighting like a wild animal? A toy in her pussy that was…slowing down?

Realizing her pussy toy was finally losing energy brought Sarah down from the high of her orgasm. She gasped aloud as she breathed, feeling like she’d just ran half a marathon. Her hand retreated from her pussy, it was too sensitive for her to keep touching, and she felt slight movements as her toy was pushed out by her twitching muscles.

She sighed with mixed emotions; her anal toy was still fighting wonderfully but her pussy felt so empty the moment the toy pushed its way free and dropped to the bed.

“Oooh,” she said, tapping her belly where the two tinies inside were vibrating up a small storm that she didn’t want to ever live without. The skin on her backside felt her pussy toy moving slightly and she shifted her hips so as not to smash him.

“Don’t worry little guy,” she said as she reached down and grabbed the still slippery tiny, “You wanted in me for so long, I’ll help you back in.”

Then, with no ceremony or pretense, she spread her cheeks with her free hand and slid him straight into her asshole. It accommodated his tiny form perfectly, having had practice earlier. Sarah was too relaxed from the multiple orgasms to even think about clenching her ass; all her muscles were at ease. She felt-

“Perfect,” she said aloud as she enjoyed the vibrations from her ass and stomach. Sarah placed a hand over her tummy to try and feel the action within, but it didn’t work. “Oh well,” she shrugged, giggling as she thought about the pain she was causing, all for a passing vibrating sensation. A wave of guilt ran through her mind, but she tossed it aside. Anything that felt this good couldn’t be wrong.

Her eyes opened as she realized she was forgetting something.

Todd tried to dodge her giant hand but it was useless. It was hot and sticky with fluids he didn’t want to think about, and it gripped him a little too tightly for his comfort. If there was any kind of comfort to be had here. He cried out in terror, knowing exactly what was about to happen.

“Sarah! Let me go! Let us go!”

Then he was close to her massive face and her eyes were looking down at him as though he were a tasty morsel.

“Todd!” she said, her voice lazy and relaxed, “I’m actually kinda glad you’re the last one.”

“Fuck you!” he yelled out, unable to restrain himself. “Let us go! Just wait until Mom and Dad-” she squeezed him tightly for a moment and he choked on his words.

“Oh, it’s too late for that,” she replied, “Besides, this feels way too amazing. But I’ve got great news for you!”

Todd barely kept himself from screaming as her fist lifted upward. He couldn’t see it, but he could imagine her tilting her head back like a baby bird about to accept a meal.

“No!” he cried as she spoke over him, her quiet words easily overwhelming his screaming, “You can’t do this!”

“You get to see your friends again! And if you,” she giggled, “If you hurry, you might get to see all of them before, well, you know.”

She giggled again and opened her mouth, then dropped her brother in. He landed with an ‘oof!’ as he hit her tongue, and she immediately closed her lips around his body. A little suction pulled him all the way in, and she scooted down on her bed. Part of her desperately wanted to masturbate again, but she was just too relaxed.

The sensations in her ass and stomach continued as she rolled on her right side, and she reached out to grab her phone. Inside her the weights fell as gravity pulled them to a new ‘down,’ and she giggled again as she shook her hips to feel their tiny bodies bounce around in her insides. Several swipes on her phone turned off the music and shut the lights off in her room; soon it was quiet aside from her faintly gurgling innards and the screaming from her mouth.

“Mmmm,” she sighed as she made herself comfortable on her pillow. Normally Sarah didn’t sleep naked, but tonight would be a happy exception.

As she closed her eyes and breathed she felt Todd fighting to escape her mouth. Sarah giggled silently as she felt a hand part her lips, then her tongue brought him back inside. His kicking feet tickled her throat slightly and she opened her mouth, letting him throw himself out halfway out.

Todd finally pushed his torso out of her mouth, using his arms to shove against her massive lips as he did. Part of him knew that she was only allowing it as part of some game, but he gasped at the cooler air while he could. Her tongue swirled around his feet like a circling shark and he looked up at an impossibly bright light in the darkness of her room.

The light vanished for a moment then returned as a sudden flash and Todd heard the telltale sound effect of a phone’s camera.

“What?” he screamed in anger as suction from below yanked him back inside Sarah’s mouth.

As she turned her phone around to view the picture, Sarah pulled Todd further into her mouth and swallowed. Her third tiny meal, her throat accommodated him better than the other two, and it only took a smaller second swallow to send his fighting body down her gullet. It felt strange to swallow something while laying on her side but his movements were as incredible as the first two.

Practice makes perfect! she thought.

Then she smiled as she saw the selfie. She didn’t look her best without makeup, but it was obvious that she felt wonderful. Her smile was interrupted by the horrified look of her brother sticking out from her lips. It was the sexiest photo she’d ever seen.

Better not share this one online! she thought with a giggle as the vibrating in her stomach stopped briefly, then the tinies redoubled their efforts. The struggling in her ass was slowing, but that was okay. If it kept going for too long it would make it difficult to sleep.

Just as she thought that a wave of exhaustion fell over her.

Five minutes later Sarah was asleep with a smile on her face. Unseen until the following morning, Tiny Tinder buzzed to let her know she had several more matches.

An Exercise in Trust 1 by Thatgirlyouknow

Roger opened the front door to his family’s home quietly, and Erin giggled as she snuck in with him. It wasn’t the first time he’d snuck a girl into his room, and not even Erin’s first time doing the sneaking, but the thrill remained the same. Even if they knew his mother should be sound asleep from her most recent night shift.

“Go, go, go!” he said as he shut the door behind him.

Erin tiptoed through the living room and Roger followed her bouncing curly hair. He’d have followed her backside anywhere; she was the first black girl he’d ever dated and he was mad at himself for not branching out sooner. Her breasts were just as stunning as her ass, and that was before he even noticed her personality.

Then they were in his room and she was pulling her gray sweater off before he could even close the door. He took a moment to admire her from behind as he pulled off his own pants.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked her as he piled his clothes in the corner.

She was already naked and climbing on his bed, tapping something on her phone. They’d had plenty of sex on that bed already, but she had decided she wanted something more. She patted the bed next to her and he sat down as well, ignoring his six-inch cock for the moment and opening the Tiny Tinder app on his phone.

“Don’t be a pussy!” she said with a laugh. Erin knew he wasn’t nervous about the act itself, in fact she was quite touched that he was concerned for her safety. But she was ready to try this. All her friends had said it was amazing, and she hated that they’d done things she hadn’t.

“Okay,” Roger said with a resigned voice as though he were humoring a child, “But wouldn’t you at least want-“

His phone buzzed and she lightly grabbed him by the chin to make him look at her.

“Roger,” she said, “Press the damn button.”

So he bit back his reservations, of which there were actually few, and he pressed the ‘agree?’ button that was flashing on his phone. He was obviously concerned for Erin’s safety, though he had been exaggerating slightly. He just knew she enjoyed it when he showed her concern and affection.

Almost instantly her own phone buzzed and she made a happy noise, shrugging her shoulders and scrunching her nose in a way that Roger loved.

“Here we go!” she said as she tapped the flashing ‘shrink?’ button. For a moment nothing happened, then Roger appeared to be alone on the bed. He focused his eyes to see a tiny form sitting in the indent her backside had made on his blanket.

Gently Roger picked Erin up; she’d insisted on only being made slightly tough. The college freshman claimed to want some feeling of risk as they played and he’d acquiesced to her request, and not entirely reluctantly. It made him a little excited too to know he had to be careful. At a quarter-inch tall it would be easy to harm her, but luckily the app included several different toughness levels, the least of which would be able to handle what they had planned.

Roger scooted up on the bed until his back was against the headboard and he held his tiny girlfriend up close to his face. Even that close he could barely see her, but she was doing her happy dance on his palm so he knew she hadn’t changed her mind last minute. With his left hand he gave his cock a few cautious strokes, then lowered her down to the tip.

“Wait just a second,” he told her as he deposited her gently onto his glans. Roger gave himself a few more gentle strokes as he tried to remember the last time he’d been this excited. Just as the online guides had told him he gave himself one more stroke and squeezed the underside a little more than usual.

Erin knew what he was doing and she was ecstatic. Finally she was going to be cock vored! Ever since Tiny Tinder had become a thing she’d wanted to feel herself slipping down through a man’s rod and she’d finally found one that she trusted enough to do it with. Each slow stroke brought her dream closer, and she knelt on all fours for stability on the head of his cock as she crawled toward his urethra.

 A shiny blob of fluid appeared in front of her and she gasped. This was it! Just like they’d talked about!

Before Roger could ask her, yet again, if she were sure about this, Erin stood and leapt forward. His precum was thick, and she felt like she was wading through maple syrup, but almost instantly the spongy skin under her feet vanished. She was small enough that she immediately slipped into his urethra, helped by the lubricating precum and gravity. Instinct screamed at her that she was going to drown, but she held her breath nonetheless and relied on the protections she knew the app afforded her.

In this case, fair damage resistance and a decreased need to breath.

With that in mind she happily continued her dive into Roger’s cock. It was like a slow water park slide, surrounded by heat and darkness and a slippery goo that Erin delighted to have in her mouth. At her insistence Roger kept a very good diet, which got him more oral and her better tasting emissions.

Her movements to propel herself downward reminded her vaguely of swimming, though she knew from her friend’s accounts they weren’t strictly necessary. Rhythmic pulsing all around her pulled her downward as Roger’s cock eagerly devoured its treat. She hadn’t been sure his cock would be up to it on their first try, but so far it was swallowing her like a seasoned professional.

Roger moaned as he felt Erin slide further into his cock. Sure, he’d cock vored girls before, and no, he hadn’t told her about it. She delighted in showing him new things so he’d let her think this was his first time. But each time felt more incredible than the last. Next time he’d have to have her be slightly larger so he could see the bulge moving downward in his cock. Her size was perfect but he wanted to see that visual at least once.

Then the struggling vanished for a moment and he held his breath and his cock out of the way. His other hand cupped his testicles just in time to see them jump suddenly as an electric shock ran through his body. For a moment after there was nothing, then he saw movement once more before the tingling started again. His cock pulsed on its own in reaction.

Roger leaned his head back in appreciation as Erin danced inside his balls. Every movement felt incredible, and he supposed it was similar to what a woman felt with a vibrator buried inside herself.

Five minutes, he told himself, looking at his bedside alarm clock.

“Okay!” Erin said excitedly, having finished her happy dance. The world was dark and sticky and made no physiological sense (she hoped to be a nurse one day) but she wasn’t going to be too picky. Roger’s balls were massive normally, and she was inside of them.


With a happy squeal she ran blindly forward until the sticky fluids under her feet made her stumble then fall. The curly haired girl laughed and rolled onto her back, finally letting the smell of him fully permeate; she loved oral, she loved cum, she loved sex, and now she was in the heart of all of it.

One hand sought out a breast while the other dove down to her sex. She was soaking wet, both outside and in, and she skipped her usual one-finger warmup and immediately inserted three fingers. A cry of pleasure escaped her mouth as she realized she could hear Roger’s racing heart in the distant. He moved slightly on the bed and it tossed Erin to the side, covering her in even more of his fluids as she felt rhythmic movement begin.

“That was a fast five minutes!” she gasped aloud as she felt the fluids around her grow more shallow; he must have already been close to cumming? It didn’t quite match with what her friends had told her, but she wasn’t going to overanalyze. The fact that his simple movements threw her about so much only made the situation hotter for her.

“Roger, I know you can’t hear me!” she yelled as both hands worked at her sex, exploring inside while two fingers rubbed and flicked her clit, “But I’m cumming!”

“I’m cumming!” Roger said in the direction of his testicles as he felt his orgasm fast approaching. He hadn’t expected to last long; Erin felt incredibly good and he’d purposefully abstained from masturbating the past two days just for this moment.

As he felt his testicles pull upward and the buildup of pressure he yanked his sock off his foot and slipped it over the head of his cock. He squeezed his eyes shut as Erin’s body briefly obstructed the flow of semen and caused the strength of his orgasm to double, then triple before he finally exploded. Furiously he pumped himself to prolong the ecstasy, not caring what his erratic options might be doing to Erin’s tiny body. This was half the reason of the toughening, he reasoned as he shot jet after jet of cum.

Eventually, after the longest orgasm of his life, Roger let himself relax. He pulled his sticky hand off his cock and wiped it on the sock before slipping it off his rod and turning it upside down. It was heavy with his load and he breathed heavily, reveling in the afterglow of such a strong orgasm.

Okay, he thought as his eyes started to focus again, What’s the best way to get her out without getting spunk everywhere?

Then his balls tingled in electricity as something within moved again.

“What?” Roger exclaimed, looking from his heavy sock to his balls, which were moving again. His cock was trying to harden once more in response.

“Roger?!” Erin yelled, trying to find her way in the darkness. Occasionally she bumped into the walls of his testicles or other things she knew she’d be able to identify after an anatomy class, but that only increased her panic.

“Let me out!” she yelled again before her ankle shifted underneath her and she fell, painfully as something tore within. “Shit!”

She reached down to her ankle and immediately yanked her hand away; even the slight touch had caused the pain to skyrocket.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” she said to herself as she carefully felt her rapidly swelling ankle. “Now??” she exclaimed, suddenly furious. She’d broken this ankle twice before and knew that even a slight twist could cripple her with pain.

Roger saw his balls move again, stunned.

“Uh. Shit,” he said as his mind raced. She should have come out. It still felt incredible to have her in his balls, but she most definitely should have been ejected with his load. “Oh this is not good.”

“What’s not good honey?” Roger’s mother asked as she walked into his room with a basket of laundry under one arm.

The two locked eyes as she realized what he was doing, and as Roger realized he’d just gotten his girlfriend completely stuck inside his testicles.

Rebecca dropped the laundry basket and covered her eyes as Roger struggled to cover himself.

“Roger!” she yelled, backing out of his room and hitting the doorframe, “Lock your damn door!”

“Knock first!” he cried out angrily, before he realized his mother was possibly the only person who could help him short of a trip to the hospital.


An Exercise in Trust 2 by Thatgirlyouknow

“Let me get this straight,” Rebecca said several minutes later, sitting at the edge of the bed and staring straight ahead as she tried to ignore the fact that her son was naked only several feet away.

She brushed her shoulder-length black hair behind her ear as she thought furiously. The night shift nurse had seen a lot of stupid things in her day, and since tiny play had been developed the stupidity had only increased. But she’d never considered that her own son might be stuff his girlfriend down his penis.

“So, she wanted this?” Rebecca asked him, “As in, she-“

“Mom!” he said, getting frustrated. The past several minutes had been a roller coaster of emotion. Stunned, shocked, embarrassed, ashamed; all of it swam through his mind at the same time. It didn’t help that his testicles were constantly sending signals of pleasure straight to his brain; now he had an erection with his mother sitting at the edge of the bed and his hormones were screaming at him to masturbate.

“You literally looked at her phone! You can see exactly what she set everything at! What else-“ he stopped talking, too frustrated and overwhelmed.

“And she didn’t come out like she should have! We looked it up online and this never happened!”

Rebecca put down Erin’s phone. It was true, she’d looked through it and saw that this was clearly a sex act gone wrong. An incredibly stupid sex act gone wrong.

“Well,” she said as she thought, “You’ve got two options: First, we go to the hospital. It wouldn’t be the first time someone-“

“Nope!” he replied quickly, “they’re not cutting my nuts.”

“Then the alternative is I go in and get her.”

The silence deepened as Roger realized what that meant. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it. Sure, some of his friends thought his mom was a cougar; she was in fairly good shape though no one would ever accuse her of having large breasts and even Roger’s horniest friend wouldn’t quite say she had a bikini body. So perhaps he could convince himself this was just another date and not his mother?

“Look,” she said, making eye contact, “this is purely a rescue, nothing sexual, got it?”

“Uh,” Roger said as she stood up.

“Hospital or me,” Rebecca told him, offering the ultimatum while she pulled out her phone. It was obvious which he would pick, even though his face turned red with shame and embarrassment.

Ten minutes later Roger was closing his eyes as his mother got undressed. He had helped her download the app and find his profile, then together they’d made sure her settings matched Erin’s. All the while the movement in his balls kept him constantly hard, which together they’d tried to ignore. Until now.

“Okay,” she said as she climbed on the bed, more nervous than she’d been since her board exam nearly fifteen years ago. “Let’s get this over with.”

Before either of them could second-guess the rescue attempt Rebecca vanished on the bed. Gently Roger picked her up from the blanket and placed her on his palm while he tried to ignore his shaking hand.

Roger’s hand shook as he held his cock upright once more. In his gently cupped left hand he moved his mother with considerably more care than he had Erin; Erin liked the rough treatment, but this was his mother. So he simply held his hand close to his glans and let her walk off onto it herself. The movement in his balls had started to intensify, and he knew it was because he’d talked to Erin about what was about to happen.

There was no way to know for sure that she understood, but he thought he felt her moving away from where Rebecca would inevitably drop in.

Then his tiny mother walked toward his urethra, paused for a moment, and hopped in.

“Of all the stupid-“ Rebecca said as she walked on her son’s spongy head, still sticky with emissions, and saw that some of it was seeping from him still. Being a parent, she’d dealt with a lot of stupidity from her children, but this was by far the worst. The only part she understood, because seeing a building-sized penis did nothing for her, was him not wanting to go to the Emergency Department, where they would have retrieved his girlfriend with scalpel and forceps.

Erin yelled for help once more. She knew Roger couldn’t hear her, though she had heard half of their muffled conversation when she pushed her ear up against the walls of his testicles. She was covered in every fluid there was, it seemed, and combined with the heat it felt like a sauna. Before she’d gotten stuck it was relaxing and fun.

But now she was immobilized by her severely sprained ankle. She couldn’t see it but she could feel it; it pulsed with each beat of her racing heart and her hands could mistake it for a basketball. This wasn’t the first time she’d had a catastrophic ankle injury though it was by far the worst timing.

Gonna need another x-ray when I get out of here, she thought.

Then she yelled again.

“Hello? Anybody here yet?”

There was no response, but that was okay. For now. Roger had spoken with his booming voice minutes ago, telling her to expect help. In response she’d rolled herself away from where she thought the help would be coming from; the last thing she needed was for someone to drop directly on her already wrecked ankle.

She did wonder where he found help so quickly though. Her first thought was that he’d called a previous hookup, which irked her, but at the moment she needed rescue more than she needed no one else to see her boyfriend’s dick.

Then a ripple spread through the fluid surrounding her and she had the distinct feeling of someone jumping on a trampoline as she sat on the far side.

“Hello?” Erin called out, and this time she was delighted to get a response.

“Erin?” someone called out, a woman’s voice that sounded familiar.

Erin’s face turned red in the darkness as she realized who it was.

“Over here!” she called as she tried not to die from embarrassment. “Be careful, I screwed up my ankle and I’m stuck!”

There was a sensation of movement in the darkness, then she realized her eyes were finally adjusting. Perhaps twenty feet away a form was wading toward her.

“I’m coming!” said the smaller form, “And let’s just agree now to not talk about this, okay?”

Rebecca stumbled over something as her eyes adjusted to the blackness. Her instincts had been screaming at her that everything was wrong ever since she’d shrank so she didn’t notice additional warning bells starting to go off. Such as how –

“Uh,” Rebecca said as she looked up at Erin, who was taller than her even as she was sitting down, “No wonder you couldn’t get out, how’d you even get in here?”

Erin froze as Rebecca’s face came into view; soon she could make out the details of the woman’s face, almost as though someone were slowly turning on lights. Her boyfriend’s mother was wrong; Erin wasn’t too big, she had just been shrunken smaller.

“No, you’re just crazy small, why’d he shrink you smaller than me if he knew I needed help?”

“We used your settings!” Rebecca said, brushing aside yet another call of warning from her instincts, mistaking it for a reaction to the entire situation. “Show me your ankle, I told him to give me a few minutes before he starts…oh this is too weird.”

“You’re telling me,” Erin said as she lifted her hurt ankle out of the fluids around them.

Rebecca gasped as she saw the swollen appendage and gently put a hand under the calf to support Erin’s leg.

“Oh yeah, something in there is broken or torn, we’ll get you to the hospital to see.”

“Speaking of seeing,” Rebecca continued, “Shouldn’t we be blind? Where is this light coming from?”

It occurred to Erin that she’d been blind for the entire ordeal, but only once Rebecca had arrived had her eyes started to adjust.

“Maybe he turned on the night vision option in the app?” Erin asked, looking around and getting her first real look at her surroundings.

It was still dimly lit, but she could see wrinkled pink and red walls completely around here that were constantly seeping fluids. Rebecca’s face was clear as day now.

“Maybe,” Rebecca said, still holding Erin’s leg, “Let’s get over there before he starts—before he starts—oh, just come on. Your ankle doesn’t look as big as it did a bit ago so hopefully there’s nothing too wrong.”

She slipped one of Erin’s arms over her shoulder and helped the girl stand.

“Must’ve been a trick of the light earlier,” she said as they moved toward where she thought they would be pushed once her son org-she had a hard time even thinking the word-orgasmed. “You’re not as big as I thought.”

Erin looked around them as her vision improved and saw something floating in the semen not far from them. Something occurred to her, something she’d read about online; a safety mechanism.

“No, wait! Stop!” she said as Rebecca helped her move. Together they stopped and Erin used her hands to turn Rebecca around to look her in the face.

Her tone full of urgency and fear, she said, “When you shrank, you said you used my settings, right?”

Rebecca nodded, not understanding why Erin was suddenly anxious. She’d been here longer; she should’ve been more used to it. Or maybe the pain in her ankle was finally getting to her?

“Then neither of us should have night vision,” Erin continued, “And it wasn’t a trick of the light, you were smaller when you got in here!”

“I don’t-“ Rebecca tried to say but Erin kept going, infecting Rebecca with her fear.

“I didn’t fit-“ she pointed toward their destination, a thin hole in the ceiling of his ballsack where the women knew his semen’s journey would start, “Because I was too big! I don’t know why I didn’t realize that until now!”

“Erin,” Rebecca said, trying to calm the girl down, “I don’t understand but we’re gonna get out of here-“

“No we’re not!” Erin screamed, finally making the connection in her mind as the world started bouncing rhythmically. “He’s changing the settings somehow!” she cried out, and Rebecca’s face went pale as she realized what Erin meant, “He made us bigger! We can see! And-“

Rebecca screamed as something floated between the two of them, and she recognized it instantly.

A human skull.

She jerked away from it, causing Erin to fall, and as the night vision modification kicked in all the way the two women began screaming as they realized all around them were floating bones in various stages of decay. Erin screamed in pain and horror as she saw a more intact body under the rapidly sloshing fluids, a redhead that looked vaguely familiar.

“Kelly?” she cried out as the bouncing continued.

Roger leaned back against the headboard of his bed again, stroking himself more slowly than before. He’d given the two women a few minutes to get acclimated, not particularly caring about when they realized what was happening but happy to enjoy the anticipation himself. He’d purchased a hack program from a friend several months ago and ever since he’d enjoyed at least one tiny woman living her final days in his balls as he masturbated, or in the more recent month, fucked his girlfriend.

More than once he’d been tempted to cum his ball toys into Erin’s pussy, but he’d refrained lest there be awkward questions. So they stayed larger and non-pliable instead while they gave him constant pleasure. Sure, he could have made them tougher for forever toys, but knowing they were withering away inside of him was part of the fun.

Of course, once Erin had decided that she’d wanted to be cock vored herself that settled it. Having his mother walk in and volunteer as well was just an added bonus.

“Oh yeah, you little bitches,” he said as he pulled up a porn website on his phone. The two were bouncing nicely in his balls as he stroked himself and he was looking forward to their struggles for the next week or so; the barely-tough tinies lasted surprisingly long once they got desperate enough to start living on his pre-ejaculate. When he had any. The ball toys felt so great he masturbated several times a day.

“Keep on moving down there!” he called with a laugh as his favorite video began playing. Roger stroked himself more slowly, determined to pace himself this time. On screen a small brunette was kissing her boyfriend, not realizing this wasn’t the couple’s scene she thought she’d volunteered for. Roger had seen the video a dozen times but the look on her face when she realized she was going to be massaging his prostate always got him going.

“Next time,” he said as he kept stroking. His toys kept bouncing and he knew despite his best efforts he’d cum soon. But the two toys would have him back in action in no time.

Erin and Rebecca cried and held each other close as their world shook around them. Pressure was building, causing their ears to pop, and they looked up at the too-small hole above them. Their world leapt as Roger fondled his balls briefly to make them move again, and Erin cursed the day she’d met him at book club.


Breaktime at the Emergency Department by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

This chapter doesn't have any explicit content, but I think it's a great world-builder. Just a conversation between two nurses on break.

“Honestly, I don’t know why you make such a big deal out of it,” Patricia said as she carefully picked up her bowl of ramen noodles and took it from the microwave. The brunette sat it gingerly on the breakroom table before sitting down herself. “Yeah there’s a lot of morons, but there’s a lot more people who use it responsibly and get a lot of enjoyment out of it.”

Carrie held back an annoyed groan. She knew where this discussion was going and realized she shouldn’t have mentioned this morning’s moron already. The blonde had a bad habit of talking a lot about patients that came to the Emergency Room, though she strived to uphold the exact opposite image. Some days she just couldn’t help herself.

“Oh sure,” she said as she took a bite of her donut, “And then they show up here and we’ve gotta spend an hour combing through someone’s colon to find their girlfriend.”

Patricia blew on her noodles and raised an eyebrow at her shorter coworker and sort-of-friend. It was obvious Carrie’s dislike for Tiny Tinder went beyond having to do extra work.

“You’ve never even tried it, have you?” she asked with a grin that only got wider when Carrie responded with a small fake gagging sound.

“No!” Carrie replied with a grimace, “Why the heck would I want to be shrunken and –“ she gestured with two fingers “- shoved up some guy’s ass so he can beat off and forget I’m there before he falls asleep?”

The brunette giggled and slurped up a noodle, which gave her an interesting thought the next time she was on Tiny Tinder.

“There’s a lot more to do than just that!” she said as Carrie gave her an annoyed look. “That just happens to be half of what we see. I say, why be the small one?” she asked with a shrug.

“I’ve done it a couple of times, most guys want to be small from what I’ve seen. I’ve got my app set so it doesn’t even match me with guys that want a tiny gal. Not my thing.”

“I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that,” Carrie replied as she sipped her coffee. Some days it seemed all that kept her upright was caffeine and annoyance.

“Oh come on!” Patricia said excitedly as she leaned forward, “You never even thought about it?”

“No!” Carrie said back, slightly offended and taken aback. Her tone made it clear she found the very idea disgusting. “If I wanna get laid I’m gonna go to the bar and cougar it up like the good ol’ days.”

“Please, you’re not old enough to be a cougar, you should-“

“Alright alright alright,” Carrie said quickly, “I’ve got enough issues around sex I’m not gonna shove some two-inch dude up my snatch and hope for the best.”

“Well two inches would be smarter than the guy I had yesterday,” Patricia said, wanting to keep talking about tinies to see where it would lead but also wanting Carrie to have a way out of the conversation. Everyone knew Carrie loved talking about patient’s stupid decisions, even though she proudly professed to be a paragon of silence. But Patricia didn’t want to push her too far on her own sex life; clearly the blonde nurse wasn’t comfortable talking too much about it.

Instantly Carrie’s eyes narrowed questioningly. She hadn’t been on shift yesterday and this was the first chance she had gotten to gossip.

“How stupid are we talking?” she asked, careful to not sound too eager.

“Let’s just say if he’d only been two inches it would’ve skipped his entire problem,” Patricia replied, pretending not to notice Carrie’s interest.

“No!” the blonde said, “You can’t just stop there!”

“Oh fine,” Patricia said with a roll of the eyes as she spooned more noodles into her mouth.

“So,” she started, “about four in the afternoon this family comes in. Mom, dad, daughter. She looks like she’s dying from shame and dad’s about to have a heart attack. The girl’s maybe fifteen, you know?”

Carrie nodded and leaned forward, her coffee forgotten.

“So once we figured out what happened fixing it wasn’t that hard, but basically she’d been bragging to this boy about how good she was with her mouth for weeks. Then invited him over to her place when her parents were at work. We couldn’t figure out if this was the plan the whole time or not, but he gets down to four inches-“

“Oh no,” Carrie said as she guessed.

“-and she swallows him down. Two hours later of trying to make herself puke him back up, and they’re here,” Patricia finished with a laugh. The idea of having a man stuck inside of her for that long was surprisingly appealing now that she’d actually voiced it.

“Wait, so he died? How did I not know about this?” Carrie asked, incredulous. “We-“

“No, he didn’t die,” Patricia interrupted, “They get super-tough, remember? But I bet he wished he’d died when we gave her that emetic and her dad was the first thing he saw when she launched him into the emesis basin.”

“What a bunch of morons,” Carrie said as she shook her head. “Whatever happened to just sneaking a boy into the house for plain fooling around? We bragged about our mouths for different reasons when I was a kid.”

“And just think,” the brunette said around a mouthful of noodles, “If they’d done two inches instead of four she could’ve ralphed him out no problem and we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.”

“I’ve got one the opposite way,” Carrie said as she took another sip of her cooling coffee. “Did you hear about when that guy slipped his girlfriend down his…you know…”

“We’re adults here,” Patricia said with a patronizing look, “the word is penis. And no I haven’t. Do tell.”

“Okay, fine,” Carried replied with a scowl before she continued, “Well, she decided she wanted to be crazy small and climb into his dick,” Carrie shuddered, “and of course the guy would go along with anything she said. They’re thinking if she hops in and goes down into his balls she can have her fun while he has his –“

Patricia mimed jerking off briefly and Carrie giggled before wiping the smile off her face and resuming her dour expression.

“And she hops in, somehow goes down his urethra and everything, and poof! She’s in his balls.”

“Mmmhmm,” Patricia said, “I’ve heard of cockvore but it’s not for me.”

Carrie gave her an uncertain look before continuing.

“Uh, so she says later it was a blast, except when he masturbated she didn’t come flying out like they’d expected. She got caught up in his epididymis I think.”

The brunette went pale when she realized what this meant.

“Did they-?”

“Oh, yes we did,” Carrie said with a grin. “I helped the trauma surgeon in the OR, and we had to cut the little idiot out of him. And you know what the worst part is?” she asked.

“Well yeah,” Patricia replied.

“He couldn’t tell where she was and she didn’t show up on the ultrasound. She was too small.”

Her friend put down a spoonful of noodles to really pay attention.

“We had to cut his balls open and literally comb through his parts until we found a little moving speck. She was fine, he’ll be fine once he’s healed up, but can you imagine?”

“That’s honestly just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of,” Patricia said with a nod. “Almost.”

“Almost?” Carrie shot back, almost offended, “What do you mean almost?”

“I had to help a doctor flush a guy’s sinuses about two months ago,” was the reply.

Carrie searched for a memory of the incident but came up blank. When she gave Patricia a questioning glance the brunette continued.

“Basically, this idiot girl let her boyfriend shrink her insanely small, just like your last one. Except she just wanted to experience running around on the kitchen table for some reason. Ditzy girl.”

Carrie nodded and smiled at Patricia’s insult, which she agreed with.

“And her boyfriend thought it would be absolutely hilarious to start sniffing around the table like some kind of dog or something.”

Another nurse entered the break room and paused on her way to the fridge, clearly listening.

“Well, dipshit finds her and decides it would be even more funny if he did a line of coke. Right there. Right where she is.”

“Oh no,” Carrie said, “Did she overdose? Did he?”

“No!” Patricia replied in an annoyed tone, “Haven’t you been paying attention? Most tinies are made insanely tough, the process shoves out things like booze and drugs, so for her it was just like getting covered in flour. Until he snorted her up in the line too.”

The newest nurse put a hand up to her mouth and made a retching sound. Patricia and Carrie waited until she’d ran from the room, clearly about to lose her breakfast, before they broke out into laughter.

“And then!” Patricia said between bursts, “We had to irrigate out all his sinuses and he’s still high as a kite and trying to act normal! She got real lucky, she got stuck in an ethmoid right away and had a couple of freaked out hours. If she’d gone into his trachea and lungs we’d still be trying to find that little moron.”

“So what,” Carrie asked, “You just caught all the saline and she was floating on top after awhile?”

“Yeah, basically,” Patricia replied, catching her breath from the laughter and trying to act nonchalant. “Once her boyfriend came down from his high and realized we’d gotten her out she unshrank no problem and the two of them left, right into a cop car.”

“Cop car?”

“They were doing coke, Carrie!” Patricia said, laughing again. “You know we’ve gotta report that stuff!”

“Now here’s where I come across more problems,” Carrie said, “We get all sorts of dipshits in here constantly and I hate it, but this mandatory reporting for drugs thing I’m just not all for.”

“Really?” Patricia asked, “Really? That’s what bothers you out of all of this?”

“Well it all bothers me!” she said with a short laugh, waving her hands in the air. “But I’d rather focus on that than the shrinking and dying thing and not the whole drug use thing.”

“They’re not all tough,” she added wistfully.

Patricia raised an eyebrow as she finished her noodles. Carrie responded to the unspoken question in a more somber tone.

“About two weeks ago a girl comes in bawling, holding her five-inch tall boyfriend in one hand.”

“Oh no,” Patricia said, realizing someone had lived one of her worst nightmares.

“Oh yes, these two didn’t think to do the tough thing,” she waved her hands in the air, “and when she used him as a dildo he basically got more trauma done than if he’d been in a car wreck going seventy.”

Patricia didn’t say anything at all as Carrie kept talking; she’d heard stories like this but luckily they were few and far between. Few users of Tiny Tinder were actually dumb enough to shrink without being made tough. In fact, after the first few reports the app makers had switched the default setting to super tough just to make it safer.

“She got super into it, and he probably did too for a bit,” Carrie continued, “But his head was really banged up, so I think at first she was holding him by it. Then she said she lost control and couldn’t help herself. The girl spun him around and held him by the legs the whole time.”

“Oh shit,” Patricia whispered.

“When she was done he was pretty much gone already. The doctor wasn’t sure if he’d drowned or brains were scrambled or what exactly it was, but she told us he was wiggling really good until she came. She thought she clamped down on him too hard at first, then when she finally came down from her ‘O’ and pulled him out his legs were twisted in the wrong direction and he was barely breathing.”

Carrie took a shaky drink of her coffee.

“She got him here fast but didn’t think to unshrink him, so we had to bust open that size-cart we always inventory then ignore. I did compressions but Doc Matthews was sure if we grew him full-size the change itself would kill him, and you know we don’t make any equipment actually good for someone that small.”

“Poor guy was twenty-two. Law student. The girl was twenty-one and worked at a steakhouse.”

“She’s gonna need some serious therapy,” Patricia stated simply. “I can’t imagine how many shrinks it’s gonna take for her to ever enjoy sex again. Um, no pun intended.”

Carrie laughed bitterly and nodded.

“Yeah, no kidding.”

“On the bright side,” Patricia added, “We’ve gotta look at that as an outlier just like we look at heart attacks and strokes. We see them both a lot here, but for most people it’s a pretty low risk thing, right?”

“I guess,” Carrie replied, “But that doesn’t make me want to go diving any more than it makes me want a giant cheeseburger.”

“You mean spelunking?”

The blonde rolled her eyes and sighed at Patricia, who was smiling at the thought of someone squirming around her backdoor. She hadn’t tried it yet, but it was on her list.

“We’ve had to fish out quite a few spelunkers lately,” she said as she tossed her empty noodle cup into the nearby trash can.

“I…you know I hate this but I gotta know,” Carrie said reluctantly, “But what the hell are you talking about?”

Patricia gave her friend a pointed look as she leaned forward. A glance at the door told her that the nurse who had left to vomit wasn’t about to come back in, and the hallway that led back to the Emergency Department was empty.

“You know,” she said quietly with a playful tone and a smirk, “A little backdoor action? Shove a little dude right up your brown hole before you go to a movie? Let some lucky guy experience your ass while you go to a club and pick up a guy who won’t even realize he’s in a threesome because you pushed the other one-“

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Carrie said, laughing even as she was disgusted, “You have put way too much thought into this! Have you-?”

“Not yet,” Patricia replied as she wiggled her butt, excited by the thought. “But more seriously, spelunking is what they call it when a tiny goes to play in somebody’s rectum.”

There was silence in the break room as Carrie processed that. It was one of the Tiny Tinder uses she hadn’t encountered in the Emergency Department yet, and it hadn’t even occurred to her that couples would be experimenting with that form of anal sex. The blonde had just finally gotten used to the strange “normal” things people shoved inside of themselves a week before Tiny Tinder had come out, and the implications hadn’t all yet reached her.

Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to find something to say. Instead, Patricia kept going.

“Yeah. And most of the time things go fine; she or he masturbates, the little person comes out, and life goes on. Hopefully after a shower. But I’ve helped out on three rescues because people are stupid.”

“Uh, rescues?” Carrie asked as the nurse who left to vomit came back into the break room, still looking green. Before the two nurses could continue the new nurse hurriedly grabbed a soda from the refrigerator and vanished back down the hallway.

“Think rush colonoscopy,” Patricia explained, “Turns out a lot of people just want to hang out inside of their significant other all the time, and of course it’s dark in there so they get turned around. Usually the girlfriend slips him in, goes to work, and then he’s supposed to come out when she gets home.”

“Let me guess. They get turned around and somehow go further in?”

“Yeah, pretty much. The first woman took a nap and he wandered all the way to her ascending colon, and the other two only made it to their girlfriend’s transverse, but that’s pretty far when you’re an inch tall and have no sense of direction.”

“You did a whole colonoscopy just for that?” Carrie asked.

“Well, after trying a couple of enemas, yeah.”

The blonde nurse nodded as she went to take another drink of coffee. Frowning she looked into the cup only to see the bottom.

“Damn, that went fast. I gotta get back on the floor,” she said as she stood.

“Wait!” Patricia said, “I got one more. The best one ever.”

Carrie’s eyes narrowed and she gave the other nurse a skeptical look.

“Like any of these are actually that amazing?”

“Well this one,” Patricia replied as she washed her hands quickly, “Was in the name of true love.”

Carrie made a gagging sound and Patricia laughed, but continued.

“So last Valentine’s Day a woman comes in, pretty distraught. We all figured she’d been dumped and was suicidal, but no. She tells us she and her husband had been trying to have a kid for years, but it just hasn’t been working. And so when Tiny Tinder came out they had the bright idea for her husband to go all the way up-“ she made a pushing motion with her fingers, “into her uterus and start beating off directly at the site.”

The other nurse threw away her empty cup and leaned against the door frame.

“Of course, these two didn’t plan the trip back out very well, or really any of it. His sperm would be too small to fertilize her at that size anyways, but they really meant well.”

“Let me guess: you had to get him out with some kind of speculum scope surgery?”

“Nope!” Patricia said happily, “He actually came out really easy from a good douching.”

Together the two nurses stepped out of the break room and started walking back toward the main Emergency Department.

“That was a lot tamer than you made it sound,” Carrie said, sounding a little disappointed.

“Well,” Patricia said with a grin, “I figured we could have at least one really happy ending. When we explained how their idea sucked they got another bright idea.”

“Oh crap,” Carrie said as she swiped her badge.

“Oh no, these two started that new fertility clinic downtown using shrinking tech; he personally takes sperm samples into women and finds their eggs and directly fertilizes it by hand, inside the woman.”

Carrie started to make a gagging sound, then thought twice.

“You know,” she said as the doors opened and the sound of someone crying out in pain reached their ears, “That’s probably the smartest thing I’ll hear all day.”

Tony the Family Toy by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Tony learns the hard way not to trust a random hookup app.

“Tony?” he heard a light voice ask behind him.

With a smile Tony turned around and took in the petite girl he had been waiting for. Not that he minded waiting at the coffee shop; their lattes were spectacular.

“That’s me,” he told her, happy he hadn’t been catfished. Just as her profile had told him, Sherri was a couple inches shorter than he, about a hundred pounds of muscle smaller, and every bit the crazy hot librarian look he was all about.

The black-haired beauty slid into the seat across from him with a smile and nervously took a sip of her own coffee.

Tony’s smile continued as they made eye contact. In his head victory music started to play.

An hour later he was following Sherri into her small apartment. They had hit it off immediately and it was obvious they both knew exactly what they were after.

“So,” Sherri told him as they kicked off their shoes. She started backing into her bedroom and shrugged out of her jacket revealing her nipples pushed against her white t-shirt. “Wanna see my box?”

“Has anyone ever said no to that?” Tony asked with a confident laugh. His manhood was already straining against his pants and he knew Sherri had been stealing glances.

With an excited giggle she leaned over her bed and Tony had to restrain himself from taking her right then and there. They had more planned than a quick hookup. Tiny Tinder had opened up a whole new realm of pleasure.

I’ll get in there, down boy! he told himself as he admired her tiny backside through her stretched-tight leggings. A moment later she straightened back up with a shoebox and a glint in her eye.

The box opened and he saw it was lined with a light blue material to protect the items within. His eyes flickered across everything and even after talking with Sherri about what they both wanted to do he was surprised. She’d bragged about everything she wanted to do with him and it looked like she’d bought half the toys in the Tiny Tinder shop to make it happen.

“Whoa,” he admitted after a moment. “That’s quite the collection.”

Sherri put on a pouty face, then looked up at him with big doe eyes. Her hand ran across the collection of sex toys and Tony was torn between her face that he’d suddenly do anything for and watching her fingers slide lightly across mounts, holes, and grips that dotted across her toys. Waiting for him to strap himself in to be slid into her depths.

“I’m just missing one thing,” Sherri said sadly, holding up her phone and showing him the Tiny Tinder app already loaded, “Oh if only I could find some big, strong-“

She laughed as Tony yanked his phone out of his pocket, and moments later he sat on the bed. Ten seconds later she was picking through a pile of clothing to find his three-inch tall body.

“God I love that app,” she whispered as she gingerly picked him up. Her cupped hands held him up to her face and she took in his ripped physique with a hungry smile. Even as small as he was now his cock looked impressive and his muscles were prominent. Then she lowered her hands to the box and angled them near the bottom.

“Now I’ve got all the toys I need!” he heard her say happily far above him as he hopped off. Just like they’d talked about he got to choose the first toy, and he spun in a quick circle to find the red knobbed vibrator he’d seen earlier.

“For a great gift,” she said above him, causing Tony to turn and look up at her.

“Huh?” he managed to say just as the lid of the box slammed shut, leaving him in darkness.

Humming to herself, Sherri got out her red gift wrap and wrapped the box as perfectly as her OCD would allow her to. At times the box shook and she could faintly hear yelling, which only caused her nipples to harden even more. When she was satisfied she sat the box gently on her dresser, then slid open her underwear drawer.

This time the angry yelling was from far more tiny voices, and she took her time picking until she found a pair of panties that had a small redhead sewn into the exact spot where her clit would rest during a bike ride.

“How about we do three miles today?” she asked the vibrating panties with a huge smile as they screamed in terror.


Time had no meaning in the darkness. Tony was lost and confused amid a sea of sex toys which, instead of bringing him and Sherri to climax repeatedly as they’d discussed, rolled over on him when the box shook. First there was rhythmic shaking. Walking. Then the sound of an engine and faint music. Then the walking again.

Why didn’t the timer change me back?? he thought, terrified at what could be happening. He was naïve but he’d heard plenty of stories about Tiny Tinder dates going wrong. Tony had never thought it could happen to him.

Then the darkness shook excitedly, causing something massive to roll over him as someone made an excited noise through the wall of his cardboard prison.

There was distant tearing that he ignored, focused on pushing what felt like a silicon dildo off of his small body.

“-didn’t need to!” someone was saying, and Tony paused as he vaguely recognized the voice.

“Of course I did!”

Tony’s eyes narrowed in anger as he recognized Sherri’s voice.

“I’m gonna miss you two so much!” she continued, and Tony froze as there was one final tear. The box shook and the toy rolled off of him.

Before anything else could happen, he scrambled to his feet.

“-the best friend we could ever have!” another voice said, identical to the first but coming from the other side of the box.

There was the sound of what Tony could only imagine was excited hugging from a group of squealing girls. His blood ran cold as he realized who the other two voices belonged to.

Then a crack of light formed as the lid was slowly lifted. A familiar brown eye appeared and there was a gasp. Suddenly the lid lifted the rest of the way and Tony shouted as the light momentarily blinded him.

“Oh. My. God!” someone above him squealed, and instantly the squealing was suddenly being issued from three excited teenage mouths.

“Oh shit,” Tony said.

Above him was Sherri, as magnificent a giantess as he had hoped for hours ago. But on her left and right were far more familiar faces.

“That’s a lot of toys!” Tina said excitedly. Her mouth was spread in an almost manic grin.

“Ooh!” Tali said in agreement. Her brown eyes surveyed the erotic smorgasbord and passed over Tony who briefly debated hiding. But he knew it would do no good.

“I know how you two roll,” Sherri said with a giggle.

“I especially like this one!” Tali said, and this time Tony did dive to the side.

His sister snagged him easily. He was lifted upward as he shouted and the two jet-black-haired girls giggle in unison. If they hadn’t been Tony’s twin sisters and a thorn in his side since their birth it would have creeped him out. Now it only made him angry and afraid.

His friends had often compared the two identical girls to the evil girls from The Shining. If only they’d known the truth. Tony’s sisters were so identical they shared all their clothes, most of their habits, and had less inhibitions than a starving hooker. Only fear of Tony’s wrath had kept his friends from leaping into a threesome with the two.

Family was no barrier to Tina and Tali and it was a major part of why he never visited except on holidays. The twins were always willing to take things slightly too far and their mother was only slightly more reserved. Living in his house was always one awkward slip away from an internet video.

And the twins made sure the slips happened as often as possible. Before he’d been able to move out Tony had been a masturbation machine just to make sure his hormones could never take charge. He’d even gotten a lock for his door to keep them out while he slept. Yes, they were his sisters. But they were also identical walking wet dreams and despite society’s rapidly evolving views on sex Tony remains firmly in the ‘stay out of your sister’ camp.

Until today, he thought as Tali lifted him up to face level.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you had something special!” the older-by-ten-seconds twin said excitedly. Her hungry eyes took in Tony’s entire body and he did his best to cover himself but her other hand easily held his arms back.

“Well, when we matched on Tiny Tinder I just knew I had the perfect going away gift!” Sherri said as Tali handed him off to Tina. “He’s totally my type but how could I not give him to you like this?”

“I really don’t know what I’m more excited about!” Tina said as she ogled her tiny brother.

“You put me-!”

“All the toys or just this one!” she continued, talking right over him.

“I’m not a-!”

“Here’s the gadget that guy gave me,” Sherri said, handing what appeared to be a small remote to Tali, “It’s already synced up with his profile and everything so you don’t need to actually use the app to change him around!”

Tali pressed a button and Tony fell over in Tina’s hand as he suddenly shrank to half an inch tall. Another flick of her thumb brought him back to two inches and the trio laughed as he angrily climbed back to his feet. They could hear his yelling faintly, but not enough to make out any of his words.

Not that would have listened even if they could.

Tali made eye contact with Sherri, and the other girl didn’t miss the significance.

“Uh, no,” she said as she stood with a nervous giggle. “Once was enough, I’m just not into chicks!”

Then she giggled again as she remembered each of her current undergarments included strategically placed women.

“Well, not full-sized anyway!”

Tina and Tali made identical sounds of disappointment, but they’d expected it. The trio had been friends for a long time, though Sherri was a little older. She’d never been bothered by their intimacy but had only joined them once; they respected her space but still would have happily gone down on her, her on them, or any combination thereof. Their one menage-a-troi had been fun but it had been obvious Sherri preferred men.

“And I’ve gotta get back to work,” she added hastily, “I just wanted to make sure I got you two your present before you left in a couple of days.”

Both twins stood quickly and Tony was dropped unceremoniously back into the shoebox. The trio shared a hug and quickly said their goodbyes. The twins knew Sherri’s job was a stickler for punctuality, and she knew that she was only keeping them from whatever fun they would get up to on a Thursday night. Since she’d just given them every sex toy she could imagine, and some she didn’t know what to do with, she knew exactly what they’d be doing by the time her shift was over and she was heading home.

“Sherri!” Tony screamed as the giantess turned and left, “You asshole! You don’t know what they’ll do!”

But she did know. And the two tinies built into her bra, just above her nipples, couldn’t help but wonder why her nipples were suddenly erect and pushing uncomfortably on their bodies, forcing them to squirm and stimulate her more.

To Tony’s relief the twins exited the room with Sherri and he could hear their excited chatter dwindle into the distance. Desperately he spun in a circle to find some way to escape. He’d walked in on them locked in passionate embrace dozens of times, and each time they’d tried to convince him to join them. There was no way he was going to give up now.

Nimbly he leapt onto a bright red dildo, his arms straining as he climbed upward. It lay on its side, but he now had a much better view of the field. At across the sea of sex toys which he was no longer enthusiastic about was the answer: when he wasn’t looking a string of transparent anal beads had been leaned against the side of the shoebox and led over the wall.

With speed born of desperation he started running. The glans of the dildo was as high as his knees but he easily leapt it. Trusting his instincts and past experiences with Tiny Tinder he took three steps on the fake cock head and leapt forward. The jump easily carried him to the bulb of a butt plug that was obviously designed to hold a tiny person, and from there he leapt to a knobbed vibrator.

From toy to toy he ran and jumped.

For a moment he forgot his situation.

“Parkour!” Tony yelled as he was only one leap away from the anal beads he was going to use as an escape ladder.

His feet kicked off an item he didn’t recognize, a metallic thing that looked almost like a duck bill, and he landed on the largest bead. At normal proportions the climb would have been impossible. At his size the material of the toy was almost too sticky. Hand over hand he climbed, carefully pulling himself over progressively smaller beads until his head was finally over the edge of the box.

A sea of vibrant pink greeted him as he swung a leg over. His head spun as he glanced around and realized he knew where he was.

“Great,” he said, “At least I’m just a sprint from my own room.”

The twins’ room was a sparkly pink monstrosity. Almost painful for his masculine eyes to look at, with two of everything that about-to-be college girls would need. Except one bed. Even their mother didn’t seem to mind the twins’ intimacy and had finally given in.

Tony swung his other leg over just in time for Tali, not Tina though he couldn’t have said how he knew, walked back through the door.

“Oooh, T!” she said, calling down the hallway, “Looks like he’s ready to get the party started!”

“No!” he yelled, throwing himself forward. The bedspread cushioned his landing easily but his desperate run was halted: it was fluffy enough that at his size it may as well have been like running on gelatin. Still he pushed on until it was obvious he was going nowhere. When Tony turned around, he found himself only a relative twenty feet from his cardboard prison.

Then he was flung upward as Tina, not Tali, flung herself onto the bed. When he landed he rolled to his feet quickly and saw his younger sister wearing a pink tank top, blue too-large basketball shorts, and a ponytail. To his right he saw Tali opening a bottle of wine they had stolen from downstairs.

“Mom lets us drink now, sorta,” Tina said, guessing his expression while she held the remote in her hand. A moment later he felt himself growing until he was almost as tall as the shoebox. “You missed out on a lot when you moved out!”

“And when you were here,” Tali said, dressed identically and handing Tina a red cup full of red wine. “We thought you didn’t love us anymore!” she added playfully.

He sputtered out a half-response.

How the hell am I supposed to respond to that? he asked himself. They know damn well why I got out of here so fast!

“Well since you’re finally back-“

“And more ripped than ever-“

“We can finally play!”

Together the girls bounced on the bed, surrounding him with their now outstretched legs. Their calves intertwined as they scooted closer and Tina put the shoebox full of toys on their bedside table, much to Tony’s relief. He knew they would take things too far; they always did. But maybe they finally had something else on their mind than sex.

But Tony wasn’t naïve: their legs had basically made a square prison and their basketball shorts had ridden up high enough he could see further up their thighs than he ever cared to. As usual there was no underwear to be found.

“So,” Tina said after a gulp of wine, “Now that you’ve finally came into our room, what now?”

“I’ve got some ideas,” Tali said, and Tony gulped nervously.

Ten minutes later her game of ‘Truth or Dare’ finally left the realm of boring and Tony hated it.

“Dare!” Tina said, of course, after Tali had gotten a second bottle of wine when it became obvious theirs was draining too fast.

“I dare you to…” Tali pretended to think for a moment, “Sit on him!”

“Oh, I’ve wanted to do that for years!” Tina laughed, and quickly she snatched up Tony despite his attempts at dodging her hand.

Tony protested the best he could but it was useless. Before he could do anything else he was deposited onto a wooden stool next to one of the twins’ desks. He stood and did his best to ignore the obvious suction cup marks as blue shorts rose up ominously behind him. Swearing, he turned and looked up at his sister’s backside.

“You know,” Tina said as she laughed, “Most guys would be thrilled to have me sit on them!”

“Well you’re usually wearing less clothes!” Tali retorted, filling her cup again. Then she shrugged thoughtfully as she looked at Tony’s tiny body. “He’s a little smaller than we usually go for too.”

Tony seized the moment to try and run sideways and leap from the stool. Tina simply sat down.

There was a faint scream as Tina’s backside smashed Tony under her. She giggled and gave Tali a fake shocked look and both girls put a hand over their mouths in mock stunned silence. Then they broke into giggles.

“Most guys hold themselves straight upright too!” Tina said with a laugh, shifting her hips and enjoying the feeling of Tony squirming underneath her.

“Yeah, I couldn’t help but notice you used the dildo chair!” Tali said as she handed Tina her own cup, “When’s the last time you were wearing anything on that thing?”

“Ask your boyfriend!” was the retort and both girls burst out laughing again. It was a well-known fact that if you were dating one of the girls you were getting both. For good and bad.

Tina shifted her hips again and moaned. Her eyes flicked to their box of new toys but she held back. Despite what Tony thought, the twins did think of things other than sex at times.

“Truth or dare?” she asked Tali as Tony tried his best to push her toned body off of him. A little light shifting coincidentally let his upward thrusting arms push the material of her shorts up her backside.

“Dare, duh,” Tali said as she took another long drink. She could feel the wine already getting to her and knew her sister must have felt the same. Part of her yearned to open the new toybox but she stopped herself from starting the party too soon. Now that they had Tony toy-sized they had all the time they needed to finally play with their brother.

“Remember Steve at the party last year?” Tina asked with a smile. She knew Tali would never forget that particular night.

When her twin smiled and turned red (she’d had a crush on the quarterback since before their breasts appeared), Tina continued: “Pretend this is Steve!” she said simply, then stood.

With the weight lifted Tony threw himself to his feet. He started to swear angrily at his sisters even though it would do no good, but his breath caught in his throat. Tali was rushing toward him at a speed that no object that massive should be able to reach. Like a deer caught in the headlights of a semi he froze as the twin hurtled toward him.

Just as he was sure she would knock the stool down and send him flying the teenager stopped. Tony looked up, sure he was going to hate what happened next.

“Perfect!” Tali told him as he looked up. She looked down at him from above like an eagle about to dive bomb its prey. “Hold still!”

He threw up his arms to defend himself but he needn’t have bothered. Tali opened her mouth wide and engulfed his entire body instantly. Just like she had Steve, she pushed downward until she felt part of him enter her throat and she squeezed her lips around Tony’s ankles. For a moment he was motionless, then he sprang to life as he fought against her mouth for all he was worth.

With a satisfied grin Tali straightened back upward and pointed to Tony’s feet, the soles of which were barely visible through her lips.

“Ooo I awwooo im oooo?” she asked as Tony tested her gag reflex. Feeling him move was incredible; his tiny hands pushed on her cheeks and his feet kicked against her lips. At his size he filled her entire mouth perfectly but she could only imagine the view he had. She knew for a fact that he had to be looking straight down her throat.

“No!” Tina said with a laugh, “Don’t swallow him! We won’t get to have any more fun until he comes back out! We actually want to keep this one!”

Tali rolled her eyes but knew her sister was right. So she leaned over the bed and spit her brother out where he fell with a scream to the pink bedspread.

“Dare!” Tina said before Tali could even ask. Tony didn’t wait to hear what else was said, but he climbed blindly to his feet and leapt forward as he tried to wipe the saliva from his eyes and wished he didn’t now know what it felt like to have his sister’s tongue across his entire body.

Again he screamed as the blanket vanished from under his feet and he plummeted off the edge of the bed.

The twins watched and giggled as he landed in the place he’d been trying so hard to escape: the toy box.

He heard one of them speak but couldn’t hear them over the sudden ringing in his ears. But he did know the hand that picked him up was suddenly much larger. Which meant he was now much smaller.

Tina giggled and said, “Hold still!” as he tried to push his way free against her massive fingers. Tony was flipped upside down and squeezed tightly by her palm no matter how hard he fought. There was a sound of intense concentration, then something cold and slightly tacky pushed against Tony’s back.

He was released and fell for a bare moment as the rest of him landed on the semi-circle that he’d been pushed against. The material gave him just enough traction to try and sit up but his position was too awkward; he was caught on his back like a turtle. Something massive and barely see-through descended at him rapidly and Tony pulled his legs against his chest to keep from getting his legs smashed.

There was a loud snapping sound immediately followed by Tony’s ears popping, then his round prison was lifted higher into the air.

Tony finally was able to roll onto his knees as he realized he was now encompassed in an almost perfect sphere. With his face pressed against the wall he could see he was resting in Tina’s palm. Along with…

“The rest of the beads,” he said, horrified as Tali murmured something. Suddenly the bead shrank around him and he was pressed tightly against it in all directions. One of the twins let out an excited squeal as he pushed against the outer walls. They gave slightly but he knew these beads were designed to amplify every movement for the wearers pleasure; he and Sherri had been excited to use them before she’d hoodwinked him.

Every muscle strained against the bead he was trapped in but it was pointless. He wasn’t coming out until his sisters released him. Only one thing saved him from his worst nightmare.

A distant yell he recognized as his mother’s voice. He was dropped suddenly into the toybox once more. For a moment there was light, then the lid shut suddenly and he felt the box be pushed sideways under the bed.

Then silence.


Morning came too soon for the twins. They had both forgotten about a final high school awards ceremony, but their mother hadn’t. By the time they’d gotten home the wine had worn off and the pair was exhausted. Together they had collapsed in bed without sparing a thought for their newest toy.

With a groan they rose together, as they always had. Reflexively they checked their phones and in perfect harmony they gave each other a horrified look.

“We forgot Mom’s birthday!” they said to each other.

Without another word spoken they leapt out of bed. In an oft-practiced ritual Tina and Tali tossed clothes back and forth rapidly until they were dressed in matching jeans and gray t-shirts.

“Hey, wait!” Tali said as Tina grabbed their car keys. The pair knew they were going to the mall for a present. It was their only option.

Tina rubbed her eyes as Tali rummaged under their bed for a moment. She reappeared a moment later and suddenly Tina realized what she was doing.

“Dare!” she said, beating Tali to it. Her sister laughed but didn’t argue.

Tony screamed and fought for all he was worth but it changed nothing. Through the walls of his anal bead prison he watched Tina pulled her jeans down and bend over the bed. He’d seen everything of hers before but he’d always left, disgusted. Now there was nothing he could do.

Her brown puckered hole was revealed and he kicked against his prison as the first of the beads vanished. He heard Tina giggle as the second bead went inside of her rectum, her anus swallowing it eagerly. Then the third bead made her groan.

Tali paused and Tony prayed it was to remove the bead and free him. Instead he watched a glob of spit land on Tina’s backdoor.

“That’s better!” he heard, and the only bead between him and his sister’s asshole vanished. If he hadn’t been terrified he would have been surprised how easily it went. If he’d paid attention to his sisters’ love lives at all he wouldn’t have been.

Then the wall grew hot as it was pressed against Tina’s hole.

“No! Don’t!” he cried out, but the girls both couldn’t hear and wouldn’t care. His sister’s puckered hole spread to accept its meal and Tony couldn’t help but watch as it spread and engulfed his bead. The light from outside dimmed as her hole slammed shut behind him, leaving him in darkness.

Around him Tina’s body shifted and he lost what little control he had.

“Damn!” Tina said as she shimmied her jeans back on, “Sherri wasn’t kidding, these beads are awesome! Every time he twitches it makes them all move!”

“Let’s get a move on!” Tali said, slapping her sister’s backside and making her jump and causing Tony to scream and panic even harder.

Before they could lose any more time the pair rushed to the mall.


“Well yeah, of course she’d love a tiny guy!” Tali said, pouting as they looked through shelves of exciting items, “But why does it have to be our tiny guy?”

Tina looked at her with a smile.

“You know she needs a new toy,” she remaindered her sister, “She’s more frustrated than I’ve ever seen a person. And tinies are the best toys. Hands down.”

As though Tali could forget, Tina tapped her tummy just below her belly button where her anal beads were still vibrating pleasantly.

“Okay, and we could always ask-“ Tali looked around to make sure they weren’t observed, “that Devan guy for another one, but I really wanted this one! We spent years trying to get him to loosen up but now we don’t need him to! It’s even better if he doesn’t!”

“Come on, it’s for Mom!” Tina said, picking up an item she knew would make this the perfect gift. “And if we do it this way, she’ll never figure out who it is!”

Tali quickly read the label and nodded in agreement.

“Knowing how much he’s gonna hate this is almost as awesome as knowing how much Mom is gonna love this!” she said as they walked to the checkout stand.


Tina slid the beads out of her ass with a sad moan. They came out easily and instantly she missed the feeling of being full.

“Why didn’t we do this tiny thing sooner?” she wondered aloud as she popped open the largest bead.

Onto the desk fell Tony with a scream.

He rolled onto all fours and took deep breaths. The air in the bead had quickly been recycled a dozen times over, and a thousand times over since then. He knew he didn’t actually have to breath but the psychological aspect of where he’d been had been worse than the instinct that told him he was suffocating.

Even knowing his ordeal was far from over he savored the temporary reprieve.

A massive plastic bag slammed onto the table next to him and he quickly leapt to his feet. The world shrank slightly around him and Tony turned just enough to see Tina setting down a small remote on the far end of the desk. When she turned toward the bag and started shifting through its contents he sprinted toward the remote.

“Ack!” Tony yelled when Tina’s hand wrapped around him.

She giggled as he was lifted from the table.

“Don’t be silly!” she told him in a frustratingly childlike voice. “That remote is for us grown-ups, and you’re a toy.”

“Let me go!” he yelled, pushing against her fingers.

Instead her other hand approached with a small black object pinched between two fingers. When he realized what it was he fought even harder.

“Hold still!” she told him with a smile.

A few minutes later Tina sat Tony back down on the desk. Getting him wrapped properly had been harder than she expected but she was satisfied with the result. Looking down she knew her mother wouldn’t be able to guess what was in the long, slender box. Before she could lose any more time she stood and turned to go downstairs to help Tali with the cake.

Before she reached the door she paused and eyed the anal beads.

“It won’t be the same,” she told herself as she shimmied her jeans down, “But I’m sure we’ll find an actual volunteer sometime.”


“-to you!” the girls finished singing, and Tiffany leaned forward to blow out the candles.

The twins had been merciful this year; last year they’d gotten forty-nine candles. This year they’d simple gone with a large ‘5’ and ‘0’ instead.

“You two are so sweet!” she told her daughters, who were the spitting image of her when she was younger. “You know, I think there’s no better gift than being with my family every birthday.”

Tiffany cast a look toward the single empty chair at the table. She knew her son had a lot to work through before he’d be comfortable again in her house. If ever. It wasn’t just her husband leaving her years ago; Tony was one of the remaining few that couldn’t seem to keep up with society’s ever-changing moral compass.

“And I really love more than anything,” she continued as she looked back toward her soon-to-fly twins, “That even though you’re off to college soon it’s not so far away you can’t come and visit.”

The twins laughed and came in for a hug.

“You know we’re gonna need someone to do laundry!” Tali said, and Tina added: “Of course Mom, but you don’t need to put on a brave face for us.”

Tiffany leaned back with a confused look on her face but before she could speak the girls beat her to it.

“We know you’ve been pretty lonely-“

“-and we knoooow just how many batteries you go through in a month-“

Tiffany turned red but said nothing; it had been a long time since she’d hidden anything from her girls. She’d simply asked that they get their own toys instead of borrowing hers. That didn’t mean she was totally on board discussing her masturbation schedule with them.

“-so we got you something really special!”

With that said, Tina picked up her freshly wrapped box and slid it across the table toward her mother. Considering their topic Tiffany was pretty certain what it would contain. Her toy collection was pretty large but she was always interested in something new. Her daughters were anything but subtle.

Tiffany lifted the box from the table and admired the wrapping.

“I know who made the cake,” she said with a grin and her eyes went to Tali. Though they were dressed identically she always knew which was which. “And I definitely know who wrapped this.”

“Just open it!” the girls urged her, so Tiffany tore her way through the paper. Underneath was a long, slender, gray box. And under the lid of that box…

Tiffany gasped when she realized that the twins hadn’t just gotten her a necklace, or like she’d more strongly suspected, a vibrator. Her hand wrapped around the tiny object inside.

“Is this…?” she asked aloud as the tiny man squirmed in her hand.

Her question went unanswered as she held the man up to her face. He was maybe five inches tall and wrapped in pink ribbon. Even at his size his muscles were well defined and his cock was obvious. A single pull undid all the ribbon at once and instantly he started squirming in her hand but her clenched fist instantly squeezed around him.

“Girls, where did you get this?” she asked, “Did you use that phone app thing?”

Tina and Tali shared a glance that Tiffany didn’t see.

“Actually, no! Well, sorta,” Tina responded. “One of our friends met a guy whose dream was to be a woman’s toy. Any woman’s,” she added.

Tali continued for her: “So she knew we were looking for something special for your big fiftieth. His only thing was that you should keep that mask and cuffs on.”

Tiffany looked again at the mask the man was wearing. It looked almost identical to a black latex mask, though the material was obviously very different. She had wondered why that was the only part of his body not exposed. His arms were pinned behind his back with what looked like a kind of proportionally correct heavy handcuffs.

“They’ll grow and shrink with him,” Tina explained, pulling the remote from the box and showing Tiffany how it worked. “He just wants you to use him however you want. You know…”

Tali opened her mouth but Tiffany shot her a quick smile and stopped her.

“I know what to do with a little man,” she said as she plucked the remote from her daughter’s hand. “Just because I’ve never used Tiny Tinder doesn’t mean I’m naïve. And I’ve gotta be honest-”

She started the process of shrinking her new toy down to roughly an inch tall.

“-I was gonna start when you two left. But this is even better!”

“Mom!” Tony tried to yell out, but the mask Tina had forced on him made it only a murmur. Only tiny slits existed for his eyes but his ears worked perfectly. He’d heard every word, every innuendo. And he’d struggled for all he was worth against his mother’s clenching fingers but it was useless. His nightmare had gotten worse.

“Mom stop!”

Instead, he felt himself suddenly be rocketed upward. He screamed as he was tossed into the air, what seemed like miles high. Tony uncontrollably flipped and got glimpses of each of his sister’s laughing, smiling faces. Then a glimpse of his mom’s open mouth.

He landed on her hot, soft tongue and instantly the light of the room vanished.

“Hmm,” Tiffany said as she rolled her new toy around her mouth to her daughters’ delight, “Tastier than I thought he would be.”

The twins giggled.

“We’re glad you like it!” Tali said, not surprised at all how excited she felt. She was a little jealous that her mother got to play with her brother and not them but she also knew her mother needed the release.

“Just remember,” Tina added, “He really wants the toy treatment.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Tiffany said as she shrank her new toy down further. He was tucked under her tongue while he squirmed. Whether in delight or terror she couldn’t say. And heat bloomed in her abdomen when she realized she didn’t care. “I needed a new toy and if someone is dumb enough to volunteer, I won’t take it easy on them.”

The girls giggled again and hugged their mother again.

“Let me get you some wine!” Tina said, and vanished into the kitchen with Tali two steps behind.

“I’m getting dinner ready!” she called behind her. “Don’t touch that cake yet!”

Tiffany sucked on her toy with pleasure as her daughters set to work.

Maybe we should’ve waited on the candles? she wondered, toying with the remote. Experimentally she pressed a button, then bit down gently on the toy’s lower half. Just as she’d heard, the toy had a stiff, gummy texture and after a moment she let up her pressure. Exactly as before he kept squirming away under her tongue, clearly not injured.


As she thought and chewed more on her toy she couldn’t help but smile. In the kitchen she could hear the girls bickering lightheartedly. Soon Tina came back with three glasses of red wine and Tiffany ignored the other two. Her girls were growing up fast and it seemed silly to even worry about the alcohol considering they’d just given her the world’s most variable and sought-after sex toy.

Just as she was taking her first sip Tali came in with plates and silverware, and Tina left and returned with a steaming pot of pasta.

“How’s the little toy doing?” she asked with a grin, and Tiffany maneuvered him briefly forward.

Tony screamed as he was battered around. His existence was dark, soaking wet, humid, and painful. Every so often his mother bit down on another part of him causing blinding pain but bringing no merciful end. His ears popped as she swallowed her spit periodically and he knew he was lucky to not be swallowed down too.

Her body couldn’t digest him. But it would be worse than his current predicament.

Every time there was any kind of lull in the movement he struggled to free his hands using the slipperiness of his mother’s saliva but it was no use. They worked exactly as designed except for one thing: he wasn’t the willing plaything its designers had expected.

The massive tongue pushed him around again and he bounced painfully off of several teeth before he hit the softness of Tiffany’s cheek. Suction surrounded him again, then he was blinded.

Tony’s back flexed as he was suddenly thrust out into the light of the dining room. Fluid briefly covered the eyes of the most he wasn’t able to shake off, but once cleared he saw his sisters each looking at him and laughing.

“That’s perfect!” Tali said with a laugh, “He’s probably having the time of his life being treated like a mint!”

Tina nodded in agreement and she knew that tonight they’d have that image in mind as they cuddled in bed.

There was a faint scream and Tiffany felt herself flush with desire.

He’s not gonna get any sleep tonight, she told herself as she sucked the little man back into her mouth like a piece of spaghetti.

“Speaking of that,” she said as Tali began dolling out pasta and sauce, handing her the first bowl, “He’s not digestible, right?”

“No!” the girls said in unison, then Tali continued: “But don’t swallow him now, it sounds fun but then you’d have to go through the getting him out part and….” She trailed off.

“Oh right!” Tiffany said, slapping herself on the forehead. “That didn’t even occur to me.”

“There’s stuff to get around that,” Tina said as she sipped her own wine, “Like stomach floss they can grab onto but it’s probably just easier to drop him into your panties for now.”

Tiffany paused briefly to take a long drink of wine. Her toy was carefully tucked under her tongue and she made sure she did her best not to swallow him. At least not right now.

“Good idea,” she said when she put her empty glass down. Tali refilled it immediately for her.

Scooting back slightly, Tiffany pulled the front of her leggings forward to reveal her smooth-shaven womanhood. It felt weird to do so with her daughters in the room but the wine was already going to her head. Without trying to be gentle she moved her toy back to the front of her mouth.

Tony yelled as he was thrown into his mother’s teeth again. The scent of wine overwhelmed everything for him and he wished as a tiny he could get drunk; then at least he wouldn’t feel some of this torture. Her lips opened again and Tony found himself looking out, expecting to see his sister’s faces full of laughter. They had been the bane of his existence for years but this was the final humiliation. The final straw.

If he survived this he was leaving the country and changing his name so they could never find him again.

But instead of the dining room and his sister’s grins, Tony was greeted by an odd site. It took him a moment to tell what he was looking at, then his mother’s tongue extended slightly from her mouth. Perched upon it, Tony screamed with realization and tried to move to the side to throw himself off, but she tilted her head forward as she stuck out her tongue and he began to slide.

All three women giggled when they hear the toy scream with excitement as he slid from Tiffany’s tongue. He landed exactly where she wanted him: mid-mons, which caused him to bounce and slide around to the front of her panties. Just as he tumbled toward her clit she let her leggings snap shut and instantly she was reward with pleasant tingling.

“Oh yeah,” she said as she picked up a fork and started to eat, “I’m gonna get a lot of use out of this little toy. Thanks girls!”


Tony jerked as he heard footsteps. He tried to roll again, fearful of what was to come but the object his feet were stuck into was too large. Even getting onto his side was too much for him. His arms had long since gotten used to being perpetually held behind his back, but sometime recently his mother had doubled down on holding him still except for the large wiggling motions he now knew (and hated knowing) that she loved by wrapping him tightly in something similar to dental floss.

His arms were numb and useless. His body was held still except for broad fingerlike motions and his feet were stuck in something he couldn’t see in the darkness. His cock was free and he could see only the darkness of his mother’s toy box hidden under her bed. As horrible as this was, it beat when she was home.

He shuddered, wondering what would come next today. At least he’d been left home this time. It seemed like the novelty of having him as a nameless toy had worn off slightly; he had no idea of the passage of time but guessed it had been a week since she’d taken him to work as a butt plug. And several times since she’d picked out more conventional toys and left him behind.

If his goal really had been to feel like a toy it would have rounded out the experience to be left in the box with the toys she didn’t feel like using that evening.

Being trapped in her anal beads for several days had been bad, but at least the spheres were airtight. She loved using the ‘panic’ feature on the remote to force him to move, which as a butt plug meant he was terrified and rubbing his face and body against her insides while she sipped coffee and managed her HR department. Knowing the app was forcing him to squirm was infuriating.

Her stomach, and every organ thereafter, had been terrifying in their own way but after two trips she seemed to have had enough of that.

“Unless I get tired of you,” she’d giggled as she cleaned him off the second time, “Someday you’ll probably be better as a snack.”

The thought didn’t terrify him like he thought it would. It would be a terrible death, but this was worse than dying.

He’d been in each of her holes so often the darkness of her toy drawer was far preferable.

“-somewhere!” he heard a voice say from outside and he resigned himself to more hours of usage. If he was lucky she wouldn’t just leave him in her snatch to wiggle in an app-forced panic while she had sweet dreams. If he was really lucky she’d grab a different toy.

Then Tony mentally berated himself; he wasn’t a toy but it was getting harder and harder to pretend he was still a person.

Tina and Tali worked their way methodically through their mother’s room. They knew she wouldn’t be happy if she knew they were in there, so they had to be in and out without a fuss. When she discovered her favorite toy was missing she wouldn’t be thrilled either, but they’d think of something.

“Found it!” Tali said, lifting a box out from underneath the bed.

“Perfect!” Tina said, double checking her phone and rushing over. “Mom said she’ll be home in five so we were almost out of time.”

Tony’s eyes opened wide as he realized he was hearing two voices. For a moment hope of rescue shot through his mind but he knew that wasn’t likely.

Unless I was reported as missing! he thought as the hope bloomed within.

“Hey!” he yelled, laying on his back as the box moved suddenly. His mother didn’t pick up the box, she just opened it and blindly reached in for him. It was someone else!

“Help me! I’m in here!”

The lid peeled away above him as the box was opened and he jerked in anticipation. Rescue was here!

For a moment his eyes were blinded by the sudden light, then two faces came into view.

“No!” he screamed, realizing things were now much worse than before. “No! Goddamit you let me go!”

Tina giggled and picked him up, her hand easily wrapping around his seven-inch body while Tali picked up the remote.

“Wow, mom really did give him the toy treatment!” she said as she eyed his body, wrapped in a thin pink ribbon with his feet firmly stuck inside a yellow suction cup. The image of her mom riding her own son as a dildo, unknowingly, instantly made her wet and she wondered where in the room Tiffany’s favorite riding spot was.

“I knew she would,” Tali said back, “She’s probably way kinkier than we are and just waited until we left to let out her real sexy self.”

Tina paused as Tali shrank him slightly, then look down at the remote, somewhat annoyed.

“Huh,” she said as she tapped the ‘shrink’ button again, “The batteries must have worn out. She must’ve used him a lot this past month.”

He was yelling the entire time but they ignored him; just like their mother he was only a toy to them. Knowing who exactly he was simply made it more fun. But finding him where, and how, they had was absolutely perfect.

“Should we really be taking mom’s favorite dildo?” she asked as she slid the Dildo Disk™ from his feet. The fact that he was currently yelling at her changed nothing. He’d been his mother’s toy for a month and she’d taken it to heart. If he’d actually been after the toy treatment like they’d told her then it would have been a submissive tiny man’s dream come true.

“She’ll just get another one!” Tali replied while she replaced the box under the bed. “She told you she was on Tiny Tinder now, right? Maybe we should try to introduce her to D? Sherri can probably still find him and she can definitely afford it.”

“Might be a good idea,” Tina said, turning with Tony firmly in hand. At four inches tall he’d be easy to drop in her purse downstairs, but she’d need to put him into her gym bag as soon as possible; they weren’t risking him escaping while they were distracted with their first visit home in a month. They’d planned on half an inch tall so he would just fit into her sunglasses case. Tali simply tucked the nonfunctioning remote control into her cleavage as they moved to leave.

Then they both froze as they heard the door open and shut downstairs.

“Girls!” their mother called up the stairs, “I’m home! Who’s ready for some pizza?”

The smell of food wafted up to them and their stomachs grumbled, but they looked at each other in surprise. If their mother caught them stealing her favorite toy she’d be very angry. And now they couldn’t get to their purses downstairs; their outfits didn’t have pockets for their steal.

“I’ve got an idea!” Tali hissed, grabbing their mom’s makeup kit from her vanity. It would give them a reason to be in her room at least.

“Me too!” Tina said, with a big smile as they heard footsteps on the first step leading upward.

“Girls?” their mother called.

“Bend over!” Tina whispered, and Tali immediately did so. She trusted her sister but was sure they’d had the same idea.

“In here!” Tali called, knowing if she didn’t answer it would seem suspicious. “We’re just grabbing some of your makeup!”

Tony was torn. He wanted them caught; there was no way their mother wouldn’t be mad at them for stealing him. But that wouldn’t get him any closer to actual freedom unless they admitted who he was. And he wasn’t too sure that would work considering the dirty talk he’d heard from his mother in the past weeks.

Either way he could hear them calling back and forth and he fought in vain against Tina’s massive hand. She squeezed him around the midsection and he heard a small ‘click!’ as something metal snapped.

For the first time in a month his arms moved around the front of his body. Tony was shocked and he realized that the handcuffs he’d fought against for so long must have finally broken. With a victorious cry he pushed harder against the clenching fingers and for a moment it seemed he may be able to move them.

Then he looked up as something hot and wet landed on him.

Just like she had when she first met her biology professor, Tali flipped her skirt up and over her cheeks. A finger snaked backward and pulled her thong to the side.

As the steps continued moving up the stairs, Tina only time for a single glob of spit. Her thumb smeared it around Tony’s head and she rammed him forward.

Tali gasped in pleasure as her backdoor was parted and she did her best to relax as her wriggling brother was slid home. Tina shifted her grip and pushed harder but Tali simply wasn’t prepared enough; he wasn’t going in all the way and the footsteps were approaching. Tiffany was on the last step.

“Just grab the whole kit!” she said as she entered the hallway.

Working as one, Tina helped Tali get her thong back in place, firmly holding Tony’s kicking legs as they stuck out of her tiny backdoor.

Double thong! she thought with a giggle.

Then Tali was standing up, letting her short skirt fall back over her backside. Tina grabbed the makeup kit and stepped in front of Tali just as Tiffany came inside.

“Hey mom!” she said, stepping forward to give her mom a hug. “We missed you so much!”

Tali took the extra moment to compose herself; she was wetter than she could ever remember being. This new toy was incredible and she knew they were going to keep it forever. Her backdoor had never given her such wonderful sensations. But a deep breath later she no longer looked suspiciously surprised or aroused and she went in for a hug with her mother too.

“Did you say pizza?” she asked, and the trio laughed together.

“Oh yeah!” Tiffany said, ushering the two out of her room. “And why didn’t I ever just get you two your own makeup palette like mine?”

The three went downstairs and into the living room where a large pizza and breadsticks awaited.

“Excellent!” Tali said, sliding into a chair.

Tiffany didn’t see her sudden look of surprise as the motion pushed Tony deeper through her sphincter. Tina did and gave her a wink.

“College is awesome, but no one beats our pizzeria here,” Tina said as Tali had a small orgasm that a casual observer may have mistaken for a barely-held-back sneeze.

Tony fought for all he was worth but his sister’s asshole was far too strong. Every push only caused a light shudder which he knew was her twitching in pleasure. Then he realized his struggling was actually making things worse.

As he pushed he inadvertently slipped an arm completely inside of her, then the sudden clamping of her sphincter around his midsection caused him to panic. The soft walls of her colon pushed against his face as she walked and reflexively he pulled his other arm through to keep his face free, only realizing his mistake when he wasn’t able to push a hand back downward to try and pull himself back out. Whether it was the thin string of material between his legs that wouldn’t allow him progress or simply her hungry backdoor he never knew.

Then the walking stopped. And something slammed against his feet, shoving him upward.

“No!” he screamed as the ring of muscle slid down below his waist. His cock tingled briefly, enjoying the soft texture of Tali’s walls, then her sphincter clamped down on his legs and he was sucked the rest of the way inside.


Four years later, the twins were getting dressed for graduation. They would soon each have their degrees in Biology, and they’d already accepted positions at a chemical testing facility in their hometown.

Tali picked up their ceremonial coin and single dice. Over the past years they had been tossed hundreds of times. The girls had gotten along surprisingly well sharing their toy, but this system was largely responsible for that when they argued.

Tony cried out from his position in the empty water bottle they kept him in during the rare times he wasn’t inside one of them. He knew what was happening.

“Let me go!” he yelled, knowing it was useless. He was their toy. Nothing would ever change that now.

The two objects were tossed in the air and landed on the bed.

“Yes!” Tina yelled out as Tina groaned.

“Damnit, I wanted him for today!” she moaned, but she didn’t complain past that. Their arrangement had worked wonderfully well and would for the rest of their lives.

“Six inches, yes!” Tali said at the same time. She got out a small bottle of lubrication as Tina sized their toy upward.

Tony held back the urge to cry as Tina picked him up and aimed him yet again at Tali’s asshole.

This was his life as a toy.

Third Wheel No More by Thatgirlyouknow

Lucas: Russel’s best friend. Very infatuated with Sarah, Russel’s girlfriend, but he knows they’re incredibly close and he doesn’t want to break them up because he’s also happy for them. 5’10, 160lb, runner, but a little nerdy

Russel: Dating Sarah, has been for years. 5’10, black hair, weightlifter’s build.

Sarah: In shape twenty-something. Long brunette hair, B-cup breasts, far more sexual than expected. Really likes Russel but is actually more interested in the sex.

Lucas sipped his coffee. It was his fourth cup of the day, and it was after lunch, but the way his morning had gone it was necessary. He’d struck out at three job interviews. His current job was paying the bills but it had essentially turned his degree into a fancy, worthless, piece of paper.

If he weren’t roommates with his best friend Russel times would have been hard. As it was, they split the bills down the middle and between the two of them each was able to come out a little ahead each month. They’d known each other for a few years, via a mutual acquaintance that Russel had far better luck with. Though Lucas was currently reaping at least some benefit.

There’s something at least, Lucas thought as he drank his coffee and watched the woman in the living room stretch.

Sarah was doing her yoga routine on the far side of the couch that blocked his view of her incredible long legs. They’d known each other for years. Long enough that she didn’t have second thoughts about parading around in a sport bra and slightly scandalous leggings when he was around. Or contorting herself into positions that made his mind race and heart pound.

He’d first met Sarah in college, only a few weeks before Russel had met her himself. She had never realized, but he was instantly smitten. Long dark hair, simple brown eyes, a surprising amount of freckles, and boundless self-confidence. She was smart, in good shape, hard working.

Lucas barely kept himself from sighing as he watched the perfect woman hold the warrior pose, glistening faintly with sweat. Her breasts, large enough to admire but not enough for gravity to hinder, heaved as she took a deep breath before bending in half. He knew only the couch was keeping him from an incredible sight of camel toe.

Every day he kicked himself for not asking Sarah out first. Russel had found the courage first and of course she’d said yes. Russel was a genuinely good guy; even as jealous as Lucas was he couldn’t find it in himself to be angry at him. His best friend was in excellent shape and though he wasn’t a rocket scientist Russel had great work ethic and personality.

Lucas had simply chickened out, and now he watched the love of his life do yoga in the living room of the house he shared with his best friend. The fact that he was how the two had met wasn’t lost on him, nor was the fact that she practically lived with them although she technically had her own apartment. Or that somehow she’d never noticed his adoration and that their relationship had instead evolved into the pinnacle of platonic relationships.

Some days he spent more time with Sarah than Russel did. He’d seen her almost naked dozens of times and she’d barely registered it. Some days he wondered if she thought he was gay, though he’d dated plenty and knew the couple likely heard him having sex. Though not as frequently as he heard them.

Yet here I am, he thought as Sarah popped back up with a perky smile on her face before turning around and bending in half in the opposite direction, Watching my best friend have such a good relationship with the most amazing woman I’d ever heard of. And they’re both so great I can’t even be mad about it.

He shook his head and pulled himself out of his reverie as he heard a car door slamming shut outside. The rest of his coffee he drained in a single gulp, then he stood to put his mug in the sink. Carefully he adjusted himself in his pants; watching Sarah do yoga always had an effect on him he hoped she never realized. Though she’d have to be blind; Lucas was large enough to be turned down by some of his rare hookups. He was sure when she realized he had true feelings for her the nature of their friendship would change, and probably not for the better.

Russel came through the front door moments later with two six-packs of beer.

“Who’s ready for movie night?” he asked as he kicked the door shut behind him.

Sarah bounded hypnotically toward him and gave Russel a kiss on the cheek. Lucas did his best not to be dazzled by her stunning body. Even after years of being around her she was his kryptonite.

“What are we watching?” he asked when the couple finally separated.


Later that evening, Lucas found himself confused by the movie’s ending. It had been a pretty straightforward thriller, up until practically everyone had changed sides and began stabbing one another in the back. The fact that it was the first movie filmed with only shrunken actors was neat but after awhile even that had lost its charm as the plot had grown more confusing.

“So wait,” he said, “The redheaded guy was actually the one that made them all shrink?”

He turned to look at the couple on the opposite couch, but of course there was no answer. They were already making out and Lucas knew he’d be hearing their headboard hit the wall tonight.

Lucas rolled his eyes and moved to the kitchen. He opened another beer and was relieved to hear the couple talking, not just pushing their faces together.

“I think so,” Sarah said while Russel took a pull from his own beer, “But if he wanted everyone dead why didn’t he just shrink last and drop them all down the sink instead of doing the whole play-both-sides thing while they all ran around that apartment?”

Lucas returned to the living room and sat down.

“But wasn’t it the blonde gal’s apartment in the first place? Did I miss who actually did the car crash in the beginning?”

“Have you two considered that maybe it was just a movie?” Russel added with a small laugh, “And that it was absolutely awesome to see that dude get speared with a toothpick?”

Sarah rolled her eyes at her boyfriend.

“I thought your favorite part would be when the giant couple decided to get rid of the cops by –“

“Okay, okay!” Lucas said, interrupting her before she could keep going. He knew exactly what she was talking about and the last thing he needed was yet another fantasy about his best friend’s girlfriend, who he was madly in love with, pushing tiny people into her snatch.

Her earlier yoga routine had almost driven him crazy and he’d been on sexual edge all day. Lucas had been toying with the idea of using Tiny Tinder for weeks now, and this movie had pretty much solidified his decision. He’d been too nervous about it, just like every other potential hookup that he’d stammered his way through, but he knew if he didn’t find some kind of outlet soon he may explode and ruin the best friendship he’d ever had.

The scene Sarah was talking about had made him hard as a rock. At one point two police officers had been shrunken down and in the name of sex appeal the ‘slutty-yet-likeable girl’ had made them both vanish under her skirt about halfway through the movie. She’d been killed herself not long after, but she’d had enough time with them in to be hilariously trying to hide her orgasms during a face-to-face conversation with the delivery guy.

“Well,” Russel said as he stood up, Sarah following him while they held hands, “You do all the thinky stuff-“ he wiggled his fingers at Lucas, who flipped him off, “And we’re gonna go not think for awhile.”

Sarah made an excited sound and hurried forward, earning a smack on her bottom from Russel.

“Goodnight Lucas!” she half sang as she ran to the bedroom, Russel only feet behind her. Petite hands reached around the back of her t-shirt and Lucas got another view of her toned back and shoulders around a sports bra before they turned the corner to Russel’s room.

Moments later he heard their door slam shut.

“Uh, yeah,” Lucas said to the now empty room, gesturing with his beer, “Goodnight.”

He took another long pull as Sarah let out a squeal that the closed door failed to conceal. Instantly he was erect, but instead of calling it a night he started the movie over. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, and while he was incredibly jealous he was halfway used to it.

Ignoring the sound of something hitting the door he turned up the movie as the opening scene started once more.

“So who was the real betrayer?” he said aloud, determined to solve this puzzle while his best friend plowed the woman of his dreams in the next room.


The following morning Lucas was awake first. He stumbled into the kitchen and started coffee brewing, then pushed a pastry into the toaster. The clock told him it was late, but his body said it was five hours too early.

“At least it’s Saturday,” he mumbled as he heard footsteps behind him.

Sarah, an obligate morning person, slid into the kitchen next to him and began pouring herself a cup of coffee. Despite his aversion to the morning Lucas couldn’t help but smile. She was wearing a large t-shirt that did nothing to hide her nipples, and while he knew there were probably panties on underneath, the hanging shirt covered her backside just enough to let the question linger.

“Hey!” she said happily, “Russel and I had a question we wanted to ask you!”

Lucas raised an eyebrow as he poured his own coffee. He knew Russel wouldn’t be awake at least for another hour.

Weird way to start a conversation, he thought, Some weekend project thing?

Not that he would mind if it meant spending time with Sarah.

“Uh, okay,” he replied. This early in the morning he wasn’t capable of much more than that.

“Well,” she said, and Lucas realized her voice wasn’t just its usual perky tone: she was nervous. “You know how you and me and Russel have pretty much known each other for years now?”

Lucas nodded and stirred creamer into his coffee. If he looked at her he knew his eyes would flicker to her breasts so he looked out the window instead.

“And I’m sure you’ve noticed he and I, mostly me, are pretty adventurous in bed, right?”

Lucas’ eyes opened wide and he took a sip of coffee as he nodded. His face turned red when he remembered the odd situations he’d walked in on them performing. Russel getting pegged. When he hadn’t realized during a conversation with Sarah that Russel had been going down on her just out of sight. Finding several sex toys, which he still couldn’t identify, stuck to the shower wall.

Sarah took his red face as a reply.

“Well,” she said with a nervous smile, “We talked last night and we wanna have a threesome.”

“Gah!” Lucas tried to say as he choked on his coffee.

After choking down the hot fluid he took a deep breath while Sarah giggled.

“Okay,” he stammered out finally, “So why are you telling me this?”

“Look, I know you’re pretty much the nicest guy and best friend I could ever have,” she said, “But Russel and I really want to branch out into some more…exciting things.”

Lucas rubbed his eyes.

“So, what, you want me to get a hotel room for the day so you three can go nuts around the house? Meet the guy first?”

At this Sarah openly laughed and despite his nervousness Lucas felt his heart rise.

“Uh, no,” she said, adding to his confusion. “We want you to be part of it.”

“Uh, what?” Lucas said, turning against the counter, certain he’d misheard her.

“That scene in the movie last night really got us to thinking,” she continued, “We both started dating before Tiny Tinder was a thing and we’ve never messed with it. And Russel isn’t really hot with the idea of another guy being brought in. But a tiny?”

She winked at Lucas.

“Now that’s something we’re both up for. Obviously we’d make you super-tough before you shrank; you’re our best friend and we’d hate for you to get mushed like those morons in the movie.”

Lucas stammered out something that resembled words, then cleared his throat.

“This is a joke, right?” he asked, looking around exaggeratedly, “There’s a camera in here, right?”

“No joke,” Sarah replied, “I saw how you were looking at the movie last night-“ Lucas’s face turned even redder, “- and I overheard you talking to Russel last week about wanting to try out Tiny Tinder. So here’s the perfect chance! You know we’re not gonna catfish you or any of that other stuff you hear about sometimes.”

He raised a finger, then lowered it.

She’s right, he had to admit to himself, I was probably gonna download it today even. And I’d be lying if I wasn’t at least a little nervous about meeting some random at two inches tall.

A bell went off in his head and Sarah could see the wheels turning behind his eyes. Despite everything she still had no idea that Lucas was madly in love with her.

And this will be my chance to get with Sarah! his inner voice yell. Well, sorta.

“Okay, let’s say I do agree,” he said tentatively, “How do we—”


“Wait, that’s’ it?” Lucas said later that afternoon. He’d had the day to think about the offer, and after talking with Russel he knew he couldn’t resist. The offer of getting with Sarah in any form was too tempting and his libido was simply yelling for any kind of release that wasn’t his own hand.

“That’s it!” Sarah said happily as she handed him back his phone.

“Super-tough mode enabled,” he read off the screen, “Continued size control allowed?”

“That’ll let us change you around a bit once you’re small,” she explained. When he raised an eyebrow at her she explained further: “I read a lot about it online today and that seemed like a good idea.”

Sitting on the couch with the weather channel in the background, the whole situation felt surreal. Sarah wasn’t wearing anything revealing, just jeans and a sweater. Russel wasn’t acting weird or pressuring him, just folding laundry on the loveseat. And Lucas held the key to his first threesome, shrinking process, and action with the perfect woman in his hand.

“So, like, what exactly do we plan on doing?”

Russel looked up from the laundry.

“Well, we’re not one hundred percent sure,” he admitted, and Sarah made a confirming sound. “We’re not really into vore or smashing, that stuff, but the app would make sure it was safe even if we did some of that. We’re thinking a lot of penetration with you inside, her obviously, and we’ll kinda go from there and see what happens.”

Lucas looked back and forth between the two couple. Sarah was clearly excited, and Russel was too, in his own quiet way. And despite the strangeness of the situation Lucas felt his own heart pounding with eagerness. His hand shook with nervous energy as the app vibrated gently, reminding him it was ready to act.

“Just one click,” he said to himself, the words repeating in his head. Visions of videos he’d watched on the internet, stories he’d heard from others.

“And we start now? No drinks first or anything?”

Sarah leaned forward and Lucas could smell her lilac perfume as she invaded his space. Her hand drifted toward his phone.

“Right. Now.” She said with a smile.

Lucas felt his phone move slightly as she tapped the ‘Accept’ button for him.

For a moment time seemed to pause as Lucas’ breath caught in his throat. The clock on the wall seemed to tick louder than ever. But the world didn’t change. He was sure it hadn’t worked, and after several seconds Sarah looked down at his phone with a look of confusion on her face. She pulled the phone from his hand to examine it.

“Did it work?” Russel asked, putting down the shirt he’d just folded.

Just as Lucas turned to say something he felt his body start tingling. Before he could change his statement from confusion to a vague affirmation the world shook as though he’d put his finger in a light socket.

“Whooa!” he tried to say as the world grew suddenly around him.

“Whoa!” Russel and Sarah said in unison as Lucas suddenly vanished, replaced by falling clothes and empty air.

They’d each seen and masturbated to multiple porn videos involving tinies. Some of them had even ended well for the tinies. But they’d never seen the shrinking process happen in person.

Sarah leaned forward and pushed her hand under the sudden pile of clothes. Seconds later she let out a victorious squeal and her hand returned.

In it, Lucas yelled out in his own victory cry.

He’d seen his own fair share of tiny porn and knew half the reason he was nervous about trying it was because of how many of those videos usually ended badly for the tiny. But with these two?

“This is gonna be awesome!” he yelled out as Sarah’s eyes narrowed at him as he stood in her palm, arms outstretched above him like he’d just won a race.

“Oh!” Sarah said, surprised as she took him in. Lucas didn’t even attempt to hide himself; his adrenaline rush at the sudden size change filled him with confidence he’d never had before.

Maybe it was a side effect of the change. Maybe it was the knowledge he was about to get with Sarah in a way he’d only dreamed of. Maybe finally using Tiny Tinder was a metaphor for him seizing control of his desires despite his fears.

“You’re-“ she said after a moment, looking over his tiny body.

Lucas just smiled and let his manhood swing. At three inches tall he knew it wasn’t anything to take in. But proportionally he knew it was often intimidating. In fact, it was half the reason he didn’t get laid nearly as often as he wanted: most women only talked about wanting a massive cock in them without realizing what it would actually mean.

“-so tiny!” Russel finished for her, not realizing what she was actually focusing on.

His massive form swung past Lucas like a mountain, and Lucas had to close his eyes and kneel on Sarah’s palm to not fall over from disorientation. Russel knelt down quickly to get a better look at his friend as Lucas stood again. He wasn’t nervous about being naked in front of his best friend; it wasn’t the first time.

But seeing his jacked friend looking at him with massive eyes did make him wonder, briefly, if this was going to affect their friendship.

Then he noticed Russel’s smile. Turning to Sarah he saw the look on her face: absolute desire.

No stopping now! he thought as he stood awkwardly in the silence.

“So, are we gonna-“ he started to say.

Before he could finish the sentence Sarah leapt from the couch with a giggle.

“Let’s go!” she shouted to Russel, and Lucas let out a surprised scream. Nothing could have prepared him for how fast the world was suddenly moving.

Her fingers wrapped around him tightly and he was thankful they’d thought to make him super tough before they started. If they hadn’t her grip alone would have ended the party early.

Through the gap in Sarah’s fingers Lucas could tell they’d entered the couple’s room, and she leapt onto the bed.

“Grab the phone!” she yelled to Russel, and Lucas laughed as his friend let out a startled ‘Oh, right!’

Lucas landed on the bed softly where Sarah dropped him and he climbed to his feet as fast as he could. He fell again as the bedspread shifted, but this time he stayed on his backside.

He’d landed between Sarah’s legs and she was busy on her own back, pulling her leggings, and no underwear, up, up, up her skyscraper long legs. Lucas’ eyes followed them down as she peeled the skintight clothing free until he saw the perfect view of her clean-shaven snatch and incredible backdoor.

His breath caught in his throat as he took in the view. She grunted in concentration as one leg refused to get free but Lucas didn’t notice. In his entire life he’d never seen anything so perfect.

“Holy shit,” he said to himself as her glutes flexed. Her lips were pushed together almost tight enough to completely hide her opening from her positioning but he could tell she was already getting wet.

For him. Finally, for him.

Then the leggings came free and were tossed to the side. Her towering legs slammed down onto either side of him until he was sandwiched between them, as though he were standing on a pitcher’s mound and facing home plate. From this new position her pussy was even more inviting and he stepped forward, unable and unwilling to hold himself back after all this time.

Sarah sat up and looked down at him with a look he’d never seen before. She was smoldering as she watched him approach her sex and he could faintly smell her as he got closer. A finger snaked across the front of her slit and rubbed the basketball sized nub that he knew was her clit.

Sitting up further, Sarah rotated her hips slightly until her opening was before him like a door to paradise.

There was the sound of clothes hitting the floor behind him, but Lucas didn’t bother to look at Russel undressing. His friend made a sound that Lucas took for affirmation as he got close enough to feel the heat from Sarah’s pussy.

“Do it,” Russel whispered, tapping briefly on his phone.

Lucas felt himself grow slightly and Sarah’s clit went from a long overhead reach to face level.

Her finger retreated and Sarah moaned. Lucas looked up one final time, hesitating at the final moment. Sarah’s eyes met his and she nodded as the bed dipped behind him, Russel climbing on for a better view.

Reaching forward, Lucas rubbed a hand along Sarah’s sweet lips. Though he knew he was barely giving her any sensation he felt her entire body shudder. She was slippery and smooth and he was more erect than he’d ever been in his life.

Up her slit he traced until his hands approached her clit. The orb was smooth under his palms and Sarah groaned again. Encouraged, he slid his hands over it more rapidly pushing one under her hood and squeezing gently with his free hand.

Then he leaned forward and licked.

She was sweet. The taste of Sarah’s sweet skin mixed with her secretions almost sent Lucas over the edge without him even touching himself. He couldn’t get enough.

Hypnotized by her taste he didn’t notice Russel climbing onto the bed behind him. All that mattered was Sarah’s moans, Sarah’s taste, Sarah’s quivering and rolling hips. As Russel knelt between Sarah’s legs and leaned in closer to watch Lucas’ almost frantic actions, Sarah struggled to not slide a finger into herself.

The last thing she wanted to do was disrupt Lucas right now; the situation was too incredibly hot and she knew she had to hold herself back. For now.

Determined to please Sarah, Lucas found himself pulling free from her clit. His hands were already soaked with her juices and he knew he’d remember her scent and taste forever. Despite the lubrication he found it was easy to climb upward on her slit and she rolled her hips backward almost instantly, instinctively knowing what he was planning.

Lucas found himself riding her shifting hips with ease; with her leaning backward he was almost laying on her lips rather than climbing them.

His hands sought out her clit again and he rubbed the smooth flesh and he positioned himself. His legs slipped into the small cleft between her glistening lips. Then he pushed downward and was instantly rewarded by a gasp of pleasure and the heat of her body sliding up his legs as he pushed them into Sarah.

“Oh shit!” she cried out, looking down at Lucas as he slid half his body easily into her hungry snatch.

Again she barely held herself back from pushing him completely in, though every fiber of her being craved to be filled. She looked to Russel, whose own eyes were flickering between the obscene sight of their tiny friend slipping into her snatch and her own look of pleasure.

Sarah shifted her hips again as Lucas submerged himself in her sex up to his chest. His hands left her clit for a moment but he was able to recover quickly. Small tickles and shaking told her that he was kicking his feet inside of her, mimicking treading water in her most sensitive of places. Each kick sent a shock through her body, each rub around her clit almost sent her into a frenzy.

Lucas could hardly believe it.

He wasn’t inside of Sarah in the way that he’d dreamed about, but this was almost better! Her tunnel was almost boiling hot and it was slippery beyond belief. Years of swim practice went to good use as he kicked against her slippery walls; part of him was kicking to pleasure her and he knew it was working. The other part knew if he was going to keep his attention on her clit his legs had to keep her hungry channel from swallowing him for at least another couple of minutes.

“I can’t wait any longer!” he heard Sarah say to Russel, and the giant man made an affirming sound.

“This is so hot!” Russel said, knowing exactly what to do. He climbed onto his knees and crept forward until his cock was inches from Lucas’ squirming form and Sarah’s pussy.

With Lucas still half consumed by her opening, Russel slid the head of his cock against her glistening lips. He didn’t try to push against Lucas, not yet, but his comparative size was too massive to avoid it. The tiny man was crushed somewhat against Sarah’s clit and she groaned again as she reached behind her knees and pulled them closer to her ears, revealing both her holes to her lover and helping gravity pull Lucas slightly further into herself.

Russel rubbed his head against her lips until he knew he was soaked in her lubrication.

“Please!” she said desperately, and Russel knew exactly what she needed. After years of dating he’d only seen her this turned on twice and he knew just how to maximize it for his surprisingly dirty girlfriend.

Lucas looked up as something massive pushed against him.

“Damn!” he yelled out, but the couple didn’t hear him. Russel’s uncut, massive cock was aimed right at his face but Lucas didn’t find himself shivering with revulsion like he’d thought he would. He wasn’t gay by any means, but he was lost in a moment of lust. The only thing he felt aside from being smushed was annoyance at being pulled away from Sarah’s clit.

When Russel pulled back, Lucas could see his cockhead glistening with Sarah’s lubrication and a mixture of precum. Russel himself was looking down at Lucas with a grin, and Sarah was still moaning, almost begging, to be filled. Lucas could tell from her shaking that she had to be close.

Russel shifted his body and Lucas braced himself, sure that the building-sized cock was about to stuff itself into Sarah, with himself riding its tip like a bulldozer. It wasn’t fear the shot through his body in that moment: it was desire to be deep within her at any cost. He braced himself.

Then Lucas realized Russel’s cock wasn’t aiming at him anymore.

The massive cock suddenly drove forward and Sarah let out a sound that Lucas couldn’t identify between pleasure or pain. He shifted until he was facing down as Sarah began calling out for ‘More! More!’

Like a truck-sized piston Russel’s cock was driving forward and deeper into Sarah’s tiny asshole. Lucas couldn’t see the literal penetration; the curve of her body kept him from witnessing the majestic sight. But his legs felt the massive iron rod pushing deep into her colon as the thin walls between her pussy and rectum distended to accept his bulk.

Before the cock had even halfway disappeared Sarah was letting out higher and higher pitched squeaks. Behind and above Lucas there was sudden squishing sounds and he kicked as her pussy began spasming around him. One manicured finger was rubbing her clit furiously, close enough that he had to be careful to lean back that a nail didn’t strike him in the head. It wouldn’t have hurt but he knew it may have interrupted her rhythm.

Lucas looked to the side and saw her legs were bent up far enough he could only imagine she’d put her feet behind her head. She’d practiced that move in yoga that very morning. Then his sight was blocked out as Russel leaned forward, ramming the rest of his cock into Sarah. Her screams of pleasure were suddenly cut off as Russel kissed her deeply.

Then her fingers shifted downward. For a moment it felt as though Sarah was caressing the top of Lucas’ head; a thank-you pet for a good toy. Then they pulled back above him and wiggled slightly before her ring and middle finger became more rigid.

“Yeah!” he yelled out, knowing what was coming, “Do i-!”

With a squelch! Lucas was pushed as deep into Sarah’s steaming canal as her fingers could slide him.

Instantly he was stunned by her heat. Faster than expected his feet pushed hard against her cervix and slid sideways as her fingers kept pushing. Lucas’ arms shot outward reflexively and her slippery walls gave him no purchase. Her fingers pressed against his head, then retreated.

Lucas scrambled against her insides but instead of straightening out, he simply felt himself spin in circles as every limb pushed against a different slippery surface. Reflexively he held his breath as long as he could; this deep inside of Sarah her walls spasmed around him and her lubrication filled any empty space. As the world shook around him and the walls seemed to close in more tightly he started panicking.

“Oh shit!” Sarah said when Russel finally leaned back from their kiss.

He was as deep into her ass as he could push himself, with both arms now behind her knees to hold Sarah in a practically bent in half position. They’d done anal before, quite often, and he knew how kinky Sarah could be, which was why he’d kissed her as she’d screamed during his rough penetration. Her spasming sphincter clenched him wonderfully and the deep kiss made it far better for her.

Her face was red from pleasure, but more so from the breath play. Sarah drew a deep breath as her hand emerged from between them.

Russel closed his eyes and held himself deep inside her as Sarah licked her fingers clean. Then his eyes opened and he locked eyes with her.

“I can feel him!” he exclaimed.

“He’s like the best vibrator ever!” Sarah said back, “Holy shit he’s moving!”

One hand wrapped around the back of Russel’s neck and drew him in for another kiss. Then Sarah pulled back and looked into his eyes.

“Now fuck my ass!” she commanded.

Lucas held his breath for as long as he could, surrounded in wetness and clinging walls and a rapid heartbeat.

Then, despite his deepest-rooted survival instincts, he let out his air. Instead of a desperate gasp that filled his lungs with Sarah’s fluids he found himself suddenly calm. His body simply acknowledged his lungs were now empty. And didn’t care.

Holy shit! he thought as he remembered the app had made him super tough. That really worked!

Lucas opened his eyes and saw that he wasn’t surrounded by darkness, but rather pink flesh that almost glowed with life as it quivered. His hand pushed forward against it and small ripples flooded outward as Sarah’s nerves accepted his push gratefully and turned it into electric pleasure for the love of his life.

For a moment Lucas felt a surreal sense of peace.

Then a massive steel object moved behind him.

That’s Russel! he thought as he felt the cock pulling outward. Through the wall that separated Sarah’s vagina and rectum Lucas could clearly feel his friend’s massive cock, and he knew when the bulbous head had passed by on its way toward the exit.

Then it slammed back down. Sarah let out a cry that Lucas could only hear faintly. A cry he’d heard hundreds of times through his bedroom wall.

“Yeah, lets do this!” he yelled as the cock vanished then returned rapidly.

In his mind he could see Russel driving himself in and out of Sarah’s asshole, and Lucas knew he’d never be this erect again in his life. But he didn’t even think about pleasuring himself in that moment.

This was for Sarah.

With an exuberant yell Lucas pushed outward against Sarah’s pussy. Instantly he was rewarded with more spasming that pushed back against his arms as she screamed out in orgasm. Encouraged, he ignored his need to remain upright and added his legs to the effort as well. In her spasming tunnel he laughed and fought as she tried to squeeze him motionless, but only helped him turn and spin as the world’s greatest vibrator.

It was incredible chaos for Lucas but he loved every moment of it. Russel’s pounding cock gave him a vague sense of what was upright, and he did his best to push against Sarah’s walls opposite of it. His experience with women was somewhat limited, but he knew the ‘top’ of her vagina was likely the most sensitive. So he pushed and clawed and kicked at the spongy walls with all his tiny might.

Sarah, meanwhile, was reduced to squeaks and sounds that only vaguely resembled words. Russel pounded her as hard as he could while Lucas gave her sensations she never dreamed of. Between the two men Sarah was trapped in a non-stop wave of pleasure. Between thrusts she tried to breath, but Russel knew how to play her well. At times he let her breath, during others he pressed his lips against hers until he knew the lack of air was causing her body to panic and her orgasms to intensify.

“Babe, I’m gonna-“ Russel started to say, and Sarah knew exactly what he meant.

“Switch!” she said between squeaks, “I need to feel you both!”

Damn you’re dirty! Russel thought, but he obeyed without question.

On his next stroke he pulled out a little too far; his cock protested as it felt itself leave Sarah’s warm, inviting rectum.

Then he drove back forward, letting Sarah’s hips fall slightly first.

For a moment the chaos in Sarah’s vagina stopped, and Lucas paused as well. Every muscle around him was still clenching and shaking, but the massive cock had stopped its assault.


Then Lucas’s ears popped as the pressure around him doubled. Russel’s massive cock drove into him, smashing down from above and slamming him into Sarah’s cervix. The spongy head entered her just long enough to prod him downward and not enough to truly pin him so deep within, but Lucas was stunned nonetheless.

Before he could recovered the cock withdrew, then slammed in again several times in rapid succession before holding itself almost motionless, millimeters from Lucas’s face.

Then it pulsed, shifting back and forth as Russel tried to push even further into her.

Lucas knew what was coming and closed his eyes moments before steaming hot fluid covered him. It was like getting hit with paint that had been sitting on a hot sidewalk, and gallons of cum hit him. The sticky fluid made him rock backward, then fall to the side as Sarah’s pussy began spasming around him yet again, reacting to the sudden heat of Russel’s explosion.

This time Lucas couldn’t hide feeling grossed out, but there was no escape. Russel’s orgasm seemed to last an hour, and Sarah’s shaking kept Lucas from doing anything but scramble for purchase and manage to get covered in even more boiling semen. An eternity later the chaos subsided and Lucas felt his face reach the top of the small lake he was now practically swimming in.

He opened his eyes and realized he was incredibly close to Russel’s cock. As his friend held himself as deep inside Sarah as possible his cock began to soften, and the foreskin closed around Lucas’s arm before he could react.

“Hey, wait!” he yelled out, knowing there was no way they could hear him.

Just as he tried to jerk himself free, Russel pulled out of Sarah and yanked Lucas rudely along, his arm held tightly between Russel’s foreskin and glans.

He screamed as Sarah’s pussy flashed by him faster than a speeding city bus. Before he realized it he was back in the light, dangling from Russel’s cockhead and covered in a mixture of his friends’ fluids. Lucas tried yelling at the giants but an awkward look upward showed him they were kissing and murmuring to each other while Russel knelt over her slowly unfolding body.

Realizing they had almost forgotten about him only made Lucas harder, and he realized he’d yet to even touch himself even though he’d literally been encased in Sarah’s vagina.

But dangling with one arm caught in his best friend’s foreskin wasn’t going to allow him any time for self gratification.

“You sure?” Russel said far above him, and Sarah’s legs retreated as she said something in return that sounded suspiciously like ‘yes.’

Russel flipped over onto his back, prompting another scream from Lucas as he was flipped around along with his cock. More fluids rolled onto him as he tried not to fall, then Russel took control of his wilting cock with one finger, laying it down on his stomach and giving Lucas a break as gravity essentially let him lay on his friend’s frenulum.

“Hey, have a good time?” Russel said with a laugh when he saw Lucas’ position.

“Uh, yeah!” Lucas yelled back, laughing as well. His arm was still caught and Russel’s foreskin was too slippery for his other arm to make progress toward freeing it. Despite everything he couldn’t deny the humor in his situation.

When Sarah came back into the room she found both the men in her life laughing together.

“Oooh!” she said when she saw Lucas’ position, “This I gotta try!”

Lucas didn’t see her give Russel her phone.

But he felt the cock underneath him shake, and a wave of hot air flow over his body.

Lucas’ laugh caught in his throat as he looked down.

There, nestled between Russel’s hair legs and massive testicles, was Sarah’s smiling face.

“Hi boys!” she said cheerfully, her eyes focusing mostly on Lucas and Russel’s cock. Sarah’s tongue flickered out and Russel groaned as she bathed his testicles in saliva.

“Don’t mind me,” she said, getting on all fours, “I’ve just never had two guys in my mouth before!”

With that said, Lucas watched her tongue drag slowly up Russel’s cock. It had been softening under Lucas and he’d almost gotten his arm free, but he felt Russel leap to life as Sarah’s tongue touched its base.

Lucas had only thought he was hard before, but Sarah’s tongue slowly making its way toward him was by far the most erotic sight of his life.

Her tongue left a trail of saliva and Lucas forgot all about his caught arm as it slithered over his body. For a blessed moment Sarah’s tongue ran across his cock and she didn’t even notice. But Lucas did and only through sheer force of will did he keep himself from cumming.

“Not yet!” he said to himself when her tongue had moved above him and swirled around Russel’s cockhead.

“Mmmm!” she said with a giggle.

Russel’s cock was already massive once again at her administrations.

“You sure you want to?” Lucas heard Russel ask, and Sarah gave an enthusiastic “Mmmhmm! Mmmhmm!” in response.

Lucas didn’t see what Russel was doing; instead he was busy staring at Sarah’s perfect breasts. He’d fantasized about them for years and they were every bit as incredible as he’d hoped. This close to him their pertness seemed to call out for him. In a trance he reached outward as Sarah leaned over him, hoping to finally touch what he’d spent years yearning for.

Then she vanished.

“What?!” Lucas cried out in frustration, only to hear faint, excited squealing above him.

Confused he turned upward and was instantly face to face with Sarah. Who was smaller than his head and dancing nude on the precipice next to Russel’s urethra.

“Ready when you are!” Russel said, and though he saw Sarah’s mouth move in reply she was far too small to make any noise audible to him.

Instead she spun light as a ballerina. Lucas could make out an ecstatic look on her face and recognized the excitement in her body language as she pranced happily. It was the most bizarrely erotic thing he’d ever seen. Sarah saw him watching and turned toward him, giving him a wave and blowing him a tiny kiss.

Lucas returned it, confused, as Sarah stopped her dancing and instead stood millimeters away from Russel’s urethra. It still glistened with fluids and at their current size both Lucas and Sarah could feel Russel’s pulse making it shake rhythmically.

The beautiful brunette paused briefly. Then she leapt in.

Russel groaned as Lucas yelled in surprise. Instantly she vanished into Russel’s massive cock and if Lucas hadn’t just seen it happen he would never have known. The hungry phallus simply made her disappear, though Russel was moaning like he was in the midst of the world’s greatest blowjob.

With a smile he wrapped his hand around his cock and gave it a slow jerk. On the downstroke his foreskin was peeled back and Lucas’ arm was finally free. He fell with a surprised shout but landed moments later on Russel’s testicles.

He tried to gain his feet but between Russel’s stroking and being covered in Sarah’s lubrication Lucas had no chance. Instead he fell to his stomach and began sliding downward. Lucas angled himself to the side and was able to avoid falling to the bed, instead wedging himself between the massive balls and Russel’s left thigh.

As he breathed a sigh of relief he felt something he thought impossible. Through the skin of Russel’s ballsack something pushed out at him again and Lucas pushed back.

“Holy shit,” he said as it became obvious what was happening. Moments later he felt Sarah’s hand, larger than it had been but still much smaller than his own, push against his.

In disbelief he look up at Russel but saw his friend was setting down Sarah’s phone.

Did he just make her bigger?  he wondered, as Sarah’s hand pushed more against his own. Her other hand appeared as an outline in the thin skin and Lucas was sure he heard excited laughter.

“Here,” Russel said, lifting Lucas upward with two fingers, “I want you to get the whole experience!”

Lucas didn’t have time to respond before he was laid on top of Russel’s upright cock. Awkwardly he rolled himself to the side; the shrunken situation was amazing but the idea of his cock aiming into his friend’s cock was just a little too weird. The term ‘docking’ ran through his head.

Clinging to the wet cockhead he looked up in time to see Russel pushing buttons on his own phone.

“Hey, wa-!” he tried to yell, but his words vanished in the air as the world grew suddenly around him.

Before he could react Lucas was falling again, plunged into humid darkness before his eyes adjusted to the pink skin rushing past him. Just as he realized what had happened, he struck the side of Russel’s urethra and bounced sideways with a yell. The fluids coating the walls slowed him slightly but he still fell with a yell that ended only when he landed with a splash in uncomfortably warm, sticky fluids.

The smell of chlorine invaded his nose as he stood, only to slip and fall sideways as Russel shifted slightly. Instantly he was up to his chest again in his friend’s fluids.

“Damnit!” he yelled as he fell again, sputtering, “Could’ve warned me!”

As he gained his footing fully he looked around and got his first view of the inside of anyone’s testicles. It was a surreal view of oddly wrinkled skin, veins and arteries, and other anatomy that he knew he couldn’t name. His annoyance was lessened when he felt himself grow slightly, and tossed aside when he saw Sarah striding toward him.

Despite everything her beauty was breathtaking. Completely nude and glistening in fluids, her brunette hair plastered to her head and her breasts defying gravity, she had never been more beautiful. She strode toward him with a smile on her face and making no effort to cover herself. Though he’d just gotten a much more up-close view the cleft between her legs still drew his eyes like a brilliant diamond.

“Holy crap!” she exclaimed as she neared him, also making no effort to hide her gaze, “You really are hung! I couldn’t tell when you were tiny but now…” she trailed off, giggling as their fleshy prison began to bounce rhythmically.

Lucas found he was no longer surprised by anything, except what came out of his mouth at that moment.

“I love you!” he exclaimed, finally telling Sarah his deepest feelings, repressed for years for fear of ruining his friendship with not just her, but Russel as well.

Sarah paused and her smiled faltered for a bare moment before she looked Lucas in the eyes. Her gaze was somewhat sad.

“I’ve loved you for years!” he admitted, finally letting everything out. Now that he’d broken the seal the words flowed out rapidly.

“You and Russel are my best friends and I don’t ever want to lose that, but I wish more than anything I’d asked you out before I’d introduced you two and-“

Sarah shushed him by putting a finger on his lips.

“I love you too!” she said happily, “And that’s why Russel and I wanted to do this with you, not just anyone.”

Her eyes turned sad again.

“But I’m with Russel. I belong to him now-“ she giggled as she looked around, knowing where they were currently trapped, “and maybe things would be different if you’d asked first. But he really can give me what I want and need.”

Her hands waved at their surroundings again and Lucas knew what she meant. He knew he and Russel were two very different people, and that he would probably balk at a lot of the things he heard them doing through the thin walls. His own face turned downward.

What did I even expect? he asked himself, That she’d leave him for me while we’re literally in his ballsack?

Then Sarah’s hand cupped his manhood.

Lucas jumped at the contact and looked at her. She was in his space; closer than they’d ever been by far. The heat from her body overrode the heat from their surroundings and in Sarah’s eyes he saw an intense look she’d never directed at him before. Her hand was wet and hot, and when he turned to face her it was joined by her other. One slid up his rod while the other massaged his balls.

It was perfect.

“But I know how we can be together,” she said as she stroked him. Her hands couldn’t believe what she was feeling; Russel was the perfect size for her. He fit inside her perfectly and as a lover he was second to none. But Lucas put him to shame and she wasn’t sure if he’d asked her out years ago she would have been able to handle him then. When they’d first met Sarah had been quiet, demure, and could barely spell the word kinky. His size would have scared her away.

“If we’re here,” she continued as Lucas stared into her eyes, “Then everything we do feels good for Russel too, right?”

Lucas nodded, hypnotized. Every nerve ending in his cock was alive and only the turbulence of the past half hour kept him from exploding right there. Her doe eyes held him enthralled.

“Then why should we hold ourselves back now?” she asked.

Lucas’ hesitation vanished.

Sarah screamed at first with excitement as her long-time friend enveloped her in his arms. Lucas wasn’t strong but need gave him strength. She was lifted up and her legs reflexively wrapped around him.

The two held back for a moment as they maneuvered until Sarah’s back was pushed against the walls of Russel’s still bouncing testicles. She felt Lucas’ massive cockhead at her entrance.

Is he really this big? she wondered, Or did he not shrink as much as I did?

Lucas didn’t give her time to think. She was the first woman he’d even attempted to sleep with in months, and he’d been lusting after Sarah for years. The nervousness on her face may have made him hesitate any other time. Not today.

He pushed at her entrance and her excited scream slowed as it was briefly refused entrance. She pulled away slightly and looked him in the eyes. He thrust again and she pushed down on him, the pressure of his massive cock at her small entrance increasing until he pulled back slightly before he could bend himself from the effort.

Each of them were frustrated beyond measure. Sarah groaned with need and Lucas stabbed forward again. Still he was too large for her, and he could feel her legs shaking as she held onto him.

“Wait!” she said redoubling her grip around his shoulders and adjusting her legs, “Keep aiming!”

“Sarah!” Lucas growled as he felt a more animalistic side coming out of him. In a minute he’d make himself fit. One way or another.

Then she let go of his shoulders.

Sarah let out a primal scream as her entire weight settled directly onto Lucas’ cock. For a moment he was scared he would bend first, but her lips widened and finally accepted his member. Instantly he plunged into her, shoving her tender walls aside and driving deeper than Russel could ever hope for. She screamed when his cock hit her cervix but the pain simply triggered an orgasm as she felt her body shift to accommodate the rapidly invading organ.

Lucas groaned as he felt himself hit something solid with three inches left outside of her, but Sarah’s body simply shifted and the rest of him slipped inside. Her weight had driven him deeper than anyone had ever been inside of her, and for the first time in his life Lucas was completely sheathed inside a woman; no one had ever taken those last three inches before. As he felt her lips finally come to a stop around the base of his cock she wrapped her arms around him again and clung tightly, digging her nails into his back.

For a moment he reached up to her neck, intending to support her and lean her back to make sure she was okay. Then he felt her pussy quivering on him and her legs shaking. A faint moan issued from her mouth.

Instead his hand grabbed a handful of her hand near her scalp and he pulled her head back. She groaned as the action put more of her weight on his cock, pushing her clit harder against his pubic bone. Her face wore a demented grin.

“Now fuck me!” she yelled at him, and Lucas obliged.

In a frenzy he kissed her, their tongues battling in an epic battle that had been held back for years. Lucas’ cock pulled almost free then returned as a freight train that wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Against the inside of Russel’s testicles the two drove into one another in a raging ball of ecstasy. Sarah screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure, and Lucas growled as his deepest urge was finally fulfilled.

Russel paused in his slow masturbation as he felt the shifting in his balls change. He’d grown both Sarah and his best friend to a size he knew would be too large to be ejaculated, and at first there’d been some surprisingly pleasureful movement. Then nothing. He had assumed, rightly, that the two were talking.

He smiled as he looked down, seeing the walls of his testicles now pounding with their own rhythm. They were doing more than talking.

“Shit that’s hot,” he said, now torn between watching porn on his phone or his balls shake. Russel felt his eyes glaze over; the two of them almost felt like the first time a woman had licked his nuts. It was indescribable but he could only imagine it felt similar to a woman wearing vibrating panties.

On his phone the blonde he had been watching masturbate finished with an almost obnoxious moan. Then came the moment he had really been waiting for: she’d been masturbating inches from her shrunken ‘boyfriend,’ and she stuffed him deep inside of her before pulling her panties back up. Moments later she was filming herself walking down a busy street.

“She’s got the right idea,” Russel said, dropping his phone and beginning to stroke himself in earnest.

They can stay in there a week or two, he thought as his orgasm rapidly approached.

The Third Wheel by Thatgirlyouknow

Third wheeling it again, Jaqueline thought as she watched Kelsey and Chris finish their drinks.

As they frequently did, the trio had gone out for dinner and drinks on Saturday night. She’d been with the amorous pair since middle school and was often jealous of their long relationship, but nothing that ever drove a wedge into their friendship. If anything she was good-natured about it, and their friendship had lasted so long, that her jealousy was often turned into jokes that confused anyone on the outside looking in.

While Kelsey and Chris were the only lovers they had known, Jacky had been in and out of dozens of relationships. Some good, some bad, but none even approaching the emotional level of what her friends had. Jacky had been around and had a lot of fun. Most of the time her friends’ incredible commitment didn’t bother her too much; they were all in their young twenties and she was happy to have her own fun while they had theirs.

And in an odd way she got quite a bit of enjoyment out of seeing her friend’s happiness. Even if she was the third wheel on a lot of their dates. After this long it was a standard part of their friendship and it was fair to say they went on more dates with Jacky tagging along than those where they were on their own.

Jacky contributed her cash toward the bill and followed the pair out the door. It was only a short walk from their favorite downtown bar to the apartment that they shared, but it was long enough to sober the three of them up. And long enough for Jacky to read her friend’s intentions. Kelsey was grabby when she was horny, and Chris’s erection was currently big enough to look like he was hiding a bottle of water down his jeans.

Which only reminded her of her own current dry spell. The past two weeks she’d had little-to-no action, a consequence of the spring semester ending and most of the college boys having gone home for the summer. Plus a surprisingly busy work schedule.

“So, do you two want the place to yourself?” she asked drily, knowing what they’d say.

“Well, maybe in a while,” Kelsey said with a giggle as Chris gave her bottom a pinch. Her long dark braid twitched as she gave her boyfriend a playful punch back. “We need to go get some, uh, supplies first.”

Chris rolled his eyes.

“She’s heard or seen half of everything,” he told his girlfriend as they waited at the crosswalk leading to their block, “You don’t need to use a code word like we’re spies.” Chris turned his chiseled jaw toward Jacky, who was walking on Kelsey’s other side. “We need some condoms, we ran out last night.”

“Chris!” Kelsey stage-whispered, “She’s gonna know that we do the thingy!”

Jacky snorted as their apartment building came into view.

“The Thingy?” she asked in a fake innocent voice, “But that would mean you see each other naked!”

The truth was she’d seen them both naked several times. A lot of times.

Before she and Kelsey had started exploring themselves in Junior High the girls had been best friends for years. It hadn’t been weird at all to see her friend in her underwear, and often less. They’d played with each other quite a bit in their younger years, until they realized boys were more fun.

Chris was a stud of a man and both women knew it. Kelsey made men look twice at the beach even without a skimpy bathing suit. Jacky’s breasts were bigger than hers, as was her backside, but she lacked that special something that men gravitated to. Which she made up for with skimpy bikinis and being incredibly forward about what she wanted – and where she wanted the boys to put it.

But Chris. Chris was the rare construction worker who could fill the pages on a calendar. Kelsey kept him grounded and made sure he ate healthy, meaning his arms were bigger than most people’s thighs and his six-pack caused near riots at the beach even if he wore a shirt. If Kelsey hadn’t been keeping him satisfied Jacky would have gobbled him up in a heartbeat, along with every other woman in a hundred-mile area.

As it was, Chris’s baseline was to be somehow oblivious to the effect he had on both women and men.

“Gonna be a pain to drive to a gas station at this time of night,” Chris said, ignoring Kelsey’s playful look of embarrassment. “And the attendant is always some creepy guy that can only get a job working at two in the morning.”

Jacky raised her eyebrow at him; she worked nights when she wasn’t taking college classes.

“What are you trying to say, wise guy?” she asked playfully.

“I mean they always give me weird looks,” he said defensively. “And driving at night bugs me too, my eyes don’t do well with the streetlights and stuff.”

The three of them entered the elevator and grew silent as they ascended. Not the awkward silence of those who no longer know what to say; the satisfied silence of a deep friendship.

Except Jacky had something on her mind. A certain phone application that she’d only recently started messing around with.

And something she’d learned a coworker of hers enjoyed doing, if she found a couple she trusted enough. Of which Jacky could only think of one; her coworker had also warned her about the high rate at which app users seemed to go missing.

Once in their apartment Chris poured himself a glass of water while Kelsey opened a bottle of wine, fully intending on continuing to drink while her boyfriend was out on a supply run.

“Hey,” Jacky said, not sure how to bring up the subject, “You know I’ve got an idea that’ll keep you off the street and save some money.”

She leaned around Kelsey to take the bottle and pour herself a glass of wine.

“That’s a lot of words to say you’ve got a couple of condoms to spare,” Kelsey said as she took a long drink, “And since when do you bother with protection?”

Chris turned red behind them, not sure what to say. Or if he should say anything. Even after years of their almost three-way relationship there were still some subjects he wasn’t comfortable bringing up. He and Kelsey agreed that sex without a condom was wildly better than with, but they also knew they weren’t willing to take the risk. Often. And he knew the women talked about their sex life often, but it didn’t mean he was quite comfortable with joining them.

Kelsey and Jacky giggled together.

“And I didn’t prepare for butt stuff either!” Kelsey said, their giggles turning into full blown laughter.

Chris tried to step lightly toward the bedroom where his car keys were, knowing the two women would keep each other entertained for the moment.

“Not what I meant!” Jacky laughed, “Though I wouldn’t mind walking in on that scene by ‘accident!’”

The two shared a laugh again, and Kelsey briefly wondered how many times Jacky had walked in on them mid-coitus on ‘accident.’ She’d always suspected one or two of those instances had been staged. Not that it mattered much to her; the trio didn’t have many secrets.

“You’ve heard of Tiny Tinder, right?” Jacky asked, sipping her wine as Kelsey gave her a careful nod.

“Chris and I used it once or twice,” she admitted, “But it wasn’t really our thing and it seemed like it might be easy for someone else to abuse.”

Chris walked back into the kitchen, double checking he had his wallet.

“Well,” Jacky said, making sure she caught his eye too, “Remember my coworker, Katie?”

Kelsey and Chris shared a glance and shrugged.

“Anyway,” she continued quickly, “Katie is super into the shrinking thing and lately she’s got a new kink: being used as a condom.”

Kelsey spit out a small mouthful of wine, then said as she choked: “She what??”

“You’re kidding!” Chris said, incredulously.

When he and Kelsey had first heard about, then tried, Tiny Tinder, he’d had a fun twenty minutes of exploring his girlfriend at two inches tall. And she’d climbed his rod like a mountain a few times. But the thrill they knew others got from the experience wore off quickly for them both. For them it had been just another kinky thing to try, but not one that had stuck around for them.

The two were already happy enough together that they’d never even thought about some of the possibilities the app could offer.

“No, I’m serious!” Jacky said, knowing she had their attention. “Katie is crazy into being shrunken and she tells me all about it. I’ve done it a little myself but I get laid enough I don’t need to use it. Usually.”

Chris fought the urge to run out the door for a moment longer.

“But I’ve been in a dry spell lately,” she added carefully, “And since Katie gave me this idea…”

She let her sentence trail off as she finished her glass of wine.

“What idea?” Chris asked, “Using a person as a condom?”

His eyes bugged out of his head when he realized what she was really suggesting.

“You?!” he exclaimed, hoping he was guessing wrong.

“Mmmhmm!” Jacky said, nodding enthusiastically, “I’ve done the tiny thing a couple of times, and she loved it enough she’d already arranged another meetup with the same couple.”

Kelsey looked at her friend with a nervous grin on her face. She’d enjoyed Chris exploring her at several inches tall, but not enough to pursue it again. But this was a whole different thing. The idea of it was so foreign she could barely think of it.

But she didn’t really feel like waiting the half hour it would take Chris to go get condoms.

And if this really works then we won’t have to worry about condoms anymore…she thought. Not to mention the mad rush of energy she got when she imagined reducing her best friend down to a convenient contraceptive….

“Nope!” Chris said with a fast, nervous laugh, “Nope nope nope!”

He continued saying “Nope!” repeatedly until the door slammed, and halfway down to the car.

Jacky nervously sighed and poured herself another glass of wine.

“Well,” she said, “That went well.”

Her face was red with embarrassment, and she held her glass in both hands as she mentally prepared to make it an early night. The awkwardness of being shut down that hard would be forgotten by tomorrow. Probably.

“Wait!” Kelsey said, putting a hand on her friend’s arm, “Chris may not think it’s a good idea-“

Jacky looked into her friend’s eyes and saw the mischievous grin that had started their friendship all those years ago.

“-but I think you should pull out your phone,” she finished.


“Are you ready?” Kelsey’s voice excitedly boomed from overhead.

“Yeah I’m-“ Jacky started to yell back from her perch at the side of the bed frame, where she’d probably be out of view when Chris got back. The narrow strip of fake wood was wide enough for her to perch on, as long as she was careful.

They’d debated on hiding behind something on the bedside table that the two shared, but Chris was surprising perceptive sometimes. If he casually tossed his keys onto the table he’d likely notice the four-inch tall woman crouched behind the lamp. That was far less likely if she was crouched down on the side of the bedframe, half-under a falling corner of the sheet.

“Ready or not, I hear Chris!” Kelsey stage whispered, easily drowning out her voice.

Jacky felt herself practically vibrating with excitement; when Chris had turned down her idea the way he had she was sure that her night was going to end drowning in wine followed by a week of awkward eye contact. And now, after some coaching and walking Kelsey through an online guide, she was going to try out the wildest thing she’d ever thought of. The fact that she had to hide for the first half of it only made it more fun.

The brown-haired girl felt like a sexy spy, and her heart was pounding when she thought of what she’d feel like in just a few minutes.

Far in the distance, in the seemingly miles-away kitchen, she heard Chris close the door. Kelsey was greeting him immediately with what she called the full-court blitz: Jacky knew her friend was already topless and playing up the situation they’d already decided on. If she kept things moving fast Chris was less likely to notice anything weird about tonight’s contraceptive.

“Oh, this is gonna be great!” she said aloud as she nervously awaited the sound of her friends throwing their clothes off.

Their footsteps and voices already sounded like thunder.

Kelsey practically threw herself at Chris when he shut the door, not even giving him time to toss his keys onto the kitchen counter.

“Hey!” he said with a laugh, brandishing a small plastic bag with some candy bars and a six-pack of condoms, “I wasn’t gone that loo---”

The smaller woman didn’t let him finish his sentence, and instead shoved her hand down the waistband of his pants.

“You were gone long enough,” she said, pulling him down into a kiss.

Chris gasped as she handled him roughly, unexpectedly. She was usually the more submissive of the pair and though he tried not to overpower her he knew it was inevitable. His arms were the size of her legs. Right now it didn’t matter how strong he was; her hand knew exactly what to do to get him to do almost anything.

“Get in here!” Kelsey commanded, dragging him toward the bedroom with one hand down his pants.

Her other hand snaked into the bag and picked out the condoms. She and Jacky hadn’t done a lot of actual planning; their excitement at what they were doing was too raw to let them think straight. But they had known that Kelsey would have to at least pretend to use a real condom or Chris, even in the midst of a sex-crazed haze, would have questions.

With a horny laugh he let her drag him into the bedroom.

“What about Jacky?” Chris asked as he pulled off his shirt, revealing a chiseled torso. “Is she okay? I kinda worried I—

“Are you really gonna talk to me about Jacky? Now?” Kelsey asked, kneeling on the bed. In just a tiny pair of shorts and knee-high socks no man could have resisted. Her small hands cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples lightly. To drive the point home she ran her tongue across her lips while staring at his crotch.

Even Chris wasn’t dense enough to keep going down that subject line. He’d been with Kelsey for years, and they’d been intimate in almost every way a couple could be, and she was every bit as attractive to him now as she had been when they were sixteen.

The rest of his clothes hit the ground a moment before the bed squeaked when he jumped on it. Kelsey let out a loud squeal as he pinned her down, giving just enough fake struggle to get him excited. Not that he would have any trouble there.

Already he was kissing his way down her trim torso, giving her ticklish spot above her belly button a small nibble before he expertly slid her shorts and panties down. He threw them behind her, not caring where they landed, then half crouched and half lifted her bottom half up to his own lips.

“Oh damn!” Jacky heard Kelsey moan far above her.

At first the bed had shaken hard enough to almost knock her loose from her perch, but she’d held on. Then a moment later the condoms had fallen to the ground just past where she was. She began to have second thoughts.

Yeah Katie loved it, but she’s a nympho! She thought, having a rare moment of self-doubt. Does this count as sleeping with them both? What if we did the settings wrong? What if we-

Her thoughts were interrupted by the bed shaking violently again, the couple’s simple movements becoming world-shaking events to her small stature.

A moment later she heard a telltale ‘gluck!’ that told her exactly what Kelsey was doing. Despite his all-around gentle nature, Jacky knew when it came to sex it was all physical. Between what she’d seen and what she and Kelsey had talked about (the two had very few secrets) she knew he was doing his best to jam his nine inches down Kelsey’s petite throat. And probably succeeding; he was long, but not excessively thick.

And Jacky knew that Kelsey had plenty of practice on that one particular rod over the years.

From her lofty perch at the side of the bed she could only imagine what was happening far above her. There were more earthquake as the couple changed positions, and more gagging and gasping-for-air sounds than she expected.

Despite her excited anticipation Jacky held back from fondling herself; her insides already felt as hot as an oven and if what her co-worker had told her was right, pretty soon she’d be out of her mind with pleasure regardless.

Just as she was thinking that, Kelsey’s hand dropped down. It was their unofficial signal.

“Lay on your back,” Kelsey’s voice boomed to Chris, “I’m getting the condom.”

Jacky almost came just from hearing those words.

Getting the condom.

Her heart leapt into her throat when Jacky’s massive face appeared over the side of the bed. The massive woman’s eyes were a little teary, probably from gagging, but she’d never looked more alive.

Kelsey leaned over the side of the bed, then squealed loudly as Chris’s fingers slid into her backdoor. She grinned at Jacky, then let out a moan. Before she could stop herself, she went with her first instinct as she reached down to the ground to grab a condom. Her hand picked up the package and she made sure to rip it open loud enough for Chris to hear.

Meanwhile, her mouth opened and her lips wrapped around Jacky’s tiny body. Her friend let out a small scream of surprise, but no sound escaped Kelsey’s skilled lips. In a moment she’d made her friend disappear into her mouth.

The smaller woman found herself bathed in saliva as she was tossed side to side. She’d done mouth play before as a tiny and loved it; but it was obvious Kelsey wasn’t doing this for Jacky’s fun. Not once did her massive tongue try to shove its way up Jacky’s snatch, and the smaller woman would have pouted if she’d had a moment to spare.

Almost as soon as she’d oriented herself to her new hot, wet environment, light flooded in and blinded her. Kelsey’s fingers wrapped around her legs and pulled her free; Jacky restrained herself from yelling in excitement as Chris’s massive cock suddenly towered in front of her. Kelsey was kneeling between his legs, and before Jacky could even worry about him looking down at her, Kelsey’s mouth was blocking her view of Chris’s face.

The tower-sized cock in front of her vanished inch-by-inch into her best friend’s mouth and throat. In the distance he groaned in appreciation.

“If you suck me too much,” he warned, “I’m gonna cum down your throat instead of in you!”

Kelsey pulled off his cock with a ‘pop!’

“You’re not cumming until I tell you to, got it?” she said pointedly, channeling her inner drill sergeant.

“Yes ma’aam!” he started to say, but she slid his cock down her throat once more before he could make any coherent sounds.

Her resumed oral had two big effects: she loved sucking on Chris, so it was fun. But most important, it let her explore tiny Jacky.

They hadn’t had time to do much experimenting before she had hidden in anticipation of Chris’ arrival. But the internet had warned them pretty thoroughly to make sure the giant’s cock slid into the tiny’s vagina; otherwise if they used the tiny’s backdoor then his cum would just shoot out of the tiny’s mouth and there went the entire purpose of the condom.

So while she sucked Chris’s rod down, her fingers were pulling Jacky’s legs apart. The tiny woman almost screamed, but as soon as the tree-trunk sized fingers started spreading her legs she was hit with an instant orgasm: a side effect of the shrinking process. A massive finger pushed easily through her love canal, then shoved further and further in until Jacky was sure she’d start seeing a fingernail poke through her mouth.

Not that she would have cared at that moment. Every nerve ending was alive and firing wildly in screaming orgasm. To her best friend’s finger she seemed to be vibrating.

Kelsey let her fingers explore a moment more, but when she couldn’t feel anything pushing out of Jacky’s other side she knew it meant she’d luckily fingered her friend in the correct hole. It took everything she had to not look at her handiwork, but if Chris saw what she was doing then the gig was up.

In any other situation that would have made her blush. But now? Even if Jacky had been screaming at her to stop she couldn’t have made herself. She felt so powerful, so strong, so massive, that no force in the world could have stopped her from what she was about to do.

Part of her wondered if this was why it seemed like so many tinies disappeared. Part of her wondered if she’d be able to let Jacky go when she was done using her.

Keeping her little friend thoroughly speared by her middle finger, she pulled her face from Chris’s rod and spun herself over him. He started to say something but she silenced him when she lowered her snatch onto his face.

Her left hand stroked him slowly as she ground herself onto his face. His chin had the perfect cleft for her clit to rub on.

But she made herself focus: she brought Jacky upward and slid the tiny girl off her finger. She gazed in wonder at her handiwork for a moment, her best friend stretched around her finger like a toy puppet.

Hurry up! the voice in the back of her mind yelled as Chris’s tongue explored her depths.

Jacky appeared to be twitching, and Kelsey could see the massive drooling smile on her tiny little face. That fact made her next move easier on her conscience but wouldn’t have changed a thing.

A second finger slid into her friend’s already wildly stretched snatch and Kelsey marveled at how easily her friend’s body stretched even further. Her skin thinned easily under her pulling force and in moments the only recognizable part of Jacky’s lower half was her spasming legs.

In her excitement Kelsey came hard against Chris’s face and she pushed downward so hard over his mouth that she didn’t notice him tapping furiously on her leg to try and catch a breath. She closed her eyes and rode the wave, so she missed the way her boyfriend’s cockhead slipped through her best friend’s distended pussy so tightly that it outlined perfectly through her abdomen.

But she didn’t miss a thing as she yanked hard downward on Jacky’s body. In moments Jacky went from a living, yet tiny, person to the world’s best condom. Even in her post-orgasmic haze she could see every ridge, bump, and vein on her boyfriend’s cock through her stretched-thin skin.

Just as Chris started to feel his vision dim Kelsey lifted her hips. He sucked in cool air and looked down just in time to see Kelsey hovering just over his cockhead.

Did I get a ribbed condom? he wondered briefly, the dim light making it impossible to tell what exactly he was seeing on his cock.

Then there was nothing to see.

Kelsey dropped onto his cock with a primal scream of pleasure, which he matched. He felt himself bottom out against her cervix, but the couple was used to that. She adjusted her hips slightly to give him more room, then ground her clit against his pubic bone.

“Kelsey,” he warned, “With all the foreplay I’m not gonna last long!”

He sat up and pulled her tight against him as she rode him, shifting from grinding to riding. Between the situation and what she knew was Jacky’s waving arms and legs she was moments from what seemed like her fiftieth orgasm in the last five minutes.

“Just come!” she said desperately, not caring that he wasn’t going to last long. Usually his stamina was good for hours, but tonight she only needed another thirty seconds.

The smaller woman rode her man furiously, alternating rapidly between grinding and pumping his shaft deep inside her. Every movement she could feel Jacky’s wildly swinging legs and arms rub against her canal, and every hit against her cervix was Jacky’s face.

Meanwhile, Jacky was barely aware of what was happening. Even if her body wasn’t rolling through a wave of orgasms that she’d never imagined were possible, the act of being stretched so thoroughly by Chris’s cock had made her eyes stretch enough to be now completely useless.

When Kelsey’s fingers had stretched her wide open she’d started cumming immediately. She’d kept enough mental focus to feel when something far larger than a finger was sliding into her, but when she felt the cockhead distorting her torso any attempt at remaining semi-sane vanished. It was all pleasure, and that’s all that mattered.

A white-hot bar of ecstasy was filling her entire body. A near-boiling wall of silk was surrounding her body and gripping her tightly. The tiny condom didn’t even realize that her constant orgasm was making her legs and arms kick comically; without Kelsey’s vagina clinging to her she would have looked ridiculous. But encased deep in her friend she was effectively the world’s greatest vibrator.

But even deep in her drool-inducing state she could feel when Chris’s cock began to swell.

“I can’t hold on any longer!” Chris warned, but he knew Kelsey was already good. Her fingernails were digging into his back hard enough that she was probably drawing blood. The construction worker didn’t know what had gotten her so hot tonight but he didn’t care. Her passion fueled his own.

Plus he must have bought a new kind of condom without realizing it; instead of dulling how his girlfriend’s insides felt this one seemed to magnify every sensation. If he didn’t know better he’d have said it was vibrating, but he knew that Kelsey’s mood must have been influencing his own libido tonight.

With a groan he wrapped his arms around Kelsey and pulled her down onto him as hard as he could. He pushed his lips against her as she cried out and shot his load deep inside of her. His orgasm his hard enough that his vision dimmed for a moment, and he knew if they hadn’t been using protection tonight would’ve gotten Kelsey pregnant.

Three, four, five spurts. His whole body shook with the force, and Kelsey let out one final scream of pleasure before she held herself still, forcing herself to come down from ecstasy.

With Chris still balls deep inside of her, kneeling on him while he sat up awkwardly in bed, she looked him in the eyes and giggled.

“That was insane!” she said, shuddering again. Chris may have finished, but their condom was still going wild inside of her.

“Oh yeah,” Chris replied, not sure what to say. He was out of breath and couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so satisfied. “I’m buying that brand again, I swear it feels like it’s vibrating.”

“I think it is,” Kelsey said as she climbed off him. With one hand she pushed him back until he was laying supine.

The woman moaned in disappointment at how empty she felt and laid next to Chris. Idly her hand trailed down his abdomen as she nuzzled up to him, exhaustion claiming them both.

She was sure there was something she needed to do, but at the moment surely nothing mattered more than staying close to the man she loved.

Knowing how sensitive he was after sex, she carefully slipped her fingers between the condom and his shaft, then peeled it upward. It did seem to be vibrating, and the ribbing felt strange under her fingers, but the spent condom slipped easily off of his wilting shaft.

Without looking she held it upside down, then moved her hand over the edge of the bed.

What a weird condom, Kelsey thought as she opened her hand and let it fall to the bedroom floor with a splat. Tomorrow was cleaning day anyway, and there was no way she was leaving the bed now that post-orgasmic bliss was putting her to sleep. What the heck was I supposed to-

Her thoughts cut off as Chris pulled her in close for a hug, and thirty seconds later the couple was asleep. They held each other tightly all night, broken only briefly when Chris shifted enough to get the blankets over them both.

Jacky quivered on the cold bedroom floor for time interminable. She rose and fell as her body tried to reset itself from constant-orgasm to functioning normally. An observer would have been able to watch her body slowly pull itself back into its regular human shape; at first she’d landed in a heap of tissue that could have been mistaken for almost anything except a person.

If she and Kelsey had done a little more research online they would have found a preset template on Tiny Tinder that would have let her snap back into regular shape almost as soon as she was pulled off of Chris’s cock. Instead it took almost half an hour before she was able to sit up on their faux-wooden floor, amazed at the amount of fluid that had leaked out of her.

“Holy shit,” she whispered, still shivering occasionally as her nerves reset. She was sitting in a pool of semen that could have filled several buckets, with more being pushed out of her vagina as her insides straightened themselves out. When she rolled onto all fours she could feel Kelsey’s own slippery fluids drying on her arms and torso.

With wobbly legs she stood and began walking the miles-long trek back to her bedroom.

Two hours later the timer they’d set on Tiny Tinder ended, and she returned to full size. Exhausted, she dragged herself into the shower and for the first time in weeks felt no need to use the detachable showerhead to bring herself to orgasm.


The following morning none of the trio awoke before ten. Chris had to remind himself to put on shorts when he entered the kitchen, which only reminded him of the mind-blowing sex he’d had the night before. When the coffee was finally brewing the scent brought Kelsey out of the bedroom as well, wearing just one of his t-shirts and nothing else. It was big enough that it went halfway down her thighs before stopping.

She gave him the look of a very satisfied woman.

“Last night was incredible,” Kelsey said, making sure her voice carried in the direction of Jacky’s room.

Jacky didn’t miss her voice, the trio had been together so long that they were practically psychically linked. Jacky and Kelsey’s menses were synched and on most days they awoke within minutes of each other.

Her legs still wobbled when she walked out of her own bedroom. Compared to her friends, muscle bound and wearing only shorts, and wearing a shirt that would show off all her goods if she sneezed, Jacky was well dressed in leggings and a tank top.

“Oh, did I miss something?” she asked, making eye contact with Kelsey.

Holy fucking shit! she mouthed to her best friend. Jacky mimed being filled with a massive cock, then crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, ahegao style.

“What? No, what do you mean?” Chris asked, turning quickly and looking through the refrigerator for his flavored creamer.

“Oh, just saying I slept great last night,” Kelsey replied. Her own fingers slipped between a hole that her fingers made, then wiggled furiously as she rolled her own eyes upward and smiled.

“Oh, dangit! I’m gonna have to run to the store!” Chris said, desperate to avoid what was obviously about to turn into a sex-life conversation.

Before either women could say anything he darted in and out of the bedroom, throwing on clothes in record speed and diving out the front door. To their credit, the women waited until the door was completely shut before they burst out laughing.

“So, when are you up for round two?”



Concerning Family by Thatgirlyouknow

Jason nervously tapped his fingers on the dinner table.
Emma, his wife, sipped her own coffee calmly but it was a façade; she was just
as nervous as he was. It looked better on her; with her pale complexion her
cheeks simply grew rosy. She had done her red hair up in a ponytail, a ritual
she always performed before doing hard work even though she never realized it.

Jason himself wasn’t quite as fit as his wife. Her toned
everything was what he’d used to have until fairly recently. As it was Jason
had to pretend he didn’t see his daughter’s friends checking him out during

“This is gonna be a lot more awkward than the puberty talk,”
he said aloud as they heard the beeping of Lily’s car outside.

Their daughter, technically Emma’s stepdaughter, was home.

Their daughter, who they had recently caught downloading and
messing around with Tiny Tinder. Most parents weren’t up-to-date on what all
the kids were up to these days, but for Jason and Emma this had been a big
surprise. Because they were frequent users of the apps themselves and had been
for years. They knew exactly what it could lead to, because they were the
frequent destination for a lot of people they didn’t want Lily to be like.

Emma had heard the telltale sound of the app opening that
morning, and over breakfast her eyes had caught the playful opening screen as
the app loaded. It always made her smile, seeing the larger T motif swallow the
smaller, but not on her daughter’s phone. Luckily she knew it was the first
time the app had been opened; before her daughter hurriedly closed the screen
the first-time user warnings had appeared.

Which meant she and her husband had the day to figure out
the right way to talk to her daughter about responsible shrinking while she was
at school. It was also especially important because Lily hurriedly closing that
screen meant she didn’t even get a chance to read the surprisingly broad
warnings that Tiny Tinder use came with.

“Hey guys!” Lily said as she came through the front door.
Her backpack landed on the recliner, her jacket near the recliner, but at least
her shoes made it into the closer before she started rushing toward the stairs
and her room. Breasts that made boys turn their heads bounced as she jogged,
along with long brunette pigtails. She had the body of a runner, and right now
she was trying to run upstairs before her parents could slow her down.

“Hey, hold up there!” Jason said and he could almost see the
life drain from her face when she imagined a talk with her parents.

But she did stop and pivoted smoothly into the kitchen. She
opened the fridge to make it seem like she had changed direction all on her own
volition, then grabbed a soda.

“What’s up?” she asked as she popped the lid and took a sip.

“Well, uh,” Jason started, but Emma took over. She knew how
Jason could be with awkward situations, which was hilarious to her considering
everything they did on a regular basis.

“I saw you making a Tiny Tinder profile,” Emma said, leaning
on the kitchen table, “And we need to talk about it.”

Lily choked on her soda but recovered quickly.

“Come sit down,” her dad told her and Lily nervously looked
to the stairs like she might make an escape. But when her dad pulled out a
chair for her, and Emma sat as well, there weren’t many options for the

“Sooo…” Lily started, “I’m kinda surprised you two are up on

“We’re more than up on it honey,” Jason said, followed by a
deep breath and a shared look with Emma. “We’ve been users since the first week
it came out years ago.”

“Wait, what?” Lily said, her surprise outweighing
anticipation of the rest of the conversation.

“Yes,” Emma added, “Your dad and I still use Tiny Tinder all
the time.”

Lily gagged. As a teenager the idea that she shared any
interests with her parents was horrifying. But that they would partake in her
own fantasy of being humiliated and used by someone a hundred times her size
was a whole other subject.

“We still do,” she continued over Lily, “Aaaand we need to
talk to you about how to use it responsibly.”

“Okay, I’m not sure I’m-“ Lily said, trying to stand and
leave, but her dad smacked his hand lightly on the kitchen table and she sat
down automatically. She tried to not link that automatic reflex to obey to her
desire to be dominated. “Yes daddy,” she said.

Emma smirked when she heard that.

“Yeah I know it’s awkward but we need to do it,” Jason said
without noticing. “So we’re just gonna take off running on this.”

“So you know about the process in general, right?” Emma
asked, and Lily nodded without making eye contact. “Have you read up on the
options and extra features on the app that can keep you safe?”

Lily, still avoiding eye contact, said quickly, “Yeah I

“Mmmhmm,” Jason said, knowing full well the look on his
daughter’s face meant she hadn’t. “I’m sure you’ve heard about fifty stories
about tiny users vanishing though, right?”

“Guys do we really have to do this?” Lily asked painfully,
“I’m old enough and we’re not prudes like they used to be and-“

“Lily, Emma and I use Tiny Tinder on an almost weekly basis,
and,” he leaned forward for emphasis, “we’re the people you need to worry
about. Or people like us,” he added, “Shrinking can be really fun but we want
you to be safe and not to vanish on a blind date.”

Emma leaned forward and slid her phone across to where Lily
could see it. On it was a Tiny Tinder profile with Emma looking down at the
camera. Emma casually swiped to the next picture and Lily’s eyes widened when
she saw an angle that of someone just about to be dropped into her open mouth.
The idea of vore itself terrified her.

“We usually get people who want to shrink, and don’t shrink
ourselves,” she explained, “And we’d both be lying if all of them survive our
date. We don’t want that to be you.”

The room was silent as Lily absorbed what they’d just told

“Wait, so you…you,” she started to say, and Jason threw
everything out there.

“We’ve done about everything you can think of,” he started,
“We do kinda play with whatever the tiny wants because it’s all fun, but we
lean a little more dominating ourselves.”

“A lot more, honestly,” Emma agreed. “I love putting tinies
in their place, especially sweet little girls who want to get the real
experience. And nothing’s really better than that moment when someone realizes
they’re in over their head with no way out.”

She gave Lily a pointed look when she said that and Lily

With the news that her own parents had personally ended a
few tiny people themselves, Lily swallowed her pride and paid attention. If her
own parents, two of the nicest down-to-earth people anyone could imagine, had killed
tinies then who might she have met up with?”

“And honestly,” Emma continued, “Most of our little partners
are good for an evening of fun and then they go on their way. We’ve never had
unsafe encounters when we’ve shrunk with each other but we did kinda learn that
one the hard way. And sometimes we do hope for someone who isn’t thorough on
checking our requests.”

“Requests?” Lily asked, realizing how far over her head she

“Not important right now,” Jason said, “We’ll get there, but
you need to know how serious this is. When you’re shrunk, you’re an item not a
person, right?”

Lily nodded. She’d heard the horror stories, and masturbated
to quite a few of them though she’d never imagined she herself might be
breathing her last breath inside someone else.

“Well you’ve gotta be really careful with your settings or
you’ll end up digested,” Emma smiled, “or suffocated,” Lily’s face paled, “and
we really did learn the hard way about that.”

“What do you mean?” Lily asked, “Did you just tell me you
like it when you can take someone out?”

Emma paused and Jason looked at her with a strange look.
Then together they looked at Lily.

“When this first came out,” Emma said, “your mother Eva,
Jason, and I were already very intimate as a trio.”

“Oh please don’t-“

“And one day while Jason was going down on me, I swallowed Eva
and she didn’t come back up.”

Lily tried to ignore the sudden heat in her belly. This was,
after all, her mother they were talking about. So why did hearing about it get
her excited? And was her stepmother’s face turning red from embarrassment or
something else? Why did her terror at being swallowed turn into something

Jason cleared his throat, knowing the look on Emma’s face.
They’d talked about it a lot and as terrible as they both felt about the
incident those conversations often led to sex immediately afterward. It was why
when they got more naïve shrinkers their vore sessions were one-way and the sex
incredible. The power they got from those sessions was intoxicating.

“Obviously that one was an accident,” he said carefully,
pulling Emma out of her reverie and not liking the look on Lily’s face, “But I
told you too that people like us are the reason we’re having this talk: your
mother was an accident but I’d be lying if I said she was the only one.”

“So you two…have eaten people? On purpose? Like permanent
purpose?” Lily asked. The thought of someone ending their life in either of her
parent’s stomachs was terrifyingly exciting. And the thought that they’d done
it to her mother, even accidentally….

“Objects once they’re shrunk honey,” Emma interjected

“But like, on purpose purpose?”

“And we don’t want that to be you,” Jason said carefully. He
recognized the excited undertones in her voice. “If you aren’t careful and end
up with…well, with people like us, you might not make it home.”

“I did worry about that,” Lily admitted, embarrassed but
oddly aroused, “Something about being small and helpless just really speaks to

She turned red but kept talking before she could stop

“Half the time all I can think about is being tiny and
playing on someone’s body, or being helpless to whatever they want to do with
me! I can’t even enjoy regular sex if the guy isn’t way taller than me!”

Emma leaned forward and put her elbows on the table. Idly
she walked her fingertips back and forth while she talked.

“Tiny play can be a lot of fun,” she said, “But you always
have to be sure it’s with someone you trust. Or if they’re the tiny, part of
the fun is knowing what you’ll do with them once you’ve had your fun and they
think it’s over.”

Lily felt that heat again between her legs and Emma made
strong eye contact. At first this was to emphasize her points, but when she
realized that the look on Lily’s face wasn’t worry her tone changed from caring
mother to something else.

Jason realized what was happening but couldn’t think of what
to do to stop it. Part of him was worried about Lily’s lack of self-concern,
while the part of him that he indulged in with Emma quite frequently began to
stir. He needed to find a way to turn this conversation back to a safety focus.

“Feeling a tiny squirm their last moments in your stomach is
amazing,” Emma said, smiling when Lily started turning red, “Or other places,”
she glanced toward Lily’s abdomen, “But you don’t want to be that tiny
yourself, do you? You want to be tough, right?”

Lily had to clear her throat but said, “No, I mean yes, no!
I um, I was really just debating doing it at all and-“

“Your mother really enjoyed being tiny and mistreated,”
Jason interrupted, not liking the change in energy in the room and hoping to
derail it. “But obviously things went wrong and-“

“She climbed right into my mouth,” Emma said as she silenced
Jason with a fingertip to his lips. “We’d had a few drinks already and I didn’t
think twice about swallowing her down.”

Lily’s nervous gulp was easily audible in the silent room.
Jason was sure his heart was going to beat out of his chest and he hated to
admit it but the memory of what happened to Eva was giving him a raging
erection mere feet from his daughter.

“She tasted great with the last of my martini,” Emma
continued, her predatory instincts now in full force. Lily was looking like a
sexy deer in the headlights and even though she knew this wasn’t the turn the
conversation was supposed to take, Emma couldn’t hold back.

She traced a finger down her throat all the way to her

“There’s just something special about having a little one
squirming inside of me.”

Emma took a deep breath and look Lily in the eye. Lily was
almost shaking and she didn’t want to admit how excited she was getting from
hearing about this. And while her stepmother’s desire to consume a little
person was obvious, Lily couldn’t help but think of how it would feel to be so
thoroughly dominated.

To be used that way.

“But I think you’ve got some of your mom in you, right?”
Emma asked, standing from her chair and moving around behind Lily. She put a
hand on one shoulder and dipped her other into Lily’s purse, making her phone

“Now listen, this isn’t really how-“ Jason tried to protest
despite his erection, but Emma knew him better than he knew himself.

“Shhhh,” she said as she clicked on the Tiny Tinder app.
Emma made eye contact with Jason as he tried to continue but she shushed him

Lily was looking at him with redness in the face that said
she was trying to act embarrassed, but he knew her well enough. Emma had gotten
her quite excited. And this talk was supposed to make her nervous enough to
make her smart, not eager.

“Um, I don’t know if I’m-“ Lily tried to say but she
squealed in surprise as Emma’s hand moved closer to her neck. Just the
possibility that the hand might move upward to choke her turned the heat
between her legs to a fire.

Her eyes flickered down to where her Tiny Tinder profile was
being opened and all her wants were laid bare.

“Just like I thought,” Emma read while giving Jason a
victorious look, “This little one wants to play amongst the giants.”

Jason stood and tried to round the table himself to defuse
the situation, but the situation in his pants made standing quickly difficult.
Both women noticed.

“Daddy!” Lily said, only half affronted. The truth was
between her stepmother’s tone and her hand Lily was more turned on than she’d
ever been. Her desire to be dominated was so strong that a hand on her shoulder
was almost enough to make her do anything. She wished it was around anybody but
her parents…the way she felt the entire basketball team would have been

“Oooh, honey likes what he hears!” Emma said with a laugh.

When he approached, Emma put the phone down in front of Lily
and stepped up to Jason. He was a foot taller than her but she stopped him
easily with one hand on his chest and one hand on his rock-hard cock that aimed
down his pantleg.

“Jason,” she said admonishingly, “What have we here?”

He tried to stutter something out but couldn’t find the
words. Especially when Emma grabbed his hand and stuffed it down into her
panties where she was already soaking wet.

She turned to look at Lily who was watching them, half
mesmerized and half horrified.

“You know,” Emma said over his stuttering, “We did want to
make sure Lily was responsible with her shrinking.”

Lily realized what she was saying immediately and froze on
the seat. She was too overwhelmed to move.

“That’s not what I-“ Jason said, but Emma slid Lily’s phone
toward him and he couldn’t help but read it. He groaned when her hand left his
shaft and he pulled his hand from her pants.

“Look honey,” Emma said in an almost teasing tone, “She
didn’t even have tough mode on! Tsk tsk.”

Lily tried to reach for her phone but Emma swatted her hand
away. The teenager barely bit back her moan.

“Just think Lily,” she said as she tapped the feature to
activate it on Lily’s phone, “If you’d hooked up with someone like us we
would’ve used you until you broke!”

The girl tried to stand but Emma’s hand easily sat her back
down. Jason made a disapproving noise but Emma’s other hand grabbed his
erection through his pants again and squeezed, making him stop.

“Jason,” Emma said in a commanding voice, “She wants to be a
shrunken little slut.”

Lily tried to stand again but Emma’s look made her freeze.

“I don’t-“ she started to say, but Emma’s hand reached for
her phone and turned it toward Lily.

Without anyone realizing it Emma had already set it up for
Lily to shrink. Right here. Right now.


Without thinking about it Lily gave Emma her hand. Who
immediately used it to tap ‘accept’ on the visible shrinking request.

“If you want to be someone’s toy, we’ll teach you everything
you need to know,” Emma said with a devious smile.

“No wait I’m not comfort-!” Lily tried to say but her body
was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of half-itch and half electric shock.

“Emma!” Jason said halfheartedly. The truth was he was
really unsure about the situation which was quickly spiraling out of control. But
he was rock hard as his wife began to strip in front of him right there in the
kitchen next to the pile of clothes his daughter was currently swimming in.

Her bare argument that Lily would learn safety with them was
just enough of an excuse to keep him froze.

“Enjoy the show,” Emma told him with an excited wink as she
dropped her thong panties into his stunned hand.

Lily, meanwhile, had just found her way out of the neck hole
of her top. Initially she was facing opposite of Emma and was stunned by how
the world looked around her. She’d imagined being small but nothing could have
prepared her for the sheer volume of every-

She screamed as massive fingers wrapped around her leg then
yanked her upward. Lily was dangled upside down in front of Emma’s smiling

“Wait!” she yelled out, trying to wave her arms to show
she’d changed her mind. Her mother’s naked form just emphasized to her that she
was clearly in over her head. “I don’t want this anymore! I changed my mind!”

“Oh!” Emma said with a surprised look on her face.

Lily tried to not check out her stepmother’s massive breasts
but she couldn’t help it; from her vantage point they were half of her visual
field. But her eyes were drawn back to Emma’s face when she heard the massive
woman giggle. Emma’s face was back to a massive smile and she put a hand to her
cheek like she was astonished.

“You poor little thing!” she said, and Lily’s heart flopped
when she recognized the tone. “You think anyone else would stop once you got

Casually she dropped Lily into her other hand, where the
dizzying motion of her walking made the little girl scream. The scream only
compounded when the hand opened suddenly and dropped her onto Emma’s supine
naked body.

Emma laid back on the bed and let Lily land on her massive,
toned stomach. She looked up at Jason who had followed her to the bedroom and
stared at her, still in shock. One part of him knew what was going on, she saw,
from the bulge in his pants that had only grown larger. Their eyes locked for a
moment and Emma made a show of picking Lily back up before she’d been able to
scramble to her feet.

“Now little one,” she called down to Lily who, despite being
terrified, felt a rush of desire at being talked down to, “How about a tour?”

A squeak was the only reply.

“You see, us giantesses love having little toys like you,”
Emma started as she put Lily face down on her breast. When Lily tried to push
up, one of her fingers easily pushed her face down onto her hardening nipple.
She giggled as the little girl panicked but let her up after several
pleasurable seconds and pinched an ankle to start dragging her around her body.

“Some of us like doing things you don’t want,” she told her
as she briefly dragged Lily through her armpit. Emma had shaved several days
prior and she knew it had to feel like being dragged over heavy sandpaper.

“I like the breast play-“ she said as she dropped Lily
between her globes and smashed them together. As Lily cried out in surprise
Emma looked down at her husband, past her knees and the pubic hair arrow
pointing to Lily’s next destination. He was leaning against the door jam and
clearly enjoying the show. Exactly as Emma knew he would.

When she released Lily from her smashing pressure the three-inch
tall girl got to her feet surprisingly quickly. Without thinking she turned and
ran away from Emma’s face.

“But I think we’re both after the same thing now, am I

It was a rhetorical question of course. As soon as Lily
realized she was running toward Emma’s pubic mound she tried to stop, but
Emma’s hand simply slammed her down onto her skin. She tried to scream when she
was dragged over Emma’s short pubic hairs but she didn’t have the breath.

Emma slowed down, dragging their newest little across her
mound in circles, slowly inching closer to her sex. Jason watched in awe from
the doorway; he’d seen this show dozens of times before but it never failed to
leave him speechless.

Lily, meanwhile, began to realize that the part of her
frustrated with not being pressed against anything hot and wet yet was
overruling the part of her that was sure she was going to die. That this was
exactly what she’d wanted, although just not these people. But every time one
of Emma’s short pubic hairs rubbed between her legs she was sure she was about
to come.

“Wait!” she yelled when she began being brushed across the
top of Emma’s clitoral hood, “I don’t want my first time with you! This isn’t
what I-“

As though she’d heard her cries, Emma pinched Lily’s leg
again and she was hurtled upward at a nauseating pace. Her screams changed
pitch when she saw Emma’s open mouth below her.

“NO! Not like Mooom!” she screamed as she was lowered

Emma’s ‘Mmmm!’ sound of approval drowned out her panicked
yelling. Lily’s arms tried and immediately failed to keep her from being eaten
but there was simply nothing she could do. The fingers released her leg and
gentle suction pulled her the rest of the way in. She screamed as light
vanished and teeth gently squeezed down on her midsection.

Emma’s massive tongue flipped her upside down and backward;
Lily felt smashed against the top of her mouth while she was being maneuvered.
The pressure doubled and she heard a massive swallow mere inches from her face.
Then Emma parted her lips just enough to let in light.

Lily screamed again as she stared straight down Emma’s
throat. The entire thing constricted again, threatening her with being
swallowed and Lily redoubled her struggles, reaching for anything to keep her
out of Emma’s stomach.

“You can’t eat me!” she screamed, and she heard Emma’s
massive giggle surrounding her body. As though to refute her claim massive
teeth came down on Lily’s leg; she felt it deform between the incisors but
nothing seemed to break.

Emma opened her mouth wide to show Jason their kicking and
screaming toy. Then as though she’d read his mind, she sat up and leaned

Lily fell from her mouth with a scream, then rolled wetly
down her abdomen until she came to rest on Emma’s right thigh.

“This is what you were meant for,” Emma said from above her.
“A little tiny slut like you deserves to be used like a toy. You were delicious
and I can’t wait to swallow you down!”

“Daddy!” she yelled upward, seeing her father approaching. “I
learned my lesson! Don’t let her eat me!”

Jason looked down at his daughter and his incredibly sexy
wife. She was yelling up to him about how she’d learned and would be smarter.
That she didn’t want her first time to be like this. To unshrink her so they
could talk the rest of the way and she was gonna-

For a moment he thought about lowering the tension and
bringing the situation back to a simple talk. He really did. But as his
daughter jumped up and down less than a foot from cock’s frequent destination
he found himself wondering why he cared what this new tiny wanted. Sure, she’d
been his daughter. Yeah, this had been about keeping her safer on Tiny Tinder.

Geez, she talked a lot.

Lily could see the brief conflict on her father’s face. His
hands reached down and she was sure he was going to make her full sized again.
Yes she’d learned. She’d learned that she was probably going to love being
someone’s tiny toy…just not her parent’s!

Then his hands went to his zipper instead and her heart

As his pants dropped to the floor a monster dropped out as
well. Her friends had all joked about what he was packing, and she was sure
Amanda had some up-close experience, but seeing the eight-inch monster flop
down in front of her like a city bus was more than she could have imagined. He
was only half hard and he was still far larger than any boy she’d ever been
with, ‘full sized’ or not.

“Oh honey,” Emma said as she grabbed the tiny and stood, “I’ve
been hogging all the fun!”

“I loved the show,” he said, leaning over her to give her a
kiss as she handed him their toy.

Casually he threw Lily onto the bed next to where Emma was
laying. Before she could even start to recover he turned and sat next to his
wife. Directly onto Lily. Her faint scream made him smile and Emma giggle when
it cut off suddenly.

Reaching under him, Jason adjusted his little toy until she
sat exactly where he wanted her.

Emma gently grasped his rod and lifted it to the side until
she could see just the top of Lily’s head sandwiched under her father’s

“You look great down there!” she said as she gave him a
gentle stroke.

The upstroke pulled his balls upward just enough for her to
see exactly what she’d hoped for: Lily had given up her hilarious attempts to
stop what they were doing and had given in. She may have been ignorant about
Tiny Tinder’s safety features but the little one knew exactly what this
position was for.

The only thing stopping Lily from orgasming right then and
there was the fact that her father’s sack was so heavy she couldn’t make it
budge. Between her mental resistance and the way Emma had so easily dominated
her anyway Lily’s body had betrayed her until her final walls had broken down.
Now she knew she was getting exactly what she’d hoped for on Tiny Tinder.

And her parents were right, she thought as she licked on her
father’s smothering ball sack, at least they wouldn’t kill her for a slightly
better orgasm. So she might as well enjoy it.

All the boys at school, and several of her teachers, had
made comments to her about how they wanted her to be stuck under their balls as
they watched porn. Tiny Tinder was everywhere and she’d been thinking about it long
before she tried it. So when her dad slipped her under his balls she knew what
to do.

The fast that Emma was slowly stroking him off directly
above her only made it hotter.

He tasted a little salty from his day, and his scent was
strong. Lily was sure she’d smell her dad in her sleep now, but the thin skin
of his sack was impossible to resist. She wasn’t far at all from the fluid that
had literally made her and she couldn’t restrain her mouth from worshiping.

“You know,” Jason said down to his toy as she worked
diligently, “your mother loved worshipping those balls.”

Emma giggled but nodded in agreement, shifting Jason’s rod
so that Lily could see them both as she licked.

“It’s true! She’s spend hours down there while we watched a
movie, or during really long foreplay.”

Imagining her mother doing exactly what she was doing only
made Lily more desperate to touch herself, but her arms were still pinned up by
her head. Was she licking him in the same way?

“After a long day of taking care of you she’d leap to spend
some time working on me,” Jason continued.

Emma smiled and licked his shaft from bottom to top, making
sure she breathed heavily enough to blow Lily’s hair around. The smaller girl
groaned and tried to shift her legs unsuccessfully. Then Emma enveloped his
head in her lips and pushed downward until her lips almost touched his base
before she withdrew.

“She told me once she’d rather be servicing me than being a
parent,” he said as Emma tried to engulf him entirely again. Jason moaned in
appreciation until she pulled up and took a deep breath, leaving his rod
glistening with saliva. “And who was I to complain? My own personal sex toy?”

Emma leaned down again, this time giving Lily an almost evil
smile. Her tongue flickered against Jason’s balls, but she kept moving down
until her lips pressed against Lily’s face, covering it entirely. Lily tried to
yell in surprise when her ears popped as Emma sucked her into her mouth and
dragged her rapidly from her surprisingly comfortably perch. Her legs stuck out
of the massive lips just enough that he could heard her father’s laugh at her
kicking, and she let out a frustrated cry when she realized she couldn’t touch
herself here either.

Then finger wrapped around her legs again. Lily was pulled
into the air then lowered fast enough her stomach lurched.

“I believe you and I were putting on a show, right?” Emma
asked rhetorically as Lily realized where she was going.

Part of her shook in fear, but most of her was angrily
trying to reach her clit to masturbate. She was too disoriented and moving too
quickly but she was on the edge of what promised to be the greatest orgasm of
her life.

But then it didn’t matter. Ahead of her, upside-down, was
the biggest pair of lips she’d ever seen. Sure, she’d messed around with a friend
once or twice. But nothing could compare to a pussy that was about to easily
swallow her whole. Emma’s clit looked bigger than a basketball and every inch
of her was glistening. Lily forgot to try and masturbate as she took in the

Then a finger from behind pushed her more horizontal.

“Going in headfirst!” Emma said with a laugh, “Now I know
it’s your first time, so do please try to be claustrophobic and panicky!”

Jason smiled from the foot of the bed as he was Emma work
the tiny into herself. She’d taken much bigger before, it was true, but
something about this one was especially sensual. Emma groaned as the tiny
vanished, and she followed it with two fingers as deep as she could push.

Then she looked up at Jason and started rubbing her clit as she
laid onto her back.

“Are you just gonna watch?” she asked as she felt their toy
writhing perfectly. Emma gave him her most innocent face.

“I’m sure I’ve got room for more, mister.”

Harder than he could ever remember being, Jason climbed onto
the bed and approached her parted legs.

Lily reveled in the sensations around her. She could hear a
racing heartbeat in the darkness and was tightly squeezed in all directions. Emma’s
pussy held her snugly but she was so slippery the retreating fingers didn’t
stop her from sliding further inward. Almost before she could believe it Lily
felt her legs land on something hard and she knew it was Emma’s cervix.

Her hands were finally free and Lily didn’t waste a moment.
She immediately sought out her clit and as soon as she touched herself she came
with a scream that didn’t even register to her owner. Lily writhed and bounced,
never having came upright; it was almost like being underwater except for the
need to breath. The way her surroundings clenched around her told her that she
wasn’t the only one having fun.

Then the pressure around her changed suddenly and she felt
something massive approaching. Looking ‘up’ she knew she’d be facing out toward
Emma’s opening.

She’d not pulling me out already, is she? Lily
wondered dejectedly, not even realizing how much fun she was really having
until that moment. Her hands didn’t slow on her clit as she awaited fingertips
to grasp her head.

But the approaching thing didn’t grab at her head. It
slammed into her like a city bus and when Lily opened her mouth to scream
something salty entered her mouth. Something she recognized, just a different
brand of what she normally got from the boys at school.

Which meant her parents were having sex. With her jammed
inside of them.

Without even needing to touch herself a small orgasm ran
through her body. Her dad’s cock pushed harder on her until she was smashed
between it and Emma’s cervix. There was enough pressure she knew if she wasn’t
toughened she would have popped like a grape and the very thought that it had
probably happened to someone else, in this exact spot, made her shudder again.

Jason held himself as deep in Emma as he could push himself
for now. There was a solid two inches of him left outside and he knew once they
really got going he could usually fit all of himself inside of her. He was
being tickled by their toy just enough for him to know someone was there, and
he smiled as he kissed Emma deeply.

No words were shared between the couple, just grunts as
Jason began thrusting.

Lily took a breath full of fluids when her father pulled
back and she knew what was coming.

This is what I’m really made for! she thought as she
furiously rubbed herself. Lily had never felt so alive. I’m just a toy to

Her dad’s cockhead slammed into her again and again, and
each shock rocketed her into heaven. She tried to breathe and only got
mouthfuls of mixed fluids and a helpless, drowning feeling that worked even
better for her than playful choking. The pressure from the massive cock and
Emma’s clenching muscles grew and grew until she knew if she hadn’t already had
her fingers on her clit she never could have gotten her arms in place.

Jason rammed into his wife harder and harder as his own
orgasm approached. The remaining two inches forced their way into her as he
smashed their toy along the way. Emma had already passed the point of no return
multiple times and she was just hanging on for dear life now. The toy inside
them was still struggling but he was jackhammering so fast they were getting
more out of simply knowing she was there rather than any true movement.

Impossibly he sped up and she nodded.

“Do it!” she commanded, and Jason stopped trying to delay
the inevitable.

Lily felt the rhythmic pounding become more erratic and her
body may have been numb but she knew exactly what was happening as she got
slammed harder and harder. She had been shoved into the fetal position under
the merciless onslaught but with all her effort stood once more as the cock
made its final forward thrust.

“Do it!” she yelled in the depths of her stepmother, stooped
over as everything around her spasmed.

The cock slammed against her one more time and suddenly Lily
was drenched in fluid from a firehose Unable to stop it, semen flooded into her
mouth and through her nose. And she came over and over again, debased beyond
belief as she was being covered in her father’s sperm while buried deep in her

Jason held himself deep within Emma as his orgasm finished,
letting the last spurts of himself drain onto their tiny toy. The two shared
another kiss then separated slightly. Jason laughed as the toy twitched within
and he backed off half an inch, giving the toy a little more room to wiggle.
His cockhead was still sensitive but not in the way that Emma’s insides were.
Often she let their tinies finish their little lives out within her, only
fishing them out the morning after.

When he realized that he laughed again and Emma giggled with

“What’s so funny?” she asked as she enjoyed the movements
she still felt deep within.

“I just realized,” Jason said as his laughter grew, “We
wanted to have this talk with her so she wouldn’t run into some sex-crazed

Emma realized what he was saying and burst out laughing too
as he continued.

“And she ended up with us dangerous perverts anyways!”

Together they laughed until Jason was so soft he slipped out
of her easily and rolled onto his back. The couple laughed until Lily tried to
crawl free, making Emma orgasm again.

“Oooh,” she moaned as she sat up, “Do I have to?”

Jason nodded and sat up next to her.

“Let her out,” he said with a sad tone, “That was kinda the
point, remember?”


Friday afternoon Jason was sitting in the kitchen when Lily
came back home. He looked up from the newspaper with a smile. She bounced
perkily into the house.

“Welcome home hon!” he said excitedly as he pulled out his

“Hey daddy!” she said just as happily as she tossed her
backpack onto the couch. She pulled out her own phone, only slightly nervous.
“So, uh, are we gonna-“

Her phone vibrated with a notification from her favorite

“I have been thinking about this all day!” she said as she
tapped ‘accept.’

“Me too,” Jason said as he imagined the weekend ahead of

Lily vanished, and Jason sighed and walked around the table.
If they were going to do this regularly Lily needed to get better at picking
her shrinking spots.

He knelt and pulled her free from the pile of clothes. At a
quarter inch high she had vanished beneath her penguin patterned undies.

Her tiny body squirmed beneath his fingertips.

“Get to work,” he told her as he walked back around to his

Without a second thought he pulled his waistband forward and
dropped her into the front of his underwear. He idly whistled to himself as he
sat and continued reading the paper.

Jason’s phone buzzed with a message from Emma. He smiled as
he felt Lily begin crawling up toward his cockhead and he began to harden,
thinking of what the afternoon would bring.

Cheaters Never Prosper by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Hi everyone, I feel the need to mention that I spent awhile trying to figure out why things are formatting strangely and got nowhere. I apologize if this is harder to read because of the weird paragraph wraparound thing. And if things appear totally normal to you, then just ignore this preface.

Adam walked up the steps to his girlfriend’s apartment
building with swagger. He didn’t even try to pretend he didn’t notice two
college-aged chicks checking him out, and why wouldn’t they? He had biceps
(larger in his mind than in reality), short blonde hair, and a killer chin.
Adam was good looking, and he knew it.

Laura’s so lucky to have me, he thought as he pressed
the elevator button to ride upward.

Laura’s hands shook as she set up the Tiny Tinder app. Both
in anticipation and anger. She’d been dating Adam for about six months now and
while it overall had been great, he really was hot, she’d finally had enough of
him. Not only was he incredibly vain, she’d also heard rumors that she wasn’t
the only girl he was seeing.

The pictures she’d received removed any doubt.

Who is he to cheat on me? she fumed as she planned
her revenge. Laura was herself the perfect match to Adam. Both were vain,
though he outdid her significantly, and both were solid ‘eights’ on anyone’s
scale. But where he expected the world to bend over for him, she had finely
tuned her ability to make it bend over for her.

He expected good things, and they usually happened. Laura
coupled that mindset with the drive to actually make it happen.

Which was why he was on his way to her apartment now,
actually. Not to mess around with Tiny Tinder for the first time ever like he
expected. Though that was part of it.

She was making this break-up happen, even if he’d caused it
by sticking his dick into the wrong girl.

Her scowl turned to a smile when she saw his message: he was
almost there.

Before she could change her mind Laura pulled her shirt off
and left herself only in a sports bra and her typical short jean shorts. The
average college boy’s wet dream. With this outfit she could twist anyone around
her finger and she knew Adam couldn’t resist her.

As always, he marched in her door without even knocking; at
first it had been attractive to see that assertiveness. But now it was just
another annoyance she had to cover up. For another couple of minutes that was.

“Hey babe,” he said as he came in, giving her a quick hug
and a peck on the cheek. Plus a grab of the butt. “I downloaded the app, you
ready to get started?”

Laura rolled her eyes when he couldn’t see. Typical.
Straight to sex. And it had been pretty great sex, but a relationship needed to
be more than that.

“Yeah, I just finished,” she told him as she double checked
her settings against what the internet recommended, then re-read the incredible
legal rulings about shrunken people being objects while he went to the

“I’m gonna send the request over now!” she called through
the restroom door, which made him laugh.

“Geez, somebody just can’t wait, huh?”

Laura rolled her eyes again as she sent her shrink request
to him. She knew if he actually read it he’d probably have some concerns, but
she also knew the odds were against him reading anything. But to hurry it

“Baby,” she said, making her voice drip with passion, “If
you’re not dildo-sized by the time I count to ten you’re not getting in me for
a week!”

There was a comical sound of the toilet flushing, followed
by what was clearly a clumsy shuffle and a muffled swear word. Adam knocked
something over in his haste to grab his phone.

“Okay okay! I’m doing it now!”

His voice was exactly what Laura wanted to hear: too horny
to think straight.

Mom was right, she thought as she heard a gentle
‘ping!’ from the other side of the door. Immediately her own phone buzzed to
tell her that the request had been accepted. Not enough blood in them to
think with both heads at the same time.

“Okay I’m-“

Adam didn’t finish the sentence but Laura knew what he was
doing. She opened the bathroom door just in time to see his clothes hit the
floor, then a seven-inch tall something stood, struggling with his t-shirt.
Laura stepped in and freed the little man from the pile, wrapping a hand around
him and lifting him up to face level.

“You look awesome!” she told him happily, relieved her plan
had gone off without a hitch so far.

“This is weird as he-“ Adam started to say, but when she
turned and began walking to the kitchen instead of the bedroom he changed his
wording, “Hey! Fun time is the other way!”

“Oh, no no no,” she replied as she sat him on the kitchen
island. Adam put both hands on his hips in a comical attempt to show off his
biceps and pretend he had power even at his size.

He stammered something out to her, but Laura wasn’t
listening. Instead she placed a long cylinder box on the island, which until
recently had held a water bottle that she’d had delivered. Now it was the
perfect size to hold something else.

“No more fun time for you,” Laura told him with a glare as
she lifted her phone up to where he could see it.

Adam tried to yell something but she shushed him but
flicking him in the chest hard enough to make him sit down. Two taps on the
screen showed him what had caused the sudden reversal in his fortunes: a video
of him balls-deep in a redhead whose name he hadn’t even gotten. She’d felt him
up for about ten seconds before hiking her skirt and bending over for him.

“What the fuck, who took that?” he yelled out before pausing
and backtracking: “What the hell? I’ve never seen-“

“Oh shut up!” Laura yelled back and he fell back again just
after he’d regained his feet.

“You never my ass!” she said furiously, “Don’t even bullshit

Adam yelled something but Laura completely ignored it,
fingers on her temples like she was chastising herself.

“No, no, I told myself I wasn’t going to do this.”

Adam took that as an opportunity to try and talk sense into
his girlfriend. Yeah he’d banged that chick, but it didn’t mean anything.  

“Hey just put me back full-“

“Get in the box.”

He looked at her, confused, but she just popped the lid off
the long cylindrical shipping container and laid it on its side.


“You can get in the box,” she told him in a voice that would
not tolerate argument, “Or I’ll stuff you in it myself.”

“Laura I-“

“Get. In. The. Box. Last warning.”

As though to make her point better, her hand moved near him
and it was obvious she’d love to grab him and smash him against the wall. He
nervously looked at her face one more time, then inched toward the box. It was
evident he’d fit with room to spare if he laid down. It was even still lined
with packing foam.


When her hand moved toward him he stopped talking with a
squeak and dove into the package.

“Hey wait I-!”

She didn’t care what he had to say, so Laura simply stood
the package vertical and slipped the lid on as his yelling changed from
confused to angry. Laura had to resist the urge to pick it up and shake it, but
she knew that wasn’t going to make her feel any better. Instead she grabbed the
bow she’d gotten earlier that day and carefully stuck it to the top of the

“That’ll do for you, asshole,” she said before she stood and
went to her room to start packing.

Later that afternoon Laura was swinging by her mom’s house
to say goodbye before her big trip with her dad. And to give her a gift.

“Are you sure about this honey?” Addison asked her daughter,
“Spain is a long ways away.”

Addison, Addy to her friends, was Laura’s mom and had always
been her biggest advocate and best friend. This had included accompanying Laura
to the gym where Laura had gotten her toned figure, up until a few years ago.
Laura had kept up with the gym while Addy had let her divorce take her down a
few notches in self-esteem.

Now she had what was clearly a leftover workout body, plus
the thirty or so extra pounds that several years of sedentary lifestyle could
put on her. Gone were the days of her turning heads at the pool and she knew
it; a little belly here, a little extra on the arms…she spent too much time
beating herself up over how she was now and despite Laura’s attempts to cheer
her mom up the simple fact was the divorce had taken something big out of her.

It made her more than a little nervous that Laura was
leaving the country for three weeks on a vacation with her father. Not for her
daughter’s sake but more for her own. Her daughter had kept her sane while she
struggled to deal with being single again, and too nervous to mingle.

“It’s gonna be great mom,” Laura assured her mother, whose
hair was just starting to turn from blonde to occasional gray, “And you’re
going to be just fine without me for awhile. It’ll do you good!”

She gave her mom a brief hug, knowing how nervous this was
making her.

“Besides,” she confided, looking around as though she were
doing something very secretive, “I got you a present to keep you busy.”

In her hands was a cylindrical package, clearly marked as holding
a fancy water bottle but decorated with a pink bow.

“Uh, thanks?” Addy said as she took the package, which was
lighter than she’d expected, “It’ll hold a whole bottle of wine, right?” she
asked with a nervous laugh.

“It’s not really a water bottle mom,” Laura said back to her
as she checked her phone. Her dad would be there any minute to pick her up; she
was leaving her car parked at her mom’s while they were gone.

“So what’s-“

“No! Don’t open it!” Laura told her, putting her hand over her
mother’s, “Wait until tonight.”

Just on cue, her father’s pickup started coming down the
street. Laura double checked that she had all her luggage, then gave her mom another
hug. Part of her wanted to stay cryptic with her short explanation but her
mother hadn’t done well with surprises in a long time. She had to give her some
kind of explanation.

“Look, you told me awhile back you hadn’t gotten any since…well…”

“Young lady!” her mother admonished, but she only had
herself to blame. She’d drank too much that night and admitted too many of her
insecurities to her daughter.

“Well I want you to have a lot of fun with what’s in there,”
Laura said, ignoring her mother’s discomfort. Then she had an epiphany, and
leaned forward to whisper to her mother: “Just remember, he volunteered for
exactly what you want. And it’s part of the fun for him to act like he doesn’t
want to.”

Addy only had time to look at her daughter with confusion
before her ex-husband got out of his truck and all her thoughts fell apart.

“I love you honey, have a good trip!” she said quickly before
turning on her heel and almost running back into her home.

Laura sighed and hoped her mother would enjoy her gift. And
knew that Adam deserved everything he was about to get.

“Uh, ready to get going?” her father asked, and Laura nodded
as he helped her load her luggage.


That evening, Addy had already drank one bottle of wine. She’d
gotten stocked up in anticipation of Laura being gone, and also made the
forward-thinking decision to take several weeks off work as well. The
forty-five year old knew she needed to work on herself but had idea how to
actually go about it. But it sure wouldn’t happen at her job.

And she hated to admit how much merely seeing her ex-husband
had upset her. Even though the divorce had actually cut off a massive drag on
her life and had gotten her the house free and clear. Her friend Tina had been
encouraging her to use her newfound single status to go live it up.

“Man I hate that asshole,” she said aloud as she carefully
put the empty bottle into the trash.

She reached for another, but instead saw the package Laura
had given her earlier. She had sat it down earlier while upset and completely
forgotten about it.

“Well, it is tonight now, I guess.”

Instead of grabbing another bottle of Chianti she grabbed
the package. Something inside it shifted and she yelped in surprise, but didn’t
drop it.

“What is-“ she started to say as she took the top off carefully
and laying it on its side when she saw what it held.

“No fucking way,” Addy said, breaking her own usual rule
about bad language.

From the cylinder crawled a small blonde man, perhaps seven
inches tall but with chiseled enough muscles that he looked like an
overcompensated action figure. When he stood his cock hung low enough that she
could only assume at full size he’d be a great lay. And he looked familiar.

When he saw her he immediately covered himself and shrunk
down, clearly intimidated by her size.

“Uh, hi!” he yelled up to her, “You’re Laura’s mom, right? I’m-“

“You’re Adam.”

Her tone made it clear what she thought of him. He was more
than cute enough for her little girl, but she knew his type. Or thought she had;
from what Laura said he’d volunteered for this? He had to have, but that didn’t
match at all with the womanizing asshole she’d expected him to be.

He was talking, but she wasn’t paying attention.

“Yeah so I need you to-“

Holy crap! Is this real?

The little man kept making noise.

Why would Laura give him to me? Like this? Is this that
app thing?

“And then she-“

Geez he talks a lot. He volunteered for this? Doesn’t sound
like it.

“So you need to-“

Is he ever quiet?

When Adam finally realized Addy wasn’t paying attention he
stopped talking and waved his arms up at her.

He was gonna pretend he didn’t like it? Like...what?

Her face flushed when she realized what he’d probably
thought he’d shrank for.

“Hey! Are you listening to me?” Adam yelled upward, annoyed
that his bitchy ex-girlfriend’s mom was supposed to be helping him and she was clearly
not even thinking about him. “Hey! You gotta get me back to normal and then-“

Addison reached out and pushed him onto his back without a
second thought. She felt a rush of energy at how easy it was to shove him down.
At full size almost any man could push her around, but now? Overpowering Adam
was trivial.

And he…likes it? Wants to pretend he doesn’t?

Addy held one finger over his face to keep him from making
noise, then picked up her phone to call Laura.

She paused before she could start dialing, liking the
feeling of a little man squirming under her hand. It had been a long time since
anything remotely like that had been in her hand. Ideas of what she’d heard
people used Tiny Tinder for floated through her head and Addy put her phone
back down.

“So,” she took her hand off Adam’s mouth and he immediately
leapt to his feet, “You and Laura like this tiny fun stuff?”

“No!” he yelled back, “She-

“It was rhetorical,” she told him, eliciting another angry yell
and he tried to keep yelling at her.

Telling her what to do.

Using bad words.

Commanding her, like he owned her.

Like he’d owned her, the bastard that had fathered

Like she owned him, now.

That’s right, I own him now! she thought with a
smile. Adam had just enough self-awareness to realize it wasn’t a friendly one.
At least until Laura gets back?

Mentally she shrugged and stood tall, looking down at the
little man and realizing the rush of power she felt was causing a rush
somewhere else too.

“It’s been a long time since anyone’s made me feel this way,”
she said to the little man on the counter.

She ran a hand up her blouse until she could cup her breast,
and Adam suddenly realized this was a lot more serious than he’d thought. There
was no talking or intimidating his way out of this. So he did the only thing he
could think of: he turned and ran.

Addy laughed as he sprinted past her wine collection and
snatched him up mid-stride.

“Oh Laura told me you like this game,” she told him as she
strode toward her bedroom, “And I want you to know I think I do too.”

“It’s not a game!” he tried to scream while her hand swung
him around, “It’s not a-“

Addison heard this and realized several things: Firstly, her
daughter had explicitly told her that he would pretend to not like it as a game.
Secondly, regardless of what those two had going on in their relationship-that-she-did-not-approve-of,
while he was shrunken she knew he was legally an object and hers to do as she would
with. And thirdly, even if none of that was true: she didn’t care.

For the first time in years, she had a fire between her legs
and this little guy was just the perfect thing to feed to it.

The blonde woman tossed her toy onto the bed harder than she’d
intended and giggled when he hit the headboard with a squeak.

“Sorry!” she said laughing, “Guess that wine hit me harder
than I thought!”

Adam’s ears were ringing from the impact but he straightened
up in time to see Laura’s mom pull off her blouse and undo her unflattering
bra. She was a far cry from the smoking hot blonde he’d been used to banging.
He glanced left and right, then darted toward the side of the bed, intending to
leap off and hide under the bed until she was too tired to keep searching for

The mass of blankets shifted under his feet and Adam fell to
his knees with a scream just before Addy’s hand wrapped around his torso. A
terrifying laugh echoed from behind him.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” Addy asked him
with a laugh as she rolled onto her back. From far above her body he could see
she still had her basic white panties on. A flick of her free hand and a lift
of her hips made them vanish and Adam screamed again.

“Oh, wait here!” Addison told him, setting him on the headboard.

The massive woman jumped off the bed as best she could,
making Adam’s perch wobble hard enough that he instinctively clung to it
instead of leaping off to try and make an escape. Moments later, after
rummaging through her dresser drawers, Addy turned around with a massive rainbow-colored
dildo in her hand.

It was so surreal that Adam froze in place until she slammed
it down next to him. Without even giving him a chance to move she scooped Adam
up with her fingers and held him against the silicon. He shuddered when he saw what
had to be an old stain on it.

“This is my old one, pre-Laura’s dad,” Addison explained
with a smile that was almost wistful.

Adam gagged when he realized how old that stain was.
Something tickled his leg where an ancient pubic hair had gotten caught by the silicon.
Looking up he could see the underside of the fake dick was still several inches
above him and could have used its own cleaning. Twenty years ago.

“I like feeling stuffed full,” she explained, making it clear
with her eyes that he didn’t measure up to what she used to fill herself with, “You
don’t quite measure up but it’s been a long time since I had this bad boy in me.
You’ll probably feel just fine.”

He was separated from the toy and dropped onto the bed. The
dildo was tossed back into the open underwear drawer. When he stood, fully intending
on running away, she crawled onto the bed and knocked him down with her knee
before rolling onto her back.

Adam stared, horrified, when Addy’s vagina stared at him
like a hungry monster.

“No wait-“

“Oh, I’m sooo sorry!” she laughed, watching him take in
something no man had seen in years, “I guess I forgot to shave!”

That wasn’t entirely true, but by today’s standards it might
as well have been. A trim bush greeted her new toy. Mostly trim. Perhaps trimmed
several months ago.

Her hand enveloped him as he begged for mercy, shaking
slightly. Adam interpreted it as eagerness. Addy told herself she wasn’t
nervous about masturbating for the first time in years. Even that very idea
that she was nervous about it made her angry and only reminded her of how much her
ex-husband had truly knocked her off of her own life.

Quickly she brought him back to her face. She needed a

“Now listen,” Addy told the little man as he tried to beg, “I
haven’t been with a man in years, so don’t disappoint me.”

“Wait! This isn’t some game! Laura didn’t this to punish me
and you gotta let me go! You gotta believe me!” he cried out.

Addy smiled at him, not sure if she believed him. But very sure
she didn’t care.

“Oh, I believe you!”

Her saying that made Adam’s panicked yelling all the more
sweet as she lowered him back down between her legs. Instinctively she spread
her legs and reached down, stunned at how wet she was already. It had been a
long time since she’d had the drive to touch herself but her left middle finger
traced her clit gently in a well-remembered motion, then spread her lips for
the first time in years.

She hissed in pleasure as a wildly swinging hand touched her
outer lips, struggling in vain to stop from being pressed further in. A second
hit her fingers and she smiled as she heard his cries crescendo.

“That’s it, fight me!” she whispered before pressing his
face against her clit for a moment.

But a moment was all she could make herself do. Anticipation
may make the act sweeter but it had been years.

The toy slipped inside of her with barely any resistance.
Years of weightlifting and careful meal planning was overwhelmed without any effort
by a horny cougar’s wrist. Adam’s best struggles were meaningless.

Addy cried out wordlessly as she was filled for the first
time in years. She shifted her grip from Adam’s torso to his legs to push him
further, unable to restrain herself from simply stuffing her canal full of boy.
When he bottomed out in her, pushing against her sensitive cervix, she mewled
in pleasure. Never had a man touched her there; only toys.

And when she was younger the toys weren’t nearly as fun as
this one was.

A small climax was approaching already; though her dildo
wasn’t being thrust in and out, it was squirming and pushing against her barely
touched walls in ways that nothing ever had before. No exploring finger could mimic
a little man’s panicking arms.

For the first time in years Addison came, a small precursor
that awoke something in Addison that hadn’t been present since college. It was
only a few seconds of clamping down on her toy, of electric shock. But it was
enough to awaken her.

Adam did his best to scream but was far past where it would
matter. Any movement simply pushed him against something soft and wet, any kick
was rendered meaningless by her grasping fingers. Any screams instantly filled
his mouth instead with her fluids. It wasn’t lost on him that he wasn’t
drowning, or hurt, or losing consciousness.

If it had been Laura holding his ankles he probably would
have enjoyed it. Instead….

“Let me go!” he tried to scream as he redoubled his efforts
and struck at anything his arms could reach.

Addy had just caught her breath from her first orgasm,
though small, in years. She hadn’t even started moving her toy herself, just
relished the feel of being stretched even a small bit. Then he started pushing
twice as hard as he had before.


His movements were too erratic to try and match with her own
thrusting rhythm but that made it even better for her: there was no rhythm to
get accustomed to. Instead Addy pushed and pulled him halfway in and out of her
canal as fast as she could make her wrist move, staying on the edge of ecstasy but
just conscious enough of what she was doing to not accidentally let him slip

The second orgasm took much longer than the first to build
but was still far faster than all those she had never reached with her ex. By
the time she was writhing and kicking her legs again on the bed she was out of
breath and starting to sweat. She forgot to even stroke her clit as she came,
instead grasping at the sheets and half rising reflexively until her sweet surrender
ran its course.

Just as her abs and legs were about to cramp from sustained
contraction her orgasm released her, and before she could even be tempted to
continue she slipped her toy from her still-shaking pussy.

Collapsing backward she made sure to grasp Adam tightly as
she rode her afterglow. Her chest was heaving from the most effort she’d done
in years. Her legs shook, then quieted as she relaxed.

“Oh wow I missed that,” Addy said, bringing the little man
back up to where she could see him.

Adam was strangely exhausted; right now he could barely lift
his head to look at Addison. Not that he was sure he could at all. He’d never
felt so ashamed in his life. Or so tired, though mere moments ago he knew he
could’ve fought for his life for hours inside his ex-girlfriend’s mother.

It never crossed his mind that Tiny Tinder had a specific setting
for only semi-willing subjects.

“You better get your rest, little man.”

Addison sat up and walked to her dresser, sliding open her underwear

I need to spruce this up, she thought as she saw
nothing but boring panties. With her legs still shaking slightly she realized it
had been far too long since she’d even been on a date.

Adam tried to yell something to her as she shut her drawer
on him but she wasn’t listening.

She was realizing in addition to updating her wardrobe she
needed to visit another store.


The following morning Addison went to the mall for the first
time in years. She’d woken up feeling more refreshed than she could remember, but
made herself not open her underwear drawer. She wouldn’t have been able to
restrain herself from spending the morning using her new toy, and she wanted to
be better prepared for round two. And three. And the weeks until Laura came

If she even wants him back after all the time he’s gonna
spend in me,
she thought as she walked past the food court.

With a latté in hand she walked past stores she didn’t
recognize, then others that she realized she’d been ordering online from for
years. It wasn’t crowded this early, not yet, so traffic didn’t slow her down
as she looked around. The internet had also told her that a particular store
was here, just around the corner from…

“Here it is,” she mumbled, taking a deep breath and focusing
on how good last night had felt. And how she’d felt just this morning from
having a little bit of power back into her hands.

So she stepped forward into the Tiny Tinder store.

“Hi!” the only staff member she saw said as she walked in. The
woman, teenager really, was surprisingly tall and skinny with short cut black
hair. “Are you looking for anything in particular?”

Addison’s courage almost failed her right then and there.

It must have been obvious on her face because the woman gave
her an oft-performed calming smile.

“It’s okay, we get a lot of people here for the first time
and I know it can be a little overwhelming.”

Addy let out a little nervous laugh.

“Yeah, um, I’m really not sure if-,” she started to say, about
to pretend she’d walked in accidentally.

“Yes you are. You came in because you heard about Tiny
Tinder and shrinking and wanted to try it out. Am I right?”

She sighed.

“Well yeah,” Addison admitted, “But only mostly.”

She steeled herself and let it all out in one big swoop.

“My daughter gave me her little boyfriend for three weeks
while she’s gone and I’m about ninety-nine percent sure it’s non-consensual but
also that was the best I’ve felt in a decade. So…”

The girl took it all in stride, surprisingly easily.

“Well don’t worry about the non-consensual part, once
shrunken they’re toys and no longer people-“ Addy nodded, relieved she’d learned
that part right, “and at least a quarter of our merchandise in here is for
those scenarios.”

Ella, per her name tag, looked around with a smile as though
to make sure no one was watching, then stuck out her tongue. Addison leaned
forward, sure she was supposed to get a closer look at her pretty silver tongue

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed when she realized what she was
seeing, “There’s a person in there!”

“No,” Ella said with her own giggle, “That’s a toy that’s
still convinced it’s a person!”

The two shared a laugh, Elise because she loved knowing her
former roommate was hating her position as cum-catcher, and Addison because if imprisoned-in-tongue-ring
was ‘fine’ here, then there was nothing she could do that would be too much.

“By the way,” Ella added, “If you ever get into tiny-stuffed
jewelry, make sure you get good pieces. I had one break and almost lost my current

Ella was incredibly helpful and surprisingly supportive. Since
it had been years since Addison had done anything sexually, and decades since
anything sexually exciting, she needed the help.

“Just toss in what you think I’m gonna want,” she eventually
said, laughing at the shirts and bumper stickers, and other trinkets. “I’ve got
three weeks and I’m up for anything.”

“Well in that case, I want to assure you I do not work on
commission,” Ella said matter-of-factly before she took the basket from Addison’s

Into the basket went several types of discs, one metal
doohicky, and some lubricant. Ella debated over several other items but
included an almost crescent shaped ‘base,’ a pair of shorts that almost certainly
would be too small, and finally a keychain. Panties and undergarments that she
was pretty sure she’d never actually wear.

“That’s it?”

Ella shrugged and nodded.

“If you don’t have any size control over the little guy,”
she pointed to racks closer to the far fall, “And aren’t about advertising your
conquests,” she pointed toward the center of the store, “This is probably the
best place to start.”

Ten minutes later, after a surprisingly tip-filled
conversation, Addison finally left the store. She knew she’d be back, especially
once she’d used Laura’s toy to its fullest and downloaded the app for herself.
And Ella had given her plenty of ideas.

Back home she knew the time for restraint was gone. She couldn’t
resist herself, not once she started unpacking all her new purchases.

A dildo disk, toy restraining panties, make-your-own plugs.
Other items she was only vaguely certain how they worked. All that on top of ‘traditional’
toys and lingerie she’d been all too happy to purchase once she realized how
powerful this was making her feel.

This first, she told herself as she sat the dildo
disk down onto the chair in front of the computer.          

Addy wasn’t exactly sure what she was going to be watching
but was determined to throw herself down almost any lane of debauchery she
could. Ella had insisted she at least try out some tiny-themed porn.

Then she went to the bedroom, where her underwear drawer was
open a bare quarter-inch. She giggled when she saw tiny hands straining to open
it further from within.

“Let me help you!” she told her toy, pulling the drawer open
far enough for light to blind him. He fell onto her old toy and rolled off,
then tried to dive under a pile of panties.

She snagged him easily.

“I hope you saved some energy for me!”

In the office his feet fit easily into the disk despite his
struggling, and two taps on the buttons sent a small electric shock through his
body that instantly forced him ramrod-straight.

Standing directly overhead, wearing a blouse she couldn’t be
bothered to remove and nothing else, Addy looked down and aimed herself

“Don’t worry,” she told him sweetly as she adjusted her foot
position to squat more easily, “I’ll let you move once you’re in all the way. And
if you don’t want to there’s a setting for that too.”

His head entered her with more tension than last night but her
entire body weight helped her envelop him once more. She groaned as she felt
his shoulders spread her wider, then her lips grip around his narrower waist
and legs. Again he hit her cervix and she let herself sit entirely down with
wide-spread legs, pushing harder against her innermost regions. As a younger woman
she’d loved the sensation, to the point of bruising her cervix on several

Addy forgot the computer was even there.

Automatically her hips started rocking forward and backward,
using his little body to stroke her insides once more. She leaned forward on
the desk with her forearms and began raising her hips up and down, riding her
toy. It was true he wasn’t as thick or long as her old favorite, but it had
been years since she’d put anything in there.

He was enough.

Again before she was even feeling it begin to build, a small
orgasm shot through her body and one hand raced downward to play with her clit
to make it last. The sensation passed quickly, too quickly, but had given her a
taste of how well the position worked.

Sitting down fully, she turned on her computer and typed in
the first porn-related address she could think of.

Then tapped the buttons on the dildo disk that would make
the captured tiny panic inside of her. She gasped as his arms began flailing in
all the right places. Only briefly did she wonder how, exactly, the disc made
the tiny panic and squirm and fight. Then she dismissed these thoughts; as long
as the toy worked, what did it matter?

Addison rode her toy up and down, grinding forward and back,
side to side, for an hour until her legs started to shake. She stopped trying
to even count the number of orgasms after four; soon they were continuous. Even
her legs shaking added to the sensations that filled her entirely, they just
made it feel like her chair was vibrating on top of everything else.

On screen dozens of videos flew by, almost all of them giving
her wonderful ideas of what to do with her own tiny. She reminded herself to
download the app for herself as well. Regardless of whether Laura would want
Adam back or not, her appetites were growing.

She came hard as a blonde on screen rode a massive boy-toy
just as she was now, except this blondie had him stuffed in her backdoor. The
next video showed a skinny teen with cat-ears playing with more tinies before stuffing
several into her pussy. A little woman was tied to a massive penis, clearly
unhappy about it, that then made its way into a cheerleader’s mouth.

All the while, Addison came in an endless wave of pleasure.
Her toy never tired, never stopped struggling. Never stopped being completely dominated
by her.

When she finally could take no more, Addy tried to stand all
the way. She succeeded part way; Adam slipped out of her overstimulated sex,
but they immediately gave out on her.

Addy screamed in surprise when she sat back down, a stunned
grin on her face.

Adam screamed and fought with all his strength. It was
impossible not to; the disc was shooting minute charges of electricity into him
and he barely had any control over his body. Time had no meaning for him but he
yelled out in relief when Addy’s clenching tunnel lifted off of him, blinding
him with light for the first time in an hour.

“Let me go you bi-!”

Immediately she descended back downward and another hole swallowed

“Holy shit!” Addy said, looking down.

There had been a brief flash of pain, then a new sensation
that completely overwhelmed her. Her pussy was empty. Her backdoor had
something in it for the first time in her life. She’d stood just enough that when
she fell back down her well-lubricated toy had slipped directly up her asshole.

And continued squirming wildly.

A different type of orgasm shuddered through her already
exhausted body, and Addy made herself stay put until it ran its course. Then she
took a deep breath and tapped the disc until she found the right button, making
her toy hold ramrod straight.

On screen several men were taking turns shooting their loads
into a shot glass where a tiny redhead was struggling to stay afloat in the
discharge. The video’s title assured viewers that she was not toughened, and
that the ‘MILF’ nearby, keeping the waiting men busy, was soon to digest her.

“I got a plug base for you,” she said in the general
direction of her toy, breasts heaving as she breathed hard. “But I figured we’d
spend some time warming up to this!”

Whether he heard her or not was irrelevant. Addy thought
about pulling off, her stomach was demanding a sandwich, but her legs were
shaking hard enough still she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to. So she contented
herself with watching one more video of a redhead, clearly barely legal for
porn, walk around a mall in a short skirt, occasionally flashing the camera to
show off her girlfriend’s face that stuck out from between her labia.

Several minutes later her asshole was completely used to the
intrusion, but with great regret Addison stood carefully to fulfill some of
life’s other basic needs.

Adam, finally freed from the disk’s clutch on his ankles,
coughed and sputtered under near-boiling water as Addison washed him clean. She
left him at the bottom of the sink in the bathroom for a moment, then returned
with something in her hand and a smile on her face.

“So, I’m meeting a friend for dinner tonight.”

She waved the object above him and pointed to a depression
that was clearly intended to hold onto his ankles again.

“You’re riding along.”

He tried to scream but she didn’t pause as she slipped his
feet into the object once more, a bright pink curved piece of silicon with
several small buttons on the opposite site. Even in his panic he knew those would
do what the buttons on the other disc had forced him into. Instantly he was
proven right as she tapped one and he was forced ramrod straight by a shot of

Purple lubrication dripped onto his face as he tried to whimper
in fear.

“I’d tell you to hold still,” she told him as she lowered
him between her legs, then parted her cheeks with her free hand, “But I really
don’t want you to.”

This time she slipped him inside much more slowly than
earlier. She’d never done any kind of anal so it was surprising how easily he
slid through her brown ring, even well lubricated. Several times she reflexively
clenched down on him, around his face, then shoulders, but once most of his
arms were engulfed the rest of him slid in almost automatically until only the
plug base that held his feet kept him from being completely swallowed.

When she stood it was briefly uncomfortable, so she reached
back and touched the middle button. Instantly he was released from his
perfectly straight position and given back control of his body. She didn’t need
him wildly flailing while she was driving to meet with Tina. But even without
being forced to move she felt Adam squirming and pushing against the walls of
her colon as any sane, anally-vored person would do.

I should’ve gotten on board with this when it first came
she thought ruefully as she slipped on one of her new pairs of panties
and a new top that would show off her cleavage. Addison hadn’t dressed to impress
like this in a long time and tonight’s girl’s night out was the perfect time to

“New me!” she said with a giggle, wiggling her butt slightly
and smiling when her toy rocked side to side.

She smiled all the way to the restaurant, not even once
being tempted to succumb to her usual road rage. Adam wasn’t being forced to
panic and swing wildly like a good toy, he was just panicking like anyone
firmly seated in the rectum of a giantess would. Even when his little hands
tried to pry apart her sphincter from the inside she found herself smiling. A
gentle squeeze of her sphincter easily overrode his best efforts.

The girl at the shop was right, she thought, Anal
takes on a whole new meaning with a tiny.

She smiled when she scooted sideways to get out of her car,
making Adam fall against her colon walls, then struggle to recover. She smiled
with each step she took, feeling him rock side to side inside of her. She
smiled when she sat down in front of her best friend Tina for the first time in
months, driving him a little further inside her backdoor.

Tina greeted her cheerfully, not missing the genuine smile
on her friend’s face, nor the change in usual wardrobe.

“Addy!” she said when she saw her friend, pouring her a
glass from the bottle of wine she’d already had served, “Where have you been!”

Addy blushed, not sure what exactly to say. She looked
around and saw the restaurant was fairly busy, but they were in their own semi-private
corner booth.

“Who is he?” Tina stage whispered, “Did you finally go full
cougar and nab some college kid?”

“Well I-“

“Look at you!” Tina continued, “You look awesome! You look like
you finally kicked that old bag of crap out on the curb and got your boots back

“Well actually I did sorta meet a guy,” she admitted, “But
it’s not what you think.”

By the end of dinner Tina was barely able to keep her eyes
off of Addison’s belly. Now that she knew why Addy looked so much more
confident and had pep in her step again, she was envious. She’d only heard
stories about Tiny Tinder, and now her best friend had a living butt plug!

“I am totally jealous of you girl!” she said as the pair
rose, having paid the check and drained two bottles of wine. “You think I might
get one of these if I get that app too?”

Addison blushed again as they walked to their cars.

“Well actually, Laura did all the work on this one for me,”
she admitted, not quite ready to admit it was her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, and
he was massaging her colon in a less-than-consensual manner. “But I’m gonna
download it myself as soon as Laura gets back.”

“Wait, Laura, who is in Spain, gave you a full-time toy that
she’s technically in control of?”

“Pretty much!” Addy said, laughing when Tina gave her butt a
smack that made her toy jump as well.

It was dark by the time Addison was nearing home and she
felt better than she had in years.

“And it’s all thanks to you!” she said with a laugh, tapping
her navel and relishing the feeling of her toy’s renewed struggles.

Back in the house Addy made her way to the shower. Despite how
incredible everything felt, her body and holes were worn out. It had felt
perfect the entire time it was happening but during dinner with Tina she’d
started to realize she was sore for the first time since prom.

With near-scalding hot water running down her body she
reached behind herself and felt the base of her butt plug.

She took a deep breath and relaxed her backdoor as best she
could before pulling the plug out with a groan. It had started to hurt being
in, and it was very sore coming out.

But she missed the comforting frantic movements already.

Without a second thought she dropped the toy to the bottom of
the shower and gently nudged it toward the drain, where all the soap and body
wash would get him mostly clean before she took the actual toy cleaning solution
to him. Her mirror was covered in fog by the time she stepped out, and she
almost left the bathroom entirely to get dressed before she heard faint

“Oh right,” she muttered as she leaned into the tub and
picked up her toy.

He was yelling something about ‘rights’ and ‘never telling
anyone.’ All of that stopped when she smeared the thick cleaner around him,
making sure to get it in his mouth and in the little holes that had held his
feet in the actual base. She may not have played with herself in years but that
didn’t mean she’d forgotten about good hygiene. His feet pulled out of the base
with a comedic ‘schluck!’ that only she appreciated.

When she was satisfied he was clean, Addison dropped the
little man into her underwear drawer again, this time making sure it was all
the way shut. It cut off his screams nicely when it slid closed.

Minutes later she was asleep, a deeper sleep than she’d
managed in years.

The following morning she awoke in a better mood than she
could ever remember. After relieving herself, she stumbled into the kitchen and
made a full pot of coffee, grumbling all the while in a way that Adam would
have recognized as the source of Laura’s own adorable morning grumpiness. Twenty
minutes, two cups of coffee, and a power shake later, Addison felt more like a real

She texted Laura to let her know how much she was enjoying
her present, then poured herself a new cup of coffee. The kitchen table was
still littered with items she’d bought from the mall, and she poked her way
through them curiously. Now that she’d gotten her initial excitement over with she
was surprised at all the ideas still running through her head.

And not just with her new toy, though she picked up a
suction-cup device and fully intending to use it next Yesterday had also made
her realize just how many pleasures she was missing out on overall by letting
the divorce keep her down so hard.

“Hold still!” she said to the toy suction-cupped to the wall.
He kept falling down in a way that had to hurt his knees; he just wouldn’t hold
himself perpendicular to the wall like she wanted.

She reached down between her legs from her kneeling position
and did her best to grab hold of him. It was an awkward angle but she managed.
There was a squawk of pain, making her giggle, and she tugged gently on him. It
had to be very painful for him as his squawk turned to a genuine shout before
she let go.

“There’s no ramrod button on this cup,” she told him, “So
you better straighten out and aim yourself like a good toy or we can find out
just how super-tough that app really made you!”

Adam held back tears as he obeyed. He knew how tough it had
made him: he’d masturbated to dozens of videos of Tiny Tinder ‘players’ being
put through the paces. The suction cup his ankles were stuck in would break
before his ankles would, no matter how much he wished they would, giving him
some form of escape.

It was difficult for him, but he managed to straighten
himself out perpendicular to the wall he’d been stuck to. Just like a good
dildo should. He hated it more than anything but there was honestly no resisting.
She would just overpower him anyway.

Looking up he could see the horrible sight of Addy’s snatch
far too close to him. Despite his hate for it all, he reached out and grabbed a
tiny fistful of pubes in each hand to help stabilize himself. A tear fell as he
felt more than saw her entire body adjust slightly to get a better angle on

“Good toy!” she said happily as she felt him adjust and aim
in just the right way.

Then she rocked her hips backward rapidly, not stopping
until she felt her large backside hit the wall.

She squeaked when she felt his arms try to stop his head
from hitting her cervix. All he managed was to simultaneously stimulate areas
of her that had rarely, if ever, been touched.

Good doggy, she thought as she tried to grind herself
to the wall.

Adam was doing a great job of hitting all the right places,
so Addy let him for a few seconds while she appreciated it and adjusted her
legs so that her ‘resting’ position was with him firmly seated to the hilt
inside of her. Then she started rocking back and forth to allow the full length
of her toy to slide almost free.

Just free enough that she could feel a little desperate hand
push its way out of her lips before she slammed back down. Each time he tried
it the sensation was bizarre enough that it rocketed her toward an orgasm
purely on its own; it was like being fingered at the same time as using the
greatest dildo ever. Carefully she leaned her right shoulder down to the carpet
and reached down to tickle her clit.

She let out a low laugh as the sensations took control.
While Adam panicked, she came hard.

Twenty minutes later Addison’s pussy still wanted more, but
the rug burn on her knees demanded a change of position. She fell forward and
onto her belly, grateful she hadn’t bothered to take her top off, and turned to
get onto her knees. With a sharp twist of the wrist the suction cup popped
free, and a simple slide mechanism released her toy’s feet.

He wanted to sigh in relief as his feet and ankles quit
hurting but he knew the relief would only be temporary.

When Adam was dropped onto the bed he tried to will himself
to his feet, to stumble in any direction until he could find shelter of some
sort. But his legs shook too hard and it was all he could do to get onto all
fours. At least until the bed shifted hard enough to knock him down again.

“Oh, you poor thing!” he heard Addison say above him, and he
looked upward to see he was between her legs again, far too close to her
unshaven snatch with her legs towering above him and a pair of stunningly
yellow spandex shorts between her knees.

Her face looked down at him full of a perverted motherly
love and concern. Then her hand reached down as well.

“Please, no more-“

Gently she slid him home, headfirst, until only his feet
remained. She was still very sensitive but it was far too early in the day, in
her vacation, to put him up yet.

Luckily the girl at the Tiny Tinder store knew exactly what
to do in those situations and had made several recommendations.

A small metal device slipped around his exposed feet, and
she waved a small disc past it until it showed her a green light. A second wave
made the light blink slowly. When he started squirming, oh-so-sweet and gently,
Addison sat the disc on her nightstand. His movements continued to massage her
insides at what she’d been assured was one-fourth of his normal speed.

Then she pulled up her spandex shorts and used their
perfectly adjusted crotch to push his legs the rest of the way in.

With a relaxed sigh she leaned back in bed and closed her
eyes. Even her sensitive insides could handle this type of movement for hours.

“We’ve got all day,” she said as she patted her mons.

After twenty minutes of his slow, deep movements Addy felt
herself close enough to orgasm that it took less than ten seconds of rubbing
her clit to send her over the edge. It was small, but enough to get her
strongest urge out of the way and to let her focus.

“Guess that’s what they mean when they say post-sex clarity?”

Despite just cumming, when Addison crawled out of bed she
shuddered in pleasure again.

Then clad in only her skintight shorts and baggy shirt, she
walked back out to the kitchen.

Addison looked around her house and felt as though it were
the first time in a long time that she’d really looked at it. The sun seemed a
little brighter, the coffee smelled a little fresher. Her pussy clenched again
making her giggle with the small orgasm.

With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, Addison threw open her
windows and proceeded to clean her house. Anything that still reminded her of
her ex-husband was dropped in the bin, and even after years it was surprising how
many things there were.

She had a small orgasm as she threw out a blender that she
never used. Adam stroked her perfectly as she decided she really, truly, hated
the discount toaster that she’d been stuck with. He rubbed her sensitive walls
as she realized she even hated the trash can she still had. Before she knew it,
she was hauling things out to the curb and smiling the whole way.

To reward herself she sat down on the couch and scooted her
coffee table close enough that she could put her feet on it. Careful to keep
her prize from slipping out, she peeled her shorts off. A moment’s fishing let
her grasp the metal ring around Adam’s ankles and –

“Oh I better go get that thing,” she said aloud before
waddling carefully to her bedroom. It was almost a fun game to take several
steps, feel him start to slide outward, then squeeze her kegels to bring him
back inside. When she’d retrieved the controller she returned to the living
room and put her feet up once more.

This time she let herself relax until she could see his feet
start to wiggle out of her.

Wow that’s hot, she thought.

Then she passed the little control disc near his encircled
feet again. The first pass showed her a green light once more. A second made it
blink slowly again, and a third pass made it blink more quickly.

Instantly she was rewarded with Adam’s movements returning
to full speed, and she put both feet up on the coffee table in a perverted
mockery of a doctor’s exam table.

Her fingers shook as he did his work, and while her left
hand made sure he didn’t slip out, her right hand manipulated the television
remote and her tablet to do one of the few things she knew how to make happen with
today’s technology. The bigger screen mirrored her tablet’s almost
automatically, and she skipped even typing in a porn website name.

The search engine Gargle showed her millions of results for
the keywords ‘little man’ and ‘vagina,’ so she fine-tuned it by adding ‘unwilling.’

“That’s what I’m talking about,” she said as she grasped
Adam’s legs and started pulling him out slowly, before sliding him back in.

While the television, via her tablet, cycled through images
the likes of which she’d never imagined, Addison drove her toy in and out of
herself until her wrist started to cramp and her legs were shaking.

When she was finished with him she leaned back and relaxed, relishing
the afterglow and not attempting to stop her toy from slipping out of her. She
giggled when she heard him hit the floor and resolved to make sure she cleaned
him well.

Then promptly fell asleep.

Adam fell to the ground in an exhausted heap. It was short
carpet and he didn’t fall far, not that a further fall would have harmed him regardless.
He rolled onto his back and looked upward, trying to catch his breath and sure
that his hell would resume any moment now. Instead her legs retreated from his
sight and further onto the couch.

Sounds of shifting came from above and he was sure he’d see
her face any moment, ready for round three. Or four. Or eighty-seven.

Instead the television continued playing a video of a small
redhead swallowing a tiny screaming brunette whose legs were carefully wrapped
by dental floss. He took advantage of the silence to look at the device around
his ankles and found there were no obvious markings for how to free himself.
But a glance to his right showed him the control disc where it had fallen on
the carpet as well.

Carefully he dragged himself closer. When he was able, he
pushed his legs onto the plastic and held them there. He was only familiar with
the device in general, and never any version like this, but after five seconds
he was rewarded with a fast triplet of flashing green lights and his ankles
were freed.

“Yes!” he cheered silently.

As Adam struggled to his feet and started stumbling toward
what he guessed was the front door, the redhead on the television pulled the
brunette back out of her throat and dangled her in front of the camera. She
repeated this act several times, making sure the viewers knew the brunette was
clearly not willingly along for the ride.

By the time Adam was able to see the front door, and felt
his breath returning, the redhead pulled back an empty string and burst out laughing.
Then she tied the string carefully around another young woman who clearly knew
exactly what had happened to the girl before her. At full size Adam would have
been masturbating furiously to the video but now he didn’t even want to watch;
it felt far too up-close and personal.

He glanced back toward where he thought Addison was sleeping
and couldn’t see any movement. Faint sounds of rhythmic breathing were audible
but no signs that she was awake or looking for him.

The front door itself towered in front of him and he knew
there was no way he could get to the mail slot on his own. But placed next to
the door were several dozen shoes. At full size Adam was a semi-serious
weightlifter who benefited more from genetics than discipline, but these shoes
moved surprisingly easily and he didn’t have far to climb.

Three shoes stacked roughly on each other made enough of a
mound for Adam to climb, putting him within leaping distance of the mail slot. A
pullup easily got him high enough and his tiny hand was able to slip under the
metal piece, opening it enough for him to squeeze his head through. One plus on
being made super-tough by the Tiny Tinder app was that normally the metal
should have scratched him terribly; instead he felt the sharper bits slide
right over his skin as he shoved his way through.

Sunlight blinded him but Adam let out a cry of triumph.

Tina shut her car door, then carefully readjusted her purse
when it threatened to fall off her shoulder. She looked at her best friend’s
house and realized she hadn’t been there in quite a long time. Nor had anyone
with a lawnmower. It was only starting to be spring but Addison’s once-mighty
landscaping was clearly already being neglected.

“That asshole really messed her up,” she said aloud as she
walked toward her friend’s front door.

Their meeting yesterday had been an excellent time in
general, and her revelation of her new tiny toy stunningly exciting. But more
than that it had made Tina realize she needed to help her friend out of her
funk. And that would start with a spring…


Tina paused as she looked at the pile of things by her
friend’s front door.

“Guess she got a good head start.”

As she approached the door, Tina heard something in the
distance. She paused and cocked her head sideways, trying to determine what it
was. On an instinctive level the sound bothered her.

Somebody in trouble?

Then her ears zeroed in on the source of the sound and she
saw the seven-inch tall man waving his arms to desperately get her attention.

Her first instinct was to be stunned; she’d heard of
shrunken people, via a phone hookup app. She’d seen videos, more than she’d
ever admit, of what they were used for. But this was her first sight of one in

Luckily this one seemed to take her expression as a ‘caring’
sort of stunned, rather than running for a hiding spot as he should have.

But Tina adapted quickly, immediately guessing who this
little one was. And who he belonged to. Carefully she knelt down and held out a
hand in what she hoped looked like a comforting manner.

“Oh my gosh! Who are you? What happened?” she asked, hiding
her excitement.

He yelled something at her as he ran toward her, and she
almost heard a name, but his cock bounced interesting as he ran and distracted her.
Then he was close enough for her to grab and she gently picked him up.

“You gotta help me this woman inside she-“ Adam was saying
rapidly, hoping this new woman would rescue him. He didn’t care what she was
doing there at all, she had to help. He kept talking as fast as he could until-

The little man wouldn’t shut up, but Tina could barely take
her eyes off him long enough to open the door. Which was good; he started panicking
when he saw her familiarity with the house. And that she was clearly going

“No! Wait no! You gotta get me away from-“

Tina ignored whatever he was saying. He was cute for sure,
but he also belonged to her best friend and she wasn’t a poacher. So he was
deposited on the kitchen island while she looked for her friend.


Her friend wasn’t far at all; she was passed out in an obvious
cum-coma on the couch. On screen there was still a series of random porn videos
playing that Addy had clearly been enjoying. Currently a schoolgirl was
pretending to be surprised by her ‘teacher’ who was only four inches tall on
her desk.

“Hey! Addy!” Tina said, grabbing her friend by the shoulder
and shaking her lightly.

Addy awoke with a start and sat up fast. When she saw it was
Tina she relaxed with a laugh.

“Tina! Holy cow, I totally forgot you were coming over

She ran a hand through her hair and stood, completely forgetting
she was still bottomless. Tina got a hug before Addy realized.

“Oh! Be right back!” she said, turning and running to her
bedroom. Moments later she returned wearing a pair of jeans.

Addy was apologizing for falling asleep, too surprised to
remember everything else that was happening. On the television the schoolgirl
had decided she better hide her shrunken teacher, for safety. In her underwear.
Adam himself, ironically, had loved this video when he was full sized. Now he
didn’t even try to watch it as he looked over the side of the kitchen island, trying
to work up the courage to leap even though he knew the fall wouldn’t hurt him.

“By the way,” Tina said to her friend as she watched the
teacher be concealed, ‘accidentally’ slipping far lower than the girl had
intended, “Your toy must have slipped out the mail slot, I caught him trying to
flag down help.”

Addy turned pale and she put a hand over her mouth.

“Oh no! Laura would’ve been so mad if I lost her toy!”

“Well no harm done, but next time don’t fall asleep lol,”
Tina said.

“Did you just actually say ‘lol’?” Addison asked as she
grabbed Adam just as he was about to leap. He squawked in her hand, but she
ignored him and walked toward her bedroom to put him away in the toy drawer.

Tina followed.

“Well yeah, all the kids say stuff like that. ‘Lol,’ ‘cringe,’
‘bae.’ If you’re going to get back out there you gotta learn the language,

“Get back out there?”

The two women talked for hours once they’d made sure her toy
was secure. They talked as they cleaned, both of them making up for lost time.
Tina loved helping her friend refresh her home, while Addison relished the time
with her friend. The afternoon flew by, and by the time they were done they
were both exhausted.

“Stay for dinner?” Addy asked, sure she had some pasta she
could whip up, and knowing there was plenty of wine for the two of them.

“I can’t,” Tina said regretfully as she packed up her purse,
“Dan and I are trying out that new fusion place near the mall. And speaking of,
you gotta get back out there! When’s the last time you went on a date?”

Addison paled, trying to remember one that wasn’t with her

“Got some full-sized dick?”

She shook her head and Tina sighed.

“Addy, you gotta get out there. Go prowl near campus, pick
up some kid that thinks he knows what he’s doing, and rock. His. World.”

With that said, Tina left her friend nervously speechless
and shimmied out the door.

“She’s right,” Addy said to herself, remembering how much
she’d enjoyed boys when she was in college. Before her Ex.

Then she remembered how long it had been since she’d put
anything remotely phallic in her mouth that she didn’t intend on biting off.

With that thought in mind she didn’t even bother changing
from her relaxed cleaning clothes before she grabbed her own purse and aimed
herself at the near-campus bar scene.

Adam screamed when the drawer was jerked open and her
massive hand wrapped around him once more. He’d managed something like sleep
but she haunted his every thought.

“Hold this for me!” she told someone before tossing Adam
into the air.

His scream stopped mid-octave when someone else’s hand stopped

“What’s this for?” a man’s voice asked. A young man’s voice.
Adam’s eyes hadn’t adapted yet to the light, and just as he was about to make
out his new captor’s face the lights went out again.

“He’s gonna fill whichever hole you don’t want,” Addison
said just before there was the distinct sound of clothes hitting the ground.

The obviously college-aged kid holding him stammered out
something, then let out his own surprised sound as Addison grabbed his belt and
deftly removed it. Adam couldn’t see what was happening but from the sounds his
giantess kidnapper was going down on the new guy.

“Get these off!” she told him after the sound of suction, “And
get over here!”

“Yes ma’am!” he replied, knocking Adam’s head against his
belt in his haste to disrobe.

It was chaotic as the kid rapidly got undressed but Adam
recognized how Addison’s hand felt around him when she took him back.

“Doggy?” she asked, and Adam heard an affirming grunt.

His eyes were adjusting back to the light and from what he could
see, Addison was on her hands and knees on the bed, her face uncomfortably
close to his body but not looking at him. Behind her a man was crawling up,
clearly about to penetrate.

“Cum in me,” she told him, “I got my tubes tied ten years

“Oh fuck yeah.”

Both she and her partner groaned together and Adam guessed
that meant the show had really begun. And he didn’t miss that she was now
kneeling more forward and bouncing rhythmically. Nor that she was holding him with
both hands. In front of her mouth.

He screamed as she opened her mouth, but her one-night-stand
didn’t hear.

Addison dropped her mouth around her toy, determined to relive
at least part of her college glory days.

Still counts as two! she told herself as she plunged
her lips around Adam.

The boy behind her plunged in and out with almost rabid intensity
while she pretended her toy was a real man. She took him as deep as she could and
forced him straight past her annoyingly returned gag reflex. His squirming arms
didn’t help at all in terms of her trying to remember how to give a good
blowjob, but it did make her feel twice as hot.

When she came she knew it was more from the situation than
the boy’s best efforts; he did his best and had the energy of youth but she’d
just spent several days with the world’s greatest toy. Picking up a guy at the bar
was just a refresher on working her own sex appeal.

Hot seed flooded her womb for the first time in forever, and
that shot her past a second orgasm before she even realized it had started. Each
squirt felt like it ricocheted inside of her and started its own chain reaction,
but it was over far too soon. Even a young guy had his limits and the three
distinct shots she felt were his.

She groaned when he pulled out of her, and rolled onto her
back to look up at him as he almost sheepishly crawled off the bed. He was
grinning but now that he’d shot out his hormones directly into her it seemed
his more rational head was returning.

“That was great, but uh-“

He paused, then started pulling on his pants.

“You were good,” she reassured him as she slid her toy down toward
her snatch, “But let’s not pretend this wasn’t just a one-time thing.”

He paused again, not sure how to take that.

“It was fun, and an Uber will get you back downtown before last
call,” she added.

The exit may have been awkward for what’s-his-name, but
Addison barely noticed.

Adam screamed as she dragged him down her torso. There was
no doubt what she was about to do.

Before her hookup had left the house he heard her moan again.
He didn’t hear the little toy’s scream as he was slid face-first into her pussy,
still freshly full of his load.


Two weeks later Laura was due back at any minute.

The time had flown by in a blissful haze for Addison, whose
rediscovered sex drive had brought her out of her shell in the best way

For Adam it was pure hell. At best he was left in the
pitch-black darkness of her underwear drawer. At its worst he was used to masturbate
after an unprotected hookup. And as Addison grew more confident these grew to
almost nightly occurrences. Adam began to miss his time as a plug; at least
there it was uneventful and it seemed he was forgotten at times.

“Mom, I’m home!”

Adam’s heart leapt when he heard those words. He was
currently tied up in a pair of panties and stuffed in a gift bag hidden under
brightly colored paper.

I’ll never cheat again, I’ll never look you in the eyes
again, you’ll never see me again, I’ll never cheat again, I’ll-
he repeated
his lines over and over, more than prepared to debase himself to Laura when she
returned him to full size.

The two women talked for hours, it seemed, about Laura’s vacation
and how much more ‘alive’ Addison looked.

“You know,” Laura said as she pulled the gift bag over to
herself, very aware of what was in it, “I really hope Adam learned his lesson
about cheating. But I’m also glad you got the benefit, Mom, you really do look

Adam would have yelled out about how much he learned to
never ever cheat again, but the bag stopped moving suddenly.

“You know,” Addison’s voice rang out, “Actually I think I
have a few more lessons to teach him. I didn’t realize this was about cheating.”

In the bag Adam tried to yell for mercy, but the ribbon wrapping
his head didn’t allow it.

“Mom, I really didn’t intend on keeping him shrunk forever,
I just wanted to punish the little rat bastard.”

Laura really hadn’t thought about letting Adam stay shrunken
forever, though part of her whispered it was appropriate for cheating on her.
She’d actually enjoyed the thought of seeing him occasionally around town and
watching him be too scared of her to meet her eyes.

Her attitude on tinies in general had shrunk as well. It
turned out in Europe shrinking was a much bigger deal and the language barrier
had gotten Laura numerous fun snacks on their trip. She was actually pretty
sure a cutie from Barcelona was still stuck in her stomach.

But someone she knew?

Her mother started sliding the gift bag back toward herself.

“How about just another day or two?” she suggested, meeting
Laura’s eyes and giving her daughter a wink.

They both knew what ‘a day or two’ meant.

Laura leaned back, not quite returning the wink. Addison gave
her daughter a stronger look. The intensity grew until the daughter could not
withstand the will of the mother.

“Another day or two,” Laura agreed.

Adam screamed.

By that Wednesday, Laura had forgotten all about Adam.

By that Friday, Addison had almost forgotten he was a

Hotel Room Mixup by Thatgirlyouknow

“About time something goes my way,” Amélia said to herself as she checked herself out in the mirror. She wasn’t trying very hard to look stunning or fancy tonight, but a red short skirt coupled with a top that showed off her firm cleavage still achieved that effect. The blonde looked her best in almost everything, and absolutely her best in nothing. Genetics had been kind to Amélia and her trim body looked like she stepped out of a magazine.

Her phone buzzed again as she double checked her hotel details. It wasn’t a sleazy place, nor was it five stars. It was good enough, and she certainly felt better about it knowing her friend Alexia would be just down the hall having her own fun in room nine.

Another message notification popped up and she replied quickly, confirming her Tiny Tinder hookup for the evening. It had been surprisingly easy to find a guy that wanted to be used by an angry, beautiful blonde woman. She normally wasn’t looking for a boy toy to take her anger out on but her frustrations with how the past week of her life had gone weren’t going to relieve themselves.

Alexia had actually been the one to suggest finding a little masochist to work things out on. While Amélia was typically far gentler with her little hookups, her friend reveled in mistreating them. The less willing they were the better for her brunette friend, and while some people bragged about their ‘body count’ as the number of people they’d slept with, she had a literal body count of tinies sacrificed for her pleasure. And there were never any shortage of volunteers; Alexia put off an excellent ‘girl you can trust’ image that assured her hookups she’d never, ever, do anything to hurt them.

Amélia texted her friend to confirm with her as well, then marched out to her car.

“This is gonna be awesome,” she said as she started driving toward the motel, and room six. An immortal sex toy who literally wanted to be beat up during use was exactly what she needed.

“This is gonna be awesome,” Marc said to himself as he drove toward the hotel his date had picked out.

It wasn’t the best hotel in town but he had no issues paying for the privacy. As the tiny he usually didn’t have any real cleanup to do but it was nice to not have to worry about it at all like he would at home.

And he was really looking forward to this one; she was his daughter’s age, and a sweet, petite brunette who obviously had never done anything like this before. Alexia gave off the perfect vibes he was looking for and he knew part of the fun tonight would be introducing her to all the things a knowledgeable tiny could do to her body that she’d never imagined.

He was already hard as a rock when he pulled into the parking spot.

Alexia was already there in room nine; she was a firm believer in being early. She was wearing the schoolgirl outfit she had in her Tiny Tinder profile picture, her actual uniform from high school, and a long single braid all to complete the image that her next toy had bought hook, line, and sinker. Every man, and most women, she met on the app had bought it as well, and all of those who weren’t careful to select ‘super-tough’ on their settings quickly regretted it.

On the dresser she had a variety of toys within easy reach, currently hidden under her jacket. A new version of stomach string she was particularly interested in trying out at the end of her session. The fast-dissolving version was technically meant as a gag gift for couples, though likely no one had ever used it consensually.

“This is gonna be awesome,” she murmured as her stomach growled. 

Her phone buzzed with a message from Marc, tonight’s mark. He was parking now. Alexia double checked her request settings, making sure she could shrink him at the door just after he came in. Playing the oh-so-nervous girl always got her a good ten minutes of fun before she broke out the real toys. Everyone accepted her settings request instantly without reviewing them, assuming she had just checked ‘super-tough.’

Ooops! I shrunk you too early! she’d say with a nervous giggle. Oops! I bent your leg too far!

Marc paused at the top of the stairs, then turned right once he saw no one else was there. These hookups weren’t illegal by any means but he still felt better with less people seeing him on his way.

“Two, four, six-“ he paused, distracted by his phone vibrating in his pocket. 

Not now, he thought, knowing it was probably his date being nervous.

Was it six or nine? Marc tried to remember, until he saw the sign that he’d pre-arranged with his date. There was a small hair tie wrapped around the door handle, which turned freely in his hand. Unlocked and barely propped open.

Marc stepped in with a smile on his face, ready to explore the unexplored.

When Alexia’s newest victim didn’t reply to her last text ‘nervously’ asking him to hurry, she knew he was close. There was the sound of steps in the hallway, and she set the shrinking app to count down from ten. Then she sat her phone on the bed and walked to the door, fully intending on him opening it, getting a look at her, then shrinking early in the first ‘accident’ of their hookup until he realized what he’d actually stumbled into.

But when the door didn’t open, she opened it herself impatiently, slightly annoyed that she’d missed the timing of his arrival but still keeping her face like a ditzy schoolgirl’s. The doorway was empty, and no pile of clothes awaited in the hallway. Just in case, she walked down the hall and past Amélia’s room where her friend probably had her toy waist-deep in herself already, but there was nothing in the stairwell either.

“Great,” she said as she went back to her own room, “I either got ghosted or the damn app malfunctioned.”

In room six, Amélia’s phone vibrated but before she could check it she heard her door open. Excited, she sat up in bed prepared herself to take out her frustrations on this guy. She did want to talk to him, just for a few moments, before he shrank to make sure he really knew what he was in for. Alexia had helped her fine-tune her settings and the man had acted very knowledgeable about how she planned on treating him but sometimes things were better to discuss in-

The telltale ‘flump’ of suddenly collapsed clothing preceded the sound of the door shutting back on itself.

“What, did you shrink yourself?” she asked rhetorically, knowing the answer already as she climbed off the bed and looked at the pile of clothes. 

There was a vaguely familiar blue shirt and jeans, with what was obviously a five-inch tall man inside them. The familiarity didn’t bother her, Amélia worked in retail which was part of why she was in such a bad mood this week and this same loser had probably been in her store recently. In fact, the sudden shrinking actually made her relax a little. If he had shrunken himself pre-emptively then he obviously didn’t care for any pre-hookup chat.

She fished him out of the shirt and in the same motion turned off the light switch. Now the room was only lit by curtains that wouldn’t shut all the way, which was perfect for her. She had a few toys she might use, but Alexia’s settings and physically dominating this man were ultimately what were going to work for her tonight.

“I’m actually kinda glad you skipped the chitchat,” she told him as he squirmed lightly in her hand, clearly trying to get a better view of her, though he’d soon see everything, “I’m usually a more consensual gal but my friend suggested you little guys as therapy for tonight-“

Marc tried to fight against the hand that held him. 

“you’re lucky you’re not in her room right now-“

His daughter’s hand.

“a bit of a sadist-“

Marc tried to bite her, and she felt it, but all it did was make her laugh.

“Okay, let’s get down to it!” she said when she misinterpreted the pinpricks of his teeth, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you though, this week really sucked.”

Before Marc could even wonder what that really meant he was flying through the air. He smashed hard against the headboard and fell onto a pillow with a groan. When he landed he couldn’t help but look automatically at the cell phone laying not far away from him: the screen lit up with a notification and Marc ready the words ‘-cancel, sorry!’ on what he recognized as a Tiny Tinder ping.

Amélia was taking off her clothes like a beautiful but dimly-lit mountain as Marc realized what had happened.

He’d only been half-listening to his daughter’s story about Alexia, and part of him realized he’d dodged a bullet there. But that also meant his daughter thought he was someone else, someone who was apparently ready to be used, and used hard. And he knew his current settings were only for lightly used, and only tough enough to keep from being hurt by a nervous first-time giantess. Marc cursed himself for falling for that trap.

This is an easy fix though, he thought as he stood. Part of him really hated how incredible Amélia looked in the dim light of the hotel room.  Part of him realized if he ignored the ‘daughter’ part of tonight it would still be really fun. Assuming she didn’t break him.

“Hey! Amé-“ he started to shout, waving his hands in her direction.

Instead a pair of panties hit him perfectly in the face, knocking him down again. He rolled forward off the pillow and toward his daughter’s titanic form that was now crawling on all fours toward him.

“No talking!” she said in an authoritative voice he’d never heard from her before.

He squawked when she grabbed him roughly, then rolled onto her back to hold him in front of her face. Her eyes narrowed as she pulled her panties off his head and tossed them aside. In the dim light he was sure she’d recognize her. 

“You really do look familiar,” Amélia said to him, and Marc opened his mouth to shout to her.

Before he could get a word out she pushed his top half into her own mouth.

“Perfect!” she tried to mumble around his body while his legs and feet kicked comically outward.

Despite tonight being all about herself, she couldn’t help but sneak her tongue outward and down between the man’s legs. Just as she expected he was hard as a rock.

Do I get him off? she wondered as her hands moved down to her pussy. Basic hookup etiquette said yes, but the ‘use me like a therapy beat-up doll’ tone of their conversation hadn’t given her any answers.

Reflexively her tongue massaged his tiny prick while she lightly stroked her own labia. If she got him off now then he’d probably be pretty uncomfortable the rest of time. The thought made her feel even more in control.

Most of these guys are one-and-done, Amélia thought, get him off now and he’ll expect me to let him go. Not want to fulfill his half of the bargain.

So she slowly sucked on his entire body, making sure her tongue never stopped moving around his waist.

Marc struggled to breathe. He’d played tiny in lots of situations and settings and knew exactly what to do here. But it wasn’t working. Amélia’s throat was right in front of him and each wet breath fought against his own efforts to suck in air. He realized he couldn’t see her throat either, and for the first time ever he was sure there were going to be teeth marks around his abdomen.

He wasn’t toughened the way he should be. His settings were wrong.

No, not my settings, he realized as he cursed how stupid he’d been earlier. That Alexia girl’s! Damnit she tricked me worse than-

With a groan he exploded against his daughter’s massive tongue.

“Holy shhhhiiii,” he murmured from the strength of his sudden orgasm.

Amélia finally let her finger drag across her clit lightly when she felt the familiar flash of heat and salt on her tongue. Leaning forward, she let the man slide out of her mouth, making sure the spot he jizzed on was dragged entirely up his body on the way out. He fell down her toned stomach until he landed easily on her free hand.

“Buckle up,” she told him as she wrapped her fingers around his body. 

“It’s been a long week and I’m not stopping if you start screaming.”

Hearing those words made Marc freeze out of fear. She didn’t know he wasn’t super-tough. Or didn’t care that he wasn’t. Her hand wrapped around him easily and pinned his arms against his sides; he recognized the grip. When he was inserted far enough she’d move her hand and his arms could start massaging her walls.

“No wait Am-“

His head was plunged straight into his daughter’s steaming depths. Despite how much he hated the situation he recognized the taste of her, just like her mother’s. Then he realized how hard it was to breathe as those fluids filled his mouth. With his usual settings he would have been just fine. When her hand shifted and released his arms Marc found himself playing the part of living vibrator perfectly: if he didn’t stop fighting against her clutching wet walls he’d suffocate.

Amélia pushed her toy deep inside herself until all she could grab were his ankles. He’d instantly started massaging her insides frantically which told her she’d picked the right guy for what she needed. Without her usual gentle build-up she began driving him in and out of herself furiously. Her pussy loved the sudden intrusion and she was wetter than she could ever remember being.

Without thinking she pushed her toy completely inside herself, where he didn’t quite hit her cervix. Her fingers twisted him around almost in circles while he swung his arms, perfectly striking everywhere that a so-called full-sized man never could. 

I hope he’s suffocating! she thought as she felt an orgasm approach while her free fingertips flew across her clit. Amélia was not normally an angry girl so the cruel thought floating across her mind shocked her almost as much as her toy’s excellent efforts. It drove her to a fast orgasm in record time.

“That’s right! Suffocaaaaaate!” she whispered out as she came, pushing him deeper until she felt him push hard against her deepest walls. It was almost painful but the perfect match to the sweetness of her orgasm.

When she finished she let go of her toy and her tight snatch pushed him out quickly, aided by what were obviously some well-practiced swimming motions. Amélia looked up at the ceiling as she caught her breath. Then she sat up and looked down between her legs where her toy would be waiting for more punishment.

Not that I’ve even started with the big stuff, she thought, her mind turning to some of the things Alexia told her she enjoyed. With untoughened toys, that is. Though the thought of him suffocating or being stretched was incredibly hot she knew he was too tough for that to be a real danger. But it did make things fun.

But instead of body language that said he was eagerly awaiting her needs, he was standing and waving his arms desperately to get her attention.

With narrowed eyes she leaned forward and let herself really look at him for the first time. He was yelling, the words just barely not loud enough for her to make out. And as her eyes focused better she took in his dad bod, short beard and –

“Holy shit, Dad?!”

“Yes! Me! Dad!” Marc yelled as her hands wrapped around him again, much more gently. He knew he had bruises around his ankles but his ribs felt very tender too.

His beautiful daughter lifted him up toward her face again, holding him close enough he could feel her breath.

“You…you did this for me?” she asked, and instead of being horrified Marc saw she was smiling.

“What? No!” he said back once he was confident she could hear him, “I didn’t mean to –“

“It’s okay Dad,” she interrupted, “This is actually really cool.”

Marc was at a loss for words. Sure, part of him loved the idea of being a plaything for a girl as beautiful as his daughter. But there it was: his daughter. 

“No but I-“

“Don’t forget what we talked about,” she overrode him, her smiling growing, “I’m not gonna take it easy on your just because you’re my Dad.”

Marc tried to yell out again but it was obvious she wasn’t listening. Whatever she’d lined up with some other guy was about to happen to him. She thought they’d talked about…something…but wouldn’t hear what he had to say now.

“Buckle up!” she said again, and Marc braced himself.

Might as well try and enjoy it, he told himself as she clicked his feet into a dildo disk. Normally this was one of his favorite things.

Might be easier if I hadn’t came already, he thought as she positioned herself overhead, carefully aiming him at her snatch.

Them Amélia descended and Marc couldn’t help but laugh as he slipped deep inside of her.

Alexia sat on the edge of her hotel bed. Annoyed. Furiously she texted her date, wondering where the hell he was. 

And he couldn’t be bothered to answer. Her messages sent but there was no answer.


Must’ve glitched out or something, she thought, angry at how the night was going. 

When Amélia stopped texting her back too, she knew her friend was getting it on with some lucky bastard. She couldn’t be mad at her friend but she’d really been looking forward to her own idea of a good time. With a much-less-lucky bastard.

After a few more minutes of waiting, and an internet search that told her there were no current complaints of Tiny Tinder outages, she gave up.

“Even told me he shrank and everything,” she muttered as she packed up her toys.

It all went into her voluminous purse with practiced ease. Anal beads, two of which were filled with her first two involuntary conquests who still vibrated constantly in an app-induced panic. A vibrator she wasn’t sure if she liked yet. Several other easy-to-carry toys that probably counted as crimes against humanity. A just-in-case condom that was still convinced she was an elementary school teacher.

Alexia knew several people who delighted in outright Tiny torture, but she’d only tried it twice and it hadn’t done much for her. But blatant sexual abuse that inevitably led to death, or maiming and casual abandonment that was probably one-hundred percent fatal? That was very much her style, and she stopped counting at twelve.

When her toys were packed she texted Amélia, sure she wouldn’t get a response until later. They had arrived together and planned on leaving together. 

“Which means I’m stuck until she gets her anger out,” Alexia pouted as she reached for the television remote.

Just before she touched it her phone buzzed. Reading her friend’s unexpected response, she quickly gathered her purse and left her own room, heading for room number six. It opened to the second keycard in her possession; the girls had shared their extras. The room was dark but she could hear her friend’s adorable whine as she orgasmed so she walked right in.

Her eyes adjusted quickly to the dim light and she was already peeling off her own school uniform when she saw Amélia on all fours. She was currently holding her bottom half against the headboard and Alexia smiled when she realized she probably had her toy inserted to his ankles with her clit pushed against a dildo disc. Amélia’s eyes opened when she heard her friend’s clothes hit the ground.

Marc held onto his last breath as long as he could, but as his daughter’s pussy clenched and quivered around him he began to see stars. Even in his semi-toughened state he could only hold his breath for so long, though he’d found whatever settings he was stuck with still let him survive far longer than he had any business doing. That knowledge didn’t stop him from panicking when his lungs filled with her juices instead of fresh air.

Just before he passed out she leaned forward, letting him slip from her boiling pussy in a daze. The dildo disc held his ankles tight enough that he couldn’t slip free, but that didn’t stop him from collapsing downward in exhaustion like the world’s limpest suction-cup dildo.

He sucked in wonderful fresh air while the girls talked above him. Evaluated the pain in his ribs and side, hoping nothing was broken but knowing he was probably far past that point. If he could feel the pain through the app settings then there was definitely a serious injury. A cough only made his side burn violently as though to confirm. His ankles screamed from the awkward angle they were stuck at.

“Wait, how the heck did you not know he was your dad?” Alexia said, incredulous at her best friend’s luck. She’d dreamed of a scenario like this. She glanced at the toy on the headboard and giggled; he was clearly exhausted and hurt. Amélia had been using him right.

“Well there was this tattoo on his shoulder,” her friend said, “And I never knew my dad had a tattoo!”

Amélia kept talking, but Alexia felt the world shrink in on her suddenly when she realized what had really happened. 

Amélia hadn’t linked up with her dad via the app, only pure chance had brought him here at all.

“But he seemed really into some rough use and got that I-“

Alexia had accidentally matched and lured in her best friend’s dad, who she’d been crushing on since she was eleven. How had he not recognized her on the app?

“-it felt so good and even getting my anger out on him and knowing he wanted it-“

The app hadn’t glitched on her earlier, her match had instead walked into the wrong room with the world’s worst-ever timing. 

Amélia kept talking while she detached the dildo disk from the headboard, her legs still shaking from her last orgasm. Her dad popped easily from the device and she didn’t notice him trying to get her attention as she talked to her friend. Even in the dim light Alexia could see he looked like he was in distress, though Amélia clearly had no idea.

“Everywhere but the butt,” Amélia said as she handed her dad to her friend with a giggle.

Alexia took the little man, still stunned at this turn of events. He fell into her hand and she felt the telltale signs of a tiny whose punishment was finally overwhelming the app’s settings.

Her own settings. That she had finely tuned for her own twisted enjoyment. Amélia wasn’t a practiced hand at bringing tinies to the edge and holding them there, but Alexia knew how to make the most of the situation even though he was so far beaten.

“Lay back on the bed,” she told her friend, who happily complied.

Amélia laid on the bed with her head propped up by pillows and spread her athletic legs wide. Alexia climbed between them with a grin on her face and their toy in hand.

Guess I’ll get mine after all, she thought as she lowered herself closer to her friend’s awaiting pussy. 

Not very carefully she lined up her toy’s legs with her friend’s snatch and slid him in. She was so wet he went in easily despite trying to kick his way free. Alexia could hear him trying to yell something, but Amélia was moaning enough that she knew her friend couldn’t hear.

“It’s hurting! She’s got it wrong! I’m not tough I’m-“

She silenced him with a finger over his mouth while she pushed him deeper with a giggle. When he was firmly encased in his daughter’s snatch, Alexia laid down all the way and laid her head on the inside of Amélia’s thigh. Lazily she licked her fingertip and began playing with Amélia’s clit while her toy, her dad, struggled inside of her with only his head sticking out.

“You gotta help-“ he was still trying to say.

Alexia sought out her own clit and shuddered when she made contact before she leaned forward and put her lips very close to her childhood crush’s head.

“I know,” she whispered.

Marc paused when he realized what she meant. Then panicked.

Amélia cried out in ecstasy when her toy’s efforts to please her redoubled. Alexia’s tongue on her lips, her clit, and doing circles around her toy helped as well. 

Alexia bit back her own moans; she always loved going down on her friend but the entire situation was so incredible. She made sure to pause between loving licks around her friend’s anatomy to slather Marc’s head with saliva, and to give him some nibbles. She was well practiced with just how much force it took for her teeth to break skin on tinies.

Marc screamed as teeth bit down on him, as his daughter’s canal squeezed him, as he felt bones start to break. Alexia would periodically wrap her lips around his face and apply suction, easily pulling the very air from his own lungs before she moved back to slathering everything around him with her tongue. 

Then her finger slid into the already cramped space and began jabbing him in the side. 

His eyes bulged from pain and he tried to jerk and push away from the digit. But he knew he was really only accomplishing one thing; he sure wasn’t escaping the pain being inflicted on him.

Alexia knew exactly where he was likely hurt already at, and she matched her punishing finger in his side to the rhythm of her finger across her clit. He jerked satisfyingly inside her friend and his pain pushed her along faster than her finger. The idea that she was still getting her own tiny to torture tonight, in such a kinky way, was perfect.

Before she was ready, Alexia felt her friend cum against her tongue. She temporarily abandoned her own clit strumming and sucked Amélia’s clit into her mouth. Her finger pushed Marc upward against her g-spot and just as Amélia’s legs began to buck, Alexia moved her mouth downward, replacing her tongue with her finger and wrapping her lips around Marc’s head.

Amélia lost herself to yet another orgasm. Her friend’s tongue was both skilled and knew all her perfect areas, and her toy-daddy was doing an incredible job. She squeezed down hard enough on him that she knew he would have shot out of her onto the sheets and disrupted her moment. Instead Alexia thoughtfully used her mouth to keep him in place while she expertly manipulated her clit.

When she came down she was seeing stars and heard Alexia giggle from between her legs.

“My turn,” she said, and Amélia felt her lips wrap around her toy. She was too exhausted to do anything but shudder as her dad was pulled from her snatch.

Alexia bit down on Marc’s neck, then chest, as she pulled him free. And she didn’t bite lightly. His legs kicked comically as she looked down with almost crossed eyes, then she climbed up next to her friend and rolled onto her back. She desperately wished she’d made Marc smaller so she could just swallow him; her best orgasms were during their final struggles.

But his size stopped her more than the fact that her toy’s daughter was currently catching her breath with her perfect breasts heaving right next to her.

So instead, she pulled Marc from her lips and dangled him from one leg. She shook him briefly, making him stir from what was obviously a pain-induced stupor. He looked up at her, terrified, and tried again to wave his arms and get her attention.

She blew him a kiss then lowered him down between her legs. This time he went in face-first.

Alexia stroked her clit faster this time; she knew the little toy was near the end of his endurance. He still struggled reflexively and it worked well enough for her. Just as his struggles began to slow she felt herself slip over the edge of ecstasy.

Unlike Amélia’s clenching pussy, Marc was able to slide backward out of Alexia until he fell with a pathetic scream onto the sheets.

Then he was picked up again. Almost delirious with pain he tried to shout but by now he knew there was no hope of rescue. Amélia hadn’t cared and Alexia, who he’d seen go through her awkward years, apparently loved the idea of torturing him. If there had been any question about it, she put that to rest when she looked down at him and giggled before winking and holding a finger over her mouth.

His feet were pushed once more into a steaming hot cavern, his arms roughly shoved in when he tried to fight. 

With her toy tucked in all the way, Alexia squeezed with her pussy. Her kegels were well developed. Specifically for this reason.

She only half noticed Amélia checking her phone as she squeezed. With each clench she knew she had to be hurting Marc terribly. Driving him toward his own death and her a level of orgasm that she’d never achieved anywhere else.

“Hey, no,” Amélia said as Alexia squeezed, “Daddy didn’t match with me at all! My date cancelled and I never saw the message!”

Amélia turned to her friend and held up her phone to show her. Alexia squeezed again.

Guess the game is up! Alexia thought.

Marc had no idea what was transpiring up above; he only knew it felt like he was being crushed by a python. If he could have seen himself he would have seen blood coming from his mouth.

“Oh no!” Alexia said, holding her hands against her face and hoping her friend bought her attempt at looking shocked, “I thought my app glitched earlier, but maybe your dad just wandered into the wrong room!”

Despite her fake surprise she squeezed her pussy tightly around him again. In her imagination she felt a rib cracking. 

“Well since he’s here…” she tried to say, trying to lead Amélia toward more tiny-crunching fun, “maybe we should-“

But Amélia wasn’t buying it, and her post-orgasm clarity made her think much faster than Alexia had hoped.

“No! Get him out! He’s got your settings and he’s not tough!”

Alexia had to bite back her shudder as her friend’s fingertips slipped inside of her and yanked out her toy. She wished she’d be putting him back, but there were other ways to have fun with a nearly-squashed tiny.

Marc shuddered with pain at the sudden movements, but for a moment he had a shred of hope: in the dimly lit room he could make out his daughter’s worried face even if her voice sounded too far away.

Then the light flashed on, and Amélia jumped in surprise, dropping him to the short carpet of the hotel room where he landed with a dull thud. It wasn’t the last straw for him but his body screamed in pain from everywhere. Distantly he saw another pair of legs, Alexia’s, approaching from where she’d turned on the light.

“No! He can’t be hurt like that!” Amélia said, kneeling to look at her dad. She knew what she’d seen, and right now he looked like he’d been in a car wreck.

Her pussy twitched despite everything.

“He can’t be-“

“Amé,” Alexia interrupted her, kneeling and putting a hand on her shoulder, “What all did you do to him?”

“I-I-I…everything!” she said, thinking about how wonderful using a tiny so thoroughly had been. “I thought he was tough, so I beat him up a little, and I was serious when I said everything but my – my—”

“Hey hey hey! It’s gonna be okay! Look, he’s just a tiny now and you know if he’d gone into my room like he was supposed to…”

Neither girl bothered finishing that thought. They both knew Alexia would have done much worse to him, and when Amélia found out the news would’ve been met with a shrug. Maybe a giggle. Tinies were used, abused, and ended every day.

They both watched as Marc tried to crawl away, dragging himself across the carpet toward the door. He had no hope of getting there. Even without intervention.

“We should put him out of his misery, don’t you think?” Alexia asked, hiding a grin well as she saw the anticipatory look on her friend’s face.

“How-how do we do it?” she asked. Amélia looked at her friend. “I never crushed one before. And if this was my dad I wanna do it right.”

Two minutes later they were both wearing the heels they’d laughed about, then brought just in case. Amélia because she thought that potentially stomping a super-tough tiny might be therapeutic, while Alexia liked to keep her tiny-ending options open.

Marc rolled onto his back when he felt the floor rumble. Even that act caused his chest to shudder with pain. He coughed and this time saw the red on his hand. Above him the two girls were looking down, completely naked and wearing only heels that he would have loved to see on almost any other woman.

“I want the left,” Amélia said, looking down at him in a way he didn’t like.

“Amé-“ he tried to say, but her foot came down on his arm. 

Gently at first, but the pressure grew and grew until there was no denying it: they were hearing tiny cracking bones. Amélia giggled when she saw the tiny try to pull free but then Alexia’s foot pinned down his other arm. In moments the bottom of their shoes were flat on the ground.

Marc tried to scream but it was impossible.

Both girls lifted their feet and looked down at his mangled arms. Amélia put her hands to her face but couldn’t hide her giggle. 

“I know, right?” Alexia said excitedly.

It was her foot next, smashing his right leg almost instantly. Faster than she wanted, really, but it was satisfying nonetheless. Amélia took his left leg, and in her inexperience it crunched almost instantly.

From above, what had been her father was now a quivering, suffering tiny. Both girls giggled as they watched him twitch.

“Yours,” Alexia said, nudging her friend.

“Ours,” she corrected.

The girls lifted their feet over Marc, pushing their soles together. Then descended in unison, crushing him flat. Her only regret was that she hadn’t done so slower; she knew she’d have to do this again and really take her time.

Just Try It by Thatgirlyouknow

“All I’m saying is we should try it!” Josh insisted to his wife, who rolled her eyes yet again.

They sat in the food court of their local mall, drinking overpriced coffee. It was a busy Saturday and Kay knew that while she had gone there for the shopping, Josh had gone there for the ogling. He still ogled her every chance he got and it was flattering. They’d been married for years and he still found her attractive. 

In her mid-twenties, the title of ‘MILF’ was still off the table, but Kay had short brunette hair, tanned well, and hiked enough that if she hadn’t been married she could have seduced anyone she wanted. Not to mention she’d left the double-D range behind in high school. Thanks to a strict gym regimen her breasts were still as perky as they had been at seventeen.

The Baywatch actresses would have been jealous.

Josh was in a similar manner; he’d slacked off on the weight lifting recently but he had short black hair, a strong chin, and great stamina. He was simply a more grownup version of the student female teachers lusted after in high school.

Together they both knew they could have pulled in a third for a threesome without too much effort. Especially on a busy day at the mall. Kays breasts alone could have done the job.

The problem was that while Josh was very interested in one, it wasn’t in the traditional sense. His idea of a threesome, or more-some, was involving Tiny Tinder and squeezing little bodies between them. Kay was still very satisfied with their sex life and even though she occasionally masturbated to videos of the little helpers, and little snacks, bringing one into their own bedroom just didn’t do much for her. 

Josh was also very interested in the younger women here. Kay knew he tried to be subtle to not hurt her feelings, but to be fair there was a lot of eye candy here. She was sure Josh had never cheated and she kept his balls empty just to cut back on the chances. He was loyal, but he was still a guy. 

But she was fairly sure he wouldn’t count a Tiny Tinder hookup as cheating, especially since he’d never discussed the app or its users as anything other than objects. Which was legally true but Kay wasn’t sure she was onboard with that line of thought.

“For the last time, no!” she said with a polite laugh.

It was easy to tell he was aroused just thinking about it. Kay knew she was probably going to have to spend half the ride back home with her head in his lap. The man was insatiable, and to be fair she wasn’t far behind.  Roadhead was really fun.

Her eyes followed his to a group of giggling women with bags that held the Tiny Tinder Store logo on them. It was obvious where they’d come from and she knew Josh was imagining one, or perhaps all, of them squirming in his pants right now.

“Hey!” she said, finishing her coffee, “Let’s head home.”

Kay made it obvious that she was staring at his crotch, and he swallowed the last of his own coffee and almost choked. He stood to go and there was the outline of his rod pushing against his jeans.

Knew it, she thought as she stood and grabbed her bags. Josh was a great guy and she loved him dearly. But lately she was wondering how far he might try to go with Tiny Tinder if she didn’t keep him satisfied. Truth be told the subject was really starting to grate on her.

She knew he didn’t consider shrunken people anything other than objects, so it wasn’t cheating to him. She also knew how upset he’d be if she cheated on him with someone else. He never realized that while his sexual fantasy was inch-tall sex toys, hers was inviting a random stranger to their house. The real reason she preferred sex with the lights off, or the various positions where she couldn’t see him, was to pretend she’d only met him half an hour ago at a bar.

We’ve all got our thing, Kay thought as Josh pulled out of their parking spot and headed toward home.

That evening, after some car foreplay and a creampie so deep she was sure she could taste it, Kay stood in the shower with trembling legs. When she came out, Josh had moved to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.

His phone was on the bed as she got dressed, and she ignored it while she picked out new underwear. She’d never actually been tempted to go through his phone; the odds that he were actually cheating were less than zero.

But her eyes flicked to it reflexively when it buzzed with a notification. From the Tiny Tinder app, reminding him to finish setting up his profile.

Kay’s eyes narrowed in annoyance. Then anger.

“Gonna do it anyways, huh?” she mumbled as she pulled on an oversized t-shirt. A bra would’ve held up her massive breasts better but she had a different idea for how tonight, or maybe the next day or two, should go. It would need him plenty distracted for the evening.

“We’ve all got our own thing,” she said, picking up her phone and downloading two apps for herself.

Josh didn’t notice she spent a little more time on her phone than usual that evening. He was busy mowing, then enjoying a drink on the patio.

Kay was busy creating profiles while he was outside.

“It is way too easy to catfish someone on here,” she mumbled as she set up a profile where she pretended to be a teenage girl. “Just graduated high school, really want a dad-bod guy to play with…”

It was very easy to download some pictures from the internet that supported her new, fake, profile on Tiny Tinder.

She used her actual picture on the second app she’d downloaded, ‘Stuffer.’ 


Over the next several days, Kay explored a side of herself that she’d never truly acted on.

On Stuffer, she found herself swiping right on all sorts of men who looked like they’d be a good…fit… for what she was planning. Many were great to flirt with, but only one actually stood out as someone she would have over.

On Tiny Tinder, her fake profile was receiving a stunning amount of messages. It turned out there were very few people who didn’t want to get inside a blonde teenager. Almost all of the messages went unanswered and unread, though she did poke at a few of them. They seemed fun but she knew exactly who she was looking for.

She perused through what seemed like hundreds of profiles, and thousands of pictures while she worked and hit the gym, at the grocery store, and while stuck in traffic. By far the most common picture was an angle of someone looking ‘up’ at a cock, and this got old fast. Others were more original, such as a little man next to a piece of broccoli or balanced carefully on a tongue.

But finally she found what she was looking for: a slightly awkward selfie of Josh, naked and barely not showing his face.

“And we’ve already matched?” she said with fake anger, “You son of a-“

The truth was she’d casually checked his phone several times over the past few days, and knew he was being active on Tiny Tinder. It did make her mad, but she knew he was mostly trying to line up tinies to sneakily shove up her snatch before they did it. So it was technically a little different than outright cheating. More like a surprise threesome. 

But since they’d talked about it, and she’d shot it down? And he went ahead anyway?

She could be a little mad. And maybe a little catfish-y.

So she sent him a message.

His profile made it clear he was really looking for a tiny or three to share in a little fun with his wife, as an ‘unaware’ fantasy. 

But the last line is what truly pushed her past ‘annoyed wife,’ and into vengeance mode.

“Open to being the tiny too, huh?” she muttered as she planned out what she would say to him.

As a teenage girl, of course.


The following day Kay went to the mall. Josh was already there, hoping to meet a young girl by the name of Katie. 

R u here? she messaged him, hating trying to talk like a teenager.

Yeah, by the coffee place in the food court!

“At least he doesn’t text like a moron,” she said as she watched him, carefully hidden by a tall plastic plant on the far side of the area.

He looked nervous, and a tad regretful. But his erection was easily visible as well even from across the large room. Kay felt no pity for her husband and decided to close the snare.

Im in the RR, she typed back, thinking about the long hallway to the restrooms that was almost always deserted, Go in the fam RR and Ill meet u there. 

She wasn’t surprised at all when he nervously got up and headed toward the restrooms.

Nor was she surprised when he didn’t even bother looking around before ducking into the family restroom.

He accepted her shrink request without even laying eyes on her in real life, which annoyed her but again. She knew how he was, and the idea that he was being catfished had probably never occurred to him. Josh usually thought with his penis. 

Her heart thumped in her chest, partly from nervous excitement, but mostly from anger. She’d told him no, and he’d gone ahead anyway. With some teenage tramp!

And not even to get a tiny, but to be one! she thought, stoking her own anger purposefully.

“Well you’ve got your fantasy, and I’ve got mine,” Kay said aloud as she opened the door to the family restroom.

Josh was still swimming in a pile of clothes and Kay couldn’t help but giggle as she watched. In real life he was a strong man, but in his own fantasy he could be overpowered by a t-shirt.

Before he could get himself free, Kay lifted her phone and looked at the options she had available. She ignored the Stuffer app for now, though she had several messages to respond to. 

In the case of Tiny Tinder, the internet had steered her correctly: just as Josh was about to get free at four-inches tall, she slid her thumb across the app’s screen and watched his bump in the shirt decrease to a quarter-inch. Kay was only half certain of what she was doing right now, but she did know for certain what he’d been discussing with her high-school girl alter ego.

Despite shrinking down even smaller Josh made his way through the neck hole of his shirt just as Kay was kneeling down. He squeaked in surprise when he saw who was in there with him.

“Kay!” Josh yelled, knowing exactly what she had to be thinking, “This isn’t what it looks like!”

His voice was faint but audible to her sharp ears. And perhaps more importantly, she could guess what he was saying after being together for so long.

“Oh I know,” she replied sweetly as she opened an empty mint container and held it down near him to climb into, “Because it looks like you thought you were hooking up with a little blonde girl, right?”

Josh could only stutter in response, and though Kay could barely hear him she knew what he’d be trying to say.

“Oh I’m sure it doesn’t count like that too, sweetie, but I’m also sure you won’t be spelunking any time soon too.”

“You!” he yelled upward, anger and surprise overwhelming survival instinct, “You were Amanda the whole time?!”

Kay didn’t bother to reply and was tired of waiting for him to move on his own. Without a second thought she nudged him with her finger and knocked him forward until he rammed into the side of the container. Josh got the hint and dodged her finger when she threatened to do it again. He climbed over the edge of the lid and dropped inside.

Then she stood up and he screamed at the sudden motion. The clear sides of the container did nothing to make him feel protected from a fall and the scent of oranges was overwhelming.

This was not what he was supposed to be pushed into.

“You’ve got your fantasy, baby,” she said with a smile that did nothing to conceal her anger, “I’ve got mine.”

She held up her phone, showing him the list of message requests she had on ‘Stuffer.’ Josh couldn’t tell what had hurt more: being rattled around the plastic container or seeing that his wife had been sexting with random guys. Sure, he’d been doing essentially the same thing, but it didn’t count!

“No! I’m an object at the moment, it doesn’t count!” he tried to tell her through the clear plastic, “It’s not the same I wasn’t cheating!”

Kay couldn’t hear him but could guess what he was saying. She didn’t bother giving him any more of her words: dozens of conversations about Tiny Tinder had been ignored so she could ignore him too.

“Save your energy,” she told him as she put the container back into her purse, “You get your tiny fantasy, I get my stranger fantasy.”


Hours later Josh was finally pulled back out of Kay’s purse. The sudden light blinded him, and when added to the container being dropped rudely with a sudden stop Josh couldn’t help but yell out. His eyes seemed to take forever to adjust, but when they finally did he saw his prison had been dropped onto a massive coffee table.

And not the coffee table in his living room.

“Hey!” he yelled as he pushed against his prison walls, finally able to see what should be an easy lid for him to open, “What the hell, Kay!”

Josh was annoyed he hadn’t been able to free himself in the darkness of her purse but now that he had light he was able to wedge his hands into the lid and pop it open easily. Actually getting out required laying on his back and sliding out but that was a small inconvenience after everything else.

Standing and taking in his surroundings, Josh’s heart fell from angry to terrified.

“No wait Kay!” he yelled upward, not able to see his wife as he spun in place.

This was obviously not their house. It was a small apartment with plain, undecorated walls. The television was half the size of his and the couch had clearly been salvaged from a dump. Plus he could see an empty beer can from a brand he wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

And if it wasn’t their house that meant…

Kay suddenly came into view from what must have been the kitchen; in her hand was a can of the flavored seltzer that she favored recently. On her face was an excited smile and he could tell that while he’d been stuck in her purse she’d been drinking. 

And so had the guy behind her.

Kay was very top heavy and her breasts were what had drawn Josh to her in the first place. He wasn’t sure what sizes were beyond ‘D’ or what forces kept gravity from affecting them, but he was thankful every day that he got to see them. He’d spent a lot of time worshiping Kay’s attributes.

Those breasts were currently out and exposed to the world, along with her flat tummy. Only yoga pants gave her any semblance of decency around a man she wasn’t married to and Josh had a terrible feeling those would be gone soon too. He knew how she got when she drank. And add in the fact she was mad at him…

“Oh, you got out of the thingy!” she said with a laugh, pointing down at him.

Her companion, standing beside her, only half paid attention to the inch-tall man on his coffee table. He was just as fascinated by Kay’s breasts as Josh had been on first sight.

The man was taller than Kay and well-muscled, with a tan that suggested construction work. A heavy five o’clock shadow was on his chin and Josh knew how much Kay loved scruff. With his short dark hair, Josh could at least pretend the guy looked a little like him. 

“I kinda thought you would,” she stage whispered, sitting down on the couch.

“Kay what-“ Josh started to yell, but the larger man cut him off without even realizing it.

“You need another drink babe?” he asked, and Kay shook her head and wiggled the can she was holding.

“I’m good, but you look hoooot,” she said, exaggerating the word and running her hand down the front of the man’s shirt. She was feeling his abs that she hoped looked just as good in person as they had on her phone. “And I’m overdressed.”

The man, Sean, got the hint immediately. He peeled his shirt off to an appreciative audience and tossed it behind the couch where Kay had tossed her shirt earlier.

“Kay no-!”

“So this is your hall-pass kinda thing?” he asked Kay, reaching out and caressing her breasts.

Josh’s protests went unheard.

“Oh yeah,” she said, taking his hand and showing him how she liked the nipple play. She sat her drink down on the coffee table not far from Josh. “Except it’s more a hall pass for me and a prison sentence for him.”

Sean looked puzzled for a moment and Kay saved him the awkwardness of trying to find a reply to that.

“Don’t think,” Kay told him, “Just play.”

Sean took the hint.

Josh watched in horror as the man unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down around his ankles. Kay gasped in hopefully fake surprise when she saw his cock; Josh was sure he wasn’t actually larger than he was. Normally, that is. At his current size it seemed about as big as a train.

“Ooooh!” she said, reaching out to grab the massive rod, “Now that’s what a real man looks like!”

Her eyes flickered to where Josh stood and he knew she was talking about him. Somehow he felt, impossibly, even worse about the situation.

Kay felt like she was almost vibrating from the excitement of finally playing out her fantasy. She’d masturbated for years about playing with a random guy but had never actually felt tempted to do it. Now that she had him here, and had Josh shrunken on the table to keep her angry at him, she was more excited than she could ever remember.

Without a second thought she leaned forward and licked Sean’s cockhead. It tasted perfect.

She leaned in again and took the head between her lips. He groaned in pleasure while she pushed her head up and down, running her tongue along his underside until she felt him push against the back of her throat. Kay pulled back for a moment and took a deep breath. On her next plunge she felt his head pushing again, and she wrapped her hands around his backside to try and pull herself harder onto him.

Sean was in heaven as Kay tried to deepthroat him. But after several unsuccessful attempts she pulled back and gasped for air.

“Damnit!” she said as she wiped her lips.

Sean kicked his pants off the rest of the way while Kay turned to look at Josh.

“I never have this problem with you, honey,” she told him, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

She was right, but he told himself it had nothing to do with size. His wife was just so used to his exact cock that she’d perfected her technique on him.


“Maybe it’s just a motivation problem?” Sean asked, and Kay looked up at him ready to be angry.

But when he leaned over and picked up Josh’s quarter-inch tall form her annoyed face was replaced with curiosity.

“I think you just need to give your little guy a kiss,” he continued as he held Josh over his cock.

“Let me go you son of a –“

Josh was dropped unceremoniously onto the man’s massive cock. Despite himself he found he was clinging to it to avoid falling to the ground. It was more difficult than it seemed; he’d landed where Kay had been able to engulf already and her saliva made it slippery. Not to mention every racing heartbeat made the entire surface jump. Imperceptible to the average person, but at Josh’s size it felt like trying to stand during an earthquake.

“Oooh! Now that’s a fun idea!” 

Josh knew his wife’s excited tone. He looked backward toward Sean’s cockhead and was horrified at how massive Kay’s face was. And how big her smile. 

She opened her lips and Josh couldn’t stop himself from screaming as her maw approached.

Massive lips engulfed Sean’s cockhead, far too close to Josh, especially since he knew what she was going to try. Josh scrambled away from her lips as she pushed forward. They dragged perfectly across the cock and while Josh knew how good it felt, he knew if they got to him things were going to get even worse. Not to mention it was simply flat-out terrifying.

He scrambled backward as his wife’s mouth approached. She went cross-eyed for a moment trying to watch him, and Josh knew she was smiling. When she pulled back there was a giggle that shook his entire body, then she engulfed more of Sean once more.

Josh crawled away and did his best to not fall from her still-slick spit. He breathed a sigh of relief when he got to Sean’s massive cock vein, which was chest-tall to him but miraculously dry. Which meant Kay couldn’t take that much of –

Something massive and soft hit Josh in the back, making him scream again. It threw him forward onto trimmed-short pubes that he grabbed onto for dear life, and when he turned around he almost had a heart attack.

Kay would have groaned with satisfaction if the cock in her throat had allowed her. She felt Josh’s little body hit her lips for a moment and her pussy leapt in excitement. She was ready to orgasm and she hadn’t even been touched!

Unfortunately, she could tell no matter how hard she pushed she wasn’t going to get her nose to touch Sean’s abdomen.

With a gasp she pulled back, loving Sean’s disappointed noise.

As she caught her breath he told her, “No one’s never done that before!”

“I believe it!” she said with her throat a little sore. She could have spent a lot more time doing that, he was a challenge even though Josh’s cock was probably a little longer. Sean curved upward a little in a way that Josh’s didn’t.

“Now sit down,” Kay commanded, and Sean did so immediately.

She plucked Josh from his pubic hair safety net and knelt in front of Sean.

“Here’s another new one for you!” she said with a giggle. To Josh she said: “Enjoy the ride, little man.”

Josh was deposited onto her right breast, with plenty of room to spare. He knew what she was going to do as soon as she knelt in front of Sean and positioned her massive breasts around his rod. Sean spread his legs to make it easier for her.

“You are by far the-“

Kay leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Her chin knocked Josh down but he was so small there was no danger of him falling from her prodigious breasts.

He fell again when she pushed her breasts tightly together around Sean’s cock.

“Kay!” Josh tried to yell as he stayed on all fours to avoid being thrown off, “How could-“

She ignored him as she started lifting her breasts up and down around Sean’s rod. On each up pull the man she’d only started talking to yesterday would groan and she felt herself almost vibrating below from the entire situation. When she pushed down she couldn’t see his face but loved how he devolved into noises of pure pleasure as she licked his cockhead when it appeared.

Josh loved this normally. And she knew he loved it much less now that she was doing it for some other guy.

“This is-“ slurp, “So much more-“ lick, “Fun with a real man!” she said as she worked, making sure she aimed her voice at her tiny husband.

Kay continued with her tit-job for several minutes, loving Sean’s groans, but when she began to taste more and more precum leaking from him she knew it was time to move on.

“Hey!” he complained gently as she leaned back from his cock, leaving him in the cold.

She slapped his hand away, not as gently, when he went to stroke himself.

“Cool off for a second,” Kay told him as she stood up, “I don’t want you blasting off before I can.”

“Okay, okay!” Sean responded, more than content to let her control the show.

Kay motioned for him to close his legs together, and when he did so she climbed on the couch as well to straddle him. She didn’t grab his cock the way Sean wanted her to, but he wasn’t fool enough to ignore the massive breast she offered him while her hand moved south. He knew he’d been having all the fun.

So while he alternated between her right and left tit he could feel her hand fingering herself wildly. She’d been right about him being almost ready to explode; he was so sensitive for the first minute or so the mere air from her hand movement almost set him off. He was content for the moment to nurse at her massive tits.

It helped that he could see her tiny…ex? Husband? Boyfriend? Cuck?...the entire time. He was royally pissed but Sean didn’t care at all. Since tonight’s hot set of holes didn’t want the tiny to be a big focus for Sean he was fine with just ignoring him.

As the thought passed through his head, he realized Kay’s moans were becoming more frantic. She suddenly grabbed his head and pushed him against her breast as she came. It was a small and fast orgasm, but Kay knew her body. Now that she was warmed up a cock the size of Sean’s would keep her going nicely.

Sean took a deep breath when she let go of his head and didn’t miss her change in position. The hand that had been frigging her clit wrapped around his cock and aimed it upward. He felt himself touch incredibly hot and wet flesh.

She sank down, wrapping his cock in her boiling soft embrace.

“Shit,” they both mumbled at the same time as she sat all the way down. 

Kay felt his cock slide inside inch by inch and was unable to stop from moaning. Her previous orgasm had really been a warmup; she had a second small one just by feeling a cock that wasn’t Josh’s inside her. She didn’t come as hard as other girls did, but she certainly came more often.

Josh yelled in frustration. From his point of view he couldn’t see anything, but he wasn’t a moron. He knew those sounds.

Then he was too busy holding on to stay angry, only panicked.

Each time she bounced, her breasts followed and flew a little higher, meaning if he didn’t cling desperately to her skin he’d be thrown off. At full size it was mesmerizing, at a quarter-inch tall it was horrifying. Not to mention a different guy’s face was less than a foot from him and fucking his wife while he tried not to die. 

“This is how a real man feels!” Kay said as she came a third time, looking down at Josh’s struggling little form. She had to drive it home for him that he’d royally screwed up. “I haven’t been stretched this way in-“

She squealed as Sean leaned forward to gently bite a nipple.

“so loooong!” 

Josh heard her cum for a fourth time, and while she was multi-orgasmic it had been a long time since he’d managed to make her cum even twice. The knowledge hurt almost as much as he knew the fall to the floor would if he didn’t concentrate.

Kay’s legs were shaking and she knew she had to get off Sean before she started cramping up. Plus she could see his face: he was concentrating hard not to shoot inside of her. She hadn’t even thought about a condom.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” he told her as she slowed her bouncing. Kay’s entire body was shaking which had an amazing effect on his own cock. “Where do you want me to-

Kay pulled off and he groaned as she did. As much as she wanted to feel someone other than her husband squirt inside of her, she knew she really had to double down on teaching Josh a lesson.

So she leaned her head down just enough to lick the top of her breasts. A little scream was audible as she slurped Josh into her mouth.

“Imnm here,” she said as she knelt down in front of her lover, pointing to her mouth.

Kay giggled as she felt Josh’s little body squirm against her tongue, and when Sean began to stroke himself she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his cockhead again. He was long enough that he could stroke most of his length and she still had enough room to run her tongue anywhere she could. Her taste mixed with his precum was intoxicating.

Josh screamed as he was thrown around his wife’s mouth. Every movement of her tongue threw him from side to side and he sputtered as he tasted everything she did. Unlike her he wasn’t enjoying her earnings. And he was truly terrified of what came next.

“I’m gonna cum!” Sean warned Kay as she began gently fondling his balls as well. It was all too much for him.

“Show me how a real man tastes!” she said, leaning back and opening her mouth wide. 

Now without her lips and tongue working his head he could stroke his full length. Her tongue came out while she smiled up at him and Sean saw the little man sitting on it. The little guy was waving furiously up at him, probably trying to yell but unable to be heard above the sound of Sean stroking himself. Certainly not above Kay’s inviting ‘aaaah!’ sounds.

He wants me to stop! Sean thought initially, knowing there was no holding back now. But then a second thought occurred. He’s telling me where to aim! Yeah, that’s it.

“No! Don’t wait I-“ Josh screamed as his wife’s hot breath rolled over him. He waved his arms furiously to get his attention and he knew he had; the man’s eyes narrowed in on him for sure.

Then he saw how the man aimed his cock a little more directly at him.

Sean groaned as he came, his first shot landing square on the little man. Kay’s smile grew as he stroked, and she brought her mouth closer to make sure she didn’t miss a drop. Shots two and three went straight into her mouth as well, then she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his cockhead again. Sean didn’t see how much more went straight into her greedy mouth but by the time he was done cumming he felt like he hadn’t cum that hard in years.

When she felt he was done shooting, Kay leaned back and opened her mouth wide to show Sean her tongue.

“Ooo asste ‘ood!” she said, genuinely enjoying the taste of his sperm. In the heat of the moment she’d forgotten about her quarter-inch tall husband who was now covered in spunk.

Which was probably why Sean’s load felt so thick as it went down her throat. Kay swallowed twice, then a third time to get the heavy load down. 

“I haven’t swallowed a load like that since college!” she said with a laugh.

Standing, she turned and sat down on the couch next to a smiling Sean and took a sip of her hard seltzer. The fizziness felt extra potent when it hit her stomach. Sighing, she took another drink as her heart rate settled and licked her lips to get anything she missed.

Her stomach continued doing flips and she wondered if she had drank too much before they got started. Then she sat the idea aside as she looked back down at Sean’s cock.

“That was really fucking hot,” Sean told her, watching her breasts heave. Despite having just came he was still half-hard and he knew if she was up for a round two he certainly was.

But first. He had to know.

“So, uh, was that little guy toughened?”

Kay’s eyes widened in surprise as she suddenly realized what she’d done. She felt her stomach tickle strangely again.


Mark's Match by Thatgirlyouknow

Mark groaned in frustration as he looked down at his phone. 

“Shot down. Again.”

He tossed the phone to his side on the bed, then lay back on his comforter with his hands on his forehead.

“Why the heck did we move way out where there’s only a hundred people and ten thousand cows?”

This was an exaggeration for sure, but for Mark it didn’t feel like one. He and his family had moved to Bran’s Circle from New York City several months ago and he had yet to adapt. Compared to that massive city, a town of twenty-thousand was nothing. It didn’t help that their move had come shortly after Mark had discovered just how fun Tiny Tinder could be.

He’d been introduced to all sorts of things he’d never dreamed of, but one experience stood out more than anything to him. A woman had, sort of, catfished him on what exactly they had planned to do. Initially Mark had hated just how objectified he’d become, legality be damned. But then as the woman had went about her day wearing him and ignoring him he’d realized just how amazing the experience actually was.

Mark had been able to replicate that only once more before his family had moved away from the big city.

Where barely anyone even used Tiny Tinder. 

And the few who did were only interested in shrinking themselves. He’d even met up with two women, reasonably attractive, who rolled their eyes when he brought up what he was hoping to get out of their experience. That didn’t stop them from letting him pay for dinner though.

“What is wrong with you people?” he asked his empty room, “What’s a guy gotta do to get shoved up an ass around here?”

He picked up his phone again and reviewed his profile. He had a good shirtless picture, his black hair looked nice, and there was no reason he wouldn’t be getting more matches. Except for living in a ‘small’ town. 

Mark flipped back to see if there were any new profiles.

“Nothing. Screw this place.”

Resigned to another day of normal-sized boring, he got dressed for work.

“At least I make good money.”

Truth be told, he made excellent money for a guy straight out of high school. He was now sharing an apartment with his sister, since neither of them were truly that motivated to move away from their parents, and the arrangement was working great. When he worked up the courage to move back to New York on his own he’d have plenty of cash saved.

And so life went. Mark worked long days Monday through Thursday, he saved surprising amounts of money, and continually grew hornier and hornier, and more and more frustrated as both Tiny Tinder and the regular dating scene both failed to produce. Pretty soon he was only looking through the apps to see if they were working at all. 

Until one day, as he thumbed through the handful of new profiles, he had an idea.

“Hey Kelly,” he said one morning as he toasted a bagel, “Ever heard of Tiny Tinder?”

Kelly looked up from her grapefruit. They had matching brown eyes, jet black hair, and both tanned well. The resemblance was obvious in the face, but where Mark was heavier set and shorter, Kelly was tall and lean. And Mark didn’t mind admitting his sister was stacked in all the right places. Sure, she was still his sister. But it was nice to have her around the apartment a lot of the time.

“Who hasn’t, dweeb?” she asked back.

He bit back his own retort.

“So you know this town is kinda dead about it, right?”

“Wouldn’t know,” she said as she ate, “I’m not on it. I like my dick full-sized.”

Kelly may have said it in a dismissive tone, but she didn’t miss Mark’s reaction. He was easy to read, even for people who had just met him. 

With a sigh she reached for her coffee.

“What do you want?” she asked in a bored tone. 

“I uh, well-“ 

Now that the moment had come to ask, Mark found he couldn’t. It was a lot easier to talk about this stuff with a random chick.

“Spit it out, shorty!”

“Fine! I don’t mind living here but there’s no prospects on Tiny Tinder at all and I was wondering ifmaybeyou…” 

Mark’s voice trailed off nervously. Now that he was asking, his idea seemed really dumb.

“Speak up!” she told him, half certain she knew at least part of what he was going to say. “You want me to what now?”

Mark swallowed his nervousness.

“My last hook up on there was amazing-“ Kelly fake gagged in disgust, “-and I’ve been going nuts thinking about and now it’s all I can think about!”

He turned and sat his coffee cup on their small kitchen table.

“No one around here on Tiny Tinder wants to do this with me at all and I, well, I was really hoping you’d be down for something.”

Kelly just looked at him expectantly. When he didn’t elaborate she waved her hands to make him keep going.

“Exactly what freaky tiny play are you into?” 

He turned red but forced himself to keep going.

“Okay, so I want to be used. This woman, she made me worship her but, like, she actually disregarded me most of the time and actually walked around with me in her ass for a while. I hated it at first but now…it’s all I can think about. Especially the way she acted like I deserved to be there, or wasn’t even worth her paying attention to sometimes.”

Kelly took a sip of her coffee, enjoying how uncomfortable her brother was at telling her that. 

“So basically you want me to make you a tiny toy but not always pay attention to you? Extended anal vore and worshiping? My own brother?”

Mark nodded, more than a little surprised that she knew what those terms were.

“Well when a person is tiny, technically they-“

Kelly interrupted him. 

“Yeah yeah, I know, I’ve used it a few times. That wouldn’t be a hangup for me.”

She stood and took the remains of her breakfast to the sink and trash can.

“But no,” Kelly said when she was closer, “When I have a tiny toy I want it to be a lot more involved than what you’re hoping for.”

Mark’s heart fell as she left the kitchen.

“Damnit,” he said aloud as he drank his coffee and thought about what to do next. He thumbed through more Tiny Tinder profiles but had a strong feeling no one new in their area would be interested in what he was after. But Mark did know how to deal with his sister.

“Gonna have to sweeten the pot.”

Later that afternoon Mark happened to casually mention over dinner that he might be interested in building a new gaming computer. His current one was already cutting-edge and years ahead of Kelly’s which could barely run The Old Writings Six.

“I’d be willing to give you my other computer,” he said with a hinting tone, “If…”

“No,” Kelly said back, “I’m not playing Tiny Tinder with you for a better computer.”

The following morning, Wednesday, Mark dropped a hint that one of his friends had tickets to see Kelly’s favorite band. The problem was the friend wasn’t really interested in the band but ended up giving them to Mark, who-

“Mark, cut it out!” Kelly said in an exasperated tone as she grabbed her purse to leave for work, “I like tiny toys for condoms and vibrators, not worship and trapping!”

Wednesday afternoon Mark tried to change Kelly’s mind by dangling his car keys, the new model Takuro Spirit, in front of her face.

“Maybe a weekend spin in the Spirit? Head down to the beach with your friends?”

“No. Spelunking.” She emphasized.

Thursday Mark decided to up the ante entirely. 

“If simple item bribery isn’t gonna do it…”

Setting around the dinner table, Mark set his mind on his last-ditch effort.

“One quarter my paycheck,” he said as he bit into a banana.

Kelly paused as she peeled her own.

“Between your own check and a quarter of mine you’ll be able to travel as much as you want and-“

“Half,” she said, looking him in the eyes. “You’re gonna bug me about this forever, and if you really want it to happen, I want half of what you make on your regular weekday gigs.”

Mark didn’t hesitate before reaching out to shake her hand. She rolled her eyes but shook it gently.

“So when do we-“

“Tomorrow morning,” she interrupted as she bit into her banana, “After you MoVen me the dough.”

Mark was so excited he almost missed his bus to work.


Friday morning, Mark was up early. His paycheck always appeared promptly at midnight, and by six o’clock he’d sent half of it his sister’s way. It was all he could do to keep his nervous pacing limited to the kitchen and his bedroom. 

He even sent the Tiny Tinder request, complete with the exact settings that he knew they wanted, to her before she even woke up.

So when she stumbled into the kitchen at seven wearing an old pair of sweatpants and a gray tank top he almost spilled his coffee from excitedness.

“Hey did you see-“

“Yes, geeeez I did,” she cut him off as she blearily reached for coffee. Kelly sat her phone on the countertop next to her, where Mark could see she had the Tiny Tinder app loaded up, “And I got the email about the money, so yay.”

Her lack of enthusiasm threw Mark a little, but he was determined to not let it ruin this experience. In fact, he realized, in a way a lack of interest in him was sort of what he was after.

Mark tried not to think too hard about it. 

Kelly, meanwhile, was playing it up just a little bit. She wasn’t that interested in Mark’s Tiny Tinder hopes, it was true, but he’d just sent her a lot of money. A lot of good shopping, partying, and having a blast money. She’d also read up on some of what she thought Mark was into.

If he wants to be a ridealong, have at it, she thought as she poured her first cup of coffee of the day.

Then, ignoring him almost entirely, she tapped on the Tiny Tinder app on her phone. 

Just as always when she used the app, there was a soft ‘flumph’ of clothes hitting the ground behind her, along with the sound of a dropped coffee mug. Thankfully empty. 

She sipped her own coffee and said to the seemingly empty room: “If you’re not riding my foot on the way out of here, you’re spending the weekend in the freezer.”

Kelly mixed in creamer and sugar until there was barely any coffee left, and just as she nodded in satisfaction she felt something tiny climb onto her right foot.

“Good choice,” she said as she turned to go get ready for work.

At first Mark was angered by his sudden shrinking. He hit the floor in a pile of clothes and crawled his way out. From the relative size of the coffee mug next to him he was perhaps two inches tall.

“Man what a jerk!” he said as he took in his new surroundings. As always the world becoming massive stunned him. “Does she even-“

Mark paused, then smiled. She didn’t care if he was enjoying himself.

“-weekend in the freezer,” he heard Kelly say.

Mark sprinted toward her voice, around the small kitchen island, and saw her massive feet not far away. Looking upward as he ran he wished she was wearing something more revealing than sweatpants, even though she was his sister. Now that he was tiny, those concerns no longer mattered.

He leapt onto her foot and held onto the sweatpants material when she suddenly shifted. The movement made his stomach leap and he realized she was walking back to her room. The hallway walls flew by with each stride and just as his grip was about to fail they entered Kelly’s room.

Kelly sat down in her computer chair and pulled over her makeup kit to get ready for work. Then she paused and looked downward at Mark, pale and clinging to her pantleg.

“I didn’t shrink you to give you climbing practice,” she told him with a dismissive tone, “Get to work on my feet!”

This time Mark didn’t hesitate. He dropped onto the carpet and walked toward her toes. It being the first thing in the morning they weren’t yet dirty or sweaty but he knew it was only a matter of time. The thought of doing this at full size made him curl his lip in distaste. His cock hardened immediately. 

He set about his task, massaging each toe and making sure to get the spaces between. Each toe was the size of a large coffee table and it took some serious effort. Digging deep to find the strength he did his best to-

Kelly sighed as she applied her eyeliner. Mark was doing his best but he was simply too small. 

“Useless,” she muttered.

Mark yelled in surprise as her toes shifted suddenly and wrapped around his body. They squeezed almost painfully and slammed him down onto the carpet. Once there, Kelly began to grind her toes against him, using him as a roller ball. She shifted him under her foot and pressed the flat of her foot downward.

“Better,” she said as she moved onto her lipstick.

Just when Mark was sure carpet burn and being smashed would drive him insane, Kelly let up. He rolled onto his back in time to see her scoot backward in her chair and stand. With a few massive steps she crossed her room and dropped her pants to start changing into work clothes.

He climbed to his knees and watched in awe. She wore simple black underwear that vanished and was replaced with a pink thong. A red sports bra joined to match before she covered it all up with a simple blouse and respectful short skirt. Just as Mark was standing she turned and walked back toward the desk.

“Come here,” she told him, and Mark obeyed. Kelly reached down and picked him up. Roughly to him, simply uncaring to her.

Mark was dropped onto her table next to a pair of earrings. For the next several minutes he waited patiently, expectantly, only to be ignored. Just as he was about to voice an objection her hand wrapped around him again.

His heart leapt when his view went from above the table, to below it, then down past her waistline.

“Be a good boy and maybe you’ll get something nice later,” Kelly told him just as he passed the bottom of her skirt.

And kept descending past her knees.

“Wait, what?” he tried to yell just as she dropped him into her pink and fuzzy boots.

Kelly didn’t bother looking at Mark as she slipped her foot into the boot. Her toes immediately covered him again and she gave him a good hard squeeze in case he didn’t get the message.

“This isn’t what I was think-ach!” Mark yelled against her squeezing toes. 

Dutifully he started massaging, thankful he was super-toughened. Every step she took he swore was going to crush him under her titanic weight.

By the time Kelly was on the bus to work she’d perfected the art of rolling her foot-toy around under each toe so he could give it attention. By lunchtime she was only giving him occasional squeeze-reminders to stay hard at work, and if she’d been bothering to keep track she’d have known he was as attentive as any two-inch tall man could possibly be. Despite all this, by the time she was clocking out Friday afternoon she’d forgotten he was there.

Until she started trying to plan her weekend with her friends, that is.

Damnit, I better keep my word to the little jerk or there goes all that money.

The thought of him riding along in her colon didn’t bother her too much in general, but the idea of giving her brother what he wanted, even if he paid for it, did annoy her. Call it general sibling annoyance. 

So to at least keep him in the dark and confused, she left him in her fuzzy boot while she got ready to go cruise the bars with her friends. The town nightlife itself was never particularly exciting but it was always fun to let loose, especially now that her budget for alcohol had gone up astronomically.

When Kelly had her outfit picked out and ready she finally picked up her boot from where she’d left it. A thud from within told her that Mark had been trying to climb out. She didn’t bother addressing that, or whatever he was trying to say to her, as she dumped him out into the bathroom sink. Nor did she care that he apparently didn’t like being doused with the hottest water their apartment could provide.

She scrubbed him with soap, rinsed, then let him steam in the sink while she applied her makeup.

Mark laid in the sink, trying to sort himself out as he cooled off. The water had felt like it would boil him alive, but of course he was far too tough for that to happen. After the initial panic he’d realized she wasn’t trying to murder him, she was just cleaning her toy after a day under her toes. He was so erect it was almost painful.

Above him she was dressed in a tight t-shirt that showed off her cleavage and Mark knew that she was probably planning on hitting the bars. 

Since she always takes forever to get ready…Mark thought to himself, he reached down and grasped his member, fully intending on masturbating since he finally wasn’t being crushed. It wasn’t the fantasy he was hoping she’d put him through, but to be fair that was also part of the fantasy.

Just as he grasped his member he heard an annoyed grunt from above him. He looked back up and saw Kelly looking down at him.

“Ugh, you better control yourself when you’re in me,” she told him sternly. “No cumming.”

Mark started to reply that he was already about to explode from the day’s events, but her fingers grasped him around the midsection and squeezed the air from his lungs. He was briefly upside down, but got enough of a view of her pink miniskirt and one foot on the toilet seat to realize what was happening.

“Finally!” he gasped out as Kelly’s toned backside came into view.

Kelly gasped, quietly, as she felt Mark’s head contact her sphincter. It sent a shock of pleasure through her entire body that she didn’t want to acknowledge.

It’s just for the money, she told herself as she willed her backdoor to relax. I barely even like anal, she tried to convince herself.

Mark felt her clench around his head and willed himself to hold still. He was so excited he could barely contain himself. The muscle twitched, then relaxed, and he felt himself be shoved further up and in. When his shoulders and arms were all the way in Kelly’s fingers retreated. Then he felt one return to push firmly on his own backside until he slipped far enough into her that he only had a brief flash of light before her sphincter closed entirely, encasing him completely in her rectum.

“Yes!” he yelled out, reliving the excitement he hadn’t experienced in months. “Now I can-“

Three taps sounded through Kelly’s body, her tapping on her mons to get his attention.

“No beating it you little creep!” Kelly said, looking downward as she fixed her skirt and tapped her abdomen again.

She felt him shift around and suppressed the urge to smile. Just because she loved having other guys back there didn’t mean she was enjoying her brother’s presence.

Mark did his best to make his sister…his owner…feel good. It took all of his willpower to not masturbate furiously in the darkness of her backdoor, but it was much easier to roll, push, and play with her sphincter from the inside. Mostly helped by every single movement she made.

He had no idea what she was doing, but it became obvious when he began hearing a different pulsing through her skin and her movements doubled, then tripled in intensity.

Kelly had half-forgotten about her backdoor toy when she met her friends at the bar, and four drinks in it was all forgotten. She registered the fun bouncing and rattling in her colon with a giggle, and didn’t think any further of it. Even when her friends asked about her brother’s business Kelly didn’t think for a moment about how he was currently having the time of his life playing in her rectum.

Half an hour after last call Kelly exited the cab, still thoroughly drunk and stumbling, and disappointingly alone.

“Good times,” she said to herself as she stumbled into her bedroom and threw herself onto the bed without bothering to get undressed.

“Uh, sis?” Mark asked the darkness when he recovered from the latest shake that threw him around like a rock in a soda can. His call went unanswered as her heart rate slowed in the distance.

The following morning Kelly didn’t even notice the apartment was quieter than usual. She just sat on the couch wearing last night’s skirt and top, nursing a cup of coffee and a bagel. Her tummy rolled strangely, and she realized that Mark had left his phone in the kitchen. Along with a pile of clothes.

“Oh. Right.”

She slid forward on the couch until she was barely crouched off of it, exposing her backdoor.

“Hey!” she yelled, tapping her navel several times. She was rewarded with increased movement. “Stick your hand through and I’ll pull you out!”

For a moment she didn’t think he would comply, but then she felt a strange pressure at her backdoor that she recognized. With two fingers she felt around her anus until she felt something barely pushing outward, and she pinched Mark’s tiny hand with her fingernails and yanked. He came free with a groan, and even hungover Kelly wished she’d made him a little bigger.

Without giving him any real attention Kelly dropped Mark to the carpet. 

“Ugh,” she said as she leaned back on the couch again, her brother already out of her mind, “The last two shots were a bad idea.”

As she finished her coffee and resigned herself to a morning of misery, something bumped against her foot. Just as she was about to kick it out of the way she felt the bump change to a simple rubbing. 

Mark rubbed between Kelly’s toes, putting his best effort into it. He’d seen how she looked and could only imagine how much she’d drank last night. All he could think about was that, as her toy for the weekend, he needed to help her feel better.

Above him a sick groan turned into a mildly appreciative grunt. He smiled.

Maybe this won’t be such a drag, Kelly thought as she sipped her coffee. Mark really was doing a decent job on her feet, after all.

Later that day, after a shower and a thorough toy cleaning, Kelly sat down to watch television. Mark had been stuffed into her shorts pocket as an afterthought.

As she flipped channels she felt him struggle, and sighed internally. She plucked him free from his confines and she heard him try to yell something up to her.

“Shut it ‘til Sunday night, loser,” she said to him.

Then plopped him into her mouth.

Marked tried to yell out in surprise but Kelly pushed him against the roof of her mouth and sucked on him gently. Instantly all the air left his lungs and he was unable to do anything but gasp and struggle. Her hot wet tongue dragged across his midsection and Mark was so panicked about his situation that his orgasm took him completely by surprise. He’d been on edge all night, ever since she’d inserted him, and had obeyed her wishes to not masturbate. 

His orgasm caught him so by surprise he barely got to enjoy any of it as she sucked on him like a piece of candy.

Kelly rolled her eyes when a salty taste flashed onto her tongue.

Little creep, she thought as she took a sip of her almost scalding hot coffee. The way he jerked when it touched his skin, nearly burning him, made her smile.

By Sunday afternoon Kelly was running out of things to do with…to…her brother. He seemed to enjoy playing in her backdoor a little too much, so she’d kept him in her shoe for a lot of the time. When she worked out he was stuck on the sweaty underside of her bra, and more than once she simply sucked on him like a piece of candy. The Tiny Tinder store had a surprising amount of ‘body dyeing’ flavors for that exact purpose.

But she had to admit to herself, keeping him out of her rectum while she went about her day was actually a bit of a letdown.

She didn’t tell him that, of course.

When Mark was returned to full size Sunday evening he was almost vibrating from excitement. Living as his sister’s toy, made to worship and be used, had been just as fun as he remembered. It hadn’t been as sexual as he was hoping for but beggars can’t be choosers. 

He spent the week still swiping on Tiny Tinder, hoping to find another person who was into having him into them.

Kelly spent the week anticipating Friday morning.

When the morning finally came she was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee when Mark walked in. She ignored the obvious tent in his pants and he tried to look casual as he sat his phone on the island.

“So, uh, any plans this weekend?” he asked as he brought up the app.

“Oh, the usual,” she replied, trying to sound bored as she stared at her phone, pretending she hadn’t been eagerly waiting for him, “I’ve actually got today off so I’m probably gonna stick around here until tonight. Maybe go for a run.”

“Fun, fun.”

Her phone buzzed with the request from him and Kelly accepted without hesitation.

Wait, did he pay me? she thought just as he vanished in front of her.

She leaned down and plucked Mark’s two-inch tall form from the pile of clothe she’d left behind and held him up to her face.

“Hey, you paid me, right?” 

Mark yelled up to her that he had.

“Good. Now I hope you can make my day more interesting.”

Mark started to say something, but Kelly squatted down and he watched with excitement as she lowered her sweatpants around her hips, freeing up her massive cheeks.

Kelly leaned against the kitchen table as she squatted and used one hand to spread her cheeks. The other brought Mark around until she felt him contact her sphincter again. She’d waited all week to do this, not that she’d ever tell him.

“No beating it!” she cautioned him as she pushed him forward.

Mark heard her words just as his legs popped through her sphincter, and with the last of the light before his head was swallowed he made a frustrated noise even though he knew she’d never hear it. Then he was encased in darkness once more.

Kelly stood and pulled her pants back into place. This time she didn’t try to deny the smile when she felt him start moving. Just for good measure she shook her hips left and right and bit her bottom lip from the sensation. One hand started to move toward the front of her pants but she stopped herself.

If she held herself back now, it would be more fun later.

Ten minutes later Kelly was hitting the running trail near their apartment.

On the straightaway areas she made sure to do some side-to-side movements to keep her anal toy bouncing. On the curves and uphill areas it was easier to enjoy his erratic movements. At each step she had to restrain herself from ducking into the bushes to masturbate.

Why didn’t I just do this last weekend? she wondered as she ran, annoyed that she’d been more focused on keeping Mark from fully enjoying himself than actually having her own fun.

By the time she got home Kelly finally gave in.

Mark had no idea which way was up, down, or sideways. He was being bounced around so much that his world consisted solely of the soft walls he was hitting. There was just enough rhythm to tell him that she was jogging, but otherwise time had no meaning. And he was nothing more than a little accompaniment to her day.

This. Is. Awesome! he thought as he bounced.

When the frequent bouncing finally slowed, then stopped, Mark took the chance to orient himself. Kelly’s distant heartbeat started to slow, then pick back up again. This time instead of her colon bouncing side to side it started almost vibrating.

Wait, that is vibrating! Mark thought as he heard a small motor humming not far away from him. With a smile he felt the ground beneath him until he felt the telltale signs of her sphincter. Then started pushing.

Kelly stood in the shower with her vibrator on her clit. All the sensations from her run had simply been too much to resist. The heat flowed down her toned body as the toy worked its magic…and then she felt something pushing at her backdoor.

She came suddenly with a scream, and Mark screamed too as her sphincter clamped down on his arm. If he hadn’t been toughed it would have broken easily. 

When he finally managed to pull his arm free, Mark breathed a sigh of relief then laughed.

He’d finally done a good job as her toy. And that’s all he really was…a toy.

Mark didn’t realize how true that had just become.

But Kelly did.

She spent the rest of her weekend with him secreted in her backdoor, removing him only for some regular cleaning and necessities. Kelly half forgot he was inside of her for most of Saturday as she nursed another hangover and Sunday morning she spent with various other toys buried inside of her to assist her semi-permanent one.

Both she and Mark groaned in disappointment when she returned him to full size on Sunday. Mark was obvious about it, and rushed to his room to masturbate; he’d fulfilled his owner’s wish to not do so inside of her. Kelly kept hers more quiet and wished she could just keep him full-time. 

She paused with a glass of water halfway to her lips.

So why don’t I? she wondered, I can pay the rent myself and….

While Mark furiously masturbated to an embarrassingly fast orgasm in his room, Kelly planned.

On the following Friday morning, the third of their mutual agreement, Kelly stopped pretending to him that she wasn’t enjoying it.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about our arrangement,” she told him as she sipped her coffee, “And I gotta give you some credit: this is kinda fun.”

Mark smiled as he sipped his own coffee, already hard as a rock anticipating Kelly’s toy treatment for the weekend.

“And I was thinking kinda dirty thoughts too…” she said as she lead onto the real topic, “It seems a whole lot hotter to me to think about it as a full-time position, you know?”

Her brother turned red, telling her he’d thought about it too.

“Yeah,” he said, clearly conflicted at the idea, “That would be quite the fantasy, but you know, real life and all.”

His words and tone said no.

Kelly’s thoughts said yes.

When he shrunk down after fishing his coffee, Kelly slipped him into his sneaker for some much-deserved foot worship. 

While she worked that day she alternated him between feet, loving the feeling of him working on the space between her toes or under her arch. During dinner he waited while being smashed under one of her massive buttcheeks. It wasn’t as fun for Kelly as she had expected but once she freed him he had a massive smile on his face so she guessed it wasn’t a total loss.

The real fun started later that night.

This time while bar hopping with her friends Kelly made a friend of her own. A young single dad that had a rare child-free weekend and was more than happy to go home with a beautiful young woman.

While pleasantly buzzed he skillfully went down on her at the apartment and Kelly had the best orgasm of her life aided by the bouncing of her little anal toy. It was dwarfed by the orgasm that followed rough doggy-style, where her toy was tossed roughly around in sync with every thrust. Whether Mark was moving twice as fast on purpose or because of the man’s powerful thrusting she didn’t care.

But if having him in her backdoor made sex this good…

The man wasn’t there when she woke up in the morning, but Mark was moving already for her. Kelly masturbated twice before she even got out of bed.

Going through the grocery store was incredibly exciting with him moving in her rectum. She felt like a secret agent, smuggling someone through security. At the movie theater she giggled when she bought a ticket just for one and later realized something important.

I haven’t felt this alive in ages! And it’s all thanks to- she shook her hips to make Mark tumble around inside of her -this little toy.

Mark was still having the time of his life. Inside his sister time had no meaning, and since she hadn’t cautioned him against playing with himself almost every time she didn’t have him bouncing off her colon walls he was taking care of himself too. Especially Friday night when she was getting railed by someone while he was inside of her; feeling that massive rod only inches from him really drove the ‘toy’ feeling home for Mark.

Though he had to admit he was relieved she didn’t do anal with the guy; Mark wasn’t sure if he was ready for that yet.

This is awesome! he thought every thirty seconds of every day.

When Sunday came, and he could only tell the time by his brief stints outside of Kelly’s backdoor, he was half dreading being returned to full size. The way things were going, each weekend had gotten more and more fun for him. It was hard for him to give it up but he knew real life had to keep going.

Kelly slipped Mark out of her backdoor and once more ran him under almost-painfully hot water. Her heart was racing, wondering if she was really about to do this.

Mark hated the water’s heat, but he definitely appreciated how clean he felt afterward, especially considering where he’d just came from. When Kelly sat him on the countertop next to the sink he walked toward the edge, expecting to sit with his legs dangling. Last time she returned him to full size this had worked well without him falling or running into the furniture; Kelly just carefully ignored seeing him naked at full size and he’d made sure to clean the countertop where his butt had been.

But this time he felt a change in her energy.

“Uh, Kelly?” he asked aloud, fairly certain she couldn’t hear him.

His sister was looking down at him with a nervous, predatory grin that was supposed to stop at seven in the evening every Sunday. A glance at the oven clock told him it was almost nine.

She held his phone in her hands. Hands that shook briefly until it appeared she’d made up her mind about something.

“It’s been a really, really fun time with you as a toy,” Kelly said to Mark, whose initial rush of endorphins was replaced by a wave of wariness.

Was she cutting him off? Was this her way of breaking their deal for some reason?

“So believe that I’m telling the truth when I say that I really, really do enjoy you as my brother.”

Kelly looked at him and dropped his phone into the sink. Mark jumped to his feet and ran toward the sink as she turned on the water, as though he could possibly do anything about what was about to happen.

He reached the edge just in time to see his screen glitch, turn bright white, then shut down forever. The water had reached and ruined the hardware inside. 

Mark’s heart fell when he realized only someone contacting Tiny Tinder customer service could possibly help him. Which clearly wouldn’t happen.

Massive fingers wrapped around his torso and Mark couldn’t help but yell out. In surprise, excitement, or horror, he wasn’t sure.

“But I really, really love you in my ass.”

“Kelly no wait!” Mark tried to shout to no avail.

Kelly simply leaned forward on the kitchen countertop and used her left hand to spread her cheeks once again. By this point she’d done it often enough that it was becoming second nature. His distant yelling was simply amusing squeaks that brought a smile to her face.

“Oh, sure!” she said with an exaggerated kindly tone, “Feel free to beat it while you’re in there!”

She sighed in pleasure as his squeaks cut off suddenly; her practiced anus swallowed him easily this time. When she stood she shook her hips side to side to get him settled better, then started walking to her room without bothering to put her pants on. No more roommate to worry about.

“Because you’re gonna be in there a looong time,” Kelly said with a giggle. 

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