A New Society by mg2sio4

Women took over, shrinking men and reducing them to objects. Follow the journeys of these hapless men, nothing but playthings subject to the every whim of the woman that purchased them.





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1. Chapter 1: This will be on the test by mg2sio4

2. Chapter 2: An Example by mg2sio4

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Chapter 1: This will be on the test by mg2sio4

The coup was quick, surgical, and absolute. A small team of all-female espionage agents, financed by a still unknown puppet master, destroyed the nation’s power supply and took control of all satellites. The military, comprised of mostly men, were powerless to resist the female uprising after the spies uploaded a program to be broadcast from each satellite. Electromagnetic waves emitted from the military-grade weaponry vibrated with a specific resonance that only affected the atoms making up the male chromosome. The Y chromosome, bombarded with this strange radiation, turned the bodies of all men against themselves. The rapid mutation was too much for most to handle. The remaining men were quickly shepherded into breeding camps. Years passed and the next generation of men were born into a country run solely by women. Additionally, the damage to the survivors’ bodies was severe. Their male children were born tiny, merely inches tall and unlikely to ever grow larger than a foot in height.  

The breeding camps turned into factories. Initially only a small percentage of the shrunken men went missing, spirited away by daredevil handlers. But, as the black market for these tinies grew, supply began to meet demand. Government policies allowed for the purchase of tiny men, provided they worked to integrate these tiny men into the home. However, due to the lack of enforcement, the anger of centuries of oppression rose up in most of the owners of these tiny men. Popular opinion changed. These men were not human. They are objects. Enterprising startups created eco-friendly sustainable packaging for adult tinies. Eventually, every male above the age of 18 was packaged and sent to a distribution center. They would end up in specialty stores across the country, their entire existence soon to be in the hands of whichever woman chose to buy them.

Ironically, it only took several generations before the radiation faded. The male population never recovered but enough normal men were born to start re-integrating them into society. Unfortunately for them, objects they remained. Any transgression, any failure, the government would whisk them away to a breeding camp. After they completed the “re-education” program they would only have a single chance to participate in society. If they stepped out of line again… Well, the technology caught up. Instead of taking a generation to shrink men, women could do it instantly now.


Jeff Stevens closed his notebook, exhausted from hours of intensive studying for his history final. Of course, he would never phrase it like he had in his notes. If his teacher found them he would be sent to a packaging center to be shrunk and distributed. He still had nightmares after his first infraction. Several years ago, he tried to steal a shrunken man from the mall. Unfortunately for him, security was always watching. Before he could try and run he had been carted off to a re-education program and reminded that it was only through luck and the grace of his female overlords that he could live a normal-sized life. He shuddered, thinking of the number of tiny men his sister went through in a week. If he failed this final he wouldn’t graduate high school. If he didn’t graduate high school he would be deemed worthless and returned to be shrunk.

“Better not fall asleep champ, hate to see you end up like this guy here.” The mocking voice of his sister, Hannah, met Jeff’s ears. He groaned, not bothering to look up from his desk. She loved to remind him of his place in this world.

“It’s not fair. I’m still using textbooks and you get to use your datametric implants” he responded.

“No point in wasting expensive tech on something that’s just gonna end up inside the superior gender anyway.”

“Gross, Hannah, not everyone uses tinies for that.”

“If that makes you feel better go ahead and believe it. But believe you me, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Just ask any of these guys.” She let out a cold chuckle.

Jeff finally looked up. He was right, she was waving a small plastic case in front of his eyes. Twist ties held the body of a terrified looking man in place. Premium Free-Range Males, the package read. We at TINEE guarantee you only the highest quality shrunken tinies. Harvested exactly at age 18 in peak physical condition, these men are held in stasis to be delivered to you in perfect condition. Below the packaging holding the small man, Jeff also noticed some fine print. We guarantee your satisfaction. If the tiny is damaged in any way please return to store for an immediate replacement.

“Anyways, get out. I want the room.” Hannah demanded. “And no studying where I can see you, I don’t want to be reminded of school when I’m trying to relax at school.” As she said “relax” she thumped the package against her crotch in a crude gesture.

“Come on Hannah, I’m your brother! Don’t do that around me” John cried in exasperation, packing up his things.

“I may be your sister but that doesn’t make us equals. You’re more like a pet than a person. Remember that.”

“Yeah… yeah.”


All Jeff could focus on was the ticking of the clock. The girls in his class had finished nearly 30 minutes ago. Time was running out. He shared a nervous glance with the only other boy who had made it this far through senior year, Thomas. Clearly, they were both struggling. Before he knew it time was up and he could only pray he passed.

Thomas passed. His B+ was nearly unheard of in terms of male academic performance in this day and age. Jeff on the other hand… His D- did little to offset his generally horrible history performance. He was informed by a somewhat gleeful-looking teacher, that he had not passed history class and thus would not be able to graduate high school.

He wasn’t even able to say goodbye to his mother and sister, not that they would have cared. A mean, muscled crew of no-nonsense women shoved him into an unmarked, windowless van. Jeff knew where he was going. The factory. He stepped out of the back of the van onto a conveyer belt that stuttered into life as he exited. The factory was a decrepit place, more rust than metal at this point. Steam burst from tunnels of interconnecting pipes that only got more complicated the further Jeff was dragged into the abyss. Eventually, he entered an ominous doorway into a chrome-gray room. The conveyer belt paused. A harsh, metallic female voice echoed loudly from a hidden speaker, “strip.” In a daze, Jeff stripped naked. Dropping his clothes into an open bin he found next to him. As the bin closed he began to move again, his hands cupped around his genitals in an attempt at modesty.

He felt, rather than saw, the wall close in around him. There was no running now. Tentatively, he stuck out an arm. Sure enough, he felt walls on either side of him in the darkness. The conveyer belt brought him deeper into the factory, so deep that he guessed they didn’t even bother lighting it anymore. After all, he was just an object. They made that very clear in the re-education program.

A rush of dry, cold wind blew against him suddenly as he heard the hydraulic hiss of machinery. He stood at the end of the conveyer belt, naked and cold. A pale ie light blinked in front of him. Jeff blinked, the green light was etched on his eyelids. He opened his eyes to find more green lights blinking. They formed an expanding square, blinking rhythmically, filling his vision with green light. Soon his entire field of vision was obscured by the blinking lights. Jeff felt dizzy, the lightshow was confusing his brain, making him feel seasick. Was that the lights? Or was that something else? Jeff was definitely feeling odd. His vision blurred. He fell to his knees, unable to stop the room full of blinking lights from spinning around him. His last memory was solid green.

When his eyes opened again, his vision was blurry. Jeff tried to rub them but found that his arms and legs were tied up. The realization dawned upon him that he was now one of the tiny men he had seen his sister bring home so many times. His vision wasn’t blurry, he was encased in plastic. Straining, he could make out the back of a package outside his plastic cell. He was hung behind another tiny man in some store. Worried, Jeff had nothing to do but stress and wait.

Occasionally, a pair of hands would rock his package in their search for a new tiny man. Some were young with trendy nail polish, some were old and lined, but none picked him. He couldn’t measure how much time had passed, only try and count how many times the lights were turned off and on as the store opened and closed.

“Hey mom, check this out. You’ll never guess what I found.”

Jeff’s packaged was handled roughly, removed from the wire it was hanging on. He was raised up past a pair of skintight jeans hugging long, slender leg. Up past a curvaceous waist, belly button slightly exposed, as a red crop top emphasized the smooth, toned skin of the girl’s stomach. The top did little to hide her cleavage too, giving Jeff an ample view of her perky C-cups. Her skin was white, not pale, but not tan, but the winter white of someone who needs more sun. Finally, he stopped in front of the face of who else but Hannah.

“Huh, look at that you found it. You want to buy it Hannah?”

“Oh, you know I do.”

“So precocious, I remember my ‘appetites’ when I was your age. Try and make it last though, opportunities like this don’t come along often.”

“Trust me mom, I’ve waited a long time for this and I’m gonna make this experience last.” Her cruel grin betrayed no sense of familial closeness. Jeff was, and always had been, an object to her. A distraction as her brother and now her toy, her property.

“Okay, pick one for me too. I’m going to pick up some groceries while we’re here.”

“Sure.” Hannah tossed him in a red plastic basket. He was quickly covered by another plastic case containing another shrunken man. Groceries followed. A bag of potatoes, some frozen vegetables, a shrink-wrapped pork loin. The normality of the situation taunted Jeff. He knew that as soon as they got home the torture would begin. The worst part was that he grew up with Hannah, he knew she had a cruel streak. What bad luck it was that he ended up with her instead of in the hands of one of the other millions of girls in the country.


Chapter 2: An Example by mg2sio4
Author's Notes:

I haven't said much about the story so far, but I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Future chapters will probably involve different tags - or maybe not - I do read all the reviews so if this is what readers want I'll keep up with it.

There was no ceremony, neither pomp nor circumstance. Hannah jumped out of the car and ran to her room, carrying the TINEE brand package that contained Jeff. The house he once lived in flew past him, a blur of giant appliances and furniture that no longer belonged to him.

“We’re turning your room into a game room Jeff” said Hannah casually, grabbing a giant pair of scissors and haphazardly freeing Jeff from his plastic prison. Dry, warm skin enveloped him as she reached into the packaging and pulled his naked body free. Cracks of light shone through the gaps between her fingers, obscuring his view, but he could feel himself rising. Her hand opened and he found herself lying flat on the soft skin of her palms, the lines crisscrossing her skin were like fissures to him. They were in her room, a place he had only been in a few times. She held him at eye level, cold green eyes staring at him, shining with concealed excitement.

“Hannah, I… I always tried to be the best brother I could to you -”

“Jeff” she cut him off, “I don’t care. You had your chances as a man in this world and you failed. You’re an object now. The fact that I’m talking to you right now IS the special treatment you’re getting as an ex-member of the family. I can do whatever I want to my property. Watch.”

Her full lips curled into a smirk. Jeff noticed she was wearing blood-red lipstick. Hannah tossed him onto the dark blue sheets of her bed. Jeff closed his eyes in anticipation of the crash but despite his small size his body merely bounced off the padded mattress. Apparently, he was more durable than he seemed. He looked up to see his gargantuan sister towering above him. Staring at him to assert her dominance, she quickly slid out of her crop-top and jeans to reveal a black thong and matching bra underneath. Jeff couldn’t help but stare at her curves, made more pronounced by the hip-hugging thong. Puberty had blessed this 17-year-old girl.

She turned, offering Jeff a view of her massive, toned ass. The string of the thong hid nothing. The sight was so mesmerizingly unusual that Jeff couldn’t look away, even knowing that she was his sister (although she didn’t view him as human anymore). She rooted around a drawer before pulling out another TINEE package holding another shrunken man. With a few deft cuts she held the man in her hand. He began apologizing and begging for mercy, crying and screaming in fear.

“Shut up or I’ll kill you.” Hannah said this so dispassionately that even Jeff shuddered. The man immediately quieted. “Good, now watch this Jeff. And remember, this still could be you.”

Hannah jumped on the bed, the impact flinging Jeff up into the air. He landed on her pillow. She rose to her knees, still looking like a mountain compared to Jeff. Then, she turned so her ass was facing him, still clutching the terrified looking man in her hand. Her other hand explored the muscular bubbles that were her ass-cheeks. Her hands ran over the flawless skin, marked only by a tiny mole about the size of Jeff’s torso on her left cheek. Two fingers slid the string of the thong to the side, revealing the darker puckered skin of her butthole. Jeff saw it pulsate as she clenched the muscles of her sphincter in anticipation. The man, realizing where he was going, began to panic again but Hannah quickly doused his screams by jamming him in a small tub of lubricant. Sputtering, her victim was too busy trying to clear his eyes to notice his rapid approach towards the hungry hole. She craned her neck to look at Jeff. As she inserted the head of the man into her ass she involuntarily bit her lip and let out a shuddering moan of pleasure. Her eyes closed, rolling up into her head as she pushed him deeper inside of her. His flailing arms disappeared, then his waist, then his thighs… Soon all that was left of the man were two hairy feet sticking out of her hole.

Hannah bucked slightly as her hips gyrated, enjoying the sensation of the struggling man writhing in the folds of her ass. She bent over so that her ass eclipsed Jeff’s vision before reaching her hand back and daintily pushing the man’s feet fully inside her with a single finger. As the last of the man disappeared her hole constricted again, sealing the man in the oven of her anus.

“I think they usually suffocate in there” said Hannah, breathing heavily, her body quivering. She was still obviously enjoying the near-orgasmic bliss of trapping a person inside of her. “Sometimes I remember to take them out and reuse them. God if you could only know what this felt like… Well… I guess you’ll probably experience the other side of this soon.” She let out a breathy laugh.

Jeff was stunned, terrified, turned on, and so many more things. He couldn’t imagine actually being inside the ass of his sister, trapped and terrified, as his struggles only served to pleasure the body that would probably end up smothering him.

“Oh fuck.” Hannah’s legs gave out as a vicious wave of pleasure ran through her body. Her face thudded into the pillow Jeff was currently perched on. A fleck of drool escaped her slightly parted lips as her breath stuttered mid-orgasm. Her eyes shut and a pink flush rose in her cheeks as her body reacted to the man’s futile efforts to escape. Cute squeaks of pleasure forced their way out of her mouth. Her face was like a wall from Jeff’s perspective. He was being treated to a front row seat as his sister orgasmed. He was able to see every muscle twitch in rhythm with the high-pitched moans escaping from her open mouth. A final wave of pleasure wracked her body, she spasmed, then led out a long, deep breath.

“Whew, that was a big one. I think I’m gonna leave him there for a while. Hopefully I didn’t crush him, I bet my ass got pretty tight during those last moments.”

Jeff didn’t respond, it seemed like she was talking to herself.

“You’re a dildo now Jeff. Or my servant. Or my food. Or any combination of the three. Or anything else. The point is, no one and nothing can change your situation right now. So, you better work damn hard to make me happy.”


Chapter 3: Something salty something feet by mg2sio4

“Feed me slave-y.”

Jeff stood stuck between an enormous bag of sour candy and Hannah’s massive face. Her eyes were rolled to the side, viewing his dispassionately, like he was no more than a decoration on the pillow she lay on. Hoisting one of the massive candies under his arm, Jeff sighed. The sugar crystal grated against his skin and his grip was poor due to the candy’s gelatinous structure. He took a step onto Hannah’s cheek, her skin was much firmer than the pillow. He could feel her jaw clench and release as she moved her tongue idly, her body shifting unconsciously as she scrolled through her social media feed

Her eyes tracked him along her face as he moved, passing freckles and small blemishes hidden under a minimal amount of makeup. Hot air washed over him as he moved under her nostrils. Her breath was inoffensive, honestly pleasant, given the cool temperature she kept her room at. Philtrum, Jeff thought. He learned the word last year, studying for a vocabulary test. The little groove in the middle of the upper lip. Fat lot of good that did him now.

Hannah resisted wrinkling her nose as she felt Jeff’s tickling steps below it. Dramatically, she opened her lips. Parting the light pink masses like two halves of a drawbridge raising. Jeff got a front-seat view of the plump, grooved skin of the lips as she revealed her maw below. Stringy lines of spit broke with audible pops, catching the light and sparkling before trickling back into her mouth. Something no one would notice unless they were in the exact same situation Jeff was in now.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh” Her voice erupted from the black void, causing Jeff to flinch, nearly losing his balance. Panting, he hoisted the candy into her mouth. The sugary treat disappeared. He caught a glimpse of her massive tongue curling around it before her lips slammed shut. This sudden movement tripped Jeff and he fell between Hannah’s closed lips. They were soft and smooth, softer than her skin by far, and smelled vaguely of the sugary-fruity candies he had been feeding her. He felt her smile, her pouty disposition pointing upwards as she enjoyed his predicament. She pressed her lips upwards, in a cruel imitation of a kiss. Jeff felt himself slipping slowly between them, fullness giving way to warm wetness as he started to slip into her mouth. He tried not to scream, only letting out a sharp, terrified breath.

“That’s enough for now. Got to watch my figure.” Hannah plucked him away from her mouth, overwhelming his senses in a rush of hard flesh and movement as he lost himself in her hand. She drew him quickly across her toned stomach, giving him a sneak-peek of the churning noises within. “Listen to your hard work” she taunted.

She placed Jeff in a glass jar on her desk, turning and rummaging in a dresser drawer. Her long hair flowed down to the small of her back, almost reaching the black shorts that barely concealed her incredibly toned ass. She raised her arms to grab something else and exposed her hourglass curves and thin, toned back muscles. She didn’t need to watch her figure. Jeff wondered what she was doing. He stole a glance at the clock on the wall, it was nearly one in the afternoon, on a Saturday. Jeff guessed she was getting ready to go out.

She grabbed some clothes and left the room. Jeff heard the shower turn on, confirming his thoughts.

“Hey man.” Jeff jumped, startled. He had been so entranced by Hannah’s movements he didn’t even notice the man huddled in a ball at the back of the jar.

“Hey…” Jeff replied warily. This man looked to be about thirty years old, gaunt and emaciated, with patchy, thinning hair. It looked like he had undergone years of torture. “Who are you?”

“Gordon. Gordon Darlington. You?”

“Uh, Jeff. Jeff Stevens.”

Gordon’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Stevens? Like-?” He gestured towards the door Hannah walked out of. Jeff nodded. Gordon shook his head in disgust. “That’s rough kid, really, I’m sorry. Jesus. That’s rough.”

“I don’t mean to be rude,” Jeff started, “but you seem like you’ve been around a long time. I don’t remember Hannah keeping any TINEE for very long.”

Gordon waved a tired hand. “She just inherited me yesterday.” He spat out the word “inherited” like it was a curse. “That volleyball team saves their favorite people and passes them around. I went to your high school over twelve years ago. I made friends with a girl named Carrie. For a couple years I thought she was protecting me, keeping the other girls away from me. But she was just saving me for herself. When I turned eighteen, she put in a special request – her mom was some important government official – and boom off I go to get shrunk. A year later,” he shuddered, lost in the memory, “a year later she gave me to another player. Like a senior gift. All that time stuffed in her socks. Every game, every practice, every group sleepover. I was underneath those feet. And she just dumped me off. She knew, I was stupid, she knew I had a foot fetish. I stupidly confessed that to her the year before I shrunk – I thought we were best friends – and she would taunt me. Ask how I’m enjoying my prison. Rub me all around her sweaty feet, make me clean her toes. She acted like she was doing me a favor. And, yeah, sometimes I didn’t hate it. Which I guess was better than the rest of the TINEEs. So, they kept me. The high school volleyball foot-slave. Fuck, kid, I thought I could make something of my life.”

Gordon talked for quite some time, clearly glad to have some human contact that was the same size as him. Jeff listened as Gordon told the story of being passed from Carrie to Lisa to Christy and eventually to Hannah. Apparently yesterday was some sort of homecoming game and it was tradition for the seniors to pass down a TINEE.

“Well, hope to see you alive again, kid.” Gordon said mournfully. Hannah walked back into the room, steam radiating from her exposed chest and shoulders. Her hair and torso were tightly wrapped in clean white towels. Jeff gulped, Gordon was to broken to hide the fact he clearly thought Jeff wasn’t going to survive the day.

Whistling cheerfully and ignoring the two trapped tiny humans, Hannah slipped on a mismatched bra and panties combo, green bra and red thong. Dark blue leggings with some sort of geometric pattern running down the legs went on over the thong – the contrasting colors leaving little to the imagination and hinting at the marvelous ass barely concealed by the thin fabric. A comfy hoodie concealed the tight lines of her body. She strode casually back to the jar, reaching in like lightning and grabbing Gordon. Before Jeff realized what was going on, she had slipped him into a well-worn black athletic sock that barely reached her ankles. As if she hadn’t confined a man in her sock, she walked back across the room and started applying makeup.

Jeff was transfixed, wondering what, if anything, she was going to do to him. After several minutes, she stood, grabbed her purse, and strolled to her room’s door. She paused halfway out the door, half-turning her body and staring directly at Jeff in the jar. Several strands of hair fell over her smiling face.

“See you tonight. The girls are coming over.”


Chapter 4: Flavor of the Day by mg2sio4


The sound of excited voices and heavy footfalls shook Jeff from his stupor. He had dozed off after trying to climb the walls of his glass mason jar prison. No luck. He held his breath, listening to the cacophony draw closer. Adrenaline flooded his veins as he imagined the door opening to reveal a fresh new hell. His heart thumped in his ears, filling his head with nothing but the sounds of pounding drums. Briefly, he wondered how Gordon was doing, if the man was still alive in Hannah’s sock. But he was in full self-preservation mode now – Gordon had made it this long without him, he could spend another day in her sock.

Tension slowly ebbed from Jeff’s body as moments passed. What was taking so long? It almost seemed like the stampede was moving away from Hannah’s room. If only. As if on cue, her door flew open to reveal Hannah’s lone figure, silhouetted by the hallway light. Jeff hadn’t realized how dark it was getting in her room.

She didn’t say a word, just roughly tossed her backpack on her bed, winked at Jeff, then left the room, closing the door behind her. Jeff rubbed his eyes, thrown by the sudden darkness. If he listened hard he could make out the sounds of the girls below – he guessed they were in the kitchen. He had to hand it to Hannah, she could really drag out the calm before the storm. He sat, breathing deeply, trying to prepare himself for whatever came next.

Some time passed. Jeff couldn’t tell how long. The laptop on her desk obscured his view of her clock. All Jeff could see from his glass prison were her desk and that ominous door. It was definitely night now, though. He thought he could hear the clinking of cutlery on plates, maybe they were eating dinner.



Jeff gulped reflexively, no mistaking that. They were coming up the stairs. At least four of them.

“All right girls, I’m headed to bed. Don’t stay up too late.” His mom’s voice. Multiple voices sounded in response, affirming that they’d be responsible and thanking her for dinner.

Then, painful light. The door was open. Bodies streamed into the room – Jeff tried to count them between frantic blinks, three? Six? Half the volleyball team had to be here.

“Oooh is that your brother Hannah?” Jeff didn’t recognize this girl. Her blurry form came into focus as his eyes adjusted to the light. Well, less her form than her head. Jeff’s whole field of vision was obscured by this teenage girl’s face. She looked to be about fifteen, with olive-colored skin and curly black hair. Her hazel eyes were wide and transfixed on him, her mouth slightly agape to reveal black and blue braces lining her teeth. Jeff suddenly became very aware of his nudity.

“Huh? Oh yeah, take him out if you want. But anyway, did you finish Mr. Olmer’s assignment? I tried but I just don’t get integrals and I can’t stay after class because then I’ll miss practice…” Hannah’s attention diverted back to the conversation she was having. Jeff didn’t manage to hear the end of her sentence as he was engulfed in a solid, fleshy warmth. The girl’s hand closed around him, lifting him out of the jar, high into the air. Her skin smelled like a mixture of sweat, perfume, and pizza. Not terrible but overpowering for someone of Jeff’s size to be engulfed by it.

“… No way! Did she really? I can’t believe another teacher would do that. No wonder he looks so nervous giving us back our grades.”

“I know! I wonder how they got him back to regular size though – I didn’t think that was possible?”

“I think it is, like, my mom mentioned something about it to me the other day but I was watching something so I kinda tuned it out.” Laughter.

Jeff hit something soft, bounced in the air, then crashed back down in a heap, rolling along a hard surface. A gargantuan giggle hit his ears, causing him to flinch and look up. The same face stared down at him, this time at such a sharp angle that he could see up her nostrils. He looked down, realizing she had dropped him on her boob and he had rolled almost to where neck met chest. She was lying down on Hannah’s bed, staring down at him.

“Hey Jeff, you remember me?” She asked, drawing the attention of the other girls in the room. Five massive shadows fell over him as they crowded above her, locking their eyes on Jeff’s body.

He looked up, recognizing just two of the faces. Alicia and Kim, two girls in his year. Both taller than him, almost six feet tall – great volleyball players. Alicia, skinny with dark brown skin and intricately styled hair. Also, as Jeff couldn’t help but notice when he was normal-sized, an enormous pair of tits. Kim on the other hand, either Chinese or Korean (Jeff forgot), was stacked with an amazingly athletic bubble butt. The other girls looked a year or two younger than Hannah except for one – she had a bemused expression and was watching the girls looking at Jeff rather than Jeff.

“Weeeelll?” The girl he was standing on drew out the word, savoring it.

Jeff opened his mouth, unsure what to say, when he saw Hannah hop up next to the girl. Slyly, she slid one of her legs over the girl’s body, resting her foot over her chest.

“Eeew Hannah your feet stink.” The girl recoiled slightly, wrinkling her nose in disgust. They did. They clearly came straight from practice. Jeff saw a lump, horizontal across Hannah’s middle three toes. It wiggled slightly as she flexed her foot and clenched her toes. Gordon.

“Just wanted to show the little toy what we do to TINEEs.”

“Well MOVE, I don’t want your stink all over me.”

“Calm yourself Allison, he’s my toy after all.”

“Yeah but this is your foot.” The surface beneath Jeff shook as the girl grabbed Hannah’s foot and wrestled it off her. Jeff lost his footing, falling against the mound of soft skin behind him.

“Look at me, tiny, stop lounging around on my tits. Do you remember my name?” The girl – Allison – spoke commandingly.

“I, uh, no. I don’t.” Jeff said honestly, jumping away from his resting place.

“Hmmm.” The sound resonated throughout her body as she hummed. “Looks like Jeff was too good for us underclassmen, doesn’t even know our names.” She shook her head. “Well, seeing as you’re part of the team now, Jeff, you’re gonna have to put in some extra effort. How do you think you’d learn best Jeff? Show and tell or shadowing the team?”

“shhhh… ttlllllll…. Shhhh nnn tlllll” A tiny voice reached Jeff’s ears, heavily muffled, as if he had a gag in his mouth. The girls seemed not to notice, all too busy looking at Jeff with poorly disguised excitement. Jeff looked over at his sister, the sound seemed to be coming from there – Gordon! Now that he recognized the voice, it was one-hundred percent Gordon, yelling through the sock.

“Um… Show and tell?” A chorus of high pitched ooh’s and giggling from above answered his question.

“I can’t believe he actually picked. You got a brave brother Hannah.” One girl said.

“I got a brave TOY you mean.” Hannah corrected.

“Well let the initiation begin.” Allison’s hand scooped up Jeff and dumped him unceremoniously into her mouth. Jeff was instantly battered by the oppressive heat and humidity, not too mention the smell of pizza and spit. Drenched in saliva, her huge tongue beneath picked him up and drove him against the roof of her mouth. A pulsing pressure pulled him back toward the dark tunnel that was her throat but he didn’t move, then again, still no movement. Her tongue held him in place. She was sucking on him.

Allison tossed Jeff around for another minute, rolling her tongue around him, pushing him into her cheeks, and playfully trapping him underneath her tongue. Jeff, on the inside, was battered from all sides. Allison’s tongue was surprisingly firm despite its initial malleability. Its bumpy surface dragged him across the cavernous mouth. Occasionally, during her more playful moments, this treatment almost felt good. The warm wetness of her tongue almost immediately brought him to full erection but she refused to keep him in one place long enough to climax.

“NOW REMEMBER, I’M ALLISON.” Her voice, an octave lower and exponentially louder, boomed and echoed around him. The dripping pink cave was briefly illuminated as her mouth opened to form the words. Small strands of spittle broke and fell between her teeth as she talked. It was eerie seeing speech from the other side. Suddenly he was rotating, her tongue wrapped around him, adjusting his body helplessly in her mouth. Then, cold, fresh air. His torso stuck out between her lips. While her tongue rubbed playfully against his member, spreading his legs open effortlessly despite his resistance.

“What’s her name?” One of the girls asked.

“A-Allison!” Jeff panted.

The girl smiled, “he did it, Allison! Next!”

Allison’s tongue pushed Jeff’s body out a little more, now only his legs remained inside her. He dangled against her lower lip, trying to push himself off it to avoid the sticky remnants of saliva coating it.

Upside down, he watched as one of the girls he didn’t know drew closer, opening her mouth wide. A pale girl with a pointy nose covered in freckles and hair cut short into almost a pixie cut. Jeff’s head slid between her bright pink lips, just as soft as Allison’s. When he was in far enough she slurped the rest of him in. Jeff heard Allison giggle as his legs left her mouth.

This girl took him through the same routine. She tasted him, sucked on him, and played with his body like it was nothing more than a piece of candy in her mouth. For a brief moment, she stuck out her tongue with Jeff on it (“aaaaah”) to show the rest of the girls. Jeff caught a brief glimpse of smiling faces above him gazing down at his soaked form, stuck to the tongue. Like a money-shot, Jeff thought. Then, a thought he never had before, given how cheap TINEEs were, there was definitely porn involving them somewhere. Jeff wondered if swallowing held the same appeal. Before he could pontificate further on how ease-of-access to tiny men affected the adult entertainment industry, the tongue withdrew back into the girl’s mouth, bringing back into the whirlpool.


Finally, “I’M ROSE, JEFF, ROSE.” The girl’s voice was higher than Allison’s but still unpleasant to hear magnified a hundred times over. The same deal, his head and torso popped out between her lips. Jeff gasped for air. Rose’s mouth was smaller, seemingly with less oxygen, than Allison’s.

Without being prompted, “Rose!” Jeff yelled, “she’s Rose!”

“Eager aren’t you?” Hannah’s face was in front of him, upside-down. Well, he was upside-down, dangling against Rose’s lip like a noodle. “First, her name.” She pointed at Allison.


“Now her.” Her finger was pointing at Jeff, which he took to mean the girl currently ingesting him.


“Good! Next!” And so the cycle continued – just an introduction to the hazing Hannah planned for her toy brother.


Chapter 5: Giantess giveth by mg2sio4







And, last but not least, Hannah.

Jeff was pretty certain that he was more saliva than person at this point. So many tongues had played with his body that he felt raw and sore, like all his skin was painfully exfoliated. The girls who weren’t currently sucking on him or toying with him in their mouths gossiped and acted like any girls at a sleepover. Between cavernous giggles and various deafening sounds like coughing or lip-smacking, Jeff got a crash course on high-school drama. Jeff was surprised by how the girls’ mouths actually varied – size, teeth arrangement, tongue size, breath, Jeff was really becoming a connoisseur. If only he had a choice in the matter.

“What now?” Hannah asked the rest of the girls after Jeff successfully named all of them. She held him loosely between two fingers, pressing him against her lips like a cigarette.

“He did so good, first try on all of us! We should give him a reward.” This was Serena, a tall black girl that, when he was normal-sized, Jeff actually had a crush on. She had large, deep-black eyes and sharp cheekbones that highlighted her face nicely. And, you know, a perfect combination of athlete’s body and curviness. Jeff didn’t mind the time spent in her mouth, although he always pictured himself looking down on her, not looking out from inside her.

“What do TINEEs even like?” Allison spoke up.

“Dummy, they’re just tiny people. He wants what any teenage boy wants from an all-girl sleepover.” Hannah answered.

“Oh. OH.” Allison lit up as she understood. The girls giggled.

“You’re the one who offered, Serena.” Hannah turned to the girl, holding Jeff in her outstretched hand. “He had a huge crush on you too, you know.”

Despite his constant humiliation Jeff blushed as he was handed into Serena’s light-brown palm. Looking up at her, she was like a goddess. Her fingers closed around him, clutching him firmly but carefully and he felt himself moving upward towards her body. Then, tumbling down. No matter how beautiful her skin was, it offered little protection from the bone underneath as Jeff rolled down her collarbones to her chest and, finally, landed in a heap in her cleavage – perched tremulously on the wire of her bra.

“Ooh not very stable hold on.” Serena’s voice came much louder from directly above him. Jeff was engulfed by the two softest, warmest masses he had felt in a long time as she pushed her boobs together. She laughed as his form disappeared from view.

The girls resumed their activities, gossiping, fiddling with each other’s makeup, etc. Serena, while chatting, periodically, reminded Jeff of his situation, massaging him between her breasts. Occasionally she rubbed him against her nipples. Jeff enjoyed this. Her skin here and around the areolas was even darker. Her nipples hardened as she tweaked them with his body. Jeff got aroused, knowing that he was pleasuring her, however slightly.

“I hope you’re nice and relaxed.” Serena whispered down to him – was that a note of genuine concern in her voice? “You’re gonna have a rough night after this.”


Chapter 6: Maybe... Not so bad? by mg2sio4


“Here. Drink up little guy. You’re really gonna need it.”

Jeff lay on the floor, panting, exhausted. Instinctively, he opened his mouth, too exhausted to question his actions. Serena’s face was obscured by the bright lights above her, like she was blocking out the sun. Light reflected off a thin line of spit slowly making its way from her mouth to his face. A wave of the frothy liquid hit his body, filling his mouth. Serena’s spit tasted like sugar and artificial flavoring, like candy. He drank it, his body grateful for water, no matter its source. Puh. She spat quietly, the rest of her spit trailing down and washing over Jeff, hard. There were her smiling lips, puckered slightly, high above him.

This was just a brief respite from the torture the girls were putting Jeff through. All of his tasks involved climbing the girls somehow. Whether climbing up a shaking leg or balancing across all of their asses, Jeff had muscles aching he had never even felt before.

“Aww he looks so tired already.” Said Hannah. “What a useless little toy.” She picked him up, holding him uncomfortably tight in her fist. “Eew! He’s sticky… Serena!”

“Soorrryy” Serena sang, very clearly not sorry.

“Wash him off then, geez. Learn some manners.” With these words Hannah flung Jeff across the room to Serena. Jeff screamed for his life as he experienced the strangest rollercoaster ride imaginable. Amazingly, he didn’t splatter against the wall. Serena gently caught him, cushioning him in her palms as they wrapped around him.

“So, you, like, like that right?” Serena caught him off guard.


“Like all this stuff. Being played with by girls. You know.” She looked at him blankly, like he wasn’t human.

“Yes… But I’m just so tired.” Jeff hoped yes was the right answer. Truth be told he had been excited at times. Having Serena give him a tour of her body like that had been wonderful. But what he wouldn’t give to be normal size right now.

“Hmm.” They reached the bathroom. Unceremoniously, she began to scrub his body in the sink. The roar of the water drowning out anything she was saying. “…if you didn’t have to move?” The water stopped and she was blinking at him expectantly.

“W-what?” Jeff stuttered.

“So you’d like it if I did something to you if you didn’t have to move?”

“I guess.” Jeff was still unsure what she was asking.

There was that smile again. She looked like a goddess. Jeff barely noticed being lowered down until he passed her waist. “See you in a few, cutie.”

Her other hand hiked down her shorts, exposing a pair of modest black panties. Then, shadow. Her face was hidden by a matching black bra. The fabric of her shirt swayed above him. She rubbed him against very soft, very warm fabric. Oh. Her thighs were like giant tree trunks around him. And he was looking at… oh. Oh no. Jeff realized what he had just agreed to.

On cue, her other hand reached slowly to pull her panties aside. The heat was much more intense here. Preparing for the worst, Jeff closed his eyes. His feet touched something soft and warm… And wet. He kicked slightly but couldn’t find any hold on the slick surface. Then she pushed him inside her. Her muscles clenched around his legs as she continued to push. The heat and the pressure around his body increased as she inserted him further, now past his arms. He flailed uselessly against her labia, brushing her clit briefly and eliciting a soft moan from above. With one last push, the tip of her finger left his head as she fully inserted him into her pussy. Squeezed on all side by her contracting muscles, Jeff wasn’t uncomfortable. The air was humid and full of her scent but somewhat breathable. Sure, he couldn’t move but overall, the best place he’d been in all night. He was inside his crush, feeling the flesh walls around him clench in pleasure as her body shuddered. Her heart thumped increasingly fast, reverberating around him like a bass drum. The pressure and frequency of the squeezing increased. He could barely make out muffled moaning as Serena tried to keep quiet. Final, crushing contractions made Jeff feel like his body was about to pop. But soon she relaxed, breathing heavy, satisfied.

“Can you hear me in there? TINEE? Jeff? I hope so. I’m just gonna keep you in there for a bit. God, you feel so good. Anyway, relax, and try to enjoy the ride.” She squeezed him again, laughing slightly.

Jeff could hear muffled conversation as Serena returned to the other girls. Suddenly, laughing and shrieking. Jeff felt slight vibrations as the girls slapped Serena’s stomach. He figured she must have told him where she hid him. What would Hannah think? Jeff wondered if this would set a dangerous precedent. He didn’t want to be a sex toy… But better than being food or crushed…

Soon, they distracted themselves with something else. Jeff was left inside Serena’s pussy, an occasional squeeze reminding him who was in charge.


Chapter 7: Teeny Tiny Routinee by mg2sio4

Breathing became Jeff's chief concern. He imagined this is what sensory deprivation was like but the reverse extreme. Every sensation was magnified one hundred times, Serena's body had total control. Occasionally, what little air he had would get more humid as the walls of her pussy flexed around him harder. Then, some muffled noise would distract her and Jeff would be allowed a brief respite. His time in her could have been hours or minutes, his mental state nothing compared to the onslaught happening around him.

Then, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, he found himself in her hand once more. The fresh air and harsh, bright light were just as disorienting as his time inside her. "Phew. That was... That was nice." She said, holding him at eye level. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes seemed to sparkle contentedly. "TINEEs really are something, huh?" This was obviously a rhetorical question. Unlike before, she was looking at him without any recognition of his humanity. 

"H-" He started to speak but her fingers closed around him before he could get anything out. Despite how soft her hands were, Jeff tensed as he felt the hard muscles and bone surround him. She could crush him without a second thought. But, apparently, her thoughts were elsewhere. Unceremoniously, she dumped him in a mason jar on the bathroom sink and walked out, not looking back. As the door closed, the sound of giggling girls was muffled.

Jeff breathed deeply, the air of the bathroom already making him shiver as he tried to brush off the fluids coating his body. What was going to happen next? Is this was his life was now, something to be used and discarded on a whim? And Serena had treated him like a person just... minutes ago? Hours ago? Was being a human dildo really that much of a difference? He had hoped she would be an ally against Hannah's cruelty but that didn't seem likely now. Jeff pondered these questions as he sat, the motion sensor light his mom had installed to save power eventually clicking him into darkness. Occasionally, one of the girls would enter and throw a towel over his jar as they did their business. Even rarer, one would give him a cruel smile or a wink. One girl, Allison, finally addressed him, laughing. 

"Looks like you shoulda stayed in school, huh, TINEE?" She mocked, tapping the jar with a finger. "You boys just took what you had for granted I guess." 

Jeff stayed silent, not wanting to provoke her. He knew she didn't necessarily hold the same grudge against men that most women in their society seemed to. In fact, she was the one in class frustrating the teacher by arguing for TINEE rights. Still, Jeff had seen her on more than one occasion take a small man out of her bag, place him in her sock, then contentedly roll her foot around under her desk when she was bored in class. 

"Aw c'mon Jeff. This is your life now, the least you can do is be interesting." Her hands slowly reached around him as she said this, bringing him to her face. On the way up, Jeff took in this new giantess. Even at normal height she had been imposing, but like this her well-tanned skin and toned frame may have been mountains. Her huge boobs didn't do anything to discourage the mountain comparison either. He could barely make out light green eyes and short-cropped dusty hair above them.

"I'm... Sorry?" He said, trying not to make it sound like a question.

She sighed in exasparation, sitting down on the closed toilet and letting him stand in the palm of her hand. "Look, I know you think that I think that you're a thing now. Right?"

Jeff nodded uncertainly. "And you're scared of me killing you because you're just something to be thrown away after you failed as a man under the Unified Global Organization Pact, Number 2 Decree."

Her last words were said sarcastically, repeating the law Jeff knew all too well, being forced to memorize all 524 decrees during school. This, considered by some to be the most important, set in place the TINEE system, establishing rigorous criteria for men to meet in order to participate in society.

"Yeah, yeah you're right Allison." Jeff had read that using your captor's name humanized you in their eyes. He may not have done well in school but he certainly did his research in case the worst happened.

"Well, don't worry because I'm not like Hannah or Serena. I know you're a person and I'm definitely not a killer. But..." She trailed off. Jeff could see she was thinking hard about what to say next. "But... You're still a TINEE, you know? You can't change that. So, what are you going to do now?"

This question surprised Jeff. "I don't think I have much of a choice, so I don't really get what you're asking."

"Right. I can do whatever I want with you right now. But... I mean... Isn't that kind of hot? You can literally do things I can never imagine. You'd be under my toe or in my mouth and I wouldn't even begin to imagine what you're going through. And that's, like, normal for me. You're like lint or candy but you're a person. Right?" She finished talking, looking at him expectantly.

"So..." He chose his words carefully. "It's like a fetish thing? Like it's hot that you know I'm EXPERIENCING this? Not like an insect or something but as someone who you know is sentient? I can tell you how terrifying it is to be in your mouth? That's what you like?"

She grinned, nodding, her face flushed, looking slightly unhinged. "Yes! Like, you were in my mouth - and inside Serena. And, and I don't know what Hannah's made you do but I assume it's some weird stuff. They used you like a piece of plastic. I could use you like a person."

"But, Allison, this is a fantasy for you... And this is my life. I'm going to die soon because I don't have the Internet hooked up to my brain, because I could never study, because everything. I never had a chance. I was never even given the option to think about this like you do. Let alone, think it's hot."

"You don't have to die soon, though, that's what I'm saying. You don't get it." Her voice was calm but her tone was sharp. "TINEEs die because women don't treat them like people. I know you. We've been in the same classes since kindergarten. You're a person to me and that's why I want to own you so bad. I want to dominate your life but at least you'd still be alive, you get it?"

Lost for words, Jeff sat down in her palm. He looked again at the giantess holding him, trying to see things from her point of view.

"Well, I'm going back to the sleepover. Hopefully, Hannah won't have thrown you out by the next time I'm over here. But I think some time with her will add to my argument. Just say the word little Jeff, and I'll take you away from here. Safe and Sound." She left. Back in the jar, Jeff stared at the bathroom wall. He'd be taking a risk with either decision. Hannah might lose interest in him and kill him by accident (or, not so accidentally). But, the guy in the other jar, Gordon, had lived for decades as the volleyball team TINEE. Sure, it was a rough life, but Allison could be even more dangerous. At this point, though, he had no options. He was Hannah's to use and abuse until the next time Allison came to visit. Already, being in her care seemed like the preferable option, even if she did seem to get off on his powerlessness.

As the night progressed, the girls came in to get ready for bed, brush their teeth, and do whatever nightly rituals they do. Rose and Serena got some laughs by spitting their toothpaste into the jar, onto him. Rose shook it around until Jeff was covered in the minty mixture of toothpaste and saliva. Hannah was the last to leave, dropping some crumbs next to Jeff as she did. He scooped the food into his mouth, trying to eat it before it got covered in the girls' spit. What a night.

Chapter 8: Sole Searching by mg2sio4

Jeff spent a lot of time alone with his thoughts, it came with the life of a TINEE. And, the more he thought about it, the less useful TINEEs seemed. The whole shrunken slave thing didn’t make sense. There were no tiny tools or technologies that would help him do anything Hannah could already do for herself better. Painting her nails almost had him fainting from the fumes by the third toe. Feeding her was a Sisyphean task. The whole economy of TINEEs relied on those who bought them taking pleasure from pure sadism. But, as far as Jeff knew, most women bought strangers. It was only pure coincidence that Hannah found him. He just couldn’t see it, why put so much effort torturing someone you don’t even know? Only society’s freaks bought pets to torture, all the normal people have some sort of loving instinct towards living things.

BAM!! Jeff’s introspection was lost to the colossal weight of Hannah’s toes returning to Earth on top of him. Today was the first school day since the sleepover and Hannah had tossed him in her sock. There was no taunting this time, she walked out of the room in pajamas to shower, returned wrapped in towels, and dressed, her giant body glistening from the steam of the hot shower. Jeff was dropped in a thin, gray sock that barely rose to her ankle. Before he could right himself, Hannah’s toes, still dripping beads of water invisible to her, bulldozed him face-first into the end of the sock. Lint stuck to his damp body as he scraped along the sock’s interior. Finally, he ended up under some combination of her three smallest toes, his face buried in the crease of her skin.

This was Jeff’s introduction to the weight of a human body. Even without being subjected to the stamping power of her foot, each step Hannah took felt like a punch to the chest. He learned quickly to exhale as she stepped down and inhale as her foot rose. This, too, was terrifying. Each step was a rollercoaster acceleration upwards and downwards without relief. Her shoes lessened the pain some, though with them came a smell Jeff also needed to accustom himself too. The tang of sweat surrounded him, aided by the small amount of sweat coating him as his body heat warmed her toes. He doubted she even noticed.

The waiting was almost as painful mentally as being stepped on. During class, Jeff remained trapped motionless against Hannah’s skin. Only the occasional squeeze or roll down the arch of her foot to the heel and back broke the monotony. Once, she trapped his face under the pad of her pinky toe, tapping him with it as if to remind him of his insignificance.

Then, came volleyball practice.

“Okay ladies, I don’t need to tell you how important our game on Friday is. If we win this, we will qualify for regionals.” Muffled, Jeff heard the voice of the school’s coach, a middle-aged woman he never learned the name of. Men weren’t allowed to train or participate in any activities that encourage testosterone. “Hannah! How’s your ankle? We need you as our starting outside.”

“Good, coach. I got another TINEE and he’s really been relieving stress today.” Hannah’s voice boomed above.

“Glad to hear it, alright! Warm up! Let’s go, let’s go!” The coach said. Hannah jogged out of the locker room, throwing Jeff’s world into a new level of chaos.

Screaming for the first time as a TINEE, Jeff rattled around in Hannah’s sock with only her toes to act as a cage separating him from certain death under her arch. Soon, the whole sock became soaked with sweat. Try as he might, the salty liquid found its way all over Jeff’s body, including inside his mouth. Like everything, it was not bad enough for Jeff to not put up with it. He was already accustomed to her scent and this was just a more concentrated version of it.

It was the jumping that Jeff decided was the worst part. Immense pressure as Hannah tensed to leap, brief seconds of terrifying weightlessness, then more pressure than Jeff thought possible smashing him headfirst into the indent in her shoe left by her toes. After a while, Jeff determined by the cheers of her teammates that Hannah scrunched her toes as an involuntary flex when she pulled off a particularly good play. Apparently, she was quite good, as he became very accustomed to the grip of her toes.

Jeff and the sweaty socks were left in her gym bag. Even if he could muster the energy to try and move or escape there would be no point. This was a TINEE brand bag, guaranteed escape proof. He let himself soak, dissociating as Hannah met their mother and the two drove home. To be fair, Jeff thought with a tired smile, he learned about as much today as a normal day in school when he was regular-sized.

Even after experiencing it firsthand, Jeff refused to believe this would be his life from now on. The idea of undergoing this hell everyday was agony. To be so thoughtlessly tortured was maddening. His mind flashed back to Allison’s words, “They used you like a piece of plastic. I could use you like a person." They were beginning to make sense. Being Hannah’s foot-massager was pointless. How could Gordon have lived for so many years under so many feet every day of his life? Maybe his foot fetish really was that important. Even if the stomping became too much or the sweat was too thick, Gordon could still find some erotic pleasure from having a foot the size of a building controlling him. Maybe, it would be better to have Allison steal him away. At the very least, he would know she’d be loving every second of his torture. He shook his head – why does that make it better? Shouldn’t that make it worse? But it didn’t. No matter how illogical it seemed, Jeff decided he would rather have someone think of him like a person.

Unfortunately for Jeff, it would be some time before he was able to tell Allison about his decision.

Chapter 9: Contemplations by mg2sio4
Author's Notes:

This is much more heavy on world-building... But action will be returning in the next chapter!




“What was your life before this like, Gordon?” Jeff asked. The two were sitting in the relative privacy of a large glass terrarium in Hannah’s closet. After she got home, the giantess headed right for the shower, emptying the contents of the gym bag, including Jeff, into the container and sealing it without even a second glance. The poorly ventilated cube quickly became inundated with the smell of her sweaty volleyball clothes but the two TINEEs were so used to the smells of sweat and feet that it barely registered. The sun setting through the window cast an ever-slimming beam of warm orange light through the cracks of the closet doors. After a day of Hannah’s feet crushing him in her pitch-black sock, being able to lie down and just feel the light felt like heaven.

“I think I was smart, smart enough to keep my head down anyway. I was going to be one of the few men who had the grades to graduate – even had a job lined up. Just garbage collector, nothing crazy. But driving around at night, alone? No one to threaten or humiliate me, just making a living.” Gordon said, gently massaging a nasty-looking bruise on his chest. Hannah had ground him into the carpet with her big toe after he spilled some nail polish.

“But there was a girl who shrunk you?”

“Yeah. Carrie. God, she had it all. Brains, body – I mean long blonde hair, hourglass figure, feet that were kind of plump, if you know what I mean. No dry skin or callouses even after all the sports. I thought we were friends but she was just getting off on it all. When she had her mom shrink me, I could see it in her eyes. Pure sadism, man. She made sure to make sure I knew she was watching me until the last possible second the first time she ever put me under her foot.”

Gordon continued, talking about how he became her exclusive foot slave. He watched other TINEEs come and go… crushed, eaten, or given away. But not him. Carrie made sure she always kept track of him, never treating him too harshly, even letting him sleep in a pair of balled-up socks. Then, after graduation, she got bored. She wanted to start a new life in college and torturing an old high school TINEE wasn’t part of that plan. So, on the condition the next girl didn’t kill him, she passed him on to a younger player on the team. So, the tradition started, each girl making the next promise not to kill Gordon. First out of respect for Carrie, then as a running joke. No one wanted to be the girl to break the cycle.

“But how about you, I mean, if you don’t want to talk about it it’s cool, but that’s your sister.” Gordon said, turning the conversation back to Jeff.

Jeff shook his head. “I guess. I mean, she took every opportunity to remind me of how powerless I was… am. Insults, distracting me. Making fun of me for reading when she could just download any book in the world to her neuro-chip. Telling me what she did to all her TINEEs… I never felt like her brother. Our mom never stopped her either, she’s probably where Hannah got it from.”

“I get it. Makes you wonder why women bother to get pregnant these days when there’s a fifty percent chance they get a boy. Seems like with all the advances in technology they would’ve figured all that out by now.” Gordon said.

“But how else would they make TINEEs so cheap?” Jeff said, half-sarcastically. The two shared a bitter laugh.

“What keeps you going, though?” Jeff asked. “Most TINEEs don’t exactly live a long life. Even being eaten would be better than being a foot slave for decades.”

Gordon shrugged. “I guess I’m built different.” The pair laughed again. “No, but seriously, I guess I’ve accepted it’s out of my control. I could die in an hour, I could die years from now of natural causes. And like… There’s something about being around a bunch of giantesses that does it for me. Climbing their bodies, being sucked on, the days of being kept in socks – which, don’t get me wrong, suck. But, it’s something they’ll never experience. Plus, it’s a new girl every couple years, and they just keep getting hotter.”

“You think any girls ever wish they could be a TINEE?” Jeff wondered, Gordon’s words tickled something in his subconscious. Combined with Allison’s offer, the gears in Jeff’s mind were slowly turning.

“If you think about it,” said Gordon, slowly, “there is something freeing about being a TINEE. If you’re not dead then you’re fed, sheltered, nothing to do but serve whoever owns you. So accept death and you can just give in to whatever pleasure you can cling onto in a situation. But most TINEEs probably wouldn’t agree.” He chuckled. “They have to contribute to society but we get pure hedonism.” These last words were dripping with irony.

“Hmm.” Jeff considered this. Being inside Allison… Being used solely for her pleasure and, in return, feeling fer warm, wet muscles clenching around him, arousing his body, was an overwhelming experience. But, was it inherently negative? If society was like it was however many years ago, if men and women were equal, wouldn’t Jeff want to do that anyway?

“Anyway, looks like Hannah’s done with her shower.” Gordon was right, the sounds of running water had ceased. The orange light of the setting sun was now a dark red-purple, with only the barest sliver illuminating their cage. They were briefly thrown into complete darkness as Hannah’s silhouette crossed the closet. Then, blinding artificial light as she turned on her bedside lamp. Her mattress groaned as she jumped on her bed, throwing her towels in a heap to the side. Short bursts of sounds played as Hannah perused videos on the Internet. After such a traumatic day, the ending seemed quiet, almost… normal.


Chapter 10: Crushing Revelations by mg2sio4


“So, BRO,” Hannah’s enormous face hovered millimeters away from Jeff and Gordon’s cage. Her lips twisted in a mocking smile, a slight hint of morning breath wafted through the vents in the terrarium as she spoke, “did the team foot massager give you some survival tips last night?”

Jeff looked at Gordon, whose eyes were fixed on the ground. “Y-yes, Hannah.” He said, trying to keep his voice neutral.

“I’m not Hannah to you anymore. You’re lucky I even remember your name, my tiny little foot toy. I bet your body is surviving mostly off my foot sweat right now, isn’t it?”

Jeff wasn’t sure if he should answer or let her enjoy her rant.

“Isn’t it.” Her voice lowered to a dangerous whisper. This was not a question.


“Yes?” She asked expectantly, raising a giant eyebrow. Jeff absentmindedly notice some drool crusted on the corners of her mouth. She must have just woken up. “Yes, what? Did you mean, yes master?”

“Yes master.” Jeff managed to say, nearly gagging on willingly subjugating himself to her.

“Good boy. You want to see a trick?”

“Yes master.” Jeff repeated.

Satisfied, Hannah lifted the top of their cage and reached a giant hand in. Jeff tensed, expecting to feel the hard flesh of her fingers surrounding him. But, instead, felt a light wind as her building-sized arm rushed by him. He blinked, watching the nearly invisible hairs that covered the human body but were visible at his size fly by. The tendons in her forearm clenched and Jeff looked over his shoulder to see her fingers wrapping around Gordon. The man exhaled in pain as her careless grip dug into his bruise but otherwise remained silent.

Her other hand entered the cage, holding a small squirt bottle. The label on it had large, bold words. “TINEE SEALANT. LONG-LASTING PROTECTION FOR HARD TO REPLACE POSSESSIONS.” She aimed the nozzle at Gordon and started spraying. A fine mint-smelling mist settled around Jeff as he watched Hannah cover Gordon in the clear liquid. Then, almost massaging him, her fingers rubbed it into his body, making sure the man in her fist was covered head-to-toe in the shiny goo. His body stiffened imperceptibly in her grip. His eyes remained open.

Jeff clapped his hands over his mouth, trying to stifle his scream as Hannah tossed her head back and threw Gordon into her open maw. Mouth open, thin strands of drool breaking and falling from her lolling tongue into the cage, Hannah presented Jeff with a view only prey could ever witness. Gordon lay unmoving on her tongue, the pink muscle flexing slightly as she savored his taste. At this angle, Jeff could see straight to the back of her throat. Light reflecting off the saliva highlighted the void of her throat, her heavy breathing more than audible. A thin white layer coated her tongue, another reminder this was just another morning to her.

Then, her teeth snapped shut, lips still open in that cruel smile. Gordon vanished behind her pearly white barricades. With a loud GULP she swallowed hard. Her fingers traced the barely visible lump traveling down her throat, past her chest, and settling on her stomach. A small burped escaped her, followed by a giggle as she looked at Jeff’s terrified face.

“Come on slave! Figure it out! He’s not deeeead.” She drew out the last word to taunt him. “Why would I put TINEE sealant on him if I wanted to kill him? He’ll pass through me unharmed. Well, physically unharmed.” This statement was followed by a cruel giggle. “Most TINEEs don’t handle the small intestine well, from what I’ve been told. But he’s the team slave so I’m sure he’ll come out…” Another giggle. “…Just fine.”

This was brand new to Jeff. Never in his life had he known there were other TINEE products available to women. If Hannah was telling the truth, and she had no reason to lie unless she wanted to tease him further (a very real possibility, he admitted), there was much more to being a TINEE than he realized.

“Your turn.” Cool liquid doused him as she turned the nozzle toward him. It felt like ice, but just for a moment. The liquid seemed to crystallize as it made contact with his skin. Her warm fingers pressed relaxingly into his body, massaging the rest of the liquid across every nook and cranny. Just a couple days ago, this would’ve been humiliating, having her fingers so carelessly brush over his most private areas. He also forgot to close his eyes, not realizing how fast he would lost the ability to move as the substance hardened. Satisfied, Hannah brought him to eye level, the sudden motion bringing butterflies to Jeff’s stomach.

She winked, his entire field of vision obscured by the massive eyelid briefly covering the bright green of her eye. Then she tossed him over her shoulder onto the bed as she fished around in her closet for a clean outfit. The trip through the air was a new kind of terrifying. Hannah’s room was an expansive blur, full of brightly covered posters and furniture. The descent brought her bed into hard focus, the rumpled blue sheets coming closer every passing moment. Unable to move at all, Jeff could only watch as his body screamed at him to break his fall. He bounced, feeling no pain as he bounced off the soft mattress. Shellshocked, he tried to orient himself in the tangle of Hannah’s sheets. what just happened? Did she make him invincible?

Something eclipsed the overhead light of her room. In the second he had, Jeff’s recognized this as Hannah’s ample ass, covered in a pair of sporty black panties. One of the titanic globes landed directly on him, revealing far less fat than muscles as Hannah settled onto him, humming happily to herself. Huge muscles flexed as she moved her legs, pressing Jeff further into the mattress. Unbeknownst to him, she was bending her left leg to put on a sock. She rocked back and forth ever so slightly, grinding against him and grating his face and torso into the soft cotton layer doing little to conceal her ass. Her fingers held him in place as she struggled to pull a pair of tight yoga pants over him. Satisfied, she gave her cheek a little spank, making Jeff’s ears ring as her powerful hand slammed him into the unyielding bubble butt.

“Almost.” Jeff heard her say, her voice distant and muffled by the clothes trapping him against her ass.

The pressure let up for just a moment as one hand pulled the back of the pants open. The other reached in, pointer finger outstretched, and crudely jostled him closer to the center of her massive ass. Jeff became sandwiched between the cheeks, fabric pressing in on him from both sides as she clenched several times, just to be sure she had him where she wanted him. Fully wrapped up in her panties and sealed in by unreasonably tight leggings, Jeff was cemented in the warm crevice. The faint smell of citrus body wash remained from her shower the night before. Jeff guessed this pleasantry would not last long as Hannah went about her day. At least she didn’t seem like she wanted to break him.

“Let’s see how long it takes the other one to travel through me. Isn’t that a fun game, little TINEE? You could be just inches away from each other, only my butthole separating you two. If only you weren’t frozen, maybe you could hear his screams as my body treats him just like everything else that needs to be expelled. Think about that.” Her cheeks clenched around Jeff again as she wiggled her ass in pleasure.

Interestingly, Jeff was much more aware of the world around him than when he was trapped in her sock. The thunderous sound of her shoe hitting the ground combined with the wickedly painful impact of her toes on his body with each step left little room to process anything else. But, trapped under her ass, Jeff had little to do but listen as Hannah went about her routine. Who knows, he might even learn something at school today.

Poor Gordon…


Chapter 11: Under the Dome by mg2sio4
Author's Notes:

Hey y'all, hope you're enjoying the story so far. I'm trying to keep some semblance of an over-arching storyline through the different ordeals Jeff has to go through so I hope you're enjoying that too. Reviews are always appreciated, especially ones that give me an idea about what you want to see - I know what I like in these stories but writing just that can get repeititve. Cheers.






Jeff was pleasantly surprised to find that either the athletic muscles of Hannah’s ass and/or the tightness of her panties prevented him from slipping further between her cheeks as she walked. She went about her morning routine, swaying her hips just a little more than usual, flexing each cheek in turn. Just enjoying the feeling of power she had over inanimate Jeff. Less fortunately for Jeff, the same muscles that prevented him from slipping toward her hole were uncomfortably unforgiving. Even for its size, Hannah’s ass had very little extraneous fat, making each clench feel almost like getting gripped firmly by a hand. The warmth was nice, though. It was slightly humid within her panties, and the heat combined with the smoothness of her skin mimicked the feeling of some kind of sensory deprivation chamber.

Then she sat down to eat breakfast and Jeff reconsidered that thought fast. Her spherical ass compressed, adding her body’s weight on top of the already formidable layers of muscle and fat. Jeff found himself wedged in a crease between her ass and thigh, the black cotton of her panties the only boundary preventing him from popping out from underneath her. Hannah shook her leg slightly while eating breakfast and talking to their mother, nothing noticeable for a normal-sized person. But, for Jeff, the jackhammering of her leg rattled him, bouncing him rhythmically off the softer skin of her ass, disorienting him. He heard a muffled rattling of dishes and casual conversation, but the thwack thwack of his body bouncing off her skin prevented him from hearing any specifics.

“Oh, you better hurry up, Hannah. Don’t want to be late for school. Come on.” Their mom’s warning came through as Hannah relaxed, sitting back in her chair and alleviating some of the pressure from Jeff as her weight shifted backward.

Hannah groaned in protest but complied, creating the most intense pressure on Jeff so far as she tensed her legs subconsciously to stand up. Surely, without whatever that TINEE spray she used, he would have been no more than a broken body trapped in her panties after that. Uncaring fingers prodded him out from under her ass, manipulating his body through her panties and pushing him back into her crack. A satisfied squeeze from both cheeks let him know he was right where she wanted him.

Soon, she was off to school. While the boys of society were forced to walk or take an auto-taxi if their family was wealthy and/or kind enough, girls were able to use LEAP, or Long Expedited Access Paths. Some impressive scientist had found a way to use the massive networks of satellites to open and close rips in spacetime for the experience of instant transport. Of course, nothing is instant. If it would have taken Hannah 30 minutes to walk to school, stepping into LEAP still took 30 minutes. But, to Hannah and Jeff, it felt instantaneous. This was the only way men could ever use such advanced technology, trapped in or on the female overlords. To Jeff, the sounds of passing cars and ambient noise were instantly replaced by the bustling sounds of a crowded school. Of course, all he could see was the prison of flesh around him. Nearly translucent hairs that would typically be invisible to the human eye were shadows against the pink walls. Still, this was more light than he was used to. His typical prison of her foot, sock, and shoe were much more isolating. Though, he did wonder, with the smell of body wash quickly fading to a mild skin smell, would this part be worse than her foot?

Turned out, not really. The fabric of her panties dug into her ass, creating a makeshift pocket of ass and cotton free of any shitty smells. Not to say the day was great, but the morning passed relatively quickly, and Jeff was even able to make out a couple sentences here and there. Turns out, the girls got a much more honest education than the boys, who were only taught about how they were warring, primitive brutes before the revolution. From what Jeff could make out, the situation before men could be shrunk was much more complicated than it appeared in his books. He wished he could find a way to escape, hide, and really understand how it came to be that he was forced to live the remainder of his (likely short) life under the brutal control of his sister-turned-goddess.

During lunch, Hannah sat with her friends on the volleyball team. The cafeteria tables were essentially long benches connected to the tables, with a small gap in the middle so they could fold up in storage. Hannah, in a decision so coincidental it had to be on purpose, sat squarely on the gap, so that her panties became more like a hammock as the sides of her ass bore all her weight. Jeff could hear their conversation much more clearly now.

“So, what’s new with your little TINEE brother, Hannah?” One of the girls, maybe Allison, asked. “Not bored of him yet?”

Hannah gave a little wiggle. Definitely on purpose, she wants me to hear this, thought Jeff.

“No, not yet. Why? You want another turn with him? Can’t you just ask your mom to buy you some more TINEEs or something?” Replied Hannah in an unconcerned voice, not pausing from eating. The girls laughed. “I actually put him under my ass today. Put some TINEE Sealant on the team toy and swallowed it too, kinda hoping they’ll be able to communicate down there.” More laughter. Some of the girls around her congratulated her on her creativity.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed at Jeff clumsily through the layers of fabric on top of him. Hannah shrieked with laughter, jumping off her seat in shock.

“I felt him! I felt him!” Another girl, Courtney or Rose maybe, giggled, as the table burst out into louder laughter and “ooooh’s”.

“Bitch! You just wanted to grab my ass.” Hannah joked.

“Me and all the boys in school that want a piece of that dump truck.” Hannah jumped again as the other girl spanked the cheek not above Jeff, though the skin above him still rippled pleasantly.

“Stoooop, it’s not even that big.” Said Hannah in mock protest, clearly enjoying the attention. Unfortunately for Jeff, she shifted as she sat back down, pressing his body between the hard plastic of the bench and her all-encompassing ass cheek. The world around him was once again muffled as her famous ass settled around him. Something about the TINEE sealant still allowed him to breathe despite being so compressed into her skin he was sure he was going to leave a Jeff-shaped indent. And the cold, hard plastic below did not make for a comfortable time.

Once lunch ended, Hannah returned him to his home between her ass cheeks. Bored in her next class, she played a game where she would relax her muscles, nearly dropping him, before clenching tightly and wiggling him back into his ass crack home. One time, after a particularly successful wiggle, Jeff nearly caught a whiff of something unpleasant. He swore he felt a warmth in the darkness, heat radiating from something warmer than her skin. He knew she had wedged him closer to her asshole than before but hoped it was just a result of the game, not a more insidious plot. A realist, Jeff figured it would have to happen eventually, but the longer he could avoid being anyone’s anal toy the happier he would be. He thought again of Gordon, wondering where in Hannah’s digestive tract the poor man was. He hoped she wouldn’t leave him with her… waste… for too long. But knowing Hannah, she wouldn’t pay that small consideration any mind. Gordon wasn’t a person to her, just an “it”.

Nearing what Jeff hoped was almost the end of the day, Hannah left her seat, walked for some time, then paused. Jeff braced himself for the impact of her sitting on him as she prepared for her next class, but it never came. Instead, the light filtering in through her clothes became brighter as, with a great rustling of fabric, Hannah dropped her pants. Only her panties separated him from the outside world at this point. Her powerful fingers snaked in through the waistband, grabbing him effortlessly. As the unfiltered light hit his eyes, his body protested the harsh change. But he was still completely immobile. She gave him a brief look-over, making sure he was still intact and frozen.

“I just wanted to tell you this in person.” She smiled. “Seeing as it’s your first time being my ass slave, after all.” Jeff realized the room he was holding her in was full of bright green lockers and the echoing sounds of many girls talking loudly in a small space. As his eyes adjusted, he saw every girl in the room was in a state of undress, pulling bland gray shorts and shirts over themselves as they changed for…

“Time for gym.” Hannah whispered. With these words she held the waistband of her shorts open once more, sending Jeff plummeting back down and once again lodging him deep between her cheeks.


Chapter 12: (Ass)imilation by mg2sio4
Author's Notes:

Frozen in place, Jeff is forced to think about what he really wants... And what he can realistically expect as a TINEE. Is there ever going to be a new normal?

A slightly shorter chapter, concluding the frozen-in-goo-that-makes-him-invincible arc. Who knows what's next? Not me




Mercifully, or maybe just because it was more convenient for her, Hannah had left her in her gym locker after she changed. Maybe she was worried he would fall out of her panties. In any case, he was left on a cold shelf within the locker, above her backpack and street clothes. Her phone was placed next to him, reminding him of what she thought of him now, her own brother, nothing more than an amusement. Soon, the sounds of the girls milling about faded as they left for the gym, replaced by an eerie silence interrupted only by the dripping of leaky showers. The cold metal permeated his naked body, making him think of the warmth and softness of Hannah’s ass, especially the fat that gave it its signature shape. If he could shiver, he would be curled up, trying to save any warmth possible. As the situation was, Jeff had no choice but to endure, counting the seconds until she returned him to his, likely much less fresh-smelling, prison.

“Heading out, Julie?” A voice Jeff didn’t recognize broke the silence. This was an adult woman’s voice, maybe a gym coach?

“Yeah, it’s time for the mile. Of course, all the kids are too busy playing with TINEEs to care if I’m a little late.” Another woman, her voice a little deeper and raspy than the first.

“You ever mess around with those things?” The first woman asked.

“Nah.” Julie answered. “My husband gets too squeamish. His brother became a TINEE and he worries every day that he’ll be next. I told him, ‘it’s been twenty years, you’re one of the good ones’ but you know… Men.”

They shared a brief laugh. “I’ll tell you; my husband is the exact opposite.” The first woman said. “I think he’s got a fetish for seeing me mess with them, especially eating them. Can’t do it too much though, or I’d burn through my paycheck in a week.”

“You into it?” Julie asked.

“Oh you know, I had my fun in high school – like these girls – but if I were single I’d be over it. Maybe keep a couple as servants to pamper me, but sexually? I could give it or take it.”

“Remember high school? We were crazy back then. All those men we killed. I guess they were deemed useless to society anyway. Wild times…” The conversation faded as the two teachers walked out of the locker room.

Time passed. Occasionally Jeff would hear an extra-loud yell or squeak of tennis shoe on the gym surface. He lost count of how much time remained in the period. Then, he heard a door slam open and a stampeded of shouting girls hurled the locker room into chaos. Almost instantly, the heat of the room rose. The humid smell of sweat filled his locker, wafting from the girls’ cooling bodies. With a metallic creak, light flooded Jeff’s senses as Hannah opened the door. She was deep in conversation with a friend out of Jeff’s view. Hardly paying him a glance, she stripped efficiently and replaced her gym clothes with her normal clothes. Uncaring hands, slick with sweat, gripped Jeff. Relief and warmth washed over him as his body physically relaxed in the warmth and support of her fingers’ grip. She brought him around to her back end where her other hand was already holding her panties open, exposing her ass to the air, his prison waiting for him. Her skin was flushed with exertion and Jeff could already see beads of sweat rolling from her back, down and around her ass, and down her legs. She hadn’t taken the time to shower.

Still, although the heat and humidity was stifling, the smell of sweat was no worse than being trapped in her sock during volleyball practice. Drops of sweat, the size of his face, broke against his face and the salty fluid leaked in between the slight part in his frozen lips. He was able to swallow it down, thankfully. Even as a TINEE, choking to death on his sister’s ass-sweat is not how he wanted to die. Once again, he was plunged into semi-darkness as she let her waistband snap back into place. And once again, he felt her hard fingernails dig into her panties as she pushed him slightly deeper between her cheeks, giving herself a slight wedgie on purpose to cement him against her body.

Anticlimactically, the rest of the day passed much the same as the beginning. Hannah paid him no mind and, eventually, her body returned to its pre-workout state. Her sweat dried but not enough time passed for any body odor to develop. Jeff’s prison grew and shrank with her ass as she switched between sitting and standing. Then, finally, the last bell rang, and it was time to go home.

That… Wasn’t that bad. Jeff caught himself thinking. If every day was like this… I could… get used to it? The thought repulsed him but, given the horror stories he had heard about how women treated TINEEs, even just how casually the two gym teachers talked about killing them, being an ass-toy wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Though he had yet to meet her hole, he reminded himself. That could definitely change the dynamic. He wondered how many times Gordon had traveled through a girl’s body, and if he would ever be forced to experience that horror. And besides, he was still subject to Hannah’s cruel, random whims. No, I still want to get to Allison if I can. He decided this as Hannah returned home, her bodyweight crushing him into the couch cushions as she decompressed with some television. No matter what plans Hannah had in store for him, it would involve being crushed in some pitch black part of her body, or shoes, or who knows what. Almost anything would be preferable.


Chapter 13: Intermission by mg2sio4
Author's Notes:

Gordon's backstory. If you don't like male content skip the last couple paragraphs, you've been warned.


Twelve years ago, when Jeff was little more than a toddler, Gordon attended the same high school. Unlike Jeff, however, Gordon was an academic star. With a scholarship to the most prestigious university men were allowed to attend, Gordon was about as confident as any potential TINEE could be. This drew Carrie to him, longtime neighbor and captain of the volleyball team. Carrie’s mother was some high-ranking government official, so their close friendship led to an unspoken “hands-off” rule. Even if girls couldn’t be turned into TINEEs they could still be disappeared.

On nights when Carrie didn’t have a volleyball game, she and Gordon could be found in her room. Her mother looked the other way as she allowed Gordon access to all the technology denied to him at school. Augmented reality, synaptic neuron alignment, learning pattern analysis, every advantage girls were given at school she lent to him. Of course, Gordon developed feelings for her. To him, she wasn’t only the tall, blonde, all-American girl next door but a genuine friend and a caring person.

Of course, modern history was of particular interest to Gordon. He loved picking apart the propaganda released after the new government took power. One day, when Carrie’s mother let him into the house alone to work on a big project while Carrie was at a tournament, he stumbled across something. Carrie’s mother had forgotten to change the house AI back to Carrie’s account. This gave Gordon nearly unlimited access to the secret network of government satellites across the globe and all the information distributed across them. Unable to quash his curiosity, Gordon looked into the servers, finding pages and pages of records containing all the men turned into TINEEs and their transgressions. He also saw financials, distribution networks, and stakeholders in the TINEE Transformation Technology. These names were classified, even to high-ranking officials. But, maybe, he could cross-reference…

Gordon was so entranced he failed to notice Carrie’s mother enter the room and realize her mistake. That night, he learned certain people have access to TINEE machines in their home. He saw the green light. He found himself at the mercy of a very important giantess.

“You WHAT?!?” Carrie’s shout carried up the stairs to the jar her mother was keeping Gordon. His small, naked body perked up upon hearing that friendly voice.

“I had to, dear. It was my fault, I admit that. But he found certain files in the home network. Files no man should have access to, you understand?” Carrie’s mother said. Her voice apologetic but authoritative. “It was either turn him into a TINEE or kill him. If I didn’t, we would be in great danger.”

“Mom. He is my FRIEND! He has a FUTURE! He isn’t an object, or a toy, or whatever people think TINEEs are, he’s a person!” Carrie wasn’t shouting but was still audibly furious.

“Carrie.” Her mom shut down any argument. “He’s your responsibility now. You need not treat him like most people treat their TINEEs but this is how it is. Go to your room. Calm down. I’ll bring him to you after you’ve caught up on your homework.”

Heavy footsteps and a door slamming. Carrie’s mother let out a long sigh. She walked back to her room, standing over Gordon and looking at him but not seeing him. Carrie’s mother looked a lot like Carrie. Long blonde hair flowing past her shoulders, freckled face, green eyes. She was imposing before Gordon shrank, wearing well-tailored dark suits and tall heels that brought them to eye level, maybe 5’11. Now, her shadow encompassed Gordon, the halo of the ceiling light making her face appear statuesque. Her perfectly manicured nails could decapitate him, yet she tapped them so absentmindedly against the glass of his prison.

“I liked you, Gordon. You were one of the good ones. Could have done good things… for a man.” She said, her voice booming above him. “I hope my daughter treats you well.”

The hours passed slowly. Eventually, Carrie’s mother picked up his jar and carried him smoothly to Carrie’s door. Carrie silently accepted him, staring daggers at her mom, slamming the door. Alone, she unscrewed the lid of the jar and gently tilted it so he could crawl onto her bedroom rug. She crossed her legs and sat in front of him, her hands supporting her face, staring down at him with a worried expression. Gordon tried not to look afraid but the magnitude of his once-equal terrified him. Carrie also was taller than average, one of the factors explaining her athletic prowess. But looking up at her like this was overwhelming. Muscles rippled underneath her pillar-like legs as she lowered herself to the floor.

“What now?” Her voice echoed off the walls of the room, creating a surround-sound effect and reinforcing her power over him.

“I… I don’t know.” He answered. Too quiet, apparently.

“What?” She couldn’t even hear him. Carrie needed to adjust to try and bring herself closer to his level. She slid onto her stomach, binging her face directly in front of him. Even then, Gordon realized just her face was more than five times his height. Gigantic pouty lips filled his vision, pink and intricately lined. He realized she picked her lip. Small, unnoticeable to anyone but a TINEE, bits of dead skin hung off the corners of her mouth. He even saw a tiny hair poking out of her narrow nose. He could count the individual lashes on her eyes which, ironically, looked like giant colorful satellites as they stared down at him. She probably didn’t even realize her breath created a warm wind around him. He smelled the artificial mint scent of the gum she had been chewing.

“I don’t know!” He raised his voice to yell up at her.

She nodded. “Me too. I’m sorry my mom did this to you.”


They spent the night talking. They came up with an arrangement where he sat on her shoulder in order to talk with her normally. They sat in front of her mirror so they could look each other in the eye. He wanted her to take him with her to school. His life now depended on her but he still wanted to experience things outside her bedroom. Carrie was unsure, knowing how cruel, even downright voracious her friends were with TINEEs. Reaching a compromise, they agreed that she would try to sneak Gordon in her backpack but if anyone found him she would lie and say she always planned to shrink him, she was just waiting for him to turn eighteen to have him all to herself. This way she could blend in with normal society, pretend not to care about her tiny friend.

And so the days progressed. If anything, the two grew closer. Carrie fed him, clothed him, even ran warm water in the sink so he could bathe. Gordon tried to do something in return. Whenever she couldn’t take him somewhere, he dusted the corners of her room she couldn’t reach. Once, he tried to fold some laundry but moving a single sock was like dragging a mattress. He was left gasping after folding a single pair of matching socks. When Carrie was in a rush, usually because she was late for a practice or a game, she would throw her dirty clothes on the floor. Gordon sometimes crawled into the warehouse-sized shirt. surrounded by her scent, he felt comforted. She was truly becoming a goddess to him.

It was because of this, and a canceled volleyball game, that Carrie came home early and noticed he was missing from his customary positions on her bed or desk. Embarrassed, he crawled out from neck of her discarded shirt. The next few months would be the time of his life Gordon would think back on every time he was being tortured under someone’s foot or passing through some girl’s intestine. Carrie indulged his feelings. She would lie down on her bed, clutching Gordon tightly in her hand, and slide him underneath her shirt. Up her smooth, pale stomach. Along the hard ridges of her ribs. Releasing him once he reached the yielding warmth of her breast. Gordon would sink into her B-cup breasts, unsteadily scrambling his way towards her nipple. Her heartbeat quickened as her nipple stiffened under Gordon’s care. He threw himself at her, licking and rubbing his body against it, emboldened by her sharp breaths and quiet moans. Soon enough, their activities escalated. She grabbed him, much more roughly than normal, not asking his permission – concerned solely with her own pleasure. She dragged him down, pausing where tiny blonde hairs began to thicken just below her belly button. Her other hand fumbled with her jeans, pulling them and her panties down just above her knees. Without warning, she dragged him through a thick bush of pubic hair and thrust his entire body inside her. Gordon was enveloped in her scent as he squirmed inside the tight muscles of her pussy. The heat was unbearable, the walls around him clenching and manipulating his body deeper into the folds. Her body was his world, a physical barrier between him and anything not her. All Gordon could hear was her pounding heartbeat, the wet squelches as he tried to orient his body, and faint gasping moans from far away. Giving her pleasure, in those moments, became his sole purpose. And then, all too soon, the pillow-muffled screams gave way to satisfied panting. She relaxed around him and he knew he could crawl out. Disoriented, covered in her juices, she would draw him into her mouth, leaving just his head nestled comfortably between her plush lips. Expertly, her tongue explored his body, bringing him to a quick climax. Satisfied, the two would collapse – her on the bed and him cradled somewhere on her body.

But like all good things, their unique arrangement had to end at some point. Gordon wasn’t Carrie’s pet or sex toy, but neither was he her boyfriend. He asked why she hadn’t been bringing him to school recently and she admitted it was because she was flirting with one of their classmates and didn’t want Gordon to feel jealous. He told her he was confident in the relationship they had. After all, he routinely explored her body far more intimately than a normal sized person ever could. He was the voice in her ear that also knew how to bring her to the peak of orgasm. He tried to believe what he was saying too; after all, the relief on her face as he reassured her she could date was worth it. Plus, the guy, Tony, seemed decent. From what Gordon overheard in the backpack, Tony was smart enough to find his way in the world but not curious enough to repeat his mistakes. It didn’t hurt he was starting pitcher for the (very small) men’s baseball team too.

Right around graduation, Carrie invited Tony back to her room. Gordon froze on her desk as the two entered the room laughing. He had been rolling her pencils into an orderly row. He realized he had heard Carrie’s mom leave the house earlier and gulped.

For the first time, Carrie didn’t acknowledge him. As the door closed, she grabbed Tony by the collar and pushed him onto her bed. She straddled him, grinding against his lap as they shared a heavy kiss. Tony’s arms explored her body, grabbing her ass and rocking her against the growing bulge in his pants. Carrie pulled her shirt off and laughed as his fingers fumbled with the clasps of her bra. Once shirtless, she pulled his shirt off too. The two resumed making out, pressing their bodies together much more fiercely, fumbling to remove the rest of their clothes. Gordon remained frozen, unsure of what to do, the tiny onlooker of his goddess. He couldn’t help but notice that Tony’s erection was many times larger than his own body. The smell of pheromones and arousal heavy in the air, Carrie slid off the giant guy, tucking her hair behind her ears and slowly taking him in her mouth. The next several minutes were filled with the sounds of wet sucking, grunts of pleasure, and seductive moans as she blew him.

“Hold on a sec.” She panted, wiping the drool off her mouth. Tony just grunted, lost in pleasure.

Carrie stood, turning around to face Gordon, a look on her face that he knew well. Her hands were wet and slick and smelled like her mouth. But not just her. Gordon grimaced thinking what those hands were just wrapped around. She rubbed her spit over him, kneading him between her hands and concluding by giving him a once-over with her tongue. Properly lubricated, she unceremoniously knelt back down in front of Tony and shoved Gordon inside her. He could tell she was more aroused than normal. The heat inside her, usually uncomfortably powerful, was burning. She would reflexively clench around him each time she gagged. Then, a new sensation. He felt butterflies in his stomach as she moved with him inside her. Disoriented, he couldn’t tell what position she lay in now. He was thankful he couldn’t see anything during the next few minutes. All Gordon could remember was feeling something hard and rubbery bump into him, pushing him deeper inside her than he had ever been. He recoiled, trying to push himself away from the condom-covered cock but only managing to make Carrie shudder in pleasure. The intruder withdrew, thrusting back in deeper and harder as they fell into a rhythm. The sensation of Tony fucking her from the outside and Gordon fucking her from the inside brought Carrie to orgasm multiple times. Inside her, Gordon tried to ignore Tony, pretending his cock was a dildo or something as he rubbed himself against her. One last pump, one great sigh, and it was finally over. The two giant bodies lay still and Gordon weakly crawled out of Carrie, the sight of a hairy man-thigh draped over Carrie’s smooth muscular ones adding insult to the experience. Carrie’s hands, trembling and covered with sweat, gently scooped up Gordon, placing him back on the desk as she relaxed into the arms of her boyfriend.

That was the beginning of the end. When Carrie went off to college, she sat down with Gordon, tears in her eyes. She explained that she wanted to live a normal life without the responsibility or guilt of having a half-relationship with him. He made a half-hearted attempt at arguing that he could live with her platonically, a TINEE helper. But, deep down, he never got over seeing her with someone else and she knew it. She asked a trusted friend on the volleyball team to inherit Gordon. To be fair, Delilah took great care of Gordon. But she thought Carrie was establishing a precedent and gave Gordon to the next girl when she graduated. Slowly, the girls cared less and less about him, especially as the cost of TINEEs fell. He became the team mascot, then the team toy. People believed Carrie shrank him because she wanted to own him and he kept her secret. Nobody ever knew what they shared in those months. Because, if they did, Carrie’s reputation, wherever she is, would be ruined. Imagine dating a dildo. No, Gordon reminded himself, he owed her that, at least. Every night, before he slept (if he could), he thought of the first, kindest, goddess. He repeated his fake backstory to himself, assuring himself that he would keep Carrie’s secret, no matter what, no matter what he had to say about himself.


Chapter 14: A Surprising New Star by mg2sio4

Finals season left Hannah little time to come up with inventive ways to psychologically torture Jeff. Instead, he became more of a stress-relief object. Either tangled in her sock and squeezed between her toes as she sat at her desk going over practice problems, or coated in TINEE sealant and bounced between her jaws as she sucked on him like a piece of hard candy. Unfortunately, Jeff couldn’t help but feel relatively… good. He hated himself for it but he did acknowledge Hannah’s meticulous beauty routine made his underfoot or under-ass stays not unbearable, humidity and radiated heat from her skin aside. Her toes were meticulously manicured and painted, usually by him, and the rhythmic squeezing as she subconsciously rolled him against her bedroom carpet was almost physically pleasant. Compared to the brutality she’d subjected him to before, things were downright pleasant. The only thing that distressed him was the fact she barely even acknowledged his sentience at all anymore, almost as though she was getting bored of torturing her brother. No more cruel comments or taunting teases as she roughly grabbed him out of the TINEE jar and unceremoniously dumped him in her thick cotton socks without even a passing glance. Gordon told him that this is usually how she got during finals. A brief reprieve for about a week before a break from school, where she would usually make up for lost time by being especially cruel.

Unbeknownst to Jeff, someone else noticed this pattern in Hannah. Allison, choosing this as her moment to strike, casually asked to borrow Jeff one day, counting on Hannah’s focus on her studies to avoid any awkward questions. And, sure enough, Hannah agreed, barely considering the question. So, Jeff and his jar found themselves tumbling around Hannah’s backpack for several hours. A brief flash of blinding fluorescent light as she took him out. Then, darkness again as Allison casually tossed him in her bag. The entire interaction only took several seconds, leaving Jeff perplexed as to where he was and what Hannah was up to. Over the remainder of school, Jeff noticed his new owner’s gait was slightly different, and the voices of teachers he didn’t recognize filled the air. Finally, someone addressed Allison by name and all the pieces clicked. Not daring to be excited, let alone hopeful, Jeff waited with nervous anticipation to see what would come next.

Allison’s room was not what Jeff expected. Soft neon pastel lights immediately drew his attention to her full gaming/streaming setup, fancy pink gamer chair and pop-filter mic included. The walls were covered in minimalist prints of the outdoors and the floor was hardwood instead of carpet. As he clambered to his feet, a huge shadow blocked out the light. Allison was on hands and knees, her face directly between him and the light, throwing her features into shadow. Her lips, decorated with a matte pink lipstick, parted in a self-satisfied smile as she brushed bangs out of her eyes, staring directly at her reward below.

“Hey Jeff. Long time no see.”

 Jeff gulped. His eyes instinctively drew to the massive tits hanging above him, accentuated by a very purposefully low-cut top, then snapped to the giantess above. “Allison?”

“Your favorite.” She giggled. “Happy to see me?”

Was he? He had honestly been getting used to life with Hannah, and there was no promise Allison with her microphilia fetish would treat him any kinder. Still, he had obedience beaten into him, and knew better than to be honest. “Yes. I’m, uh, just surprised Hannah would let you, uh, borrow – ” that word felt so weird to say, he was her property “ – me.”

She sat back on her knees, letting the blinding light spill over Jeff again. He raised a hand against the glare. “Oh, she always gets like this during finals.” She said. “I’ve got you for a couple days AT LEAST before she remembers she has a TINEE brother to torture.”

Allison was wearing simple white polo top cropped to expose her midriff and belly button. Matching white, flowing pants, combined with the halo effect of the overhead light, gave her the appearance of some sort of golf-club-disco angel. She was watching him watching her. “So…” She continued. “Give any thought to my offer?”

“Yeah, I’ve had nothing but time to think about it.” Jeff replied honestly. “I just don’t think I know how to make a decision like that anymore. I’ve been Hannah’s thing for so long, I can’t imagine how different my life would be if I was yours. It’s all the same.” He shrugged.

Allison pursed her lips. This wasn’t the answer she was looking for. “Hmm. She really wore you down quick, huh?” Her titanic arms unfolded and surrounded him, slender, pale fingers wrapping around him (far more delicately than Hannah’s), and she picked him up. Pinched between thumb and forefinger, he dangled pathetically in front of her face. Her massive brown eyes darted back and forth, making Jeff dizzy. He had to look away. “Look how skinny you are.” This time he heard pity in her voice. She considered him for several moments before jumping to her feet in a gut-wrenching flash. She told Jeff to wait there and placed him on her desk. Jeff looked up to notice an expensive-looking webcam pointed at him. This was a suspiciously clear part of her desk, otherwise occupied by computer peripherals and wires.

After several minutes, Allison returned with a small plastic container in hand. An enticing aroma wafted over Jeff, making him drool instinctively. Mac and cheese. The most exciting meal Hannah deigned to provide him was whatever piece of bread she mashed under her feet or leftovers reduced to mush in her mouth, tasting like salty sweat or thick saliva respectively. This was real food, for real people. Allison took out some of the cheesy pasta and places it on a napkin in front of him.

“Go on. Eat.” She said kindly.

Not waiting for her to take it back, Jeff gorged himself on the pieces of macaroni nearly bigger than his arms. Somehow, he was still ravenous. Maybe his TINEE body was extraordinarily resilient but could handle as much food as his regular-sized body? He looked up at Allison, wiping the cheese off his mouth with an arm. His instincts were screaming at him not to ask for more, to accept this goddess’s gift without question. But didn’t she say she wanted to treat him like a person? A hungry person would ask for more. But she was watching him with a curious expression on her face.

“Allison?” He ventured, his voice wavering.

“Yes.” Her voice was a little husky, a little deeper.

“Can I have some more?”

She smiled. “Yes. But you’ll have to earn it.”

She sure wasn’t Hannah but those words made Jeff’s stomach sink. She must have caught his look of despair and laughed, sheepishly bringing a hand up to cover her mouth. “Ha! Sorry, but you should see the look on your face. This isn’t anything crazy, I just want to ask you a favor. You know how I told you it would turn me on to dominate your life – not as a TINEE! I promise!”

Jeff nodded, still hesitating.

“Well…” She actually sounded a little hesitant, a little embarrassed. This made him feel a little better. “I want to film you eating off my feet. I’m not gonna mush it up or anything! I promise! For real! Just sit on them and eat off them.” She bit her bottom lip, bouncing in place a little as he considered her request.

“Oh. Sure, yeah, okay.” Jeff agreed, laughing a little to himself. She had no idea what Hannah had put him through. This was just another day to him. The internal laughter turned to cringing a little bit at how much of an eatng-off-a-girl’s-foot expert he considered himself.

Her face lit up in a wide grin. “Yay! Alright, just let me get set up.” She wheeled her chair close to her desk and began clicking furiously, opening the recording software and turning on her camera. In just a couple of moments, Jeff saw himself on her monitor, magnified to several times taller than he actually was. This was high-quality equipment. 1080p, 60fps, quality. He wondered if celebrities on the giant billboards felt like this when first seeing their pictures.

A massive quaking thud made him jump, barely keeping her balance. Allison had turned around in her chair, laying her body across the armrest so that the tops of her feet rested in the center of the shot. She reached behind, Tupperware in hand, and spread some of the still-steaming pasta across the soles and toes of her feet. She wiggled her toes slightly, subconsciously, making slight lines appear on the smooth pink soles in front of Jeff.

“Whenever you’re ready.” She prompted.

“Jeff touched the slightly chill skin on the side of the foot nearest him, still cold from resting on the wood floor below. A slight, imperceptible to her, coating of dust that clung to the bottom of her sole was mixing with the cheese but, compared to the sweat and grime Hannah had made him eat, this was fine dining. She moaned slightly as Jeff traveled from the hard calloused heel along the soft arches. He found a seat along the ball of her foot, a darker pink than the tan-pale skin of the arch, just underneath her big toe. Muffled moans continued as he ate his fill of macaroni, indulging her in some licks between the toes and along the ball of her foot. This was far more of a mutually beneficial relationship than anything Hannah made him do.

The session lasted less than fifteen minutes and by the end of it Jeff actually felt full for the first time since he shrunk. He lay across the bottom of the knuckles of her toes, resting contentedly, for about a minute before the foot below him slid a little. He was knocked off his perch, his head thrown into the crevice between her two biggest toes. This was the foot smell Jeff was used to, the natural odor of someone who had been on their feet in socks all day. Immediately after he fell, however, she plucked him from her feet and reoriented herself back into a sitting position. Her face, already naturally tan, was still clearly flushed with arousal. “What did you think?” She said, her breath still somewhat heavy.

Jeff smiled in response. He didn’t exactly love it. It was still another day underfoot and objectified to him, but far, far better than just being a massage toy or sweat rag. If he could get used to Hannah then maybe he could learn to like this.

“Do you want to watch the video with me?” Allison asked, pointing to the screen. The still image of the diminutive Jeff perched on the bump of the ball of her foot, holding a piece of macaroni like a trophy, was overlayed by a play button. Her hand was on the mouse, shaking slightly in anticipation.

“No, you go ahead. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.” Jeff answered. Would he ever be? The shame of being reduced to such things still burned hot, especially seeing himself as she did. He wasn’t even a pet. What was he?

Allison placed him on her bed with her tablet beside him, telling him to do whatever he wanted. Watch a video, browse the internet, whatever. Then, she rushed, nearly skipping, back to her chair. As she swiveled its back to him, Jeff caught a glimpse of one hand sliding down her pants as the other started playing the video. He absentmindedly pulled up some video, an effort in itself as he needed to strategically jump on the screen to play it, as soft moans and gasps came from the girl across the room. The pleasure noises increased in volume and intensity as the minutes went by. He could tell she was trying to keep it down for his sake. A final loud moan, muffled somewhat by a hand covering her mouth, and a long sigh of pleasure and release, and she slid down slightly in her chair. He heard her take long, shuddering breaths as she collected herself. “That was great. Thanks, Jeff.”

Though he was still trying to wrap his mind around their dynamic, he felt a little proud. She didn’t use him like a sex toy (did he want her to?) nor get off on his pain (did he want her to?) but just had a powerful orgasm purely to dominating him. To watching him treat just a part of her body like his whole world. This was better, right? 

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