A Story of Two Toys by Xxana

Two girls and two boy-toys make for a fun evening.

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1. Friends Love to Share by Xxana

2. Dont Talk to Strangers by Xxana

3. Boys Make Great Toys by Xxana

4. Toys Never Last by Xxana

Friends Love to Share by Xxana

The two women sat together on the couch, watching a cooking show. Amanda was pretty, and she knew it. A slender figure and a suggestive neckline that consistently turned male eyes. She favored her hair let down, casually wrapped over her left shoulder. She held the confidence to match, and combined with her flirtatiousness brought most of her female companions to hot anger and jealousy. Her friend Irene was so different.

Irene was quirky, and this offset most people. Those who saw past her exterior quickly recognized her wilder side. She sported a small cap, bangs shyly covering her dark eyes. Her hair was only neck-length and black. Her Asian figure was a stark contrast to Amanda's. Petite and almost tomboyish, she was a distinct sight. But this only overlay her fierce spirit. One that made her sex life beyond the imagination of most.

Irene wished to include her long time friend in her newest adventure. They weren't really watching the show glaring in front of them. Instead they were sitting close and excitedly discussing sexual exploits. And it soon came to light that Irene's imagination had led her to a far kinkier stream of encounters.

Amanda was almost awestruck as Irene explained how she enjoyed having her partners down between her legs, holding their heads as they licked her on command. How she enjoyed being in charge of her sexual experiences, having her latest boy-toy pleasure her as she saw fit. How she would allow them to enter her as she rode them fiercely with their hands fastened to the bedposts.

To Irene, men were made for her pleasure. And so she shared her latest fetish. She told Amanda about her idea of finding men, and using them as sex toys. Rather literally. Irene explained her idea of going out, and bringing home two cute guys. She hoped to blindfold them as they came in, and then lead them to her room. She told Amanda about a sexy new device she ordered online, that would easily make men into instruments of pleasure. And always pushing her own boundaries, she hoped Amanda would enjoy sharing the experience.

Amanda was still taken aback, her usual air of composure was lost. She knew Irene was far less shy than her appearance suggested. She twirled her long hair, wondering what it would be like, trying to tell herself it was all too fantastical. But her arousal betrayed her. Amanda felt her nipples stiffen as electric anticipation shot down her spine, moistening her thighs.

'Lets do it, I'll follow your lead.' Amanda offered.

'Alright then. Its already late, and I know the perfect spot to find a few hot guys. Why dont we try Straight's, the pub near campus.'

Irene strapped on a pair of boots, and slipped her arm through Amanda's, leading them both out into the night air. Amanda tried to appear calm, but she was too excited. She could feel herself shivering with anticipation, and so could Irene.

'Don't be so nervous! This is going to be wild. You are going to love the feel of a man rubbed against your pussy. Just imagine him helplessly sliding in. I bet he'll love it too. Not that he'll have a choice.'

Amanda swore she could feel herself dripping.


Dont Talk to Strangers by Xxana

They arrived at the pub ten minutes later. It was crowded. Perfect for two girls on the prowl. Amanda couldn't stop her racing heart. She brought Irene with her, pushed through the crowded room and ordered double-tequila shots. The place was packed. Irene didn't seem to mind.

'Hmm, how 'bout those two' Irene suggested, pointing out two taller guys. They were clean cut and taller, sporting short length beards; the second one wore a cap similar to Irene's.

'I think they're cute,' Amanda hurriedly replied, throwing back a mouthful of the clear liquor. It burned, but she knew it would slow her racing thoughts. 'God damnit I'm excited!'

Irene smiled wide. Her eyes seemed to glisten as she turned her pensive gaze from her targets back towards her friend. She could tell Amanda was nervous, but the tequila should help with that. She was looking forward to her personally tailored dessert, almost as much as she anticipated playing with those boys and her friend's tight nethers. She approached.

Amanda slammed her second shotglass down onto the bar and followed. Irene seemed so fierce, weaving through the crowd seamlessly. It made Amanda wonder about her friend's bedroom mannerisms. She bet they were just as bold. Deep down, she knew it was going to be amazing.

The two guys turned their gazes sideways and down as Irene nearly dragged Amanda into them. Irene introduced herself with a cute hiccup, feigning tipsiness that she didnt feel. Their glances, however, were more directed at Amanda, who turned herself and nearly grazed her lips against one of their neck's. Their eye's met hers politely, but she could sense their true intent, as they fought the urge to ogle her cleavage. The girls never failed her.

'Oh and this is Amanda. She's a bit shy, but it's kind of her birthday, and you know, she was hoping to try something special with me. She's kind of, how you say, inexperienced, and well, wanted to go a bit wild. Think you guys can help her out?' Irene stammered out, sounding playful but brash.

They introduced themselves. Nick was already a little drunk, and it showed in his slow response. Chris already moved to bring his arm around Amanda's waist, confident but cautious to not touch her innapropriately. Irene knew they would do just fine. She almost laughed at how easy men were. Guess it was only mothers who told their daughters not to go home with strange men. She bet it didn't happen that way for the cruder gender.

The guys grabbed a pitcher and they convened on the patio. As they got to the doors, Chris opened them politely, but when he let them go, his hand came to rest on Amanda's ass. Irene turned back, noticing Amanda's surprised look.

'I guess its best he have a feel first,' Irene whispered to her friend, 'seeing as how I intend to shove him in that tight ass of yours when we get home.'

Irene giggled. Amanda only tensed further. She couldn't shake her excited shivering. And she couldn't help but wonder how good Chris was going to feel sliding into her pussy, or better yet her ass. Or both, either way was fine. She felt the familiar sensation in chest and loins, the one that seemed never to recede this whole time. She almost smiled to herself at her next thought. She was going to be so wet when they got home. Her toy was going to slide in so wonderfully simply.


Boys Make Great Toys by Xxana

The light outside Irene's apartment was a pale yellow contrast to the dark walk home. Nick's arm was around Irene's shoulder. She held conversation easily as they walked. Amanda was impressed by her calm demeanor, her nervous excitement held her rapt as Chris' warm touch cupped her left buttock. He seemed to be enjoying himself, shooting occasional glances to his friend. He must have thought himself a lucky handsome fella.

They entered the hall, and Irene plucked her key from her boot. She unlocked the door and showed her companions the way in, trailing just behind. Nick removed his cap and placed it with his jacket on the coatrack. Irene followed suit, hanging hers just adjacent. She then grabbed a pair of scarves and handed one to Amanda with a knowing glance.

'I think this will be a fun start' she teased heedlessly, slipping the scarf around Nick's face and over his eyes. He chuckled, and pretended to be spooked. Amanda took the orange garment and slipped it over Chris' eyes. He too seemed amused, a stupid grin crawling across his face. Amanda turned to Irene, who returned her look. Almost giddy with excitement, Amanda grabbed his wrists behind his back and led him towards the bedroom. Irene took Nick in tow, a predatory confidence in her grip.

The bedroom was simply laid out. Some necessary lubricant was ready on the nightstand, next to some strawberries and cream. They led the boys next to the closet, which was opened wide. Inside was Irene's aforementioned contraption. Irene approached it and grabbed a thick plastic tubing. She called Nick in close, and beckoned Amanda to bring Chris. They each took their tube, and held them just above the boys' heads. Irene flipped a small switch and a soft sucking sound emerged. The tubes slid easily downwards, enveloping the boys and driving them intowards a small cylinder. Amanda gasped awestruck, as their figures were slowly shrunk, sliding into the depths of the device.

With a small whir, a small dildo landed in a small holder near the base. Irene's toy finished first; Nick was struggling inside the tight confines of a small phallic sex toy. Chris followed shortly after. They looked up towards the giant visage of the girls, their blindfolds lost at their feet, wriggling inside their respective prisons. Irene turned to Amanda and smiled.

'See, easy as pie.' she laughed. 'Now how about we get comfortable?'

Irene lifted her shirt up and over her head, then tossed it aside. Her pants and undergarments followed soon after. She then turned to Amanda.

'Let me get those off you, I want to see your tight body.'

Irene took Amanda's top off, unfastened her bra, and then deftly reached down to slip off her skirt. She licked Amanda's spine down towards her bottom. She then fingered the slip of her panties, and revealed her friend's naked ass. She then dipped to grab the toys and brought them over to the bed, her other hand pushing Amanda's spine forwards.

Amanda lay down on the bed naked, her perky breasts topped by her incredibly aroused nipples. She could feel her breathing, her heartbeat... she was so aroused. She turned towards Irene and returned a kiss to her lips. This was an environment that Amanda knew well, and the initial steps came easily. Irene seemed intently satisfied by the first kiss, but then almost shocked as Amanda traced her tongue to her friend's small mounds, suckling on each nipple in turn. Amanda's hands traced towards Irene's hips, then down to her thighs, and sliding inwards she felt her friend's anticipatory shiver. Her fingers then glided upwards towards Irene's groin, and were met with the warm and wet ancticipation of her pussy.

Irene lay back, enjoying herself immensely. Amanda was gorgeous, and clearly no stranger to the boudoire, but this next part was likely to be new for both of them. She grabbed Nick's trapped body tightly through the dildo, and then brought it down towards her friend.

'How about we try this?' she suggested, handing the phallus to her friend.

'I'd be happy to.' Amanda replied, taking the toy, and rubbing the tip along the length of Irene's vulva. It glistened with her juices, and vibrated with the movements of the young man inside. He looked terrified, but that only made Amanda feel more powerful. She tipped it upside down so Nick's head was poised at the tip, just against the dripping entrance of Irene's pussy.

'Mmm, do it, do it!' Irene cried. And the head dissapeared fluidly, the toy diving inside Irene's tight walls as Amanda began to thrust it rapidly. It vibrated inside her friend with the combined movements of her hand, and its contents. Irene's hands rubbed furiously along her own clit, her body tensing and her back arching. Amanda was entranced, and could feel her own wetness dripping onto the bed as she knelt inbetween Irene's legs. A wave of orgasm spread throughout Irene's body, clenching the toy inside her, and gripping the tips of Amanda's fingers. Irene shuddered and twisted, before slowly sitting up.

'Gah! That was amazing Amanda, I hope you are ready for your turn.'


Toys Never Last by Xxana

Amanda breathed deep, as Irene reached towards the dildo containing Chris. His fists were thundering on the walls, but it wasnt budging. Irene brought the toy over, leaving its counterpart pooled beneath her on the bed. Irene licked along its length with her tongue, then traced it down between Amanda's breasts, over her pubis, and between her thighs.

'Ooh, you are wet. This will be fun!' Irene teased between long breaths. She squeezed the toy firmly, feeling its occupant trapped between her fingers. It felt nice to have the little man struggling in her grip. She lithely rubbed its length along Amanda's pussy. With every swift pass she traced it further down her perineum, closer and closer to her tight ass. Irene reached under her friend, who was now sprawled back on the bed, and squeezed her asscheek.

Amanda gasped. She knew she wanted to feel her little pet inside her ass, and Irene seemed keen to indulge her. Amanda rolled onto her hands and knees. Irene took the little toy and began lubricating it from the small bottle on the nightstand table, rubbing up and down its length to make sure it had an even coating. She then brought it towards Amanda's asshole, facing the tip and Chris's head towards it.

'Hope you enjoy being my friend's little ass toy.' she playfully teased. The toy shook intensly as its occupant struggled within. Amanda could feel it against her asshole, as Irene applied slow pressure. She felt herself expanding, and the dildo sliding inwards, engulfed by the tight pink rim of flesh. It continued slowly in, until Amanda could feel Irene's finger tips pressed to her asshole. It was wonderful. She imagined the little man struggling as he was swallowed by her ass. She felt him struggling inside, good little vibrator that he was. Irene began to slowly pull and push. The gentle suction as he entered and retreated, all the while struggling insider her warm ass was heavenly. Irene's other hand dropped to her pussy and began rubbing Amanda's clit in quick circles.

'Aaah, god, ahh, that feels...' Amanda tried to find words of encouragement for her friend. Anything to make her use the human fuck-toy harder and faster. She began to climax at the thought of the little man in her rectum, struggling to no avail. She felt powerful, she felt primal, and she began to orgasm.

Irene watched her friend tremble in pleasure. Her ass jiggled tantalizingly in full view, so Irene leant forward and bit down hard on Amanda's soft cheek. It was met with another sexual gasp, as Amanda lurched forwards and lay flat on the bed, ass still in the air. Irene removed the toy slowly and lay it on a napkin, next to the plate of strawberries. She then took one of the small fruits and brought it to her mouth. She nudged Amanda to roll over, before slipping on top of her friend and pressing their lips together. Irene rolled the berry along her tongue, forwards, and slid it into her friend's mouth.

Amanda bit down on the berry and sighed, passing the fruit along the roof of her mouth, and down with a swallow. It tasted wonderful.

'Mmm, that was, so, amazing' her breathy response matching Irene's from minutes ago. 'But I was hoping to try devouring something a little more, lively.' she said, eyeing the toy that just exited her ass and lay on the table. Irene smiled wide, clearly happy to comply with her request. Amanda watched Irene wrap the dildo in the napkin, and begin to unscrew the bottom. And as it came off, exposing its little prisoner, she took another strawberry, dipped it in cream, and pressed it down inside on top of him. Amanda licked her lips, her saliva glimmering over her coat of lip gloss.

'Well little guy, you did a great job vibrating in my ass. But now I was hoping you would vibrate down my throat. My belly is so excited to meet you.'

Irene then brought over the toy to Amanda's open maw. Upending it, the strawberry and cream slid out, with Chris's form barely visible in the silky mixture. Irene tossed it aside, looking into her friend's open mouth as Amanda tossed the strawberry and the diminuitive man around her mouth. Her lips were coated with cream, as was her tongue and teeth, the whole mixture oozing with saliva. Amanda then tilted her head back, and grabbed Irene's hand. She brought it to rest mid neck, and without closing her mouth, forcefully swallowed. Irene watched the contents go down her friend's throat, a distinct soft lump that slid under her fingers. She traced it down to Amanda's clavicle, and felt it dissapear.

Amanda lounged towards the head of the bed, hand resting gently on her stomach. It gurgled with delight, and she burped cutely.

'Mmm, delicious. He went down so well. It feels amazing to know he is going to end up just like the strawberry... so, are you saving yours?'

Irene turned towards the table, and then towards Amanda, smiling.

'He hasn't even been up my ass yet, and I'm not sure he if I want him to be in the toy yet.'

Irene giggled delightedly. Amanda matched her grin.

'What a lucky guy.' Amanda slyly offered, 'I hope enjoys his next trip inside you'

'He better,' Irene replied, 'because I don't think he'll come back out for a long time after he does.'

The End.


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