HANKENSTEIN (a.k.a. "The Shrunken Prometheus") by Carycomic
Summary: Not _everything_ is big in Texas.
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Growth: Brobdnignagian (51 ft. to 100 ft.)
Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
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Chapter 7 by Carycomic
* * * * *

OCTOBER 12, 2013
(7:00 A.M./CST)

Dorothy Sloan contemplated the caged dog currently barking at her. The one that most people would probably assume, at first glance, to be a hyperactive bull terrier with bat-like ears.

"If I hadn't seen this Chihuahua shoot up in size, with my own eyes, I would never have believed it."

Barbara Dinagian--a fifty-something professor of biochemisty, who was of Armenian descent--smiled as she held up a corked test tube.

"The Elixir Gigantis (the original version of this fluid) is what allowed the women of my family to protect the precise location of Noah's Ark, on Mt. Ararat, for centuries."

Dorothy looked at her.

"And, now, you want me to use it to kill someone!"

"Someone who ruined your reputation," the older woman reminded her: "By forcing you to help him try and do the same thing to a completely innocent man. A man who might very well have been murdered, last night!"

When the paternity suit against Hank McGee had been thrown out of court, the year before, Dorothy had not only been fired from her teaching position. She had also found herself virtually ostracized by almost everyone in Magic City, Texas! The only two exceptions had been Professor Dinagian...and a female campus security guard named Joselyn.

The latter could empathize with Dorothy's plight almost too well. Her biological father had gilted his pregnant girlfriend at the altar! Prompting her mother's lawyer to hire a certain private detective to search for the man. Only for the detective to wind up becoming Joselyn's stepfather. And, what Joselyn had ultimately learned from him she had more recently put to good use.

Because she had been worried about possible reprisals (by some of Biff Morgan's frat brothers) against Dorothy, she had been keeping a close-but-discrete eye on them. More specficially, on those who still closely associated with the disgraced ex-quarterback! And, the night before, she had followed four of them to the Samuel J. Snodgrass Commemorative Site.

Where she had seen them burying something...or someone.

"Barb, do you really think he'll be stupid enough to attend today's game?" Dorothy now asked.

"Well, he might get booed out of the general public section," replied the professor: "But, there's no way he won't be allowed into the Alumni Association's private viewing box. Not with his father's money doing most of the talking! And, that is where you should start your search when you first 'reach' the stadium.' "


Hank McGee had not slept very well, the night before. Partly, because of all the thinking he had been doing about his current condition. And, partly, because of the multiple calls of nature he had made to the pile of talcum powder!

"I guess I shouldn't have pigged out on all those banana chips," he half-seriously muttered to himself.

Then, suddenly, he was covering his ears as Claire-Ysabel's alarm clock began to buzz. Fortunately, she was relatively quick to turn it off before getting out of bed to look in the shoe box.

"Bon jour, mon petite! Como tallez vous?"

Hank decided to be gallant and lie.

"Tres bien, mon cherie! I feel like a million dollars."

"Ooooooh!" she squealed with unabashed delight: "Listen to you. The cunning little linguist. Although, I have to admit. You look more like a penny..."

She giggled as she added: "...with two heads."

He looked down at where she was pointing, and saw his flag pole once more at full mast.

"I really have created a monster," he replied, as he looked back up at the lovely Louisianan. A half-embarrassed smile on his face.

"Well, in that case, Dr. Hankenstein; why don't we see what we can do about that?"

This was clearly meant as a rhetorical question. As Claire-Ysabel did not wait for further response before plucking Hank out of the shoebox and taking him to the bathroom.

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