A Beginning by Jaime Hillborne

A girl keeps a tiny city in her room and uses it to satisfy her own carnal desires.  She lets her friend in on her secret and worlds change...

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Chapter 5 by Jaime Hillborne
Author's Notes:

Some action in this chapter.  Some giant men, so if that's not your thing, there's your warning.

Jeff pulled up to Cara's house and stepped out of his car, looking up at the

evening sky, the almost-pink clouds, the orange sunset sunlight, and more

specifically at Cara's second-floor window.  He tried to get a peek inside her

room, but the blinds were drawn.  Damn, he thought.  Oh well, I'll be seeing her

soon enough, anyway.  He was already getting hard just from thinking about

her.  She had him over every few days, usually on the nights her mother was out

of town and left her home alone.  He looked forward to every single visit.  The

thought of her blue eyes staring into his, or the look on her face when she


laughed at his lamest jokes, the freckles under her eyes... It was safe to say

that Jeff was in love with Cara.  She had feelings for him, there was no doubt

about it, but how strongly his pure adoration was reciprocated was uncertain.  

Cara knew he loved her and knowingly led him along.  He was handsome, he

had a good sense of humor, a rather plain personality, but that wasn't

important.  She had him wrapped around her finger.  He was a status symbol,

as much as he was a lover, and she valued status greatly over love. Her mom's

car wasn't in the driveway.  Good, she was gone.  Jeff walked up to the front

door and opened it, starting his walk to Cara's room.  


The tiny City lay on Cara's bed, in the shadow of her nude body.  She was facing

away from it, toward the door, hiding it behind her so that Jeff wouldn't

immediately notice it when he came in.  She wasn't entirely sure how he'd react

to the knowledge of her new toy.  There were a lot of people who weren't as

open to that sort of thing as she had so recently discovered herself to be.  It

was quite possible that he would reject her, that he would be as disgusted by the

idea of using the City as a sex to as she was aroused by it.  Despite these

doubts, she couldn't get images of his member engulfing the City's largest

buildings in shadow.  Carak a deep breath and bit her lip, her fingers moving

ever closer to her slit.  She heard footsteps on the stairs.  He would be coming

in any second... And there he was.  The door swung open.  He entered heroom

and his head turned straight to her.  She saw the glow of recognition as he

realized she was already naked.  He walked over to her and threw her down on

the bed.  Her perfect ass rolled over a portion of the City.  She moaned,

reaching for his crotch, undoing his zipper as their lips met.   His cock was freed,

and he rose off of her.  He took off his shirt as she removed his pants with one

hand and stroked his shaft with the other.  Her lips moved to his cock, and he

moaned in pleasure.  She looked up at him, giving him the kind of look that

she knew would just make him melt at a moment like this.  He lifted her up and

turned her over, so that her breasts hovered over the City and her ass faced

him.  There was a pause as he fumbled in his pants, puling out a condom and

slipping it on as quickly as he could. She felt him enter her, felt the force of his

pounding behind her, knew that his balls were surely wiping out thousands as he


took her from behind.  She wondered what it was like to be beneath the place

where their enormous bodies met...


Chavi was more terrified than she had thought she could be.   When the Giant

revealed himself, she had nearly fainted.  The sight of a giant man...the

theological implications...of course she didn't believe the bullshit they spoonfed

the masses to keep them compliant, about the Goddess being absolutely

perfect and above all other things, she was obviously just a girl, no different

than any of the other millions of girls in the world, and probably much less than

many people.  But the strictures of the church she had led for her entire life

seemed to have become embedded in her subconscious mind, so that seeing a

giant man, larger than the  new Goddess they had been given to by far, a girl

who was much larger than the girl they had belonged to...well, it was just too

much to bear. The Temple had survived the initial makeout, when the perfect

ass rolled over the part of the City situated closest to the Goddess, but when the

New Goddess' face and breasts had taken up the sky in much of the  city, Chavi

looked down between the girl's legs to see another pair behind her.  And

between those legs, a penis the size of which no one in the City had ever dared

to imagine, large enough to eclipse the City alone.   The enormous pair of

testicles underneath the cock struck the Temple in the first thrust into the

Goddess.  Many had perished then.  Not Chavi.  Aside from the indignity of

survigint that, she had gotten stuck to some spit on the giant testicle, and had

a very close view of her Goddess getting fucked from behind.   The cock pulled

out, and Chavi had an excellent view of the Goddess' ass.  Her legs were quite

long, leading down to an enormous pair of feet.  She saw some debris falling

down off the side of the bed, and watched the Goddess move her foot-perhaps

subconsiously-over, and crush the chunk of City under her little toe. How many

thousands of people were just wiped out under that foot? wondered Chavi.  Not

nearly as many as are already dead, or dying, or stuck to this cock or that cunt

in the sky.  The man stopped moving. She heard him say something to the

Goddess.  She looked up at him.  They spoke for a minute, their voices slowly

growing louder, the Goddess' hand slowly moving toward the man's cock, and

then suddenly he bent over, shouting at her, and Chavi saw his face for the first

time.  Piercing blue eyes, and short brown hair.  He had a look of disgust on his

face.  Then there was darkness.  She screamed as she realized where she was.  

The Mome of the Aleis Borem Order was trapped on a man's scrotum, a mere

speck among countless others, all of them lost in a dark, hot, foreign-smelling

cavern.  Then the walls contracted.  That was Jeff zipping up his pants.  


Cara was crying.  She couldn't believe it.  Jeff, the boy who had the night before

whispered in her ear as he drifted off to sleep that he loved her, had screamed

at her, called her horrible names, and left her on her bed with tears in her eyes.

  "Fucking whore!  Fetishist pig!  I can't believe I stooped low enough to the

fucking ground to sleep with someone like you!  You're fucking disgusting!"

Those had probably been the most hurtful things she had ever heard.  As she

cried, naked and alone in her room, her mother out of town, her tears fell down

on the city beneath her.  Hundreds of thousands drowned as she sat in silence,

save for the occasional sob.  Eventually, she lay down, crushing millions to death

as she got comfortable enough to drift off to sleep.  Her last thoughts before

she faded from consciousness weren't of Jeff and the emotional pain he

had caused her, but of Becca, her smile, her hair, the feel of her breasts...

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