We Help Each Other Get By by Greenanon

When a mysterious shrinking phenomenon hits the planet a man who had everything finds himself alone in the world... with the exception of one old friend, a lazy and perverted NEET who doesn't know what she wants out of life.

This is a story with a smelly and lazy NEET giantess, you've been warned


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Chapter 1: Shrinking Day by Greenanon

Jake Anderson had it all. He was tall, handsome, a straight A student who had the luxury to choose between athletic and academic scholarships when he went to college. He’d not only made the Dean’s List for his excellent grades he’d also been the backup quarterback when his college football team had won a conference championship. Things had only gotten better for him as he’d been offered a lucrative job at a large investment firm in a nearby city.

He was home this week after his recent graduation, going by what was said on facebook he was going to go on a weeklong trip with some friends of his before moving to the city and starting his new job. Wearing his old high school letterman’s jacket as he walked down the driveway he could have almost been promotional art for a 50’s movie.

Kacey grimaced, “Look at him,” she muttered, “King of the normies.”

A beep behind her told her that her chicken tenders had another minute in the microwave. Normally that would have alerted her parents who would have tried to come by and give her a talk about responsibility or getting her act together, but today she’d avoided them by waiting until they had already left for work to come up from the basement. She’d spotted Jake through the front window while she sat at the Kitchen table, he made more interesting viewing than the digits on the microwave counting down.

“Probably has some lame Stacey of a girlfriend,” she muttered. “I’d show you what a REAL woman is.” Her hand drifted below her waistband a moment and she gently touched herself. “I’d rock your world Jakey!”

It wasn’t true of course, Kacey’s primary sexual experience came from her embarrassingly large pornography folders, much of it hentai. Still, pathetic though it was, in her fantasies she was sexy, confident, and commanding.

“Yeah,” she muttered, “You’d be begging for it-“

“Kacey!” She froze, he was waving at her? He’d spotted her through the window! Her heart skipped a beat and she forced herself not to look down. Nervously she waved back, could he see where her other hand was? No, the window was too high, she tried not to sigh with relief.

“Oh god no,” she muttered as Jake started walking across the street with a smile on his face. Was he… was he coming to say hi!? She quickly ran to the sink and washed her hands. She caught a look at her reflection in the microwave and grimaced. Did she have time to comb her hair? She lifted her arm and took a quick sniff and grimaced, when did she last shower? What day was it anyway?

The doorbell rang out and she swore, taking a final minute to try to at least get some of her hair straightened out. Could she just… not answer it? No, he already saw her… and he’d be staying at his parent’s house all week.

“Fuck me,” she muttered as she went to open the front door.

“Kacey!” Jake said cheerfully, “I saw you in the window there and I wanted to stop by and say hi! I haven’t seen you since winter break!”

“H-hey,” she mumbled, looking up at him.

Standing here in front of him really made the contrast hit home, Kacey was a short girl, with frayed brown hair and greasy skin. If Jake was a 1950s diner ad she felt more like the cover of a garage band album. The loose-fitting anime T-shirt and pajama bottoms hid her figure a bit, but she always figured there wasn’t much to hide, especially to a guy like Jake who was probably used to busty cheerleaders and coeds.

“Oh sorry,” he said apologetically, “Did you just get up?”

“Uh yeah,” she lied. The truth was she’d been up all night and was about to crash for the day.

“So how did that whole art school thing go?” he asked, “are you working for Disney or something these days?”

“Ah,” She muttered, “It just wasn’t for me. I’m kind of figuring out what I want to do right now, you know?”

“Oh, for sure,” he said, seemingly oblivious, “I had a couple offers on the table towards the end of the semester, like I’ve always wanted to go into the financial sector but one of my professors was telling me I should look at energy.”

“Y-yeah,” Kacey muttered.

“Hey,” he said, sensing her discomfort, “Enough about jobs or whatever, I’m meeting the old gang down at Ralph’s tonight for a few drinks, you should come!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she muttered, “I haven’t really uh, kept in touch.”

The truth was that Jake’s friends didn’t care for her at all, and she was pretty sure she’d only been tolerated by them in high school because Jake had always invited her to things. And that was the worst part of it, really, Jake had always been nice to her, insufferably kind even. He’d always gotten her a birthday gift, remembered to stop by and say hi on his visits home. It was to the point where during their first year of high school she’d been waiting for the proverbial bucket of pig’s blood a la Carrie, but it never came. Over the years she’d come to the almost grudging realization that he really did want to be her friend.

She’d had a brief period where she thought that maybe he LIKE liked her, but then she’d had the crippling realization that he tried to be nice to almost everyone he knew. How? How could a guy like this exist? It was like the universe had created a perfect man to dangle what she’d never get in front of her!

“Oh come on Kace,” he said with a smile, “You need to get out a bit! There might be some single guys there…”

The only guy she wanted was standing in her doorstep, but she nodded.

“All right, sounds fun,” she muttered, “I’m going to uh, go get dressed. Big day ahead you know?”

“Yeah, totally,” he said, “I’ve got to go down and buy a suit for work, catch you later!”

“Catch you later,” she repeated, watching him walk away. With a sigh she went back to the microwave to find her chicken tenders had gotten cold while she’d talked to Jake. She ate them anyway, trudging back down to the basement to crash in her bed.

Kacey had nearly had a panic attack trying to decide what to wear. Ralph’s was a bar right? She wouldn’t need anything THAT fancy, but at the same time she had no idea what a person wore just “out,” she hadn’t been “out” with people in years. She finally decided to go with a simple flannel shirt over a tee, with a grimace she looked at her wild hair and searched desperately in her desk for a hair tie or a scrunchie. She found a rubberband a shop clerk had used to hold some of her manga purchases together and decided it was better than nothing.

She was walking upstairs to leave when she noticed her parents sitting at the kitchen table, “Kacey dear,” her dad said in a firm voice, “We need to talk to you a minute.”

She felt a pang of dread as she nervously sat down, “H-hey guys, what’s up?” she asked.

“We’ve been talking,” her mother began slowly, “and your father and I believe it’s time for you to move out.”

“WHAT!?” she exclaimed, “I don’t have a job! I don’t have any money!”

“That’s the problem dear,” her dad said with a sigh, “you’ve just been… treading water since art school didn’t work out.”

“I could go back!” she protested.

“No,” her mother said quietly, “We’re not paying for that again, it’s time for you to figure out how to be an adult on your own.”

“Don’t worry dear,” her dad said, putting a hand over hers, “We’re going to give you until the end of the month, and we’ll give you a few months rent to help you get on your feet.”

“Try not to let this ruin your night darling,” her mom said.

“Fat fucking chance,” she muttered, pulling her hand away and storming out the door. She paused and groaned. Slowly she trudged back inside and forced herself to look at her parents, “Could I… borrow some money?” she asked sullenly.

With a disappointed sigh her dad reached for his wallet, “Didn’t I just give you fifty dollars yesterday?” he asked, handing her some folded bills.

“Uh, I don’t remember,” she lied. She didn’t want to admit she’d spent it all on manga and anime figures again.

Ralph’s wasn’t anything special, but Kacey still had to take breath before entering. She’d never actually been out to a club before. She looked around and quickly spotted Jake, seated with some people she recognized. She grimaced as she saw wedding rings, shirts, ties, they’d all moved on. Jake spotted her and waved her over, as she approached her stomach dropped. Seated to Jake’s right was a buxom blonde with silky hair and perfect makeup.

“Kacey!” Jake said, “you made it!”

“Yeah,” she chuckled nervously, “I was uh, able to move some stuff around and find time.”

“Cool,” He said, “This is Stacey, my girlfriend.”

Oh god, Kacey thought, she’s actually named Stacey.

“Nice to meet you,” the girl said, reaching over to shake her hand.

They all started talking about what they’d been up to, Kacey mostly just kept silent, staring into the drink she’d ordered. She knew nothing about cocktails or beer, so she’d just pointed at the menu and hoped for the best. The sour, burning mixture she’d gotten was a harsh reminder that she was out of her element.

“So Kacey,” Stacey said, causing her head to jerk upright, “You’ve got to tell me, what’s the story with you and Jakey here?”

The rest of the table quieted and it seemed like a dozen eyes were staring at her, “Well,” she began nervously.

“Did you guys date or something?” Stacey asked.

“Oh no,” Jake said, before she could, “We were just friends.”

“Ah forget that!” one of his friends drunkenly chortled, “That girl had the biggest crush on you!”

“She was always drawing in that little notebook of hers,” another guy said. Kacey’s face burned with embarrassment at the mention of her old sketchbook, and the fact that they were talking about her like she wasn’t even there.

“Y-yeah I just liked to draw stuff,” she mumbled.

“Freaky stuff if I remember,” one guy muttered.

“Hey guys,” Jake said suddenly, “Come on, let’s just all have a good time, okay?”

“Oooh!” Stacey asked gleefully, “what kind of freaky stuff?”

“Lots of that anime stuff,” the drunk guy said, “Sometimes in the nude, right Kacey?”

Her face burned red and she tried to sink into her chair, it was like high school all over again.

“Hey!” Jake said, a bit louder this time, “Come on guys, a lot of artists practices nudes and Kacey’s a professional.”

“Really?” Stacey asked smugly, enjoying the other girl’s embarrassment. “Where do you work?”

“I’m uh… looking,” she lied.

The conversation thankfully turned to the local sports teams, along with a few people asking Jake why he didn’t want to go pro. Kacey didn’t know much about football, so she had no idea if Jake was being modest or not when he said he didn’t have the talent for the NFL.

At some point she got up and wandered outside. Ralphs was on a riverfront, so she leaned over the guardrail and looked at the water a minute. Had she been here long enough to just leave? Did she have to say goodbye?

“Hey stranger,” Jake said, joining her.

“Hey,” she muttered.

“Sorry about the ribbing back there…” he sighed, “I forgot how those guys can be kind of…”

“Assholes?” she muttered sullenly.

“Yeah,” he said, “I guess I didn’t notice it much back in the day. Follies of youth right? Sorry they were giving you shit…”

“No,” she sighed, “It’s true, I used to draw anime guys with dicks all the time in school, it was fucked up.”

Jake shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe all that practice will get you a job in the dick-drawing industry. They were some GREAT dicks Kacey.”

She giggled and shoved him playfully, “Now YOU’RE making fun of me!”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile, “but if it’s any consolation I thought your stuff that wasn’t dicks was always pretty good.”

“The professors at my old art school didn’t think so,” she muttered.

“Then fuck ‘em.” Jake muttered, gently flicking a pebble off a nearby concrete bollard into the water.

“Jake!” Stacey called, “Come back in! We’re ordering you a dessert!”

He sighed and smiled, “You coming?” he asked Kacey.

“In a minute,” she said. She was still thinking about just heading back home.

Stacey waited until Jake went back inside the bar, and then walked over to the riverfront herself.

“Hey,” She said, “Wow, so you’re the hometown competition huh?” she laughed a bit drunkenly.

“Excuse me?” Kacey asked with a frown.

“I’ve gotta admit,” Stacey said, “when Jake said he invited some girl named Kacey out I was worried it was going to be some sweet and pretty girl next door type.” She broke out into laughter again, “But damn! I never expected a pity case.” Her face went sympathetic a moment, “That’s Jake for you though, always seeing the best in everyone, trying to be everyone’s friend.”

Kacey just glowered at her, “Whatever,” she muttered.

“So listen,” Stacey said, leaning back against the railing, “Just between us girls? I was going to give you the “stay away from my man” talk, but I don’t think we need to do that, do we?”

“No,” Kacey said glumly.

Stacey brightened, “Jake is a catch, he’s MY catch, and once we move to the city together next week you’re probably never going to see him again anyway…” she giggled, “Well maybe you can look at our facebook photos.”

Stacey leaned in close, “You want to know something really fucked up?”

Kacey wrinkled her nose at the alcohol on the other girl’s breath, “what?” she asked.

“I’m fucking one of Jakey’s old teammates!” she giggled.

Kacey’s eyes went wide, “You bitch!” she almost shouted. “When Jake finds out-“

“How is he going to find out?” She mocked, “if you go in there and say anything you’ll just be some sad little loser girl trying to throw a wrench in his relationship.” She giggled again, “that’s why it’s so funny to tell you! Because you can’t do anything about it!”

“You’re a sociopath,” Kacey muttered. Her heart sunk as she realized the other girl was right though, who would believe her? She’d look like some lovestruck fool.

“Now if you’ll excuse me,” Stacey chuckled.

She turned to walk back into the bar, suddenly there was screaming, not just from inside the bar, but from almost every restaurant down the line. Kacey’s eyes went wide as she looked at the panicking people. Instinctively she shoved past Stacey and ran back into Ralph’s. The place was in an uproar, she looked around for Jake, but where he’d been sitting there was just a pile of clothes.

“Jake!” she shouted, forcing her way past the other drunken patrons, many of whom seemed to be in a shocked stupor. She looked down at his shirt in a panic, she lifted it up and her eyes went wide when something tumbled out.

It was Jake! But he was… Tiny!? He looked like he could fit in the palm of her hand!

Jake groaned and stood up on the massive chair, with a start he realized he was naked and tried to cover himself.

“What the hell happened?” he shouted in a panic. Where was he? Was this… his chair?

“Jake!” Kacey called from somewhere overhead. He looked up and stammered incoherently as he saw her looming over him, larger than the statue of liberty.

“Kacey,” he breathed, “you’re hug-“ he looked around and realized it wasn’t Kacey who had changed. He felt himself begin to get lightheaded as he passed out.

Kacey grabbed his tiny form in both hands and rushed out of the bar. She had to get him to a doctor!

For the afflicted, Shrinking Day, as it came to be known, was the first day of a new world. The earth had, according to NASA, been bombarded with a strange radiation of unknown origin, activating unknown parts of certain people’s genetic structure. The effect had become apparent immediately, two percent of the population was permanently reduced to a height of no more than a few inches. In the chaos that followed the families and loved ones did their best to care for the afflicted, and gradually, order was restored.

Scientists were baffled, everything known about the laws of physics and biology seemed to be violated by the phenomena. Research continued, but gradually things fell back into a routine.

Kacey walked into the hospital ward where the shrinkees were kept, her visitor’s badge bouncing back and forth on her Lanyard. She waved to the nurse, who buzzed her in. A series of glass terrariums were lined against a wall, each containing a tiny man or woman. They were decorated with doll furniture, though most of the small people just had simple robes fashioned out of Kleenex.

“Jake!” she said happily as she opened the top of one on the end. Her old friend looked up at her and smiled.

“Kacey! It’s nice to see a familiar face around here!” he braced himself to be picked up, and tried not to shiver as her immense fingers coiled around him. Being carried was another reminder of how small he was. Her hands were a bit clammy, and he felt the tissue draped over his tiny body condense against his skin.

She swiped her visitor badge and carried him outside, “Hold on there,” the Nurse said suddenly, “you want one of those little people you’ve got to check them out.” She pointed at a notepad. With a sigh Kacey walked over and scrawled her name next to Jake’s picture, along with the time and where she was going.

“This is so humiliating,” he muttered once they were farther down the hall. “They treat us like we’re hamsters or something.” He sighed, “we don’t get a ton of outside contact in here Kacey, they’re not trying to keep it secret from us or anything, they just don’t give a shit.” He was quiet a minute, “I’m kind of worried that treating us… shrinkees, like pets is kind of the way things are going out there.”

“Yeah,” Kacey said quietly as they walked out of the hospital, “I mean… a lot of people are already talking about where you guys should be, legally I mean.”

He shuddered, “We’re the same as we always were! We’re just smaller!”

“Yeah but,” Kacey thought how best to put it, “you’re like… more vulnerable.”

He scowled, “The nurse stepped on me during our “exercise time” and it just felt like someone put a weighted blanket on me. I think we’re fine.”

“Wait really?” Kacey asked with a grin, “did you just bounce right back or-“

“Okay maybe it hurt a little,” he admitted, “but my point is we’re not totally helpless you know?”

They reached a small garden outside the hospital and Kacey sat on the bench, she’d made a decision and now she was going to go through with it. She breathed in slowly, he saw her uncomfortable look and gazed up at her. This was it, she’d resolved to tell him what Stacey had said no matter what the fallout would be.

“Jake,” She said slowly, “I’ve got some bad news.”

“Oh of course,” he muttered, “MORE bad news, you know Stacey left me?”

Kacey blinked, “What!?”

“Yeah, she told me she wasn’t going to spend the best years of her life taking care of a mouse sized man…” He swore angrily, “That asshole Brad was with her, I think they’ve been hooking up.”

Kacey’s heart fluttered a bit, and she had to fight down excitement. For once everything had worked out for her!

“Do you want to know what’s really messed up?” Jake asked.


“She said I finally matched my size, down there, like who the hell says that to someone in this situation?”

“That’s ridiculous!” Kacey exclaimed, “Jake, trust me it’s a good size, big even! I mean proportionally.”

“Yeah I know she’s full of it,” he said angrily, then paused, “Wait… how would you-“

Her face went red, “Well you were naked when I brought you to the hospital and-“

“You brought me in?” He asked, “Huh, they never told me that, thanks Kace.”

“N-No problem!” she said. He didn’t need to know that she’d stopped in the parking lot and, worried she’d never have the chance again, taken a good long look at everything before turning him over to the nurses.

“So, you had some bad news?” He asked.

Since Stacey was already out of the picture she took a minute to think of something else she could tell him, “I uhh… my parents are kicking me out on Friday,” she muttered.

“That sucks,” Jake said, “I’d let you stay with me, but I’m living in a fishtank.”

“How long do you have to stay here anyway?” She asked, gesturing at the hospital.

“Whoever signs me out gets some kind of legal custody over me,” he said angrily, “My parents came by and wanted to take me, but they’ve pretty much decided I’m never leaving the house again. I don’t want to live like that, so I refused to go with them until they change their mind.” he sighed, “Other than them and Stacey nobody’s come by to see me… except you I guess.”

“So do you think you could still… work?” She asked. It was a tender topic, and she didn’t want to kick him while he was down.

“I still know everything I knew about investing and money management,” he said, “If someone gave me a chance… sure I think I could do it, maybe I could have a secretary type for me or something.”

Kacey had a sudden flash of inspiration, holding the tiny Jake in her hand she gently stroked his hair. He flinched a bit, but let her continue as she sat in silence, thinking over the possibilities.

“Jake,” she said quietly, “What if… what if you and I moved in together?”

His eyes lit up, “You’d want to do that!?”

She bit her lip, “Uhhh… Jake, I feel like I should kind of come clean before we go any further… I don’t really do a lot, like ever.”

“You’re just figuring stuff out,” he said dismissively.

“No, like I haven’t worked or gone to classes or anything for years…”

He was quiet a minute, “That’s fine,” he said, “I mean… I can’t really do anything without someone who’s still big, just let me handle the money side of things okay?”

Kacey felt the blood rising to her head, a sense of euphoria she’d never felt engulfed her. Was this really happening? Jake was single, and she was moving in with him? Somehow the fact that he was a few inches tall didn’t even matter to her. This was like a dream. Maybe he liked… certain things too? She decided to press her luck.

“Jake,” she said suddenly, “Do you know what hentai is?”

“No,” he said, “sounds Italian.”

“Yeah!” She said, hoping he didn’t notice her blush, “It’s uhh… a type of noodle. I was just thinking about lunch.”

Swing and a miss, but still, things were looking up.

Kacey had practically skipped home, and while she’d been putting it off for weeks, she managed to find a suitable apartment within an hour of searching. She’d gleefully told her parents she was moving out a few days early. When they’d handed her the check for the first few months rent in shock she’d smirked at them smugly and told them not to worry about her.

“Last chance to back out,” Jake said as she’d filled out the hospital discharge forms.

“Never!” she breathed as she signed the form designating her as Jake’s “shrinkee guardian.”

The nurse ushered them into a small room, “Okay,” she began, “here’s your meter,” she said, handing Kacey what looked like a small remote with a screen on it.

“Meter?” she asked, confused.

“It tells you how big your shrinkee will be tomorrow,” the nurse explained, “the shrinking fluctuates, a couple of times a month he might be a different size, but most days he’ll be the standard three inches.”

“Yeah,” Jake said, “So far I only went from three inches to two and a half, then back.”

“W-what kind of a range are we looking at,” Kacey asked nervously.

The nurse shrugged, “Some of the shrinkees go borderline microscopic, some even go up to a foot tall. Either way it’ll last up to thirty six hours at most, usually a lot less.”

“Microscopic?” Jake asked in a panic, “Why didn’t you ever tell me this?”

The nurse shrugged, “if your reading ever said you were going that low I would. Here, try it.” She put the meter in Kacey’s hand. Delicately she held it over Jake and pushed the central button.

“Three inches,” she read the screen.

“It looks like you’ll be your usual size tomorrow,” the nurse said, “I recommend taking a reading every night so you can make appropriate preparations.”

“Like what?” Kacey asked.

The nurse shrugged, “Whatever you want, if your tiny is going to be the size of a grain of rice for a day you might want to put him somewhere he won’t get hurt or lost.”

“Hurt!?” Jake asked.

The nurse rolled her eyes, “Don’t be a baby, you bugs are pretty durable, or don’t you remember?” She tapped her shoe on the tiled floor once and gave him a wicked grin.

Jake flinched, Kacey glared at her, but the nurse didn’t seem to care.

“This is it!” Kacey said excitedly, showing him the dingy one-bedroom apartment. “Look we’ve got a little kitchen, and a living room! And a bedroom!” She carried him in her hand into the bedroom and frowned, “I’m gonna need a blackout curtain for that window…” she muttered.

She gently lowered Jake down to the floor so he could wander around. He didn’t have much, just a dollhouse bed that was a bit big for him anyways and a few other odds and ends. He was still wearing that tissue-robe tied around his waist with a piece of string.

He was looking under the bed and wondering if he could make his “room” under there. He walked out from under the bed to ask Kacey what she thought.

“Hey Kace-“ He was suddenly slammed by a giant balled sock. He fell to his knees from the impact and looked up in horror to see an avalanche of clothes raining down on him. A pair of panties with an anime character he didn’t recognize landed on him, covering his whole body and blocking his vision. He felt the clothes continue to rain down and soon he was trapped. He quickly realized the pair of underwear wasn’t fresh, and a musky smell washed over him.

Kacey finished dumping out her clothes from the trash bag she’d carried in from the car. She’d meant to wash them before bringing them over to their new place, but she’d gotten distracted when her favorite anime forum had a discussion on Evangelion on the front page. She’d decided she could just wash them all later, and as she shook the trash bag to get the last sock to roll out the pile stood almost waist high.

She looked at the bedroom and wondered where she could put her gaming PC, “hey Jake?” no answer. She looked under the bed and didn’t see him. “Jake?” she asked again, a little worried. Where was he?

A muffled cry came from underneath the pile of her dirty clothes and she looked down in shock. She bent down and pushed the pile of old t-shirts and sweatpants aside, digging down until she reached the source of the noise. A bright pink pair of underwear had something moving underneath it. Hesitantly she lifted it up.

Jake breathed in deeply as the underwear came up and light came back, “Sorry,” Kacey muttered, “I didn’t see you down there.”

“That’s okay,” he muttered. He looked at the former pile of laundry, now strewn all over the floor. “Hey Kacey do you maybe need a laundry basket or something?”

“I think I have one out in the car, but it’s full of my anime figures and some other stuff,” she said. She turned to go bring another load of her stuff in from the car, leaving him alone.

Jake glanced at the panties that he’d been trapped under, they’d definitely been ripe… but oddly he found he couldn’t get enough of them. How long had she gone without changing those? Why did THAT of all things get him excited?

He shook his head, clearly this whole shrinking thing was still messing with his brain a little. He fought the odd urge to go back and take another look at Kacey’s underwear and decided to go explore the living room.

It didn’t take them long to get settled in, Kacey didn’t have much stuff and everything Jake needed could fit in a backpack. He set himself up a small “room” under the bed, with a few pieces of dollhouse furniture, an electric lamp, and even his old smartphone which he could just barely still operate at his size, so long as he leaned it up against something anyway.

“Well here it is, our own place!” Kacey said confidently, flopping onto the couch. With a grin she grabbed Jake off the floor and gently placed him on the coffee table next to a bag of Cheetos she’d grabbed from a vending machine outside. She grabbed them eagerly and tore them open.

“I’m going to start looking for jobs,” Jake said, “I mean, if I could find something that lets me work remotely I think I could get a good career going.”

“Wow,” Kacey muttered, shoveling Cheetos into her mouth. “You’re just not letting this shrinking thing slow you don’t at all huh?”

He sighed, “Kacey my life was ruined this month. Everyone I thought I could count on either moved on, or worse they want me to spend the rest of my life living like their pet or something.” He grinned, “I’m glad at least one person stuck by me, you know?”

“Oh no problem,” Kacey said, “I mean… it’s not like I had a lot going on… It should have been someone like me that shrunk, not a guy like you who had everything.”

“Don’t say stuff like that,” He muttered, “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

She felt her heart break seeing his expression, and she reached for him and hesitated.

Jake looked up at her and chuckled, “Are you trying to give me a hug Kace?”

“Uhhh…” she gulped, “You’re just… okay do you PROMISE not to take this the wrong way?”

“Shoot,” he said with a smirk.

“You’re really adorable, like I want to snuggle you right now.”

He stared at her. For Jake this was the lowest blow to his self-esteem yet, he’d lost his girlfriend, his job, and much of his independence… now he was “adorable,” like a bunny or something. He sighed and tried to think of what to say.

“Sorry,” she mumbled.

“No it’s okay,” he said with a sigh, “I’m just going to have to get used to it I guess. I’m cute now.” He gave her a smile, “maybe just ONE hug.”

She squealed and grabbed him, bringing him up to her cheek in a tight embrace in one of her hands. He gasped for air as he was pushed against Kacey’s skin. Once her heart stopped racing she slowly put him back on the table.

“I HUGGED JAKE!” she thought to herself.

“Uh, Kacey?” she looked down and gulped, his tissue-toga was covered in smeared Cheeto-dust from her hand, she saw with some embarrassment that it was in his hair too.

“ohmygod I’m so sorry,” she stuttered, “here let me help,” she reached down and tried to dust him off, but his outfit was just a Kleenex and some string, she yelped in embarrassment again as she accidentally tore it down the front. He tried to gather up the strip that had come off, but in the process it just seemed that he caused the haphazard garment to fall apart entirely. He huddled behind the tattered ruins of his outfit, trying to salvage some modesty.

“Here,” she said, reaching for him, “let me wash you off-“

“Can you just carry me to the sink?” he asked quietly.

Gingerly she cupped him in her hands, she didn’t want to make the situation any more awkward so she just stayed quiet. Still, her heart fluttered a bit.

Jake was similarly having some… odd thoughts. Kacey had clumsily covered him in cheese dust, torn his outfit off, and was about to wash him off in the sink. He should be angry, he should be embarrassed… He was… turned on? He hunkered a bit low, hoping Kacey wouldn’t see just how turned on.

For Kacey’s part she felt something poke part of her palm and almost stopped walking. That couldn’t be… Was he… hard? for HER!?

“Wash up,” she said with a slightly smug smile as she gently placed him in the sink. She squirted a few dabs of hand soap into the basin for him and turned the water on to a lukewarm temperature before turning to leave.

Jake sat in thought a minute, why was Kacey driving him so crazy? He was still hard and didn’t feel like it would go down any time soon. He’d known Kacey for years, was she cute? Sure, but he’d always seen her as more of a friend, and he’d always tried to be there for her since he didn’t think she had many other ones… She was just setting him off lately though, the shy little nerd was now a towering goddess to him and apparently on some level he was into it.  

With a sigh he scooped up some of the soap and stepped under the water.

Over the next few days they settled into their new home. Jake was searching for jobs that would take a shrunken man, Kacey was mostly grinding her party in various online RPGs. Jake was rapidly discovering that of the two of them, he was definitely the neater one. He wouldn’t have minded so much, he’d lived with slobs before, but it was a lot harder to pick up after someone who was one hundred times your size.

“Hey Kacey,” he shouted. With her headphones on he didn’t hear him, sitting in her chair and clicking rapidly while scrolling the mouse wheel. He sighed and walked up to her “battlestation.” Initially she’d wanted it in the bedroom but the first time she’d stayed up until 4AM shouting at Europeans in online matches was enough for him to ask her to move it to the living room.

Finally he decided to risk direct contact. He walked up and gently poked her in the ankle. She started and jerked around, he tried to dodge it but as she spun her chair he was knocked over by her socked foot. He wheezed as he was pinned under it when she stood up.

The world had found pretty quickly that victims of the shrinking epidemic couldn’t really be crushed, not easily anyways, but the feeling of being stepped on was still unpleasant enough that Jake tried to avoid it. What was worse was that Kacey apparently hadn’t changed her socks since at least yesterday, in fact he was pretty sure the last time she’d showered was before they’d gone shopping together a few days prior.

She looked around a minute and then saw him under her foot, grinning she lifted it off him, “Oops,” she said, “Sorry Jake.”

The gamey smell of her dirty sock lingered on him a moment. He felt himself almost wishing she’d kept it on him… He still wasn’t sure what to make of THAT desire, but whatever was driving this weird attraction to Kacey was only getting stronger. He’d had to fight the urge to stop and smell her cast off hoodie the previous day, and he found the petite brunette was occupying his private fantasies more and more… It was taking a lot of his willpower not to try to spy on her changing, not that she did often.

Kacey had stepped on Jake on purpose of course a part of her was really enjoying how easily she could push around the former football player. She tried not to do it too much, the poor guy had already been through a lot, and he was probably her best friend in the world… but sometimes she just had to give in to temptation.

“What can I do for you?” She said with a smile.

“Just take the pizza boxes out,” he said, “they’re starting to smell and I don’t want to get bugs, especially at my size.”

Kacey shrugged and tapped a chat button, “Back in a few guys.” She put her headphones on the desk and stepped over him.

He marveled as she did so, the long legs stretching into the sky above him, and the way that the sweats she wore stretched and showed the curve of her butt as she walked. He gulped and focused.

“You have a problem Jake,” he muttered. Being a football player during college he’d had all kinds of women throw themselves at him, and he always noticed a particularly pretty one, but he didn’t think he’d ever had this kind of an infatuation with a girl before.

Kacey returned a moment later and stretched, “You don’t really need to worry about bugs you know,” she muttered, “all of you guys who got hit with that shrinking radiation kind of… repel them or something, we could have a whole garbage dump in here and not get a single roach.”

“That’s probably for the best the way you live,” he joked.

She yawned, “Man, what time is it? I’m beat.”

“It’s 10AM,” he said with a chuckle. “Hey, how did you know about that bug repelling thing?”

“The government releases research updates on you tinies every Friday,” she said, “I skimmed one, mostly just boring stuff but you should probably check it out.” She beamed, “Hey did you know you guys can’t drown?”

He frowned, “Well I hadn’t tried drowning, but… really?”

“Well you probably can,” she admitted, “but they said most tiny people can go for a few hours without air, and it goes up when you get smaller.” She perked up, “speaking of, let’s take your reading and see if you’ll still be a three-incher tomorrow.”

She walked over to the counter where the small green remote with the display was waiting. Every day she scanned him with it to see if he’d be experiencing a size-shift, supposedly the average shrinkee experienced one once every two weeks, but Jake had only had a relatively minor one while in the hospital so far.

“Half an inch,” she muttered.

“HALF AN INCH?” He repeated, stunned. He would barely be able to walk around on the carpet, it would be like a jungle.

“Calm down,” she said, “it’s just for a day at most, right? I’ll just put you up on the coffee table so you don’t get lost, I can put on a TV show or something for you until you grow back.”

“I guess,” he muttered. “well I’ll just stay up late, they’re supposed to hit when I fall asleep.”

“Next time you fall asleep or…” she giggled.

“Kacey?” he asked uncertainly.

“I know you don’t spend as much time online as me, but you should really check out the reports,” she said. “You can either wait to fall asleep to trigger it or…” she made a jerking motion with her hand.

“I’m not following,” he said.

“You get off, cum, orgasm,” she said, fighting the urge to laugh.

“Are you serious?” he asked incredulously. “If I…” he repeated her jerking off motion, “Then that’ll trigger it early?”

“Look it shouldn’t be a problem for the rest of the day, right?” She fought down another yawn, “I need to crash for a few hours, we can talk about how we should handle it when I get up.” With that she used her toes to pull off her socks, leaving them where she’d been standing as she shambled into the bedroom to collapse after her gaming binge.

Jake wasn’t really sure what to do to pass the day. He usually did a sort of exercise routine by running laps around the living room, followed by some light weightlifting with Kacey’s spare change, but he wasn’t feeling it today.

He forced himself to apply for a few more jobs, and he had to admit he was beginning to get discouraged. He had enough in his savings to carry them for a few months, and Kacey’s parents had given her a couple months of rent, but the girl was burning through their cash faster than he’d expected. He still had to ask her what “Patreon” was and why she was sending so much money there every month.

He wandered out into the living room to kill some time, he laughed as he saw the crushed energy drinks littered around her computer. How long had she been going he wondered? She was usually gaming when he went to bed, and sometimes after he got up. He spotted the two socks she’d casually kicked off in the middle of the floor.

“I’m going to have to have a talk with her about picking up after herself,” he muttered. He walked over to them, not sure what exactly what he intended to do. They still had that strong odor, he found himself lingering on it… his mouth went dry as he realized he was quickly becoming aroused again.

“No,” he muttered, forcing himself to step away. Whatever was going on with him… he wasn’t going to give into it, not like this anyway.

He needed a distraction, he walked a lot faster than he normally would, almost a run, back into the bedroom. He took one glance up at the sleeping giantess before scurrying to his own “bedroom” under the mattress.

“Internet,” he muttered, “always interesting stuff on there.” After reading a few articles and watching a few sports highlights he felt himself start to calm down a bit.

Feeling a bit bored he found himself reading the government research reports Kacey had mentioned. Mostly it was things he already knew, Shrinkees were durable, shrinkees could, apparently, repel insects. Then there were some new ones, Shrinkees could see a few shades of purple full-sized humans couldn’t for example.

“Woopty fucking doo,” he muttered, scrolling further, “extra deep violet, totally worth being three inches tall…”

Reading one entry he felt his blood run cold, “Male shrinkees in prolonged exposure to female body fluids, particular sweat, saliva, and other excretions can develop extreme attachment and sexual fixation on the source,” he muttered, his eyes going wide. “Luckily this effect takes several days to weeks of consistent exposure to manifest, making it a non-factor for most shrinkees.”

He thought about all of the loose items of clothing Kacey had haphazardly tossed all of their apartment, Kacey the girl who got so caught up in her gaming marathons and anime binges that she would go days without remembering to shower. So much was starting to make sense, he’d basically been swimming in her pheromones. He groaned as he heard her shifting on the mattress overhead, he looked and saw her feet hit the carpet at the edge of the mattress.

“Kacey!” he shouted as loud as he could.

She paused, a moment later he saw her groggy face appear in the gap between the mattress and the floor.

“Hey Jake?” she mumbled, “What’s up?”

“We’ve got to talk.”

Kacey gulped as she read, and reread the article on Jake’s phone. He was on the coffee table while she sat on the couch, trying to process things.

“So I accidentally brainwashed you into thinking I was like, the hottest girl ever, by leaving all my stuff everywhere?”

“Apparently so,” he muttered.
“Sorry,” she said quietly, “I…” she sighed, “Do you want me to… find someone else for you to live with?” She blinked away a single tear, “I can’t believe I screwed this up, all I had to do was open doors for you and shit and I couldn’t do it without fucking up!”

“You didn’t know!” he reassured her, “And no, I don’t want to live with someone else, you’re the only one I feel like I can count on anymore.”

“Wow,” she said, feeling her heart flutter. “No one’s ever… relied on me for anything I guess.” She felt something else stirring too. “Uhhh… Jake,” she said in a somewhat sultry voice, “How bad are you getting it for me?”

“Pretty bad,” he admitted, “like… every time you walk around? I have to stop and watch. I almost stole one of your socks earlier…”

She giggled at his embarrassed face, and also to hide her own. This wasn’t a scenario she’d mentally prepared for in all of her fantasies about Jake… but she also knew from a few late nights under the covers with a phone and vibrator exactly how other women were still having fun with shrinking victims.

With her heart beating faster than a track sprinter’s, she slid off the couch and got on her knees in front of the coffee table. Jake watched in awe as she lowered herself down so her enormous face was level with him.

“J-Jake,” she’d tried for sexy and husky but it had come out a stutter. “If you wanted to play with something of mine,” she giggled but couldn’t help a nervous squeak on the end. She swallowed, “You could have just asked, but why borrow something when I’m right here?” She gulped, “Just say the word and I’ll play with you.”

He was floored, Kacey’s face was his entire world and he fought the urge to step back a bit. Did Kacey really want to… how would they even…

Something snapped in him, after all the bad hands dealt to him in the last month why couldn’t he just play this one and enjoy it? Being this close to Kacey was almost magnetic, her nervous little smile was driving him wild.

“Yeah,” he said, “You should uh… play with me.”

Kacey fought to keep herself from passing out, she blinked and forced herself to maintain the (hopefully) seductive smile. Reaching out she gripped the tip of his tissue covering and roughly pulled it away.

“H-hey!” he laughed in surprise, trying to cover himself.

“Not this time,” she growled.

She snatched him and pulled his arms to his sides. More out of surprise than anything else Jake pushed against her fingers with all of his strength, but her thumbs easily overpowered him. The thought brought a new rush of excitement as she drooled over his body.

Suddenly Kacey had an evil idea, and her grin spread slowly over her face, “Jake,” she said, “you’ve got a size shift coming up right?”

“Y-yeah,” he said nervously, “Down to half an inch next time I sleep or…” he gulped, “cum.”

“You’re not making it to sleep for this one,” Kacey giggled, “I’m going to force it out of you, then you’re going to shrink.” She nodded towards the abandoned socks on the floor, “Then I’m putting you in there while I do a raid with some friends.”

He was speechless at the thought, he tried to protest but Kacey just giggled and placed him back on the coffee table. She’d had some idea of doing a sexy striptease for him, but she was far too excited. Her clothes were tossed into the living room, joining the already impressive collection of cast offs. Her fingers nervously shook as she unclasped her bra and tossed it with the rest.

For a moment Jake thought her panties were going with the rest, but her thumb just hooked the elastic waistband and pulled them open slightly in the front. Her other hand came for him and he was plucked up by her thumb and forefinger, holding him gently by his torso. Gently she lowered him in, placing his back against the faded blue fabric before releasing him and withdrawing her hand. He looked up one last time into her hungry eyes before she released her thumb, causing the panties to snap shut.

The wild musky odor hit him first, as he moved he felt himself becoming entangled in her untamed hair. For a wild moment he felt he was being drawn in, but then he realized she was pushing him closer to her womanhood from outside the panties. He gasped as the fluids washed over him.

Kacey leaned back onto the couch and grinned, closing her eyes and forcing him into just the right spot. She moaned happily as her movements, combined with his, rapidly brought her where she wanted to go.

“Try not to cum down there Jake,” she said in a husky voice, “If you go down to half an inch in there…” she gasped, “I must just push you all the way in!”

He heard her and felt a small mote of panic somewhere, but it was drowned out by the rest of his senses. While the sensation of her rubbing his body against her wetness was amazing, he heard her give one final shudder and groan long before he was ready. A hand reached down and felt around for him, and he was pulled out the way he came.

Kacey giggled as Jake blinked in the light, he was slick with her juices and a few stray pubic hairs stuck to him. Gently she pulled them off, flicking them away with distaste.

“That was amazing,” he breathed.

“Since you’re still three inches tall it wasn’t amazing enough apparently,” she said with a wry smile. She gently brought him closer to her face, licking her lips excitedly. When he was about an inch away from her face her nose wrinkled, “Wow, is THAT what I smell like?”

“I love it,” he said eagerly.

She grimaced, “If you say so…”

She forced herself to bring him closer, and brought his midsection up to her mouth. Gently she brought him between her lips, and imitating some things she’d seen on the internet, slowly began rolling her lips over his manhood. Gently she would push her tongue forward against him now and then, causing him to spasm in pleasure as she held him against her face. After a few minutes he gave one final shake, sighing happily, before collapsing.

With a grin she licked her lips, drawing everything he’d given her in, and let him fall back into her palm. Even as she did so she saw with delight that he was getting smaller, and by the time his eyes opened again she had gone from a mere colossus to a true goddess, dominating his vision.

“Wow,” he breathed, “Kacey…” he wasn’t even sure what to say.

“I can’t really hear you at that size,” Kacey giggled, “You always sound kind of… soft at three inches, I think at half an inch it’s just too much.”

She stood up, causing her breasts to jiggle in front of him as she slowly walked to the counter, swaying her hips happily as she went. She grabbed the size meter and hovered it over him, he gasped, it was the size of a jetliner. This size was really giving him a new perspective.

It beeped and Kacey glanced at it, “It says here you’re going to be at this size for at least the next eight hours, after that it’s the usual, cum or sleep will put you back to three inches.” She giggled slightly, “You’ll probably appreciate those three inches a lot more now huh?”

Jake couldn’t reply to her, so he just gave a thumbs up, a smile, and nodded. She seemed to be able to see that much at least, and she returned the expression as she walked back into the living room. Holding him in her palm she began picking up her clothes. She caught sight of the socks from earlier and paused.

“Jake…” she said in a low voice.

She slowly walked over to the socks and picked one up, holding it in front of her tiny friend. She peered close to her palm, hoping to catch his reaction… Was that a smile? A thumbs up?

“Wow,” she said with a chuckle. She sniffed the sock once and pulled away, “Fine, if that’s what you want.” She dropped the tiny man in, peering in just once to make sure he’d had a soft landing at the bottom. Taking the end of the sock she tied it in a knot, trapping him. She held the sock up to her eyes, watching his struggled movements for a moment.

“Okay,” she sighed, placing the sock-prison on her desk next to her keyboard. She slowly started picking up the clothes strewn around the apartment. Playing with Jake’s apparent addiction to her had been fun, but she really wanted to talk to him with a clear head. For the first time in her life Kacey thoroughly cleaned her living space, picking up her clothes, changing sheets, even washing dishes. Finally, she took a long hot shower, scrubbing every inch of her body as much as she could. When Jake came out of that sock there wouldn’t be any extra “essence” of hers to mess with his head.

She put on a fresh set of sweats and a t-shirt advertising a discontinued soda. Happily walking back into the living room she plopped herself in her computer chair and untied the knotted sock.

Jake had been in a daze since she’d tossed him in, sensory overload didn’t even begin to cover it. He felt like Kacey was all around him, and the thought had driven him wild. When she dumped him out of the sock and onto her desk it had been a bit of a shock. It took him a moment or so to remember where he was, and as he looked up at the colossus that was Kacey he couldn’t help but smile. She had still damp hair and new clothes on, instead of the strong musk of her unwashed body a floral smell emanated from her, a shampoo maybe?

“Jake,” she said with an embarrassed smile, “I went and cleaned everything, you should get back to normal in a few hours and then we can have a talk about…” she sighed, “about us I guess, I don’t want you going crazy because of my BO when we do.”

He gulped and nodded, giving her an exaggerated thumbs up gesture. It made sense, he didn’t think he was totally in his right mind either. His head was already feeling clearer… though he couldn’t say he felt any regret for anything that had happened. If anything, he kind of wished she’d pick him up and start playing with him again.

She laid her hand down in front of him, “climb on,” she said.

He walked to her finger, laying on the desk. Did she want him to reach her palm? With a shrug he grabbed the tip of her index finger, nearly as tall as he was. Her fingerprint ridges made decent footholds and he climbed up easily enough. Kacey giggled at the sensation as he gently walked down her finger into her palm. Once there he saw the world spin as she sat up and walked to their coffee table.

“Just hang out here for a bit okay?” She said, holding him down to it. As soon as he jumped off she clicked the television on, she scrolled through the streaming listings until she found a show he’d mentioned he was a fan of in passing. She clicked it and made sure autoplay was on. The familiar grizzled marshal with a wide brimmed hat stepped onto the screen as the intro played.

“I’m on Season four!” he tried to shout, but Kacey just looked at him expectantly. With a sigh he gave a thumbs up, and she smiled. He could rewatch the earlier episodes, he decided. At half an inch there wasn't much else he could do, even just getting down to the floor was impossible.

While Jake enjoyed his redneck cop drama Casey found herself missing that raid she’d promised Jake he’d spend in her sock. She shot a glance over to the coffee table to make sure he was engrossed in the TV show on Appalachian law enforcement before clicking her way to the government site on Shrinkees.

“Male shrinkees in prolonged exposure to female body fluids, particular sweat, saliva, and other excretions can develop extreme attachment and sexual fixation on the source,” she read. She scowled as she read lower and then paused as she saw an asterisk with a hotlink. Eagerly she clicked it, causing the page to shift to the bottom.

“The “bonding effect,” as it has been dubbed in the media, will not occur unless there is significant underlying attraction and attachment by the Shrinkee towards the target.” Her heart fluttered as she continued reading, “It was impossible to induce the effect with strangers, but with long term significant others and spouses the effect manifested within hours…”

Did that mean… She felt a bubbly feeling in her chest. Did this mean... Jake had ALWAYS liked her?

“Fuck yeah!” she shouted. She spun her computer chair to see the half inch man looking back at her curiously from the coffee table.

“H-hey Jake!” she said weakly, “There’s… going to be another season of my favorite anime!”

She’d gently picked him up again and placed him in his doll bed under her mattress. It was always just a bit too big for him, now it was the size of his bedroom before he’d shrunk… and as he curled himself under the small knitted blanket it was surprisingly comfortable.

When he woke up it was closer to a normal sized bed, but one look at the boxspring overhead reminded him that he was still small, though not quite so small as he’d been.

Kacey gently sat him down on the same coffee table where she’d rocked his world the day before. She’d left a tissue and a long string of dental floss there, he quickly scurried to it and fashioned himself the familiar tissue-toga he’d been wearing since coming home from the hospital.

“So…” she began uncertainly, “We should probably discuss-“

“Be my girlfriend,” he said without hesitation.

Kacey gave a startled squeak and tried to collect herself, “I-I tried to clean everything up,” she stammered, “is your head feeling any clearer about… me?”

“Crystal” he said firmly. “We’re boyfriend and girlfriend now, it’s official.”

“Y-yeah?” she said excitedly. “You’re one hundred percent sure you’re not having withdrawals for me or something?”

“I mean…” he swallowed nervously, “I guess there’s no way to tell but I don’t think-“

They were interrupted by the sound of a cell phone ringing. Kacey quickly checked hers and frowned when she saw it was still locked.

“It’s mine!” Jake said excitedly, “Kacey, go get it!”

Leaving him on the desk she ran as quickly as she could, practically sliding over the carpet as she tried to reach his smartphone under her bed. She just barely made it in time and answered the call.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Hello,” a female voice repeated on the other end, “Is this Jake Anderson’s residence?”

“Uh yeah,” she said, “His cell actually, let me get him.”

Carrying the phone like it was a priceless artifact she gently placed it next to Jake and hit the speaker button.

“Uh, hi,” he said uncertainly. “Jake Anderson, how can I help you?”

“Let me introduce myself,” the woman said, “I’m Deborah Black, and I represent the investment firm of Raven and Ripley. We’ve received your application, and we’d like you to come in to our office for an interview.”

His heart leapt, “Mrs. Black,” he said slowly, “Before we go any further… are you aware that I am a victim of the shrinking phenomena?”

There was silence on the other end for a moment, “Yes we are aware,” Miss Black said finally, “We believe that, in the event we select you for a position, some accommodations can be made for a candidate of your caliber. Are you available this coming Tuesday at nine?”

“AM or PM?” Kacey asked without thinking.

Jake shot her an angry glance, but the voice on the phone responded without hesitation.

“Morning, coffee and donuts will be provided.”

“Sounds great!” Jake said excitedly, “I’ll see you then!”

“Looking forward to it,” Miss Black said. There was a click as she hung up.

Kacey and Jake were silent for a moment, then he crowed in triumph, “This is it Kacey!” he shouted.

“Wow this is so cool!” she agreed. She hesitated a moment, “Nine in the morning though… do you want me to drive you?”

“Yes, I want my girlfriend to drive me. You can handle one day of getting up like a normal person,” he teased.

“Girlfriend,” it hung in the air and made her feel giddy and bubbly all over again.

“I’ll set an alarm,” she said dreamily.

He looked down at the tissue tied haphazardly around him, “We need to find some doll clothes or something,” he muttered.

“You’re too small for Ken and Barbie stuff,” Kacey said, “but there’s a miniatures shop downtown that might have clothes in your size!”

“Suits and ties might be a bit much to hope for but anything’s better than Kleenex,” he said. “Let’s go tomorrow.”

“So you won’t be wearing these anymore?” she asked with a smug smile, inching her hand closer to the tissue.

“I guess not,” he said, nervously, “Why-“

She grabbed it and ripped it off in one motion, leaving him naked again, “Sorry, I don’t know how many more chances I’ll get!”

“Go crazy then,” he chuckled, but his laughter was cut off with a grunt as she swiped him off the desk.

End Notes:

This is more of a serial than a multi chapter story

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