A Visit to Sizeclub by babayzyz

When I read "Sizeclub - The place to go for every lover of small and tall women" while looking for nightclubs in my area, I knew where I had to go. Since my teenage years, I always loved taller girls. Could this bar be the chance to live my dreams?


This story will be a scenario I often imagine. I did not find any comparable stories, so here is my take on it. It is also my first story.


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This is my first story. I had much fun writing it, so please leave a review if you like it.

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Arrival by babayzyz
Author's Notes:


I read about it just yesterday, a club with tall women? I always wanted to experience being in a place filled with tall, sexy girls. So I figured, what could go wrong? Now here I am, standing in front of this huge building in the middle of nowhere. Only this flashing sign greets me. I stepped inside. 

Looks like a proper nightclub to me so far! Only that I got blocked not by a security guard, but by a pair of breasts. Magnificent breasts, directly in my line of sight. I looked up. "Like what you see already *giggle*", said the girl with a stunning face in front of me. I look up.

"Welcome to Sizeclub!" she said, "My name is Amber, I greet new customers." I looked at her in awe. The first woman I saw already met my expectations, her body was amazing. Apart from her face and boobs, she had a magnificent figure with a nice, round butt. She must be about 7”4’ I thought, comparing my 5"10’ frame with her statue. "I will call someone to show you around, okay?" Amber said smiling, "I'm sure you will have plenty fun tonight!". I was pumped to see Ambers coworkers. If the entrance lady is already this sexy, how would the others be? 

Then I gulped. After Amber called though her phone, I just saw a huge shadow behind the curtain to the rest of the club. Then she appeared. I looked directly into the middle of a pair of sexy white hotpants. Hips thrice as wide as my head. "Hey, I am Lizzy", she said. I could not speak. I looked up and down Lizzys body. her tights were thick, her booty was huge, her d-cup breasts not to speak of. But her face, it was so beautiful, I could not believe my eyes. Apart from her hotpants, she wore a tight fitting red tshirt with plenty of cleavage and a pair of red 6-inch high-heels boosting her to a height of at least 10”8’.

How is this possible? I thought, how can people be this tall? But I had no time to think about it, I was occupied with my increasing arousal coming from just looking at the two hot women in front of me. "Follow me, where we are going, there is more of what you seem to like", Lizzy said with a smirk. 

We stepped through the curtain. The club was huge. The ceiling was at least 300ft high. There were many men standing and sitting around the many tables and strip poles. The real highlight were the gorgeous workers though. And they were so tall! Every girl in the room was at least 6ft tall, many even taller than Lizzy! I spotted a huge girl, about 60ft in the middle of the room, dancing to a crowd of men throwing money at her.

"Yeah, that's Trisha", Lizzy said, sounding annoyed. "She is kind of like our show-off girl. Every guest just stares at her the whole time. Anyway, as you can see, we have the bar on the right, the dance floor in the center and places to sit scattered everywhere in between. Also, to the left are our, *private rooms*." I was intrigued. I always imagined this. "Let's find you a place" Lizzy said, going forward. As she walked in front of me, I could not take my eyes off her butt (I mean, it was right in front of my eyes, so..), I had to be careful not to bump into it with my face. Then I saw something strange. Her butt seemed bigger all of a sudden? It sure was nothing I thought.

While we walked through the club, I saw multiple booths, all occupied by one man alongside two to four women which were dressed only with the slimmest lingerie. They all seemed to get *very* good treatment. Some lay on top of a huge girl while petting with another, smaller but still very tall girl. Some were surrounded by about 8ft tall girls who ran their hands across the man's body. I could not wait to get my treatment, and I hoped that Lizzy would not just be my guide tonight.


I was so focused on Lizzy's body that I did not realize we arrived at an empty booth. I failed to stop and it happened. I bumped right into Lizzy. She turned around and grinned. "Could not hold back, could you?" she said, "let me sit down with you and I will give you more than just some jeansy butt in your face.". My arousal was already so pumped up, and now Lizzy offered me what I wanted! She sat down. Even when sitting down, her eyes were slightly above mine. Now that her face was not obstructed by her boobs, I could have a closer look on her face. Her eyes were deep blue, her lips nice and friendly. All around, I felt all tingly in my belly, she was just so stunning, I could not handle it. 

End Notes:

What do you think so far? The story starts for real in the next chapter.

Sit down by babayzyz
Author's Notes:

The action starts!

Lizzy gestured me to sit down. As I tried, she grabbed my torso and maneuvered me to sit on top of her lap. This was going too quickly. I just met this girl, and she wants me to sit on her lap? But I did not resist. Her lap was comfy. The top of my head came just below her chin, my feet dangling high above ground. "Let's get you a drink", Lizzy said. After my Martini arrived, she asked me: "How come you came here? I always like to hear about my customers- my boys motives". "Since I was a teenager, I always liked extraordinary tall women", I told her, "I read stories about them, watched videos of them, imagined them in my dreams. When I read the advertisement, I had to come". "This is perfect!", Lizzy answered, "I always dreamed of becoming a big girl, and here my dreams came true! I am so happy for you to have found this place. You do not know what you should expect, do you? I met many men with similar dreams, and they all were very *pleased* with our services here, if you know what I mean ;)". 

I did not have to hide it any longer. I was so aroused, all my hesitation was gone. I leaned back into Lizzy's breasts. She already understood why I was here. I felt a slight sensation beneath me, as if Lizzy's body was somehow, expanding? But I quickly focused on my crotch, where Lizzy's hand took a hold of my pants. "I know why men come here", Lizzy whispers into my ear, rubbing my already active member through my pants. "You seem special to me, you get special treatment".

I was so in trance. I sat on top of an incredibly hot girl, my head resting on her enormous breasts, my feet dangling and her hand massaging me gave me a feeling I never had before. I just slightly saw how she waved at some other girls. I felt close to climax. I really wanted it, two or three rubs to go, and Lizzy would have given me an orgasm just by massaging my pants. But she stopped. I looked at her. She said smilingly: "Not so fast, my love. There is something even better."

Three other girls came to our booth. The one as stunning as the other, one 40ft tall, the other two only about 8ft, all three wearing only tight red bikinis. "These friends of mine will help us." Lizzy said, "Come here friends, this guy needs good care." The tall one lay down in front of us. Standing next to her, her boobs were as high up as my waist. I could not beleive it. Then, Lizzy grabbed me and placed me right under the strap of the tall ones bikini top. I. fucking. lay. between. two. boobs. I was amazed that I did not cum this instant. "Hello gorgeous", she said to me, looking down into her cleavage, "Like it down there?". I did not need to answer.

The two 8ft girls did not stand by. Both of them climbed the tall one and layed down next to me on both sides. They wrapped their tall, gorgeous bodies around me, I could not move. Their soft breasts were pressing into either side of my head. Their hands ran all over my body. I felt how I never felt before.

The best was yet to come however. Lizzy leaned over me and whispered seductively: "Now that we have our bed, let's begin", ripping my jeans and shirt off of me. She herself already stripped down to her bright pink underwear. What am I doing here in the middle of the club, I thought to myself. Then she lay on top of me. Her breasts filled my entire vision, my member poked through my boxers into her stomach.

Exactly how I imagined it for years. Surrounded by tall, sexy girls, all willing to do anything to please me. I did not care why they were this tall, or why anything. It was real and I was enjoying it. Also, Lizzy was turning me on, not just sexually, but this had to wait for now.


"Girls, start!" Lizzy exclaimed. I felt two hands moving to my butt, massaging it under my boxers. Two other huge hands went into the front of my boxers and started their job. The tall one was using her arms to move and squeeze our room between her boobs. I was feeling it all. Lizzy on top of me moved on her own, rubbing all over my body. Her breasts pressed into my face. "Here you go" Lizzy whispered. Finally, I spasmed, having the most amazing and intense orgasm of my life so far. I trenched my boxers with my cum, my body covered in sweat. "Thank you" I sighed, passing out.

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Exit? by babayzyz
Author's Notes:


This is a story chapter, feel free to skip it.

When I woke up, I was still sitting in the booth, Lizzy next to me. "Are you ok?", she asked , "You were out for like 15 minutes! Or were we *that* good?". I could not answer. Moments ago, I felt in heaven. Now I felt exhausted. My drink still stood on the table in front of us. I took it and drank all of it in one go. "Someone had a good time I see", Lizzy laughed. "I mean, what could be better than living the sexual dream I had for ages?" I asked. "That's why you're here" Lizzy answered. "What now?" I thought. I never imagined anything beyond this encounter. I looked at Lizzy. Sitting next to me, her arm against mine, I felt comfy.

"I love her" I thought. Ever since I first saw her, I had this tingly feeling inside of me. I did not know what it was, I linked it to the incredible sight of the girl twice as tall as me. But now I was sure, I had fallen in love within an hour. I could not believe myself. I had to get out of here. "I can not love a 11ft tall stripper" I said to myself, even though a considerable part of me wanted to go with it.

"Thank you" I said to Lizzy, "You fulfilled my dream. You gave me the best feeling I ever had. But, I think I should go.". Lizzy looked at me with disbelief and - sadness? - No, how would a girl with her job be genuinely sad about a leaving customer? "But it isn't even midnight yet!" she called after me. I sensed the sincereness of her sweet sweet voice. But my choice was made. I had to leave this, or I would do something dumb.

When I arrived at the exit, I looked back. I spotted Lizzy, still standing at the booth where we sat. Something was off though. She looked - different. Did her knees not exceed the height of the table? Now her legs looked like they were normal sized? But I turned around and walked outside.

On the way to my car, I could not stop thinking about Lizzy. I really fell for her, I thought to myself. But what did my observation mean? I had to go back and check on her, I did not want anything horrible to happen to her. 

I went back into the club. Amber saw me. "You again! Not ready to leave yet? Or did you leave anything?" "Actually, kind of", I told her "I saw something strange happening to Lizzy when I left, I wanted to check up on her". "Did you leave her alone after she gave you *service*?" - "Yes" - "Do you think she liked you?" I remembered her tone when calling after me. Maybe Amber was right, maybe Lizzy was indeed really unhappy with me leaving so early. "Could be" I answered. "Oh no. I think I know what happened. You should go to the rightmost private room if you want to know what happened, she will be there."


I needed no second invitation. I rushed to the room Amber pointed out as fast as I could, my heart was racing.

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Secret by babayzyz
Author's Notes:

The clubs secret is revealed.

Another story chapter.

I walked across the club as fast as I could, ignoring every single amazingly sexy and tall girl I came across, I wanted Lizzy. When I finally arrived at the door of the private room Amber had told me to go to, I hesitated. What should I do? What did Amber mean with her mysterious voice?

I decided to just go in without overthinking anything. But, what was that? The room was empty! Did Amber lie to me? 

I looked around the room. There was a large king size bed in the middle, with a red blanket. Two lamps were positioned in the back. Apart from that, the room was empty. I examined the bed further.

Then came my shock. I first thought it was some kind of insect, there on the cushion. But when I checked, I saw her. It. Was. Lizzy.

There on the cushion. I never saw something like this. There she was, but not as the tall beautiful girl I knew her, but rather a 1cm tall tiny person.

"Lizzy, is that you?" I whispered to her. She was crying, but she signaled me to pick her up. So I carefully grabbed her with my right hand and brought her to my ear. What I was about to hear, would change my life for good.

"Yes, it's me. I can't believe you came back, I thought I was done for. When you came here, I felt something I never felt before. I think this is what people call love.", Lizzy said while still crying. My heart made a jump. She just told me that she loves me! "Lizzy." I answered, "I felt the same way, really! That is why I came back for you. You sounded so.. sad when I left. In the car, I realized that I had to at least tell you my feelings. But what happened to you? Why the hell are you so small?". She had stopped crying. "You know, this is a special place, right?", she asked. "I'm gonna explain it to you. Every girl who works here gets.. changed. This is how we all get so tall here. Somehow, this place makes it, so that a girl's size is determined by how sexually successful she ist. At least that is what we were told. If we make men feel good, we grow in size. As easy as that. Unfortunately, it also works the other way around. If a customer is not satisfied, we shrink, even below our original height. This usually wears off after a few days. Today was different for me though. When you left, I felt horrible. I started to shrink immediately, faster than ever before. I figured it must be because of our love, which I thought was over.". What? I could not believe what I just heard. But it all makes sense now, this is how everyone got this tall here. I only had one question left: "It just began!", I said euphoriously. "But what happens now? Will you grow back? Or do we have to love us some other way?".


"Well, I don't know", Lizzy said, "If the effect of love is as strong as the reverse, something should change soon! But before anything happens, go lock the door and come back to me please <3", she said in a seductive tone. Oh I was going to enjoy what came next.

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Ascension by babayzyz
Author's Notes:

Let the fun begin, Lizzy starts growing!

"Get naked and sit down before me", the still 1cm small Lizzy ordered me. I was intrigued by her command, so I followed it as fast as possible. Looking at my midsection, she exclaimed "Well something is going to change down there soon!" I watched her as she walked towards me. "What's your plan, sweetie?" I asked. "You'll see soon enough", she answered. 

I felt it when she grabbed one of my hairs and pulled herself up. She climbed my genitals like a pro. When she arrived at my base, she shouted "Let's go!" and started massaging me. Although, because of her small size she wasn't really doing anything, I still became aroused. She looked happy as she saw me grow where she was. Then she grew herself. "AAAHHhh", I heard from my midsection, as Lizzy tripled in height in a matter of seconds. "That felt GOOD!", she moaned, now reaching around my cock with her arms. "I can hear the blood rushing in!" She said amused. With her increased efforts, I grew hard pretty quickly. After I was stiff, Lizzy started to climb my cock. It felt amazing. "You are amazing", I moaned, as she started to massage and kiss my tip. The she grew again, now to about 10cm, about half the size of my member. 

She was now massaging me with her whole body. We both moaned. I felt an orgasm build up inside me. Lizzy must have felt it too, because she again increased her efforts.

I could not hold back any longer. I spasmed and ejaculated right about when Lizzy tried to kiss my tip again, drowning her in my cum. She flew off onto the blanket, covered in a thick layer of my cum. "That was so awesomely sexy", she said to me. I could not answer after my extasy. I saw her rolling around in my cum, stuffing it into her mouth.

Then she grew again. She was now about 25cm tall. "If you keep this up, you'll outgrow me in no time", I cheered. She looked happy. "Raise me to your face", she demanded. I did as I was told and brought her head to my lips. Then we kissed. It was an amazing feeling, because I could wrap my lips around her head quite easily, which she seemed to enjoy. "Oh I will totally try that with you later" she said.

I saw her rising up in my palm. She grew to 40, 56, 70cm tall. "You can't imagine how AMAZING this feels!" she moaned, while she grew AGAIN. I quickly put her on the ground and stood up myself. She rised up to about a meter tall.

She was looking directly into my crotch. I desperately hoped that she thought what I thought, because I got horny again. "Oh well then" she said, seeing my member rise up at her face. She stepped towards me, taking me into her mouth. Even if she had a small mouth still, it felt amazing. She sucked on me like no other girl did before. I was in extasy again, moaning loudly. I was about to climax again. She slowed down, transitioning to slower, more powerful suction. She swallowed all of my cum while I orgasmed, screaming her name. 

After she licked me clean, she took a step back. I knew what would come now. The small and gorgeous Lizzy in front of me started moaning and stretching as she slowly rose up in height. First my belly button, then my chest and finally my face, stopping about 10cm taller than me. 

I looked up at her, and she looked down on me. She was so gorgeous. She grabbed my head with her hand and pulled me to her face. We kissed for two straight minutes, intertwining our tongues in love.

While we were doing that, Lizzy continued to grow slowly. After two minutes, her head was too high up for us to kiss comfortably. At that moment, she grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. She came right after, jumping onto me with a big smile on her face. Then we started fucking hard.

Every thrust she delivered was getting stronger as she was continuously getting taller. I tried my best to grind against her. I was nearing orgasm again. Meanwhile, Lizzy was so big that her boobs bumped into my face every time she came down, which was incredibly sexy for both of us. When my mouth was about the level of her nipples, I took one into my mouth and sucked. She then slowed her thrusts and moaned while I was sucking milk out of her expanding breast. Then it came.

I felt my climax come closer and closer. At the same time, the milk flowing from Lizzy’s breast was so much that I could not drink all of it and it ran out of my mouth on all sides. Lizzy made the final thrust. I screamed, being in a whole new level of extasy. At the same time, Lizzy screamed too, her juices flowing from her vagina and her milk exploding out of her nipples. As I emptied my seed reserves into her, she grew. Fast. In a matter of 10 seconds, I felt how her body stretched out until she was the same height I first saw her.

Lizzy got on all fours and asked “Well, how did you like that, because I enjoyed it like nothing else!” I was too limp to answer. “Now stand up” Lizzy ordered. I did as I was told. Lizzy got off the bed and sat down on the floor. We looked at each other for a brief moment, before Lizzy took her long arms, grabbed me and dragged me into her embrace. I felt her giant breasts on my chest, my reactivating member at her stomach and her beautiful face against mine. We kissed again.

When she stood up, I was in awe again. Directly in front of my eyes was a giant, lustful, dripping clit, and I knew exactly what Lizzy expected of me. I dashed forward, burying myself in her womanhood. I scouted the cavern with my tongue until I found her g-spot. The moment I touched it, I felt a large hand push my head against her crotch. Strangely, I had no problems with getting enough air. I continued my efforts until I heard a loud scream. I felt how my girlfriend’s crotch was lifted off me into the air. Lizzy was growing again.

From down below I looked at her expanding form. 12 feet. 15 feet 20 feet. 30 feet. My head was below her knees. Her head almost touched the 33 feet high ceiling. “Well,” Lizzy said, “It seems like our interactions are a real catalyst for my increasing size”. I smiled back at her. It was like a dream. Looking up, I saw a now truly gigantic clit leaking cum drops, a majestic pair of breasts and a magnificent face peeking between them.

Lizzy lifted me easily with one hand and brought me up to her face, which was now almost as tall as I was. “I love you” we said both at the same time. I tried to kiss her, but Lizzy instead opened her mouth and took my head in. She licked my face all over. When she pulled me out, I was blushing. “Wow, I didn’t expect that”. “You realize that things like this will be the norm from now on?” Lizzy asked. I nodded with a big grin. “Well then, let’s try our experiment from earlier, shall we?” Lizzy continued. For a split second, I was puzzled. But when she brought me down, I knew what was going on.

My head hit her entrance. It slipped through without much hesitation, but my shoulders seemed to block further insertion. “This won’t last long” I thought to myself. I found her g-spot again and attacked it ferociously. I felt the world around me tremble until I heard the now familiar scream again. I fell to the ground, only to see the crotch of my girlfriend on the floor in front of me, rapidly expanding. It was getting clamped inside the room. When Lizzy reached 50 feet, she broke the wall to the rest of the club.

Many faces stared at the two of us, having heard a loud noise coming from our direction. They all seemed puzzled but were quickly occupied with their services again. I hadn’t noticed what Lizzy was doing until I saw a pair of 3 feet tall breasts descend before me.

I didn’t realize it quickly enough, Lizzy was going down on me as I just stood there. Her crotch came down with such a force, my body slipped right in without any shoulders blocking anything. She started fucking me again. I was getting dragged around the floor, into the air, in and out of her pussy, my member being hard all the while and getting dragged along her walls while I was in. I noticed her pace increasing as I noticed my arousal nearing climax again.

I screamed. Lizzy screamed. I was stuck inside her pussy. I felt how the walls around me expanded. I heard more screams. Then I saw two fingers larger than myself come for me. Lizzy grabbed me and pulled me out of her.

The scene was incredible. People in horror. Destroyed furniture. Lakes of milk and female cum all over the place. What had Lizzy done? Still, I was aroused by all of it. “This. was. so GOOD.” Lizzy said with her now very loud voice. “I love you”.  “But you know what? I want MORE” Lizzy shouted at me. “Please forgive me, but I need this” she said. Then I saw what she meant. With her palms much bigger than any of the men in the club, she scooped up two from a nearby booth and stuffed them into her pussy. Shortly after, she moaned loudly and her body began to expand.

“AAAAH” Lizzy screamed. “COME HERE, MY LITTLE FRIENDS, LET ME ABSORB YOUUUU” I just stood there as she took another two men and stuffed them inside her.


“What is happening?” I asked her. “I don’t really know” Lizzy answered, “Somehow, I know that I need them inside me. They go in and kind of just disappear. But their life force and lust get converted into my height gain! It feeels soo goood!!!”

The people in the club started to move towards the exit. Upon seeing that, Lizzy slammed her hand onto the floor in front of the exit. “Nobody is escaping ME!” she said, while grabbing the few that had almost reached the exit and absorbing them inside her pussy. Then she moved, which was not an easy task for the now almost 80ft tall gorgeous goddess. She sat down in front of the exit, blocking it.

“You still want to escape? Well, there is a new door for you to enter!” Lizzy said laughingly while pointing at her midsection.

Some people began to cry in fear, but others started to walk towards her entrance voluntarily now. It was a miracle. The scene in front of me was unbelievable. My giantess ever expanding girlfriend sitting at the exit, people hypnotically wandering towards her vaginal entrance and crawling into it, one by one. Others fucking before their certain demise.

I could just watch as Lizzy grew and grew. Over a course of 10 minutes, half of the club visitors disappeared inside her. She went up first to 100ft, then 140, 180, 200, 250. She was truly gigantic. Her pussy was so tall now that the men could just walk in straight up.

“This is too slow!” The giant girl stated. Then she suddenly reached out to me and grabbed me with her hand more than twice as tall as myself. She brought me to her face and kissed my entire body. “I hope you are enjoying yourself.” Lizzy said to me. “Of course I am, I could not be happier.” “Do not say something like that if you are not currently fucking someone!” “What are you thinking” I asked. “I know how much you enjoyed fucking me or rather getting fucked by me. Don’t you say you didn’t. I want you to have fun! And I think I know just the way”.

She put me down on her breast. It was so firm and soft, I sank into it. I slided down a little bit until I got stuck on her nipple. It was about as large as my hips. And there was milk. A lot of milk. It was almost like a river of milk flowing out of the nipple in front of me. In front of Lizzy there was almost a little lake of her milk. Some couples had chosen that as a good fucking spot too.

Then she appeared. It was Lizzy. Floating before me. “What” I thought to myself. “I am Lizzy, you girlfriend, remember?” The Lizzy floating before me said. “And yes, I can read your thoughts. All the power the original me absorbed, gave me the power to conjure multiple selves into the world. I control this world now. And I control you too. I see what you want.”

With that, she rushed forward and pushed me down onto the breast I was sitting on.

The ‘smaller’ Lizzy was about a foot taller than me. We kissed. I heard the big Lizzy moan. “Wait, are you-” “Yes, what did you think? Of course we are connected. We are the same. I am just Lizzy. The Lizzy kissing you and the Lizzy you are lying on top of are the same. They are just me.”

Then she started to fuck me. On her breast. Meanwhile, Lizzy had begun to use her arms and hands to push everything in the large room towards her midsection. Not just people, but also furniture was ripped off the floor and pushed inside her. She moaned and moaned, grew and grew.

I glimpsed at the floor below me. “What are you looking at” The Lizzy fucking me asked me. “Just at unimportant stuff”. It was true. Everything else was of no importance to us. She took the last person with her hand and brought her up to her face. “What an honor, you are the last one in this club to help me grow.” Lizzy said. Then she transported the woman, who was about 30 feet tall herself, btw. Into her pussy.

“Omg” Lizzy stopped fucking me for a second, “I think, something big is coming”. I do not know why, but I did not cum a single time since the second and I started fucking ontop of her breast, it felt if I was going to cum every moment for the whole time. But I was not prepared for what came now.

Lizzy started to shake. The big and the small one. Both started to scream. Then I felt something too. My climax was finally coming. I screamed. I felt the skin beneath me expanding, the skin above me too. But it did not stop. After 10 seconds, I still screamed. Lizzy screamed. 20 seconds, 30 seconds. I felt the cum flowing out of me, so much, that it seemed to have filled up Lizzy’s womb. It flew out of her pussy on all sides combined with her own cum, with no end in sight. After a whole minute, it finally stopped. I was drenched. My eyes looked at a belly button, my cock still inside Lizzy’s cunt. She must have grown.

But the smaller Lizzy was not the only one to have grown. Lizzy got off me and  I looked around. I was lying on top of a nipple. A nipple that had twice the diameter of my own height.

“She must be about half a mile tall now”, I thought. “Actually, it’s a whole mile” Lizzy said. Her enormous fingers pinched me and put me down onto the street. The club was just gone.


My car was still there. I walked towards it, but noticed something strange. It seemed so, small? The roof of it only came up to my crotch. Had I grown too? “Well, yes my dear” Lizzy boomed. “I figured it would be nice for you to feel a little bit like me, you know?

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Sex in the City by babayzyz
Author's Notes:

Lizzy abuses the nearby city.

I had to be around 12 feet tall myself now. Suddenly, the smaller Lizzy jumped onto me from behind. I fell onto the roof of the car under her weight; she was quite heavy standing two heads taller than myself. I turned around and found my head in her cleavage. “Let me out please” my muffled voice tried to say. She removed herself from me. What I saw before me was otherworldly. The big toe in front of us was about five times as high as I stood tall. My look went up, up and up. I was almost looking straight up when my gaze reached her pussy.

“Horny already?” Lizzy smirked. I could not deny it. I could not see my gigantic girlfriend's face behind her breasts, they stood out more than 800 feet, making her a J cup.

“Let’s try something interesting then!” Lizzy boomed. “See that tall building over there? Let’s go over there.” She started moving towards the nearest city. With only three steps however, she stood next to the skyscraper in the center of town. “Hurry up!” The smaller Lizzy said, grabbing me by my hand and jumping off the ground with a great force so that the two of us went flying. Within five seconds we had reached our destination.

The arrival of the goddess like Lizzy had caused some major trouble. Entire neighbourhoods were destroyed, people running away screaming. Upon seeing us, some froze on the spot looking up into our faces. “I have to get taller for this!” Lizzy told me “Do something about it”.

I knew what to do. In front of me stood one quite tall woman for normal standards, she was about 6”4’ with E cups. I stepped towards her. My member already getting ready, the girl knew what would come. “Lizzy!” I exclaimed “Come here and help me with this cute lady”. Lizzy came up behind her, pushing her forward with her legs until her head hit my tip and then further. The girl was now forced to suck at me while Lizzy grinded her dripping pussy against the top of her head. 

Rocking back and forth my arousal started to build as the girl started to touch herself while taking in my huge form. From before me, Lizzy came up to hug me. So we stood there, the girl deepthroating me, Lizzy grinding at her and hugging my face to her cleavage, all while the huge Lizzy loomed from above. I could sense her arousal starting to rise as well.

This was the moment she started lactating again. A huge drop of Milk came down upon the three of us. It was my call. I spasmed against the poor girls head, filling up her throat. Lizzy started to scream as well, drowning her in her juices. That’s when I felt the mouth around my cock getting smaller and smaller, I had to pull out. I looked down. I could not believe what I saw. The initially tall girl was getting smaller and smaller, but was pinned to Lizzys pussy, as if she was being sucked into it.

“That’s exactly what happens” Lizzy said. “OOOOH this is so gooooooooOOOOD, YESS GIVE ME YOUR ENERGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” she screamed as the girl shrunk and shrunk into her pussy. Moments later, the girl was gone. “Oh my god. I think that will suffice, along with the mass I stuffed into me while we were fucking” “Here it comes AAAHH”

With that, I could see her rise before me. But not only the smaller Lizzy grew, the tall one did too. While I watched her belly button rise above my head, her crotch stopping before my eyes, the tall Lizzy did not stop growing. She sat down, her legs reaching far beyond the end of town. Her tighs expanded, turning more and more blocks into rubble. Her screams shook the earth. She stopped at approximately five miles tall. Between her legs was the building we came here for, it was 2000 feet tall and 200 feet wide, but before her crotch it looked like a toy.

“Now come in you two!” Lizzy exclaimed. We made our way into the building, onto the top floor, which had a glass ceiling. Luckily, it was quite high so even the now 25 feet tall Lizzy could stand in there. “What’s the plan now?” I asked. “You’ll see”

I looked up. I was delighted when I saw what was coming. Lizzy had turned around, her gigantic dripping wet pussy positioned over the top of the building. “Here I come!” She came down, using the whole building as her sex toy. The building shook as it entered her cave of lust, I could see her juices coating it at all sides. I saw what I assumed to be her g-spot just in front of me. When it hit the building I could hear the Lizzy outside and the one next to me moan loudly. “Oh yes, please come here to me!” Lizzy said, reaching out to me.


She grabbed onto my already hard cock and started rubbing it with her large hand. It was able to cover the full length of it from the base to the tip. In the same rhythm that the larger Lizzy raped the building we were in, the smaller Lizzy rubbed my cock, and I moaned in unison with her. “Oh yes lizzy lizzy lizzy” I shouted. I could feel another orgasm build up inside me. “I think I.. Ahhhhh” I could not finish my sentence as I exploded and sprayed my cum onto the roof, as if I was trying to reach my gigantic girlfriend. Seconds later I felt the pink walls around us contracting, and a huge amount of womanly cum came flooding towards us. Lizzy screamed as her pussy crushed the building she was using, sending us to be washed out of her by her juices. I passed out. 

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Goddesshood by babayzyz
Author's Notes:

Lizzy grows to unimaginable sizes.


This is the final chapter.

I woke up. I looked around. I lay on top of a broken house, stretching from one end of the plot to the other. I had grown again. Next to me, I saw a familiar face, Lizzy was as tall as me again. She smiled at me. “Look behind you”.

I could not believe my eyes. I had to be around 100 feet tall now, but what was in front of me was unbelievable. Where should have been the rest of the city, a gigantic dark nipple was instead. It was so large that it flattened the whole thing. The corresponding breast filled my entire view, it seemed to stretch all the way to the horizon.

“I think I am hitting both coastlines now”, the 3000-mile Lizzy said amused. This was my girlfriend, laying on top of the United States like it was a bathing towel. How many towns did she destroy? “Do you care if..” She did not end her sentence, she simply moved her enormous hand to our side and shoved the area we were in towards her breasts, which she had lifted a bit. “Sorry my love, but I wanted to do this so badly”

I saw a mountainous hand rush to the nipple above us, squeezing it. What came down was, well some milk. A drop formed. It grew. And grew. Until it was a mile in diameter it continued to swell before dropping down. I felt like time was running slowly for a moment. I glimpsed at my impending doom, reaching out for my lover's hand besides me. She was my world now forever. We embraced. Then it came crashing down. I felt the huge pressure upon me, the milk invaded every of my entrances, filling me up. The milk started to flow in all directions, flooding the land around us. Miraculously, we survived. I spit out some milk my girlfriend dropped onto me.

We lay in a crater. Lizzy still held my hand and whispered: “Well, how was that”. “I don’t think I have to answer this” I said, pulling her into a passionate kiss. “Well then, there is nothing more I wanted to try with you physically” Lizzy said to me. What did she mean? 

Then I felt a gigantic hand ripping the ground beneath us up into the air. The huge Lizzy had sat up, I could see her monstrous cunt in the far distance approaching swiftly. 

She brought her hand up to her face, her eyes searching for me and the smaller Lizzy. “Oh there you are!” A 50 mile tall eye looked down on us. “I love you” “I love you too” “I cannot interact with you in any meaningful way anymore. One last visit for you” Lizzy said, lowering her hand.

One of her fingers took us away from the pile of land she was carrying, and approached her pussy. “Have some fun for me!!” Lizzy said as she shoved us deep inside her pussy, which was wet again. We hugged. As I saw gigantic fingers reaching in and out of her pussy, the smaller Lizzy moaned and started humping me. “This will be it” I thought to myself, giving everything to her to make her happy.

We fucked and fucked and fucked. As I was approaching my last burst, I felt Lizzy getting bigger. My mouth slipped away from her kiss, my face down into her breasts, my feet gliding up her legs. Was she growing? Or was I shrinking? It did not matter. All what mattered was my love for her and my arousal which took on unknown heights, as my face slid past her belly button. Then suddenly, a hand grabbed me by my waist. Lizzy brought me up to her face, which was as tall as I was. “Thank you” she said, kissing my face. That’s when I exploded. Lizzy started to look dizzy as orgasm hit her too. My seed flowed out of me towards her face, which continued to increase in size. I then passed out once more.

I opened my eyes. Around me, I could see expanding flesh. I was somehow still alive, and inside my girlfriend's pussy. Strangely, I saw gaps in between her flesh, as if I was looking at a wall made of cells. “Wait, maybe..” I started to think as I saw a round creature with a long tail swimming next to me. And behind it many others like it. “Could it be? Is this what happens when she absorbs someone?” I got bumped around by my own seed, until I saw a large round body appear before us. The sperms tried to swim into it, but they could not get in.

As it approached me, I heard a voice in my head. “This is your special treatment, I will love you forever!”. It touched me. It felt like I was sucked in by a slime ball. My hands, wrists, feet and legs disappeared, followed by the rest of myself. Inside, my body seemingly split from my soul. I could see how little machine-like creatures dissolved my body and brought pieces of it away. Then my view faded.

I regained my vision soon after and was granted with an interesting sight, I saw the earth from above. I looked down, but I could only see… BREASTS? What had happened?

“You silly little boyfriend” I heard me say. “Can’t you see? We are the ultimate couple now.” My consciousness had merged with hers. “I will love you forever. Nobody can stop us now”, we both said. I looked down onto the earth before us. How tall had her body become? How strong can our love be? I thought to myself.

She had to be around 15000 miles tall now. She hugged the earth. One of her breasts came down on North America, completely covering it and leaving it flooded in milk after she released it. “That felt good, but let’s finish this up.”

With that, I felt our body expanding. The earth started to shrink before us. It got smaller and smaller, past the size of one breast, until it fit like a flummy in one hand. “Now let’s use all of you up!” I started us getting aroused as she brought the earth down to her wet cunt, shoving it in.


Pushing and pulling, I felt arousal I’ve never felt before. I sensed how she felt the same way, we both combined our aroused souls approaching our shared orgasm. It hit us. We tilted our head back in shock and I felt her pussy crushing the earth inside it. Now nothing would ever separate us again.

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