Junko by Joyce Julep

Hey everyone! So this is a story I'm currently writing for a wonderful long-term patron, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. It's a prequel story to another one I wrote, "My Sister is a Demon." This story picks up directly after Chapter 5 of that story. 

Basically, the main character, Katherine Williamson, has abandoned her son Clayton to his fate: living out a year of servitude to the demon Asmodeus family (detailed in "My Sister is a Demon"). Katherine's late husband, Jonathan, had left her to serve Kazahana Asmodeus, but had died with one year left of his servitude remaining. Either Katherine or Clayton needed to serve out the remaining year, and instead of sacrificing herself, Katherine promptly volunteered Clayton, got in her car, and drove away. 

This story picks up with Katherine driving away. But something's waiting for her back at home...

This is a small woman story, and if you're a fan of anime, you're in luck! <3  

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Chapter 4 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 4

Katherine just stood there, unable to move, unable to do anything except stare straight forward at Perona and gape her assistant’s face. Katherine wasn’t used to this kind of interaction at all. For one thing, she was accustomed to staring down at Perona…a good deal down. Up until this moment, Katherine hadn’t realized how much she had taken her height advantage over Perona for granted. She had just…always been taller, bigger, bustier…but now, they were the exact same height, and there could be no doubt that Perona now boasted the bustier curves, the more rounded breasts, and unquestionably the rounder, juicer ass. Katherine glanced down at her breasts, and to her horror she realized that they seemed to have gotten smaller and atrophied, just like the rest of her body.

“Ka…uh…Katherine,” came Perona’s awkward chuckle, “Uhm…”

“What, Perona?” Katherine responded immediately, with more venom and energy than she had intended. The truth was, in the moment, Katherine was angrier at Junko than she was at her assistant. But Junko was nowhere to be found, and Perona’s silly little giggle, with all that privileged gossipy little casualness dripping out of her mouth, just enraged Katherine even further.

“I just…uhh,huhuh…just look at us, Katherine,” Perona giggled simply, spreading her hands out, palm-upward, indicating to the fact that they were the same height.

“Yeah, what?” Katherine retorted, standing up as tall as she could and putting her hands authoritatively on her hips. “What of it, Perona? You’ve got something specific to say to me, or maybe you’ve got those client lists early for me, like I asked?”

Perona’s eyes travelled slowly up and down Katherine’s body, a simple action that made Katherine even more upset. The fact that Perona wasn’t immediately answering her, or at least trying to make excuses for herself, told Katherine that her assistant had already detected a shift in their power dynamic. Now, because Katherine was shorter — or because she was taller (or both) — Perona clearly felt like she didn’t owe her boss the same immediate response. And then, when Perona did make eye contact with Katherine, she too stood up straight, as straight as she could, so that she emphasized how they were actually the same height.

“Uhm…heheh, no, I don’t have those yet,” chuckled Perona airily, her eyes still going over Katherine’s body, “But…wow! Seriously Katherine — are you seeing this!? We’re the same height!”

“I’m aware,” said Katherine through clenched teeth, “That’s what it looks like.”

“Looks like!?” laughed Perona, stepping closer toward Katherine and starting to orbit her. “Uh, no…I think…uhm…yep…yep! I’m pretty sure we’re the exact same height, Katherine!”

And stepping forward with unusual brazenness, Perona stood up straight next to Katherine and drew a line over the top of her head to Katherine’s, showing quite clearly that their heights were the same. Katherine fought the urge to smack Perona clean in the face, and she bit her tongue, reminding herself to stay cool through the whole situation.

“Well be that as it may,” replied Katherine dismissively after her deep breath, “That doesn’t give you an excuse to watch cat videos when y-you should be…should be doing your…important work.”

Katherine couldn’t help but trail off, because Remilia had just waltzed into the room. Her face immediately brightened into a knowing smirk when she saw what was going on.

“Remilia! Check this out!” exclaimed Perona, drawing the line between her head and Katherine’s again. “We’re the same height! Can you believe that!? I don’t even know how that’s, like, possible!”

“Yeah, and it’s not just height, you know,” quipped Remilia, narrowing her eyes at Katherine like she saw right through her. “You’re bigger too, auntie.”

“Bigger?” asked Perona blankly, her eyebrows coming together as she looked down at her body. “Now hold on Remilia…that’s not really a polite thing to…to uhhh…hmmmm…you know what? Uhhh…geeez, this is crazy, but I think you’re right! I mean, uh, Katherine!? Is she right!? She’s right, isn’t she??”

Perona was twisting and turning around a bit manically now, trying to get a good look at her backside, even as she realized for the first time that her niece was telling the truth.

“Of course I’m right,” chuckled Remilia arrogantly, turning her eyes back to Katherine. “Aren’t I?”

Katherine balked at being called by her first name by this upstart young woman. But she was realizing with horror that Perona wasn’t the only one who had gotten taller and bigger — Remilia had as well, to the point where it looked like she was only an inch or so shorter than Katherine. Remilia’s breasts and hips certainly looked rounder and more substantial…to say nothing of her ass. Just like Perona’s, Remilia’s butt had become noticeably larger, a fact that Remilia herself seemed to be intimately familiar with.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on, auntie,” chimed Remilia, turning sideways, so that Katherine could get a good look at her newly-juicy ass, and giving her cheeks a little shake, so that Katherine saw them tremble and quiver, “But I think it’s pretty safe to say that the two of us have had…SIMULTANEOUS growth spurts…and Katherine here has had…well, haha, the opposite.”

“The opposite?” asked Perona, getting confused again. “I, uh…I’m not so sure, Rem. I think it’s maybe just that WE got bigger and —”

“Nope, it’s both,” interrupted Remilia. “I can tell. Look at her clothes. They’re getting all baggy on her. Haha, wow, it’s so obvious.”

“Hey…look,” said Katherine, smiling and huffing out a laugh to try and hide the desperation in her voice, “I don’t really care WHAT’S going on with…with all this weird height stuff, ok? I mean, uhh…clearly something’s up, and…and I’ll probably go to the doctor tomorrow, just to get myself checked up — and I suggest the two of you do the same — but…uh, but the reality is that…uh, that we have work to do here, and…and we don’t really need these distractions right now, alright?”

“Goodness me!” chirped Junko, suddenly emerging from underneath Perona’s desk and sitting in her empty chair. “The way this Office Manager takes control of all potential situations really inspires me to dig in and push for that one hundred and ten percent of effort that every employee needs to give in order to ensure that a satisfactory product keeps the client base not only satisfied, but also hungry for more!”

Katherine stared angrily past Perona at Junko, and tensed her jaw shut, reminding herself that she wouldn’t be doing herself any favors if she engaged the demon right now. In any case, she knew that Junko was just trying to tempt her, to egg her on to her own destruction. Katherine knew that if she could just keep pretending that Junko wasn’t there, she would be fine…wouldn’t she!?

“Heheh…wow, this is, like…crazy!” laughed Perona, still walking around her boss, actively ignoring the mini-speech she had just given. “I wonder what’s going on?”

“I TOLD you, Perona,” repeated Katherine tersely, “We can worry about all that another day. Right now, I need you to focus on those —”

“A true leader always keeps her eyes on the prize!” sang Junko, swiveling herself around in Perona’s chair.

“Th-those…uhh…those client lists,” stuttered Katherine, starting to sweat. “Those lists for, uhm…for…”

“Especially as a woman in the workplace, nothing less than total dedication to the task at hand, a ruthless and relentless hunger to eliminate the action items, one by one, until all goals have been met!” cackled Junko. The demon girl was shaking her head back and forth as she continued swiveling in the chair, making her huge blond pigtails fly all over the place. Katherine couldn’t believe that she was the only one who could see and hear all this happening — Junko was literally insane.

“Yeah, yeah, the lists, right,” chuckled Perona, waving Katherine off with her hand, “But, KATHERINE, I mean, come on — maybe you should, like, take the rest of the day off and, uh…and go to the doctor now. Haha, I mean, this can’t be normal, right?”

“She can’t even complete a sentence,” muttered Remilia, her eyes narrowing again at Katherine, who blinked and looked away from Junko to Remilia, who was now nearly as big as she was. The way that Remilia was looking at her made Katherine’s blood run cold. This girl was SHARP. She knew that SOMETHING was going on — Katherine had seen how Remilia had noticed her starting past Perona at something…something in Perona’s apparently empty chair.

“What’s over there?” asked Remilia suddenly, her eyes fixed hard on Katherine’s face, studying it intensely.

“I…w-what?” asked Katherine blankly, trying to ignore how close Perona was standing to her, and how much her assistant was getting a kick out of this whole situation. But it was impossible to ignore Remilia’s blunt question.

“You’re staring over at something in auntie’s chair,” said Remilia in a dead-pan voice. “What are you looking at?”

Perona immediately turned to look at her chair, and, like Remilia, she saw nothing. But Katherine was now visibly sweating now — she could see Junko doing whirls in the chair, cackling to herself as she kept her eyes intently on Katherine. It was like the demon was daring her to give herself away, to prove to Perona and Remilia that she was losing her mind.

“Once again, an instance of an aging generation with its back against the wall, pinned there by the onslaught of savvy young minds, who are more interested in discovering truth than respecting their elders.” Junko was babbling on in a laughing drawl, like she was commentating on the current situation for an audience. Katherine, however, was fully aware that Junko was just tempting her to lose her composure and yell…and so, with great difficulty, Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat and turned back toward Remilia, giving the young woman a forced little smile.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Remilia,” Katherine said in a forced, sweet voice, “But whatever you THINK I’m looking at, the fact is that your aunt ” — and here Katherine turned to Perona, who was looking down, comparing their bodies — “Should be IN that seat, and doing her work, now, shouldn’t she?”

Perona didn’t seem to have heard Katherine, and for the next several moments seemed to be lost in the body comparisons. They was certainly a noticeable difference now; even Katherine, as she looked expectantly at Perona, wasn’t able to avoid registering that Perona’s wide hips and large, padded ass were now almost bigger than hers…an alarming realization in and of itself, since Perona had always been a skinny, fit little thing.

“Oh…uh…heheh, sorry Katherine,” mumbled Perona through a sheepish little smile, finally having caught on to what he boss had been saying. “I just…heh, yeah…wow, I just had to, uhm…was just curious to check all that out, haha.”

“Yes, yes, it’s all very curious, very interesting,” nodded Katherine, who was beginning to feel herself taking charge of the situation again. As such, the annoyance and irritation were now becoming more prominent in her voice. “And I’ll definitely get myself checked out…but Perona, please. Those client lists?”

“Yeah…haha, yeah, of course, definitely,” agreed Perona, nodding as she made her way back to her chair. “It’s just that this is really amazing, Katherine. Like, I’ve never heard of…anything like this before.”

“Well me neither,” answered Katherine swiftly, looking hard at Junko, who had just put her hands over her mouth, feigning fear, as Perona’s enlarged ass descended down towards the chair. “I just…yeah, I’ll make sure I figure out what’s going on,” Katherine continued, halting for a moment as Perona appeared to sit down directly on top of Junko, who made a funny little show of flailing about, as if she was pinned down by Perona’s butt. Katherine blinked and turned towards Remilia, who was still eying her with that same suspicious stare. It was clear that she was fully aware that Katherine was hiding something, and Remilia looked to be doubly-prepared to find out what the secret was. Katherine didn’t feel comfortable looking at Remilia for too long (since the eye contact required her to keep that condescending smile plastered across her face), and when she looked back at Perona, Junko was gone.

“But in the meantime —” Katherine added, but Perona was already waving her hand casually, even as she looked down and jiggled her butt back and forth in the chair, clearly noticing (and enjoying) how much more her bulk fit into the cushioned seat.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll get those, um…client lists to you as soon as…I can,” said Perona. Her eyes were now going back and forth between Katherine and Remilia. “You know…haha!” she added, her face brightening into a puzzled smile, “I think…I think Remilia is JUST ABOUT as big as you are, Katherine! Hahaha, wow, I hadn’t even noticed how close it was until just now, seeing you two side by side. How on earth could this —”

“Ok, I’d LOVE to stay for the chit chat,” interrupted Katherine, turning on her heel and leaving Perona’s office, “But there’s a LOT still to get to today. Hunker down and focus, alright, Perona?”

Katherine had to take multiple steps away before she heard Perona give a halfhearted, chuckling, “Oh-kay, Katherine!” As soon as she got out of the office, Katherine wiped her forehead with her hand; she couldn’t believe how much she had been sweating through that whole exchange. The craziness of the height and size comparisons were bad enough, but she knew that it was really the presence of Junko in there, with all her madcap, crazy, meandering dialogue, that was driving her up the wall. That…and Remilia. Katherine suddenly grew fearful again. The last thing she wanted was for that nosy girl to follow her out into the hallway, so, without thinking, she made a beeline towards the bathroom, reasoning that she needed to wash her face off, while simultaneously escaping the possibility of Remilia accosting her in the hallway.

Less than half a minute later, Katherine was splashing cold water on her face, staring at herself in the bathroom mirror. It was still her…aside from the dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, Katherine knew that the face staring back at her was still…HER. She had been subconsciously afraid that she wouldn’t recognize her own reflection in the mirror, after all the shrinking. But now, bolstered by the invigorating effect of the fresh cold water on her face, Katherine could feel herself rallying. Yes, she was shorter. Yes, she was smaller. But she was still herself, and nothing Junko could do would ever take that away from her. She had made her choices, and the demon was not going to be able to guilt-trip her into losing her mind, or her sense of identity.

Abruptly, the bathroom door opened, and Katherine saw, in the reflection of the mirror, Remilia stepping into the room authoritatively. Her shoes clacked against the bathroom tile, echoing off the walls. Katherine’s burgeoning feelings of control sputtered — Remilia had a hard look on her face.

“What’re you hiding?” Remilia demanded, putting her hands on her newly-enlarged hips.

“Hiding?” Katherine asked, her back still turned as she stared at her in the mirror. “Remilia…what…what’s gotten into you?” Katherine bent down and splashed more cold water on her face. This girl didn’t know. She had no basis to say anything…and Katherine was going to keep it that way.

“Nothing,” answered Remilia mildly, keeping her hands on her hips. “I should be asking you the same question. Ever since you got here this morning, everything’s been weird.”

“Well,” declared Katherine, smiling at her in the mirror, “Of course, there’s definitely something…odd going on. But don’t worry, Remilia. I can tell that you’re a little on edge about whatever’s going on, but don’t worry, I’ll get to the bottom of it, no problem. And, I mean, for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t worry that you’re a little taller, and…uh…and maybe gained a few pounds just now. It looks good on you! You look great!”

Katherine was satisfied with her clever attempts to put Remilia back in her place as the subordinate figure, but the young woman was having none of it.

“Oh, I’m not worried,” she replied immediately, looking down at her body and shifted her weight back and forth, so that her hips, ass, and breasts ass visibly jiggled. “I’m not worried at ALL. In fact, I LOVE how I look now.” She looked back into the mirror at Katherine, and the intensity of her eyes chilled Katherine to the bone. “And I’m looking forward to more.”

“To…more?” asked Katherine blankly.

“Oh yeah, to more,” repeated Remilia simply. “See, I KNOW something’s up with you, Katherine. Something that’s making YOU smaller…and me and my aunt BIGGER. I KNOW the two are connected.”

“Oh you know, do you?” said Katherine, her voice suddenly shifting into an irritated snarl as she whipped around to face Remilia directly. “Well you may be sharp, Remilia, but I’m sorry — that doesn’t mean jack SHIT in the real world, ok? You can’t just go around saying these kinds of things without this little thing called EVIDENCE, and I’m sorry, it just doesn’t look like you’ve got any, now, does it?”

“Hmmm, she seems to have hit a nerve,” came Junko’s coldly analytical voice. Gone was the light, playful cheeriness from before — the demon now seemed to be intent on emotionlessly analyzing the situation. Katherine immediately threw her eyes around that bathroom, searching desperately for the source of the sound. Remilia watched her eyes go haywire the whole time.

“I…uh…I don’t…I don’t mean to be blunt with you, Remilia,” said Katherine, her heart sinking as she spied the demon’s two feet under one of the bathroom stalls, with her panties down around her ankles. Was Junko actually sitting on the toilet!?

“I just…you need to learn that sometimes, you just need to let some things go, ok? And that it’s bad manners to pry into other people’s business.”

“But it’s NOT just your business anymore,” replied Remilia quietly, a slow grin starting to creep across her face. “Look at my body, Katherine. Look at my boobs, my hips…look at my butt!”

She turned around, bent over, and gave her shapely ass a little shake. Katherine wasn’t able to help noticing how much it shook and jiggled…maybe not as much as Perona’s, but still.

“Whatever is going on with YOU,” breathed Remilia, turning back around and stepping closer to Katherine, “Is going on with ME too.”

“Oh yeaaaahhhh!” sang Junko from inside the stall. “God it feels amaaaaaazing to let nature do its work. And now, time to FLUSH it all down, down, dowwwnnnnn!”

Katherine heard Junko flush the toilet, and suddenly, she felt herself shrinking again…only this time, it was RIGHT in front of Remilia. The young woman saw what was happening, and as she stared straight into Katherine’s eyes, hands on her hips, she stood up to her maximum height, puffing out her chest, like she was trying everything she had to be taller. Katherine watched helplessly as Remilia’s eyes grew even with hers, and then…ever so surely, rise up above hers. There was nothing Katherine could do — she was watching Remilia grow taller than her in real time, getting curvier and bustier in the process. Katherine’s clothes loosened around her still further, and within ten seconds, it was all over. With cold dread, Katherine saw that she was staring straight forward into Remilia’s lips, which had grown fuller and plusher, and were curved into a knowing smirk.

“Right…” chuckled Remilia, her C-cup-boobs shaking up near Katherine’s shoulders, “I’ll just leave you to…YOUR business, I guess.” She walked away, leaving Kathrine gaping after her, but then turned around, right at the door.

“I’m gonna find out what’s going on, Katherine,” Remilia said determinedly. “You mark my words. Whatever you’re hiding…won’t be hidden for long.”

A second later, Katherine was standing in an empty bathroom…empty, that is, save for Junko’s tapping feet in the stall. She appeared to be pulling up her panties. Katherine clenched her teeth in rage and strode over to the door, flinging it open. She expected to see Junko cowering on the toilet in some kind of playacting helplessness, but instead, she encountered a wild-haired Junko standing directly in front of the door, her eyes blazing, and an aggressive snarl on her face.

Katherine staggered backwards into the sink, with Junko advancing on her.

“Thought you could intimidate me?” growled Junko, bearing her sharp fingernails like claws at Katherine. “Thought you’d take some anger out on me, huh? Well GUESS WHAT!?”

“Wh-what?!” asked Katherine fearfully, after a few moments of awkward silence. The demon had paused in front of Katherine and pouted, furrowing her brow as she looked at the floor. She seemed to have forgotten what she was going to say.

“I…I just caught a different feeling from you,” said Junko, her voice softened as she looked slightly down at Katherine now (who realized that Junko, like Remilia, was now a little taller than she was). “From the future.”

“The…future?” asked Katherine, not understanding.

“Oh yeah,” said Junko, staring at her with those big eyes of hers. “I can see it now, clear as a sparkling mountain stream. You on the ground, all shrunken and skinny…shriveled and pathetic…wallowing in despair that is so deep that you can’t even conceive of it now…and then…you’ll look up at me, your face contorted with all your self-wrought pain, and you’ll BEG me to have sex with you.”

“To have…SEX with YOU!?” burst out Katherine. She shook her head vigorously. “Yeah RIGHT, Junko…you’re insane if you think that’ll ever happen.”

“Oh it will Katherine,” assured the demon, filing her fingernails. “Just you wait…you’re already well on your way. I can see how you think I’m cute.”

“I…do NOT think you’re cute,” Katherine lied. She may have hated Junko, but she definitely didn’t think the demon had chosen an ugly body to inhabit. “And besides,” she continued, “If you think this will be the measure of your success against me, you might as well give up, because it’s never going to happen, especially now that I know it’s your goal. Not the best technique, Junko, haha. Now leave me alone — I’ve got work to do.”

Katherine stormed out of the bathroom, trying to feel vindicated that she had just won a verbal joust with Junko. But her clothes had gotten so baggy around her that she couldn’t feel vindicated about much of anything at all. She took the long route back to her office, so as to avoid going past Perona’s door. Katherine hadn’t seen her assistant yet, but she KNEW, from her own shrink spurt, that Perona had gotten bigger and taller again.


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