A giantess friend: good or bad? by megadeth0927
Summary: Mark is shrunk down by his best friend, and later on, she does more then just shrinks people
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1. An Introduction by megadeth0927

2. GODDESS! by megadeth0927

3. Two Insects by megadeth0927

4. Look who's back by megadeth0927

5. Play time by megadeth0927

An Introduction by megadeth0927

"I'll be seeing you tomorow then?"

 "Yh, sorry i've got to go, i've got an important meeting with someone today."

This was the end of a conversation between Mark and Julia, they were best friends and saw each other most days of the week all day.

Mark and Julia were both 17 and they'd both left school but hadn't decided what they wanted to do yet, so they both saw each other all day every day but on this day Julia had to go to, what her friend called, an 'important meeting'.

Julia was a pretty girl, most lads would be rooted to the spot just by getting a stare from her deep blue eyes.

Today she was on her way to an 'important meeting' that her friend Alice told her she HAD to come to, Julia was hessitant about leaving Mark at first but Alice said it was really important so she figured she should go.

 When Julia got to Alice's house the door flung open before Julia had chance to knock, "Come in quick!"

 "What's so important you had to drag me all this way to talk to me about?"

"Remember that boy John that i said i liked?"

"Yes" Was Julia's response.

"He asked me out today!"

"Is that all you had 2 say to me?"


"You dragged me all this way to tell me that John asked you out, and you could have just told me this on the phone when i was with Mark!"

"I do have somthing else aswell actually, but if you don't want to know."

"Go on then." Julia replied unenthusiasticly. With this Alice reached up to a shelf and pulled down a plastic bottle with a red liquid in it.

"You know how i'm taking science at collage"

"Yes," was Julias reply once again,

"I made this in it and, well just drink it and you'll see what i mean."

"No" Julia said with attitude.

With that Alice pretended to trip over and pour the red substance on Julia,

"What the hell! That was not cool"

"Thats odd, when i drank this in science my hair grew 7 inches, and i thaught it'd work if i poured it over you, strange, anyway we might aswell talk now your here."

"Yea, i suppose."

"Come here a second Julia"

Julia walked over to Alice,

"Haha still quiet a bit smaller then me Julia" Alice said laughing.

"One of these days alice, one of these days, you'll be smaller then me"

"Ha, that'll be the day"

With that Julia started to imagine herself taller then Alice and couldn't believe what had happened, as she'd imagined this Alice seemed to get smaller, Julia, who was 5 ft 4 seemed to be dawarfed by Alice's 5 ft 9 height, but now Alice was the one being dawarfed.

"What the hell happened?" Gasped Alice, with this she waslked up to her tap measure and she only came up to 4 ft 10

"HAHA, that'll be the day Alice? It seems like your science experiment backfired on you, and unlucky for you, theres no formula left. HAHAHA"

With this Julia imaginined how tall she could look compared to Alice, she imagined her having 2 ft difference between her and Alice, and it happened again, Alice shrunk! But, Julia also grew, Julia had grown from 5 ft 4 to 6 ft in an instant, and Alice had now gone from 4 ft 10 to 4 ft.

 "HAHAHA, THIS IS GREAT, WAIT UNTILL MARK SEES THIS." With this Julia imagined her and Alice back to there normall heights

"Right im going now Alice i'll be seeing you soon, and don't go telling anyone about this, or you could end up even smaller then before." Julia said this while walking out of the room and winking to Alice, Alice was just left there thinking back on what had just happened.

 The next day Julia invited Mark over to her house like she normally did.

Mark eventually arrived 20 mins later, as Julia opened the door to him she was dawarfed even more then she was by Alice by his 6 ft 4 frame.

The day between the two went on as normall, and then Julia decided to experiment.

"I want you to bow to me Mark,"


"Bow to your queen!"

"HAHA funny,"


"Now Julia..."

But before he could continue a smirk came over Julia's face and she interupted him

"O.k, looks like im going to have to make you." She said laughing.

With this Mark started to shrink to the floor


He kept shrinking until he couldn't even see over her toes.

"What have you done?"

"What was that Mark, i think you might have to leave the talking out because i can't hear you," Julia said laughing

"Now bow to me!"

Mark didn't move

"Well what i'm about to do, you braught upon yourself mark," she said laughing even harder.

With that Julia lifted her bare foot up and then stamped it back on the floor again, Mark fell on his behind.

When he stood up again, he look at the sheer size of Julia and he couldn't even see her face she was so far away, he looked back towards her toes and she was wiggiling them infront of him.

With that she lifted her foot up once again, but this time she moved it forward and braught it down on top of Mark,

"Did i forget to tell you, i went for a run today before you came over and they might stil be a bit sweaty," she said laughing more then before

Mark was struggling to breath underneath her foot, the smell that was being made and he was constantly inhailing, he felt like he was goin to pass out.

"OOO, this is no good Mark, your too small, i'll make you a bit bigger so i can feel you."

With this mark grew, but only to the same size as her foot.

"Now lick the soles of my feet!" Once again mark did nothing, but this time Julia added pressure onto him as he didn't do anything and eventually he started to lick.

"HAHA, your so low comapred to me, infact Mark, to me your no longer a person, your too insignificant, now, your an insect, your an insect compared to me Mark and you'd better get used to it, the insect under my foot, you''ll be there to serve my feet and thats it, you little insect, and theres nothing you can do"

Mark knew this was true, but he also could tell that Julia was letting this get to her head and he was starting to get very worried

End Notes:

Hopfully you enjoyed that and please leave comments because if you liked it then i'll do more where Julia will grow to humungus proportions


GODDESS! by megadeth0927
Julia felt amazing, her boyfriend, who had previously dwarfed her, was now just the size of her size 9 foot (Julia didn't care about the size of her feet because she was proud of there beauty).'PLEASE LET ME OUT JULIA!'Julia snapped out of deep thaught about the amazing feeling of having so much power by mumbling coming from under her foot, she was just able to make out what was being said.'I'll let you out for some air, but remember, i don't listen to insects, i just want to keep you alive'

with this Julia lifted her foot slightly and Mark crawled out from underneath, he could once again see the blue carpet on which he'd been pinned into by Julia's gigantic foot. He tried to look up at her face, but all he could see up to was her long golden hair flowing over her ample breasts,

'Julia...' 'GODDESS! I'm a Goddess to you and don't forget it' Julia interupted'Yes, whatever but Ju...''GODDESS!!' Julia shouted'Julia seriously i need to...''GODDESS!!!' Julia shouted louder again 'I don't think you're taking this seriously insect''This is getting ridiculous now, you need to stop!' Mark was getting very worried and scared at the same time.'You're just and insect! You don't talk to your Goddess like that!''JULIA SERIOUSLY!'

'THAT'S IT BUG, YOU'VE ANNOYED ME NOW, I   AM   YOUR   GODDESS!!!!!! Now i'm going to show you why'

With that Julia stood up and walked over to a corner where she kept her shoes, as she stood up Mark decided it would be a good time to try and make a run for it, but as he stood up Julia took her first step which shook the whole room, Mark feel back on his behind and decided to stay where he was as there was no hope in getting away.Julia returned carrying in her right hand a pair of black boots and sat back on her bed which she had previously been sitting on when toying with Mark.'You're obviously not taking this seriously Marky, so i'm going to show you how serious i am, I hope you don't have anything planned for the rest of the day' Julia winked at Mark as she said this.Mark tried to back away quickly, an evil grin had come across Julia's face and didn't like the idea of Julia being 'serious' about all this,'HA ha' Mark laughed unconvincingly 'That was funny Julia, now will you please turn me back to normal?''FUNNY? You're still not taking me seriously Mark and after what you've seen i don't think i'll be able to ever turn you back, I can't have you going blabbing this to people, who knows what could happen'Mark froze to the spot, 'I don't think i'll be able to ever turn you back' those words went through Marks head about a hundred times before Julia butted in,'Oh i forgot to say, this means that we can no longer be classed as a couple as, well have you ever heard of a Goddess going out with a meer insect?'Now not only was Mark stunned by finding out he'll never be normal again, he'd also just been heartbroken.While all of this was going through Mark's head Julia's hand came towards him,'Now insect, time to show you how serious i am.'Julia's warm and soft pointing finger and thumb grabbed Mark by the left arm, Mark was in agony as he was lifted up at great speed, he thaught his arm was going to be ripped right off, Julia braught him to the rim of her right boot,'You know how i don't like wearing socks insect, well it's the same when it comes to all my shoes'Mark was braught right over her right boot and as soon as he was over it he could smell the strongest of smells that made his eyes water.'You seemed to enjoy being under my foot insect, so i think i'll privilege you by not only being under it again, but also the smell of it will be all around you' Julia said winking again'Have fun!' Julia dropped Mark into her boot, he landed face first.'Oh and to make things more interesting, i thaught i'd make you a bit smaller.'He looked up and got a last glimpse of Julia's face before that was blocked by her beautiful toes entering into the boot, as her toes came in Mark ran for his life to get out of the way.Deeper and deeper Mark ran into the boot with Julia's foot close behind, to him the boot was more than a mile long. He came to the end of the boot, he turned round to see that Julia's gigantic foot was still coming in, as her toes reached Mark, they lifted up into the air, Mark just watched as her toes came down upon him and pushed him into the sole of the boot.Julia started to wiggle her cute toes ontop of Mark, each toe the size of a house compared to Mark, 'I could have sworn they weren't that big before,' Mark thaught to himself, then almost as if on que,'I thaught you'd enjoy being even smaller under your Goddess amazing toes'Mark heard Julia's voice come from, what seemed like, the heavens'I know you're enjoying being under your Goddess feet, I'm sure you're even worshiping the fact that i'm not wearing any socks again, and now you're in for a treat because i'm going over to Alice's house for a bit, don't worry you can stay in my boot'At this point Mark had been moved from underneath Julia's toes to between her toes and the ball of her foot, this hadn't gone unoticed by Julia who flattened her foot so that Mark was right up against her foot again.Mark looked up and as soon as he did her foot came down upon him, as Julia pressed down on him he was pressed into the the sole of her boot, which caused some water to squelch out of it, Mark had noticed before that Julia used to wear these boots alot, but he had no idea she had such sweaty feet, or the aroma that they gave off, this point was then proven when a bead of sweat(to Mark it was the size of a small car) fell from her foot onto Mark's face, the smell of which made his eyes water again.    
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Two Insects by megadeth0927
Author's Notes:
hope you all enjoy

Julia was wiggling her toes up and down on Mark, the smell was overwhelming for him and he wondered when it was going to end.

With that thought Julia's foot started to move, light filtered in from the end of her boot and a hand stretched out to grab Mark and take him out of the boot,

'You weren't squirming, that's no fun,' Julia said putting on a puppy dog face.

'Well i suppose that's all the fun for today, best let you get back to your house, by the way, i wouldn't go telling peopl about this, for your own sake because, well, people will think your mad, and also there will be consquences if you do, oh and remember that we're not going out any more.'

With that Julia turned Mark back to normal and he ran out of the house, Julia laughed at this at this.

That night Mark couldn't get to sleep because he had the thoughts of what had happened on his mind.


 A week had passed since the insident and Julia was keen to use her powers again, but she didn't know who to use them on.

Julia wanted to meet Alice after Alice had finished collage Julia texted her, but she got no reply so Julia took it upon herself to go  and see Alice, being best friends Julia walked straight into Alice's house, she knew no one would be home other than Alice at this time so she didn't need to worry about her parents.

Julia crept up the stairs intending to surprise Alice.

'HEY TH... WHAT THE HELL!? As Julia burst into the room she interupted Alice kissing Mark.

'What do you two think your doing, Alice your my 'best friend'!'

'Julia, look i've had feelings for Mark for ages,'

'And you just dumped me, simple as, and i've just moved on' was Marks reply

Both of these comments enfuriated Julia, yet a smile crept across her face,

'This is perfect,'

A bemused look came across Alice and Mark's face,

'You both look confused, let me put it simply for you two, you both know about my powers, I've been looking for some one to use them on and now i have a reason.'

'Now Julia hold on,' both Mark and Alice said in unison, but it was too late, they were a;ready heading towards the floor and Julia was becoming bigger,

'Now i havn't got much time today so this is going to have to big quick,' Julia said

with that she took off her shoes and walked over to Alice and Mark, both of them knew it was pointless in running, they only just came above her ankle and every step was like an earthquake to them.

'No, this wont do, much too tall,' with that they both started to shrink again, now they couldn't even see over her toes.

'HAHA, that's a much better hieght for insects' Julia walked right up to the both of them until her toes were within milimetres of the two of them,

'You like my feet Alice? I know Mark does from the last time' Julia said laughing

'It's a shame i dont have any time to take my tights off today, o well, we'll have to play a game, all i say about it is... RUN!'

Mark and Alice both reacted how Julia wanted and ran in opposite directions, Julia couldn't control her laughter,

'Alice, you havn't worshipped me yet, because of that, you're first'

Julia started walking towards Alice, she was running as fast as she could but Julia had covered the ground in what had taken Alice about 3 minutes to run in two steps, Alice looked back to see where Julia was and ran into Julia's other foot which she had planted on the floor while Alice looked behind her.

'Haha, your so pathetic, but i suppose your are just an insect,' 

with that Julia braught ehr feet to either side of Alice(which wasn't very far apart)

'Get down on your knee's and kiss my gigantic toes, bug'

'What?' was Alice's reply


Alice didn't want to anger some one, who to her was possibly 1000 fet tall so she did as she was told.

Julia lifted up her foot

'I want you to crawl under my foot and worship me'

Alice cralwled under Julia's foot on her back, Julia then braught her foot down ontop of Alice and Alice started to panic and pound at Julia's foot

'Good your squirming, but i can't feel you, you're too small'

With that Julia made Alice the same size as aabout half the length of her foot, Alice calmed down and Julia started to scrunch her toes around Alice's body,

'You feel great under my foot Alice, hope it dosn't smell too bad for you, i have had my shoes on all day and i am wearing tights' Julia said laughing 

Alice was inhailing the horrible smell of Julia's feet and Julia knew this which made her feel even more powerful

'I'm going to leave you there while i go and attend to your 'boyfriend'' Julia said to Alice

Julia started to walk in the opposite dirrection, right foot toes scrunched up to keep Alice under her toes and started walking towards Mark who had previously just been watching not knowing what to do, he just stood there as the ground shook, he knew he couldn't out run her.

'Your going to get the same treatment' Julia said, with this she lifted her left foot up and placed it over Mark, she scrunched her toes up and because mark was near where Julia's shoes were she put them back on, she unscrunched her toes and asked them both

'How's the smell down there' she said laughing loudly, they were both squirming between her feet and her shoes, Mark your too small, i'll make you the same size as your 'girlfriend' insect'

Julia was enjoying the feeling of them both squirming at her feet, she craved more but was out of time,

 'I hope you two have learnt your lesson about crossing me but i have to go now, back to your normal selves' with that she took them out her shoes and turned them both back to normal and walked out the house.

What had happened was corsing through her mind, she ahd to have that power again, she just had to, and she didn't care who it was over.

End Notes:

Julia is going to get alot taller as we go on

Look who's back by megadeth0927
Author's Notes:

Hey guys, here is the next chapter of my story, sorry it's only a really short one, hopfully i should be able to write a new and much better chapter soon :)

Thanks for reading

As Julia was on her way to meet her friends - the reason she had to leave Alice and Mark - she started thinking to herself about all the trouble she could get into if Alice or Mark actually told anyone about what she could do and they actually believed them, Julia knew she couldn't risk this and decided to go back to Alice's house and if any of her friends she was meeting were to get annoyed... well she'd just shrink them.

Julia walked into Alice's house uninvited, walked into the kitchen, picked up a pen and paper and wrote a fake note to Alice's parents 'explaining' what had happened to Alice and Mark.

After Julia had covered herself she walked into the room that Alice and Mark were in, which was still Alice's bedroom.

'Hello again guys' Julia said with a wink as she walked into the bedroom

'What the hell are you doing in my house, get the hell out!' Alice shouted

'Awwww come on now, that's no way to talk to your goddess' as Julia said this Alice and Mark both started to shrink again, smaller and smaller, Julia just smiled evily, she crouched towards the two while explaining why she had to shrink them again. After Julia had finished explaining she started to tease Alice and Mark by stretching and skrunching her toes which, to Alice and Mark, were the size of sky scrappers each! When Julia got bored of teasing the two she simply stomped down on the two squishing them instantly underneath her gigantic right sole.

'Haha you two were so pathetic and being crushed by my stinky, sweaty feet, how humliating!' Julia said laughing, she then looked at the bottom of her feet and noticed the remains of the two were stuck to the bottom of her sweaty tights because of the sweat the tights had absorbed through Julia wearing them all day, at seeing this Julia started laughing hysterically and walked out of the house.

Play time by megadeth0927
Author's Notes:
hope you are all enjoying the story sorry it's been a while, hopfully my next chapter will be here sooner

Julia started walking to a quite field where she was ment to meet her friends, she was about 20 minutes late but Julia didn't care, to her she was a goddess, anyone who opposed her would pay the penelties.

"Julia! You're 20 minutes late where have you been"

Straight away this annoyed Julia a bit, 'this insects can't talk to me like this' she thought to herself, "Well you know, i had a little siuation to deal with Megan" Julia said chuckling to herself.

"Julia you are always late, and you don't even care about it, you always turn up looking smug as if it's ok that you're late as if you're the only one who matters in this world." With this everyone else Julia was meeting starting nodding their heads and shouting "yea" at her, Julia was starting to get really annoyed, first her best friend was kissing her ex-boyfriend and now her friends were turning on her Julia was past the point of annoyed, she was starting to get really angry.

As Julia's anger grew from just thinking about the events that had occured so far she started to grow along with it, the body started to expand, her feet started to grow longer pushing her shoes to there limits, her legs started to expand upwards and outwards, holes were appearing in her tights and were getting bigger as her legs grew, her waist started to expand pushing her skirt out, it started to feel really tight on her, Julia's blouse was starting to get extremely tight on her, her slim stomach starting to show from underneath it, he ample DD breasts pushing more and more against her blouse, the buttons straining ready to burst any minute.

Julia's friends watched in horror as this happened, none of them moved, rooted to the spot just watching and hoping it was all a dream.

The sensation coursing through Julia's body was amazing, she was loving this feeling of growth. 

Finally her shoes could not contain her feet any more, her already large size 9 feet broke out of her shoes ripping them to shreds, her tights where in tatters as her legs became not only slender, but now long too, he smooth skin was showing through the now destroyed tights, her skirt was just managing to hang on to her waist but only just, her blouse had burst open from her already massive bust forcing against it, the blouse itself only came to the bottom of Julia's breasts now anyway.

"That felt so good!" Julia said to them, "see what happens when you piss me off" she said looking down at all of them, her friends just stood there starring at their now giant friend, she now stood about 12 feet tall. "Now it's your turn" she said with a glint in her eye as she looked at her 4 friends, they all just turned and looked at each other.

Before any of them could do anything else they started to shrink, their clothes suddenyl too big for them, they all had to crawl out of them before they were trapped in them, as they got out they looked up at the already giant Julia as they dwindled closer to the floor, her face getting further and further away, she was gigantic to them now, they'd already shrunk past Julia's knees and getting close to her feet, smaller and smaller they got until finally they stopped shrinking, they looked up at the gigantic Julia who's face they could see because her, what were, DD breasts which were now even bigger, (her bra only just managing to contain them) was blocking their view.

Julia started to giggle and soon looked over her breasts, "my my, how small have you got, and me, well i'm a big girl now aren't i?" Julia said gentley sliding her long, slender fingers down from her neck, over her breasts and down to her stomach until eventually she had her hands on her hips, This turned on Carl, the only boy amoungst them all, but he thought he was lucky, being small enough that Julia could probobly not see his hard on.

"What a shame it is for you guys that it is so quiet around her, otherwise mybe someone would have seen you, or better still, see the Goddess which i have become, and you lot become insects" Julia said laughing, "look at you lot, your no bigger than my big toe" she said lifting her toes up which cast a shadow over the now shrunken people.

"Well as you can tell i don't like being spoken to in a way which is not suitable for a Goddess such as myself, and for that you shall all pay, but another thing i don't like is bugs, and i can see 4 of them at my feet right now, so if i were you I'd make like real bugs and start crawling away." With that all of them started running the the amusment of Julia, she started to follow one of them, 'BOOM... BOOM... BOOM' with every footstep, each one gettong louder and louder to the unfortunate girl that Julia was after, the girl turned around to see that Julia had gone, she thought she was safe until she turned around.

"Hello little buggy, awww you're so small, shame i don't like bugs" said Julia, she was on all fours looking down at the petrifyed girl, "time to say bye bye" with that Julia picked up the girl and enlarged her to about 6 inches she then dropped the girl into her cleverage and pushed her boobs together slowley, the girl tryed to climb out but Julia just pushed her back into the cleverage with her index finger, looking down into the girls eyes with a smirk on her face she slowly brought her breasts together, the girls last view was looking in to Julia's eyes until the soft flesh of her bossom surrounded her, slowley more and more pressure was apply until the girl was crushed between the two gigantic mountains of flesh.

Julia released the pressure and looked between her boobs to see the squished corpse of the girl, she hadn't been crushed completly, there was no blood, but her body was very badly deformed from all the broken bones, with that Julia picked off the body which was stuck to her left breast, brought her to her mouth and dropped her in, Julia swollowed the girl whole, Julia ran her hand down her body until she came to her stomach whn she started to rub her belly "Now for the rest of you."  

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