A quick roleplay... by FluffyRose

A roleplay between myself and Just_Ryan that took place in the past several weeks or so. Basic premise is: a regular girl receives a power to grow as large as she wants, except.. she's not exactly "regular", having dreamed about this exact scenario for years...


As for the plot.. yeah it's slow and sure takes its time to get anywhere - but we had plenty of fun stuff happen so.. idk, if whoever likes story based stories then maybe they'll find it enjoyable ^^


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The Intro by FluffyRose
Author's Notes:

Hii everyone!

First time posting anything like "a story", but I've been role-playing a bit here and there, so figured.. why not try uploading one of the more interesting plots? Not sure it it'll work or if anybody finds it enjoyable or even sufficiently readable, but.. idk, I'm certainly enjoying it myself so far, so.. here it goes!

Oh, and yes - I did ask the RP partner if he's fine with it, before posting this. Just_Ryan was.. well, still is I suppose - we're going at it every now and then, so I may add chapters with any new developments! ^^

As for the structure: it would take way to long to rewrite everything in a proper 'story' format, so I'll leave it as is.. unfortunately tenses and POVs are mixed up a lot - even going as far as using second person a lot when referring to the partner, so it may be difficult to read, but.. yeah, maybe somebody finds it readable&enjoyable! :)



The general idea was to skip the "discovery" phase and jump more or less straight into action, since I'm usually playing as a character that is new to sizeplay and all that - which is fine for longer rps, but pretty much sucks when you have to start "exploring" everything all over again with every new DM.

We also fast-forwarded the growth itself and details of how it happened, to get to the more interesting bits. The basic background was that he found a magic genie lamp giving wishie thingie - and his first wish was something trivial like a sandwich or a billion dollars or.. yeah, something trivial. Then the 2nd wish was to bring me over to his place - and he then gave the third and final wish to me: we didn't care about mechanics, it simply worked. And I wished (of course) to, a direct quote, "be able to grow anything I want, including myself!" - and with that the lampish plot-device was gone, and.. nothing else changed really... So we drove away, to some empty field to "test it"


Rose, 21yo, normally 5'3", playful and carefree - has been dreaming of being huge for years

Michael - or Mike, 23yo, 6'3", laid back and pretty easy going, can be a bit short tempered at times, but generally is quick to revert back to his apathetic lifestyle

I suppose the funniest part about this particular RP was that it was "meant" as a quickie to get to know each other's likes and preferences, but.. well, "kindda" outgrew that particular premise! :)



We're on an empty field outside the town, having figured it's far away enough not to cause much disturbance. Or at least not to crush homes and everything under my feet as I grow. I'm still kindda doubting it'll work, but.. the huge pile of hundred dollar bills on your bed was pretty convincing. So was being teleported into your bedroom without warning or any way to explain.. oh well. We make sure you're some distance away before I do this. I speak to myself: "Okay, here goes nothing..." - and I finally concentrate...

And grow.

And keep growing, bigger and bigger... Absolutely loving the sight of everything getting smaller all around me... Taking in the feeling of grass crumpling and compressing under my soles.. then a few small trees as I grow ever bigger and bigger...

Finally I remember you and look down.. all the way down at you between my bare feet. Judging by how tiny everything is I estimate I must be around one mile tall.. give or take. And shame you didn't have any shoes my size, but.. at least the jeans and tshirt you borrowed me aren't too baggy and stuff. Better than a nightgown I got teleported in...

"Pfffft...I don't know why she wanted me to drive her all the way out here. There's nothing around..." I thought to myself as I sat on the hood of my car. "And why the hell was she so insistent that I stay here? It's not like she's gonna...." My inner thoughts were suddenly interrupted as the ground beneath me began to tremble.
"An earthquake? Here?" I questioned as I nervously looked towards the center of the deserted clearing.
I quickly realized how wrong I was once I spotted you rising past a nearby hill. "Well I'll be damned...she's actually going through with it. Rose!...Hey Rose!" I shouted, trying to get your attention.
It was then that I noticed that your growth wasn't slowing, if anything it was speeding up. Higher and higher your body began to rise, growing tall...wider...curvier....bigger in every possible way. You bare feet effortlessly bulldozed along the ground towards me at a staggering speed. "Oh...my...god...." Was all I could manage to say as I stared up at you in awe, completely unconcerned for my own well being.

Your feet quickly rushed passed me before finally starting to slow. It appeared that for now your ascension had slowed down. "Holy crap...." I muttered to myself as I looked up...and up...and up...until my eyes met with yours. My knees began to shiver, and a fearful numbness shot down my spine. Having been the tallest one for so long, I never knew what it was like to feel small, but this.....this was on a whole different level.

I take a step back and crouch down to see you better, then kneel and finally lean down so my head is just inches from the ground.

I squint my eyes at you and it seems like you're trying to talk to me.. except of course I won't be able to hear you, so: "Hang on, let me just..." - I put a finger next to you, upside down so you can climb onto my fingernail. "Sorry they're a bit of a mess but I wasn't expecting.. well, wasn't expecting this! And it's been a while since my last manicure and all that..." - when you walk on the underside of my nail, I gently raise it closer to my eye - "Aww, so adorable!" - stare at you for a moment, completely mesmerized, and then move the finger with you next to my ear.

Like the little chicken for the old time story, I too knew what it felt like to have the sky fall on me. An immense wind knocked me on my ass, displaced by the minor act of you crouching down. I looked up at your fearfully as your thunderous words rang down from the heavens like some sort of divine being. "This is it...this is how I die..." I thought to myself, only to be knocked aside as another gust of wind crashed down next to me along with your massive finger.

"I...you...I'm alive?" I questioned stupidly while I struggled to pull myself to my feet. Your fingernail alone was almost as tall as I was, and I struggled to pull myself onto the unfamiliar terrain before it suddenly rocketed into the air. "SLOOOWWW DOOWWWNNNN!!!" I complained as the gforces pinned me to the underside of you immense digit.

By the time my impromptu carnival ride was over, I felt sick to my stomach and on the verge of passing out when your titanic iris comes into view. From this close I'm unable to see the entire thing, only my own reflection it's mirror like surface. My mouth drops open and I'm once again knocked aside as you move your finger away and towards your ear. "That was...I mean, you're....Why did you get so big!?" I shouted into the cavernous opening.

I chuckle, only just barely able to hear you - even though you're next to my ear! Yeah.. it's just like I always imagined it, except SO MUCH BETTER! "Well, you know.. why be smol when you can be big hihi!" - I say then remind myself and whisper as quietly as I can: "Sorry, got a bit carried away.. my voice must be pretty strong to you now, any better now? Hey um.. I never thanked you properly for.. well, making this happen?"

The overpowering volume of your intense voice makes me cover my ears quickly to avoid blowing out an ear drum. If you could cause that much pain just from talking, I shuddered at the thought of what you'd be capable of if you actually tried to be harmful. "Ehhh...Yeah...that's much better! I guess I can't really make fun of you for being short anymore huh!?" I teased while letting out a halfhearted chuckle as I pulled myself to my feet using the visible ridges of your fingerprint

Maintaining my balance was a chore thanks to the constant swaying of your hand and the blistering winds that I doubted you even noticed. I quickly snatched a single strand of your hair as it brushed by me and tied it around my waist just in case I fell. Your hair still smelled like the shampoo you used this morning back when you were...well...normal, yet now it was like a thick piece of rope that easily provided the sense of security that I needed. "You don't have to thank me...I just couldn't really think of anything else to wish for! If I would have know this is what you wanted then I probably would have wished for it a long time ago!"

"Oh yeah, well still thank you! Soo much!" - I move you to my lips and plant a soft kiss.. on my finger, basically. I make sure not to get you stuck to my lips and stuff like that - it always seemed to happen in the size stories and stuff. I bring you back to my ear and continue whispering: “But okay, okay.. but I guess I’m a bit ‘too big’, if only for now. Or maybe.. yeah, I’ll just shrink down real quick!” I concentrate on shrinking myself down, and it.. doesn’t work? Thinking about it quickly, I realize: “Uh.. wait, I wished so I’m able to only grow things bigger right? Shoot… Um, okay, I guess that kindda sucks but whatever. I probably would be back to this size soon anyway and.. oh I know, I’ll just grow you a little hihi!”

I carefully put my finger down on the ground again, ask for you to disembark - then concentrate on growing you. It fails again: “Uh oh, now I’m getting worried.. was it like a one time thing? Um, maybe I should try growing myself bigger? Or no, maybe just...” - I try to grow your car and it doubles.. then quadruples in size “Okay, that worked, so… umm, right… I wished to be able to grow things and myself…”

Your colossal lips make contact and instantly drench me in a thin layer of saliva that was resting on the surface. It felt...incredible...like getting pressed into a mattress, only this particular mattress was connected to the girl that I had secretly admired for years, and this particular girl was now the biggest thing in existence! "You think?" I asked sarcastically, nodding in approval at your realization that you may be a bit too big if you wanted to avoid any attention..or so I thought.

My eyes widened as you offered to make me grow alongside you, and my manhood began to stiffen at the thought yet was quickly calmed once the ground dropped out from underneath me once again. I experienced a momentary feeling of weightlessness as I was lowered some 500 feet back towards the earth, and the strand I hair I had tied around my waist easily slipped off as my knot came untied.

Never had I been so thankful to be back on solid ground, I eagerly hopped off your fingernail and damn near kissed the ground while being unaware of exactly what you were muttering about, only picking up a few choice words. I'm suddenly knocked aside by the wheel of my car as it rapidly exploded in size, quadruple the size it was originally! "Wait a minute...you can grow anything you want...including yourself right!? Then does that mean..." I paused as I tried to put my thought into words, "Does that mean that you don't really want me to get any bigger?" I questioned, unable to imagine why wouldn't want someone to experience this with.

Luckily enough, when I focus real hard, I can hear you from the ground.. but only just. Still, I hear your comment and whisper: "Oh silly, you're not a 'thing' are you? I guess I was very specific about it.. any 'thing', including myself? Except.." - I chuckle - ".. I guess I'm lucky it didn't turn me into a thing or something!" - and I chuckle again at the thought.

"Besides, why wouldn't I- - I suddenly feel a light tap on my back. I’m focusing on you so I just ignore it at first, but then realize.. at my size? I look behind me and see.. smoke? “What the.. hell?” - then several explosions follow.. all over my back and butt. I’m doubly confused as it doesn’t even hurt, not really.. more like: I can ‘feel’ touch, plus slight warmth.. but not even unpleasant or anything. And they’re pretty big explosions – like in the movies and stuff! I instantly realize.. I’m being attacked by the toy military...

By the time the dust settled there wasn't much left standing in the surrounding forest. Trees had been reduced to nothing but splinters, either by your original growth spurt or by a stray missile that you effortless knocked away. Plumes of smoke rose high into the sky and fires began to spread throughout the remaining foliage. "Geez Rose...you really know how to stand up for yourself huh? Remind me never to get on your bad side haha" I yelled up to you as I crawled out from underneath my oversized car that I had been using as cover.



End Notes:

At which point we fast-forwarded one last time, just to skip having to deal with the military, since it wouldn’t allow him to participate much.

The Submersible by FluffyRose

Strangely enough it was a good thing military attacked us. Well, technically.. they attacked me. Probably didn’t even notice you at all until I dropped you next to some military guys and told them to listen to whatever you say. Either way they stopped the assault when I threatened to grow even bigger and we were led to this lovely military base! Or at least, that’s how I described it:
“Ohh look like cute and lovely this little base is!”

I told them to bring me some clothes.. the ones you borrowed me after I was teleported by your 2nd wish look.. well, they look like they're from the dollar store, at best. Of course they complained how it would take them forever to make clothes for me at this size, but I rolled my eyes and explained to bring them normal size and I'll grow them! I also requested a compact submersible, which confused everybody.. including you! Of course I would just say how - "You'll see what it's for" - and wouldn't spoil it. While we waited, we figured a way to communicate more conveniently: you simply called me on your old phone that grew with me. I had to borrow it since your second wish teleported me without mine and we didn't want to bother going to my place and back.

So now we only just called each other and the submersible arrives! I tell you to get inside it.. and maybe have somebody explain how to operate it, then I sit up to enjoy how tiny everything is from high above. I'm still sitting on my feet so it gives me a pretty lofty altitude... I giggle when I see just how tiny the sub looks and: "Ohh, how cute you look down there, you have no idea! Anyway, you finished with that accelerated training and stuff?"

"Almost! I just need to remember...how to open the...GOT IT!" I yell as I struggled to recall the rapid exchange of information of how to successfully operate the submersible. I had been told over the span of several minutes what normally takes a soldier several months of training and was expected to recall it off the top of my head. Maybe I should have wished for super intelligence rather than money...

The hum of the engine echoed within the metal cylinder as I followed the prompted instructions on the screen in front of me. "Okay so...are you going to tell my why you asked for this thing specifically? And would you stop calling me cute already? I'm starting to feel like some sort of toy poodle." I complained over the hands free headset as everything lit up green across the board.

"Oh silly, you don't need to yell - I can hear you just fine through the headset hihi! And you are my cute toy, so.. what else am I supposed to call you hihi! Anywho, here we go then..." - I say and carefully pick up the submersible between my thumb and forefinger. I raise it up to my face and take a look inside: the big spherical window on the front gives me great view of you.. and also I figure a nice view of me for you!

And the whole thing is so absolutely tiny.. maybe three millimeters long - not even as large as a small pill! Which means: "Ohh, it'll be just perfect 'treat' for me hihi! Except, maybe I could use something 'extra' for taste, um..." - I lick the tip of index finger of my free hand and lower it.. towards some small crowd of military personnel and reporters that has gathered next to some hangar. They must've figured out what my intention is and they immediately scatter in all directions, but I still manage to get a few of them stuck to my saliva.

I make sure not to push down at all.. I don't want to smush them after all. So when I raise them to my face, the little dots are still moving and.. while I can barely feel them, the view is just sooo... stimulating! Without wasting another second, I put the sub inside my mouth on top of the tongue and gently wipe off the people I captured next to you. A couple seconds later I can already hear them banging on the walls and window of your sub and shouting for help. It's so... empowering.

The sounds of the screaming marines could be heard even from within my air tight container along with the high pitched squeaking of your colossal tongue dragging along its metal surface. "Wait a minute Rose are you seriously going to eat them? They're people!" I pleaded over the hands free while having a battle of conscience with myself. Letting them in would certainly save their lives, but then again they did try to wage war on you, not them specifically but the core of which they were proud member. Why should I deprive you of something you had obviously been planning on?

I nervously glanced towards the door, then back at the control console, then back to the door. All the while the screams of the men intensified as they drew closer and closer to becoming nothing more than a snack to some overgrown teenager (that how they view you, not me). "Gahhhh!!! Dammit!" I yell out, opting to do the right thing and save the terrified soldiers. I slammed my fist down on a flashing red button on the console that I thought unlocked the door. What it actually did was fire a single torpedo out of the front of the submersible - it slid right under your uvula and down your throat. "Uhhh...oops...why the hell would they put torpedoes on it! Those idiots!"

I hear your plea, but it only makes my resolve stronger - that and how their tiny feet feel on my tongue. People. Real freaking people. Right there, on my tongue.. one simple move and they'd all be... Ohhhh, I close my eyes just to feel it fully. Then I feel something sliding down my throat.. it feels... Was it one of them? Did somebody just slide down without me even swallowing? Uhhh, it's just so.. and yet....

You sounded really disturbed, and.. of course you're right. They are people - with friends, families, even.. kids maybe? And to eat them like that would be...

But I really, really want to!

I think with my eyes still closed. And you inside my mouth, I can't even say anything out loud about it - hell, what would I even say? Excuse me bug-sized people, can I pretty please swallow you? Just so I can see how it feels? Fuck! It was so much easier in all the stories and roleplays, like.. nobody ever even considered...

What if they have kids...

With tears forcing their way into my eyes, I put an index finger back into my mouth and place the fingernail so they can climb onto it. Fuck.. what is wrong with me!

Even your gentlest intentions can have dramatic consequences when you're roughly a mile tall. The submersible teetered near the entrance to your gaping maw, well beyond your ability to see it clearly and thus leaving it in danger of what would inevitably come next. Rather than giving the soldiers a platform to climb to safety, your powerful fingernail struck the side of the submarine, easily plastering one of the frightened men against its metal surface. The unfortunate soul didn't even have a chance to scream before their lives were snuffed out in the blink of an eye.

The remaining soldiers looked on in horror as his squad mate disappeared behind your wall of flesh amd became nothing but a crimson paste on the tip of your finger before muttering a quick prayer and leaping onto it, thankful to still be alive.

Inside the sub, I was thrown from my captain's chair thanks to the powerful impact. "Rose...uhhh...maybe try being a little more careful? I'd rather you didnt put a dent in our new toy." I said half jokingly, since I was worried the structural integrity of the sub was somehow damaged.

I'm slightly annoyed at your complaining. Plus the submersible should be pretty durable... But for now, I remove my finger to make sure the dots of soldiers are on it. There are few.. except it feels like fewer than on my fingertip? I fear the worst and.. actually start crying quietly, but try not to move not to drop them or anything like that. I extra carefully lower them back to the ground. They immediately jump off my fingernail and run for cover - and who can blame them!

Next I pull the submersible out of my mouth and ask with a trembling voice: "Was that.. did somebody fall down my throat?"

The metal vessel shakes violently while your mouth lifts away from the viewing window, only to be replaced with your enormous iris once again. "Uhhh no, I don't think so...but I did...maybe...kinda....did you know this thing had torpedoes? You would have thought that they would have removed everything potentially harmful before they gave it to us." I answered, technically not lying since I wasn't sure exactly how many soldiers there were to begin with.

"I think you did the right thing Rose...they would probably have been less likely to comply if you'd have eaten some of them on purpose. I mean...I know you already threatened to grow bigger, but sometimes you need to earn a little good faith right?" I couldn't believe that I was acting like some sort a therapist to a woman who made me feel like an ant, but despite your immense size my feelings for you hadn't changed.

"Wait, a torpedo?" - I think about for a moment, then repeat to make sure: "I swallowed a torpedo?"

"Yes, I guess you did?"

I'm suddenly relieved when you confirm that - it's a bit weird to hear about the torpedo, but.. missiles didn't harm me so I assume torpedoes won't either? Oh well, actually: "You know what, it's pretty cool hihi! Like.. I wonder if it explodes or something! Um, but wait a minute... I can feel like a tingly metallic sort of taste on my tongue, is it rust from the sub or something?" - I dare not even think it might be blood...

I then proceed to 'discretely' wipe my eyes to hide how badly I felt.. good thing nothing happened after all!

"What's the worst that could happen? You get a little tummy ache? I bet it's no worse than eating a spicy grain of rice. Let's just hope it doesn't give you gas...you might cause another hole in the ozone at this point." I answered jokingly, yet shuttering at the thought of the horrible smell that would be accompany such a gross act.

"You...what? I don't think so, this thing looks almost brand new." I quickly scan the cockpit until I find what I'm looking for. "Hang on, stick out your tongue and let me take a look with the camera zoom." I changed the display to the high resolution camera and started using it to zoom in on the titanic slab of meat protruding towards me

"Uhhh...I dont know how to explain this but....the torpedo...you didn't swallow it...it's on the back of your tongue."

"It's what?!?" - I instinctively spit it out. Luckily it lands in a middle of an mostly empty field - "Yuck! Um.. I guess I should've looked where I'm aiming with that.. sorry, if anybody was hit by the splashback or.. ugh..." - I try to feel it and.. the taste is gone, so.. that must've been it: "A torpedo got stuck to my tongue, wow! I hope you don't have any more 'surprises' attached to that cute little thing?" - I try to inspect the submersible, but it's just so tiny...

The massive glob of spit landed in the middle of a nearby field, detonating an improperly stored fuel tanker on impact and causing a rather sizable explosion that brought the surrounding soldiers to high alert, yet your lingering threat halted them from taking any further action less the risk provoking you.

"Uhhh lemme check, there's a couple different buttons left for me to - WHOA!!!" My words were cut off as you began tilted the vessel at all sorts of different angles, tossing me all around within it like some sort of horrible carnival ride. "Knock it off! I don't even know if this thing has seatbelts!" I say sternly once the sub levels out and I'm able to continue looking at the control console. "Let's see...if this one is for torpedoes...then this one is..." I press a blue button, activating the headlights...what kind of a sub has headlights? I continue pressing buttons at random, avoiding the ones that looked like that weren't supposed to be touched.

The small toy sub must have looked ridiculous as it began to make all sorts of noises, flash lights, shoot off flares, eject an inflatable raft and multiple other features before I finally stopped pressing things. "This is like...the nicest sub ever. Why would they just have this laying around?"

I'm still staring at you when an explosion lits up right where I spat, I look there: "Um, did.. did I just do that? Uh, I guess I really do need to be more careful hihi!" - I turn my attention back to you though: "Oh stop clowning around! Actually.. since your cute toy is so nice and everything, then.. in you go!" - I put you on my tongue, this time closing my mouth and wait to gather some spit... Then after a while, I swallow!

"I'm not clowning around! And it's not a toy! This is an expensive piece of government property that probably costs....wait...what?" I can only watch as your eye moves away and my window is once again filled by the endless void that is your mouth. The sub lurches up and down while your tongue slowly retracts back into the dark cave which promptly seals shut behind it.

"Well...great...I'm in your mouth. Are you happy now?" The interior lights turn on along with the headlights from earlier, bathing your dripping pink cavern in a bright white light. "Huh...I guess that's why they put headlights on it. Although I doubt this is what they had in mind."

A strange bubbling sound fills the submersible while your saliva starts to pool around it, pressuring the cabin as it sink below the surface. "Good thing it's still waterproof...wait...Rose...don't you freaking dare...Rose?....ROSE!!!!!"

My panicked cries ring out over your hands free as the sub slides down the back of your throat, beginning it's long journey down your esophagus.



End Notes:

I mean, had he not complained about it.. I would've swallowed ^^

Also we argued about that torpedo/tanker-ex-machina and what not, yeah.. long story.

The Stomach by FluffyRose

I giggle hearing your screams through the earpiece and when they finally cease, I ask: "Well? How is it in there? I mean.. you're still okay right?" - I ask, slightly worried when I don't hear you for a while. I can't feel anything either, but then of course.. the sub is pretty tiny so I wasn't really expecting anything. Then I chuckle and tease: "Don't make me send a rescue party after you hihi!"

I was livid...to the point where I purposefully ignored your questions over the phone. "Let her worry a little bit. Serves her right...just because she's a little bigger..." I thought to myself while the submarine slammed against the side of your throat and steadily surfed down the spongy flesh.

"It's dark...and wet...and I'm not sure how but I pretty sure I can smell what you had for breakfast." I finally broke the silence, but still sounded somewhat annoyed. The hull of the sub continued to groan loudly and I nervously check my gauges to make sure it wasn't leaking somewhere.

"You're hilarious by the way...how exactly to you expect me to get out of here?"

I chuckle hearing you complain about it, then: "Oh, that's obvious silly..." - but then I stop myself and decide to mess with you a bit: ".. actually I guess I haven't really thought about that part yet? Um.. what do you think? I guess you'll have to take the long way round and all that hihi!"

"What the...the long way? The long way?" I catch myself before becoming too angry and take a deep breath to calm myself. "Do you have any idea how long it'll take me to travel the long way? And that's assuming I don't get dissolved by your stomach acid. Can you live with that on your conscience...huh?" I knew from school that the average intestinal track was between 25-28 feet in length, and that was of a normal sized human. My brain couldn't begin to calculate how long that would be when the person was a mile tall!

"For your sake I hope you have a better plan than 'take the long way round' because if i make it out of this in one piece I promise I'll...I'll...well...I'll do something..."

I giggle and tease some more: "Should I eat lunch just to speed it up?" - my stomach quietly growls.. I'm actually a bit hungry from all that messing around in my mouth. Then I realize: we haven't really discussed food yet and.. well, that sounds like a serious problem, even if I can grow it up... Oh well, finally I decide to reassure you: "Fine, fine.. no more jokes, for now anyway hihi! It's simple really, they must have like a long cable to reattach it or something? I mean.. they would drop these things down Mariana's trench so I'm sure.. um, somebody has long ropes like that... So yeah, we'll get you out in no time!"

Then I decide to tease a bit more: "But I was kindda hoping you wouldn't mind 'exploring' a bit?"

And finally: "Besides, I'm sure that sub is pretty fast - wasn't it like fancy and everything? You won't get dissolved if you hurry up and.." - suddenly I feel like a slight itch inside my belly. It makes me burp a tiny bit, before I'm able to cover my mouth with a hand.. so unladylike, oh well... But still: "What was that? Are you messing around in there?!?"

I wanted to smash my head against the helm as I listened to your idea of a solution, and even more so once you made your suggestion. "You want me...to explore...? And how do you suggest I do that? There isn't exactly any...actually...okay...fine. If you want me to explore, then I'll explore and if you end up throwing up then you'll have nobody to blame but yourself."

I pressed the thrusters forward as the sub continued it's way down your throat, probably nearing the stomach at this point. If this thing was as impressive as in thought it was then it had to have something that would help me get some form of revenge. "Ewe there's so much gross stuff in here...you really shouldn't eat so much junk food. What is that?....Do you even know how to chew? On second thought...don't answer that." I continued to make snide comments as I pressed onwards until everything around me started to rumble. Before I could say anything, a sudden burst of air erupted from deep within your stomach, easily providing enough lift for the sub to shoot back up the way I came.

The journey up was not nearly as smooth as the trip down since the sub ricocheted off of your esophagus before creating the peak of your throat. The bright light of the outside shined through your open mouth as the powerful burp gas rushed out the exit. "Ummm...excuse you?"

I feel bits of food came up to my mouth with that burp, so I swallow instinctively - sending you all the way down to my stomach unknowingly. "Yeah, excuse me.. I guess hihi! By the way, why are you so angry all of the sudden? Didn't you like being small.. or me big, or.. you know, like this?"

I only caught a small glimpse of freedom before my vessel was swallowed once again. The enlarged chunks of food somehow hastened my journey down your throat before landing in a pool of stomach acid. "I'm not angry...its just a lot to take in. Put yourself in my position. I'm probably the first person ever outside of science fiction stories to travel into someone's stomach. You ever hear the story of Jonah and the whale? Well...I'm starting to know exactly how he felt."

The large pool of liquid gave me the opportunity to actually control which way the submarine traveled, and I began to slowly maneuver my way around partially digested chunks of food as I explored your inner cavern. "You know...its actually kind of cozy in here...very private. Maybe I'll buy a vacation home here."

"There's no need for sarcasm hihi! And well, yeah.. you were shouting angrily and stuff, and.. I can bring you-" - I realize that 'I' probably can't, unless: "Uh, actually I could just vomit you out and.. um, no.. that's a really bad idea I guess? But I could 'arrange' to have you removed if you really don't want to stay in my stomach? I was just trying to have some fun, um..." - but thinking about people arranging it, I realize one more thing.. so I sigh and: "First, I guess I never apologized for.. almost eating you guys?"

I consider it, I 'kindda' got away with it, but.. no, it's wrong.. and what I did was wrong: "I mean, I think I was actually going to swallow you all, before.. well, before Mike made me realize how wrong it is? I'm sorry and.. I guess nothing bad happened so it was just a bad joke, but.. I'm still sorry?"

"Actually...I think I'm gonna do it...yeah...I'm gonna do it...if I'm going to be the first person to travel into a stomach, then I might as well be the first person to travel through the entire digestive track." I replied as my vengeful attitude started to rear its ugly head. "Next stop...the large intestine...dive...dive...dive!" I had no intention of actually going through with my boast, mainly I was just curious to see how you would react to the idea of me actually taking you up on your earlier suggestion.

Outside the marines standing watch flinched as you started to address them directly. One moment you were treating them like a garnish, and the next you were talking to them like they were real people so it's only natural that they wouldn't believe in your change of heart so easily.

"Apology accepted ma'am! Now just remain where you are for the time being. We're working on finding you some suitable housing!" One of the tiny men called out over a megaphone.

I giggle when you change your mind so suddenly, but: "I don't get it, like... one moment you're all like:" - I mock you and pretend to say in deeper voice: "Ohnoes get me outta here! I'm dissolving I'm dissolving!" - then I stop and chuckle, then normal voice: "And the next moment you're like... I don't know, uh.." - mockingly: "It's amazing down here I'm gonna stay there forever!" - I finish the tease with a giggle, but then actually start laughing out loud. It's pretty absurd and ridiculous, but.. it feels like either you were messing with me then - or are now. I just can't seem to be able to figure out which is the case.

Either way: "Well then all aboard and, um.. what do they say when they set sail on submarines, or.. do they even, um.. any clue?"

I steamed within my metallic cocoon as you openly mocked me loud enough for half the base to probably hear. "I do NOT....sound like that. Maybe if the roles were reversed you wouldn't be so quick with your clever jokes." I said sternly, much more serious than I had sounded in the past. "What's the ETA on that rope huh? As fascinating as it is in here I'm about 10 seconds away from setting a course to your colon."

I pressed the throttle forward ever so slightly to test my resolve while I waited to see which one of us would blink first. "10....9....8...." I began counting down to add to drama to the already tense situation. "5...4....3..."

"Oh ETA? I actually never, um.." - but suddenly a voice speaks:

[officer] "We're ready when you are, got enough rope to reach.. hopefully your stomach, if needed."

"Oh, wait.. so you've been listening in this whole.." - then I chuckle - "Never mind, that's silly I'm easily heard in like the whole county and maybe even surrounding ones, or..."

[officer] "Quite."

"Um, so.. what do I do?"

[officer] "We have a truck approaching. But could you please not swallow, I mean.. threaten to swallow-"

"No no, I'm totally with you! And I'm super sorry for all that, it's just that.. well, in roleplays and stories, and.. no, sorry, it was just wrong..." - I admit and blush, ashamed of what I did.

[officer] "It's okay ma'am, apology accepted."

"Oh, um.. were you one of.. you know..."

[officer] "No, but I heard from them. It's okay."

"Ohh.. thank you!" - I say.. a little too loud. Suddenly relieved of this great guilt, I.. immediately feel much better! Then I remember about you: "So, Mike.. what's it gonna be? Up.. or down hihi?"



End Notes:

Sheesh, he really did want to get out of there...

I mean, the explosion-ex-machina and all that, cute ^^

The Long Way Round by FluffyRose

I had hear your entire side of the conversation and breathed a deep sigh of relief that help was on the way. Yet a small feeling of guilt had begun to creep it's way into my subconscious. If we actually went through the plan with the rope then that would mean putting more lives in danger, and after convincing to spare...well attempt to spare the marines that...well most of the marines that were about to be eaten, that was a risk that I just wasn't willing to take.

"Tell them to cancel that rescue operation...I'm going down.." I said firmly in my best action movie star voice before opening the throttle up as fast as it could go. The submersible lurched forwards toward the bottom of your stomach, soon entering the wide opening that led to your large intestine.

"I'm going to need such a long shower after this..." I said after a while of traveling. The odd colored walls around me had started to narrow, if that was possible, signifying that I was approaching the small intestine which would be the longest part of my triumphant journey so far. "Say...part of you is enjoying this isn't it? Be honest with me."

I tease, for the most part: "What? Why? They've already prepared it and everything, so.. come on, we'll go down the next time, or.." - I chuckle - "If there is a 'next time'. Oh well, you sure you don't want to see if they actually do have enough rope? I mean... Actually, I have no idea where I was going with this hihi! Nah, I'm just messing with you, but.. I don't really need to, like, you know.. go?"

You words did little to ease my growing resentment, yet I had said I was going to do something and that usually meant the was no talking myself out of it. "It's too late to turn back now. I'm already in your small intestine...I think, and it's probably a good thing you dont have to...go...gross. I dont need anything blocking my exit if you know what I mean..."

I continued onward, down the twisting turning passageway that wove it's way through your core like a labyrinth with only one way to travel. I had lost track of time, and after a while I started to wonder that with all the fancy bells and whistles on this submarine...why they didn't install something that could play music, not that I was likely to get receive reception in here anyway.

"Just do me a favor and try not to...you know...fart or anything okay? I've had about enough of natural gas propulsion for one day."

"Uh, sure? Except I'm not sure I can control it just like that..." - then I think about the whole thing, you.. in my intestines... - "Wait wait wait, stop, um.. there's like a camera in there, right? Can you record, uh.. sir? That, um.. military guy? Are you still listening.. or, you know, on the call and stuff?"

[officer] "Yes ma'am?"

"Can you like.. explain Mike how to record and.. send the video on my phone?" - I grin, then add: "I wanna see it hihi!"

[officer] "Sure, it's.." - he explains you what to do, and remotely launches some app on my phone. At first I find it a bit creepy.. but in the end it's not 'my' phone, but.. yeah...

The officer explains some complicated set of instruction that required logging into a certain program on the subs computer...which for some reason required me to create an account before I was able to live stream exactly what I was seeing. "You seeing this? Do you have any idea where i am right now? What you're making me do?" I use a joystick to pan the camera around to give you a panoramic view of what I'm currently experiencing.

"That! You see that!? I'm pretty sure that's some pieces of...dung..." I shuttered as I compared the size of the matter stuck along the sides of the passageway to the submarine. "I think I'm getting close to your colon. The air looks...thick..." An even narrower path soon appeared in front of me, symbolizing that my journey was nearing its end.

"There's no air silly, just water and.. I guess 'dirty water' and some leftover food. And yeah, you're almost there... whoa, that's actually pretty cool! I never thought I would see.. and um, can you like.. swim closer to the walls? Can I see how big everything is compared to you and all that?" - I watch the video feed mesmerized, then whisper unwittingly: "Soo cool..."

"Closer? I think I'm close enough, besides...there isn't really much to see besides the occasional speck of...dung..." I still couldn't bring myself to say poop, but I obliged you by maneuvering the vessel closer to the walls until you could see the large veins barely visable along your intestinal canal and into your colon. "That close enough for you? I swear, even when I'm literally inside you...you're still finding a way to make me feel smaller than I already am." As if on queue, I drifted dangerously close to a large chunk of poo that partially blocked my path, but thankfully I was already close to the side and able to pass by it relatively unscathed. Although I'm pretty sure the sub was going to have a nice brown skid mark down the right side. "Gahh...that was to close."

I eventually passed through the final leg of my voyage before arriving at my next obstacle. "Hey Rose...uhh... little problem here...you see this? I'm guessing that your sphincter." I panned the camera towards the enormous wrinkled wall to show you what I was dealing with. It was clinched tightly with only a few narrow paths to travel through that I would risk bumping into, or worse...getting stuck. "Would you mind...unclinching yourself. Can you do that? For me? Please?"

I giggle when you 'almost' get stuck in a tiny bit of excrement... But then I see the sphincter and: "Whoa, that's.. must be pretty scary hihi! I mean, for you anyway, or.. oh well, sure, I'll just slip a finger..." - I actually push right hand down the back of my pants, but then: "No, that won't really work. Besides, eww..." - I complain, then realize: "Hihi, I suppose now I get why you were so reluctant to.. yeah, um... hey military guy?"

[officer] "Yes ma'am?"

"Oh don't call me mom, I have no kids or anything like that!"

[officer] "I.. uh, I mean it like-"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, it's just that.. a miss, or Rose will do... Well, friends call me Rosie, okay? Anyway!" - I add without waiting for him to confirm that and chuckle again.. 'ma-am'... - "Yeah, anyway: can you like plant some explosives on the entrance to-"

My little yellow submarine...yes that's what I've decided to call it, like the Beatles song...floated patiently by your exit point as I listened to you question the officer. "Explosives? Why do you need explosives? Just...relax and it'll open on its own."

"What? No.. I don't think so? You wouldn't squeeze through or.. not in the submersible anyway. So about these explosives, um... how do you think?"

[officer] "Well..."

I giggle, it's definitely an unusual situation - even for the soldiers and stuff. I add: "Do you have any like.. explosives experts? Or, demolition specialists?"

[officer] "Ma'- I mean, Rose, miss.. I.."

"What? Isn't military like the experts on blowing stuff up? And.. open?"

[officer] sighs "I really wouldn't advise this path of-"

"Yea figured, they're afraid of my bum already!" - even though it's basically a massive tease, I sigh and think about it.. no, explosives probably wouldn't work: "How about.. like some kind of a crane? Or maybe a tank to... Um, I don't know?"

[officer] After a moment of awkward silence "I think the best way will be for him.. I mean, for Mike, to leave the submersible and squeeze through. There are emergency suits-"

"Are you serious? You actually wanted them to use explosives to blow open your sphincter? What kind of stories do you read?" I asked in disbelief before turning my irritation towards the officer.
"And you...you actually expect me to...squeeze through her sphincter? Like...without the sub?" I literally face palmed as I tried to come to terms with my challenging dilemma. Having come this far and seen so much...I knew part of me would regret not seeing this through to the end.

"Rose...don't say a word."
"Officer...tell me where the emergency suits are..."

[Officer] "Are you sure?"

"No!...I'm sure! But just tell me before I change my mind!"

The officer proceeded to guide me through the proper way to retrieve the emergency suit and put it on. I double checked to make sure my helmet was secure before I stepped into the airlock. "One small step for man..." I started to say as I depressurize the airlock and opened the outside door leading into the unknown.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel by FluffyRose

I keep chuckling and giggling, I didn't think you would actually do it.. leave the sub? Pretty crazy, but I finally protest: "No no no don't, I'll just spread it myself and then wash my hands afterwards. Here.." - I stand up and stretch.. I've been sitting still for a while now.

[officer] "Miss! What are you doing?!? Please don't-"

"Ohh relax, I'm not going to hurt anybody, I'll just.. take a step or two.." - which I do - ".. to sit in the river and.. except I'll have to take the pants off and..." - I look north: the city, then south: another military base. With the one I was sitting by, I'm practically surrounded by gawkers, unless: "Um, would you do me a solid and try not to peep? I'm sure you're all gentlemen and everything, okay here I go!

I unzip them and still choose to cover my crotch with one hand, but otherwise just pull the pants down with the other - and sit down in the river. I tremble a bit: "Oooh, it's cold! Um.. never mind, it only took a moment..." - except I'm not sure whether I got used to the low temperature.. or whether water was simply warmed up by my body heat? I realize that much bigger body means more heat, and... Oh well, in any case it works! So: "Mike, you alright in there? I hope I didn't push you back while moving around hihi!"

"One...giant leap for mankind-ahhh!!!" My fitting declaration ended with a surprised scream as the lower part of your colon suddenly lutched forward, then backwards, then every which way. "Ros-ie!! S-stooooppp mooooovinnngg!!!" I yelled as I floated around helplessly, tossed around by the sudden changes of direction.

I wasn't sure if you heard me or not, but somehow everything stopped moving before suddenly rushing towards the back of your sphincter, sending my helpless body on a collision course with the exit door.

"Comfy?" I asked sarcastically once I regained my composure, firmly pressed against the puckered surface. Whatever you were doing was working and the wall began to widen, exposing thin passages that would slowly open up wide enough to reveal my path to freedom.

[officer] "Miss stop, please!"

"What? Why? I don't mind some nudity.. I mean you don't have to look if-"

[officer] "It's not about that!" - I actually do stop moving, so he can continue: "It's the submersible! It's showing equal pressure on interior and- I mean-"

"Yeah, it's open, and?" - I ask to make him get to the point, but I'm increasingly worried myself.

[officer] "We lost communication with the emergency suit, it's got a much shorter transmission range-"

"So you lost him?"

[officer] silence, then: "Yes, please don't be angry-"

I shake my head and: "No, if anything then it's my fault, but.. I mean, what do we do now?"

[officer] "Maybe... Maybe he can manage to climb out on his own?"

"Yeah right, um... Should I stand up and-" - the guy shouts for me not to, so I sit still, then: "Could we maybe send.. I don't know, somebody? Like, after him?"

[officer] "Uhh, um.. I don't thing swallowing another-"

"I mean like from the other side? It's a navy base so you must have some.. idk, navy divers or something?" - actually, come to think of it I haven't seen any ships: "Or more like, what is it.. army?"

[officer] "Marines, miss..."

"So you do have some of these marines, right? Can they like swim and stuff?"

[officer] "Well..."

After an awkward moment of silence, I add: "I promise I'll be careful, okay? No threatening to swallow, or.. anything like that, okay?"

[officer] "I think, maybe.. we might be able to organize.. something..."

"Great! Let's get going then, um.. do I wait here or.. maybe if you need a lift then I could-"

[officer] "No, please don't, just.. please don't do anything!"

And for the first time since I grew, I feel completely powerless. To do anything. And it sucks.

I recieved only static on my end of the headset, an eerie, blood chilling static. "Rose?...Rose?...Officer guy? ...anybody?" Again, only static replies to my cries.
"Dammit...I must be too far away from the sub...that probably had some kind of antenna in it..." I spoke outloud just in case I was wrong.

The crevice beneath me continued to widen inch by inch, shivering every so slightly agaisnt a flowing liquid of some type. "What's...is that...water? What the hell is she doing?" I didn't know how, but I felt closer to freedom than I'd felt in ages. I could see the outside, kinda, but that's all the motivation I needed.

I began to press myself through the fleshy folds. It was incredibly tight, but I was making progress. I was so close...just a few...dozen more steps...I could hear running water...a few more...almost there...
I willed myself forward until the pressure hugging me released, and I found myself floating in the river beneath your anus. "Rosey? Can you hear me?"

I'm waiting for.. something to happen. Like, anything? I wish I could feel you.. in there, maybe? And above all: I curse myself for even suggesting this, and then endlessly teasing you to take the 'long route'. So dumb of me...

After a while a boat.. no, two boats approach my bum and.. I take a deep breath and remove the hand that's been covering my crotch. I want to let them come as close as possible, before-

Suddenly I hear your voice again: "Oh my god, Mike!"

[officer] "Please, miss, lower your voice or you'll break-"

"Yeah yeah, sorry hihi!" - and I try to keep my voice down - "But I'm so happy that.. Mike, where are you? And don't tell me you've been messing with us this whole time!"

"Ohhhh Rosey...thank god...I lost contact with the sub after I stepped out of it. I had to force my way through your...wait a minute? Is that your ass?" From beneath the water I could see the two massive mounds of that extended out further than I could currently see. Your gigantic sphincter blew me a kiss goodbye, probably as you realized exactly where I was.

"You should probably lay off the junk food...you're getting a little bit of junk in the trunk..." I teased, so thankful to finally be out of you that my sarcastic remarks returned with a vengeance.

My entire body was sore and stiff, but somehow I mustered enough strength to swim far enough away from you so that I could start heading for the surface. "Stay still. I'm coming up..."

"No I'm not getting.. ugh! It probably only looks big when you're like.. underneath it hihi!" - then I think about and add: "Or literally inside, um.. are you sure you don't want to go back? What about that house you wanted to.. um, never mind haha!"

[officer] "Miss, please..."

"Right, right..." - I cover my mouth coyly, then explain: "Oh right, and Mike you just stay right where you are - apparently they're, the marines here are like experts in rescue missions and all that, so-"

[officer] "They won't be as effective when they're deaf!"

"Um.." - I chuckle, then whisper: "Okay then, just stay where you are!"

[officer] "Try to get to the surface, so we can get a clear location..."

"That's what I've been trying to do. I'm not sure if you've realized it, but she's a pretty big girl. There's a lot of butt the get around." I replied cheekily, know full well that you were listening in. My arms and legs struggled to guide me to the surface, which gave me time to decompress on the way up.

After roughly 3 minutes of swimming I finally crest the surface of the water. My oxygen supply had to be running dangerously low and I quickly unclasped my helmet and tossed it aside. "Ahhhhhh....fresh air!!" I exclaimed after taking a deep breath of the best air that I ever have had the pleasure of inhaling.

In the distance I could hear the sound of an approaching rescue boat, and I began waving my arm to flag them down. "Over here!! Hey!!"

[Officer] "We found him...did you hear me miss? They're loading him up now. Please try to stay still until they tell me they're clear."

"Uh huh" - I simply murmur and don't say anything more not to.. would it really deafen them? It sound excessive, but.. maybe we should do some 'volume tests' or something like that?

While I wait and try to.. spot where you might be - it's not easy.

The Kidnapping by FluffyRose

Meanwhile two muscular marines pull you onto the boat - except probably any single one of them would've sufficed. One more is on the back of the boat, driving it apparently - he turns around immediately and speaks some replies over the radio. One of the soldiers who picked you up asks if you're okay, but otherwise they ignore you completely. When you get closer to the shore, one turns to you and asks: "Was it really that bad.. in there?"

Another adds: "We were to search and rescue, before..."

They're both wearing diving suits and everything.

"Thanks guys...really...yeah I'm fine physically" I groan once I settled down in the boat. The watercraft quickly sped off like the driver was eager to put as much distance between him and the mountainous butt as possible.
"Boys...I feel like I've become a man again, I mean....you've all seen anal porn before right?" Both the men in scuba gear silently nodded without looking at me. "Well lets just say I've seen things no man alive ever should." I recieved a slight chuckle from the driver as the boat pulled close to the shoreline.

[Driver] "Okay sir, we're all clear. The package is secured."

[Unknown Voice] "Excellent, bring him to me."

The three marines helped me off of the boat and guided me towards a black SUV waiting near the shore, and without any reason not to trust them I willingly entered the vehicle.

[Officer] "Yes sir? You've got him?....Very good....I'll tell her right away...Of course sir"

The officer spoke to an unknown voice on his personal radio before turning his attention back to you.

[Officer] "Okay miss Rose...I have good news and potentially upsetting news. The good news is that we've got your man. The potentially upsetting news is that I've been ordered to hold him hostage until we negotiate the terms of your surrender."

“Yeah right, very funny haha! But I suppose you should take a shower now Mikey!” - but after thinking about it: “Or two hihi! And have fun being kidnapped, plus.. maybe they'll get you some decent clothes? Cause he's got like a terrible fashion sense haha!”

[officer] “This is serious, we're going to...”

The guy trails off as I begin to stand up. It was fun at first, but it’s increasingly tedious: how everybody’s scared of me and everything. Or maybe I’ll just get used to it? Either way.. of course my bum is still bare, so I pull the pants up and: “Great, my butt is covered in mud, um.. and feet and.. ugh, I could use a shower as well, except it won’t be that simple, is it? Don’t bother to answer it was rhetorical, I mean.. unless there’s a big storm somewhere near or.. I’m not even sure if that would work...” - what I’m actually curious is how a lightning strike would feel. Because at this size.. yeah, living lightning magnet...

"Hey, how about instead of surrender we negotiate the terms of my bath?"


The van drives away from the river, there's no communication whatsoever: no radio, no calls, nothing. You can hear me talking outside - of course - but can't hear responses or see what is going on: windows are all covered and all hat. All three soldiers just stare at you in silence, keeping their hands on some batons they have at the ready. Even though each one of them could probably overpower you single-handedly...

"Where are we going? Rose is back the other way, shouldn't we be going over to meet her?" The car full of soldiers looked at me in silence before one of them finally answered.

[Soldier 1] "Don't you worry about that. We have our orders."


[Officer] "Miss...this is serious. I'd like to discuss your plans for the future." The officer spoke calmly yet authoritatively but even his years of military experience hadn't prepared him for situations like this. He decided not to reveal his hand yet, opting to wait until the opportune moment.

[Officer] "First things first...how did you acquire such...stature?"

"Plans? Oh, I guess that's a good idea hihi! And I already told you how I grew! Back when I first came to the base, I just think about.. like, concentrate and.. poof! I'm big haha!"

"But what about that bath? Oh, and the clothes? Actually, let's do bath first.. and clothes later hihi!" *- I tease realizing how they never saw me grow anything. Other than being gigantic in the first place, of course...*


You park in some random nondescript garage in the base. Another four soldiers take you from the van - they're just wearing normal green uniforms, light tactical vests.. except they are also carrying automatic rifles. One is also holding something strange.. like a tranquilizer gun? In any case they lead you outside and into the showers. Two guys stand outside the door, one in the locker room and the one with tranq gun in the shower - keeping an eye at you at all times. They all have batons, tasers and look pretty buff.

In the locker room, there's a spare set of clothes already waiting for you - standard army issue - and some shampoo, soap in the shower.

The officer shook his head slightly before continuing.

[Officer] "Yes yes you told me before, but what I want to know is how? How did you gain the ability to grow things...just by thinking it?" He tried to wrap his head around it but the bottom line was that what you were describing shouldn't be possible...

[Officer] "As for your bath?...That will have to wait until we've concluded our discussion. I've taken the liberty of making sure we don't have any...interruptions." The officer shifted back and forth uncomfortably, which was only natural when considering how he was speaking to a living mountain. "If you cooperate...then we'll see what we can do, and what clothes we can find for you."


"Ohhh thank god!!" I exclaimed as I stepped into the showering room and turned on the water. "So what's with all the weapons? You guys seem a little on edge, but then again...I guess I already know why." I let the water wash off the exterior of the suit before I pulled it off and tossed it in the corner of the room. It was your typical military style shower, lines of separate stalls with only a thin curtain to provide any privacy.

"You did let Rose know where I was right? I'd hate for her to worry."

"Am I not cooperating already? I mean.." - I look around me - "I don't see any crushed cities, or massacred.. um, oh well. I already told you how the growth works and that's everything I'll say about the subject hihi!" - then I realize..: "I guess that wasn't very cooperative? Oh well... And for the last time! Just bring me some normal size clothes and I'll grow them, it's that simple. As for the bath.." - I look around and notice.. "Isn't there like an ocean nearby? It should be large.. I mean, big enough for me right?"


The soldier simply watches you shower in complete silence, his finger next to the trigger - at least he's not pointing the gun at you. Or at least.. not yet.

The officer let out a slight sigh before speaking into another radio. "Go ahead and bring her some clothes. Standard issue jumpsuits will be fine." His negotiation training taught him that is was customary to give in to a small demand, if only as a show of good faith.

[Officer] "Okay miss...I have some clothes on the way for you. Hopefully they'll be to your satisfaction." He took a deep breath before continuing.

[Officer] "There is an ocean a few miles east of here but I must insist that you stay put until we can clear a path for you to avoid any collateral damage."


"Guys? Are you gonna answer me? I asked if you told Rose where I was?" I repeated as I lathered my body with the provided soap for the second time. I'm was sure they had, why else would you be more worried about a bath than trying to find me? Yet their unwillingness to answer my simplest questions gave me a sense of unease.

I think about it quickly and: "Jumpsuits? No no no, you see.. how about a nice two piece. Like for starters, or a selection of them so I can pick the one I like. Make that all kinds of bikinis hihi! I mean, unless you want me to go.. shopping?" - I tease and barely manage to stop myself from chuckling or giggling. "And the ocean, umm.. I'll just follow the river I guess? Unless you have any like, underground facilities I shouldn't step on and stuff? Plus, you can relax really.. I have plenty experience with being giantess and all. Or..." - I think about it quickly: ".. more like, theoretical.. preparation for.. in any case, it'll be just fine hihi!" - and with that I'm off, carefully but playfully tiptoing my way downstream towards the ocean.

The Colonel by FluffyRose

Nobody answered any of your questions - if that soldier in the shower room wasn't tracking you with his eyes you would suspect he's completely ignoring you. As you finish the shower after a while and come to the locker room, there's a shout outside: "Ten-hut!" - followed by - "At ease, marines." - and a figure enters the room, easily 6'6 and despite his advanced age.. late 50s to early 60s, he is still packing some serious muscles - he could probably take on guys half his age on equal footing. He also appears to be wearing a simple uniform: no medals, no rank.. not even a name plate. Just a standard green camo and a matching hat.

Without a word, the soldier in the locker room salutes instantly and very energetically - but he doesn't turn away or even take his eyes away from you. The new guy just nods at the soldier, looks at you and comments: "It'll be all here for now, you can wait outside" - to which soldier simply responds: "Sir! Yes sir!" - and leaves the room immediately.

The guy clearly in charge sighs, removes his cap showing a bald scalp and speaks to you: "So, if it isn't the famous Michael."

"Ma-!...uhhhh....miss Rose! Wait...gahhh damn it all..." The officer was helpless to do anything as your massive body turned and began walking away without a second glance. "Cancel that jumpsuit! I need every female private to bring me their personal swimwear...don't question me son, just do it! And somebody get a boat a go after her!" He yelled into the other radio before clinching his teeth in anger. This girl was knew exactly how to press his buttons...


I wrapped a towel around my waist before the commander made his impressive entrance. Something about this felt...off...like my instincts were telling me that I was in danger, yet so far these soldiers hadn't shown any signs of aggression but I still couldn't shake this feeling...
"Famous? I wouldn't really say that Mister.......?" I extend my hand to greet the towering man, causing the remaining soldier in the shower to ready his weapon only to be waved off by the superior officer and replace it against his shoulder.

I giggle hearing the soldier guy reaction but doesn't stop - instead I casually, but carefully, walk down the river. I make sure I don't splash the water too much.. I don't want to flood anything after all. Then I notice: "Oh look there's a cute lil' bridge on the way!" - I carefully step over it and giggle when I notice some cars turning around and driving away from it in a hurry. I look ahead and notice ocean is pretty close already.. another minute worth of walk or so. Except the water is awfully muddy around here...


"Oh, I'm sorry." - except he says it like it should be you who were apologizing right now - "I'm not in the habit of not being recognized." - he reaches his right hand towards you in a greeting casually, and introduces himself: "Colonel Charles Taggart." - again, saying it in a slightly annoying tone as if you somehow should've known this already. He doesn't say anything else for a while and just stares at you.

"Rose! My priorities are to protect civilians and limit exposure." The officer flinched, half expecting you to bulldoze your way through the structure and sighing in relief when you stepped over it before turning his attention to an approaching boat.
"You'll be making the delivery." He ordered

[Private] "But sir...how am I supposed to do that?"

The officer scowled and didnt answer the private's question. "What's the status on that swimwear? I need it here asap."

[Random voice on radio] "Sir, we're gathering up everything we can. It'll be about 10 minutes."

"Make it 5!" He responded before looking back at the waiting private.
"I'm sure she'll do most of the heavy lifting. I just need you to get it to her."


"Pleasure to meet you Colonel Taggart, I'm Michael...Michael Dunn...but something tells me you already knew that." I replied, giving the man the respect that his presence demanded. "Thanks for the hospitality, but what exactly brings you here? I know it's a military base and all but...I'm just a civilian."

As I walk ahead, I wave my hand left and right happily and comment: "Aww, what a cute little base and town hiii everyone hihi!" When looking to my right I notice a few tiny marinas and boats bouncing up and down in the ripples caused by my walking... Except they must be still quite some waves! Well of course they are - but they don't breach into the town or anything like that.. maybe a couple feet tall when compared to like.. the scale of normal sized stuff. Of course when I calculate.. less than a millimeter to me? Yeah, I'm really being careful!


He replies with the same tired, slightly annoyed tone: "It came to our attention that you appear to have some influence over, should we say, certain individuals. Except, we would like to clarify what that 'influence' would be exactly. And, in particular, whether it would be beneficial to our case or... not." - somehow he makes the last word appear like a threat. Or maybe it's just your imagination.

The waves created by your innocent strolling crashed against the dock in front of the officer as he plotted his next move.

[Soldier] "Sir! We gathered every piece of swimwear within the base."

The officer looked towards the private, then down towards the standard issue duffel bag in his hands before unmuting his radio. "Miss Rose, we have the clothes you requested. I'm going to have two of my men follow you down the river in a boat. Please continue to use caution and avoid any sudden movements." He requested before looking at the private and the boat driver and nodding, effectively giving them the go ahead without having to repeat himself.
The private loaded the bag I to the boat and stepped aboard, making sure he was secured before the driver sped off after you.


"Me? Influence? You've got to be kidding me. In case you weren't paying attention...she freaking ate me...twice technically. What makes you think..." I paused. Something about the colonel's tone of voice was unsettling. What exactly was he insinuating?
"I mean...I suppose I did have some kind of...influence over her. She does seem to care about me more than...just a friend...at least I think she does." I looked around at my surroundings, at the colonel, the one armed guard, and the only doorway. I didn't want to try anything yet, but I did want to make sure I had the situation assessed should the need arise.

"Oh silly! I still need to take a bath, remember? Sure you can bring them over, but there's no hurry hihi! Oh and of course I'll be careful, but.. please do let me know when they approach me.. it may be difficult for me to spot it and everything. As you can probably imagine haha!"

When I pass the last town on my right, the area turns into more of a swamp-looking one and when I take another step in the river.. my foot sinks into the wet soil an inch or so "Eww, muck!" - I whisper to myself slightly disgusted, but continue towards the ocean. With the river getting deeper here, sinking into the riverbed makes it deep enough to almost cover my ankles - so I pause to tuck the jeans a little. Wouldn't want to wet them after all... Of course only after doing it I realize they'll have to be washed anyway due to all the mud. Oh well, one problem at a time!


"There's no cause for alarm, mr. Dunn, there are no threats for you here." - he comments, obviously having decades of experience reading people's behaviour - "But please do recount for me, how did she come about to change her mind away from being determined to 'consume', should we say, some 'unfortunate' individuals?"

The two soldiers continued to follow you while their boat bounced along the medium sized waves. Neither one of them spoke a word, they were each lost in their own thoughts. Thoughts of their families, their friends, times spent overseas and the bonds they had formed with each other all ran through their minds.
"You know what to do men, just keep things simple and we'll get through this. She seems to be in good spirit so let's try to keep it that way" The officers voice spoke over their radios, calming the soldiers while they pressed onwards.

"Miss Rose...might I request that you wait for my men to make the delivery before starting your bath? If only to avoid as much...nudity as possible?" The officer asked over your radio as he continued to watch your massive body step further and further away.


"Oh that? Well...I guess she changed her mind because I sorta...asked her to....I reminded her that the men were people and had families and whatnot. She's not a monster you know..she's just...playful." I answered the colonel's question honestly since I was unaware of the inner battle you underwent during that tragic encounter. "But what does any if this have to do with me? It's not like I know how to shrink her back. She tried that already...it didn't work."

"But silly!" - I tease and giggle - "I can't have a 'bath' while wearing clothes, even if it's just a two-piece or something like that. I suppose though.. um, you have a point I guess?" - I look back towards the base and my size.. of course I can clearly see it - so they can see me. I already knew that of course, but.. kindda stopped paying that much attention to my nudity after the whole bum debacle? But maybe: "Hey, tell you what.. maybe if you like, look away? All of you? Pretty please hihi! Umm.. I suppose it can't be helped really, but I'll just try to submerge.. most of my 'nudity', in the water, okay?"

I turn towards the ocean again and finally realize: "Um, but the ocean will be deep enough here, right?" (probably not.. not nearly enough :P)


He's clearly intrigued by the last two sentences, raises both eyebrows slightly then asks: "Could you please, elaborate? How did that come about? The, so called, 'growth' and 'shrinking' activities - please explain it to me as if I were a five year old..." - he speaks the size-related words as if they were from some alien language, or at least like he suddenly wasn't entirely confident with them anymore.

The officer cursed under his breath at your repeated refusal to take him seriously. Your carefree attitude and childish rebellion is one of the many reasons why he joined the military. He needed discipline, obedience, and structure in his life. "Miss Rose I'm afraid I must insist...the water should be about fifty feet deep at most according to our scans...and you honestly can't expect every one of these men to simply...turn around. Let's be realistic...most of these men haven't had much time off in the past could weeks and your presence might be...well...distracting."


I start explaining how everything transpired up until now, only to stop before revealing anything too specific. "Wait a minute...why do you care how it happened? What are you planning to do to her? I case you hadn't noticed...you're weapons can't exactly do anything." I started to get a little heated since this colonel was getting a little too curious for my liking. "You want to figure out how to change her back don't you? But what if I refuse to help? What if I like her this way?" I felt the pendulum of power swinging my way and realized that I had the upper hand.

The Ocean by FluffyRose

[my pov]

"And?" - I chuckle while I get closer to the ocean, step after step - "Maybe I like 'distracting' men hihi! Nah, I'm just kidding, but you say realistic.. fine, let's be realistic: there's no way for me to find a changing room around here. I mean, they don't build them my size, now do they? And.." - I want to mention growing one to my size, but.. nah... It would simply solve the problem, or at least there could be some solution built around that - and I actually kindda do 'want' to be 'seen'? So to speak? Maybe just a glimpse here and there, but... "Tell you what though, if I turn my back towards the land, then you shouldn't be able to see.. too much, right?"

"I guess unless there's like a cruise liner in front of me or.." - I scan the ocean ahead, all the way to the horizon: "How come there aren't any ships? I mean.. wasn't it supposed to be like a popular.. traffic.. oh..." - I say as I realize that... They appear to have closed the ocean, just for me.. or at least as far as I can see from my height.

And that realization alone makes me really horny...

[Officer pov]

"Ma'am please don't make light of such things. I have a daughter around your age and, as a father, I would be absolutely appalled if she were to be seen naked by thousands of soldiers."

The officer tried a different approach, one similar to what Michael had done to deter her from eating his men earlier.

"What would your father think if he saw you exposing yourself to the county?" Thankfully not only did they clear the water of ships but also restricted the airspace around the base for miles, ensure as much containment as possible.

[your pov]

He calmly raises an eyebrow at your remark. This reaction strikes you as being made by a man, who upon hearing word "No" spoken to him, needs to check the meaning of it in the dictionary. For he probably hasn't heard it in quite a while...

Still, he replies in a very similar tone to before - one of factual statements and unquestionable logic: "What about all the havoc her size inflicts upon the world? And it's only just starting. Except, of course, you have no idea. You're sealed tightly in this safe bubble of roleplays and stories, where everything turns alright in the end, where you can always start anew with a fresh city, country or.. world."

"This" - he points to down at the ground - "is the real world. There's no 'undo' button, no 'rewind'. When people die, they don't come back. There's no spell to resurrect them, no magical..." - he sighs and massages his forehead. This is the first time you see him show any resemblance of anything close to an 'emotion'. Other than raising an eyebrow or two anyway... "Fifteen people died already. Two in her mouth.. right in front of you, but that's not all: three were unknowingly stepped upon - best we can tell she had no idea at least, six died in various traffic accidents that can be directly attributed to her 'arrival', two were gunned down by some idiot going berserk shooting down the street and shouting it's the end of days. Plus the said idiot himself. And one.. let's not talk about that last one."

"But all of these can be directly attributed to her 'growth'. And the list is inevitably going to get longer, and the counters will only increase. I don't want to just end your 'fantasy'. Frankly, this madness has to be stopped for the good of the country, and the world."

[Colonel's pov]

Now was my turn to smirk. The emotionally stable man finally exposed a chink in his armor, a weakness that I thought I could use to my advantage despite his obvious years of experience and knowledge. "But that's just it isn't it? Its not a story...this is reality so all the rules apply. You can't stop her now...imagine what she'll do if she figures out you're interrogating me."

I paused to gauge the colonel's reaction before continuing.

"I'm sorry about all the people that died...I really am...but sometimes...what's the expression...oh yeah! You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. It's not like she killed those people on purpose, and even if you told her about it she'd probably feel terrible."

I stiffened up as your powerful voice echoed through the room, something about...being naked? I quickly composed myself before continuing.

"Trust me, when she grows bigger....and she will...she'll still be the same person on the inside. The person I love!" I don't know what compelled me to say the last bit, but I didn't regret saying it.

[my pov]

I giggle "Oh I sure you would.. but do you really think she would..." - I think about it quickly: the situation is rather weird and I'm used to the idea of being huge, so: "Or maybe she would mind it, but don't be so sure about that hihi! Plus! I mean.. it's not like.. and ohh, my dad would be hella mad! I just.." - I blush madly, just thinking about it. But it only makes it feel even better: "I hope he sees this hihi! I mean, just to mess with him, sorry dad.. umm, if you're ever watching..."

I bite my upper lip, close my eyes and try to calm down thinking if this is really what I want to do. It all boils down to.. why the hell not?!? There's simply no reason against it and so...

"This!" - I announce, then remove my t-shirt and turn around to face the bases and towns around them- "Look at these babies hihi!" - I cup my boobs playfully and massage them a little - "Aren't they adorable? I mean.. aww, don't worry I don't mind and in fact I.." - for a split second I wanted to order everybody to look at me, but.. maybe that would've been too far. So instead I add: "Uh, it's just some bare skin hihi!" - and I blush, except luckily not as much as before. I turn my torso left and right to make sure everybody gets a chance to see... Yeah, and I bet it must be quite a sight to behold!

[Officer's and soldiers pov]

"Miss...please dont!-....." He knew what was coming before it actually happened and sharply turned his back on you. Your excited sheiks of joy echoed throughout the entire county, advertising your topless body to the surrounding area.

The soldiers stationed at the base, along with the two on the boat all looked up in sheer awe. Some even began cheering while others were too dumbstruck to do anything but drool. One thing is for certain...each and every one of them were feeling their manhood harden as they stared at the biggest breasts in all of existence.

"Miss Rose...please...cover yourself up...this isn't appropriate behavior for some...one..." Even the officer couldn't resist looking over his shoulder towards the erotic display and partially fell under the same spell as everyone else.
"You're...I mean my..." He mumbled, unable to formulate a complete thought or sentence.

The Little Talk by FluffyRose

[your pov]

When you explained how he can't stop me: for a split second there, you could see a flash of.. something - in his eyes: Anger? Powerlessness? Fatigue? Maybe a bit of everything - or maybe it was just your imagination...

Otherwise he stayed perfectly calm and listened to your words. Finally he thinks about it for a moment - completely unfazed by my roaring tease - and finally begins: "You know kiddo, you really should've threatened with things you can actually deliver. There's no such thing as 'further growth', or even 'growing her clothes' - I have no idea what made her this big, but I will find out..." - but he trails off all of a sudden.

Still perfectly calm, he elaborates after a moment: "I read a few reports about this, what you call it, 'macrophilia'? I never thought your little 'cult' would be such a stubborn bunch, but.. rest assured, I will figure it out. And as for expressions.." - he actually smirks, only slightly - and only for the shortest of moments - "You know, there's a lot of assumptions in what you said. Groundless ones, for instance:" - he looks around - "I don't see the ground trembling. I don't get reports of your 'beloved' friend looking for you in a frenzy. Last time I checked she was having fun.. on her own. And it sounds like that is still the case, doesn't it? And you seem to assume you'll enjoy her being 'huge' because.. well I don't know, you'll still be alive?"

A feeling crosses your mind that he could, without flinching or hesitating, order one of his men to shoot you.. and they would've promptly carried out the order - also without flinching or hesitating themselves. Or maybe he could just strangle you with his own hands? It was.. yeah, just a feeling. He continues: "And I'm not even suggesting we would execute you! One of your games my end up badly, or maybe.. well, I don't know. She gets bored of you?" - he leaves the thought hanging for a moment, then resumes: "But where was I? Oh yes.. the old adages. You see, there's a saying in India, you know India, right? I used to run anti-separatist raids, helping the government there on peace keeping missions back in.. I believe when your parents haven't even met yet? Anyway, they have a saying that goes like.. if a tiger develops taste for human blood, kill it."

"And she already tasted human blood.. what if she enjoys it?"

Before you can reply though, he waves a hand nonchalantly and: "But what do I know about the world and people. Actually, let me show you something. Maybe it'll put things.. in a perspective for you?" - he opens the doors. Soldiers salute again - he nods and walks past them, then turns around to you: "Please do come with..." - then with a few motions of his right hand that you can barely see let alone comprehend, he signals the marines to arrange in a formation - one of the soldiers whistles, then knocks on the door and the fourth guy comes from the showers.

The colonel simply states: "The lair" - and soldiers nod, two go in front of him and the remaining two.. signal you to follow and trail a few steps after you. It doesn't seem like an optional invitation. Not at all, actually...

[my pov]

"Ohh relax.. it's like I said, just some skin and fat and.. other stuff, oh well. But I guess I should probably wear something, just to.. well I don't want to spoil you too much hihi!" - I move my hands into the t-shirt to wear it, but then realize: "Oh silly, I'm supposed to take a bath! Let me put it down.." - I look down around the river delta at my feet. Strangely enough there are some houses on one side of it.. that I haven't even noticed up until now! Good thing I haven't laid down there or thrown the t-shirt on them or.. anything like that. Oh well, it seemed so easy to see everything in these roleplays.. I do need to work on my perceptivity. But first: a bath!

So I gently put the t-shirt on the other side of the delta.. but only after making sure it's actually empty. It's basically a little swamp and some sand.. I figure the t-shirt will be ruined, but I don't plan to wear it. Probably.. oh well - so next I turn around and.. pants are a bit of a larger problem, since.. I'd rather they not see my overgrown bush... I wasn't planning to become a giantess and.. I guess I should've trimmed it at your place or something. But in any case - I turn around with my back to the base and pull the pants down a bit, then sit down at the edge of the ocean and raise my legs one by one to remove the pants. Finally free of clothes as the day I was born, I take a deep breath and realize: "Wait a minute.. the bath, right. We haven't figured out the soap yet..."

My blood began to tingle as the cocky colonel began to talk down to me, lording his personal experiences over my head like I should be envies of what he has accomplished and what useless facts he was able to pull out of his ass. The truth was...I hadn't been playing attention. My focus was lost the moment your powerful voice teased how you were giving the base a show...one that I was missing...because of him.

"Hmph...it is...funny...I was sure that she would come chasing after me if she knew I'd been kidnapped. Unless....you haven't told her have you? That's the only possible explanation."
I stepped to follow the colonel accompanied by the small squad of marines, all of which seemed distracted and unfocused...could it be because....
"Hey guys...aren't you a little bit upset that you're missing the show? You heard what she said right?" If I could sow just a little bit of insubordination in their ranks then I might have a chance of avoiding an undesirable outcome. Although this 'lair' had peaked my interest...the way in which the colonel said it made me very nervous.

"Somewhere outside is a giantess flashing her tits for everyone to see. Doesn't that make you angry? Doesn't that make you...envious? Since you're all stuck in here with me?" I eyed the surrounding men along with the colonel, noticing that each of them had a radio clipped to their belts. If I could just get my hands on one then....no no can't do that...I dont know the frequency of your radio...but maybe...
I continued to mull over my options as I followed the group like a good lad although the more I heard your playful voice, the greater my desire to escape became.

[your pov]

"Look, boy.." - colonel says without looking back at you - "We told her plenty. In fact, it was our attempt to.. bring her in line, so to speak. To threaten kidnapping or even hurting you. So far she's completely ignored this" - you can hear a quiet chuckle from him - "As you already noticed, whatever she's doing out there.. she's having fun. Besides, where would she even look? You could be anywhere.. do you even know where you are?" - and finally he glances back at you briefly, adding: "Oh, and your 'distraction attempts' won't work, so you can save your breath. Nobody wants to see giant freaks, whatever they do..."

You reach a dead end corridor, but he swipes his car on the door and there's some kind of long staircase behind it.. leading to an elevator down - who knows where it'll take you, or what kind of 'change of perspective', did he mean.

[Officer and soldiers]

One by one each of the mostly male soldiers, and even some of the women stationed at the base fell under the hypnotic trance created by your exposed breasts. It was clearly a sight to behold to anybody lucky enough to see it.

"Damn...get a load of that broad? I'd pay her a pretty penny to sit on my face." One soldier said to his buddy as he elbowed him in the ribs.

"Dont be stupid Ronny, she'd kill you without even knowing" The friend replied.

"Yeahhh...but you can't tell me it wouldn't be worth it." Ronny retorted.

Conversations like that were happening all over the base, some even on the radio that the officer was holding. He gritted his teeth angrily but was unable to look away as you started revealing more and more of your mountain sized body. "Get ahold of yourself, everyone! You're marines! Start acting like it!" He swallowed deeply and took a deep breath before continuing.
"You've all seen a naked lady before, this one's just a bit bigger than most. So focus on your job and less on your dicks!"
He was starting to becoming annoyed with you, his patience was wearing thin. If there's one thing he hated most...it was disorder.

[one of the women soldiers] "You go girl! Woohoo!"

[Colonel pov]

I gritted my teeth as my attempt failed to achieve my desire goal, but perhaps they simply failed to see the allure as I did. "Ehhh I'm just saying...most men like boobs, some like ass...there are even some that like feet. All I'm saying is that right now there are some of the biggest most sexy parts of the female anatomy on display for anyone who wants to see it. Personally ...I'm chomping at the bits to take a peak myself but, like you said...she's just a giant freak right?"

I continued to pester the colonel until he stopped in front of a rather impressive door that led to an elevator. If my experience with playing video games and movies had taught me anything, it was that nothing good was down there. "On second thought...I think I prefer my perspective just the way it is...so, if you don't mind...I'll just be going..." I start to turn around and take a step away from the colonel towards what I though was an exit door.

[my pov]

Obviously most of the 'disorder' around the bases and towns went completely unnoticed to me.

"Um, mr.. officer-dad, well.. except, for some other girl-woman, uh... Okay I give up, no clue how to turn it into a pun, so are you with me? Mr. soldier-man? Could I have some soap, pleeease?" - with that I start pulling handfuls of water and washing over bottoms of my thighs and feet. Actually.. it seems that water is pretty good at cleaning.. at this size anyway? Huh, one of the things that you don't get in stories and roleplays!

[your pov]

Two marines block your way. They appear very stern as far as their dedication to 'not let you through' is concerned.

[colonel] while unlocking the elevator with his card and then fingerprint: "What happened, kiddo? Won't you be joining us?" - then finally a retina scan and: "Oh, I insist..."

The other two marines actually approach you to make sure you do something silly - so you're surrounded by four men, each almost twice your weight...


"Soap?....soap? Where would you suggest I get a bar of soap big enough to...." The officer paused after momentarily loosing his cool. His military training had kicked in and for now he was willing to keep playing along, although he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold back.
"Miss...we don't have enough soap for you...but...I suppose I could...send another boat..." His words sounded defeated and deflated, lacking the confidence that they once did. "It'll take some time for it to get to you..."

The marines in the boat carrying the clothes had arrived at the opening infront of you, close to where you were sitting and honked their little horn so that you'd be aware if their presence.

[my pov]

"Um, I was going to..." - originally I wanted like a tiny bar of soap that I could grow, but now.. it's just so funny to tease the guy: "I mean, no you probably wouldn't find a giant bar of soap hihi! But, uh.. how about some, like.. liquid soap? In tanker trucks? But yeah, that should be just perfect! Umm, but be sure to bring lots of trucks hihi! Or maybe like.. I don't suppose there's a railway anywhere around here? And preferably.. next to the shore or.. something, like that?"

Then I realize, they may just get a bunch of bottles of liquid soap at the store or something, so I suggest.. or more like, tease: "I reckon best to order it straight from the factory - you save on bulk purchases hihi!"

[Colonel pov]

The two behemoths blocked my retreat and were soon joined by two more. I cursed under my breath at my lack of muscle or knowledge of any useful hand to hand combat techniques before stepping into the elevator alongside the colonel. "This better be worth it...cause if anything happens to me you better bet this world will burn. As you said...I hold a certain influence over her...so just imagine what she'd do without a conscience?"

I chuckled to myself as the elevator doors closed and the metal contain started to slowly move down.


"Miss...I don't know what kind of fantasy world you're living in...but we dont have trucks of liquid soap at the ready. You'll get your bar of soap...and you'll like it...do you understand me young lady!"
You'd finally done it...the officer had slipped up and channeled his inner dad voice to yell at you like he was scolding one of his own daughters.
"I uhh... I'm sorry for the outburst...just please...be patient..."

The Lair by FluffyRose

[your pov]

"I already told you nothing would happen to you. Who do you think I am, a politician?" - he asks and snickers at his own joke. The soldiers struggle to cover smiles themselves. They really seem to be dedicated to him and all that... Marines follow you inside the elevator, taking positions along the entrance - luckily it's a large elevator, otherwise all that beef simply wouldn't fit!

Then doors close and colonel unlocks the lift through some more security checks - and you start going down. When it finally stops, you realize you must be several floors below the ground.. if not ten or more. Door opens and you're greeted by a plexiglass window and visual confirmation: men on the other side salute and colonel "At ease"-s them, so of course another door is opened promptly and you go down yet another corridor.. with locked doors on both sides, to finally reach a large hangar-almost: an large hall with tens of monitors scattered around the walls. Monitors that are showing.. well, me - and me-related views, statistics and reports.

The hall itself is large enough to fit a large house in it.. some seventy by ninety feet and thirty feet tall. It's very.. hollywood-y, but unlike some other command-centers you saw in movies and stuff, it's flat and huge flatscreens sprawl around it. Center of the room is divided into several large tables and a couple dozen ad-hoc workstations. There's well over fifty people inside the room - with more in several rooms along the walls, glass windows giving ample view of the.. sheer amount of activity going on in here. There's a few guards here and there, but otherwise it's just.. analysts, officers and the like, obviously military personnel all of them.

You are so surprised by the view that you completely missed a "Ten-Hut!" and how everybody in the room saluted the colonel when he entered - of course he immediately dismissed it and simply told everybody to get back to work.

[Colonel pov]

I stepped...or rather...was forcefully shoved out of the elevator into the impressive room which reminded me of something you'd see at Area 52 except instead of alien stuff they had...you...
"Whoa....this place is incredible...so this is where my tax money goes..." My eyes scanned through the abundance of technology, computers, lab stations, monitors...everything, until they settled on a live feed of you preparing to take a bath.

"You pervs...have you been spying on her this whole time? Isn't that like...illegal?" Part of me grew even angrier that I was missing this experience first hand but watching your enormous body move and jiggle on full display was enough to calm my nerves...at least for now.
"So what's the deal? Why'd you bring me here? This isn't exactly the change in perspective that I was promised."

[my pov]

"Oh but I can wait... I mean, I get it alright, it's not easy for little people to.. I mean, not to be derogatory of midgets, um.. tiny people? Oh well, in any case - it won't be easy for you to prepare it I bet, but I don't mind. Plus, it's not like I'm in a hurry to get anywhere hihi!" - I say while continuing to wash myself with seawater. Strangely enough it's.. pretty effective, but mostly just.. strange. I never thought it would feel like 'that', as in: even circling my finger in the ocean creates a powerful whirlpool and all kinds of waves crashing on the steep 'cliffs' of my legs...

It's so surreal actually, like there's this 'border' between two worlds: on one hand there are waves.. both natural ocean ones and artificial, created by me - and on the other side of that 'border'.. are my legs, except.. the scales don't match. It's just.. so.. fun to experiment with, and it also massages my skin so nicely. I just can't get enough of it - so much so that I completely forget about the whole bath thing or soap, or.. yeah. I just keep playing in an ocean like a little girl.. or maybe like a really big girl...


"Okay miss Rose we've got another boat heading your way with a few bars of soap. They should be there in a couple minutes." The officer had requested some standard bars of soap from their supply room. It's all the same right? Why should he go out of his way to get you some fancy soap with cocoa butter or aloe?

"Please just...hurry up so we can continue our negotiations."

[your pov]

[colonel] speaks loudly from one of the side-rooms: "Over here, boy..." - the main hall is organized that monitors are for the most part above the rooms: there are some full height displays too, but it's mostly like that. It's quite a spectacular view all around.

When you get to the room colonel asked you to, it's.. still a large room, easily the size of a modest apartment - and it looks like a crime investigation, or rather a gang/terrorist-cell connections graph. Except at the very center of the largest wall.. there's a photo of me from before my growth: cute and smiling.. and most strangely - made by somebody slightly taller than me, apparently. And it definitely doesn't fit in this.. situation. All around it, there are: my parents, friends, co-workers, you... Except surprisingly enough you're the only one actually linked to my photo!

But colonel then drags and points you aside: there's like.. all kinds of personal information about you, and some of my friends, like.. everything about you: from SSN and bank printouts, to nicknames on different sites and example favourited gts porn pics and stories... And it's thirty or so square feet of surface area about you! Floor to ceiling and four feet across!

More importantly, next to you there's a bare wall.. with only a handful of basic details pinned to: my wall. Hardly anything about me, and virtually no fetish-related stuff - and even they are covered with question marks: "sure this her acct?" "abandoned/unrelated?" or just "???"-s...

When you look around, most of my friends have fairly filled sections, except.. none of them has any fetish stuff!

[colonel] "While you're here, we could use some help, to, fill in the blanks, so to speak."

Also there are tables in the center with unpinned printouts and lists.. mostly about you though...

[my pov]

Officer-guy's voice distract me from playing with the waves, I immediately realize: "Wait, several? Is it like.. some huge cargo freighter or.. something? I mean, it would have to be that way in order to.. be any good for my bath?" - I'm actually tempted to skip the whole soap bit, but.. I just love teasing: "Oh, and I hope they're some kind of huge blocks of soap? Like.. huge to you? Unless by 'a few' you mean like.. a few milion hihi!"

"Ohh and what's with you and these negotiations? I mean, what's to negotiate?!? And where's Mike - I wanna show these waves to him, they're pretty neat hihi!"


My mouth dropped open as I struggled to take in the overwhelming amount of personal information and privacy invasion scattered across the wall. They had a list of my favorite movies, pictures of my first car, even my report card from the second grade. "What...what is all this? You ass hats have been spying on me? But....but why though? I'm a nobody...this is a serious invasion of privacy!" I was starting to get angry even though I knew that anything that you do in the internet isn't exactly private, no matter how many antivirus programs or VPNs you use.

My head started the spin as I struggled to process the sheer magnitude of information at their fingertips. "But...I dont understand...if you know all this stuff about me...why is her wall blank? Surely she can't be that much of a mystery right?"


"Unfortunately no...like I told you...we dont have that kind of stuff at the ready. You asked for soap? You got soap plain and simple. I've held up my end of the bargain so if you dont mind...."

[your pov]

[colonel] "Apparently, she can..." - he points to a few pages pinned to my section. He actually reads one that literally says in large bold:

"NO FACEBOOK/TWITTER, INSTAGRAM WITH THREE UPLOADS" - all three are pinned: one is a pic of a bare wall, and then two of some sandwiches.. on a plate. But the most surprising line there is: "NO SMARTPHONE????"

Then he points to another page that reads: "vpns at all times, paid by laundered bitcoin" - and some ideas as to what the vpn might be.. tons of question marks, they're not even certain what company I'm using!

He finally comments: "It would appear that her father, a cryptography and security expert, has prepared her well to live in the current world."

As you look around, there's even more remarks and notes on a few random pages: double encrypted hard-drives, autowipe on failed logins, banking account pays only for bills/groceries, uses cash extensively, and so on...


"So you're saying...that she's some kind of ghost? Is that why you dont like her? Because you the government can't track her? Big deal, I bet there's loads of people out there that hide themselves away like her." I was thoroughly disappointed at what I was being shown, impressed sure...but overall disappointed.
"So much for this change of perspective...what a load of garbage...if anything all you've done is prove to me that the government is monitoring all our social media accounts." I started heading back towards the doorway leading back to the main room. "I'd like to leave now."



End Notes:

Yeah, that blank wall is probably pretty unrealistic.. there's a long and convoluted story behind it, but the plot went in another directioon so yeah.. still adds some nice mystery to it, doesn't it? ^^

The Negotiation by FluffyRose

[my pov]

"Ohh you! Well, in that case, let's negotiate: I reject all your demands, forever, always. There! All done hihi! Unless you want to help with a lil' bath.. and come on, what would a few tanker trucks hurt you? Plus.. I'll be in a better mood for another round of 'negotiations' hihi!" - I'm actually confused what he even wants to negotiate, having already forgotten they 'kidnapped' you. So I add: "Oh, and tell Mike to come over here.. maybe like, organize a chopper for him?" - I chuckle at the thought.. I'm ordering military rides for you now! It's.. pretty damn cool!! But: "He better not be messing around with me... Or at least have him call me!"


The officer continued to endure your relentless jokes and teasing, refraining from speaking his mind as you started to order him around like some kind of subordinate. "Well that's the thing miss... first off, you wont be getting anything else from me. We've complied with your first two requests so now it's time for you to listen to ours....and secondly...we have Mike...and he won't be going anywhere until we've finished out talk."
Feeling that he may have angered the massive giantess, the officer made a call on his personal radio requesting a helicopter be dispatched to his location immediately, just in case he needed to flee.

[your pov]

"Don't bother trying to leave and no, it's not about privacy." He takes a deep breath and massages his eyes. He exhales with a prolonged sigh and next: "You can't possibly be this dumb, it's absurdly obvious it is about the size! And your constitutional right to privacy ended when a certain oversized friend of yours brought you here with her. Or more specifically, when our weapons turned out to be ineffective against her and president declared shadow martial law for the whole state." - he tilts his head, almost as if measuring you - "So you can stay here willingly, or you can stay here by force. That's how things are and you can take my word for it. Unless you are one of these hippies who need to see all the paperwork for themselves?"

[my pov]

"What two requests!?! You haven't even delivered the soap, or.." - I look behind me and spot a tiny boat slowly sailing down the river towards me: "What? Seriously? That thing? It couldn't even hold enough to wash the tip of my pinky..." - I chuckle at the thought, but: "Still, it's not what I requested and you can't possibly consider 'that'" - I point to the boat - "enough for any purpose! Um, sorry guys.." - I smile and wave towards the boat, who appears to be turning around - "I didn't mean you, like.. you're just the messenger, or.. the delivery.. boat? Anyway, you out there, soldier-guy, over the call.. actually, where are you really? I'd like to deliver a complaint, in person!"


"So I'm stuck as a prisoner here....because she's enormous? Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? It doesn't make any sense. If I'm so much if a threat then why did you bother showing me around your fancy underground base? You know what I think....I think you're trying to figure out how she grew...so you can turn it into a weapon. That's what you government types do right? You want to harness whatever caused her to grow so that you can use it to your advantage. Think about it, an army of mile tall soldiers...hell you wouldn't even need an army...one is all you need. Just like what Rose did you your pathetic little army." My lengthy outburst apparently drew the attention of two of the large soldiers waiting outside who were now knocking on the window behind me.


"Dont you worry about that miss Rose, I can see you just fine. You wouldn't be able to find me even if you tried, besides...it might not turn out so well for your little boyfriend if you went poking around where you weren't supposed to." Of course the officer felt safe in his super secret base below ground, who wouldn't? Yet he was at his limit when it came to patience, and your constant dismissal of his demands were starting to make him act irrationally against his training, a man can only be pushed so far before he breaks. "Now...are you willing to listen to our offer? Or should we see what Mike has to say about it? We may not be able to hurt you...but we can hurt him...but I'd rather avoid it if at all possible."

[your pov]

Two soldiers knock into the glass wall, apparently asking for permission to bring you to order - but colonel motions them to hold.

[colonel] "It's okay, we have it under control" - then looks at you intently and adds: "do we?"

[my pov]

I'm actually kindda confused about the last part: "Wait a minute, I thought he was just hiding... Ohh, I see how it is: Mike is still angry at me after the whole.. bum incident, and decided to silent treatment me for a while, which.. I mean that's sooo Mike hihi! Oh, but.. I mean, the way you put it sounds almost as if.. you somehow kidnapped him and want to use him as leverage.. against me? I mean, you've got to be joking, right?" - I think about it real quick and actually giggle - "You know, it.. might've been funny if it wasn't.. soo adorable!"

[officer] "Miss, can you please stop that? This is serious!"

I chuckle and: "Oh, so you really thing this can work? I mean..." I sigh, rub my eyes, then finally: "Fine! Fine.. I mean, if you want to talk about it seriously, then let's talk."

[officer] "Thank you, now our first demand-"

"No no no, hold on.. let's talk about.. how this plan of yours is supposed to work. I mean.. actually let's go back to the beginning, okay?" - I ask as if I cared about the soldier-guy opinion, but continue straight away - "So you kidnapped Mike to threaten me.. oh, wait a minute.. so that's what you meant by that whole 'surrendering' thing! I swear I couldn't for the help of god figure out what you meant at the time hihi!"

[officer] "Miss Rose, this is-"

"Yeah yeah, I'm like super serious right now. Anyway, so if I don't 'surrender' then you'll 'hurt him', right?"

[officer] "Yes. But as I said, we'd rather avoid-"

"Yeah, sure of course - I mean I'd preferably avoid it too, like.. I'd feel terrible if anything happened to Mike! Like.. sad and miserable, the whole package. But say.. theoretically, if I didn't surrender then..."

[officer] "Then we would have to hurt your friend."

"Yeah, but I mean after that. Like you already hurt him and I still didn't surrender, what then?"

[officer] "Well..."

"Would you hurt him more? Kill him?"

[officer] "We would rather-"

"But would you do it?"

[officer] "If it came to this, then.. yes, we would kill him. But only if we really had to. Which-"

"Okay okay, sure. I mean I'd be struck by grief, depressed, literally couldn't live with myself if you actually killed Mike. Like.. terrible, literally terrible!" - I try not to chuckle, but.. only barely so - "Anyway, again.. just theoretically, okay? Had you killed Mike, and.. I still wouldn't surrender.. what then?"

Long silence.

"Hello? Is this thing even working?" - I tease, then explain: "I mean, obviously you must have something planned in case I didn't buy into that whole surrendering thing, right?"

[officer] after short silence: "You cannot possibly even be considering this!"

I chuckle, it's so adorable when tinies realize their little plans can't work: "Well, I'm just trying to understand your plan, so I know what I'm agreeing or surrendering to, alright? Just theoretically... But then of course, you wouldn't really have anything left if you killed him, you see where I'm getting with that right? Now.. you may think you're clever or something and figure.. maybe we'll just cut small pieces of Mike and send them to me. Except of course.. they couldn't be 'that' small? Like.. I won't see his fingers or toes, right? And even then, like..." - I chuckle at the thought, it's rather monstrous, but I think it emphasizes my point: "A Mike with one arm is almost as good as Mike with two arms. From my perspective anyway..."

[officer] "But-"

"Hold on! I haven't finished!" - I interrupt and giggle, then fix my hair quickly and: "Look, it's all theoretical, because I would surely never do it, but same could be said about.. I don't know cities? If Mike doesn't need all of his arms, then we certainly don't need all those cities cluttering the nation. In fact, how about whole parts of the country? Like.. I don't know, how about west coast? It's just a short jog away and we don't really need it, right? And just think about it.. I could have so much fun in there! Like.. whoa, just thinking about it..." - I barely stop myself from adding: makes me wet, but.. it does, very much so...

[officer] "You cannot possibly-"

"Ohhh, but I am!" - I add trying to be completely serious this time. With mixed results.. my barely concealed smile is a dead giveaway, but: "I mean, we're still talking 'theoretically', like.. I'd never do it - just like you'd never kill or even kidnap Mike, right?" - silence - "I mean, since it's clearly just a theoretical conversation, then.. I guess we can all remain good friends and pretend nothing happened. Because nothing happened, right?"

More silence, so I giggle and finally decide to conclude: "Well in any case, I'll just assume that Mikey got lost somewhere.. or maybe fell asleep, I don't know. But I do expect to hear from him. And soon... Or else I'll start wondering.. what if that conversation wasn't theoretical in the first place? I mean, could you imagine what could happen hihi!" - I go back to washing myself, but after a moment add: "Oh and if you want to negotiate so much, then how about you get back to arranging some soap tanker trucks for my bath.. after all, seawater is so salty and.." - I want to lie about how it doesn't clean much, but instead I can only burst into laughter thinking about my unintentional pun. I manage to calm myself down after laughing for a while and repeat: "Ohh, so salty..."

I think about everything I just said. I wonder if I didn't go to far - like, with Mike's life on the line.. what if they actually do something to him? Would I be able to.. or should I just avenge, like... Nah, I quickly conclude they won't do it: they're not stupid. It's like with nuclear weapons: if anybody uses one, everybody loses. Mad doctrine and all that. Except.. I realize that if that comparison is to be taken seriously, then I'm basically a living breathing nuke, ready to go off. I chuckle thinking about 'going off', like.. I haven't 'gone off' in a while... Oh well, maybe later: a bath first!



End Notes:

Yeahh, he kept pushing some demands or the officer guy trying to get me to talk and stuff.. it wouldn't really work, as clearly shown.. yeah. I just hope Mike never gets to see this! I mean.. what would he think?!? ^^

The Emmett by FluffyRose

[your pov]

You just nod, unable to come up with a decent riposte - and colonel tells the soldiers to leave. Just as they go back to their posts, a guy walks in - except he's not a soldier, or at least doesn't look like one: more like.. a desk clerk? Early 40s, balding, wearing white shirt instead of military uniform. He says loudly with a slightly Irish accent: "Sir! I finally found you.. there's a call from the White House for you with president already on the line!"

[colonel] "So? Let him wait, I'm busy."

[guy] "Uh.. okay, should I.. what should I tell them, sir?"

[colonel] still staring at your part of the wall: "You don't need to tell them anything. Actually, before you go - good work assigning all the printouts to proper slots" - so you quickly realize: a paper pusher guy, basically. Except in this case, quite literally...

[guy] "Yes, yes sir! It was.. yeah it was pretty tedious, but we made it in time for your arrival.. except, um... This guy really is a piece art, isn't he?" - Colonel glances calmly at the guy without saying a word, so the guy continues: "I mean, if I may say so, sir.. he's such a dog... So much porn, and even during working hours?"

[colonel] calmly, still looking around your wall: "Oh, really?"

[guy] "Yes sir! Not only we filled his section, but there's a bunch of it left on the tables! It's like.. all the things he's into, violence, mass murder... Actually, if I may suggest something, sir?" - colonel looks at him in silence, guy continues: "Uhh, I suppose, personally I don't.." - he winces, looking at your section of the wall - "I think we should just prevent him from interacting with the gia.. I mean, the objective?"

[colonel] rising his voice "Ohh, really!" - and he glances at you with a slight smile.

[guy] "Yes! Yes sir! It's just my thought, but.. it could save us a lot of trouble later on, potentially. I mean it's-"

[colonel] "Sure Emmett, tell you what.. how about we ask our guest about your idea. So, Michael, what do you think?"

[Emmett] "A.. a guest, sir?" - he finally seems to notice you and smiles in your direction - "Oh.. Michael, nice to meet you, uh.. that's a funny coincidence, I mean..." - he stares at you for a second, then looks at the large photo of you on the wall, then back at you.. except smile quickly disappearing from his face. Then one more time at the wall and at you: "Is, um.. are you, the, umm, sir is he..."

[colonel] "Yes, this is Michael, also known as our little Target number two. I suppose you already know each other, so it should be fine if I leave you here - I do have an important phone call to take, after all."

[Emmett] "Yes, sir, but.. I mean..." - he looks at you awkwardly - "What should I do with him?"

[colonel] "Oh nothing much. Just keep him entertained, so to speak?" - he leaves the room, but looks back through the doorframe and says casually: "But if he tries to leave, shoot him in the head" - and leaves himself without waiting for a reaction from you two in the room.

[ Emmett's pov]

The door leading into the main room remained open as the colonel passed through it without even a second glance. His final command left an awkward feeling in the room, one that led this Emmitt character sweating nervously as he desperately tried to avoid making eye contact with me.
"So.....all this is your work?" I asked before the silence got too deafening while gesturing towards the extensive evidence of my perversion hanging on the wall.

[Emmitt] "What?...Oh this?...Yes, wait...no...I mean, partially but...it was mostly me...." - he clears his throat nervously - "I had help, but yes. You're sort of like a legend around here. Like...I've seen some perverts in my day sir...but you...you're up there."

I knew enough about how to read people to know when I was being made fun of. Years of teasing from girls I've dated over the years and former friends had made sure of that...everyone I've ever explained macrophilia to has either left me, or laughed in my face, and now this guy...
"You think it's funny? Like I'm some kind of a joke?"

[Emmitt] "What? N-n-no of course not...more like a topic that we discuss around the water cooler. Strictly nice things thought....mostly."

Whereas the secret underground room was filled with marines guarding all the exits, this room was completely empty besides me and the weaselly looking man. I wouldn't stand a chance against a trained soldier, but this Emmitt guy looked to be a much easier target for me to let off some steam.

"Mmmhmm I'm sure it is...say...where did you find this here?" I gestured towards a picture of me as a kid on Halloween, I went as Antman that year for obvious reasons that only became more apparent as I got older.

[Emmitt] "Oh that one? Let's see..." - he leans in to take a closer look to where I'm pointing, standing next to me and following my finger before pulling out a set of reading glasses from his shirt pocket. "Hmmm that one's from-"

Before he could finish his sentence, I drew back my arm and punched him in the side of the cheek, causing him to cry out in pain.
"That's private stuff you little weasel! Not stuff to be openly discussed with your coworkers while you try to suck up to them!"
Two of the guards standing outside the room quickly rushed in, drawn by Emmitt's sudden cries of pain and looked at me aggressively
I quickly put up my hands and backed away from Emmitt towards the empty wall where your information was practically nonexistent.
"Whoa whoa whoa...I'm sorry...I just had to get that out of my system...I'm done, I'm cool, I'm calm..."

[your pov]

[soldier] "Look you freak: if we have to come here for the third time, we're getting you to the brig no matter how it looks like, got it? And with a few bruises as a bonus..." - and with that they're gone.

[Emmett] rubs his cheek and: "Oww, that hurt you... Look, I'm sorry about all that banter, but... It's just that okay, banter - and about this 'privacy intrusion', but I'm just doing my job!" - he stands up and looks at you, raising his arms defensively around his head - "And don't hit me again!"

He quickly notices that it doesn't seem like you're going to, for now anyway.. and lowers his guard. He finally remarks: "But I, uh.. you must've really exceptionally stupid to aggravate Taggart - I never seen him this mad, as in.. even after 9/11 or during that whole Hong-Kong debacle..."

You ask: "Who is he anyway?"

[Emmett] rubbing his cheekbone again, visibly still hurting a bit: "Who? Colonel Taggart?" - he stares at you, shocked - "Wait, so you don't know? They didn't tell you? I mean.. I guess that explains why with all the spoiled bratty behavior and.." - he covers his head defensively again and: "P-P-Please don't h-hit me!" - when nothing happens, he calms down and.. rubs his cheek again: "Oww... But yeah, he's.. colonel Taggart, how to best describe it? He's the kind of person that you go to.. or more like, presidents and alike go to.. to get things done? Military things: coups, rebellions, some local wars, or terrorists.. or rather, for that last part, to 'be done' with them? Anywho, these sorts of things."

[Emmett] "Basically, if anything is going on around the world - you can bet Taggart will be there, or is already to begin with, either running the show or just making sure it runs.. which usually means the same thing? He could've been four stars ten-fifteen years ago, but.. I guess he doesn't like to be in the spotlight? You know, running things from behind the curtains and all that. And nobody will ask a lowly colonel to appear in congress or even go as far as try to interview him for news piece and so on. Yeah.." - he chuckles - ".. if only they knew. Oh well, yeah.. I suppose from your perspective.. he's probably the worst person to annoy, as in: he can make your life miserable in all sorts of ways without even trying.. to? I mean, I get it, abuse of power and everything, but.. no, you definitely don't want a person like that having a problem with you..."

[Emmett] "And even then.. well, he always.. I mean I guess he 'used to' say how: 'there are no problems, only challenges'? And.. well, we used to say that there isn't a problem big enough for the Old Man to handle, until.. well, until very recently anyway."

You ask: "So what, he's running the world then?"

[Emmett] "No, no, more like.. 'fixing it'? In places that, sort of, need fixing? Just in the last couple of years.. Yemen, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq every now and then, Brazil, Somalia, Ukraine, Iran.. a couple times, Syria.. he practically has a summer home there... And the list goes on, we were about to set out for Congo when, well.. this happened? And by 'we' I mean, we're kindda his usual go-to team to deal with details? Or at least.. several teams that have been redirected to handle, well.. her."

You think about it and: "Nothing like that happened in Brazil, not recently anyway..."

[Emmett] chuckles and: "Yeah, but that's only because he got there in time.. yeah."

You ask: "So what, is this like his headquarters or something?"

[Emmett] "What, the Lair?" - he looks around - "No, no.. we just requisitioned it for logistics and F.O.B. - it's just one of many bases set up to ensure government CO-OP, in case of a nuclear war, or.." - he looks outside the room, at a huge monitor showing a view of me playing in the ocean - ".. or worse..."

You: "What do you mean by CO-OP?"

[Emmett] "Oh, it's.. Continuity Of OPerations, like.. twenty-fifth, or COC.. I mean Chain of Command, these kinds of things."

[Emmett] "Oh, and I mean.. we're mainly here because the Old Man likes to be 'close to the action', so to speak - and it doesn't get much 'closer' than this..."

[Emmitt's pov]

"Mhmmm....I sure....really?....oh of course...naturally..." I barely had a chance to get a word in at the nervous paper continued to ramble on about things that I wasn't entirely positive he was authorized to reveal to a civilian.
I half listened to him while continuing to scan the room, still unable to believe that those claims made by those antigovernment conspiracists actually held some weight to them.

"So...it sounds like Rose is literally the biggest problem this Colonel Taggart has ever had to deal with." I asked before sitting down at a table filled with files that still needed to be added to my wall of fame. (I may or may not be trying to find some way to communicate with you...)
"But where does that leave me? I'm just supposed to stay down here like some sort of prisoner until he figures out how to change her back, or worse...kill her?"

[your pov]

"Yeaah, except you really shouldn't tell him that... Wait, or have you already? Is that why he's so mad? And.. I don't know, to be honest - that's why I was so surprised when I heard 'guest'..."

[Emmitt's pov]

"Well...at least I'm not locked up in a cell right? So I suppose it could be worse." I said optimistically without looking up from the scattered pictures and papers and rather enjoying the memories they brought up.
"Hmph...those were the good days...back when giants and giantesses were just the product of a horny teenager's imagination. In fact...just seeing all this stuff makes me..." - I paused to take a deep breath after feeling a stirring in my loins - "Well...nevermind....say Emmitt...I cant remember the last time I ate. You guys have a mess hall anywhere around here so I can get something to eat?"

[your pov]

[Emmett] "Uh, I'm supposed to.. keep you here, I think? I mean, I can ask for something to be brought here, if you're hungry but... Oh and actually, I gotta ask, like.. it's not often that I get to 'meet' the subject of my research and.. I just gotta ask, please don't be offended by it, um.. why, all this? I mean, how are you.. enjoying?" - he points to the wall then the tables - "All this?"


I let out a snide laugh at his open curiosity. This is how it starts...how the seed of macrophilia gets planted...at least that's how it did for me.
"Well...lemme ask you something first Em...do you mind if I call you Em? Anyway Em...are you married or...dating anyone? Is there a special person in your life that you yearn to be with?"

[your pov]

"No, I.." - he blushes a bit - "I'm not married, or anything like that.. why?"

"Hmmm that's a shame, I figured you for some sort of ladies man." I replied in an attempt to maybe flatter him a little bit.
"But regardless, imagine if you would...the most beautiful woman you'd ever seen. She's funny and laughs at all your jokes, big healthy breasts and curves to die for...now imagine if she was...bigger...think of the sex appeal. Personally I'm a boob guy, but you....you look like you might be into feet am I right? Either way...there are certain parts of the female body that we're subconsciously attracted to, be it breasts, butt, feet, mouth, hips, whatever. I just enjoy when those features are a bit....larger than normal."

[your pov]

[Emmett] shakes his head "Yeah, I mean it's.. kinky? Maybe? Like.. I don't know. Look, I've been wading through all this stuff for the past few hours so you don't need to explain it.. please don't be offended and.. um, right. I don't know, it's just.. strange, is what I'm trying to say? To me anyway? And, uh.. are you really that obsessed about it?"

[Emmett] blushing a bit "I mean.. why not just enjoy a woman at normal size?"

"I think about that question a lot actually and I've honestly never been able to come up with a straight answer. I enjoy normal sized women...sure...love em actually, but we all have our kinks." I pondered Emmitt's question while staring at the wall of some of my greatest finds.
"They're just so...powerful...which I guess is a major turn on for me. The thought of your life literally being in somebody else's hands, knowing that they can't be stopped...it's just so...stimulating."

[your pov]

[Emmett] "Yeah, but.. what if they, I don't know.. hurt you? Like, if you're under their control, then.. I don't know, I guess I'm just not for this whole BDSM thing."

"Think less about the pain and more about the pleasure that comes with it...sure, being crushed would suck and I definitely wouldn't want to die...but if the woman cared for you then don't your think she'd try her best to make sure that didn't happen?" I shuttered a bit as images of passing through your anus replayed in my head like a slide show.
"And besides...me and Rose haven't really had the chance to do anything...sexual unless you count anal...speaking of which...how about that food?"

[your pov]

[Emmett] surprised "Crushed? Die? I mean, yeah, but.. cared? How could.. I mean, uh-" - suddenly he looks towards the entrance.

End Notes:

Yeahhh, the guy was basically meant as an exposition device, guilty as charged. Instead of a proper, more organic way to introduce some backstory - we got Emmett ^^

The Big Talk by FluffyRose

[your pov]

Suddenly a couple marines walk in - they bring a laptop and two big monitors, 26-30", nothing like the tvs in the main room, but.. certainly a lot of desktop space when they fire them up. It's all connected wirelessly, they just had to plug in the power and configure it quickly. They do it all without the word and Emmett doesn't even seem to notice it or care about it, merely considers your answer.

Then colonel walks in, soldiers and Emmett salute him and he "At ease"-s them - it's already getting tedious for you to see everybody do that all the time and you can't even imagine... He probably already got used to it by now. Either way:

[colonel] "Mr. number two, I thought maybe I should show you a couple things.. if you don't mind? Please sit down and try to pay attention, this is __actually__ important. So, I suppose I underestimated your 'attachment' for the.. out of scale individuals, so to speak. And somehow that seems to be clouding your judgment. Maybe if we try to go over some of the, recent events, it may shed some more light on the current situation?"

[colonel] waves at the soldier sitting behind the laptop, the guy clicks a few times and a picture pops onto the monitors - or a video actually, as it starts playing: it's me, putting the people in my mouth with a jovial smile on my face - all the way back when you were in the sub. "So you must remember that part. Look how happy she is to commit mass-murder, effectively. Yes, I know you made her realize how wrong it was, but.. is it really normal to even attempt anything like that? No please don't say anything, I'd like you to hear me out first please. And, just a thing to consider: how come you didn't tell her about the two people she crushed? You must've seen it, sub's cameras clearly captured the event, it was right in front of you..."

[colonel] notices you're trying to say something: "And shoosh, just think about it. Was it because you were afraid it may happen to you? Or should you be? That's just, yes, a thing to consider. But let's move on, the next clip please" - soldier clicks a few times and a footage comes up.. it's me, sitting in the river: "Yes, so you must remember your little gastrological adventure. Except, what you missed was how calm and relaxed your so called friend was when we lost contact with you. Could we rewind a little bit? And play audio as well."

[colonel] "And please, leave any questions for later. Just in case you're suspecting some kind of a trick or manipulation here, it's a continuous shot from a single camera, no cuts or modifications whatsoever - this is what she did, how she acted" - as the video plays, it shows me calmly asking about you getting lost in my rectum, then organizing a 'rescue'.. - "Just look at how relaxed and professional she is about that whole thing. No sign of worry whatsoever."

[colonel] "And I can imagine you thinking.. she was trying to help you. Sure. And she was just trying to eat some people. Sure. I suppose one 'incident' like that could be blamed on.. excitement? Maybe eagerness to.. experiment. Or whatever you would call it. And I also get it: two would be __just__ a coincidence. Sure."

[colonel] "But, I'd like you to see one more thing..." - and they play my conversation with the officer. The whole thing, from beginning to the end, all the times I mention you being hurt and chuckle - or you dying and giggle immediately afterwards. And finally how even "sending you to me in pieces" "one arm almost as good as two" and so on... Everybody is completely silent throughout the whole thing, including the colonel.

[Colonel and Emmitt's pov]

"Yeah but..." I started to interrupt but was quickly shushed and forced to sit back and watch as picture after picture and audio clip and videos played on the screen. Is that really how she felt? Was I just another one of her toys to play with and cast aside once she saw fit?

"I see...so this is the change in perspective that I was waiting for..." My body felt numb, as if a sudden realization had cause my synapses to stop firing within my brain. Surely you were just being playful, nothing out of the norm right? Yet I wasn't as positive as I used to be.

"She looks so...carefree...liberated even..." I mumbled as I stepped closer to the monitor, reaching out and touching the frozen image of you and stroking your virtual cheek. Had I been more aware of the effects of Stockholm Syndrome I would have probably realized the psychiatric hold you had over my subconscious. You were, in fact, the embodiment of my biggest sexual fantasy, and even if I wanted to I couldn't throw that away.

[your pov]

[colonel] "And then there's that other thing... You know, when I mentioned a 'change in perspective', what I meant was: Just look at this, compare your section of the wall - with hers. And you may think, she's just being careful. Nobody is that paranoid, we even dug up all kinds of dirt that Edward Snowden was into, but then he went to Russia and a different approach was chosen, so we didn't bother 'leaking' it."

[colonel] "But she..." - he sighs - "What can she be trying to hide, I wonder? Doesn't it strike you too? Basically.. what kind of sick, deprived... I struggle to even imagine why anybody would go through all this trouble to hide.. and what would it be?" - he sits on the table next to you - "And let me tell you, I've seen a lot of awful stuff during my years of service, but I still can't imagine what she's trying to hide. That's just my thinking, but what do I know.. new generation, world is changing, I'm surely mistaken - after all, I'm just a boring boomer."

[colonel] "I mean, you can always ask her..."

"Okay...I'll help you...but first you have to let me talk to her..." I lied, even managing to squeeze out a tear as I turned away from the monitors back towards the colonel.

I wasn't sure what he was trying to get me to think, like you were some sort of Russian sleeper agent sent here to destroy America? That's impossible, I'd known you for years...you wouldn't be capable of something like that...right?

[your pov]

[colonel] "Sure thing kiddo, but.. one last thing. And I apologize I'm probably boring you to death by now. You know how you accused me of trying to make 'an army of g-'" - he barely stops himself from saying the word, then adds: ".. oversized soldiers? Well, it's so absurd of a notion that it hasn't even occurred to me - after all, we're having trouble containing even one of them and... What would be the point of making more? How could we even, I struggle to understand your logic.. military is based on strict chain of command and there's no way to control or punish..." - he's quite visibly struggling with the concept. Finally he calms down and: "No, that's not at all what we're after here. And if you want to help.. that would certainly be appreciated. As I mentioned, for now we're mainly trying to contain this situation. Keep the impact limited to the immediate area, ideally revert it - but if that turns out to be impossible, then eliminate the threat."

[colonel] "And before you say it's impossible, well... There isn't an issue that a high-yield thermonuclear device can't solve, so to speak. If only it wasn't for the bureaucrats and pen-pushers in D.C. who seem to 'think' that lightly irradiating a small patch of American soil for a couple years is worse than this current crisis."

[colonel] measures you carefully in silence for a while, then finally: "But okay, let's get you to our quiet room. And no, I don't mean interrogation this time, we simply set up comms there so there's no background noise. So if you follow me..." - and he leaves the room casually.



End Notes:

Look at them molesting poor Mike.. oh well, I guess he had worse.

But more seriously, we kindda joked about Stockholm Syndrome for a giantess at the time ^^

The Quiet Room by FluffyRose

[Colonel's pov]

I silently smirked and suppressed a chuckle as I followed the colonel out of the information room. He actually thought a nuke would solve all of his problems...what a typical human response. I had read multiple stories where that exact tool was used to bring down an all mighty being, and it usually didn't work, more often then not it would backfire and make the monster more powerful, but that was only fiction after all. I had no idea of how you would actually be able to make it out of such an explosion unscathed...at least at your current size.

I was led back through the main room filled with monitors keeping tabs on your current actions. I couldn't help stopping for a second to watch you innocently bathing in the ocean like a little girl would play in a puddle. You looked so...happy...

[Guard] "Keep moving! No time for gawking...you fucking freak..."

The guard shoved me in the back, breaking me free from my distraction before I was escorted down another short hallway.

[Colonel] "Here we are...our quiet room" He said before swiping his keycard and entering an 8 digit code on the keypad. The door sounds of the door unlocking echoed through the narrow space before Colonel Taggart walked in with me following closely behind.
"Ahh Officer Sanchez what's the status update on the subject? She still playing games with you? I believe you already know Mr. Dunn here..."

[your pov]

You walk through the main room and then down some corridor. Everybody keeps saulting, of course, and you count eight times that colonel returned it - and five times he said "at ease". Always professional, calm, and all that. Finally you get to a relatively small room: walls are covered in sound concealing patterns, but it's otherwise empty - except for a modest table with some monitors on it and a guy operating it. You can't see the contents since he's facing the entrance and monitors are positioned so you'd have to walk around the desk.

The guy salutes while sitting and colonel waves it away. You notice the rank on his uniform.. a silver leaf? But that means.. lieutenant colonel? Just handling the call with 'me'? That certainly surprises you a bit.

[colonel] "I hear the subject is, uncooperative, to put it lightly?"

[lt. col] "Sir, you have no idea, I-"

[col] "I think I do, I've gone through the transcript. Nonetheless, it was a good try and good job too - we couldn't have expected to deal with such a.. clinical psychopath, essentially. Oh, and.. please meet Mr Dunn over here." - he waves towards you lazily - "He's our little number two and we'll assist us in any matters related to, the crisis at hand."

You give the officer a nod in greeting, it's nice to finally put a face to the voice you have heard over the radio all this time. Officer Sanchez is another middle aged man, probably in his early 50s if you had to take a guess. Even without knowing his name you could tell he was of Hispanic heritage, with his short jet black hair and darker skin tone. "Nice to finally meet you face to face Sanchez."

[lt.col] "Nice to meet you, Mr.. number two.." - he says with a slight smirk - "Lieutenant Colonel Juan Sanchez at your service, or rather.. I've been coordinating the communication lines between, the three of us, basically. And, um.. sir, she insists on having her bath, and it's.. a logistic nightmare."

[col] "Can we put a price tag on it?"

[lt.col] "Well, between rental, materials, transport.. and considering how urgent-"

[col] "I just need a number."

[lt.col] "Hmm, I'd say.. seven, maybe seven and a half?"

[col] "Done. Let me know if it's more than double, but go ahead with it anyway. Now.. I do need to leave you here, please let number two chat with his friend when possible. We don't want her to get impatient, after all."

Sanchez salutes, or rather.. makes a salute-like wave of his hand and colonel leaves.

[Sanchez] sighs "Fine, let's get you set up.. sit across the desk please, you can wear these.." - he hands you a wireless set, large over the ear noise-cancelling headphones with professional looking mic. Must've cost a small fortune - "But please be quiet until I ask you to join us"

[Sanchez] pushes a few buttons, clicks his mouse and: "Hello miss, I have-"

"Ohh hii soldier-guy hihi!" - you hear my voice in the headphones - "I thought you ran away for real this time, I mean.. what took you so long!" - and a playful chuckle.

[Sanchez] "I.. I have good news - we may be able to organize some soap for you after all, but it may-"

"Finally! I'm freezing my butt in the ocean waiting.. or, maybe I'm not hihi! It's actually pretty nice! Hey you should come over so we could play a bit haha!"

[Sanchez] "Um, thanks for the offer, but.. I'd rather stay here. We'll try to organize the soap for you A.S.A.P., but.. there's one other thing: we actually have Mike here with us, so.."

I shifted nervously in my uncomfortable wooden chair across from Sanchez, listening to your pure voice sounding the same as I remembered. It hadn't been too long since I lost contact, but to me it felt like an eternity.
My manhood began to stiffen as I heard your innocent offer to join in on your playtime and cursed under my breath at the fact that I was stuck here...missing out on the opportunity of lifetime. "Dammit...first I missed her topless now I'm missing her take a bath...I need to get out of here.." I thought to myself before continuing to listen.

I'm delighted to hear it, although.. truth be told I seem to have forgotten about you again. But there's no need to mention that: "Ohhh hii Mike! Wait, is he like.. on the call with us?"

[Sanchez] "I'll put him on in a moment, if you-"

"I'm not negotiating, if that's what you're after..."

[Sanchez] "No, miss.. please, It's just that.. do you really need that bath? It's a major-"

"Shoosh! After all this teasing about it, if you don't deliver.. then I'll be quite mad! Or maybe not mad, but.. slightly annoyed? And on the scale between calm and disaster, I'd say it could be around.. seven hihi!"

[Sanchez] "Yes, very well then..." - he grabs his head and pulls on his hair. Actually pulling some out between his fingers - "Um, so, Mike.. if you could join us please?"

"Well? It better not be a trick though.. if I hear some robo-synthesized voice then..."

The Small Talk by FluffyRose

Seeing Sanchez's annoyed expression put a coy smile on my face, and I let the radio hum with static for a few seconds, just to try and make him a bit uneasy, before finally speaking up.

"Rose?...Is this thing working?...can she hear me? Rose!? Hows my favorite giantess doing? I see you've been giving my friend Mr. Sanchez here a bit of a hard time."

I looked towards the stressed out Lt. Colonel and flash him a reassuring wink before continuing.

"You won't believe where I am right now! Some kind of secret underground bunker, I'm not exactly sure where but...hey!-"

[Sanchez] -Leaning over and pressing the mute button on my side of the microphone input - "Please refrain from revealing your location to her. We're taking quite the risk in allowing you to communicate so if you'd like to continue then you'd better start being vague..." - unmutes the mic and leans back in his chair.

[Me] "O-oh...yeah...sorry, anyways...I can tell you that I'm definitely not watching you through some sort of high tech camera, maybe even a satellite of some sort. I can't believe you'd take a bath without me!"

Sanchez gives me another look of caution but ultimately allowed me to continue for now. He rubs his eyes, annoyed that he now has to put up with two individuals that seemed to enjoy getting on his nerves.

I'm a bit confused by the last part: "Sorry about what? Why, did you fall asleep in the shower.. again hihi! But oh well, I mean.. you took a shower.. without me! Except that's not much of a loss I wouldn't be able to see anything. So.. well I guess it's still not to late for you to join me.. if you dare haha!" - I try to calm down, bit my lower lip and decide to ask: "Since you were asleep or something, I gotta tell you about how I negotiated, well.. actually not-negotiated about your not-kidnapping, it was.. epic! Shame you couldn't see how I fought for you hihi!"

I think about cameras and satellites and look around.. I suppose it was inevitable. But still, I whisper quietly: "Perverts..."

I was about to confess that I had heard everything you said regarding your negation, but Sanchez sternly cleared his throat in protest. He tilted his head down a bit and looked up at me, warning me not to respond to that without having to use words.

"I'm sure you did but as my good buddy Sanchez here said...I'm kinda...sorta...being held prisoner. I haven't been mistreated or anything, besides the occasional threat, but they wont let me leave."

[Sanchez interrupts]

"As you can hear Miss Rose I wasn't lying when I told you we had your boyfriend, and if you'd like us to continue to treat him with hospitality then I suggest you start taking things a bit more seriously."

I'm taken aback by the last part and stop smiling. Gravely serious, but calm, I ask: "Wait, so.. just so I understand, does it mean we're doing plan B now? You know, with jogging, round the country, and everything?"

I chuckle mischievously as Sanchez shifts uncomfortably in his chair, a bead of sweat starting to run down the bridge of his nose before dripping onto the desk.

"No...no I don't think we're at that point yet, but feel free to proceed with plan B if you dont hear from me in a while."

[Sanchez] Leans over and hits the mute button again. "Mr. Dunn...do you realize what you've just...sighs...why would you encourage her to do something like that? Don't you care about the lives that would be lost?"

[Me] "Of course I know, and now she does too. So it's probably in your best interest to not cut off my radio any more...I'm sure the colonel wouldn't want that much blood added to his already dirty hands..."

[Sanchez] Mutters a few choice phrases in spanish before unmuting the radio and leaning back in his chair and pulling a cigarette out of his shirt pocket.

[Me] "I thought so...anyways like I said Rose, if you don't hear from me for a while...execute plan B...but hopefully it wont come to that. Right Mr. Sanchez?"

"Well, I mean.. do you even know what 'plan B' is?" - I ask immediately after you mention it, but I'm met with silence: "Um, hello? Do I need to start counting? How long 'a while' should be, um.."

I finally hear your voice again and reply: "Yeah well, sure I guess, but.. who's this Mr Sanchez you keep talking about? Is he with you and soldier-guy?" - I think about it quickly: "That's rude.. I don't know who's in the room..."

Of course when I finish saying that, I realize that it doesn't matter that much.. since most of the county can hear me anyway. Oh well, at least I teased you real well this time - I chuckle and even grin!

Mike (edited by Rose a bit):
[Sanchez] Rolls his eyes in disbelief that somebody could be so clueless before lighting his smoke.

[Mike] "That soldier guy you've been talking to is Sanchez...its just me and him in here and maybe a few guards outside that keep calling me number two for some reason...but regardless you're kind of a big deal around here. There are dozens of people all typing away on their computers and there's this huge room with..."

[Sanchez] Leans forward once again to cut me off before stopping himself, seeming to contemplate the repercussion of cutting me off mid-sentence before leaning back in his chair and ashing his cigarette in a nearby ashtray.

[Mike] "That's what I thought...as I was saying...there's a huge room with pictures and videos of you since you first grew, along with a whole bunch of stuff about me." I continued to list off everything that I'd seen so far until Sanchez finished his smoke and stood up from his chair.

[Rose] I listen to you explaining all the details about the room: huge monitors, live feeds, all the people.. and it's all for me? I'm actually so excited by this, that I unwittingly start caressing my nether lips. When I catch myself drifting away just by imagining it.. I realize you're still explaining but I must've missed some details. But instead of asking you to repeat, I: "Can I see it?"

[Sanchez] "Um, I really don't think..." - he's lost in thoughts seeing the giantess begin masturbating in the ocean on one of his monitors... Her nudity was bad enough already, but this? He realizes: thankfully this pervert can't see it since monitors are turned with the backcovers facing him. Except he still turns one a bit to make double sure Mike can't glance into it...

Suddenly the door opens and col. Taggart barges in with a couple soldiers behind him, pointing tranq rifles at you - none of them say anything but Taggart is clearly furious.

I instantly put my hands up unthreateningly as the soldiers keep their guns trained on me.
"Whoa whoa whoa....are you sure you want to do that? I mean...I assume you must have been listening in to my conversation, so you know what'll happen if you cut me off now."
I stand up slowly, sporting a rather prominent erection with my standard issue trousers

I chuckle when I hear the commotion, it's cut short and there's just silence shortly after your sentence: "What is going on down there?" - then I realize: they must've cut you off - "Hey! Put Mike back.. right friggin now!"

Everyone currently with an earpiece in hears your angered demands. The colonel starts the show the first hint of emotion I'd seen from him...anger...if only a little bit.

[Colonel] "Go on...talk to her..." He mutters, nodding at Sanchez to reestablish to connection to my hands free.

[Me] "Thank you sir." I keep my hands up and slowly shift around the desk, accidentally knocking over a pencil cup with my member as it brushed by, before moving next to Sanchez. "Uhhh excuse me please...there's something I need to see."

My hand is still on top of my crotch, but completely still, with tip of the pinky finger slipped inside... I forgot about it due to all the commotion and simply ask: "See what? Um.. didn't you say you were seeing me with these satellites and stuff?"

[Taggart] "You can't possibly be..."

[Sanchez] "Hey, stop it! Don't you dare-" - he tries to cover the monitors, especially the ones with most detailed display of nudity, but.. the monitors are simply too large.

[soldiers] move around trying to keep a line of fire at you.

"Whoa, sounds like a party hihi! Can I join?"

[Me] "Rooose...Sanchez is trying to block my view of you...tell him to stop" I complained in my best impression of a spoiled child pleading to its mother before abruptly muting the call.

"Look...I know what you're thinking but I know her and how she thinks...if I start acting a certain way then she'll know something's up. She know's I'm not just one to roll over and blindly obey." I explained while glancing between the officers and the armed guards ready to fire as soon as the order was given.
"Besides...you can't to contain her? Keep her from going anywhere while you figure things out? I can get her to stay still...sort of...but I'm asking you to trust me. I could have told her exactly what you were really doing down here and where we are...but I didn't"

I realized how ridiculous I must look pleading with a couple of seasoned officers while having a full blown boner on display, but my primal needs needed to be tended to.

"Well then.." - I chuckle - "Mr. Sanchez, stop right now hihi! Like.. whatever you're doing?" - silence - "Um.. what is going on in there?"

I suddenly realize.. if he's blocking your view, then.. you can see me. Or at least.. bits of me? I look down at the hand on my crotch, then retract it.. all the way behind my back! Of course only then I realize that it leaves my crotch completely uncovered, so I quickly move both hands to cover it up!

All the while blushing increasingly more and more. And biting onto my lower lip.. so hard that it hurts when I finally let go of it.

[meanwhile inside]

You could've seen shots of me with hand right on my crotch.. except they were distant and at high angles - Sanchez hid the best views from you.

[Sanchez] - still covering the monitors, despite your explanation and my order: "This is preposterous! You can't ask us to believe-"

[Taggart] "Cut it, let him see."

[Sanchez] "But sir-"

[Taggart] "That's an order, lieutenant!" (btw: apparently it's a huge affront to refer to a lt.col by the rank of "lieutenant" - he's doing it on purpose tho)

Sanchez gives up and lets you see.. but by then I'm already covering my crotch with both hands.

Suddenly Taggart approaches the desk, puts his finger on the mute button and tells you: "You should've suggested this approach before, so we could discuss it. Step carefully from now on, our little number two..." - and he unmutes the call.

There's that nickname again...but he said it in a way that made me feel like it was some kind of an inside joke that I wasn't a part of. I'd have to ask him about it later...

"Yeah well...I'm kind of making this up as I go along. I'm not exactly used to the chain of command that comes with being an active duty service member and all...hell...I can't even find a decent job that doesn't involve flipping burgers or picking up dead animals in the side of the road. You see I've always..." I continued to ramble on and on and on until I realize that the call had been unmuted and you'd heard majority of my side of the conversation.

"So...uhh...like I was saying. I'm gonna need a few minutes of alone time with my special girl here. If that's not too much to ask." I glance towards the uncovered monitor and see your hands conveniently placed above your crotch, censoring me in an unintended way.
"What do you think Rose? Care to put on a show for little old me? I know how you love to be the center of attention, and from where I am...I can pretty much see every bit of you already..." I flashed the colonel and Sanchez a playful wink as I started to slowly undo the button on my pants with one hand while the other held down the mute button.

"This is happening one way or another, I'd prefer to have a little bit of privacy. I already know you're listening in plus I see your cameras have been trained on me since the moment I walked in here."
The two men still looked unconvinced...
"Things will probably get weird but if I say anything that exposes our location then you have my permission to tranq me." I wasn't thinking completely rationally at this point since my eyes kept shifting over to the monitor.

Finally Taggart motions the men to exit the room and is the last to leave himself. Before he walks through the door, he points his index finger at you.. very meaningfully. At least he closes the door quietly behind him...

[meanwhile outside]

I heard your voice, but.. it felt like half a sentence, plus what followed was even more confusing: I didn't interrupt only because I struggled to comprehend it. Finally I chuckled, hearing the 'special girl', but you went on and on...

Finaly I hear the sound of doors closing: "Oh, are they like, gone? Are you alone?" - you confirm and I look down.. at my hands: "A little show? Well..." - I don't want everyone to see my untamed forest of.. no, at this scale it's exactly that - if not an actual jungle, full of tangled pubic hairs and everything. Maybe I can: "Okay, but only a little tease.. for now at least hihi! Umm, how to do this..." - I try to catch 'most' of the hairs under left hand, then lower the other into the ocean. I grab a handful of water, then carefully move it over the crotch.

I pour it slowly, except.. it actually falls down in slow motion. Like a.. waterfall, basically - a stream of water crashes onto the top of my nether lips, splashes around, foams, flows down my almost vertical skin, and to the sides, not quite like a waterfall.. or a river... It looks, pretty strange, like.. almost like I was some kind of geological phenomenon, or.. a geographical feature? Which.. of course in a way I am, but..: "It's just so weird! Um, I mean.. also pretty cool, isn't it? I mean, can you see it alright?" - I look upwards, but of course I won't be able to spot a drone flying overhead - let alone a satellite...

The Cameraman by FluffyRose

My breathing began to intensify as I stared at the monitors with my mouth agape. My raging member strained against my pants, yearning to be released from its prison. I took one last look towards the doorway to make sure the colonel and everyone was at least out of eyesight before unzipping and letting my little fella breath.
"Yeah...oh my god Rose...you don't understand how sexy you look right now..." I said softly over the radio as I began to stroke myself. Oh how I yearned to be witnessing this first hand, wading through your jungle of pubes while I searched for your hidden temple...not stuck behind some stupid computer monitor jacking off like any other sunday night at home alone.

I looked around the area surrounding the keyboard, hoping to find some sort of joystick or something to control the satellite camera, but alas this military interface was far too complicated for me to operate with any kind of confidence, so I was stuck with the angle I got.

"A camera?...uhhh no not really...they took my phone when they brought me down here and I dont really want to start pressing buttons to see if this computer had a webcam or not....just try to image your typical underground government facility....it's kinda like that."

I chuckled at your remark and blushed a bit, but replied: "Well, thank you..." - and when I finish pouring the water, I cover my crotch again.

When you 'explain' the view, I chuckle and: "No, I don't know how a 'typical' underground facility looks like, actually. I mean, every movie portrays it differently and.. it's not like I've seen that many of them!" - I say a white lie.. I have made sure to watch virtually every modern catastrophic movie or alike. Or anything that involved realistic portrayal of highest levels of government acting during an extreme emergency. But I don't want to seem like a weirdo or anything... When I think about it quickly: "Um, soldier-guy? Could you give Mike one.. um.. right, right.. they're out of the room, like..." - suddenly, I realize: "Hey wasn't it a bit rude to ask them out like that? I mean.. it's their bunker and everything, I guess.." - another little detail occurs to me and I giggle, then: "Oh, but I suppose that's why he was so confident.. negotiating and even 'threatening' me - from the complete safety of his cute lil' bunker hihi! I mean.. of course he wasn't, because you weren't kidnapped and all the rest of it haha! But where were we..." - I try to remember what the discussion was before.. we kindda strayed from it quite a bit.

Suddenly I head a knock and look around: "What was that?" - but of course there's no 'door' around me, so: "Um, shouldn't you go see who's knocking?"

[your pov]

The door opens and a soldier awkwardly peeks in, as if to ensure you're not in some sort of 'uncomfortable situation'.

"Excuse me, I was ordered to deliver this:" - he's holding a phone, super high-tech, with a bunch of cameras at the back - looks like some next-gen stuff, or.. maybe even the one after that - "Also, colonel asked me to tell you, and I quote: my little target number two, no funny business" - he nods and adds: "Yes, that was all, I believe."

[my pov]

I hear the slightly distorted conversation and when doors close, I immediately ask: "What was that? And who's that colonel, um.. colonel-guy? Is it like.. soldier-guy's boss or something hihi!" - I continue calling him soldier-guy even though I'm fully aware of his name - "But hey, what was that about target number, I mean.. how you mentioned they kept calling you... Ohh, I see what it is.. I mean, I'm the 'big' target number one and you're 'little' target number two.. very clever, real mature guys, seriously..."

[My pov]

I quickly covered my exposed member with my shirt, although that did little to hide my raging arousal, as the random soldier delivered the futuristic looking phone and promptly left me alone once again. Why was this colonel so intent on referring to me by that code name? And why did everyone keep smirking when they said it? Either way I now had this device and had no idea what I was supposed to do with it.

"Yeah it's kind of what they call me around here...but I'm starting to think they might be making fun of me...but anyways...they gave me this cool little phone. Just let me see if I can..." I began tinkering through the interface looking for the same app that the officer had set up originally when we first established communication with you via the hands free, only this version offered the ability to make video calls...

"Okay...do you still have that phone with you? I'm going to start a video call..." I pressed the buttons to the best of my understanding before a loud ringing sound could be heard coming from your end.

I decide not to explain you what they mean by that, maybe you'll be better off not knowing? And I make sure to have a little chat with this.. colonel... about this, and everything else.

"Yeah yeah, on it..." - I turn around and flash base with my bare boobs again. I realize that "them not seeing too much" may have been.. inaccurate. But it's not like I can do much about it now - so I just grab the phone from pants' backpocket and unlock it. Screen is scratched here and there, plus it's so old.. I really need to ask them to give me a new one. Oh well, for now it'll do.. maybe - then suddenly an app pops up without me doing anything. I joke: "Hey, you got an awful amount of malware on this.. oh, it's.. wait, is that your hard-on?" - I tease, seeing a video feed pointed right at pants with a very noticeable bulge at the crotch...

I giggle and: "But we'll deal with that later, now show me around, pleeeeeeaaaaseeeeee...."

I quickly realize what you're seeing through your end of the camera and rush to sit up in my chair and shield my erection from view...but then I stop...and ease back down, letting my shirt ride up a little so that you can see my wrinkled scrotum and the base of my shaft start to come into view. Why should I try to hide it? I was after all the one who asked you to put on a little show, this was just my way of showing how much I appreciated it.

"Uhhh...yeah it is...what can I say? I find big girls to be extremely arousing haha" I chuckle and tilt the phone up slightly so that you can see yourself on the monitors. "There you are...look...I can see your nips...smile!!!" I let you take in the view I'm seeing for a little bit before panning the camera around the room and letting you see what's inside.

I giggled when you showed me your exposed member, then teased: "Oh, I like that.. I see you've been busy hihi!"

I'm a bit surprised about quality of the video feeds.. of me... I was half expecting blurred grayscale images delayed by a few seconds, but.. when I wave my hand - it updates almost immediately. And some mild video tearing is an artifact of the old phone I'm holding. Still, the view is clear enough - I whisper without thinking: "Whoa.. such perverts.." - then shake my head and add: "Oh, I mean.. I guess I don't mind? Like.." - I bit my lower lip again and glance at the t-shirt behind me.. maybe I haven't quite thought it through? Oh well, no point in backing away.. you didn't hide your dick, so...

I push my chest forwards and jiggle both boobies. They're not too meaty, but still cute and adorable: "Aww look at them go hihi! And of course I'm happy to see you, if you know what I mean haha!"

I calm down and notice how simply shaking my b a little has created quite some waves. They propagate outwards in all directions - much taller than normal oceanic ones... Oh well, area looked evacuated anyway. I quickly realize that my pants and t-shirt will probably get flooded a little... But who cares - I'm definitely not wearing these borrowed rags again! "But hey hey.. the bunker! I mean, it doesn't look that big? And only a couple.. three monitors? I mean sure they're quite large, but.. it's not very impressive..." - I complain. I have better hardware at my home... Except I won't be using it either, I guess!

My eyes widened even more, if that was possible, as you begin to wiggle your petite (at least from where I am) tits for the camera, or was it for me? Will all the constant teasing it was becoming difficult to tell. "I mean...this is only a small room compared to the rest of the place...I don't know if they'll just let me show you around but I suppose I could let you see a little more if you let meeee see a little more?" I removed my hand from my dick, that I had unconsciously begun stroking and muted the microphone to address the colonel through one of the many bugs I'm sure was planted throughout the room.

"Colonel...I know you're probably listening in but...do you mind if I show her around a little bit? I mean...I know you gave me this phone and everything but I just wanted to make sure before I gave her the full tour" I looked towards the security camera and gave a thumbs up with a playful smile, waiting a few seconds to receive an answer before unmuting our microphone.

"I'm waiting for permission...you know how these government types are...it's all regulations this and chain of command that...it must be exhausting..."

No reply from Taggart, or anybody else.

"Permission?" - I chuckle - "But I have just given you the permission! Unless you want to.. well I.D.K... refuse that order? And be convicted by a bewb-y court to.. to... Um, okay I got lost with that little pun - but you do get the idea, don't you hihi!" - then I call down and comment: "Um, this sitting place though.. so conveniently hidden from anybody who enters the room - do you think soldier-guy arranged it so he could.. play himself? I mean, the view certainly supports that theory..."

Mike (rewritten by Rose):
[my pov]

My dick twitched beneath my shirt as I listened to your clever attempt at a pun related to your boobs, failing miserably but still getting points for creativity. There was no sign that Taggart or Sanchez or anybody else in some position of power heard my request for permission, or maybe the silence was a good thing...I mean...it's better to seek forgiveness that to ask permission as the saying goes right? "Will all do respect...YOU'RE not the one pointing guns at me. The minute I push them too far BOOM....it's lights out for me." - I purposefully neglect to mention that they were just tranquilizer guns - "That might not seem like a threat to you anymore but...I'm not exactly bulletproof you know?"

[Rose] "Well, how about you just try it? I have a feeling they won't shoot you hihi!" - then she winked playfully and you could see it on the monitors.. from four different angles.

I waited roughly 30 more seconds for an answer before I worked up the nerve to listen to Rose. If nothing else, I'd be able to blame her for me being shot full of tranq darts. I made sure to prop the phone up against a keyboard with the lens facing me while I tucked myself back into my pants and buckle them up before standing, although the prominent bulge was still quite noticeable, it'll probably go away after a few minutes...hopefully. After taking a deep breath, I started towards the door, grabbing the phone as I walked around the desk, and jiggled the handle first to make sure it wasn't locked, and to my amazement it wasn't! Slowly I eased it open wide enough for me to poke my head out. There were two guards, each standing over 6'5" and built like a brick shithouse, on either side of the doorway.

"Uhhh...sorry to bother you guys but...I asked permission to show her around and I haven't heard anything yet...so I'm guessing it's okay?...." I paused nervously, receiving nothing but a side eyed glace from the two individuals.

[soldier on the left] "Sorry number two, strict orders to keep you in." - while the other guy loudly chuckled and even had to cover his mouth.

[Rose] "Hey! Let. Him. Through!" - without thinking she punched the ground in a 'little' fit of rage. She giggled at a small splash she made, but soldiers didn't know about it. What everybody did notice however, was a modest tremor that penetrated the base not second later.

[soldier on the right] suddenly gravely serious "What the hell?"

[soldier on the left] "This place isn't supposed to have earth- Sir! But..? I don't.." - then they both at once: "Understood!"

And with that, they moved away, fearfully...

[Rose] seeing how your way was clear "Oh! That was easier than I thought... Oh well, but yeah - that corridor looks much bigger hihi! What's behind all those doors?"

"Oh this is just the hallway...obviously...kinda reminds me of the ones back in high school, but more...interesting..." I said as I cautiously walked further away from the room, still unsure of what exactly happened out there.. half-expecting to a dart in the neck at any possible second. But an earthquake? In NC?!? In any case: "And this is...uhhh...I'm not sure what that's used for, maybe a break room or something although I doubt these people here ever sleep let alone take breaks. They kinda run a tight ship around here..." I continued to narrate my journey through the hallway, giving you a view of the numerous guards standing around and impolitely ignoring my salutes as I passed by. I whispered to you: "These military guys can be so rude!" - except you could swear that they stared at you with fear in their eyes...

[Rose] "Maybe I should teach them some manners hihi! Oh, that's one big door.. what's behind them?"

I finally stopped at the end of the corridor, just before the doorway leading into the main room. "So this is the Command Center...or was it called the crypt?...the tomb? Meh the name escapes me..."

[Rose] "Well cut it out and show me already! Or should I come there myself!"

"No, that.. you wouldn't fit! Maybe your pinky finger or toe..." I stayed where I was and extended my arm towards the handle. If only the door was transparent so I could see what's inside... As much as I'm sure the colonels wouldn't like me just walking around, I was surprised to have gotten this far. On the other hand... "Okay, but if I get shot full of tranq darts, then it'll be your-"

[Rose] interrupted "Then I'll be sure to knock them unconscious! And when I say 'unconscious' I mean.. um, that wouldn't really work, now would it?" - and chuckled, trying to imagine knocking anybody out without killing them. That would be really, really difficult... maybe with like, loud voice? Sonic weapon - so to speak? Or maybe... - she shook her head and: "Whatever! Open the door, open the door, open the door! Open the- oh..." - she chanted playfully and one half of it suddenly opened.. seemingly on its own? Actually, there was a terrified figure peeking through it, but he quickly scurried away.

"Oh.. thanks?" - I thought it a bit odd, but teased Rose with: "Now, you're going to like what's behind this door..." I took a deep breath and stepped into the epicenter of the complex, the large hanger which housed to some of the most impressive technology that I had ever seen outside of a Tom Clancy movie. Or maybe even including these... But either way, I kept the phone aimed at the center, where soldiers and scientists alike were all sitting around their desks and.. stared right at me? "Wait, what?"

[Rose] "Whoa, that's quite some place..." - she took her time to notice every detail of the huge hall, people inside looked pretty small - not as tiny as for her in the real world, of course, but the size of the room was still quite something - "Oh wow, look at me! On the wall monitor-thingie hihi!" - she commented seeing large view of her from behind. She found it cute how even on monitor she seemed to dwarf people in the room!

But as I stood there dumbstruck, one by one, people stood up from their desks - and just remained there, motionless. What used to be a lively hall, full of people talking and arguing.. among themselves and on various calls, or moving back and forth all over the place. Now everything was completely still and silent. Not a single word spoken, or key pressed. Nobody dared to cough or as much as scratch their head. I'd have commented how it was as silent as as the grave, but then remembered that graves are much louder. But worst of all: they were all staring at me. Without as much as a single blink, it seemed.

[Rose] "Huh.. what's with the crowd though? Cat ate their tongues?" - then she giggled and: "Aww, looks like you're quite popular down there.. or it's simply because you forgot to pull up your pants?"

"No, no.. I'm good..." - but I still made sure my pants are in the right place.

[Rose] "Well don't become a zombie yourself then, show me around!"

Slowly and steadily I panned the camera around, letting you see the numerous monitors along the walls and tables.

[Rose] "Whoa, look at that, another me!" - she said noticing another monitor displaying another view of her, this time from the side.. with a neat view of her sideboob, it was very nice, artistic almost... But then I panned some more and she said: "Um, and another.. me? This is actually getting a little.. creepy?" - as the next monitor showed Rose from above and slightly in front in all her glory.. bare perky breasts, barely covered crotch and all the rest of it, but most importantly: her holding the phone and staring into it. And even more importantly than 'most': what was on the phone. Realizing instantly what's going on there, Rose saw the people staring at me in completely new light.

I was completely clueless but she immediately recognized how they must've perceived me as her eyes on them, like some kind of prophet, holding an eye of god.. goddess? And having it watch over them? Their silence and stares felt to her like mortals in ancient times looking up at the sun in awe. And it made her.. so horny...

"It is a little creepy, but.." - I added in a whisper, still completely ignorant about it all: ".. not as creepy as their staring at me. Like what the hell!"

"Oh silly.. they're not staring at you..." - she giggled at how adorable I was - "They're staring at the camera hihi!"

I couldn't for the life of me figure out what she meant - I was that oblivious, but I pretended to get it by continuing as if completely unfazed: "Well maybe, but.. not bad huh? And to think you probably used to think the computer lab at school was pretty neat, but this...this is on a whole different level." I made sure to give you a view of the walls and the ceiling to help give you a sense of scale, from my perspective at least, while I continued to carefully stroll around. It was extremely creepy when people would just.. instantly move out of my way. Sometimes as if dodging the camera when I turned around and...

[Rose] noticed how the monitors displaying her from all angles went black all of the sudden. She figured her little mention of it being 'creepy' was probably the cause for that - other monitors were perfectly fine, displaying various military plans, numbers and statistics. One caught her eye.. casualties? But what could it mean... I exclaimed before she was able to figure it out:

"Ohh look at this...I didn't see this before!" I stepped closer to a monitor that showed: "A list of appropriations of hygiene products from around the state and beyond... Except they're all like, liquid soap? In tanker trucks? What a weird way to deliver it for the military.. oh well, I guess they must be getting really dirty all the time, with all the field trainings and stuff."

[Rose] didn't respond but giggled and then started outright laughing out loud, unable to stop herself hearing how perfectly ignorant I was, and it made me sooo adorable - but also enjoying the thought of.. military appropriations? For her bath? Kickass!!!



End Notes:


For anybody who hasn't figured out what just happened: imagine being one of the guys in the craddle - that central room of the whole complex: top class military officer/analyst whatever, there's this weirdo guy brought in - and everybody keeps complaining how he'll bring trouble, but the Old Man said they had to bring him in, so they blindly followed and all that - except now somebody points to a screen and shouts "oh my god, what is she doing" somebody else: "is that a phone?" "don't tell me she's.. wait, is it even possible to video call from here?" and.. "oh my god, is he coming here with that camera?" "will she see us through that thing?" "what do we do what do we do" "calm down people, just.. pretend you're doing your jobs and.." "no don't open that door!" "but what if she gets angry.. you heard her order us to" "no, dont! stop!!!" - and then suddenly it's too late, they see Mike - holding that damned camera in their direction, cluelessly showing them, their faces.. to the enormous giantess that they tried so hard to hide from...

Yeah, cute! ^^

I guess their thinking would be along the lines of: "oh my god! what do we do! what do we do!"


But yeah, we had a lot of fun with this one: first Ryan wrote his idea of what would've happened if he tried to leave the room - then I basically rewrote it, incorporating his actions/reactions more or less. And it turned out 'perfectly splendid'! ^^

The Secrets by FluffyRose

I continued reading out loud the list of appropriated supplies starting from the estimates of how much food they could divert to the base in such a short amount of time, robbing supplies from local farms and shipments to grocery stores around the county, to calculations of the amount of material it would take to craft you something suitable to wear despite already providing you with swimsuits for some strange reason (They still didn't believe you could grow them), they even had some locations that looked like quarries marked out with a big black X drawn over them and a little annotation that read "latrine".

"Whoa...they must have some pretty strong pull, I'm not sure FEMA could scrounge up so much stuff in such a short amount of time...but anyways let us continue..." I continued to stroll past the group of nervous onlookers, feeling like moses parting the red sea as they eager stepped out of my way...this was the kind of respect that I could get used to. Maybe they were afraid that at any moment I could tell them where we were and there wouldn't be enough time to evacuate.

I circled around the room like a tour guide before I approached the room containing my "greatest hits". "Oh if you thought that last room was cool, you haven't seen the best BEST part just through here." I stepped into the room and was immediately met with a familiar face. "Oh...Emmitt! I was hoping you'd be here. Rose say hi to Emmitt, he's the one who's been leading all the research on us. I'm sure he'd love to explain his wall of fame!"

[Emmitt] "Uh.. ummm..." - all he can do is wave towards you nervously. Extremely nervously.

So much so, that combined with his face turning pale-white, I suggest: "Uh oh, is he about to faint or something? Maybe he should sit down?" - I wait for him to do that, but then notice.. a slap is just as effective, so I ask: "And, um.. what hall of fame? Are you going to tell me that we're somehow famous? I mean.. I guess I kindda am, but.. oh cut it out and show me already!"

Meanwhile people in the craddle 'quietly' evacuate.. not as any organized action, just.. they all and at the same time remember they left their irons in the kitchen ovens or thereabouts. And of course Taggart is nowhere to be seen, having orchestrated this little 'stunt' and left the scene well in advance...

"Yeah don't mind him...he's probably still just nervous because I punched him in the face earlier. You shoulda been here to see me stand up for us, I bet that would have made your nips perk up huh? But we're all good now, I apologized to him and now we're getting along swimmingly...right Em?" I slapped the visually nervous man on the back of the shoulder while flashing him a reassuring smile before continuing over to the wall.

"Well for some reason I think I might be more famous than you are, at least in their eyes. You see all of this?" I stepped closer to allow you to see my collection of gts pictures, stories, movie posters, everything that illustrated my lust for giant women. "And that's just my wall! They had one set aside for you but..." - I turn around and show you the barren wall - "They told me they had a hard time finding anything about you...which is weird...I thought the government could have tabs on everybody without them knowing. Any idea why they wouldn't be able to find stuff on you?"

I stare at the insane amount of materials on your 'wall'.. it's so weird: "Um, okaay.. I knew you had quite a stockpile of.. but this?" - then I chuckle and add: "I guess that explains why you gave me your last wish haha!"

"But, um..." - I actually blush, realizing: ".. so they noticed how well I hid 'my interests', so to speak.. except, not anymore? Like, it's out for the whole world to see now that I'm so big and loving it? Oh well, I guess they don't know everything, like.. well, about you hihi! Um, but what was that on the table by the way? More fetishists?"

I chuckled a little bit and made sure that Emmitt hadn't overhead you say anything about the last wish, even though we were on private headsets I felt like the bunker had gotten a little bit quieter than before... "Well I didn't exactly know you were gonna grow yourself this much, not that I mind, I knew what I was signing up for."

I turned my attention to the pile of unsorted folders stacked high on the center desk - "Yeah kinda...just more of my crap that hey haven't gotten a chance to go through yet, probably cause they ran out of space on mine and didn't feel like having to remodel everything just to add another wall. I'm kinda proud of it actually..." - Turns around to face Emmitt once again - "But Emmitt here doesn't seem to understand the attraction a man can have towards a woman who can crush him with one of her toenail clippings...why was that again Em? I'd like for Rose to hear your reasoning behind it..."

I giggle, then: "You know, I think I may need my toenails 'clipped' hihi! If you know what I mean..." - I wink suggestively, but then think about that poor guy.. - "And you really shouldn't be messing with that Emmett-guy, I mean... Look at how scared he is of me and everything.. it's so adorable haha! Whoa, it really makes me miss being able to actually 'see' the people? You know, like.. more than just 'specks' on the ground?" - I sigh, then add in a saddened tone: "I guess you can't have everything, now can you..."

"Bahh he knows I'm just messing with him, don't ya Em? Plus you hear that? She said you were adorable" - I lean close and playfully elbow him in the ribcage - "Better hope she doesn't have the hots for you or the next thing you know she'll be asking you to trim her bush with a swather huh?" I step back and give you one last glimpse at everything before moving back towards the door.

"Well that's everything I think. Thanks for the hospitality Em...you've been a good host!" I call out as I reenter the "brain" only to find it completely empty. "Huh...where'd they all go? I thought they were supposed to keep an eye on me...I wonder if its - Hey Emmitt! Where are you going!?"

The weasely man brush by my shoulder as he passed alongside me, seemingly in some kind of hurry...

I go insta-red-blush when you mention trimming my bush, and can't force myself to say a single word... - then actually cover it completely with both my hands.

I can only hope for you not to see it on any of the monitors.. there are so many, one of them is bound to show my face. I suddenly wish I could just disappear, like.. collapse into the ground or something - pity being huge doesn't work like that...

The frightened man runs, or shall I say, shuffles through the exit of the main chamber before disappearing around a corner that I'm pretty sure led to the elevator that I arrived in without saying a word. It was tough to remember where things were in this labyrinth of a secret underground base. "Well...I guess he's a little bashful, can't say I blame him. So now it looks like it's just you and me Rose, I dont see anybody else around..."

The monitors were all still blank from earlier and I sat down at setup that looked like it was straight out of the matrix, a comfy leather office chair with 1...2...3.......9 monitors in front of it. "Lets see...one of these must turn these back on...gimme just a sec....got it! No.. that didn't do anything..." ...I desperately wanted for monitors in front of me to go back to their original views of your glorious body.

When you mention turning monitors on, I remember: of course! They were disabled following my complaint about how creepy it was! I sigh with a huge weigh off my chest.. even if they 'recorded' it and will keep forever, luckily you didn't get to see it! Miraculously so...

You toggled some of the switches and.. nothing happened. But then without you touching anything for a few seconds.. they all turn on, mysteriously. And strangely enough every other monitor is showing closeup on my face and.. I'm still pretty red, not all of the blood has managed to recede from the veins and everything...

I was rather shocked with his easily it seemed to be to turn on the complicated series if displays seeing as the most monitors I've ever used at one time was two, and this set up didn't even have a tower...at least not one that I could see. "Whoa whoa...too close...let's see...how do I zoom these out some? I can't jerk off to a view of your pores..." I mumbled to myself, forgetting to mute the headset while I tried to figure out how to operate the complicated series of buttons and knobs affixed to the control board.

"How the heck does this...Rose?" -I looked up from searching and finally noticed your bright red complexion. - "Are you...blushing...awww that's adorable..." -I ended with a tone similar to how one would speak to a baby. Or just how you used to tease me. "What do you have to be embarrassed about?"

"Wait, what? Am I? No, it must..! Maybe it's just an odd lighting or.." - I struggle to come up with an excuse, has sun changed since a minute ago? It's a bit later in the day but early afternoon sky doesn't cause reddish haze or anything like that, so I just: "Nothing, it's.. nothing... oh, just forget about it!" - I say while clutching my "nether lawn" with moth hands desperately.

I move a couple feet further from the coast trying to find deeper water to cover my bum in it and.. it's no use! I was hoping for at least a few inches deep so I can... Or maybe I can just... I turn around and lay down on my belly, with my chin supported with my left hand and holding the phone in the right. "There, sooo... what you up to in that super-high tech.. school computer lab hihi!" - I tease, desperately trying to change the topic. And unwittingly creating a neat view of my cleavage for anybody in the base and the surrounding towns...

Meanwhile, as you salivate at me turning around and pointing my mud covered bum at the sky, somebody approaches you completely unnoticed and stands outside of the view from your phone.

[Taggart] "Done jerking around, number two? Miss Rose, can I borrow him for a few minutes?" - you turn around and point the camera on a military looking, clearly totally full of himself, self-righteous type sort of guy. No markings or rank on his uniform though...

I can still feel myself blushing, even despite having already hidden my humiliating bush, so I immediately: "Yes! I mean.. it's, um.. sure, why not? It's not like he's got anything to do, or..."

[Taggart] "Quite. If you follow me, number two?"

I squint my eyes at the form in front of you and: "Wait a minute, has this guy been bullying you?" - I think about it.. calling you a 'shit' twice in the span of.. five seconds or so? - "Hey, is that the, um.. colonel-guy?" - I realize and giggle, then: "Uh, hiii! Nice to meet you, well sort of. But stop calling Mike.. 'that'.. or else..." - I add ominously.

[Taggart] completely unfazed, but with one hand raised to cover my view of his face: "Very well, miss. Now mr. Dunn, if you could shut that damned thing off and follow me, please?"

Even the muddy bottom of the river delta couldn't dampen the tremors caused by your massive form as you casually rolled over to shield your embarrassment from prying eyes. The base rumbled rather gently but still enough to knock layers of dust from the light fixtures before everything settled down. The cameras zoom widened, seemingly on it's own before giving me an absolutely breathtaking view of your bum which was covered with a healthy layer of mud and silt that contrasted nicely against your pale skin. "Oh my my my Rose...you need a tan! Guess you can work on that while you..." - Taggart enters and taps me on the shoulder, scaring me half to death since I thought I was alone.

"Yeahhh...what she said. Can't I have a better codename than...number two? It kinda sounds like you're calling me....oh you guys are dicks!!" I finally pieced together why everybody had been calling me such a degrading name. "I give you points for being creative but still..."

"You gonna be okay without me Rose?" Of course you would be, I mean big girls can take care of themselves right?

I reluctantly tore my gaze away from the monitors and stood up from the comfy chair, rather annoyed that my personal time kept getting interrupted, before following the colonel. "This had better be good, I was just starting to work my magic." - I slipped the phone into my pocket without ending the call purposefully. - "Why didn't you just cut me off if you wanted to talk in private? I think Rose would be interested in what you have to show me."

I nodded when you asked if I'd be fine - I guess I will, for a while longer anyway...

Now I want to tease how it took you long enough to figure out that 'dirty' nickname, but.. the screen suddenly goes dark and I realize you must've cut the call. Except I'm surprised to still hear:

[Taggart] "I'm sure she would. And you're becoming quite a big number two right around now, if you don't mind me saying. Like the kind that hurts and burns when you try to push it out. Now come with me before-" - he suddenly puts a hand to his earpiece, as if hearing something really surprising. He tenses a little, but then goes back to calm and casual: "Miss Rose, nice to have you still on the call with us."

I chuckle and giggle at his sudden change of behavior. Even though I can't see him, I can imagine he must've been quite angry - and probably still is, except hiding it or something. "Yeah, I guess it is nice hihi! Um, but what was that about big and painful turd again? Unless you meant something else? Or maybe referred to somebody else?" - silence - "Well?"

[Taggart] "Miss.. I really don't think-"

I interrupt him: "Oh come on! You shouldn't just go around calling people names! I mean that's rude and-" - then he actually interrupts me! I'm a bit surprised as it hasn't happened in a while. Or rather, nobody dared to in a while:

[Taggart] "Please, it's just some harmless banter between men. You wouldn't understand but that's just how we are in private..."

I think about it quickly.. men, how could anybody ever understand them... Oh well: "But that's still rude! And.. Mike, do you mind it yourself? I mean, if not then I suppose it is harmless and.. I don't know, what say you?"

I felt a smug smile start to form on my face as I watched the seemingly unflappable colonel start to actually sound a bit nervous. Up until now he had appeared almost robotic in nature, only saying and doing things when he had calculated every possible outcome, yet now it actually looked like you were starting to get under his skin. "Well actually..." - I paused for dramatic effect as I felt the pendulum of power starting to swing in my direction, if even just a little bit. It's amazing the kind of false confidence one can feel when they have a literal giantess in their pocket...

"I was gonna let it slide but then you had to go ahead and make it more hurtful by adding that last bit. (About it hurting and burning when trying to push it out). I'm afraid I must insist you stop calling me that, eh?....Colonel...F-aggo-T..." I chuckled to myself after putting a hard emphasis on the first and last letters of the hateful word. "So as long as you call me...Number Two...that's what I'll be call you from now on."

[Taggart] "Very well my little number two."

"Wait, what? So you're going to just.. ugh you men! Whatever. But don’t ever dare calling me.. what, number one? Because I'm pissing you off or something?"

[Taggart] "Wouldn't dream of it ma'am."

"Wait, I told you not to call me... Ohh, I see how it is, 'colonel-guy'... Unless you want to introduce yourself properly?"

[Taggart] after a brief pause: "Certainly, colonel Charles Taggart, at your service."

"Well nice to meet you.. mr colonel-guy..." - I tease and chuckle. If men are going to call each other names and stuff then.. I guess I can play that game too. And finally: "In case you ever were calling me 'number one', well.. I suppose you should look out for not being 'pissed on' hihi!"

He's silent, and I remember one more thing: "And why didn't you cut the call remotely? I mean yeah, that was a very good point Mike, thanks. Well? Colonel-guy?"

[Taggart] "Miss... We would rather avoid risking you causing more seismic activity and-"

"Wait! Um.. so.. right, so that's what it was! I've been thinking what that strange sound could've been, um.. wait, but an earthquake? I know I'm bit, but..." - I trail off and don't add: it was just my cute lil' fist.. and even then without me really thinking about it...

[Taggart] "Quite."

Ugh that guy and his 'words': "Why didn't you tell me? I mean, it wasn't my intent to start tearing up your base with earthquakes and stuff..."

[Taggart] "Well, miss... It wasn't that strong to-"

"Oh, how strong was it then? Like.. I don't know, Richter scale?"

[Taggart] after an awkward moment of silence "It was.. just under three and a half on the scale, I believe."

"Uh, that's.. pretty cool actually? Um, but why didn't you just tell me to stop? I mean, if it was tearing your lil' base down?"

[Taggart] "Miss, it wasn't and, we didn't want to risk you teasing us with it endlessly."

I raise an eyebrow upon hearing this.. right. Well it makes sense, but: "Not at all! I mean, I would never tease you about, well you know..." - I put the phone down on my jeans, then hit the ground with the freed fist - ".. doing this? I totally wouldn't hihi! But seriously.. how strong was it this time?"

[Taggart] sighs "Four point one, miss. But please-"

"Oh come on! It's just some... wait, um.. four actually sounds pretty strong. It hasn't destroyed anything or.. hurt anyone?"

[Taggart] "It' might've..."

"Oh don't mess with me!" - I complain, but find myself getting worried.

[Taggart] "Miss, don't worry about it, I'm sure it's fine. A few bruises and broken limbs shouldn't be too much to handle, but.. please refrain from doing it again. On purpose anyway..."

I'm amazed by how my simple action.. except in a way I'm not? I was imagining being this big, this powerful.. for so long that.. but he seems to be saying that.. "Broken limbs?" - I whisper to myself while mulling it over and then say: "Well alright then, I promise I won't tease you like this.. too much hihihi!"

[Taggart] sighs again and: "Can we please go now? And end this.. call?"

"Sure, lil' colonel-guy hihi! And bye mi lil' number two, kiss kiss!" - and I can't hear anything afterwards.

The Urges by FluffyRose

The hanging light fixtures above began to sway as the aftershock pulsed through the concrete bunker. If this was your idea of being 'playful' then I'd hate to see what kind of devastation you could cause when you actually tried.

I sigh - "Great...now you've gone and got her calling me that...I didn't have a choice! I had to go through her back door so that I wouldn't put any of your men in danger!" - I listened to the dead silence of the call hoping that you at least heard me plead my case before they cut it off. - "If anything you should be thanking me...maybe with a medal of some kind or a plaque that reads 'He sacrificed his dignity to save men he didn't know'...or something like that."

I was a little annoyed that Taggart didn't yield to my counter attack of calling him a faggot, but I suppose part of me was not surprised. After all I'm sure he had heard much worse during his travels. "So what was so important that you felt like you needed to interrupt me?"

[Taggart] measured you cautiously in silence while you spoke and now finally adds: "Follow me, her little number two."

Then he turns his back to you and walks away, presumably assuming there simply isn't a counter to his joke that you could ever come up with.


[Sanchez] "Good afternoon miss, I-"

"Ohh hiii! Been a while since we spoke, but um.. what's your name?" - I don't recall ever hearing his name. Maybe he introduced himself to Mike, but not to me - unless I forgot or something...

[Sanches] "Oh, I.. um... Your friend already introduced me, I-"

"No no, but.. your first name silly! Why do everybody keeps calling each other by last names in the military! Colonel this, General that, Major sergeant whatever..." - I tease and sigh.

[Sanchez] "Oh, miss, that's just that-"

"You can call use my first name, if you tell me yours!"

[Sanchez] after a prolonged silence.. good 10-15 seconds at least: "Uh, okay, I'd be happy to.. umm, I'm.. Lieutenant-Colonel Juan Sanchez, reporting-"

"Huan, huh? So that's like.. Spanish, right?"

[Sanchez] "Uh... Yes, but-"

"Am I pronouncing it right? Hu-an, Hua-n, Huu-ann?"

[Sanchez] "Um, miss.. Rose, it's close enough and I don't mind any pronunciation that-"

"No, but I want to say it right! Hoo-an?"

[Sanchez] "More like.. um, Juan?"


[Sanchez] "Not.. um, that really is good enough and-"

I sigh and roll my eyes.. I don't want to be 'good enough', I want to be correct! But since he doesn't mind: "Fine, whatever, soldier-guy."

[Sanchez] silence, then: "Does it mean I should keep calling you-"

"You can call me whatever you want hihi!" - then after a brief silence.. poor guy must be terrified out of his wits or something, but I add: "So.. about that bath?"

[my pov] "Alright...but I doubt there's much else you can show me that will top this. Are you going to give me another change in perspective...or whatever you called it?" I slowly followed the colonel after taking one last loooong look at your blemished bum on the monitors, walking extra fast to catch up to him so that I wouldn't get lost in the labyrinth of hallways and doors. God on knows what else they were keeping in here, yet I couldn't care less...I was still pissed about having my alone time continuously interrupted. "If I didn't know any better I'd start to think that you were a bit jealous...but what do I know...I'm just a guy with a freaky fetish right? I'm not ashamed of the stuff I've seen and honestly I hope it doesn't stop there. Unrelatedly...have you ever been spelunking?" I continued to pester the headstrong colonel the entire time we walked.


[Sanchez] Leans forward on the desk and starts massaging his temples in frustration: "Ehh...right...that's exactly right..." - He said in a tone that sounded like he was just trying to be nice even though you kept butcher his name's pronunciation, mainly due to your lack of hispanic accent. - "I've just received word from our fleet...you should be able to see them in a couple minutes if you look to the South. We've had to divert an incoming shipment en route to Savannah Georgia...the captain wasn't to happy with us but I had to explain to him our...unusual circumstances..."

[your pov]

[Taggart] listens patiently to your complaining and leads you down another corridor, then finally stops by some door.. marked with toilet signs and: "Look kid, I knew you were horny, but if you really can't think about anything other than your dick right now, then go in and get it out of your system. We'll wait for a few more minutes..." - then pushes a button on his earpiece and says: "Em, play some filth on little shit-head's device" - short pause - "Don't care, just whatever freaky junk he'd be into" - then walks away. He tells a nearby soldier: "At ease, point that turd to C3 when he's done with himself."

[my pov]

"A shipment? Fleet? Humm, you have my attention hihi! I mean.. a few trucks would've been fine, but.." - when I think about it, they would be 'pretty' small - maybe a lot of trucks then? Oh well: "Whatever, let me know when they get here... Um, actually? Do I need to walk there or something? I mean.. the water is pretty shallow here, like.. don't mind me - even for ships too, I think?" - but then: "I guess I don't know anything about ships, so.. maybe that captain can figure it out hihi!"

Mentioning the captain makes me think: "Um, actually.. when it comes to titles and stuff, you're like a lieutenant-colonel, right? Is it lower or higher than colonel? And how do I address you properly, like.. I don't know, lieutenant Sanchez? Or colonel Hu-an?"

I follow the colonel's back with my eyes as he walked away, unsure if he was being incredibly kind or of this was some sort of trick. His repeated, and frankly creative uses of my nickname bounced against my thick skin and frankly made me feel a bit accepted...I mean...who give a nickname to somebody that they don't like right? Or maybe it was different among the military than around my group of friends...Either way, the door was open and my manly situation was starting to become rather painful. I stepped into the bathroom and quietly closed the door behind me. It was a typical bathroom, exactly what one might expect with a standard white tiled floor, blank white walls, a single toilet and a lone sink standing against the wall.

"Hmmm cozy...but I suppose I've jerked it in worse places..." - Of course I was referring to the time when I was 14 and was forced to handle myself in the backseat of my mom's van whilst on a family road trip. Puberty can be a bitch after all. "Now...where were we..." I said to myself as I made sure to flip the seat down on the toilet and took a seat, taking care not to get any leftover urine splatter on my pants. The large phone bulged in my pocket before I anxiously pulled it out. "How the hell do I turn this thing on again?...Hmmmm..."

As if my prayers were answered, the screen suddenly flashed to life and resumed streaming. "Thanks Faggot!!" I yelled to the unseen presence before turning my attention back to the phone and addressed you. "Well...I wasn't expecting this but...they're letting me use their bathroom for my...personal problem..."


[Sanchez] Still rubbing his temples to fight off the growing migraine: "No!...clears throat...no please..." - He quickly sits up in his chair.- "You have to understand Miss...this was the most we could come up with in such a short amount of time. I hope you're not expecting some massive cargo ships...it's mostly what we could gather from the nearby ports...please just remain still and let them get as close as they can."

[your pov]

When you look at your phone, you're surprised to see a view of me - except not live feed, but rather.. the time I teased the base with my boobies, after removing the t-shirt and all that. It loops a few times: I'm massaging my babies so playfully, and the view is just perfect: from all the way on the ground, my form on the horizon dwarfing anything in the shot, even my ankles can be seen above any buildings and trees...

Then it switches to me playing with water.. except I'm trying to wash my pussy, so go figure. After a while it goes to me pouring water on my nether lips. Next is a recording from helmet cam of one of the rescue team divers - when they're approaching a gigantic crotch when I sat down in the river. And so on.. basically every lewd view of me so far, everything you missed when you were taking a shower or underground...

And loops back to the beginning after the last video.

[my pov]

"Uh, okay? I'll lay right here.. lieutenant Sanchez? Or should you be like promoted to admiral now that you're commanding a fleet hihi!" - I'm pretty sure promotions don't work like that, but what the hell.. he can always correct me. If he dares...

"Rose?...Rose....answer me..." I spoke into the phone before realizing that it was on a continuous loop. Although I would have preferred some sort of live interaction, I wasn't about to let this opportunity go to waste. "Mmm...good choice Colonel...it's like he set this up just for me" - I thought to myself as I eagerly eased down the zipper on my pants and allowed my stiffening member to burst free. I watched your erotic recordings several times as I slowly started to pump my fist up and down on my cock. "Ohhh yeahhh...so big...sooo fucking big..." I mumbled out loud, pausing only to lick my lips as the footage continued to loop over and over again, showing me all of my favorite angles that they must have decided I would enjoy thanks to their thorough research.


[Sanchez] Pulls out another cigarette and tosses the empty pack into a nearby trash can: "That's not how the marines work, that'd be the navy....never mind." He lights up his smoke and slinks back into his chair as a wave of nicotine induced relaxation washes over him before the phone on the desk starts to ring. "Give me one moment Ma'am...that must be the captain..."

"Yes?....That's correct...Yes, I know she's huge...No you can't turn back...Listen, I need you to deliver your cargo as requested or else she'll....He pauses...Or else she won't be very happy..."

Hangs up the phone and turns his attention back to you: "Good news Miss...they're approaching, you should be able to see them now."

[your pov]

As it loops, new videos are added to the 'playlist': a recording from the sub as I put it inside my mouth, or a shaky cam footage from somebody on the bridge as I walked over it - still fully clothed, but it's quite spectacular. Plus the water dripping from my feet...

[my pov]

"I'm not your mom! Unless.." - I continue in mocking voice, trying to sound like my grandma or so: "Oh goodness gracious! Thank you so much, sonny! I've been waiting for these deliveries for so long, and now I can finally bathe!" - I giggle realizing my grandma impression is really poor. I continue in normal voice: "And, um.. I mean if the captain doesn't want to come here then whatever, I don't care.. except tell him he's not getting paid and stuff hihi!"

Next I look behind me and: "Where is he anyway?"

"Ohhh myyy....these guys got all the good stuff!" I yell loudly causing the nearby solider to start uncomfortably at the closed door before rolling his eyes. I grip my throbbing member even tighter and speeding up my strokes as more and more of new images and videos start to pop into rotation. A view from a drone that followed your massive jiggling ass as you stepped into the river, a high powered satellite's feed of your pink nipples hardening in the cold water, and even a leftover spectators live stream of what you were currently doing that was no doubt trending all across the country if not the world. Nothing could beat the real thing, but even so I still felt the all too familiar tingling sensation churning within my testicles signaling that my climax was rapidly approaching.

[Outside solder] Hears my cries of orgasm as I finally burst all over the tile floor and cringes.

[Sanchez pov]

Rolls his eyes: "Yes yes...that's a very funny impression Miss Rose but as I'm sure you heard they're a little reluctant to approach you, mainly due to risk of capsizing should you decide to move. So I must reiterate how important it is that you remain perfectly still unless you want all their cargo to end up underwater."

A few minutes go by before three small dots arrive near the entrance of the delta. They're not your full sized cargo ships that would transport goods across the ocean, but rather they looked like a group of medium sized shipping boats (3 in total) designed for shorter voyages. Each an every one of them were loaded with shipping containers that held soap, shampoo, lotions, snacks, toys, clothes and all sorts of assorted items. With vessels around 40 feet long and holding 3x3 stacks so 27 crates in total.. a pretty tiny fleet.

The Conspiracy Facts by FluffyRose

[your pov]

The guard points you deeper into the corridor and explains: "Take a right, then you'll see conference rooms with numbers - knock on the one with three on it."

It's pretty straightforward, except there's a keypad on it and everything - but you remember about knocking. Before you can do that though, the door opens and somebody waves you to come in. It's a modest size conferencing room, complete with large table, some couple dozen executive style chairs around it. Most of them are already taken and they're looking at you - not staring terrified anymore, just like one would look at somebody entering the room.

There's a projection on the wall: looks like the first slide of a presentation, except the title of "Jacksonville SOP SitRep 14:20" - except it's covered with a bunch of top secret / government eyes only / no unauthorized viewing markings and so on. Plus a generous number of logos at the bottom: DoD, army, president's seal, others you don't recognize.. but they look very official and.. frightfully important.

[Taggart] "Finally, mr blue-balls has decided to join us. Find yourself a seat" - you look around the room and you recognize a few faces from when they were staring at you, and Emmitt is here too: except he's sitting alone at the end of the table. Empty chairs on both sides of him. Taggart continues: "Let's get started then, shall we? And no more powerpoints, we're not in DC anymore... Put something actually useful, current feed for instance?" - the presentation changes to a nice view of me from pretty high above.. it's circling slowly, a drone perhaps? "Jack, anything on comms?"

[officer1] "Yes, sir! CIC is complaining about.. your call, apparently? And how they're not confident we're handling the situation?"

[Taggart] "Well they insisted on me listening to him talk, so I listened. Luckily my Amazon wishlist was empty, so I used the time for something productive" - followed by a couple snickers from around the room.

[officer1] "Sir, yes.. but could you have at least answered the questions?"

[Taggart] "I did, we're handling it. That's all they need to know" - there are several more chuckles and whispers around the room, but it seems like it's not a great surprise to the crew. Most of them nod... Taggart continues: "What about our friends upstream?"

[my pov]

"Yeah yeah I'll be careful alright. But where are.." - I notice three tiny boats.. each smaller than my pinky toe. A lot smaller... - ".. oh, are you sure.." - I squint my eyes - "Is this really everything you could came up with? I mean it's like.. what am I gonna do with them? Wipe my butt? Not even that probably, ugh..." - but I just wait for them to come closer. Not even sure how or if I'm going to pick up the soap from them...

I finally decide to add: "Couldn't you have just ordered some tanker trucks, like I asked, from some soap factories around the state? I mean there's like 20 in NC alone.. they are bound to have some decent stockpile of the stuff!"

I entered the official looking room feeling a little flushed in the face, not from embarrassment but rather the remaining symptoms of one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life. The way these people looked at me without fear or nervousness contradicted the reactions I had received earlier. Where had the respect gone? I still didn't know exactly why they were so afraid of me earlier.

A few leftover dribbles of cum remained on my trousers as I passed behind the group, barely listening to Taggart's comments and babbling before taking a seat next to Emmitt. It was nice to see a familiar face that didn't look at me with complete disgust. "Hey...what's this all about? Is this some sort of orientation or something?" I whispered to him before the live stream presentation drew my attention.

[Sanchez's pov]

Takes a long drag from his cigarette while clinching his fist in annoyance: "I understand that it's not what you asked for...but it's the best we could do at the moment. The roads are all blocked off by people trying to evacuate so it would have taken twice as long for any trucks to get here." He spoke in a slow soft voice, almost like he was talking through his teeth.

The small fleet of ships slowly approached your outstretched foot before stopping. Your wrinkled flesh was on full display for them as the water dripped along the folds, looking like some sort of mythical Kraken that had risen from the depths. The small crew onboard stood on deck to take in the immense size of your limb, none of them saying a word before a short pudgy man broke the deafening silence as he addressed Sanchez.

[Captain] "Sir we're here at the uhh...the target...what are we supposed to do now?"

[Sanchez] "Standby and ready for some choppy waters. I'm going to request a pickup for you and your crew." -Ends the transmission and starts talking to you- "Miss Rose...please allow just a few more minutes for the crew to be removed from danger then you're free to move about as you wish."

[your pov]

[Emmitt] "It's a sitrep from all the teams, working around this.. this..."

[officer1] continues "Nothing much, they're managing the situation. The diversion with collages of.. her, appears to have worked. Public thinks it's some kind of marketing campaign, except the actual product is to be revealed later, for now.. could I show just a couple slides?"

[Taggart] A prolonged sigh, then silence.

[officer1] "Well, I'll just quickly..." - he scrolls through the presentation and shows a slide with a bunch of pictures of me, various poses - collaged against the backdrop of famous skylines: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and so on. And abroad too, many better known cities around the world. Usually a picture of me is photoshopped in front or behind the rows of skyscrapers... They're pretty good, you'd have to analyze it for a while to figure out they were fake. And I'm at varying sizes too - except usually much smaller than my actual one mile height.

[officer1] "Our boys at San Miguel outdid themselves with imagery and with some help of spooks' 'top notch' experts..." - he shows another slide, the collages are similar, but.. worse. Usually obviously tempered with, like the colors don't quite match, or something is badly cut or positioned. "Well regardless of how good or bad they are, public are able to see they're fake just by looking out their windows. And they're peddling them on all platforms, while suppressing the real ones made around here. So a few more actual photos of videos of actual.. incident, are swamped by flood of fakes. We're also hoping to enlist a help of amateur enthusiasts-"

[Taggart] "Looks like you're on top of it, anything important to add or help you with?"

[officer1] "Well, sir.. if I may? The public is bored of these, but.. sooner or later they'll find out that something is off. Somebody will connect all the dots, closing down the airspace, or how there are widespread wireless outages caused by our jamming or shutting down the towers... Not to mention we can't evacuate everybody from-"

[Taggart] "That's alright, we only need to buy some time, before this 'incident' is fixed. What about perverts?"

[officer2] next to 1 "Well, they're trying to come up with an algorithm to determine clusters of sources spreading details of actual incident, but-"

[Taggart] "Let me guess, it'll be done next week at the earliest?"

[officer2] "Well.. they're hoping by the end of this week, but still..."

[Taggart] ".. completely useless, as expected. Are they at least giving us full access to their datasets?"

[officer1] "For the most part, yes. It's much better than it used to be though."

[Taggart] "Wonderful! Nothing that a 'little' crisis can't help with!" - and he chuckles. Somebody coughs nervously, but that's just about the reaction to his pun. He waves his hand and: "VPNs, any luck with that?"

[officer3] "We raided a.. number of them, but no luck so far. Apparently most of them actually doesn't keep track of connections and activity. There's been an issue with.. Nord I believe? The Swedish government has submitted an official inquiry to state and-"

[Taggart] "Have them send a non-answer reply and get on with it."

[officer3] "Yes sir, that's what we did, but.. they're insisting on-"

[Taggart] "Oh for.. do we need to raid their PM's house too? Backlash to raids is last on my things to worry about right now, and especially if it's some fucking Swedes... And how do you mean no luck? Nothing on her connections?"

[officer3] "Well, we collated whatever we could find with onion peel, but.. our current working theory is that she was sending her traffic one or more vpn, then routing it through dark web and back to normal internet. We're not sure about the entry points or-"

[Taggart] "Whatever, any better with her gear?"

[officer4] "We tried to access it, but.. everything is double encrypted.. or more. We managed to find a video of her unlocking her phone a few days ago in metro cam, but.. it bricked once we entered that password. We suspect it was set to do that if the right one was entered on first try, unless she changed it in the meanwhile, but.. it's a mess, sir."

[Taggart] "Yes, that much I can see myself. So nothing?" - the officer simply nods and Taggart sighs - "Well good thing we have mr freak over hear to help us with that. Whenever the sense of his patriotic duty wakes up at least."

[officer5] - who was staring at you for a while, now asks: "Sir what about enhanced interrogation? We could make sure he's not hurt and-"

[Taggart] "Nope, I don't want to risk her finding out.. somehow, that we molested her little toy. Plus, if he's as ignorant about her likes and plans as about everything else, then.. it's not worth the effort. Next, everything okay on the hill?"

[Inside the room pov]

My eyes opened even wider as picture after picture of you flashed across the screen, each one better than the last, but each one failing to capture the beauty and sex appeal of the real thing. I actually raised an eyebrow at a couple, saving them to my own personal memory storage bank for later use if I ever needed them before leaning over and whispering to Emmitt. "I don't understand...you're trying to pull off some sort of cover up? You actually think people will buy that? What is with you government types and trying to cover this up?"

My voice getting significantly louder: "What's wrong with people finding out what's actually going on here? Sure there will be widespread panic, probably rioting, and people will think that it's the end of day for sure...but how exactly do you plan on keeping that from happening anyway? I mean...you can't just expect her to stay here forever right?" -I rise from my chair and start addressing the entire room like I'm giving a public speech.- "Let's just think for a second...she's going to get bored eventually and even though she's been compliant so far you can't expect that to continue. I'm sure you must have some sort of...what do you call those...a contingency plan? And then what? She'll just grow bigger and then you'll all be doomed. And so what if she likes her privacy!? Is that a crime!? Let me guess, you're just insulted that a 21 year old is outsmarting you is that it?"

I wasn't exactly sure what I was trying to accomplish, maybe figure out exactly what they had in store for you as a worst case senario. All I knew what that I wasn't about to let happen, I just needed to find a way to get through a message through. With all eyes on me I finished my speech and sat back down, waiting until the Colonel continued before sleathly pulling the phone out of my pocket to see if it had some sort of texting feature, though odds are it wouldn't be that simple. "And don't you dare question my patriotism...I'm not the one trying to decieve people...even if it's for the greater good."

[my pov]

"Ohh come on! I'll just pick them up carefully, no worries!" - I slowly raise my torso from the water.. hoping that nobody will be looking at my wild bush, or maybe.. well there's no much I can do about it now. I raise to a kneel and lean down a bit.. then try to carefully pluck the vessels from ocean. I pick one of them, carefully pushing two fingers underneath it and trying not to exert any pressure on the hulls. It's so small that I can barely feel it, but I raise it onto awaiting palm of my other hand and... I realize that of course bottom of the boat is not touching my skin, so if I let go of it, then it'll fall and crash.. ugh, why did they have to send such tiny boats! I whisper: "Okay, I guess.. unload your cargo? Just throw it onto my palm..."

[your pov]

[Taggart] "Calm down, kid. It's what we were ordered to do and we're executing it. If you have any quarrel with that, you should've voted differently. That's assuming you're old enough to vote.. next..." - he sighs and adds: "I do question your patriotism. Because if she goes berserk and actually destroys half the country, then your precious 'truth' won't be much good, will it? We're trying to contain her, isolate from any.. distractions, such as any other freaks like you and keep her here until we figure out a solution. And that's all. Oh, and don't try to call your friend, it doesn't work that way - it has to be arranged by a third party, just to be sure there aren't any more.. incidents."

[officer1] "Actually, a contact tells me Pennsylvania wants to host a surprise PC.. they're going to reveal.. something about this situation."

[Taggart] "Oh god help us all, what exactly.. or never mind, who cares. Maybe it'll actually be easier to manage this - but make sure they mention the current body count."

[Sanchez/Crew member]

[Sanchez] Leans forward towards his monitor abruptly: "No wait don't~" He tried to instruct but you were already in motion.

[Captain] Yelling at Sanchez through the phone: "Tell her to stop! You hear me!? Make her stop!" This line on Sanchez's end went dead as large waves pounded against the side of the ships, knocking them backwards before the whirlpools created by your rising body sucked them back in towards you. "Hold on!!! Don't let go!!!" He shouted as him and the entire crew grabbed on to nearby handrails.

[Sailor 1] "Captain! I can't....I can't...I'm slipping...I'm gonna- AHHH!"

[Captain] "Nooo McCoy!!!" He screamed as the helpless sailor fell overboard and into the choppy waters below.

Your massive torso eclipsed the sun above them and shrouded the helpless sailors in an eerie shadow.

[Captain] "Is everyone okay? Does anyone see McCoy?"

[Sailor 2] "Uhhh Captain...?"

[Captain] Looks sharply at the shaken sailor: "What! What is it sailor!?"

[Sailor 2] Slowly points upwards with a trembling finger.

[Captain] "What the hell's gotten into you boy? Find a life raft! We've got to find-..." His voice trails off as he follows the sailors finger up...and up...and up... towards the flesh colored mountain that covers the bright blue sky. "Mother of pearl..." He mutters quietly.

The ship and her crew are suddenly knocked onto their backsides as their sizable vessels are lifted out of the water by an unseen force - your finger beneath the water - and teeter precariously on the fleshy desert.

[Sanchez pov]

"Rose please be careful! -He winces as you gently pluck the ship out of the water, half expecting them to be crushed in an instant yet breathes a sigh of relief once he sees that that's not the case.- "With all due respect...the men can't lift those containers..their usually loaded onboard using a crane..."

[my pov]

I whisper: "I am careful.. and can't they just throw out the contents?" - I roll my eyes, did this guy think I don't know how cargo containers work? - "Besides.. what was that shouting on your other phone about?"

[Colonel's pov]

"What do you mean by that? You mean you're still going to keep me here? You think you can keep her preoccupied for long without my help? With all due respect sir...that's a load of bullshit. You don't understand what she's feeling right now, being a giantess in a world built for normal sized people. I do...and if you want my help then the best way would be for me to be out there with her. You can even...I dunno...put a tracker on me or something if that helps..." I slipped the phone back into my pocket after hearing that it was practically useless now but might come in handy at a later time.

I crossed my arms and leaned back in my chair, flashing a glace towards each and every one of the onlookers in an effort to convince them that I was worth it the annoyance.

[Taggart] "Look kiddo, we know exactly how she feels. When it comes to reading people, she's as open as it goes - and we have teams of analysts going through every sentence, every word, every twitch of a muscle. It may surprise you that she's quite clearly enjoying impact on the world around her, not destruction or even doing anything to it.." - he looks around: ".. who had that psych report?" - officer1 raises his hand and just puts it on the display - "Thank you, now.. the ocular analysis please" - the document scrolls until it stops.. on closeups of my eyes, with remarks like: widened pupil - excitement from getting attention; eye twitches while disrobing - simply shy or childhood trauma; squinted eye - reacts to negative feedback: anger vs pleasure? And so on and so forth.

[Taggart] "Not to bore you with the details, your 'friend' is basically a power freak. She didn't want to become.. like this to kill people or destroy property, but to be at the center of attention. And as long as we provide it to her.. like with that sightseeing episode of yours, then-"

[Emmitt] "Sir, I really think you should've told us-"

[Taggart] "Relax, you didn't do anything wrong, it turned out just fine. And just look at the findings.. scroll down please?" - lower in the document, there's a subsection specifically dedicated to when you showed me around. You wonder how did they even manage to compile it so quickly, but there it is: a timeline of events with photos and diagrams. Such as:
16. looks at displays - with a couple photos of me and screen from your recording, with marked spots where I was looking and for how long
17. realizes the stare is at #2 holding the phone rather than #2 himself - pupil dilation, pelvic spasm, labia engorgement, heartbeat up to 82bpm - clear sexual excitation
18. signs recede when #2 seems oblivious - replaced with joy, limited discomfort - TBA: #2 toy or clown?
19. excitement returns when notices people avoiding camera.. power fantasy? more?
.. and so on.
[Taggart] "You see, it'll take us a bit more time to collate all the details from her actions and reactions.. both aware and subconscious - but we don't 'need' your help. It might've been useful a couple hours ago, but now? You're just a distraction, for the most part. A distraction for her, that is..."

This one document alone seems tot have like a hundred pages, or more...

[guy2, no uniform] "Sir actually.. she could use some distracting? It appears she's playing with delivery ships.. except with their crews still onboard?"

[Taggart] "Well, who would've ever expected that. After all, she never shown signs of impatience or willingness to mess around despite obvious threat she would pose... But truth be told, her guilt and sorrow after killing them may keep her here for quite a while. But tell you what.. if you can get there in time and distract her with something else - then maybe you can save some people. Maybe.. we'll even lend you a chopper with a pilot - the guard outside will lead you back up. Now, next.. how come we still have these satellite photos getting any traction. I thought it was all filtered out on socials."

[officer3] "It is, third party sources are peddling it."

[Taggart] "Such as?"

[officer5] "Some independents and.. RT seems to be pushing it pretty hard."

[officer1] "I said Putin is behind that, wants to humiliate us, make us-"

[Taggart] "Calm down, the usual countermeasures in place? Against all of them?"

[officer5] "Yes, but.. it's gaining traction among-"

[guy3] "Can't we just shut RT down? And whoever else poses a viable threat. We still have the measures in place, right?"

[officer5] "We do, but there would be some media backlash if we do it again so soon."

[Taggart] "Run it through pen-ave, let them take the blame for it. But get it going straight away, if they refuse to take ownership just blame Langley - they could use some more public scrutiny."

The Colonel's words faded into the distance as my eyes scrolled through the numerous bullet points of statistics, calculations, and observations the likes of which would make even Steven Hawkings' head spin. The sheer information that Colonel Taggart's team had compiled gave me a newfound respect for him and the things that he was capable of doing. Why hadn't I asked you to dispose of him when I had the chance? Even though it went against my beliefs, the more he shut down me down with the overwhelming power of logic and intelligence made him a dangerous human being worthy of the respect he so rightfully demanded and received.

"This is...heavy..." I mumbled as it felt like my reality was crashing down around me, especially after being told that I wasn't needed. This was it...I was going to get detained and thrown into some super-max government facility hidden beneath the ocean like some sort of super terrorist. Never to see my beloved Rose or the light of day ever again...at least until a glimmer of hope brought me back from the brink of despair. "You want me to...what? I asked cause it sounded to good to be true. "You want me to distract her? But...what about..." -I paused and gathered my thoughts to regain my composure and suppress any outbursts of joy that might cause Taggart to change his mind.- "Consider it done. I'll make sure every last one of those sailors make it back alive."

I gave the Colonel a reaffirming nod before standing up and rushing towards the door before he could change his mind, although I couldn't shake the feeling that I was playing an integral part in one of his well thought out plans.

[your pov]

They waste no time in bringing you back to surface, and the helicopter is waiting to go - Taggart wasn't kidding about this. They don't let you get on call with me until you get nearby though.

[Captain/Crew Pov]

The terror stricken crew didn't have to wait for orders before struggling up to their feet and eagerly rushing towards the stack of containers. Years spent on choppy waters had made them accustomed to walking on moving surfaces, yet the wrath of the sea was nothing compared to the subtle movements of the mile high siren that had a hold of them.

One by one the crew opened the steel containers and began dumping load after load of boxes over the side of the ship, not worrying about where they were landing. Once one container was done they simply moved onto the next one like a group of well trained ants faithfully delivering food to their queen.

[Captain] "Faster men! The sooner we're done the sooner we can go home...I hope" He muttered the last part quietly before joining in and assisting his crew until their cargo was completely offloaded.

[my pov]

I notice the other two ships trying to sail away. I whisper: "Hey! You haven't dropped off you cargo yet! And I mean on my hand, um.." - I notice people on the ship I'm holding throwing stuff out randomly: I can't see what most of it lands, but it doesn't seem like it's going onto my fingers. Or at least it doesn't stay on them - everything bounces and slips down. There's literally no point to doing this: "What are you... ugh. Stop, stop!"

I move my other hand to block the other ships trying to get away: "Nope! I haven't waited all this time to waste.. uh, wait, who would go swimming in all this? Unless.. oh, poor thing fell overboard! Here, let me.." - I try to pick a tiny speck from the water on top of my finger, but it slides from it.. - "Hey, you have to hold onto, like.. um, he's not moving? Umm, somebody help him, maybe?" - but nobody can and I'm getting increasingly lost: between the crew of the ship I'm holding throwing stuff out of their ship and basically into the ocean - and others trying to move away. To the guy stuck in the water and Sanchez complaining about.. everything, it's getting extremely frustrating!

The elevator ride to the surface couldn't have gone any slower. With each second that passed I expected to solider accompanying me to suddenly turn around and club me over the head with the butt of his rifle, although that moment never came. Once the doors opened I basked in the feeling of fresh air against my skin, closed my eyes and let the wind gust by my face (Kinda like Nicholas Cage in Con Air). Even though it had only been a few hours below ground, freedom never felt so great.

[Soldier] Taps me on the shoulder- "This way number two...I mean sir, the landing pads over here."

I snapped out of my trance and shot him a dirty look before giving him a nod and letting him lead the way. It was a short walk, maybe a quarter mile or so past a bunch of structures that looked like some kind of barracks or an armory, past the garage where dozens of soldiers were all working diligently to make sure their vehicles were good to go at a moments notice. "What's the matter? You guys going to war or something?"

[Soldier] "You know exactly what we're preparing for. Colonel Taggart knows what he's doing."

We rounded the corner of the last building before arriving at a group of landing pads where a helicopter sat ready to go, no doubt having received orders beforehand and gone through the basic flight preps so that they were ready upon my arrival. The soldier escorting me stopped next to the helo and gestrued me to get in, which I gladly did.

[Pilot] "Welcome aboard. We've been given orders to transport you to the target location. Strap yourself in and stand clear of the doors. We'll be taking off asap."

I gave the pilot a thumbs up before taking the lone seat in the middle of the chopper and buckling in. This had been the first time had ever ridden in a helicopter, but my mind was focused on one thing... "Hang on Rose...I'm coming."

The Rescue by FluffyRose

I just want to grab and crush them to tiny metal bits, but.. no, where would be the pleasure in that. Maybe there would be a little bit, but: no! Let's try something else first... I take a deep breath, then make sure I haven't breathed in anybody or.. just a precaution. Anyway, then I extra carefully grab the drowning guy between my thumb and forefinger, then raise him towards the boat - except if I drop him, it'll be some ten foot fall, more probably.. onto a steel deck. And time is ticking. I think of somewhere I could drop him on.. somewhere soft and bouncy, where a fall wouldn't hurt...

"Okay guys, I know it's weird, but you gotta trust me on this one, okay? I screwed up picking you up, but let's save this guy, okay? Somebody will have to climb onto my fingernail and resuscitate him, okay? Wave if you volunteer.. and don't worry, I won't.. just please let's help him!" - finally I can see somebody waving on the boat I'm holding - "Good. Now let's just do this.. and don't worry, I'll be careful!"

I hope they'll still trust me after what I do next: I drop the drowning guy on top of my tongue - then lower my fingernail next to the boat I'm holding, upside down of course. They're hesitating - of course - but I quietly clear my throat.. it seems to do the trick as two sailors jump onto the underside of my fingernail. I can just barely feel them touching the sensitive skin under the nail and I raise them carefully.. into my mouth. I can't really feel anything, but.. no, actually I do - tiny steps on my tongue, they're doing.. something. I can't tell, but.. all I can do is hope for the best. And breathe through my nose.. very slowly and carefully.

The helicopter's blades spin faster and faster until the craft slowly rises off the ground and above the nearby buildings. Almost instantly I'm I can see your towering naked body looming in the distance, although I can't quite make out what you're doing. My heart flutters within my chest and I can feel the separation anxiety fading away as the knot in my stomach that I didn't even know was there begins to loosen.

"Come on! Can't this thing go any faster!?" I shout towards the pilot while suppressing the urge to hang out the side door just to be closer to you Stockholm's syndrome acting out again...

[Pilot] "Settle down sir and stay in your seat! It should only take a few minutes provided we don't run into any turbulence!"

I muttered a few choice words under my breath and sunk back into my chair, already feeling my member starting to recharge as we got closer and closer.As the helicopter started to pass over the opening in the river, I noticed something strange about the way you were acting. Your mouth looked to be open and your finger was placed in front of it, I instantly assumed the worst. "Oh no...no no no no...she's going to eat them...Pilot! You've got to go faster!"

[Pilot] "What did I say? We're going I'm going as fast as I'm authorized in this airspace!"

I mumbled a few more words that were inaudible thanks to the hum of the engine and sounds of the spinning blades before I remembered the phone in my pocket. "Oh please let this thing work..." I quickly pulled it out and began fumbling through the options until the phone connected itself as if by magic. Although probably because I was within range...

"Rose!? Rose...Stop! Don't eat him! Remember what I said earlier? He's a human being! Think about what you're doing!" I screamed into the microphone.

I hear your voice and look around instinctively with my eyes - I take great care to keep my head still. I consciously understand that you must be in that bunker, but still... Then I see a helicopter approaching, could it be you? Tiny, black, insect-like.. well, except I know it won't bite or anything, so I'm not worried. And your voice.. eat them? What? Right.. I recall the first 'incident' with the sub and all.. I really got carried away with it. But now, actually.. you in the heli might be a good thing! Especially considering how I can't communicate with the people in my mouth. I sigh.. through my nose of course.

I'm pretty sure I can still feel the people on my tongue.. hard to way if they're all there, so I carefully remove my finger and check the nail.. it's empty good. So next, with my mouth still open.. I point towards the helicopter - then towards my mouth. I do it extra-carefully so I don't cause any hurricane strength winds and stuff. Now would be a bad time to have a gust of wind push somebody down my throat. Or send heli plummeting down to earth and crash.

Nothing happens, so I repeat the action a couple times...

I struggled to understand your strange game of charades, originally thinking you were gesturing how happy you were to be eating people, almost like a kid playing with their food. "Yes yes I see that! Don't even think about it Rose!" I watched you roll your eyes in annoyance before repeating the gesture for a second and a third time before things finally clicked. "You want is to...but...gahh fine!"

- I tap the pilot on the shoulder: "Pilot!...She wants us to land on her tongue!"

[Pilot] "She what! Are you fucking crazy kid sir? There's no way I'm getting anywhere near her. What's to stop her from coming after us next!?"

[Me] "She won't I promise! Not as long as I'm there."

[Pilot] "But she ate you!"

[Me] "I know but she was just playing around. She wouldn't really do it if she thought I'd die...at least I hope not!"

The pilot hovered in place roughly a quarter mile from where your were sitting, floating in front of your broad face like a gnat waiting to be swatted.

Radio crackles and Sanchez's recognizable voice can be heard.
[SANCHEZ] "Do it Beckham...she just wants to help."

[Me] "Sanchez? How to you know that? What's going on?"

[Pilot Beckham] "Are you sure about that sir? Cause it looks like she's inviting us to dinner?"

[Sanchez] "Just do it son that's an order...Mr. Dunn there's not much time to explain and I'm not one hundred perfect clear on the details but we've heard that they're trying to save someone....Miss Rose..." -pauses- "she's...just trying to help..."

[Me] "You heard him Beckham..."

[Beckham]. "Ahhh...I shoulda gone to art school...fine!"

He pressed forward on the cyclic stick and brought the heli closer.

The wait was getting so frustrating that I wanted to just reach out and grab the chopper - but I knew that I did enough of 'grabbing' for now, so I just waited. When I see it finally moving slowly forwards I roll my eyes.. yeah, finally! Like.. if I'm trying to save the guy, then why would I ever want to destroy the helicopter that it was supposed to pick them up.. oh whatever. I hold my hand signaling them to stop and take a deep breath and only then signal the heli to move in. I'm taking great care to breathe out only when they actually land inside. And it was a pretty long wait.. that helicopter is sure taking it's time.. or maybe I'm just so big that... Oh well, sometimes size can lead to frustrations.

Thankfully you were taking great care to control your breathing, since at this distance it would have been like trying to fly through a hurricane. Beckham wiped a bead of sweat from his brow as he started to descend towards the spongy pink landing pad riddled with small mounds... Tastebuds!.

The skids touched down on the alien landscape near where the sailors were gathered. "Okay Rose, we're here. Just hold tight." I spoke into the phone before sliding the side door open and hopping out, letting my feet sink into the soft damp ground. It was a strange feeling being back here without the submersible, I felt...naked and exposed...and it was somehow thrilling.

"See if you can find your phone without moving too much. It'll let you see what were dealing with." I added while wading my way through small puddles of saliva towards the gathering of people.

[Sailor1] "Who the hell are you?"

[Me] "Don't worry about it, I'm here to help. What's the situation?"

[Sailor2] "It's McCoy he...he fell overboard when she picked us up and...and...it all happened so fast..."

[Sailor1] "Lord knows how he survived the fall, thank God he was wearing a life jacket...McCoy never really was a good swimmer..."

[Me] "Relax, I can get you out of here. Is he breathing at least?"

[Sailor2] "Aye but his breaths are shallow. He's probably got fluid in his lungs."

[Sanchez] chimes in over the radio: "Load him up into the helicopter so we can evac him."

[Me] Looks at the unconscious man, he's pale and looks sickly but still alive if only just barely. "Right, load him into that helicopter and tell the pilot to take him to a hospital. I'm staying here..."

[Sailor1] "Are you crazy kid? You can't stay here, she'll swallow you without even knowing it!"

[Me] "I'll be fine, she won't eat me...again, besides she's...kinda...like my girlfriend."

Sailor 1 and 2 both look at each other in shock before looking back towards me.

[Sailor1] "You're fucking nuts kid...but it's funeral. Come on Jones...help me carry him..."

[Jones (Sailor2)] "Right...good luck, you're gonna need it."

The two sailors lift the unconscious McCoy up and carry him over to the chopper where Beckham gives me a salute through the window before taking off.

I heard most of the conversation, but it was so annoying that for the most part I just kept rolling my eyes.. except of course you couldn't see it - maybe it was for the best, oh well. Now I take another breath when I hear the heli is about to leave - and signal them to move out. By just wiggling my fingers a bit carefully, no hurricane winds whatsoever! Of course I also heard that you wanted to stay in my mouth and.. well, that was pretty brave of you. But I kept my mouth open for a while, there's plenty of saliva in it and.. I don't want to swallow you with it. Plus you'd need some scuba gear to.. nahh. So I put a finger into my mouth carefully - I can't feel you on my mouth, but.. I assume you'll guide me where to place it...

When you climb onto my nail, I remove it carefully then make sure you're safe on it.. and finally swallow all the saliva. It felt like a visit to the dentist - complete with some weird machines doing strange things in there and.. well, I guess this was actually a bit different. And I would've probably enjoyed it if it wasn't for: "Shoot, I hope they're able to save that guy, I mean... Right, I'm still holding.. um, Mike: can you see if that ship is still in one piece? I should probably lower it back down into the ocean or... Yeah, just make sure it's fine and everything."

With that I lower the finger with you just next to the boat in my other hand and realize: strange how they couldn't just call me to warn me or something. Or even.. well I guess soldier-guy did try to warn me not to pick the ship, except.. funny how he just went silent afterwards... And it would've been so much easier for him to coordinate the rescue than me waving around and pointing at stuff.

Either way, I look down at the boat between my fingers: "Let me know whether it's safe to.." - I chuckle - "..launch it? So to speak.. I mean, like my fingers are a dry dock or.. um, no, sorry.. that's a terrible pun." - I finally also notice the other two ships are no longer trying to run away from me, apparently. I actually almost forgot about them.. good thing I didn't move or.. oh well. It's still a nice gesture from them, they must've noticed I was trying to help.. except to solve a problem that I myself have caused.

"A little to the left...no my left...little more...too far...keep going...keep going..Stop! Okay now slowly lower it down." I instructed you like a crane operator would guiding your massive finger to a space far enough away to avoid being added to the collateral damage tally. It was a short walk away, made tougher by the growing puddles of saliva which increased significantly like the rising tide, but eventually I hopped up onto the semi transparent platform before giving you the go ahead to carry me away.

"I'm sure they'll be fine, they managed to resuscitate him and he's on his way to a hospital in case you didn't hear. He's probably just in shock...at least I hope so."
I reassured you before turning my attention towards the large vessel. Its sides were dented slightly and it's engine was smoking, but otherwise it still looked seaworthy.

I brace myself for being lowered back towards the water: "It looks alright little dinged up but I'll take a look. Seems like they weren't able to finish their delivery as promised. Maybe you should leave them a bad review." I say jokingly as I stand near the hull and make sure there aren't any holes that I hadn't noticed before.

"You good to put it back where it belongs. If it sinks then you can always just lift it up again." I move around the side and climb up the handy rope ladder until I can step over the rail and onto the main deck. Four of the nine containers were opened and practically empty, save for a few remaining boxes of unknown contents.

A sudden whimpering noise catches my attention: "Hang on Rose...I think there's somebody else here..." I start to follow the source of the noise until I find the captain sniveling in the fetal position and looking like he had just seen a ghost.

"Oh...hey there. Are you okay? Anything injured?"

The captain doesn't respond or even seem aware of my presence. He must be traumatized, the leviathan is supposed to be an old sailors myth after all.

[Captain] Muttering incoherently: "She's a monster...too big...gonna die...must go down with his ship....hard to port..." Poor guy has clearly lost his mind!

The Death by FluffyRose

Captain got onto my fingernail with a bit of your help and I let him get off on the beach. Poor guy ran for his life.. or so it seemed anyway, oh well. With you secure on my fingernail, I dropped the boat on the beach just to free my other hand.. finally! The other two boats sailed away once I told them these containers aren't really any good for me.

Now I put you on the palm of my left hand and: "Sooo, long time no see hihi! I guess.. you spent a lot of time with the military, huh? Have you told them anything about our little.. secret? You know, the wishy-washy thingie?"

"Phew you're telling me, it was so weird...they treated me like I was some sort of accomplice, which...I guess I am in a way. They have no idea why you grew, it's kinda sad actually...all that military intelligence and all their resources...yet nothing they have can explain what they don't understand. As far as I'm concerned this will stay our little secret forever." I felt like I was on top of the world, elated to be out of that dreary dungeon and back with the object of my infatuation, along with that warm fuzzy feeling that came with it.

"Well in that case, I guess.." - I squint my eyes and think about it for a moment, yeah let's do it: ".. I suppose we can't let you do that, like.. what if they torture you or something? Yeah, sorry Mike but..." - and with that I begin slowly moving my right index finger towards you and whisper: ".. you know too much, so.. time to squish hihi!"

Yet that feeling of happiness was suddenly replaced by a feeling of dread as your massive fingertip moved over me and blocked nearly everything from view. "Haha very funny Rose but you wouldn't have gone through all that trouble trying to save those random strangers just to turn around and kill me, you're not a monster right?....right?"

No response and the finger starts to lower: "Rose?....this isn't funny anymore...what are you doing?....Okay...getting a little too close for comfort now....Rose...ROSE!!!" The flesh colored digit continued it's decent like a small meteor on a collision course with your doughy palm.

I completely ignore everything you say and keep moving the tip of my finger closer and closer.. it's barely half an inch away from the dot-like you when I stop and add: "You know, I never actually thought I'd be doing this, but.. gosh you were so annoying all the time! And teasing me too? Like.. how dare you.. I mean, I'm like a goddess to you so... Oh well, bye bye!" - and resume lowering the finger towards you.. excruciatingly slowly...

I looked around in every direction for a way to escape but it didn't matter. Whichever way I ran....I wouldn't be fast enough...this was inevitable. My spine stiffened and my shaking legs ceased their quivering as I took one last deep breath and came to terms with my conclusion...I was going to die...and there was nothing I could do about it.

The air around me grew thicker and hotter as my end grew closer, yet my resolve wouldn't waiver. "My Rose...my love...never stop growing..." I mumbled one last time into the phone before letting it fall to the ground. I couldn't bring myself to look up, to see the end come. A single tear dripped down the side of my face, yet I couldn't help but smile as a fitting quote popped into my head... "There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of his existence."

"Oh enough complaining already!" - I tease and chuckle, then move the finger away slowly. I explain: "I'm only doing this to make sure my secret is safe, and.. you can stop pleading now or I'll just tilt my hand and let you fall down." - in fact I do tilt it, but only slightly.. ten of fifteen degrees - enough for you to notice it, but not enough to send you tumbling uncontrollably - "It would be a shame for you to splat on the ground or something. Although.. maybe if you splattered on just the right spot..." - then I remove the earpiece that allows me to hear you and put it on the beach next to the wreck of the ship.

"There, so much quieter ahhh! Now where were we.. oh yes, you were going splitty-splatty haha!" - and I move my right hand towards you except: "I guess my lil' pinky is fitting to squish you.. I'll make sure to have it engraved on your tombstone, like: died the way he lived, under.. um, okay I'll come up with a better pun. Except it's not like you'll be around to mind even a very bad one hihi!"

Time seemed to slow to a crawl...even before the landscape below me tilted and knocked me on my side. I gripped onto one of your wrinkles to keep from falling off although the angle wasn't quite steep enough. "What's wrong with her? Did I mean nothing to her?" I thought to myself after hearing your playful voice continuing to tease me seemingly without a hint of remorse. Another tear dripped from my cheek and disappeared in the ocean of flesh.

Pulling myself back to my feet: "Please....just do it...no more playing around...no more teasing...if you're gonna do it then just do it! What kind of cruel goddess are you!? Just do it already!" I yelled even though I knew it was ultimately pointless...

I could swear I could see you speak, or shout.. except of course I can't hear it. I'd have to bring you up to my ear, but.. oh well! I pause my finger just millimeters shy of crushing you, then actually lower my finger right on top of you - but not pushing down, merely holding you in place for a couple seconds. Then I add: "No, you know what, that'd be lame.. I mean, squishing my lil' tiny under a fingertip? Soo boring, um.. how about..."

I raise the finger a bit and notice that you're not on my palm anymore: "Ohh, stuck to my fingertip, are you? Even better! I guess I'll just leave you where no man has ever gone before haha!" - then I carefully rotate my hand to make sure you're safely stuck and lower it towards my awaiting nether lips. I can't even really see whether you're doing something or not, but.. it's extremely stimulating regardless.. and it's making me really wet too!

When the tip of my pinky is just inches away from the clitoris, I spread my labia for your grand.. actually, I decide to tease out loud about it: "Here, what a grand entrance for you hihi!" - and slowly move the finger inside me - "Like a conquering hero haha!" - you may be still on my finger, but you're almost completely surrounded by my pussy.

I can barely see you in there and.. it's such a rush! And yet.. "No, no... That's not it, umm..." - I move you out and drop you on the palm of my left hand - parts of it still moist with my natural lubricant. I tease: "How to kill you off, what would be the perfect way to..." - I tease and squint my eyes at you, pretending to think about it.

I had steeled my soul and was ultimately prepared to die, to become nothing but a red paste that would no doubt be washed off the next time you cleaned your hands, especially when your fingertip started to press down on my head with surgical precision. Yet...it stopped...and then began to rise, taking my diminutive body along with it. Your natural skin moisture seemed to be enough for me to get stuck to it!

Some unseen force kept me glued to the pillar as it rotated and eventually left me on my back facing your humorous yet predatory smile.
"Why...why can't you just let me die? I was ready!" I screamed before my transport sunk lower, beyond the mountainous thighs that rose out of the water like a natural rock formation...one that led to a very VERY wet cave.

"That's her...her...oh god...it's beautiful..better than I imagined..." I thought to myself as your powerful scent grew stronger when you opened the gates to your own garden of eden. Your immense pussy spread out all around me while your clitoris quivered in excitement...just like I had dreamed. I took a long deep inhale of your arousal, savoring the moment in all it's glory. Even in the face of death, I never thought I'd be so...hard...yet this was the embodiment of my wildest fantasies.

Part of me was relieved when I was abruptly pulled away and carelessly deposited on your palm, yet your overpowering scent still lingered in the air. I never expected a giantess would take such pleasure in deciding an appropriate mean of execution...or was it all just an act to break me mentally before she broke me physically?

Suddenly I open my eyes extra wide and fake having only just come up with: "Ohhh I know the perfect way for you to go! How about: your death should be.. in your bed, of old age? Like ninety or so? Or maybe like.. seventy years old and from heart attack while trying to massage my mountainous nipple? Or... oh, I better wear this hihi!" - I put the earpiece back on and wait for your reaction...

I don't hear a reply, so I wonder: "Um, is this thing working?" - tap the earpiece gently - "Well? Do tell.. did you like it?"

"You...you...what? Huh?" I felt like my world had been turned upside down. My beliefs had been shattered and wasn't sure what was truth and what a lie anymore. A strange empty numbness filled my body as I continued to try and wrap my head around what had just happened. I knew you were playful, but I never imagined you'd be this...cruel.

"In my...but you were gonna...what!?" I was beyond confused at this point. Looking death in the eye, accepting it...only to be pulled back from the brink as part of some kind of elaborate joke was enough to break even the strongest of minds. "You're not going to...but you said...then I saw..." I struggled to form a complete sentence...

I chuckle and: "Ohhh, I can't believe you actually bought it hihi! I mean, I suppose it must've looked pretty convincing from all the way down there haha! But hey, did you enjoy it? I mean, I know crush or death were never your favorites, but.. I.D.K. must've been pretty exciting, wasn't it?" - I tease and wink suggestively.

"I was gonna...but...you were gonna...and then I saw your...you mean it was all a joke!?" I felt myself becoming less confused and more angry once it became clear that I wasn't about to die...at least for now. "That's messed up Rose" Peels myself off of your slightly saturated flesh until I'm standing. "Like...beyond messed up! You're lucky I didn't piss myself I was so scared!" I took a deep breath and regained my composure less you have a sudden change of heart.

"But...I guess it was kinda funny...you really had me going there. I really thought you were going to crush me or leave me in your...clears throat...lady bits."

"Awww... but I did it for you, I mean.. remember how you mentioned once you'd love to see if being killed by a giantess was fun? Like.." - I scratch my head, it was a while ago and release all the feelings I had to keep hidden for a while now: "I don't remember how and in what context it was, but.. well here it was, so I had to improvise and pretend.. you know, all that stuff. And sorry for lying about everything, I mean.. I was just messing around, but.. um, you were away from me for so long and I can never thank you enough for making all this possible, so..." - I lower my lips atop of you and plant a gentle kiss, this time with 'a little' tongue... Except I can feel you getting stuck to the tip of it, so I carefully scrape you off with the tip of my index finger and bring to my eyes: "Awww, and it was sooo cute when you told me to keep growing even when I threatened.. I'm so sorry, I'm.. ohh, it sucks that I'm too big to properly hug you and... I guess maybe that counted as a hug? Sort of?"

I was still confused, my head was swimming with all sorts of different thoughts and possibilities, each one less rational and more unlikely than the last. It wasn't until your soft lips, wider than a city block, lovingly pressed against me that my uncertainties began to fade and were wiped away but your wet tongue. This moment alone almost made the traumatizing near death experience worth it...almost, I was still quite angry with you but significantly less after that show of affection. "Yeah...yeah, we'll count that one...but did you really have to be so convincing? I mean...you could have at least let me think I was going to die with my dignity intact...but then again...I did get to see your vagina so I guess I can't be too mad..."

I stood up, feeling significantly heavier since my clothes were drenched in your saliva thanks to the passionate kiss. "For what it's worth...I forgive you. I'm still mad at you...but I forgive you. I suppose I should thank you for not killing me, even if it was by accident. I guess I'm still amazed at how gentle you can be when you put your mind to it."

I giggle and: "Ohh what you wouldn't do to see just a... Well it was a bit more than a 'glimpse' of my groin" - I kindda feel silly about that part, but.. you liked it so maybe it wasn't that bad? Still: But yeahh, I kindda wanted to keep going with it too, like.. put you down and threaten to step on you, but.. I got worried you might run away into the bushes like that poor guy, so.. yeah. And I only tried to mess with you a lil' bit - not scar you for life or anything like that."

"So.. I mean, just to get an estimate.. how mad are you at me, like.. between one being a little angry and ten like.. gravely furious? I'm actually not sure myself how it must've felt for you, since.. you know, it was just a little tease? Basically? I mean from my perspective anyway hihi!"

"Ehhh...I think i'm hovering at around a 6, I'm still pretty cross with you but I guess I just thankful you stopped when you did." I replied even as I could feel myself becoming calmer with every passing second, I mean who could stay mad at somebody so cute? Even if they're the size of small mountain, I could't let know that part of me was actually aroused by your actions even after staring death in the face. "Sure...teasing..." I mumbled still partially unconvinced.



End Notes:

Fun fact: I cheated a bit and told Ryan/Mike out of character how I was tired of this story and wanted to end it - so he thought it was for real!! Ohh, it was such an adorable tease ^^

The Private Talk by FluffyRose

Then I realize.. what if they threatened you with something? What if they only let you go under some conditions and: "Actually, why don't you remove your clothes and leave the phone.. just drop them on my palm anywhere and I'll pick you up for some more 'privacy' hihi!" - I ask and put my upturned index finger next to you, fingernail just millimeters away. Then retract it and swipe it on my still wet nether lips: "Here, even better.. probably?"

Again I was beyond confused: "Are you seriously asking me to strip for you?" In a condescending tone: "My my Rose...you pervert...that's not very lady like but I guess I will oblige you. If you're trying to make it up to me then you're off to a good start..." Your natural aroma washes over me and causes my body to shiver with excitement as I slowly...painfully slow...start to unbutton my trousers and slide them down my legs before moving on to my shirt in what was actually quite the impressive striptease if you actually managed to see it.

I'm not sure why, but I covered my crotch with my free hand while I bundled up my discarded clothes and phone and tossed it onto your glistening fingernail. "Well big lady...you've finally got me naked, and all it took was becoming a mile tall to do it, but I gotta ask...why exactly am I naked?"

I chuckle and whisper: "It's hard to say even up close, but it almost seems like you're trying to cover yourself? Don't worry, I'd need a microscope to see your dick hihi! And no, it's not about you being nude, but simply about.. you not having any bugs on you. I mean, like microphones and stuff - leave the phone with your clothes, which are probably bugged too. Isn't that right, soldier-guy?"

[Sanches] "Miss Rose, this is strictly unnecessary, I can-"

"Oh hi.. so nice of you to finally join us? I suppose you were busy when I was trying to save that sailor? Or when.. oh, whatever! I won't believe you haven't put all kinds of transmitters in every button or under every seam of his clothes. Or whatever you military types do hihi!" - then I turn my attention back to you - "So Mike, drop everything and climb up.. and don't worry, I'll just put you in my ear so I'll hear you! But um, they haven't put any recording devices up your butt or anything like that, right?"

When you climb onto my fingernail, I carefully move the finger into opening of my right ear and wait for you to get inside...

"Hey! You don't need to emasculate me like that! You'd need the dick the size of a...well...I don't really know if there's anything big enough for you to use...hey!...Are you even listening to me!? Is that Sanchez!? Tell him I said thanks for the help with the chopper, and ask him if they made it back alright!" I shout but then realize that I had gotten used to talking into phone or through an earpiece and now both of those were powered off and wrapped in my discarded clothes my words most likely were inaudible.

I had no idea what you were planning, but being naked made me feel more...defenseless somehow, like a turtle without its shell...or a candy without its wrapper as I climbed up onto your nail and firmly punched the sensitive skin to let you know I was aboard. It must have worked because I barely had the chance to sit down before the digit began to rise and lift my up to the opening of your ear canal. I hopped off and found a nice secure spot to hunker down roughly 20 feet away from the edge. "Testing! Testing! Can you hear me!? Testing!"

I can hear it just fine, but chuckle at the thought of teasing you a little bit more: "Oh, um.. I can only barely hear you, maybe.. can you go a little deeper?" - I barely contain another chuckle and add: "Sorry about my ears being a tiny bit dirty, I guess.. 'somebody' was unwilling to organize a proper bath, or.. ugh, whatever." - short pause - "No, soldier-guy, you weren't helping!" - another pause - "What? Then why didn't you say it on the call with me too? Oh, you know what, whatever - I need to speak with Mike now, so I'll call you back shortly. Or more like.. bye bye hihi!"

"There, I removed the earpiece so I can focus on you, but.. why aren't you going in? Is it really that dirty in there? Or maybe.. are you stuck or something?" - I'm still pretty anxious, so I don't realize how I never really give you a chance to reply - instead, I tilt my head so you slide all the way inside my ear. I giggle and: "Oh but don't tickle.. um, maybe like, try not tickling hahahihihi... Uh, too much maybe?" - of course every time you move it tickles the sensitive skin in my ear and my head shakes a tiny bit.

"Soooo anyway... I've been thinking, there may be things you weren't willing to tell me 'over the phone' with these perverts listening. So now's.. hihihi, hey stop tickling! Um, now's your chance? Hang on, I'll cover it so they can't snoop on you" - and while I do that, another tickle forces me to chuckle. I don't complain this time.. it's actually starting to feel pretty nice.

"Oh, and also.. I guess you can ask simple questions too... Like, yes or no kind? They won't be able to figure out the question from my answer hihi!"

"You want me to go deeper!? Absolutely not...out of the question. Do you realize how gross it is in here? You really should get a Q-tip of something to-..." I quickly realized that you weren't listening to me and were talking to I assumed Sanchez. All around me were large piles of ear wax and 'tiny' hairs that were roughly half my height.

"Of course it's dirty in here! Like seriously...ewe...at least when I was in your bum I had some kind of suit to wear. I'm naked in here and its all so...greasy feeling. I think I'll be staying here if it's all the same to you...besides who knows when I'll be able to take a shower again."

I started to head back towards the opening to the outside when the landscape suddenly tilted to such an angle that made it impossible for me to remain standing. Instantly I began to slid inwards towards the tunnel of your ear canal, only stopping as I managed to grab hold of your of your ear hairs. "I said no! I'm not going in there!" I shouted, feeling my grip starting to slip on the oily hair until I started to fall again.

This time I landed in a pile of yellowish wax that instantly bonded to my bare skin. "Is that...ewe...I think I'm gonna...I'm gonna..." Vomits in my mouth a little bit but managed to swallow it back down "This isn't funny!" I yelled loud enough for my voice to echo through the cavernous opening. I managed to pull my legs free and stuck myself to the gooey surface as I tried to climb up the vertical wall and back towards the opening, only to see it suddenly close off as a massive gate blocked the only exit. "Rose! I swear to god I'll let go and tap dance on your eardrum if you don't knock it off right now!"

"Ohh come on, it's just a little wax. And no, I don't mean.. okay I know it's a bit more than 'little' for you but still.. wax, can't you just grow a pair and..." - I sigh - "Look, you see what I'm trying to do here, right? So just tell me what you want to tell, ask your questions and..." - I think about it quickly - "Wait, or were you even taking it into consideration that they're listening and recording us all the time? I mean I was, soo...." - I don't want to add 'am', but that's still the case - for me anyway.

I sigh again and: "Fine, whatever - if you want, I can pick you up, clean my ears and let you shower in the meanwhile, then hope they don't not-kidnap you again for all the things you 'might' say and let you get back to this where..." - I close my eyes and massage my left temple - "Can you even hear me in there?" - it would be pretty silly of me to have whispered all that had you not...

I chuckle and add: "As a little bonus, think how frustrating this must be for.. some individuals other than you hihi!"

"Its actually a lot of ear wax but its just soooo...gross and sticky...I mean, seriously. If you were seeing what I'm seeing then maybe you wouldn't be so quick to judge!" I found a nice chunk of wax and pulled myself up on it while trying to think about what it actually was. Your ramblings and demands resonated within the reflective dome and I joined you in letting out a sigh before I was finally given a chance to speak.
"I don't know what they're planning for sure or if they somehow planted a bug on me while I wasn't looking. But I'm pretty sure they didnt shove anything up my butt so I don't think they can hear me...you on the other hand? I'm pretty sure they can hear you without any of their fancy tech."

Scoops up a chunk if waxy material and starts rubbing it between my fingers while I continue: "I do know that that Taggart guy...he's not above using nuclear weapons on you. Can you believe that? He's probably just waiting for an excuse! So it's probably back to the drawing board for him since you decided not to kill me. They probably saw that by the way..."

I rolled the wax into a ball and flicked it further into your ear while I tried to piece together the puzzle. "From what you're saying...it almost sounds like you...want them to nuke you. But...why would you want that?" A sudden realization popped into my head: "Is that why you put me in your ear? To protect me if that were to happen?"

"Oh, okay.." - I can only accept the mention of nukes. I had considered whether they would use them back when I grew and fought the military, but so far they haven't so I kindda forgot about that whole thing. Yet I wonder again.. what would even happen? Not much I can do about it now: "Oh well, we'll see - and no, I never said any such thing. I mean, why would I want to.. other than as an experiment, but even then.. no, that's not why I put you there."

"I mean I was just messing around and.. wait a minute, did you see a recording of my little chat with soldier-guy on these monitors down there? The one with jogging and stuff? I mean.. I was just joking then, basically, and.. were they actually considering to..." - I stop myself from giving away what you just told me about nukes. I sigh and: "Oh well, one thing at a time. Speaking of which.. have they tortured you or threatened when you were in that bunker place?"

"Well...just thinking out loud here, but that Colonel Taggart sounded like he had quite the track record and the soldiers there all treated him like...some sort of legend in the business so to speak. He did admit to me that you were probably his 'biggest' obstacle yet...just seems to me like the guy will do almost anything to protect the country from any threat both foreign and...domestic."

I considered your following question carefully, replaying the events in my head from the moment I got into that black suv with the soldiers until they let me ride in the helicopter. So much had happened in the span of only a few hours and most of it went over my head, I never did have much of a mind for military tactics or protocols. "They seemed to take me more serious after I told you to go jogging if anything happened to me so they didnt treat me too bad. It was mostly..." Imitates a deep voice of one of the soldiers: "Do what we say and don't divulge any compromising information unless you want to get tranquilized." Returns to normal voice: "You must have really scared them by the way...I could probably show you where that bunker is if you wanted to pay them a little visit..."

I chuckle at the 'biggest' pun, but otherwise listen to you intently. I think about it for a moment, then: "No, I.. maybe let's try that visit later? I mean, I've got a bath to take! Or, from the sound of it, it seems that we both have hihi! Oh well, it's good that.." - I don't want to explicitly refer to what you told me: ".. yeah, good there weren't any issues and so on and.. you said anything? Like.. I mean, I'm actually kindda curious how that anything could turn out, I mean.. yeah, maybe we'll find out? Or maybe better not..." - I have considered getting nuked when being giant, but.. never completely seriously. How it would end is anyone's guess at this point. Or maybe it won't have to get to this?

Oh well, I giggle when I realize, then ask about: "Do you even have any 'compromising information' to divulge in the first place? Nah, never mind... But hey, is there anything you want to ask me.. off the record, so to speak?"

I bring my hand to my chin while thinking: "Let's see...compromising information...its tough to really make sense of everything that they said. A lot of it sounded like a bunch of gibberish and to be honest...I was really just thinking about how to get back to you." I unconsciously start rubbing a nearby hair, petting it as if it were some sort of animal.

I chuckle and shake a bit when I feel a sudden tickle in my ear: "Stop it hihihi!"

The cave trembles and shakes around me, but I manage so maintain balance.

"Come to think of it...you remember that room I showed you with all the crap on the walls...my wall of fame? Well there was hardly anything about you on it, any idea why that is? They brought me in to some sort of conference room too right before I left and they kept saying how you might have been some sort of technical genius who's able to practically hide your existence from them. A lot of their mumbo jumbo went over my head but I was able to figure out that much. So I guess what I'm trying to say is...who exactly are you Rose? I mean...now that I think about it...I don't even know really much about you myself. They kept saying how...aroused and excited you were getting all the time and that you had some sort of...power fantasy which I guess kinda makes sense now..."

I think about the lack of details about me.. that sounds about right: "Well, you know how it is.. I'm just shy about these things? Or at least, used to be? Like there's no reason or way to hide how I love towering above everything and.. well you know, my dad has taught me a lot and I figured out some stuff on my own. Plus.. I really don't think they have 'no information' on me, like.. they must've been hiding something or.. I don't know - either way, it doesn't matter now."

"And yeah, it is basically.. a power fantasy? Although with you literally inside my head, it's.. kindda different, you know? All these stories and roleplays, and.. I don't know. It's both different and more or less what I expected..." - then I realize: "Wait, did you say aroused? Are they analyzing.. oh, of course they are hihi! Well, I guess.. maybe it'll benefit psychology in some way, or.. maybe not haha!"

Finally I think about it myself: who am I, how to describe it. Then decide to simply mention: "As for who exactly I am, well.. I suppose you'll going to find out! But hey, thanks for not hating me after messing around with you just now. I actually half expected you to call me names and stuff. That was really nice, you know.. some of the things you said. Buuut... yeah, let's get back to that bath, shall we?" - I put my fingernail slightly inside the ear you're in, and add: "Unless you want have some more 'secret questions'?"

I continue to stroke your sensitive hair almost like I'm interrogating you since I'm unsatisfied with your answer to my question: "Oh no no no, I won't let you get off that easily. They seemed completely baffled that they weren't able to find out more about you...almost like you didn't exist. If you don't want to tell me that's fine but eventually they'll uncover all your dirty little secrets...just like they did to me. Let's just hope Taggart never finds out and decides to kidnap your father next instead of your little boy..." - I paused, deciding on whether to refer to myself as your boyfriend or your boy toy before correcting myself.- "Instead of me..."

Your massive fingertip returns, pushing a mound of semitransparent wax along its base as your insert it into your ear, unnoticeable to you but impossible to miss for me. "Two more questions for you...what are your intentions exactly...I mean, being a living mountain has its perks sure but you can't exactly live a normal life anymore. School...friends...relationships...those things aren't exactly feasible anymore." I paused and started approaching your awaiting fingertip before asking my second question: "And...I guess this is more of a statement than a question but...you might want to find something to shave your...well you know. I overheard some soldiers making fun of you, something about needing a team of men to deforest that jungle of yours. I lied, eager to see how you'd react as I climbed onto your fingernail.

"Okay I'm on! Now please get me out of this nasty place! And maybe save me some soap! I'm pretty sure I saw some in one of those containers!"

"They did what?!?" - I overreact when you mention somebody was making fun of my bush, but quickly calm down and add: "Well, I mean.. it's been a long winter, and I don't really like shaving, you know.. do you really think they could.. well, let's discuss it after the bath, good idea - and yeah maybe there's some stuff in that broken ship."

I think about the other questions and hold you the finger with you still inside my ear: "But yeah, you're my little boy hihi! And a friend maybe? I mean.. relationships.. depends on what kind, but I suppose they might be difficult with this scale difference. I really should've.. phrased it differently? Oh well.. nothing can be done about that I suppose. And as for secrets.. I don't know, what can I say? I was just good at hiding my activity online, I guess? So unless they can guess the password.. or all of them, and my little routing schemes, and.. all the other stuff I probably shouldn't talk about hihi! Uh, I'll miss messing around some of that stuff I tell you that - all I'll ever get now is some government or corporate issue phone with all the surveillance in the world. And even then you can probably see what I'm doing from orbit."

"Oh well, privacy.. who needs that."

"Ohh, and my dad.. I mean he won't know the passwords or other details of.. yeah, it would be a waste of time to 'not-kidnap' him. I mean, just leave my dad alone..." - I plead more than order. There's no way to find out what's happening to him, or my mom... Maybe I could just call them? That would be one strange conversation... Maybe later then. In any case: "So.. does that answer all of your 'secret' questions? I guess there's the one about 'intentions', but.. if I say it out loud then everybody will hear it. How about a little game then? You guess what they are and I'll tell you whether it's warm or cold hihi!"

I seem to have gotten used to you tickling me.. it's actually nice: to have a sort of.. physical interaction with you - or just to feel you as more than a tiny speck on my skin...

The Questions Game by FluffyRose

I ponder the deepest parts of my mind trying to think of any other remaining questions I can think of before this opportunity is lost but ultimately can't think of anything that you haven't already answered. "Hmmmm I guess that's all I can think of for now. In case you were wondering, that bunker is somewhere over your left shoulder, look for the landing pads near a group of buildings and a garage. I don't know which one it is for sure but it's definitely in that area!" I yell since I'm no longer as deep within your ear as I was before.

"And as for your little game...how about we sweeten the deal a little bit? You do owe me for almost making me piss myself after all...if only there was a way we could still talk without me having to be in your ear...but I guess it'll just take a bit longer." I feel emboldened by the fact that my tiny tickles can have such an effect on you and pause while figure out how to word my request.

"I'll tell you what I think, and if it's close you lift me towards something you think I'd enjoy...if it's wrong then I go somewhere less...desirable. Then you lift me up again and I shout my next guess. Sound fair?"

"That's a lil' pervy, but... okay hihi!"

"Like I said...you owe me. Now let's see..." I wrack my brain trying to decipher any hidden meanings to what you've told me. Somehow you managed to answer all my questions without really giving me a straight answer, which makes sense for someone who values privacy so much.

"Let me see...what to ask, what to ask...I've got it! Are you wanting to become a queen of some sort?"

"Wellll... that'd be..." - I almost answer out loud, then remember the little 'game' and move the finger with you out of my ear and.. inside the mouth! I actually close my lips around the finger, sealing you in but don't lick or even move my tongue around - careful not to force you out of the fingernail. After a while, I move you back to my ear and chuckle...

With bated breaths I shift forward as you fingernail withdrew from the the cavern and soars through the air. The bright light of the sun is almost blinding but quickly fades as I enter your cavernous maw. Without the protection of the submersible I'm able to hear the distant drips and gurgles of your stomach echoing up your throat. Around me are rows of teeth, each one the size of a small house sparkling with a brilliant white glow even in the near complete darkness. Your tongue quivers below like an ambush predator eager to lash out and claim its prey, I can't see it but I can still feel it's presence.

Before too long the gates open and I'm returned to your ear with a newfound respect for dentists. "That was...something. I guess I was pretty far off then so let's see...Do you...hmmmm....want to become the object of everyone's desire?"

I giggle and this time without a word, move you down.. right between my boobies. Then I move my shoulders to push them closer together.. right around you, but careful enough not to put much pressure on my finger. After a while, I move you back to my right ear and add: "But truth be told, who wouldn't hihi!"

Once again my personal transport moves, but with a significant shudder that led me to believe you enjoyed my line of thinking. The journey is longer this time, and your enormous face moves further away from me than before. Small mountains of flesh start to appear on either side of me, glistening with a thin layer leftover of ocean water and sweat from being out in the sun. Imperceptible (at least to you) goosebumps start to form along the flawless skin that wobbles like an ocean of flesh and encroaches on my viewing platform and compressing around your outstretched finger. "Woohoo! Shake it for me baby!" I exclaim like a total pervert achieving his lifelong dream.

"What, no...wait!!!" I let out a cry of disappointment as you lift me away and hold me back up to your ear. "I wasn't done! But I guess I'm getting warmer...do you...want to go on a rampage?"

I squint my eyes angrily, but.. of course you can't see it - so next I tilt my head and let you slide off my fingernail, all the way down into my ear! After a while I position it horizontally next so you can climb back onto my fingernail.

I expect to be lifted out of your ear once more, but much to my chagrin the landing started to tilt sending me rolling ass over end back into the depths of your cavernous ear. Thankfully I managed to grab onto a rather sticky chunk of wax which molded to my fingers and kept me from falling into your inner ear canal. "Okay okay I just had to check! Can't blame a guy for being curious!"

Whether it was by sheer mercy or that you had decided that my punishment was over, I let out a sigh of relief as the vertical wall started to tilt back to it's normal angle and eagerly pulled myself back onto your upturned nail.
"Let's not do that again...I feel all sticky...this one should be a gimme but...are you planning on growing again?"

I chuckle and.. lower you, all the way down to my vagina. I don't want to push you inside again, so instead I lean back a little and put my finger right next to the hood on top. I just keep you there for a while, but your view is undoubtedly quite spectacular. Then back to my ear!

All this attention and messing around keeps me aroused, but when I keep you down there, I can't help but to think about getting my bush trimmed a little.. or how would they even do it?

I knew what to expect before I even asked my question, yet my typical male libido refused to let such an opportunity slip through my fingers and eagerly licked my lips as your finger started to move.

Your body rushed beneath me like a topographical map of sex appeal and feminine beauty. The enormous breasts with noticeably erect nipples come and go, along with your broad abdomen, a belly button larger than an olympic size swimming pool, and dense bush before arriving at my destination.

"Mother of god..." I mumble once your lips come into view. Now that I'm not about to die, I'm actually able to sit back and enjoy the view.

Your overpowering natural scent fills my nostrils before I'm able to focus on your glistening hood. If I was a cartoon character, now would be the time when my eyes would pop out of my skull. Endless ridges of soft female flesh extended around me like a natural rock formation and I couldn't resist the urge to reach out and touch the spongy surface. Your entire pussy contacted and released in an instant and the longer I held my hand there I swore I could smell your arousal growing stronger.

All good things must come to an end as they say, and too soon your finger started to lift me away and back to your ear. "That was...wow...I'm speechless...but I guess I should refocus here." - I clear my throat and unknowingly sniff my hand that touched you while thinking of my next question: "Do you want to...become so big that the entire planet can experience what I just did? Become the center of everything? A goddess of all creation?" I paused and figured that was a loaded question so decided to simplify it a bit. "Or do you just want to finish your bath first?"

I moan loudly when you describe doing the same with the whole Earth - I just can't help myself. But then try to restraint myself and tease: "Oh yeah, bath first.. definitely hihi!" - I take a couple breaths just to calm myself down. Then add: "Phew.. I thought for a moment there I would.. well, maybe let's not think about these things... Anyway, yess, a bath! You said the boat, um.. hang on, we'll need some clothes and.. a new phone for you. The old one was.." - I look at my other hand.. I was supposed to keep your stuff there safe, but I just couldn't stop myself - massaging my temples, breast, then touching my pussy lips unwittingly... "Um, lost? Somewhere.. probably? Yeah, let me just..."

I wear my earpiece again and ask: "Soldier-guy, would you mind-"

[Sanchez] "Already on it, miss!"

"Um.. right, of course..." - then I remember: "Actually, could you bring two? As.. one for me too? Like, Mike's old phone is super crappy. Slow and full of malware, like.. feels dirty even to touch it let alone actually use it! Uh, sorry Mike hihihi!" - I move you away from my ear so you can't complain. Or at least.. I won't be able to hear it - "There, check out the wreckage.. I mean, the boat. Which is certainly good to.. sail and stuff? Oh well..." - I put you next to the boat, crashed on the beach. It doesn't seem 'too damaged', but a fall from a few dozen feet certainly didn't do it any good. Plus being held between my fingers.. oh well, hard to say what was worse.

"Are you trying to tell me that you think my stuff dirty!? Well I'm sorry it's not the newest iPhone on the market but just because you think it's...ah forget it..." My pathetic complaints faded away along with my desire to continue them as your finger carried me away, any further words would fall on deaf ear and frankly my throat was getting tired from all the shouting. I wondered for a second what actually happened to the phone and all of my clothes but figured such small minuscule things would be nearly impossible for you to keep track of, especially whilst being distracted by such a...interesting conversation.

The Soap by FluffyRose

I wasn't afforded the luxury of another tour of your mile long body before I was deposited on the wet sand next to the remains of the nearly 40 foot vessel. My toes sunk into the sand as I looked at the ship, then back to you, then back to the ship to start inspecting the remains more thoroughly.

[Sanchez] "But miss Rose, a phone? For your size? Is it-"

"Oh shut up, just.. bring two of those you gave Mike, it's fine. It'll be fine" - I assure and sigh. Of course I'll grow just it up to my size, so silly. Then add: "Unless you have some better model, like.. Mike mentioned his was pretty fancy, but.. you know..." - I wink in the direction of where you mentioned the bunker was.

[Sanchez] after a moment of silence "Miss.. yes, we'll do that then, yes." - and his shaky voice makes me giggle.

I turn my attention back to you and as you start walking around the boat, I think.. then suggest: "Maybe I should turn it a bit so it's easier for you to climb or..." - I bring my finger down next to the boat, but once again it surprises me how tiny it is and: ".. or maybe better not, yeah..."

After being once again reminded of just how enormous you are compared to anything, I moved towards it and climbed up the rope ladder as I did before until I was on board.

With no whimpering captain around to distract me, I began rummaging through the leftover boxes of cargo.

Several cases of soap, dozens of bottles of shampoo, bath salts, deodorant, razors for both men and women...everything one might need for personal hygiene.
"Well done Sanchez...very impressive haul..." I said to myself before tossing box after box overboard and onto the beach.

When I think about it, I recall how you only mentioned bringing soap from the containers, but maybe: "Hey, while you're there, you can see if there's like.. some moisturizer, and maybe organic based water softener? Some aromatic oils wouldn't be bad too, maybe some shampoo in case I need to wash my hair?" - I look around the ocean.. this area is pretty shallow, no way I'll be able to wash my hair here. But better be prepared: "Oh, and a hair conditioner, of course.. actually, take a few shampoos so I can pick one that'll feel best. Maybe a few different moisturizers and oils too, like.. whatever you can see in there, bring it hihi!"

Finally soldier-guy mentions a helicopter and I look around to keep track of it. A simple movement and the weak little thing might crash! Oh well, I signal them to: "Land next to the wreck- I mean ship, Mike's in there somewhere, I think?"

I rolled my eyes while listening to you rather hefty demands: "What does she this is? Some kind 5-star hotel delivery?" The logo on the side of the boxes showed the name of a local super market chain, no doubt this particular shipment was ment to go to them rather than to the whims of an oversized princess.

I watched you signal the helicopter before it started towards me and hunkered down behind the stack of boxes to avoid getting pelted by the sand as it landed nearby.

[Me] Stepping out from behind my cover and flagging down the pilot: "Beckham was it? Good to see you again so soon."

[Beckham] "Mr. Dunn...I don't know why they keep sending me on these flights. Next chance I get...I'm asking for a transfer. I'd rather clean the latrines than keep making these suicide runs."

[Me] "Relax will you? I told you she wouldn't hurt us, just...try to avoid buzzing around her ears like an annoying gnat and you'll have nothing to worry about...probably. Now you got somebody in there that can help me load this?"

On queue three unknown soldiers slid open the side doors and jumped out, each one looking paler than the next and started loading the boxes into the chopper.

[Me] Hops in alongside the soldiers and signals to the pilot: "Alright let's get going. Its rude to keep a girl waiting." One of the soldiers taps me on the shoulder and hands me a bag containing the new phones and headset which I put in my ear and pocket accordingly before the helicopter starts to rise and fly back towards you.

"Mike, can you hear me? I mean.. yeah, that's pretty obvious, but.. did you get your phone and all? Can you talk? Um, so to speak.. but you know what I mean!"

I see some commotion around the helicopter, as if they were loading a bunch of stuff.. this is promising.

The earpiece crackles to life and once again I can hear your unrestricted voice clearly: "Yep I hear you just fine. Go ahead and hold out your hand and I'll let the pilot know to land there...I don't think he wants to go near your tongue again." -Looks at Beckham and makes sure he understood- "Unfortunately...I couldn't find any water softener...whatever that is...or aromatic oils?...people actually use this stuff? But...I did find you some generic brand stuff, should be good enough...not bad for such a short notice."

The pilot goes through the startup sequence and we're about to fly up.

"Oh, that sounds.. I guess it's still better than seawater? Maybe?" - I see them dumping boxes of some stuff.. - "Wait, is that like.. soap? All of the same brand and stuff?" - I sigh and roll my eyes, then:: "No need to dump bunch of that stuff. One bar will do, dump everything else and shoo. Um.. and the phone too hihi!" - I wait a bit until you load everything back up and explain: "Just put them on my hand some distance away from one another and let me know where.. oh, remove any covers or wrapping - no need to grow trash and all that."

When the helicopter takes off, I concentrate and grow the absolutely minuscule phone and soap: at first only a little, then pick up the bar and finish growing the phone. I switch it on and: "Oh, neat! Yeah, this one is much better, I mean.." - I scroll the screen, launch an app or two and add: "Smooth and fast. Now if only I could rootjail it and-"

[Sanchez] "What was.. miss Rose, did you just..."

I pause, unsure what he meant - then I realize: it's the first time I ever grew anything since I arrived here, so I explain: "Yeah, I just grew it, why?" - silence - "Don't tell me you didn't believe me? Oh well, your loss! Or.. something like that, anyway..." - I grow the bar of soap and put the phone away. For now anyway - the earpiece is good enough to talk.

The Ups and Downs by FluffyRose

I locate the helicopter flying away and: "Hey! Where are you going? I mean.. drop Mike off somewhere, or.. actually, Mikey.. should we share this bath? I mean, kindda.. um..." - I look around and comment: "The ocean is pretty big, seems like enough room for two hihi!"

"Or actually.. I'm just thinking, could you help me wash my back?" - I ask pretending to be serious, but can't keep it for long and chuckle, then explain: "Nah, don't worry - just kidding, but... Okay, so I'm not sure what you could actually do, um.. I don't suppose you could clean my ears hihi!"

"Nah don't worry, I won't force you back in there again.. for a while anyway hihi! But well, then maybe.. tell you what, let me lay down and..." - I turn a bit, to lay my head on the beach. There's no need to wet my hair if there's no shampoo and.. all the other stuff. I'll need to request it specifically. But for now: "Ahh, feels so good to stretch. I've been sitting around for.. however long. Anyway, why don't you drop Mike.. around here?" - I point at the top of my cleavage, then add: "Or better yet, wait a moment.." - I grab a handful of water and pour it on my chest. It flows in all directions, but I'm able to spread it across my belly and boobies. Then smear it with the bar of soap quickly and: "There, all ready.. um, where did you..?" - I ask but notice the helicopter nearby - "Oh, there you are! Well, don't be shy.. actually, maybe you'd like to join Mike? I mean, there's plenty of room..." - I start teasing, but burst into giggles realizing how these are trained professional soldiers and they probably won't want to play with my breasts... But then again, they're still men...

The moment I heard the offer to join you I nearly leapt out of my seat and jerked the cyclic back towards your direction.

[Beckham] Mr. Dunn please remained seated until we return to-"

[Me] Interrupting the pilot: "I dont care! Take me back! Don't you see what I'm seeing!?"

Beckman looks out the cockpit window towards your erotic display and instantly turn a dark shade of crimson.

[Me] Well if you're not going to join in then at least drop me off! Then you can go back to your safe little bunker and get your precious little transfer while I spend time with that sexy lady over there."

Whether it was my words that convinced him or something else entirely, Beckham turned the chopper around and starting flying it towards the bubbly sud covered landing zone.

[Me] "Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!" I chanted while elbowing the other soldier trying to get them to join in. Each one of them seemed to have different thoughts as we approached your colossal breasts, topped with soap suds that made them look snow covered mountains.

The helicopter hovered rought 20 feet above your chest before Beckham refused to go any lower.

[Me] "What are you doing!? Land!"

[Beckham] "No can do sir, those suds are already doing a number on my instruments...tail rotor is struggling as it is."

[Me] "Ahhh dont be such a pussy...fine! If any of you need me, I'll be in heaven. Feel free to join me if your boners get too painful." I taunt before moving towards the side opening. I wasn't completely sure how this growth stuff worked but my brain was lacking sufficient blood at the moment and...well 20ft isn't really that far of a fall..

I drew a cross on my chest before jumping out of the door and disappearing into the thick layer of suds. Moments passed without me seeing a word until finally you heard me coughing through over the call.
"Wow...that's the first time I've...Coughs...been skydiving" I said jokingly before starting to push my way through the dense bubbly abyss.

I chuckle hearing your conversation with the pilot, presumably? I want to ask about his name, but then helicopter flies towards my chest and I need to be extra careful - a single breath could cause it to lose control and crash. Even though it might be a 'soft landing', I realize.. best to avoid that. We had enough issues with the boats already...

When I feel something tickle my skin... I cover my mouth and whisper: "Oh, skydiving.. don't you mean like, boob-diving? Um, breaving? Humm, I need to seriously work on my puns..." - then I notice helicopter turning around, so I add before they leave: "You know, you can just land higher, like.. under my chin? It's dry there, but it'll be a long walk... If you know what - okay, no, that doesn't work here hihi!" - but that giggle seems to have changed something.

I feel 'something' slide on my skin.. you? Or maybe just a drop of water - either way, something slides down my cleavage, trying to grasp onto the wet skin. Well, not a drop then... I can't see if it's really you, due to all the soapy water, but I stop the slide with the tip of my finger by putting it on the speck's path - and wait patiently for what this little 'something' does...

I trudged blindly through the field of soap, overwhelmed by the scent of lavender...or was it baby powder? Either way I started off in the direction of your voice while rolling my eyes at your attempt to make a pun. "Maybe you should try leaving the puns to the professionals, for example you could have said-" My totally clever joke would never reach its punchline before I stepped on an incredibly slick patch of skin. My feet slipped out from under me, sending me sliding down the valley like an Olympic luge competitor.

"Whooooa myyyyyy goooooood....." I yelled as I shot out of the soapy blizzard and smashed against an unexpected wall. Stands up and sees that it's your finger that saved me.: "Whew...thanks for that...kinds tough to watch your step if you can't see your feet haha."

Beckham and the helicopter crew continue hover off to the side out your left breast over the water seemingly undediced on whether or not they should follow your suggestion and land beneath your chin.

I chuckle again, but this time manage to contain it well enough not to shake my torso. Then: "Well I suppose there's a bit too much of foam, umm.." - I use my other hand to carefully push away most of the stuff, from my cleavage and boobs at least. I conclude it should be easy enough for you to traverse, so: "There, and try not to need rescuing again, I'm trying to enjoy this bath here. Um, sort of.. bath-equivalent or..?"

"Anywho.." - I remember the heli.. still buzzing around my neck - ".. you boys landing or not? You know what, whatever! But Mike's having fun, soo.. um..." - I trail off and slowly lay by head back on the beach, trying to enjoy the subtle sensation of your footsteps on my skin.

While I try to keep my chest mostly still, I'm even breathing slowly, using my midriff and all that - it's probably moving a couple millimeters up and down every time. You feel pretty adorable there, even though I can't see it.. then I realize: "Hey, Mike.. do you have your phone? Can you show me what the view is.. down there?" - I manage to contain a giggle, I don't want you to start sliding again... And while you're trying to figure it out, I whisper: "Hey, um.. Huan?"

[Sanchez] after a moment of silence, clearly surprised: "Uh, yes! Yes, miss Rose?"

"I've been thinking, I mean.. Mike suggested maybe we could ask you, or.. like, you know, somebody.. like, maybe some team or teams of marines or thereabouts. I mean, there's no hurry or real need to, because I'm just thinking out loud here and it's by no means-"

[Sanchez] "But what is it about, miss?"

I blush realizing I've been rambling randomly, so I explain: "Could you organize some guys.. I mean, it doesn't have to be just guys, I mean.. soldiers? Anyway: to trim my bush? I mean, it's been a while since I've been to the beach and.. yeah, I'm just thinking..." - I trail off again and continue blushing.

[Sanchez] "Miss.. can't you grow a razor and do it-"

"Yeah, I mean I could I guess? But.. I don't know, maybe it would be more fun? You know, like.. my way? Or, I guess. Mike's way? Since it was his idea, so to speak? But tell you what.. it's already afternoon, so guys at the base must be enjoying some free time and all that, maybe they'd like to.. I don't know, play around a bit?"

[Sanchez] "Miss Rose, I don't think-"

"No no no, but hear me out. I mean.. you could just ask for some volunteers and.. if nobody's interested then I'll just do it myself. Or maybe they can just help? Whatever, I'll make sure it's safe and all and.. it's just to have some fun!"

Like Moses parting the red sea, or rather God moving the heavens himself...or herself which sounded more fitting at this point, the soapy wonderland was brushed aside and revealed the pathway to the underside of your chin. A canyon of breast flesh shielded me from the outside world and no matter which direction I turned all I could see was you. "I'm not sure you want to see what I'm seeing...you might turn into a full blown lesbian. It's like I'm on a different planet."
I pull out my phone and take a panoramic picture of the marvelous landscape and send it to you. "I think I might me standing on the 8th wonder of the world." Despite everything that had happened so far I still had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, and a single tear of joy streamed down my cheek one I confirmed that all this was real...and I couldn't be happier.

"So uhh...I guess I should, what...start scrubbing?" I wasn't really sure what I planned to accomplish here since I was thinking with my manhood rather than my brain. Cautiously so I didn't slip again, I moved my way over to the side of your left breast and let my hands sink in to the forgiving flesh and started rubbing them in small circles before grabbing a handful of leftover suds and repeating the process.


[Soldier 1] "You think we should actually do it?"

[Soldier 2] "I don't know man...I got a wife and I'm pretty sure she won't be to happy if she knew I...well..."

[Beckham] "Can it back there! We're soldiers so start acting like it!" -His voice sounding rather unconvinced himself.-

[Soldier3] "Aww come on Becks, we can always say we were forced to do it. Opportunities don't come like this every day right?"

Beckham had a mental battle of morality within himself, but even the strongest of wills are no match for a sexy giant girl asking to be joined in the tub.

The helicopter suddenly began to turn back towards you and flew towards your specified landing zone beneath your chin.

I raise my new phone so I can see the images you sent me, then comment: "Well, I mean.. it's mostly, I don't know.. strange? Like, just skin and.. lots and lots of skin, I guess? Maybe.." - I zoom in on the hilly breasts and see how my nipples are apparently erect. I'm pretty excited but we haven't even gotten to that part yet. Oh well - then I feel a soft touch on my neck.. the helicopter! I tease, whispering: "Ohh, so nice for you guys to have joined us! You can help Mikey in his attempts to tickle me, although.. it feels nice, so just keep it up!"

Feeling more tiny footsteps on my chest amuses me - but soldiers are so careful and anxious, or so it feels anyway. Maybe they're just really tiny.. but no, I can feel you more clearly. I realize it may be caused by you being so eager to play. Maybe I should encourage them somewhat too? Or maybe.. then I come up with: "How about a little competition? Whoever gets to the peak, gets.. I don't know, to be a winner, I guess? And you guys better hurry, Mike's got a head start!"

I put the phone away, close my eyes and enjoy feeling the minuscule specks moving around, it's so.. faint and odd, yet so stimulating. Why haven't I organized something like this before? Maybe.. oh well, it's pretty impractical, since I need to lay completely still, not to throw them off or something. Although maybe it'll be enough if I keep my upper body still and.. try to wash my lower bits?

With that in mind, I gently bite on my lower lip and locate the soap bar I put down beside me. I raise it onto my belly to make some foam, then use my hand to carefully spread it around my pelvis and.. especially around my crotch. As the specks keep moving, tickling and stimulating me.. my hand almost involuntarily finds its way between my nether lips. I softly moan as the combination of tickling and my own casual massage elevates my enjoyment of the situation...

Even at such a great distance away from each other, the soldiers and I lock eyes and speak some unspoken challenge through our gaze alone.

[Me] "There's no way you're gonna beat me."

[Soldiers] "Oh yeah? You should just give up, save yourself some embarrassment."

We continued to stare at each other, even as your unseen arms started to move and like gladiators performing for at the Colosseum for the entertainment of the higher classes we waited for the other to make the first move. Your soft moan signaled the start of our contest of manliness and Beckham's group started sprinting towards your left breast while I started to climb your right.
Your flawless skin offers little to grab onto but small wrinkles unnoticeable at regular size offered just enough handholds to begin my ascent up the mountain.

Beckham's group had less of a struggle since they had less of an incline thanks to starting from your chin and quickly made up ground due to them being in better physical shape.

[Beckham] Seemingly having forsaken his military mindset: "Come on guys! I can see the nip! We're almost there!"

My stiffening member dragged along your soft skin as I continued to climb until the wall started to level out and the dark ring of your areola created the horizon.

[Me] Mumbling to myself words of encouragement: "Almost there...almost there...I can make it...just a little further." My muscles were starting to burn but I refused to give up.

It was going to be a close finish...

I'm increasingly enjoying myself as the specks traverse my skin.. slowly. I want to tease all of you about maybe speeding up this little 'race', but I quickly find this leisurely rate simply perfect, as it gives me plenty of time to.. yeah, enjoy it. And while I can barely feel it.. all of your tiny climbing, hugging, massaging.. or whatever you may be doing there - it magnifies the pleasure from my own little 'massage'. More quiet moans unwittingly escape my mouth as I concentrate on the subtle sensations while trying to remain motionless.. or at least keep my torso as still as possible to make it possible for you to climb.

Your words echo in my mind, in fact I softly whisper: "Yeah.. almost there..." - but then realize: "What? I wasn't doing anythin, um..." - then stop playing with myself and raise my head to see what's going on in there. Only to notice that my sudden movement must've jostled my breasts a little: "Oh, sorry.. uh..."

I focus my eyes and see soldiers who left the helicopter.. which I quickly note is still under my chin.. hopefully unharmed - but the soldiers seem to be fine, only one or.. no, two of them have lost their grip and are sliding into my cleavage. Normally I would tease them about it, but it's my fault so I don't bother. And also because.. you seem to be sliding down off the side of my right boob, in what seems like slow motion: "Uh, everything okay there Mike? I mean.." - I realize the wet skin must be too slippery for you to stop your descent, so I raise my arm a little and put it against the torso to catch you.. so to speak.

When you slide into the narrow gap formed between my torso and the arm, I make sure to keep it still and not put any more pressure not to hurt you. I can feel your tiny speck'y body there, but.. it feels like if I move my arm you may fall down to your death. Maybe: "Uhh, Mike? Can you climb up? Or like.. no, it's still wet and slippery, um guys.. do you happen to have some kind of rope, or like.. a ladder maybe?"

I had been sledding before, but never in the middle of summer and definitely not down such a steep slope. Moments before I reached the base of mount nipple the ground suddenly shifted and wobbled, knocking me off my feet and sending me on a one way trip to the bottom of the rather large hill. Faster and faster I slid until a massive wall of flesh carefully pressed me against your forgiving side and effectively halted my descent to certain doom.
"Whew...I don't know how you do it, but you somehow keep finding new ways to save my ass. Thanks Rose..." I wasn't exactly sure what part of you it was or if you could even feel it, but I gratefully kissed whatever her parts of your I could reach. "Although...I seem to be in quite the pickle here. Think you can hold off moving for a bit while I try to climb out of here? Or should I send for a rescue party? I'm pressure sure they have somebody trained for cliffside rescues...or something similar at least."

[Meanwhile...on your other boob]

[Beckham] "Hold on! She's shifting again!"

Beckham and the other soldiers had formed a human chain to keep from falling into your immense cleavage. The doughy flesh gave them little to hand on to and each man struggled to find a grip.

[Beckham] "You're...too..heavy...can't hold...on..." I one last ditch effort, the helicopter pilot pulled a knife from his belt and tried to drive it into my skin to stop their slide.

When he tried to sink his knife into your skin.. it simply wouldn't happen. He pushed hard and the surface flexed and streched a little, but didn't want to get pierced. He tried to punch it again and again, but to no avail.. and the group gently slid down into your cleavage.

"Cliffside?" - I ask amused, but manage not to giggle.. shaking my torso could be, well.. bad, at this point - "I suppose it's kindda like that, for you anyway.. or any rescue, um... Heeyyy guys, when you finish having fun between my boobies, could you please get back to your chopper and.. I don't know, save Mike?" - I notice how they're looking around in the valley formed on my chest. And of course I can't hear whatever they may be saying: "Um, soldier-guy? Could you like, patch me to their comms or.. I guess them to me?"

[Sanchez] resigned "Sure, miss.. I mean, did you really have to.. never mind..."

"What? Why? Oh come on, we're just having a little fun here! What's wrong?"

[Sanchez] "Nothing, nothing miss Rose. I'll just.. connecting you to the pilot. Lieutenant Beckham, do you copy?"

[Beckham] "Loud and clear, sir! What are-"

"Ohhh hiii!" - I greet the specks between my breasts, then realize: "Wait, 'Beckham'? Like that basketballer? Or.." - I can't quite figure out where I remember the name from.. vaguely...

[Sanchez] "Miss Rose, shouldn't we focus on the rescue effort?"

"Oh yeah, yes, um.. I mean, Mike's not in much of a trouble, it's just.. yeah, let's save him. I mean, I could try to pluck him out, but.. no, maybe best not to."

[Sanchez] "Quite. Can you coordinate the operation, miss?"

I roll my eyes hearing it. Then chuckle as I realize and tease: "Oh, operation save Mike from.. between a soft place and a softer place? Or like, you know..." - I'm trying to come up with an even better pun.

[Beckham] "Miss.. Rose? But where is he? And how come he needs a rescue in-"

"Oh right, you can't see him, sorry! I mean, he's on the other side of.." - I look at the soldiers in my cleavage and blush a little... Until recently they were just specs, but now that I know their names - or at least the name of one of them... And of course the hill of my boob blocks any and all view of you - and one of the specks.. soldiers - is trying to climb back up. How am I supposed to explain your location, over the hills and far away? Well one hill anyway... "Maybe just get back in the helicopter and I'll guide you, okay?"

[Beckham] "Uh, okay.. but we still don't-"

"Shoosh!" - I silence him abruptly. Luckily they start walking towards the helicopter.. or at least I hope it's still intact. Oh well, we'll deal with problems as they occur, one at a time. Still: "Yeah well, rescue party is coming Mikey, don't you worry! How are you hanging in there anyway?"

"Wait...they're actually coming? You mean they're seriously going to forfeit the race just to save little old me?" I questioned in disbelief even though part of me assumed they were fearful of what might happen to then if they refused your request, despite having given them no reason to believe otherwise.
"Uhh it's kinda dark in here...little humid but...other than that it's not so bad, pretty private actually." I still wasn't exactly sure where I was but the faint smell of sweat and lingering deodorant all around me led me to believe that I was probably close to your armpit. "Now that I think about it...wht don't you just...wet your finger like you did earlier so I'll stick to it? Then you can just pull me out?"

Sanchez, who had be listening in, face palms himself after hearing my simplistic idea, disappointed that he hadn't thought of it himself. Colonel Taggart places his hand on his shoulder and give him an affirmative nod, perhaps he wanted to see how this would play out.

[Beckham] Now seated in the helicopter and doing the standard preflight check: "That does seem like a better idea miss...with all due respect....plus we're running rather low on fuel. We might not have enough to retrieve him and make it back to base..."

I teased when you spoke: "Yeah, private time with my arm..." - and think about your suggestion. Getting you stuck to my finger gives me all kinds of ideas, especially considering some of my fingers are already wet to begin with.

When pilot complains: "Oh come on, how come you're already low on fuel, you barely got here and.. ugh. Crisis affecting fuel budgets already and stuff? Oh well, I can carry you back - just get him outta there and land anywhere. I mean, I 'could' try to pick you up Mikey, but.. I mean if I try to squeeze a finger to you then it'll either end up with you getting smushed or.. hang on, the chopper is starting, I need to stop talking..."

[Beckham] "Thank you miss Rose!" - and he takes off. I can hear the vehicle's noise more through the earphone than normally, but oh well.

I wait a moment, then resume: "So where were we.. ah yes, it'll either get you crushed or push the skin apart and you'll fall. Now, I'm pretty sure it's just an inch or two from the ground to where you are, but.. that's still some hundred feet to you? Or more? I mean, even if I put my hand underneath.. yeah. Although, now that I think about it.." - I look at the helicopter, except.. it's flying over my cleavage, straight towards my belly. I whisper: "Wait, what? Where are you going?" - then I realize.. they're probably heading for my crotch... - "Um.. I know Mike mentioned dark and humid, but.. he's not 'there', I mean.. ugh, men.. you can only think about one thing!" - I squint my eyes angrily and the helicopter stops, so I add: "He's stuck by my right arm, but hang on, right there where you are, just.. wait a tick, gotta try something first..."

[Beckham] "But miss-"

"Yeah yeah, I know all about your precious fuel, ugh! I just want to..." - I grab a strand of my hair with the free hand and isolate a single hair - then move it towards you, making sure to be careful around the helicopter.. which still takes some kind of evasive maneuver. I sigh and: "Not so stingy on fuel after all..."

[Beckham] with more desperation in his voice: "But miss-!"

"I wasn't going to knock you out of the sky or anything, now shoosh!" - and I try to pass my hair to you.

"Can you see it Mike? There should be some.. a single hair coming your way, let me know if.. just guide me where to move it?"

We try a couple times, but the hair is just too rigid and greasy for you to grab it properly. When its weight actually pushes you deeper at some point.. I decide to give up on this plan.

[Beckham] "Miss we really have to-"

"Fine, fine! What a crybaby, seriously.." - I move my hand away, letting the chopper approach your location - "But oh well, it was worth the try, I suppose? Maybe if I took a shower in the morning instead of yesterday evening? Ouch, I hope it doesn't smell.. down there..."

There's an awkward silence while the heli approaches the gap between my arm and torso - they drop something.. a rope? Ladder perhaps? Too small for me to see.. and then a speck climbs up.

[Beckham] "Miss Rose, where can we land-"

"Oh wherever, just.. on top of my boob if you want, you.." - I wanted to say 'you boob', but it would be a poor pun. Instead: "I thought you were low on fuel?"

[Beckham] some kind of alarm beeping as he speaks: "Yes miss, it's actually..." - he trails off and I raise an eyebrow curiously.. it would be a shame for them to crash after 'saving you'. Oh well, he finally adds: "We're running on fumes here..."

Luckily they do get to my right breast and let you disembark - or more like, drop you off on the aureola pretty roughly from the looks of it. Pilot didn't even wait for you to climb up to the chopper!

"I guess they really must've been low on.. oh..." - then I notice the helicopter is actually falling down itself. Not in complete freefall, but.. it doesn't look like a controlled descent. I feel a slight bump on my skin and.. nothing happens? I realize: "I guess you were lucky there was nothing to explode, cuz you ran out of.. um, sorry.. bad pun. Everybody okay down there? I mean, uh..." - I can't quite see whether any specks are moving around there. The helicopter looks to be in one piece, but it's partly hidden behind my nipple...

I wasn't sure how long I waited until I heard the recognizable hum of the approaching helicopter through the narrow opening above. I managed to pull the phone out of my pocket and started flashing the rather bright flashlight on it to signal to Beckham where I was. It must have worked, since one of the soldiers appeared over the edge and started to rappel down to my position. "Thanks bud, I owe you one."

[Soldier] "Names James sir, Corporal Fredrick James. I suppose we should get you out of this...predicament."

I grab hold of James' outstretched hand as the helicopter starts to ascend slowly, finally pulling me free from the crevice. "Say...I guess that means the race was a draw huh? Shame...I was looking forward to planting a flag at the summit."

[James] "That's what you think Mr. Dunn, but you may still have your chance. Lt Beckham says we're running on fumes so well have to set her down-."

The rope we were suspended from suddenly lurched uncontrollably as the helicopter's engine started to

[Beckham over the radio] "Shit we've got to land. Hang on you two, I'm going to set her down near her...nipple."

[Me] "You're what!? But what about-"

[James] "No time, hang on tight bud it's gonna be a rough landing."

The chopper dropped rather abruptly before stabilizing as it started to lower us down until we were low enough for James to unclip his harness. We fell roughly 10 feet onto the pillowy slopes which had thankfully dried out in the heat of the sun. The helicopter wasn't so lucky...

[Beckham on the radio] "Mayday! Mayday! Falcon 12 is going down, repeat...Falcon 12 is going down!"
The seasoned pilot did the best he could before the engine finally cut out and sent the chopper into a free fall.

Had he landed somewhere else, anywhere else where your body wasn't so soft and forgiving, the helicopter would have crumpled on impact, yet thanks to your mega mammary it was mostly unscathed.

[Beckham] "Everybody alright?"

[Soldiers 2 & 3] Nod their heads, obviously shaken by the near crash landing.

The 3 marines climb out of the helicopter and back out onto the alien landscape or your areola like a group of astronauts exiting the lunar lander, where they were quickly met by James and myself rushing over to them.

[Me] "It's alright Rose, they made it okay. Nobody's injured...right?"

[Beckham] "Right, I'm just glad she's not flat chested or else it would have been a rough landing...but it looks like we're stranded here for the time being."

[Me] "It could be worse right? I mean look..." -I pointed over the soldiers shoulders towards the pink wrinkly mesa and we all took a moment to appreciate it's magnificence, even bonding in a way that few men ever have before.

I wince and squint my eyes at the specks on my breast... "Lucky I'm not flat chested, huh?" - I leave it hanging for a moment, but then chuckle - managing not to throw anybody off this time - smile and add: "Yeah, I guess you are lucky.. oh well... But yeah, I reckon it really is a draw, awww! Tell you what, how about another race, um.. or maybe some other time? Feels like we had enough excitement for today..."

The Wife by FluffyRose

Suddenly my stomach growls loudly and I realize I've been pretty hungry for a while now. I tease to hide how impolite that was: "Um, I guess that last meal wasn't enough... What do you say, Mike, ready to go in again?" - and after a short pause: "Nah, don't worry - I'm just messing with you hihi!"

"But I could use some food.. obviously I'll just grow it, but..." I recall your mention of being unable to find a proper job and.. while back then it felt I was eavesdropping - and I didn't want to bring it up, maybe I can just: "Hey, actually.. maybe you could find a proper burger joint, like.. there's gotta be something nearby! You know what I like: medium rare, spicy but not too much, maybe ketchup and mustard on one half and mayo on the other and.. well, you know just how I like it! Um, except I guess the area looked mostly evacuated and stuff, umm maybe.. I don't know, soldier-guy? Could we get an airlift for Mike? I mean, this one um.." - I decide to downplay my participation in the event: ".. broke down? Sort of?"

[Sanchez] sighs, then: "I really don't think we're a delivery-"

"Oh come on, it's just a burger.. unless you'd prefer me to go hunting for one? Or, um.. the town looked mostly evacuated, if you can find something decent enough.. but I don't want no frozen stuff like you military guys eat all the time, or... Wait, are there any open joints around the place? Oh whatever, just send a chopper already! They can pick up the sports-guy and his crew while they're here.. unless they'd rather stay with me hihi!"

"BURGERS!?!?" The five of us shouted in unison, each one noticing our own stomach rumbling to echo your own. There had been so many events and near death experiences that I doubted any of us had even had the chance to think about food.

[Me] Raises and eyebrow as I get a genius idea" "Say...you guys in the mood for a cookout? I mean....we've already got a beach kinda, we've definitely got the babe." -I point back towards your face and recieved a nod from the group-..."all we're missing now is the burgers...well technically beer too but I doubt you guys are allowed to drink on duty."

[Beckham] "That has to be one of the absolute...best ideas I've ever heard."

The other soldiers start to snicker amongst themselves and start elbowing each other in the ribs.

[Me] "You realize you'll probably get thrown in the big right? I mean...this would probably count as insubordination or desertion..."

[James] "Not much we can do about it."

[Solid2] "That's right we're kinda stranded here"]

[Beckham] "That IS true...we can't really do much until they send us another helicopter. Unless Miss Rose wants to give us a lift back to base?"

[Me] "Im sure you could ask her..." -I look back up at you as if I'm asking for your input even though I doubt you can even see me let alone my facial expressions. Although I knew very well that you could hear every word that was being said.- "Nah she'll probably want to make a party out of it. Knowing her she'll just make it all about her like it's her birthday or something."

[Meanwhile in the Lair]

Colonel Taggart sits in front of a large display of monitors which cast an eerie villainous glow on his weathered face. The walls are barren, save for an empty desk holding a lone picture frame that held an old black and white photograph of a young girl, and a old fashioned red rotary phone.

A sudden ringing sound snapped him out of his reminiscent daze brought on by the images as they flashed across the screen.

[Taggart] -Sits up in his chair abruptly and straightens out his uniform before answering: "Yes sir.....No sir....I see...I will be done sir." He hangs up the phone and rests his finger on the bridge of his nose, forcefully suppressing the oncoming migraine. He appears shaken, as if he's having some sort of inner battle before he steadies himself and confidently holds his finger to his ear.


[Sanchez] "Yes sir?"

[Taggart] "....give it to her..."

I enjoy listening in to the heated conversation, it almost starting to sound like a party.. right next to my teat. Which actually makes it even more exciting!

"Hey, hey!" - I'm finally forced to protest - "I'm not like.. that, ugh! Let's have a party and make it like.. a zeroth anniversary of.. me growing? But not to make it 'all about her'..." - I whisper in mocking tone and chuckle.. causing my torso to shake a tiny bit. To make matters worse, I keep chuckling when all the specks appear to have fallen over from this.. or at least are struggling to keep their balance. Luckily moisture on my skin seems to have mostly evaporated so you don't slide. I finally calm down and: "Yeah, sorry, sorry..."

"But yeah, a cookout seems like a lovely idea and.. everybody's invited hihi!" - which results in more getting knocked over - "Except.. I've only just started my bath and.. I mean, I can't exactly walk around the base all muddy and the like? I mean.. tell you what. How about you organize some stuff, while I finish here. Truth be told, you're not much of a help with cleaning - more like.. a distraction or something. Yeah.. definitely a distraction. We should just get you a car or something so you can organize.."

"Um, soldier-guy? Could we get like a car or another heli-"

[Sanchez] suddenly not complaining anymore: "Already on it, miss."

"Huh, well.. thanks? Oh, and be sure to get a towel for me? Or maybe like a.. beach blanket too? Ohh, but make sure to get only natural cotton, like.. no dyes and artificial stuff and what not! I mean, I'm not a hipster or anything, but well.. you'll be able to recycle it more easily I suppose? Um, also some clothes, a couple bikinis my size would be neat so I can pick one. I mean, not 'my size' right now, but.. you probably must know my measurements already?"

[Sanchez] a tiny bit hesitantly: "Yes, miss Rose.. why do you-"

"It's okay. I mean yeah, I figured you'd probably have measured everything about me by now, so to speak. And yeah, I'll just grow them no worries. But while we wait, um... I guess.. Mikey and others too, wanna.. distract me some more?" - and when none of the specks move, I add: "Oh come on, don't be shy! I mean, when in Rome..." - it finally gets some specks to move, but it makes me wonder: ".. actually, did Romans act like this?"

But afterwards.. I just focus on enjoying your tiny efforts. They're so puny, weak and useless.. like barely even a light tickle.. and it makes the whole experience soo goood!

The group of tinies atop you tit are knocked to our knees as the gelatinous ground quakes and wobbles, it almost felt like trying to stand up in a bouncy house. "Mhmmm see...What'd I tell you?" I asked the group of soldiers as we all struggled to pull ourselves up. "I knew she'd love it, plus it sounds like we've gotten you all permission."

[Beckham] "I..don't know what to say...my wife's gonna be pissed at me."

[James] "Ahh relax Beck I'd be more worried about making her upset than your wife. Just tell her you were held against your will or something."

[Beckham] "Ehh maybe...guess I can't really do anything about it now."

[Me] "Atta boy!" -Slaps Beckham on the back of the shoulder- "Well...sounds like we got some time to waste while they organize some transportation. So what say we...make the most of it and finish our race?"

The group of soldiers whisper and chuckle amongst themselves before gesturing towards the titanic nip behind me. We share a moment of eye contact before all of us quickly rush towards the monument like a group of horny teens and start climbing it using the 'tiny' wrinkles as handholds.

I was about to ignore the whole 'wife' thing, but.. it just doesn't feel right. So I whisper: "What was that about a wife again? Is anybody married or.. I don't know, girlfriend and all that? Um..."

[Beckham] "Yes miss, I am - but it's fine, I'm sure she's okay with-"

"Well how can you know? I mean, the situation is 'pretty dubious'.." - then it occurs to me: "How about we just call her? What's her number?" - and I grab my phone, very carefully.. not to throw you off from my nip.

[Beckham] "Uhh, umm, I don't think it's strictly necessary and-"

"Let me worry about that, or rather.. let your wife? Oh, and until she confirms it's okay.. no climbing for you! Whichever speck are you anyway..." - I haven't thought that part yet, but luckily it seems that neither has he and I can see one of the specks already stepped away from my nipple. Only a few millimeters, but still: "There you go! I have to draw the line.." - I think about it quickly.. he's still on my naked boob, and... ".. I mean, somewhere, I guess? Anyway, number?"

[Beckham] "I really don't think-"

I open the phone app and: "Shoosh, just tell me.. or should I just ask soldier-guy? Um.." - I think how to explain my need for the phone number for the guy's wife...

[Sanchez] "Miss Rose, I don't think it's-"

"Ohh you guys, ugh! I guess you just won't understand, so.. the number! Or should I look her up online, or.. maybe I'll just walk around asking who's got a husband called like that famous basketball player star.. guy.. um..." - I try to remember the name, or even.. was it basketball?

[Sanchez] calmly: "Please, miss-"

[Beckham] not so calmly: "Okay, okay! No need for.. that. Her number is..."

I type the digits and call it, half-expecting it to be fake or something. Still, I tease: "There, wasn't that hard, now was it.. and no puns, please!" - I can already imagine a few.. considering where you all are. I add rhetorically, just to make sure there are no interruptions: "Let me do the talking, kay?"

It rings a few times, then somebody answers:

[a woman] "Hello? Who's this?"

"Hii! I'm Rose.. I mean, you probably don't know me, but-"

[a woman] "Wait, you sound just like.. oh my god, are you that woman from.. that grew gigantic and..."

I raise an eyebrow, surprised by how quickly she connected the facts. Oh well: "So you heard? I guess it'll make the explanations easier. First of all: please don't hang up, I just want to talk and.. are you still there?" - silence.. but I can see the call still going, so: "I hope you haven't passed out or.. should we send an ambulance?"

[a woman] "No, no! I'm.. I'm here, still here.. it's just.. yeah... Yeah..."

I chuckle and: "Look, it's fine - no need to be alarmed or anything. Listen.. first of all, what's your name? I mean, I like to-"

[a woman] almost shrieks: "It's Jenny!" - a pause - "Uh, sorry, I'm Jenny, nice to, um.. nice to meet you?"

"Well hello Jenny, nice to meet you too. I take it you heard about.. the whole thing? With me and all that?"

[Jenny] a pause, then finally: "Yes, I uh.. I live by the base with my husband, they tried to evacuate but I wouldn't, I couldn't, I..." - then with a lowered voice, as if talking to herself - "I shouldn't have said that, I shouldn't have said that..."

"Hey, it's okay, really" - I try to be as reassuring as I can - "And don't worry, I'm not going to come there and hurt you or.. whatever the reason might be for you to be scared and stuff. I mean, the base is pretty big place, so.. actually it's not 'that' big, but.. well you know what I mean hihi!"

Silence, so I just continue:

"Aaanyway, I'm actually calling about your husband - he's called like that famous basketball guy, or.. hockey, maybe? I mean.. what was it, um.."

[Jenny] "Football! And it's Beckham! We're both, I mean.."

"Right, married.. of course, silly me..." - although her whole 'being terrified' act is getting a bit old already - "And yes, I definitely knew that, yeah, football, Becky.. um, never mind! Look listen, about your husband-"

[Jenny] "Wait, has something happened to him? I heard he went on some special assignment, and.. they wouldn't tell me anything, but it could only mean it was something to do with that gia.. I mean, you? Was it something to do with.. you?"

"Right, maybe if I can explain it myself?" - silence, I continue: "The thing is.. he had a little accident and, well he kindda crashed" - I can hear a gasp from the other side, so I promptly explain: "No, but don't worry, it was a very.. um, soft landing? So to speak? Anyway, I'm actually calling about that, sort of. You see.. when he crashed..."

[Beckham] "Oh get to the point already..."

[Jenny] "William, you're okay, thank god! But where are you?!?"

[Beckham] "Right, about that, um-"

"Yeah, if I can explain? Please? Thank you! Actually, maybe I should just show you.. how do I switch it to.. oh, there we go!" - I enable the video call and wait a moment until she accepts. I also get to see her: flawless blonde hair, young, pretty, fit.. the whole package! But most importantly: "Ohhh, what a lovely top!"

[Jenny] "I, what? My.." - she looks down at her sublime azure dress, parts of it transparent in a neat pattern around her neck and a cute finish. It's only now that I realize that.. I haven't spoken to any woman in a while, at least since I grew. I guess they were really swarming the comms and stuff, eager to talk to me.. ugh, men. She finally adds: "Oh, um.. do you like it?"

"Oh, I love it, I mean-"

[Beckham] "Oh for.. pete's sake, can you please-"

"Right, right.. and, I mean, sorry I'm a bit of a mess myself, well.. somebody was having trouble organizing a 'little' bath!" - I pause and nobody wants to comment, so I continue: "And um, sorry about showing a bit of skin, but.. we're still kindda working out the clothing-"

[Jenny] "Yes, I heard..."

"Right.." - it's so weird to.. it's fine with men, or at least I assumed it was fine... ".. anyway, here it goes? Your husband, um.." - I move the phone to point at my right boob, then move the front camera a bit closer to my nipple - ".. yeah, he's kindda one of these specks? By the, um.. crashed helicopter?"

[Jenny] "Oh my god! William are you sure you're okay?!?"

[Beckham] "Yes, hon.. it's.. it looks a lot worse than it is. And I really didn't want to end up-"

[Jenny] "But the chopper! And the smoke! How.. why.. what are you doing there!"

"Right, about that.. so we were kindda messing around and, well there was this race to the 'peak' and, um.. well I just wanted to make sure if you're okay with your hubby.. well, you know.. being there, I mean here? So to speak?"

[Jenny] "I, uh.. to the peak of what? Oh.. um.. wait, what?"

"Well we just wanted to make sure-"

[Beckham] "Enough of it already! Rose asked us to climb her giant nipple, but I really.. yeah, I probably really shouldn't."

"Oh really? I mean, you suddenly sound much less 'eager' to get to it with your wife on the line, I mean... Oh and I love your hair Jen, did you just get out of hair stylist?"

[Jenny] "I.. uh, thank you? No, it was.. yesterday? No, in the morning.. I think?"

"Well it's just lovely and he's a lucky guy to be married to you hihi!" - I tease and nobody wants to add anything, so I: "In any case, I think it's settled-"

[Jenny] "I think he should totally do it!"

"Oh, wha- wait, what?"

[Beckham] "Honey, this is not-"

[Jenny] "No no, I'm serious.. I mean, he keeps complaining about my bra size.. asking about surgery.. maybe it's his chance to-"

"Ohhh, I get it hihi!" - I haven't even noticed how the seems to have a fairly small chest. Like.. smaller than mine, even relatively speaking - "Right, so it's your chance Walter to experience-"

[Beckham] "William."

"Right right, for William to experience, you know, the biggest-"

[Beckham] "I'm sorry, I really shouldn't. And I.. I'm sorry, Jen. About.. all this, and everything? I mean this really was an accident and-"

[Jenny] "Oh you just keep having 'accidents', don't you?" - followed by an awkward silence, she finally adds: "No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-"

[Sanchez] "Quite. Please, ladies-"

[Jenny] "Wait who are.. Is this some kind of.. who else is on the call?"

"Ohh you know.. there's me, Winston, Mike, soldier-guy.. I mean, what's he called.. Huan, Hu-ann.."

[Sanchez] "Juan Sanchez, miss."

"There, thank you! Um, there's also.. well that creepy colonel-guy, what's his name.."

[Jenny] "Uh, is colonel Taggart on.. umm..."

"Right! That's the one! I mean he's not talking much.. at all, actually. But probably listening in or something, that bald creep... Anyway, and probably like a few dozen guys in that cute little super secret underground men-cave.. I mean, 'bunker' and.. hm, I probably shouldn't have mentioned it out loud, I suppose?"

[Sanchez] "It's okay miss, it's no longer much of a secret..."

"Yeah.. oh well, in any case.. hey! You should totally drop by! I mean, Jen? Maybe you could, I don't know.. show the military 'men' how to find proper clothes for me or something? Mike, what do you think?"

"Sure! The more the merrier right Beckham?" I asked while elbowing the seasoned pilot in the side of the ribs. Yet the soldier remained motionless and expressionless as if he was deep within thought and knew something that we did.

[James] "What's the matter Beck? You look like you've seen a ghost."

[Beckham] "I...well...my wife...you see. She's....well..."

[James] "Out with it man, what is it?"

[Beckham] "Jenny....my Jenny...she sounded...happy"

[Me] "Yeah? What's wrong with that? It sounded like she gave you the green light to have some fun for one."

[James] "Right, now quit being such a party pooper and let's climb this thing! Look it's getting bigger, seems like Rose here is getting excited about meeting her."

Sude enough the magnificent mesa next to us was starting to expand and harden. The wrinkles we had been planning on using as handholds were becoming few and far between.

[Beckham] "See that's the thing...Jess...well she's-"

[Me] "A fantastic woman who doesn't want her husband to miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Now can we get going?" I move to start climbing but Beckham continues talking.

[Beckham] Making sure to cover his microphone so you can't hear him: "She's....she's Bi..."

James and I both look at each other in visible confusion while the other soldiers snicker amongst themselves childishly.

[James] "And? Sounds like my kind of woman. You're a lucky man Beck, now come on."

[Beckham] Lost in thought before replying in an almost inaudible voice: "Yeah...right...we'll figure it out if she decides to come."

[Me] "Atta boy! Now...let's tame this baby."

The marines and I start our ascent, taking great caution not to slip as we climbed higher and higher up the fleshy rock wall.


[Sanchez] "Miss Rose...I have a surprise for you. After some...strenuous negotiations and preparation. We were able to procure a certain machine for you to...trim yourself with...Don't ask how we did it, but if you look to your left you should see a marina....we've parked it there."

Sitting at the evacuated marina is a large wheat harvester 'borrowed' from a nearby farm on the outskirts of town.

"Okay then hihi!" - I answered when you eagerly agreed to inviting Jenny and brought my phone back to my face: "Well I guess it's settled then, you can come in and-" (assuming you muted your phones or something, so I didn't hear the conversation between the soldiers/you)

[Jenny] "But I.. I don't think I should, I mean how would I even..."

I watch her worried expression over the video call. She seems almost.. scared? I pout a little and think about it quickly, then whisper: "Oh come on.. I mean, we're having a little party, um.. a cookout?"

[Jenny] "I was waiting for my friends, actually.. we had a get-together planned before, uh.."

"Yeah, I get it: before I happened. But tell you what, everyone's invited and as Mike said, 'the more the merrier'? I'm sure it'll be fun, too! I mean, not just for me and.. oh well, you can ask them and-"

[Sanchez] "Miss, I don't think we should-"

"Shoosh you!" - I frown and add after a moment: "Everyone's. Invited. Anyway, think about it Jen, maybe.." - I cover my mouth in a pointless attempt to prevent you from hearing this: ".. think about all the teasing you could do to your hubby hihi!"

[Jenny] "Uh, okay, I suppose. I'll.. we'll think about it then, okay?"

"Sure thing! See ya! Kiss kiss hihi!" - then Jenny waves anxiously and I end the call.

I turn my attention back to you and.. I see the specks have almost made it to the tip of my nipple without me even noticing it! I want to tease you about crawling all over me and abusing.. something? But maybe better not, instead: "Still climbing, huh? I thought you'd be halfway to the other 'peak' by now, I mean.." - as I squint my eyes, I notice how you specks seem to be struggling with almost vertical cliffs of my nipple: "Well okay then, just get to the top this one and.. I'll just relax a little."

I lay my head back down comfortably and remember about Sanchez's surprise. I look to my left and notice the said marina, then: a tiny toy-like vehicle? How am I supposed to.. oh well, whatever. For now I close my eyes and just enjoy your barely noticeable struggles...



End Notes:

Funny how the named cast just keeps growing.. I guess we really failed at keeping the RP quick and simple...

But oh well, we can always 'trim' it later hihi!

The Peak by FluffyRose

The landscape starts to relax slightly as our little group continued our ascent with a newfound camaraderie. Since we were all working towards a common goal, we had no reason not to get along. After all, we were just a few red blooded males trying to conquer the biggest challenge in human history, possibly even bigger than the moon landing! At least in my opinion...

"Almost there fellas, it's starting to flatten out!" I shouted as the pink mound started to become less steep and the fleshy ridges became less apparent.

[James] "No shit sherlock, we've been climbing forever! I'm just glad this chick doesn't have those breast feeding nipples. You know what I mean? The ones that stick out like this far from their chest" -He holds his hand off of his chest to symbolize what he's describing.

[Me] "I guess but that doesn't really change the fact that we literally just climbed up a fucking nipple! Can you truly say that any part of her is small?"

[James] "Ehh...I see your point.."

[Beckham] "Speaking of points..."

All together we pulled ourselves up and onto the plateau and marveled at the view. We were all breathless as we looked at the seemingly endless ocean before one soldier, who's name I hadn't gotten yet, pulled at the back of my shirt and gestured towards the other direction.

Your flawless torso extended far into the horizon, completed with a dense jungle of public hair before splitting into a pair of legs that almost brought a tear to my eye.

"Guys...this is something special..."

[James] "Fuck the Grand Canyon...this...I can die a happy man now."

I chuckle after hearing all that and tease: "I could be.. arranged hihi! Nah, don't worry about it, just kidding! So.. you done there, or.. what are you doing?" - I realize quickly that: "Mike is probably humping.. something? Or.." - I can barely feel 'something' touching the tip of the nipple... ".. wait, is he actually humping it?"

I open my eyes and look in your direction, but.. it's just a few specks on my nipple - hard to say if anybody is actually doing anything, or who would it be exactly.

I suddenly froze and thought: "How did she know that? Was she just messing with me or was her eyesight better than I gave you credit for?"

[Beckham] "Dude....are you serious? Get a hold of yourself man"

[Me] "Shut up, don't judge me. From what I overheard you've got a thing for big titties yourself soooo....in case you having noticed...we're standing on a nipple that's bigger than your house! And under that is a boob big enough to fill a stadium!"

I continued to roll around on your tip like a kid making snow angels, letting my swollen manhood press into your sensitive skin through my pants. "This has been my dream ever since I was a little kid so either join in or go somewhere else. Things might get.. lewd"

The soldiers stared at me and then each other before shrugging. The two unnamed men walked off to investigate the glorious pit of your duct while James knelt down and started kneading your fleshly like it was made of dough. Beckham still seemed like he refused to give in to his primal urges and chose to address you before acting on impulse, he was gentleman after all.

[Beckham] "Ehh miss Rose...may I...ahem...join them?"

I chuckled when you complained, then whispered: "An inspired guess, hihi!"

But now as that cute lil' pilot guy asks, I pretend to think about it: "Hummm, I don't know... Should we ask Jenny to see... Ohh I'm just messing with ya - sure, why not hihi! I mean it's not like I can feel.." - I close my eyes again and concentrate: ".. actually, if I focus really hard I can just barely..." - I tease in a mocking 'soldierly' tone: "Redouble your efforts men!" - and chuckle, then add normally: "Or I mean, like.. it's kindda kinky, I guess?"

I lay there for a moment, enjoying the subtle sensations of.. several men humping the tip of my nipple, apparently? It excites me a bit, but not enough to get me to resume touching myself.. all I can think is Jenny, her cute top and.. what should I wear? Then suddenly, I feel an increase in activity: "Oh, you're really going at it up there hihi!" - but truth be told if I didn't know it's them, I could've mistaken it for a gust of wind.. a very persistent wind anyway. Oh well: "Let me know when you're done - I do have a bath to finish, after all!"

The soldiers and I abruptly stopped our pleasuring as you implied that our efforts were going mostly unnoticed.

[James] "You mean she cant even feel us? Not even if we do this?-" He starts to firmly punch the forgiving mound of skin like a punching bag, only for the small dents to spring back up like it never happened.

[Beckham] "Of course she can't feel us, I mean think about it...when was the last time you felt a mosquito land on you? Or felt an ant crawl up your leg?"

[Me] "You think she'd at least feel something...since were on one of the most sensitive parts of the female body, second only to...well down there." I gesture over me shoulder down towards your pelvic area.

[James] "Kinda makes me feel like less of a man honestly."

[Me] "Neh she's always been pretty resilient, at least as long as I've known her. The only thing that really gets her off is seeing how big she looks...wait a minute...that's it!"

Beckham and James each raise an eyebrow at me as I pull the phone out from my pocket and start a video call with you.
"Michael Dunn here reporting from the summit of Mount Ever-tits...are you getting this okay?" I wave my hand in front of the lenses before starting to show you around the barren landscape.
"As you can see here, this area is completely devoid of life save for two brave explorers who risked their lives trying to reach the peak." The two soldiers play along and stand proudly for you to see before I start to zoom in on their obvious erections. "Whoa...looks like they've already pitched their tents and are ready to make camp...at ease privates..." I start to circle the camera around while continuing my commentary.

"The tip can easily fit an entire football field on it, great place for a game if it wasn't for the massive crater in the middle. Hey maybe Manchester United would be willing to move their team here?"

I could almost feel the facepalms from anybody listening in.

I sigh, but pick up the phone and: "Fine, let me see this 'magnificent'.. oh..." - I trail off as the view is actually pretty surreal. Complete with tiny erections and... "Oh, I guess that explains why I couldn't feel you very well, I mean.. I 'kindda' felt you, but.. I complained mostly to tease you and.. maybe more like encourage to... Whoa, that's pretty high, actually!" - my eyes widen as you point the camera towards the edge. It's almost like some kind of highrise... and you climbed it! I add: "Um, Weren't you afraid of.. you know, climbing without any protective gear and stuff? It's.. how tall would you say, um.. five stories? Ten?" - I mostly mumble randomly as you pan the camera around.

The best part of it is the soldiers for scale. It only makes me wish.. or actually: "Hey, how about we set up that cookout right there? I mean.." - but I remember Jenny, her friends.. what if they come? Maybe: "No, no.. probably a bad idea. But, um..." - I bite my lower lip, before finally getting the courage to ask: ".. could you like, touch it.. me, I mean.. on camera? Uh, if somebody else could hold, I mean..."

My free hand instinctively finds its way to my crotch again.. except this time I manage to stop myself from playing with it. For now...

[Beckham] "I don't see why we would be afraid of climbing this, sure its high up and you do a pretty crap job at keeping these ladies still, but it's pretty soft so even if we did fall I'm pretty sure we would have been okay. Maybe some minor bruises or a busted leg, but it shouldn't be fatal."

[Me] "Yeah...what he said, and why wouldn't we be able to hold the cookout here? There's more than enough space...but I suppose that might be asking the Colonel's too much if we were to request they bring us everything we needed. Plus I sure you'd absolutely hate having all those strapping men climbing all over your naked body." -Takes a moment and let's that sink in- "wait a minute..did you say you want me to touch it? Like right now?"

I eyed James and Beckham as if I was asking their opinions before I handed Beckham the phone and made sure he was focused on me: "Uhh okay...I didnt know you were into this kind of stuff...and you call me the perv."

With that snide remark I started to massage my manhood through my pants until it started to harden. The thin breathable material perfectly outlined my dick as I started to seductively masturbate for your benefit, much to the discomfort of my comrades who chose to look away. "Oh yes...you're a dirty girl Rose, asking little old me to touch it..." I grabbed the camera from Beckham and gave you a close up shot of my boner while I continued to stroke myself.

[James] "Ehh...Mike? I'm pretty sure she meant she wanted to see you touch...her."

I paused and felt myself become flushed with embarrassment before shrugging it off like it was no big deal. "Ohhh...I guess that could be what she meant...oopsie!"

I giggled when all the guys apparently boasted about their climbing abilities and the idea of getting bruised or even broken limbs.. from falling off my nipple?!? Anyway, just the thought excited me a great deal! But then you mentioned 'touching it' and I blushed a bit...

But when you began actually touching 'it' - I already opened my mouth to protest how "I didn't mean that", but you seemed so sure of yourself.. and so eager to actually start.. touching? I unwittingly kept my mouth open ready to say the syllable 'I' - and watched, amused and curious...

Now I finally lick my lips, squint my eyes and whisper: "Oh, I definitely.. that could be what she meant, I mean what I... yeah. And I didn't.. 'that'..." - but when I think about it quickly: "But I don't.. mind? I mean, if you have to.. you know, do your thing? Maybe not on camera though, and..." - I bite on my lower lip lightly and consider the whole thing: on one hand, jerking off on top of me is a bit gross, but on the other... I look down from my phone, at the tiny specks on my nipple. It's not like I could ever see or feel it.

Plus my left hand is still at the crotch - ready to start playing with my version of 'it'... I move it aside, suddenly ashamed a bit - but finally lay it on my belly to hide your view of my crotch. Maybe...

"Tell you what. You do your thing - and I mean all of you, guys.. if you want? I really don't mind and.. I'll just lay back over here and rest a bit, while..." - I stop myself from saying 'enjoying it' out loud. Although that's exactly what I'm planning to do. In fact.. I put the phone aside and close my eyes, eagerly awaiting any 'sensations' from the nipple you're on.

"Actually.." - I add with my eyes closed - ".. um, soldier-guy? Can we get them a lift? Like.. however long they'll be 'busy' there, um..."

[Sanchez] "A chopper should be there in five to ten minutes, miss."

"That quick?" - then I realize: "Oh you mean the travel.. um, okay..."

Beckham and James shamefully looked down towards their own erections and refused to make eye contact with each other while I continued on with my business. Every fiber of their male libidos was beginning them to join in and satisfy their primal urges, if only to get their heads on straight.

[Me] "Only 10 minutes!? That's not fair! There's still so much of her to see! I haven't even had a chance to trek through that forest in search of the hidden temple!" I whined like a spoiled child yet continued to stroke myself like a man. "Well...I suppose I've done more with less, it's not exactly a world record pace."

An unspoken gentlemen's agreement was made and the two soldiers distanced themselves from each other before tending to themselves.

[Me] "Well looks like we're strapped for time Rosey, you sure you don't want to...you know...participate? At least you'd be able to wash yourself off afterwards."
Now that I had a minor bit of privacy, or at least as much as I could get, I slipped my cock out from my pants and started to vigorously pump it while grabbing a fistful of your nipple with my free hand.
"Shame you only stopped at a mile, maybe once this cookout is over you can grow for me again? I'm sure the colonel's would absolute love that..."

"Yeah, he sure would!" - and I chuckle a bit, but it makes me realize.. I really haven't thought much about growing bigger. Actually not once since I grew, it's like.. this is already pretty damn big and interacting with 'normal' people.. but I tease: "Oh well, maybe later hihi!"

Then I think about the other thing and blush a bit again. Luckily you probably can't see it, with my head being horizontal and.. oh well. I sigh and remark: "And as for the 'temple'... you're no Indiana Jones, or at least.. yeah, maybe later too. I gotta dose it for you guys, or else your heads would explode or.. something else would anyway. Um and me? I'm just.. not in the mood, I guess? But you go ahead and.. whatever, I mean.." - I glance at my nipple and tease: "I'm not feeling any 'action' up there, so.. are you done already?"

"Not in the mood!?!? I guess it might be a good thing since you might contribute to the rise of sea levels if you were to uhh...cum." The very thought of your feminine nectar leaking into the ocean like some sort of oil spill was almost enough to make me finish right then and there. Yet your continued calling out of my lack of effort was starting to call my manhood into question.
"Hey Beck! Do you have like a taser or something? Maybe a grenade that I can toss into her duct over there?"

[Beckham] Clearly frustrated that I'm distracting him during his 'alone' time: "What for?"

[Me] "Let's just say I'm looking to leave a lasting impression..."

[Beckham] "Anything like that would be in the chopper, and I'm not trying to climb back down just so you can please your giant girlfriend."

In the distance we can hear James let out a scream of ecstacy after having climaxed. He uses to bottom of his shoe to stamp the insignificant amount of cum into your skin before taking a deep breath and returning to admiring the view.

[Me] "Dammit...they make pleasuring a giantess sound so easy in the stories online. I never expected it to be so difficult! Hang on Rose...I'll think of something...maybe...no no that wouldn't work."
I tried to call upon my knowledge of everything giantess related from what I've seen online during my 'research' sessions. Rp's, stories, videos, etc, but all seemed to do was make me even more frustrated.

[Beckham] "Maybe that's for the best...the second helicopter will be here in a couple minutes anyway."

[Me] "No! I refuse to give up! -I start pounding and kicking the ground like a man possessed, even driving my cock into the ground in a desperate attempt to elicit some sort of reaction.

I chuckle with my eyes closed again and: "Oh, that's nice.. finally some 'action' hihi! Keep it up, and.. a bit to the left, maybe?" - but I figure it must be some kind of team effort from everybody on my nipple, so I tease: "Can I see it? And don't be shy, I'm just.. curious?" - and I grab my phone again and look at it, hoping to see what it takes for 'little' guys to cause a slight tickle for me.

Although just knowing that you're trying.. is slowly getting me back in the mood. But then: "And no, it wouldn't like.. it's just a few drops, plus it would evaporate in no time anyway! Probably? Humm.." - that's not how sea levels work, but: "Nah, Earth is really big, like.. even compared to me..." - I chuckle and tease: ".. for now..."



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