Fascist in a Box! by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

In the near future, hate-groups have been outlawed, and their members are faced with the most severe of punishments. 

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1. Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

2. Chapter 2 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
It was a beautiful September day in the city of Tongeren, Belgium. The weather was nice and warm with a slight breeze blowing in from the east that playfully swung the signs of shops and the smaller branches of roadside trees. In all accounts, it really did seem like the perfect day.

There was, however, one person that couldn?t quite appreciate the nice weather outside. Laurian was, at the moment, trapped in a small, dark, enclosed space. She struggled against the ropes that restrained her, grunting and wheezing from the heat and exhaustion. How long she?d been in there was impossible to say, it felt like an eternity since she?d been sealed inside. She felt hot, everywhere felt so hot. She was hungry, starving even. Food had been placed in her prison with her, but with all the movement it slid somewhere into the darkness just out of the reach of her mouth. From outside the thin walls, Laurian could hear the footsteps of people walking by, either oblivious to her suffering or completely apathetic. After all, who would care about a small cardboard box?

The year was 2030. In the past decade, radical political reforms were made in a grand attempt to protect the security and progress of nearly every developed nation. Among these was an outright crackdown on hate-groups, organizations who believe in the supremacy of one group of people over another based on issues of identity. This, everyone thought, was a necessary step to make sure the division that caused the 2020 Political Crisis never happened again.

All of the developed nations were left to their own systems or deciding the punishment for anyone found guilty. A large majority of them dealt out prison time, accompanied with extensive amounts of community service and reparations to the affected peoples. Belgium, however, decided upon more alternative means of punishment.

The Belgian government, being the de facto center of the European Union, felt it had to have one of the most harsh punishments readily available. Being that Belgium was one of the smallest major countries, shrinking offenders was the most logical step, if not the most humorous to some.

With experimental shrinking technology, hate-group members were shrunken to roughly 1 centimeter tall on average. The tiny criminals, now that they posed no serious physical threat to the public (as well as to cut the cost of imprisoning them), were then bound, packaged, and mailed out at random to other Belgian citizens, leaving their fate completely up to chance, and whoever found the official packages on their doorsteps.

This final detail led to a variety of results. Many of the convicts were taken in as pets, many of whom were put into cages, fed left-overs, and taught tricks. Others who weren?t as fortunate were treated much more harshly, becoming slaves, toys, or even just killed outright. Few would never even leave the confines of their boxes, being delivered to abandoned houses, homes where the owners were on vacation, or even just lost in shipping. It wasn?t a perfect system, but these were far from perfect people anyway.

This is where we find Laurian today; tiny, bound, and struggling inside of a small box left on someone?s doorstep. The group she belonged to was a local sect of Vlaams Belang, a conservative political party that touted the more Dutch speaking north part of Belgium as superior to the more French speaking southern half. While that may sound trivial enough, it is worth mentioning the group was drifting more and more towards the side of white supremacy, some even claiming the Dutch to be the true ?master race? in their delusions. Laurian was one such member.

At only 20 years old, Laurian was fully indoctrinated into the group, along with most of her family, who even pushed Laurian into the Vlaams Belang Jongeren youth section since she was 13. She and some of her fellow members were going to meet at a local Dutch cafe in Antwerp, that?s where they were arrested. A mole in their group had gathered enough information to have them all taken in.

It happened so fast. Laurian was quickly processed, shrunken, and dropped inside a box postmarked at random. The entire journey she was either thrown around her small container or left to lay in silence for hours. Finally, it seemed she?d come to a rest, now hearing the world around here. It wasn?t any mail clerk office or delivery van.

Laurian soon gave up her struggle, feeling exhausted to her core. She lay her face down onto the cool underside of the box, her matted brown hair acting as something of a pillow. Laurian wanted to sleep desperately, but the discomfort of her ropes kept her from nodding off.

Every so often the tiny girl could hear familiar noises from outside her tiny confines. One car would honk at another on a nearby road or someone would walk by on the sidewalk, their steps sounding much louder than they should have. As one passed by, however, Laurian heard them get louder, or more accurately, closer.




Finally coming to rest mere inches from the box. Laurian could very faintly hear a muffled voice speaking high above her. Laurian?s heart pounded out of her chest. Oh god, was this it?

The box moved and tilted gently as it was picked up and taken inside.

Laurian was now entering her new home.
Chapter 2 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Laurian looked around anxiously in the darkness, feeling like she was being swayed back and forth in quick smooth movements. Her breathing became heavy as she wondered about just who was carrying her now. It could?ve been anyone.

The process of who the little felons were sent to was completely randomized, of course, to avoid conflicts of interest. There had even been some cases where they were sent to other members of their own hate group, who?d take them in and provide shelter within their ranks. But that was nearly one in a million. Still. Maybe, just maybe Laurian was in one of their secret safehouses, being taken somewhere more secure. She muttered a little prayer as the swaying continued.

A small jolt threw her off her train of thought, however, as her cardboard prison was dropped somewhere, likely set on a table if she had to guess. Everything sounded quiet. She noticed the sounds of birds and cars were gone. She twisted and rolled herself only her back, her heart still pumping against the restraint of the ropes that bound her.

Seconds passed in that pitch black void until Laurian heard another sound. A light scraping sound that seemed to drag along just above her. Quickly, a single thread of light was forming just above her. Laurian felt herself almost cry as the still unseen person continued to cut open her box, both out of relief to finally be leaving this dark hell, and out of fear for what she may find outside.

As the line was complete there was a moment's hesitation until both wooden flaps were flung open together. Laurian winced as the sunlight she hadn?t seen for days stung her eyes, each ray like a dagger until her eyes were more adjusted.

Still squinting, and occasionally writhing in her continued discomfort, Laurian finally managed to open her eyes, at least half-way. Though it felt like the sun was shining directly into her face, all Laurian could see was a plain white ceiling with the light turned off, the room being lit by nearby windows with the shades open wide. The rest of her view was dominated by the two walls of her box extending high above her, and the pretty face of a young woman staring straight at her.

Her eyes were a piercing green that seemed to cover Laurian fully. She looked bewildered as she looked at the tiny person bound before her, her mouth hooked into a confused open smile. Her brown hair flowed down past her face, but not as long as Laurian?s was, as it didn?t even reach the opening of the box. Laurian could only stare back, making direct eye contact with this gigantic girl.

?No way?? the young woman said aloud, still looking in.

Raissa was a young college student of 19 years old, only a few months younger than Lauria, according to the small info card that came with the box. Her hair was a caramel brown that curled down to her shoulders. She had a plain yet pretty face, highlighted by a thin pair of eyeglasses. Being a cool day she wore a grey jacket (a gift from one of her exes) and a black shirt with the name of an obscure Belgian band on the front. Beneath that, and unseeable to Laurian, Raissa wore dark blue jeans with red socks, having kicked her converse off at the door. She had a very light build, being more on the small side, though her hips were slightly pinched, giving her a small hourglass figure. Her breasts were also on the smaller side, for those curious, only showing slight hills from under her shirt.

Raissa gave another glance over the small card that came with her apparent gift. It gave over a brief summary of the program itself on one side, and on the other a slightly more detailed account of just who was in the box and which group they belonged to. The card ended with the closing line, ?to do with as you please,?

Raissa glanced back at the tied up girl, now knowing her name to be Laurian, and of her crime of belonging to such a group.

?Vlaams Belang, huh?? the massive girl said, reaching into the box.

There was a tiny scream from within that became muffled as Raissa pinched up the tiny body. She could feel Laurian squirming in a panic, still restricted by the tiny ropes keeping her from effectively resisting, not that it would have done her any good to begin with.

Raissa lifted the little lady up to her face, her eye dominating most of Laurian?s view from behind her pair of glasses. She saw Laurian?s face, terrified and nearly crying. Still, she was very pretty. With the ropes tight around her body, Raissa could see that she was thin and, before she was shrunken, taller than average. She was wearing the same clothes as when she was arrested, a white shirt, high-rise jeans with designer boots. In all honesty she looked like someone you?d see in a magazine for any retail store.

?Gross,? Raissa said after giving Laurian a good look over. Why were the basic hot chicks always the crazy ones.

The tiny girl continued to squirm between Raissa's fingers. Idly, Raissa pinched her a little harder. It was still strange to her that this was a real thing that happened.

?You know you?re really lucky you got sent to me, actually,? she said still eyeing Laurian, ?because my neighbors actually own some long-ass snakes, and I bet they would?ve just fed you to them.?

Laurian cried harder as the air was forced again from her lungs. Her already aching body screaming out in pain. It seemed like this wouldn?t be the sanctuary she was hoping for afterall.

?Maybe I?ll just give you to them,? she said, tilting the tin girl so she hung upside-down, ?I?m not really sure what else to do with a little rat like you.?

"P-please don't!" Laurian screamed as the blood began rushing to her head, "I'll do whatever you want!"

Such a basic response. But really what could she expect from such a basic little bitch?
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