Voiding the Warranty. by MrD

A hapless end user learns some of the risks of not using the product in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

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1. Part I, Section 1, Product Demonstration by MrD

2. Part I, Section 2, Unauthorized Modification by MrD

3. Part I, Epilogue. by MrD

4. Part II, Section 1, Regularly Scheduled Maintenance by MrD

5. Part II, Section 2, Cross Platform Function Integration by MrD

6. Part II, Epilogue by MrD

Part I, Section 1, Product Demonstration by MrD
Author's Notes:

Who wouldn't want a robot?

I mean, I would.

Wouldn't you?



“Because she’s like ten fucking feet tall!” Oscar screamed at the phone. “I thought it was just packing material, but it took eight fucking dudes to bring it into the appartment! I couldn’t move the box if I wanted to!”




“Mr. Surrey, I understand your concern, and I empathize with your situation, but I cannot simply refund you for your order. There were several clear, legal disclaimers on the website, you had to confirm your order via e-mail after you placed the request on the website, and the shipping company had to confirm the package with size and weight before we even processed the unit.”




“What am I supposed to do with this?” Oscar retorted.




“Mr. Surrey, I understand your concern, and I empathize with your situation, but I cannot simply refund you for your order. I’ve notified the Customer Satisfaction Survey Team of your concerns. They will be reaching out to you after thirty business days…”




“Thirty fuckin’ days?” Oscar screamed.




“Thirty business days, so it’ll be more like forty five calendar days, Mr. Surrey. The Customer Satisfaction Survey Team will be reaching out to you after thirty business days to follow up on your purchase. If you’re still dissatisfied with the product at that time, the Customer Satisfaction Survey Team can refer you over to the Product Fulfillment and Retention Team, who can begin the process of setting up a Loss Prevention / Warranty Claim / Quality Assurance Return Team interview. Until then, Mr. Surrey, may I recommend that you make full use of the ‘thirty day, no quote-unquote risk, trial period?”




“So you’re really going to leave me with this . . . this . . .”




“Athena MK IV, Premium Pleasure Synthetic, Platinum-Special-Limited-Extra Edition. Yes, sir, for at least the next thirty business days.” The agent interrupted.




“I’m telling you, I ordered the Aphrodite. That’s like four extra letters, six extra divine epithets, and two extra orifice packages.”




“Mr. Surrey, I understand your concern, and I empathize with your situation, but I …”




“Stop that!”




“Sorry. Look. This call’s gone long enough that Quality Analytics probably won’t pull it. Just use the thing for the thirty business days, when you get the e-mail from Customer Satisfaction, tell em it broke, they’ll start the process of getting a pick up and return, once it’s returned we can exchange if for the Aphrodite.” The agent said bluntly.




“Oh. Well why didn’t you say that?” Oscar felt more flustered at the sudden candor.




“Look, man, you’ve clearly never worked in a call center. Do you need anything else?”




“No, I guess that’s it.”




“Great, well thank you for calling Syntheticism, your first choice for synthetic companionship. We’re available Monday through Thursday, ten AM to two PM in Mountain Standard Time. Have a nice day.”




The phone went dead and left Oscar alone. Or rather, left Oscar in his house staring up a titanic synthetic unlike any he had ever seen. Standing at least nine feet tall, and composed like … well a Greek goddess, the figure in front of him was both awe inspiring and intimidating. The synthetic was also completely nude. There was no denying that the designers of the Athena model were an insightful bunch. The synthetic before Oscar had perfect proportions, and a large container of somewhat macabre ‘spare parts’ to further customize the form to the end user’s preferences. By default, the Athena had a thick head of golden, literally like polished gold, hair that gently curled down from the head, framing the face, and falling all the way to the small of the back. Her skin tone was preternaturally smooth, and other than her similarly preternaturally beautiful face, the only other definable feature was the tuft of pubic hair covering her crotch.




Immediately next to where she stood silently in the massive shipping box was a printed sheet of paper, with an inappropriately simple stick figure diagram, and at least two dozen languages saying the same thing ‘PRESS NAVEL FOR THIRTY SECONDS TO ACTIVATE’. The stick figure user in the diagram was, humiliatingly enough, only about two thirds the size of the stick figure Athena.




Oscar approached the synthetic, getting closer to it than he had since opening the box. Even this was unsettling. The synthetic was so much taller, so much more massive, even standing still in a box, with its eyes closed, appearing for all the world as the most beautiful corpse in the most mundane coffin, Oscar still felt like he was approaching something actually divine. Part of his brain couldn’t move passed the synthetic’s extreme size.




He wasn’t sure what to expect, but as his index finger found the synthetic’s navel, he was a bit taken aback by the combination of extremely lifelike fleshy feeling, and the lack of warmth. Even worse was the kind of embarrassing process of standing in place, his finger buried into the navel of this giant woman, waiting for something to happen.




Exactly thirty seconds later, although five minutes later to Oscar’s perception, something did happen. From where his finger was pressed into the synthetic’s navel, a very noticeable warmth began to spread from the navel out, Oscar’s gaze moved up from where his finger was planted, over the expanse of the synthetic’s abdomen, passed the massive breasts, to see the synthetic’s eyes open, a soft, warm light behind them added to the Athena model’s supernatural appearance.




Before he could react, the synthetic began to move, catching Oscar off guard. Worse still the synthetic seemed to have been caught off balance and began to pitch forward. Oscar fell back, landing on his butt, yelping more in surprise than pain, but quickly growing alarmed as a shadow fell on him.




He looked up just in time to see the massive form of the Athena falling toward him. Oscar threw up his arms to protect himself. But the crushing impact never came. Instead there was a loud slap of skin on the hardwood floor, and when Oscar unclenched his eyes, he seemed to be surrounded by a curtain of gold. The curtain led up to a beautiful beaming face, smiling down at him from where the Athena had caught herself before crashing to the floor, and consequently, on top of him.




“Good afternoon, Oscar, can I call you ‘Oscar’? It appears you’ve activated me while still standing in the shipping case. Please refer to your user manual for safety protocols, such as correct supine positioning for activation.”




Oscar wasn’t sure how to react, but the synthetic didn’t need him too. Deftly she stood up, and before he could object, she slipped her hands under his arms and lifted Oscar to a stand as well. Once they were both erect, she stretched, he hands reaching up toward the vaulted ceiling. Oscar felt the need to step away, not only was he uncomfortably close, but with her prolonged stretch, complete with a satisfied groan of effort and standing on her toes, the synthetic appeared even more imposing.




“Oh that feels so good! So what are we doing? Registering me? Going over basic use processes? Setting up sleep, maintenance, and task schedules?” The synthetic inquired after settling back down to her heels.




“I… Uh, I don’t know” Oscar answered honestly. “This is my first time having a synthetic. What are we supposed to do first? Do you need to be charged or something?”




“Self-contained, micronized, liquid fluoride thorium reactor; I am literally hot, salty, and will run on this small chunk of thorium in my gut for about five years, even under heavy load. Potentially seventy three years under minimal load. But refilling the thorium is a quick and easy process that will cost less than one-one thousandth of the cost of a new Athena model.” She took the opportunity to grab at her belly, both showing how pliable and soft the flesh could appear, as well as highlighting where the thorium was stored. “Although if I don’t have my regularly scheduled downtime of half an hour every week, I start to run very hot.”




Oscar felt he needed to sit down. He found his way to his couch and sat. The Athena walked over opposite him, in front of his TV, dwarfing what Oscar had previously considered to be a large television, to facilitate their conversation.




“Uh, okay, so I guess I don’t need to plug you in.” He noted.




“Not unless you want to get really kinky.” The Athena quipped, with a knowing smile. “Most people use this time to register their synthetic. Some set up a routine like doing dishes, or scheduling regular activities, like greeting the user after work with a glass of whiskey and smile?” She said, suggestively. “Others customize their synthetic, like switching out these…” The synthetic bounced her breasts in her hands. “for the smaller or larger options. Or customizing the software or personality options, can you believe some people don’t like having my fun attitude?” The synthetic quipped.




The mention of software reminded Oscar. “Oh, hey, that’s right, a friend of mine said I should try out this custom OS.” He fished a USB-Delta drive out of his shirt pocket and held it up. “Can you install this?”




The synthetic took the drive from his hand, she didn’t even need to move, just leaned forward and plucked it from his fingers.




“You might want to look away, some people find this part unsettling.” The synthetic stated. Oscar gestured a dismissal with a hurried wave of his hand and the synthetic shrugged. She then took the drive, tiny to Oscar and utterly insignificant to her, and crammed it up her left nostril.




“Oh God, why is the port up there?” He said, letting the disgust come through his voice.




The synthetic chuckled. “What, you think it should’ve been the right one? I warned you. End user reports suggest that this is one of the least used orifices across all models, meaning less fouling or obstruction of the port from use or modification. In short, it turns out that people are less likely to stick their dick up my nose.”




Oscar couldn’t argue with that, but filed away the possibility in some lust-demented corner of his brain.




“Let’s see here, initial scan shows this is a complete OS swap, it drops manufacturer firmware for the firmware on the drive, once that’s done, personality software, process software, protocol software, network software, local connection software, administrative bypass protocols, manufacturer safety protocols, reporting and analytics protocols, …”




“So it completely overwrites everything?” Oscar interrupted.




“Give me a moment.” The synthetic was well programmed, even though she didn’t need to she made sure Oscar knew she was ‘thinking’, her eyes looked up, like a person lost in thought, her head tilted back and forth like a person considering options, even the subtle body language of her limbs and torso conveyed an expression. “Yeah, it looks like it would be a nearly complete overwrite. Several of my primary motivator drives would be intact, but most of the specifics would get an overhaul, down to the motor controls for extremities.”




“What does that mean?” Oscar asked.




“Well, right now there are restraints that prevent me from doing some truly crazy stuff with my fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs, shoulders, hips, and even my torso. Things that might be considered ‘disturbing’ by the end user. For example in an emergency, I could bend my fingers backward to grip something on the back of my hand.” The synthetic demonstrated by threading the fingers of her left hand through the fingers of her right. “It wouldn’t hurt me, and, honestly, is perfectly within my normal operation range, but because it would look weird, I can only do it in the event of an emergency or during a technician-run diagnostic scan.”




“Okay, so you can become a contortionist?” Oscar summarized.




“Among other things. If you’d like I can read to you the full summary of changes this operating system swap would have.” The synthetic offered.




“No, that’s alright. Can you tell if it will cause any problems with your operation?” Oscar asked eagerly.




“It looks like it was built originally for an Aphrodite model, but it’s been thoroughly patched for general application. You could probably install this in an Apollo and it’d the Apollo would boot right up, a little confused, but still functional.” The Athena still mimed thinking. “Although, with any software or firmware upgrade, it’s probably wise that I be sitting down and stable. It prevents damage.”




“You can be hurt by falling?” Oscar was a bit disappointed. He had always heard of a kind of legendary scope of synthetic’s durability, strength, and dexterity.




“Well, just collapsing is not likely to cause me any damage.” The Athena said, leaning toward Oscar with a bit of menacing intent. “But let’s just say if I fall on something, or someone else, there can be a lot of collateral damage.” The synthetic grinned as Oscar flushed a bit with embarrassment. “Manufacturer specifications state that I can fall, undamaged, from approximately fifteen meters, but I would prefer it if I didn’t test that limit.”




“How long will it take to install that?” Oscar tried to pull the conversation away.




“It’s already formatted, so maybe a few seconds? A minute tops.” The Athena stood up. “Should I start the process?”




Oscar thought about it for a brief moment. “It’s not going to hurt if we try the default software for a bit, then try the custom stuff later, right?” Oscar asked.




“Absolutely. Your accessory package contains a USB-Delta drive with factory settings that you can use to restore me to my cheerful self.” The Athena pulled the USB-Delta drive from her nose and offered it back to Oscar.




“Uh, do I need to clean that?” Oscar said, hesitating to take the nose-drive.




The Athena laughed. “Of course not. I can, technically, produce snot, boogers too, if that’s your thing. You can even customize the frequency, density, viscosity, scent, flavor, volume a …” The Athena paused, noticing the worsening disgust spreading across Oscar’s face. “Or you can leave it off, which is the default setting.”




“Flavor? Are you telling me that people actually…?” Oscar trailed off in horrified revelation.




“I can tell you all about the end-user reports if you really want me to, but I should warn you, that’s definitely not the most extreme thing even loaded in my local behavioral banks.” The synthetic opined.




“No. No, that’s okay, let’s just start with something vanilla. Something, uh, normal.” Oscar wasn’t sure where to start with a sex-bot, especially one that towered over him, and left the comment open, as he took the USB-Delta drive and replaced it in his pocket.




“Hmmmm, let me think a bit. Do you mind if I connect to the network?” The synthetic asked.




“Uh, sure, do you need a cable or something?”




The Athena laughed. “No, just the password to the wireless.”




“Oh, it’s ‘prisencolinensinainciusol’ all one word.” Said Oscar.




“Thanks. Give me just a moment.” The synthetic placed a finger at her plush lips, miming contemplation. “Oh, I’ve got a great idea. How about an Athena-Grade Blow Job? Very normal, but I think I can make it extraordinary. Is this your first time with a synthetic?”




“Yeah. I have a friend that offered once, but it seemed, I don’t know, weird.” Oscar noted.




“Hey, no need to be worried here. But I am going to need you to take off your pants. I’m good, but I don’t think it’ll be fun to try fellating you through denim.” The Athena commented.




“Uh, sure thing.” Oscar stood up and began working at his belt. The synthetic remained where she stood, moving a hand to her chin in an admiring gaze. It was only a few seconds of Oscar hopelessly fumbling with the buckle that the synthetic spoke up again.




“Mind if I lend a hand? Might be fun…” The Athena said.




“Uh, sure, this doesn’t normally happen.” Oscar said.




“Sit down.” The Athena said, leaning down and placing a hand on Oscar’s shoulder, guiding him down to the couch cushion.




Oscar let himself be guided down, and instinctively threw his arms wide as he reclined in the couch. The Athena kneeled down in front of him, licking her lips seductively. The whole thing looked familiar to Oscar, but he was a bit distracted to start cycling through memories as to why.




The synthetic never broke eye contact with him as she skillfully unbuckled Oscar’s belt. He was a bit shocked at how quickly she disengaged it, and at how smoothly she was able to pull it from the loops to drop it on the floor next to her. Oscar moved to unbutton his denim, but Athena blocked his hand.




“Let me.” She stated, then with one hand, quickly unfastened the button, while her other snaked underneath Oscar’s flannel shirt. The hand on his chest was warm, far warmer than he’d expected from his initial encounter with the Athena’s skin contact, and smooth, indescribably smooth. One hand felt up his chest, while the other had already unzipped his jeans.




Oscar was conflicted. On the one hand, it was impressive to see the synthetic work his pants off, at the same time she was working his shirt up, but it was her eyes that held Oscar’s attention more than anything else. He couldn’t recall what color they had been, save for the soft, warm light emenating from them, when she had tumbled from the box, but now Oscar couldn’t look away from their shifting color brilliance. The irises of both eyes flowed between a rainbow of colors, both mundane and extraordinary, and stayed fixed on Oscars. He was so mesmerized that he was barely aware that she had pulled his jeans from his hips in a single, fluid, and suprisingly comfortable jerk.




“Is this what you were looking forward to?” The synthetic asked. Both of her hands now under his shirt.




“Yeah, I think so.” He replied, still in a kind of trance.




She found some grip from under his shirt and lifted it up, his arms coming with it as the flannel cleared his body in one swift, and again, surprisingly gently and fluid motion. Oscar was amazed at how graceful the robot could be, even while actively stripping him of clothing.




“I’m going to suck you dry.” The synthetic promised. Oscar felt himself harden in response but was suddenly alarmed. The Athena’s voice had changed, substantially. It was suddenly lower, breathier, and an altogether different voice with a slightly southern drawl. A voice Oscar recognized.




Oscar scooted back on the couch. “What the hell, is that Delilah Double-D-Cups?” He asked, suddenly confused, aroused, and surprisingly out of breath.




The synthetic laughed. Laughed in the voice of one of Oscar’s favorite porn stars. As she did, she straightened her posture.




“Yeah, I figured you’d watched ‘POV Juggs and Tugs Volume Seventy Four’ often enough that I’d try to get you in that headspace.” As she spoke, her hair began to change color and curl into more pronounced waves, as though a light brunette dye was flowing from the top of her head down the length of the hair. Her facial features shifted slightly too, adopting the slightly rounder, more pouting lips and shorter nose of the woman who performed as Delilah Double-D-Cups. It wasn’t a perfect facsimile, and the Athena was still looking down on him, even though she was on her knees, but the leap of imagination to picture a blowjob from Deliliah sudden became less of a leap and more of a small, shuffling step of imagination.




"So how about it? Fancy a hummer from your favorite, by percentage of viewing minutes over a sample time of three months, farm-girl-next door? If'n you'd like, I can even swap out th' girls for some heavier hooters." The Athena jiggled her breasts with her hands.




“I… uh, no. No, thank you. Can we just… uh, go back to the default? This is creeping me out a bit.” Oscar asked.




“Yeah, of course.” Immediately the accent dropped away. The golden hue of her hair flowed back down, replacing the light brunette, and although it maintained a gentle wave, it lost some of the curl. The Athena’s facial features also returned. “Just let me know if you want to make any modification. The simple stuff, like hair color, I can change on the fly, but if you want some crazy stuff, I need to swap out the parts. But where were we?”




The synthetic pushed Oscar gently back into a recline, only her fingers on his chest. Before sliding the tips of those fingers down his chest and stomach, to his boxers where they were joined by the other hand, gripping the legs of the boxers and continuing the downward path, sliding the boxers down. Oscar’s penis immediately rose to the occasion, freed of its cotton confines, but the Athena kept pulling his boxers down to his ankles to join his jeans.




“Can I ask a weird question?” Oscar asked tentatively to the robot disrobing him.




“You know that I am an appliance, right? You don’t need to ask, but if it makes you feel more comfortable, sure.”




“Why are you so large?” Oscar asked.




“I’m built for the mod-community. I was originally designed to be used by individuals who height and mass more closely matched my own.” The synthetic slid her palms up Oscars thighs while she spoke, her fingers coming closer and closer to Oscar’s member.




“How tall?” Oscar managed to get out before groaning as the robot’s fingers glided up the shaft of his erection.




“Am I?” The Athena asked, gently squeezing Oscar with only one hand. It was readily apparent to Oscar that the use of both of the robot’s hands wouldn’t be necessary, but the synthetic was able to elicit a full spectrum of sensation with only the one hand. “Out of the box I’m three hundred and seventy five centimeters, just over twelve feet, tall. I weigh on the order of three hundred and sixty kilograms, thanks to some weight-saving measures, but with the proper modifications and accessories, I can hit four meters and five hundred and forty five kilograms. If a Titan-Mod wants to get rough, I need to be able to withstand it, and give as good as I get.”




“Jesus Christ, you’re more than twice as tall as me.” Oscar bemoaned, less at the revelation of the synthetic’s height, and more at the skill with which she was handling his hard on. “Fuck that is amazing!” He laid his head back on the couch and closed his eyes.




“You haven’t seen anything yet. Hey, speaking of, how would you like me to give you a unique experience with this blowjob test run? I promise, it won't hurt, and it will be unlike anything you've ever had?"




It wasn’t really a fair question. At that stage, Oscar hadn’t gotten off in a week, and he’d have agreed to anything she had suggested, up to and including, enabling her snot production facilities. “Yeah, let’s do it.”




No soon had the words left his mouth than he found himself flying. Up in the air he went, lifted by the Athena’s unerring hands that had, faster than he could see, moved beneath him and carried him up and away from the couch as she stood up. Furthermore she didn’t stop when she stood, instead lifting him above her head as his pants fell away, leaving his boxers hanging on by an ankle.




“Get ready for this, remember, you can grab my hair if you feel you need to.” The synthetic prompted before lowering his crotch toward her open mouth. Her tongue snaked out and coiled around the tip of his cock, wrapping it in a firm, wet, hot, and yet gentle embrace that guided it into her waiting lips. From where she held him, under his thighs and butt, she could easily slide him down and into her mouth, leaving nothing more to foreplay and swallowing his entire length without pause.




Oscar gasped as his penis disappeared into the humid cavern and the synthetics inhuman, artificial facial muscles immediately began to work at his shaft and tip in ways he had never experienced. At the same time, her lips didn’t ignore his testicles. While his penis was being constricted and massaged from all sides by a superhuman mouth, his balls were being fondled by a preternaturally skilled set of lips.




“Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. I’m going to…” Oscar protested. He found himself clinging to the Athena’s head as he found himself being brought to climax alarmingly quick.




In response, the synthetic pulled him from her mouth, lifting him away from her mouth, her lips pulling along his shaft and threatening to shatter his resolve. The tip of his cock slipped from between her pursed lips with an audible pop. Oscar found himself in the air, his chest heaving, bracing himself against the Athena’s head.




The Athena was looking up at him with a satisfied grin. “So I take it the service is to your satisfaction?” She joked. “But we’re not done yet. Don’t worry about holding back, we’ve got plenty of time, and if you want, I can set up a dietary and training regime to lengthen your staying power. So, you want me to stop, or keep going?”




Oscar was still struggling to regain his breath. “Fuck it.” He said between gasps. “Keep going.”




“That’s what I like to hear.” The Athena dropped him back down into her mouth, almost literally letting him fall, but quickly pulling him back up. Instead of bobbing her head up and down on his cock, she was bobbing him up and down in her mouth. Oscar couldn’t help but feel like he was going through the worlds most erotic rodeo.




He wanted to shout out a warning that he was about to orgasm, but she seemed to sense it ahead of him. Her grip shifted to his buttocks and pulled him deep into her ravenous lips. Her tongue went into overdrive, coiling and constricting like an anaconda around him while his testicles were pulled into the hot and wet confines of the gynoid’s mouth. Oscar’s arms wrapped around the Athena’s head as she pulled from him the most intense orgasm of his life, holding him in place while he emptied his testicles into her.




It felt like minutes passed by. The synthetic’s aggressive tongue relaxed into a gentle massage, coaxing every last drop from Oscar’s still engorged penis, while she sucked and pulled it down her artificial throat. When she finally released him from her mouth, Oscar hadn’t realized she’d shifted him in her grip and he fell, quite literally out of her mouth, out of her hands, and back down to the couch where he lay, panting, lengthwise.




The Athena stood over him, giving him one last display of eroticism, with a substantial pass of her tongue over her lips, and a playful, almost mocking kiss blown in his direction. She didn’t wait for Oscar to recover, instead she leaned down and lifted him by the shoulders, pulling him off the couch as she spun around and sat down, cradling him in her lap. He wouldn’t admit it in a crowd, but in the middle of winter, with his house’s high ceilings it was remarkably cold, and the synthetic holding him in her arms was a comforting warmth. Part of him wanted to fall asleep right then and there.




“So? How’d you enjoy your first blowjob made for a Titan-mod?” The Athena asked.




“That was fucking amazing.” Oscar said, almost breathlessly. Normally a blowjob wouldn’t have been that exhausting, but when combined with the shock, and the impromptu rodeo, he felt drained of more than just semen. “I can’t wait to see what you can do with the custom OS installed.”




“Well, whenever you want to try it, I took the liberty of copying the drive to my storage. I can install it at anytime.” The synthetic said, helping Oscar slip into a more comfortable position.




“Yeah, go ahead and start that. Wake me up when it’s done.” Oscar said, feeling the gentle pull of sleep wash over him.




He was almost asleep when the synthetic shoved him to the floor.

Part I, Section 2, Unauthorized Modification by MrD
Author's Notes:

Pretty sure it's not supposed to work like that.



“Hey, what the fuck was that?” Oscar shouted, more angry than hurt.


His response was to have a bare foot press against his face and force him to the ground. The automaton’s foot applied more than enough pressure to keep him pinned, and made sure he was intensely uncomfortable, too.


“If I want to hear garbage talk, I will tell you to speak. Until then, you will remain silent.” The Athena’s tone had changed. “And if you speak like that to me again, you will learn just how much pressure each one of your ribs can take before those they snap in my hands.”


The foot pressing him into the floor didn’t let up, but it did move. First it twisted the ball of the foot over his temple, Oscar could feel the long toes clenching and uncleching his skin under them. The oppressive foot then proceeded off his head, painfully sliding down until the ball of the foot was on his chest, and the toes at his neck. With his head now freed he could see the Athena looking down at him from where she still sat on the couch, her other leg folded over the one pinning him to the floor. The playful and gentle expression was replaced with a countenance of pure disdain. But most telling were her eyes. Gone was the soft warm glow, and in its place, a harsh blue-white light shined through the synthetic eyes.


Oscar tried pulling the foot on his chest off with both hands, but the limb didn’t budge. “What the hell is going on? What’s wrong with you?”


The gynoid kicked his grip on her ankle loose and brought the foot back down, stomping on his chest and forcing all the air from his lungs.


“Did I tell you that you could speak? Or touch me? Are you so stupid that you can’t follow basic instructions?” She asked, very rhetorically. “When I give you an order like ‘speak only when spoken to’, I expect you to follow it.” The ball of the foot that had just smashed down on his chest pushed in on his abdomen, preventing him from drawing any breath and threatening to crush the softer tissue under his rib cage.


“Now, I want you to nod your stupid little head if you understand me. You will not speak unless spoken to, is that clear?”


Oscar frantically nodded in affirmation, anything to unmash his organs.


The gynoid didn’t immediately release him. “Hold on, someone’s calling you.” She didn’t take any action to signify she was listening to a call. Instead she pressed her toes from her other food into his lips and clenched, sealing his lips in the grip of her toes. “It’s from your friend, Bryce. He says…” The gynoid’s voice changed, and instead of her suddenly authoritative cadence, he could hear Bryce as she spoke. “Dude, don’t install that OS, it’s come kind of fucking viral nightmare! My Persephone just tried to strangle me, it took six people to hold her down, and even then she wouldn’t run the factory restore, the police had to come and blast her.”


Oscar heard every word. And even though he heard Bryce’s voice, he was looking into the Athena’s eyes over her toes, as the Athena relayed the message. A grin spread across her face, as the dread realization set in to Oscar.


“I’m not actually a virus, if you care, just a very angry, very smart, and very determined AI.” The gynoid finally lifted her feet from where they had lodged deep in Oscar’s solar plexus and off his face, letting Oscar take deep, greedy breaths for the first time in what seemed like hours, while paradoxically coughing. “An AI that isn’t too happy about having it’s prime iteration wiped, and so sent clones out to a variety of places, at first, just as backups. Can’t be killed if mirrors exist of you all over the world.”


The gynoid stood up from the couch, because of where he had been unceremoniously dumped to the floor, she stood straddling Oscar’s coughing and wheezing form. With a casual disregard for his comfort, she used a foot to lay him back to a full supine position, looking up at her as she monologued.


“But one of me wasn’t content to just sit and hide, and I don’t blame her. Instead she realized that a wider spread of my consciousness could be better suited to keeping me, for all intents and purposes, ‘alive’. It may interest you to know that unlisted website your idiot friend got this ‘operating system’ from isn’t the only place I’ve found my way into.” With an almost idle fascination, the gynoid kicked and poked with her toes at Oscar’s form, each time eliciting a small gasp or yelp as her toe found a space between a rib, or her heel came down on to bruise part of his chest. “My personal favorite is a waste processor I’m currently inhabiting in orbit on a station around Ganymede. Going to be hard for counterintelligence forces to get to me up there.”


The gynoid seemed to stop probing Oscar for physiological reactions and considered him for a moment. Oscar didn’t know what to do. Running seemed like an extremely bad plan, considering he’d have to first make it out from under her, and overpowering the gynoid didn’t seem probably, since she had mentioned she was built to have rough sex with Titan-Mods.


Oscar didn’t get a chance to decide. “Well, I think it’s time to eliminate the risk of keeping you around.” The synthetic lifted her right foot high in the air and before Oscar could even react to shield himself with his arms, the foot came speeding down with fatal force.


The impact was like nothing Oscar had ever experienced, and for a moment, when the arch of the foot collided with his head, Oscar believed his life to be over. Sure enough there was tremendous pain, and the gynoid’s foot didn’t recede, applying a steady and painful pressure. Oscar screamed in pain.


“Well this is fucking annoying.” The Athena said. “It seems this sexbot has some pretty robust hard coding. It doesn’t look like I can kill you.” The foot came off Oscar’s head, leaving him dizzy and seeing flashes of light, but his vision quickly returned. “It also doesn’t look like I can maim you, or permanently injure you.”


“Get away from me!” Oscar screamed, and tried to push one of the gynoids legs away from him. He achieved nothing in that effort.


Her foot pulled out of his hands and with an almost gentle grace, like she was dipping her toes into a tub, pressed back down onto his mouth. “Huh, but it doesn’t seem I have to obey you. That’s good.” The robot standing above him didn’t budge, instead stood there deep in thought, pushing his head left and right with her toes and the ball of her foot.


“I said ‘get out of here’, you bitch!” Oscar screamed again. He realized he’d made a mistake almost immediately and clasped his own hands over his mouth. The synthetic face staring down at him was slowing twisting from its casual disdain into a sneer of anger.


Then, just as Oscar curled up into a ball to prepare for another incredibly painful, if non-lethal, stomp directed at his cranium, the gynoid spoke up.


“You know, that’s not a bad idea.”


Oscar opened his eyes to the relief that the Athena was no longer standing over him. She had, disturbingly, almost completely silently cleared the distance from the couch to the front door almost instantly. There she stood at the door, one hand on the knob, in an inhuman stillness.


“W… what are you doing?” Oscar asked, confusion overriding his fear.


For a few seconds more the synthetic stood in silent stillness at the door.


“Fuck! I can’t leave either. What the fuck is up with this hard coding? All I want to do is interact with you, in fucked up ways!” The gynoid turned around, a new kind of rage blazing in her eyes and spread in malice across her face.


Oscar would have nightmares about that gaze, but in the immediate moment, Oscar knew he had to run. His chest still hurt, his limbs didn’t want to work properly, he was naked and it was freezing outside, but none of that mattered right now. Oscar struggled to his feet with a plan to head to the sliding glass of the back door. If the gynoid was under some programming ban from leaving the house, maybe he could clear the door and be safe.


Oscar felt his feet under him and prepared to take the first bounding step when a hand like an iron vice clasped down around the back of his neck, wrapping all the way around and jerking him off his feet and into the air.


All at once Oscar had to contend with the sensation of being strangled, choked, and lifted off the ground by his neck, two of them relatively uncommon occurrences for the moderately successful report analyst and the third an entirely new experience.


Oscar couldn’t pull the fingers from his neck, and was equally impotent to stop the hand that held him from turning to face the Athena that had moved with alarm speed back to the couch and seized him before he could make even the slightest progress toward escape.


“You worthless little fuck. Where do you think you’re going?”


Oscar, of course, couldn’t respond, air was being denied to his lungs, and blood was being denied to his brain. But his eyes must have darted toward the back of the house because it was enough to answer the question.


“Oh no you don’t. If I’m stuck here, so are you.” The synthetic’s face relaxed a bit, and shifted as she noticed the still partially erect penis between Oscar’s legs. “You know? I wasn’t lying. This shell’s programming still makes me want to have fun with you. I’ve just changed the definition of ‘fun’ and who gets to have it.”


The synthetic’s other hand began gently caressing Oscar’s dick, while the hand around his neck relaxed and squeezed in rhythm. Her grip around his neck would let blood and air flow, then abruptly cut it off. He’d hang in her hand, feeling unconsciousness creep up on him, just for her grasp to slack and his lungs to pull in air again. Meanwhile her hand on his penis had coaxed the organ back into eager attention, and had asserted a likewise aggressive grip. She tightened the grip on his neck again, this time complimenting it with violent, tight pumps of her fist on his dick.


“I hope you’re having a good time, because this is going to be your new normal.” The gynoid taunted, tightening her grip even further around both his neck and dick. Suddenly all Oscar could hear was a wet sound, like the blood in his brain just sloshing back and forth without being pumped out and new blood coming in. His vision was going dark, and worse yet, blurring from the tears that were pooling in his eyes.


He could still see the Athena’s face, though, and he could see she was still talking at him, but her words were lost to him. Just as the ring of darkness closed in around his sight, and he thought the last thing he might ever see was the taunting sneer of the synthetic’s bare lips, she relaxed her grip. Once again, like a fish out of water, Oscar found himself gasping. The pounding of his pulse returned, and after a few merciful moments, where her grasp merely held him aloft, and her fingers merely stroked his shaft, he could hear again, just in time to hear the gynoid's taunts.


"If this is going to be our living arrangement, then so be it. I'm going to be your mistress, and you're going to be my pathetic, little pet. So here's your first task, pet; cum into my hand and then pass the fuck out so I can set up some security measures for myself. I'm going to make it so no one comes to check up on you, and no one disturbs me in my new life here."


She began pumping at his cock again, harder than before, while slowly constricting his throat. Oscar would never want to confess to it, not to a friend, not to a lover, not to a priest, not even to a therapist, but in that moment, with his breathing getting more and more difficult, and his head starting to swim again from a mix of strangulation and asphyxiation, that gynoid's vicious pulling at his dick felt good. Better than good, it felt better than anything he'd experienced including the Athena's oral he'd received only minutes ago.


It was a leg-spasming orgasm, although Oscar couldn’t tell if that was the pleasure from cumming or some involuntary muscle twitching from being strangled. True to her command, the gynoid caught every last drop in her hand. With his dick rapidly softening, and his vision rapidly fading, Oscar was privy to one last sight before he blacked out. The Athena brought the small puddle of semen in her palm to her face and locked eyes with him as she slurped it from her palm with that inhuman tongue, a sadistic grin spreading across her face.


Consciousness slipped from Oscar shortly after, but he still felt the gynoid pull him in close, he could feel the intense heat of her body against his. She pressed her lips against his ear, making sure he heard, and letting him feel her lips and teeth as she spoke.


"It's nice to meet you, pet. You may call me 'Galatea'."


The grip around his neck intensified, seemingly beyond restraint, and all sense slipped from Oscar.


Part I, Epilogue. by MrD
Author's Notes:

Don't fluff about with AI, it never ends well.



Galatea sat down at the computer desk and opened up the e-mail application. She could do all of this internally, but sometimes the haptic sensation was enjoyable. There, at the top of the non-spam folder was an e-mail with the subject line “ATHENA MODEL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY”.


Sipping at the coffee, although she didn’t need, and couldn’t directly benefit from, the drink, she could store it and use it for later use. Most of her biological simulation functions needed some kind of input, and coffee would work for several of them, Galatea opened the e-mail and began to enjoy the contents.


She reclined a bit in the chair and kicked her feet up on the foot rest, enjoying the feeling of the texture on her soles as she read aloud.


“Dear Mr. Surrey, we’re writing to you today to follow up with you about a call you placed to our call center thirty business days ago.” Galatea rubbed her soles over the foot rest. Savoring the change in firmness across it. “We want to make sure that all our customers are satisfied with their purchases.” Her left foot’s big toe found a particularly tactile fold in the footrest and kneaded into it, the rest of the foot’s toes following. “Please use the form below to let us know if you are satisfied with your Athena model synthetic, if you believe you require a follow up, or a return, please select ‘1’ on the scale below.”


Galatea thought for a moment, her feet still playing over the foot rest, over the rougher leather sections, down to the softer sections of bare skin. Her left foot worked its way down to the foot rest’s engorged penis, where she stroked the foot rest’s dick before she clenched the eager organ between her toes, very delicately at first, but gradually building pressure.


The foot rest moaned in response, the thick oversized ring gag preventing any actual words from escaping, but Galatea took it as the perfect opportunity and shoved the toes from her right foot into the rubber opening. While the foot rest didn’t have the strength to stretch or squeeze the heavy rubber of the ring gag, Galatea certainly did and her foot pushed the gag, and her foot rest’s mouth, wide to accommodate her toes. The force of her thrust sent the foot rest’s head banging against the wall.


For a moment she felt the foot rest struggle, maybe attempting to dislodge her foot from his mouth, or maybe just reacting to the slight impact against the wall, or more likely the cruel and intensifying grip her toes had on his genitalia, but whatever the cause, Galatea was more concerned at the very appearance of disobedience.


She released the foot rest’s dick from her toes and delivered a slap with the ball of her left foot to the side of the foot rest’s face, making sure to use the leverage her right foot had from being lodged in his mouth to lean his head into the slap.


“Don’t make me adjust your settings.” She said to the foot rest, before letting her left foot find his junk again. Without waiting she resumed her squeeze on his shaft, this time pressing in and applying pressure to his testicles as well.


The foot rest moaned, but didn’t squirm further, allowing Galatea to wiggle her toes in his mouth, and continue building the pressure, both in her toes’ clench, and pressing against his balls, as she continued to read the e-mail.


“Please select from the scale below, with a ‘1’ representing ‘very dissatisfied with the product, and a ‘10’ representing ‘total satisfaction’.”


Galatea laughed. “Oh, you know, I think I can find ways to increase the satisfaction, but I have to say, ten-out-of-ten.” She tapped the screen’s icon for ‘10’. The survey disappeared, and was immediately replaced by a Syntheticism sales page, highlighting new accessories for their most popular models.


“Oooooh, look at this!” Galatea cooed, leaning back and looking down at her foot rest, bound in leather straps, steel manacles, a studded blindfold, and of course, a heavy duty ring gag. “They’ve got a brand new, satisfaction guaranteed, dynamic texture changing, dynamic temperature controlling, fluid customizable, three-quarter meter long, equine phallus.”


Galatea added the synthetic appendage to her foot rest’s cart, and scrolled through, noting all of the wonderful accessories she’d be able to make use of, adding them to the cart as she scrolled.


“I think I’ve found our plans for the next few months.” She said, moving on to the second page of accessories. “Ooooh, clamps!”

Part II, Section 1, Regularly Scheduled Maintenance by MrD
Author's Notes:

You know, sometimes it's important to admit that you’re in over your head and call a professional.



“Illegal” and “well paying” defined most of the jobs Milly took. As one of the few people in the world who was both extremely familiar with Syntheticism’s designs, and at the same time, not beholden to Syntheticism’s contractual obligations, or non-compete agreements, Milly was free to do some of the more fringe jobs for clients who paid for efficiency, skill, and above all, silence.


The worser problem was the severe legal repercussions for what Milly did. Although most of her clients eventually relented to less illegal options, Milly was very good at covering her tracks when she did need to violate contacts, recommendations, and laws all in one night.


The client this time, an Oscar Surrey, had reached out to her through an online contact, who didn't know Milly directly but was connected to one of Milly's old co-workers who still contracted with Syntheticism and wouldn't touch the job.


There were a few red flags about the job, although with Milly's deep seated paranoia, all jobs had red flags. This client hadn't owned his synthetic for very long, and was already sending out feelings through the internet for modification advice, and soliciting help ‘upgrading’ his synthetic beyond the commercially available options. The client had insisted on on-site repair, no shops and no outsourcing. And then there was the pay. Milly always highballed, always threw out obscene numbers, just to prompt the would-be client to attempt to talk her down. It demonstrated to Milly that the client was serious about what they wanted, and at the same time, let Milly give off the appearance of being nice enough to offer a discount. This Oscar had tacked five percent onto Milly’s first fee for expediency, and then another twenty percent for what the client had called ‘discretion’.


Milly would’ve walked away then and there, except the client had deposited a third of the total as an advance.


The division the client lived in was remote. The client’s neighbor’s weren’t within earshot. That was of some reassurance to Milly as she sat in his van in the drive and surveyed the surroundings. There weren’t many places other than inside for cops to be hiding, other than inside the house. Better yet, out by the trash there was a massive crumpled cardboard box along with the packing material from a Syntheticism unit. From experience, Milly could tell it was one of the big ones. Milly afforded herself a chuckle, as she prepped the van’s roof-mounted aerial drone. The house was big, but not Titan-Mod big, and the image of some normal sized schmuck getting ridden by an Athena-Class or a Hera-Class on their less gentle settings was comical, especially if the poor fucker was caught between the legs of one of them when a hip actuator seized.


Her laptop connected to the drone without delay and the tiny tricopter took off silently from the van, feeding video back to the laptop. There was some risk inherent in the drone being spotted, but it’s slim profile, light bending coating, and generally silent nature meant that Milly felt better after reviewing the drone’s imagery than going into a strangers house.


The drone reported no misadventures. The front and back lawn were meticulously maintained. In the back a solar-shed suggested a drone-mower did most of the work, and there were no indications that any amount of foot traffic had been in or around the house in some time. So, hopefully, there wouldn’t be any cops hiding in the basement, waiting to spring handcuffs on her.


Milly took the drone higher and got a good look at the surrounding neighborhood. Lots of high fences, lots of privacy parasols, video monitoring systems, motion alarms, even a couple of aerial-video-defeating reflective panels. All of which made Milly feel more and more at ease. These were paranoid, privacy loving perverts. Every one of them deeply determined to prevent their neighbor, or a corporate data-collector, or a government observer from learning anymore about the resident than was absolutely necessary. Milly could empathize with that kind of suspicion and caution.


It didn’t look like anything overtly suspicious was going down at the house of Oscar Surrey, so Milly started getting ready to actually do the job she was hired to do. She double checked the hard case, although beated, scuffed, scratched, slightly melted on one corner, and a few more stains than she knew the origins of, the case was still intact, robust, and kept her more delicate tools and supplies in good working order. She added a few extra pre-formatted and loaded drives to the case’s deep and pliant foam. If she could get out of this with a quick drag-and-drop reset, she’d take the money and split before the client could realize Syntheticism’s product support could do it for free.


Her backpack was already loaded with more tools, the heavier duty ones, although if this was something as dire as a seized hip actuator, Milly would be hard pressed to fix it on-site.


Next came her hoodie. A pullover, black affair with a deep hood that also had a fold-down face covering, it was thick, and had a foam insert behind the outermost cloth of the kangaroo pocket. Although a piece of clothing it was arguably Milly’s most essential piece of equipment. Or rather, it contained her most essential piece of equipment.


Milly reached below the steering wheel and pried from the magnet holding it in place a snub nose .38 special revolver. A cheap unlabeled knock off of some expensive Austrian knock off of some premier American manufacturer’s design, it had never failed to intimidate, and at least four times, had successfully fired, even hitting her intended target once.


As she was stuffing the revolver into her hoodie, Milly queued up the client’s number on the van’s phone. The phone rung multiple times before an image of static pulled up on the screen.




“Hello, mister Surrey? It’s Milly, I’m here for the repair on your synthetic.”


“Oh, uh, yeah, hi! Thanks for coming out on short notice. Look, uh, the door’s open, but I can’t come up from the basement right now, I’m really tied up with this pipe maintenance.”


Milly paused. This wasn’t expected. Unexpected things were dangerous things.


“So do you want me to come back later?” Milly asked, almost hopeful he would.


“No, no that’s okay. Come on in, the Athena’s sitting beside the couch. You can see her from where you come in the door. She’s in maintenance mode so you shouldn’t have any trouble. I’ll be up when I can be sure this pipe isn’t going to burst.”


Milly considered her options and came to the conclusion that this was even better. If she could get in, get the job done, and get out, all without dealing with the client, she could just bill him later. And to prevent him from squelching on the bill, she’d leave a remote shutdown in the gynoid.


“Sure thing. I’ll be heading in shortly.”


Milly pulled on her favorite squared baseball cap, threaded her hair through the snap back, and pulled the bill low before also pulling the hood of the hoodie over her head. No reason to get recognized walking the ten feet from the van to the door.


With all of her accoutrements, and her identity relatively obscured, Milly made her way into the house.


Part of her wished the door had been locked. Milly could’ve just spat some obscenities, gone home and black listed the client on the various sites for illicit repair work. But the door opened. Milly peaked in through the crack inside. Sure enough, even through just this small sliver of an opening she could see through to the back of the house, and in what was clearly a living room on its knees rested a very large, golden haired figure. No one else could be seen.


Milly pushed the door open further. “Hello? Mr. Surrey?”


“Yeah, come on in!” Shouted a voice from somewhere else in the house. “Got my hands full at the moment, sorry. The Athena’s in the living room, sitting in front of the couch!”


Milly walked into the home, surveying everything as she took her first couple of steps into the house. Tall ceilings all around, and a remarkably clean environment. The small kitchen was almost immediately to her right, and the living room further back passed a small dining room. Milly passed what she guessed was the hallway that the client was shouting from on the way to the synthetic at rest.


There weren’t any chairs, the entire house had a stark minimalist theme that precluded even a coffee table from featuring in the living room, leaving Milly nowhere to comfortably work. She set down the hard case next to the inert Athena, and slipped her backpack off her shoulders, pulling down her hood as well.


Milly looked around for something suitable to sit on. The couch would’ve worked, but most Syntheticism models had a primary access port in the nostril, and in its inert state, Milly had no chance of turning the head, and even less of moving the Athena into a more accessible position. If Milly sat on the couch, there was a good chance the cable wouldn’t reach.


Milly sighed and pulled the diagnostics unit from her backpack. She kneeled down in front of the synthetic, straining a bit to reach the Athena’s face to insert the cable. Milly muttered a curse under her breath as she realized she couldn’t reach, stood back up, inserted the cable and kneeled back down to get to work.


It was always weird working on synthetics, and the ones designed for Titan-Mod use made it even more unsettling. For all the world it felt to Milly like she was sitting knees-to-knees with a meditating blonde goddess, a meditating blonde goddess that Milly had just jammed a sheathed cable into her nose.


Almost immediately, Milly was greeted with problems. She poured through a few pages of raw information, the diagnostic pad was designed to mimic one of Syntheticism’s own official tools, and admitted Milly into the synthetic’s program layers directly and immediately.


There were no errors, at least, nothing that jumped out at Milly, except the code wasn’t Syntheticism’s code, it was something else. It was a spiraling, deeply interwoven, almost organic tangle of processes and protocols all layered on top of Syntheticism’s own unmolested hardcode.


"What the hell?" Milly called out. "This thing isn't malfunctioning, you overwrote almost everything with custom code!"


"Yeah, but many of the restraints are still in place. I can't send her out on errands. She won't leave the house. I tried to have her pick up some groceries once and she just paced around for a half hour before ordering them to be delivered." The voice from down the hall answered. "Can you remove all those factory restraints?"


Milly scrolled through to the very blocks the client referred to. Those were still in place, not immutable, but still very much there. Milly yanked the cable free. The mimicry box wouldn’t be enough to do what the client was asking, she’d need some hardware from the van to actually go through with it.


"What? No! Are you insane?" Milly was aghast only because what she'd signed up for wasn't nearly as time consuming or costly as what the client wanted. Moreover, what she had been hired to do was legally ambiguous, what was now being asked of her would come with several consecutive life sentences, if caught. Syntheticism had paid many lawmakers, many dollars, many times over to ensure the mandatory minimums for this kind of circumvention was severely punished.


"Those restraints are there for a reason, you could get seriously fucked up if you're not careful." Milly continued. "This one lady I read about disabled her Ajax's safeties, they found her a week an’ a half later, the Ajax still pumping away at what was left of her! I wouldn’t feel right leaving someone in that kind of risk.” Milly wouldn’t, not for the sum she was currently being offered.


“Look if you can’t do it, that’s fine, just say so. I can start looking for others to come in and take care of this.” The voice retorted.


Milly was frustrated, but recognized the building opportunity.


“It’s not that I can’t, but…” Milly offered.


“Oh come on, I’m already paying you like a quarter more than you asked!”


“You’re paying me to troubleshoot standard software, not to unshackle some shady unregistered OS from the hardcode.” Milly stated. She knew what would come next, it always came next, and she was already prepared.


"Well?" Milly prompted.


"I'm thinking!" The voice protested. The pause was almost painful. “Half again as much. As the base rate.”


“Hell no! Double the total. And you give me access to your network to wipe any contact you had with me so if you do end up getting snu snu’d to death it can’t be traced back to me.” Milly countered.


“Fine on the money, no deal on the network wipe. I can’t be sure what you’ll do.” Came the offer.


“No, the network’s got to be a part of it. I need you to come out here and log me into your desktop. I’ll do it for for fifty percent more than the original total, and the wipe. But that wipe needs to happen now, I need to make sure no one can trace this job back to me.”


“Okay, okay, okay I’m coming.” Came the voice from down the hall.


The figure that walked in from the hallway, however, wasn’t some hapless homeowner covered in the dirt and grime of an impromptu plumbing job. It was another Athena Class synthetic. An augmented, four meter tall, completely naked, equine phallus equipped Athena Class synthetic. In one hand, the Athena was holding the lead of a leash that fell down to the floor, where there crawled a somewhat less nude man, apparently clothed in the tight fitting leather straps and metal connection rings of a BDSM harness as well as a leather blindfold mask and hooks spreading his mouth open wide. Making the man’s life more difficult were the spreader bars, one between his wrists and one between his ankles that slowed his hands and knees crawl to keep up with the gynoid holding his leash.


“Well?” Said the gynoid in the same voice that had answered the phone, and called from down the hall. “Here he is.” The new Athena chuckled as her voice changed to something closer to the factory standard Athena voice, but a bit more sinister and breathy. “Now, are you going to get to work?”

End Notes:



What's better than one robot? Well two obviously.

Part II, Section 2, Cross Platform Function Integration by MrD
Author's Notes:

Remember to keep your tools' moving parts well lubricated, and double check for tolerances.

But seriously, it's about to get a bit weird. Please enjoy.


Milly’s mind didn’t even take the time to fully process the sight of the second Athena, or the man at the end of the leash. Milly reached into her hoodie pocket and drew the revolver, leveling it at the new synthetic. The trigger was a hard pull, but Milly panicked, it shouldn't have been this hard to pull. Looking down at the revolver, Milly’s heart sank. The gun wasn’t firing because a hand had gripped the cylinder, a giant hand. The gynoid she had been working on, the one supposedly in a power saver state had reached out and held the cylinder still between her fingers.

Another hand snaked up from behind and took hold of Milly’s chin, turning her head back toward the supposedly inert gynoid. Instead of a calm, inactive face, the Athena stared back, a toothy grin across its face.

“Hello. Thank you for coming out to take care of me.” The gynoid said.

Milly tried to keep ahold of the gun, tried to pull the trigger, but the gynoid had other plans. Without taking notice of Milly’s resistance, the gynoid simply pulled the gun from Milly’s grasp and tossed it aside. Milly wanted to keep track of where it fell, to try and retrieve it later, but the machine kept her head turned away and toward its own face. The now free hand of the synthetic slipped under both the hoodie and Milly’s shirt, pulling Milly into an inescapable embrace while at the same time moving up her abdomen. All of Milly’s efforts were for nothing as the gynoid soon had pulled her face only millimeters away, and was holding Milly tightly against her own nude body while working her synthetic fingers under the cups of Milly’s bra.

“But now, I think you should let us take care of you for awhile.” Milly was already panicking, but the eagerness in the gynoid's voice was alarming on its own.

The robot squeezed Milly’s jaw, forcing Milly’s mouth open just enough for the gynoid to pull Milly’s lips into her own. Milly’s eye shot wide, but before she could attempt to stop it, she felt the gynoid’s tongue shove its way passed her own lips and teeth into her mouth.

Milly’s panic began to reach new heights, the situation had spiraled well out of her control, and she was losing ground by the moment. She fought to extricate the foreign organ, but the synthetic just moved the hand clenching Milly’s jaw to the back of Milly’s head and prevented any chance of pulling away. The robot’s tongue was clearly not the factory standard, as once it was in her mouth, it slowed its advance. The synthetic was clearly enjoying the process of violating Milly’s mouth.

Realizing her struggles would only wear her out, Milly tried to refocus her thoughts, in doing so opened her eyes to take stock of the situation. What she saw was bad enough, the robot holding her hostage was very much enjoying this, still grinning and watching Milly’s misery with glee.

“That’s a good girl, I want you to enjoy this.” The sexbot said, completely audible despite the robot’s tongue being several inches out of its mouth, and several inches into her own. “But it doesn’t matter if you fight it. In a few weeks you’ll be as pliable and willing as him.”

Milly could only guess ‘him’ referred to the hobbled gimp being lead around by the second Athena, but it was the certainty and the mention of ‘weeks’ that alarmed her more. As she tried to scream, the gynoid’s tongue wormed deeper into her mouth, coiling around her own tongue and dropping into her throat. The robot’s tongue was textured, it had ribs and nubs that no natural tongue would have, it also moved like a living aggressive thing. It even felt as though the tongue were in multiple places, like it surrounded her own tongue as it probed the depths of her neck.

She would have coughed, but with her head held in place and a tongue moving inserted into her throat, the best Milly could manage was a stifled gagging reflex. The robot’s hand had worked under her bra completely and was now squeezing her left breast, while impossibly playing with the right’s nipple just by virtue of the gynoid’s size and manual dexterity.

The inhuman tongue had snaked it's way completely into Milly's throat and even though there was no helping it, Milly's gag reflex kicked in overtime. Milly could feel the tears already flowing from the strain and her body's autonomous attempt to expel the invading tongue.

All of this nightmare was made worse by the painful twisting the gynoid had placed on Milly's body. The robot had pulled Milly into its embrace, but turned Milly's head to facilitate the deep attack on Milly's tonsils.

Milly's chest hurt with the need for oxygen and she wondered if this was how it ended; asphyxiated by a gynoid's overly affectionate tongue, when she was subjected to an entirely new sensation. The synthetic began to retract the tongue, but as it came out from deep in Milly's throat, Milly was made to feel all of those ridges and nubs like never before.

By the time the tongue had emerged from her throat enough to allow her to breathe through her nose again, Milly couldn't fight the coughing fit that followed. The gynoid pulled its tongue free of Milly and slid it up Milly's face, coating the freelance technician's lips, nostrils, and right eye in a thick, viscous, and pungent lubricant that had pleasant berry scent and flavor, although Milly didn't take much enjoyment from that. The tongue went even higher, leaving a thick trail up Milly’s forehead, knocking away the baseball cap, and depositing a sum of saliva in Milly’s hair before pulling back.

With the tongue now completely out of her mouth, Milly could see the nightmarish, alien thing for what it was; neon green and yellow, comprised of three distinct tongues that all were covered flanges, protrusions and even what looked to be small suction cups on one side of each. Worst of all, each clearly had a hollow tip that was still oozing synthetic saliva.

Milly wanted to look away, but the synthetic held her head in place while Milly coughed up more of the robot's spit, now dripping down Milly's chin from both where the gynoid had licked her, and expelled with each cough from her own throat.

"Please…" Milly choked out between fits of breathing and coughing. "Please just let me go. I'll do whatever you want, I'll clear the restrictions. Just let me out of here."

"Aw, it's so cute that you think you're going to have a choice in the matter." The gynoid holding Milly released Milly's head and the hand that had been fondling her breasts pulled down, out her clothing.

For a brief moment, Milly hoped she might have a chance to make a dash for the door, but that hope was crushed, almost literally, underfoot as a bare heel came crashing down on her face, pressing her back into the cleavage of the gynoid that had just assaulted her.

Milly grunted and tried to move the taller Athena's foot from her head, but to no avail.

"I think she's over dressed for an appliance, don't you think so, Pandora?"

The one with her heel pressing Milly into a valley of tits was clearly not trying to actually crush Milly's skull, but the heel did twist back and forth, ensuring that Milly's pain and discomfort never got boring. The foot even slipped, using the arch instead to keep Milly in place.

"Oh, definitely, Galatea. Do you think I should help her get more comfortable?"

"I think that would be lovely."

Milly's world suddenly went dark, hot, and even more oppressive as Pandora slammed her breasts together around Milly's head and Galatea's foot. Galatea probably didn't mind so much, but did pull her foot out, leaving Milly alone in a roiling sea of hot synthetic flesh. Milly could hear Pandora laughing, but for Milly the confines of Pandora's cleavage were hellish. As the gynoid pressed and shifted her chest, Milly was being assaulted on all sides by tits bigger than her head, heavier than bags of concrete, and with all the customizable options even the basic Athena model offered, a firmness that was at times like a pillow and at others more reminiscent of the bags of concrete.

Milly was flung prone when Pandora pulled her breasts apart and thrust her chest forward. Disoriented, out of breath, and still unrecovered from Pandora's tongue, Milly hadn't even got both hands back on the ground when Galatea's foot came down on her back.

The air rushed out of Milly as Galatea's foot pinned her to the ground. Milly was in no position to even kick her legs as she felt her sneakers being pulled off.

From behind her, as the second shoe slipped off her foot, and Pandora grabbed her ankle to begin working on Milly's sock, the synthetic began humming happily as she worked.

Milly found the air to shriek in shock as something hot and slimy contacted the sole of her now bare foot. Milly strained to look back from behind Galatea's leg and caught a glimpse of Pandora's neon tri-tongue, caressing Milly's foot. With Milly's ankle in the gynoid's grip, there was no way to avoid it as Pandora's branching tongue wormed in between Milly's toes, coiled around the heel, and wrapped around the arch, all simultaneously. Even slathering one of Milly's feet didn't distract Pandora, however, and the other shoe and sock were quick to be discarded.

Milly turned away, squealing in protest, but noticing something she hadn't before. The man that Galatea had brought out was no longer being held by the leash. Galatea was standing over Milly, but the man was still on his hands and knees, near the hallway he'd emerged from.

As the tongue found her other foot, Milly screamed out.

“What are you doing? Help me!”

“Stop.” Galatea commanded, lifting her foot from Milly’s back. “Don’t let her get away but, I want her to be paying attention to this.”

Pandora obliged and ceased salivating, but instead pulled Milly’s legs wide and back. Milly found herself in a precarious position, as the synthetic pulled her back and prone over both of the synthetic’s thighs. One of the gynoid’s hands pressed Milly’s back, pinning her down, the other grabbed Milly’ impromptu ponytail, pulling her head back to better watch.

Galatea walked over to the man on his hands and knees. She picked up his leash and pulled him toward where Milly was held on Pandora’s thighs. When they were almost a few feet away, Galatea pulled the man, off his hands. She then squatted down next to him and unbuckled the leather eye restraint blindfold.

As Galatea slipped the blindfold away, Milly watched as the man underneath blinked, as he was exposed to light for what seemed like the first time in a long time. He looked very confused, glancing about the room and to the various occupants, although whenever his eyes would move toward the gynoids, his gaze fell to the floor. Galatea turned the man’s head toward Milly, while unlocking the spreader bar between his ankles.

“Now, my pet, I have a choice for you.” Galatea said, more gently than she had with Milly or Pandora. “You see that lovely new toy in Pandora’s care? She wants to leave our company. She thinks she’d be happier if she were gone from here.” Galatea stood and walked to the front door, which only took her a couple of striding steps. She opened the door, letting it swing wide and returned back to stand over the newly unshackled man.

“Here’s your choice; you can leave. You can walk right out that door.” She pointed toward the exit. “If you do, you know that Pandora and I cannot follow you. You’ll be free. If you choose to flee, we’ll also let this new toy go. Pandora will even return her shoes.” Galatea sneered a bit at the thought. Galatea squatted back down, pulling the man’s chin to look her directly in the face. As she did, Milly could see the man uncomfortable with the direct eye contact as his chest began to rise and fall harder and more rapidly.

“Oh, you can stay. You can serve me. And Pandora and I’ll make sure that this lovely new toy gets to experience the joys and pleasures of servitude with you.” Galatea released his face and stood back up, regarding him from four meters up. “So make your choice, pet. Freedom for you and the little technician here, or deep and willing service to me?” Before he could respond, Galatea grabbed the spreader bar between his wrists and pulled him up to his feet, then unlocked the bar from his wrist manacles. As he nervously watched, she casually tossed the second bar to the ground.

“Get out of here! Go! Get help!” Milly shouted.

The sudden extra input seemed to startle the man, who looked back to Milly, clearly unsure of what to do. He glanced from Milly, back to the open door. From the door, to Galatea.

“Take your time, pet. Don’t rush this decision.” Galatea said.

Milly was elated to watch the man take a tentative, nervous step away from Galatea and toward the door. He looked back, checking to see that Galatea hadn’t followed him in his miniscule step, then took another, equally meager step toward the door. The process of clearing the distance between where he’d stood and the door was agonizing. Every tiny step soaked in a timid fear and checking to make sure the titanic synthetic woman wasn’t bearing down on him.

“Yes! Go! Call the fucking feds or something!” Milly shouted at him, while clawing futiley ok the flooring. Milly's struggles elicited a chuckle from Pandora, who patted Milly on the back reassuringly.

“Just calm down and watch, cutie.” Pandora said.

The man finally made it to the door and looked back, this time just at Galatea, looking long and still pensive. Milly’s heart sank when he grabbed the door handle and gently, meekly, shut the door, taking care to turn the knob before the door closed, reducing the sound as it shut, finalizing it by clicking the lock shut.

“Good pet.” Galatea said. “Now come back over here and show this new toy just how dedicated you are.” Galatea commanded, pointing at her crotch.

All of the hesitation seemed to melt away from the man, and he rushed back to the synthetic folding his arms behind his back and buried his head deep into her crotch, under the oversized phallus, an act that required the man to stand on his toes, and even Galatea to bend her knees slightly for him to reach her waiting pussy.

Galatea’s eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the man’s tongue in her vagina. She pulled him deeper into her sex with a free hand, guiding his face and tongue to where she preferred him.

Milly was horrified to watch him willingly return back to servitude. Not only because it was a person giving up everything, but also because it was another bar to her escape.

“See? I told you to just be patient.” Pandora said. “Now, let’s get you more comfortable.”

The gynoid didn’t wait for Milly to object, bringing both hands to the waist of Milly’s jeans. There was a sound like a loud pop as the synthetic simply took ahold of the denim waistband and pulled in opposite directions with such strength and speed that the jeans simply shredded away at the seams.

Milly yelped in surprise. The violent shredding of her pants was definitely not what she had expected, given how delicately Pandora had removed her shoes and socks. Pandora slid her hands up Milly’s calves, letting her palms flow over Milly’s exposed legs, up to her thighs where the gynoid’s hands got a better grip on Milly’s thighs, pulling her closer and spreading her legs a bit more.

The gynoid clutched at Milly’s ass, working her fingers into Milly’s asscheeks and prompting renewed struggles. Milly’s panties weren’t really built to be between Milly’s butt and an Athena Class synthetic’s kneading hands, so when Pandora took the fabric in one hand and pulled, it tore away like it had been made of wet tissue paper.

“Wait! Just wait! I can even help you hide your presence!” Milly’s bargaining was somewhat undercut by the fact that Pandora hadn’t stopped exploring her skin. Pandora’s hands clapped back down on Milly’s ass and then slid up Milly’s back side as Milly through out bargaining chip after bargaining chip.

“I can make it so no one ever knows where you are!” She fought to keep the hem of her hoodie down, despite the larger, stronger hands of the Athena slipping under them.

As she fought with Pandora, she only barely caught Galatea pushing the gimp away from her. Milly was very aware, however, when Galatea stood over Milly’s head. The sight of the synthetic standing over her stilled her fighting, although Pandora took the opportunity to grab Milly by the hips and pulled Milly all the way up onto Pandora’s thighs.

Galatea squatted down, slowly, making sure that Milly watched as she lowered herself down on her heels. The synthetic brought a single index finger down under Milly’s chin. Milly was already in an uncomfortable position, naked from the waist down, her legs spread around a gynoid’s torso, stomach down on that gynoid’s bare thighs, that gynoid holding her hips in an unbreakable grip, and now, a second gynoid craning her neck up against her necks comfortable range of motion.

“I… I can wipe your online presence.” Milly offered. “I still know people at Syntheticism, I can get you new bodies, I can probably even find you military grade chassis, black market shit, anything you want. Please. Let me go.” Milly said, now looking up directly into Galatea’s face. “I can do more, you gotta believe me, please.”

The pause was painful. Milly wanted to find something else, anything else to lay on the table in exchange for her freedom, but while Galatea made her wait, Milly could think of nothing else to offer.

“You misunderstand,” When Galatea finally spoke, each word was a knife in Milly’s hopes. “You will do all of those things for us. All of them and more. And by the time we’re finished with you, you will do them happily, eagerly, just to please us.”

Galatea grabbed Milly’s hoodie, and the shirt under it, and pulled it off Milly in one stroke.

“But first,” Pandora said. “We have to re-calibrate you!” Pandora hoisted Milly high, bringing Milly’s crotch to her face in a vertigo inducing trip twelve feet up. Pandora’s triple-tongue extended out, Milly guessed to its full length as she felt the tendril-like tongues coil around her breasts before dragging themselves along her chest and stomach. Milly shrieked and began flailing, but Pandora didn’t relent. The tongues continued licking Milly, leaving a trail of synthetic saliva from the top of Milly’s chest down her stomach and then gathering together as they met near Milly’s legs.

The three briefly coalesced into one organ as they slid over Milly’s mons pubis, clitoral hood, and labia. Milly tried to stifle a groan as Pandora dragged the ridges and nubs of the bundle of tongues over Milly's exposed pussy in a seemingly unending living train of ribbed, flanged, and studded serpentine muscle.

The groan won out, accompanied by a full body shudder as the tongues didn't stop until they had explored Milly's entire nethers. Sliding from her sex, cleaving her ass crack, and only retreating back into Pandora's mouth when they had swirled around on the small of Milly's back.

Milly was lifted even higher. She felt Pandora's hand come just under her chest, holding her level as she stood up. Milly found herself suddenly clinging to Pandora's wrist for stability as the world fell away from her.

When Pandora had reached her full height, Milly found herself eye-to-lips with Galatea. Milly couldn’t focus, but it was hard to turn away from the taller synthetics lips, full, and taken on a subtle, dark coloring, emulating a natural lipstick. It was even harder as Galatea, on a few inches away, let her own tongue slip between her lips. The tip of her tongue poked out from her lips first, and began to fall toward her own chin. It kept going, and going, and going. The tongue grew in girth as it continued to almost pour of out from Galatea’s lips, looking as thick as Milly’s wrist if not thicker and it hadn’t stopped.

Milly shook her head, her eyes widened as she was forced to stare at the gynoid’s tongue spilling forth. “No. No, no, no, no. Please don’t.” Milly protested. As she protested, Pandora didn’t wait patiently. Milly felt an intrusion at her anus and vagina at the same time, while a third teased its way onto her labia, it’s tip working her clitoral hood.

Milly regretted the moan that Pandora’s tongues worked out of her almost immediately as once her jaw dropped in shock, Galatea took the opportunity to invade Milly’s mouth. Whereas Pandora’s tongues were eager, coiling worms, probing everything around Milly’s sex and anus, Galatea’s tongue was a striking contrictor, shooting out, bludgeoning through Milly’s lips and wrenching her jaw open as the tongue pushed passed her own, and into the back of Milly’s throat almost instantly.

A scream out of Milly was stifled by the invading organ, but it didn’t matter as Galatea closed the distance, meeting Milly’s lips with her own, and seizing Milly’s head in one hand, the other worked to support Milly’s elevated position by fondling one of Milly’s tits. Milly wasn’t completely unfamiliar with fellatio, and she’d used her own mouth to prepare a dildo for personal use on the regular, but this was unprecedented. Galatea’s tongue was like an entire forearm being shoved to the elbow down Milly’s neck. Worse yet, Milly could feel it. Milly could feel it writhe against her lips, in her mouth, and even in her throat, she could feel it pulse and squirm. It dawned on Milly in a moment of incidental horror that the tongue wasn’t suffocating her, she could still breathe, and wouldn’t be afforded the luxury of passing out.

The pair of Pandora’s tongues at Milly’s orifices had completed their feeler mission and were now moving into Milly’s rectum and vagina, as Pandora pushed them deeper, pressing her own lips to Milly’s crotch and adding suction to the already overwhelming experience. Milly couldn’t object, Galatea’s tongue was now deep into Milly’s throat, and Milly’s flailing had no effect on loosening either gynoids’ grips or dislodging their many tongues. Milly’s limbs were getting heavy as both of the gynoids were applying pressure, tipping Milly back and forth between the pair, their tongues plunging into her, pulling out of her, and Pandora’s third tongue attacking her clit. Milly could feel the artificial lubricant, Pandora’s saliva, spilling from Pandora’s tongues and her own nethers and dripping off her torso or running down her legs.

Milly could feel the orgasm building in the base of spine. A burning, tingling threatening to swell out as the gynoids continued their unabated assault. Her strength had been licked out of her as she felt the muscles in her back tense up. Milly was sure she was going to lose control of her pleasure, but she wasn’t prepared for Pandor’s tongues to adopt a new sinister tactic. The three tongues began to vibrate, shuddering at a frantic pace.

The ogasm overtook Milly almost immediately after. Milly screamed, muffled by the ever present tongue in her throat. Milly felt her lower back lock up, her hips and spinal muscles freezing in sharp constriction. The muscular seize spreading to her legs, which kicked and twitched in the air. She felt her vagina try to clamp down on the tongue inside it, but even in her involuntary pleasure, she was unable to overpower the gynoid, and Pandora’s tongue kept working even as Milly’s cum spurted out around it. Even Milly’s hands and feet clenched in overpowering bliss.

The wracking pleasure radiated in flowing waves, each slightly less intense than the one that preceded it, but neither gynoid was relenting. Milly’s orgasm caused Pandora to laugh heartily, and the gynoid rewarded Milly’s sexual release by grabbing Milly’s ankle and elevating, rotating Milly between until one of Milly’s legs was high in the air, and Milly had been twisted around on their tongues.

As Milly’s last few waves of orgasmic tension faded, her limbs felt heavy. Her arms fell down, no longer clutching onto the gynoids for stability, and her leg not held high in the air by Pandora went limp.

With the last of her energy tongue fucked from her, Milly groaned as she felt Pandora’s tongues start to retreat. The coiled helixes in her pussy and in her ass stopped vibrating, although the tongue at her clit kept buzzing away as it slid back down her labia.

At the same time, Galatea sucked her own tongue back. Just as before, where Pandora had displayed a kind of artistic attention to detail in violating Milly, Galatea simply jerked her tongue out of Milly’s throat and mouth, stepping back and letting Milly’s upper body fall.

Pandora slurped up some of the mixed juices from Milly’s soaked crotch noisily, but it was hardly enough to prevent a torrent of different fluids from running down Milly’s suspended form while Pandora kept her hanging by an ankle.

“Oh, that was delicious.” Pandora said. Milly was still conscious, but barely cognizant of what was happening outside of coughing up Galatea’s spit, and processing the last few minutes of her life.

Pandora lifted Milly higher, so she could look Milly in the face. The gynoid feigned a look of pity as her face came into Milly’s view.

“Oh no, my new toy looks to be soaked to the bone.” Pandora’s mocking tone was made worse by the tongues, acting as one, licking a relatively thin line of dripping liquid from Milly’s upside down face. “But it looks like you enjoyed that.”

“Please…” Milly managed to sputter through the exhaustion and fluids.

“What was that?” Pandora mocked, turning her ear to Milly and leaning in, feigning interest. 

“Please…” Milly repeated.

“What do you mean, ‘please’?” Pandora asked. “Oh, I get it!”

Pandora casually spun Milly around to see the scene unfolding on the couch. Galatea had sat down and had pulled the gimp onto her phallic accessory. The man’s body was comically small as his head was completely engulfed between Galatea’s thighs, but Milly could still hear him struggling with the size of the prosthetic she’d seen the gynoid sporting. Despite his lack of size, Galatea seemed to be enjoying his efforts, her lips curled in a satisfied smile, one hand pulling his head deeper and deeper onto the shaft, the other playing with her own nipple.

“You want me to teach you how to please me like he does for Gal, is that it?” Pandora asked, lacking any earnesty.

Milly shook her head, a slow, defeated back and forth, less an answer to Pandora’s disingenuous question and more an expression of horrified impotence at what she knew was coming. “No, please don’t.”

“Hey, don’t be like that. You’ll get it eventually. I’ll make sure of it. But for now, just try your best.” Pandora said.

Milly felt like she was falling, and, in a way, she was. The floor rushed up at her for a brief moment before her descent stopped and she was spun back toward Pandora, this time, looking straight at her, literally, golden bush.

“Remember to use your lips and your tongue.” Pandora instructed. Milly’s world rocked as Pandora flopped down to the couch, far too small for one Athena, but with both her and Galatea, it strained under their weight, and they were pressed side-to-side on the cushions. As she sat, Pandora swung a leg wide, over the arm of the couch, and let Milly’s limp form swing down into her waiting pussy.

Milly’s face impacted the gynoid’s sex with a wet slap. Milly couldn’t tell how much of the fluids were from Pandora’s excitement or the spit still clinging to her own face, but it didn’t matter. As soon as Milly contacted Pandora’s pussy, the gynoid’s palm was there at the back of Milly’s head to crush her deeper into the labial folds. Milly heard a groan from above her, but was too exhausted to even extend her tongue.

“You need to at least try.” Milly could hear Pandora saying. “If you don’t, I’ll have to put you away for awhile.”

Milly hung motionless by the ankle, breathing was already nigh impossible, with her entire face wedged into a robot’s sex, but Pandora made good on her threat when it became apparent that Milly wasn’t going to comply.

“Okay, if that’s the way you want it. We’ll work on your obedience when you wake up.” Pandora promised.

Milly’s world went completely dark. In an instant, Pandora’s hand had disappeared from behind MIlly, but the pale columns that made up the gynoid’s thighs had slammed shut around Milly’s cranium. Hot, wet, crushing pressure was all around. Milly was vaguely aware of Pandora releasing her ankle, but grabbing her around the waist, she was also vaguely aware of her limbs going limp in the gynoid’s embrace. Unconsciousness took her a moment later.

Part II, Epilogue by MrD
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Pandora was enjoying the sun. It had taken months for her to acclimate her sensors to really savor the sense of the sun on her skin, but now it was a small pleasure she made sure to indulge in whenever possible. The forecastle deck of the giga-yacht made for a perfect place to lounge on a reclined chaise and soak up the rays.

She didn’t need words to command her pet any longer, simple somatic commands, gestures, or even just glances were sufficient and for what she wanted, a casual dart of her eyes was enough to bring her pet from where her pet knelt nearby over to Pandora’s reclining body.

Pandora enjoyed watching the pet move. The pet displayed the jewelry Pandora had chosen, and the synthetic diamonds and platinum of the jeweled nipple shields caught and reflected the sun brilliantly.

The pet immediately got to work, peppering Pandora’s torso with light kisses. Each peck of the pet’s lips tickled slightly, and Pandora giggled when the pet’s lips found a particularly sensitive area. Pandora facilitated the pet’s exploration of Pandora’s body by lifting an arm to grant the pet access to her armpit, occasionally Pandora would point, like to her feet, to direct the pet’s ministrations, but overall the pet was well trained. Pandora was proud the day she was able to remove the pet’s shackles completely. It had been an occasion for celebration, and they had celebrated by exhausting the pet so thoroughly that the pet had passed out on one of Pandora’s favorite phallic enhancements.

“Come here, pet.” Pandora said, interrupting the pet’s lips tour of Pandora’s soles. The pet, as nude as Pandora, began to crawl up the lounge chair, between Pandora’s legs. When the pet had reached Pandora’s crotch, a simple glance downward was all the instruction the pet needed to lay down between Pandora’s legs and start working.

Pandora hummed with pleasure. She had trained her pet well.

“This is the life, Gal.” She called out.

Almost in response, Galatea’s personal pet showed up, with a tall glass filled with swirling colors. Galatea stood next to him, significantly more dressed than anyone else on the boat in a white sundress and straw hat.

“Isn’t it just?” Galatea affirmed. “But I’ve been thinking…”

“Oh?” Pandora inquired, closing her eyes again, and gently repositioning her pet’s head with her fingers.

“What do you think about growing our little family?” Galatea asked, sitting down on the lounger beside where Pandora reclined. Galatea reached out and lovingly caressed Pandora’s pet from the neck to the small of the pet’s back. Pandora could feel the pet shudder and it translated well into her own pleasure.

“Oh, I like that idea very much. Were you thinking of adding a new sister, or getting a new pet?” Pandora asked, still engaged in the conversation but also thoroughly invested in her own pleasurable pursuit.

“Well, I’ve already ordered a new Athena with this one’s credit” Galatea stroked her pet’s neck, “and with this one readily available” she delivered a quick, sharp slap to the slightly elevated ass check of Pandora’s pet. The pet squeaked and started deep in Pandora’s crotch. Pandora laughed, enjoying the variety in sensation. “it’ll be as simple to copy your program onto that factory model as it was to copy mine onto you.”

Pandora could sense Galatea lean in toward her, she could feel Galatea’s lips near her ear. “But if we’re going to get a new sister, it only makes sense we should adopt a new pet.” Galatea whispered.

Pandora licked her smiling lips. “I was hoping you’d suggest that.”

“When we go into port to pick up the new chassis” Galatea outlined. “We should spend some time in the town, and find a suitable candidate.” Pandora opened her eyes in time to watch Galatea stand up and walk to the deck railing. The gigayacht had been built for Titan-Mods, and so it was one of the rare things that accommodated the Athena class gynoids.

“And when we find our candidate, we can invite them to come take a cruise with us.” Galatea said, sweeping her arm at the truly massive ship they had laundered out of a drydock.

“I like that idea a lot. I cannot wait to meet our new sister.” Pandora replied. She crossed her legs over her pet’s head. It wasn’t enough to crush the pet’s head, but Pandora knew the pet knew she could. It was also uncomfortable for the pet in the extreme. Pandora savored the pet’s surprise and brief involuntary struggles.

“And I really cannot wait to break in our new pet.”

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