Emma the Real Doll by Thatgirlyouknow

Emma is a terrible person. But she makes a great tiny clone for her Aunt!

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1. Emma in Beta by Thatgirlyouknow

Emma in Beta by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy this new addition! Thanks to QueenofAmazons for the commission!

Emma checked her phone and growled in frustration. Frustration didn’t quite describe her feelings, but in her hung-over state it was all she could manage. Yesterday’s party had been a blast, and she only vaguely remembered most of it. Bottles of champagne worth more than her friend’s cars came to mind, and the fact that she was now wearing a boy’s boxers instead of her good red panties didn’t escape her.

The boy wasn’t in her townhouse anymore, if she’d even brought him there in the first place. A glance through her photos showed her taking selfies with at least three boys she would have been glad to let please her but she couldn’t guess which had gotten lucky. A rare warm spot had formed in her mind as she thought about how easily she could twist the male sex around her finger.

Then she checked her bank account.

“Fifty dollars?” she said, sitting up rapidly in bed. Frantically she double checked, then furiously started texting her mother.

How the hell am I supposed to survive on this????

Ten minutes later she was in the bathroom fuming. She’d never been cut off from her mother’s money and thanks to that bottomless well she’d been having a blast at college. Paying someone to handle her homework, partying almost every night, and living like someone who knew she was above the rest of the world.

But it seemed her mother couldn’t handle it when Emma had let her aunt know what she really thought of her way of life.

“That bitch,” she muttered to herself, thinking of how her dyke aunt must have ratted her out to her mother.

Her pale face looked furious in the mirror and Emma made herself take a deep breath as she curled her long blonde hair. She debated running to the gym but decided against it. A workout wasn’t what she needed; she was going to find the first boy who was enchanted by her hazel eyes and C-cup breasts and drag him back to her home. It helped a lot that she was often mistaken for a popular blonde actress and had no qualms about using her looks to her advantage.

When she’d had enough of him going down on her, and today was a two-hour session at least, she’d kick him out with the worst set of blue balls in history. Knowing how uncomfortable that would be for him would almost make her feel better than having a mouth on her for two hours. Then she’d go find her aunt and give her a real piece of her mind.

“I’ll tell that lesbian bitch a thing or two,” she said, giving her eyes some shadow and wondering what the best place to stake out for a boy-toy would be today. “No dyke is gonna take away my money-“ she continued, muttering angrily and letting our slurs she hadn’t yet told her aunt.

What Emma had in looks was balanced out by her complete lack of regard for anyone other than herself. It was her way or be dragged down the highway. The very thought of girls loving other girls turned her stomach. So the fact that her rich carpet-munching aunt, the little sister of her rich mother, getting her cut off from the family funds was infuriating on multiple levels.

It never occurred to her to wonder if her tuition and house payments were still being made. They were, giving her an incredible advantage over other nineteen-year-olds in her situation. But real-life needs simply didn’t occur to her; she’d never once struggled and her mother had made sure of that.

“Until today!” she said angrily, only caring that her lavish lifestyle was going to take a hit unless she chewed enough ass to get her bank account refilled.

Then her phone ‘dinged!’ with a new message that she checked reflexively. Her eyes narrowed as she read it, and she instantly made a change of plans. She’d find a boy to go down on her later.

One hour later she was sitting at the opposite side of an expensive dark glass desk, while someone in a suit talked to her. Emma pretended to pay attention, but only for a minute. This woman was boring.

“You understand we’re very particular about our models, right?” the woman said, “You’re technically a year under our normal minimum age but we really think you’ll be a popular model.”

“Of course I will be,” Emma said in a snarky tone. “Your email mentioned fifty-thousand dollars. Do I get that today?”

“Yes,” the woman said, trying not to roll her eyes. She knew what type of person Emma was and wasn’t sure why management had sent her a modeling request. Aside from her looks of course. No one would be interested in models of this personality type.

“But you should also know about the process,” she continued in her best customer-service voice, “After the scan several clones will be made complete with your brain waves, and modifiers such as durability, size, extent of your memories-“

“Yeah yeah,” Emma said, peeling her eyes away from her phone. “Can we get this moving?”

Knowing a lost cause when she saw one, April led Emma to the scanner suite.

“This will take about an hour,” she told the beautiful blonde, doing her best to remain professional in this teenager’s obnoxious presence.

There was a single seat, similar to a dentist’s chair, and two technicians were already standing by with a suite of scanners and probes.

“Let me know when you’re done!” she told them, and she motioned to Emma to have a seat, though the blonde was already moving that way and seemed to have forgotten April was there.

“Don’t forget to get my amazing personality!” she said with a laugh as April rolled her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as she escaped back to her office.

“What an asshole,” she muttered, sending her manager a confirmation email that Emma had come in as requested. “Why did Sandra want her to come in so fast?”

A little over an hour later Emma was getting into her silver BMW, happily planning her route to the bank with her still-warm check. The money wouldn’t last her long considering how hard she partied, but it would do for awhile.

“Bank, then find a boy,” she said aloud as she pulled out of the parking lot. “I’ll find one at the library to take out my frustrations on.”


Several days later Katherine sat at home morosely. She had every reason to be happy; her latest book had broken pre-order records, her first book was being adapted into a movie, and she had more money than she could ever think to do with. A home she loved, a girlfriend who was at the moment busy traveling the world doing her own dream job.

But she was still thoroughly disturbed by her niece’s words and actions.

Despite knowing better she was looking through Emma’s social media, disheartened by her posts. In between the moronic supposedly-adult posts were a barrage of homophobic slurs and rants. No few of which targeted Katherine specifically. She still remembered the fateful argument just a few days ago that brought her niece’s slow-simmering bigotry to a head.

All Katherine had done was mention her girlfriend when she took Emma out to a far-too-expensive lunch date. The blonde had grown furious and let loose with words that stabbed Katherine right in the heart. They’d also been so extreme that the manager had escorted Emma from the building and she hadn’t seen the blonde since.

After that seeing all that hate, she knew their relationship was completely gone. When she’d told her sister about her daughter’s actions the two had realized that the girl they’d raised almost side-by-side had become a monster. So Penny had cut off Emma’s fun money, which had resulted in another explosive fight between those two which Katherine had heard secondhand. It was no financial hardship for Penny to continue paying Emma’s bills and tuition, and right now the two adults were just hoping the teenager straightened herself out before something terrible happened to her.

“Oh Emma,” Katherine said sadly, looking at a happy picture of the blonde, “How did you get this way?”

Katherine shook her head, causing her neck-length red-brown hair to shake. Tears didn’t reach her brown eyes like they had earlier that day. And the day before. But she’d vowed to shake off her stupor today; there was only so much time she could mourn her niece’s actions.

Which was why she turned from the picture and took a deep breath. She was planning on going on a nice long jog. Probably not so long, or nice, but she had to do something to keep her busy. Emma had been the fitness nut while Katherine had instead been smart about her slowing metabolism. She still had an admirable body by anyone’s standards but at thirty-three she knew she would have to start putting in more effort soon.

For an author she still turned a lot of heads at the beach.

Just as she was trying to remember where she put her running shoes, she was already wearing comfortable black leggings and a brown tank-top, her doorbell rang.

She wasn’t sure what to expect when she opened the door, but it wasn’t a delivery man in a tan uniform.

“Good morning, miss,” he said professionally and curtly. Briefly he indicated a box the size of a beach cooler, before producing a tablet from his back pocket. His demeanor was so friendly Katherine wasn’t sure if she should be looking at him or the box, which was a complete surprise.

“If you don’t mind,” he hinted as he held out the tablet, and reflexively Katherine took it from him.

Still looking at the box with some confusion she signed the pad and handed it back.

“Thanks!” he said, making the tablet vanish again into his back pocket. “Will you be needing a hand inside with this? It’s heavier than you’d think.”

Katherine let him carry it inside and indicated a bare space on her dining room table, which had become a catch-all for the random paperwork and memorabilia that she was collecting as her various forms of media became more successful. A doll was pushed aside, as was a stack of fan letters she hadn’t gotten around to opening to make room for the box, then the delivery man made his way out.

And Katherine was left alone with a large box, unsure what to do.

“Well, open it, I guess,” she told herself as she grabbed a pair of scissors, but she wasn’t sure where to start. It was similar to cardboard, if cardboard had a refined older brother, and was covered in yellow tape and fragile stickers.

Carefully she sliced along the dotted lines and opened the lid to reveal a large number of plastic pods, each identical to the others except for their size and a small pamphlet attached to their top. Katherine felt like she’d just opened a box full of mini-kegs except these appeared that they would pop open from the front rather than the top. Before she reached in to grab one for closer inspection she noticed a letter that had fallen between several of them.

Katherine! it started, and she recognized the careful cursive of her friend Sandra, I was able to get you registered as a beta-tester for one of our newest maybe-models. I think you’ll have a great time testing this one in particular out (you’ve got our entire supply though, so do the online thing or get ahold of me so we can justify making more to sell). Per company line, yadda yadda, you got a variety with different conditions, but you get the gist.

Have fun!


Katherine looked from her friend’s letter to the pile of what she now knew were tiny stasis pods. She had thought Sandra was only in the mid-level management of her tiny-model company, though she’d practically pioneered the technology. Clearly, she’d underestimated her friend’s clout if she was able to send her their whole supply of what seemed to be a test run of a new model.

She’d never really understood the lure of becoming a model for this shrunken-person business, but from what Sandra told her they’d had to stop advertising and reach out to people specifically due to its popularity. They paid great, as each shrunken toy was very expensive, and Sandra got a small percentage of each one that was sold. But though they’d talked at length about the process and its ethical controversy, Katherine had never tried one herself.

The idea of using one for her own pleasure had never seemed appropriate, though she knew people actually used them for a wide variety of tasks, depending on what modifications they’d requested. Sandra herself used one which effectively gave her a cleaning-obsessed eight-inch-tall maid. Katherine also knew she kept a variety of what she called ‘disposables’ as snacks in her desk, which made her shudder though she knew they weren’t really people.

“Why is she suddenly sending me this stuff?” she asked herself, picking up one of the medium-sized pods.

There was a tag on the side almost identical to what one would find on a shirt at the store, and Katherine pulled it off. Flipping it over she read aloud.

“Six inches. Memory t-minus-one. Schoolgirl outfit. Baseline personality. Durability one-point-three.”

Before she could get too lost in thought thinking about what all that meant, Katherine laid the pod on its back on the table with ‘This Side Up’ visible. Then she slid the toggle at the base to ‘open,’ and the tiny metal object let out a hiss of escaping air before the top half flipped open with surprising force.

There, nestled in what appeared to be a satin sheet, was a tiny blonde girl wearing a skimpy schoolgirl outfit that would have fit in at a strip club. She was the copy of someone who was very fit, a petite hottie that Katherine would have talked to at a bar ten years ago. Katherine let out a grunt of surprised satisfaction; Sandra had at least sent her a real fox to try out.

Try out? Katherine wondered as the thought crossed her mind. Am I really gonna-“

Then she got a better look at the model’s face just as the little blonde opened her eyes. Comprehension dawned suddenly and she gasped just as Emma started screaming.

The little blonde leapt upward and rolled over the side of the pod, panicking. Katherine’s gasp of surprise turned into a giggle as she watched the six-inch girl rise from her knees angrily. Far faster than she’d have expected, Emma started shouting angrily.

“What the hell did you do to me?!” Emma screamed upward, so furious at the sight of her aunt that she let the anger override what should have been terror at her new size. The girl didn’t even realize she was wearing a schoolgirl outfit that would have been considered skimpy at a strip club.

“I told you I never wanted to see you again!” Emma yelled, pointing furiously. “And now you pull some shit like this? You damn –“

Katherine leaned forward and gave Emma a good look over as she yelled. At her size she could be clearly heard but easily ignored, and Katherine’s mind was racing.

Sandra must have reached out to her about modeling after I told her about the other day! she realized as the girl continued screaming vile invective. And Emma’s such a self-centered brat she probably didn’t think twice about selling herself like this!

The gears clicked and something in Katherine let out a predator’s growl. She suddenly realized what having multiple copies of a little Emma to use as she wanted, guilt-free, really meant.

Emma didn’t stop for a moment to think what the change of Katherine’s expression meant. Just like her full-sized original self, this Emma had every bit of personality and memory and narcissism that science could recreate, packaged into a six-inch wet dream. The stream of slurs and anger didn’t slow until Katherine’s hand slammed onto the table next to her hard enough that her skirt flipped up from the rush of air and making her scream.

“Enough!” Katherine said, speaking in a voice that the delivery man could have heard in his van if he were still parked out front. Her hand stung but heat was growing in her midsection at seeing Emma’s sudden terror. And she couldn’t lie to herself; the schoolgirl outfit was a nice touch. Sandra knew what Katherine was into.

Emma recovered quickly, her mind refusing to acknowledge the new reality.

“You have to fix this, you bitch!” she screamed upward at her titanic aunt. One of her hands was now holding her skirt down and she apoplectic with rage and embarrassment.

“I said, enough!” Katherine spoke again, letting anger creep into her voice. Before she could stop herself she poked the tiny Emma in the chest, hard. The six-inch tall blonde was thrown backward several inches and onto her backside.

“There’s nothing to fix, you little brat!” she said, feeling a surprising amount of satisfaction at finally pushing Emma around, even if it was a tiny copy.

“You really don’t remember what happened?”

Katherine suddenly realized what memory t-minus-one must have meant.

Emma stood and Katherine kept speaking, not about to let the little snot go on another verbal rampage.

“You were such a terrible person your mother cut you off, and then you went and sold yourself as a clone for, I’m guessing, some party money. What was it you said to me?”

“Change me back!” Emma screamed, regaining confidence and standing again.

“There’s nothing to fix, I said!” Katherine poked her again. “You’re a clone.  A copy. You’ve got memories until the day before you sold yourself, and the real you is probably getting trashed and gangbanged instead of studying.”

Emma screamed in confusion and frustration. She yelled out something terrible and Katherine finally lost her cool. She’d given the little blonde more chances than she should have to at least be polite in an attempt at self-preservation once she realized the situation. But clearly a heavier hand was needed.

“You called me a bitch, right?” she asked, leaning forward until Emma was backing up in terror from her massive face. “A cunt, a dirty nasty dyke, isn’t that right?”

The blonde looked up at her with adorable, terrified doe eyes. Katherine’s internal predator growled again.

“My sister and I tried to raise you better than this,” Katherine said disapprovingly as she stood back to her full height. “You are a cruel, intolerant bitch, and you’re wasting your life, and you’re doing everything you can to drag others down with you.”

Something finally clicked for Emma. She wasn’t going to get back to full-sized. The consequences she’d been avoiding because of her looks and bank account were standing right in front of her, a thousand foot tall and wearing leggings and a tank top.

“You want me to be a bitch? A cunt? A dyke?” Katherine asked, her anger turning to something else. A smirk crossed her face. “I’ll be all three for you.”

Emma screamed as Katherine’s hand wrapped around her and lifted her rapidly from the table.

“Hold still!” she heard her aunt’s voice boom as she tried to struggle. “You’re gonna want to be naked for this.”

She pushed against her aunt’s fingers and let out a victorious cry as they shifted. Then she realized she hadn’t won; Katherine was just doing what she wanted as she was carried away.

A massive pair of fingers grabbed her skirt and tore it off easily. The cheerleader’s top didn’t come free quite as nicely, but against the overwhelming force of Katherine’s pulling hand it was yanked painfully over her head. Before she could even realize where they were now she felt cold air against her naked skin.

Then she was tossed screaming into the air.

Emma landed on a massive blue blanket, the air knocked out of her lungs and her long blonde hair strewn across her face. Terrified, she scrambled to her feet and brushed her hair behind her head before it could block her view.

“Let me go!” she screamed, doing her best to cover both breasts and her bald vagina at the same time.

Katherine wasn’t listening. Her tank top hit the ground only moments before her leggings did, and for once Katherine didn’t care that her underwear had been wrapped up in an inside-out pantleg. She groaned and stretched her hands overhead, returning them downward and running her hand across her breasts.

“I haven’t been this excited in a very. Long. Time.”

The six-inch tall blonde tried to run toward the side of the bed as Katherine climbed on. She fled her giantess aunt’s long legs and massive breasts, ignoring the patch of landing strip fuzz in favor of her escape attempt. It didn’t matter to her that Katherine was on all fours, watching her with a cat’s smile.

With a playful slap Emma was knocked sideways and flung back to the center of the bed. Katherine rolled onto her back and felt the tiny girl be crushed momentarily before she squeezed out from underneath her.

There was another scream when she lifted her shoulders and her hand wrapped around the girl’s tiny body.

“Mmmm,” Katherine said, lifting Emma above her face and taking in the little copy’s body. “It’s too bad you’re not gonna enjoy this.”

“No! Please! Let me go!” Emma screamed as Katherine ogled her new toy. “I’ll – I’ll be nicer! I’ll be nice to everyone! I’ll quit partying, I’ll-“

She continued begging as Katherine giggled, not feeling the slightest bit of sympathy for the tiny blonde.

“Oh, you dumb little bitch,” she said with a smile, “I wish this were the real you. But at least some version of you is getting some consequences.”

While the little blonde continued screaming out how she’d change Katherine lowered her between her legs. The pleading was cut off suddenly as Katherine pushed Emma’s head against her clit.

“Disgusting dyke, huh?” she said as she rubbed the tiny copy along her surprisingly wet outer lips. “Carpet munching whore?”

“Now it’s your turn.”

With no more preamble she aimed Emma directly at her opening and thrust. The faint scream vanished along with half of Emma’s body and Katherine gasped as she adjusted her hand, shifting it lower on the small girl’s legs. She wasn’t going nearly as deep as the successful author and businesswoman would have liked.

“But there’s no denying the way you’re squirming!”

She thrust Emma as deep as she could and enjoyed the wild swinging of the blonde’s arms. It was tempting to leave her there and work directly on her clit but Katherine didn’t want to end the tiny girl yet. Asphyxiation was too good for her.

Just as she felt the tiny girl’s movements slow she pulled her free.

“Better enjoy the air you little butch bitch,” Katherine said, swinging their girl right-side up. “I bet you’re gonna love this. I remember my first taste of pussy.”

Emma kicked for all she was worth but it didn’t slow her descent into Katherine’s massive pussy. It was like being pushed into a boiling, slippery sleeping bag and in her panic it didn’t occur to Emma that her kicking and terror was exactly what Katherine wanted. In moments she was engulfed to her waist, then just before her breasts could be devoured too the massive fingers quit pushing on her shoulders.

“Eat up!” Katherine said, doing her best to keep her voice steady. Now that she had a squirming tiny model in her pussy she suddenly understood their popularity. It didn’t matter to her at all that most of them were single use; her impending orgasm was so strong she could feel it as though it were sending signals back in time like coital foreshadowing.

Coital foreshadowing? I gotta save that liiine! Katherine thought as she pushed Emma’s head forward, directly onto her sensitive nub.

Emma screamed for all she was worth as the clit, almost the size of her head, was pushed against her face. She couldn’t help but taste her aunt’s fluids as she kicked and fought, but her best strength was nothing against the massive fingers that were pushing her face forward. Emma’s legs kicked and slipped inside her aunt and she could hear the giant woman moaning in pleasure as she tried to scream around mouthfuls of sensitive flesh.

“Oh, you’re so good at this!” Katherine cried out, laughing at how disgusted Emma must feel, “You sure you’re not a carpet muncher yourself?”

Just then she pushed Emma’s head directly into her clit and felt a sudden change in sensation. She felt as though a girlfriend had sucked her clit into her mouth and was gently nibbling, but that was impossible. Then she looked downward and came instantly.

Emma tried to scream but the clit in her mouth refused to be dislodged. She’d felt her jaw be yanked open as the bud was pushed into her until something had finally snapped. Before she’d even had time to register the pain Katherine’s clit had been pushed completely into her mouth.

Her eyes bugged out as the world suddenly shook and Katherine came with a scream. Emma felt her legs be smashed as the fingers pushing her head suddenly doubled their force. The blonde was sure she was about to die; all the forces on her lower half threatened to smash her to paste, and if they didn’t her airway was completely blocked by Katherine’s clit.

The sensations running through Katherine’s body were indescribable. Her tiny toy didn’t stop its delicious struggles, but even seemed to writhe and suck harder on her sensitive parts as she came. It seemed there was no end to the wave of pleasure and as Katherine felt her toes curl she looked down again and saw Emma’s eyes, tortured and panicked as she tried to breathe. Her jaw had distended far more than it was meant to in order to accommodate Katherine’s nub.

The idea that her clit could be the punishment that ended Emma’s life made Katherine orgasm even harder.

But she needed something else and with a great force of will she adjusted her fingers and pinched as much blonde hair as she could. In the midst of her orgasm she looked down at Emma’s face, rapidly turning blue, and pulled.

There was a moment where she was sure she would explode from the electricity coursing through her as her clit refused to slide back out of Emma’s mouth, then the blonde was pulled free. She was slippery enough that she slipped from Katherine’s fingers to the bed, but the giant woman would have dropped her anyway. To prolong her orgasm her fingers flew to her clit and she squeezed her legs together as she came, letting out a silent scream.

Emma did her best to scream as she tried to breath, but her lungs weren’t working right and her jaw…she tried not to think about her jaw. Instead, she crawled away from Katherine’s crotch as fast as she could while the massive woman writhed in ecstasy. Part of her wished one of her legs would simply smash her, ending her torment. But that part of her was overruled by the part of her that wanted to survive by any means necessary.

Both parts of her failed to realize when Katherine stopped squirming and the world grew calmer.

But they couldn’t fail to notice when the bed shook as though the earth were shaking, nor when a massive hand wrapped itself around her once more.

“You know,” Katherine said, lifting the blonde to face height as she sat at the edge of the bed, “You’re really missing out on all the girl-on-girl action you could be getting.”

Her tongue reached out and dragged up Emma’s front, giving her breasts a little tickle before she cleaned off the girl’s face. Emma screamed as her jaw was touched; it seemed to have popped itself back in place but its every movement caused burning pain.

Katherine stood and licked Emma again, enjoying her taste. The tiny blonde was screaming as she was bathed in saliva and it only made Katherine more excited.

“It’s too bad this is the only time you’re going to ‘lez-out’ as the kids say,” she told the screaming blonde with a laugh. One hand opened the toy drawer in her dresser and she quickly found what she was looking for. “You were surprisingly skilled with that mouth of yours.”

Emma coughed around a mouthful of saliva and wiped her eyes as Katherine spoke. It no longer mattered what she said; the inevitable end was obvious to the obstinate blonde. Her words stung, but not as much as the knowledge that she was going to die as a lesbian’s sex toy. Just as she thought things couldn’t be worse she saw where she’d been carried.

There was a red plush pad on the floor of the bathroom with obvious spots for someone’s knees. Her eyes moved toward the wall where there was simple smooth, white tile with what appeared to be multiple circles on it. Then something massive flew past her and struck the wall, causing her to scream despite everything.

“Perfect!” Katherine said, making sure her dildo stuck to the wall. She’d never been happier that she’d taken the time to set up this little station in her massive restroom. It made it easy to give herself doggy-style whenever she felt the need.

“Now,” she told Emma, holding her up to her face. She was sure the little blonde had seen the massive dildo; it was almost comically large but Katherine knew part of the reason she didn’t like men was because they couldn’t compare to her assortment of large toys. “Squirm good for me, okay? You’ve been such an asshole I expect great things from you in mine.”

Emma felt a moment of exhausted confusion at Katherine’s words. Then the world shook as the giantess knelt onto the pads and swung Emma around behind her.

Katherine smiled as she heard the screaming start again. Casually she pushed Emma forward until she felt the little blonde sliding toward her backdoor. Almost too soon the screaming stopped as her sphincter relaxed and she shoved the screaming six-inch girl inside. The blonde was the smallest toy she’d put in there in a long time.

“Holy shit,” Katherine moaned as movement exploded in her rectum. She’d been a lifelong lover of anal play and Emma’s movements were almost enough to make her orgasm on their own.

Not content with just one toy, Katherine shifted her hips until she felt the ten-inch dildo tap her left cheek. With a practiced motion she scooted sideways, then gasped as Emma twisted in her rectum and pushed one hand back through her sphincter. She bit her lip as she felt the movement through her sphincter; it was almost the opposite of being fingered but she didn’t dwell on how it felt yet.

The words to describe it escaped her, aside from pleasure and excitement and power. She knew she’d put the words on paper soon.

“But until then,” she whispered with a smile.

Emma felt her hot prison shift and she screamed. Her mouth wouldn’t shut right but her terror kept her far beyond caring about what was going in it. Instead she focused hard on the one thing she thought she could do: pushing.

Her feet slipped on things she didn’t want to think about and she reached toward the flickering light that she knew was her only hope of escape. The ring of muscle moved aside easily for her arms and she had a burst of hope. One arm pushed through into clean air and her other hand spread the massive sphincter. Light shone on her face and she kicked a little more to try and gain traction.

What she planned on doing after she escaped, she wasn’t sure of. But she had to try.

Her view of the wall was suddenly obscured by a massive object.

She was suddenly staring at the head of a massive black cock.

“No!” she screamed as it rushed toward her face and slammed her backward.

Katherine groaned as she felt the massive dildo open her wide in a way that no man could realistically do. A woman with a massive toy would always do far more for her than some chump who could barely amount to half of her average toy. The fact that the toy was also pushing in the greatest vibrator she’d ever tried was just icing on the cake.

Eagerly she pushed back, feeling her sphincter cling tightly to the silicone and slide deliciously over every rib and hump. Deeper and deeper it drove Emma’s squirming form until Katherine was sure if she looked down she’d see her belly button twitching from the tiny kicks. Then she felt her pussy nestle up against the fake balls and knew she’d taken every inch that she could.

Part of her had wanted to go longer, but the sex store clerk had cautioned against it. There were limits on just how much a woman could take and Katherine was apparently very close to it.

So instead she’d pushed the boundaries on how far she could stretch herself and now she was comfortably taking a dildo the size of her forearm.

With another groan she leaned forward, feeling the cock slowly slide outward until she reversed and pushed back again. She resisted the urge to finger her clit. This orgasm was going to be massive and she wanted to string it along as best she could.

She started pushing back and forth, letting the fake cock drive deep into her bowels, dragging the screaming blonde girl along with it. Her restraint didn’t last long and she picked up speed, pushing harder and harder with each thrust. A glance below showed her the cock making her stomach bulge outward and she let out an exuberant laugh when she saw something pushing desperately against her skin.

Emma cried out with pain as the dildo slammed her aside. There wasn’t enough room for her to even try to dodge so each thrust and pump hit her like a car. Some drives struck her squarely as she screamed and kicked, forcing her deeper into her aunt, where the pressure of her insides alone was almost enough to keep Emma from moving. Others missed her slightly, which was almost worse. Instead of being forced deeper into blackness the dildo instead dragged roughly across the top of her as she tried to push it away.

The blonde was so lost in the chaos that she almost didn’t notice when her raised arm snapped as the dildo struck it.

She screeched in pain just as the dildo dragged backward and felt the bulbous head slam into her back. The next thrust spun her violently and a rib cracked. If she could have seen it Emma would have noticed that each scream was now accompanied by blood.

As she realized what was happening Emma tried to fight even harder, doing her best to find places in her aunt where the phallus couldn’t reach. Instead she only succeeded in getting hit so hard she saw stars.

Then the dildo quit moving and she cried out in relief and pain.

“Let…me…go!” she said, exhausted, her face squeezed between the walls of Katherine’s colon and the massive toy.

Katherine did her best not to drool as her orgasm came perilously close. But she knew how she wanted this session to end, and it wasn’t on her knees. Carefully she reached backward, tracing her tightly stretched sphincter gently before popping the dildo free from the wall. That same hand kept it carefully fake-balls deep inside of her as she shifted positions.

Seconds later she was squatting on the floor, holding onto a grab rail she’d installed for this very purpose.

Emma let out a scared cry as she felt the world shift around her. She hoped against hope that it was Katherine’s final session-ending orgasm, but her inner ear told her otherwise. Suddenly she felt like the shaft of the long cock was down, rather than sideways and she could only imagine what that meant.

Slowly the cock started to withdraw, and Emma felt one of her breasts be pulled painfully down with it. Desperately she pushed to free herself, but instead found she’d traded her arm for her breast as it was twisted painfully downward. The blonde attempted to scream but instead she felt the head of the cock pass by her on its path downward and she fell with a grunt into the suddenly open space above it.

Her painful broken rib landed directly on its fake urethra and she realized she was effectively laying on the barrel of a gun.

Katherine bit her lip as she sat back down. One hand stayed on the grab bar, giving her the balance to bounce up and down on her heels. The other finally sought out her clit.

Emma screamed and coughed as the dildo vanished and returned rapidly. With each bounce it pulled away and returned faster, hitting her so hard she saw stars in the blackness and felt more of her body finally give way to the assault. One bounce finally saw a leg get twisted backward and she didn’t even have the ability to scream; three more ribs had gone with it.

Numbly she felt herself get pounded viciously while she heard a growing chorus of pleasureful cries from outside her dark prison. Each hit meant less than the last and she felt her pain give way to a horrific fear of the unknown and the knowledge that she had caused this herself.

I brought this on myself, she thought in a final moment of clarity.

The dildo withdrew, and Emma felt herself suddenly dangling in space, having been pushed into a position that left her stuck directly in the dildo’s path.

I should’ve been a better person, Emma thought as she sensed the end approaching.

“Here we go you little bitch!” Katherine stated, her finger flying across her clit as she reached the perfect moment. Emma’s movements had slowed. Her legs were getting tired. There was no doubt in her mind that the little blonde had been thoroughly punished. Only one thing remained.

There was no restraint left in her. The greatest orgasm of her life was a thrust away.

With a scream she dropped down hard on the dildo, feeling it push until it slapped hard into Emma, driving the blonde deeper than ever before. Katherine shook as she screamed, her every muscle tensing as a flood of endorphins rushed through her body. She came like never before, sure that her sphincter would squeeze hard enough to break the dildo off in her body.

Every nerve ending was alive and she felt with vivid perfection Emma’s final reflexive struggles. Looking down she could see the dildo bulging slightly against her stomach as she breathed heavily, still stroking her clit and prolonging her orgasm.

There was a single twitch where she knew Emma had been pushed by the phallus’ head.

Then nothing.

She sighed as she pulled herself upward, letting out a groan as the massive toy slid out of her asshole. Her sphincter was used to the abuse and squeezed itself shut almost instantly.

Katherine’s legs were too shaky to walk, so she crawled on all fours toward her bed. She giggled as she pulled herself onto it and reached to the ground into her legging pocket for her phone. The device lit up with several texts from Sandra, making Katherine smile.

Something inside her rectum shifted and Kim realized she hadn’t even looked to see if the clone’s body had come out with the dildo.

I’ll take care of it later, she thought, dialing her friend’s cell phone. I hope there’s some in that package that are a lot tougher. She wouldn’t last long with-

Her thought was cut short when her friend answered on the second ring.

“Hey Sandra!” she said, not even trying to keep the afterglow tone from her voice. “I got your package!”

Sandra cautiously asked her what she thought and Katherine looked over her shoulder at the dildo, visible through the door. Her thoughts turned to the rest of the stasis pods that she knew were on her dining room table, and her stomach rumbled.

“You know,” she replied, “I just enjoyed part of it, and I’ve got some great ideas for the rest.”

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