A Camping Trip by classified

A young man opened up to his giantess friend about his sexual desires. Then he got a normal sized girlfriend who agreed experimentation in their relationship would open new doors. Meeting on a weekend camping trip instead of a bedroom seemed like a great way to change things up. At least in hindsight it did.

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Now Together by classified

Logan beating on the cool moist massive foot yelled, "We are down here!"


"Sorry! Sorry! I didn't look down!" Zoey apologized frantically as she lifted her foot up off the poor tiny woman.


Mostly unharmed Olivia gawked at the giantess in awe of her beauty, stature and power. She was left mostly speechless from nearly being crushed like a mere insect. Then again that's all a being her size was compared to this woman. The level of shock nearly overwhelmed Olivia as she felt a rush of emotion's clashing all at once.


Checking his girlfriend over Logan took a deep breath thankful she wasn't hurt. Then glaring up at his friend Logan said, "Zoey please be more careful!"


"I will! I will!" Zoey reassured as she then bent down to place her open palm on the ground.


Pulling his girlfriend with him Logan walked over the offered hand and climbed onto it with her. The warm flesh soon lifted upward causing his gut sink. There was something about the sensation that Logan never quite got over even after experiencing it countless times now. It might have been how the rush of air brushed against him or the forces of gravity pulling upon his guts against the movement carrying him. In any case upon reaching the surface of modest yet clean table Logan hopped off and said, "It's okay! Jump down here Olivia!"


Then a deep unrelenting growl came from Zoey's stomach causing her to blush. Rubbing her face momentarily Zoey said, "Please excuse me, I slept in late and skipped breakfast. So I planned on eating a quick lunch before driving us to the camp site if that's cool with you both."


"Would it be too much to ask you swallow me now while your stomach is empty?" Logan asked nervously as he then looked away running his hand though his hair.


"I know we planned on doing that, but our first time should be more special. I-I rented out the camp site for a reason you know." Zoey blushed as she got up to make a sandwich.


Watching that exchange made Olivia realize why nothing happened between them. It also unsettled her for some reason. That face Zoey made was just too cute while she blushed. The way her eye's glowed. The way her cheeks burned. The way her voice softly cracked. It caused Olivia to wonder if her boyfriend wasn't alone in getting sexuality off to vore.


Before Logan knew it a massive plate landed upon the table. It was loaded with two plain jelly sandwiches. Following this a red tin can with coke branding came down. Then he watched her causally snap up her first bite. Losing balance for a moment as Zoey's leg shifted bumping the table as her foot drifted into one of the four legs holding the old crusty surface up. Logan having fallen on his butt laughed at how easily her unwitting movement had knocked him over.


A sickly creeping fear came over Olivia as she heard the towering woman swallow. Memories flashed of watching the giant woman on the freeway swallow people alive. The thought of not coming back out of her. Of the giant beautiful woman eating in front of them gave Olivia chills. Just about everything else Logan wanted fit Olivia's desires perfectly, but this idea of being eaten alive was something she put up with just for him. Role playing the predator was interesting, but having to go though a prey experience. The word intimidating couldn't even begin to scale the summit of her festering anxiety as she witnessed a lump of mushed food disappear into the gullet of a hungry giantess.


Feeling Olivia tug on his shirt Logan pulled her in with his arm and said, "It's okay baby I know being around a giant can be scary at first. If you aren't cool with this I'll take you home. Please don't feel like you must do this for me. Because I want you to be happy too."


"No Zoey's cool! It's just a little loud!" Olivia replied over the sound of Zoey's massive teeth chewing.


Nodding Logan remembered how loud sounds caused his girlfriend to be on edge. And wrapped both arms around her while Zoey kept eating. This went on quietly for nearly half on hour. Logan knew Zoey often wasn't much of a conversationalist while eating a meal. It just wasn't her even when he stayed over at her house growing up.


"My tummy is happy now!" Zoey smiled as she grabbed the plate, tin can and proceeded to the trash bin right after loading the dish into the washer.


Seeing her come back Logan asked, "Are you ready to go?"


"Yeah now I'm ready to drive us! Just step on and then let me put your little SUV in my dad's old truck!" Zoey chirped as her eye's brightened up while extending her hand upon the table.


The memory of being grabbed by the giant walking sculpture of a woman blurred in both tiny's as they felt like being in Zoey's grasp seamlessly happened. Stuck in the grip of her finger's together they waited until Zoey bent over to gently pinch the sides of their SUV with her free hand. Lifting it up like a toy she placed it in a bucket tightly packed in with other camping equipment populating half the open flat bed.


Irked by this Logan asked, "Is my SUV really going to be secure in that bucket? Shouldn't it be inside the truck somewhere?"


"This was the best place I could think of Logan! I promise it won't move around. Now if you want it to fly and smash into things with every turn I take on the road then sure I'll put it up with us. Then I could use it to rest my feet on when I feel tried from driving." Zoey retorted with a knowing smirk.


"It cost me a fair amount Zoey! I love the bloody thing and if you break it I'll demand something twice as good to replace it!" Logan replied as he grimaced the idea of it being damaged.


Placing both tiny people in her bra Zoey laughed, "If I break it, I'll give you the ride of your dreams! If I couldn't buy a tiny car I could just go grab one for you anyways! No one would dare complain!"


Olivia felt chills down her spine even though the joke as the pounding of Zoey's massive heart bled though the soft warm surface of her skin. Why because Zoey could take a tiny person's car and get away with it. That was far too often the cold hard reality even if on paper laws existed to protect them.


Feeling cozy in his giantess friend's bra Logan just snickered, "I would complain Zoey! Stealing is like totally fucked up!"


"It would just be borrowing it! I wouldn't ever steal anything!" Zoey puffed as she pulled out onto the main road.


Looking out onto the stream of massive cars Logan couldn't wait to reach the campsite. Then snapping back to the conversation he said, "What about my first car!"


"Well I just didn't want you to leave yet that day........." Zoey trailed off flushing for a moment before focusing on the road.


Feeling left out Olivia chimed in, "So long as you don't steal my boyfriend I'm cool with a master thief!"


They all laughed and then kept on talking for the rest of the drive on down. The roads were busy at first and then gave way to narrow unpopulated trails though vast forest. Without a map they would be lost as each phone lost connection to cell towers one by one. Then a dingy sign poked outward from a clearing of trees.

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