3 woman's fun by Bigbutts69

So this is a story about 3 middle aged woman that purchased some shrunken men.  They will each test out one, but the catch is they all have different body sizes, diets, and the little men themselves have additions to each one.  At the end the 4th one get to be chosen by one of the three woman.  You will have to wait an find out what happens each of them.


This story primarily focues on FARTING, ASS, SMELLS, UNWILLING, BONDAGE

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Story Notes:

This is a story that is heavily with giantess fart, ass, smells fetish.  Also some bondage is thrown in there too.

Chapter 1: Intro to the game by Bigbutts69
Author's Notes:

This chapter will introuduce you to the three woman.  You will get an idea of how thier personalities all differ, their lifestyles, and how they thier physical appearnce is.  Expect only an intro in this chapter.  A litttle bit of humiliation, but that will come later for sure.

Okay so I recently felt like I needed to make a new story just to stay a little relevant on a break. Well 3 ideas popped into my head, and this was the one I chose. 3 woman are going to get to test out Hilda's merchandize. After a couple days all 3 of them will return and will make adjustments or trade amongst each other. I also notice that my section of the fetish really hits only a small percentage of it. With this story I am being a little bit creative and hitting all 3 of my story types. This will cater to different crowds. I also plan on making a follow up to all 3 woman when I feel like it. This does not mean I am back, I will assess that when he time comes, but this will feed my appetite and yours for stories. So enjoy for sure.

The three woman stood anxiously in one of their friends living rooms opening a new package that they purchased. The package was from Hilda’s company and they were so excited. The only problem is they did not know what they should have ordered, because of the variety that’s available. Regardless or not they knew they would have fun with their little purchases they ordered. The one with red hair started to open the package. I should also mention that all 3 women are in their mid 20s and are decently curvy and attractive. Their eyes lit up when they saw what was in the package. Red head: Oh all of this is real. I can not believe we got our own personal ass sniffers. Blonde: Yah they have a manual and accessories for all of them. This was like a real purchase off a website. I wonder how they got here in the first place? The light started to pour into the box knowing that they now were under their new masters control. The 4 men were absolutely terrified, well if all of them were able to express emotion. The 3 girls could not decide on what they wanted their purchase to be like so they opted for all 3 different scenarios and an extra one just incase anything happens. The red head now started to pick up 3 out of the 4 shrunken men around 2 inches tall and placed them on a napkin that the blonde decided to put on the table. The red head then started to speak up.

Red head: Well you are probably wondering how you guys got here, and what is going to happen to y’all.

She spoke up as the 3 out of 4 were frightened by their huge size. The 4th one could still hear, but was definitely harder to understand being inside the box.

Red head: Well my name is Katheryn, but you will now call me mistress and my friends call me Kat. The woman with blonde hair is Kristi, and the quit black haired woman is Sam. You see we heard about this thing called Hilda’s emporium and really wanted to try this out. I was very pleased with the service we attained from this website.

The men really still had no idea what was going on. Hilda just told them they are apart of something bigger in life, and are not people anymore.

Kristi: Well you see the reason why we bought you is to be our personal little ass sniffers. The problem is we could not decide what we wanted so we got all 3 modifications you could say. We felt one of you needed to be left normal just so we know what it is like for a shrunken man to be in our rears. We also wanted one with restraints to see how bad one of you will crack, and the last one we felt like just completely restraining him. After we see how all 3 of you act we then will talk amongst out selves and decide what is best for us.

The men then started to get nervous, but it really did not register in their minds that they are all different even. All of them were definitely scared, but the one that had full restraints had way more to be scared about then the others. All 3 of them were smirking knowing full well that this was going to be so much fun and really did not feel bad for them.

Kat: Well now that the intro is out of the way we will not inspect and choose our descion.

Each woman picked up one of the struggling men. The 3 with functioning mouths obviously were screaming for life. They took all 3 of them up to their faces as their pupils looked directly into their souls it felt.

Kat: Well I think I know which one I want. I feel my butt has the most cushion for the pushing. If the one that is left normal goes inside my ass his cries will be so muffled. Of course later after a couple days if we come to a conclusion that the whining is annoying we will just tape his mouth shut, but for now this should be how it is.

Kat then started to take the other man from Kristi and brought the man up to her face. The normal man was nervous as he was now in another woman’s hands that he needs to get used to.

Kat: Well I have chosen you to be my personal little toy. I really want my puckered butt hole massaged with your tiny little arms even if the ass squeezes you shut. Also I hope you like Chinese, because that will be in my diet about 4 times a week.

The man started to scream hearing that. He also started to be saying could he go to the other woman or pretty much home. Kat then stared to take her panties off around her thick butt and she started to lower the man head first by her ass. The man could smell a musty smell, but he was confused as it was not terrible for him. He did gag and have to hold his breathe a bit. When he was fasted in and could not move the light disappeared and the panties now were a barrier for him to try and escape from.

Kat: I do not know why he did not want me I just showered to give him and idea of the difference between stenches. He at least gets a little bit of some fresh air right now.

Kristi then picked up the man that had his arms restatinted. She could see the mans look of dread in her eyes when he was picked up. He was unable to move and it really did not help him at all. Kristi then let out an airy fart that could definitely be heard among her pairs.

Kristi: Excuse me I must be nervous about this whole ordeal. Well I have chosen you, because I just want to know what it is like to feel a man suffer in my panties knowing he can not move. I have to warn you that I like to play tennis and it requires a lot of moving back and forth so your body will not be able to move on its own, but will be jerked a lot. I really am not worried about screaming the sweat will probably get in your eyes and mouth and will make it harder for you to cry out for help.

She then started to move the man closer to her mouth. And started to suck on the crying man.

Kristi: I am probably the most sadistic too. Maybe if I like you a lot your screaming body will be sewn into my workout panties. The stench will probably be unimaginable; you will be screaming all day long to not smell my stinky undergarments. You will probably be wondering if you were chosen by the wrong woman. OH stop fuckin crying.

The man was visibly crying as he was hearing her somber tone now sealing his fate. The man with the arm and legs taped was trying to squirm too.

Kristi: I really hope you do not scream that much other wise I will make it so you can not scream anymore.

Kat: I kind of was not joking about me being chosen is the lucky one. The other 2 just really are not that pleasant.

Kristi then started to dangle the man upside down as he was being shoved into the air and then was randomly dropped into the back of her panties. The man was thrashing, but that was slowly cut off by her snapping the waistband and then he was shoved against her toned butt.

Kat: You forgot to tell him what you eat?

Kristi: He will just have to find out. Kat: Very scary and crude Kristi, but that is what makes this fun.

The last man was fully restrained. He was being picked up by Sam. Sam was the black haired woman that was quiet, but she might be the worse of all somehow.

Sam: You know I am sorry I have not talked that much and it is a shame that I am really into giantess fetishes for your sake. I also feel really bad for you that you did not get chosen by the other 2 because I eat a lot of Mexican food and it makes me really gassy and it gets really smelly back there. But like Kat said is all 3 of us are testing you guys out to see what we are into, so to make up for it we will not start till tomorrow. I also will take you out more often, because you got the unlucky gassy girl, and your body is restrained.

The man was absolutely terrified by the sounds of that. He already was breathing really heavy from the gag in his mouth. Sam also felt a little bit too empathetic with him. It just was not fair. She needed a different guy, but they were all expensive. Sam got out a plastic baggy and dropped the crying man inside. Sam even thought with her nice demeanor it was not enough for him to feel comfortable. The 3 of them then walked over to the 4thman in the box with a blindfold on his face.

Kat: Well you will be chosen by one of us later. We do not know how much you over heard from that conversation, but pay attention to how the other 3 men react. It might be the difference between nirvana and ever lasting suffering. Good luck.

End Notes:

So yah the game is set.  You will now have to see where this goes next.  I really enjoyed making a story that cpatures all 3 of their personalities, and the level of humiliation each tiny receives. 

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