"Ultimate Unaware Realistic Story" by Brosus

Ryan plans a surprise party as a birthday present to her ex, who he is hopeful to win back... but when she arrives early, and accidents occur, the surprise party quickly turns into a disturbing gorey nightmare.


This story is one that I was commissioned to update, as a result I will be marking the chapters that I have edited, and the ones that are completely original. Each chapter will also be tagged with the fetish material it contains. Be warned that the gore is extremely graphic, so if that is not your cup of tea you may want to steer clear.


This story will include: graphic gore, stomping, scat, piss, gas, dissolving in stomach acid, drowning in cum, giant couples having sex, entrapment in a trashcan, period/menstruation, and more.


I hope everyone enjoys! If you would like to commission me, you can reach me on my email on my profile, but due to a very hectic personal life I only take projects I am interested in. My specialization is smelly things, especially ass related stuff, but every once in a while I mix it up with projects like this.

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Story Notes:

This story is one that I was commissioned to update, as a result I will be marking the chapters that I have edited, and the ones that are completely original. Each chapter will also be tagged with the fetish material it contains. Be warned that the gore is extremely graphic, so if that is not your cup of tea you may want to steer clear.


This story will include: graphic gore, stomping, scat, piss, gas, dissolving in stomach acid, drowning in cum, giant couples having sex, entrapment in a trashcan, period/menstruation, and more.

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The Beginning by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This chapter was one I was commissioned to edit and update a bit. It contains mostly setup, so if you want to skip to the action that will start next chapter.


Ryan was planning Donna’s birthday surprise for quite some time. An elaborate plan involving shrinking everyone down for her party, letting everyone experience the world from a whole new perspective. Donna was always obsessed with experiencing new things, so in Ryan’s mind, this was the perfect gift.

Ryan dialed Donna to give her a bit of a heads up. “Hey Donna,” he said.

“What’s up Ryan?”

“I’m planning a bit of a birthday surprise for you...” he said.

Donna chuckled, “Not much of a surprise if you’re telling me ahead of time...”

Ryan smiled, “Yeah... it’s a bit tricky, but trust me you’ll be still be surprised.”

“So what do you need from me?” she said, pushing a cart down the aisle at a grocery store.

“Not much,” said Ryan, “I just need into your place before the 5th, only you can’t be there, since it’s a surprise and all.”

Donna rounded the corner grabbing some jam off the shelf and placing it into her cart. “Uhhh... okay...” she said, a little skeptical, “Just don’t come in before the 3rd, alright?” she said, not wanting Ryan to know she’d just begun dating his best friend Dan.

Ryan chuckled, “Okay!” a mischievous grin forming on his face. He would show up early on the 2nd to ensure the surprise was actually surprising. Besides, him and Donna were good friends since the breakup, so him showing up early would be no big deal. Ryan figured they were gonna get back together soon enough anyways. They’d been on breaks before, after all.




Ryan invited six of their mutual friends. It started with Carl and Sheryl. Carl was a personal fitness trainer with a bald head, Sheryl was a stunningly gorgeous redhead who owned a nutritional supplement company. Next Ryan invited some of Donna's coworkers, two of their friends who had started dating, John and Jackie.

Rounding out the party was Matt and Patricia, whose kids were visiting from out of town - Ryan insisted it would be no big deal for them to come too, two college freshmen named Katie and Oliver. Everyone was excited for Ryan’s surprise. He was somewhat famous for planning epic surprise parties.

“Okay guys,” said Ryan, opening the back door into Donna’s house, “Donna won’t be home till 6, so that gives us lots of time to get ready.”

“Ready for what?” Said Matt, a tall lanky guy who looked exactly how you'd expect a computer physicist with two phds to look.

Ryan chuckled, “We're gonna shrink everyone down and see the world from a whole new perspective!” he said, pulling out a strange looking ray gun.

There was a long moment of silence before Sheryl finally spoke.“Uhhh... aren’t those things extremely dangerous?” she said, her voice dripping with skepticism.

Ryan sighed. “Well yes... but I’ve got everything planned out...” he said smiling as he pointed to the corner. “First, I’ve set up a safe point,” he motioned towards a strange looking cup-like device on the floor, sitting safely in the far corner of the living room. “If at any point things get dangerous you just need to step up to the safe zone and after 30 seconds you’ll start to grow back to regular size.”

Sheryl nodded, still unconvinced. “Okay... but what if we can't get there, will we be shrunk permanently?” she said.

Ryan smiled. “Not possible! If for any reason you can’t get back to the safe zone, your body will revert to regular size after 48 hours.”

Jackie tilted her head against John's arm, wrapped around her. "Hey, I heard that getting wet can be a problem though, right?"

Ryan shook his head. "You guys worry too much! Yeah, try not to get wet, because then you won't automatically grow back, but the ray will still grow you back if someone targets you. It's not like we're all gonna get wet, it's not a water park!"

Sheryl smiled, slightly more convinced. “Okay... but, just in case, one of us should stay big. That way nothing can go wrong.”

“You're right honey. I can stay big.” said Carl, Sheryl’s husband, “I can hide in the closet until they get here,” he smiled taking a sip from his beer.

Ryan nodded, “Sounds good, just don't let them see you before we surprise them, alright?”

John chuckled. "Once we get used to being small, we'll have to come up with some way to surprise Donna when she comes in..."

"Ugh, you and your pranks... Whatever, it'll be good to see Donna on the receiving end instead of me." Jackie let off a playful jab at Jack's side.

Ryan looked around at the group, “oh yeah, what about you guys?” He looked to Katie & Oliver, Matt and Patricia’s Kids.

They shrugged. “Sure why not,” said Katie. “Sounds fun!”

“Okay” said Ryan, “Just make sure we all stick together, alright? Oh, and I only have two of these, so here...” He handed Oliver a small shrink ray gun, keeping the other for himself.

“Uhhh... what are those?” said Patricia, the most skeptical of the group.

“These are low energy shrink guns, so in the rare event if you run into a predatory insect you can take it out with one of these,” he said, smiling with his always confident smile.

“P-predatory insects?” Said Sheryl, her voice dripping with concern.

Ryan chuckled, “Don’t worry I scanned and cleared the entire house already, it’s empty.”

“Empty?” said Matt, “Then why do we need these?” he looked down at the mini ray gun with a hint of fear in his eyes.

Ryan shrugged, “It’s just a legal thing, there’s literally zero chance we’ll run into anything. Besides, we'll all be together, so it'll be fine!” He smiled, setting the main gun up on a table and setting it to timer mode. Standing with the rest of group like posing for a picture, they waited for the device to go off. zzzZZAP...

A strange wave of energy burst out from the device, warping across the room and shrinking them all down. “Woah...” they said in unison, a strange falling sensation overtaking them as they shrank smaller and smaller, their clothes shrinking in proportion as well.

“Holy shit...” said Matt, completely in awe of the experience.

Finally they were all shrunk down, each of them smaller than poppy seeds.

“Holy shit...” said Sheryl, looking around the room with complete awe. “Okay, Ryan, I gotta admit this is pretty cool...”

A giant rumbling shook the ground underneath them.

“How’s it going down there?” said Carl.

Everyone craned their necks to look up at him, the waves of his voice like gusts.

“Woah...” said Sheryl, he literally looked like a mountain compared to them now... seeing your husband like this was really something.

Carl chuckled, knowing he wouldn’t be able to hear them even if they were talking, and grabbed the main gun off the table for safekeeping. “Okay, I’m gonna go stand in that corner by the door so I don’t accidentally step on anyone...” he smiled, cautiously tip-toeing backwards.

Patricia sighed, poking a strange boulder looking object with her foot. “What is this thing?”

“That’s... a bread crumb,” said Ryan, smiling as he crossed his arms, smugly pleased.

“Jesus christ...” whispered Patricia, completely dumbstruck by the new perspective. Matt chuckled, taking a deep breath and turning back to look at Ryan.

“Okay Ryan, I gotta admit, this is pretty spectacular...” Matt said.

Ryan smiled, beaming with pride, “See? I knew you guys would love it.”

“Hey guys?” said Patricia, her voice filled with concern, “Where’s Katie & Oliver?”

She looked back over her shoulder. Everyone looked around, starting to get slightly worried.

Patricia pulled her phone out, “Do these still work at least?” she said, looking at Ryan. He nodded, smiling with confidence. Even he was starting to wonder if this was the best idea deep down, but he couldn't let it show. Patricia rolled her eyes and dialed Oliver's number.

Meanwhile Katie and Oliver had snuck off, wanting to go explore without all the boring ‘old’ people. Finding a small glass of water underneath the living room table. An especially dark area in the shadows. They climbed up onto a nearby ledge, standing at the edge of the cup like a massive swimming pool. “Woah...” said Katie both of them amazed by the strange sight. “I’m going in!”

“W-what?” said Oliver, his voice almost shaking with fear.

Katie chuckled, “I’m going swimming...” she smiled, doing a cannonball into the water, only to bounce off the surface, unable to break the tension. “W-woah!” said Katie, rising to her feet and standing on the water like a water strider. “I’m walking on water!” she yelled, throwing her hands up.

Oliver gulped. “W-we shouldn't get wet, remember?"

Katie stood shakily on the water's surface, looking back at him. "Well obviously I'm not wet, I can't even break the surface! Come on and check it out with me already!"

"W-we should get back to the group,” Oliver stammered, getting more nervous with each passing second. Suddenly his phone started vibrating, he pulled it out of his pocket, “Oh no... mom’s trying to call us, they’re probably wondering where we went...”

“Fuck that!” said Katie, “They’ve always been over sheltering us, we’re old enough to do things on our own now. Just ignore her.”

Oliver gulped, hesitating before he pressed the ‘block caller’ button, pushing the phone back into his pocket. Katie always had more of a rebellious attitude than him.

“C’mon!” said Katie, “Come down here! It’s sooo cool!” she started running across the surface, small rippling circles waves out from her feet as she slid into a skating motion. Moving across the water like skating on ice, going faster and faster with each stroke.

“H-hey!” Oliver yelled after her, but she was too far away now. She couldn’t hear. “HEY!” he yelled again, but it was no use. “Oh no...” he said, looking back over his shoulder nervously, a growing sense of dread looming over his mind.

Meanwhile Katie skid to a stop, sliding in a circular motion at the edge of the cup, slowing to a stop, spinning around and stopping. “Woah... that’s cool.”

That’s when Oliver noticed something. Moving up in the shadows of the couch above them. A strange labyrinth of criss crossing wood boards and lost coins. He squinted, wondering if was just his imagination, wondering if it was just a trick of the light. The darkness staring back at him like some void into nothing.

That’s when he saw it. A tiny glint, Eight tiny white dots moving in distant shadows. Moving in tandem like a coordinated group. He strained his eyes even further, unsure of what he was even looking at. Was it a cloud of moving dust? Broken wires in the couch? Then it finally hit him. The dots were eyes... eight eyes. A wash of dread poured through his very being. Ryan had promised all predators were eradicated, but based on what he was seeing right now, this was obviously not the case. Oliver froze up, his lifelong arachnophobia becoming reality in the most unimaginable way as he saw the spider crawled out from the shadows, upside down on the cavern life bottom of the couch. Directly above his sister.

A grotesque, almost unnatural looking spider. Like it had been living for hundreds of years, diseased and evil. Sharp corners at every joint, shiny and demonic looking. It was looking directly at his sister, as if this cup of misplace water was a common hunting ground for its bloody hunger.

Oliver thought about calling out again, trying to warn her, but the last thing he wanted was the spider coming after him. His mind raced through options like a slot machine spinning on overdrive.

DING. He hit the answer. The shrink gun! He couldn’t miss though. According to Ryan these things had one, maybe two shots before they went kaput. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out the gun. The spider slowly setting a web, dropping down with devious elegance towards the completely unaware Katie. She was dancing on the water surface, staring down, fascinated by the way the surface moved and rippled.

Oliver raised the gun, his hands shaking slightly as he went to aim. One shot... he thought to himself, trying his best to calm down. The spider falling faster and faster, its spindly legs flicking and twisting as it let out more and more web until...

He pulled the trigger, and a shockingly loud blast echoed through the entire house, as a beam of energy warping through the air and bolted right through the spider, causing it to vanish into thin air.

Oliver gasped as the energy beam pushed forward, slamming into a shiny metal plate lying on the floor, bouncing up, hitting a mirror on the wall, and finally Carl. ZZAP... he gasped as his perspective suddenly started lowering.

Ryan and the others looked over, their faces filling with horror as they saw Carl shrinking down to their height. Things were getting more out of hand with each passing second.

“What the fuck?” said Matt, turning to Ryan. “What the fuck just happened?”

Ryan shook his. “One of your kids fired the shrink ray.”

Matt rolled his eyes, “Yeah well we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t come up with this brilliant idea in the first place!”

Sheryl stepped in, “Guys, we can fight about this later, right now we need to get out of this situation and back to normal size,” she turned to Ryan. “What time is donna getting home?”

Ryan thought, then shrugged. “Usually around five, five thirty...” he said.

“Okay,” said Sheryl. “Let’s call her right now and explain everything!”

Ryan’s shoulders slumped. “We can’t...” he said.

“Excuse me?” said Sheryl. “We literally just phoned Oliver.”

Ryan sighed, “Shrunk devices only work with other shrunk devices!”

“Jesus christ...” said Matt, throwing his hands up in the air. “Maybe you should’ve planned this out a bit better.”

“Maybe you should’ve raised your kids to not be total fucking idiots.” snapped Ryan.

Matt grit his teeth and clenched his fist, stepping forward only for Patricia to grab his arm and pull him back.

“Sheryl’s right” said Patricia, “We need to focus on getting back to normal. Blame doesn’t matter if we're all dead.”

Matt let out a long breath, running a hand through his hair and took a step back. “Okay.... Okay” he said, forcing a smile, “let’s figure this out.”

John was the first to speak up with a plan. "Well, if we've got that much time, can't we just head for that unshrinking device? If Ryan's right we have another hour at the least before-"


CLICK. The front door handle suddenly turned. A low, deep scraping sound began rumbling as the door pushed open. Everything sounded massive from such a small size.


Ryan looked up, his face filling with fear, “It’s... it’s too early...” he stammered, checking his wrist watch. “That’s not possible...” he shook his head. “It’s still 4:00!”


Sheryl gulped. Things just got exponentially more dangerous.


End Notes:


Refreshments and Pest Control by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This chapter was not originally by me, but edited, and includes vore and graphic gore from stomping, as well as a great deal of panic.


Oliver looked up with growing dread on his face. Donna looked absolutely massive from this perspective. Like a goddess, a giant booming through the house, completely oblivious to the little people below.

He looked back to his sister Katie, still swimming in the glass of water, who seemed to have not noticed the monolithic woman entering the home.

“Are you trying to shoot me with that thing?” said Katie, noticing the fact he was aiming the ray in her direction.

Oliver snapped back to the moment, lowering the gun and clearing his throat, “N-no...” he said, “There was... I... I just got distracted...” he said, deciding it was probably better to not tell her the fact she was about to be eaten alive by a monstrous spider.

“Whatever,” said Katie, making her way back to the edge of the glass.


BOOM. The front door swung open again as Donna’s sister Grace stepped inside. Grace was a stunning blonde with a big heart shaped bottom, just like Donna. Though Grace was a little less formal over all. Barefoot and dress in loose fitting, dirty clothes, she looked like somebody about to spend a Saturday lazing around their house. Still though, from this perspective her beauty was like an Olympian god.

“Where’s Dan?” said Grace, shutting the door behind herself.

“He’s on the way” said Donna, placing down the groceries onto the counter.

Grace sighed, always seeming impatient for no apparent reason. “So you and Ryan are officially doneso, huh?” she said, looking at her fingernails while she spoke.

“Yeah... We have been for a while” said Donna, planting her bottom on the counter top.

Ryan’s ears perked up as they started talking about him.

“I’m worried he’s planning some kind of elaborate birthday though” said Donna. “Not that I hate it, but... it’s just really awkward...”

“What’s awkward?” said Grace, taking out her phone and scrolling through social media.

“He doesn’t know about Dan yet...” said Donna.

Grace snorted out a laugh. “Who cares?” she said. “It’s none of his business.”

Donna rolled her eyes, pushing off the counter and making her way towards the fridge.

Grace smirked, tucking the phone away into her pocket. “Dan is so much better, anyways...” she said, closing her eyes. “So much bigger...” she added, chuckling.

“Shut up Grace...” said Donna, slamming the fridge shut.

That’s when Grace noticed a strange reflection on the floor. A flicker of waving sunlight dancing on the wooden boards. Curiosity piqued, she slowly lowered down onto her hands and knees, peering underneath the couch. It was a glass of water. Grace shrugged, she was pretty thirsty anyways.


Oliver and Katie watched with hope as this giant woman looked at them. They were so small she couldn’t even tell they existed. Oliver started jumping up and down, waving his arms, screaming to get her attention.

Grace tilted her head, did she hear somebody yelling? Must be from outside, she guessed, shrugging it off and reaching for the glass of water, licking her lips. Wrapping her giant fingers around the glass, Grace pulled it out from underneath the couch.

Katie felt terrified, but she also felt hope. There was no way Grace wouldn’t see a bug sized person in the cup of water. Screaming her lungs out, Katie did everything she could to get Grace's attention.

Rising up to her feet Grace turned her back to Donna. Katie couldn’t believe how massive the room looked from up here, Like a grand canyon vista. She looked up.

Grace's giant, beautiful face loomed over the cup of water like a strange god. Biting her lower lip, Grace took a deep breath, closed her eyes and then, much to Katie’s shock and horror, brought the glass of water up to her lips.




Katie screamed in terror, using all her might to swim against the inevitable, pulling current. Dragging her closer and closer towards Grace’s massive lips below. Until finally, slipping through and into her mouth. Gasping for every breath she could get, Katie tried to grab onto whatever she could. Sliding down Grace’s massive tongue as torrents of water pushed her closer and closer towards the cavernous abyss of her throat.

The mere bumps on Grace’s tongue felt like small hills to Katie. Screaming for help as she grabbed on, only to fall deeper and deeper, bouncing off the tongue and slamming against the back of Grace’s throat. Desperately trying to climb her way back up, only for the water to push her back down. The contracting walls of Grace’s throat pushing her back and forth over and over again.

It was futile, Grace gulped her back and swallowed her whole. Katie screaming as she plummeted down the tunnel of her esophagus. Slamming against the sides of her throat as the darkness turned to pitch black. The claustrophobic air suddenly opening up to a wide opening. Grace’s stomach. Falling for what felt like a miniature eternity, Katie slammed face first onto a small pile of half-digested food. Her left leg shattering in the process. She was lucky though. If she’d landed even one centimeter to either side, she’d have plummeted straight into a pool of burning stomach acid.

Still though, Katie pretty much accepted this was the end. Numbing pain shot up and down her ruined leg.


Katie gasped, a red blinking light illuminate the strange landscape of Grace’s inner stomach. Of course! Katie remembered, the walkie talkie. It was waterproof. Pushing up to a sitting position she saw the radio sat about one inch away. At her size this was about 60 feet away. If she could drag herself towards it, then maybe, just maybe, she could get a hold of the others.








“Did you just drink that?” said Donna, her voice dripping with disgust.

Grace chuckled, slamming the empty glass down on the kitchen counter top. “Maybe” she said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.



Back beneath the couch, Oliver was in full on panic mode. Grace had just swallowed his sister whole without even noticing. This nightmare was only getting worse. His mind racing to come up with solutions. As a prospective engineer. Oliver was always incredibly logical and rational. This bizarre situation was really throwing him for a loop though. It was going to take some serious planning to get everyone out of this alive.

There was a good chance Katie was already dead too. That’s when it hit him. The radios. Of course. Katie might’ve had the mini one in her back pocket.

He pulled his own radio out, maybe there was a way to rework the signal and contact Donna through radio. It was a long shot, but at this point Oliver was willing to try anything.


Meanwhile, Carl was still in shock at his new state of being. Carl hated not being in control and being smaller than a bug was the absolute loss of all control. Worse still, the shrink ray he had been holding had melted into a mish-mash of wires, not designed to be shrunk itself. His mind was racing faster and faster as he tried to keep himself calm. He needed to get out of this house, get away from these giants. Looking up, he saw the front door.

He could easily slip away under the crack. At this point Carl didn’t even care about the others, he only cared about his own safety. Taking a deep breath, he readied himself.

It looked like Grace and Donna were distracted across the kitchen. If he went now, he might be able to get out.

“3... 2... 1...” he broke into a full on sprint. All of his fitness classes paying off as he ran across the floor. Relatively speaking, the distance was probably a few miles at his size. Carl was used to running 10 mile marathons so this would be easy.


Donna sighed, running a hand through her hair as she chomped down on a stick of celery. “I just hope Ryan understands” she said, “I mean he’s a really good friend, and I... I don’t want to hurt his friendship with Dan, but...”

“Fuck Ryan!” said Grace, grabbing a stick of celery and biting into it. “You gotta look out for number one,” she said, chewing away.

That’s when Donna noticed a small speck, moving across the ground with surprising speed. “EW” she screamed, pointing at it.

Grace chuckled, rolling her eyes. “It’s just a bug” she said, casually strolling across the room.

Unbeknownst to them, this little speck was their friend Carl, literally running for his life while Grace caught up to him in three casual strides. The ground shaking and booming with her every step.

“This is how it’s done Donna” Grace’s booming voice echoed as she slowly raised her bare foot up. The shadow casting over Carl like a doom cloud. He ran faster, the foot coming down with a slow, dramatic push. Getting bigger and bigger as it loomed over him.

Carl froze with terror. Dropping to the ground and curling up into a ball. Shaking with absolute horror as Grace’s bare foot pressed down onto his body.


He could actually hear his bones snapping and shattering. Splintering into other parts of his body as her foot squeezed him against the floorboards. Wheezing and gasping for breath as his body flattened like a pancake between her foot and the floor.

Finally, she pulled away, chuckling to herself as she saw the look of disgust on Donna’s face. "What?” said Grace, lifting her foot up and flicking off the gore still stuck to her heel.

“Why would you do that with bare feet?” said Donna, almost gagging at the thought of it.

Grace rolled her eyes again. “You’re so boring Donna” she giggled, completely unaware of the misery she had caused below.


Carl was crushed into a wheezing, gargling pile of gore, barely alive, but painfully aware. Stabbing pain shooting through what little remained of his mixed up nervous system. He didn’t even look human anymore, more like a monstrous gooey mess.

Contorted and twitching. He couldn’t believe he actually survived that, and now he only wanted to die.


Grace sighed, strolling back towards the kitchen. “Well, anyways,” she chuckled, sitting down at the kitchen table, “What time is Dan getting over?”


Meanwhile, the others were planning on how they would rescue Katie. There was a slim chance she survived being swallowed and if they worked fast enough, maybe they could save her.

“We need to get their attention...” said Matt, surprisingly calm given the situation. “If we can get Grace to induce throwing up, maybe Katie will be okay...”

Sheryl shrugged, “I don’t know... It’s a long shot, we might need to focus on escaping instead...” she said, still unaware that her husband had been stepped on only moments ago.

John put his arms around Jackie protectively. "I still think we should go for that safe area..."

Ryan raised an eyebrow as he suddenly remember the radios. Pulling his out, he turned it back on.

“H-help... Help me” Katie’s voice said over the radio.

“Oh god..” Sheryl cried out, grabbing the radio from Ryan, “Katie? Katie, we're gonna get you out of there okay?”

“I can’t... see” Katie mumbled. The signal cutting in and out through static.

“We have to save her before anything else,” said Matt, turning to face Ryan. “You got her into this. How are you getting her out?” He was sounding madder by the second.

Ryan’s mind ran with different scenarios until it finally hit him, “Of course!” he said. “For our last anniversary...” he trailed off, saddened by the memory, “I... bought Donna a radio set... If we can turn that on... then maybe we can use our radios to communicate with them....”

The others looked at one another. It wasn’t the worst plan.

“Okay,” said Jackie. “Let’s stick close to the walls, no point in getting stepped on.”

Sheryl smiled, “Oh Carl will be on the way, we can meet up with him too.”

“Sounds good,” said Ryan, starting to feel hopeful again.


Not-so-relaxing Hot Tub by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This chapter was not originally by me, but edited. It includes more graphic gore, as well as acidic stomach digestion.


Oliver finally collected himself. Climbing down to the floor he was going to find a way to get back with the others. He also wanted to get away from this couch. He didn’t know if there were any more spiders around, and he definitely didn’t want to wait around and find out.

Making his way along the wall, Oliver noticed a strange shape on the floor. A dark smudge, twitching and writhing. Squinting to get a better look, he finally realized what it was. Carl, or at least whatever was left of him. Oliver gulped, feeling another wave of growing dread in the pit of his stomach. He felt like vomiting right then and there, especially considering it was his fault that Carl was ever shrunk in the first place.

Taking a deep breath, Oliver started running towards him. This was his fault and he needed to make it right. The closer he got, the sicker he felt. Carl didn’t even look like a person anymore, his bones snapped and intertwined like a monstrous human/insect hybrid, wheezing and coughing as blood poured out over the floor.

“C-carl?” Oliver gulped, stopping at 5 ‘feet’ away.

“Kill... me” Carl wheezed, his voice sounded like sandpaper scraping against wood. Oliver shook with fear, he’d never seen anything so horrific, his mind spiralled with disbelief.

“Kill me...” Carl’s gargled voice wheezed again.


“EEEK!” a shrill scream pierced the air, slamming again Oliver’s eardrums like a ton of bricks. "There’s another bug!” the voice shrieked, the ground shook as Grace’s thudding footsteps boomed across the floor, lifting up her leg as the shadow covered the ground.

Oliver gasped, scrambling to safety as her foot slammed down, crushing Carl’s mangled body, SPLAT. A spray of blood and gore burst out and spattered across the floor as Grace twisted her massive heal back and forth.

Oliver was frozen in terror as he watched this horrific event unfold. Finally coming back to his senses and sprinting across the floor to safety, praying to god that Grace didn’t see him.

“Oh my god!” Donna whined. “It’s getting away!” she pointed down as Oliver ran faster than he’d ever ran before. A looming shadow darkened his surroundings as Grace raised up her foot. Slowly dropping down.





Oliver dive rolled out of the way at the last second, taking cover in a small crack between the floor boards. Gasping for breath as he collected himself.


“Huh...” said Grace, looking down and looking at her feet, there was no sign of this second ‘bug’ anymore. Shrugging, she turned back and strolled towards the kitchen. Breathing a huge sigh of relief, Oliver decided to wait here until Grace wasn’t around anymore. At least Donna didn’t stomp on every bug the second she saw it.


Either way, this living nightmare kept getting worse.








Katie had managed to drag herself across the small island of wheezing flesh.

Getting close enough the reach the walkie talkie and call for help. Judging by the injury on her leg, there was a good chance she’d pass out any minute now. That’s when she felt a slow building rumble. The ‘ground’ vibrating as the stomach acid surrounding the island rippled and waved.

“Oh fuck...” she whispered, starting to realize what was happening. Grace’s stomach was rumbling. The walls of mountainous flesh slowly flexed inward, a massive tsunami of stomach acid suddenly pushing upward and moving towards Katie with relentless speed. Closing her eyes, Katie took a deep breath of air, and braced for impact.

Her pain before was nearly unbearable, but now it was unimaginably horrific. Tumbling head over heels in a wave of burning stomach acid, grabbing onto every surface nerve and eating away at her body like a thousand needles. Holding her breath, she fell deeper and deeper into a whirlpool of stomach acid and half-digested meals, gasping for air as her head pushed above surface, spiralling around and around towards a deep pit at the bottom of Grace’s stomach.

The pain was only getting worse too, pouring in through her mouth and down her throat, eating away bit by bit, excruciating. Katie had all but given up now. She couldn’t handle another second of this pain. Her survival instinct had other plans, forcing her to fight through and live, whether or not Katie actually wanted to.

Spiralling down, she fell into a small dark tube, Katie assumed it was an intestine. A disgusting tunnel of nightmares, even darker than Grace’s stomach. Sliding down the intestine like a waterslide from hell Katie screamed in terror. This was certainly the end for her.

SMASH- Katie slammed face first into a stuck piece of half-digested food.

Stomach acid pouring around either side like a boulder stuck in the center of a rushing torrent. Holding on for dear life, Katie gasped for breath as waves of repulsive bodily fluid pushed over her body again and again.


Miscommunication can be Deadly by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This chapter is not original, but edited by me. Extremely graphic gore from two different scenarios.


“Anyways Donna,” said Grace, noticing a grumbling in her stomach, “I’m famished... I’ll see you later” she smiled, strolling towards the front door. “Say hi to Dan for me!” she said, before stepping outside and shutting the door behind.

Donna sat alone in the kitchen, feeling stranger than before. Something felt off, but she couldn’t quite figure out what. It almost felt like she wasn’t alone. Shaking her head, she stood up and made her way towards the bedroom. She needed to have a shower before Dan came over.

Unbeknownst to Donna, Ryan, Matt and Sheryl were already inside Donna’s bedroom. It was a long shot, but if Ryan could get the radio to connect, then maybe, just maybe they would get out of this alive. Maybe they could even save Katie too. They had just finished climbing up onto Donna’s bedside table. The exact spot she used to leave the radio while Ryan and her still dated.

“What the fuck?” Matt angrily let out, his voice dripping with contempt. The table was empty, save for a small lamp and a couple elastic band hair ties.

“I... it should... It should be here...” said Ryan, his voice sounding increasingly desperate now. “M-maybe she just... put it somewhere else.”

“She probably sold it.” said Sheryl, crossing her arms.

“N-no...” said Ryan, “It was her favorite gift... she swore it would never leave her bedside...”

Patricia sighed, rolling her eyes. “You're kidding me! I doubt she even cared about it...” Patricia wasn’t usually this mean, but there was a good chance her daughter was dead and it was basically all Ryan’s fault. “You weren’t really that great of a partner for her, anyway.” said Patricia, looking back over her shoulder at Matt. Matt chuckled, this was all Ryan’s fault after all.

"Hey, come on guys, we don't have time for this petty crap!" John said, getting between Ryan and Patricia.

“So,” Sheryl chimed in, wanting to stay on track. “What’s the next plan?” she said.

“W-well...” said Ryan, “I was thinking that if we could get to the kitchen-”

The whole group groaned before he could finish the sentence. It had just taken them nearly an hour just to reach the bedroom. Another trek across the house was not exactly a welcoming idea.

“Let him finish!” said Sheryl.

Ryan cleared his throat, his survival instinct starting to boost his confidence again, “We could use salt - any spice really... and spell out words on the countertop... and-”

“-You’re kidding right?” shouted Matt, throwing his hands up. “This plan is even worse than the radio plan! Do you want one of us to get eaten?”

Ryan shook his head. "Look, it isn’t the best plan, but we're running out of options!"


That’s when they heard the dreadfully familiar thump of Donna’s approaching footsteps...

And they were moving closer and closer towards the bedroom.


“Oh no... Oh no!” Patricia screamed, “she’s coming! We have to hide!”



The bedroom door slammed open as Donna stepped inside. Even in their panicked state, Ryan and Matt couldn’t help but be enraptured by her gigantic, beautiful form. Her shapely, heart shaped bottom. Her pouty lips, every inch of them oozing with elegant sensuality.

Strolling up to the bed, she slowly turned around, her ass facing the terrified group. Slowly bending over, she started to pull down her pants, wiggling her bum to pull the waistband over her hips. The whole group was hypnotized by this massive goddess slowly undressing. Ryan was especially enraptured, somehow she looked even better than when they dated.


Humming a little tune, Donna tossed her pants onto the bed, her lower body completely naked as she slumped down and lay back across the bed. She reach down and pulled off her shirt, causing her breasts to bounce free. They had already been one of the larger portions of her body, but now from the group's perspective they may as well have been mountains, the mass of one more than enough to squash one of them flat in an instant. Donna sighed, completely naked and fully satisfied with herself. Every inch of her body dripped with perfection.


“Wow...” whispered Matt, unaware he was thinking out loud. Patricia didn’t even call him out, she was too scared and mesmerized by this oblivious goddess enjoying herself privately.


“Mm...” Donna whined, biting her lower lip as she slid her hands down her sides, running them around her hips and slowly inching closer and closer towards her pussy. It was getting wetter with each passing second.




Donna’s phone started going off. Annoyed, she climbed off the bed and grabbed it. From their vantage point, the group was able to read her screen. It was a text from Dan.

“Hey donna I’m gonna be there a few minutes earlier than expected if that's all good” it read.

Donna texted back, “Okay, I just gotta have a quick shower. Can’t wait to see you <3”

Ryan felt another rush of sadness pour through him. Sure it was normal to move on, but with his best friend? He felt completely disposable.

Donna sighed, tossing the phone back over her shoulder.


BOOM! It slammed onto the table slid towards the group at landslide speed. Sprinting for safety, they all managed to dive out of the way.

All of them except for one.


“Ahh… AH...!” As the group looked back over their shoulders, they saw Patricia… Well, what remained of her. The lower half of her body was crushed against the table underneath the giant phone, everything past the middle of her rib cage had disappeared under the multi-ton piece of plastic. A slowly growing pool of blood was forming around her.

Matt ran towards her immediately. “P-Patricia...” he stammered, diving to his knees and reaching out to comfort her, “Patricia?”

She didn’t speak, her voice simply rattled, like a bucket filled with rusty nails, dragged behind a car. She didn’t even sound human anymore. The bottom half of her lungs were completely crushed somewhere underneath the phone. “Patricia?” he said again, not really sure what else to say in such a horrific situation.


Donna sighed, pushing up from the bed and making her way towards the washroom, completely oblivious to the misery happening only a couple feet away. Her demeanor was the complete opposite of the unknown ant-sized humans. She was happy, almost giddy excitement to see Dave, mostly because she couldn’t wait to fuck him. Making her way towards the shower, she started humming another tune as she went.


Back with the group, Matt was in complete denial. It was quite obvious that Patricia was a goner. It was a miracle she was even alive now. If you could even call her state of contorted misery ‘alive’.

“W-we can still save her,” said Matt, looking back at Sheryl and Ryan as he spoke. “W-we just need to stop the bleeding-”




The phone started to rumble, the ground shaking as another text arrived. Patricia screamed out in agonizing pain as the movement pressed against what little was left of her near-liquefied lower body. The vibration sent a wave of unimaginable, horrific pain up the remains of her twisted spine. “AHHHHH! AHH...” she screamed. The most horrific sounding scream any of them had ever heard.

Matt jumped back as the phone vibrated again and again. Each text message was sending more and more shockwaves of pain through Patricia’s body, threatening to snap her bones with their energy.


Meanwhile Donna sighed, looking back over her shoulder as she heard the phone buzzing again. Booming across the room, she loomed over the table, completely unaware of the group watching her, and the small splotch slowly growing under her phone. Slowly reaching down, she wrapped her massive fingers around the phone and lifted it up from the table.

But Patricia’s smashed legs and torso still stuck to the back, sending her into the air to dangle from the crushed remains of her body stuck to the device, screaming in terrible pain.

“Hmm...” Donna absent-mindedly mumbled, scrolling through to see her texted her. Sure enough, it was Dan: “Have fun getting off to the thought of me in the shower”

Donna felt a rush of excitement. She loved how dominant Dan was, especially compared to Ryan, who thought being kinky amounted to including some rope every once in a while. Biting her lower lip, she texted back, “Maybe ;)”

She chuckled, tossing the phone back onto the bed and strolling back towards the washroom.


Matt didn’t hesitate, he leapt off the table and dive rolled off the bed towards the phone. Ryan and Sheryl watched with overwhelming sadness. There was no way Patricia survived that. After a 5 minute sprint, running across the prairie like landscape of the bed top, Matt finally reached the phone. He went to the spot where Patricia was crushed before.

There was nothing there, just the gory smear of her destroyed body.

Matt felt a sick wash of realization fall over him. If she wasn’t here, and they didn’t see her fall, then… She must’ve gotten stuck to Donna’s hand. Taking a few deep breaths he hauled off towards the washroom. He needed to save to Patricia. He didn’t care if died in the process, he couldn’t just leave her to the unknowing whims of Donna.

Sheryl and Ryan watched as he ran across the bed, trying to call out after him, knowing it was futile to pursue her.

“There’s no way she survived,” said Sheryl, turning back to face Ryan. “I say we just get out of here. I’m not going anywhere near that shower, especially considering what you mentioned about water…”

Ryan raised an eyebrow, surprised by Sheryl’s sudden indifference. His jaw dropped as he remembered the water. “M-Matt, if you get wet you’ll be stuck!” he shouted after Matt, but he was already so far away it was doubtful he would hear. “We need to keep fighting… if just one of us can grow back we can stop this…”


Meanwhile, Donna was just stepping out of the shower. She was completely oblivious to the fact that her friend Patricia was stuck to the inside of her hand, still barely alive, the entire lower half of her body completely gone. Walking over to the sink, she took another look in the mirror, loving the way she looked after a shower.

The way the light reflected off her curves made her look even more sexy than usual. “Mmm,” she moaned, biting her lower lip and striking a little pose for herself.

Below, Matt was hiding underneath a small pipe below the sink. He could see a small speck stuck to Donna’s hand. He knew it was Patricia, he also knew she was probably dead, but he didn’t care, he needed to save her. Watching Donna pose in her mirror, he grimaced imagining the painful movement and G-forces that Patricia would have to be enduring if she was still alive.

Yawning, Donna stretched her arms up above her head and slid her foot forward, right towards Matt. He tried to dive out of the way, but it was no use. Her big toe crushed against him and the wall. He could literally feel his body getting flatter as his bones snapped and his organs shifted, his entire body feeling like a pancake as Donna pulled her foot back and strolled back towards the bedroom. Wheezing and screaming in pain, he could see parts of skin peeling back as every step sent shockwaves of pain through him.

Matt couldn’t believe he was still alive. Apparently the shrink gun gave them some kind of extra resistance to death, most likely intended as a safety measure. In the case of those unfortunate enough to have fallen into Donna’s path, it seemed that this resistance was a curse, enabling them to survive more unintentional suffering than they could possibly have imagined under normal circumstances.

The foot he was splattered upon lifted up… Flying through the air, up... down... up... down.... Her entire weight fell upon him, diminishing his entire existence to a miserable flattened mess. Shattered pieces of his skull splintered into his ruined brain, yet his body fought to keep him alive and conscious, despite his normally fatal wounds.


Closer Than Comfortable With an Intimate Act by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This chapter is not originally by me, but edited. This focuses on giant couple sex with a partially crushed tiny man trapped on the girl's foot during a footjob, and in the condom during sex.


Donna sighed, slumping back down onto the bed, combing her hair while she waited for Dan to show up.





The front door bell rang and Donna sat up excitedly. “Come in!” she said.

Ryan gulped, he didn’t know if he could handle what was about to happen. Sure enough, Dan marched into the room. He smiled wide when he saw Donna’s naked body strewn out across the bed.

“I’ve been waiting for you!” Donna smirked. Dan didn’t waste any time, pulling off his coat first, then his shirt and finally his pants. “Mmmm!” Donna sighed with approval at the sight of his crotch bulging inside his boxers. “C’mon Dan…” she moaned sexually. “Pull them off...”

Dan obeyed, his massive cock bouncing free, already swelling up to full attention as Donna bit her lower lip seductively. “C’mere” she sighed, stretching her long legs out across the bed. Dan stepped forward, shivering with pleasure as Donna pressed her feet against both sides of his cock. She began to move her feet, slowly sliding back and forth, back and forth across the length of his cock. Ryan and Sheryl watched, completely stunned by the whole scenario. “Mmm!” Donna moaned, sighing with approval as Dan’s cock swelled fuller in response to the stimulation.

Meanwhile Matt was still screaming as agonizing pain coursed through his entire body. He swung back and forth as Donna slid her feet down Dan’s monstrous cock. It was absurdly massive from Matt’s perspective, and Donna’s lustful whimpers only made the pain even worse. Their complete obliviousness to his suffering was absolutely terrifying. Their overwhelming pleasure contrasted with his overwhelming suffering. It was truly a living nightmare.

Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, Dan started to massage Donna’s feet while getting a footjob. Rubbing her toes one at time, slowly moving closer and closer to her big toes. And in turn, getting closer and closer to Matt. Finally pressing his fingers against Matt’s body and crushing him even more, Matt was forced to scream into the abyss, his horrific moans sounding less and less human with each passing moment, the last vestiges of his sane mind sickened as he noticed he was starting to sound like Patricia’s rattling last screams before being carried away. Sticking to the side of Dan’s finger as he stepped backward.

Bending down, Matt reached into his coat on the floor. He pulled out a condom and turned back to face Donna. He climbed onto the bed, slowly opening the wrapper and putting the condom around his cock.

Unnoticed, Matt’s disintegrating body slipped off Dans finger and fell inside the condom. He was now stuck between the latex wall and Matt’s throbbing cock. He was left gasping and screaming for breath every chance he could get. The latex wall actually reduced some pain, at least in that his wounds were no longer exposed to direct oxygen. The claustrophobic anguish only made it worse however. There was movement outside, and he was pressed hard against Dan’s throbbing member as the dick slowly pushed into Donna’s pussy, effortlessly parting her fully wet lips. Matt was dreading the moment Dan pushed all the way inside, as rubbing and pressing against the cavernous walls of Donna’s pussy would only make the pain even worse.

Donna whined with pleasure as Dan filled her up bit by bit, locking eyes while he held onto her hips and slowly pulled her towards him.

“Mmm… Ahn...” she whimpered with lust - the more he filled her up, the better it felt.

Ryan was still frozen with shock. The image of Dan fucking his former lover permanently burning into his mind. It was almost worse than the entire day prior. Sheryl slapped him on the shoulder, pulling him out of his trance.

“Ryan! We need to get out of here... NOW, before anything else happens.”

Ryan nodded slowly up and down. The climb up took them nearly an hour, the climb down would take even longer. Hopefully Donna and Dan stayed on the bed and didn’t move around the room. They seemed rather focused…

“Oh yes... god YES!” Donna whined as Dan began pumping his cock in and out, in and out, the entire room gently shaking while he did. Like two massive gods pleasuring each other, completely oblivious to the mortals below.

They were especially oblivious to Matt, stuck inside the condom and experiencing pain beyond anything he ever dreamed was possible. The pressing, squishing and squeezing was only getting worse. The more aroused Dan got, the bigger and harder his cock was, and with both Matt’s body and Dan’s dick fighting for the same confined space in the condom... it was obvious which one would win. The pressure multiplied the pain of Matt’s already horrific existence. Now he only wanted it to end, he want to die, but his survival instinct felt differently. He was forced him to gasp for every little breath he could get, forcing him to endure the horrific pain and sweltering heat and musk of this manhood a thousand times the size of his own body.

“Mmph... Ahn… Ahhh!” Donna moaned with delight as Dan grabbed her by the hips and spun her around onto all fours, pumping in and out from behind. Her big heart-shaped bum was slapping against his muscular stomach again and again. The sound alone was almost deafening to Ryan and the others, who were tediously climbing their way down the dresser and towards the floor. A single misstep would be certain death, and now that the room was shaking, climbing down was even harder than climbing upward.


Just Vibing by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This is the final chapter written by someone else and edited by me. It focuses on a tiny girl trying to avoid being digested while the woman she's inside masturbates with a vibrator.


Oliver sat in the corner completely devastated. He knew he never should’ve come to this stupid party. He almost didn’t go too. If only he did, he’d be playing video games with his dorm mates and eating junk food. Now he was literally fighting to survive.


He looked up. A small red blinking light was going on and off underneath the couch from before. The radio! A beam of hope shot through his mind. If he could get the radio, maybe he could get out of here. Maybe he could survive. He took a deep breath and started hauling his way across the room, back towards the couch…




He finally reached the couch, stopping to catch his breath, he stood there for a good half minute before moving forward. That’s when he heard a familiar voice.

“H-help... help me…” the voice wheezed over the radio, clearly in a great amount of pain, rasping as if the only energy they had left was being used for this small whisper.

He bent down and picked up the radio, holding it to his face. “K-Katie?” he said, still in disbelief that she was alive.

“Oliver... I’m... I’m inside Grace...” she wheezed, every word seeming to take a great amount of effort. Despite this, learning Katie was still alive gave Oliver a sense of renewed purpose. It gave him a reason to keep fighting. Maybe he could save her and himself in the process.

“Katie...” he said, “You need to stay calm... I’m going to get within distance of her house and connect to her radio system.”

Katie rolled her eyes, “How do you know... she even has one?”

OIiver sighed, figuring it didn’t matter at this point if his explanation sounded odd. “Last time we were over there I was snooping around and found one, not sure why, but she had it in her closet. I even remember the channel it was tuned at. If I can within 20 feet of her house, I should be able to contact her. We can tell her to induce vomiting and you’ll be safe.”

Katie chuckled half-heartedly, she’d already mostly given up on surviving and this plan didn’t sound all that great, but she had already suffered so much, she might as well hang on to that small hope. “Okay Oliver... I’ll just keep you updated as you go-” she was cut off as Grace suddenly sat up. The whole cavernous interior rumbled and shifted as more stomach fluid poured down over her body. Thankfully the pain wasn’t as bad anymore. Most of Katie’s nerve endings had already burnt away.


Grace sighed, strolling across her room and towards her dresser cabinet. She was getting horny and needed to let off some steam. Besides, she’d just bought a new vibrator that she was dying to try out.

“K-Katie?” Oliver yelled into the radio. “W-what’s happening?”

“I... I don’t know” stammered Katie, holding on for dear life with both hands, the radio strapped around her neck.

“Okay, just hold on tight! Grace lives just across the street, so I should be able to get within range in about 45 minutes...” he said, knowing it would probably take longer.

“O-okay...” said Katie, her voice losing the small spark of hope it had from before. “Please... Help me...”

Oliver sighed, taking a deep breath and getting ready for another run. Thank god he was in track and field, otherwise he’d have passed out by now.

Meanwhile Grace sat on the edge of her couch, slowly spreading her legs wider and wider, biting her lower lip as she rubbed the insides of her thighs with both hands, squeezing together her generous bust with her upper arms, pulling her panties aside, she reached for the vibrator and turned it on. Katie felt the effect immediately. A strange, unnatural rumbling echoed within the walls of Grace’s interior. Katie didn’t know what it was, but she knew it wasn’t good for her.

The vibrating rumble got stronger and stronger until finally the walls of her intestine starting to vibrate like an electric massager. The depths of stomach acid were sloshing around Katie, bubbles filtering to the top.

“Mmph... Oh, yeaaaahhh...” Grace moaned, her lustful whines reverberating through her skin. “Yeeaahhh, give it to me Brett...” she sighed, slowly rubbing the tip of her vibrator up and down against her pussy. Pleasure rushed over her in waves as she fell deeper and deeper into a growing swell of lust.

Katie screamed in pain as the vibration reverberated throughout her entire being, generating a new kind of suffering she hadn’t known existed. Violently shaking her in every direction, her bones and joints were slamming against each other, threatening to snap from the overwhelming movement. Grace’s lustful whimpering and moaning grew louder and louder as her pleasure grew more and more intense.

Katie had never known suffering like this. As she held onto a half-digested piece of sandwich within this titan’s stomach, even with Oliver’s reassurances he would save her, somehow she knew this was the end. The buzzing made the stomach lining jiggle as all the organs surrounding her churned, the cacophony assaulting Katie’s ears was the simple sound of another person living their life, the gurgles that nearly deafened her products of this woman’s daily life.

Katie’s life flashed before her, and she somehow knew this was going to be the end of it. The most painful thing she had ever experienced before this was spraining her leg during volley ball at college.

Now, every passing second Grace’s stomach acid was splashed onto her face, finding new nerve endings to burn through. If she was stronger, could accept that this was the end, and let go, maybe it would end mercifully fast. The only thing keeping her grip strong was knowing that her brother was coming. If he was willing to fight on for her, the least she could do was not give up. She grit her teeth, trying to listen past the roaring groans to what was happening outside – with any luck, she would hear something that could help Oliver.


Cranking the Vibe to 11 by Brosus
Author's Notes:

The first chapter written by me - I would love to hear which style people prefer in the comments. This focuses on more stomach survival during masturbation as well as some foot odor at the end.


Patricia grabbed the edge of her couch with her fingers, hard. Digging into it, she let out a guttural groan of pleasure as her vibrator rubbed against her clitoris, driving her mind wild. Grace was a very expressive woman when it came to making love – her long, pedicured nails had left small scratches on her boyfriends’ backs many times during more… primal moments. She bit her lip, imagining her boyfriend driving his cock deep into her womanhood, pushing the vibrator in to its hilt with her left hand and bucking her hips into the air, screaming as she neared climax.

“Y-Yes! YES! Aaaahhh…. Come on…”

She was so close, her face flush with exertion as she bounced her ass up and down to drive the vibrator even marginally deeper, bringing her right hand to massage her nipples, hoping that would release the heavy orgasm trapped inside. She was so horny, but she had the unfortunate problem of having a very hard time achieving orgasm on her own, even with toys. Knowing if she didn’t call in her boyfriend’s ‘big gun’ she would be riding her vibrator until midnight chasing sexual relief, she grabbed her phone with her left phone, swiping it on while she continued thrusting at her cunt.

Brrring… brrrring… click.

“MMMM! Brett, baby… I need you… Oh, forget th-ahhhnn… the party. Get the fuck over here – ahh… and fucking rail me already… Mmm… Come on, d-don’t make me beg, baby… If you get here in ten minutes, we can do your favorite… See you soon, big boy!”

The sea of stomach acid was going wild, and Katie knew there were only a few reasons it could be this insane. She could barely make out some of the words that Grace had said, and now she was confident Grace was getting off.

Katie whimpered a bit, remembering fingering herself a few days ago in the tub, and imagined what she would have done had she found out she swallowed a tiny person. Overcome with a sense of disgust, Katie gagged, stomach acid splashing into and burning her open mouth, the rancid flavor of sandwich-acid soup and the image of being killed in another woman’s stomach was too much. Katie vomited onto the slowly dwindling sandwich raft, though having nearly nothing in her stomach, all she hacked up was a mixture of blood and bile.

Katie weakly brought the walkie-talkie to her mouth as she spit the last of her vomit out. “O… Oliver, you… I need you to hurr…” She had to stop and choke back another gag and catch her breath, as the walls around her let out a loud groan. “…Hurry. She… called her… boyfriend… they’re going to…” She couldn’t finish her sentence as she began to sob.


On the other side, Oliver had stopped running listened to the radio breathlessly. He could make out bubbling and groaning amidst the static and his sister’s whispered cries for help. His face paled at the thought of his sister being stuck in Grace’s stomach as she had sex. It was a miracle she had survived this long, but if they had sex there was no way she could survive that – he had to get there, fast.

Unfortunately, he had only made it to the door, it would take him an hour to get within range of Grace’s radio. He examined the room for anything that could help him get there faster. Looking at the clock, he realized that it was almost time for the party to start. Ryan had said that Donna knew about the party, which meant she was probably going to go get her sister soon… Dan had gone to Donna’s bedroom a while ago, and the loud noises had stopped, so she could leave any time now. If he could just catch a ride with her…

There wasn’t time to go far, so his options were limited. In fact, the only thing he could get to without running another ten minutes was the pair of shoes Donna had by the door. He slowly approached the black flats, which towered over him. They were leather, giving him just enough traction to climb to the top with a little effort, but Oliver wasn’t stupid. The flats were of minimal design, no straps to hang onto, he would be flung off on the first step.

Slowly crawling over to the opening, a wave of heat met his face, carrying the warm, salty smell of feet, the shoes were still warm from when they were last worn. He felt bile rising up his throat at the smell, it reminded him of what had happened to Carl. He could still clearly see the mashed viscera of Carl’s body in his head, his bones unnaturally snapped and jutting out of raw, red meat like some skinned roadkill. Oliver remembered the grating sound of Carl struggling to beg for death. Oliver had never seen anything so horrific, but Carl was somehow still alive until Grace completely flattened him.

That could be him, the rational part of Oliver’s brain argued. Jumping into this shoe is a death sentence, you’ve seen what a human foot can do to someone your size. Oliver shook his head, trying to shake those dark thoughts away. Bullies at school had called him a nerd and coward all through high school because he didn’t play sports, but this was his chance to do something that mattered. He had to save his sister and prove them wrong. If he could find a safe spot in the toe area, he could get use the radio to get Grace’s attention without ever leaving the shoe.

Oliver grabbed the radio. “Don’t worry Katie, I have a plan. I’m coming.” Turning it off, he started to climb down the warm inner material of the flat.


Doggy Style Dangers by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This chapter focuses on tinies trying to escape while a giant couple has sex above them... enjoy!


As Ryan and the others climbed down the nightstand, the world around them shook. Just feet away at normal size were Dan and Donna, and Dan was plowing into her full force, making the bed buck against the back wall, slowly denting it. The lamp sitting on the nightstand had its lampshade pushed into, falling off the nightstand and breaking with a loud clatter below. The entire nightstand shook, throwing the tiny survivors far into the air.

They were thrown against the sheets of the bedspread, each one clinging tightly… save for one. Jackie tried to grab onto the slippery silk sheets, but her hands couldn’t find any traction. Clinging on barely slowed her descent, causing a terrible rope burn on both hands in the process. Finally reaching the bottom, her hands ran out of material, leaving her to free fall the last few meters. Thanks to the strengthening of being shrunken, she was able to land without breaking any bones, only spraining her ankle. Slowly standing back up, she watched as the sheets were slowly pulled upwards towards the bed each time Dan thrust into Donna, carried to the center of the bed by their passionate lovemaking.

“Jackie! Go find somewhere safe! I’ll find a way to fix this and save you!” John called out to her, before he was pulled over the lip of the bed, disappearing beyond the edge of the mattress.

Tearing up, Jackie turned away and slowly limped away, trying to get from the horrible smashing sound atop the bed. As she made it into the living room, in the far corner she saw the safety cup, which was supposed to grow her back in just 30 seconds… of course, that was it! If she could just make it there she would be able to save John and the others! She began to limp as fast as possible towards the small plastic cup marking the safety zone…


Pulled viciously fast onto the bed, John joined the others on top of the blanket, greeted by the sight of Dan plowing into Donna as they fucked doggy style on the bed. Their movements shook the bed dangerously, barely letting the group of tiny survivors congregate to form a plan.

"R-Ryan! What should we do?" John screamed to be heard above the creaking caused by the copulating giants.

"We need to find a way to get them a message!" Ryan screamed, using a hand to block as much of the scene as possible. "They'll be distracted, and I hate to say it, but Donna... Takes a while, in my experience, so this is our best chance!"

Sheryl pointed to the edge of the bed. "Do you see how much this thing is shaking? We get close to the edge and we'll be thrown off!

Ryan shook his head. "No, there's a sheet at the other end of the bed. If we can just make it over there, then..."

"...So you're saying we have to go... underneath them?" John looked very concerned. "Are you sure it's safe?"

"Look, nothing at this size is safe, but sitting here isn't going to save anyone or get them to notice us!" Ryan glanced at Dan and Donna, who still hadn't decreased in pace. "If we don't make a message they can notice, we might not survive long enough to grow back!"

Even Sheryl reluctantly nodded and turned to face the couple. Donna moaned with pleasure every time that Dan thrust into her, but other than grabbing and sliding sheets the middle seemed safe as long as they continued.

Steeling himself, John was the first to start sprinting, with Ryan and Sheryl falling in behind. Within only 30 seconds, he was nearing the underside of Donna's tits, which bounced away from and towards him each time. They were a good 50 feet above his head, so they didn't pose a danger...

But as he was about to pass under it, he noticed the nipple glistening. Running faster, he decided it was probably his imagination.

One second later, he was sent sprawling onto the blanket from a cannonbal of perspiration. It knocked the wind out of him as the rolled to a stop, confused as to what had happened. Touching his face, he found it was moist. Was that... a sweat droplet hitting him? A simple droplet of sweat had knocked him off his feet?

Wait... if they got wet, then...

John jumped to his feet, turning to the others. "Don't get hit by sweat! Watch out! You won't be able to grow back!"

Ryan looked up, dodging to the right, saved just in time. Sheryl was falling behind, and didn't even hear the words of caution.

By the time she made it to Donna's belly button, a sweat droplet that had collected inside fell down, flooring Sheryl as well.

Ryan hesitated, realizing he was perhaps the only one who could possibly grow back if they survived to the full time limit. Dan's thighs glistened with sweat, so he made a last-second decision: try to take cover underneath Donna's womanhood, then dodge around Dan's dangling, sweaty wrecking ball sized nuts.

Ryan went into a full-on sprint as he approached the underside of Donna's clitoris, hoping to time it with their rhythm. Just a half-second too soon, Dan violently thrust especially hard into Donna, letting out a scream.


"AAAAAAAHHHHHH, YES!" Dan spanked Donna's ass as he came into the condom, feeling hot fluid surrounding his tip pleasurably as he pushed his throbbing cock as deep into Donna as he could.

Donna screamed as well, pulling the sheets towards her as her back arced and she squirted, covering the sheets below in her love juices as her orgasm overcame every inch of her body and her upper torso collapsed to the bed.

She had never known she was capable of squirting when she orgasmed... until the first night she slept with Dan, that is. She still wasn't able to do it every time, but when she did, it was fantastic...


Screams rang out above Ryan as Donna's torso collapsed downwards behind him, driving him and the others to run as fast as possible. From above, a thick, musky smelling clear fluid he had never seen before, clearly very different from sweat... Wait, the smell...

He recognized it from when he had ate Donna out last Valentine's Day, but... she had never came so hard when they had sex... was she...?

Shaking his head, he ran on, trying to ignore how most of his body was covered in sticky juices, hoping that it wouldn't disrupt the shrinking ray, as long as he avoided sweat... Dodging to the right of Dan's balls, all three made it to the sheet at the back of the bed before Dan collapsed on top of Donna, spooning her.

As they climbed down, Sheryl shot Ryan a nasty look. "Didn't think about the sweat, huh? And what the hell happened to her taking forever? I guess Dan really is more of a man than you..."

"Sheryl, you're going too far," John broke in, focusing on climbing down. "Let's just... focus on making a message. Listen, I was thinking, and we're close to the bathroom. We should be able to find a way to make a message in there, like out of toilet paper."

Ryan, traumatized by having to run underneath his ex while his best friend gave her a better experience than he ever had, finally gave up and let someone else take control. All of his plans so far had only led more of his friends to die...


Raise Your Cup, Fill it Up by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This chapter includes a girl being drenched in semen and thrown into a trashcan where she gets trapped with other disgusting items, a vivid description of a giant man's penis, and said man pissing briefly.


Dan spooned Donna, feeling his dick growing back to full mast between her ass cheeks. "Are you sure you don't want to go another round? It's your call, birthday girl..."

Donna turned her head, meeting Dan's for a kiss. After sharing their kiss for a few seconds, she broke away with a pout, moving to sit up on the bed. "You know, usually I would, but... Ryan said he was going to throw a party for me so we should probably wait until after he leaves.

Dan watched with fascination as his girlfriend picked up the panties that were lying on the floor, sliding them up her long legs to me her extremely wet nethers. "I love your dirty side Donna... You're not even going to wash up?"

Donna giggled as she walked into the closet, shaking her hips with each step to give him a show. "Why, you think Ryan's gonna notice?" She continued to speak louder from the closet as she got dressed. "Is it kinky if I kinda hope he does smell it? I mean, you know him... Even if he figured it out he wouldn't say anything until I told him for sure."

Dan chuckled, feeling a bit bad, but glad his best friend couldn't hear all this. "Well, I don't want to hurt him, but... I can't say that I don't find it kinky myself..." He stood up and walked out of the bedroom, stretching his arms over his head. “Hey Donna, when were Ryan and the rest of them supposed to show up?” He put his hands on his hips as he rotated them, letting his softened dick flop between his legs, the drenched condom containing several ounces of semen and the thoroughly pulped body of Matt.

“Ehh… I kinda thought he would be here when I got home, it was supposed to be a surprise party. But, I preferred the surprise I got instead…” Donna appeared behind Dan, running her hands down his abs before hugging him from behind. “But I guess they should be here any time now. I guess I should get dressed and get Grace…”

Dan nodded his head. “Guess I should clean up then… Hey, what’s with that cup over in the corner?” Dan pointed to the safety point taped in the corner.

“Huh?” Donna barely glanced at it before turning to the bedroom to get dressed. “Probably one of Grace’s cheap-ass plastic cups, you mind throwing it out for me?”


Jackie had been hobbling her way towards the safety point for the past half hour, now only a few hundred feet away. The noises from the bedroom had stopped, and as the two giants entered the room and started talking she sped up. As long as she got to the safety point they wouldn’t notice her until she grew back…

Then she heard them say something about a cup. Looking back for a second, she saw Dan pointing nearly straight at her, and as she realized what he meant her blood ran cold and she broke into a sprint. Her ankle felt like it would break, but better that than being flattened… And she needed to make it, to save John, and the rest.

She rapidly covered the distance, but in only five steps, Dan had too. She dived into the cup just as he started to bend down. She was safe! She watched his distorted form through the cup, noticing with disgust he was naked and his dick was dangling inches above her. Not her preferred place to grow back, but…

Why wasn’t the growing feeling coming? Shit, right, it took 30 seconds… Wait…


Dan bent down, picking up the plastic cup. There was some resistance, but he easily snapped whatever it was. Standing back up, he started heading towards the bathroom to take a shower, when something wet slapped his leg.

Looking down, it was the condom. “Oh, right. Guess I don’t need that any more…” Reaching down, he pulled it easily off his flaccid cock, not even bothering to tie it off as he dumped it in the cup. It was all trash bound anyway.


Jackie heard a snapping sound as the cord connecting the safety point to its power source on the wall was ripped in two, rendering it useless. Her blood thoroughly chilled as it meant she wasn’t going to be growing back from the safety point… Could she survive long enough to reach the time limit? More importantly, what was Dan going to do with cup? She didn’t want to be trapped in here, but she didn’t want him to drink her…

What happened next was worse.


A giant snap rang out from inches away, and then a long, white elastic tube loomed above Jackie and the cup. It was released and fell with surprising speed, nailing Jackie in the stomach and knocking the wind out of her. As she collapsed, a thick white fluid flooded out of what she now realized was a condom, the elastic curling around her body as the semen filled the bottom of the cup. Weighed down, Jackie had to fight against the condom’s weight to get her head high enough that she could breath. Dan’s natural walk made the sperm splatter back and forth, splashing into Jackie’s mouth multiple times much to her disgust.

With one swing, the contents of the cup were thrown in the air momentarily, the tip of the condom landing on Jackie’s face… and as she saw the red goop that was pressed deep into the condom’s tip, she screamed in shock. There was only one thing that could be… one of them had been crushed inside of this condom onto Dan’s penis. No doubt by now he was dead, but that was little comfort to her as she knew there was a high risk of a similar fate, if she didn’t drown in this cum. Distressingly, now that she had noticed the corpse she started to detect a slightly pink tinge throughout the white fluid… The mushed up remains of one of her friends was spread throughout this disgusting semen!

Nearly throwing up, Jackie realized at least one of these two fluids had to count – she wouldn’t naturally grow back, even if this fucking cup still worked! Fighting with the condom to keep her head above the semen, she looked up and screamed at Dan, hoping he would glance down at the cup and see her before he disposed of it. Instead, she was greeted by a view not of his face, but his humongous swinging balls. His flaccid cock hung above her like a massive python, so long that between steps it smacked into the side of his legs. His balls swung like wrecking balls, creating an image of them dropping into the cup and flattening her completely, and a remaining droplet of cum dangled on the end before dropping onto her face with a warm splat. Jackie struggled to spit the disgusting, cloying salty liquid from her mouth, trying to regain her breath in the thick musky atmosphere for one last vain attempt of screaming to Dan.

What she didn’t realize was that they had already reached the bathroom. The cup was casually tossed in the trash, the heavy condom sliding out and taking Jackie’s entangled form with it. Caught in the latex prison, Jackie and the sea of cum spilled across a piece of toilet paper that Donna had blown her nose with. Unable to pry the condom off of herself, or even push the crushed form of one of her friends more than a few inches from her face, Jackie could feel the semen soaking into the paper, its sticky goo covering her body… and worse, if she didn’t fight free soon, she could see this cum hardening in only a few minutes, thinking back to the time she found one of her younger brother’s disturbingly crusty socks… While she struggled, she had the privilege of listening to Dan loudly pissing into the toilet bowl only a foot away, letting out a relieved sigh, not a care in the world.


Catching a Smelly, Dangerous Ride by Brosus
Author's Notes:

Oliver begins his journey to save Katie, but will he make it in time? This contains mainly feet content but little crushing.


Having made his way down onto the insole of Donna’s flats, Oliver let out a sigh of relief that he was done climbing. He quickly regretted this, as the muggy air within the shoe sent him into a coughing fit as soon as he finished inhaling, causing him to fall on one knee and try to calm his nerves.

Sweat seeped out from the insole, drenching his knee and soaking most of his leg in sweat as his jeans absorbed Donna’s fluids. Trying to control his breathing, Oliver lifted his shirt to cover his mouth and nose, filtering the briny air if only slightly. Regaining the strength to stand up, Oliver rose up, the overwhelming salty scent of sweat reminded him of the ocean, odd that at this scale that was what Donna’s feet would remind him of.

Walking forward, he knew he had to hurry. At his scale, her body really was like its own planet, and if he was in its way when Donna was moving there was no doubt in his mind which of them would win. Darkness grew, as he walked deep into the cave, until the light from the shoe’s opening no longer illuminated his way, leaving him blind to the way forward.

Oliver felt tremors growing. Donna was coming this way, he was out of time. He frantically scrambled forwards, feeling with his hands into the dark hoping he would find the shoe’s tip any inch now.

Darkness fell over the opening of the shoe, as it began to shake. The leather material creaked, as something moved.


Oliver’s body was thrown to the sole of the shoe violently as it skyrocketed into the air, the G-forces pinning him to the floor and causing him to nearly black out as blood rushed from his brain to the lowest parts of his body. As the velocity slowed, for a second he was weightless, then thrown up at the flat’s ceiling as his momentum sent him careening upwards, smacking head-first into one of the flat’s seams, the force of the movement cutting a deep gash into his forehead.

Gravity normalizing as the shoe was held mid-air, Oliver grunted as he once again made contact with slimy, moist insole. The angle the flat was at sent him sliding face first along the sole and the copious sweat instantly getting into his fresh wound, the salt in the sweat causing a terrible searing sensation. As he tumbled to a stop, Oliver could only hope that he had landed at the toe section, because he was out of time.

“Hey Dan, I’m gonna go get Grace for the party. Ryan said he’d be here to set up a while ago, but I guess he’s running late, so we might as well get the party started without him…”

Donna’s voice came through the thin material easily, at least giving Oliver the small comfort of knowing his pain would be worth it for the chance to save his sister. Provided he survived that long… A brief flash of light illuminated the shoe, at least for long enough for him to see Donna’s toes dipping in and slithering towards him as he scrambled backwards desperately.

Oliver’s back made contact with the wall of the shoe as he was shrouded in darkness again. A rough scraping grew louder as Donna’s foot slid into the flat, and he could feel heat radiating from the toes that were surely inches away even at his size. The rapid descent of Donna putting her foot down and adjusting her shoe in her flat made him crash into the toe, her toenail digging deeper into the cut as he felt more warm blood starting to drip down the side of his face.

If Donna felt anything at all, she didn’t comment on it. But the worst for Oliver was yet to come as she began walking, the repeated up and down motion making him sick to his stomach. He was repeatedly tossed between the rough insole and seams along the flat’s toe section, and throttling back forward into Donna’s sharp toenail and skin, the small whorls of her toeprint were like sand paper against his skin at this size, each step resulting in some small cut or bruise. The only thing keeping his hopes up was that it would only take a minute or two of this torture to get in range to save Katie. Fumbling in his pocket, he turned the radio on, praying he could get the screen to light up enough to set it to the right channel.

But as soon as he turned the knob, the radio crackled to life once again, and before he could start setting channels, his soul was chilled by the sound of his sister sobbing.

“O… Ollie… Please answer me… th… they’re… Oh god… I can’t take this anymore, I… I just want to die… It hurts so much… and they’re…”

In the background he could make out something resembling voices, though not what they were saying.

“Katie! I’m on my way, just hang on for a couple more minutes!” Oliver screamed into the radio, but when he released the button, his sister just kept sobbing. She had to be holding the button down, which meant she couldn’t hear a word he was saying. He began to sob as well, knowing that realistically, there might not be time to save her even if he got in range in time. Trying to brace himself so that he wouldn’t die before he was close enough, he listened in horror, trying to imagine what his sister might be going through.


Hot Tub with Extra Cream by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This chapter focuses on Katie trying to survive inside a giant woman's stomach as she gives her boyfriend a blowjob. If you like dark and gorey, this is my personal favorite of the chapters I've written.


About two minutes ago, less than a hundred meters away…


Grace flew off the couch the moment her doorbell rang, rushing to the door. Flinging it open, her boyfriend Brett stood there cockily with his hands on his hips and a dumb grin plastered on his face.

“Two minutes to spare baby, you know what that means.” Brett winked at her, pleased to see how worked up she was… that and Grace answering the door naked wasn’t the worst sight he could be greeted with.

“Shut up you stupid lug and get in here!” Grace grabbed him by the ass and pulled him inside as fast as he could move. The second the door slammed shut she pushed him up against it, pressing her lips to his lustfully as her hands got to work on getting the belt on his jeans off.

They were practically intertwined as they moved towards the couch while making out, belt sliding undone, button unhooked and zipper down in mere seconds. After a solid minute of swapping saliva, Grace broke away and pushed him onto the couch forcefully, Brett kicking his pants the rest of the way off as he spread his legs out, letting his walnut-sized testicles and fully engorged cock be displayed in their full glory.

“Hey, you said you’d give me a blowjob if I got over here in time.”

Grace licked her lips at the sight, her lust growing by the second staring at her boyfriend’s massive cock. Truthfully she rather enjoyed sucking him off, but she would never admit that because it was his favorite, and her insatiable appetite for sex wouldn’t be satisfied if she sucked every ounce of semen out of him before they got to the best part.

“Well, since you were a good boy…” Grace got down on her knees, giving his thighs a long lick before giving his balls a kiss. “I suppose I can give you a little treat. Just be ready to ride me for the next hour straight, okay?”

Brett’s smile grew. “Babe, you sure that’ll be enough? I was thinking at least an hour and a half…”

“You drive a hard bargain. Deal.”


Inside Grace’s stomach, Katie was tossed about even more violently as the entire stomach’s contents were doing flips during this ordeal. She could feel the remnants of her food raft disintegrating, and grabbed the radio to beg her brother to hurry. It was impossible to tell what was being said outside with the stomach acid fizzing so strongly, but she didn’t want to know what was going on.

The pain was lessening, but looking at her body she knew why, she could see her own muscles through what little remained of her skin, sickeningly reminding her of the anatomical model at her college biology class. She didn’t understand how she hadn’t died yet, but she wish she’d just been crushed or died immediately when that goddamn woman had drank her whole.

Turning on the radio, all she could do was sob and beg Oliver to save her.

“O… Ollie… Please answer me… th… they’re… Oh god… I can’t take this anymore, I… I just want to die… It hurts so much… and they’re…”

She continued to sob with the last of her strength, holding onto the radio like it was a lifeline. She had no idea that doing so was what was stopping Oliver from responding, leaving her to fear that even he had somehow been killed.


Grace gave Brett’s sweaty ball sack sloppy kisses, and gave his shaft long licks to polish it off. She teasingly took the head into her mouth before slowly sucking in more of his veiny shaft, worshiping his cock with her mouth. She had plenty of practice, her mouth forming a suction that only made his cock grow harder as she ran her tongue in circles around his head. Precum was seeping out readily, which she greedily sucked down. Brett kept a great diet, and his cum was the most delicious she’d ever tasted, so she would enjoy every drop she could get.


In the faint illumination from the stomach acid, Katie could tell something new was entering the stomach. Katie was still a virgin, but even so she knew exactly what the semi-white liquid had to be.

“Oh my god… she’s… giving him a blowjob. I… can’t believe this is how I’m going to die…”


Oliver could hear all of this through the radio, horrified at what his sister was going through. He kept listening just so that if she let go he could at least say something comforting to her, but she still hadn’t… He had cuts all over his body, and constantly had to struggle to keep his legs from being pulled under Donna’s big toe with each step. In a panic, he switched to what he remembered Grace’s radio was on, and tried yelling into the radio, hoping he was in range.

“GRACE! Grace, can you hear me?! It’s Oliver, pick up the radio, it’s life or death!”

The radio actually was charging in the closet, the same radio that Ryan had given to Donna… who had given it to Grace after she and Ryan broke up… But, what Oliver didn’t know, thanks to Ryan only explaining how shrunken electronics only connecting with each other after everything had gone wrong, and Oliver not hearing this, his attempts were futile. Oliver frantically switched back and forth between channels, but as Katie continued to sob with no change, he knew that it wasn’t getting through. All he could do was listen to his sister’s final moments…


Grace continued giving Brett a blowjob with glee, taking his cock’s full length in her mouth. She had gotten quite skilled at deep throating, and there was little more rewarding than when Brett would grab onto her head to help set the pace – every time, she knew he was hooked on the feeling, and she held all the control on when he would get release. Brett’s cock shuddered as she felt him bucking his hips up towards her, but instead she popped the cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue along the shaft, making him wait for release. Grace’s stomach burbled, and she decided she was ready for her snack, swallowing his dick back into her mouth and slurping on it voraciously, pumping her head up and down.

“Ahhh, YEAH!”

Brett bucked up, holding Grace’s head to his crotch as he pumped his full load of hot spunk straight down her throat, which she swallowed down with ease. His cock twitched and pumped for a solid three seconds, letting out multiple spurts of cum before it slowly came down to a drizzle, slowly starting to soften. Grace sucked on the slowly softening cock, taking every ounce of the hot white liquid she could find and running her tongue along his frenulum. After a little teasing that would ensure he’d be back at full mast in mere minutes, she finally released the dick from her mouth, pulling herself up and sitting her bare ass on Brett’s wet lap and dick.

“Seemed like you enjoyed that almost as much as me, babe…”

Brett grabbed her by the neck, bringing her in for a deep, wet kiss, finding it rather kinky that he could still taste his sperm in his girlfriend’s mouth. They French kissed for long enough that he felt his cock stirring back to life under her hot, shapely ass.

Breaking the kiss off as a strand of spit and cum connected them before falling onto one of Grace’s tits, he picked her up by the hips, causing her to giggle with glee at his strength and dominance as he positioned his hardening cock below her pussy and let it slowly sink in.

“I love how dirty you are Grace… and now it’s time for your favorite part!”


A torrent of hot, white, liquid lava pumped down Grace’s gullet into her stomach, drenching Katie’s body in Brett’s cum. It clung to her body stickily, and she was horrified to discover that while the sperm were still too small to be seen, she could feel them wriggling along her skin like she was covered in a hive of hot insects. The liquid, still hot from being pumped through Brett’s balls, burned her skin almost as bad as the acid, and the torrent continued flowing down onto Katie’s body. She broke off from her raft trying to break the surface, getting a breath of musky, sexual air and screaming with the last of her energy as she fought for air, still holding the radio.

Unfortunately, another spurt of sperm shot into the stomach onto Katie’s face as she screamed, shooting into her lungs with the force of a fire hose. The thick fluid stuck in her throat, and as she gagged it only made the cum bubble inside her lungs, incapable of forcing any of it out. Another few spurts entered the stomach, drenching the entire sea of acid in a sticky coat of semen, much of which clung to Katie’s spasming body. She felt the sperm wiggling in her lungs, throat and mouth as she desperately tried to breath, scratching at her own throat as if opening it would give her at least one more breath. Her entire body was coated in the heavy fluid, causing her to sink into the stomach acid as it began to shake violently as Grace and Brett continued their sexual marathon, unaware of the suffering occurring inside her.

As Katie felt the energy leaving her body, her last thoughts weren’t a flash of her life, of her brother, parents, or even the guy she had a crush on. The last thing she processed was actually a rather simple thought.

‘So this is what a guy’s cum tastes like…’

Katie’s body ceased functioning, her brain being starved of oxygen from the sperm coating her lungs. The sperm cells survived the stomach’s acidic interior far longer than she did, violating every inch of her body in pursuit of an egg they would never find, as the girl’s body slowly disintegrating, and soon the only trace of her existence left would be as part of Grace’s morning dump tomorrow.


Secondhand Depression Applies Extra Pressure by Brosus
Author's Notes:

Oliver is forced to listen to his sister's torment, and faces crushing at Donna's feet...


Oliver heard Katie’s blood curdling scream and desperate gurgling in search of air amid the other terrible sounds of Grace’s interior, and he couldn’t stop himself from vomiting the contents of his own stomach onto the insole. He threw the radio under Donna’s foot, hoping she would crush it so he could stop listening to his sister’s death contractions, but while it was easily crushed, the wires to the speaker held on for a few more seconds.

Oliver had never felt despair so terrifying, knowing his sister had died just feet away and he had achieved no progress towards stopping it. As he hacked out the last food he had eaten, he thought again of Carl’s mangled corpse, begging for death. He knew now he should have ended it for Carl, and wished he could’ve done the same for Katie, if nothing else. Instead, even with all of his smarts, he hadn’t been able to help anyone, and every limb and appendage on his own body was battered, bleeding, or bruised. There was no hope for any of them, he knew that in his soul. Knowing how Carl felt, he decided it was his time as well. He could at least go peacefully if during the next step he shoved his head under Donna’s toe, it would be crushed instantly. He prepared himself for the final moment, but was knocked off balance at the last second.

Above, Donna had reached Grace’s doorstep, and knocked. She began to tap her foot in annoyance that Grace was making her wait, pulling her phone out to check her messages. Unconsciously, she noticed a small wet spot on her left big toe, but her subconscious decided it was most likely sweat, not even a bug.

The flat tipped upwards, toe section inclined, causing Oliver to slide through his own vomit feet-first towards Donna’s foot. The shoe descended fast, Donna’s big toe crushing Oliver’s feet and ankles into a red pudding that seeped into her grimy insole. She was tapping her feet, and each time Oliver’s body descended a bit further down.

Oliver screamed in pain, vomiting again from the sheer excruciating feeling surging through his nerves, each bounce of her toes dragging a few inches more of his body into his bubbling liquified flesh pooling across her insole. Within seconds his stomach was burst, intestines and other organs sitting in the open air for a few painful moments before they too were crushed into paste. Finally, with one especially irritated shoe tap, his chest and body were pulled under Donna’s toes as he let out bitter tears of relief that this nightmare was finally over.

A text from Dan popped up on Donna’s phone, causing her to hover her foot as she read it. ‘Hurry back, got a treat for your birthday’ it read, and she smiled as she set her foot down to knock on Grace’s door one final time.

As if taunting him, the big toe hovered, slowly coming down onto Oliver’s face. He could feel the entirety of his skull creaking as the pressure caused his left eye to burst painfully, warm blood surrounding the remains of his body. Finally, the toe descended fully, reducing Oliver’s torso to a gory mess which bubbled on Donna’s toe, unnoticed as if it was some especially grimy sweat. The remains were ground into the insole as Donna turned on the tips of her toes to giddily rush back to the house, deciding she would just text Grace later since they had talked earlier.

The only thing that would remain of Oliver was a red smudge so deep in Donna’s flat that most likely no one, not even Donna herself, would notice it...


...Well, that was true for... approximately 90% of his body. In actuality, his seemingly merciful death hadn't actually finished the job. While he had gone unconcsious from the pain, the sad fact is that poor Oliver was truly testing the limits of shrinking sciene and just how long it can keep you alive even with 90% of your body turned to paste. Plastered onto Donna's big toe with his own slowly hardening gore, Oliver's head and sole remaining arm were along for the ride.

With a spring in her step, Donna started her way back to the house, curious what surprise would be waiting for her.


Pedeggs Are Just Foot Cheese Graters, Really by Brosus
Author's Notes:

Foot crush, followed by a... very original and gorey finisher, in my opinion. Discretion is advised, but if you like body horror, this one's for you.


At Donna's home, a few minutes ago...


The group of three survivors had managed to slip into the bathroom, and after making their way about a normal-sized foot in, they heard stomps returning. They ran for cover underneath the cupboard's lip, and they peeked their heads out to see what was happening.

Dan sauntered in casually, his soft yet still massive cock and balls swinging and smacking against his legs with enough force to break their bones at this size. Sheryl and Ryan looked away in disgust, but John kept looking when he noticed something.

“Hey, Ryan, isn't that... the regrowth cup? Fucking hell man, you put it somewhere they could find it!”

Ryan turned back around to verify. “Oh fuck... Well... We've all gotten wet at this point so I'm not sure it would have-”

“You asshole!” John shoved Ryan, fighting back the urge to punch him. “My girlfriend hasn't, and she could have... fuck, we're so fucked...”

“What's in the cup?” Sheryl strained her eyes. “Ugh, never mind, it looks like he dumped his condom in it, now it's definitely broken. Great.”

Ryan knew he had to raise their spirits, which was extremely hard as Dan started to piss into the toilet with the power of a fire hose. “Look, guys, we can still fix this. See the cabinet door is open! She never had it fixed, so if we can get in there... I'm pretty sure there's nail polish. We can paint a message.”

John and Sheryl, while not happy, agreed it was a better plan than most of the ones he'd had so far, and less dangerous as well. Waiting for Dan to leave took a minute, as he finally shook the last droplets free and walked out of the bathroom, pulling out his phone.

As the earthquakes stopped, the group made their way to the cabinet door, boosting Ryan and Sheryl up, then pulling John in as well. After searching for a few minutes, they found a bottle of sparkly pink nail polish.

“If this doesn't get their attention, nothing will...” said Ryan. “Help me push it out, guys.”

Pushing the bottle to the door was as hard as push a semi-truck put in neutral, but with the combined efforts of all three, they managed to push it to edge, sending it clattering onto the floor, luckily upright.

“Come on, we have to unscrew this, then we can use the brush to paint the message!” Ryan urged them to jump onto the top, all three working together to unscrew it. When the cap finally budged, John's momentum led to him falling off.

“Hey, are you alright?” Sheryl asked.

“Yeah, just give me a minute...” As John rubbed his ass, he noticed a noise. “Hey, do you hear something?”

Everyone was quiet for a second.

“I don't hear them coming, let's hurry up before they come back!” Sheryl frantically pushed the cap to unscrew it as fast as possible, Ryan barely keeping up.

Deciding to investigate, John started walking towards the sound near the toilet.

When it finally detached, the momentum caused it to pop up, smacking Ryan in the face and off the bottle. The polish applicator went into the air, and in a desperate grab for it, she lunged too far... her feet lost grip on the slippery bottle and she tumbled face first into the nail polish bottle.


...And that was the moment that the bathroom door swung open.

“I'M GONNA FRESHEN UP BEFORE YOU GIVE ME YOUR SURPRISE, OKAY?” Donna's voice shook the small bathroom thanks to the echo, rattling the bones of each of the tiny people she didn't know even existed.

The floor beneath them shook as she closed the door, before sitting on the edge of the tub with a sigh. Ryan was panicking, with no idea how to get Sheryl out and John in the middle of the floor, all he could do was hide under the cabinet and watch... and pray.

Donna took off her flats, throwing them on the ground and scrunching her nose at their offputting scent.

A squealing noise was coming from her direction... Squinting his eyes, Ryan could see something on the tip of her left big toe. It was screaming for help. His blood chilled – that had to be Oliver, somehow alive and crushed to her left toe!

Ryan's attention was caught by John, frantically waving at him. He cupped his mouth, yelling something that Ryan could barely make out... 'Jackie is in the trash'? Shit, how was he going to get her...

One second John was standing there, the next Donna's foot splattered down onto his miniscule form, instantly making him disappear. And all so that Donna could grab piece of toilet paper, which she used to rub her left big toe clean before casually tossing it into the toilet.

Ryan screamed, realizing that as far as he knew he was the only one left who could save anyone. He had seen everyone he cared about die, get trapped with little help of escape, or fucking his best friend. He started to have a panic attack, running under the cabinet and curling into a ball, refusing to believe this could possibly be happening.




John had heard whimpering from the trash can, and after finally making it there he had yelled up to his girlfriend, who cried tears of joy at hearing his voice, before the door swung open and the room shook.

John had to let Ryan know, in case something happened to him. He waved until Ryan was looking at him.

“Jackie is in the trash! We ne-”

Like a truck hitting a road barrier at 60 MPH, Donna's foot slammed down onto him and flattened his entire body. He was instantly smashed against the ground by the ball of her foot, indescribable pain as nearly every bone in his body smashed to pieces.

In any other situation, that would be a merciful death, but John felt it all, as she ground her foot down on his body. Unknown to John, she was simply cleaning her other foot with a piece of TP.

A few seconds later, Donna lifted her right foot, letting John see the red splotch mark that used to be the majority of his body, only his torso and head remained whole, stuck by their own gore to Donna's gigantic feet.


John let out a moan, the loudest his disintegrated lungs could manage, but there was no way that would get her attention. The foot hung in the air, being brought to rest on her left knee as she grabbed something.

An egg-shaped device for sanding off that tough old skin to keep Donna's feet fresh and soft... but to John, it looked like a cheese grater just his size. He had bought a pedegg for Jackie just last month...

John croaked as it came closer, meeting the foot above him and scraping along it, jiggling his body along with the foot he was attached to... He strained every muscle, hoping that would dislodge him, but he was firmly embedded. The metal edge came over him, and he prepared for the worst, shutting his eyes...

The pedegg's sharp ridges gouged into the flesh of his chest, tearing out miniscule chunk painfully and causing what little blood remained to flow freely. The sensation of having nerve endings ripped out was indescribably painful, and despite his pleas to god for this to end, Donna only casually moved the pedegg along.

Finally reachin his head, chunks of his ear and eyebrow, and then finally his tightly shut eyelids were peeled away in agonizing pain, forcing him to stare into the death machine slowly mincing his body, before it took a small chunk of both of his eyes, leaving him in a dark void of pain. Finally the damage took such a toll his heart finally stopped pumping the last blood he had remaining, as the skin was stripped down to his skull before finally Donna pulled the pedegg away.



Just a foot away, Jackie had been crying tears of joy when she heard John's voice, but the sudden silence from him had been startling. She prayed that he was just quietly hiding... She struggled against the dried cum, but even with her desperate energy she couldn't budge it an inch.

A bloody piece of toilet paper was tossed in, landing a few feet from her. She could hear Donna humming a tune loudly as she worked on something. A few minutes passed in fearful silence from Jackie, waiting for her giant coworker turned accidental serial killer to leave the room.

Finally, a hand appeared, and for a second Jackie dared to hope that Donna might look through the trash... but instead she was holding a device. Pressing a button, a slot opened and debris rained down into the trash can, a white and red mixture of foot flakes and something else. It rained directly over Jackie, covering her in the disgusting mixture of filth as it got stuck in the cum. She even had to spit some that got in her mouth out, but finally the downpour stopped and the hand moved away.

What was this, anyway? Too much of it was red, and blood had started to run down Jackie's left leg, but it wasn't her own...

Just an inch away, sitting on a droplet of dried cum, as if it was staring at her, was an eyeball, or at least most of one. Jackie screamed, realizing she had been covered in the remains of one of her friends, but then she noticed the color of the eyes – it was green, the same beautiful green eyes that John had...

Jackie screamed, tears flooding down her cheeks as she tried – and failed – to thrash around, feeling impotent and helpless to the whims of people who didn't know she was even there. Why couldn't she have just died? Anything would be better than this.


When you gotta go... by Brosus
Author's Notes:

This focuses on toilet content, both male and female piss, as well as semen. Highly recommend reading this and the next chapter together.


When Oliver woke up, he expected to see pearly white gates... but, instead he found an off-white yellow tinged bowl surrounding him. A few thoughts rushed through his head: why am I wet? Am I alive? What's this wet cloth around me?

The only thing he knew for sure was his entire body was searing with pain. By some act of god, or demon, he was still alive... unless this was hell. He struggled to move, but only one of his arms responded.

Somehow he was floating in a bowl of water, and it stank. Looking up, he could see a hole, and around it a rim he had no way of climbing over by himself. And those holes in the rim... Oliver was smart, he knew this could only mean one place... the absolute shittiest place he could have ended up. Donna must have thrown him away, and luckily the toilet paper was floating, but he was too wrapped up in it to do anything more than paddle with his last functional arm...

In fact, the toilet paper was fused to the battered parts of his body, no doubt thanks to all of the blood... in a way, it was keeping him alive, but that also meant tearing it off would not only be extremely painful, but probably fatal.

But, the bowl could amplify his voice, maybe someone could hear him!

“H... Hello! Is anyone out there!”

“Oliver, is that you? Are you alive?”

He could barely make out the voice, but it had to be Ryan.

“Yeah, I am! I think I'm in the toilet! Can you get me out?”

A heavy sobbing was coming from nearby as well, but it sounded like a woman.

“Jackie's stuck in the trash can beside you! I don't know how to get either of you out, though!”

“I'm... really badly hurt... Ryan, can you just... figure out a way to flush it? I... I really don't want to be here when-”

“No, I'm gonna figure a way to get you out! Just stay there, I'm going to go find a rope, or... or something...”

The water in the bowl started to sway, as if an earthquake was occuring. A loud, femine shout rang through the apartment, which meant they were probably having sex... Shaking the thoughts of sex out of his head, not wanting to be reminded of his sister, he paddled to the edge of the bowl, trying to stay stable. Before long he had fallen asleep out of sheer exhaustion...

A loud bang woke him yet again, before blinding lights came on, and seconds later, a shadow was cast over the bowl...

Dan walked casually up to the bowl, his cock swinging between his legs and still wet from Donna's pussy... and this time he had no condom to throw away.

Oliver looked up in horror as he saw Dan's monstrous cock aimed down at him like a rifle, a drip of cum slowly dangling lower until it broke off and fell into the bowl. Dan had just fucked Donna, and now...

With the pressure of a fire hose a jet of searing hot urine blasted just an inch away from Oliver, resulting in a grunt from Dan as he adjusted his aim. It's only natural to aim at a target when using the bathroom... The second shot slammed into Oliver dead on, and from there the stream continued, searing hot urine cutting through the tissue paper and ammonia burning Oliver's fresh wounds, sending Oliver and his raft skidding across the water to the back of the bowl.

Dan didn't let up, pissing as strongly as he could to keep hitting his target, unaware he was blasting the son of one of his friends the whole time. Oliver couldn't be pushed back any farther as he hit the back, resulting in the heavy stream of piss slamming him repeatedly against the bowl. Finally, after at least ten seconds straight the flow started to taper off, and Dan could no longer reach him, reluctantly letting the last few drops taper out. With a flick of his penis, which even soft was a hundred times the size of Oliver now, he got rid of the last droplets, one of which smacked Oliver in the face.

Oliver panted for breath in the rancid bog of a toilet, having had the air knocked out of him by the power of that stream of piss. With disgust, he noticed some sticky clumps stuck to his body, which meant... Great, not only was he covered in another man's stinking piss, there was cum mixed in, and he was covered in it.

Dan reached for the handle...



Oliver cursed his luck, thinking that his torture would finally end, as Dan let go of his cock, turned around, and gave Donna a kiss before leaving the bathroom. Donna walked up to the toilet with her hips swaying, unceremoniously turning and flopping onto the toilet seat with force that rattled Oliver's mostly shattered bones.

The force of the piss, mostly aimed at the left side of the bowl, had created a whirlpool that slowly dragged Oliver's toilet paper raft back towards the middle. At least it's a girl this time, Oliver thought, as he looked up at Donna's ass and pussy. In fact, this is the first time Oliver had seen a pussy – well, in person. Despite the fetid smell, Oliver could feel at least one part of his body worked. Above, he could see Donna twirling a white cylinder between her fingers.

As he drifted towards the middle, he saw Donna reach down and spread the folds of her vagina... and she shook her body, rattling the whole toilet. Centimeters away a warm load of spunk splattered into the toilet water, then another load of semen landed directly on Oliver, sending him below the water's surface. With his one arm, he fought against the sticky clump of spunk for his life, trying to get back above water, but each second he could feel his strength fading... As he sunk deeper down, eventually he decided to stop struggling. This was how his sister had died, so it seemed like fate. Oliver tried to let the last of his life go with what little remaining dignity he had.


...You REALLY Just Gotta Go! by Brosus
Author's Notes:

Another tiny finds his way into the toilet, but this time it's worse. Includes male piss and farting, and female piss, fart, and shitting. Very dark and my personal second favorite chapter.


Ryan watched in horror as yet another one of his friends was doomed to death, if Dan pissing in the toilet hadn't done it, there was no doubt that Donna shaking Dan's cum out and then peeing as well would seal the deal. He watched as Donna pulled the toilet's handle, sending whatever remained of Oliver to the building's septic tank. As Donna walked out of the room, Ryan crawled deep into the bathroom cabinet, overcome by despair. Eventually he fell into a restless sleep, numerous times awoken through the night by the giants outside.



Oliver awoke again, and for the second time he was greeted by a terrible whitish-yellow bowl that stank of ammonia. Still wrapped in toilet paper, it was certainly the only thing that had saved him, somehow floating past the toilet flushing and bringing him back up to air. Most, but not all, of the spunk had been washed away, but clumps clung onto his body. The water was felt extremely cold and he felt like he was going to catch hypothermia from it sapping away all his body's heat.

Minutes drug by as he fell in and out of consciousness...

He woke up with a dick dangling overhead, just a few feet away. Shocked, he took a moment to look around, realizing someone's dick and balls were hanging over the water. It must be the middle of the night, with Dan too tired and sitting – hopefully that was the reason, because if not...

Another jet of piss hit the water, though the half-awake man wasn't aiming for Oliver this time. It caused the entire bowl to swirl, the water rapidly heating and becoming a yellow bog that stung Oliver's skin... the dick swung freely as it blasted out urine, more of it splashing into his face. Oliver prayed it was over...

A loud, wet bllrrrrtttt rang out and echoed in the bowl, as a toxic gas filled the air, leaving Oliver to fear the worst case scenario as he noticed the man's asshole fluttering with the expulsion of gas. A few seconds passed, as the man's anus puckered...

Finally, he stood up, and closed the toilet seat behind him. Oliver awaited the flush, even desperately thinking that he would swim along with the current if he had to just to finish this, but it never came... possibly Dan didn't want to wake Donna? Whatever the case, it left him lying in an astringent, stinging and stinking bog with the shitty scent of Dan's fart to keep him company.

Hours passed as Oliver drifted in and out of sleep, too exhausted to do anything but recover. He awoke to his belly growling and he felt thirsty... doubtless he had swallowed some nasty fluids when he was blasted, but was he really willing to drink...


The lights came on and the door was shut as someone walked, lifting the toilet seat.


The woman fanning the smell away from her face was Grace, and Oliver felt his rage boiling up. Sure, she hadn't known, but it didn't change the fact that she had killed Katie. Suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to fight back, Oliver screamed at her from the toilet.

“You bitch! Get me out of here!”

The only response that Oliver got was Grace turning around and struggling to pull her jeans down over her shapely ass. Grace sat down with a grunt, pulling out her phone as she did, idly pulling up a phone game as she relaxed her bladder.

Yet another warm stream of piss heated up the water around Oliver, sending him swirling through the bowl and into the stream, knocking the air from his lungs and forcing him to swallow some of Grace's coffee flavored piss. When he resurfaced, he panted for air, to discover that the bog had grown far more foul. The culprit showed itself above him, Grace's anus sputtering out silent, airy farts. Oliver watched with horror, trying to paddle away as the butthole began to gulp like a hungry goldfish. He refused to die to his sister's killer, for once filled with the determination to survive this ordeal.

Slowly, a piece of shit turtleheaded above him, the log slowly growing longer... It dropped with no warning, a plunk that scattered the water and splashed Grace's ass. The last of Oliver's toilet paper raft flew away, leaving him nearly drowning with only one arm to swim.

As he desperately broke the surface, swimming to find any salvation he could, he ran into the log of shit and his arm embedded from the impact, sinking into the warm brown mess of crap. Desperate to survive even at the cost of his dignity, Oliver used the last of his strength to cling onto the long log of shit, using it as a life raft. Frantically pulling himself aboard, he panted for breath despite the air reeking of shit and piss.

Calming for a moment, he looked up at the anus, which was only puckering in and out for now. Satisfied with that, he looked around the bowl, and then at the log of shit he was sitting on. Something white was on the edge of it... With morbid curiousity he tried to dig out the object... It came dislodged from the warm mound with relative ease, but his blood chilled at the revelation: this was a human skull.

His sister's skull.

No, this entire log of shit... it was at least partially made of...

Oliver threw up, the last of the food in his stomach spilling across Grace's morning dump. He was sickened to his core that he was sitting on the remains of his sister. This had to be a nightmare, this couldn't be real.

A warm spurt of air caught his attention from above, causing him to look up as a second log of shit dropped on top of him, this one even warmer and more runny, easily mashing into the first turd to form a sandwich, him stuck in the middle. As he struggled with his one arm, he even want as far as trying to chew his way out, but the pile of shit was too massive compared to him.

Grace let out another spurt of diarrhea, continuing to add to the terrible bog below for several minutes after the last of Oliver's life was sapped away. It took her nearly a dozen wipes to clean herself, and as she stood up and admired the damage she had caused, she felt a little pride in taking such a satisfying dump.


She casually pulled the handle, clearing the bog out and unwittingly giving Oliver the shittiest possible burial at sea.


Bright Pink Nails, Bright Red Tampon by Brosus
Author's Notes:

More trashcan, piss, and menstruation, as well as foot entrapment. Last chapter I have written so far.



Awakened by Grace's booming voice, Ryan slowly woke up, the sounds of rushing water bringing back what his disturbed dreams hadn't allowed him to forget, as he had been tormented by dreams of his friends' disfigured bodies. As he was brought back to the real world, it didn't take long to realize that there was only one explanation for the giant rolls of toilet paper and deodorant sticks scattered around this cave... yesterday hadn't just been a terrible nightmare, and at this point, he wasn't sure if any of his friends were even alive... With a twinge of guilt, he remembered that he was responsible for that.

Not just because he had come up with the idea to shrink themselves and surprise Donna, but because he had broken last night, choosing to run off instead of help them any more. A part of him knew that he had done almost all he could, sure, but that would be little comfort to Jackie or Sheryl if they had survived last night... He had just left Sheryl in a bottle of nail polish when he ran off in a panic, and... Shit... She wasn't still in there, right? For all he knew she could have choked on the fumes from that stuff, could someone survive a whole night at their size stuck in an open bottle of nail polish?

Standing up, he felt his legs creaking fromthe excessive pressure they had been put through the last 18 or so hours. Wiping away the dried remains of his tears from a night of crying in his sleep, he slowly hobbled towards the door, glad to see the crack of light hadn't been sealed. Peaking his head out, he looked for the bottle... but it wasn't there. Had someone seen it, or... shit, what if Donna or Dan had put it on the counter and tightened the lid? She could have suffocated... He was going to climb out, when the door swung open with a creaking shriek.


From the crack he watched slippered feet of Donna slowly trudge towards the toilet, dragging across the floor with each step. He peaked out under the door, feeling a twinge as he remembered how he had kissed those feet in bed just a month ago, and now he could only watch from a distance. He felt disgust at himself even as he admired those feet, snaking their way out of the warm slippers to stretch in the incandescent light as Donna sat down onto the toilet. Even remembering that several of his friends had been crushed by those very feet, he couldn't help but watch each toe tapping away on the top of her furry slippers, wishing for a simpler time when they were his.

The light shone off the tips of her toenails brightly, pink sparkles catching the light... Wait, thinking back, they were... Yesterday they weren't painted! That... couldn't mean... Grimacing, he knew if there was even a chance that he had to check and see if Sheryl was there, hopefully alive. If he didn't check, he wouldn't be able to live with himself... if he ever got out of this alive.

He carefully lowered himself through the crack, dropping to the floor before looking to Donna hesitantly, not wanting to be seen and risk her calling Grace to squish him like a bug. As the sound of her piss hitting the water began to slow, he watched her looking behind her back for something. He took the opportunity to run towards her feet while she was distracted, watching her in case she looked down. As he ran, he saw what she had grabbed... as she set down the wrapped tampon applicator by her thigh.

Continuing his sprint as she was focused, he watched her reach down and grab something, slowly pulling... it didn't take long to anticipate it. He couldn't tear his eyes away as slowly lifted the bright red tampon by the string, a droplet of blood dripping off and hitting the water between her legs. The vivid red hit him strongly, reminding him of the splattered friends he had seen slowly torn apart yesterday as he forced himself to keep running, trying to control his gagging because stopping to vomit in the middle of the floor was a death sentence. He just hoped all of that blood came from her, and not one of his friends...


She brought the tampon over the trash can beside her, reminding Ryan that he had to check on Jackie, regardless of what he found at Donna's feet...


Jackie had been awake for over 30 minutes now, shaken awake by the gruesome, rumbling defecation of Grace previously, which she had to silently listen to and smell from less than a normal sized foot away as the stench filled the room. She had eventually fallen into a deep sleep after sobbing the last of her energy out, the desicated remains of her boyfriend laying scattered around her as she was still stuck to the solidified, cum drenched tissue.

She did her best to remain quiet within the trash can, not wanting to risk catching Grace's attention even subconciously and ending up trapped beneath a new layer of trash... however, she couldn't control her stomach as it began to rumble despite the fetid smells surrounding her, protesting against having nothing to eat for nearly 24 hours now. It reminded her just how weak she felt from the past day's struggles, and how badly she needed to eat something.

Jackie made a face of disgust as she slowly turned her head, looking for something not completely disgusting, but was only reminded that she was trapped with other disgusting and disturbing refuse, trying to hold back from gagging as she swiftly turned away from a still bloody chunk of her boyfriend. As she looked around, crusty strands of her stiffened hair dropped into her face, but with her arms stuck in place she could do nothing to brush the sticky strands of her her white washed brown hair away. A chunk of Donna's detritus sat only an inch away, smelling disturbingly cheesy, but still the best choice of the disgusting few... Jackie strained her neck and outstretched her tongue trying to reach it...

However, firmly stuck to the tissue, the only thing her tongue succeeded in reaching was her own cum soaked hair, the dried sperm tasting like disgusting salty dust, making her gag. However, as her stomach rumbled again, she bit her lip, realizing that this was her only choice stuck as she was... and being in a bathroom trash can, she was more likely to have something even more disgusting dumped on her than anything vaguely edible. Grimacing, she let her tongue out, catching a strand of hair and bringing it into her mouth to suck on, disgusted by the dusty, salty flavor of the cum of the boyfriend of her lover's killer, shedding a tear. As she continued to suck, finally Grace wiped herself and stood up, flushing away the worst of the smells as Jackie continued to suck on her own hair.

Desperate to get some nourishment, she barely noticed as Donna came in. She continued to suck different strands of her hair, until she was snapped out of her daze by Donna saying something. Looking up in fear, she saw a bright red object hanging above her, which was let go before she could realize what it was. As it hurtled towards her she reflixively clenched her eyes, though a part of her wished it would hit her and end this suffering.

She was hit by a strong force, but with a squelch it bounced off her skin without doing much more than rattling her brain. Her sense of smell was immediately assaulted by a horrid stench which she had only experienced small whiffs of before, but could immediately identify – the distinct odor of marinated period blood mixed with the musky stench of unwashed, recently used pussy. Period blood had a distinct odor, smelling coppery but also like an old, sweaty, yeast tainted sponge that had been left in a damp place too long, but she had always quickly thrown her used pads away, not wanting to smell it as they quickly dried up... this was an entirely different experience as the blood seeped out and over her body as she thrashed against it. Opening her mouth to try to breath fresh air only succeeded in opening it to the infiltration of the blood soaked sponge, which dripped the tainted blood into her mouth, threatening to drown her in it.

This would have been a terrible way to die, but as the blood soaked her body, it slowly broke down the dried cum surrounding her, allowing her body slightly more movement as she continued to try to push it away. As she felt like she was about to black out, the tampon began to slide down her ruined clothes off her body, leaving her to vomit onto the tissue and try to hack the invasive blood from her lungs as the heavy, unwrapped tampon slid further down. Just as she was about to catch her breath, Jackie felt a string wrap around her neck, choking her as she was pulled deeper into the trash can – the tampon's string had shaken loose and coiled itself around her neck, cutting off her air supply again as she desperately tried to follow it down in pursuit of air.


As the used tampon was dropped into the trash can and Donna focused on inserting the new one, Ryan finally reached Donna's feet, the vile stench of her feet thick in the air from sweating under her bed's sheets, as well as her more... 'vigorous' activities from the night before. While the nail polish was new, it had thoroughly dried, no longer giving off its own distinct smell. Salty droplets of sweat beaded on her feet from the warmth of the slipper, occasionally dripping down onto them below.

Ryan covered his nose as he walked along Donna's toes, far enough away that a stray wiggle of them couldn't catch him. The left foot's toe nails showed now bumps, so he made his way over to the right... there, on the index toe, a small bump lay...

“Oh, god! I-is that you, Sheryl? A-are you alive?” The bump was unmoving, hopefully just a piece of dust or discoloration... After a few moments, the silence was broken.

“...Whhh... Ish thar?”

Staring in horror, he could barely make out a single, small hole. Sheryl was painted onto the toenail, with only a single hole to breath through, both her eyes and ears, even nose, covered over in a thick layer of nail polish, only allowing air through to keep her alive.

“I-it's Ryan! I... I'll try to find nail polish remover and try to get you out, okay Sheryl! Just... don't give up, okay?”

The room was silent as he waited for a response, the silence broken a few seconds later as Donna let out a wet fart above them, oblivious to the plight of her friends below. She pulled out her phone with a sigh.

“...Ryyy... kkklllll... meee... plesh... kkkllll... meee...”

Ryan was shaken as he understood what Sheryl was saying.

“No... Sheryl, I can still save you!”

“...Kllll... meee...”

“Dammit Sheryl, I'm going to go find some now! Just... stay put!”

Ryan regretted his word choice immediately as he turned, but set his mind to saving his friend as he ran back to the cabinet.

Above, Donna was too focused typing a text to Dan to notice the speck scurrying away from her feet. 'Good morning stud <3 I hear u wakin up, if u make me brkfst aftr grace leaves I'll give you a specil foot surpris ;)'



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