A Damsel in the Desert by Grin for the win

An extraordinarily small burglar meets an extraordinarily large woman while robbing a caravan in the desert. She says she is a damsel in distress, a slave being taken against her will. One of these things is true, but he knows better than to trust her on the other one. However, a series of unexpected events leads to the young burglar to be bound to the damsel and her magic necklace, and it's not long before he realizes that he has gotten involved in something far BIGGER than he imagined.


They do not get along well, but before long they learn what to expect from each other, and what each of them is after. Their relationship, should it be described, would probably best be summarized as "enemies with benefits" (;


If a chapter focuses specifically on a certain tag it is generally written in the chapter notes, although the amount of sexual content per chapter varies. Right now, chapters 6, 8, 9, 11, and 12 are the more sexual.


Also, I've started to upload this story a few days earlier on my DeviantArt, under the name "GrinsFins."

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Story Notes:

Again, you can read the chapters a few days earlier on my DA under the name GrinsFins.

The story uses metric measurements. For reference, 1 meter ≈ 3 feet, 1 centimeter ≈ 1/3 inches. You can figure it out.

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A Damsel in Chains by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

Writing this for you and for me. Enjoy!

Oh, and chapter 2 has the first bit of "that kind" of action, but there is some service in every chapter.


I'm proud to say that I'm a thief. That's right, a robber. Crook. Highwayman. I steal things, that's my job. And I don't even do it for other people. I work for myself, and always will. And I'm damn good at my job, too. The best. There isn't a man alive who can be in and out of a merchant's caravan as fast as I can with as much loot as I get. Why, you ask? Well, it's simple.


I'm only about a meter tall.


I don't know why, and to me, the reason doesn't matter. All l know is, the people I rob have a hella hard time noticing me sneak past them. That, and that sex is a wild ride for me. Oh, and contrary to popular belief, being small lets me carry a much larger proportion of mass relative to myself than those people of regular size. And by mass, I usually mean loot. All of the loot. That I robbed. Because I'm a crook.


That said, I go through my money pretty quickly after I pawn off my stolen goods. I have a bit of a gambling addiction. And a drinking addiction. And a sex addiction. Regardless of the reason at any particular time, I'm usually in need of a bit of cash, and so I’m always keeping an eye out for a good target to rob. That's why when I saw this large caravan pass through the city three days ago, I knew I was in luck. I waited a couple of days for them to get far off into the desert, nice and isolated, before I hopped on my pony to give chase. Today is going to be a day of burglary.


The caravan is camped along a well-traveled desert road, with a few tents set up and the camels unhitched for the day; they travel at night and sleep in the day to avoid the blistering heat. The trusty pony I took here is waiting behind a few rocks not far away while I scout the scene. He's not tied up because if I need to make a quick escape I want to be able to whistle for him. The wagons are carelessly left scattered about the rocky plain, making each individual target easy pickings. There's a few men awake and talking in these daylight hours but no formal guards, by the looks of it. I don't even care that I'm working in broad daylight, this is a golden opportunity.


I easily climb up into my first target, an outlying wagon, and do some scoping. There's a box right inside the door, with a loose lid that I carefully lift off. Spices, good stuff. Not as valuable here as they are further down this trade route, but still worth it. You can get hella high off these things if you go huffing them.

While I'm rummaging through the contents of the haphazardly open crate, I hear a loud snore from in front of me. There's someone here. Looks like the dude who owns this wagon is sprawled out the floor in front of me. Oh, there's a prostitute with him. Must have picked her up in town. Hope she knows where she's going. Regardless, they look to be sleeping, and very intoxicated. Not a problem.


I take a quick hop past those two distractions to get to the stuff I'm really here for. Yes, I’ll take this, and that; that green stuff's worthless, leave it. Ah, spare change. That'll do. I take a moment to admire the prostitute's butt on my way back out. She's got a nice thong on; I'd take it if I didn't have so much respect for it. Right, moving on. Not bad, not bad.

My next target's a downer, nothing light enough to take, but I do get further sights on the camp. Hey, they have a pretty big tent over there. I wonder if it's got anything besides people stored inside. Might be worth a look. I round the side to see that it's actually only a half-circle. There's a pole in the center that’s holding up the stretched canvas roof about five meters above the ground, and the whole tent being about eight meters wide.

I stop in my tracks when I see what's at the base of the pole, however. Wait, what the hell is that? Is that... a person? They're... huge! At least three meters tall. I keep to the shadows, but I circle the edge of the tent to get a better look. It's a woman, and she's chained to the pole. A slave, or prisoner, perhaps? She's laying on some sort of mat, on her side in a loose fetal position with her back to me. Her hips are wider than I am tall, and that's not just because she's big overall. She's got butt cheeks of enormous size, proportionally bigger than any woman I've ever seen, and nothing but a thin strip of purple silk running between them. She has long black hair, lying in a tangled mess on the floor around her. Her breathing is slow, so I think she's asleep.


She's not the only thing in this tent, though, and while she's impressive, I came for a different reason. What she is, why she's here, and where these traders are taking her is not my problem. Across from me are a row of cases, the kind they use for jewelry. Jackpot! I skirt around the edge of the tent, careful to keep my distance from the woman, and crouch down next to the cases. They're locked, no matter. I give one a little shake to confirm its contents and begin filling my pack. The idiots locked the boxes shut, but that doesn't mean I can't take them. I'll break them open later, but for now, it's not worth the time. Right, that's done. Let's get out of here.

I turn to leave and catch a glance at the woman's front for the first time. She's got a good face, closed eyes, and light, slightly open lips. She's also got a necklace there that makes my jaw drop. Yes, that. That is what I need. I haven't seen a ruby that size in my entire life, and I've robbed the kings of more countries than I can name. It's positioned at the end of her necklace, between her breasts. My god, those breasts. They're each at least as big as her head, let alone mine, and lay naked one on top the other, and squished flat on the ground. The ruby sits shimmering, just at the top of the chasm between them. Okay, stop looking at the breasts and focus. That jewel is gonna be mine.


I've stolen necklaces off sleeping people before, this is no different, I think to myself as I approach. It's hard not to grow intimidated by the sheer girth of her body the closer I get. She's probably almost three times my height, after all, what with me being so extraordinarily small and she so impossibly large. Her head is half the size of my body, and I could easily fit a leg in her mouth. I can see her perfect teeth peeking out from between her lax lips as I step over her outstretched arm. My target, the necklace, is right in front of me, lightly swaying with her breathing, but as I reach out to grab it, she stirs. I crouch down reflexively as she flops over onto her back (luckily away from me) with a crash. God, I wonder if those chains on her wrists and ankles are actually enough to hold her here. Regardless, her breathing settles again and my target stabilizes, still between her massive breasts, and slowly rising and falling with her breath. However, as I reach for it I realize that I cannot quite grab it from my current position without touching her. My god, she's big.


At this point, I carefully weigh my options. Is it really worth it to risk everything and climb up onto this woman's chest to get this necklace?



So, remember how I said I've got a gambling problem?


End Notes:

I hope it turned out fine. I wrote this a bit of a while ago but I'm only deciding to publish it now.

And just to add a disclaimer: All publicly recognized characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me, the author. The author is in no way associated with any midia franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

A Rude Awakening by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

Released simultaneously with chapter 1. We've got some spicy stuff coming, and the plot is going into full swing. As if anyone cares about plot.

I carefully lift up one of my legs and place it on the other side of her neck. I'm facing away from her face now, looking down her chest. I can't see over her breasts, but because she's not wearing a shirt I can see between them down to her silk loincloth. As slowly as I possibly can, I put one knee up onto her shoulder, and then the other. I'm able to reach out and gingerly pull the ruby with a light tug from between her breasts, which I observe jiggling slightly at this action. That's a big nipple she's got there, and it's not even hard. Almost the size of my fist. My hand brushes up against her soft breast as I pull the ruby out. That's the smoothest skin I've felt in ages. I only now notice that I'm so hard you can see my erection through my pants (which is saying something, I don't have much size down there).


I hesitate for a second. My god, those breasts are tantalizing. Is it worth it to touch them again, just once? I'm never going to get a chance like this again in my life. She may be three times my height, but she's also the sexist woman I've ever seen. My hand reaches forward almost on its own, tired of my mind's deliberation, and I touch the breast. It's worth it, my god it's worth it. My penis needs air or it's going to explode here. If this is the breast, then what is the nipple like? I have to feel it.


I extend my arm out, but can't quite get there. Slowly I edge forward, close enough to reach, and touch the nipple. Oh, that's not smooth at all. I place my hand on it. I can't help it. There has never been a more perfect set of breasts before in the world. My other hand reaches forward to touch the breast. This is insane. They are so huge, I could slide between them and they could wrap all the way around me. I bend forward further and touch the left breast with my nose. Before I know it, I'm on my stomach facing her breasts, my entire weight resting on her upper chest. I can feel the ground rise and fall with her breath. Each breast is so much bigger than my head, I can easily press my face up against it. I slide my head just a little farther forward, and my face is surrounded by flesh. I cum inside my pants as I rub against her body, and press my hand farther into her left boob. I plunge my head further in as she breathes in, and when she breathes out her breasts close around me. Without even needing to move I ejaculate over and over again. I let my body lay there like that for a minute while I calm down.


And then I realize what I just did.


I still have the ruby clutched to my chest as I back my way out. I'm pretty small, I think. There's a chance she didn't feel me, right? I drop to the ground with one foot on either side of her neck and look behind me. 


Nope, her eyes are wide open.


She sits up, and I go swinging from her necklace, bouncing against her breasts as she stands up fully. This is when I'm glad for my backup plans.


I whistle for my pony and let go of the amulet, falling towards the ground. Lucky being small also makes me quite sturdy, so I'm not afraid of getting hurt from the fall. That turns out not to matter though, because she grabs me midair before I could get to the ground and holds me up by my wrist. I try to wriggle out from her grasp as I hang in front of her face. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my trusty pony racing towards us. If I can just get free, I'll be safe. I draw the knife I always keep with me and swing at her arm. Seeing what I'm doing, she drops me to avoid getting cut but once again catches me midair, this time by my ankle. The jolt throws the knife out of my hand, and I'm left defenseless. Shit. Well, I guess I'm dead now.


"Well well. What have we here? A crook? A molester? But look at him! He's so small, I barely noticed him here. Can a man like this really molest anyone?" She speaks with a deep, powerful voice in a thick accent that I don't recognize.


My face is red with shame and blood from being upside-down, and I can't think of a good comeback to save my dignity.


"What- what are you?" Is all I stammer out.


"That hardly matters to you, right honey? You know very well that I am a woman, and that's all that matters. Here, look."


She lowers me down so that my head is eye level with her breasts, and swings them back and forth in front of me.


"Does that excite you? Let's see." With a grin, she lifts me above her head and pulls open my belt. I'm looking right at her neck, which is about as big around as I am.


"Oh, you're already done for now, huh?" She speaks again. "No matter, I didn't need the reassurance about my body anyway. I know that I've got plenty of the stuff that turns men on."


She stops for a second, and freezes. I can hear footsteps approaching the tent. Without wasting a second, she grabs me and pushes me to the ground. Before I realize what she's doing, she's turned around and began sitting down. I try to dodge but I'm too slow, and I watch in horror as she sits down directly on top of me. I'm fully covered by her butt and legs, with only the fingers of my left hand desperately grouping around the side of her rear. A quick shift of her weight to the right covers those up too, and my world becomes a steamy place of soft flesh and heat. I can feel her heartbeat pound through me, but am surprisingly not crushed giving the situation. Her legs are long enough to totally cover my body with just her thighs. My head is directly under her butt, and I can feel her silk loincloth on my face. It's quite soft.




Reggual steps around the side of the semicircular tent, sure that he heard voices inside. He's gripping his spear with bone white fingers; he's transported many slaves in his life, but none have intimidated him quite like this one. He wished he never came on this caravan trip. If she got free during his guard duty, his boss would kill him; if both he and his boss survive her revenge, that is.


Inside the tent, all he sees is the woman awake, sitting with her legs straight and her back against the pole, stroking a pony, it seems. She turns to look at him as he comes running around the corner.


"Good evening, Reggual." He has no idea how she knows his name. He very much hasn't told her. Regardless, he's not going to let her mess with him. 


"Where did that horse come from?" He barks out.


"Oh, this little guy?" She pulls the pony's head to her chest, and it nibbles at her nipple a little. While she's sitting down, she's only a little taller than it. "I don't know myself. He just came out of the night to comfort a poor woman chained up like this."


"Is that it? He just came up to you, by himself?" Reggual does a quick check with his eyes to make sure all of those chains are still attached before he takes a few steps closer.


"That's right. I wonder if he knows you're bad people. Maybe that's why he came to me; a prince in shining armor, here to save a trapped damsel. Well, sorry to break it to you prince," she pushes the pony's head away from her, and props up her naked breasts with one arm, grinning at Reggual as she shows them off. "I LIKE bad boys."


Reggual carefully sticks out his spear and hooks the end of the pony's reins, pulling it to him. "Than who were you talking with before?"


"Just the pony," she says with a smile, looking straight into his eyes. "Do you see anyone else? Do you want to check behind me?"


Reggual doesn't trust her for a second, but finds nothing hiding behind her. She's got her butt right up against the base of the pole, at the edge of her crack. There's a braid of hair sticking out from the side of her loincloth, about 10 centimeters long. He leans in to look at it. What on earth IS this? Did... did she braid her pubic hair or something? God, she is so weird. Why did they have to take her of all people as a slave on this trip? He knows that he could guess the answer well: she is some sort of demon, and probably magic in some evil way. Knowing that doesn't make him want to be around her any more.


"Liking what you see there, huh? Want a better look?" She says, looking over her shoulder at him with a smirk, and shifting her weight on her butt to be more around the pole. The braid of hair disappears from view, and he suddenly realizes how dangerously close he is to her, backing away.


"No. And there was no one else here?" He was sure he heard another voice. "Come on, what do you want? Would you like to check between my legs? I wouldn't mind if you want to."


He marvels for a second, looking at her long, thick legs, before snapping out of it. Yeah, this was pretty normal behavior for her, from what he has seen.


"No," he finally responds. "I'll be taking this pony. Now sleep while you can. We won't tolerate you not keeping up tonight, and you'll have the lash to pay for it."


"You really are a bad boy. Drop by anytime if you want to have a little fun." She winks at him. He pulls the pony with him as he returns to his post. At the edge of the tent, he passes a sideways glance back at her which she meets with another wink. She couldn't ACTUALLY be hiding a person under her there, right? There's no way.




I hear the entire conversation of those two right above me, but opt not to scream for help; the guards will kill me if they find me here, so if I die I'd rather it be beneath this fabulous ass. When she shifts her weight to cover my braid of hair, the bone of her butt sits right on my arm, and a searing pain flows through me for five seconds. A minute or so after I think that the person has left, she parts her legs, and I'm pulled out to lay gasping between them. Even now, her feet are beyond mine, and I would place her pussy to be just behind my head.


"Looks like we have to keep our play a bit more quiet here, honey," she whispers down to me.


My eyes look up to meet hers; she's holding her breasts apart to see my face between them. Despite my situation, without my pony I still know I'll be killed if I'm caught. For that reason, I whisper back to her while glaring upwards.


"What do you want to do with me?"


"Oh, I have a purpose for you: go find the keys to these chains. If you don't, I'll tell the guards that you're here, and there's no way you can outrun them on foot. Do that, and I'll let you go."


Ah, so that's her aim? I consider this bargain. I have to cover all my options here if I want to survive this. And maybe, just maybe, I can still turn a profit.


"No deal," I state plainly. That ought to get her listening. "Even if you let me go, I put my chances of making it back to civilization at very low if I stick to the roads, and lower if I don't. Instead, I need you to get my horse back once you're free; I'd do that myself, but I'm not a fighter. And to make sure you do it..."


I point up, to the shimmering ruby between both of our faces. "Lend me that necklace. I'll hide it, and if you don't help me get my horse back, you'll never see it again."


Her grin falters a little. "What, you don't trust me? I'm the one in chains here! Come on, help a girl out?"


"Nope," I shoot back instantly. "I just saw you lie through your teeth to that man. You think I'm going to trust you?"


Her face shifts from her seductive smile to a look of annoyance as she contemplates what I just said. "Fine. But during your search for the keys, you have to come back to me every time I reach one counting down from four hundred, so that I know you haven't taken your horse and ridden away. If you don't come, I'll call the guards on you. Each time you come back I'll reset my counting, but you also have to show me that you don't have the necklace on you."


She's good; she plucked my plan right from me. But as long as I hold that ruby, there's double-crossing yet to be done. "Deal. Hand down the necklace."


I flip up and away from her and she pulls the golden chain up and over her head. She lets it slide down between her breasts, and I have to dodge as it falls to the ground with a thump. I lift it up, and even though I'm used to carrying valuable metals, it's still far heavier than I expect. Hoisting the massive chain over my shoulder, I turn and dash out from the tent. She states after me, and I can hear her whispered counting fading away from behind.


"Four hundred. Three hundred and ninety-nine. Three hundred and ninety-eight...."


End Notes:

There ya go.

A Forced Compromise by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

Starting right up where we left off.

Right, first things first. I easily locate the guard from before, Reggual, sitting at the foot of a wagon, and sneak past him without a hitch. He's got my pony right at his side, too. That's a pain. Guess I won't be able to sneak off with it unless he decides to tie it up somewhere in the next four hundred seconds. Oh well. 


Next, where should I put this necklace? On the way by one of the wagons, I snag two identical velvet bags and put some stones in one and the necklace in another. That'll help me out if it comes down to a game of trust. Then I climb up onto a tall spire of a rock and place the necklace bag on top. I bury the other bag in the sand at the base. There. Oh wait, how long has it been? I need to hurry back now. 


I rush back to the tent, and as I approach I can hear her soft counting slowly becoming audible. When she comes into sight I'm surprised to see that she's re-positioned herself, now laying on her back with her butt at the base of the pole, and her feet stretched straight upwards. I admire the width of her hips as she looks over at me.


"Oh, already?" She speaks, glancing up at me. "You're early; you still had a hundred or so to go. Well, turn out your pockets."


"Don't worry, there's nothing to find," I say as I show her my empty backpack. "The necklace is hidden and you're never going to find it without relying on me. I'm off now to find those keys. Any leads for me?"


"There's a man called Droki, he's kinda the leader here. He's got the keys, probably on his person. Otherwise, I'd check his wagons; they're the three lined up at the east side of camp." 


"Got it." I have no intention of letting things go the way she plans, but for right now I need to pretend I do. I turn and run out of the tent again, hearing her begin to count as I go.


This "Droki" must be the richest man in the camp, because his wagons are packed with loot. The Reggual guy is standing guard right outside the entrance, but the oaf's already half asleep and easy to slip past. I come up from behind him and swing up into the wagon no problem. There's a man sleeping on a padded mat, with a cover over his eyes to block the sunlight; what an idiot. That's probably him, I reckon. Well, there's a key on his belt; it could be the right one. It's well tied with a knot, so I circumvent that by just taking the belt off him. Easy.


Is just this key enough? She's got locks on both arms and legs, so there may be as many as four keys, if this guy's clever. The woman used the plural, but maybe she doesn't know how many there are. Anyway, I gotta get back to her around now. Whether or not I'm going to have to risk coming back here to find more keys, my time'll be up before much longer if I don't go back now. 


When I peak out from around the edge of the tent, she's twirling her hair in one hand, now upright and sitting cross-legged. For whatever reason, she has brought her hair around to flow over each of her shoulders, covering her previously exposed breasts. I don't know why; she was perfectly fine showing them off before. I race back to the tent with just ten seconds to spare.


"Oh, I see you got the first key. Pass it to me and go fetch the others." She smirks.


I am slightly suspicious, but act casual as I walk towards her. "Where are the others? How many are there?"


"Oh, probably in various places. There's four, one for each lock. Now hand it over, and get the rest of them."


"Fine," I say and throw it towards her just as a thought occurs to me. I catch the trailing end of the belt just before her grinning face can reach it, and pull the key to my chest. Something's not right here.


"You're cheating," I tell her, dancing away from her reach. "You only need one key after all. Which means you know where I hid the ruby." 


"I can assure you that each lock uses a separate key. They don't want me escaping, after all," She shoots back, her unwavering smile yet on her lips.


"No," a grin breaks out on my face, my confidence in my guess growing. "Four locks with separate keys don't make for stronger chains. They're worried about you breaking out, not finding the keys, or should I say KEY. Also, it costs a fortune to make four unique locks, especially of that size. No, you're trying to trick me, and now I need something else to sweeten my deal if you want me to let you out." 


She takes a slightly more serious tone this time, almost forceful.


"Good guess, but you're wrong. There actually is a key for each lock. Now give me that one and go get the others."


"No," I say, my conviction becoming yet stronger. "If you want, I can take this one with me as I look for the others, but I risk losing all of them if I get caught while doing that. Shall I go do that, or do you want to admit you're lying?"


Her face twists with frustration; I know that I've got her. Man, my head is sure bright when my balls are empty, I think as I congratulate my own brilliance. She doesn't respond to my question, though; instead, she simply says a number.




"Oh, good idea," I laugh back at her. "Well then, ten golden coins it is. Or better yet, maybe I'll just take your necklace for myself."




My laugh falters as I realize what she's doing. At zero, she'll call the guards on me, and we'll both lose. In other words, she's threatening me.




She's bluffing. She wouldn't actually ruin everything like this, right?




She's bluffing.


"You're bluffing," I say, almost as much to convince myself as to convince her.




She has to be.




"Nobody wins this way," I laugh out nervously. "I know you're not going to call them for real at zero."




She only glares at me, and I see nothing but danger in those eyes.


"Three. Two."


"I'm not falling for it. When you're done with your little tantrum, let's talk like adults."




A second of silence passes. Just long enough for me to breathe a sigh of relief.


"See? You're not going to do it. Now let's negotiate this-"


"Reggual!!! There's a man stealing the goods!!!" She screams.


"Are you out of your mind?!?!" I cry. "Now we're both done for! I'm dead!"


"Not yet. Give me the key and I'll protect you. I can fight them if I'm free," she smiles at me, and I realize I've been had.


"No way!" My mouth remains defiant even though my mind is panicking. "You know where the necklace is, I've got no reason to trust you!"


"Times up. You're going to have to."


She's right. There's nothing I can do now but pray she's actually going to protect me, and give her the key. Still, I hesitate for a second. Do I really want to let this woman free right now? She is clearly chained up for a reason.


I hear footsteps coming at us, and not just one set. Oh hell, what do I care why she's locked up? I only care about me, and right now she's the only slim chance I have at staying alive. In the second that I have before the guards arrive, I throw her the key and dive behind her. She lifts up her butt and this time I gladly dive under, taking this opportunity to hide while I still can.


"Thanks a billion, honey," is the last thing I hear before she covers me again in soft butt flesh, her words dripping with sadistic contempt.


A Ruder Awakening by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

This chapter more or less marks the end of the beginning. 

There's no better way to describe the caravan's thoughts on their giantess prisoner than EXTREMELY WARY. Because of this, half of everyone comes running when they hear her, and almost immediately the tent is filled with people, most of them unarmed and having just woken up. They surround her (at a safe distance) as they flow into the tent; she watches, sitting calmly on the ground, and lets it happen. 

It's Reggual who speaks to her first, being one of the first to arrive. "There's someone here after all? Where is he?"

"Oh you know," the prisoner speaks back. "Around. There has to be someone stealing something here, right?"

"After all? What does that mean?" Droki growls, rubbing his eyes as he enters. "Is there something you need to report, Reggual?!?!"

"Right, um, no sir. Nothing in particular," Reggual stammers. "Just a pony I found. Nothing to worry about at the time."

There's light murmuring in the crowd about this. Whispers of Reggual not doing his job circulate unchecked, and he's clearly embarrassed.

"More importantly!" He cries, trying to redirect the discourse. "What's this about someone being here? There's a robber? Speak!"

"Yes well," she begins. "There are quite a few people here, and not everyone is part of the same merchant's association. I would imagine that there's a good deal of stealing to be done. So someone's probably doing it, right? I mean, it's not unlikely that you rob from each other all the time."

She walks her fingers along her thick thigh as she speaks. Reggual is bright red. 

"You woke us all up for that?!"

"I'm not lying." She smirks, clearly toying with him at this point. "It's probably true. All I said was that there's a man stealing stuff. I didn't say now. Or even where. I'm sure someone is stealing something. Somewhere."

Her fingers walk their way up her torso and onto her left breast. They stop to sit on her nipple, the chain hanging from her wrist making a curved bridge to the pole.

"And that's it?" Reggual asks, his voice shaking with anger and embarrassment.

"That's it," she grins back.

"Why you..." he points his spear up at her. "I'll make you pay for this! You'll regret what you did!"

He charges her, and she calmly watches him take a stab for her foot, the closest part of her to him; he doesn't want to get within reach of her arms, after all. At the last second, and with amazing speed for her size, she swings her leg out of the way, and he flies forward to be right up against her torso, his face colliding with her left breast. her left hand darts up to grab his head, pushing it into her boob.

"You'll make me regret it now, will you?" She whispers in his ear as she leans over him, her tits just below his head even though she's sitting down. His eyes fill with terror as her fingers jump down and grab his spear from his hands.

She stands up, shaking the spear from his hands and the chains from her arms. It's only now that everyone can see that her hands are free, the shackles unlocked but left in place until now. The onlookers back away as she rises to her full height, glaring at all of them with a sadistic smile on her lips.

"How about I make you regret what YOU did to ME?"


She doesn't need to fight all of them. By the time she stands up and the situation can be seen from my perspective, half of them have already gone running and the rest scatter like bowling pins as she steps towards them. I'm actually left laying on my back next to a very confused Reggual, who is struggling to cope with the change in reality that comes with me. I can imagine the thoughts going through his head as he sees me appear from under her ass. There actually is a robber? He thinks. How is he so small?

I grind my teeth into a reluctant grin. Despite being tricked myself, the real suckers here were all these guys. That's right, bastards. Let's do this.

Now that she's standing I can take my knife from the ground she was sitting on. I waste no time going for Reggual while he's still sitting, but my swing goes short (predictably) as he crawls backward, only cutting a little into his knee. He goes to stand up. Oh no you don't.

I make another lunge but it's too late and he gets to his feet. Although he's still unarmed, there's no way I can catch him now, and he goes running away from me. I turn to see the giantess woman stomping away the rest of everyone here, bloody spear in hand. There are three scattered bodies at her feet. Despite having driven everyone away, things aren't looking good here. We've lost the element of surprise, my horse is still far away, and the camp in arming itself as we speak. My giantess partner (or maybe my enemy) was effective in winning the battle, but she had let most everyone escape the field to come back later. 

I briefly contemplate running off into the desert, but there was a reason I didn't do that in the first place. Without the speed and supplies of my horse, I'll be dead in a day far from any outlying town, if they didn't catch me first. No, I have one option now: try and turn this desperate situation around and take over this camp, with just the two of us. Uggggggghhhhhhh.

The giantess doesn't waste any time, picking up another discarded spear and stepping out of the tent.

"I hate to be a downer, but I think this is the worst situation for both of us!" I pant as I run after her.

"Wrong, sweetie," she glances down at me, her eyes barely acknowledging my existence. "I don't know about you, but I'm getting my necklace and heading out into the desert. You can fend for yourself here."

What. Does she have some way to survive out there? I wouldn't know it. But I also wouldn't be surprised.

A sudden panic washes over me as I realize what this means. "Take me with you! I'll die here alone!"

She waves a dismissive hand at me, turning away. "Says the double-crossing bastard. I'll pass; go ahead and die without me."

She rushes to the rock I put the necklace bag on (I have no idea how she knew it was there), and reaching up, she fumbles for the bag at the top. While she has her back turned, a man with a bow ducks out next to me from behind a wagon. I watch as he aims his arrow, ignoring (or perhaps not even noticing) me. I stand in a daze, looking at him. Even if I stab him now, he'll get his shot off at her. Well, let him. She's not on my side of this anymore; she might as well die here for all I care. Maybe I can steal my pony or a different house (if I'm lucky), and make it out of here while she's fighting them.

Yeah, I don't care if she gets shot. She deserves an arrow to the back at this point.

I lunge forward, and with one clean swipe slice through the bowstring with a twang, rendering the weapon useless. The giantess hears the string snap and glances over her shoulder at us. The man looks down at me in confusion, and I look back equally confused. Why did I do that? I don't care about her!

"What are you doing, man?" He turns around and kicks me in the ankle; I tumble to the ground, feeling the sharp pain burst from where he hit. 

"Are you insane, helping her?" He screams, kicking at me again.

He doesn't get to say anything more, as I see a shadow looming over him; the giantess has already crossed the ten meters between her and us. She kicks him hard, and he goes flying to the ground, leaving behind his broken bow at her feet. She stares at it for a second, then looks at me. 

"Did you just..." She begins, and then stops, somewhat mystified.

It takes a second for her to compose herself, but she soon speaks again in a lighter tone. "So, you want to come with me, boy? Promise me now to never try to rob from me again."

"I promise!" I'm in no position to try and bargain for that necklace now. If she can get me out of here, I'm going.

"Right, let's go." 

She grabs me by my outstretched arm and throws me over her shoulder, before turning and running. I wrap my arms around her neck, but I can't get my legs even around the side of her torso. Instead, I find footholds in her tangled hair, which flows down longer than I am tall. She lets me hold on myself, and sprints faster; I can see the ground streaking below me. Suddenly we're momentarily airborne, before crashing to the ground in a shallow ravine; we must have fallen around four meters, and she didn't even stop to breathe. She runs along the base of the ravine, still at hurtling speeds, increasing the distance between us and the camp almost as fast as a house could. At this speed, we'll be out of their tracking range before they manage to organize a search for us. And with that, we're away. My life in the desert with this giantess has begun.


I wonder what I'll eat and drink?

End Notes:

What indeed, little guy? It's truly a mystery!

As I said, this is the end of the beginning. The next few chapters get progressively more erotic, so stay tuned for that, if you want.

A Contract Forged under Pressing Circumstances by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

This chapter is body exploration and breasts. Enjoy!


I don't think I can walk, but now after crossing a huge chunk of desert in about an hour during our mad escape, she's finally reaching up to take me down off her back. It is a little past midday when she slows to a halt, standing at the base of a huge stone. I didn't do any exercise, but I'm sweating profusely; she is, undoubtedly, far worse. I don't know how she managed to run all this way without dying of heatstroke, but it's damn impressive that she did.


"That should be enough," she pants, leaning against the rock. "They'll have hell to pay if they find me anyway."


She stabs her stolen spear into the ground. It's comically short compared to her, but still far taller than me. Speaking of me, I sunk to my knees as soon as she sets me down, and now sit looking up at her.


"Right then. We'll rest here and travel again in the dark. But right now, I need some food. Come on, help me look for Grokelka."


"Gro...kelka? The hell's that?" I respond, confused.


"Oh right. You would call it... carcass fruit around here, wouldn't you? Look for that. Now get going."


"Wait wait wait," I gawk. "Those are poisonous. You can't eat them."


"No, YOU can't eat them. I can eat them just fine. I became immune to the poison a while ago, after all. Now, I'm waiting here. You know what they are, right? Get up already."


She looks down at me, hands on her hips. I make a feeble attempt to stand, and fall over sideways, my ankle still throbbing from where the man kicked it. She raises her eyebrows at this.


"What's this? Can't stand?" She sits down on her knees, and then on all fours in front of me. Her wide hourglass hips can be seen bulging out on either side of her as she stares at me. I make a second attempt to stand, and fall again.


"You're not very useful to me if you can't walk, you know," she crawls towards me, her massive tits swaying below her as she does. I curse myself: despite the situation, that's what I'm thinking about?


I make a third attempt to get up, and fall forward into her naked boobs. Or rather, bounce off one before sliding through her boobs and onto the ground below. I roll over to see a massive tit hanging above me, threatening to crush me at any second. The orb of her breast is only a little smaller than my entire body curled up, with the nipple sticking out longer than my thumb, even though it's not erect. I don't have much time to admire it though, because before I know it she grabs my leg and pulls me out in front of her, turning me around to face her. I make another attempt to stand, and once again fail.


"That's great. Fine, I guess I'll collect the fruits myself while you sit here like a helpless baby."


A smile is on her lips. "But before that, I have a question for you."


With one arm she pushes her great breasts forward, and lays them down on my legs, laying her entire body stomach first on the ground in front of me. With my feet just below the bottom of her boobs, they cover my body up past my hips, nipples sitting lazily on either side of me. I can feel my treacherous dick rising again in my pants, caught in the crack between the two breasts; I still haven't forgiven it for getting me caught earlier. She looks down from above me, her head in her cupped hands, and speaks softly.


"What is your name, my little man?"


"Belfet," I answer honestly; I'm far too distracted to lie right now.


"Belfet. What will you do for me if I get you to civilization? Or rather, what CAN a tiny man like you do for me at all?" Slowly she starts swaying back and forth, and my dick is rubbed on one breast, then the other. It's not making it any easier to focus on the conversation.


"I can steal things. I can steal anything, anywhere.”


"Right. Except, by chance, the only thing I've seen you try to steal?"


I was so distracted by her boobs that I didn't even notice the golden chain of the necklace trailing off the side of her left breast. Oh right.


"Yes, well!" I retort. "I only failed to steal your ruby because I was distracted. At the time. If I, um. Had just kept... my eyes on the prize I... I would have gotten away with it no problem."


"I see." She pushes up the sides of her breasts with her elbows and creeps them forward over me. "So you can steal anything as long as it's not guarded by boobs. Good to know. Any other special talents I should know about before I abandon you here?"


"Uh," my pleading becomes more frantic as her tits creep further and further over me, covering more and more of my body. "Th-there's no telling the great things I can steal! Name something, I'll get it for you! Just please, don't leave me here with my leg like this."


"Ugh, fine," she sighs, stopping right before my head is consumed by her cleavage. "Just because you're so pathetic right now, I'll make you my servant. You will do what I say, act on my command. Until I say you're free. And if you escape, there'll be hell to pay. How's that?"


"I don't think I have a choice." I don't think I do. Words mean nothing, anyway. I'll do what I want regardless of a promise.


"I'll do it."


"Splendid," she lifts her body off of me, and rises to her feet, the trailing silk of her purple loincloth fluttering down onto my face as she does; I only now comprehend just how much weight she was putting on me. "I'll be faster carrying you myself than having you walk anyway. You can rest now, I guess. I'll find my own food."


She turns and strides off, leaving me alone in the shadow of the rock. I watch her massive hips sway rhythmically as she walks away from me. Wait, I still don't know what I will eat! Also, what's HER name?


End Notes:

In my opinion, the buildup makes the reward more satisfying, even I you get blueballed a little along the way. (;

I will upload chapter 6 very soon as well. It focuses on pseudo-vore/mouth play, as much as is be possible with these size roles.

A Sizable Snack by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

I bombed this one (wrote it all in one go without much of a plan) but I think it turned out quite well. When you're dealing with characters like this, anything can be sexy! This is the mouth play chapter.


Also, I've been having issue with my paragraph breaks being removed when I copy and paste the chapters. Also chapter 2 was duplicated for a while. I think I got it all fixed, but let me know if you spot any issues! Thanks!

Without being able to move, I couldn't do much besides sit in a haze of thoughts and fantasies; so that's exactly what I did for a while. At some point, I crawl my way over to the shade of the boulder to get out of the blazing desert sun, but I'm left with nothing much to do for almost an hour but rest. It's been a bit of a stressful day, after all, and I was due for a little shut-eye.


I'm startled out of my doze when the weight of my new "master's" body slams down near me; her careless decision to sit down in the shade beside me caused a small earthquake from my perspective, though I'm sure she didn't even think about it. She's carrying a whole armload of the carcass fruit with her, and after laying the sink fabric of the purple loincloth she's wearing flat in front of her, she lets the fruits fall to the ground. I watch her start to skin the green peels off the fruit to get at the red interiors; she eats them as soon as they're skinned, without waiting, biting the first fist-sized fruit in half, before chewing and swallowing it. If that were a normal person eating those, they would be dead in six hours. I hope she knows what she's doing.


She notices me watching her, and takes another one from her pile. After pulling the skin off, she pops the entire large fruit in her mouth. It's at least the size of a (normal) man's fist, but I watch in shock as she swallows it whole. That must be big, even for her, but she doesn't flinch. She traces it with her finger as it passes down her throat. I follow her finger with my eyes as it crossed down beyond her neck and onto her breast. She fiddles with her giant nipple for a second. Then her hand leaves her skin— my eyes stay on her breast. It's not until she flicks me in the nose that I snap out of it. She definitely set me up for that, and I was caught in her trap like a fly.


"Little man," she says in a commanding tone. "We're going to stay here for five more hours. I doubt you can do anything of use to me, but if you think of something then do it."


It sounds like she just wants to order me to do something. I watch as she skins another carcass fruit and takes a bite. That gives me an idea. I reach over her leg and grab one of the fruits off the pile. It's a bit difficult, but I'm able to break a hole in the skin and peel it off. Looking up, I hold the peeled fruit up to her like an offering.


"Oh? Looks like you can be useful."


She leans down, making a show out of sniffing the fruit in my hand. My attention is drawn to her breasts as they swing down to sway before me, stretching downwards to form thick teardrop shapes. I really need to get over those breasts, or she's going to keep manipulating me whenever she wants. My penis loves them, but I'm not on speaking terms with it right now after what it did to me. Back in reality, she is opening her mouth wide, and in my distracted state, I don't notice her close her lips around not only the fruit but my hand as well. I jerk up, surprised at the sudden sensation of wetness, and see her suck my hand into her mouth up to the wrist. I can see her smiling around my arm, that look of seductive yet sadistic laughter brimming in her eyes. I try to pull it free to no avail; my arm strength can't match the suction power of her mouth. I can feel her tongue pull the fruit out of my hand, and watch as she gulps it down her throat whole, just like the last one. Then, biting down on my wrist lightly, she sucked my arm in a little further with her lips.


A moment of slight panic sets over me. She's not that much bigger than me; only three, maybe three and a half times my height. That's a lot, but there's no way she could eat me like those fruits.


Then again, everything I thought she couldn't do until now she has done with ease. I struggle to pull my arm free again, but it's no use. She lifts her head up, pulling me to my knees and then to my feet (even though I can't stand on my own). Grabbing me with both hands, she lifts my body into the air, forcing my elbow straight as she does. My feet kick against the tops of her breasts as I wriggle, trying to get free. She pushes my arm just a little bit further into her mouth, and I feel my fingers brush against her uvula. God, it's that far back? Despite my best efforts, I can't pull back, and I can only watch in horror as her lips close around my elbow. She's still smiling, and maybe even wider now.


My imagined immediate future from this moment forward lays itself out in my mind's eye. I see my head entering her mouth, my body being pushed to the back as her lips close around my feet. Then she swallows, and I am fully inside her body, the walls of her throat pressing around me as I slide down, unable to fight against the powerful muscles. Before long, the tract opens up around me, and I slip into her stomach. I am like a baby in there, eating what she eats and drinks, totally substituent off of her, and curled up in a ball, unable to stretch out. Except unlike a baby, there is no end, no escape from this hot and humid prison. I can do nothing but cry like a child, and hear her laughter echoing around me. She is my world; there is nothing but her, surrounding me completely.


"Please!" I scream. "I don't want to be eaten whole!!!"


I zone out for a moment, my eyes squeezed shut. I open them to see the world spinning around me, and when I gain focus, all I can see is black. I flail, and flip over, to find myself... sitting on her spread out loincloth like a picnic blanket, between her lower legs. I breathe heavily for a few seconds, and turn my eyes towards her face. She glances down at me, another fruit in her hands.


"Oh, you're awake," she states in an uninterested tone, as if she couldn't care less either way.


"S-s-s-so, you didn't eat me?" is all I stammer out. I know I sound dumb, but what exactly is reality or not is still unclear to me.


"Of course not. I didn't think that's where you were going to take that so seriously, let alone faint for three minutes. I was just trying to mess with you, obviously. Besides, there's no way I could do that, whole and all. Why would I want to? Now just your arm or leg, I would consider. I haven't had meat in, oh, so long...."


The casual tone in which she described cannibalism has me springing up and pealing fruits faster than any order she could give me would. She lets out a giggle, amused by my sudden enthusiasm to give her food, anything, so long as she didn't eat me. With a new, skinned fruit in hand, I hold it up to her, this time watching my hand intently in case she tries to grab it again. She looks at me for a second, and our eyes lock. I can tell she sees how terrified I am. Slowly, she reaches forward and takes the fruit from my hand, still keeping her eyes locked to mine. Then, she looks away to the side, and I fall to the ground in relief. Her long black hair covers the side of her face like a veil, but through it, I can see tinges of red on her cheeks. She's blushing.


"Well," she huffs. "I guess a frightened servant is a loyal servant. Go ahead and peel the rest of those— I'm hungry."


She seemed like she was wishing to distract me from looking at her face, but I wasn't going to push it. I turned my attention to the pile of fruit before me, with still around ten fist-sized fruits. That's a lot of food for one person to eat. Actually, I'ma try not to think about it right now. Needless to say, I started my work right away.


I couldn't help thinking about her final reaction, though. I'm quite sure she felt just a little bit sorry for me there, or maybe just a little embarrassed.


Whichever it was, it was a small bit of weakness from this giant woman in front of me. I may not be able to stand up to her (or stand up at all, for that matter), and it came at a great cost to achieve, but I can't help but feel like I've gained a small victory today. I smirk as I hand her the next fruit, which she takes without looking at me.




God damn it, there's cum in my pants. Fuck you, dick. Why are you always into the weird stuff?


End Notes:

This is the last of the chapters that I wrote originally, but I will continue the story from here. It will take a lot longer, though, because until now I've just been editing the old stuff, not writing entirely from scratch like I will be going forward.

A Rough Start by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

The first of the "new" chapters.

We wait out the rest of the day in the shade of that rock, trying to avoid the sweltering sun. It takes about two more hours for it to disappear and for dusk to settle on the horizon, and during that time we don't speak. After her meal, she laid her great body on the ground and closed her eyes. I watched until I could see she was asleep, before taking a seat leaning up against her thigh. That soon got too hot for me though; she was radiating heat like a fireplace in this weather. Instead, I edged a safe distance away and laid down myself, quickly drifting off to sleep.


When it was time to go, she didn't need to wake me up; the tremors she caused getting up herself did that for her. Our belongings were limited to my backpack, the goods I was able to steel, my knife, her necklace, and the spear she stole, so there was little packing up to do. But when I crawled over to her, she didn't lift me up to carry me. In fact, she didn't acknowledge my existence at all.


"Ahem," I loudly make my presence known, tapping on her ankle. "You're taking me with you, remember."


"Oh," she glances down, our view of each other's faces blocked partially by her boobs. "You want a ride? Climb on."


Ugh. Are we doing this? I hardly even thought about it the first time, but there is no way I can get on or off of her without her help.


"I may need a hand," I admit.


"What, you can't do it?" She makes no motion. "You know, for a servant you're awfully needy."


Damn right I am. "It's not that hard for you. Just do it."


"Is that an order you just gave me?"




"You know what? You need a bit of discipline. Come on, climb your own way up. Do it."


Sucking up to people really sucks, but the consequences for retaining my dignity suck more. I would rather try to climb my way up a giant woman with a damaged leg than directly ask for help in doing it, apparently.


I swing up onto her right foot and face my target, ignoring all warnings that I am doomed to fail; this was a challenge now. Her foot is as long as my entire leg, but I try not to let her size intimidate me. I wrap my arm and legs around her leg and begin to work my way up, using the friction of her sweaty skin in absence of any handholds. If I was climbing a normal person, adjusted to be her size, I would have no trouble making it to their hips. But when I reach the bottoms of her thighs, I find that my hands can reach around; the trunk of her legs become too wide. I try to reach up and grab her loincloth, but it's too high above me. I stay there looking for a way up for several seconds, my legs wrapped just above her knee.


"What's this? Stuck already?"


"This is a hella weird method of discipline you're giving out."


"This? Oh, this isn't the discipline. This," she suddenly turns around and presses her leg, and me with it, against the face of the boulder we've been using for shade. "THIS is the discipline."


My body sinks into the soft flesh of her thigh as the rock slams into my back. I unwrap my arms and legs from her leg, flailing them about as my vision is blacked out by her.


"Now," she says. "You need to learn a lesson from this. Tell me that you can't climb up my leg."


She lets her thigh fall back, and the outside world returns to me as I am left sitting on her knee.


"Go on, say it."


I look up at her face, but all I can see are her boobs, pressed up against the stone above me. I'm sure she is enjoying this, though. While I am out of her sight, I scoot out from between her leg and the rock, pushing myself upward with all my strength to grab the loincloth, getting a good grip on the fabric. She pulls away from the rock, and I go swinging back and forth as she moves. Using my forward momentum, I swing my good foot forward to kick between her legs; my long career of buying sex has given me a better than average understanding of female anatomy. My foot squarely meets its target. Yes, I am truly a man of my time.


That was a bad idea.


She clenches her legs together, and I am crushed between them as she lets out a little gasp of pain. For such thick thighs, she sure manages to make it hurt a hell of a lot to be squeezed by their soft folds of skin. After an agonizing moment, she opens them up again, and I fall to the ground in relief. My relief does not last long, because after I take a single breath a shadow falls over me. I open my eyes to see her entire body crouching above me, totally blocking out the dusk light. Her tits hang low, the necklace dangling right above me. Her thighs surround me, knees sticking out to either side, while her crotch hovers just above mine, threatening to crush me into the sand.


"Do you want to fight this fight?" Her eyes are dark and menacing, bearing the same look as the time I tried to blackmail her, right after we first met.


"No," I squeak, survival instincts taking over as my mind imagines all the forms of pain she could put me through. "I'm sorry."




"And I shouldn't have tried to climb you. I can't do it. I need your help."


"You need who's help?”


"I need your help, master."




She stands up, and her body unfolds from around me. Then she reaches down and picks me up with both hands, lifting me up to her face.


"Here's a little reward."


I watch as she brings me to her mouth, and before I can turn away, she shoves my face into her lips. They reach from my eyes to my chin as she opens her mouth, rubbing me with her tongue. For a brief second, I worry she might try to suck me in deeper than the kiss, and my panic about being eaten from earlier today comes flooding back. But then she pulls me away, and I open my eyes to see her smiling face; it's a little different from the sadistic, seductive smile I've seen her wear so many times, but I can't tell how. She blinks once at me, then giggles at my shocked face.


"That's a good little man. Now, up you go."


Swinging me around, she places me in her hair, and without further delay, we're off.




We are far from any established route in the desert, so there are no roads or landmarks to guide us as we tried through the night desert. This worries me slightly.


"Hey, where are you planning to go from here?" I ask her as we move.


She doesn't reply for a while, but just as I'm about to speak again, she opens her mouth. "We'll go west until we hit a settlement."


My curiosity is perked. "And where after that?"


"Once we figure out where we are, we'll go to a town called Helma. I've got a score to settle there. I don't know exactly where, after that."


I don't press her further on this as we have begun to climb a rocky hill; instead, I quietly ride along. With the sun gone, the desert is slowly cooling, and I begin to shiver. Trying to stave off the cold, I burrow myself further into her hair, pulling clumps of it behind me until I stand up against her back, with the entire mass of her hair behind me and my arms around her neck. My head peaks out over her shoulder, the top of it just shy of touching her chin.


We reach the crest of the hill, and she stops for a second to survey the scenery. The sand looks almost blue in the night, with interspersed gray rocks of all shapes and sizes. A dry riverbed runs through the sand a few hundred meters before us, and a couple of groves of cactus and other desert plants are huddled together at its banks. In the distance, the land rises up into mountains, There is no sight of any of the people from the caravan, but also no road or human construction in view.


Ah! Or so I thought.


"Over there!" I call, pointing to the horizon, where at the base of a mountain a thin trail of smoke is rising into the sky. "That must be a town! We can probably make it there tonight, even!"


She looks to where I am pointing, and shakes her head (shaking me with it). "That's a camp, not a town. Just a couple of travelers resting."


"What," I say, squinting to see what's at the base of the smoke pillar. "How do you know? I can't see that far!"


"I've got bigger eyes. What, did you think that because you're smaller you can see smaller things better than me?"


That is exactly what I thought. "Of course not! Obviously you would be able to see better than me! I just didn't think you could see that far."


"Oh, but the fact that there's a camp there does mean there's probably a road," she says. "You were a little helpful pointing that out, even though I would have noticed myself soon anyway. Good servant!"


She reaches up and pats me on the head, and I begrudgingly sit through her endearing praise. I hold on tight as she walks back down the hill, taking heavy steps that send her heavy breasts and me alike swaying. My attention is brought back to her necklace as I watch it bounce between her boobs. Oh yeah, that reminds me.


"Hey, how did you find your necklace when I hid it before? Did I mess up somehow?"


"Oh yeah, you did see me do that, didn't you?" She responds. "Well, I guess I should tell you before you try to do something stupid like steal it again. My necklace belongs to me, and it knows it does. I will always know where to find it; it cannot be hidden from me."


"Oh, I see." I'll be testing that; she may be stretching the truth to keep me from trying. "So that's why you gave it up so willingly."


A magic necklace, huh?


We reach the bottom of the hill, and start off vaguely in the direction of the smoke. I allow the conversation to die here, and burrow myself into her hair. Inside my mind, I am plotting.


End Notes:

I wasn't sure exactly where to seperate this chapter and the next, so I guess it will end here. And by the way, this story is not shifting into a gentile theme; it's just changing with the chataters temporary attitudes.

A Surprisingly Simple Solution by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

The first half of this chapter is mild erotica stuff, while second half stars the maternal tag for the first time in this story (used broadly). I'm trying a lot of different tags in different chapters, so let me know which ones are particularly popular or which ones I write poorly, if you have any strong opinions.

Across the night we draw steadily closer to the mountains. Eventually, my hands get tired of holding themselves around her neck, and I tie them together by the wrists using her hair instead. I actually manage the fall asleep for a while; there is something about the effect of being wrapped up all warm and sheltered from the cold outside that puts a man right to bed.

It's getting close to dawn by the time she rouses me with a flick to the nose. 

"We're stopping here. Untie my hair from your hands."

I hastily obey, loosening the knots I made and letting her lift me from her back and set me down. We're standing on a flat rock surrounded by other rocky walls on three sides, with piles of sand collecting in the corners. I try to stand before remembering that I can't do that, and instead crawl over to the edge of the rock. Rubbing my eyes, I look out to see that we are a fair ways up a hill, overlooking a well-traveled path that runs along its base. I look behind me to see the slope continuing into the sky.

"We... We've reached the mountains!" I cry out. That was insanely fast!

"Yes, and I'm bone tired from doing it," she responds, collapsing into one of the sandy spots. "We're going to rest here for a while." 

I turn back to see her stretching out on her back, pushing her arms up and her feet down, toes sticking straight out. The entire span of her body must have been around five meters, from the tips of her toes to the ends of her fingers. She then lays an arm behind her head and shuts her eyes. I feel the cold of the night as an icy wind blows over me.

Crawling back over to her, I lean up against the side of her torso, beside her breast. The tit leans out over the side of her chest, threatening to squash me at any second if she rolls over.

My stomach growls.

"Hey," I prod the massive breast above me. "I haven't eaten anything since yesterday."

"Deal with it," she groans back.

I try another angle. "I'm your servant, right? It's your job to provide me with sustenance."

I don't see her hand coming until it grabs me by my color, lifting me up above her. My backpack falls to the ground as I squirm, but holding her arm up straight I can't reach anything solid around me. Her tired eyes glare at me as I realize I messed up. 

"Wait, I-" I cry out, but she drops me, and I go plummeting to her chest, landing squarely between her tits and getting the wind knocked out of me. 

Then, she rolls onto her side and I tumble over, landing on her left breast as it flattens below me. The pad of boob on which I now lay is about twice as wide as I am, and stretches down from about ten centimeters above my head to the same distance below my crotch. It feels like I'm laying on a giant water skin.

I roll over, coughing and gasping for breath. Above me I see her right tit, hanging menacingly. She's holding it by her nipple, the orb of the boob slightly swaying back and forth. For a brief moment, I look up, seeing only the bottom of her face. She's smiling. Aw shit.

The breast comes tumbling down, slapping onto my body before I can put my hands up to stop it. I am covered from my head to below my hips with soft but suffocating flesh. I try to lift the boob off of me, but she must be holding it down from the outside because I cannot move it at all. Her heartbeat pounds through me,  rhythmically reminding me every few seconds that it is her that is covering me.

"You're literally surrounded by sustenance," I hear her muffled voice say. "You're just too stupid to take it."

Is she talking about the carcass fruit? my mind questions. She knows I can't eat that! God, she's just toying with me! I continue struggling between her breasts, but they're too soft to get any traction on; every time I push, my hand just sinks into the fat. I had no air in my lungs before I fell in here, and no more is coming to me now. I realize in horror that I'm in serious risk of suffocation.

Not a bad way to go, says me fully erect dick. 

With a desperate last shove, I push my head out the top of her cleavage, holding myself there long enough to gulp air before I slip back in. After taking a few deep breaths in this manner, I force my way out the side of her breasts and tumble panting into the sand. Seeing my escape, she yawns and closes her eyes, one hand still lazily cast over her breast.

I think better of complaining to her. That's what got me in there in the first place. Instead, I crawl off to the edge of the rock to sulk. Down at the base of the hill, I see a small group of people traversing the road with a couple of camels. They can't see me up here, so I watch them silently. God, they're such easy targets. If only I could walk, I would have no problem taking their food. I briefly contemplate trying despite my current state, but quickly dismiss the thought as too risky. 

Sighing, I turn back to my giantess companion. She seems to have fallen asleep already, her breath coming in slow, deep puffs. I watch as she lays there, her chest rising and falling with her breath. Her lips are slightly open, letting out soft hisses when the air flows through them. Although I hate to admit it, her face is nearly as beautiful as her body is sexy. I sit there, letting a few minutes slip away while I look at her. I'm too hungry to sleep, I realize. God this sucks.

Eventually, my eyes slip from her face to the rest of her. If I wanted to stay really warm, I bet I could slip between her thighs and let myself be consumed by her flesh. They're probably thick enough to completely cover me between them. Her breasts could only do my upper body. 

My stomach growls again, like it's trying to tell me something. Yeah yeah, I know I'm hungry.

My eyes land again on her breasts. In the starlight, it almost looks like I can see little luminescent beads on her nipples. Wait, what is that? Has she had nipple piercings this whole time without me noticing?

My curiosity gets the better of me, and I crawl back over. As I get closer, the little beads come into greater detail. They're not a reflective metal; they're little spots of a pure white color, appearing almost to glow in the darkness. I come to a stop right next to the breasts. Leaning in, I get a closer look at the beads. That's when I realize.

It's milk. She's lactating.

God that's weird, I think, turning back to face the hill. She is a very strange person, after all. I bet she had a child a while ago and just kept milking herself ever since, like she's a goat. I wouldn't put it past her. Then again, she does look quite young; no more than twenty or twenty-five years old. 

My stomach growls once more. My dick is also acting up again, for whatever reason.

That's probably why her breasts are so big, I think. She's been lugging around liters of milk with her in there. That milk was crushing me just a few minutes ago.

I am jostled out of my thoughts as she rolls over onto her back, sending her tits swaying. A single drop of her milk flies from her tit, arcing through the air to land on my nose before sliding down to hang between my nostrils. I'm struck by how sweet the smell is. Unconsciously, my tongue darts up to lick the drop off my nose, and I get a taste of the milk before I know what I'm doing. My god, it's sweet.

And that's when I realize what the united front of my dick and stomach is trying to tell me. 

No, no, no! I think as I crawl towards her side. I am not a child, and I will not resort to drinking her breast milk just because I'm hungry! Besides, think of how angry she would get if she woke up to find me lapping at her boobs; she'd kill me! Then, the words she said when crushing me with her breasts before swim through my mind. "You're literally surrounded by sustenance," she said. "You're just too stupid to take it." Could... could she have been expecting this?

I edge my way up onto her stomach. Even if she was expecting it and won't kill me for it, think of the embarrassment! She'll call me a baby, belittle me endlessly! I stare at the breasts rising up before me. There's probably so much milk in there. I could drink until my stomach was full. My hunger would be gone. And the drop I had was so, so delicious...

I reach forward, placing my palm on the bottom of her breast. There is a slight ripple across its surface as I do so, but she does not stir. From between her breasts, I can see her still-sleeping face. In the starlight, it almost looks like she wears a slight smile. Ugh.

Alright dick, I command to myself. we're going to do this, but here are the rules: no waking her up this time. Stay slow and gentle, so that when she wakes up later, she won't even know it happened. No frantic humping. Got that?

My dick nods. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign.

I reach forward, slowly lifting my body to my knees below her right tit. I reach up to pull the nipple towards me, but my hands just slide off the boob, unable to move the nipple. God damn it.

I push myself up a little further and collapse into the soft boob flesh. The nipple sits below my face now, quivering and leaking a tiny stream of milk. Slowly, I bend down, bringing my mouth closer and closer to the tit. From the tip, I let my lips slide down around it. Then, gently, I begin to suck.

"Well, well," comes a voice from above, and in my shock I inhale the nipple, before spitting it out, coughing. A fair amount of the warm milk slides down my throat anyway, though.

"You picked up on that quickly, didn't you little man? Or should I say, little child?"

"Shut up!" I splutter, not thinking of any better way to defend myself. This is the worst-case scenario.

"You know, this isn't the first time I've woken up to a tiny man crawling on my breasts," she continues. "Is this a habit of yours, by any chance?"

I jump off her side, trying to escape this situation at any cost, but she grabs me midair and holds me above her. "I thought you learned your lesson about giving up on your pride! And now you try to run? You really are a bad boy. I think you need to be tamed a little, don't you?"

She lowers me to her tits, which quiver as she giggles. "Come on now, I'm inviting you. Suck my tits."

The nipple hovers right in front of me, but I refuse to take it again; not with her watching me.

"Oh, come on! We both know that you want to. You know that I can make you if you don't do it on your own."

My hunger flares up again at the prospect of satisfying my stomach. She's right; my pride is only getting in the way of my basic needs. 

"You know you want my milk. Go on, it's yours for the taking. All you have to do is say admit that you need it." 

That's when my will breaks, and I feverishly latch onto her nipple. Sucking deeply, a long stream of delicious milk flows easily from her breast, and my hungry throat quickly gulps it down. She lets go of me with her hand, giggling uncontrollably and shaking me about as I wrap myself around her breast. My hard penis sticks into the soft flesh of her underboob.

"Ah, so you're enjoying it in that way too, huh?" She comments as she feels me poking her. "I guess that's to be expected from a perverted boy like you. You really can't control yourself, can you? Well, I did need to empty myself out eventually anyways."

From the corner of my eye, I can see that she's fondling her other nipple, letting low bursts of milk flow from it, pooling on her stomach below. I continue to suck uncontrollably, swallowing more and more of her milk, even as I feel my knees grow wet.

She lets out a soft moan as a tall spurt of milk flies from the tit I'm not latched onto, raining down onto my head. Suddenly she rolls to her left, and I lay on the stone ground with her massive tits hanging above me. She's suspending herself with her arms, holding her entire body up like a roof over my head. I can see her face growing flush with her own arousal.

"Milk me," she commands. "Both of them."

I lean up to grab the left nipple in my mouth this time, while my hands go to squeeze her right breast. I can feel the milk loosely flowing out, soaking me with the sheer mass of it. There's so much milk, so much more than I could ever drink, but I push on, working to empty every last drop. In the blink of an eye, the breasts drop to cover me as she falls down to her elbows. One of her hands has jumped down to press itself between her legs, leaving the other now solely responsible for keeping her from fully crushing me. Her right boob rests on my pelvis, the nipple squarely between my legs, while my head is consumed by the left one. And still I drink on, my face fully surrounded by the boob. 

I can hear her moan again above me as I grind the right nipple between my legs. It's probably even bigger than my dick as it stands erect, I realize as I rub them together. I am brought almost to climax at the thought, but before I can blow my load she lifts herself off of me. Above me, her face shows her arousal for all to see, her mouth panting heavily and her cheeks flush red. Pause for a second, unsure of what to do as she gazes at me.

"Hey, little servant. Do you want to do it with me?" 

Oh God. What would that even entail? Does she want me to get her pregnant? The prospect terrifies me. I could never go all the way like that with a giant woman like her, could I?

My reluctance to respond changes her face into a pouty frown. "You don't want to?" 

What? Is she trying to play the symphony game with me? I stare up at her, speechless, but her expression changes again before I have time to even think.


"Good, I won't worry about pleasuring you, then. From here on, this is rape, my darling."

End Notes:

Sometimes the most simple solutions can be the hardest to see and accept, can't they little guy?


Also, a quick and unnecessary note: I (the author) am aware that Belfet (the protagonist) gives an anatomically nonsensical justification for why his giantess companion (whose name he does not know) is lactating. Humans naturally stop lactating eventually no matter how much you try to keep milking them. However, the same is not true for goats; they can keep lactating for years after pregnancy, so long as they are milked. Belfet is referencing this fact when he wonders if his giantess companion had a child in the past and kept milking herself since.


The more ya' know.

A Goddess' Lust by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

Dependent on the last chapter for context. This chapter includes vaginal sex. 

I hang limply in shock as she lifts me up, turning her body over again to face the dawn sky. I'm getting raped. Me, a man! I suppose it's always been a concern, given my abnormally small size, but I never even considered the possibility that a WOMAN would want to... to rape....


"You've had sex before, haven't you?" I hear the voice of the giantess from above me. "I suppose you know your way around a woman's body, then. No need for an introduction."


I fall to my knees on the ground as she sets me down between her legs, staring up the slope of her body looming over me with more presence than the mountain on which we sit. She begins to unwrap the silk loincloth that has been covering her lower body in its purple folds ever since I met her.


"Is it even called rape if a woman's doing it?" My mouth mutters unconsciously, my mind still reeling in shock. I didn’t mean for her to respond, but she does anyway.


"I don't see why not," she giggles, pulling the cloth from her. It comes off in a single long strip of fabric about two and a half meters in length. My own laughter at this snaps me out of my daze. Something about learning that she has been using a scarf as an undergarment this entire time amuses me.


"What are you giggling about down there?" She questions before seeing my eyes resting on the scarf. "Oh, this? Stop laughing, I've never been able to get any proper clothes around here! Besides, I look great in it and you know it. Now, it's time for you to look down."


At her command, my eyes fall forward to stare into her crotch. Although I should be used to her massive proportions by now, my jaw drops at the sight of her pussy. That's what I'm going to be working with here? You’ve got to be kidding me. Most vaginas are loose for me anyway, but that... she won't even feel me in there if we try to do this normally!


Her thighs close in around me as she pulls her legs up. "Don't stare so much. It's embarrassing."


Pretending that was not a direct contradiction to her previous command, she gives me a cutesy wink, which I ignore; I knew far too much of her true character for that to work on me. Nonetheless, I am inclined to crawl forward to sit right in front of her, pressured by her legs. 


"Ah, that's right!” She claps her hands once, nodding to herself. “You need to strip too!" 


She lifts me off the ground, and I don't fight as she pulls my shirt and pants from my body. Cupping out both of her hands, I lay in her grasp, naked and shivering in the night air. The only warmth I have now is that which is radiating off of her; in her decision to take my clothes me, she made me unable to leave her side without freezing to death. 


Without warning, she draws me to her face and I am consumed by an all-encompassing kiss, covering half my head. She holds me in her mouth for half a minute, swirling her tongue across my face as my air supply drains. My feet kick against her breasts a few times, but this accomplishes nothing, my feet merely sinking into the soft flesh. If she notices at all, she ignores it. Finally, I'm forced to take a breath from her lips, sucking in the hot, moist air from deep within her body. The taste almost brought back the feeling of being inside of her, before the rational part of my brain cut off that train of thought.


Needless to say, by the time she broke off the kiss I was rock hard.


Lowering me back down between her legs, she gives me a little nudge towards her vagina lips. "Come on now, it's time you gave me some attention down here. Let's see what you've got!"


She emphasizes the word "got," sending a tremor through her body that shakes her boobs and pussy alike. Her pussy lips almost look like they’re smiling at me, inviting me to come and kiss them like I did with her real lips. Even if I wanted to resist, my body is pressuring me to approach her just as much as she is now.


Oh well. I guess there's no use fighting it.


I throw myself into her, scrabbling my body from head to toe up the surface of her lips. Falling to my knees, I shove my pelvis into her, feeling my dick bump up against the sides of the massive cavern of her pussy. A second later and she's given up on letting me do it myself, shoving my body against her with both of her hands, and rubbing me back and forth wildly across the lips of her vagina. Even though my dick has no chance of filling her up, her walls still press against me as she contracts. Then, she pulls me away again.


"I need something a little bigger inside me. I don't think I can fit your whole body, but don't mind if I borrow your leg."


Struggling would be no use. She holds me below her breast with one hand, lubing my body as best she can with a spurt of her milk; I guess that stuff's multi-purpose. I watch as my right leg is inserted into her vagina, my foot not even tall enough to stand from top to bottom. The lips close around it, and I am pulled in just past my ankle. I am almost too scared to move, but when I flinch a little, I hear her gasp.


"Now this is the right size!" 


She pulls me in further, halfway to my knee, before falling onto her back to lay flat on the ground. For my part, I wrap my body against her thigh; I think I should at least be given something to hump which she fucking rapes my leg. Her milk makes a halfway decent lubricant, allowing my dick to slide up and down her leg, sinking slightly into the soft flesh. With one hand, she's pulling my leg in and out of her while with the other she's coaxing more milk from her left breast. Her movements grow more rapid as her arousal grows, pulling my leg up to my knee as she passes inwards. Even with my toes extended, I can't feel the back. How deep does she go?


Faster and faster she moves, starting to buck her hips as she does. I'm holding onto her thigh for dear life now as she whips me around, feeling my leg become slick with her juices as I do. Finally, she draws me in to my hip, and I bend my knee as my foot hits the wall of her womb. My dick is thrown against her clit, and the violent motion causes me to release a long burst of cum. I can feel her do the same as her body tightens around me, sucking me in to the limit of where my leg will go. She releases an almost tidal flow of cum as she pulls me out to my ankle, before clenching her legs around me, crushing me with her sex-driven strength. It is only several seconds later that she releases me, and we both fall back to the ground, panting heavily. She must have been extremely horny, because the whole process hardly took three minutes.


I am the first to move, clambering to my knees and pulling myself up onto her torso. I have unfinished business with her chest.


"Ah, you're still at that?" She speaks as I collapse into her breast, taking a deep swig from her tit.


She lets me suck for almost half a minute without doing anything. I am still half-starved from the day before, and the milk I got earlier was not nearly enough to make up for that. Pulling myself up more, I let my dick slide under her breast to rest between her chest and underboob as I drink. After a few more seconds of sucking, I feel her hand on my head, rubbing her fingers through my hair.


"Well, you've earned this one. Drink away, my little servant."


Before long though, she's playing with her other nipple; I remember now that breastfeeding like this is what got her aroused in the first place. It starts slow, but quickly she's rubbing away, shaking her body slightly as she does. At some point, her other hand returns to her vagina, to stroke herself off. I pay little attention, gripping onto her boob and continuing my sucking until she flips her body over, and I'm left dangling from the massive tit. Yet I hold on through the ride, wrapping my arms and legs around the breast and continuing to do my part by teasing the nipple even as I swing left and right. If anything, being upside-down like this only makes the milk flow faster. I feel her body tense as she comes again without my help, panting joyously while doing so. Having a tiny man dangling from her breast didn't even slow her movements at all.


I feel her gaze upon me as her motions slow to a stop. I look up from the nipple, still hanging upside-down from her breast to meet her eyes. She's grinning ear to ear; clearly, this situation is a turn on for her. I've never been looked at by her in such a way. Almost as if she appreciates my presence.


Suddenly, the thought occurs to me, far later than it should have.


"Say," I start, peering up at her still upside-down face. "What is your name?"


"Dianella," she answers, surprisingly without a coy comeback. And the exchange ends there as I redirect my attention to her breast again. We’re both satisfied with that.


I don't even care as her weight falls down upon me. My hunger has now outstripped my lust, and I am content to lay under her breast if it means I can continue to drink. The light of dawn is brimming over the horizon when I slip from below her, dragging myself up and collapsing into her hair. I pull her loincloth over me, using it as a makeshift blanket, and finally manage to fall into an exhausted sleep, covered with every bodily fluid imaginable at this point. I didn’t even notice that I was curled up right in front of her own sleeping face. 


And thus, we both take our rest, face to face in the unforgiving desert.


End Notes:

I'm not sure how well this turned out, especially since I feel like the story's been building towards this for a while, so please leave a review for any changes/opinions/error corrections!


Also, this feels somewhat like the end of a short "ark" (if you will) in the story, so there will be an interlude chapter after this, just to round us off at an even ten before we continue from this point in chapter 11.

A Death Sentence for a Failure (interlude) by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

This chapter stars the “crush” tag with somewhat graphic violence. Those who shy away from this ought to skip it, as it is not critical to the story.


Droki doesn't know what’s waiting for him behind that door, but he cannot imagine it is a good thing. A royal summons for a man like him is not uncommon— he was frequently treated to dinner by the lords of whatever city he arrived in— but circumstances lead him to believe that the reason he was being called here today was not merely because of his trading business. If that were the case, he would have been escorted politely to the palace with his consent, not detained and brought here against his will by soldiers. No, he has a sinking suspicion that this was related to the giantess prisoner he had been entrusted to bring here by the emissary. The one who had escaped during his trip here. 


He gulps as the guards pull the door open before him. Yes, this certainly is not going to be good.


A loud creak rings out through the hall as the door swings open, and Droki is pushed through roughly, falling to his knees just inside the room. He had been to this city not four years ago, a time when the kingdom was at a height of prosperity, but the king was aged even then; there might be someone else on the throne by now, for all he knew. He didn't have time to ask the guards, who more or less refused to talk to him or explain themselves as they carried him here. So when he looks up, he is surprised when he sees no king, old or young. He doesn’t even see a throne. The large room seems to have been redecorated since his last visit, and now resembles something closer to a harem than a throne room, with scattered pillows dotting the floor, and gold and silver platters bearing food placed seemingly randomly around the room. Not only that, but there is a giant bed replacing the throne, next to a giant bath; the actual throne has been pushed to the corner where it lays on its as if it were merely a discarded chair. And on the bed sits a woman of enormous size, larger than Droki assumed was possible. Marveling at the scale of her body, he knew of only one other person who came anywhere close to rivaling it, and that was the giantess who had escaped from his caravan. Yet, members of the royal court still bustle around the room as if this was normal.


What… what on earth happened here in the last four years?


Droki drags his feet as he is pulled along towards the woman. She must be the queen now, or at least the person in charge here, based on how everyone seems to treat her courteously as they move around her bed. She appears to be around thirty years old, laying on her side with her back to him. She’s wearing thin silk robes that are almost see-through in the bright sunlight that streams through the windows, with pieces of golden jewelry dotting the edges of her body. 


She seems to grow yet more massive the closer he gets; probably around five meters in height, a full two meters taller than the giantess he was transporting. She also appears far less slender, with every curve of her body lined with a thick layer of fat. Laying on her side, her hips alone are taller than he is; not only is she massive, she also has one in a thousand proportions, with a butt of monstrous size. There has to be some reason why both of the giantesses I’ve seen also happen to be sex goddesses, he notes as he draws yet closer to her. Yes, this occasion was undoubtedly related to the other ultra-sexy giantess that had escaped under his watch. 


“Your highness!” The guard dragging Droki calls out. “We have the merchant here for you!”


Droki simply gapes as the massive form of the woman rolls over to face them. Her stomach is large and bulging, reaching out perhaps a full meter from her chest. He watches as it crashes into the bed before him, sending rippling waves across its surface. Her giant breasts undergo a similar motion, pressed together by her arms as she pulls herself over; he can make out the teacup-sized nipple pushing out small tents in the thin fabric. She is just as beautiful as the other giantess, though with shorter, lighter hair, and of course, much heavier and all-around bigger, nearly twice her height.


He is so distracted by her amazing body that he hardly notices the two rings she wears, each of which contains a massive gemstone, one light green and the other a dark blue. Each ring individually is probably worth a fortune, similar in value to the necklace worn by the other giantess. Droki remains unaware of this fact, however, due to the mix of fear and amazement that currently dominates his mind. The guard has already released him, but he’s too petrified to run, caught in the gaze of the giantess before him. 


“I’ve been waiting for you,” she speaks slowly and relatively quietly, but her voice carries a commanding tone that silences the room in an instant; all eyes are on the two of them now. “I hear that you… lost my prize?”


“If it is the giantess of which you speak, then yes, my lady,” he responds almost inaudibly, wanting to avert his eyes from her but unable to pry them from her body. 


“Oh, she’s hardly a giantess, compared to me,” she replies, scoffing a little. “But she was still very… valuable. I sold the entire province of Helma to get her, you know.”


At that point, Droki’s hope for leaving that room alive diminished significantly. This person is not going to just forgive him for effectively losing her an entire province. His entire body is drenched with sweat, both from the broiling summer heat and the pressure to please this giant woman in front of him. Everyone in the room can see his body shaking.


“Still, the details matter,” the giantess queen continues. “How did she escape?”


“She… she had help,” he desperately tries to defend himself. “A tiny thief snuck into our camp and freed her. We fought them, but they escaped into the desert together. We… we couldn’t stop them.”


“I see.” Droki falls to the ground when he sees her hand coming for him, but she still easily scoops him up, lifting him to dangle before her face. “Do you know where she is now?”


“No,” he stammers out. 


“Do you know where she could be going?”


“N-no. B-b-but they fled into the desert, so they’re probably lost by now, and starving! If-if you search, they might still be out there!”


“Ah, I see now!” She exclaims as she rolls onto her back, still holding his limp body above her. Dropping him, she giggles as he falls onto her chest, slipping into the crevice between her tits. Each orb is larger than his entire body if he were to curl into a ball, and they sway back and forth with her laughter, sliding to absorb him further and further into them.


“So you’re useless!”


She continues to laugh at his expense as she sits up, sending him tumbling down to land in between her legs. He has just enough time to look up, and see her massive ass slide over him, before it drops upon his face, covering him in the silk and flesh. The many people in the room around her simply watch as she flexes and releases her butt muscles, pulling him further and further into her cheeks. Then, standing up, she proudly displays her work to the officials in the room: Droki, a full-grown man, has been pulled up to his waist into her butt. While he still twitches and flinches, he is no longer struggling; though he can breathe, he knows there is no escape. 


The giantess takes a hard step off the bed, and the officials clear the way before her as she steps across the room. She could have crushed the man stuck between her butt cheeks just by sitting down, but she had something else in mind. Striding over to the bath, she slowly climbs the steps up to the edge of the tub, flexing her muscles as she does to pull Droki in deeper. His face is resting near the lips of her vagina, but the massive sheets of her butt flesh cover the area easily, expanding out behind her for nearly a full meter. 


She begins to take the steps down into the water, without removing her clothes, slowly lowering herself into it as the onlookers realize what's happening. The man in her ass shrieks and flails as he feels the water come over him, but he can do nothing as he is submerged with her lower body. She lets out a relaxed sigh as she sits down in the basin of the bath, crushing the man beneath her; there is no escape to the surface for him now. All that remains of his screams are a few bubbles, escaping up to the throne room. 


The court slowly calms down, returning to their duties, but one man approaches the giantess, standing beside the bath. He is relatively short, but carries himself with pride and the dignity of a well-bred noble, with fine clothes and short, styled hair. He is only perhaps twenty years of age, visibly younger than the giantess. 


"This is truly an unfortunate event, my queen, but perhaps killing that man was not quite the most ideal decision," he speaks softly to her. “He was a prominent merchant with significant regional influence, after all.” 


“This man lost me an entire province, Norfal,” she responds indignantly, though not cruelly; she takes his words seriously. “If a general did that, they would be executed. He’s just as guilty. Besides!”


She stretches her arms up, her fingertips reaching a solid four meters above the ground; the man, Norfal, takes a nervous step back, slightly intimidated by her size.


“I have to remind the people around here that just because I’ve gotten soft in the belly that I haven’t gotten soft in the heart. I need to carry out an execution or two once in a while so they know their place.”


“As you wish, my queen,” Norfal, relents. “I shall make the preparations to locate our target, with your blessing. Again.”


“If you will, darling,” the giantess queen plants a massive kiss on his cheek, before allowing him to excuse himself. 


She visibly contemplates pulling the corpse from her butt, but decides against it, letting herself soak in the cool water for a little while instead. A passing servant hands her a plate of peeled oranges, which she takes and begins eating like grapes, shooing the servant away. A soft whisper of her thoughts can be heard escaping from her mouth as she lays back in the basin, too quiet for anyone to hear.


“So you've escaped me again, have you Dianella? And here I thought we were friends….”


End Notes:

Regular story with Belfet and Dianella will continue in the next chapter!


...Yes, the main character's name has been Belfet this whole time. He said it in chapter 5. Yes, I know you forgot (;

A Continued Fight for Sustenance (ark 2 start) by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:


THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO START THE STORY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ THE ENTIRE THING. There is a little bit of redundant information here placed for the readers who decided not to read the previous chapters.

"We'll take a rest here." 

I slide from Dianella's back as she crouches down, landing lightly in the sand. The cold of the pre-dawn night surrounds me when I leave her presence, causing me to shiver slightly as I crawl over to the grove of corpse fruit we have stopped to rest by. I begin cutting them from their stocks as she collapses to the ground beside me, letting out a deep sigh as she makes impact. Her stolen spear falls from her hand, clattering on the rocks beside her. She has no intention of helping me harvest her meal.

It's been almost two full days since we had sex on that mountain, and during that time we have been traveling by night along the road we found. So far, Dianella’s been getting all her sustenance from the countless groves of corpse fruit that seem to grow everywhere around here. We’re damn lucky to have it too, because even though it grows everywhere, she’s the only person I have ever heard of who is capable of eating it. She’s been making me do all the harvesting for her, though. 

With an armful of the fruit in hand, I walk on my knees back over to her; the injury on my ankle still prevents me from walking normally, although it is slowly healing, thankfully. I pour the fruit out in between the massive walls of her outstretched legs, before taking a seat facing her in between her knees. I look up to her face to see her eyes blocked from view, her arm cast over her head. I suppose she would be tired, wouldn’t she? I think as I start to peel the fruit for her. We have been making amazing progress through the desert, after all, though we don’t know exactly where we are going. And eating nothing besides these fruits for three days straight has to be bad for her stamina. Plus….

I cast my eyes up to her breasts, gently rising and falling with her breath. She’s not lactating right now, but I can imagine the milk sloshing around just beyond the nipple. From what I’ve seen over the past few days, the amount of milk she produces is truly staggering. Enough for me to live completely-

“What are you looking at there?” I jolt as she speaks, realizing too late that she removed her arm from her eyes. “What a bad servant you are, ogling at my breasts instead of preparing my meal!”

Her fatigue can clearly be seen on her face, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost her will to tease me. I return to my task, and she soon joins me. Together, we finish skinning the rest of the carcass fruit, and I crawl off to harvest more while she starts to eat. She’s taken to sucking the juice from most of the fruits instead of eating them, because (although I have trouble believing it) her stomach has limits, and she needs more water than food. I harvest another batch, shivering as I do, and carry it back over to her. I have long since stopped complaining about doing this task, not because I don’t want to complain, but because complaining usually gets me a whack on the head and nothing more. Dianella isn’t very restrained in her use of punitive violence against me.

“By the way,” the thought occurs to me as I start to skin the second batch of fruits for her. “Why is it that you can eat these things when no one else can? Is it because of your size?”

“Not at all,” she replies between bites. “Anyone could do it if they did what I did when I was young. It’s a trick that I learned from my family, see. You have to eat them slowly and in small amounts at first, and work your way up to the full fruit, and then multiple fruits. Eventually, you can eat them without feeling any trace of the poison, like me. It will hurt a lot while you adjust, though.”

I look at the peeled fruit I am holding in my hand; it does have a pretty good smell to it. “Maybe I should try to do that.”

“What, are you unsatisfied with my milk?” She grins down at me. “It’s far sweeter than these bitter little fruits, you know.”

“I-I’m only drinking that because I have to!” I reply indignantly. “I would much rather eat the carcass fruit if I could!”


I look up to see her breast hovering before me, the naked nipple swaying right above my nose. Just next to it hovers the massive ruby necklace she wears, the necklace that got me into this mess in the first place when I tried to steal it. I still plan to take that from her at some point, if I can find a work-around to her ability to always know where it is.

“Come on, I’ll let you drink some right now,” she says, and my attention is redirected to the tit in front of me. Those breasts have hypnotized me one too many times. 

“I’m not hungry.” 

I shove the breast away from me and turn my back to her. I still watch it sway back and forth from the corner of my eye, however. Just because they’ve hypnotized me in the past doesn’t mean I’m used to them yet. They are an ideal set of tits, after all, and she never covers them up.

“Don’t lie to me!”

I feel her lift me off the ground by my shirt, and before I know it my face is level with her boob. She probably couldn’t do this so easily with a normal-sized man, but my abnormally small body (combined with her impossibly large one) increases the size difference between us; she’s over three times my height, by my reckoning.

“I’m not l-” I start, but am cut off as she shoves her right nipple into my open mouth.

I inhale in surprise, accidentally applying suction pressure to the tit. A small stream of milk flows into my mouth, and I instinctively swallow. She is right— her milk is deliciously sweet— but I am never going to tell her that I think that. Still, I can do nothing but flail as she mashes my head into her breast, my face sinking deep into the soft flesh. The pressure only pushes more of the milk into my mouth, and I am forced to swallow it to avoid drowning. After half a minute of this, she pulls me away, and I lay sideways in her arms, my body lightly pressed against her breasts.

“There there, little servant,” she rocks me back and forth in her arms like a baby and simply laughs when she sees my glaring face. “What, you don’t like this? Your little penis sure seems to disagree!”

I look down (or actually, forward) to see that she managed to take my pants off me while I was distracted in her breast. My dick is standing straight up, proudly displaying it’s defiance to my mind. Fuck you too, dick.

“Aw, you’re so dishonest!” She hugs me to her chest, and I am pushed up against the bottom of her breasts. The shelf of her tits extends farther from her body than I am wide, lightly bouncing back and forth with her giggling.

“I guess my servant needs some honesty training. Here, let me help you with that!”

Pulling me away from her, she shoves my face back into her breast, while holding my hips to her other boob. When I open my mouth for air, the nipple slips in yet again and I am stuck sucking on the tit. I slowly lose control over myself as I feel her massaging my penis with her hand, letting it slip against her breast, and wetting its shaft with milk from her other boob. Before long, I can’t help but suck as my arousal grows, and as she continues to work my penis with her hand and breast. That’s the result of having a pair of boobs bigger than her own head, let alone mine. My body sinks deeper and deeper into them as she increases the pressure, her flesh folding and wrapping around me.

I don’t know exactly when I come, but I do slowly return to a more sane state of mind after several minutes. I continue drinking for a few minutes longer, just to get the sustenance gaining part of this operation over with before she lowers me down from her massive tit. 

After that, she sent me off to gather more fruit for her. Damn this woman.


I almost leaped from Dianella’s hair in joy when I saw the banks of the river appear over the hills. Six days is what it took us to find a settlement. Six days of near-constant humiliation and grueling travel, unable to walk for myself and forced to live off the breast milk of a giantess while serving her every need. Yes, I definitely hated every second of those six days. Undoubtedly.

We now stand on the river’s muddy banks, in the arid foothills upstream of a medium-sized town. The river provides for a wide expanse of lush farmland, with small homesteads dotting the landscape around the main body of houses in the village proper. From my vantage point atop Dianella’s head, I can see a bridge crossing the river at its narrowest point, dividing the town in two, with roughly half of the buildings on each side. We stand, admiring the sight in the pre-dawn light for a few seconds.

“I think,” Dianella breaks the silence. “That I will send you into town before me while I rest for a while. Although I do like the freedom of a loose chest, entering society half-naked like this is simply a bad idea, in my experience. So I’m going to have you go ahead and buy me some cloth to make a top out of. And while you’re at it, get me something tasty to eat, for a change.”

“God, any other orders you have to give me?” I slide off her back, landing on my good foot. The other one has healed to the point where I can put weight on it, but I still can’t do things like sneaking or running. Even walking brings on pain after only a few minutes. 

Pulling my backpack onto my shoulders, I start off for the town, carrying my load of stolen goods. It feels like ages have passed since I robbed that caravan, and met Dianella chained up to that post. If only I had just left her alone, I would be living off the riches of those merchants right now, I think, sighing. If only.

End Notes:


Another slightly difficult decision on where to divide this chapter and the next. I decided to do it here, but I do feel like it’s a little unnatural….

A Cleansing Bath by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

I've started uploading this story a few days earlier on my DevaintArt! Check that out to access the chapters a few days sooner! 


**This contains some action from a woman who is not the main giantess, making it F/fm? Or maybe FF/m? Or I guess more accurately, F/F/m. It also turned out to be the longest chapter in the story yet, and I really don’t know why.

Our week of travel through the desert made me completely nocturnal, but I am reminded that the people here are not as I walk through the empty fields. Having left Dianella’s side, the cold has quickly set into me, and by the time I get to the town center, I’m shivering profusely. The sun is just now rising, and so I find a place to wait for the first people to start to leave their houses, curling up in the corner of a low stone wall to try to fight off the cold. I let my eyes slide closed, and sit there for the better part of an hour while the town wakes up around me. It’s only when a pig comes over and starts bumping me that I open them again, blinking out of my half-dream state. 


The bustle of the day has begun now, and the streets are filling up quickly with people. I rise to my feet and head out in search of a shop, now that they’ll be open. This town lies along a trade route, and thus seems to have a few stores open for travelers. It doesn’t take me long to locate a place that looks to be selling fabrics. That’ll be my first purchase.


I lean into the doorway of the little building, knocking on the wood wall to let the storekeeper know I’m there. The young woman inside looks up from her loom, before hopping to her feet to greet me. She is a pretty girl in her late teens, with a well-developed body for someone who lives in a little town like this; her physique tells me that she has gotten plenty to eat throughout her life. Her short green skirt and clean blouse along with her light skin also show that she hasn’t lived a life of hard labor.


“Welcome in, little boy!” She calls out cheerfully. “Are you looking to buy something?”


I have been treated in such a way my entire life, frequently mistaken for a child, so it doesn’t bother me much as the salesgirl strides up to me. But when she stopped before me, I still was slightly surprised that I only came up to her waist, the shelf of her breasts well above my head; it was almost easy to forget how small I still was to normal people after I spent all this time with Dianella. No, this girl has to be a little taller than average. 


“I need a big sheet of cloth,” I say, and after a short pause, add: “to make clothing out of.”


“No problem, sweety!” 


I’m slightly startled as she takes my hand and leads me over to a shelf of folded clothes, but I don’t correct her mistake as I normally might. It might be easier to get through this conversation pretending to be a child, anyway. That way, I won’t have to go into detail about why I’m carrying several locked boxes of jewelry without any of the keys. I do have a very young-looking face, after all, so I think I can continue to pull it off.


“How about something like this?” She holds up a square of red cloth, unfolding it to show it’s size.


“I… think it needs to be a bit bigger,” I respond, looking the cloth up and down. “A lot bigger.”


“I see,” she says, letting go of my hand and turning her back to me to replace the cloth on the shelf. “Maybe up here then!”


She stands on her tiptoes to reach the top shelf, inadvertently giving me a full upskirt view of her. Her cheeks are clenched together as she stretches, pulling her underwear slightly up in between the thick layers of skin. Then she comes back down holding another sheet of cloth, bumping me slightly with her butt as she turns around.


“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen you around here before, little boy!” She places her hand on my head and ruffles my hair as she speaks. “You sure are cute! Did you come into town with a caravan?”


Calling me cute was kinda pushing it, but I still don’t try to correct her. “Yes, something like that.”


“Hmm?” She says, slightly surprised by my vague response. “Well, how’s this piece?”


She holds up the new sheet of cloth, which is only slightly larger than the last. 


“I don’t think that’s going to work either. I need something more blanket-sized.”


“Ah! How about these then?”


Without warning, she lifts me off my feet and holds me up to a higher shelf. I struggle instinctively, used to doing so whenever Dianella lifts me, but this salesgirl is not nearly as strong as Dianella. I slip from her hands, falling for a second before she catches me and hugs me to her chest, pressing my face up against the side of her fairly large right breast. Only a thin layer of fabric separates me from her soft flesh.


“Whoops, sorry about that, I should have warned you!” I am left sitting in her arms, slightly stunned. “Up you go again!”


She hoists me up once more, and this time I grab the shelf to steady myself. Retrieving a thin blanket of a light yellow color, I nod for her to let me down. This should be big enough.


“Why are you making clothes out of raw fabric anyway?” She asks as I turn to her with the blanket. “You know I sell clothes here too? You don’t have to make your own!”


“Regular clothes… wouldn’t fit right. Can I pay you with goods?”


“Sure. Don’t fit right, huh?” She sits down at her loom again and watches with her head in her hands as I ruffle through my bag, trying to find something not too incriminating to trade with her. “I could always sew something up quickly for you, you know.”


I feel a bit of sweat gathering on me as I pull one of the still locked cases of jewelry from my backpack to get at the other stolen goods underneath, setting it on the floor. This line of questioning was getting a bit out of hand; I’m not sure if Dianella wants anyone to see her, and I don’t want to face her punishment if that is the case. 


“That’s alright, you don’t need to do that.”


“Alright,” she relents, accepting the bag of salt I hand her as payment; in an inland town like this, it should be fairly valuable. “This will do.”


“Oh,” I remember. “Do you know where I can buy some food as well?” 


“My uncle in the house next door sells fresh food to travelers.”


“Got it.”


“Have a good day now, little boy!” She gives me one more pat on the head as I turn to go.


I sigh with relief as I leave the shop with the banket in hand. I stopped by the building she spoke of to buy some steamed vegetables, before walking off back to where I left Dianella, my mind still in a bit of a daze. Maybe I’ve gotten a bit too used to being humiliated by Dianella, I think as I cross back through the farms. I just let that salesgirl do whatever she wanted with me, and even went along with it. Somehow I just feel… more my size than I used to, I guess.


The daytime heat is starting to set in by the time I return to the place where I left Dianella. She’s laying on her side, and… rubbing mud on her hands and arms. Because of course, she is.


“What are you doing,” I say in a defeated tone, without any trace of questioning intonation.


“My wrists are still sore from being chained up!” She responds cheerfully. “This will help me feel better. You want to put some on your poor little footsie too?”


“No, I don’t want to put mud on my foot. That’s stupid.”


“Suit yourself,” she says as she starts to rub it on her ankles as well. “Did you get the stuff?”


“Yeah. Here’s the food. Let’s eat.”


“Thanks, honey. Yes, I’m starv…”


She trails off as she stares at something over my shoulder. In an instant, her hand snatches her spear as she lunges forward and over me, and I reflexively duck for cover as she flies over my head. I hear her splatter into the mud behind me, and spinning around, I see her on the ground holding another person, her spear to their throat. No, not just anyone… is that…?


“Wait!” the salesgirl from before cries, pinned beneath Dianella. “I just came to return this!”


She waves her hand in the air, and I recognize one of the boxes of jewelry from my backpack. With a bolt of recollection, I remember that I left it on the floor of her shop.


“Oh, is that all?” Dianella sits up, lifting her weight off the now very muddy girl, before looking over her shoulder at me, her eyes dull. “Did you forget that in town?”


“Y-yes,” I admit as she climbs off the girl.


“Pouncing on someone like that, you’re awfully tense, aren’t you!” The girl sits up, huffing at Dianella. “Can’t you see I’m just a woman?”


“I’ve known some very deadly women in my days,” Dianella replies. “I’d be a fool to write the entire sex off as harmless.”


The girl is still looking up at Dianella, and giggles slightly. “So this is why you wanted to buy cloth instead of clothes! You’re an awfully big lady, aren’t you?”


“You could say that!” Dianella laughs back, walking back to my side. “Hard to buy things around here in my size, you know?”


“Oh, well you really didn’t have to skirt around the problem like that!” The girl says, handing me the jewelry box. “If this boy had just explained your situation, I would have fixed you up some clothes no problem!”


Dianella looks up from the meal she’s already managed to start eating. “You can do that?”


“Of course! I would be honored to take on the challenge of working for you if you’ll allow me!”


“I would love it!” Dianella replies. 


I look back and forth between the two of them. Dianella is really a different person when talking to women. She instantly seems to have become much more sincere and understanding. On the girl’s part, too, she appears unscathed by having her life almost taken from her a second ago, and is now completely calm.


“Oh, but first, let me wash off,” the girl says, setting her satchel on the ground. “I did get a little dirty just now, tee-hee.”


“Me too,” Dianella giggles back.


I watch, gaping, as both of them strip off their clothes before me. I’m not surprised by Dianella, who hardly wears anything anyway, but I would never have expected this salesgirl to show herself in front of a man like this. She’s probably only seventeen or so, but she’s got a great figure. Her breasts aren’t on the same massive scale as Dianella’s, but they still are bigger than I thought they were when she was covered up, almost the size of my head. I watch as they slip from her shirt, the pink nipples jiggling as they are set free.


“You too, servant!” Dianella reaches out and grabs me, lifting me off my feet easily.


The two of them slide into the water carrying their clothes, and walk out into the deeper river center, their conversation continuing without pause. 


“Sorry, my servant’s such an idiot. I hope you didn’t have to close your shop to come out here.”


“Oh, not at all! I left my little sister in charge, so it’s fine. She’s a very responsible girl. And your servant is still young, don’t be so hard on him.”


Dianella nonchalantly pulls off my pants without asking, lowering me into the cool water between them as she falls to her knees. With Dianella not at her full height, the two of them are roughly at eye level, the water reaching up to their breasts which float slightly on the surface. Meanwhile, I cling to Dianella’s waist to avoid being taken away with the current, unable to touch the bottom. The salesgirl starts to wash the mud off her face and arms.


“You know, you’re really lucky to have a servant this cute!” She says. “I wish I had a boy like this around. I just want to squeeze him all day!” 


The girl pulls me from Dianella’s body and hugs me to her chest, smothering my face in her naked breasts. The flesh billows out around me as she squishes me to her, and her nipple bumps up against the inside of my ear. This must be the size most people see Dianella as, I think as I’m pressed into the booby prison. God, this girl sure is clingy.


“Watch out, he is a bit of a pervert!” Dianella laughs back, pressing her own breast into my back and pulling the woman towards her as she rubs the mud off her back for her. My torso slides between her much larger set of breasts, making me now fully encircled by boobs.


“Hey, how old is he, anyway?” The girl asks the fateful question, still clutching me to her chest like a doll, but now petting my head with one hand.


“Oh, I don’t know, maybe twelve or thirteen?” Dianella’s breasts vibrate slightly behind me as she speaks.


“I’m twenty!” I automatically correct them, at probably the worst time in my life. 


“T-t-twenty?!” In an instant, the girl throws me away from her, and I splash under the water.


I sink below the surface and bump up against the river bottom. I flail frantically, not feeling anything around me and not having any air in my body whatsoever as I am carried downstream. Then I feel myself touch something soft, and a second later my torso is clapped between the thighs of the salesgirl, stopping my downstream drift. I can feel my arm brushing up against her vagina as her legs tighten around me. The next moment, she’s pulling me to the surface.


“I’m sorry about that, little guy!” She apologizes, holding me out in front of her. “It just surprised me a little to learn that you were a proper adult, you know! And older than me, no less!”


“Me too, actually!” Dianella giggles, wading over to us. “He looks so young, after all.”


“But still, he doesn’t quite have the presence of a man, you know?” The salesgirl says, looking over me to make eye contact with Dianella. “I don’t feel threatened by him or anything! This must be what you feel like all the time, right?”


“Pretty much!” Dianella replies, taking me from the smaller woman’s hands. “Especially around my little servant! He can’t even lift one of my breasts, he’s so weak!”


My mind flashes back to the day when she squished me between her tits on that mountain. “That was because you were holding it-”


“There, there,” Dianella interrupts, silencing me by pressing my face into the side of her massive boob, to the giggling of the salesgirl. “He does need some discipline once in a while, but usually a little coddling gets him to behave.”


The two women laugh together again. They splash around in the water for another few minutes, carrying me along with them in their bouncy antics. Eventually, though, they both crawl onto the shore, with their recently cleaned bodies and clothes. Dianella sets me down on a flat rock, throwing my sopping wet clothes beside me, and I let myself rest, exhausted by the situation. The salesgirl wastes no time, laying out her clothes to dry and starting to take Dianella’s sizes with some string.


“By the way, what is the name of this town?” Dianella asks the girl as she wraps the cord around her massive breasts.


“Telfet!” The girl replies cheerfully. “And I’m Velvet! My mother named me, and tailor work runs in the family, you see!”


“What a pretty name!” Dianella says. “I’m Dianella. I’m looking for somewhere to sleep the day here. Do you know any good places?”


“Hmm, it will be difficult to find a bed for you in the local inn, won’t it?” Velvet says. “I know! You can stay at my house! I have so many spare fabrics and blankets from my shop, I can make a makeshift bed for you.”


“That’s perfect!” Dianella wrings the water out of her scarf. “While I’m at it, can I have my make me a skirt to wear by the end of the day?”


“No problem! How about I make you a whole outfit?”


“Oh, by all means! I’ll pay you handsomely to do so!”


I groan. We’re going to be spending the entire day with this girl now, aren’t we? She’s pretty, but the way she acts is slowly killing my sense of masculinity.


Dianella, meanwhile, sucks her fingers clean, finishing her food, and stretches with a yawn. “Would you mind if I take you up on that offer to stay in your house right away? We’ve been traveling all night and I’m bone tired.”


“Of course!” The girl rises to her feet. “Let me just get dressed, and I can take you right over!”


I join the two of them in pulling on my still damp clothes, falling behind a little as they start off without me. I rush to catch up to them, arriving at Velvet’s side after a short dash which leaves me panting slightly. 


“You really are strange, staying so calm around Dianella like that,” I speak up to her. “Most people are a lot more afraid of her.”


“Oh, naturally!” She smiles cheerfully down at me, patting me on the head (without asking, of course). “I guess most people would be scared of her, wouldn’t they? Well, I guess I have a bit of an advantage over them.”


She slowly drags her fingers through my hair. “She’s not the first giantess I’ve met, after all!”


Dianella stops in her tracks, suddenly frozen. A second of motionless time passes as Velvet and I stop as well, the cheerful mood evaporating instantly. Then, in a flurry of motion, Dianella swings her body back around to face Velvet, obscuring the smaller girl with her shadow. Her face is dark and totally serious, and every trace of the friendly banter from before has left her voice when she speaks. 


“What did you say?”

End Notes:

**The Velvet character ended up being a lot bigger part of this chapter than I intended, even though she’s just a regular-sized person. Let me know how that worked out!

A Long Rest by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

**This chapter has a vore focus.

“I said, you’re not the first giantess I’ve met in my life,” Velvet the tailor smiles up at the giantess towering over her. “What, did you not know there were others like you?”

Dianella stares at Velvet in shock. “Where? When? How?”

Velvet blinks once, standing strong against the pressure of Dianella's gaze. “Here. Earlier this year. Er… I’m not sure how to answer the ‘how’ part. She came to my shop, and I made clothes for her. Just like I’m going to do for you.”

Dianella grabs her shoulders, shaking her as she pelters her with questions. “Where did she come from? Which way was she going? What was her name? Who was she with? What did she look like? How tall was she?”

“Calm down, miss Dianella!” Velvet says, her voice light as if this were just a casual conversation. “We have plenty of time to talk, there’s no need to rush.”

I look back and forth between the two of them but decide not to speak. I can’t help but wonder why Velvet didn’t share this information until now. Did she think it wasn’t important? Was she holding it back until now on purpose? Whatever the case, she is turning out to be almost as weird a person as Dianella, and that’s saying something.

“For now, let’s go back to my house,” she says, casually brushing Dianella’s hands off her shoulders, grabbing one of them as she does so. Her other hand curls around mine, and she leads both of us forward.

Dianella remains in stunned silence as we enter the village proper. It’s late morning and the bustle of the day is in full swing now, meaning that there are plenty of people to stop and stare as Velvet confidently leads a giantess and a dwarf towards her house. Dianella had the sense to cover her breasts with the blanket I bought, but that still doesn’t stop anyone from seeing the massive size of her chest, prompting a few whistles from the village men as she passes. Under normal circumstances, I’m sure she wouldn’t have left those reactions unaddressed, but right now she seems rather subdued. This information had a considerable effect on her.

I enter Velvet’s shop for the second time today and watch as Dianella ducks to step through the door. The room is empty except for a young girl, working a loom in the corner. She looks up to see us when we enter.

“Welcome home, sister!” She calls out, hopping to her feet to run and hug Velvet’s waist.

“I’m back!” Velvet replies, shutting the door behind her. “Would you be a dear and make up a bed for this large lady here out of our fabrics? This boy will help you.”

The girl looks at me, then back at Velvet. “What, here in the shop? But what about our customers?”

Velvet smiles. “These two are the only customers we’ll need for today, I think.”


“Well then, the story of the giantess, is it?”

Velvet and Dianella sit facing each other on the floor as Velvet’s sister and I assemble Dianella’s bed. I’m not happy about being relegated to this task, but I stick at it so that I can hear this conversation. My curiosity won’t allow me to miss it.

“It’s not that big a deal, really,” Velvet purrs. “She came into town just like you, mostly naked and looking for clothes. I suppose she wasn’t as rich as you though, because she didn’t have any money or servants. Poor girl was traveling all alone and half-starved by the time she got here. She ended up spending a few days in town, helping one of the neighbors rebuild his damaged house; then she had him pay me for the clothes. A really nice woman, she was.”

“No money?” Dianella asks. “She didn’t have anything on her?”

Velvet taps her head, remembering. “That’s right! She was actually wearing a beautiful golden belt, with a jewel almost as large as the one you wear on your neck there. She wouldn’t sell it to me, though. That’s why she ended up working to buy her clothes.”

“A belt, huh?” Dianella leans back, much calmer. “Did you hear her name?”

“Yes, she introduced herself as Yelna. After resting up and buying my clothes, she headed off to the east, not telling us why. That was maybe… thirty or so days ago.”

“So long before I arrived, in other words,” Dianella comments. “That’s not as bad as I thought. One last question, then. How tall was she.”

“Oh yes, you would ask that, wouldn’t you?” Velvet smiles. “You’re only maybe two-thirds of her height.”

I trip and fall on my face. There’s another giantess who’s that much taller than Dianella? The fact that there were others alone was enough to shock me, but to hear that size… I can’t imagine it. That must be almost five meters! 

Dianella nods, taking in this information, but not surprised by it. “I see. Thank you for the information, Velvet.”

“Oh, of course,” Velvet smiles. “In return, can you tell me why there have been so many giant women passing through our town lately?”

Dianella hesitates. “Sorry, but I can’t say what the others are doing around here. I don’t know. I only know what I’m doing and where I’m going.”

“And what might that be?”

Dianella smiles down at Velvet, who meets her gaze steadily. “That’s not for you to know.”

“I see,” Velvet says, rising to her feet. “I won’t press you on it. It looks like the little ones have finished making your bed, so you can rest up while I make your clothes. They should be ready by sundown.”

“Thank you, Velvet.”

I jump as Dianella’s body crashes onto the cloth-mattress behind me, sending tremors through the ground. She stretches out, the length of her body almost filling the room, before curling up and closing her eyes. Velvet and her sister throw a couple of blankets over her, while I simply stand there. Then I feel Velvet lift me up from behind, without warning as she is apt to do.

“You get in there too, little guy!”

“Wait, I’ll-” I start to say, but she plants a wet kiss on my cheek, and I instinctively stop speaking.

“I don’t-” I start again, but she kisses me again on the lips, blowing my words back into my mouth as she passionately covers my lips with her own much larger ones.

I tense up for a second, before falling limp in her arms, completely shocked. Why is she kissing me? After a long moment, she lets me down, staring deep into my eyes. I stare back and watch as her face slowly shifts from her serious look to a smile.

“She’s right, a little coddling does shut you up!” She giggles out, spinning around with me in her arms.

It’s scary how much this woman sees me as a toy instead of a man.

She sets me down on the cushions in front of Dianella, and this time I’m too distracted to offer any words of protest. Dianella wraps her arms around me, holding me to herself like a girl would cuddle a doll. Velvet only smiles down at my pleading eyes as she pulls the blanket over my head, winking once. Damn that woman. She knows I’m not going to be able to get out.

I sigh as I’m shoved between Dianella breasts, the soft flesh molding itself around me to cover almost half of my body. Although the events of the day are exciting, I don’t have the liberty to ask Dianella what it all means at the moment. Instead, my exhausted mind slips into sleep.


My vision is blurry as I blink awake, and all I can see is a dark tan color around me. The place I’m in is extremely hot, but when I struggle to escape it my hands only sink into the soft walls that surround me. A slight panic sinks into me as I roll around, unsure of where I am. Then the walls open up, and I am pulled from the crack in between them. Dianella’s massive face appears before me, blinking sleepily.

“Good morning, little Belfet,” speaks with a drowsy smile on her face. “How did you sleep, down there between my breasts?”

I stare at her face. Somehow, it looks even bigger than normal. I open my mouth to speak but am cut off by a thunderous growl from her stomach.

“Oops, it looks like I’m still a little hungry!” She giggles, sitting up. 

She gives her slouching stomach a rub with the hand that she's holding me in, dragging my body across its expanse. I can hear the reverberations of its growl echoing inside her cavernous belly as she presses me into the warm flesh.

“If only there was something to eat around here…”

Her eyes search the room, wandering across the empty walls before resting on me. There’s a look in those eyes I haven’t seen before. I’m being looked at in a way I never have been before.

“Say,” she slowly brings me closer to her lips. “I’m really hungry, my little servant. I think it’s your job to solve that problem, don’t you? And you’re looking so small and so tasty right now… almost like I could just….”

She trails off, and the hot breath from her words blows over me as I am held right in front of her lips. They stretch out wide into a smile before me, slowing off the massive while slabs of teeth inside them.

“...Just eat you right up!”

She lifts me to her eye level, and my feet dangle in front of her mouth. No, she wasn’t this big before! Something’s wrong….

“You can’t eat me!” I cry out. “I’m too big! You’re too small!”

“Oh really?” She opens her mouth and runs a long, wet lick across my naked body, from the tips of my feet to the top of my head, rubbing the squishy surface of her tongue over my dick. “You look small enough to me! Besides, if you don’t fit, I can always bite you to pieces.”

And with that she slides my legs into her mouth, sucking my body in. I stare upwards to see her eyes smiling down at me, far out of my reach. This can’t be! I’m not this small!

These thoughts fail to help me escape, and she pushes my body fully into her mouth. The last traces of light disappear as her lips close over me. My body lays on the surface of her tongue, still desperately struggling against her, but I am pulled to the back of her mouth with an easy flick of the tongue. I seem to grow smaller as I reach the edge of her throat, and by the time I reach it, I slip and fall down the tunnel with barely a gulp on her part. 

The shaft into her stomach is long and tight, pulling me downwards slowly and methodically, keeping time with her pounding heartbeat. My head enters her stomach first, poking out into the cavern, before my entire body slips inside, splashing into the massive open space inside her. I quickly leap to my feet, rushing over to press myself against the wall. I can hear the outside world, so close yet so far away, just on the other side of the thick flesh. The earth shakes with Dianella’s giggle, and a firm slap to her belly sends my flying across the cavern, splashing into a pool of juices. Her belly contracts around me as she shakes with laughter.

“You were just the right size, little Belfet!” She bubbles out, as my world tips and bounces around me.

“Just the right size….”

End Notes:

**I have a very hard time writing what Belfet is thinking in these situations, so I tended to just… not. Hope that worked out.

A New View by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

I have been super busy lately so this chapter took a long time to release, but at last it's here! Hopefully this "three weeks to publish a chapter" timeframe won't keep up. Anyways, enjoy!

My eyes bolt open as I feel my body being compressed. It takes me a second to realize that I am being crushed between Dianella’s thighs, my body covered from my stomach to my knees. She’s curled up around me, the bottom of her boobs holding the top of my head between them, and rocking back and forth slightly as she rubs her legs together with me between them. I can hear her softly moaning as she grinds me against her vagina. She seems to be mostly asleep.


I sigh in relief. A dream.


It looks to be late afternoon, judging by the reddish sunlight streaming through the window. The two of us are alone in this room, Velvet and her sister nowhere to be seen. I try to pull my arm free but only succeed in pushing against Dianella’s pussy, arousing her more.


“No, not there… so small….”


Her legs constrict around me like a cobra, squeezing me until I can’t take in any air.


“Dianella!” I shout out with the last of my breath, praying it was loud enough to wake her.


“What...” she lets out a sleepy response, letting up on the pressure a little.


I take this chance to slip out, falling to the soft cloth bed just behind her. I turn around to see her massive hips rising up before me. I climb to my feet and stand facing the expanse of her butt. Laying on her side like this, her hips are still taller than me. I step away from her before she can roll over and crush me again.


“I had the most wonderful dream,” Dianella mumbles, still half asleep. “You were so small, I just couldn’t help…”


“Sounds like you’re awake!” Velvet says, entering the room from behind me. “How did you sleep?”


“Better than I have in a while,” Dianella replies, stretching. “Did you get my clothes made?”


“Sure did!” She smiles. “There’s a backpack in the other room for you too.”


“Great!” Dianella sits up, rubbing her eyes. “I want to leave at sunset, so I’ll just try on the clothes. My servant will pay the dues.”




Dianella crawls through the open door, shutting it behind her, and leaving me alone in the room with Velvet. I grow frightened almost instinctively.


“So you’re heading out, huh little guy?” Velvet grabs my hand and pulls me over to her loom and chair. “It’s a shame I didn’t get to keep you for myself any longer!”


She’s pulling me so quickly ahead that I’m stumbling on my feet. Then she suddenly stops, and I fly headfirst into her butt, unable to stop myself in time. She’s wearing a thin dress now, and it leaves very little up to the imagination as my face is mashed into it.


“Oops, where are you going there?” She giggles down at me, before swinging around to stand with her hands on her hips. “You can’t do that sort of thing, you know. It’s not nice to feel a girls butt like that.”


I back away from her, but she steps closer. I can feel my frustration grow; there is no way that was an accident. I back away until I am up against the wall, but she keeps advancing, hands on her hips, and looking down at me.


“You need to say you’re sorry,” she stops right in front of me, my face right up against her crotch; it’s so close that I can feel the heat radiating off of her, my nose brushing up against the fabric of her shirt. The shelf of her breasts juts out above my head, fully obscuring her face from my view.


“I’m sorry,” I mutter, trying not to touch her body with my lips as I speak.


“What was that?”


I’m not doing this shit. I dart forward between her legs, but she swings her ankle back, tripping me. I spin and fall to the group behind her, and a moment later the wind is knocked out of me as she sets her massive butt on my chest. I am trapped beneath her, my torso covered up to my shoulders by her butt and thighs. She presses me down into the floor, hard. Try as I might, I cannot lift her off; the mass of her body is simply too much for me.


“What a little pervert you are,” she says, grinding her ass into me. “And so weak. You can’t even overcome my ass, and yet you try to touch it without asking. You really need to learn your place.” 


She lifts her body off me for a second, but I barely manage to gasp a breath of air before she slams back into me, this time with her butt over my knees. I take another breath of air, but even as my lungs fill I feel a second pain as she presses down hard on my knee, which has slipped between her butt cheeks. Before I know it, she has clenched down around it and is rubbing it up and down her vagina lips. I can feel a slight dampness on my knee. Ah, so that’s what this is about. I look up to see her face grinning down at me over her rack. I simply watch as she reaches into her shirt with the hand that’s not holding me down and pulls out her left breast, letting it ride in the cuff of her low-cut shirt.


“I think I saw your giantess master do this when you were being rebellious,” she says, leaning over me.


Unable to resist, she draws my head up to press against the front of her breast. She has a large rack, the boob almost the size of my small head. It easily consumes my face, the hard nipple pressing firmly against my cheek. I am blinded by her flesh as she rubs and bounces it against me, using my face to stimulate her nipple. A light moan escapes her lips.


“Are you feeling your place yet?” She whispers just above my ear, her voice slightly trembling from her arousal. “Like it or not, this was a lesson you needed to learn.”


“Is that so?” Dianella’s voice comes from the doorway; the door she went behind was shut a second ago, but it has since been opened without a sound. “Or is the one who needs to learn a lesson you?”


“I-I don’t know what you’re saying,” Velvet stutters spinning around, her breast flying from my face as she does so. “H-he touched my butt without asking. Of course he should be punished.”


Dianella crawls through the door, only wearing her scarf around her waist. Her breasts hang low to the ground and swing back and forth as she approaches us, with her hips wagging behind her, the mountain of her ass visible rising up from behind her head, drawing me into it with its motions.


“It’s my job to punish my servant, not yours. Now get off him.”


Dianella looms over me as Velvet quickly rolls off my chest. Dianella’s expression is unreadable, and that scares me; I might have just come out of the frying pan and into the fire. Velvet and I both wait in a tense moment, unsure of what she is going to do. Then, regaining my senses slightly, I try to save myself.


“Wait, I-”


Dianella lifts me off my feet and pulls my face to her lips, consuming my face in a giant kiss. The edges of her lips close around the sides of my face, and for a moment I open my eyes, getting a full view of the inside of her cavernous mouth, past the rows of teeth, and to the back of her throat. She opens her mouth to its maximum extent and pushes my face in further. If I was just a little smaller, my head could have slid into her jaws right then and there; but at my actual size, her teeth blocked my advance, stopping me just within her lips. And before I know it, she’s pulling me back out, leaving my head dripping with her saliva. She pulls me to her chest, sliding my body sideways in between her breasts and pushing them closed around me like a prison.


“Huh,” she glances down at me. “I guess you don’t fit after all.”


Velvet stares at Dianella, speechless. Dianella turns back to her, and sends a wink her way; the message is conveyed perfectly. My understanding of the silent cues women use to speak to one another is rusty, but in this case, the translation is pretty clear: “This man is mine. Hands off.”


Dianella reaches across the room with the hand not devoted to holding me between her breasts and pulls a case of jewelry from my backpack. Leaning back and letting go of me, she easily twists off the locking mechanism, and cracking the box open, dumps its contents. Gold and silver chains clatter to the floor before a stunned Velvet.


"This should more than cover my payment. If you'll excuse me, my servant and I are going to change in the other room and leave. Go and buy me provisions to fill this backpack."


And without another word, I am pulled through the door to the back room. Dianella quickly shuts it behind us. We sit there for a few moments in silence, until we hear the front door of the house slam as Velvet exits.


"What a bitch," Dianella sighs, letting me go. "Can't keep her hands to herself. Kinda like you, except you're too little to do anything. Now!"


She turns to the pile of clothes on the floor. "I need to finish getting dressed. Turn your back!"






"I can't have you watching me while I change! Now go!"


She picks me up and sets me down facing the wall. I sigh and sit still as she dons her clothes behind me. I can't believe she's making me do this.


"Okay, you can look now," she says after a moment, and I turn around to face her.


She's standing in the tallest part of the slanted thatch ceiling, and it's just barely tall enough for her to not have to bend over. Her long, tangled black hair flanks her smirking face, pushed back over her shoulders. On her chest, she wears a white blouse with yellow lace which leaves a deep cut down into her cleavage. I can just barely make out the position of her nipples through the covering, flanking the chain of her necklace, which slides down into the cavern of her boobs. The massive bulge of her bust pushes the shirt out from her chest, its fabric not reconnecting with her skin until it reaches the waist of her skirt, where it is tucked. Her hands are placed on her hips, resting on the light green fabric of her skirt. The wide shape of her hips can still be seen due to the tightness of the skirt, stretching the fabric out at least ten centimeters to each side. The skirt stops below her knees, and straw sandals support her feet.


"What do you think?" She asks, shaking her hips from side to side lightly.


"It's alright," I say, turning away from her and trying to mask my real reaction. 


"Yeah, some parts of it are a little tight," she says, pulling on the string laces that hold in her cleavage. I can't help but watch her giant breasts shutter and shake from the corner of my eye as she does this.


I realize too late she's looking at me, a smile spreading across her face. "I know you can't resist. Not that I needed you to tell me I look good, but still..."


Just then the front door opens again, and a moment later Velvet enters the room. 


"Here's your food," she drops a sack on the floor and unceremoniously leaves the room. 


"Well," Dianella sighs. "It's about time for us to get going."


She shoves the sack (along with my backpack) into her pack and shoulders it. Taking my hand, she bends through the doorway and enters the front room. Velvet is sitting quietly at her loom, working away.


"We're leaving for Helma now," Dianella announces. "What road do I take to get there?"


"The one across the bridge," Velvet answers promptly but in a subdued tone.


"Good. Once I'm done with my business there, I may come back to this town. And if all goes well, I'm going to need a new set of clothes. Be ready for me."


And with that, Dianella and I left the little shop, leaving behind the clingy, bouncy, sadistic woman named Velvet.




Our exit is unceremonious; I watch from Dianella’s back as the town shrinks away behind us. Even though we now walk a well-tread path, I still will be left alone with Dianella again. I would like to feel happy about this, but from how this day went I get the feeling that Dianella’s personality doesn’t really mellow out when others are watching like I had hoped it would; in fact, it only became more patronizing and extreme, while I was the one being hindered with concerns about appearances.


We continue without pause until after midnight when Dianella stops for a break. Her endurance is truly impressive, but with the extra weight of the pack of supplies she is now carrying, our pace is significantly slower than before. 


I slide off her back and open the pack, withdrawing a wrapped parcel of food. It’s just a piece of bread and dried fruit, but considering that I haven’t eaten since this morning, it still looks delicious to me as I lay it out in front of Dianella. She picks up the bread while I grab a slice of fruit.


“Oh no you don’t!” Dianella speaks up suddenly, snatching the fruit from my hand. “No food for you!” 


I gape as she throws it into her open mouth, quickly slamming her jaws shut around it and talking as she chews. 


“You’re not the one walking, after all. And besides, you have my milk! I don’t need to waste my food on you.”


“What?!” I leap to my feet and point an accusatory finger at her as she pulls her breasts from her shirt, beginning to massage her nipple. “Come on, I did that for days already! Do you think a man can live off milk alo-”


Dianella giggles as I am cut off by the spirit of milk she shoots from her breast. I take a few safe steps away from her and huff. I sit down, and let my mind wander for a second. The cogs in my head are turning, and I am sick having lived in mystery. It’s time to ask some questions.


"Why is it we're even going all the way to Helma?"


Dianella is silent for a second. "Well, I guess you'll find out eventually. The truth is, I've got a job for you to do. There's another giantess there who wronged me, and I'm looking for revenge."


I look up at her in surprise. "You need me to steal something? What?"


"There's a bracelet she wears. It's got a jewel on it like the one on my necklace. I need you to take that from her, and give it to me."


I sit back, quiet for a second. So that’s why? This opportunity sounds interesting. Another giantess, with her own jewel. If I were to guess, I would suspect it is also magical. And I can't take Dianella's necklace, because she can always find it again. If the same is true for the other giantess, then...


"This sounds like a life-threatening mission you've got here. What's in it for me?"


"I don't have to have anything to give you. You're my servant."


"What's to stop me from running away with the bracelet myself, instead of giving it to you?"


"She'll find you and kill you if you do that."


"Still, I could just sneak off and hide instead of doing this for you. I don't want to risk my life for no personal benefit."


Dianella clenches her teeth and looks away from me for a few seconds. "Fine. If you get that jewel back to me, I'll set you free as my servant. We'll be even for saving you back at the caravan."


I turn away from her and smirk. Negotiation goal met.


Five days later, we arrive hand in hand in the city of Helma.

A Reckless Robbery by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:


Published one week ago on my Deviantart.


This chapter sees the introduction of a second GTS. Another very long chapter that took me very much too long to write.

"Can you see it?"

I squint through the darkness, trying to see the window she's pointing to. "I think so. On the second floor, with the dim light coming through?"

"Yes, that one. She should be in there."

I easily slide off Dianella's back landing lightly and silently on the ground in front of the wall. With my leg almost completely healed, most of my dexterity has returned to me; still, this palace raid is going to be difficult. There's a whole barracks of soldiers housed within the compound, multiple guards patrolling, and locks on every door and gate; this place was built to withstand a siege. It’s the largest building I’ve seen in this city, too. 

I stretch my arms and turn to Dianella. “This security is intense. Who owns this place?”

“The governor of Helma, your target,” Dianella answers, keeping her eyes peeled for any guards around us. “She might have heard that I’m free and coming for her. I bet that’s why she’s taking such caution.”

The governor of Helma, huh? That’s another little bit of new information. I still haven’t decided whether or not to betray Dianella in this endeavor, but the more I know, the better decision I can make. 

“By the way, what was it you promised me again?” I ask, just to hear her say it again.

She sighs. “If you pull this off, I’ll set you free from my servitude.”

“Good, just checking!” I lean against the wall. “So, what’s our plan here?”

“You sneak in there and take the bracelet. Once you’re in the room, wave at me from the window. If you get caught, you should call to me. I’ll make a ruckus down here so that you’ll be able to escape.”

“A kind gesture, but I won’t get caught. Taking jewelry off sleeping people is like taking candy from a baby.”

“Good,” she smiles, in a bad sort of way. “In that case, let me make it a little harder. Apart from taking the bracelet, I need a small amount of her flesh.”

“What?” What kinda request is that? “Why?”

“It doesn’t matter why. I need it, and you can get it. It can be anything, even just a loose piece of skin. Don’t tell me you can’t do that?”

“What about hair?” I ask, naturally.

“Hair…” she puts her finger on her lip, thinking. “Only if it proves impossible otherwise.”

“Fine,” I can accept that, even as weird a request as it is. “Anything else before I go?”

“Just this!”

She falls to her knees, and I watch in confusion as she draws closer to me. It is only when it impacts me that I am aware of her kiss coming, and before I know it I am swept up into her lips. Her tongue pries my stubborn lips apart and slithers between them, filling my mouth with its spongy mass while dominating my own tongue, pushing it down into submission below it. I knew by now that the kiss would go on until she decided to let me out of it, regardless of how hard I struggled. 

Finally, she loosens her arms to let me go, and I leap away from her. She smiles down at me, hands on her hips.

“Off you go, darling!”

Giving her a wary eye, I turn and run off into the night. God, I can’t wait to be free from her, I tell myself over and over.


The massive size of this palace plays somewhat to my advantage, I note as I watch the guard round the corner away from me. There’s a limit to the area one guard can patrol, and they’re not patrolling often enough to prevent gaps; a classic mistake. Feeling more alive than ever, I dart across the courtyard and to the wall of the palace. The doors are locked, of course, but there is a window on the third floor they left open. A quick climb up the ivy-covered walls gets me up and through it before the guard comes back.

There are no lights inside, but no lights are needed; the moon provides enough, shining through the tall windows. Entering the hallway, I see that I am alone apart from a suit of armor at the end. I cross to the brass spiral staircase and descend a floor, careful to keep my footsteps light and silent. I can’t afford to get caught here. 

My mind works to reproduce the image of the building from the outside as I cross through the hallways on the second floor. Take a left here… pass three windows, and the room I’m looking for should be there. Sure enough, through the open doorway a faint light is shining, just like the light I saw from the window. God, that was so easy. Checking the vicinity to confirm I am completely alone, I lean to peek into the room.

The space is large, at least ten meters wall to wall. The ceiling is likewise tall, offering plenty of space for a giantess like Dianella to stand up straight. Clothes are strewn across the floor, and while I can’t see their exact size, I can tell by their scale that they are far larger than what would be worn by a normal woman. On a small table near the open window, an oil lamp burns unattended, providing a small amount of dim light. A large, four-post bed stands against the wall, with thin silk veils haphazardly covering parts of its edges. And there, inside the canopy of the bed, lays the massive, unmistakable shape of a woman. Through the darkness, I spot the shimmer of a gemstone at her wrist. 

I’ve stolen bracelets off of sleeping people before, this is no different, I think to myself as I approach. It's hard not to grow intimidated by the sheer girth of her body the closer I get. She’s sprawled out on her back, wearing a loose shirt on her chest, and nothing but underwear on her waist. Her hair is long and straight, well-combed (unlike Dianella) but not styled as she sleeps. I take a few silent steps closer. Her breaths are deep and slow, and her eyes are closed, thankfully. She’s not using a blanket in the dry heat of the night, and the heat radiating off her body hits me as I come to her bedside. I climb up onto her bed.

She has an overall more slender build that Dianella, but her proportions are still intense. While she doesn’t have Dianella’s insanely massive tit size, she still rocks a well-shaped pair of beasts that are larger than a normal man’s head. Her hips are similarly wide, nearly extending a meter in width. Although I can’t tell very well, she may be slightly taller than Dianella, extending over three meters in height. She looks young, still perhaps less than thirty years old. Her face is pretty but not beautiful, slightly rounded with a flat expression in her sleep. Warm air flows from her nose as I crawl past her body, washing over me. She has an overall strong smell, a mix of sweet sweat and pungent perfume.

Stepping over her torso, crouch down next to her right arm, on which she wears the bracelet. Just as Dianella said, it has a jewel on it of the same massive size as the one on Dianella’s necklace. It’s loosely fastened to her wrist on a golden band, with no particular precautions taken to keep it from being removed. This was going to be like taking candy from a massive, unconscious baby.

I reach around her wrist and grasp the clasp of the bracelet. To remove it, I will need to pull it tighter around her arm until the pin that holds it together slides out. Slowly I tighten the bracelet, millimeter by millimeter, but when it is almost off, I feel her stir. I drop to the bed as she lifts her arm, the bracelet band now hanging free from her wrist; I had time to unfasten the band, but no time to pull it off. Unsure of whether or not her eyes are open, I remain motionless on the bed, as flat as I can lay. It takes a minute until I can feel her breaths settle into an uninterrupted rhythm again.

I slowly rise, and immediately look for the bracelet. There it is, still half on her arm and between her legs, where she has her arm placed. I gingerly crawl over to her knee and hop over to be in between the thick trunks of her thighs myself. Her hand rests directly on her sex in a fist, as though she is ready to fondle herself at any moment. I guess she’s the kind of girl who would do that in her sleep. I reach up past her hand to get to the brace, forcing me to kneel right before her clenched fist. Surrounded on three sides by her body, the heat and smell radiating off of her is intense. I can see the shape of her pussy through her underwear, large and inviting. I will not be thwarted again by the sexiness of the people I’m robbing, I repeat over and over in my head. Stretching forward, I gently pull the bracelet free from her arm.

At that moment, she clasps her legs together and rolls onto her side. In an instant I am trapped, her thighs encasing my entire torso between them. Unsure of whether she is awake or asleep, I try to remain motionless.

“Kared?” She speaks a name quietly, her voice drowsy with sleep as I sit motionless between her legs. “You sly little boy. Come in here to have a slice of me while I’m asleep, huh?”

I clutch the bracelet to my chest. She is definitely awake. The next this I know, she’s grabbed my head in her hand and is gently pulling it towards her vagina. Her other hand is pulling the panties from her hips. I don’t resist out of fear, but am completely lost as to what is going on. Does she think I’m her… lover or something?

“Well, you know the rule,” she giggles out. “When we have sex, I go first.”

And with that, my face is mashed into her pussy. She rubs me back and forth, up and down, and I simply play along. Clearly, she doesn’t realize who I am in the darkness, so I’m going to keep it that way. The lips of her sex stretch from my lips to my nose, and so I use both to the best of my ability to stimulate her, blowing little puffs of air into her and fondling the edges with my tongue. This has an intense effect on her, and she releases a loud moan as she begins to thrust her hips. 

She grabs my torso with her free hand, easily wrapping her fingers all the way around it, and turns me completely around to be lying flat on her stomach, my face still in her pussy. She’s already pulled off her own shirt, and now she pulls off my pants and shoes, casting them aside. My toes curl just at the bottom of her breasts, the rhythmic shaking of her body causing the breasts to wrap down over them before sliding off again. My dick rests on top of her belly button, my torso rising and falling with her breath.

“Yes, that’s good!” She pants, beginning to press me harder into her. “Just a little more…”

My face is almost beyond her lips now, and the only air I can breathe comes from deep within her. I have no idea what to do besides just play along at this point and hope she falls asleep again before I make my escape. She presses me hard into her as the walls of her vagina grow wet.

“Yes Kared, that’s it!” She moans still somewhat sleepily. “God, you feel so small!”

She comes into my face, letting the juices flow over me for several seconds before she pulls my head out and lets me lie on her stomach. I am only left wearing my shirt now, and she is naked. Desperately clutching the bracelet to my chest, I lie still, hoping against hope that she won’t keep going. My hope drains as I feel her lift me up.

“You did a great job, my little man. Now it’s your turn!”

She lowers my erect dick into her mouth and places my head in between her breasts. She starts to suck me, and I feel my arousal growing as her breasts close in around me. Then she lifts my chest and drops me again with my head square on her right breast. My face sinks into the flesh, and I feel the hard nipple poking into me.

“Here, you can suck my tits,” I hear her say around my penis, her teeth lightly brushing its shaft as she speaks. “I know you want to.”

Almost out of obligation (though I admit I am also drawn by impulse now) I latch onto the tit with my mouth as she resumes sucking my dick. I give it a few hard sucks, the large nipple filling my mouth. As my head sinks up to my ears into the boob, I feel something stir inside. I almost can’t believe it as a small amount of milk flows into my mouth. It has a completely different taste than Dianella’s, with a mix of sweet creaminess and the smell of this giantess. I can’t stop myself from drawing forth another swig, swallowing it almost as soon as it flows out. 

I cum in my mouth as I take my third gulp. Our fourth and fifth gulps are in unison as we drink from each other. My sucking slows as my arousal fades, and I slowly push off her face and roll of the tit, hiding behind her breasts so that she doesn’t see my face. Please, please, please let her not see who I am.

“My god, Kared,” She huffs out breathlessly, still addressing me by that name. “You feel so small tonight, and I love it.”

Keeping my face down, and still clutching the bracelet to my chest in my attempt to hide it from her, I crawl off her belly and onto the bed. I inch my way towards the bedside.

“What are you doing, you silly boy?” She giggles, grabbing me around the chest and pulling me up beside her boob.

Rolling over onto her side, she hugs me into her still dripping breasts. Squeezed as close as I can possibly be to her and engulfed in the heat of her body, she keeps me there for over a minute, her breaths slowing down into a normal tempo. Still silent, I wait for her grip to loosen enough to escape. I’ve been incredibly lucky so far, and I don’t want to push that any further than I have to right now. After a minute she speaks, breaking any hope I had that she was falling asleep.

“This is so nice, Kared,” she sighs out. “I wish we could do this more. But honestly, what are we going to do? With Dianella on the loose, I don’t know how long we’re going to stay in this palace. Hell, the queen might come for me, now that her prize is gone.”

I silently listen to her vent, with no understanding of what is being said. Was Dianella the prize? Was that why she was chained up when I met her?

“And combining that with the rebels… at very least, I can’t count on help from the capital now in suppressing them. It’s just all so stressful. Sometimes I think we should run away together. But right now, in moments like these, let’s just enjoy our lives here to the fullest.”

Letting me free from her hug, she lifts me to her face. By a miraculous stroke of luck, her eyes are closed as she engulfs me in a kiss. Unlike the way Dianella kisses me (by mashing me into her lips as deep as I can go), this giantess keeps our lips even and her mouth only partly open, allowing me to gently kiss her back despite our size difference. I never knew a kiss could work so well between two people of such different sizes. The kiss is long and deep, but not suffocatingly long like Dianella’s kisses. When she pulls away, we are both left with light smiles on our faces, looking into each other’s eyes.

The smile quickly fades from her face. Oh, hell. I lasted so long, too.

She screams and throws me away from her. I tumble across the floor of the room and roll up against the wall with a thud as she pulls the sheets up to cover herself. As if I didn’t already see everything, you idiot.

“W-w-who are you!” She screams as I clamber to my feet, somewhat stunned from the collision with the wall.

I notice too late that she’s spotted the bracelet in my hands, and quickly realized it’s significance. I stumble towards the window, but my movements are uncoordinated and shaky from my pain. I can see Dianella racing across the courtyard through the window as I reach the frame, clearly realizing that the jig is up, with all the noise we’re making. Glancing over my shoulder, however, I can see the giantess jumping for me from across the room, recognizing my intention to escape through the window.

The decision is split-second, almost automatic. I know I have no time to get out of that window (let alone climb down the wall) without being caught. That leaves me with only one option, as far as I could see.

I threw the bracelet forward with all my strength. The piece of jewelry flies through the air, shimmering in the pale light of the moon. Almost as if moved by destiny, it sours cleanly across the yard and into the outstretched hands of Dianella. I can almost make out a smile on her face as the jewels reach her. Then, the oil lamp is extinguished as the giantess leaps for me, and I, unable to dodge, am trapped in her grip.


She draws in a breath when she sees Dianella in the courtyard. The two giant women stand frozen, staring at each other for an intense second. Then, Dianella reaches up a hand and waves farewell. And with that, she turns and races off into the darkness, leaving me here with the giantess who just raped me.

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A Pitiful Prisoner by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

**Aaaand here we go again with insanely delayed updates to this story. I wanted to get a chapter ahead on my DeviantArt account so that it would be worth looking at, but the result was a doubled wait time between chapters on this site. Reguardless, the deed is now done and from here on out the story will always be one chapter longer on DA, so check that out if you wish.


My arms and legs are in strange places. My knees are to my chin, while my hands are clasped above my head. So are my feet, actually. Tied to my hands. More ropes wrap around my torso, but I honestly do not see what they are trying to do; they don’t lead anywhere, just placed around me like a weird fashion accessory. I see, I see. Well, one thing’s for certain.

Whoever did this clearly has no idea how to tie someone up.

It was in this shape that I found myself in this room, made of stone brick and shut behind a thick wooden door. It might be a prison cell, but based on the haphazardly placed broom and tipped bucket lying by the door, it might also have been a quickly repurposed storage closet. Golden sunlight streams through the slatted window. Noting all this, I start to twist my way out of the ropes “binding” me.

It doesn’t take long. Free from my bondage, I try the door. It’s not locked, but there does seem to be something heavy blocking it from the other side. Push as I might, it does not open. Well, that leaves only one option.

“Hey, is anyone out there!? If you want to question me, I’m all yours!”

I don’t have much patience for this sort of thing. 

“Sern, the little thief is talking!” A muffled male voice pipes up from beyond the door, though not speaking to me. “It looks like he’s awake. Come on, let’s go.”

“Wait, I’m not ready!”

There is a sound of something heavy scraping across the floor; perhaps the object that’s blocking the other side? It’s only a moment after that the door opens, and the looming shape of the giantess I had accidental sex with last night comes into view. She’s wearing a more dignified, formal set of clothes, with a proper shirt and skirt on.

So obviously, the first thing I do is make a run for it past her.

“Kared, he’s untied!” She screams and shies away from me like I’m a spider she found in her closet. Alright, idiot.

Rolling through the door, I see I’m in another large bedroom. My eyes quickly locate the open door, and I shoot for it at full speed. If I really escape like this, even I am going to be disappointed by the lax security of this place.

Just as I’m about to reach the door, my foot is grabbed. I tumble to the ground, and almost as soon as I do I am lifted by a man, who carries me under his arm back to the closet I was locked in. Setting me down on the floor, he crosses his arms and stands guard by the closet door. Damn. 

“Now!” The giantess speaks, her voice coming out way too loud; she tries to correct, but ends up way too quiet, stuttering out the rest of her manifesto: “you better listen to everything we say! You’re in big trouble, and I’m going to get you to answer my questions even if it kills you!”

I note the undertone of danger in this situation, but this ridiculously amateur performance still has my cocky side up and running. “How are you going to question me if you kill me?”

“S-shut up!” She says after a second, blushing with embarrassment. She is clearly also conscious of how stupidly forced she sounds. 

She lowers herself down before me and knee-walks towards me, backing me into a corner. She pushes me further and further back until I am practically pressed up against her with my back to the wall. The final space is quickly closed, and I am fully covered by her thighs, my feet no longer touching the ground. Her crotch is grinding into my neck, pressing my face into her warm stomach (which her shirt has ridden up on her chest to reveal). I can hear the gurgles coming from inside, feeling the slight vibration as it stirs, readjusting to the pressure my face is putting on it. When she finally leans back, I collapse into her lap, a slight erection brewing. 

What is she doing?

Before I know it, she’s pulling down her shirt over my head. In an instant, I am inside the fabric, just below the shelf of her breasts, which loom above me with a weight I can almost feel without touching. I watch as they lower towards me, forcing me to fall back against the inside of the shirt as she tips her body forward. My head is trapped between them as she reaches her knees, and the boob flesh, having hit a hard surface, bulges out to the sides, engulfing my head with ease. Her skin is dry, but still incredibly hot. I struggle against her chest for a second, my legs lightly kicking at her stomach, but seconds later her hands have come down to my pants, pulling them to my ankles, and beginning to rub my cock up and down.

What on earth is going on? I think as I twist my face in her cleavage. My dick is nearing the point of coming as her hands do their work, but just as I am about to reach it she leans up again, letting me roll, panting, from her shirt onto her lap. Her skirt is pulled up to her hips, and I lay on the bare skin of her thighs, facing her stomach with my legs to her sides.

“Why are you working for Dianella? What did she offer you?”

My mind is too clouded in a haze of arousal to answer. What little brain power I have under my control is devoted to trying to find out why I am in this situation.

She spreads her thighs slightly, allowing me to fall partway into the crack between them, my legs and arms still sticking out. Her hands come down again to touch my penis, giving it slow, long strokes as her thighs wrap themselves around me, slowly consuming my torso.

“Why are you working for her?” She repeats, keeping me at the edge of climax.

“I… I’m her servant,” I puff out, growing desperate for the climax so close to my reach.

“Her servant?” she says, and as she does I press into her hands, giving me the last bit of pressure I need to cum. I couldn’t resist.

She asks a couple more questions as I calm down, but I pay them no mind. When I can finally speak, I do so on my own terms.

“Y-you’re jerking me off as an interrogation tactic?” I say, almost in disbelief. “Why don’t you just torture me like normal people?”

“I told you this was weird!” The giantess says, spinning on the man (who was watching us the entire time without expression, I realize). “I guess I will have to try torturing him now, seeing as he’s gone and done it on his own.”

“Wait, wait wait!” I blurt out as I see her reach for me, waving my hands in front of me and rolling off her lap onto my feet. “You don’t need to do that! I’ll tell you whatever you want to know!”

“What?” the giantess says, taken aback. “You will? Why?”

“I don’t have any real reason to be loyal to Dianella. In fact, I’ve been trying to get out of her servitude ever since she captured me. If you free me from her, I’ll gladly tell you whatever you want.”

The words feel almost wrong as they leave my mouth, but nonetheless, they are the truth. I’m not about to sit here and get tortured for Dianella’s sake, even if she is technically my master.

“You mean, I didn’t have to do any of that seduction?” the giantess says, covering her blushing face with her hands, before whirling on the man, yelling in embarrassed anger. “You idiot! You told me to do all that embarrassing stuff!”

“Well,” the man in the doorways says, ignoring my stifled laughter at these two idiots. “You seem to have quite a story to tell. Why don’t you explain yourself, from the beginning?” 

And so, I do. From the day I met her, up to right now, I tell them my entire story with the giantess named Dianella, truthfully. Well, I may have downplayed all the embarrassing parts, like how I lived off her breast milk for several days, but otherwise, truthfully! When I finish both of them look at each other and sigh (the giantess now calmed down a little). It is she who speaks first.

“If that’s all true…” she hesitates for a second before coming out with it. “Then why are you so small?”

I shrug. “Happened to be born that way.” It’s just a fact to me, nothing special.

“I guess she was telling the truth about this guy. What should we do with him now?”

“What do you mean?” I ask before the giantess responds.

“Dianella sent us a message,” the giantess explains, rather helpfully, like being helpful is in her nature. “She says she won’t trade my bracelet for you. Which was weird, because I didn’t ever offer. I kinda figured, but because you’re so small I thought you might be special to her.”

“That’s the part I don’t understand,” the man says. “Why would you be traveling with her as her servant when you could have just escaped once you got to civilization?”

“Actually, I think I can answer that,” the giantess responds, sitting down on the floor of the main room. “This guy and Dianella have a few things in common. They’d make a nice team, probably.”

“Like what?” I ask with genuine curiosity. Dianella and I have always appeared as polar opposites in my mind.

“You both selfish and immoral scumbags, for starters,” the giantess responds absentmindedly. “And you’re both perverts; I wouldn’t be surprised if you screwed your way across that desert. I bet the direction of your hearts is perfectly aligned with each other. Except, you both only care about yourselves.”

This was hitting a little too close to home for me. “What’s wrong with being selfish? Everyone has to put themselves first!”

“I always put Sern first,” the man replies defiantly, but swiftly turns back on the giantess. “Also, you’re not one to talk about being perverted. You raped this man without even realizing that he wasn’t me.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” The ground shakes as she pounds it, but the man only laughs. I look back and forth between the two of them. So he’s Kared, and she’s… Sern?

“Well anyway,” the man says, joining the giantess on the floor. “We’ve got no leads for getting the bracelet back now. Any clever ideas?”

The giantess huffs and waits a second to respond. “We need to resolve this quickly. If she finds out too much about the rebels and decides to use them, our situation will get far worse. It might sound crazy, but I’m considering taking up her offer, despite the risk.”

“You wouldn’t…”

“I’ve done it before. Odds are that I can do it again.”

“What’s the offer?” I interrupt them. These two are too big pushovers.

“Dianella…” the giantess starts slowly. “Offered to fight me over possession of the bracelet.”

“What?” Was that seriously the best plan Dianella could come up with? “Why would you accept that? Why not just send a battalion of soldiers to kill her?”

“We’re…” the man glances to the giantess, who suddenly looks definitely dignified. “There’s a rebellion going on at the moment. We’re severely short on resources. We have, er, basically no soldiers.”

Well, that explains why a provincial governor is interrogating me herself. No wonder there were so few guards here last night. God am I glad for that rebellion. These two were probably the gentlest interrogators I could ever ask for. Not to mention, idiots; I’ve asked them more questions than they have asked me.

“We need to talk this over, alone,” the giantess says, rising to her feet. “For now, let’s just lock this guy-”

“My name’s Belfet.”

“Let’s just lock Belfet in this closet. Sound good?”

“Perfect,” the man replies, and with that slams the closet door shut. As they walk away, I can hear their conversation trailing off.

“You just let that tiny man walk all over you in that ‘interrogation’ of yours, you know.”

“Shut up, shut up!”

End Notes:


**And another episode of “Let’s see how Belfet gets violated today!” reaches its conclusion. If you also forgot that “Belfet” is the main character’s name, so did I; I had to check my notes to write it into this chapter. Heh heh. Again, we're one chapter ahead on my DA, so check out my profile for that.

A Giantess’ Rules, part 1 by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:


** I know it's been waaaay too long, but hey, it's here. I've started work on another, shorter story in the meantime, so I'll be releasing work on that soon as well. So, here's a climax chapter for yall.

I spend all day in this closet; it’s not until nightfall that a maid comes, bringing me a small meal. Apparently, the provincial governor can manage to afford at least ONE maid. 

It’s not until the next morning that they come. The man who I know to be Kared is the one who opens the door, flashing me an out of place smile like we’re good friends. His giantess partner, the governor of Helma province, stands behind him. 

“Hey Belfet,” he calls, using my name. I can’t tell if he’s trying to be weird or if he is just that sort of guy.

I don’t resist as they bind my hands and lead me through the hallways. The giantess is fretting the entire way, nervously pulling at the edges of her clothing, and sweating more than the weather is demanding.

“I’m Kared by the way, and this is Sernia,” Kared says, finally telling me the giantess’s full name. “You probably know she’s the governor of Helma.”

“Yeah, how did she become that?” I ask, probing. I know there wasn’t always a giantess governor in Helma; if there was, I would have heard about it before. I keep tabs on all the royalty around, just in case I need to rob them sometime.

“Don’t answer that,” Sernia snaps, apparently learning from her mistakes of yesterday; you don’t just tell your prisoners everything they ask.

“Long story,” Kared summarizes.

We arrive in the bedroom where I first met Sernia. It remains almost completely unchanged, with the same articles of clothing strewn in the same places they were in two days ago. Sernia shuts the door behind us and sits down on her massive bed.

“I’ll get right to the point,” she says, before looking away; when she looks back, she is blushing profusely, for some reason. “We’ve found a way that you could be useful to us. I want to know here and now if you will be on Dianella’s side in all this or mine.”

My mind instantly switches to bargaining mode. “What will you offer me?”

“Oh,” she says, a little taken aback, before scanning the room. “Um. I guess… that silver candelabra?”

“That thing?” My eyes glaze right over the object she’s pointing to. “I could steal that amount of silver anywhere with my eyes closed. What else?”

“I…” she leans back thinking, before looking back up at me. “I could get you a slave. A lifelong servant, to be your carrier or something.”

“I’ve never had any luck with slaves,” I respond. “They never seem to respect me.”

Her look grows desperate as she glances at Kared. “What do we do? We don’t have anything to offer him!”

A thought seems to come to her then. Her eyes snap back to me in a glare, and she hugs her arms around herself as if to cover her already-clothed body like it’s my fault for what she’s about the offer. “Th-then, I’ll let you sleep with me agai-”

“I don’t want that,” I cut her off. “It wasn’t the best experience last time we did it. I can’t say I’ve been waiting to do it again.”

Sernia glares at me with an almost offended look.

“Sern,” Kared says, placing an arm on her shoulder. “I think we’re going to have to do it without his cooperation.”

“B-but it will be so embarrassing! He’ll struggle, I just know it’ll feel weird!”

“Come on, it’s the only way you can give yourself an advantage in this fight. Promise you’ll do it, for me?”

I’m growing a little nervous now as they both turn to look at me.

“What is it that you want me to do?” I ask, with legitimately no idea.

“I’m sorry for this,” Kared says, coming towards me. Sernia peers from over his shoulder, eyeing me with a look of pity. This can’t be good.


“How does he feel?”

“M- maybe a little tighter.” 

I have completely lost my cool at this point. “You can’t do this to me! I’ll die! I’ll be stabbed!”

“You’ll be nothing of the sort!” Sernia’s belly vibrates against me as she speaks. “If I’m right, there’s no way she’ll stab you. That’s the entire point.”

I strain to break free as Kared tightens the ropes and I am pulled deeper into Sernia’s stomach. I always knew I was small. I always knew I was light. But never in my wildest nightmares life did I think I was light enough to be used as body armor. 

I’m tied to her stomach, with my hips at hers and my head just below her cloth-wrapped breasts. My arms are wrapped around her sides while my legs stretch down hers. At least I’m facing outwards, but everywhere my body sinks into hers, making it feel like she was trying to absorb me into her flesh.

“That should do it,” Kared says. “Let’s get going.”

“Wait, I can’t go out like this! People will see me!” 

“Well, put on a shirt. No one should notice him.”

“I’ll scream!” I protest. “I’ll make sure everyone hears me!”

“We ought to gag him then, huh?” Sernia suggests, and Kared nods. Well, I’m officially an idiot.

Three minutes later I am gagged and helpless, tied to Sernia’s torso with a shirt pulled down to cover me. From the outside, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell I was there. In this fashion, we leave the palace, off to meet my death sentence in the oncoming battle with Dianella. Kared is here - I can hear his footsteps - but both he and Sernia remain silent while we travel. It quickly grows stiflingly hot as they walk through the sun, but there’s no escape from the flesh that surrounds me.

I can’t help but waste what are probably my last moments alive cursing every idiot who ever trusted anyone. I am going to die, stabbed to death by Dianella’s spear because this moron thinks tying me to herself will make her invincible. In reality, Dianella would rather eat a hive of angry bees than sacrifice any tactical advantage for my sake. I’m doomed.

“You’re not alone!” I hear Dianella’s voice call from a distance away. 

“He’s unarmed, just a porter,” Sernia responds, probably referring to Kared. “Prepare yourself.”

I’m almost blinded by the sunlight when she pulls the shirt off of me. My blinking eyes catch the shape of Dianella, outlined against the sun but unmistakable for her size, standing on an open plane and flanked by mountains. As my eyes adjust, I see Sernia’s glistening bracelet on her wrist, just above the spear she carries. I see her necklace as well, but she has her hair tied back for the oncoming fight. She’s wearing the skirt Velvet made her but has her breasts wrapped in the scarf that used to be her loincloth. Even though she has them wrapped tight, they still stick out quite a ways. A tactical disadvantage, I think glumly.

“What on earth are you doing?” Dianella’s voice booms across the field. “Are… are you wearing him like armor? Do you think THAT’S going to help you?”

“You just don’t want to admit that it will!” Sernia calls back definitely.

“You’re delusional!” Dianella says between heavy laughs, leaning on her spear and holding a hand to her stomach. “He’s just some guy I picked up to do the robbery for me, and he failed at that. I’m not going to protect him!”

Haha. Look at me being doomed! Even though I already knew that it still sent shocks through me, hearing it being confirmed in such a confident voice.

“Especially not if it means risking my revenge on you, bitch!” She continues, her voice growing hard by the end of the sentence, and the laughter leaves her eyes, replaced by a blazing fury. “I’ll make you pay for what you did, even if it means taking your life.”

“You’re nothing but a worthless whore,” Sernia replies in kind. “I should have killed you when I had the chance, even risking Sebina’s retaliation. She’s the only reason you’re still alive right now, you know that?”

Sebina? I’ve heard Sernia mention that name twice now, but I still have no idea who it could be. Not another giantess….

“Once I defeat you, she’ll be next,” Dianella says. “My revenge will come to me in time. Now let’s fight, before you get too scared and run away.”

I glance over at Kared, who’s still holding his eyes on Dianella even as he hands Sernia a massive sword. It’s bigger than my entire body, I note. Probably a better weapon than that spear Dianella’s got.

“What do you think, Kared?” She asks, taking the sword. 

“It will work,” he says quietly. “She’s lying.”

I wish I had the ability to pound my head against the wall. It will not work! She. Will. Murder. Me!

Why didn’t I just run away in Helma, instead of trying to rob Sernia? I think as we approach. I could have just escaped and been done with it. There was no way for her to stop me! Why didn’t I?

The thought hits me like a kick to the stomach. I let myself get attached to her. All her seduction paid off, and she got a nice, loyal little manservant to do her bidding. And she didn’t even value me. I guess that’s to be expected. 

Sernia charges, and the first clash of the battle is struck by her sword. I am shocked, literally, by the force of it. I’m subsequently pulled with immense force as Sernia dodges to the side of a spear thrust and swings her own blade again, which forces Dianella to leap backward. They actually know what they’re doing, I realize. Or at least, Sernia does; Dianella is now caught flat-footed as Sernia charges again, and she’s forced to make a stabbing retreat while she dodges. The earth shakes, actually shakes, as they battle. Each of them must weigh hundreds of kilograms, after all, and the strength they are putting into attacking each other is truly titanic. And I’m just along for the ride.

It almost feels impossible for bodies that big to be moving so quickly. They move as though they are normal-sized humans, not the three-meter giants that they are. Far from lumbering, they dodge each other with the speed and grace of dancers, while slicing and stabbing with incredible strength. A stab of Dianella’s spear comes centimeters from my body, and I am only saved by Sernia’s desperate dodge. Dianella clearly has no issue aiming her stabs at me, just as I suspected. But Sernia still clearly has the upper hand; she has a better weapon and a better understanding of how to use it. If this fight went on long enough, it is a certainty that she will win.

I guess that’s what I want, right? I reason to myself. She’s the one I’m tied to, after all. Any hit that brings her down probably takes me with it; even if I’m not stabbed myself, I’ll probably be crushed if she falls. Yes, I should be rooting for her. Dianella abandoned me, and doesn’t even care enough to aim away from me when she stabs. All she wants to do is win. Then again, Sernia’s side isn’t any better; she’s the one risking my life for her own gain. Plus, I did rob her, and in her eyes, I’m probably responsible for this situation. There’s no telling what she’ll do once she’s done with me.

If there’s some way I can end this quickly, I need to find it. I strain against the ropes. There’s no way any effort I put in could hinder Sernia’s movements, but maybe….

They're both breathing heavily now, and small patches of wetness can be seen at the tip of each of their nipples (now that I think of it, they’re both unexplainably lactating; maybe that also has something to do with being a giantess). I am growing drenched in Sernia's sweat, but as tired as she is, Dianella looks worse. Even besides the weight of her breasts, she's simply overall heavier, with more fat around her stomach, hips, and legs. Sernia, who still has a monster set of boobs, is overall far more slender. But despite this strength, she also has weaknesses. 

Dianella is coming in for another stab, right at me, but Sernia dodges, and with a heavy swing of her sword, cuts the end from Dianella’s spear. It’s now or never. As she stumbles to regain her footing, I slip one of my wrists from the rope that holds my hands behind her back using her sweat for lubricant, allowing my torso to fall free from her stomach. As fast as I can, I pull her skirt from her hips, pushing it down to fall to her ankles right as she steps to the side. 

She falls to the ground, and Dianella comes toppling down on top of her, falling on us to pin her down. I am crushed between the hips of both giantesses, as Dianella presses her knee between Sernia legs. Here, Dianella's weight is the critical factor; struggle as Sernia might, there was no way she could break free. This fight was over now. I still might die if Sernia tries to resist, though. What great planning, me.

“Yield!” Dianella demands, the sword uselessly pinned to the ground. “Yield now and I’ll spare your life!”

Sernia’s breathing is heavy. I can’t see her face, but I’m sure it’s wrought with anger. Yeah, that’s what you get for trying to use me like that.

“Kared as well,” Sernia chokes out. “You must spare him too.”

“Fine,” I hear from above, and Dianella sits up, giving me freedom from my trap between them. I start to work pulling the ropes from my body.

“Did you see that?” I ask when my gag is free. “I just saved you!”

“Yes, what a good little servant you are!” Dianella smiles, pulling me from the ropes. 

My brief liberation is cut short when she hugs me to her chest, and I am once more encased with the flesh of a giantess. It gets worse when she lifts me up, and slides me feet first down between them, allowing my legs to hand out the bottom with my arms just barely holding my head above the surface. It feels different this time, though. Like I belong here. I'm now able to see Sernia's face, covered in sweat and glaring at me with an intense hatred. 

"I knew it! You stayed loyal to her the entire time, didn’t you?!" 

"Don't answer her," Dianella says, shoving my head deeper into the crevice between her breasts. “He’s my servant, leave him alone. Now, you know what I need to do.”

Sernia closes her eyes and looks away, while Dianella pulls the cloth covering from her breasts, exposing them to the air. I watch as my giantess master leans down, and places her mouth on the nipple. I see her suck, one, two long gulps, as Sernia gasps. She’s… drinking her milk?

“Mmm,” Dianella smacks her lips, pulling away from the tit with a smile. “Mine’s sweater.”

“No it’s no-" Sernia starts crossly, before her face is flushed red with embarrassment. "I’m not going to talk about it, actually. Was that really necessary? I never knew you could do it like that!" 

"I figure it probably works," Dianella laughs; I'm shocked by how lighthearted the situation has become; Sernia is not acting like someone who just lost everything. "But just to be sure..." 

Picking up the tip of her broken spear from the ground, she flips it over to hold like a knife and slices lightly into Sernia's arm. Then, quick as a flash, she licks up a drop of the blood that spills out. I can feel her chest shutter around me as she swallows.

“That should do it.” Dianella rises to her feet, lifting Sernia’s sword up with her. 

“What exactly was that for?” I can’t help but ask. 

“Did you really tell this guy nothing about the bracelet you made him steal?” Sernia rolls her eyes. “I can’t tell which one of you is the idiot. She just stole my power, obviously.”

“You’re power?” I ask, before the realization hits me. “The size… the jewelry… the magic… th- the breast milk! It’s all related!”

“You don’t have to mention the breast milk!” Sernia cries, wrapping her arms around her large tits. 

I don't pay hardly any attention. This means that the giantesses weren't born that way, they became giantesses by acquiring these pieces of jewelry. Then the other realization hits me, just as Dianella says it.

“In other words, you just helped me take her size away from her,” Dianella smiles down at me, and I gape from between her ginormous boobs. “Do you know what that means? I’m going to get bigger. I have two of these accessories now. That means I’m going to get taller. My hips will get wider. My breasts will get bigger. My legs will get thicker and longer. My lips will…”


She trails off as she looks up at the mountains, the grin fading from her face. From the corner of my eye, I can see a shape moving. Slowly, all three of us, and Kared too, turn to look in the same direction. A shadow falls over us, and it’s not a cloud.

A Giantess’ Rules, part 2 by Grin for the win
Author's Notes:

**Hard to beleive it's been almost two months since I updated this. Whoops. I hope ya'll remember what's going on.




“Oh… god,” is all I stammer out.


“Sernia, stand up,” Dianella says, and Sernia rises to her feet, the broken-off tip of the spear being thrust into her hands as they stand side to side to face the direction of the shadow. The former enemies instantly become allies in the face of the much larger threat. 


I raise my arms to allow myself to slide from between Dianella’s breasts, falling to the ground below. I stay close to Dianella’s leg as if it could actually offer any useful protection. The truths I just learned about the nature of the giantesses were shocking, but I had yet to fully take that idea to its natural conclusion before said conclusion came over the mountain to stand before me. Each piece of magic jewelry you get, you increase in size. So, what do you get when you add many, many pieces together?


“Well,” the soft voice echoes, from easily over a hundred meters away. “What is it that we have here?”


The ground shakes as she moves. Why didn’t we feel it shake earlier? Were we just too caught up in the battle to notice?


The Giantess slowly peels herself off the hillside she was lounging on and takes three thundering steps out from behind the slope. I had thought this area too open for an ambush (and assumed that was why Dianella chose it for her battleground), but apparently, my judgment of scale was way off when considering the realm of the truly ginormous. 


And this Gianess is truly ginormous. The size difference between myself and Dianella is nothing compared to Dianella and this woman. Forget three times my height, this woman is closer to thirty… no, forty meters! The sheer scale of her size is absolutely mindblowing to me. I could comprehend the existence of women like Sernia and Dianella while being surprised by it, but this, this is just insane. She is a Giantess with a capital G.


She stopped to stand above us, looking down with a light smile on her lips. She is completely naked, head to toe, besides the several pieces of jewelry she’s wearing. A sparkling anklet on the brown skin of her right ankle, embroidered with jewels that made Dianella’s ruby look minuscule. A crown on her head of wavy brown hair. And two large, golden piercings on the nipples of her ginormous breasts. 


I also gawk at her body. Right up there with Dianella and Sernia, she was simultaneously one of the sexiest and most beautiful women I had ever seen. Those breasts… on a normal woman, they would just be considered quite large, but on HER, they were titanic, house-sized. I can’t imagine how much they must weigh, and yet they were supported squarely on her chest without a bit of sag. Her vagina was on clear display for all, its massive sheets of flesh hanging in the air almost directly above us. She was still young-looking too, in her twenties, like Dianella and Sernia. 


“You two have returned to combat, again?” She speaks slowly, sleepily. “I thought I remembered you battling not long ago. Has not one of you already won?”


“Frechalee,” Dianella spits out, a look of pure hatred on her face. “You’ve grown. Where are you hiding the rest of your jewelry, huh? Up your ass?”


“I possess my own ways,” she yawns down at us, still with the light smile. “...to grow. That which constrains your size doesn’t apply to me anymore.”


“Well, go away!” Dianella shouts. “We don’t need you here!”


“I think, I shall do as I please. You know, I think you have overestimated my kindness. Now tell me.”


She falls to her knees, then onto her side, half curling her body around us. Her breasts fall to the ground with an earthshaking thud, and in the second they take to settle, I watch the swaying nipple piercings on each of her tits. It’s only now that I notice a fifth piece of jewelry, an earring on her left ear. Add that to the list. There would be no use running; at that size, she could simply pick us up and lift us back wherever she wanted us. The difference between myself and Dianella probably didn't even matter to her.


After settling on the ground, one hand supporting her head as she lay on her side, she finishes her question. “Which one of you lost the battle of today? You, the little one. Answer me.”


I jump at being personally addressed by her. Her ginormous dark eyes stare down at me, cold and… indifferent.


“It… it was Sernia!” I shout loud enough for her to hear. I’m not lying to someone like this.


She eyes me for a second, then flicks her eyes back and forth between the two giantesses flanking me. “Which one is that?”


I point up to Sernia, but her interest has already faded. Her stare slides back to me. “Now that I look up close, you’re awfully small, for a man. How did that come about?”


She extends a finger to poke at me, but Dianella steps in the way. “He’s my servant. What do you want, Frechalee?”


“That is an awfully foolish attitude to take with me, little woman. I enforced you two’s battle once before, but to see it happen almost in the same way again… I cannot think that you are anything but stupid. You…”


She looks at Sernia, but interrupts herself with a long yawn, only continuing her sentence after it ends. “...Whatever your name was. You beat your enemy once, but let her come back and proceed to beat you in turn? Why did you even beat her in the first place, if you weren’t going to make your victory last? Someone like that… doesn't deserve to possess divine jewelry.”


Divine… I watch as the massive Giantess, Frechalee, lays her hand flat on the ground in front of us. The implication is clear; she is here to take the bracelet, Dianella’s prize. Sernia and Dianella exchange a look. Her hands shaking in rage, she slowly lifts her arm and unfastens the bracelet. The ridiculously small bracelet falls onto Frechalee’s open hand. 


Frechalee’s dark eyes flick to Sernia. “And you?”


Sernia is clearly struggling to stay calm herself. Gritting her teeth, she accepts her sword as Dianella hands it back. I watch in horror as she, in one swift swipe of the blade, slices a chunk of flesh off her only arm. Holding the wound to her body, she drops the piece of herself she just cut off into the Giantess’ hand. 


I watch in horror as Frechalee lifts her hand away, taking it up to her mouth. Considering all we just went through to get that bracelet, I can’t believe that she is taking it away this easily. I watch her pick the bracelet from her palm and throw the piece of Sernia into her maw. I’m not even a direct benefactor of this exchange, but I’m feeling an unconquerable rage welling up inside me. All she’s doing is staring at us, and just like that she’s getting whatever she wants? That’s… that’s…!


“Hey!” I step forward, not even sure what I am going to do besides yell at her. “Do you know how hard we worked to get that bracelet?! Do you even need any more of those things?! Aren’t you big enough yet!? Why don’t you pick on someone your own size, instead of bullying the rest of us?!”


I stand definitely on the sand, glaring up at the Giantess above us. My courage is put to the test as her massive eyes fall on me. Such large, pretty eyes. Her expression isn’t malicious; it’s more like her presence itself radiates danger. I guess that’s the aura you get when you’re forty meters tall.


“If there were any fish my size,” she yawns, giving me a full view past her massive rows of teeth to the back of her cavernous mouth, before finishing with a slight grin: “I would have eaten them already.”


“You-” I start, but am instantly grabbed by Dianella and mashed into her crotch. No matter how much I struggle, that’s all the talking she’ll allow. 


I feel the earth shake as Frechalee moves, but I can’t see anything. When Dianella releases me, Frechalee is standing above us once more. Without a further word, she turns and begins to walk toward the mountains she came from, paying us no more attention than she would to passing insects. Finally, Dianella bursts.


“You!” She screams in a booming voice after Frechalee. “I’ll show you! Someday, I’ll get bigger than you! You will be nothing compared to me, you hear me?!”


“Hypocrite,” I mumble.


“Dianella,” Sernia starts but shuts up when Frechalee stops to glance back down at us. Her eyes say it all, but her mouth repeats them anyway.


“I’d like to see you try.”


And with that, she was gone. Off into the mountains, leaving the rest of us here to mourn. Or so I thought before I saw Dianella sigh in immense relief.


“You made the right decision, Sernia,” Dianella says, placing her hand on Sernia’s shoulder. Sernia falls to the ground, clutching her wounded arm to her side. Kared makes his way over to the rest of us.


“Better you than her,” Sernia says through gritted teeth. “Got anything to bandage me with?”


“Here,” Dianella says, unwrapping the scarf from her breasts, letting the giant melons free to the air once more. “I prefer to go bare-chested anyway.”


I’m momentarily caught up with watching Dianella tits, as she hands the scarf down the Sernia. I did NOT miss those boobs. No way I did. I’m totally not upset about how my chances to see them grow even bigger are dashed. I then watch Sernia wrap the scarf around her arm, feeling a slight tinge of pity. She clearly doesn’t know where that’s been. Better not to tell her now.


“You two are good actresses!” Kared says, smiling at both of them like we hadn’t all been at war ten minutes ago. “She was tricked through and through.”


“What do you mean?” I ask.


“Think about it,” Kared says to me, as he helps Sernia to her feet. “Dianella took the bracelet from Sern, and ate a piece of her. Thus, the bracelet was Dianella’s when Frechalee took it. Don’t you see?”


I saw. “So the bracelet still belongs to Dianella, by, whatever weird magic laws this uses! But she’s not wearing it; will she still grow?”


“I… I actually don’t know,” Dianella says. “Sernia?”


“Don’t look at me!” Sernia says. “You always knew more than me about that stuff. At the very least, it means that Frechalee won’t grow from it. In your case, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”


“Still,” Kared says, looking off to the mountains where Frechalee disappeared. “Overall that was… surprisingly nice of her. She could have killed you and taken both of your jewelry. Just like last time, I don’t see why she didn’t.”


“She works with her own weird set of logic,” Sernia huffs out. “I think her priorities are probably pretty foreign to people like us. At that size, it’s hard to imagine what’s significant enough for her to care about.”


“Well, now what?” Kared asks her. “What happens to you, now that you lost your bracelet?”


“I guess I’ll start to shrink. It took me twenty or so days to grow, so I would bet that’s how long it will take for me to return to being a normal person.”


I actually feel a little sad looking at them. I didn’t think of that. I can hardly imagine Sernia shrinking back down to become a normal woman. Though, I guess this means that she used to just be a normal woman? Then again, she would always be a giantess to a little man like me, just like everyone else.


“But… but the province!” Kared stammers out. “How are we going to maintain control if we-”


“We can't, Kared,” Sernia says. “It… it was good while it lasted. But for now, we need to move on. I’ll see what I can do while I’m still big. Dianella, however…”


Dianella smiles. “I know. I’ll have to spend the rest of my life hiding from Frechalee.”


She turns off to face the mountains. “But the promise I made to her was the truth. I WILL become larger than her, someday. And when I do, I’ll have no more reason to fear her. Or anyone else.”


Sernia sighs. “I’m not sure if I prefer you or her. At least I have some understanding of your motives. Her....”


She slowly takes a struggling step. “Come on, Kared. Let’s go loot our police before we abandon it.”


“Well, I wish you two good luck!” Kared calls as he follows her away.


“Don’t wish that,” Sernia’s fading voice scolds him.


Dianella and I watch them trudge off. The sun is getting low on the horizon. What will we do now? Wait, why do I say “we?” The question I should be asking is, what will “I” do now?


“Dianella,” I look up at her.




“I… I robbed them for you, just like you said!” My voice comes out a lot more like a whiny child that I would have liked. “I got you the bracelet. I believe the conditions for my freedom have now been met.”


“Oh, yeah,” she looks away from me, thinking; it takes a long second for her to look back. Too long. “Actually, you were requested to get me the bracelet and a piece of her flesh. You failed at that.”


“What?!” I can’t believe this. Her grin pierces me like a knife, giving me a look that says she knows there’s nothing I can do about it.


She scoops me up and pulls me to her chest, hugging me into her. “I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do from here, my little servant!”




“You know, Sern,” Kared says, walking alongside Sernia as they reach their palace. “You did get your sword back from her. Why didn’t you just stab her and take her necklace when you had the chance?”


She stops walking in her tracks, turning to look at him. “Shut UP Kared!”


“Why?” They continue on their way after a second, their voices fading away to nothing.


“If you’re going to think of such things, tell me BEFORE we already split up from them!”


End Notes:

**Not quite the end of this arc yet, but that concludes the climax plot-wise. But what kind of erotica would this be if the story didn’t end in some hot, spicy sex? Not any erotica Grinsfins writes, that’s for sure! So keep an eye out for next time, when Belfet and Dianella get their real reward.


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