A Goddess Awakens by Shade

Tom's work day is disrupted when his fiance, Kate, develops the powers of a goddess.

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1. Chapter 1 by Shade

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6. Chapter 6 by Shade

Chapter 1 by Shade


Tom sat at his desk typing in data, looking down at information on his print-ups, then typing in more data. He thought about Kate, home alone, because yet again their days off hadn’t aligned. They were used to it at this point. Kate worked in retail, and in retail every day could be a weekday and any day, a weekend. Tom sighed and went back to typing. Flashes of his fiancé’s pretty naked body joined with snippets of the sweet things she said to flutter through his mind. He missed the warmth of her affection and appreciated the pure unadulterated Kate-ness that made her the unique and wonderful person he loved. This didn’t bode well for the rest of the day, he thought. He hadn’t even had lunch yet. Still, it would be all the nicer when he got to go home and see her.

Tom flipped to the next sheet. As he hunched in to resume typing, he heard a distant boom. He dismissed it subconsciously as distant construction work of some kind. Tom realized he’d made a small typo a few lines above. He quickly corrected it, and resumed typing. Another boom could be heard in the distance. Tom got a post-it, scribbled out a trivial reminder to himself, and stuck it to the edge of his monitor. More booms; they seemed closer this time.

Boom… Boom… Boom!

     That last one sounded awful close. A panicked thought rose in Tom. Could it be some sort of attack? He asked himself. That didn’t seem too likely, but who knew. He stood up from his cubicle and saw that many of his colleagues in the small fifth story office had done the same. Tom looked over to Sam, a slightly older black man with a thicker than average neck.

     “What’s going on out there?”

     “I don’t know but it sounds like it’s getting closer.”

     Boom! It was closer still. Car alarms and sirens could be heard.

     Boom! Closer still.

     “You know,” started Carrie an Asian American woman in her late twenties, like Tom, with her dark hair tied back in a ponytail, “They almost sound like they could be footste…” She fell silent as the source of the booms appeared right outside the office windows. It was a giant pair of legs. From their fifth floor vantage point they were at eye level with the widest pair of hips they had ever seen. They were covered in blue denim and held up by a black leather belt with a plain metal buckle. Just above the waist of these immense jeans, the bottom hem of a plain grey t-shirt. Tom’s stomach sank. He’d recognize the curve of those hips and the clothes anywhere. The curves were Kate’s, and the clothes were Kate’s “relaxing at home, nothing fancy” clothes. A great feminine voice spoke and confirmed what he knew.


     Everyone in the office was now looking at Tom.

     “Well,” he said, “Guess I better see what’s going on.”

     Tom left the office, travelled to the tenth floor in an elevator, and went up the stairs to the rooftop access. A security guard was waiting for him with a key. Tom ventured out onto the roof. He walked over to the edge and looked down.

     Kate stood there in her casual clothes. Her head came up to just below the roof. Looking off into the distance, Tom could see a trail of smashed buildings and streets. Smoke billowed from various spots in the cityscape. He looked down and shouted to his enormous fiancé. He called down. “I’m here.”

     Kate looked up at Tom with clear blue eyes bigger than his head.


     She took a couple small steps back. Tom could hear the soft booming of these “soft” footfalls. As he watched, Tom saw a shimmer around Kate. Her body expanded, growing until she stood tall enough to look down at Tom.


     “I’ll say,” replied Tom looking up into Kate’s enormous face. “What happened?”


     “Well, I know that.” Tom scoffed. Despite their current size disparity, they were falling into their usual conversational groove. “Did you really smash all that stuff behind you?”


     “Do you think you hurt people?”


     Tom looked down and saw that she was wearing a pink foam flip flop on each foot. Her toes were painted the same bright crimson that he’d gazed at that morning. Around the edges of the pink foam, a different kind of red stuff oozed out. Tom was sure he could see bits of mangled bodies poking out. He looked back up at his smirking fiancé.

     “Kate, honey, have you become a monster like the people in those stories we read?”


     “Really?” Tom asked.


     “So, how’d this happen? How’d you become a goddess?”


     “What kind of fun are you thinking of?”


     “But I’m still a little guy.”


     “I see,” Tom said.

     At that moment, warmth filled Tom. He felt great unimaginable power surge through his body. His body grew expanding over the course of seconds. The new weight smashed down through the building beneath him. Tom was surprised to feel it crunch and crumble like it was made of crackers. The people in the offices below who had not yet evacuated were crushed beneath him.

     Tom now stood at his normal height relative to Kate, his eyes only a few inches higher.

“Hello big guy,” Kate said, “So glad you could come up here.”

     “So, what now?” Tom asked.

     “Now this.” Kate raised her hand, and snapped her fingers. In an instant she and Tom were not only giants standing over two hundred feet tall, they were also completely naked.

     “Wow,” Tom said, “You can grow yourself and me, you can poof our clothes away, what else can you do?”

     Kate grinned, “Check this out; watch my mouth.” Kate closed her eyes and the color of her lips shifted from dull unmade up pink to bright sexy red. Eyeshadow, liner, and foundation also appeared on her face as if from nowhere. She opened her eyes. “Instant makeup with a thought; what do you think?”

     “Less of a chore, I guess.”

     “And take a look at my nails.”

     Tom looked as Kate’s fingernails also shifted in color, from the crimson red of her toes to a cool icy blue color.

     “Cool,” Tom said, “What do you want to do now?”

     “Duh,” Kate said, “What any mega giantess wants to do after she grows to gigantic proportions. Run around smashing up the city and smooshing up people, maybe eat a few or smash them against my cooch, whatever strikes my fancy. I couldn’t leave you out of all that fun.”

     “I see,” Tom said, “What if the police or military attack us?”

     “Already taken care of,” she said. “We’re not only giant but also invincible to any harm. If the military tries to stop us, they’ll just be one more toy.”

     “Cool,” Tom said, “Would you like to join me for a walk through town?” He held out his arm.

     Kate seized it with her own, “Oh yes, dear, a nice stroll out on the town would be just the thing.”

     They tromped off together away from the shattered remains of the building. Looking down at the miniscule cityscape they watched as their gigantic feet plowed through the smaller buildings, smashing everything in their path. Tom could feel the pleasant crunching under his barefoot. It felt as nice as he had always imagined; powerful and sexy. Occasionally there would be a wet smooshing and Tom knew that he had smashed at least one human.

     “This is nice,” He said,

     “Mm-hmm,” Kate agreed. She brought them to a sudden stop and looked up into Tom’s eyes. “Kiss me, darling.”

     Tom complied. They locked lips. Tom felt the deep love Kate he always felt when they kissed. It was mixed with the heady lust of having one of their mutual fantasies come true. As the kiss broke Kate’s face lit up. Tom could tell that she had an idea.

     “C’mon,” She said, and took the lead.

     A short careless stroll filled with smashing and squishing, brought them to the city’s central square. A public plaza covered in red brick and dominated by corporate advertising and events. Tom and Kate had lazed away an afternoon there a number of times, sipping cold coffee drinks and people watching. Kate led him to the center of the square squishing an unfortunate hacky sacker as she came to a stop.

     “Whoops,” She said, “Sorry, little dude. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

     Tom was surprised how comfortably they fit the square at their current size. He looked back the way they had come. Smashed vehicles and bodies marked the couple’s passage. Looking at their current surroundings, he saw that buildings taller than either of them dominated the blocks surrounding the square. He looked down at the little people scrambling like mad to get away from them. Uniformed police were already putting up barriers on the streets feeding into the square. Tom could hear the sirens of emergency vehicles nearby and in the distance. They had thrown the city into complete chaos. Tom had to admit to himself that it felt pretty good. He looked at Kate. The love of his life was now larger than life, dwarfing most buildings and public works, and apparently was now some sort of powerful size changing goddess.

     “Well,” he said, “what do you have in mind?”

     “A pronouncement for the public,”

     “What sort of pronouncement?”

     “Just watch and listen,” Kate closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate on something. She cleared her throat and her eyes fluttered open. Tom saw that Kate’s pupils had disappeared leaving only the whites, which began glowing with pale light. He found the effect both intimidating and sexy. She began to speak with an authoritative tone that Tom had only heard in the bedroom before. Even though he was currently a little taller than Kate, Tom felt small hearing it.



     Tom said, “HI.” And gave a little wave to whoever was watching.  





      The glow left Kate’s eyes, and her pupils faded back in. Tom touched her shoulder lightly with his hand.

     “Are you okay?” He asked.

     Kate smiled broadly. “Okay? I feel great, ecstatic, I’m the big bad goddess and now practically everyone knows.”

     “Is it true what you said about protecting our friends and families?”

     “Of course, I imagine that a lot of people won’t be too happy about me, or anyone, being a goddess. The section on ‘Beginning Your Reign’ advised it.”

     “Section?” Tom asked.

     “Oh we’ll talk about that when we get home.” Kate said. “For now I want to have some fun.”

     “Okay,” Tom said, “what’s first on the menu?”

     Kate folded one arm across her breasts and brought her other hand up to cup her chin. “Hmmm,” she pondered. She looked down at the few remaining people remaining in the plaza we stood in. The police were trying to corral them to side streets, but a few stragglers remained. Kate bent over and plucked a couple of little people up. She held them carefully between her thumbs and forefingers. They were a young man and a young woman who looked to be in the early to mid-twenties. They screamed and squirmed as Kate lifted them up to her eye level. Tom saw Kate give him a sideways glance. The corners of her mouth turned up in a sly smile.

     “I’ve thought of a good use for these little people. You know how much I enjoy having a little nipple stimulation. It’s probably my favorite way to get foreplay started.”

 She took her little captives and gently brought them down to her nipples. Holding them along the sides of their bodies, Kate used their fronts to caress her bumpy pink nipples. At their size difference, the little people were still big enough to cover most of the nipple itself, and part of the aureola.

     “Oo! Not bad,” she said. “Their little wriggles feel very interesting. And using these tiny people for my pleasure is quite a thrill besides.”

     “I can see,” Tom said, “You’re getting all bumpy in the nipple region.” He watched his love rubbed the tinies around on the areolas. His blood shifted to various regions of his body. “Looks like fun.”

     “Would you like a turn with our little toys?”

     Tom almost hesitated. He knew that during their walk to the square that more than a few little bodies were crushed beneath his now mammoth feet. This seemed different to him. He would be intentionally arousing himself at these little humans’ expense. It seemed like a kind of rape, sexual assault at the least. He looked into Kate’s eyes. Did he see expectation there?

     “Does this make us rapists? The plan apparently is to use these little people for our sexual gratification like in the stories we get off to.”

     “That’s my plan anyway,” Kate said. “Look we’re gigantic monsters. I’m an honest to goodness goddess, but I also don’t want to give everybody PTSD or anything. I think how I’ll make it work is that when I put things back how they were, everybody will remember what happened as if it was a dream. They’ll know something momentous happened, and they’ll remember that I’m a goddess, and they’ll remember that I’m open to interviews tomorrow morning after we get some time at home to ourselves. In the meantime these little people feel really nice on my nipples, and knowing your turn-on’s as I do, I think you’ll like them too.”

     Tom did some moral calculus. “If it won’t do lasting physical or psychological damage I guess it could be alright.” He put out his hands. Kate handed off the little pair. To Tom they felt light and fragile. He brought them to his own nipples, finding that they completely covered his smaller nipples. Their kicking and thrashing was quite stimulating and Tom found his nips growing rapidly erect.

     “Ooh, they feel better than I would have thought.” He was surprised how much of their little facial features he could feel. He had an idea. “You know what would be hot, is putting them on our nipples, and then putting some kind of clamp on to keep them in place.”

     “I like it as a concept,” Kate said. “I think for today I want to stick to the classic sexy giant rampage tropes, but that’s definitely something to keep in mind for another day. I kind of like the idea of actually turning some little folks into clamps and other toys.”

     Tom sped up the pace of his rubbing, turned on by Kate’s ideas. “Can you turn people into inanimate objects?”

     “I’m pretty sure I could. My abilities are apparently powered by my lustful feelings. You know I’ve got a thing for people turning into sentient but helpless objects.”

     Tom increased the vigor of his play as his thoughts drifted to one of his and Kate’s favorite mutual fantasies. “So theoretically, I could spend time as your little living dildo?”

     “That’s right,” Kate grinned as her hand drifted down to her fuzzy pubic mound. “I can’t wait to shove you into my warm hungry cunt, treating you as nothing but the little jill off toy you’ll be.” She cupped her breast and nibbled softly on her lower lip.

     Tom felt the blood flowing into his cock as he watched his fiancé’s display. He pinched his enjoyably bumpy nipples hard between his fingers. Two soft pops and warm wetness oozed. He looked down and saw he had broken his little playmates. He felt a twinge of guilt, but it felt so good to be a big aroused giant that he dismissed it easily.

     “Oh, dear,” He said. “Look what I’ve done.”

     “You’ve made quite a mess of yourself darling.” Kate said. “Let me help you clean it up.” She took his hands in hers and looked down at the crumpled bodies of their first intentional victims. She bent her head over and her tongue snaked out. Tom watched as she licked up the blood and then the bodies. She brought her lips down to each of his hands and slurped up each body in turn. She chewed slowly, deliberately. Tom heard the soft crunching as humans bones were crushed between Kate’s molars. The thought of humans being chewed like sardines by his beautiful love got his cock harder. Kate swallowed.

     “Pretty good, I must say, but your nipples are still messy with human juice. Let me help with that.” Kate leaned in and engulfed Tom’s nipple with her mouth. Closing his eyes as the stimulation sent warm pleasure through his body. Tom enjoyed her tongue as it lashed across his nipples. She shifted and gave his other nipple the same treatment. When she removed her mouth both nipples were cleaner and harder than ever. She placed her hand on his chest between the two, caressing his softly haired skin. Her other hand reached down and discretely fondled his now 20 foot long uncircumcised penis, gripping the shaft, giving a squeeze, and moving on to toy with his foreskin. His slight arousal moved closer to full engorgement.

     “I love you,” Kate said, and gave him a long lingering kiss. Tom could taste a savory, meaty flavor that he assumed was from the people she had just eaten. Kate broke the kiss and released his chest and genitalia. She took a step back from Tom.

     “Well, this height has been fun, but I think I want to get bigger, take things up to Janice and Pam level, if you know what I mean.”

     Tom did know what she meant, easily catching the reference to one of their mutual favorite stories. They’d acted it out numerous times using building blocks and little Lego people, changing Pam’s name to Paul to suit Tom’s gender. He felt a rush of excitement contemplating using a real city as their playspace. “I’m in,” Tom said, “Let’s get big and have some real fun.”

     Kate closed her eyes and concentrated. To Tom it looked like the area underneath his body shrinking, a little like zooming out from an online map. As their bodies expanded they grew into the buildings surrounding the public square they had occupied. Tom put out a hand and it expanded into the front of a hotel with no effort. The walls broke apart around him, crumbling like gram crackers. He could feel the little people who stumbled and were overtaken by his flesh, and the more fortunate ones who just managed to scramble away from his reach. As he continued to grow, his hand and arm ripped upward through the building’s roof demolishing all in its path. Their growth slowed to a stop. Tom could see that they were now more than twice the size they had been. Only three downtown building stood taller than the couple, and even then not by much. Kate’s eyes fluttered open. She glanced around at the destruction caused by their growth.

     “Alright,” She rubbed her hands together. “Let’s have some big time fun.”

     Tom looked around at the cityscape surrounding their gargantuan bodies. At thir previous height the little people had been comparatively a little taller than a Lego mini-figure, now they looked more the size of medicine caplets. That was the comparison that came to his mind anyway. The tallest buildings on the blocks adjacent to the square now only came up to their knees. Tom saw Kate’s gaze lock on a smaller building at one end of the square. To a normal sized person it was an impressively sized department store. It didn’t even come up to Tom and Kate’s calves at their current size. She gave Tom a quick side glance and then went for it.

     Kate lifted her normally size 9 foot off of the brick of the square and moved it directly over the department store. She flexed her foot downward so that her toes with their shiny blue polish were pointing right down at the roof. Then she brought it down like an icy spear point. Her toes drilled straight through the roof and down into the building. She didn’t stop until they came to a rest on the ground floor.

     “That was nice,” Kate said. “I’m glad my powers gave us super senses. I could feel all the little folks smooshing and squishing under me.”

     “What was it like?” Tom asked.

     “Nice,” she replied. “Why don’t you find out?”

     Tom looked down at the hotel he had already partially gutted. “Waste not, want not,” he said, and plunged his own foot down into the building’s wound. He felt the masonry crunching and crumbling under his sole; the metal skeleton twisting and shredding like aluminum foil. Just as Kate described, he could feel miniscule bodies being pulped. They smooshed under the ball of his foot, smeared under his heel, and got caught between his toes. Feeling their little lives ending at his footstep, even if temporary, was a total power rush. His foot reached the ground and he stood one foot sitting in the lobby of one of the city’s larger hotels with little guests and staff smooshed to paste. A few survivors remained struggling and thrashing between his toes. It tickled pleasantly. He clenched his toes and felt those little bodies pop into mush. Whatever hesitation he’d had until this action was being drowned in the waves of power, fun, and pleasure. His cock was now quite hard and desired a loving stroke or two, which he provided. He looked at Kate and saw that she was likewise giving herself a brief diddle between the legs. They gave each other coy smiles.

     “Enjoying yourself, eh?” Kate asked. “Check this out.”

     Tom looked down at Kate’s foot down in the demolished interior of the department store. Through the massive hole she’d made it was quite easy to see. Parts of little bodies were sticking out from beneath her soles, much as he had back at his office building. Then he’d felt revulsion, now they made him more excited. Kate ground her foot around, smearing debris and bodies. She did this faster and harder until she was running her foot back and forth through the inside. The building crumbled down around her foot. As her movements caused the last of the building’s supportive structure to give way, Kate lifted her foot again and brought it down. She repeated her actions harder and harder, now using both of her feet to stomp what was left of the little store. Tom watched as his favorite feet flattened a whole building to nothing. He decided to do likewise, and stepped onto the rest of the hotel with his other foot. The building crumbled as readily as the department, and with a few stomps it was as flat as the department store. He looked up from his work and saw Kate gazing at him.

     “Well?” She said.

     “Definitely fun,” he said. “What now?’

     Kate extended her hand. “We didn’t get to finish our little stroll, my love.”

     “You’re quite right.” Tom said. He took Kate’s hand in his, and they resumed their walk. Before they had been merely careless of what was beneath them, now with each step they deliberately targeted smaller easily crushable buildings.

     “Isn’t it lovely how there’s that little bit of resistance before they give in?” Kate said.

     “I’ll say.” Tom replied. “Way better that building blocks or Legos.”

      He turned his head looking at the river. There were thousands of people trying to get over to the East side of the city. “Dear,” he said, “all our little playthings are trying to get away, but I think it’ll take time for them to get over those bridges. Maybe we should take advantage of current conditions.”

     “I think so.”

     They walked together over to the waterfront. A public park lined both sides of the river.

     “Let’s split up, and corral a group over at the park.” Tom suggested. Kate nodded and they separated, each heading for a different bridge. As they approached their respective throngs, the little people behaved predictably, running away from the oncoming colossus. They each sauntered after their respective groups. With their great strides, they didn’t need to rush. The crowds were trapped with a giant approaching from each side, and no place to go except into the river. Some people jumped. Tom and Kate looked at the little crowd.

     “I want to get down and watch you squish them from ground level,” Tom said, “you know like in Janice and Pam.”

     “Of course, darling,” Kate said.

     Tom got down on his stomach, a process that crushed park trees and a few stragglers all on its own. He looked up at Kate. She towered over him as she had so often in their bedroom play. She lifted her foot. Tom could see the dust, debris, and mangled corpses already stuck to his lover’s mighty foot. It moved over the thickest part of the crowd. The people tried to run, but Kate was too fast. Her foot slammed down on top of them. Tom watched as their little bodies crumpled and broke. Bones were forced through flesh, organs were forced up through their mouths, blood leaked out everywhere like juice from crushed grapes. Her weight settled down, compressing the bodies and causing gore and viscera to ooze up between her toes. Despite, or maybe because of, the disgusting spectacle, Tom couldn’t help enjoying the contrast between the messy red gore and the cool shiny blue of Kate’s toenails.

     “Darling,” Kate addressed Tom.

     “Yes, dear,” he replied.

     “My foot is all dirty. I need you to clean it.”

     Tom understood exactly what Kate had in mind. “The usual way, I presume.”

     “Of course, dear, so let’s put that tongue of yours to work.”  

     Tom hesitated. Sure, Kate had said that the little folks tasted good, and what he had tasted in their kiss hadn’t been bad, but licking debris and mashed bodies from Kate’s foot didn’t really sound like a taste sensation. Her toes wriggled slowly, squeezing more human goo between them. Tom was sold. He rolled onto his back, crushing a few unfortunates in the process, and slid himself under the immense foot. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as the dirtied and bloodied sole descended toward his face. He grasped Kate’s ankle as it neared his face. Sole and tongue made contact. They rubbed against each other gently. The taste was far better than Tom had expected. His strong hands held Kate’s ankle firmly, steadying her. He knew from long experience that she would start giggling and squirming. She did.

     “You, ha, better lick every little morsel off of, ha, my big bad foot mister. Every puny little crushed bug, every bit of rubble, ha-ha, lick your goddess’s foot until it’s as clean and pretty, as these shiny blue toenails that I know turn you on, ha-ha.” She pressed down her foot on Tom’s face and wriggled her toes as she had many times before. “Hell, they’re pretty enough that they’re almost turning me on.”

     Tom lapped at the mess. He could feel the little bodies coming off, falling into his mouth. The blood was savory and slightly sweet, almost like a meat sauce instead of the fatty metallic ooze his logical mind told him to expect. This was his fantasy of what little bodies would taste like, not the reality. After swiping a few times with his tongue, Tom had the bottom of Kate’s foot spic and span.

     “All clear, my goddess,” Tom said.

     Kate removed her foot from his face and looked down into it. “Now that’s what I like to hear. If only all of my little subjects had such a good attitude. Most of them seem to be fleeing.”

     Tom stood up. “They won’t get far. I bet there are still people in some of those taller buildings. We’ve only been rampaging thirty minutes tops.”

     “A good thought.” Kate said. “In fact that gives me an idea for our next activities”

     Tom followed Kate as she led him through the downtown area to one of the taller skyscraper. It was maybe fifty feet taller than they were at the moment. Tom seemed to recall that it was owned by a national banking chain. Numerous smaller buildings were smashed as they strode the bustling metropolis, but they paid little attention beyond enjoying momentary shivers of excitement at their sheer power.

     “What now…” Tom was interrupted by a loud rumble from his stomach.

     “Oh, someone’s got tummy rumbles,” Kate said.

     “What do you expect?” Tom smiled. “You dragged me out of work before my lunch break, engaged me in various energy draining activities, and then give me a little snack off of your admittedly divine foot. I’m only mortal, honey.”

     “Oh no,” Kate cupped her hands over her mouth in mock shame, “What kind of fiancé am I to let my beloved go hungry?” She put her forefinger to her bottom lip as if in deep thought. “Oh, wait!” She said, “I’m sure these buildings can at least provide a snack.”

     Kate plunged her hand into the nearby skyscraper easily tearing through its walls and windows. Debris and shattered glass rained down onto the ground below, not to mention a few bodies. She felt around, and then pulled her arm out. Tom could see dozens of little people writhing on her palm. She presented Tom with her catch.

     “Looks good to me,” Tom said.

     “Alright, open the hatch.”

     Tom obliged, opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out. Kate moved in close and raised her hand, tipping the tiny people out. Tom could feel the little human morsels spilling on his tongue, and the few that missed rolling down off of his chin. He drew his tongue back inside. The little humans tasted quite good, and the sensation of them squirming around was actually quite pleasant. He chewed. Between his teeth the little office workers’ flesh was shredded and mashed. Their bones turned to mush and Tom thought it was quite similar to eating sardines. He swallowed. Kate looked at him. Tom could tell she was waiting for his opinion.

     “Pretty good,” He said, “Not bad but I think I might need more for a full meal.”

     “I’m getting a little hungry myself, all this goddess-ing is a lot of hard work.”

     With that Kate thrust both her hands into a different floor the same building as before. She felt around inside. As she pulled the clenched hands back out the integrity of the building failed, and it finally collapsed into ruble. The smoking stub that was left barely came up to her hips. Kate examined her catch. Both palms were full of little people. Some were already dead or dying, most were injured at least, but a few seemed relatively unhurt.

     “They look pretty good to me.” Kate said, “Here.” She tipped one handful into Tom’s waiting hand. The feeling of the little morsels landing on his palm was a pleasant tickle in its own way. They were careful, and only a few little people were further injured by this. Kate plucked one little man up between her thumb and forefinger.

     “Here goes nothing.”

     She lifted him high up as she tilted her head back and opened her mouth. The man dangled above the dark fleshy cavern of her throat, the lair of the glistening pink monster that was her tongue. Kate could see the fear on her little morsel’s face and felt great pleasure at dominating another person’s existence so completely. She reveled in the power for a moment, and then released her prey. He fell with a splat upon her tongue. Kate savored his toothsome flavor. Then, with a gulp, she swallowed him whole. Kate looked at Tom and enjoyed what she was seeing there too. He was making short work of his own little lunch crunching and chewing away. Kate felt a thrill travel up her spine. He was obviously enjoying his meal quite a bit. The evidence was growing firmer and firmer between his legs. That gave Kate a naughty idea.

     She approached Tom quietly and knelt down in front of him. Her knees reduced a few still intact buildings to rubble as they settled on and then through them. Tom looked down at her.

     “What now, my goddess?” He asked.

     Kate smirked. “That’s the right attitude Tommy. I thought of a way to show these little finger foods just how completely in charge we are here.” Kate brought the hand filled with tinies up and, after pausing for drama, sprinkled them over her lovers immense engorged cock. Tom felt the tickle of the little bodies on his most sensitive body part, it was actually quite pleasant. She was surprised how many managed to stay on it while others went tumbling down to the street. Kate wasn’t too happy about the waste.

     If our little minions are going to fall to their deaths it should contribute directly to our pleasure, she thought.

     The little folks were scattered along Tom’s cock like sprinkles. Kate saw that a small crowd got caught up around the foreskin. A few people appeared to actually be wedged under its wrinkly skin. Kate went down to her knees and popped Tom’s cock into her mouth. She could feel the little people. They were delightful little morsels swept into her mouth as she swirled her tongue around the swelling member. Before long she released it from her mouth having cleared it of all the scrumptious little human specks.

     “Mmmmm, very yummy, should I keep going, dear?”

     “Please,” Tom said, liking the idea of the entire metropolitan area watching him get a blow job.

     Kate went to work with her usual skill, relishing the feeling of her lover’s dick. Kate enjoyed the sensation of cock in her mouth, the feeling of control over Tom’s pleasure, and the fact that she was very skilled at giving that pleasure. As she slurped, manipulating the foreskin with her tongue, Kate could tell that Tom would come soon. Normally Kate tried to swallow it all, not wanting to waste a drop of the precious seed, but at that moment she had a wicked idea.

     She removed Tom’s member from her mouth and scooted around to his side on her knees. She clasped one hand around the swollen penis.

     “Ready the charges.” She said with a smile. She aimed Tom’s cock at a nice crowded intersection and started stroking.

     “Mmm,” Tom groaned. “Nice idea honey, I want to see the little bugs drown in my cum.”

     “It sounds so naughty when you put it like that.” Kate continued her efforts as Tom moaned and groaned in pleasure. She felt a subtle twitch in his dick, and its payload was released. Kate giggled as a nice thick rope of Tom’s semen splattered into one of the smaller office buildings, and dribbled down into the street below. She tried to imagine the sound to those little folks down there. The white sticky mass overtook most of the people who’d been in the street. They struggled to tread or swim through the sticky jizz. Kate watched as the little people drowned in what, to her, was merely a tablespoon or so of Tom’s reproductive fluids. It got her quite hot. She stood and embraced Tom, giving him a big kiss.

     Tom had also enjoyed the display. The destruction wrought by his seed left him feeling powerful. He put his arms around Kate as she kissed him. Kate said that they were gods now, and Tom felt it fully now. They were gods, free to take their pleasures how they wanted, regardless of their little subject’s opinions on the matter. He thought of how nice it felt having Kate suck all those little people off of his manhood. Tom wanted to return the favor.

     “We need some more tinies,” He said.

     Kate’s hand wandered down to Tom’s butt, as they often did. “Got some ideas of your own?”

     “Oh, yeah.”

     They decoupled from their embrace and sauntered to another part of town, delighting in the little objects and people annihilated by their passing. Tom led Kate to the river, which they crossed, sinking boats and drowning many. On the east side of town they stood. Only a few buildings in a nearby commercial area even came close to their height. This was what Tom wanted, A large area of smaller buildings.

       “Now just take a load off and relax.” Tom encouraged. “I just have to hunt around for some supplies here.”

     “Alright,” Kate sat down legs crossed, smashing dozens of family homes in the process.

     Tom cracked open a number of houses and gathered the inhabitants into his hand. He tried to be selective sparing children and the elderly, but a few kiddies got smooshed in the process. Tom felt the briefest flutter of horror at his actions, but remembered that Kate would be able to fix everything when they were done. Having gathered a good amount, Tom walked back to Kate.

     “Now just lie back, relax, and spread those gorgeous legs.”

     Kate relaxed and did as requested.

     Tom knelt down between Kate’s shapely pillars. He put one hand on her warm smooth thigh. The other hand, with its cargo of little citizens move down to Kate’s slightly engorged, obviously aroused, vulva.

     “Are you ready darling?”

     “Oh, yes Tom,” She breathed. Kate was already twisting her hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. “Please squish all those lovely little ones into my big horny twat.” Tom savored the wicked smile in her voice.

     Tom inched his full palm forward as carefully as he dared. He removed his other hand from Kate’s thigh and used it to pry open Kates outer lips. He enjoyed the feeling of their moist softness against his fingers. As his full hand’s finger tips made contact with Kate’s skin, he tipped it up. He watched the little people tumble down off of his hand and land along Kate’s most intimate, sensitive flesh like little pussy sprinkles. They became mired in her copious natural lubrication.

     “Ooh,” Kate moaned, “I can feel them.”

Tom dumped a few onto the shiny pink swollen nub of her clitoris.

     “Oh, yes, Tom, that’s lovely, but I think such itty bitty lovers might need a little assistance.”

     Tom wasted no time. After corralling a few tinies, he plunged two fingers into Kate’s juicy vagina. They slid in easily. Tom hooked his fingers upward rubbing Kate in the spot she most enjoyed.

     “They’re in you, Kate. I’ve shoved some of our little playthings deep into you.”

     “Oh, god, Tom you know what to do.”

     Tom did. He brought his face down to the steamy sexy feast that was Kate’s lady garden. He lapped up little people onto his tongue, and then went to work flicking Kate’s clit as he continued pumping with his fingers. He sucked and finger-fucked, Kate moaned and squirmed further tearing up the land beneath them. Tom sucked slightly taking Kate’s clitoris into his mouth. He licked and lapped at it, feeling the little folks being mashed against it, but, oddly he thought, not squishing. They seemed to still be alive and intact despite the great pressure being exerted against them by Tom’s massive tongue. Kate’s vocalizations were growing higher in volume and pitch. This was normally the point when Tom would need to take a breath or that his fingers would start to cramp a little. Instead he felt a sort of rush. His hands didn’t feel any fatigue. He didn’t seem to need air. He focused all his will on the task of getting Kate off.

     As Kate moaned and writhed that task was accomplished. She gripped Tom’s fingers hard with her pussy muscles as she nearly shrieked in pleasure.

     “Oh, baby, get up here now.” Kate commanded. “Goddess Kate needs kisses.”

     Tom crawled up between Kate’s legs until they were face to face. They kissed long and hard. Then they kissed more, mashing their mouths and entwining tongues in their passion for each other. All this action had Tom’s cock hard and aching.

     “Ready to get fucked by the biggest cock on Earth?” He asked.

     “You know it.” Kate replied.

     Tom got up on his knees. Kate reached down and made adjustments to his cock’s position so that it would align well with her twat. Tom loved the feeling when she helped like this. As soon as he felt her hand move away, he thrust forward good and hard. Tom’s cock slipped around inside Kate. Her arousal reignited like a bed of glowing coals. She pulled and twisted at her nipples once more while Tom’s warm hands gripped her hips. He pulled them into himself as he thrust forward. Their movements shook and demolished houses across the city. That wasn’t enough for Kate. She summoned up her goddess powers and began to make the two of them grow even bigger. Their bodies expanded plowing through the houses, buildings, and people all around them. As they thrust into each other, they slowly and steadily inflated bigger and bigger. Tom couldn’t take it for another second and released his load into his lover’s warm silken loveliness. He came with a harsh grunt. They mashed themselves together and kissed.

     As Tom withdrew torrents of semen and feminine juices were unleashed on the wrecked landscape below. He looked around. It appeared that they were now miles and miles tall, dominating the entire valley that held their mostly demolished hometown. He stood and helped Kate upright.

     “That was amazing. What happened?”

      Kate smirked. “I slowly grew us bigger and bigger as we fucked. I believe we are now at “giga” size.”

     Tom looked around some more trying to process their new size. The valley seemed more like a ditch with the only the highest mountains still taller than their bodies. Everything below them was tiny. Their feet covered entire neighborhoods. It was still a sunny bright warm afternoon.

     “Care for a stroll?” Tom asked.

     “Sure,” Kate said.

     They took each other’s hand and walked at a relaxed pace. They made no particular effort to crush or not crush the things beneath them, but they took particular pleasure when they happened to feel things crumbling beneath their tread. They little tickles and crumbles that got between their toes were delightful in their way.

     “Kate, I have to ask. The little people I used on you didn’t squish when I went down on you. How come?”

     “Oh,” Kate said, “I used my goddess powers. I thought it would be more fun if they lived through the experience. They’re still moving around in there by the way. I made them hardier and more resilient.”

     “You can just change people like that?”

     “As long as it would give me pleasure, I can. The manual explains a lot better than I can. I also changed you little if you noticed.”

     “I noticed. It seemed like I didn’t even need to breath.”

     “You didn’t, you did a very good job by the way. You ministrations gave your Goddess great pleasure.”

     “Goddess,” he repeated. “That could take some getting used to.”

     “Please,” Kate scoffed. ”I’ve been your goddess for years.”

     “True,” Tom said, “What now?”

     “We go home and get ready for our new lives as Goddess and consort.”

     “Home,” Tom repeated. Alarm spread across his face. “We probably totaled our house along with all the others.”

     “No worries, dear.” Kate said. “I actually destroyed it when I grew myself into a giantess. I was pretty excited to get started with the whole goddess thing you know. Anyway in a minute I’m going to zap us back home and things will be restored to how they were before I got big.”

     “And you said all the damage we did will be repaired.”

     “Yup, I’ll also alter people’s memories of the event a little. I don’t want people walking around traumatized for life because I happened to use them as a sex toy. Everyone will remember that we went on a rampage and destroyed most of the city. They’ll remember that we indulged ourselves, but they won’t remember if they personally got squished or molested during our playtime. That seems like a fair compromise to get my kicks and minimize any damage we could inflict on people’s psyches.”

     “Sounds like you have things pretty figured out.”

     “I think so, there’s still more stuff, and I haven’t even totally finished the manual yet.”

     “You keep mentioning a manual.” Tom said.

     “Yeah, it’s back home, now hold my hands.”

     Tom took Kate’s hands. She closed her eyes and her brow wrinkled in concentration. A pale glow filled her eyes. The glow seemed to expand outward engulfing the whole world and eventually Tom and Kate as well.

     Tom blinked and he was standing in his house. Kate was still holding his hands. He saw that they were wearing the clothes they had put on that morning. Looking around, he saw that they were standing in their living room. Kate released his hands, and stepped over to the coffee table that sat down on their soft cream colored couch. She picked up a book from the table and showed it to Tom. The title was printed in gold embossed on the book’s red leather cover; “How to be a God/dess in Eight Easy Weeks”.

     “This is the book that’s going to change our lives and our whole world,” said Kate. She sat down on the couch, Tom followed her lead. She opened the book and they began to read.



Chapter 2 by Shade


A Goddess Awakens- Chapter 2 


They closed the book. Kate looked at Tom’s face, trying to read his reaction to what they’d read.

     “Well,” she said.

     “Well,” he replied.

     “What do you think?” She asked.

     “So this just showed up in the mailbox this afternoon?”


     “And now you’re, as the book says, a “semi-omnipotent goddess”.

     “You’ve experienced my power all this afternoon, haven’t you?”

     “But your powers aren’t absolute?”

     “Like it said, my powers are fuelled by sexual lust, so if I do something, it must be for protection and survival, or because the thought of it makes me all horny.”

     Tom leafed through the front of the book. “It doesn’t list any publisher or author; it just goes straight into instructions like some kind of manual.”

     “I suppose that’s what it is.”

     “I guess this is a real opportunity to fix things though, world peace, end hunger, all the utopian dreams you think are impossible.”

     “Well,” Kate hesitated, “there’s just that one catch.”

     “What?” Tom asked.

“As much as I’d love to do all those things; end hunger, end war, cure cancer, whatever else, none of those things actually, you know…”

     “Oh,” Tom said catching on, “as nice as those things would be, none of them turn you on enough for you to be able to do them.”

     “Right, this goddess stuff is complicated. I’ve only glanced through the book once this morning, and then just now with you. You might have seen the little info-graphic in the introduction. It outlines an eight week long program that will allow me to fully come into goddesshood.”

     “What you did this morning wasn’t full goddesshood?”

     “Nope, that was more or less a kind of tutorial mode from what the book says, a little something to stretch my divinity and explore my newfound powers.”

     “Wow what happens at full strength?”

     “Like I said, I only glanced through it a little. Apparently week one is meant to be spent gathering worshippers, establishing a proper system of temples, a priest or priestesshood if I decide I want a really organized church.”

     “Geez, sounds complicated. This is why I don’t play 4x games.”

     “Anyway, so tomorrow I figure on having the news conference I mentioned when we were stomping around the square. I’ll take questions from reporters, decide what sorts of rules I want the world to follow, according to the book this world is my responsibility now.”

     “That’s a lot.” Tom said.

     “It also says the world is my playground. I control it. It and its inhabitants belong to me. I’m free to do anything with it that would give me pleasure.”

     “Huh, most of the things you’re into are pretty, um…” Tom searched for the word. “Violent, sadistic, let’s just say that I was a little surprised and relieved when you said you’d put everything back the way it had been.”

“I know,” Kate said, “that took a lot of will. I managed to find a part of myself that was turned on by the idea of having such complete control over people’s lives that I could bring them back for more later on. Plus, if I was going to destroy my whole hometown, and squish or eat thousands of people, I want it to be really special. Thus, River City gets to see another sunrise.”

     “I was surprised at myself. How easily I went along with all that destruction.”

     “I think I may have subconsciously nudged you along a little. The book says that that can happen. If you want a partner whose will is truly independent of your own, it recommends making them a demigod or goddess. I think that’s somewhere in week four though.”

     “Wow, so what do you want to do for the rest of the day?” Tom looked over at Kate. She was naked again. Tom looked down and realized he was naked too.

     “Tomorrow I fully establish myself as the world’s goddess, but for the rest of today and tonight, I’m YOUR goddess.” Her eyes glowed and her voice gained an added resonance on the word “your”. “First I must decide whether to make myself larger or you smaller.”

     Tom looked into his loves eyes, glowing white with power. “I could be small?” He said more question than statement.

     “SILENCE, MY PUNY CONSORT. It is for your goddess to decide.” A strange wind came from nowhere blowing Kate’s medium length hair around in Mucha-esque strands. To Tom she became the very essence of grace and beauty. Tom’s instincts told him to get on his knees, so he did just that, lowering himself down onto the beige carpet of their living room.

     Kate looked on as a smirk curved her now crimson red lips. “Good instincts, my love. You will be my first worshipper the first to bow to the might of goddess Kate.”

     Tom flung himself down, lying prostrate upon the carpet.

     “YES,” Kate intoned, “it gives the goddess great pleasure to see the fervor of your worship. You may speak.”

     “Goddess, I beg mercy. I merely speculated on a fantasy you yourself have often expressed to me.”

     “Of course, your impudence is forgiven this time. You were thinking of your goddess’s pleasure, and got carried away, is that it?”

     “Yes, goddess,” Tom’s cock was rock hard at this point. They had played games like this before, of course, and Tom had always enjoyed them, but the added thrill that whatever crazy thing Kate thought of could actually happen, left him aroused and slightly terrified about what might happen.

     “Still, it was impudent. I should correct you.”

     Tom’s instincts told him not to answer back, so he was silent.

     “Good.” Kate said, “I almost thought for a moment you might speak out of turn again, inviting an even more harsh correction than I have planned. You may stand.”

     Tom got back to his feet. His erection stood bulging at full mast.

     “My goodness,” Kate said. “What goddess could ask for a more flattering response? I must, however, still correct you for your earlier outburst, and your ‘response’ here has given me an idea how. Kate stepped forward toward Tom, her head tilted slightly up to look him in the eyes. Even though they still glowed with pale soft light, Tom could see mischief in them.

     Kate reached down encircling Tom’s cock and scrotum with her finger’s, which were now tipped with slightly long manicure nails painted a shiny luscious shade of red. He could feel them poking slightly, pleasantly into the sensitive flesh of his genitals. Kate dug her fingers in behind the cock and balls. Tom was surprised to find it caused him no pain or discomfort. Then she pulled hard, as hard as Tom had ever had his genitals yanked.

     There was a loud pop like an air tight seal being broken, and Kate lifted her hand up to show Tom what she had. She literally held Tom’s cock and balls in her hand. The cock was still plump and bulging with arousal, but Tom couldn’t feel it at all.

     “Look what happened, my dear. Your mouth went off half cocked, so to teach you a lesson I’m taking the whole thing, and these bad boys. Kate held it up by the cock’s shaft and dangled Tom’s own bells in his face. As for Tom, he no longer felt the sensation of arousal, not in his crotch anyway. The new sensation was odd, feeling a bit like sinus congestion in his groin, combined with a sort of numbness like when an arm falls asleep. He looked down and saw that below the curly patch of dark pubic hair was nothing but a patch of smooth flesh.

     “You may touch it if you like dear. It won’t give you any pleasure.”

     Tom experimentally stroked a hand over the smooth patch of skin. It felt no more arousing than if had rubbed one of his cheeks, or a bicep. No special sensitivity, no increase in arousal, no throbbing urgency begging for release. The only remaining sign of his arousal were his erect nipples.

 Kate stepped back and cradled Tom’s genitals in her smooth soft hands. “There’s no reason that I should be denied the pleasure of your cock.” She said and cradled it tenderly to her chest causing the bulging cock head to brush against one of her own very erect nipples. “Or should I say my cock. Who owns this cock?”

     Tom averted his gaze downward. “You own it.”

     “You own it, who?”

     “You own it, Goddess.”

     “That’s very right. You will learn to respect your goddess and obey her in her every whim, is that clear?”

     “Yes, Goddess.”

     “Now, despite the undisciplined way you suggested it, you did have a very good idea I would like very much to shrink you down, so I will.”

     As Kate spoke, Tom felt an energy flow through his body. It was very similar to when Kate had grown him that morning, but in reverse. His point of view lowered and lowered until it was level with the very bottom of Kate’s ankles.

     “Yes,” Kate gasped, obvious pleasure in her voice. “Oh my, shrinking you feels just as delightful as growing us into giants did.” She looked down at Tom.

     Tom looked up, craning his neck way back trying to see Kate’s face. It loomed way up there like an enormous three dimensional billboard come to life. She smirked wider than ever, with the exception of earlier that day when her smile had measured in yards.

     “Ah, yes. You are now at a proper size to give me the devotion I deserve. Now get back on your knees little one.”

Tom fell to his knees again. What had once been tiny unnoticeable tufts of fabrics in the carpet now rose around Tom’s knees like little puffy weeds. Kate stepped forward, her seemingly enormous foot landed gently. Tom felt the air whorl around him as his fiancé’s foot, now over a yard wide and more than a dozen feet long from his perspective, landed on the carpet directly in front of his. Each toenail was the same shiny crimson as Kate’s fingernails, and, except for the pinky toe, outsized Tom’s head.

“You love my toes and feet little Tom. Show them the proper worship.”

Tom crawled forward on his knees toward the enormous toes of his love. If he were standing they would have some up to above his waist.

He wrapped his arms around the tip of her big toe and rested his head on the smooth hard surface of the toenail. He squeezed and cuddled it much as he would squeeze and cuddle Kate at his usual size. As he did he planted kisses on the nail. Kate watched from above, appreciating the worship. She fantasized idly about crowds and crowds of people doing the same. Hundreds, maybe thousands, crowded in some public square to worship and adore her enormous feet to kiss them, massage them, and lie prostrate before them. And in her might and power, she would, she would…

Kate looked down at Tom. “The other toes are just as sacred as the big toe, worship them all.”

Tom did his best to follow orders stroking and cuddling each toe in turn, kissing them all over, and rubbing his hands on the nails as if to buff them. If he still had his dick, he reckoned he would have had an orgasm somewhere around this point. Instead he felt the psychological pleasure of submission before the overwhelming force that was Kate the Goddess.

“Much better but don’t forget the goddesses other foot.”

Kate planted her other foot next to the first. Tom continued rubbing, massaging, and kissing the rows of toes before him.

“I appreciate your restraint in speaking given your earlier infraction. I now give you permission, scratch that, I now demand that you add verbal praise and worship to the fine physical worship you’ve already given my mighty toes. Don’t worry, although you are now smaller than many popular action figures, I will still be able to hear your tiny voice perfectly due to my enhanced senses.”

Tom complied as he rubbed and venerated one of her middle toes. As he finished kissing the pale soft skin on its side, he commenced praising.

“Oh, my goddess, thank you for allowing me the privilege of touching and enjoying your gorgeous and lovely toes. Truly they are splendid beyond compare with any mortal’s.”

“Even that one foot model I know you particularly like?”

“Even her, my goddess, her wretched toes don’t even begin to compare.”

“Come now little one, praise of my toes certainly does not necessitate running down another woman’s. You’ll remember that your goddess also takes pleasure in the lovely feet of others, and it’s just plain trashy to run down a woman’s appearance.”

“Of course, goddess, my tongue got away from me again. I’m just so overwhelmed at the touch of your luscious and delicate toes.”

“Delicate, eh,” Kate said. She moved her foot forward, bowling Tom over onto his back, and pinning him gently under her three middle toes. “How delicate was that?”

From his position on his back, he could see the stern expression on Kate’s face. She held her hands on her hips. “Again you force me to correct you. This time your punishment will not be quite so whimsical.” Her toes started wiggling, slowly pressing up and down against Tom’s body. He felt the great force smashing him down into the fabric of the carpet, but stopping just short of causing him pain. “What shall I do with you? We’ll try a classic and see if that teaches you a lesson.”

As Tom watched, the huge foot lifted away from him, and as soon as it was up to the height of Kate’s calf, it plummeted back down. Tom lost control, instinct took over and he tried to scramble away. Too slow, he only managed to roll onto his side as Kate’s pale dewy sole slammed mercilessly down onto him. The immense pressure shoved all the air out of his little body. The weight on his arm was immense and slightly painful. He wondered that it didn’t feel broken.


“Please,” Tom gasped, “I got scared.”

The foot pressed down around Tom. It pressed against him with great force, practically smearing him onto his back. Though the process didn’t crunch or break him, it was extraordinarily uncomfortable, like have his whole body smushed around under a steamroller.

“Fear is no excuse to evade your rightful correction. Now I must correct you further. Until now I have used my powers to enhance my feet leaving them dry and smelling of nothing. This was a reward for your devotion, but no more.”

Compressed into the darkness, his head just close enough to the cracks between Kate’s toes to let a miniscule amount of light in, Tom felt the cool dry sole change. First it got very warm around his body. The sole flexed into him compressing him for a bit, and then letting up slightly for a bit. It went back and forth slowly grinding into Tom’s bruised battered little body. Moisture started building up around Tom’s body. He realized that Kate’s foot was becoming very hot and sweaty. The acrid fluid oozed over his prone body. Then it hit his nose; the smell. Occasionally in the past Kate had subjected Tom to her feet after a long hard day at work or a jog. Her tired feet would fill his nostrils with a dank musty odor that he would recognize anywhere. That smell was now filling his nostrils, flooding his lungs. Sweat, toe jam, and cotton were a few of the specific odors he could recognize. His tongue and lungs burned. Kate’s foot pressed down into him, and Tom opened his mouth by reflex, gasping for breath. Instead of fresh air, his mouth was filled with Kate’s musty tepid foot sweat. In this desperate situation, Tom tried to swallow as much of the foul liquid as he could just to avoid inhaling it. Unfortunately, he just couldn’t keep up with what was becoming a flood of brackish fluid invading his body. It went up in his nose. He could feel it filling his lungs. This was it. He felt like he was going to die under his fiancé’s foot, drowning on her sweat. Part of him felt great pleasure to die in this way completely dominated by Kate’s bodily processes. In the heat and the sweat he gave himself over.

“I’m ready my love. I will go for you a mere toy under your great sacred foot.” He gave the damp sole one final kiss from his lips.

As his lips met the dank wrinkled skin, it all changed in a flash. The air cooled. The fluid coating and filling Tom became light and sweet as nectar. It tasted like the most delicious thing he’d ever known. He stuck out his tongue and licked away at Kate’s sole. The sweat that had just been the foul substance filling his body killing him by inches was now the sweetest draught, restoring his energy, easing his. Kate’s foot lifted away and settled back down on the carpet.

     Tom looked up at Kate the goddess towering above him like a great maple or pine tree. In one hand she held his detached cock and balls, idly sucking on the cock like a big fleshy lollipop. Her other hand was between her legs playing with her own genitalia, lightly caressing her labia, running her middle finger up through the folds.

She popped the cock out of her mouth making a loud popping noise.

“I will brook no resistance, but compliance and properly mannered worship will be rewarded. You can see that I can be wrathful, bitter, but just as easily be sweet, rejuvenating. I am also playful and horny. You are my toy and I will use you as I see fit. Kate bent down at the waist and reached down toward Tom. Tom now knew better than to resist. He stood still and let Kate’s long finger engulf him. Gripping him much as she did his cock in her other hand, Kate lifted Tom up to her eye level. He averted his gaze.

“You may look upon your goddess. It pleases her to see her own splendor reflected in her subject’s eyes.” Tom looked into Kate’s glowing pupil-less eyes, their lashes long and dark with seeming mascara and their lids painted with deep dark eye shadow, enhancing the effect of the glowing. He was in awe of the sheer power evident in them. “I’m sure you will behave now. We wouldn’t want to have to make you suffer more. Right, little one?” Kate’s hand gave Tom a playful, but forceful, squeeze. She carried him out of the living room, into the kitchen and placed him down on the kitchen counter. Then Kate placed his detached genitalia on the counter next him, balls at the bottom, dick pointing upward. If Tom hadn’t known where it came from, he would have thought it was the most realistic dildo he’d ever seen. It towered over him by at least an inch and a half. At his current size it felt more like a couple of feet.

“Look at you dear, outsized by your own manhood. Maybe you don’t know whether to feel humiliation or pride. Well I think you’re a very cute little man, and that this is a very handsome sizable penis you’ve got, and my opinion is the one that counts here. Still, tell me how you feel?”

“I, and my, er, your cock, are both here for your pleasure, goddess.”

  “That’s right little Tom, that’s absolutely right.” Kate stroked her chin with her thumb and forefinger. “I own the cock, and I own you. You both essentially serve the same purpose, but you’ve given me an idea you little cutie, a really good idea.”

Kate took both Tom and his genitals back in hand, sauntering lazily back into the living room. With but a nod of her head the curtains drew themselves open letting warm afternoon sun into the living room, brightening it up considerably.

“Goddesses don’t worry about peepers dear.” She said. “In fact I intend to encourage them.

Kate plopped herself down, lying back on the couched with her back against the armrest. She held Tom and his dick up, looking back and forth between the two.

“You’re both so adorable; I don’t know which one to try first.”

Tom stayed silent, still not entirely sure what Kate’s plan was.

     “As loath as I am to punish you, dear Tom, your goddess must admit that holding you under my stinking foot until you drowned on my sweat was a real turn on. Make no mistake Tom, without my divine intervention you would have died, and I would have crushed you into bloody paste on the carpet. I would have come very hard doing it, but then I wouldn’t have my first and favorite worshiper around. But Tom, I’m still very horny, and I need to come very badly. You two are going to help me, and I’ve decided you get the first shot, my little dickless lover.”

     Kate lowered her hand and Tom down to her crotch. Without ceremony she opened her hand and pressed him in against her aroused vulva so that his head wad up by her clitoris and his feet were down by the vaginal entrance. It was goopy, warm,and had a musky smell, but Tom found it much more pleasant than the sweaty foot. He leaned his head in and started rubbing away at the pink fleshy nub of Kate’s clitoris.

     Kate groaned and moaned, her voice becoming ragged. “Oh yes, oh little Tom, you’re so good at giving your goddess head with your whole head.” She giggled at her own bad joke, and due to the delightful feeling Tom was giving her.

     Tom for his part brought his hands up to join his face as he gently massaged the seat of Kate’s pleasure. He was coated with Kate’s fluids, but wasn’t having any problems breathing. He was actually finding the warm musky slime pleasant in its own way. He briefly wished he had his dick back as he was sure it would have felt very nice sliding around in Kate’s natural lubrication.

     Kate felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. As she felt the pleasure start to crest she pulled Tom back up away from her crotch.

     “Very good, very pleasing to your goddess, but we must give both contestants a fair shot.” She brought Tom up to her mouth and gave his wet little body a great big kiss that covered his head and the top of his torso. Her warm breath was sweet on his naked skin. Kate set Tom down on her breast just above the bumpy, engorged flesh of the nipple. To Tom it looked almost like a big fleshy half gallon ice cream container. He sat and looked down the length of Kate’s body. He saw some of his favorite parts of his goddess; her slightly oblong navel, her wide curvy hips, the little paunch just above her pelvis that made a so called “muffin top” in some of her outfits.

     Kate took the detached dick in her hands and started stroking it, just as she had many times when it had been attached to Tom.

     “Usually I’d need a little lube to do this.” Kate said. “But goddess powers seem to let me lube myself up as much and as thickly as I want at will once I’m aroused, so that’s a perk and a money saver.”

     Kate lowered the fully erect cock down to her crotch, and played around a bit, rubbing the swollen purplish head against her soaking gooey labia.

     “Mmmm,” she moaned, “this is going to be so good, little Tommy.”

     She began methodically working the dick in and out of herself, just as if the detached cock of her fiancé were nothing but a dildo.

     “Very nice,” Kate groaned, “Oh your goddess loves being filled with your big bulging cock. It’s too bad you can’t enjoy it too. I bet goddess pussy is the softest, wettest, mist delicious pussy your cock has ever been in, and you don’t even get to feel it.”

     “All I care for is my goddess’s pleasure.” Tom said.

     Kate started working the cock into herself a little faster, upping her tempo. “What a good little worshipper you are, Oh, your goddess loves your cock so much. It’s such a nice little toy she might not ever give it back.”

     Tom silently watched the show Kate put on. His detached cock sunk in and out of his goddess’s womanhood. It glistened coated with what looked to him like gallons upon gallons of Kate’s drippings. It was an odd feeling; he was almost getting a little jealous of his own dick.

     Finally, again just as she was on the verge of a huge climax, Kate pulled the cock out of herself and lifted it back up by the balls. She let it dangle in front of Tom, so he could see it. It dripped with thick fragrant lube.

     “It’s so hard to decide. Of course you did a very good job pleasing your goddess’s clit, and this happy fellow,” here the wiggled the dick around a little causing little droplets of her fluids to fly off misting Tom, “felt absolutely great jammed in my pussy.” Again she looked back and forth between them, and then acted as if she had just come up with a sudden brilliant idea. “Say, what if I use you both at once? My little worshiper has the honor of working away at the holy clit, while I use his cock to plumb the depths of my sacred mysteries. Plus, that would leave me a hand free to play with the venerated nipples.”

     Kate took the two in each hand. She put the cock down at her vaginal entrance, and plopped Tom back down amongst her labia.

     “Now go!”

     Tom wriggled and writhed against Kate’s vulva mashing his body round close to her clit, while hanging on to her labia with his hands for dear life. Kate reamed herself with the cock, stroking in and out with increasing rhythm. Tom felt the flesh and hairs of his own cock sliding underneath his feet, as he did his best to please Goddess Kate.

     “Oh, yeah this is the ticket. Keep going Tommy. Your goddess needs you and your big honking dick True to her word she used her other hand to tease and play with her engorged nipples. She loved the feeling of the bumpy flesh under her fingertips. She felt her goddess energies flowing around and thought for a second how nice it would be if Tom was a little smaller. Then he could really use his whole body on her naughty little clitoris.

     As she thought it, Kate’s energy flowed through Tom. He found himself shrinking even smaller. It felt good and he writhed in pleasure against Kate’s clit, which felt good to Kate and she writhed in pleasure. The combination of physical pleasure and goddess power flowing through her body was building up. She moaned rough guttural noises as she experienced the beginning of a pleasure beyond all language.

     As Kate writhed, the movement caused Tom’s grip to slip. As timing would have it, he slid down Kate’s soaking wet vulva landing on the couch just in front of her deliciously oozing pussy. His own cock thrust forward at high speed and ploughed into Tom, shoving him right into the warm wet embrace of Kate’s pussy. The cock was pulled out, leaving Tom trapped in the confines of his love’s loins. Kate felt something delightful moving around in her pussy touching all the right spots, filling her pleasingly. She rammed Tom’s cock into herself faster and faster, wondering why she couldn’t feel him on her clit anymore. It didn’t matter though. Tom’s cock finally reached its peak and shot gouts of sticky seed into Kate’s body, and around Tom’s body. In ragged gasping breaths Kate finally had a big long orgasm that sent delicious feelings shooting all around her body, and left her shrieking and grunting as a flood of liquid gushed from her loins.

     Tom was swept out with the tide. He sat on the couch cushion thoroughly coated in Kate’s fluids, delicious as always, and his own cock’s pearly semen.

     Kate’s breath came in ragged gasps. She felt her goddess powers take hold, restoring her with energy. She looked around for her little acolyte. She saw him in their combined mess and couldn’t suppress a laugh.

     “Poor little Tom, you got creamed by your own cream.”

     “It was interesting, whoops, may I speak goddess?”

     “Yes the goddess is in a very good mood, and is willing to make all kinds of allowances.”

     “Have you come to a decision which of us you like better?”

     “No question; the two of you belong together one way or another. Also, you look humbled enough for my liking.”

     “This has been an extremely interesting experience so far.”

     “I’ll say. Hey it looks like I made you a lot smaller during all the fun.”

     “It gave my goddess pleasure, so it is acceptable.”

     “Sure, babe,” Kate said. “But I don’t know if losing control of the power like that is acceptable to me.”

     “I guess we’ll have to study the book more.”

     “I guess, but seeing you so small I have another idea.”

     “Oh, yeah.”

     “You didn’t get to have an orgasm yourself. I think it’s time to fully reunite you two.” Kate gestured toward the now limp cock still in her other hand.

     “If the goddess wishes it,” Tom said.

     “Oh, she does.” Kate used her fingers like tweezers to lift teeny tiny Tom from the cushion.

     “Are you going to grow me, or shrink my dick?” Tom asked.

     Kate just grinned. “You’ll see.” She moved her hands, positioning the cock underneath Tom. Then she flipped her other hand around, so that Tom was dangling by his feet, his head pointed directly down toward his dick.

     “Hey, what are…” Before Tom could finish his sentence Kate jammed his head down into the dick hole. She shoved him deeper and deeper in plunging her finger down into the urethra. It was a kind of fun feeling having her finger jammed down so far inside a cock and Kate made a mental note of it for later. Tom’s tiny body was thoroughly jammed inside his own penis. Kate let the goddess energy flow into the penis and Tom. Kate’s will became reality, because she had a horny sexy idea. Feeling the snug squishy walls of his own penis around him, Tom felt his consciousness begin to fade. It felt like he was falling asleep.


Consciousness faded back. Tom was looking up right into Kate’s pretty face.

     “Are you back” She asked.

     Tom tried to speak, but his mouth wouldn’t move right.

     “Don’t talk, just think it, and your goddess will hear.”

     Am I still small?

     “Not exactly.”

     Tom felt something warm and gentle wrapped around his body. It felt very nice and made his muscles contract in a very pleasant way.

     Are we done having weird sex?

     “Not by a long shot. We have to get you off, mister.”

     Good. Realization hit Tom. Did you merge me with my own penis?

     Kate nodded her head with a smirk.

     “I honestly can’t wait to try this.”

     Tom felt himself being lifted up. Kate’s face got closer and closer. Her mouth opened. He rose through her pretty lips and teeth. The lips closed pleasantly around him and Kate’s pink muscular tongue moved across his head. It was absolute bliss. Kate’s tongue lashed and massaged him. Tom felt her hand drawing him out slightly, then gently thrusting him back in as her tongue whirled around him with sweet delicious moisture. The contractions became more and more. His entire body was rigid and pulsing lightly. Kate’s hand pulled him out of the warm loving cave of her mouth.

     “Mm, you’re good and hard again. That was an appetizer of sorts; time for the goddess to give you the main course.”

     Tom could see as he was lowered over Kate’s body until he was pointing directly at her still wet pussy.

     Are you sure it’s ready for another go.

 “I’m ready. I’m a goddess remember. What I say goes.”

     Tom felt Kate’s other hand come in from below and play with the dangling flesh that he assumed was his scrotum and testicle. It felt amazing, his genitals were his entire body, and the feelings that were normally confined just to his penis and testicles were now spread across his entire body.

     “Ready or not,” Kate said.

     To Tom it seemed that Kate’s vulva was rushing toward him. He felt the tip of his head-face slid through Kate’s labia and into the warm moist depths of her vagina. It was wonderful, warm and delicious. The labia clung slightly to his sides as he slid through them. A delightful little detail of sensation he might have missed in his normal body. He could smell the heady musk he associated with going down on Kate. Everything just made him feel more and more aroused, more and more rigid through his whole body. He felt Kate’s hands, one playing with and slapping his balls how he liked, and the other adjusting its grip on his shaft. She pulled him out a bit, slid him in a bit. It went on, a delicious sensuous rubbing over Tom’s entire body. The feeling’s got too intense. Tom felt it building up in his entire body. He felt something rising pleasantly in his throat. It all reached the climax as he did. Bliss filled his body as he felt the ecstatic sensation of spewing his seed into Kate.

     Outside Kate had a sudden inspiration and focused her will on Tom’s form.

     Inside Tom felt something growing out if his back. It felt nice and flared out behind him reaching up growing into an engorged sort of thing outside the confines of Kate’s vagina. When Kate thrust Tom into herself, the little horn thing brushed and vibrated against her clit. The sensation felt great to Tom. He quickly regained his arousal and spewed more semen into Kate’s depths.

     Kate was moaning and writhing again, feeling the pleasure flood her divine form. She couldn’t believe what a good idea this had been. Tom, her love and best friend was now nothing but a delicious sex toy for her pleasure. Adding the little rabbit extension had been a stroke of genius, she thought. More so she could mentally hear Tom’s pleasured moans and groans. That just turned her on again, and she thrust Tom into her pussy more having orgasm after orgasm leaving the couch a soaking mess. Even better, every time Tom came, he was ready to go again in less than a minute. After all, Kate thought, dildos don’t have a refractory period, and neither do goddesses.

     Kate spent the whole rest of the day and night playing with Tom the dildo. She gave him blow jobs to taste test his merged come, it tasted the same, she decided. She experimented making it bigger, smaller, thicker, and with more vibration options. Eventually around midnight she restored him to his human form. They took a shower together, and had plain old loving couple, basically vanilla sex. Even thought they’d technically spent all day fucking, Kate still had one of the best orgasms she’d ever had. Afterward, they sat in bed with the lights still on cuddling in the afterglow of their long sexy day. Tom looked down at his cock, still a little amazed that only a little over an hour before, he had been his cock. He examined it thoroughly.

     “Are you sure you want to keep it like this?”

     “Uh-huh,” Kate said gently, but firmly. “What the goddess says goes, and what the goddess says is: The rabbit ears stay.”

     And so they did.


Chapter 3 by Shade


“Yes, yes, the reporter from the Times please, I’m sorry, what was your name again?” Kate asked.


     “Darin Morgan, Ma’am,” a white man in a blue suit and glasses said.


     “Yes, Darin what was your question.”


     “Are you going to do the same sorts of things you did yesterday eventually?”


“You’ll have to be more specific.” Kate said. She stood in her front yard with Tom by her side. He was wearing his usual casual outfit, jeans, a t-shirt, and boots. Kate had gone for a more elegant look befitting her status as a goddess, and wore a gauzy blue taffeta gown with a shiny gold belt across her waist. She stood barefoot displaying a beautiful gold and blue pedicure that matched the dress. The ensemble had come together that morning just by her thinking about what would feel divine and elegant, and then willing it to be so.


She had also grown herself to nearly ten and a half feet tall, and her eyes glowed with divine power. She felt it was important to make an imposing impression.


“Do you plan to romp around naked, destroying things and killing people?”


“It was my first day,” Kate said. “I’ll admit I let the power go to my head. I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t love to do it again. It was just about the most fun I’ve ever had. That’s one thing I can promise as this planet’s new goddess. I will always be honest and forthright with you all about my desires and actions. There’s no need for deception when you’re all powerful.”


“That doesn’t sound like a promise one way or the other.” Morgan said.


“That’s because it’s not. I can make this promise though. Part of my new powers as a goddess include creating a for sure afterlife for my subjects. If I go on a big crush spree like yesterday, I promise that it will be after I’ve established a nice cozy afterworld for you, and that any innocents sacrificed for my pleasures will go straight to it, no worries.”


“That sounds like it means you wouldn’t reset things, like you did yesterday?”


“That was a onetime deal for my first day out. I’ll be honest, like I promised. I’m much more turned on by the idea of causing destruction and death than reversing it. I had to do some real mental gymnastics to get it to work yesterday and I doubt I’d be able to do it again.”


“But all those innocent people?”


“YES,” Kate interrupted with her divine voice. “Eventually I will go on a rampage, and innocent people will die for real, but the same thing happens in this world all the time, and for things far pettier and less worthy than my orgasms. Now let’s give someone else a shot. How about you?”


     Kate pointed down at a Latina woman reporter in a maroon suit.


     “Rosa Mendes from Continental Public Media, rampages aside, you’ve mentioned that you will try to help the world in ways as well. Can you specify some of the things you’d like to do?”


“I want to help my subjects definitely. Yesterday I opened up online accounts to bring me requests and ideas from anyone who has ideas. Don’t worry about overwhelming me, my goddess senses and abilities will allow me to process the deluge of information very quickly. The catch, of course, is that I will have to find ways of solving problems and helping that are also big turn-ons for me. I’d love to feed the world for example, to clean the air of pollution, to end climate change, but none of those things exactly make me horny. If someone thinks of erotic ways to solve those problems I’m all ears.”


“Thank you,” Rosa said.


“You’re welcome. How about you?” Kate pointed to a black man with a great looking eighties style hi-top fade.


“I actually have a question for your husband.”


“Fiancé, actually,” Kate said, “and let me just say that everyone is absolutely invited to our wedding when that time come. I want everyone to be able to witness their goddess’s happiest day first hand. Though in keeping with this honesty policy, I don’t know how many of you will actually survive our honeymoon.” Kate couldn’t suppress the lust in her voice as she hinted at the glorious destruction she fantasized about for their wedding night.


“Of course” the man said, somewhat nervous now. “For your fiancé, what’s it like to be intimate partners with the world’s most powerful woman.”


“I’m going to be honest too.” Tom said. “It’s a pretty big turn on. I’m with a woman able and willing to make every weird sex fantasy I’ve ever had come true.”


“For real,” Kate said. “I spent a good portion of last night using this little hunk as nothing, but my own personal sex toy, and I plan to do it later today too.”


Tom nodded in agreement. “If you’re someone who already enjoys eating pussy, I highly recommend it. It’s about a hundred times better being completely in there.”


“That goes for you lady folks as well. In fact, the universal ability to consensually turn your partner into a sex toy is one of the major improvements to life on this planet that I’m already considering.”


“What if people don’t like it?” The reporter asked.


“Uh, then don’t do it.” Kate said. “I don’t like tomatoes too much, and I deal with that by just not eating them.”


“Would that be for men as well as women?” The reporter asked. “Could a man turn his partner into a Fleshlight style device, for example?”


“No reason not to,” Kate said. “If they’re both into it, in fact you’re giving me ideas.” She looked down at Tom. “Honey, make a mental note, at some point in the future I should turn into a fleshlight type device for you to masturbate yourself with.”


“Noted,” Tom said.


“Anyway, I think I’ll take one more question from someone, how about you?” Kate pointed at a young white woman in respectable black blazer and dark slacks with long curly black hair and bright amber eyes behind a pair of thick framed Buddy Holly style glasses.


“I’m Amy Collins from the Young Ladies’ Dispatch. As an all powerful goddess, do you feel like you will be a good example for other women in the world who desire power and prestige?”


“Thank you for asking. I hope I can be a good example to the world that women can be just as lustful and power hungry as men and it doesn’t make them weird or bad. As part of my ascension in the coming weeks, I plan to elevate many women into roles of power as my priestesses, and perhaps even as semi and demigoddesses in their own right.”


“Do you have any plans to level the playing field between women and men in other ways? Men have dominated women for so long economically, socially, and often, sadly, physically. Will you do anything to, I don’t know, even the score a little?”


“I’d certainly like to help with that.” Kate said. “Most of my fantasies are size and strength related, so it terms of making women more physically strong, larger, and more able to resist domination, or even dominate a little in return, that’s certainly a possibility.”


“That could certainly help some women who are in physically abusive relationships.”


“Say,” Kate said, “that gives me an idea.”


“An idea?” The interviewer repeated in a questioning tone.




Kate stood there, the glow in her eyes growing stronger. Then she looked back down at the crowd at her ankles.


“IT IS DONE.” She nodded her head forward, and the glow in them flashed brightly for a split second.


“All of these abusive men have been transported away from their homes, workplaces, and lives, and deposited within my home. They have all been shrunk to various small sizes depending on the severity of their offenses. I know this doesn’t help everyone; it doesn’t create the systemic change we’d need for that, but it’s a start.” Her voice took that divine tone again. “NOW I INVITE THOSE SAME WOMEN VIEWING ME, LISTENING TO ME, TO VOLUNTEER. I’M HOSTING A LUNCHTIME GATHERING IN MY HOUSE. A HALF DOZEN WOMEN WILL BE ALLOWED TO HAVE LUNCH WITH ME, WHICH WILL LIKELY RESULT IN MANY TINY HORRIBLE MEN BEING CRUSHED AND KILLED IN TORTUROUS WAYS AS WE HANG OUT. IF YOU SPOT ONE HE IS YOURS TO DO WITH AS YOU PLEASE. I KNOW THIS WILL NOT APPEAL TO EVERYONE, BUT TO THOSE WHO WOULD ENJOY SUCH FUN AND GAMES I INVITE YOU TO AN AFTERNOON OF LUNCH AND CRUEL, BUT JUST, PLEASURES. FURTHER, IMAGINE WHAT YOU WOULD WISH TO WEAR TO SUCH AN EVENT. MY POWERS WILL BRING YOU HERE AND PROVIDE YOU WITH APROPRIATE ATTIRE.”


Kate scrunched her brow in concentration, and then relaxed it.


“Ah, I have selected them.” In a flash five women appeared in Kate and Tom’s front yard. Two white women, one black woman, one Latina woman, and one Asian woman. All were dressed in finely tailored expensive looking clothing in various styles.


“Let me introduce you to the women who have taken up my offer. If you weren’t selected, don’t worry. I plan to host events such as this fairly often, so you will get a chance to squish tiny jerks, if you want to. First, from Scrampton in the Iroqois-Anglo confederation, we have Kelly Johnson.”


A petite white woman wearing her blonde hair in a cute little pixie cut wearing a white blouse with a pink cardigan and a pink cheetah pattern skirt made a little curtsy. On her feet, in contrast to her soft pink clothing, she wore a pair of shiny black shit stomper Doc Martin boots.


“From Ann Arbor in the United States of the Great Lakes we have Aliqua Rashaad.”


A tall slender black woman with a small afro cut and a blue denim jacket and skirt waved around to the crowd. She wore a pair of shiny yellow pumps.


     Kate went on introducing the rest. Alyssa Chen was an East Asian woman from Spanish Pacifica a few hundred miles south of where they all stood at that moment in Anglo-Pacifica. She was fairly curvy with voluptuous hips and butt that were only emphasized by the long form fitting gold dress she wore. She also wore simple, but well made open toe sandels with cute little daisy decals on the straps separating her big toes from the rest. Alejandra Rivera was a slender athletic Latina wearing a classy purple pantsuit with sparkly golden ballet flats. Finally Jesse Plonkerton was a chubby woman with bright red hair dazzling eyes, and an expensive looking sleeveless green dress that shimmered and shone with her every move. On her feet, she wore what appeared to be a pair of beat up old red tennis shoes.


     “There’s one more woman here I’d like to invite in.” Kate said. “She was having the most delicious thought about what she’d like to do with all the tiny little wastes of life in my house, but I don’t have to teleport her, because she’s already here. Miss Collins, you may join us any time.”



Amy Collins handed off her mike and equipment to another young woman who was there for her technical assistance. Amy whispered something to her, they hugged, and Amy joined the other women standing in Kate’s front yard.



“Alright the rest of you may leave. I am going to have a nice leisurely lunch with my new friends and around one or two thousand little male guests for our entertainment. I will hold another briefing tomorrow, and for every day in the foreseeable future until my reign gets a little more organized.”


     Representatives from the various news organizations grumbled, but they started to pack their equipment away not wanting to annoy the world’s new goddess. Kate shrunk herself back down to her normal height slowly enough to enjoy the sensation. Growing and shrinking were both incredible pleasures for her, like a very, very pleasant stretching and flexing, just as she’d always imagined in her fantasies. She looked over at Tom, standing by as dutifully as ever. Kate couldn’t wait to reward him with that fleshlight thing she’d thought of, but first she had a lunch to oversee.


     “Darling,” she said.


     “I know. This is a ladies luncheon. No boys allowed.”


     “You know me so well, dear. Listen with my powers you are now an independently wealthy man of leisure. You should go out and have some fun, buy something expensive. Treat yourself.”


     “I see, so it turns you on to make me a rich boy?”


     “It turns me on to be your sugar mama, baby. Remember that role-play where I’m the wealthy heiress, and you’re the handsome, intelligent, yet destitute pool boy willing to do me any service for my favor?”


     “Oh, yeah,” Tom said and smiled. “That was a good one.”


     “Anyway I love you, I’ll call you when I’m ready for you to come back, and don’t worry. There are so many of those bug men in there, that there’ll be plenty for US to play with when you get back.”


     “Alright,” Tom said. He and Kate enjoyed a divinely pleasurable kiss. Then he jumped in his car and drove off up the road. Kate went back to join her girls who had been watching them with a mixture of uncertainty and anticipation.


     “Wow, what a cool guy,” Kelly said.


     “Yeah,” Kate said, “I got really lucky with Tom. He’s just as freaky as I am, but not a jerk. Now, are you girls ready?”


     “Is this really what your said it’ll be?” Aliqua asked. “We’ll get to crush and stomp and obliterate all those abusive guys you say you shrank?”


     “She didn’t just say it.” Alyssa said. “My boyfriend, Desmond, was trying to pressure me into giving him a blow job while I was watching the news. He was getting that tone of voice he hits right before he starts hitting, then poof. I closed my eyes, thought about the shit he does to me and he had just vanished. If I find him in there I’m going to press him into a pulp with these naughty ladies.” She gesture down to her feet where she wiggled her toes in anticipation.”


     “Now ladies,” Kate said, “I want you to line up nice and orderly.”


     The six women lined up in a row, as Kate paced back and forth, feeling like a general about to issue orders to her troops.


     “In my house there are currently between one and two thousand shrunken jerks waiting to meet their fates. I picked each of you, because I sensed the violent sensuous fantasies you each had about what you might do with a little shrunken man. Fantasies I, myself have had sense I was a teenager exploring the internet. I know that some of you have even written stories or created artwork I’ve seen on the various InterWebs sites. Why Jesse, I was schlicking one off to your story about the woman eating a bowl of little tinies like cereal just last week.”


     “What?” Jesse feigned innocence. “No, I would never, er…”


     “Whoa,” Amy interrupted, “you’re ‘tinycrusher-ninetytwo’?”


     “You read the story too, eh, ‘candyfoot-massacre’?” Kate asked.


     Amy blushed, but then quickly composed herself. “Yeah, I’m candycrusher. I put up the videos of stomping gummi bears and raspberries and anything else I can pretend is a little person at my mercy. It looks like we’re all the same kind of perv here so we don’t need to be coy about it. After all, we’re already here because the thought of killing tiny little defenseless people turns us on.”


     “Man, your stuff is good.” Aliqwa said, “I pretend those raspberries and strawberries are my exes all the time. You should all know that I go by Stompy Writer on the forums and story archives. I do a lot of couples stories, mostly growth stuff, occasionally shrink”


     “Oh wow,” Jesse said. “Your stuff is, like, light years better than mine. Mine are just short little jerk off bits. You write honest to gods epics.”


     Kelly cleared her throat loudly. Everyone looked at her.


     “What are you all talking about?” She asked. “Sure a person has fantasies about weird shit sometimes. Growing like in that old movie, or having,like, a little shrunken person to do, y’know, whatever you want with, but stories, videos, that stuff doesn’t, like, no one really…” She trailed off. Everyone was looking at her.


     “Poor thing,” Alijandra said, “you mean you don’t know about the websites, the stories, the forums. You’ve never talked to people on sizebirder?”


     Kate snapped her fingers. It cracked like a gunshot bringing all the ladies to attention.


     “It’s true. Kelly has all the fantasies and lusts we have, but she’s not much of an online person, so she doesn’t know about this stuff. Luckily you’ve got a group of the continent’s premiere female size perverts to teach you about this stuff. Now please let’s go inside and have a smashing lunch.”


     Kate opened her front door and let the other woman file in.


     Each woman walked looking around at her the floor, aside from Kate.


     “You might not see them right away; they’ve had quite some time to find hiding places. Luckily I also cheated a little.”


     “Cheated?” Amy questioned.


     “Yes, I’ve made most of these little guys unreasonably attracted to the smell and appearance of feet. As we walk around and get ready for lunch some of them are just bound to have their desires overcome good sense, and…”




     “I got one.” Kelly said. “I felt his little body crunch under my boot. It felt, um.” She paused feeling self-conscious. Looking at the other women, all smiling warmly at her, it melted. “It felt fucking fantastic.”


     “Let me see.” Jesse said.



The women aside from Kate gathered around as Kelly lifted her foot and turned it sideways. They all saw it. A little three inch long body, smashed to sticky red pulp on Kelly’s boot tread.


“Don’t worry about a mess by the way,” Kate said. “Goddess powers make cleaning a breeze. Her eyes glowed, and the remains stuck to Kelly’s boot and Kate’s carpet dissolved away into mist. “That was just to demonstrate. I’m not cleaning until after our lunch date. I think it’ll be more fun that way.”


     The women all agreed that it would be more fun to see what was left of their kills.


     “So what are we having for lunch?” Amy asked.


     “Just picture your preferred lunchtime food and it will be in the kitchen waiting for us.”


     They walked from the front room over to the kitchen where unbeknownst to them, many of the men had hidden due to the open space and tile flooring giving good clear visibility.


     On the long dining table sat a place for each woman with steaming delicious looking lunches for each of them. They walked along taking their time, knowingly increasing the possibility that some little man would get crushed under their feet. They didn’t need to worry. The open clear view also gave the men an open clear view of the women’s feet. Several men lost their composure and made a break for it. They ran under Aliqwa’s shiny pumps.




     “Ha,” Aliqwa said, “I got some, maybe two.” She could feel the power rising through her legs, along with the sadistic pleasure of living out a fantasy. She lifted her foot and regarded the two little red spots on the white tile. “Wow you made those guys extra teeny tiny.”

     “They’ve been shrunk to sizes in accordance with the severity of their crimes. The little ones who crush fast are the ones who were mostly emotional abusers or financial. As the least among the deserving they get the mercy of a swift death. The slightly bigger fellow Kelly crushed had probably actually hit a woman at some point. See the bigger they are the more brutal and torturous we can make their fates.”


     “Whew,” Jesse said. “That’s fucking hot.”


The other women agreed and continued walking through the kitchen taking their time. Each woman scored several more tiny victims as she walked. They decided to ignore them for now as they were all getting quite hungry. Still each woman knew when she’d killed a little loser, and felt a thrill of pleasure each time. They each sat at their assigned spot. Kate, of course, was at one end and the six other women were arranged on with her side with the other end left empty. They started eating their food and chatting.


     “I saw what you and your husband did to the city yesterday. It was fucking hot and terrifying, but I think maybe you borrowed some stuff from me.”


     “I won’t deny it.” Kate said. “You’re stuff is just too hot not to try. You and grildrig are, like, just about my two favorites.”


     The women, other than Kelly all nodded and agreed recognizing the name of the seminal author whose work had gotten most of them into size kink.


“It’s alright; too bad I was at work. Otherwise I’d have had a definite appointment with Mr. Magic Wand.”


     Kate lifted her foot under the table, and then brought it back down slowly as an experiment. She felt a little man under her soft bare sole. She pressed him down firmly, but gently feeling him squirm and struggle to escape. She chewed a lettuce leaf from her salad, swallowed it, and then made an announcement.


     “My friends, there’s a little man under my foot. His struggles are very pleasant. He’s a little over four inches long, so he must have done some pretty awful things to women. I’ll let you all choose. How should your goddess annihilate him?”


     They each offered suggestions. “Eat him up.” Jesse said. “I’ll bet he tastes good.”


     “I have made them all taste good,” Kate said, “in case any of you decide to indulge any vore-ish desires.”


     “I think you should rub your foot back and forth, so he’s slowly ground down into paste.” Alyssa said.


     “Not bad, any others?”


“I also think you should just grind him out.” Aliqwa said.


Kelly raised her hand.


“Yes, Kelly, how do you want this little life extinguished?”


“What if you just, sort of, squished his head between your toes like a little grape?”


“I like it.” Kate said. “I tried something similar with my husband last night and it was a hoot. Getting to actually snuff out a life will make it that much hotter. Would you like to watch?”


“Me?” Kelly asked swallowing a bite of hamburger.


“It’s your idea, and your erotic imagination has been sadly deprived of content all these years.”


Kelly wiped her mouth with her napkin. “Okay.” She said.


She got down of the chair onto her knees, incidentally crushing one of the bug sized men under a knee cap. Kelly crawled under the table until she was right in front of Kate’s foot. A few smaller men were running around down there trying to get at the women’s’ feet but not being able to get through their shoes. Except for Alyssa, who actually had a few little men under her toes and hadn’t told anyone. She was casually rubbing the toes together slowly and softly enough to torture the men without instantly destroying their little bodies. Still, more than a few had been popped into little blood spots. The sight aroused Kelly. She loved the thought of women’s feet crushing little helpless bugmen, and in general just loved other women’s feet. She crawled over to Kate’s. With their lovely blue silver tipped French style pedicure, the slightly plump toes, and the nice well defined arch, they were actually Kelly’s dream feet.


Kelly was right in front of them now. She could see the little man there overwhelmed, dominated by the beautiful foot of Kate the goddess. Kelly looked at his face and realized she knew him. It was Todd. The Todd who had liked to slap Kelly around and hide her keys so ‘she couldn’t cheat’, because ‘all women cheat’. Kelly was going to enjoy this even more than she had thought.


“Are you ready for the show?” Kate asked.


“Absolutely,” Kelly said.


“Well, alright.”


Kate’s foot pressed down slowly, lightly. Little Todd’s attraction to her foot had been broken by the adrenaline and fear of being completely at its, or rather her, mercy. Delight flowed through Kelly as she watched. From her head down to her own toes a sweet lovely tingle ran. She wished she had him under her own foot, but soon she would likely have the opportunity to try this for herself with one of the little men. Kate’s foot held Todd firmly. Then it flexed a little, moving his body to just the right spot. The pretty toes lowered the big toe on one side of his head, the next toe on the other.


Kelly whispered.“Hey Todd.”


The little man looked up, recognized Kelly and began sobbing and pleading for her to save him. It felt nice having him beg, and even nicer when she smiled and shook her head.


“Ready?” Kate asked.


“Ready.” Kelly said.


The pretty toes clenched slowly, luxuriating in the exquisite violence as they squeezed Todd’s head like a vice. Within a moment it popped. Just like a grape as Kelly had suggested. Red blood oozed from between the clenched toes. Kelly realized her nipples were hard. She had a sudden dark urge.




“Yes, Kelly?”


“May I lick your divine foot clean?”


“Yes Kelly, that would be very pleasing.”


Kelly scooted forward and lowered her head to Kate’s foot. She stuck out her tongue and gave the red liquid a test lick. As her tongue swabbed at the gore a jolt went through it. It was delicious, wonderful, sweet spicy and slightly fruity. Without hesitation she licked and licked. She kissed and worshipped feeling extraordinarily privileged to enjoy her goddess’s foot. She pulled the body out from underneath and began chewing. It was even better than the blood, the most delicious crunchy little treat Kelly had ever enjoyed. She swallowed it down, savoring it, and went back to cleaning Kate’s foot. She ran her tongue around the toes getting in to every nook and crevice between them. Kelly kissed and sucked on them lightly. Even without Todd’s body as a garnish they were smooth, creamy and delicious. Kelly began licking long and slow along the entire length of the sole, from heel to toe.


Above, Kate beamed, enjoying having a pretty young woman worship and adore her feet so.


“Mmmm, Kelly’s hitting all the right spots.”


“You a foot person, Kate?” Alyssa asked.


“Yup, I’m always having Tom massage them, or suck them, or let me shove them in his face. Probably come up with some really weird things for him to do to them, or for them to do to him, what with the nearly omnipotent power and all.”


“You could make him be your insole or something.” Alejandra suggested. “That one’s a classic.”


“Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind. We’ll probably try all the classics eventually; make him my insole, make him so small my toe print is like a labyrinth. I could do that thing where he has to scrub all the crushed and flattened victims off of my soles.”


The women at the table all agreed, knowing well the standard tropes of the genre.


Finished with her task, Kelly came back up and took her seat at the table.


“Well, ladies I brought a little something up here for you.” She showed them all her hand. In it she held a couple of two inch tinies and about a dozen one inch tinies.


“Nice,” Jesse said.


“Kate was right. I tried a few smaller ones while I was under there; they’re delicious. In fact I think a few might pep up my burger.” Kelly took off the top bun and lettuce with one hand, and deposited a couple of the one-inchers on the meat. She then slammed the top bun back down before they could run anywhere.


“Anyone else want to try?”


Everyone did. Each woman got a few tinies. Kelly dropped the ones she had left into the cup of ketchup for her fries. Alyssa dropped hers into her chicken noodle soup like little squirming Parmesan shreds. Aliqwa put hers between two slices of the warm roast beef in her sandwich. Alijandra sprinkled them around on her seafood tostada. Jesse stirred hers into her noodle bowl with her chopsticks alongside the stir fried beef. Kate dropped hers into her boba tea alongside tapioca pearls. What a treat it would be to slurp a little person up through her straw. Amy looked down at the tiny men in her hand, then at her Caesar salad. She considered something for a moment, and then just tipped them all into her mouth at once as they were. The other women looked on her smiling. Each delighted by the boldness of her choice.


Amy swirled them around in her mouth. They tasted great, savory and satisfying. The feeling was delightful as well she could actually feel each individual man moving and struggling on her tongue, between her gums and teeth, a few had even fallen between cheek and gum like a pinch of snuff. Amy felt the full power and dominance she had over these tiny pathetic men. It aroused her, and she felt her stiffening nipples rubbing against the fabric of her bra. She moved her tongue around wanting to feel and taste each little morsel as thoroughly as she could. Finally she couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. Amy swallowed sending the half dozen or so, she hadn’t bothered counting them, tiny men down into her stomach. She smirked with the physically pleasant sensation, and the even more pleasant thought of abusers burning to death in her stomach. She licked her lips.


“Oh, they’re just as good as Kelly said they were.”


The five other women and one goddess smiled and chuckled as each began devouring their own little treats. Jesse found the little men entangled in her noodles to be loaded with umami flavor, serving to enhance the flavor of the beef and veggies. She swore she could hear their little yells of terror as they were slurped past her plump pouty lips and down her throat.  


Alyssa tried her best to get a tiny man in every other spoonful of soup. She wanted them to soak in the soup and the terror and suspense of who would be chosen next. At the same time, she continued lifting her feet out of her sandals for a bit, waiting until she was sure some men were on them, and then lowering them back down pinning the about a dozen tinies at a time between the foam of the sandal, and the softly brutal soles of her feet. She would pause, savoring the feeling of them squirming helplessly against her. When it pleased her, Alyssa would press in hard grinding her soles against her victims, scrunching her toes back and forth, and feeling as they were all mashed into warm pulpy goo. At one point she managed to crush two sandal loads at the same time she swallowed a little man in her soup. The pleasure gave her a small orgasm, one of the few she ever had without anything touching her genitals. She savored it.


     Alejandra lifted her tostada to eye level. She could see each little man swaying and struggling to stand on the large tortilla round, mired as they were in fresh fish and shrimp ceviche. The lime juice stung their eyes. To Alejandra it looked like they were crying from fear, and remembering times such men had made her cry, she relished it. With a big smile on her bright crimson lips, she leaned in and took the first bite.




Another bite.




Each bite got closer and closer until Alejandra felt something besides tortilla and seafood being crunched and shredded between her teeth. She held the tostada back up to eye level. As she enjoyed the new texture and its delightful slightly salty flavor, she spotted it. Just at the edge of the tortilla lay a little man bisected at the waist by her pretty shiny teeth. She crunched away and swallowed with delight, as she noticed his arms still thrashed for a bit. She bit in again, wanting to get him while he was still alive to hate it. Alijandra savored his death at her teeth, and then continued on eating her lunch, now with a complete disregard to its little passengers. Each time she felt that distinctive extra crunch between her teeth, splintering human bone she supposed, she savored it and chewed extra slowly until she swallowed it, hoping to prolong each man’s agony before she swallowed him like so much fish and shrimp.


“This is so nice,” she said after swallowing one particularly squirmy man. “It’s really maravilosa, getting to indulge, revel even, in my particular, hmm, flavor of sadism with a group of women who appreciate and enjoy it.”


“It’s my pleasure,” Kate said. “It’s literally my pleasure in each of your cruel, perverted fantasies that led me to choose you all.”


Aliqua was having fun with her utensils. She stabbed her fork down through a tiny man’s body, pinning him to her steak as she cut into it with a knife. As she brought the fork up to her plush purple lips, she could see he was still alive and squirming. Pulling the clean fork out her mouth, Aliqua chewed away enjoying the flavorful juices of her rare steak, and of the even rarer human being in her mouth. Their flavors blended perfectly. It was the best single bite she’d ever tasted.


Kelly idly dipped a French fry into her ketchup. It came up with several men stuck to it, and she crunched away smiling. “Alyssa’s holding out on us.”


“Whatever do you mean?” Kate asked, and slurped a man up out of her tea through the long wide straw.


“She been tempting the tinies to come out onto her sandals, then squishing them all when they get there. I’m worried that there won’t be enough for the rest of us.”


“Never fear,” Kate said, “After we’re done eating I plan to lead a small hunt around the whole house. I’m sure you’ll all get all the action you want. In the meantime, you could show the same initiative as Alyssa and enjoy squishing and eating the little buggers at the same time.


Each woman liked they sound of that so they each took off their footwear. Doing so unleashed a wave of shoe trapped pheromones that hit everyman still in the kitchen. Unable to help themselves they raced out of their hidey holes. Despite their best judgment, none could resist the allure of that sweet earthy aroma that flooded their altered senses. A horde of one-inchers, all of whom had emotionally and verbally abused and harassed women at some point in there now ‘short’ lives, ran as fast as they could. The two to three inch long gentlemen, all of whom has struck or financially exploited women at some point outpaced them, due to their longer legs. However, the head of the pack were the four to six inch men. Their relatively large size marked them all as serial abusers, rapists, and even a couple of murderers; the worst of the worst.


Ralph, a white man who beat two wives and a number of girlfriends, to teach them discipline he said, was a four inch tall man who couldn’t stop himself from racing with lust towards Jesse’s plump feet with their chubby very round toes. The smell and the look of them drove him wild with desire. As he closed in he flung himself upon them with ardor. As he began kissing and licking between her toes, it hit him, a wave of fear and regret, this was his fault, he realized. He wished he’d tried harder to control himself. He felt the weight of every bruise and slap he’d given a partner. He shouldn’t be here lusting after these feet. Ralph finally knew that it had all been his fault, he begged the universe for forgiveness.


It was pointless. Jesse lifted her foot and twisted it, dropping him to the cold hard tile. Ralph felt the rush of displaced air rushing in from two sides. Jesse’s big plush feet came in from either side squeezing him between them like a vice. His body was held between the balls of both feet. His head stuck out between the two big toes.


     Above, Jesse slurped more noodles. She had just about eaten all the tinies she had taken, and was delighted to have this particularly big, and thus she recalled particularly cruel, little man between her feet; at her nonexistent mercy.


“I have a big one held between my feet.” She said. “I’m trying to decide, should I crush his body between my soles, or squish his head between my two big toes.” She savored his squirming as she took the groups’ input.


“Well, speaking from experience popping their heads is a lot of fun.” Kate said.


“Sure,” Alejandra said. “But, with respect goddess, you already did that one. Maybe variety would be nice.”


“True,” Kate said.


“Fine,” Jesse said, “body it is.”


The pressure around Ralph increased all at once. Each foot pushed towards the other. He felt his bones cracking, then breaking, then splintering, as Jesse’s huge soles collapsed his ribcage. The soles rubbed against each other as Jesse enjoyed the warm slick mess between them. She felt the little man’s remains squishing up between her toes like mud and it gave her a pleasant little shudder inside.


At this point a number of other rapists and batterers had made their way amongst the women’s feet and toes.


     “I can feel a few down there,” Kelly said. She unceremoniously lifted a foot and brought it down hard making a smacking sound as her foot hit the floor, crushing two men flat.


     The women continued their lunch casually chowing down on the men left on their food, and just as casually stomping, squishing, and tormenting the little men below with their feet. Soon they were finished eating and stood up from the table.


Aliqua turned her foot up, and inspected the pale tan sole of her otherwise dark brown foot. It had quite a few spots of human gore stuck to it.


“Could I clean my feet before our so-called ‘hunt’? I’d prefer to destroy my victims with fresh clean soles.”


“No problem,” Kate said. She snapped her fingers, and Aliqua watched as the flattened bodies dissolved into a kind of mist. Her feet were now immaculately clean and felt wonderful, as if Aliqua had just stepped out of a foot bath.


“Do any of the rest of you want your feet cleaned?” Kate asked.


“Not me,” Alyssa said. The other women looked down and saw that her sandals and feet were now absolutely encrusted with gore and flattened bodies. “I want these little jerks to see their fate as soon as they see my feet.”


“Very well,” Kate said. “And the rest of you?”


Kelly and Jesse allowed their feet to be refreshed. Alejandra dissented.


“I’m with Alyssa. I want them to endure the worst conditions before they meet their end. Just thinking about it turns me on very hard.”


The women, other than Alyssa with her sandals, chose to go barefoot, to better attract their prey. Kate led them through the house. They went back into the living room and each woman looked around for good targets. A few one inchers dashed out of hiding and were quickly crushed like the bugs they resembled.


“Let’s go upstairs,” Kate suggested.




Chapter 4 by Shade


The group followed her up the stairs and into a little hallway with three doors along the wall.


“As you can see there are three rooms up here. Mine and Tom’s bedroom, the master bathroom, and a room we use as a home office slash library slash game room.”


“That’s a lot of slashes,” Amy said.


Kate shrugged her shoulders. “It’s what we could afford. Come see it in a week or two when I’ve had my goddess palace built. Anyway I figure you should all split up. Two to each room, I’ll drop in with each of you as we go. As goddess I feel each of you lovely lustful ladies is equally deserving of my time.” Then a thought struck Kate. “Eureka!” She shouted. As she did two more Kates emerged from either side of her, each wearing identical clothes.


The six mortal women stared, shocked. Squishing and eating little people was an idea they’d all fantasized about, they were ready to see that. This was different, the most impossible thing they’d seen so far.


“Alright,” each Kate said in unison. “Now there’re enough of me to go around.”


“Did that…” Amy paused. “Hurt?”


“Of course not, dear.” All three Kates said in unison. The one closest to Amy held up her hand. The other two Kates stepped back. “It actually felt amazing, it’s a great pleasure for me, er, us now, whenever we use our powers, but let’s be organized about this. First some ground rules for the three of us. To avoid confusing the mortals whichever one of us is closest to the speaker physically should be the one to do the talking.”


“That makes sense,” the two other Kates agreed.


“So,” the first Kate said, “who wants to go where?”


“Bedroom,” Kelly raised her hand, “Alyssa, please come with me.”


“Alright,” Alyssa agreed feeling a bit flattered. 


     “I definitely want to check out the bathroom.” Aliqua said.


     “Sounds cool to me.” Jesse said.


     “Maybe we could try some of that shit in your stories.” Aliqua said.


     Jesse grinned and blushed.


     “That leaves us.” Alejandra said putting an arm around Amy.


“Looks like.” Amy said.


“This is great,” Kate said. “Remember this is no time to be shy or coy. If you’ve ever wanted to do something to little shrunken men, this is the time to try it out. I promised I can’t be disgusted or put off by anything you ladies might do for pleasure.”


With that, the three trios each went to their chosen rooms.


-Kelly & Alyssa-


Kelly took Alyssa by the hand and pulled her over to the bedroom door. Their Kate twiddled her fingers at the door and it opened itself. Kelly went ahead practically dragging Alyssa, who offered no resistance. Kate followed and closed the door behind them.


The bedroom was a good size with a big queen sized bed sticking out from one wall, facing a big flat screen television on the other side. Curtained windows let in warm afternoon sunshine, and further along the same wall as the bed stood another door. Everything was meticulously neat and clean. The blue comforter seemed very cozy to Kelly and the white sheets looked as crisp and clean as any hotel she’d ever been to.


“This is such a nice bedroom Goddess Kate.”


“Thank you, Kelly.” Kate said.


“It’s so neat compared to mine in the trailer.”


“Don’t feel bad, I cheated. I used goddess powers to get it all this nice.”


“It’s still very nice Kate.” Alyssa said. “I grew up slightly rich, and I can tell you, this is nice stuff. I hate to be all straight to business, but where is our prey?”


“Actually,” Kelly said, “I have something I’d like to do before we start. Is that all right, Goddess?” She looked to Kate with the humblest expression she could muster.


“Of course, Kelly, we’re here to have a good time together.” Kate thought about what a fine priestess Kelly would eventually make.


“Thank you, Goddess.” Kelly turned back to Alyssa. “I know you didn’t want Kate to just, poof them clean, but would it be okay if…if…” She trailed off, nervous.


“What is it?” Alyssa asked.


“Would it be okay if I cleaned all the bodies and gore off of your feet,” she paused, “with my mouth?”


A look passed over Alyssa’s pretty heart shaped face. At first maybe a tinge of automatic disgust, but that fell away as she remembered this was a special day, and a special place.


“Yes.” She answered, “You may clean all these squished boys off of my feet. There’s just one thing.”


“What is it?” Kelly asked.


“I want you to do it naked.”


Kelly’s whole face brightened up like morning sunshine. “Yes, yes, of course.”


Kelly quickly undressed herself throwing her clothes down onto the floor as she peeled them off. In her hurry she crushed several tiny men to death, who’d been compelled out by the sight and smell of the women’s feet.


Kate licked her lips in anticipation. She’d been using her powers to dominate. She and Tom rampaged in the city, she had dominated little shrunken Tom, and she had devoured and stomped the little men along with her selected guests. All fun, but this was her first opportunity to watch other people enjoying the fruit of her powers purely as a watcher, and not a participant. It appealed greatly to her more voyeuristic fantasies. “I think I will get naked too, if you don’t mind, that is.”


“Oh, no,” Kelly and Alyssa said in unison.


Kate flicked her wrist and in a sparkle was as naked and Kelly.


Kelly was a pale skinny white girl with a few moles and scars here and there on her body. Alyssa looked her up and down enjoying what she saw. Kelly’s pert little breasts and pale golden pubic fuzz were very appealing to Alyssa who wished she could pop one of the little boobs into her mouth and suck on it. Kate, as Alyssa and Kelly were slightly surprised to see, had the body of a fairly average white woman in her thirties who wears medium sized clothes; a bit of pudge above her fluffy brown pubic hair, a few moles and acne scars there. The two younger women had expected something more goddess-like, but they still found her very attractive.


Alyssa went over to the bed and popped up onto it backwards, slipping off her sandals as she did so. Her long feet with their long spidery toes dangled off the side, encrusted in tiny human remains. “Now get on your knees and start cleaning.” She ordered.


Kelly practically flung herself down and knee walked across the hardwood floor to the bedside, crushing several more tiny men in the process. Alyssa raised her foot so Kelly could take in the messy reality of her task. “You want to clean this messy, sticky, gory foot with your mouth?”


“Yes, mm-hmm.” Kelly gasped and shook her head up and down, almost frantically.


“You may begin by licking this foot. Well, what are you waiting for?”


Kelly leaned in. Taking Alyssa’s ankle in both hands she ran her tongue up and down the Asian girl’s foot. The taste of the crushed bodies was delicious, and the feeling of being so submissive to this pretty woman, while at the same time dominating and squishing tinies by accident was a heady mixture.


Alyssa was getting equally intoxicated with the feeling of having this pretty young white woman at her service. The feeling of the warm gentle tongue on her filthy foot was getting her even more turned on than crushing the tinies had in the first place.


Kate poofed a comfy chair into existence and watched closely as one woman she was attracted to licked the mashed bodies off another woman she was attracted to’s foot. She ran a couple fingers up through her vulva, which was quite wet at this point, and started rubbing her clit.


“You’re doing an alright job.” Alyssa said, but what about these little toes, huh?” She moved her foot so the gore encrusted toes were right on Kelly’s face, under the ledge of her nose. “Are you going to clean my filthy disgusting toes or what?”


“Yes,” Kelly gasped. She shoved her mouth over Alyssa’s toes suckling on them and running her tongue around them trying to suck off each little morsel of tiny remains.


This was just making Kate more and more turned on. She groaned and grunted as her fingers got her off. Kate continued watching the Alyssa and Kelly play, as she started licking her own juices off of her fingers. She saw a little dude running across the floor and swiftly smashed him under her foot provoking another mini orgasm.


Kelly was licking and sucking Alyssa’s foot like it was her favorite flavor, and to be fair, it was. The blood and gore had been almost completely cleaned away, leaving the foot the same golden tan hue as the rest of Alyssa’s skin. Alyssa abruptly pulled the foot away, almost yanking it from Kelly’s grasp.


“Good job little foot servant. Now do the other.” Alyssa presented the other foot still as encrusted with little popped bodies as the other had been. Kelly went straight back to work licking and slurping away. The delicious flavor spread across her tongue, and Kelly couldn’t believe how lucky she was, getting to fulfill fantasies she had only been vaguely aware of earlier that morning.


Kate was still enjoying the show, but wanted something with a little more oomph than her fingers. With a thought she summoned her large wand style vibrator from the container under the bed to her hand. No need to interrupt sexy foot worship when you’re a goddess after all. To her delight, Kate saw that a few tinies were clinging to the soft foam head of the toy.


Kelly ran her tongue around enjoying the puffy pads of Alyssa’s toes as she lapped up the little bits of people stuck there. She then moved down to the sole, savoring the delicious savory flavor, and the feeling of the soft shallow grooves making up the lines of Alyssa’s foot. She felt a hand come down on her head and pet the short pixie cut. Kelly knew it was Alyssa’s hand. She felt like some sort of combination of servant, pet, and lover, and it was everything she had ever secretly wanted with another girl.


Kate waved her wand gently, showing it off to Alyssa. “Take a look at this, Alyssa.”


Alyssa saw the tiny men on its head and smirked. “They must really want that goddess pussy, Kate.”


“I hope so, because that’s what they’re getting.” Kate gently lowered the wand down to her labia, and ran it up to where it was touching her clitoris. She could feel the little men down there squirming and struggling against her almighty clit.


“Do it,” Alyssa said, “not to give a goddess orders, but I want to see those little bugs smashed and drowned so you can have an orgasm. Consider it a prayer.”


“Prayer granted,” Kate said as she flicked the vibrator’s switch to the milder setting. Mired in her pleasure juices, held against the silky pink flesh of her little pleasure button. Kate moaned as the wand gave her that feeling she loved it for.


Kelly had just gotten Alyssa’s foot totally and completely clean.


“Watch,” Alyssa instructed. “Watch as our goddess breaks these nasty little men for nothing more than a little masturbation fun. Kelly turned and sat on the floor hugging Alyssa’s feet to her body and laying her cheek against their tops. They watched the goddess.


Kate enjoyed having Alyssa and Kelly watch her. She’d enjoyed watching them, so it only seemed fair. The vibration against her clit was feeling better and better. She’d cheated a little again, reinforcing the little men’s bodies so she could torture and play with them longer. She could feel them wriggling desperately trying to escape, unable to even scream. Kate played with one of her now hard nipples to intensify the feelings of pleasure coursing through her like electricity. Finally ready to come, she turned the vibrator to maximum, and took away the little men’s protection. As she came moaning and gasping, she amplified the sounds of the men’s bodies squishing and breaking for Alyssa and Kelly’s pleasure. As they heard the crunches and saw Kate’s orgasm, the two women clapped and cheered Kate on. She turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of her vulva. She showed it off to Alyssa and Kelly. There were little smashed red specks where the bodies had been. Alyssa smiled basking in her goddess’s sadistic pleasures. Kelly asked the obvious question.


“Would it be alright for me to lick it clean?”


“Of course,” Kate said, and as she basked in the afterglow she watched with pleasure as the petite blonde woman licked all the remains and pussy juice off of Kate’s favorite toy.


“Well, this is pretty fun.” Alyssa said. “I wonder how the others are doing.”


-Aliqua & Jesse-


The two women followed their Kate into the bathroom, and closed the door behind.


“Do you think there’ll be any in here?” Jesse asked.


“No doubt,” Kate said. “When I brought them here, I had them distributed all through the house, bathroom included.”


“I can’t wait,” Aliqua said rubbing her hands together. “I’ve got some ideas.”


“Me too,” Jesse said.


“I’ll just bet.” Aliqua said. “You’re stories have given me some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had; solo or otherwise.”


“Oh, stop.” Jesse’s chubby cheeks blushed.


“Seriously, don’t be modest. You know that one couple’s story you did ‘Dumping the Ex’ that woke up interests I didn’t know I had.”


“Oh, I remember that one.” Kate said. “Isn’t that the one where they giant couple find the wife’s cruel ex-boyfriend and, uh, oh, they shit on him don’t they?”


“Uh-huh,” Aliqua said through a big smile. “And when that’s done they go around town shitting and pissing on all the other things that have screwed them or pissed them off. Buildings, neighborhoods, old workplaces; all of them fair game for the shit-storm.”


“Yep,” Jesse was grinning now. “That one was based on a fantasy my husband and I had one night. Whew that was some hot action. I never knew I could get so into water sports type stuff. Henry was though, and before long I could see the appeal.”


“Then thank Henry for me.” Aliqua said. “Pooping giants and giantesses have become a mainstay of my imagination thanks to you two.”


“What can I say?” Jesse took a mock curtsy.


“I’m not as into that stuff.” Kate said. “I have to admit, I usually skip any scat stuff in erotic stories.”


“You and Tom have never explored that sort of thing?” Jesse enquired.


“I’m not as put off by it as I might be, but I have trouble seeing the appeal. Plus, it’s stinky, and if you’re not careful you can get diseases.”


“You can’t.” Aliqua said. “At least I assume a goddess can’t catch diseases.”


“Still, hmmm,” Kate considered. “Maybe the two of you could demonstrate. You’re both two beautiful women with perversions I find appealing. If anyone can get me into poo-play it’ll be you two.”


“What do you think?” Jesse asked.


“If I get to actually shit on a bunch of little jerks, I think that would be pretty hot.” Aliqua said. “I’d get off while watching them crawl through my waste choking on the smell.”


“Ooh,” Kate said, “hearing you talk, I’m already getting a little into it. Well, let’s hunt out some tinies.”


Each woman searched a corner of the bathroom, besides the one the bathtub/shower was in.


“I’m going to drop any I find off in the tub.” Aliqua said. “That way they’ll stay put.”


“Good idea.” Kate agreed.


 Kate searched around her sink. She went down to her knees and opened the lower cupboard.


“Bingo,” she said, as a flood of tiny men charged out.


Aliqua and Jesse were at Kate’s side in an instant, helping her scoop up and gather a sizable amount of tiny men. Each woman deposited her handfuls into the tub in turn, and soon the bottom was covered with several dozen scared desperate men scrambling and crawling over each other, but unable to climb the smooth, slick walls of the tub. The two women and one goddess were down on their knees alongside the tub looking down into the spectacle.


“Geez,” Jesse said. “Hundreds of horrible little men are all at our mercy.”


“All for our pleasure,” Aliqua said.


“I don’t know about you two, but I think I’ll have more fun naked from this point on.” Kate flicked her wrist and in an instant, her clothes vanished leaving only her own average, but beautiful, naked body.


Aliqua and Jesse agreed that it was a good idea and took off their own clothes, leaving them in neat little piles across the room from the tub. They both agreed that this could get messy.


The three women stood around the tub. They admired each other’s bodies. Aliqua’s was lean with lustrous dark brown skin and just a bit of tone to her muscles. Kate had the body of an average white woman in her late twenties not too thin or thick, as described previously. Jesse was on the heavier side with curves to spare and soft stomach pudge slightly overhanging her pelvis and fat drooping boobs. After looking each other over, they looked down into the tub at their little trapped prey. Each was excited and aroused about the possibilities of something that the day before they had only ever been able to fantasize about. Their mouths were practically watering, as were their pussies, at the sexy possibilities.


“I want to go first, but I’ll need you two to help,” Jesse said.


“What is it?”


“Well, you two may have noticed, I’m a slightly larger lady.”


“Mm-hm,” Aliqua said, “nothing wrong with that. A hottie’s a hottie no matter what size the package is.”


“Well, thank you.” Jesse said. “I know I’m hot, but thank you. For a long time in my life little men like these guys spent a lot of time telling me how gross I was. That my paunch, my flab, my entire body was too disgusting for anyone to want. I’ve fantasized for a long time about forcing it on them, crushing them with fat, smothering them with my softness, diddling myself while I feel them gasping for their last little breaths. Could you two help me make my fantasies a reality?”


“Of course,” Kate said. “That’s what all this is for.”


“Oh, thank you.” Kate instructed the two other women in what she wanted them to do. They carried out her instructions.


Kate and Aliqua each got a handful of one and two inch long men. They took them over to Jesse. Jesse lifted each of her floppy fat boobs up, revealing the under boob are of each. Kate and Aliqua applied their handfuls to said under-boob areas. Jesse dropped her boobs, and Kate and Aliqua pulled their hands out from under them. A couple fell out down onto the tile floor, but were quickly stomped into bloody smears by white and black feet alike. This left a dozen or so men pinned and struggling under each of Jesse’s fat boobs. She found it to be a wonderful arousing sensation, and let her hand wander down to tease her pussy lips. Then she remembered she was with other people. “Is it alright?” She asked.


“Of course,” Kate said. “This is what we’re here for; delicious forbidden pleasures at the expense of these men.”


Jesse continued playing with herself as she felt the little men who were her captives.


“It feels really good.” Jesse said.


“How good?” Kate asked, smiling at Jesse’s pleasure.


“It’s absolutely delicious, feeling them struggle against me with no chance of escape. I think some of the ones that are more deeply buried are already starting to suffocate, and that’s hot too.”


“Is there anything else you can think of you want to do with them?” Kate asked.


“Oh, yes.” Jesse said, removing one slimy finger from her pussy and sniffing it lightly. “I want to feel them crammed between my butt cheeks. Not up my butt, mind you, just stuffed between my nice soft, unyielding butt cheeks.”


“Sounds good,” Kate said. She and Aliqua gathered more tinies. Jesse bent over, hugging her boobs to keep her little captives securely trapped under them. Kate and Aliqua each took a big plush cheek and pulled it, spreading the big butt wide as they could without hurting Jesse. Between the cheeks they applied their handfuls of tiny horrible men, until they were packed in squirming. Kate messed with gravity just tad, to make sure they’d stay there as they released the cheeks, entombing them in the fleshiness of Jesse’s big butt.


Jesse giggled and laughed as they did this. “Oh, they’re a tickly bunch, ‘but’ I like them and that’s the ‘end’ of it, hh-hu.”


“I see you’re a punster in real life, as well as in your stories.” Aliqua said.


“I can’t help it.” Jesse said. “My funny bone’s connected to my horny bone.”


Jesse stood upright. She felt the writhing and struggling under her boobs and in her butt. She thought about the bullies who’d said such rude and hurtful things in her past. It felt utterly glorious to have all these little jerks held captive, squeezing and killing them without lifting her finger, letting her flab do the work for her.


“A couple of the men under my boobs have already stopped moving.” She said with a smile. “I hope the all suffocate, and the ones that don’t I’ll eventually mash into goo with my boobs and ass. It’s so hot I feel like I could come at any moment.”


“Feel free to.” Kate said.


“No,” Jesse said. “I want to leave them there for a while. If I get off just yet I’ll be too tempted to squish them all. Let’s try some other games for now.”


Thus their fun continued while Jesse’s tits and ass were packed with dwindling lives tickling and stimulating her.


“That was a blast.” Kate said. “What about you Aliqua. Want to try some of this poo stuff you were talking about?”


“Maybe,” Aliqua said feeling a sudden bashfulness. “I don’t want to mess up your nice clean tub, though.”


“It’s cool,” Kate said. “Goddess powers will make clean up a breeze.”


“Alright,” Aliqua said. She stepped into the tub crushing a few tiny men under her feet, but paying them no mind. Then she squatted down trying to aim her butt at a high population part of the tub. Kate caused pheromones to emit from Aliqua’s fine firm ass rooting the little men where they were with terrifying desire. Aliqua stayed squatting like that. She breathed in through her nose, out through her mouth, and relaxed. As she gave of a little moan of aroused stimulation, Alqua produced a little ugly brown log of shit from her thick pretty brown butt. It slid out like a snake, dangled a little, and then plopped straight down on top of some tinies, standing like a mushy smokestack made of shit. After a moment’s hesitation, it fell down along its length, catching more tiny men as it did so, like lumberjacks smashed under a soft stinky tree.


Jesse covered her mouth with her hand in delight. Kate felt a twinge of arousal, and for once, saw how shitplay could be a lot of fun.


“How many’d I get?” Aliqua asked.


“A few.” Kate said. “That was hot. We should do some more.”


“That was so fuckin’ naughty,” she said, “but I think that’s all I got down there.” Aliqua said.


“That just won’t do.” Kate said. Her eyes glowed softly and she flicked her wrist. Each woman, Kate included, felt their bowls gurgle, and groan as they filled of their own accord with waste that needed to be evacuated.


“I suggest stepping out of there.” Kate said to Aliqua.


“Right.” Aliqua hopped out.


Kate had them all sit around the edge of the tub, their asses pointed straight into it. Their insides gurgled. Jesse couldn’t hold back any longer, and fingered her clit with sadistic glee thinking about what was about to happen to the men already crammed between her butt cheeks. Then with a loud trio of farts it started. Each woman shat a stream of pure brown filth into the tub filled with little men.


The little men looked around in panic. Each woman’s anus expelled blobby brown matter in their direction. Regardless, they still felt attraction and arousal due to the pheromones Kate had loaded the shit with. Each man felt a torturous mixture of fear, arousal, and shame. Each woman felt a pure physical and mental delight at the long stimulating flow of poop through their anuses and the sounds of men screaming and drowning under their waste. Each woman was now masturbating to the feeling, fingering their clits, and playing with their engorged nipples. As each woman climaxed her torrent of shit petered out. They stood up and looked in the tub at their work. It was half full of brown rancid poop. They could see the bodies in it. Most were already smashed dead, but a few were still struggling to keep from drowning.


“I think all the men in my ass are dead now.” Jesse said with complete nonchalance. “I should let my boob men join their brethren.” Without further ado, Jesse squeezed and rubbed her boobs together. There were audible cracks and popping as thin red lines trailed down from the now crushed bodies. She leaned over the tub, and lifted them, dropping the bodies, and the few still clinging to life, down into the fetid pool of shit. The three of them watched pleased as the rest of the little men drowned in their shit one by one.


“Well, Aliqua, Jesse, you’ve done it.” Kate said. “You’ve made a shit woman out of me.”


-Amy & Alejandra-


                “Well,” Kate said, “This is our little rec. room cum office space.”


     Amy and Alejandra looked around the room. It was actually pretty cozy. There were desk stationed on either side of the room. Several bookcases stood against the walls on the various sides of the room containing novels, nonfiction, and any other kind of written work you could imagine. A couch set against the wall next to the windows provided a comfy looking spot to read those books. There were also numerous board games on the shelves.


     “Where do you think we should look?” Alejandra asked.


     “A lot of them are probably hiding under the desks and bookcases. If we walk around the perimeter our feet should draw them out.” Kate said.


     “This is the most fun I’ve ever had.” Amy said. “I knew I would love stomping tinies.”


     “A real turn on, eh?” Alejandra smirked.


     “Not really to be honest.” Amy said. “I actually consider myself asexual, but it is fun, I get a distinct non-sexual pleasure from feeling them and hearing them…”




     Amy accidentally finished her own sentence by crushing a little man under her foot. She moved her foot off of his body.


     “Looky here,” she said.


     Kate and Alejandra were there in an instance.


     The little man was fairly big, nearly five inches long; in other words, a real piece of work. He was screaming in his little high pitched voice.


     “Oh, dear,” Kate said. “Looks like you only maimed the little dipshit.”


     Alejandra giggled and grinned. “I want to do stuff to him.”


     “What stuff?” Amy asked.


     “There’s no nice way to say it,” Alejandra said, “I want to torture him.”


     Neither Kate nor Amy had any objections. Alejandra squatted down and grasped the man. She lifted him up ever so gently, carried him to one of the desks with a care that someone might have mistaken for tenderness. She put him down on his back. Amy and Kate walked over each looking down over one of Alejandra’s shoulders.


     Alejandra sat down on the office chair and loomed over the little injured man.



     “Hola, little one,” Alejandra said in her best sweet voice. “You seem to have gotten hurt by my friend Amy’s foot. How sad for you. What do you think is wrong?”


     “That goddamned bitch broke my goddamned leg,” He chirped in his squeaky little voice. He pointed to indicate which leg.


     “Which one?” Alejandra asked. She prodded the unbroken leg with her slightly long fingernail.


     “no, no, the other one,” he screamed.


     “Oh, this one?” She prodded the broken leg with her fingernail. The little man winced and screamed as she did so.


     “I know just the thing.”


     Alejandra pulled open one of the desk drawers and gound exactly the things she was looking for. She grabbed one item and pulled it out. It was a pair of office scissors.


     “We’ll have to operate.” She carefully picked up the little man. She held him by his torso allowing both legs to dangle down beneath. She took the scissors and, without pause snipped the man’s leg off. Bone snapped, and the man screamed. The leg plummeted back down onto the desk. Blood gushed from the stump, but Alejandra had taken that into consideration. She put down the scissors and picked up a bottle of white glue, the kind you use in elementary school. She squeezed the bottle and dabbed it against the open bleeding stump. She placed his body back down on the desk ever so carefully.


     “Now that’s staunched the bleeding, and when it hardens it will help with the healing process. Isn’t that good?”


     The little man moaned in pain. Even from her lofty comparative height, Alejandra could make out the tears and snot soaking his pain wracked face. She pretended to have finally noticed something.


     “Oh shoot,” she said flatly, “I see the mistake I’ve made. I left the broken leg and amputated the uninjured one.”


     She took the scissors back up and snipped again, lopping off one of his arms.

     “Whoops.” Alejandra cut off the other arm, and then finally at long last, the leg that Amy had broken.


     “Hmm, you’re a cruel one Alejandra,” Kate said pleasure audible in her voice. You’d be excellent being in charge of punishment in my afterlife.”


     “Can my girlfriend come with me?”


     “Sure why not, I’ll get in touch with you about it sometime next week.”


     “Cool,” Alejandra clenched her fist in triumph. “What about him?”


     “Amy,” Kate said, “what do you want to do with this little monster?”


     “Alejandra’s treatment of him has given me an idea.”


     Amy looked in the desk drawer and found the craft supply she was looking for. She picked up the little man, only clinging to life by Kate’s power (She wants to see what these ladies will do to him. She took a Popsicle sick, wedged it between the man’s butt checks, and then pushed it up into him until popped up out the top of his head, effectively impaling him. By Kate’s grace he was still alive and screaming in more pain than any human has ever survived.


     “Tell us what you did to women little man, tell us what you did and I’ll end this showing you mercy, don’t and I’ll ask Kate here, our new goddess to leave you in this half alive state forever. A symbol of the new order, an example of what we’ll do to men who hurt and oppress women.


     “Fine, he screamed. I beat up my wives, and if they didn’t want to fuck me, they had to correct themselves or suf…”


     Amy had heard enough and bitdown sheering the man’s head, and a bit of his upper torso off with her teeth. She chewed crunching through the bone loudly making yummy noises.


     “Mmm, Kate you made these little bastards taste so good.”


     Alejandra grinned, “Can I try?”


     “Sure,” Amy passed her the grisly snack as if it were nothing more than your standard carnival treat on a stick. Alejandra took a big bite out of the torso’s left side crunching the ribs.


     “Yum, he is so savory, a much better snack than he was a man. He’d be good with a beer.”


     “I would like to claim my right as goddess to finish him off.” Kate proclaimed.


     “Of course goddess,” the two women said in unison.


     Kate took the stick from Alejandra and pulled the entire remaining torso off of it with her mouth. She was happy she’d made them taste so nice. She and Tom would definitely need to share some of these little bastards for a snack later.


     “Well,” she said full a still partially full mouth. “I think everyone else is pretty much done at this point. Let’s rejoin the others”



 -Together Again-



     All six mortal women, and all three Kates met back up in the hallway, went down stairs. The Kates led their guests back out into the front yard and wished them farewell, teleporting them back to their regular lives.


Kate, Kate, and Kate went back inside and shifted their clothes to a more casual white blouse and denim Capri outfit. No shoes though. They wanted to fully experience any jerks they squished. All three sat down on the couch.


     “Well,” said one of them. “I guess we should reintegrate, merge our memories, and call Tom to come home.”


     “Oh, sure,” another one said, “but you know.”


     “Yeah,” another one said pick up the thread. “This right here, this could be kind of fun. I bet Tom would come in his pants if all three of us swarmed him as he got home.


     The other two laughed at the thought.


     “Well,” a Kate said. “I’m also a little curious, like, if the three of us started, I don’t know, making out, or daisy chaining, or whatever strikes our fancy, would that be masturbation, or a ménage à trois or what?”


“We’re the goddess baby,” Kate said. “We can call it whatever we want.


They used their goddess powers to send Tom a text telling him he could come home. Then they started making out, before long they were daisy chaining. Kate decided that there was only one proper name for this act: Awesome.



Chapter 5 by Shade


Chapter 5


Tom pulled into the driveway of the home he shared with Kate. He turned off the engine and pulled the key from the ignition. After stepping out of the car and making sure to grab the bag of things he’d impulse bought at the mall, mostly books and a couple of DVDs, he took another look at his phone.


The text message read: Our guests have gone home. I miss all your charms. Come back here and fall into your goddess’s arms.


Tom knew Kate only made little rhymes like that when she was feeling particularly playful. He took a breath, put his phone back into his pocket, and tried to ready himself, mentally for whatever reality bending fun his fiancé/deity had in mind. Tom was looking forward to getting to crush and maim his fair share of the shrunken domestic abusers and rapists that now populated his house. He just hoped the ladies had left him some. Locking the car, he walked over to the front door and let himself in.


“Hello,” Kate said.


Tom looked over and saw Kate sitting on the couch naked.


“Hi, honey,” he said. “How did your ladies luncheon go?”


“Absolutely smashing, they’re a great bunch, and I imagine we’ll be seeing more of them in the coming days and weeks.”


“I’m glad you’re already attracting worshippers.”


“I’m not sure I’d call them worshippers just yet, but I do plan to find places for them when I get my divine hierarchy set up. I already have roles in mind for a few of them, if they’re interested.”


“I’m glad you’re meeting people. I got a few little things while I was out,” Tom stepped further into the house and set his bag down on a nearby counter. “Just some books and movies I’ve…” Tom was interrupted by a loud crunching noise from under his shoe. Dark red gore oozed from beneath the sole.


“Ha,” Kate clapped smiling with sheer delight. “You got your first kill without even trying. You’re going to be a natural at the divine husband-concubine-demigod role I’ve got in mind for you.”


Tom lifted his foot and saw the mangled body of a five inch long man on the carpet.


“Ooh,” Kate cooed, “he was at least a rapist judging by his length.”


“Good,” Tom smirked, “it’s nice to feel like you’ve made a contribution to the world.”


“Anyway,” Kate continued, “why don’t you join me over here?”


“Divine orders?” Tom asked.


“Loving request,” she replied.


Tom stepped over to the couch and sat down next to his naked fiancé. As he sat down he realized that he was also naked.


“Where’d you zap my clothes to?”


“Upstairs closet, you shouldn’t need them for quite some time. Now gimmie some sugar, baby.”


Kate scooted back against the arm of the couch parting her legs slightly and holding her arms apart making a space for Tom’s body. She gestured towards herself with her hands in a ‘come to mama’ type gesture. Tom noticed her manicure had changed since he left. Kate’s nails were now colored soft pink, almost coral, instead of shiny blue and silver. They looked a bit shorter and with a softer curve at each nail tip. Tom melted in as Kate’s warm soft embrace enveloped his body. She closed her arms around his back, and their lips met. Their tongues slid across each other, deliciously cuddling and caressing each other. Tom had to admit, that even with all the new possibilities opened by Kate’s powers, and even with the things they had already tried, there was still something undeniably hot about just holding the woman he loved and having a completely mundane make out session. The feelings, the movement, Kate’s smell, all of these coalesced and Tom felt the beginning stages of his arousal engaging.


That was when he felt a tap on his shoulder, and nearly jumped off the couch in surprise.


“Just what do you think you’re doing?” A familiar voice asked.


Tom disengaged his face from Kate’s and shifted over so he could see this newcomer. He looked up, and, to his surprise, saw another Kate. She stood grinning as naked as the Kate sitting next to Tom on the couch. Tom looked back and forth between the two Kates.


“What’s going on?” Tom asked, clearly puzzled.


“Nothing to worry about, dear,” standing Kate said.


“Just a little something I came up with while I was hanging out with the ladies.” Sitting Kate said. “Handy trick, don’t you think?”


“So are you two exactly the same?” Tom asked.


“Pretty much,” standing Kate said. “Our minds were exactly the same until we split from each other, ourselves, er, whatever.”


“Right,” sitting Kate said, “and at some point we’ll like, merge back together, and all our experiences will merge into one again.”


“And you’re cool with that?” Tom asked standing Kate.


“Sure, I want to know what she’s been up to without me as much as she does to me, at least I presume.”


“You presume correctly,” sitting Kate confirmed.

“So are the two of you going to make some room for me?” Standing Kate asked.


“Of course,” Tom said, and scooted over to make some space. Standing Kate sat down on Tom’s right side.


Tom felt the familiar warmth on either side, felt the familiar skin and shape of his lover on either side. On each side, each Kate leaned into her fiancé.


“What do you say Tommy?” Left Kate asked. “Care to double your fun?”


Tommy felt a little nervous, but also interested. “Okay, let’s see where this goes.”


Both Kates smiled and cuddled up closer to each side of Tom’s body. Each began kissing and nibbling lightly on his shoulders. One Kate put her hands on his cheeks and gently twisted his neck. She moved in and kissed him softly on his lips. Meanwhile the other Kate leaned in and ran her tongue lightly around his earlobe. Tom felt enmeshed in a sweet loving cocoon. Kissing Kate parted her lips from his, and just as gently, the other Kate turned his head to pick up the slack.


“You like this, Tommy?” The non-kissing Kate asked. “Don’t answer, keep kissing her, I’ll tell you. I think you love this. The only thing that ever kept us from having a threesome was the complications of bringing in a third individual; the ethical considerations, not wanting to be unicorn hunters, bringing in some third party just to use them. But, baby, we can be our own unicorns now.”


Tom and kissing Kate’s lips bucked and heaved against each other. Her lower lip ended up lodged lightly between his teeth. Tom sucked it ever so slightly enjoying the softness. She felt the blood flowing through her body, singing for her to take things further. She restrained herself, reminding herself of the overall plan. The two Kates got Tom all settled into the middle of the couch.


“I think it’s time to take things up a notch.” One Kate said.


“Total agreement,” the other Kate said. “Close your eyes and enjoy being the meat in our sexy sandwich.” Both Kates smiled and chuckled at their corniness.


As Tom closed his eyes, he felt each Kate lean in over his torso. They each moved a hand across his belly, intertwining their fingers across his navel. Their other hands ran over his back, likewise meeting and merging, leaving Tom completely encircled in Kate arms. Having their “prey” ensnared, the two Kates moved in unison. Tom felt two sets of lips fasten around his nipples, which he suddenly realized were already stiff with arousal. The soft pleasure flooded his body, as Tom relaxed into the pair’s tongues slowly lashed across his flesh. He recalled Kate mentioning once how she liked this; watching his nipple get hard, then feeling it against her tongue. She said she enjoyed the rough bumpiness. As he was deep in reverie, appreciating his lovers’ ministrations, a third sensation popped in. Tom almost bolted up out of the couch, as warm moist flesh enveloped his engorged cock. The two Kates held him in place, firmly, but without hurting him, using their goddess strength.


Tom opened his eyes and looked down. With some surprise, he saw a third Kate bent down on her knees, her lips and tongue busy slurping and licking away at the head of his cock. She pulled back her head, letting her lips drag torturously slowly over Tom’s swollen dark pink cockhead. It shined with Kate’s divine saliva. She betted her eyelashes and gave him a coy smile.


“What’s wrong darling? You always told me you liked my blowjobs?”


“Just surprised, that’s all.”


“Just relax baby,” the new Kate said. “Sit back and Kate’s going to take care of your every little need.”


Tom did as instructed. The Kate between his legs resumed her task sucking and licking on his engorging cock. The two Kates on his nipples got rougher with their play, scraping their little teeth against the hard little nubs, as they sucked and nibbled him into ecstasy. Feeling completely engulfed in Kate’s bodies, surrounded with her love and desire, Tom felt his balls draw up, his cock twitch, and a torrent of cum blasted into Kate’s mouth. She continued sucking and ran her hand along the shaft, determined to get every drop.


The stimulation crept into the agonizing, and Tom moaned as Kates tongue ran around his head a couple more times, lingering particularly on the little rabbit ear nubbins left from the previous night. Eventually she ended the erotic assault and stood back up, the other two Kates released Tom, and joined her. They stood before Tim, looking identical to each other: the same pale skin with a ruddy undertone, the same medium length brown hair, same boobs, same curves, same moles, same everything.


“Wow.” He sat there and looking back and forth between the three identical women, his heart still pounding from the bone shattering orgasm they had wrung out of him.


“Kind of fun, right Tom?” The middle Kate asked.


“I’ll say.” Tom said. “So is it like one of you is the real you and the others are like clones or something?”


“Nope,” all three Kates answered in unison. The middle one raised her hand, and the other two deferred.


“We’re all the real Kate. We used our powers to split ourselves, and by bedtime we will collapse ourselves back into one being, with all the memories combined. I’m pretty sure it would cause serious cognitive issues for mortals, but, ya’ know, goddess powers.” All three did a little jazz hands move to emphasize their point. “Anyway, we figure we could have some fun until then.”


“This is pretty out there, even compared to some of the other stuff we’ve done, you have to admit.” Tom said.


“Oh,” said the Kate to his left. “That’s nothing, I refrained from a bunch of even weirder ideas for you benefit.”


“Weirder?” Tom asked.


“Well, sure. I seriously thought about turning your fingers into cocks, so you could fuck me while this one,” she draped an arm around middle Kate’s back, “was giving you one of our trademark, best blowjobs ever.”


“It’s the love that makes them special.” Middle Kate said.


“Wow, we really are the same,” Kate on the right said. “I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I also didn’t want to freak Tom out with so much, so early.”


The three Kates laughed and cackled together.


“I’m glad you didn’t, the three of you are enough surprises for one afternoon.” Tom smiled.


“I hope you’re joking.” Left Kate said.


“We’ve got such plans for the rest of the day.” Middle Kate said.


“We’ve been plotting and scheming since we texted you, between self-cest, masturbation, whatever you want to call it.” Right Kate said.


“We ate each other, er, ourselves, out.” Middle Kate said.


Left Kate spread two fingers and wagged her tongue between them, pantomiming their previous stimulating activities.


“Gee,” Tom said, “I’m sorry I missed that; sounds pretty hot.”


“Don’t worry, baby.” Middle Kate said. “We’ll include you next time.”


“Or you-s,” left Kate said, “as in plural Toms.”


Tom could feel his refractory period fading, and arousal building up again listening to his fiancés talking about their activities together.


“We’ve got other plans for you tonight.” Middle Kate said.


“That’s right,” left Kate said.


Middle Kate continued. “For tonight, and only tonight, we will share with you a vestige of my power. You will be able to mold and reshape us, and yourself too, to your desires. Whatever situation would give you pleasure, we will make it happen.”


“It’s only fair.” Right Kate said. “I did the same with you last night.”


“So what’s it going to be, Tommy?” Middle Kate asked grinning widely. “What are you going to do with three Kates at your complete and total mercy?”


Tom stroked his chin, full of intrigue. “First, I don’t want any of the little creeps around for our show.”


“Already done,” middle Kate said. “I induced them with a dread of all four of us, so they’ll all be hiding in the nooks and corners of the house.


“Cool,” Tom said, “guess it’s time to try out a few fantasies.”


“Let the transfer begin,” the three Kates said in their goddess voice. Their eyes glowed with energy. Tom’s heart thumped away. Bluish purple arcs lanced out from each woman’s eyes crackling like electricity. Each arc found its target in Tom’s eyes. He felt it inside, great power and energy filling his mortal frame. The arcs vanished, as the women’s eyes returned to their usual hazel color.


“Alright,” Tom said, “let’s get started.


He looked at three identical women, and felt his borrowed power, an idea popped into his head, and with that, he raised his hand before them, and then dropped it back down.


All three Kates felt themselves dwindling and compacting like some kind of bizarre reverse stretch. It actually felt very nice, like tense muscles sinking into relaxation and then going beyond that. She thought it seemed like a kind of relief feeling. They watched as the room around them expanded to seemingly immense size, and Tom went from their loving, usually submissive partner to a relative giant, gazing down on them, rubbing his hands together in anticipation, and a certain gleam in his eyes. All the Kates remembered that gleam from when he’d been a giant with her, destroying the city, and using the citizens as pleasure toys. Kate ran her tongue across her teeth, savoring the moment before whatever Tom was about to do.

     “I don’t know if you three noticed,” he said, “but it’s been quite a few minutes since you ambushed me with that welcome home orgy.” He pointed both pointer fingers down at his already thickening member. “This guy is almost ready to go for another round, and you’re lucky enough to help him get up to the task.”

     He bent forward and kneeled. With both hands, he reached down to the Kates. They each felt the same shiver, the same feeling in their heads. Tom was the big one now. They were just his helpless little playthings and who knew what his twisted, perverted mind would come up with for them. Excitement and dread mingled in their hearts, but also the relief Kate always felt when she and Tom switched roles. It was all out of her hands now, whatever Tom wanted to do, he would do, she couldn’t do anything about it, and that was just the way she wanted it at that particular moment.


Tom stood back up, taking his time, careful not to handle his handful too roughly. He took a step backward, sat down on the couch, then stretched out along it. As he lay down, Tom propped his head up against the armrest and deposited the three little women onto his stomach. It wasn’t a six pack by any definition, but it was smooth and mostly flat with just a little bit of paunch and a patch of soft dark hair. Kate liked to run her fingers through it, to feel all the soft little hairs against her fingertips. Now she, and her other two selves, sprawled amidst those same hairs. Rising from soft the pale ground that was Tom’s stomach, they reminded her of creosote bushes from some old desert. She estimated that they were maybe about two inches tall now.


“Alright little ladies,” Tom said, “if you look straight ahead you will see one of the glorious wonders of nature Mount Cock.”


All three couldn’t help but giggle in reaction.


“We’re going to have a little contest to get started off. The three of you are going to race to mount cock and with the expert dexterity I now you posses, climb as fast as you can. The first to the top is the winner, the other two, well, we’ll see won’t we? Now, ready, set, go!”


The three raced ahead over the stomach toward Tom’s penis. It began to loom over them has it visible lengthened and firmed. All three reached the base at about the same time. Each Kate felt an equal surge of lust at the musky familiar scent of Tom’s most intimate region. They each scrambled around searching for likely hand and foot holds.


Tom loved the sensation they gave him just moving around his cock. Each little hand feeling around sent minute jolts of pleasure through his body. Tom did his best to keep still. He wanted to feel them crawling their way up his cock, not flung out into a couch cushion.


All three Kate’s made their respective assents, finding creative ways to cling onto stray pubic hairs, or hold onto a vein or wrinkle. They eventually found the best method was to wrap their legs and arms around the shaft and wriggle their ways up like someone climbing a palm tree. They were surprised to find that the skin of the cock wasn’t that hard to cling onto despite how increasingly hard the cock itself was. They couldn’t know that Tom used his borrowed powers to give the skin more traction than normal. He also slowly shrunk them smaller as they climbed, each in equal measure, so that the delightful stimulation they gave his throbbing cock could be prolonged that much longer. As each Kate shimmied further up her lover’s monster cock, about three to four times taller than the Kates, she provided exquisite stimulation for the cock’s owner. Tom watched rapt with the pleasurable sensations and the feeling of power of his little goddess fiancé. The three Kates managed to pull themselves up and over the crumpled foreskin, and onto the head of Tom’s cock. The feeling of six tiny little feet standing on his sensitive glans was like no sensation Tom had ever felt before. They turned to face Tom’s enormous pleasure wracked face. He looked down at them, thinking how delicious and perfect each little woman looked. They looked around realizing that they’d dwindled to maybe around half an inch tall. The pink purple fleshy plateau of Tom’s cockhead spread out before them like a sexy mountain summit.


“It’s a tie. No surprise, I guess, you all have the same level of fitness and the same thought processes.”


“Sorry,” one of the Kates called out.


“Not your fault little ones, Tom will just have to think of another contest.” Tom said.


Kate loved when Tom referred to himself in the third person. It meant he was really getting into the naughty spirit of things.


“I’ve got it.” Tom said “Each of you tell me a little something about what you did with your guests today. Whoever’s is the hottest will be the winner. I’ll be the judge. You go first.” He pointed at a random Kate.


     “We filled up the bathtub with tinies and then shit all over them and watched them drown in our shit,” said the random Kate.


Tom gave her a concerned look, as did the other two Kates.


“I cleaned it up with goddess power, of course.” She reassured.


The other Kates clapped and commented how hot that was, and that they couldn’t wait to integrate those memories into themselves.


“Pretty good, what about you?” He pointed at another random Kate.


“I crushed tinies against my clit with the magic wand while one of my guests licked and swallowed the smashed little people of another’s feet until they were clean. It was totally hot and my little twerps got mashed into jelly when I got off.”


The other two Kates fanned their faces with their hands.


“Very sexy,” Tom said, “and you.” Tom pointed at the last Kate.


“We went into the office and tortured a little abuser by cutting off his limbs with scissors and shoving a stick up through his entire body like a medieval impalement.”


The other Kates gasped at the brutality, but then commented how hot that sounded.


“Oh,” she continued, “then we ate him off of the stick like a corndog.” She gnashed her teeth for emphasis.


“Woo,” Tom said, “strong stuff, but you know I adore your sadistic side.”


“We know,” the three chirped sweetly in unison.


Tom considered the stories, and then made his selection.


“Foot licking, torture-fest, and poop tub, in that order.”


The Kates congratulated the winner with handshakes and kisses, and then validated the runners up with hugs and more kisses.


“Now for you prizes, first, the winner.”


The winning Kate felt a little odd. A strong pulse of arousal spread throughout her vulva like a warm blossoming flower, accompanied by the usual feelings of wetness. A feeling of deep forceful stretching accompanied the arousal. Kate looked down toward her crotch and saw that her pussy was expanding, sliding up and over her torso, seeming to somehow merge with it at a rapid rate. Tom reached over and plucked her off of is dick. Kate felt her entire back side stretch and thicken. As her face merged with her clitoris, she realized what her prize was. Tom had made her into a living Fleshlight, following the idea from the press conference that morning. His warm fingers wrapped around her outside, and she could feel it. It was so good, so delicious; she felt her combined pussy and mouth flooding with thick luscious lube. Whatever it was felt great lodged in her. Her field of vision seem to be just above the opening, so she assumed that she was essentially looking out through her clitoris. Her mouth labia occasionally threatened to block her view, but she found that by flexing she could actually move and retract them much like she normally would the lips on her mouth. It was a strange, but sweet, sensation consciously rubbing her labia against each other. Tom lifted her up to his eye level. She looked up into his enormous face, her favorite face. It smiled from ear to ear.


“Can you hear me?” He asked.


“Yethss I can,” she slobbered back through her well lubed mouth-vagina hybrid. Just the feeling of speaking in this form gave Kate a pleasurable tingle throughout her new tubular body.


“Good,” Tom said. “And can you see me?”


“Uhf-huh,” she answered.


“Do you like your prize?”


“It’ths pwetty interesting tho far,” she said.


Tom’s eyes glowed for a second. “Try to speak now.” He said.


“What did you do?” Kate found that although she felt as gooey and lubed up as before, it was now much easier for her to articulate words. “Oh, I see. Pretty impressive, I don’t think I even have a tongue in here anymore, but it’s much easier to talk now.”


“You’re welcome,” Tom said. “I have to say, that you make an exceptionally lovely Fleshlight.”


Kate could see Tom’s face getting closer and closer as he brought her in closer. He moved in and ran his tongue up through her pussy lips, then flicked it across her field of vision. Kate loved the feeling; it was like getting kissed and having her clit licked at the same time. Hus tongue came back into view whirling and stroking through her field of vision, replicating one of Kate’s preferred rhythms for getting eaten out. Combined with the feeling of those warm strong fingers wrapped securely around her body, the stimulation ad her whole body thrumming with arousal. He got her right up to the peak of pleasure, then moved away swiftly.


“Uh-uh,” he said, “you’ve got a little job to do for me before you get ant orgasms, my dear.”


“Oh, c’mon,” Kate put on her best pleading voice.


“Don’t worry, when the time is right you’ll get to come your brains out.”


“Yay!” she cheered.


“First I have to take care of these two.” Tom turned Fleshlight Kate around in his hand so she could see him pointing at the other two Kate’s still standing on his cock.


Tom gently plucked up the third place Kate. As he did, Tom re-enlarged her a bit.


“You got third place, unfortunately, so you don’t get any fun, sexy transformations like your sisters here, but,” he paused for emphasis, “you will be an important part of the festivities.”


Tom upended Fleshlight Kate, who found she was looking straight up at the ceiling. She saw Tom’s hand come into view, and could make out the mixture of excitement and fear on her other self’s face. He held the hand directly over her. She saw him flex and adjust things, and now the other Kate was dangling from Tom’s big thick fingers. Kate realized what was going to happen to the Kate above her. Tom flicked his fingers. Fleshlight Kate saw the little Kate growing in her field of view. Little Kate fell and fell. Fleshlight Kate felt the little body land right smack between her labia. Fleshlight Kate moved her pussy lips in around little Kate trying to feel and experience her as thoroughly as she could.


Little Kate smacked against the vaginal opening of the toy beneath her. She felt the warm lips move and mash around her, rubbing and clamping against her. The musky smell was a familiar one, this giant version of her own pussy smelled and tasted exactly as it had when she was going down on the other Kates earlier, but now it was engulfing her entire body.  A feeling of sweet submissive helplessness rose through her, she would be nothing but a toy to please her own hungry horny pussy, and then, she presumed, Tim’s huge sexy cock. The feeling overwhelmed her and she fingered her own much smaller pussy in delighted anticipation.


Tom moved his fingers in swiftly and smoothly. He pressed his little fiancé deep into the Kate-light’s inner vaginal canal with his three center fingers. Once he had them stuffed all the way in up to the bottom knuckles, Tom moved his thumb around, lightly strumming the pink pearly bulb of her clitoris in an effort to drive her crazy with pleasure, and because he loved the feeling of her pleasure seat against his skin.


Crazy with pleasure, Fleshlight Kate was driven. An anxiety filled her little cylinder of a body, but it was replaced by little Kate, and Tom’s big thick fingers. Normally she could only tolerate one finger inside her, sometimes two if she got really randy, but this was just delightful. Her vagina stretched and stretched, but there was no pain, no discomfort, only a satisfying sensation of being good and full. In pleasure, she clenched and squeezed with her internal muscles and found she could actually grip quite tightly. She could feel the little Kate’s body being engulfed and squeezed within her flesh. She didn’t want to smother or crush the poor little thing, but it felt so good she couldn’t help clenching herself around the little tidbit, plus she figured Tom had probably made her resilient enough to survive such rough handling.


Fleshlight Kate was right. Little Kate could feel the soft thickly lubed walls closing in and squeezing against her with all their might, but it didn’t exactly hurt. There was an intense feeling of extreme pressure, but overall she was finding it pretty enjoyable being subsumed in what she knew was basically her own vagina. She still worked away at her own own clit with her fingers and had really enjoyed being so overpowered and dominated by her love’s fingers.


Fleshlight Kate felt Tom’s finger pull back out of her depths, leaving little Kate. Kate could feel her in there, a little surprising as she’d always read and experience that most women didn’t feel much deeper in there. She could feel this though, little Kate, nothing but a morsel to be mashed and slobbered on for Fleshlight Kate’s pleasure, and it was pleasurable. Fleshlight Kate just imagined how this would feel when she integrated all the memories. Dominating and being dominated by herself simultaneously would probably be pretty hot. She renewed the mauling of her smaller self, wanting to make sure both sides of the memory would get to have as good a time as possible.


That left the third Kate still standing on Tom’s cock. She was now idly playing with herself, having completely enjoyed the sight of herself being crammed into a living sex toy made from her other self’s own genitals. Tom’s imagination never stopped delighting or impressing her. His gaze shifted down, and he was looking down directly at her.


“Hmm and what about you middle Kate? What should the runner up get?”


“Something sexy?” She called back.


“Absolutely, you know, I plan to fuck your copy over here,” he squeezed the warm fleshy toy that filled his hand, and it rubbed and squirmed as best as it could against his grip, “and with your other copy still inside, but you’re a middle Kate, and perhaps you deserve some kind of middle fate.”


Kate rolled her eyes at the corniness.


“I know you’ve heard the phrase, no glove, no love. Don’t you want to protect your little sisters up here from my big bad cock with all its various fluids and cooties?”


“Oh, yes,” Kate said. She thought how well thought out this was. Kate knew that Tom knew, that she loved scenarios where she suffered some kind of degradation to protect someone else. When she was in a more submissive mood it was one of her favorite fantasies.


Tom’s eyes glowed, and Kate felt herself stretching and growing. She was soon about as tall as an action figure, and straddling the top of Tom’s cock. She could feel the urethral opening pressing between her legs in a rather enjoyable way. Tom’s unoccupied hand wrapped around her and stared pulling her downward with great force. Kate yelped in surprise. The force of being pulled against the giant cock was absolutely irresistible. Kate felt her body stretching and stretching, but with no pain. Along with her body, her vagina stretched and stretched over the top of Tom’s cock. Kate couldn’t deny it felt good. Her helps of surprise became yelps and moans caused by the pure overwhelming sensation. She felt herself being stretched out, filled up. Her internal organs squished up and flattened, her whole body shifted to accommodate the all penetrating, but entirely welcome, flesh of Tom’s cock as it was slowly crammed into her entire being.


“If you haven’t figured it out yet baby, you’re going to be my little living condom, while I fuck you sex toy counterpart, with your littler self still inside.


Kate felt her pussy being stretched enormously as it slid with agonizing slowness down and around the shaft of Tom penis. It felt so amazingly good she couldn’t believe it. All the familiar contours and veins and wrinkles; she could feel every one of them right where they should be, but filling up her entire thinly stretched body instead of just mouth or her vagina. Kate felt the back of her head being pulled down into the top of Tom’s “head”. She felt her skull, and presumably her brain, crumpling and flattening. She could still see but she couldn’t move her head at all. She could move her eyes around but for the most part, she was confined to looking at whatever Tom’s cock was pointed directly at. The pulling finally ended, Tom’s warm fingers left her body. Kate took a deep breath and waited she was now where her submissive side felt the most relaxed and comfortable, completely at Tom’s mercy.


“Are you ready ladies?” Tom asked. He didn’t wait for an answer as he gripped Fleshlight Kate and plunged her down onto the penis cover by condom Kate. Pleasure oozed through his body as he felt the soft sheath of Fleshlight Kate’s cock holster descend around his turgid organ.


As for the Kates themselves, Fleshlight Kate could only watch as a cock wrapped in her other selfs stretched body got closer and closer. She could make out the eyes and face pulled tight against the tip of the glans, not unlike the reservoir tip found on many condoms that hadn’t been made of sentient women. The face looking back at her appeared to be having a good time. It was smiling and gazing back up at her with a look in her eyes that Fleshlight Kate interpreted as wonder and anticipation. Deep within her she held a firm grip on tiny Kate. She didn’t want her little charge to fall out during the action. When Tom had her close enough, she tried to call out to her condom counterpart.


“That looks so good, baby! You look so good!”


“Thanks, you’re such a big gorgeous living pussy, I can’t wait to…”


Condom Kate got caught short as pussy Kate was slid down over her. She meant to say that she couldn’t wait to get slurped up by such a big pretty pussy, but she was pretty sure the sentiment got delivered, even if the word didn’t come out in time. Watching the enormous sex toy descend upon her was truly one of the most remarkable sights she’d seen since getting her powers. She marveled at the power and beauty of what, after all, was her own vagina. As she felt it being shoved down over herself, and Tom’s cock underneath, within her, she could smell and taste the copious amounts of pussy juice inside. She felt the tube descending over her body further and further. Despite the dark, Kate could see the pink plush walls parting before her like deliciously sexy curtains ushering her into a warm welcoming realm. The luscious flesh sliding around outside combined with the feeling of being utterly completely stuffed with Tom’s ever stiffening cock and condom Kate had her first orgasm right there inside her counterparts vaginal canal. As she moaned in pleasure she finally bumped up against something.


Little Kate had gotten used to the grip of Fleshlight Kate’s insides when she felt everything descending very fast. She could feel the vibration of something coming up underneath her. She looked down just in time to see her own face rocket up between her feet.


“Holy crap!” She cried. The force underneath shoved her upwards unmercifully like an out of control elevator stuck on up. She felt herself being pushed up and up and up, and then, finally her back was slammed up against the ceiling. Still looking down, Kate say that they other Kate’s head was coincidentally sticking right up against her vulva.


Condom Kate felt herself pushing her other self up further and further up through the shaft. They hit the ceiling with a sort of bump. She saw that tiny Kate was squished right up against what would normally have been a cervix, but here was just a smooth pink ceiling. She found that her head had ended up situated right between the other Kate’s legs, right in front of her lightly furred vulva. Not letting the opportunity go to waste she went to work immediately sucking and licking at the smaller woman’s genitals. She truly loved this. She was wrapped around her loves cock, shoved up a version of her own vagina, and now at the same time was going to lick and pleasure yet another version of her own vulva.


Tiny Kate moaned and played with her nipples as Condom Kate went to work. It was so good receiving head from someone who literally knew what all her favorite moves and rhythms were. The pleasure within her rose, was just beginning to crest, and that was when the head giving her head was suddenly yanked away.


Tom pulled the toy up off of his cock, and then plunged it back down. Every time he plunged up into Fleshlight Kate’s depths, the Kate on his cock ate out Little Kate just as little more, just a little more, and just a little more. It was agonizing, near torture, but little Kate loved every second of it, as did condom Kate.


Meanwhile Flesh light Kate was in pure ecstasy. The sensation was so amazing and odd and nice. The only thing she could compare to was getting fuck super deeply and deep-throating a big cock at the same time with the same opening, but without any gag reflex, or any pain, just the pure pleasure of being filled and stretched. She could almost taste it. She wasn’t receiving much clitoral stimulation, it was true, but in this changed body it was like her clit extended internally, so that every stroke along Tom’s cock was also like having her clit rubbed and massaged slowly, deeply. Her mind had almost disintegrated into a puddle of pure receptive feeling. She loved being completely utterly filled by her lover. She loved the feeling of her smaller self bumping up against her… cervix? Did this body even have a cervix? She wondered. Kate squeezed and clenched her internal walls against Tom’s cock as hard as she could. She wanted to give Tom, and her condom self as much pleasure back as they were giving him.


Tom slammed his toy-fiancé down around his cock over and over. The wonderful squeezing toy Kate gave him, the thoughts of what might be going on inside the toy, and feeling of his cock pounding and squishing into that tiny little body all intersected at the right moment.


Every Kate felt Tom’s cock twitch.


Condom Kate felt gallons of cum surging through her stretched compressed form filling up every nook and cranny. She got slammed deep into the cock sleeve one more time and held there. She went back to work eating out little Kate.


“Mmm, mmm,” tiny Kate moaned, “whew, I really know how to please myself, huh? I thought I felt some sort of twitch or something. Did Tom blow his load?”


Condom Kate opened her mouth to answer. Instead a hot load of sticky jizz erupted out landing in creamy globs all over little Kate’s lower body.


“Guess that answers that question. Gee, we don’t make a very effective birth control method do we?”


Condom Kate shook her face as best she could. Eyes slightly glazed over in bliss.


“Well, back at it miss leaky,” little Kate pointed down at her goo cover crotch, which condom Kate went back to licking and sucking cleaning and swallowing the semen as she did so. Little Kate ran her finger through the sticky warm fluid and put it in her mouth. She sucked it for a moment, then popped the finger back out clean. “Mm-mmm, that boy sure knows how to cook what we like, huh?”


Fleshlight Kate sat at the very tipping point of ecstasy. She felt her lover’s seed overflow condom Kate’s sides and leak into her interior canal with a sensation that made her whole inhuman form tremble in her lover’s warm firm hand. With such intense physical pleasures, Kate hadn’t really paid much attention to what she was seeing, mostly Tom’s fuzzy crotch rising toward her and falling away as he pumped her entire body over his cock. Now something interrupted the view. A finger came into view and stroked right against Kate’s clit-head. The marvelous feeling made her shudder and grip everything inside her with great force. The finger stroked again and again finding that perfect rhythm.


“You’ve been such a good Kate, today. It’s time for a reward.” Tom said.


His fingers brushed and stroked just right, and Fleshlight Kate finally felt a sharp beautiful climax erupt from her face and run down and through the rest of her body making her squirm and shudder against the bodies of her little captives.


Condom Kate continued licking and sucking away at little Kate’s cum covered vulva when the walls around her contracted and shuddered tightly around her. An undulation rippled against her clit and that was all it took at that point to set her off.


Little Kate lay back against the moist vaginal flesh and sank back into the cunnilingus she was receiving. Soon she got off too, bucking and gasping against her other self’s face.


Tom slid Kate off of his cock. He pinched condom Kates between his fingers and pulled her up and off of his dick. As she felt the giant cock withdrawing from her body, Kate also felt her body shift and re-inflating, shaping itself back to her normal shape. Tom smiled down at her.


“You did great,” he said. He leaned in and kissed her sweaty, fluid smeared head, placing it perfectly between his upper and lower lips and pressing them together ever so lightly. He put her back down on the floor and turned his attention to the Fleshlight Kate.


“You need to let Kate out, Kate.” He said.


Fleshlight Kate undulated her insides slightly, amazed how effectively she was moving her smaller self up through her body. Tom watched as little Kate emerged, and plucked her up. He looked back at sex toy Kate, and she reshaped back to her original form like a rubber band snapping. He set her on the ground, and then turned his attention back to little Kate.


“Unfortunately you must pay one more penalty for coming in third place.” Tom said.


“I’m ready,” Kate said.


Without warning or pretense, tom lifted her up, tipped her into his mouth and swallowed her whole.


The two other Kate’s looked on, surprised.


“Mmm, she was tasty. You’ve all done a very good job satisfying my cock, but I’m still in power for a little longer. Let’s try some other stuff. Ladies, get on your backs.”


Both Kates obeyed and lay down on their backs. As they did the each changed size so that they were both just a little under a foot long.


Tom lifted his legs and hovered his feet above them. Both Kates gazed upward at a sole they had seen many times. They were perfectly clean, but covered in rough calluses with bunions bulging here and there. As much as Tom enjoyed Kate’s soft, well kept, nearly always well-pedicured feet, Kate enjoyed Tom’s rough ‘ugly’ feet. She liked how scratchy and horny they were and had often masturbated herself to orgasm while a rough sole was pressed against her face.


The feet slammed down on each woman.  They pressed and squeezed, and if each woman wasn’t protected by goddess powers they knew they’d be crushed into little pretty lady pancakes. The feet pressed and the toes gripped and played with their little prey.


Tom occupied himself tormenting his fiancés with his feet, as he did he went back to stroking his cock getting it nice and hard again.


“Alright,” he said and released his captives. “That was pretty much just to kill time for a bit, here’s the important part. Huddle together.”


The two Kates rush to a central point and huddled together as instructed. As they came together they couldn’t resist giving each other a little kiss. They both looked up and saw that Tom’s cock was aimed directly at them.


“Get ready little babies, Tom’s got one more trick up his sleeve, er, cock that is.”


He stroked his cock, and the two women watched, enjoying the show as it got harder and plumper. After one more round of intense stroking Tom grunted and white seed spurted forth.


The Kates lay back and relaxed as the warm thick load splattered down onto them covering their entire bodies in a big puddle of very thick ejaculate. They breathed it in and felt horniness rising within them.


“I put a special batch of pheromones in there; guaranteed to make Kates lose their minds with lust.”


“Oh, it’s working,” both Kate’s cried as they rubbed the gooey mess into their vulvas and rolled around in it. Soon they came together making out and loving themselves amidst the mess.


Tom looked on watching as his load started to move around of its own accord. The Kates felt the semen thickening and moving around them, caressing and flowing over them as if some intention was driving it. It gathered itself up into a pale pearly white form. They saw that the form was that of another woman, the same woman, it was Kate in cum form.


“Ohmigosh,” it said, “that was something. I felt myself dissolve in Tommy’s tummy, travel down straight into his balls, and then shoot all over you lovely ladies. Oh, I can’t wait to share the feelings with you.”


All three Kates stood up at once as if hearing a cue inaudible to Tom.


“Time’s up.” They all said.


A bright flash filled the room. Where three little Kates had stood there was one normal sized Kate. She beamed at Tom.


“So what do you think?” He asked.


She continued to beam silently, made a little sight trough nose, and then stepped forward and gave Tom a long deep kiss. She put her head against his chest in adoration.


“Oh, darling, that was wonderful. Such a fun idea, and I can remember it all. I remember being on your cock as a condom at the same time I was a shrunken woman being rammed into a sex toy that was also me. We’re going to have so much fun when I come fully into my powers. Oh, that reminds me.”


Her eyes flashed, and Tom felt the divine energy leaving his body.


“What now?” He asked.


“Well, I had a very nice time. It was fun letting my subby side out for a while, but you know, I feel like it’s really my turn again.”


“For what?” Tom asked.


Kate’s eyes radiated with goddess power. She snapped her fingers.


In an instant Tom felt everything shift around him. He had a familiar feeling go through his entire body, and he realized what was going on. He felt Kate’s soft, but firm hand wrapped around his long cylindrical body. She’d turned him into her dildo again.


“For fun,” she said, trotted up the stairs, and went to their bedroom, closing the door behind.


Chapter 6 by Shade

A Goddess Awakens – Chapter 6

Tom felt consciousness seeping back into his body, soreness too. His muscles throbbed, tired and cramped. The alarm went off.

Oh, he thought, better get ready for work.

He threw off the comforter, rolled onto his side, and levered himself up with his arms until his feet touched the floor.

Yawning, Tom noticed that Kate wasn’t in bed.

Must have gone off to work already, he thought, though he was pretty sure that this was supposed to be one of her days off. That’s retail scheduling for you. Maybe they’d had to call her in. She’d have left a note somewhere if that was the case.

The alarm buzzed away, so Tom picked up his phone, dismissed the alarm, and unhooked it from it’s charging cable. He looked down idly at the floor. A group of about two dozen tiny little men were creeping across it, apparently agitated and talking to each other from the looks of it, though they were too small for Tom to make anything out. He remembered.

Tom slammed his foot down into the mob catching most of them underneath. As he pressed his weight down they squished with a very satisfying crunching noise. He figured that Kate had somehow added to or at least amplified the crunching noises to make crushing them more satisfying. It certainly did the trick. All the dead ones evaporated into mist, and those still alive scrambled for safety underneath the nightstand. That left a couple of living, but seriously maimed, ones writhing on the floor. Tom looked down at them, narrowing his eyes.

“This is what you get boys. It’s jerks like you that make it harder for decent upstanding sadists, like myself, to meet women, so maybe think about that for awhile, huh?”

Tom left them to their fate on the floor, whatever that might be. He found some boxers, put on his fuzzy blue bathrobe, and made his way down the stairs. As he did, Tom heard the clatter of activity coming up from the kitchen. Along with it came a more familiar sound, Kate humming and half singing to herself.

He got to the bottom of the stairs and stepped into the kitchen. Kate turned to face him, a big happy smile plastered across her face. She was wearing her own bathrobe, a fuzzy rose pink affair. She padded over to Tom, leaned in and gave him a nice little peck on the lips.

“Morning, babe.”

“Good morning,” Tom said, wrapping his arms around his fiance.

“I’ve fixed some breakfast for the two us.” She snuggled her head into the hollow of Tom’s neck. He savored the feel of her hair against skin.

“You never make breakfast.” He said.

“I did this morning. Can’t a goddess do something nice for her number one acolyte?”

“Of course, so what exactly are we having? I don’t smell any cooking smells.”

“Oh, goddesses don’t have to bother with all that stuff, now have a seat, so we can eat, and I can tell you about the plan for today.”

Tom went over to the table and saw that two places had been set already, one at the head and one right next to it. Both had empty bowls set down with a spoon laid alongside. Each place also had a glass filled with orange juice.

“Now, take your place.” Kate said.

Tom considered taking the head of the table for only a fraction of a second, before sitting in the place next to it.

“That’s a good little worshiper, dear.” Kate said.

Tom sat as Kate came up next to him. She produced a cereal box from somewhere. The box was plain white with black text reading:




She tipped the box out over the clean white bowl. Golden cereal flakes tumbled out. Tom noticed something else falling amid the flakes, little men.

“Aw,” he said, “this kind of breakfast.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Kate said, “The girls and I had such a fun lunchtime yesterday, and I felt a little sad that you had to miss out. So I decided that if tinies can be a good lunch, they’d probably make a good breakfast too.”

“I’ll try anything once.” Tom said.

“Don’t I know it.”

When Kate judged the bowl to be sufficiently full of flakes and men, (She went for a 2 to 1 flake to tiny ratio.) she put down the box, pulled out a jug of milk, and poured it over the flakes and people alike.

“Where did you get the tinies?” tom Asked.

“Well, I could have just zapped them in there of course, but what fun would that have been? Instead I went around the house hunting them all down and scooping them up with the dustpan. I managed to collect a few hundred, and barely any of them got crushed or maimed on the way to the kitchen. Then I threw them all into the colander and gave them a good long rinse, to make them suitable for consumption.”

Tom looked down into his bowl. Seeing the tiny men struggling amid the flakes, and now the flood of dairy goodness pouring over them amused him.

Kate then served herself, took her place at the head of the table, and poofed the cereal box and milk to elsewhere.

Tom took up his spoon and carefully dipped it down into the bowl. He lifted it out, looking into the mix of flakes, milk, and humans filling it. He popped it into his mouth, and pulled it out clean. Tom held his mouthful.

Kate watched him in rapt attention, eager to see his reaction.

Tom closed his eyes and took in the sensations. He could actually feel them. He could feel the little men squirming and panicking. Tom could taste them. They tasted slightly sweet and savory, a little like salted caramel. He began chewing, and could hear the little screams and felt there bones disintegrating into mush between his teeth. The combination was very stimulating. He swallowed.

Kate watched his throat flex. “Well?” She asked.

“You’ve made the best breakfast ever.”

“Of course I have, and what do you say to someone who’s made you, specifically you, the best breakfast ever?”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, what?”

“Thank you, Goddess.”

“That’s better.” Kate smirked. “‘Your eminence’, or ‘divine one’ or even ‘your worship’ would also be acceptable.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

Kate scooped up a spoonful for herself, and crunched it down as it yelped and screamed.

They sat there just eating for bit, enjoying a quiet moment of domestic bliss between the two of them.

“I called off the press conference for today,” Kate said. “I sent word out to the world’s media that I would be available again in two days time. That should be enough.”

“Enough for what, Goddess?” Tom asked.

“Finishing out week one as Goddess. I plan to answer some prayers, set up a functional afterlife, and make the initial appointments for my divine hierarchy.”

Tom swallowed a mouthful of whole tinies he’d intentionally refrained from chewing. “That sounds like a lot for a couple of days.”

“It shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll have you and my new acquaintances to help.”

“How can I help?” Tom asked.

“Oh lots of ways.” Kate said. “Despite your subordinate status here, I consider your opinion second only to mine. I respect and love you, you non-divine oaf.”

Tom blushed to hear such praise.

“Don’t be modest Tommy. You’re a pretty smart guy sometimes, and a very creative problem solver. That’s why you’re going to help me sort through and answer my initial batches of prayers this morning.”

“I see,” Tom said, “How many do you expect there to be?”

“Oh, only a billion or so. I set up my mailbox to screen out anything that seemed too ‘spammy’ or frivolous. That’s what the app I put on my phone said anyway.”

“A billion sounds like a lot.”

“To you mortals perhaps, but with my Goddess senses I can actually sort through masses of information very quickly, as long as it’s in prayer form, anyway.”

“I see, so are we doing this up in the office?”

“Seems like that would be the proper environment.”

They rinsed out their dishes in the sink, washing a few remaining uneaten tinies down the drain, and went upstairs to their little office.

Kate plopped down in her office chair and pressed the power button on her desktop computer. Tom rolled over his own chair and sat down next to her. The two of them waited for the computer to boot up.

“Ugh,” Kate ugh’d, “all this power and I can’t speed up my boot time just because it doesn’t give me a special tingle.”

She saw a six-incher running out of hiding and stomped him flat. He moaned and wriggled in agony under her bare sole.

“Well,” Kate said, “here’s a distraction at least.”

Tom watched, not wanting to miss a moment.

Kate brought her foot up. The little man stuck to it from his own tacky gore, but Kate shook and wriggled her foot, and he dropped back onto the floor fast enough. Kate examined his body. Blood oozed out of his sides, which appeared to have had the ribs crushed outward, piercing his through his skin. He twitched and shuddered. Kate heard his pained moans and sobs. She might have felt pity, if she didn’t know exactly what he had done to the various women in his life. As it stood, his sobs only gave her the thrill of domination; the electric sweet taste of her sadistic desires fulfilled. She felt momentarily torn between letting him suffer on the floor, and just crushing the life out of him to get it over with. Tom’s foot moved in.

“Let’s do it together.” He said.

Kate smiled in delight, and the two of them dropped their feet together in a perfectly synchronized crush, on top of the dying man. Tom’s flattened his legs and torso, and Kate’s mashed in his upper torso and skull.

Kate’s computer made a chiming noise. It was fully booted.

They wiggled their toes together relishing the pulpy feeling of the man’s remains squishing between them until they disintegrated away.

“Oh, that was so fun.” Kate said. “I can’t wait until we do a rampage together again. We’ve get to try that synchronized couples’ squishing thing on a bigger scale, like, with a whole mob of people.”

“Once you’ve made an afterlife?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, I plan to get started on it tomorrow. In fact, after I get done checking and answering prayers I need to remember to send out messages to my guests from yesterday inviting them and a plus one each, to help me brainstorm some afterlife ideas.”

“Cool,” Tom said.

Kate turned her attention back to the screen. She grasped her mouse and slid the cursor over an icon that hadn’t been on her desktop only a couple days earlier. To Tom it looked like a pixel image of the cover of the “How to Be a Goddess…” book Kate had received in the mail.

She double clicked the icon.

“What’s that?” Tom asked.

“This software came with the book.” Kate said as she watched a quick loading screen, also featuring an image of the book cover. “It’s supposed to help me track prayers, divine goals, and progress; it should also help me organize whatever churches or temples my followers establish.”

“I see,” Tom said. “Sort of a personal organizer for divinities?”

“Exactly, I just need to open the prayers window.”

She clicked through a drop down menu, and eventually a window looking very much like a standard e-mail inbox appeared. Kate stared intently. Tom saw that her eyes were giving off a bit of their divine glow. She scrolled down through the messages far faster than Tom could even begin to follow. It seemed like she only stopped for fraction of fractions of seconds to review each message, barely perceptible to Tom’s mortal senses. It took a couple of minutes, but soon Kate was done, and the glow receded from her eyes.

“Done?” Tom asked.

“Only beginning,” Kate said. “I’ve reviewed all billion or so prayers and requests, now I have to answer some. Luckily, a lot of them fall into a few basic categories.”

“Yeah?” Tom asked.

“Yep,” Kate answered. “For example more than half are people saying things along the lines of ‘you’re not god’, ‘this is blasphemous’, and so forth. I’m sending them all a standard boilerplate message that as goddess, I don’t care about their opinions, but they are also unworthy of immediate smiting, therefore they will simply be blocked from my mailbox for the next month, and then we’ll see if they have anything serious to pray for after a few cities have been crushed.”

“Seems fair.” Tom said.

Kate clicked and tapped away. After a bit, her computer made a chiming noise.

“There,” Kate said, “but you know, if I just keep going like this with the old mouse and keyboard interface, this is still going to take all day. I read in the book that there’s an alternate interface option. Let me check out the menus for a second.”

Tom watched as Kate clicked around various menus and sub-menus.

“Ah,” she said in a tone of realization. “Here we go.”

The screen flickered a bit as if changing screen resolution, and then went back to normal.

“Okay, alright,” Kate said, “I can now simply will my responses to the various messages, and send instructions mentally, through the Wi-Fi. That will make this go much faster.”


“Alright, I’m going through the messages mentally, another large segment is sad stuff that I can’t actually do anything about; sick children, ruined businesses, and things like that. To them I’m sending a simple, sympathetic message expressing my sympathy over their circumstances, explaining that even my power has certain limits, and apologizing directly for not being able to intervene.”

“That really sucks.”

“Tell me about it. If I could just grow or shrink these people to cure their cancer, or stomp their loved ones back to life I would. Hopefully, we can think of some sexier solutions to those things in time, but for now I can’t do much.”

“Oh…” Tom started, but stopped himself. “No, maybe I shouldn’t suggest this.”

“C’mon babe, I value your input here.”

“Well, for the ones with loved ones who have passed, you could just stomp them out and send them to the afterlife to be with their loved ones.”

“That’s some really creative brainstorming, dear, but I don’t know if I can get off, putting people out of their misery. The sadness kind of fizzles things for me.”

“You could demolish their whole city, and just hope they get killed in the rampage.”

“Hmm,” Kate considered, “it’s something to consider. Anyway I have another broad category here: Representatives of various world governments have sent me official messages saying that they are sovereign nations, I cannot just declare myself God, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m sending them a message that I am a god, and I can do whatever the hell I want, and there’s nothing they can really do to stop me, so they shouldn’t waste any resources or lives trying.”

“Do you think they’ll try to attack you?” Tom asked.

“I’m sure they will, the book says that happens about two-thirds the time a newly empowered deity tries taking over their world, especially if it’s industrialized. I don’t mind though, I love size stuff with military machines and armies getting all crushed and smashed.”

“Mmm, I know,” Tom said grinning, “I remember that submarine thing you were stuck on for awhile. You know, that render with the caption?”

“Oh, right!” Kate said gleefully, “You have to remind me to try it for real when we get an opportunity.”

“Will do. I can’t wait to see it.”

“Well that takes care of the world governments. Now I’ve got to respond to a far more important group of individuals.”

“Who?” Tom asked.

“Size-kinksters,” Kate answered. “I’ve gotten so many prayers for me to shrink this person or that person, for me to smash this city or that city. I’m sending most of them a message telling them that I’d love to eventually help them live out their size related fantasies, but they have to be patient, and that’s the bottom line, because Goddess Kate says so.”

“Cool,” Tom said, “what else?”

Kate scrunched her face as if focusing on things Tom couldn’t see. That’s because she was.

“Hmmm, a few of these call for more individual attention. Here’s one. It’s about you, Tom, so I’ll read it aloud:

Dear Goddess Kate,

I’m so happy that there is now a real genuine size-goddess among us. It has one of my biggest fantasies to see giant women ruling supreme, conquering and smashing cities as they wish. I can’t believe such an absurd fantasy could come true, but I’m so grateful to you that it has. On the other hand I saw that when you grew, you also grew a man to giant size to accompany you on your ‘playtime’. I think that’s probably completely unnecessary. I’ve always hated any kind ‘Giant Man’ type content. It’s not that I’m against gay stuff or anything, I just don’t want to see it. I also think it probably gets in the way of your overall female empowerment message to have giant men around. If you must have this guy as a companion, it would probably be better to shift him into a female form, don’t you think? I’m sure with your immense power it would be very easy to do it. Just some thoughts from a humble worshiper.”

“Huh,” Tom said.

Kate grabbed a little notebook and started jotting something down.

“What are you writing?” Tom asked.

“Oh. I’m just taking down his city and address. I think it will be a prime candidate for one of your first solo rampages. I definitely want to see your cock smash this guy’s house or building or whatever he lives in.”

“Solo?” Tom asked.

“Yes, of course.” Kate said. “I don’t just want to smash stuff myself. I want to see you, my love, grown to fifty, one hundred, one thousand feet tall; even miles and miles tall. I want to see you so colossal you could rub a major metropolitan area out just by twitching your toes a little.”

“Well,” Tom said. “When you paint such a vivid picture…”

“Anyway, this guy’s city is high up on the list for destruction by giant male. Let’s sort through some others.”

Kate stared off, sorting through information. “Well I actually have quite a few from various other macrophiles, men and women, they almost all contain descriptions of their specific fantasies, things they’d do if they were grown to gigantic size. To be honest it reads a little like they’re more or less sending resumes. I’ve already put a few of the more creative ones in a ‘call back’ list of sorts.”

“Future priests and priestesses?” Tom asked.

“Something like that.” Kate said. “Moving on, I have more women wanting me to shrink the abusive men in their life and squish them, and,” Kate paused, “it’s done I’ve added a few thousand more to the house’s tiny population, and I’ve sent all the women a special message thanking them for new supplies.”

“Well, alright,” Tom said, “are there very many more?”

“Only a few, then I’ve got to get messages out to the ladies from yesterday, like I mentioned. Let’s see here’s another one, it’s another guy saying that he’s a huge fan of Giantesses, and he loves me, and… oh, ugh…”

“What is it?” Tom asked.

“This asshole sent me a dick pic! What kind of, ugh.” Kate’s eyes flashed and crackled with divine fury, she nodded her head and there was a loud whooshing sound as Tom felt a strong breeze blowing through his hair and bathrobe. A chubby white man in his late thirties stood in the room, wearing blue and white striped boxer shorts, and a white cotton tank top with obvious food stains.


The man fell down to his knees in obvious terror. “Are you going to shrink me?” He asked.


The man was gone. Kate’s crackly glowiness faded.

“You were firm, but fair.” Tom said.

“Alright,” Kate said, “I’m ready to finish this up. I’m sending my message to the gang, that they should be ready for me to zap them here tomorrow around ten AM. We’ll have brunch, some mimosas, and work on getting this whole afterlife thing sorted.” Kate gave a strong blink. “And we’re done, alright now…”

Kate’s phone rang, interrupting her sentence. She picked it up off her desk and looked at the screen.

“Shit!” She said

“What is it?” Tom asked.

“It’s Debbie.”

“You’re sister, Debbie?” Tom asked.

“My sister, Debbie.” Kate confirmed with a long deflating sigh.

“Oh,” Tom said.

Kate swiped up, and answered her phone.

“Hey, Deb, how’s it going?” Kate said in her sweet “I’m talking to family” voice.

Tom watched Kate listening.

“Listen,” Kate said, “it’s all going to be alright.”

She listened.

“Look I’m going to bring you over to my place. It’ll be easier to talk that way.”

Kate listened to whatever was being said.

“No, you just sort of pop over here.” Kate paused. “No, I don’t know what it feels like.”

Kate listened.

“Well, I’ve only teleported other people so far, not myself, so I’m not sure how it feels, but the women I brought here yesterday didn’t complain.”

Tom heard Debbie saying something loudly.

“Alright, alright,” Kate said. “I, Kate, your sister, solemnly swear that you will not be harmed by spatial teleportation, and if you are harmed you retain full rights for compensation in whatever form you deem acceptable, alright, so are you ready?”

Kate listened one last time.

“Okay, I’ll zap Derrick in too, now brace yourselves.”

Kate’s eyes glowed up a little, she nodded her head.

In a flash, Kate’s younger sister Debbie and her boyfriend Derrick were standing there in the office/rec. room/library.

Debbie was dressed in her usual style. A short black dress, big stompy platform boots, and fishnet stockings. A black ribbon choker around her neck completed the look. Her makeup was done in a fairly conventional goth styling that make her look pale and lightly dead. Her hair was jet black.

Derrick was dressed more conventionally in an olive green T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He wore a pair of black plastic framed glasses with rectangular lenses. His hair was brown and cut to a medium short length with a part on the right side of his head.

“Hey!” Derrick said, “I was at work.”

“Forget about that Derrick,” Debbie said. “We’re here to have some sort of family discussion, or intervention or whatever, here with my dear sister.”

Kate stood up out of her chair and crossed her arms. “Intervention?”

“Yeah, intervention,” Debbie said, “you’ve got some sort of power now, so you just want to go and declare yourself god of everything, huh?”

“It wasn’t my decision,” Kate said. “The book…”

“Please,” Debbie interrupted, “some book doesn’t make you the dictator of everything.”

“I’m not dictator of everything,” Kate said, “I don’t care about what governments do, I just want to have my fun and receive worship from willing followers.”

“But your fun is demolishing cities and eating people.”

“But they’ll get to go to a nice cozy afterlife.” Kate countered.

“That doesn’t make it right.”

“It doesn’t have to be right. Listen, I love you, but this is my world now, I can do whatever I want with it.”

“Just because some book says so?”

Tom quietly sidestepped his way around to Derrick.

“You want to grab a beer downstairs or something?” He whispered.

“Sure,” Derrick hissed back.

The two of them knew from experience that an argument like this could go on for some time, and there was nothing useful either of them could contribute. It was always better, in their experience, to let conflicts between Kate and Debbie to run their course and burn out on their own, as they almost always did.

They sidestepped their way out of the room, as the two sisters glared at each other.

“Listen,” Debbie said, “it just isn’t right to use people for your own pleasures.”

“They’ll get stuff in return;” Kate said, “an afterlife, maybe an end to hunger, definitely an end to war. In return I’ll periodically go on rampages and rip their cities apart. It’s pretty much win-win.”

“What will Mom and Dad say?”

“This would only stress them out, so I’ve wiped myself from their memories for now. I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do with them yet.”

“See this is the problem, you want to control things, but you never think about what you’re actually going to do when you’ve got your control.”

“Oh, I guess you think you’d do a better job, then?”

“You know it,” Debbie said, “I’d already be implementing plans to turn this place into a utopia if I had all that power.”


Debbie felt a surge of something well up inside, a feeling she’d never known before. Like raw power flowing through her entire body.

The glow faded from Kate’s eyes.

“There,” she said, “let’s see you do better.”

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